WNW-173 Swiss Franc & Euro Decouple, Russia Cuts Gas, Road to WWIII

4By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com   (1.16.15) 

My top story is Switzerland and the surprise move to remove its cap against the Euro.  This cap kept the two currencies roughly the same value–but not anymore.  The move was such a surprise that even IMF Chief Christine Lagarde admitted the move by Swiss National bank (SNB) caught her off guard.  It also caught currency traders by surprise as the Swiss franc soared by as much as 30%.  Gold also spiked on the news.   Why was this every-man-for-himself action taken by the SNB?  It appears more money printing is coming, and this time it will come from the European National Bank (ECB.)  It appears Switzerland wants protection from inflation.

My friend Gregory Mannarino from TradersChoice.net gave me his take today.  Mannarino says the Swiss are getting ahead of an announcement that will probably come from the ECB next week that it, too, is going to embark on massive Federal Reserve style QE, or money printing.  The Swiss did not want to print even more money to maintain the so called “cap” or peg that kept the two currencies basically the same value.  That’s not all.  Mannarino says the Euro will continue to plunge on the new probable money printing announcement, and that will produce a spike in the U.S dollar.  As the U.S dollar moves up, the Fed will have the cover needed to bring it back down by introducing another round of money printing we affectionately call QE4.

Why would the Fed do this during a “recovery”?   I’ll say it again, as I’ve said it a hundred times, there is no recovery!  Look at this headline: “Consumer Spending Not in Line with Forecast.”  That is putting it mildly.  Here’s my headline: “Retail spending hit a wall and cratered in the fourth quarter.”  Oh sure, oil prices have fallen and consumers are getting a little boost, but it will not make up for all the losses the big banks are going to have with the losses in energy and derivatives.  Citi Group and JP Morgan are in deep trouble, and they are both going to need bailouts probably this year.  Just Citi Group alone and its holding company have a combined $135 trillion in derivatives exposure.  Citi Group’s earnings are tanking.  Egon von Greyerz predicted QE4 before the end of the second quarter.  My money says he’s right.

The U.S is not the only one having problems.  Russia just cut off gas deliveries for six Eastern European countries.  There has been a 60% cut in supply to Europe.  This will cause even more financial problems in the Eurozone.  It will be even more of a reason for the ECB to print money to bail out businesses and banks.  We have all been waiting for the next Russian move, and no one should be surprised that January would not be the ideal month to cut supplies unless you were giving the Europeans some payback.  Russia has been crippled with sanctions.  Ukraine has been reportedly stealing Russian gas.  What did they think Russia was going to do?  My surprise is why it took so long.  On top of that, Russia is dumping the dollar and leaving the petro dollar system.  It is reportedly going to sell more than $88 billion in U.S. liquid dollar assets.  It is going to get payment in rubles or no-dollar transactions.

Then, there is the news that Russia is adding to its “combat capabilities” in Crimea.  The war in Eastern Ukraine is heating up, and it’s going to get hotter.  The U.S. and NATO are also stepping up their presence in the Baltic Sea and Eastern Europe in general.  Everybody in leadership knows this is getting worse, but you are not hearing much on the mainstream media.  Also, things are set to ratchet up in the Middle East with the President asking for troops to fight ISIS in Iraq and Syria.  America’s top General Martin Dempsey told Congress recently that it would take “80,000 competent Iraqi security forces to recapture lost territory” and take back Iraq from Isis.  There are probably less than 1,000 competent Iraqi troops.  You know American boots are going to be on the ground, and that will be almost all of the forces needed to defeat the Islamic State terrorists.  We are being set up militarily and financially for World War III.  The only question is when.

Finally, anti-Islam protests are heating up in Europe after the Charlie Hebdo attack and a separate attack on a kosher market.  There is no doubt there is a problem with radical Islam.  There is Boko Haram in Nigeria where 2,000 were recently murdered.  There are the more than 140 murdered in Pakistan by radical Islam late last year.  There have been countless stories of atrocities with the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.  It is clear there is a problem, and most of it comes from al-Qaeda related groups.  If just 1% of the 1.6 billion Muslims are radical, that represents 16 million potential terrorists.  Radical cleric Anjem Choudhury called the latest cartoon from Charlie Hebdo “an act of war,” but not all Muslims want violence.  Case in point, did you know that a Muslim from Mali working in that kosher market in France saved the lives of six Jews, including a baby?  He led the group to the freezer during the deadly attack, turned it off and told everyone to stay calm until the attack was over.  He saved them.  This story was reported in the Israeli press.

Join Greg Hunter as he covers these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.            

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  1. Randall

    Zero Hedge has additional information on 2 Greece bank runs, and the Ukraine president signing an mobilization order for 50,000 drafted troops at http://www.zerohedge.com/, all this fits in with what Greg is sharing. (wish I could smile a bit more than I am right now)

    • Your fan in Japan

      Spot on! It certainly looks like WWIII is coming soon. Japan re-arming and now the PM has set up a hotline. HE will give the orders to dispatch Japanese forces. (as Japan originally had no forces-immediately after WWII- there was no need for such a hotline. Today things have changed- o rperhaps nature just abhors a vacuum) Years back I read Mises. In his analysis of economics, it all ends with war. God help us- I mean all of us-homo sapiens.

      • Greg Hunter

        Thank you Fan and remember the Good Book says over and over again “Fear Not.” Be aware and prepare!

  2. mohammad


    I read the script before the video is posted and the Swiss Franc story caught my attention since I was following up on it from a different angle (Omega watches on the forum watchuseek and the potential spike in the watch price in the aftermath) .
    When i did the search I found some interesting quotes from some economist I will mention the most attractive one that is coming from Alex Dryden Global Market Strategist at JP Morgan Asset Management. And when it comes from that corner I TAKE NOTICE:

    “This move wasn’t completely unexpected; it was becoming increasingly painful for the SNB to maintain this support for the Swiss currency cap. That said, the additional interest rate cut is a surprise and it will now mean investors will have to pay around 80 basis points to hold Swiss currency on deposit for three months. The SNB hopes that this will dissuade investors from viewing the Swiss Franc as a safe-haven and therefore avoid a negative shock for the Swiss economy.”

    So let me repeat a sentence in it please:
    Upper case that is:
    Would you please bold face the word SURPRISE.

    CAN WE SAY IT IS THE BEGINNING OF “BAIL_IN” cascade in europe coming from nothing but THE SAFE HAVEN SWISS FRANC.
    Can I conclude that after this move there is no more safe haven?????????

    I will watch the vid when it comes out but since i was following on the matter before i could not wait.


    • lastmanstanding

      When I see the word “Swiss” or “Switzerland” it now makes me sick. I will refer to them as “they” from here. I’m not talking about the people that live there.

      They train ALL their citizens militarily. They arm their citizens to the teeth…automatic weapons are not a problem and who knows what else they can have. No gun control issues at all. They never have any resistance, rioting, false flag bs…EVER. They have been the ultimate safe haven to hide money, tax free forever. I know that “supposedly” the irs has been raiding accounts, but we know what that is about. Imagine all of that money being stored there over the years, used by the bankers to do whatever they liked with it and pay the finest interest rates available to the depositors. You can do that when you have the capability to print money out of thin air.

      They are always immune from the death and destruction of world war…Why? How? can that happen. A tiny, tiny country right in the middle of these world wars. I never gave that much thought until I woke up…

      They have always been the center of the gold market…Zurich…the very center of the gold market. Believe what you want about Fort Knox, jpm’s big vault in the fed…fed, hmmm. Zurich is it…the home of the central bank of all central banks. The BIS.

      Don’t fight it folks. The BIS is, has been the control room for all of this since its inception…just after the fed was created in 1913. ah yes…the US fed is just but one small tentacle of the BIS…every look at the players there? You should.

      Now finally, look at who has deceptively placed themselves in the best position…a “surprise” to other world leaders. BS. This countries whole existence is about keeping the bankers control room safe and isolated from those that it wishes to control. You and me.

      Think about that. Protect yourself from them. I don’t say this lightly. Each and everyone of you has been enlightening to me tremendously. Thank you, and please…

      “don’t go down without one helluva fight” If they win, we won’t want to live here anyway.


      • Marcelo

        “Zurich is it…the home of the central bank of all central banks. The BIS.” The BIS is in Basel, not in Zuerich.

        • lastmanstanding

          Sorry dude. I knew that, just made a mistake and realized it after I posted it. Thanks.

          Now refute the rest of my comment…oh, maybe you can’t because it’s the truth…or I’m sure you would have.

    • JC Davis

      Mohammad can you simplify you post for me. For some reason I don’t get it.

      • mohammad

        Implementation of negative interest rate in Switzerland for the first time SINCE 1970 is a mile stone.
        First step towards bail in.


        • Globaloney

          Citigroup has 135 trillion exposure to derivatives. The top 6 US investment banks are exposed to 250 trillion. The combined GDP of the world’s economies is between 47 and 60 trillion, give or take a trillion, and cannot possibly bail out and/or bail-in this 2 quadrillion market. So where do they purveyors of profit go when all else fails? WAR!! London and Wall St. are committed to WWIII to bail them out. They see the BRICS nations as their enemy, especially Russia and China. What must be done? BANKRUPT THEM with Glass-Steagall two tier banking and cancel bail outs and bail-ins. Glass-Steagall cancels future payment on derivatives claims and sets a high bar for future transactions. Next step is to create a credit system modeled on Alexander Hamilton’s 1791 report on credit to the Congress. National banking and national credit with which to finance “internal improvements” were the hallmark of Hamilton’s American System of Political Economy, which became the bedrock of the US Republic. But it is a global crisis. And it requires a global response. Glass-Steagall and Hamiltonian banking will work in Europe as well as in the United States. These measures have to be implemented before the crash of the trans-Atlantic system. This is the message which has been delivered by American economist, Lyndon LaRouche, as his Four Laws. (1)Glass-Steagall, (2)National Banking and Credit, (3) Increase the ratio of physical-economic activity of national economies per capita and per square kilometer. (4)Adopt a Fusion-Driver Crash Program.

          • mohammad


            WE ARE ALREADY IN WWIII, just by proxy so far, the direct one will be once they (West) have boots on the ground in Syria, which is coming soon after the build up they have in Kuwait.
            Russia will defend Damascus as if it is Moscow.
            No question about it, 4 years so far are a proof.
            Russia can afford losing Ukraine (They can’t) but will not lose Syria.
            So I agree with you on the account of WWIII .

        • JCD

          I get it now. Thanks Mohammad.

  3. Brian Stemmerman

    Greg, read your wrap-up and enjoyed it. Have not seen your video yet. While I’ve been waiting, I went to the Corbett Report. The interview is with David L. Smith. The interview was excellent. Hope you get a chance to check it out.

    • Greg Hunter

      I’ll be [posting it soon. I had a few tech problems. Thank you Brian.

  4. allen ols

    P C R on charlie hebdo, france etc.
    “The French president recently announced that the sanctions against Russia had to end. They (the sanctions) were too reckless and too costly.
    So see France moving toward an independent foreign policy. We saw in the case of the Israeli-Palestinian vote that the British abstained, instead of voting with the Americans. And we see with Charlie Hebdo the response has been to bring France back under the American foreign policy umbrella. All of this independent foreign policy talk is dead in France.
    This Charlie Hebdo affair put a halt to the rising sympathy of the European people with the Palestinians, and it put a halt to the rising opposition among Europeans to further American wars in the Middle East, such as the war that is now being planned in Washington against the Islamic State.
    What has happened with the Charlie Hebdo affair, it has boosted the right-wing parties throughout Europe. Those millions of protestors — that shows the clout of Marine Le Pen’s party. This has also raised the influence and power of (Nigel) Farage, the dissenter in England — the leader of the right-wing dissent. The same thing is happening in Germany.
    The rise of the right-wing parties on the back of the Charlie Hebdo shootings, this has the potential for completely changing the face of Europe — for ending the euro, for ending NATO, and for ending the European Union. So you could see here, in the rise of these people, the complete breakup of Europe.”
    Larger Development Than Russia Unleashing Black Swans Against The West

    It’s highly unlikely Marin Le Pen is going to be an American vassal, or for that matter, Farage. This is big news — this is huge. This is an even bigger thing in its potential for massive change. It’s larger than the Swiss franc development and it’s larger than the Russians unleashing black swans (against the West).”

    • Sven

      I’m on the ground in Europe, Allen. And from what I am seeing and hearing, this is an excellent observation.

      • allen ols


        keep us informed of any stuff dev. tks. al

      • Doc

        Paris false flag. Nikolai Starikov [23:57]

        According to Nikolai Starikov, writer on geo-politics and international finance, the hysteria surrounding the Paris caricature publications and subsequent terrorist atrocities is an engineered confrontation for geo-political goals, having nothing to do with freedom of speech and everything to do with derailing peace efforts in Europe.

        In the weeks preceding the Paris terrorist atrocity:
        1. The French Parliament voted to recognize Palestine as a state.
        2. Hollande called for the lifting of Sanctions against Russia.
        3. Hollande was preparing a peace deal for Ukraine, to be signed in Astana on 15th January 2015.

        Starikov says: “there is no such thing as Islamic terrorism. What exists is an instrument in the hands of Western intelligence agencies, with which they act in various theaters. … It is not an independent structure, fighting against the West. It is an instrument in the hands of the West.”

        On the economic dimension: “the type of economy which was built by the West is suffocating from the colossal government debt. If the West fails to spark a major war, fails to destroy Russia and China, their life will become unequivocally worse. And for that they need someone to blame. ”

        Source : http://www.youtube.com/user/NewInsightSubs/videos?view=0&sort=dd

        • Greg Hunter

          I beg to differ on the statement that “there is no such thing as Islamic terrorism.” Several thousand Jews left France last year and cited they feared the rise of Islamic violence against Jews. What about Boko Haram killing more than 2,000 recently in Nigeria? How about the Taliban Islamic terrorist’s killing nearly 150 most were school children late last year in Pakistan? There have been new Islamic terror threats because Charlie Hebdo printed anther cartoon. The vast majority of Muslims are good but the group is so large (1.6-1.7 billion) you don’t have to have a large percentage for it to be a global problem and we do have a problem.

    • allen ols


      Ex-CIA Agent Michael Scheuer Deciphers Jihad Motives


    • allen ols

      greg, guess what?

      “WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) — West Virginia quietly passed the ignominious milestone of having less than half of its adult, civilian population in the workforce in November.
      State data compiled by the Labor Department shows that West Virginia’s civilian labor participation rate has fallen to 49.8%, from 50% in October. The national rate in December was 62.7%.
      The Mountain State is the only state in the history of the series, which goes back to 1976, to have fallen below 50%, though Mississippi at 50.8% isn’t far behind.”
      West Virginia has a civilian labor force participation rate of 49.8 percent. Mississippi also has a very low participation rate coming in at 50.8 percent. But to assume that this is an issue for only a few states is actually missing the bigger picture. The labor force participation rate has been falling across the entire nation:

      • Greg Hunter

        Wow Allen, and to think these folks keep voting Democrat. Obama is killing the coal industry.

        • Paul from Indiana

          Nothing like creating dependency to keep those votes coming! We citizens have lost control of the country. Our situation has reached critical mass. The only way out is through. Best always. PM

  5. paul

    Irrespective of US dollar strength … gold has now jumped up above its 200 day moving average … the bear market in gold “is over” … IMHO it’s time for all WatchDoggers (who have been holding off to buy at lower prices) to jump aboard .

    Once “the public” wakes up gold will be over $2100 dollars per ounce and they will then likely drive it very rapidly up to $2700 before we have an “overbought situation” and correction back down to re-test the $1800 dollar level.

    • paul

      Here is a picture of gold breaking out above its 200 day moving average … http://stockcharts.com/h-sc/ui?s=$GOLD&p=D&b=5&g=0&id=p40727735098

      • paul

        As for silver … if it follows gold and moves above its 200 day moving average … it will break above 18.50 very very soon!! http://stockcharts.com/h-sc/ui?s=$SILVER&p=D&b=5&g=0&id=p95427186243

        • paul

          Now watch the US dollar plunge from here to its 200 day moving average as people move out of central bank “promises” into gold and silver … http://stockcharts.com/h-sc/ui?s=$USD&p=D&b=5&g=0&id=p68993356544

        • paul

          Those with limited fire power usually turn to silver when a major turn to the upside ensues … I expect futures speculators will begin to throw in the towel on their extreme shorting when silver breaks above its 200 day moving average on Monday … common people wisely continued their stealth buying of silver coins … now as gold mean reverts higher I expect hedge funds will begin to move massive amounts of capital into the “very small” silver market … and silver’s price will accelerate dramatically higher.

          Contrarian investors always had a special allure for silver because its price action is exceptionally volatile … relatively small flows of capital into the silver market can create massive rallies (because of silver’s relatively-small market size) … it doesn’t take a lot of new investment buying to catapult silver prices higher … as silver breaks above its 200 day moving average more investors will wax bullish on the white metal … and its price will “soar” with a fury few other investments can match (including gold).

    • paul

      When the Swiss capped their currency on 9/11 (Sept 2011) gold peaked and they brought down the twin towers (gold and silver) … [when ever the Swiss franc appreciates against the Euro and Dollar gold rises it’s as simple as that] … now the cap has been lifted … and gold and silver will rise like a phoenix from the ashes … IMHO those not hopping on board the gold and silver train pulling out of the station will live to regret it!

  6. WP Ferrato

    Greg, you are absolutely right on! I look forward to your videos when I land , keep soaring bud. Thanks from above, WP – Major Airline Captain…..

  7. allen ols

    Greg; You said;

    Greg Hunter 01/15/2015 •
    I have a different theory and that the attackers wanted to be known as they were hunted because they wanted the credit while they were still alive. Also was the Jewish market hit in a separate attack where 4 Jews were murdered a false flag? Was Boko Haram killing 2,000 people over the weekend a CIA Mossad attack. Was the attack in Pakistan where 140 people including more than a hundred school children a false flag? How about all the countless reports of the killing of Christians and burning their churches all over the Middle East? Was that a false flag? Did the CIA and Mossad set up all the “no go” zones in Europe? All the answers above are Hell no!!! To try to say we do not have a problem with radical Islam is to be totally un-objective and downright in denial of overt facts. There is no doubt false flags but there are some real ones and they are being planted by radical Islam.

    I wondered in the back of my thoughts, why there was no blood splatter, brain matter blow out, from the head shot in the charlie hebdo, police killing. I have shot water jugs, melons, 2×4’s, coyotes, and stuff, w/a 7.62×39 mil spec. round, and their is blood. I follow blood trails from dear shot, as they run a distance. I cant seem to get past the “no brain splatter.” Now here is an interesting development.

    from SGT Report.com:

    SGT Report contributor and firearms expert Mark S. Mann joins us to analyze the alleged shooting of a police officer in Paris during the Charlie Hebdo massacre. The image from the moment before the “head shot” was distributed and used by the mockingbird mainstream media worldwide the day after the massacre. And now the full video showing the shooting of the officer is being scrubbed from You Tube and edited elsewhere. We wonder, why?

    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

      I am a farmer and as part of my work I know what effect a high powered rifle such as a AK47 has on a large animal. A calibre like this fired at close range into a human would be very messy indeed. Blood and splatter would be especially evident on light coloured pavement like this at the Charlie Hebdo incident. Further more there was no recoil visible from the firearm, only smoke, and no sign of any projectile hitting the pavement let alone the already supposedly wounded policeman.
      We talk about smoking guns a lot these days – in this case that is all it was. There was no projectile, no bullet, only a smoking gun!

      I would describe this as an appalling and pathetically acted pantomime. This was so poorly done that even the most cursory observer could see that it was totally staged.
      We do not need to look at any other facts in the whole Charlie tragedy to know that there is something absolutely sinister in the whole series of events that unfolded in Paris that day.

      I can only conclude that at the very least the French police and secret service were involved in orchestrating this tragedy. Although innocent people died, they were just part of a contrived sacrificial event. An event that people in very high places in France, and more than likely other countries as well, had planned in order to continue to propagate and multiply the Islamic terrorist threat.

      It only takes the unveiling of but one staged scene like this to put the whole event into question. It is nauseating to me to witness how the MSM and most western ‘leaders’ have absolutely bought into this contrived event.
      Isolated attacks caused by extremists are not accompanied by charades where police killings are acted out to enhance the drama.
      This should be just plain everyday common sense.
      Unfortunately this appears to be an extremely rare commodity these days – a little bit like hen’s teeth!


      • Charles H.


        I wonder if it isn’t some ham-handed way to rouse anti-immigration sentiment; with an ancillary benefit for losing more freedoms. I think that only half the danger from Muslim immigration is probably true; but from the other half (or less) real problems do arise.

      • allen ols

        colin NZ
        wait a minute; u saying there aren’t hens teeth?

        • allen ols

          btw, from putin

          “The US wants to subdue Russia, to solve US problems at Russia’s expense. No one in history ever managed to do this to Russia, and no one ever will.” -Vladimir Putin

      • Jeff L

        It must have been the same guys who orchestrated the Boston Bombing. What a pathetic scene play that was. You want to talk about no blood ? They had one guy (supposedly) with his leg blown off. You don’t need a PHD to know the blood would be everywhere. …..None. These guys are such pathetic socialist losers they can’t do anything right………. And they’re running the country !

    • OzFan

      Yo Allen….that SGT Report is a smoking gun if ive ever seen one.

  8. allen ols

    Here is a comment by the CountryCodger, I felt relevent;

    Very good question. If you look back into the Scriptures you see that YHWH used Pharaoh to punish His chosen people. After this punishment was finished He promptly destroyed Pharaoh’s army. Also, King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon was used to chastise YHWH’s people, he later went mad for 7 years and then his kingdom was restored but judgement had been pronounced and in the days of Belshazzar, Babylon was destroyed. Also, we see that both Sargon of Assyria was used by YHWH to carry the 10 northern tribes into captivity but the Assyrians didn’t have long to brag about because of first the Greeks and then the Romans. And, Rome moved onto the scene to chastise Israel even further, and to fulfill scripture back in Daniel, then they too were destroyed. YHWH uses evil kingdoms or nations to chastise His people. But once the evil nations have accomplished YHWH’s will they are soon destroyed. So it will be with the coming judgement. There are scriptures, especially in Ezekiel that will show the fate of not only YHWH’s people but also His enemies. We’ll get to them later. CC

    I personally have felt Amerika is headed this way, and our enemies will overtake us b cause of , homosexuality, rejection of Christ/God by masses, greed, warmongering and more.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Everybody needs to re-read the story of Solomon. Whether you are “religious” or not, the story parallels our current story of excess leading to downfall. Best always. PM

    • Rick Perkins

      “…There are scriptures, especially in Ezekiel that will show the fate of not only YHWH’s people but also His enemies.”

      Exekiel 38.. describes the war of the “latter years” against God’s people (descendants of Abraham) in Israel. But, being an ancient writing with places no longer named as they were, this scripture is not easy to interpret or understand.


    • JC Davis

      Allen I think your prophet side is showing. In due time all will things hidden will be seen by all.

    • susan

      allen, you know your history well. Hopefully people will take notice and heed the warnings. God bless you.

      • allen ols

        susan, jc, pfi;
        thanks but remember, it was CC who wrote the info, i just copied and pasted ti. H e really has some good info, and insight. al

  9. Johnnie

    It’s a crazy start to the year. What’s been said by the contrarian voices in economics for the last 5 years is fast becoming fact. They’ve been correct all along that we are on the wrong path, it’s just the manipulations and distractions that would have made this apparent are no longer working. As Ann Rand said, you can ignore reality, but you can’t ignore the consequences of ignoring reality. The facts catch up with you. It’s kinda funny that she said the US is on the wrong path with respect to mounting debt in an interview with Mike Wallace in like 1959. Then Doug Casey states on the Donahue show in like 1979 that the US is broke and gold (real money) is going to the moon. Well, 55 or so years after Ayn Rand brought up this concern, things may finally be coming to a head. The Swiss Central bank has folded in this last hand of insane currency poker and is going to limit it’s losses. This story was handled lightly in the news today. I’ve also noticed that the price of gold is getting less mention even up here in Canada. It’s price was not even quoted in the CTV evening news during the bumper break to commercials today, whereas in the past it was. Also I found it is displayed on screen say on the CBC, but it seems lately that it’s price is not announced by the host although all every single other stats shown on screen are verbalized like the Dow or the price of oil. Even as a teenager in the 80’s, I didn’t understand how the US could rack up debt the way they did. It didn’t make sense to me back then. I didn’t appreciate on how it was the only game in town and that it was ultimately backed by the military might of the US. Now you can’t even punch these debt numbers in on the average calculator, you have to use exponents. It is so freaky to see old charts of US debt from 20 years ago, and to see them doing the parabolic rise at the 10 to 15 trillion mark. It doesn’t matter who is or could have been president, this debt track seems predestined. Been awake for the last 5 years and can’t believe what we’re all about to witness.

  10. Dwain

    Rule of thumb. The closer western economies get to the financial cliff, the louder war drums beat.

    Im willing to bet the US and EU are cleverly implementing Hegelian war plots to distract the public from economic calamity and justify more central control.

    It works like this:
    The manipulating body covertly creates a problem and then directs the media to incessantly focus on it without recourse. The problem could be anything- a war, financial collapse, illegal immigration, a rash of child abductions or a terrorist attack. The power of the media can create the false perception that a big problem exists even if it doesn’t. . . Once you have created the problem government subsidizes it with strings attached or makes sure that an individual, a group or an aspect of society is blamed. This then rallies the population behind the desperate lunge for a solution to the problem. “Something has to be done!” they cry in unison. The people that created the problem in the first place then come back in and offer the solution that the people demand. Remember-the people screaming for a solution do not know that the problem was artificially created. The solution to the problem is always a further curtailment of freedom or an advancement of one or more aspects of the new world order agenda.

    • Rick Perkins

      Here is an interesting letter that was written in 1871 which describes the use of the Hegelian dialect to foment three great world wars which the author saw as necessary to establish a new world order. The amazing detail and proven accuracy of this 19th century description of the first two wars permits no logical explanation other than that of demonic inspiration which the supposed author claims to have experienced prior to writing it.

      The description of the third world war, specifically of the main players involved, support the contention that “political zionism” and/or “radical Islam” are not truly “the problem”, as inferred by the well controlled media, but the tools used by those secretly implementing the Hegelian dialect to bring about new world order.

      Note that this prophetic letter exists today without any conclusive proof as to who wrote it .


      • susan

        Okay, I need some help here. I believe the “elite” or whatever you wish to call them, are represented on one side by the communists and on the other side by the fascists. The communists have run the show in the USA for awhile and now the fascists are taking control, which means we will be going to war. But the communists have already caused the economic problems with “equalizing the masses”. So we are looking at a double whammy. Am I right?

        • lastmanstanding

          Susan. Neither of these groups have your freedom, liberty and prosperity in mind. Never have.

          I don’t thing I need to tell you what they really have in mind for us. Arm yourself with all the necessary tools to survive…and pray for the best.

        • Rick Perkins

          It becomes much simpler once you realize that, regardless of what labels are used, there are, except for a theocracy, only two main political ideologies at play in this world.
          Though both are well intentioned, in that they seek the best possible life for mankind, they vary greatly in their application and methods of implementation.

          One holds that man is an individual, created with inherent rights bestowed him by a sovereign God, who establishes inferior governments to protect his individual rights. The other holds that man is part of a collective to be ruled over and granted rights by those in control of a sovereign state.

          If you are interested in a more detailed analysis of this phenomenon, it can be found at the following link on Ed Griffin’s site, starting on page 9…


          • susan

            thanks, rick, for the website. It was great.

          • lastmanstanding

            Rick…”both are well intended?!?!”

            Collective “to be ruled over and granted rights by those in control…” Only if one is pathetic, weak, unconfident, afraid…

            Individuals like most here, do not need anything collectivist…they may CHOOSE to ally with others like them, but they are fully capable of standing on their own.

            Collectivism as you have described it above has absolutely NO place on Gods green earth.

  11. Oracle 911

    Hi Greg
    I didn’t know the ECB renamed itself from European Central Bank into European national Bank or it is your honest mistake. On the other hand the ECB will act as such (and the Germans will leave after that).

    Another thing, the Russians are deoffshorizing (how is it correctly spelled) their economy and the side effect will be a stronger Ruble.

    Less known fact due high interest rate lot of Russian companies became offshore companies because the foreign debts were cheaper. In this scheme the foreign reserves are gonna be used for paying back these loans, of course not for free, these companies will have to take a loan from the Russian STATE among others.
    At least 2 things are helping:
    -the amnesty for oligarchs: “bring back your fortune into Russian jurisdiction, no question will be asked”;
    -the risks of bail-ins and asset freezes, after Cyprus not even the Russian 5th column should fully trust their bosses.

    Well it have to be synchronized with monetary policy due the new money may offset the economy, so the Russians changed the head for the monetary policy:

    Well Russians will suffer minor losses comparing to the West, simply because they will be forced buying back some companies from West (former properties now bankrupt 5th columnists and dumb oligarchs) and they have to rely on other BRICS nations and associates.

    Not to mention, the Chinese are dedollarizing to, now they are buying oil:
    I think it is a deeper Chinese strategy:
    -getting rid of the US$ and US “treasuries”;
    -buying something essential;
    -creating partners/allies just by helping them get rid of the phony debt and the shackles of US$.
    Not to mention, the world is ditching the US Dollar at fast peace to:

    It will end badly for the West and its banking cabal on the long run.

    My 2 cents
    Oracle 911

    • Paul from Indiana

      911, I agree. The Germans have a pathological aversion to inflation. The Swiss Franc decoupling is a de facto withdrawal from the Euro. Sure, the Franc was a stand-alone currency, but so long as it was coupled or capped, what was the difference? The Germans weren’t going to stand for Draghi “easing” the Euro, anyway. This talk of the dollar “dying” or losing “reserve” status is just another way of saying different countries/currencies are leaving the “dollar”, just as the Swiss just left the “Euro”. Folks, what you’re about to see is an old-fashioned bar brawl, an “every man for himself” free-for-all. There are trillions of ex-pat dollars just itching to come home. Best always. PM

  12. Mason

    Greg, the claim that Russia cut off 60% of its gas exports to Europe is false.

    The only outlets that report this (eg Zero Hedge and InfoWars) use an article in the Daily Mail from 2009 as reference.

    First, in the Daily Mail article Putin is mentioned as Prime Minister and not as President. Second, you can see that the time-stamp of the article in the Daily Mail is January 6, 2009. To see this, click on the author (Robert Lea), and then copy-paste the title of the article in the Search Bar.
    [Don’t be fooled by the fact that today’s date is given in the Daily Mail article itself, because if you click on the article next week, you will get the date of one week from now.]

    So, it seems also the alternate media needs to do some fact checking?



    • Greg Hunter

      Hey Mason,
      You should start a website. It’s easy man. You’ll be a success in no time.

      • Mason

        I have actually been thinking about starting a website. I do think I would be able to fill it with some pretty decent content. But I think it is not that easy. As you well know. I have said it once before, but if you need it to be said once more, I will be happy to oblige you:
        “I know you give multiple great scoops in the WNW every week for me at least and I also realize that you can’t cover everything in 15 minutes of WNW.”

        So there, I said it again.

        That said, our conversation could just have gone like this:
        Greg: “Thank you Mason for checking that out”
        Mason: “You’re welcome Greg”

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you Mason for checking that out. I want to put out correct information. It hit me wrong when you said I was providing a “false narrative “which I took as you thought I was intentionally misleading people. This is a lot of work and I try to get it right 100% of the time but nobody is 100%. Really-thank you.

          • Mason

            You’re very welcome Greg:-)

            I would never say or imply that you would intentionally mislead people. You can see a man’s integrity by his whole demeanor, and with you I have no doubt at all.

            As you say, indeed nobody is 100% right of the time. Nor should that be expected. No man can do everything. I think you have a pretty high score though and I see you as a reliable news source. And I think that with the help of us USAWatchdogs this score gets cranked up even higher than it already is (one of your many strong points is your interaction with them if done intelligently). One can see the positive result of that in your WNW’s and in your interviews with guests I think.

            I also agree with you on most occasions. But sometimes not, and then I will just say that. That’s no problem because it is up to you what to do with that, if anything. Like you always say: “Good men can disagree”.
            And like I said, I do agree with you on most occasions, but I won’t spell that out every time because you can’t gain information from that.

            In any case, keep up your excellent work!

    • allen ols

      by Bill Holter, Miles Franklin:

      WOW! Two huge news stories within 24 hours. First, Russia decided to shut off the gas pipeline to southern Europe, next the Swiss dropped their 1.20 floor peg to the euro. The first story is absolutely huge but has been completely overshadowed by the Swiss. In my opinion, the Russian move is part of the “war” chess game, the move by the Swiss is your beginning to multiple resets leading into a complete economic and financial reset!

      Let me start with Russia. They had already tightened the gas spigot to southern Europe by some 60%. This is gas which travels through the Ukraine. As of yesterday, it has been reported the flow has completely stopped. Why now you ask? Well, several “timing” reasons come to mind. First and most obvious is “it’s cold outside” as Europe is in the middle of winter. Playing the gas card now has maximum impact. Secondly and most importantly, Europe is in the process of deciding whether or not to go along with the more severe economic and financial sanctions concocted by Washington. As a side note, as if it was not very important on its own, France must decide whether or not they will deliver the 2nd Mistral warship contracted with Russia.

      Read More @ MilesFranklin.com

      • allen ols


        Shutting the gas off at this moment is Vladimir Putin telling Europe, “you are either with us or against us, make your decision and make it NOW!”. I had a very astute friend describe the situation as follows, “This move by Russia makes perfect economic sense, because Russia or anybody should NEVER reward bad behavior, and to acquiescence is always a reward. I guess that the Western government leaderships never got that memo”. He added, “the second shoe to drop will be Russia requiring payment for oil in yuan”. Also very astute but stops short of the ultimate “killer”, Mr. Putin could simply require payment in gold. This would blow the doors off of the entire Western financial system as they have already divested 100 year’s worth of gold reserves!

        The second tactical nuke to hit Europe was the Swiss National Bank breaking the floor peg of 1.20 to the euro. Within minutes, the euro dropped to parity and then some. The Swiss also lowered their “negative interest rates” to -.75% from -.25% in an effort NOT to attract capital. Apparently this did not work! You can look at what the Swiss did from several angles, each one of them very negative to future world events. First, whether you like it or not, this is a very big negative vote for the Eurozone itself. The Swiss may be looking at near future current events and trying to isolate themselves. They could be looking a Mario Drahgi announcing full on monetization next week, or, they might be looking at the Greek vote and likely (in my opinion) exit from the Eurozone. In any event, their action is no vote of confidence.

        Please remember, the SNB has a huge (greater than 50%) of their reserves in euros. This effectively “took a couple of toes off” as the majority of their reserves have just effectively been devalued. Their stock market opened down 15% as their foreign trade and tourism will now be damaged. The move to revalue higher will make imports much cheaper but devastate their export economy. It will actually bankrupt some exporters with skinny profit margins. Put bluntly, the Swiss can now look forward to a very steep recession if not an outright depression.

        The move by the SNB viewed from a macro standpoint is also an eye opener regarding central banking and central bankers. They had previously “promised” (as recently as this past Monday) this 1.20 peg versus the euro, they have now reneged. Many European and Swiss businessmen made plans and invested money into businesses which now are untenable. Many businesses will be flat put out of business and original capital lost. “Trust” has been broken by the central bank. The obvious question is “who is next”? We here in the U.S. have been “fed” (pun intended) a continuous diet of the Fed beginning to tighten, will they retain any respect at all when another round of QE (loosening) is announced? Though this is the first instance of a central bank shocking the world, it will not be the last. These “shocks” will serve only one purpose, they will illustrate that central banks no longer are in “control”.

        –As a side note and this paragraph is being inserted during my editing, Christine Lagarde of the IMF was interviewed by CNBC yesterday and admitted the Swiss move was a surprise to them. She went on to talk about the importance of “coordination and communication” between central banks. So, I guess the SNB went totally “rogue” on their decision and have acted purely out of personal preservation? I am not saying this tongue in cheek, this is exactly what the Swiss have done! This is what I have talked about all along, when the “moment” came, it would be “every man for himself” …this certainly qualifies.–

        Putting these two events together,…..cont’d…..


  13. Klemens

    Do not get confused about Jesus Christ will come very soon. On many web sites you will find something like this: Jesus Christ will come soon!
    Only God father knows when he will come second time. Even not Jesus himself know it.
    We have got big mess all around the world, but this means “only”
    that the humans will get big punishment from God (like Sodom), that do not mean Jesus Christ will return in the near future. Jesus Christ normally will come at the end. Jesus first coming was aprox. 4.000 years after God father build the world. If Jesus Christ is the middle of the world, that means he will come second time, 4.000 years after Jesus was born. But nobody knows. Just live your life that Jesus can come everyday and do not make yourself crazy with all the web-site and do not waste your time with all that.

  14. Mason

    Greg, a great WNW as usual.
    (apart from the false narrative that Russia cut off Europe’s gas supply as I mentioned in my post above)

    However, while you still rightly mention radical Islam is a problem which does need to be addressed, you are not giving any attention to the fact that this is being used to limit our civil liberties even more, in 911-Patriot-Act-style. You know this, but you don’t mention it in the WNW. I find that to be an omission.

    I would even go so far as to say that be hyping up the fear a little for radical Islam and simultaneously not adressing the rise of the Police State in the WNW at the same time, you yourself are facilitating in this.

    • Greg Hunter

      It was a story reported on ZeroHedge. If it was false then the story was false. It is NOT my “false narrative.”

      • tsuki

        Deutsche Wirtschaft Nachrichten is has also reported that will cut off the gas supply. EU unter Druck: Gazprom will Gas-Lieferungen über Ukraine stoppen EU http://deutsche-wirtschafts-nachrichten.de/

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you Tsuki!

        • Mason

          Greg, tskui,
          That’s not the same story. Greg reports that Russia just cut off 60% of the gas to Europe. In this article in Deutsche Wirtschaft Nachrichten it is reported that the Gazprom CEO Alexei Miller calls on the EU to expand its gas network to be supplied with gas from the new Russian-Turkish pipeline. Otherwise, the EU needs to just do without Russian gas.

          That is a potential threat but it can still take a long time, if it even comes to that. It doesn’t mean that Russia has cut off the gas and certainly not 60% of it. The key paragraph in this article is (via google translate):
          “You have a few years to accelerate the expansion of the gas infrastructure. It is a very tight schedule. To comply with the deadline, the EU should now possible start work (…) Otherwise, this gas will flow into other markets, “citing EU Observer Gazprom CEO Alexei Miller. The gas supplies to the EU via Ukraine to be stopped in any case, according to Miller.”

  15. clive

    HI Greg,
    Thought id mention the importance of number42. Ron Rosen las year had a article on this. It seems every 42 years or so there is crisis. If you search google with Ron Rosen number 42 you will find the article

  16. vincent_g

    Russia cuts gas – now that’s a cold war if ever I’ve seen one.

    With so many problems at the end of last year it managed with lots of help to get through the holidays with few bruises .
    But now the holidays are over and the bill has come due.
    That bill is much higher than they are prepared for.

    Now you have a glut of closing stores with I’m fairly sure more on the way.
    Target pulls out of Canada which is a large number of stores shut down.
    JC Penny, Macy and wait we still have Radio Shack on the way to oblivion.
    After the numbers are tallied for the holiday sales others will be looking at taking the axe out of the closet.

    Will this cause deflation – nope.
    It will hurt some real estate people that will have a real hard time keeping the Mall or Shopping Center open.
    Malls and Shopping centers do not do well without Anchor Stores!
    This is a shrinking economy with prices being held up by a Fed that fears deflation more than anything else in the world.

    What we have is called an inflationary depression!

    Put the inflationary experts together with the deflationary experts and the outcome is they are both right but are also both wrong.

    There will be a hyper inflation down the road.
    The US dollar can not be king for ever and it does look like the walls of this kingdom are very shaky.

    I wonder how historians in the far future will paint this picture.

    • Jeff L

      ” a Fed that fears deflation more than anything else in the world. ” ………….. This has been repeated so many times by the MSM that it is taken as gospel. It is, in fact false……. They only SAY they fear deflation to take your eyes off the ball (truth)……. The BIG LIE has always been told to hold the dollar up despite the debt/printing. Keeping gold down is another lie to deflect attention to their inflationary Ponzi scheme…………… Question, if they fear deflation then why lie about the real inflation #’s ? Why is the dollar in your pocket now worth @ .02 (2 cents) ? Because we’ve always had inflation to some degree……. The “deflation boogieman” will never be conquered just as terrorism must always exist……An excuse to print. An excuse for military expenditures/war.

  17. Aziz JAAFAR

    Hi Greg,
    good summary and thank you having remind that the monster called “ISIS” was fed,financed,trained and armed by the western powers (and their region allies like Qatar,Koweit and Saudi Arabia).I would add that the origin of the mess in Iraq is the illegal american invasion in 2003.We must keep in mind that fact.
    Some notices:the “no-go zones” in Paris are a joke imagined by a Fox Channel “expert”.It’s not serious.And the media in France are all about the story of the hero from Mali who saved 6 people in the supermarket.He will get the french citizenship for his courageous act .
    Finally,take care !

  18. alya

    Dear Greg and viewers;

    Just wanted to say that the Charlie Hebdo murders has all the signs of a false flag attack. One guy “forgot” is ID card in the back seat of the car, the guys drove in the middle of Paris withour any problem. But when you live in Paris you know it is totally impossible to drive with no traffic at 12pm. The traffic is just horrible at that hour.
    So we all know here that the government is using the Charlie Hebdo tragedy to hide the real problems : 10 millions unemployed, no housing, homeless FREEZING TO DEATH because there are no shelters, poverty growing. All those problems have been forgotten since these attacks.
    Now government is harassing people who speak up and say Je ne suis pas charlie (I AM NOT CHARLIE) . Not that they are happy about what happened to the magazine. No. they just refuse the propaganda and are asking the right questions. French governement is even prosecuting TEENAGERS for making silly jokes !!
    Now they are prosecuting an comedian Dieudonné, because he also made a joke. Dieudonné just wanted to point that he has been treated just as a terrorist for the last 15 years !! Dieudonné is just an artist, not a racist who speaks about the real problems.
    But government wants to shut him down.
    We are living in a real dictature here. In France there is no free speach ! If you don’t agree, you go to jail now (3 guys have been sentenced to jail for jokes on Charlie Hebo !!)

  19. Jeff Warren

    Today’s 1-16-15 report was great but scary. My brother and I who are both former Marines were talking the other day about the economy and what is coming. We have been preparing for several years now and know that all the hype about the economy being better is Bull%*$#! I tell people to NOT get comfortable and stop preparing, but do even more to secure yourself and your family. I can not believe how our educated Government and Main Stream Media can be so dumb, arrogant, greedy and lie, lie, lie and still be running our country. People need to realize that there is a difference between (being Smart and being Wise). It is a Huge difference, so instead of taking their word for it do your own research and listen to “USA WATCH DOG” to get the real story. It is too late for our country financially, but not too late to save yourselves.
    God Bless,
    Jeff Warren (Former Marine)

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for your service to the country. You gave good advice and we thank you for it too.

  20. Wim

    Hi Greg, thank you for your insights.
    I think Gerald Celente is right that WWIII, or sort of, already started. ‘If everything fails, they take you to war’. During the cold war it was being fought in Vietnam, and so on, as a direct confrontation between the USA and Russia was not an option. In 2000, there was a severe economic crisis on the horizon. In 2001, the 911 event, very possibly co assisted from the inside. They engaged in war on terror, taking civil freedoms away in an exaggerating manner, and advanced the financial bubbles to avoid a (healthy problem solving) recession. Financial and military warfare entangled, as they go hand in hand. Now we have very severe problems in the financial system, the masses not waking up to that, while ISIS arose, diverting the attention some further, as fear is a bad advisor to the people. To me, it’s obvious that radical Islam got co orchestrated by the west, some ways or the other, the various (secret) influences. In a direct sense, as well in an indirect sense, as the west hammered some Muslim countries for some decades, which grows anger, boosting radicalisation. Conspiracies all over the place, all levels, the amounts ramping up, as John F Kennedy warned for that; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k2n32lr93S4

    Financial warfare. The ECB, and the Federal Reserve in concert to change focus from the USA to Europe, and vice versa, to prolong the game, a financial war against the people, raging for centuries, the biggest climax ever building up. Dollar strong/euro weak, dollar weak/euro strong, in the race to the bottom, a slow motion movie. I wonder for some time if Putin has a card behind his sleeve, or some master plan in the global 3 dimensional game of chess, as he now cut gas to Europe. Merkel said a while ago that Putin has lost it, but I doubt that one, as he is a very tactical guy, being KGB. He is not happy with the fact that the west ended the Soviet Union. He dislikes the decadency of the west, and is watching how decadency is going before the fall, (maybe) trying to accelerate it a little. Years ago a right hand man of Putin joined a GATA conference, as he stated that he doesn’t get the American economy ‘they flip each other their houses’. On the internet a published photograph of Putin checking the Russian gold hoard. He gets it, and is waiting for the end of the dollar, and American hegemony. China and Russia don’t bite each other. China could finish the dollar by dumping their dollars, but that’s not in their interest, as they want to position themselves with physical gold to mention just one interest. Chinese are very patient.

    The drumbeats now rambling up in Belgium, as they arrested radicals who were planning to kill Belgium police officers, to kidnap a police chief, to dehead him, to publish that on the internet. Two radicals got killed. In France and Germany some arresting of radical suspects.

    Conspiracy thinkers suggest they want to reduce global population. As far 911 was co assisted from the inside, it then took care the blow of 911 was done marine style, as the death toll was a very low number, as it could have been over 20.000. The planes didn’t smash into the towers on a much lower level, as that would have prevented the evacuation of a lot of people.

    Let’s hope it all remains a slow motion movie, to avoid chaos going too much out of hand. A slow motion road to a hopefully somewhat contained chaos, no Mad Max movie, hoping for a slow motion change into a better world, as positivity is the only thing we have. Feeling blood pressured by global events, humour does the trick; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ep9Vzb6R_58
    Expect the unexpected. May the world one day learn to live in peace, and Love be the Dictator. ‘Fear not’, as fear is the worst advisor.

    • Greg Hunter

      “Fear Not” my friend! Thank you for your comment.

  21. Frank

    Hi Greg,
    It’s true that we have a lot of problems overhere in Europe with radical islamic groups and individuals, but what you said in the video about hundreds of no-go zones in Europe is, with all due respect, total nonsens.
    I live in The Netherlands. Germany, the UK and Belgium are our neighbours, my brother lives in Belgium, I have friends in Germany and the UK. All big cities in these and other European coutries have neighbourhoods where there are a lot of muslims, big problems with integration and some of them are not very safe to be and feel like ghetto’s, especialy at night. But it’s total and utter nonsens that the police can’t go in there and sharia-law rules. This is a big MSM LIE to scare you into the notion that muslims are dangerous. It’s simply NOT true.
    Sharia-law rules NOWHERE in our cities or anywhere else in Europe. The police can go everywhere if needed and they do, as you’ve seen in Paris.
    I hope you can set this error streight, because it plays into the hands of those who want to place fear in the hearts of your and my people. Almost all muslims are just good human beings that want to live in peace. I know many of them, went to school with them, I even married one.
    I have a lot of respect for you Greg, and I am a huge fan of yours. So please don’t believe this kind of BS anymore, it’s dangerous to society and worldpeace.


    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for your real world reporting and you just set it straight for me. I thank you and will not report that any longer.

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you Smaugld.com for the backup. I love controversy. What a mess!

          • Frank

            As I said in my comment: we have big problems with the integration of some muslim groups and indiviuals. Radical islam is a danger to society. I will be the first to acknowledge that. But again: most of the muslims are good people and we live with them in peace. But the media or the presidential candidate won’t tell you that. They want you to think Europe is”finished”.
            The reason these people talk about this issue in this way is because they want you to believe this could also happen in America. It is to put fear and suspicion in your hart. And win an election. Just keep repeating the lie and the Peolple will believe it. And go to war for it. Fear is their allie. It happened all before. We Europeans know…
            Millions of people demonstrated all over Europe last week for freedom and justice. Aiganst terror and hate. Do you really think that all these people, we Europeans who have fouhgt for two thousand years over every inch of ground, would allow a small minority of outsiders to come in and exercise sovereign sharia-law in no-go zones?
            No Way!
            Don’t believe the fear mongering politicians and media. Let me quote Gerald Celente: “Think for yourself!”
            And fear not.


            • Greg Hunter

              I agree, but that said, the group you are talking about is 1.6 to 1.7 billion people. Just 1% bad apples are you still have a very big problem that will need to be addressed in some way. Thank you for your comment.

              • paul

                Each group of people Muslims, Jews, Christians, etc., etc. (the good people in each group) must get together and create a covenant between each other “to remove their own bad apples” so as to stop the killing … only then will things get better … this should be done on a people to people basis and they should leave the government out of their negotiations.

    • Rich

      RE: Frank. Amen. I agree and truly believe that you are spot on. I have many friends that are Muslim – and you summed it up perfectly.

      I even consider Mohammad, our local WD poster, a friend. I think we are brothers from a different mother.

      MHO, we are all children of the most high God.


    • OzFan

      x2……thanks for a real life insight……Gee, MSM suck a** a always. Trying to scare us with lies. Scum.

  22. ROY

    Will there be a WWIII, HELL YES. when is the question. The United States needs the war to start soon, as it’s financial situation has a expiration date within the next few years. With the United States and Europe losing the ability to pay for a large active military within the next 5 years, they must use their global military capabilities soon, use it or lose it. Russia and China are building up their military capabilities, as they are not stupid to the danger they are in at the present moment. They both know they have have been targeted by the NWO country club type folks for take over. Russia and China are both developing new weapon systems and deploying them to hopefully avoiding an all out WWIII, but that will not be possible. The values of the USD or the EURO or any other currency will have little meaning for the average person when this all hits the fan. If any person takes the time to read news websites from around the world, you will soon get the idea the Games are about to begin, most American news sources are useless. I have about a hundred sites i look at each day, ( old, retired, not too bright, ) . Russia is sharing a lot of advanced technology with China, more than they will admit too. I would give China and Russia about 2 more years of military buildup to be able to defeat United States and Europe in an all out war. Why would China double cross it’s new friend Russia, when there are bigger assets to win in a global war, all of south east asia, and the best prize, Africa. Siberia would be tempting , but too difficult to populate, Africa is perfect for the Chinese people to expand into. India will sit this one out, when the war gets hot, won’t take sides. India will then be in a powerful position to be friends with the winning side. Interesting to watch history in the making. Here is a typical news story about China and Russia sharing weapon technology . http://www.wantchinatimes.com/news-subclass-cnt.aspx?cid=1101&MainCatID=11&id=20150114000134 .

  23. Wim

    Developing news, a hostage situation in Paris.

  24. Jerry

    Greg, its absolutely amazing how technology can create false realities, make believe economies, and above all else the illusion of security. Just last night I was told by one of my son’s that (quote) “he didn’t want to talk about the negativity anymore”. (quote) “That I was like an alcoholic with an addiction”. Whoa! That was a tough one to take. I guess I’m officially a member of the tin foiled hat club. Greg the elites have done a supreme job using technology to dumb down the populace.

    Here’s reality!
    Washington is discovering that its electronic printing press can print unlimited amounts of dollars for the IMF, but the Fed cannot ‘print’ oil, gas, coal…or men willing to die for Kiev’s grip on Donbas. – James “Winston” Smith

    I guess if I have a thirst for truth, then I am an alcoholic. Thank you Greg for letting me belly up to your fountain of knowledge each week. Cheers my friend.

    • Jerry

      Some more tin foiled hat information about war in the Middle East straight from ” Stars and Stripes”. You know that right winged operation ?

    • Greg Hunter

      Jerry you add a lot to the site and we thank you for it!

      • Jerry

        Thank you Greg, Allen, Charles.
        The elites have really done a number on the general public with they’re never ending magic puppet show perpetrated by the news media. George Orwell would be proud. I consider it an act of God that Greg was able to escape the clutches of that hideous cabal controlled group.

    • Charles H.


      Just count me in with that tin hat club-house – anytime. Greg is right: you bring a lot to this site. CH

    • allen ols

      I have 5 of my kids on board, my wife is ‘IFFY’, or non involvement, lol, my oldest son pulled the tin foil hat trick on me, months ago.
      welcome aboard.

    • Brian Stemmerman

      Jerry, my wife and kids think I spend tomuch time on the Internet searching information. I can’t help it, I am a life long learner. There is very little that I have read that I did not back up with Validity from other articles. I also enjoy Greg Hunter’s site. My interest is based upon the acceleration of problems the world is enduring. I was naïve, thinking that my government never lies, now I am angry. Most people know that something is wrong, but not all people want to find out why. Keep posting Jerry.

  25. Robert Hatzakorzian

    Great wrap, Greg. Loved your words regarding the Christians in Iraq and Syria – previously under Saddam they thrived and in Syria Assad’s secular government has protected them. But this fact does not matter to the neocons in Washington as they could care less about the Christians.

  26. DiscoProJoe

    The Pax Americana period is headed for a close, and I can hear the sound of that door about to slam shut.

    • Greg Hunter

      Not before a humdinger of a war.

  27. Andy Sloan

    Hi Greg – Very difficult to believe Christina Lagarde was “surprised”

    “The powers of financial capitalism had another far-reaching aim, nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole. This system was to be controlled in a feudalist fashion by the central banks of the world acting in concert, by secret agreements arrived at in frequent private meetings and conferences. The apex of the system was to be the Bank for International Settlements in Basle, Switzerland, a private bank owned and controlled by the world’s central banks which were themselves private corporations. Each central bank, in the hands of men like Montagu Norman of the Bank of England, Benjamin Strong of the New York Federal Reserve Bank, Charles Rist of the Bank of France, and Hjalmar Schacht of the Reichsbank, sought to dominate its government by its ability to control Treasury loans, to manipulate foreign exchanges, to influence the level of economic activity in the country, and to influence cooperative politicians by subsequent economic rewards in the business world.”
    Professor Carroll Quigley; Georgetown University Professor and mentor of William Clinton. Book – Tragedy & Hope; Page 324.

    Most likely, this signals an advanced manoeuvre is the big plan. Switzerland is the “elites” playground and place of safety. They have de-linked Switzerland in readiness for their staged take-down of the majority of the global economy.

    • Greg Hunter

      Very good Andy. Nice analysis and thank you for posting it here. “Fear Not” my friend.

  28. allen ols

    Just got to the video; so imf christine L. was caught of guard, thats funny, our code speaking monetary guru. lol

    the euro is collapsing, ie “flight to quality”, i could only think, “the dollar is the best looking ugly sister of all the of all the fiat ugly sister currencies.”

    and all these banks imploding b cause oil industry is laying off, and shutting down, due to cost overuns of getting it out of the ground. who knows, maybe qe4 will bail out the bank loans to the oil industry, fund the plunge protection team, or fund.

    …and i saw a report iraq has only 1000 competent soldiers, i think 0 hedge, and I saw a report saudi arabia is building a WALL from kuwait to jordan, with towers, razor wire, berms/ditches to keep issis out.

    Saudi Arabia Is Building A 600-Mile ‘Great Wall’ To Shield Itself From ISIS
    Business Insider‎ – 2 days ago
    When a raiding party from Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant attacked a Saudi border post

    and i saw the article of the mali kid, who saved the 6 jews in the freezer, i think sgt report.


    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Allen for being part of it!

  29. Doug C.

    Excellent wrap up for the week. It is unfortunate, but I like the emotion that you added in this week. The world is headed for a bad place and I hate to say it, but it is mostly of the good old U.S. of A.’s own fault, and the rest of the World is paying for it. Not the average citizen but the bought and paid for Government officials. Let’s hope we all come out the other side of this reasonably intacked. Since I also live on the North American Continent, I have to hope cooler heads will prevail. Just to add to your story of the Ecconomy. Target is now shutting down their Canadian Stores. They are making far too much money so they are going home, ha ha ha, as if. Good times are just around the corner. At least that is what we keep hearing.

  30. Gregory Mannarino

    This is it Greg, the central banks are getting exceedingly desperate-NEGATIVE interest rates!? This is a clear sign to me that the debt bubble is cracking…

    • paul

      Greg … Seems to me the latest Swiss move is just another salvo in the coming economic and financial reset … first the Fed inflates, then Japan inflates … gold sees this and can’t be pushed any lower even by a rising dollar or by a collapsing oil price … and now the Euro central bank is ready to inflate … with monetary fiat debt inflation going supernova worldwide … the Swiss central bank decided they had enough … cut the cord connecting them to the Euro … and now it’s every central bank for themselves … as you say the debt bubble is cracking the bankers world fiat system apart … their boat is sinking … they need a “gold collateral” life raft … but Russia, China, India, etc. have it all … to get hold of that gold … they will either have to go to war to grab it … or make some agreement that “shares financial power” integrating these nations into a “new” monetary system that ultimately resets the gold price much higher … however bankers are not noted for wanting to share their financial power … so the drums of war are beating.

  31. Angus

    Greg, if USD is backed by oil, it has fallen in value 60%. But no, it has risen, so no, it is not backed by oil. It is backed by sentiment and war. It is a smokewagon, a spoof, shananigan. It is the greatest hoax and ponzi ever put upon man and God is about to expose it and those who have coducted it. They shall experience a wrath unimaginable by the human mind. Just kidding, the dollar rocks, I want more 😉

    • Greg Hunter

      Most oil (for now) is bought and sold in dollars. It’s backed by oil. Whatch want happens when it’s not. That said, you points are well taken.

      • paul

        You know if I went into a bank to get a loan … the banker would ask me “what collateral do you have to back up the loan” … if I said … “I’m going use my neighbors car for collateral” … he would laugh me right out of the bank … so why should the world lend money to the US who uses “neighboring countries oil” as collateral for the dollar? … Of course I could then take out a gun and say “give me the money” … but last time I checked … isn’t bank robbery a crime?

  32. Paul from Indiana

    Brother Al! Time grows short. When we have to live on what we produce/raise/collect and can’t finance our extravagant decadence (social spending) any longer, what happens? Our military collapses and Ferguson-style riots explode in all major cities. Dr. Numbers, John Williams, constantly harps on dollar repatriation. Those repatriated dollars WILL be in circulation, and the deal explodes. There is no “soft landing” here. QE4 only makes it worse, but it’s possible they (mercifully) don’t get the chance to implement it. If we skate past this time, it will be clear the world just doesn’t have the nerve to pull the trigger (which I believe has been the hangup so far) and then it is truly, as Greg Mannarino says, “QE to infinity”. Best always. PM

    • susan

      Jim Sinclair has been saying QE to infinity for 3 years that I know of.

      • Paul from Indiana

        Susan, I will add him to future citations. I use Mannarino as a reference, because he is well known to the participants here, both as a guest of Greg Hunter and as a reader/poster. I like Sinclair as well. Many thanks and best always. PM

    • allen ols

      pfi, from O hedge,

      Submitted by Thad Beversdorf via First Rebuttal blog,

      Today I was debating the idea of Western domination. And one of the things that came up was the idea of how ‘lucky’ the world is that China and Russia have been able to maintain a sense of independence from the Western front. Imagine a world completely unchallenged by Western dominance, which we know is precisely the goal of our ambitious Western leaders. The goal, as stated by many Western leaders including George Bush Senior whilst President in an address to the nation, is to come to some New World Order of centralized control, with unified laws and principles enforced from one power centre.

      Currently Western foreign and monetary policy are controlled and enforced by this central power centre. That is clear given that the policy objectives are unified whilst their implications are broad and even conflicting. What I mean by that is while the policy is embraced by all Western nations the implication of the policies go from being negligible, like here in the US, to econom…..

  33. mohammad


    This is the risk of keep poking in Syria:


    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for the link Mohammad!

  34. mohammad


    Insulting the most beloved prophet to 1.5 billion muslims is any thing but freedom, THOUGH IT DOES NOT JUSTIFY ANY ATTACKS but none the less could be described as STUPID, and promoting the cartoons in the wake of the terrorist attack and on the day after begs your famous question:
    Russia has a different stand on this which could be understandable in the light of tight lips censorship they practice, but it for sure says something from the corner of a superpower:


    • Greg Hunter

      I would not do it, but free speech is a core principal of western democracies. As a reporter, I covered a KKK march in Lexington NC around 1991. My news director sent me after I said I totally disagreed with what the Klan stood for. After I said that he said, I was definitely going because I needed a lesson in free speech. I do not respect the Klan or any other hateful group, but I respect the right of free speech no matter how insulting. Russia is what you are using a cornerstone of free speech? You have to be kidding.

      • mohammad


        In my post I clearly said that russia has a tight censorship, you might of skipped reading my post, I was referring to a super power exploiting like every one else the situation.
        when free speech gets to the point of demeaning with the most vulgar and hateful words a prophet that means what he means to billions of Muslims in the whole world i can easily classify it as STUPID.


        • Greg Hunter

          Yep I missed that and I am sorry. My bad.

          • Paul from Indiana

            Doc and Greg, what gives here? The problem is with the bully, not the victim. There is a rotten core within Islam. Islam needs to deal with that and FAST. If Islam shrugs, the deal gets messy on a worldwide basis. It is unacceptable to worldly humanity that ANY religion be given a pass on terroristic killing for reason of alleged offense given by the victim. If that were justified, then Judaism should be on a 24-7, permanent, worldwide murder spree right now, and they could claim to be justified in doing it. This attitude that Islam should not be called on the carpet for outrageous tenets and actions, if even only by a so-called small minority (small by percentage but large in absolute numbers), is not only ludicrous but offensive. The parodies and sarcasm are being put out there, because people have no other avenue of protest and expressing disagreement. Accomodating the bully only brings more bullying. Everybody sit down and shut up, lest we anger the bully. That’s a strategy? I don’t think so. Best always. PM

            • mohammad


              Step back Paul, take a deep breath, and look again, you may see something different than what you see now, and may not.
              It is only am tired explaining, I have been on this forum zillion times explaining the difference between Judaism and zionism and quoting from Jewish Rabbis but to no avail.
              Islam does not have a rotten core.
              Islam is the manual god sent to humans until the day of judgment. You do not have to follow it, but time will show you that every thing in it is for the best of humanity if you step back and look.
              Those with head masks shouting Allah Akbar (which by the way i say with my kids and wife 5 times a day in our prayers) while they commit atrocities are trained , funded , mobilized by…..oh….am tired….. I do not want to go to that area , not for now at least.


            • Charles H.


              I am appalled by a crucifix, with Christ’s image on it – immersed in urine: but I will not become violent or vindictive; seeking to kill the artist who did it.
              I must agree. Accommodating the bully only leads to more bullying. Bingo.

            • diane

              Pacivity invites aggression !
              Always..law of the jungle.

              “If we’re nice to them, they will be nice to us, if we are not nice to them……they will cut our heads off….slowly”
              Dr. David R. Hawkins.

  35. WOW!! Powerful WNW, Greg. Wonder what we’ll be doing this time next year?

    Your best advice? Fear not. Love that! Even though we don’t know what the future holds-we know Who holds the future-a cliche to be sure-but a true one. Thankyou so much for helping us. Many blessings.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for your comment and support Stegge!!

  36. Charles H.


    My ‘take’ on the Swiss initiative to un-peg the Franc, was purely mercenary – from a survival point of view. I think they were pushed by the West to defeat the Gold Initiative, which they made happen. Egon von Greyers stated that the Swiss National Bank (SNB) LIED to it’s people about the consequences of passing it, and of keeping the Franc pegged to the Euro for some years. Seeing the train-wreck coming – I think they de-coupled from the Euro to minimize the coming damage by an ECB QE: and save their Banker’s necks after stabbing the nation in the back with the Gold Initiative defeat. So Switzerland turns from the West. How long will it take Germany to do the same?

    • Greg Hunter

      Charles you may be correct. It was a very big move and it means something very big is coming.

  37. diane

    Good report today
    Okay guys
    What happens to the US markets if more countries opt out of the Euro?

  38. brian

    You know, when things inevitably go to where it is we are solidly headed and I am wandering around swaddled in misery, chaos and torment I will still find some measure of solace, some modicum of comfort to wet my peeling and parched lips, and that would be the FACT that I fully deserve every last steaming fetid bite of the s#!* sandwich that is being forced into my face. Any of us who find ourselves unfortunate enough to still be alive 5 years from now will look back and wince at all the stuff we tolerated, all the naked, unfettered, pure bulls#!* we just sat by and looked at all while we were fully capable of doing something to stop it all….in a way we will be learning the bitter, bitter lesson Job had learned, except that when we sit in the pile of ashes, covered in sores with nothing but pain and hunger and shame there will not be anyone around to taunt or mock us, no friends, no spouses, no neighbors…and even if there are we will be too tormented and tired to listen…..it will be just us and the God we turned our back on–should be fun times.

    • paul

      The Cabal just won’t “Let Us Be” … they have to continually torture us … thinking we will turn to the Dark Side … but like Job … we won’t turn … we won’t accept their fiat paper … their fiat promises … their fiat lies … steadfast we are in our beliefs … we know what is good … and we know what is evil … killing is evil … nuclear war is evil … “let Us Be” the rightful children of God … let us try with all our might to be kind and gentle toward one another … suppress hate “the bad DNA” that some how got into us … was it Adam who slept with Eve or was it the Snake?? … if we truly have free will … we can choose not to join the Dark Side … that is the God given right we were all endowed with … we must use it!

  39. Snorky

    Remember Christine Lagarde’s occult message about the number 7?
    Well, the SNB announced this (without consulting her apparently) on Thursday 1/15 … and 1 + 1 + 5 = 7. LOL! Too funny. Coincidence or intentional?

    • Greg Hunter

      Good catch my friend!! Hummmmmmmmm.

      • paul

        All the Wednesday’s of this month are multiples of 7 … right after Wed the 7th (the Charlie Hebdo attack occurred) … right after Wed the 14th (the Swiss bank cuts ties to the Euro) … can’t wait to see what occurs right after the upcoming Wednesday’s go by!!

  40. aPOLLO

    Greg something is not right…What do u make of this?: http://rt.com/news/223383-rd181-antares-rocket-engine/. While US and Europeans are not allowed to sell to Russia cheese tomatoes fruits and salamis US (Orbital Sciences Corporation) is buying space rockets from Russia for 1 billion US$’s. Something does not add up!!I can just picture Graig Roberts laughing his guts out on this.

  41. Trad

    Charlie Hebdo was a just a scummy, unscrupulous marketing scam for the sheeple. “JE NE SUIS PAS CHARLIE.”

    • Greg Hunter

      Really, with dozen dead bodies?

      • paul

        But at least 7 were saved … there is that number 7 again???

  42. Jerry

    This is the reason the United States will use to try and invade Iran between now and March. They may say its about stopping Iran from using a nuclear weapon, but its really about Iran flooding the world with cheap oil out side the influence of the petrodollar. Especially to China.

    • Greg Hunter

      Boy oh boy will that ever be ugly on multiple fronts.

  43. smaulgld

    Here is my favorite Reuters headline:
    U.S. retail sales drop biggest in 11 months, but seen as a blip

    • Greg Hunter

      QE$ on the way!! Weeeeeeeeeeee….

      • paul

        Maybe the goal of the Cabal is to produce “7” quadrillion dollars so they can feel like God (who created everything in “7” days).

  44. Alex

    Greg, I have been following your website for a while and I find useful information in it. I appreciate your efforts and good intentions to provide people with valuable information. Normally I just read and don’t leave a comment. The reason to leave a comment now is because part of the information in your weekly news wrap up is not correct. I am talking about the part where Russia cuts off the gas to six European countries. For some reason zerohedge posted this news two days ago and also provided a link to dailymail. The news from dailymail is from 2009 and I clearly remember reading the same article 6 years ago. During that time I was in Bulgaria (one of these six countries) and the situation seemed bad cause the country had gas reserves for only one more week. Since the reason why the dailymail mentions that especially Bulgaria is in a quagmire. I assure you that this year Russia has not cut off the gas (yet). I read news from Bulgarian websites every single day and there is no way such a big story would be absent from all the media in the country. Actually, one cannot find confirmation on this news on any other mass media (I am not saying the MSM is to be trusted but refuse to believe they would not include such a big news; quite the opposite – it would have given them a new reason to demonise Russia and Putin and they would have gladly used it).
    I totally understand why you post this news as something big (cause if it was true, it definitely would have been). However, as of January 15 Russia has not cut off the gas to Europe and I believe there is a good reason for that. If China and Russia still believe that the Silk Road could include Europe, Russia will not play the gas card against the EU. In my opinion once the EU signs the TTIP, there would be no reason for Russia to wait any longer. Cutting off the gas to Europe would be almost equal to declaring a war. Although I believe we are moving towards that road, we are still not there. There is always hope, as the hero in one of my favourite novels used to say. All the best!

  45. Jeff L

    I’ve read way too many deadlines from the Jackass that never materialized. Maybe this time……Actually, I agree but only because I’ve been saying within 2 months since the first of January. Besides all the stars aligning around the world we have the new congress coming in soon. Nobama isn’t going to put up with their demands…….. The gold price is beginning to give some hints. I still stand that oil will surprise soon (none of this “years to come back” BS)…….. Regarding the expectations for a big QE in Europe, everyone’s expecting it so a surprise is possible. The spin has been the Swiss made these moves because of these expectations. It truly was a remarkable INDEPENDANT move. Expect more throughout Europe……… Gold and oil are the safe havens going forward.

    • lastmanstanding

      I might be in agreement with you Jeff on the oil. It dipped to just under $2 a gallon here in Montana over a week ago and has been pegged there. Up until then, it had been dropping 2 to 3 times a week for months.

      I think another week of this here and the bottom is in. I have seen comments on other blogs that fuel in Minnesota has jumped 40 cents per gal. One has to remember that those who control this crap KNOW that things are far beyond the crash of 2008.

      I’ll be ratholing a bunch of fuel today for the little things that make life simpler…tillers, chainsaws, generators, etc.

      • allen ols

        I have 10 barrels waiting for the prices here to go to 1.75/gal. remember when the obomanater took over a gal. was 1.79/gal.
        ratholing, a great new word for us. 🙂

        • lastmanstanding

          Don’t wait to long Al…at these prices compared to where it is going, another quarter is nothing.

      • Jeff L

        I bought UCO 1/13 and again 1/15. Oil is going higher because of war and the dollar dropping.

        • lastmanstanding

          That’s a cheap oil stock Jeff. I hope it works out for you. We only believe in real things.

  46. Angus

    Greg, I think you may be wrong. I hear the Franc went up 30 points, not 30 percent. Can you clarify this for us?

    • Greg Hunter

      Reporting from multiple sources say “30%.” Here’s one of many: http://www.irishtimes.com/business/economy/swiss-franc-jumps-nearly-30-after-euro-cap-is-scrapped-1.2066964

      • Angus

        Yep i’m seeing it too, wow! That is crazy. Thanks buddy.

        • Jeff L

          Yes, a 30% move. Amazing………Yet the Russian Ruble tumbled 60% in a week, only to rise 30% in a day(2 weeks ago)……….. See how easy that was. Coming to the US soon. But we won’t bounce back.

          • paul

            Jeff … Using Christine Lagarde’s occult message about the number 7 … perhaps next Thursday (the day after 7+ 7+7) gold will rise by 30% in one day … let’s see 30% of $1276 is $382 dollars … so gold may be at $1658 in a few short days … let’s see what happens!!!

            • paul

              Perhaps?? … after 10 sevens (7+7+7+7+7+7+7+7+7+7) gold will be $7,000 dollars per ounce! … Lets see that brings us out to March 11, 2015 … so March 12 may be the big day for “the reset” … the Cabal loves playing these numbers games … so who knows???

            • paul

              I’m imagining that on Thursday of next week Draghi and his buddies announce massive QE .
              The Swiss central bank probably knowing in advance the European central bank would flood the market with euro’s (bringing the euro down) … forcing the Swiss central bank to buy even more euro’s to maintain its cap … removed the cap … the Swiss central bank probably figured it best to take the pain now instead of having to continue buying zillions more euro’s when Draghi prints … one thing is certain … the more fiat printing the world does the higher gold’s price will have to rise!!!

              • Charles H.


                I think the East will have to accommodate some moderation to gold’s price – in consideration to developing countries. Total fiat divided by ounces would be astronomical.

              • Jeff L

                As I’ve stated previously, I’m not so sure events will occur as expected. The Euro QE is just too announced(expected). Perhaps they will to give cover for Germany to exit. The Swiss certainly showed the way……… However, I will not be surprised to see no Euro QE and the Euro surprising to the upside, driving the dollar down………… What I have said is many surprises will happen simultaneously…….. Many seeking the exit door together.

  47. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

    In response to Jerry and his son’s comment re the “negativity”, I grew up as the child of two prepping parents, long before prepping was cool. It was mentally exhausting to listen to the dire predictions for years and years, while my friends lived happily oblivious lives of hopeful planning for a future much like today. After a while I decided that my parents just needed an excuse to be self-righteous about their self-sufficient, back to earth lifestyle, and that the “negativity” as your son called it, was a thief of today’s joy.
    Now I am a parent and I have realized two things:
    1. They were right.
    2. I was right too.
    I like Greg’s “fear not” motto because it points to where our ultimate focus should be: on the Ultimate, the end of things, the one who is the Omega, and in whom we will find eternal rest from worry, war, hunger and grief. Yes, I am a prepper now too. But I would urge all of us to acknowledge the truth of what’s coming, prepare for our families with all the tools God provides, examine our own hearts for pride and self-righteousness, and beg Him for the faith to withstand what is surely coming, and then enjoy today. Jerry, if your son is anything like me, he is overwhelmed by all the predictions of worst case scenarios and his comment to you is a veiled way of protecting himself. Put your arm around him, tell him you are prepping because you love him so deeply, ask him if there are any skills he would like to learn, and spend some father-son time doing that. Don’t bring up the end of the world, but just know that someday he will acknowledge the truth because of your introduction of it and be better off for it.

    • paul

      Very profound advice Snow White …
      Damn it Cabal where did you get your greedy DNA from? … How many innocent lives must you sacrifice for your greed and lust for power? … Just share the world’s financial power with others (Russia, China, etc.) and lets bring peace to the world!!! … You know you can’t bring your printed fiat and financial power through the Pearly Gates! … So “Let It Be” … “Just Let It Be” … control your greed for fiat paper and power … and allow the Prince of Peace deep down in all of our hearts to Rein here on Earth for more then a thousand years!!

    • Emeth

      I am curious –
      How do you reconcile your thinking and actions with these words and the principles they clearly hold … Matt.6:25-34.
      Less than 40 years after these words were spoken, the nation of Israel and the city of Jerusalem were destroyed by the Roman Legions, in 70AD. Believing Jewish Christians were told to ‘understand the times’ and flee the coming destruction in advance .. Luke.21:17-22, before this coming catastrophe befell the Jewish people Luke.21:23-24. History suggests that many fled to the city of Pella. Those who could not separate themselves from their national, cultural or religious heritage perished in the destruction, otherwise called the days of vengeance (i.e. of God against the rebellious and disbelieving Jews Luke.21:22-24 & Luke.20:9-19 & Heb.8:13, 12:25-29)
      Yes, I know this post will be seen as contentious by some here, but my question is genuine … how do you reconcile these concepts which I have tried to lay out fairly ….

      • Greg Hunter

        You will get your answer as there some really smart and religious folks here who know the Bible on an academic level.

      • susan

        In Israel’s history God often used other countries to “teach His people a lesson”. There were always the faithful who were saved either one way or the other. Forgive me, this answer is quick and simplistic because I am tired, but for those truly in Christ Jesus, they will be taken care of one way or another. Though we may go through very difficult times and we will, the God of all comfort will be will us every step of the way. Fear not!

      • Jeff L

        Emeth I think verse 33-34 sums it up……. Dwelling in the midst of God while living here on earth. Desiring His will be done, seeking His guidance, while going about your daily chores. The birds still had to provide for themselves. God provided the seeds…………… I’m curious about the fleeing idea you bring up. This is something that has been on my mind for a long time……… Why are we staying here ? Maybe we believe it’s just the right thing to do. Maybe we think it won’t be so bad (survivable). Frankly, I think staying will be a death sentence and we should be leaving………. I’m sure many here would disagree.

      • Jeff L

        Why contentious ?

      • Charles H.


        First off – you are not contentious. Contrarily, you are courteous and straight-forward. A valued commenter for this site.
        This is just my shot at an explanation…

        The Gospels of Jesus Christ are as transitional, as much as Acts is considered to be. The Old Testament covenant is ending (superseded) with the Vicarious Atonement, burial, and resurrection (expressed as a kernel in 1 Cor. 15:3,4.) but not yet realized in the earthly ministry. Words from the Sermon on the Mount are geared toward Jewish mentality; but contain prophetic strain for Church Age (after Pentecost). Also, the early, or primitive Church – during the lives of the Apostles is signified and endorsed by God though genuine miracles. Jesus Christ sent out disciples under authority to take no script or purse, and they were supernaturally upheld. But those miracles and sign-gifts extinguished with the death of the Apostles. (1 Cor. 13:8 whether there be tongues, they shall “CEASE” – which I am told is “future middle-indicative” Koine Greek, meaning “they stop themselves, once for all”.) By then, much of the Epistles were out ahead of the 70AD Temple destruction.
        Luke 21: 17-22 follows prophetic strain, tying back from Jacob’s Troubles of ‘the Seventy Weeks’ in Daniel; through Lk 21: 25-36 to point to Revelation 12: 13-17 – the woman being Israel – fulfilling God’s promises of national delivery through the trial of Tribulation (Chapters 6,7,8,9…), culminating in Armageddon, Ch 19:11-21.
        The Hebrews 8:13 scripture, looks back in an apologetic way to clarify to believing Jews the significance of the ‘new covenant’ of God’s blood sacrifice as a completion of the sacrificial system and the opening of salvation to the whole world – the Gentiles “grafted in” by faith.
        Hebrews 12:25-29 parallels back to Deuteronomy 30: 11-20 in the Palestinian Covenant and points forward seemingly to the ‘new heavens and new earth wherein dwelleth righteousness Rev. 21:1. It compares Old Testament covenant type- to New Testament covenant fulfillment.
        All I can say is that strains of (prophetic) truth, like threads, run through the Bible, which do not obey chronological order. They form patterns and reinforcements; but more approximate puzzle-pieces and tie-ins than story-lines, or direct historical predictions.. We abide in 1 Cor, 13:9,12.
        I can only direct you toward Dispensational Theology; which is an attempt to place these puzzle-pieces in some sort of time-line for making sense. Even here you have many different authorities and contentions – too simple; too hyper… etc. I can only give you a place to start: http://clarencelarkincharts.com/index.html (which is good: not Gospel)
        God isn’t giving us the whole story – so faith may have it’s place of function, with continuing dependence on the Holy Spirit.
        Rebelliousness and disbelief are common to all men, not just the Jew. And Christians can be just as wrong and stiff-necked as they were and are. The key to Scripture is the Holy Spirit; and the Holy Spirit only comes by way of Biblical Salvation. Beginning with the New Birth, starts a lifetime of study – with understanding directed from the Source. Truth is God’s sole language and franchise: it (Scripture) does not yield it’s secrets to those outside of God’s adopted/engrafted/saved/ born-again (John 3:5-8, spiritual, Eph 4:30/1 Cor. 6:19, Holy Spirit indwelt) family. I think it is set up this way so that all glory, and I mean ALL Glory – is His.
        I can recommend a deep book that may appeal to your fine intellect: “In Awe of Thy Word”, Gail Riplinger, AVPublications, as an aside.
        For your consideration…

    • Jerry

      Thank you Snow White.
      Good advice indeed. I will apply your truth to my situation.
      I look at this whole mess from a different perspective. I am a realist at heart. Just because someone wants to believe that something isn’t true, doesn’t change the reality that it may be. Ask any alcoholic (before treatment) if they have a drinking problem, and they will always tell you” nope not me”!

  48. Gary

    Greg I work for a US company in Canada Oil &Gas, we have raised our prices 12% due to the US Canadian dollar exchange 1.1984 today and it will not be enough. Buying American is getting expensive for snowbirds in Arizona.
    Holding gold is paying off with a declining currency Ex 1265.00 last purchase
    years ago , 1534.00 today in Canuck Dollars at a bullion dealer.
    Sure I would like to have more American Dollars right now, but as Jim Dines
    said about thirty years ago in the Invisible Crash, all nations will devalue.
    With Yuan trading Hubs being opened countries will be able to bypass the US Dollar in the future that is when SHTF. I will buy more gold with my US dollars as it is a stronger currency at this time and likely to get stronger.

    Many thanks for the great Guests & Posters on your site.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for the street reporting from Canada. You have some of the finest Au and Ag coins in the world. Keep buying them when you can.

  49. diane

    How many European countries have prospered by being a part of the EU?

    • Greg Hunter

      I think very few are solvent.

  50. allen ols


    Islam, where CHRIST is demoted from KING OF KINGS, LORD OF LORDS, to a mere good prophet i guess. How offensive to christians is this?

    The King of Saudi Arabia is to refer the case of blogger and activist Raif Badawi’s to the Supreme Court, his wife has told BBC News.

    His wife Ensaf Haidar – who is living in Canada with their three children – said the decision has given him hope that the authorities want to withdraw his punshiment, following an international outcry.

    Her comments come after Saudi authorities postponed Badawi’s second round of public flogging for a week, citing medical reasons, according to a leading human rights group Amnesty International, the Associated Press reported.

    In May last year, authorities sentenced Badawi, 31, to 10 years in prison and 1,000 lashes after he used his liberal blog to criticise Saudi Arabia’s powerful clerics. The Jiddah Criminal Court also ordered he pay a fine of 1 million Saudi riyals (£175,700).


    • Rick Perkins

      “Islam, where CHRIST is demoted from KING OF KINGS, LORD OF LORDS, to a mere good prophet i guess. How offensive to christians is this?”

      I am not in the least offended by what others believe in their hearts, whether it’s that Jesus was divine or just a prophet, or whether he was the bastard son borne of Mary’s adulterous affair with a Roman soldier. Correctly judging the truth of what others believe goes far beyond my ability and, furthermore, being offended by it reflects a presumptuous arrogance that I believe to be incompatible with God’s will.

      I am not offended, but moved to earnest prayer, by players who, whether claiming to take vengeance for the Almighty or whether having been planted and used to instill fear for political purposes, commit wanton murder for that cause.

      For the love of God, let us reject all of the hate.

  51. Jeff L

    Here’s some interesting reading for all anti-paper bugs. (The paper bugs can just go back to sleep waiting for your buying opportunity)……….. [ https://www.bullionstar.com/blog/koos-jansen/guest-post-i-have-a-theory-on-the-swiss-franc/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+ingoldwetrust%2Ffeed+%28In+Gold+We+Trust%29 ]

  52. Jon Loux

    Greg, when I first read about Russia shutting off Ukraine’s gas, I was suspicious. Putin has gone out of his way to keep up his obligations and obey international law, treaties, etc. Not to mention his humanitarian side, which would never punish innocent Ukrainians for their leaders’ faults. Even if you’re not a ‘Putin lover’ you have to admit that such an act would backfire, which, as we know, is what has been happening with just about everything Washington has done. Putin is, first and foremost, a pragmatist-neither good nor bad.


    • Greg Hunter

      Good analysis my friend!

  53. mohammad


    Can someone tell me why we are having a cleric here in Pennsylvania leading a coupe de tat in Turkey?


  54. paul

    Everyone here at WatchDog should read what Bill just wrote … http://blog.milesfranklin.com/the-tactical-nuclear-options

    • paul

      Foreign exchange brokerage failures have already begun to mount worldwide after the Swiss currency shock from New York to England to New Zealand … FXCM the largest U.S. retail foreign-exchange brokerage said client debts threatened its compliance with capital rules … FXCM which handled a record $1.4 trillion of trades by individuals last quarter, said clients now owe $225 million in their accounts after the Swiss National Bank’s decision to abandon the franc’s cap against the euro … these clients will have to sell something to come up with the money (and I bet it won’t be their gold and silver holdings) … a New Zealand-based dealer Global Brokers NZ Ltd. said losses from the franc’s surge have simply forced it to completely shut down … in England IG Group Holdings Plc estimated an impact of as much as 30 million British pounds ($45.5 million)… and Swissquote Group Holdings SA has set aside 25 million francs ($28.4 million).

      But many more casualties are on the way … people were hurt bad and “betrayed” by the Swiss central bank … now do you think they will run for safety to the US dollar run by another central bank? … all fiat is “tainted” now … only gold and silver offer true protection … dealers in London and banks like Deutsche Bank AG, UBS Group AG and Goldman Sachs Group Inc. had to battle to process sell orders when the Swiss central bank surprised markets with its announcement in Zurich … I can just imagine what Monday will bring!!

  55. John M.

    Greg, I completely agree with your very fine summary.
    I might stress that we are in a “depression” and not a “deflation” as the MSM reports, probably somewhere at the early stages of moderate inflation before it quickly morphs into hyperinflation as money velocity kicks up, as our economy keeps sinking.
    Also, there is no question we are headed to world war. The widespread lies and false flags that have been happening will only get worse, and it will be impossible to distinguish the good guys from the bad guys as the bankers always finance both sides of the war and all the combatants in a conflict. I believe there are no winners in war or monetary collapses, except for those soulless people who have no consciences and believe they will live forever with their material possessions they grab by stealth and force.
    I put my trust in God. I also have tremendous respect for gold because it’s real money as it always remains pure and constant in a corrupt world.
    According to Jim Willie, our nation’s gold has all been removed since Bill Clinton and his GS buddies. The manipulated-down value of gold should start exploding about now, and the elites are probably positioned to profit from that as well.

    • allen ols

      J. M.

      …and boehner and mitch the snitch mc connel were there to help clinton, summers, and rubin raid the gold, and dont forget the truck loads of gold in the bank heist of the world trade center bank.

  56. Henry

    I agree with the readers who suspect that the Charlie Hebdo attack was another false flag operation. Always ask who benefits. Also note that the attackers somehow “escaped”. The alleged getaway driver turned himself in to avoid being murdered, and he claims he has an alibi yet there was no mention of this important detail in the corporate media.

    • allen ols

      correct, remember, a few hundred thousand Jewish families have fled france because of the persecution of muslims against jews.
      I would not doubt the israeli mossad grew weary of it, and could have been a part of staging it, as it benefited Jews, and French, to curb the muslims from their nonsense stuff. My problem is why they dont just start running these crazies off, and ship them back to their own countries they fled in the first place.

      • allen ols

        Security analysis demonstrate that the Muslim Caliphate aims that stretches for decades, follow schedule as the expansion of worldwide dominion with rule under an Islamic State continues exactly as planned.
        Clare Lopez at the Q Society event in Sydney on the evening of 5 September 2014. Her topic is “Jihad Resurgent: Islamic Challenge, Western Response”.
        Lopez gives advice on what signs to look out for to combat Islamic infiltration.


    • Rick Perkins

      The only thing the attackers “escaped” was a trial and the investigation that would have accompanied it.

      Instead, they were tried in the media and therein convicted as radical religious nuts of Islam. Voila! That religion becomes more and more one to be so greatly hated and feared that, even if only 1% of its believers are such radical religious nutcases, we are all in imminent danger and the officials in power must do “something /anything” to protect us.

  57. mohammad


    JIM CLANCY resigned from CNN (or forced to resign) just because he mentioned the truth.
    It is in Arabic but the twitter back and forth between him and a pro Israeli says a lot and it is in English:


    The twitter comments according to the link i put were taken down later on after his fast and mysterious resignation.

    Now this is the ALARABIYA side of the story, do you know any thing about this guy, did you work with him in CNN when you were there before, and what your investigative instinct tells you is it a bogus story or has merits.


    • Greg Hunter

      There is nothing on this link I can read or at lease I did not see it.

        • Greg Hunter

          Clancy basically inferred the Israelis were behind the massacre and did it with out any back-up or proof. CNN is not the same as the speculative world of internet bloggers. I worked there (CNN) and I worked with standards, editorial, and legal all the time. I did investigations on everything from depleted uranium munitions to massive vehicle defects to fraud on a national level. This is what I know about and I could not say or infer anything of this magnitude without 100% backup and approval. It is no wonder Clancy got canned. If a guest said it on a live show, there would be no foul. Clancy saying it without approval and vetting–bye, bye. It may one day be 100% proven true, but it is a long way from being 100% proven true at the moment.

          • Mohammad


            You have a first hand knowledge/experience what major networks will do if any reporter goes against their line, am not saying what Clancy said is true or false, rather it caught my attention that the firing took place after his statement. May be for him it is a blessing in disguise the same way it was for you.
            God bless.


            • Greg Hunter

              Jim stated suspicion for proven fact. That is a huge No, No for any news organization. I only try to report what I can back up. I like Jim and I am sure he might want to couch that differently. If he wanted to say it, he should have said it was a rumor flying around the internet or something like that. Or some people believe . . .

              • Mohammad

                Keep in mind Greg that those type of things are next to impossible to prove, i concur though with your premise.

  58. Roderick

    I like the new Greg. You seem “mad as hell and you are not going to take it anymore”. Welcome to the club.

    • Greg Hunter

      I try not to be angry. It clouds my judgment. Thank you for your support my friend.

  59. diane

    Wow what a week!
    To quote that old Chinese proverb-
    “May you live in interesting times”
    Greg….I’ll try to “fear not” it’s the best alternative. Thanks for being here for us.

    • Greg Hunter

      “Fear Not” is a quote used over and over again from the Bible. All this has been foretold and God the Father is in control no matter how bad it looks.

  60. Mike

    Greg…I hope you see the level of appreciation expressed here for your efforts.

    Society is mired in lies. Finding the truth is a process that takes effort and time.
    Your site allows us a medium to find the truth and for that I thank you.

    As I read the comments here this morning with a number of family members around me, they all think that I am out to lunch. They see me as the conspiracy nut who is totally wrong in his belief that the truth is not as they see it.

    It saddens me that they see no reason to search for the truth as they believe they are informed and tuned into reality.

    I have accepted my position on the fringe and I sleep well knowing that I have prepared as best as I can.

    I believe that the next two weeks have the potential for major developments..

    to that I will state what my family states to me each day when I try to enlighten them….WE WILL SEE.

    • Greg Hunter

      What is happening in the financial world is real and measurable. We will all suffer in the next financial meltdown, but those who are prepared will suffer less–much less. Do not stop preparing whether it’s two weeks, this fall or next year. A financial meltdown is coming, and there is no getting around that math. Target just announced it is closing ALL its stores in Canada. That is just one of many signs of coming trouble. Thank you for your comment.

  61. Galaxy 500

    Wonderful wrap up Greg. Well reasoned and professional delivery

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you 500!

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