WNW 188-US Naval Tensions Mount, No Growth Economy, Baltimore Spreading, Jade Helm Joke

4By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com  (5.1.15)

Looks like, for once the U.S. and Iranian Navies may be inching towards confrontation. It was announced that the U.S. Navy will be escorting U.S. flagged ships through the Strait of Hormuz. This came after an erroneous report that the Iranians had boarded a U.S. flagged ship. The Hormuz has 35% of the world’s seaborne oil shipments. The U.S. Navy intercepted some Iranian cargo ships last week heading to Yemen. They turned around, and now the U.S. carrier group has also left the area. The Saudis are fighting to remove terrorists that are partial to Iran. There is no end in sight with the fighting, and the Saudis are not allowing flights to land to resupply the Houthi (Shia) rebels. There is a Sunni coalition that is enforcing an air and sea blockade.

The first quarter GDP numbers are in, and they were dismal. As I have said, many times, there is no recovery. The first quarter so-called growth came in at a paltry .2% growth. This is not growth. If you factor in any sort of inflation, then you really have a contracting economy, not a growing one. If the Fed is not going to increase rates, it may be forced to inject another round of QE, or money printing? We will see as the year unfolds, but I am not seeing a rate increase anytime soon, and that is what the Fed basically said at its meeting this week.

Do you think Baltimore and Ferguson are really about police brutality or a stinking economy especially for the lower ranks in this country. I said this is why the President sent Al Sharpton to Ferguson, Missouri, and I think this is at the core of the problems in Baltimore. The unemployment rate in the African American community is at least double of that in the white community, and black youth unemployment is staggering. The Obama Administration knows this and does not want to address the real issue, and that is falling wages and massive offshoring of American Jobs.

Here is an article in the St. Louis paper about the Trans Pacific-Partnership, or the TPP. People hate it or love it, and it is all being negotiated in secret. Dems are not going to jump on board, and some Republicans hate it too. It would allow the President to negotiate a deal, but some say it should not be done in secret, and it should not supersede our national laws. Also, it will give the President sole power to negotiate a deal, and you can see how well he has done with the Iran Nuke deal. I rest my case.

The White House press corps got a good laugh this week over Texas Governor Greg Abbot putting his state national guard to watch the upcoming military exercise Jade Helm. Abbot is worried about his citizens’ sovereignty, but the White House says it’s just a military drill and there is nothing to worry about. Many folks speculate that this is just a dress rehearsal for martial law because the economy might implode. Abbot is not a kook and was a former Texas Attorney General before he was governor. If I was in the White house press corps, I would ask why the name Jade Helm 15. They just did not pick those names at random like basketball kangaroo. I would also ask why the creepy slogan for Jade Helm–it’s “Master of the Human Domain.” Please explain that, Josh Earnest, and try not to laugh too much.

Join Greg Hunter as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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  1. Gert

    Tesla launches batteries for homes, businesses and utilities

    CNBC Leslie Shaffer 58 mins ago

    Tesla Motors launched late Thursday its Tesla Energy brand with a line of batteries designed for homes, businesses and utilities.

    “The obvious problem with solar power is that the sun doesn’t shine at night,” the company founder and CEO Elon Musk said in a press conference in California. “We need to store the energy to use at night.”

    But he added “the issue with existing batteries is they suck.”

    Musk launched the Powerwall home battery, a rechargeable 7-10 kwh lithium-ion battery, priced at $3,000-$3,500 for installers, with deliveries slated in three to four months. It’s available in a selection of colors. ___READ ALL ABOUT IT;


    • paul

      Gert … this is the way to go … but geoengineering the atmosphere to block the Sun is working at cross purposes … is this intentional?
      One day children will ask their parents … Why is the sky “completely white”? … answering them will become easier then explaining why it was “blue” in the olden days … parents will be able to confidently say “The sky is always white because the government sprays aluminium in the air”!

    • John Ripic

      Been hearing a lot of call to federalize police, that happens, game over…

  2. Collateral Damage


    Many Compliments and Congrats on at least two points you made in your wrap-up this week (Note: only two, so far, because that is how far I got in listening to it before I decided to stop and write this note instead 🙂 ).

    First, is in your analysis of the Root Cause of the violence in Baltimore. I was having a conversation with a friend today and I made the same comment, that the primary underlying reason for the strife was because of the economically stifled black underclass that has increasingly worsened during my lifetime alone throughout this country (not saying that economic reality is ‘good’ for whites by any means, but it is just not as bad as the majority of Blacks experience. So far, whites can still get jobs at Walmart, restaurants, etc. don’t actually see too many blacks working at most of these low paying jobs, do we???

    My second major point of agreement with you is in the Trans PPart. Just another way for the laws of this country to be overridden and for the folks in charge to get their way through ‘override’ of the little people.

    Bottom line, I tremendously respect you for the work that you do. Don’t agree with you on every viewpoint you appear to hold, but I respect your opinions and your courage in expressing them.

    I still believe that it is possible to create a better world for ourselves and our children, I am just resigned in my opinion that I believe also that the odds are significantly tilted against that eventual outcome. 🙂 But, doggedly, I attempt to hold the ‘stiff upper lip’ despite the size of the Don Quixote-esque windmill that humanity is facing.

    BTW, if anyone is interested in a sad, but uplifting book that will help restore your faith in the power of ‘good’ that humanity still possesses, please read ‘Prison Angel’. It is a powerful story that tells the tale of the powerful good that a single person can nucleate around her.

    Thanks for continuing to ‘Fight the Good Fight’, both to you Greg, and to all of you out there in the world who still have the courage to THINK outside the proverbial box, that there just might be a better way of doing things than the one that we have collectively accepted through our passive acceptance of the status quo.

    My Best Regards Always,

    Your friend, joined through our common experience as being part of this Collateral Damage.

    • Clare Doll

      Yes Gert and most business start-ups with competent engineers identify their weakest design constraints before the build (the BATTERY in an ELECTRIC CAR?????)– not ass-backwards as Elon has done [CAR before battery because Elon is indeed stupid] and then he goes after tax payer money because he goofed– AND GETS IT — because his “image” campaign has been so successful. he is an idiot and should be ditched like the plaque.
      time and money, that’s all it takes. What a jackass! This is not engineering, it is self aggrandizement.

    • Gene

      Dear “Collateral Damage”,
      I certainly agree with you that, “the primary underlying reason for the strife [in Baltimore] was because of the economically stifled black underclass.” At the same time, in is very difficult for me, a white man, to fully comprehend the centuries-long and persisting economic oppression and exploitation of black people.
      Through my church, I have had the privilege to discuss this matter with a fascinating individual who teaches black history at a local university. For example, she taught me about the orchestrated destruction of Greenwood, OK in 1921, at that time known as the “Black Wall Street”, a thriving enclave of African Americans. See, for example, http://www.ebony.com/black-history/the-destruction-of-black-wall-street-405
      For this white man, and I believe nearly all others, there is so much more to learn about the oppression of the black race in America.
      And we, as white people, should recognize that we are being played. We need to recognize the hidden purpose of Affirmative Action policies: to lead white Americans to resent those whom they believe, correctly or not, have benefited at their expense because of race.
      But even more importantly, we should recognize the plans of Satan unfolding before our eyes. The Gospels have explained to us how our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ rejected Satan’s temptation to gain power over all the kingdoms of the earth if He would only fall down and worship the Devil. But how many others, whether Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Soros, Gates, et al., have accepted this offer?
      The hideous racism of the extremely wealthy and powerful among these families was manifested grotesquely by the eugenics movement which they created, as instituted in the American Eugenics Society, from which Hitler drew his inspiration and which was renamed Planned Parenthood after World War II. At the same time, these slaves of the Evil One pursue a One World Government under their control, but who is using them in his plan to destroy the human race, including his wealthy disciples.
      So, in Baltimore we see violent destruction brought about directly by official neglect and organized thugs brought in from outside the city. The individuals directly involved, as well as those who command their actions and fund their logistics, are tools of Satan, driven by the race hatred he has cultivated over centuries and the greed and arrogance of a very few he has inspired and now exploits.
      Most importantly, we should take our lead from Christ, Who recognized the Devil for who and what he was. We need to recognize Satan’s plan as it unfolds; this is an apocalypse, literally a revelation of the Devil’s mind. Seeing this, and remembering that it is powerless against Divine Providence, we also need to recognize that Satan only has the power that foolish men choose to give him.
      The answer, of course, is and always has been Jesus Christ, the Way, the Truth and the Life. If men would only adhere to His law, love of God above all, and love of all people as we love ourselves, tragedies like the violence and destruction in Baltimore, would never happen.

  3. brian

    With this California drought putting upward pressure on the value of many vegetables I would imagine at some point it would be profitable to grow some of the more hardy kinds there in the midwest instead of planting all that corn, much of which is GMO’d and priced at whatever level the lobbyists can get away with.

    • diane

      Good comment Brian
      Only issue I will actively protest is the GMO…pesticide issue……the United States is the number one enemy to the world food supply.

  4. Jim G

    Again, look at what “jade helm” translates to from Hebrew to English. After the Did you mean? click on what’s in blue. I’d like to know who thinks this is pure coincidence and wasn’t well thought out before coming up with the name. https://translate.google.com/?hl=en&sl=en&tl=en#iw/en/jade%20helm

    Add this with all the other information that has already come out, including the closing of Walmart stores located in areas where Jade Helm 15 is supposed to take place, and you can see where this is heading.

    Expect a false flag event or events either during Jade Helm 15 or shortly thereafter but no later than 2016. The preparation and buildup for what is currently going on is too large and widespread in scope to delay the end game much longer. And to think they did all this right under your noses with hardly a whimper. Only in America.

  5. Mitch Bupp

    Thank You Greg, concise and accurate as always. I enjoy your site.

  6. Wim

    Thank you very much for your news wrap up Greg. The East too much water, the West drying up, hearing you say that, it really felt the spirit world doing that one, like the old Indian (paranormal source) confirmed. The old Indian now faintly confirms it will rain before California really dries out. The old Indian encouraged me to go on a record with the weird unbelievable topic he came forward with last February. Last night, again a white bright light (is a spirit), at some 700 feet height, travelled with me to my home, to stay behind it for an hour. As I stopped for some minutes, the white light stopped, acting as an escorting star. A second one was very high up, it was the tenth night of escorting stars. As I don’t believe the unimaginable intervention with solid spacecraft not out of this world, now after ten nights already of escorting stars/white lights, I somehow feel I just know the old Indian is not pulling my leg. Not believing, but somehow knowing it, a contradiction in terms. May the view of the founding fathers of America go viral one day. Expect the unexpected. May Love be the guiding star in your life.

  7. Glenn

    Greg, it’s a contention of mine that the recent wrath of deaths within the Black community and subsequent protests/riots, are a litmus test for what lies ahead.

    Nice to see the sun shining somewhere in the U.S. of Hypocrisy


  8. Jerry

    Great news wrap-up Greg! You hit all the main points. Especially Jade Helm 15. This is no drill. Its a dress rehearsal for martial law, pure and simple. Even the Wall Street Journal is talking about loss of reserve currency status by the dollar,

    Time is running out. And those that are sitting on the idea that this is fear porn, or conspiracy theory, are literally gambling with their lives. The truth is, the globalist don’t care about you, or me. In their world we are expendable. And when it comes to resetting the system, its alright to break a few eggs to make an omelet! Jade Helm 15? That’s just their cleanup crew.

    • Jerry

      All you need to know about Jade Helm 15 , and the timetable for the Collapse of the Dollar , is in this video.
      I have found the information given to be accurate in every way including the timetables that were predicted eighteen months ago. Having said that, I believe that our time is growing short here and that internet communications could break down anytime. I have personally had my computer attacked. And ground trace attempts made twice. God be with you all.

      • Jerry

        When I saw this email from 2012 it blew me away. There is no other explanation about Jade Helm 15 that needs to be given once you read it.

        There is no way this woman could have predicted this without Devine Inspiration. It fits exactly into what’s about to happen. But if you prefer to play with your theoretical tinker toys. Go ahead! I’ve seen all I need to see.

      • Silence is Golden

        The Govt. (NSA) has mandated the development & implanting of malicious software (Trojans) into computer operating systems to frustrate or reduce functionality for the user and to allow hackers to enter through backdoors. Withdrawal of internet services is not an overt operation…..it is opaque and covert …which ultimately achieves the same result as would shutting down the www.
        If you use Google/ have a smart phone (I-Phone or Android)…..you are being monitored 24/7 no matter who you are. Encryption is dead.
        If you update software on your computer or phone it is pushing malicious software written into the code.
        Your phone has become a tracking device. Consider how many apps your smart phone has…then consider how many times you have authorised the use of personal data stored on your phone. Oh and btw …they can remotely turn on your phone’s camera and voice recorder…because that was authorised when you installed/updated software (check T & C’s before installing – you will then see what I mean – it wont install the software if you don’t accept the T & C’s).

  9. Raymond

    One Thousand Years of Peace

    Author: Ray C. Stedman
    Read the Scripture: Revelation 20:1-15

    Over 100 years ago, Victor Hugo, the French novelist and author of Les Miserables, wrote these words:

    In the twentieth century war will be dead. The scaffold will be dead. Hatred will be dead. Frontier boundaries will be dead. Dogmas will be dead. But man will live. He will possess something higher than all these: a great country, the whole earth, a great hope, the whole heaven.
    Today is Earth Day. We are almost at the end of the twentieth century. Meeting in the midst of our drugged and polluted planet, we have to say: “How mistaken Hugo was!” Or was he? Those words reflect the hope that has been burning in men’s hearts for centuries — the dream that there would come some day, somehow, a golden age upon the earth, a time when peace would spread throughout the whole world, a utopia, where men would live in unbroken peace and abounding prosperity. This has been the promise of every politician since governments began, but they have never been able to bring it to pass.

    It is a hope that is yet unrealized. But still, as we have studied the book of Revelation, perhaps we have come to the realization that this wonderful dream could be only a few years away — or even less than that! In our last study we saw the prophesied climax of history: The Second Coming of Jesus in visible power and glory to reclaim the earth from the devil and his angels, to end the domain of evil among men, and to fulfill the promise of an earthly kingdom made to Abraham and again to David many centuries ago. It is very important to understand that there should be no chapter break between Chapters 19 and 20. In the original Greek this account moves without a break to what follows the return of the Lord. I invite you to look with me at this, in Verses 1-3 of Chapter 20:

    And I saw an angel coming down out of heaven, having the key to the Abyss and holding in his hand a great chain. He seized the dragon, that ancient serpent, who is the devil, or Satan, and bound him for a thousand years. He threw him into the Abyss, and locked and sealed it over him, to keep him from deceiving the nations any more until the thousand years were ended. After that, he must be set free for a short time. (Revelation 20-1:3 NIV)
    Twice in that passage appears the phrase “a thousand years.” It actually occurs six times throughout the whole chapter. The word “millennium” comes from the Latin mille annum, which means “a thousand years.” This is the passage that teaches clearly and distinctly about a millennium of peace yet to come upon the earth. This passage is one of the great battlefields of Scripture. Two differing views of end events clash headlong in this chapter, premillennialism and amillennialism. Those are jaw-breaker terms, so to help you (and me) I will refer to those who hold these views as “premills” and “amills.” Premills, (among whom I include myself), take this passage literally and believe that there is coming a thousand-year reign of Christ upon the earth. That will be a fulfillment of many Old Testament prophecies concerning an earthly reign of Christ. __ FOR THE REST OF THE STORY;


    From your friends at http://www.RayStedman.org

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Raymond!!

    • aussie jeff

      Whether Christ is ruling from heaven or earth….I”m not sure, either way the one thousand years of peace seems to be fast approaching!

      Revelation 22:20
      “He who testifies these things says, “Yes, I come quickly.” Amen! Yes, come, Lord Jesus.”
      World English Bible.
      Btw………Thankyou Ray for the work you have done in helping many to understand scripture.
      God Bless.

    • paul

      The solution is simple … men simply have to “stand down” from the crazy orders given by psychopathic loony tune politicians … the way the Saudi soldiers are doing now when they were given orders to invade Yemen … the war had to be canceled!

      If people years ago didn’t listen to Hitler’s orders there would have been no WWII and no Holocaust!

  10. James Hastings

    A comment on the military exercise. I have family in special operations. These men will train as directed. But they are not SS troops. The vast majority, I have been assured, will protect the AMERICAN public, if that time comes. Don’t expect them to stand in front of a camera and cut their own throats.

    Great rap-up. You look happy to be back on the farm. Take the kids exploring.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for the intel James!!

  11. Art Barnes

    Greg, Baltimore gave Hillary a break, got her off the news cycle, she must be down on her knees and praying for those rock throwing so-called “thugs”. On another matter, how can you negotiate a nuke deal and play cat & mouse in the straight of Hormuz at the same time, does that make any sense to you. What it means to me is that Obama wants get a “deal” so bad he will do anything for it, maybe he could put an Iranian flag pin on his suit & declare that farsi should be added to the long list of languages on our voting ballots; if its not already. As to the drought I personally know two families who are moving from California as their jobs are in jeopardy due to employment being closely related to sufficient water; landscaping & irrigation. This is only the tip of the berg, by next year there will be a loss of 500,000 water related jobs (you heard it here first).

    • paul

      The government seems to be working at cross purposes because it is BiPolar (meaning two different groups within government are fighting for control)!

  12. Art Barnes

    Greg, comment on the White house Pres Core; soft snow balling bunch of metrosexuals; not a milliliter of “stand” up in the whole bunch including Ed Henry of Fox News leading the retreat; sad, sad, sad…

  13. anni

    Greg I love it when you report form outside. Thank you for your reports and interviews, so helpful. Thank you for covering the “chem trails” . There is so much going on everywhere you are going to have to wrap-ups twice a week to cover it all.

  14. Jeff

    Apparently, the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement is also going to open the door for new immigration as well according to the article linked below:

  15. Jerry

    Here’s more news about the coming reset from another tin foiled hat newspaper “Veterans Today”.

    Any military personnel who are helping to support the banking cabal in their endeavor to establish martial law and usher the United States into a NWO should know they are traitors to the American people and have violated their oath.

    • Jerry

      Greg. Heads up!
      Your site along with many other alternative media sites is under heavy observation by TPTB and could go black anytime. I have had several postings blocked recently with the “page not available” message and have had my antispyware program pick up attempts to locate my ground location.

  16. Anne Elliott

    You are truly a Watchman, Greg, who God has assigned to help us. Thank you for all you do. Where would we go to hear the voice of truth if you were not there? Someone giving us actual news and telling us what is going on in this nation and world? Thank you Greg and company; may God bless you and all the Watchdoggers out there!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Anne. You are very kind.

  17. Michael from Baltimore

    Greg you’re absolutely right about Baltimore. It’s the economy!!!

    But the thing is, even the supposedly newly”developed” areas that black people there like to chastise for being unfair are few in far in between in Baltimore. I left Baltimore in 1995, but what has changed? A couple buildings in Harbor East? A football stadium? Big deal!!!

    In that same time I’ve seen cities in Asia like Singapore and Kuala Lumpur grow exponentially into great cities.

    Like Baltimore, Singapore is a port city, but the contrast between the two is dramatic. One is a healthy, vibrant, capitalist metropolis (albeit a tad bit tyrannical), while the other cannot figure out if it’s a prison or sports complex and it’s probably one of the most unhealthy and deadly places on Earth.

    Why is this? Because you have a bunch of academic champagne socialists running Baltimore. Teachers and bureaucrats in Baltimore want the 6 figure paycheck, but they’re not willing to do the things needed to help everyone in Baltimore achieve the same goals of making money and success.

    Moreover, look at property taxes in Baltimore–DOUBLE of that of Baltimore county. Who wants to pay 4K in taxes for an old rowhome in a city where you can be murdered or robbed once you walk outside your house? What exactly are those taxes used for???

    Moreover, people think unemployment there is bad now, what do they think will happen when Obama signs the TPP (trans pacific partnership) and robot technology steals low-level jobs like fast-food positions?

    Places like Baltimore are DOOMED. They are so far behind cities in Asia it’s not even funny anymore. I travel a lot in Asia and when I tell people I’m from Baltimore they snicker and say, “Oh, the Wire, right?”

    This is what Baltimore is known around the world for–a stupid TV show that depicts the bowels of human society. No one will ever take Baltimore seriously.

    I want to invite all my Baltimore brethren to Singapore to see what a port city is supposed to look like. Then maybe you’ll open your eyes to the real problems facing Baltimore.

    Get the academic champagne socialists out of office, turn Baltimore into a special economic zone, cut taxes so people can actually afford to buy houses in that city (or rent too), legalize drugs, and stop wasting money on militarizing the police and on teachers and bureaucrat parasites!


  18. Diane

    The economy is the root of the problem with blacks? I disagree. The economy could turn around and there would not be a dimes worth of difference in blacks’ behavior.

    I am white, and I am sick and tired of all the excuses for blacks. They have been given preferential treatment for virtually my whole lifetime. Government has stolen my hard-earned money virtually at the point of a gun and given it to blacks because of the color of their skin. Martin Luther King would roll-over in his grave if he knew of their wicked behavior and the opportunities squandered by blacks. Blacks refused to assimilate. Black America has refused to take responsibility its failures. Like Grandma used to say, ‘They made their bed, now they can lay in it’.

    • James Hastings

      Yep. That pretty much nails it. The asian or latino, or …. community doesn’t have any problems….but they work for their success. The work of a man’s hand comes back to him….But, it’s to late to save ourselves.

  19. Diane

    Of all the problems facing America, I believe the greatest evil lies in the out-of-control tyrannical Police State. It is NOT an ethnic issue confined to inner cities.

    America is now 1938 Nazi Germany. Citizens in most states have been effectively disarmed. History has clearly recorded what follows. For every person murdered by an individual, governments have murdered 10,000 of their OWN people. Source ‘Death by Government’ by R.J. Rummel. In the 20th Century alone, governments murdered four times as many civilians as were killed in all the international and domestic wars combined. (Source: Death Chart http://jpfo.org/filegen-a-m/deathgc.htm ) And we wonder why governments demand gun control?

    Greg, I’d love to hear you interview Chuck Baldwin. Dr. Baldwin was the 2008 Presidential candidate for the Constitution Party and endorsed by Ron Paul. He is a national leader in the liberty movement and chosen by Oath Keepers’ as their National Chaplain. Baldwin’s success in exposing truth has proudly earned him a position on the government-controlled SPLC Top 10 Hit List.

  20. Ugly

    If America hasn’t awaken by now; then it never will. Self absorbance and ignorance are not traits of intelligence. Anymore, all we can do is live and pray.

  21. andyb

    Greg: you need to call the TPP what it is; Crony Capitalism (fascism) on steroids. Global corporations will, essentially, be above any sovereign law, answering only to a panel of corrupt, bought and paid for politicians. The effect on the American worker, or any worker earning above the global average, will be worse than NAFTA.

  22. eddiemd

    Baltimore riots provide the opportunity for DHS and the military to utilize the surveillance blimps over Aberdeen. These blimps were put up in December. They are the same type of blimps used along the border in southern Arizona above Fort Huachuca.

    I don’t believe that they are limited only to incoming cruise missile threats. They have the capability to track all movement day or night on the ground below. More than likely also able to intercept all communications.

    I wonder what the Army of Virginia (the dark side) is up to during the upcoming Jade Helm? The army of Virginia has been around since the 80’s. They recruit out of the SpecOps communities.



  23. paul

    JADE HELM … You know how the elites like to play with numbers … well from the first word JADE we can derive some numbers by counting the letter’s place in the alphabet ( J=10, A=1, D=4, E=5) … JA =11 and DE=9 … kind of interesting that this JADE operation has a 9/11 imbedded in it and … HELM is defined as the steering gear of a ship or position of leadership or control … so is the helm of government going to be steering us into another 9/11 false flag type operation?

    The stated purpose of the operation is to “root out ISIS terrorist cells” that have crossed the Mexican border into the US … but there would have been no need for this operation if the US had sealed its borders to begin with … so that raises a profound question … were the borders “purposely left open” to allow ISIS terrorists into the US so that “Marshal Law” could be imposed? … and further … “under the guise” of rooting out ISIS terrorists SWAT teams in the middle of the night could break into homes to lock up “all gun owners, Constitutionalists, veterans, etc. as “dissidents” and haul them off to FEMA Camps?

    Did you notice that the two States who have “Constitutionally minded people” Texas and Utah we made “Hostile Areas” … the Governor of Texas is taking a dim view of this “New 9/11 Government Operation” and has alerted the Texas State National Guard? … does this portend a possible Civil War? … With American’s fighting American SWAT teams … if it comes to that … it would make “a great excuse” for the Government to call for a lock down of all the States of the Union under “Martial Law” and thereby become Masters of the Human Domain!

    • paul

      The military-banking complex needs to constantly create new debt … this is done by having serial wars (the Middle east being the latest war zone) … perhaps with JADE HELM they have decided to bring their wars onto American soil.

      • sk


        • sk

          Paul, please analyze the above two words

          • paul

            Juggling a few pluses and minuses I get this …
            shock-and-awe: s-h =11 (Eleventh Day)
            o-c-k = 01 (Year 2001)
            -a+n-d = 9 (Month of September)
            a+w-e = 19 (Day Bush Launched War on Iraq)

    • Silence is Golden

      Nice work.
      I found even more alarming numbers in the JADE HELM formula…esp. the number 13 …and this is a very bad number when considered in the context of the people that created the name…. and what this military exercise purports to represent.
      The number 13 is a Masonic signature….and it fully reflects their motto for all to see….”Ordo Ab Chao” or “Out of Chaos Comes Order”–which literally means if they break down the existing structure and cause the population to cry out for order, they will emerge as the rulers and will have the world that they seek. Connect the dots and it becomes clearly evident what JADE HELM is.
      Does this not seem congruent to what is before us all ?
      That is not coincidence…there is a litany of historical precedence of critical events including the number 13. Oh btw ….numbers 9 and 11 are also Illuminati numbers.

  24. Gene-o-Vanelli

    One of the best write-ups I have seen in a long time… explains what is happening with the economy in simple terms, that us ‘simple southern country folk’ can understand…


    Good luck to us all, and God Bless.

    • Don

      Thanks for the sites, it makes me wonder if they won’t do another QE and funnel it to the M2 money supply and cause major inflation. If they do, it will probably mean a last resort effort. If not, a global reset may happen soon. Anyway, thanks for post.

  25. vincent_g

    Of the covered topics I think the California one is most important.
    Drilling wells is out of the question as it will also cause major problems.

    It seems a water pipeline maybe one of two solutions.
    A second is a water processing plant that takes ocean water and converts it into drinking water.

    I don’t like either solution.

    The real solution is California has to prune it’s big users of water.
    They need to limit the water use by setting new land use laws.
    If you have too many farms then cut back on the number of farms.
    If you have too many factories that use a lot of water then cut back on them too.

    Resources are not unlimited!
    Resources can not go to the highest bidders within a State.
    This is in our government’s laws and design.
    Government is supposed to protect the minority from the majority.
    The majority water users are about to cause great harm to the minority users.

    I don’t remember seeing anything that states the terms of minority or majority just stands for the will of people.

  26. Your fan in Japan

    I’m still watching. Love your reports. You mentioned how TPP involves giving up sovereignity. In Japan there exists the same issue. TPP, the argument goes, by allowing cheap US rice into Japan, will destroy Japan’s rice farmers. This then touches on sovereignity for Japan w.r.t. the production of its most important food staple. Then comes the theoretical question, should any country be self sufficient in its food production? The Japanese farmer, farming small family owned plots, will be beaten by those giant tractors you mention. But those giant tractors are expensive. You need capital. So then you need to incorporate to collect capital to buy those tractors. But what is capital anyway? Just debt instruments of the Fed. And by incorporating, you change man from what was once an (albeit poor) independent farmer into an employee where he now works for a wage not for food. A few issues touched on. Theoretical food for thought.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for adding your perspective “Fan in Japan”!!

    • James Hastings

      I see your point. Better is a man of humble standing who works for himself, than one who plays the great man but lacks bread…….or rice

  27. frederick

    Hillary or Jeb I cant believe my eyes Are they trying to torture us to death Greg

    • Don

      In Oklahoma, I just ask my senator Inhofe the same question. Only I said, last thing I want is another Bush or Clinton president. I think Mr. Huckabee or Raid Paul, would be my pick.

  28. Nomad


    Have a great weekend and a well deserved rest.
    That is what May day is for.


  29. Don

    Fear not. The rest of the soul lies squarely on him who carries all burdens. In Matt. 11 the Lord said : Come unto me all who labor and heavy laden, and I’ll give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me, for I am meek and lowly, and you will find rest in your soul. Another great job Greg with an end of eternal exhortation, I love it, my friend. With so much going on, its easy not to rest in faith, knowing God is over all, and man’s wisdom will only lead to destruction. We have to trust his provision, and daily bread he alone gives. We may walk in a raging sea, but Christ calms the waters around our soul. May all your viewers know him, and abide under the shadow of his wings. Thanks once again.

    • Greg Hunter

      I used to say “Have a nice weekend,” but that really did not fit. One day it hit me that my preacher said the “Fear Not” quote from the Bible and figures out that really was the perfect ending no matter how bad the news was. God is in complete control. These jokers running the show just think they are in control-they are most certainly not. Thank you for your kind words.

      • aussie jeff

        Amen to that Bro Greg!!!! 🙂

        • Greg Hunter

          “Fear Not” Aussie Jeff.

      • paul

        Greg … I know your “Fear Not” closing is meant to inspire “Courage” … but it could also provide “an excuse for the already dumbed down American people to just sit back and do nothing to change the current situation and “thus never wake up” … perhaps your closing quote should be “Fear Not Standing Down to Orders given by Insane People”!

        • Greg Hunter

          It is simply one of the most inspiring quotes from the Bible and the best thing I could find to say every week in the face of dreadful news. I do see your point but, it’s still worth saying it. I also say people should make preparations.

      • Don

        Yes, My friend, though global government and one world economic system is spoken of in the Bible as to appear in the end time, it will only do so for the time allotted. A seven year period and which Christ returns at the end. According to Dan. 2 chap. the kingdom they have spent most their lives to bring about will be blown away like chaff in the wind, and Christ kingdom will be set up. Dan. chap 2 is where the readers can read about it. Daniel saw with amazing detail what would unfold during that time. Chapter 9:27 I believe speaks of the 7 year covenant the anti-Christ (world ruler) would make with Israel, that starts the 7 year tribulation spoken of in Matt. 24. We may be very close to the rapture of the church. In 2Thess. 2 chap. 1-11 tells us the church on earth is restraining through the Holy Spirit, the anti-Christ being revealed, and that a great falling away from professed Christianity would take place. So the catching away to meet the Lord in the air, will be possibly be just prior to the world government leader is revealed to the world. Any way I like the fear not message.

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you Don. The “Elect” will not be here for the really bad stuff.

  30. Hilde

    Thanks for a great weekly news. As you probably know, a US-EU trade deal is also being negotiated : Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) .
    Trying to post some links.

    The lies behind this transatlantic trade deal | George Monbiot
    http://www.theguardian.com › Opinion › Regulators
    Dec 2, 2013 – George Monbiot: Plans to create an EU-US single market will allow corporations to sue governments using secretive panels, bypassing courts ..

    Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership – Wikipedia …
    The European Commission claims that passage of a trans-Atlantic trade pact could … Given the already low tariff barriers (under 3%), to make the deal a success …

    TTIP: The EU-US trade deal explained – BBC News – BBC.com
    Dec 18, 2014 – The EU and US are negotiating a deal which they say will free transatlantic trade and boost growth but critics warn is dangerous.

  31. Gene

    So, the US Navy is going to escort US flag vessels through the Strait of Hormuz. Big deal! Of the 47,000 merchant vessels worldwide, only slightly more than 1900 are owned beneficially by an entity located in the US, and of these 85% are foreign flag vessels. See http://unctad.org/en/PublicationChapters/rmt2014ch2_en.pdf
    Those very few US flag merchant ships scattered throughout the world also would be well advised to avoid the Strait of Hormuz at this time. So, it doesn’t look like the Navy is going to be very busy with its escort mission.
    Given that the report this week of Iran boarding a US flag ship was false, the announcement of this mission sounds like so much propaganda designed to induce the perception of a crisis that likely does not exist.

  32. drbuzzsaw

    Take it from one who is losing their McDonald’s job due to the closing of 700 stores. AT This point what is their left to give away? You want my McDonald’s job? YOU CAN HAVE IT. http://www.iplantosurvive.info

    • paul

      With people becoming more health conscious McDonald’s better start putting many more “healthy food items” on their menu … otherwise 10 times 700 stores will close!

    • Galaxy 500

      The reason why McDonald’s is having problems is that they listened to these health food wackos and changed their menus and the way they prepared their fries. The people that they took advise from will never ever eat at McDonald’s and by changing their menus at the advice of their enemies, they are loosing their core customers. I don’t buy their fries any more. I do buy their coffee when I travel and I eat a quarter pounder a couple times a year.
      This is why the Republicans are so screwed up. The RNC appears to be taking their marching orders from their enemies, too.

  33. Edward Ulysses Cate

    “Jade” could be a reference to China, and “Helm” a reference to who manages things. If folks would just give “The Great Red Dragon” a thought, they’d see that the financial sociopaths finance EVERY country, playing them against each other. Their sociopathic goal “is to own the earth in fee-simple.” With 30 million men of marrying age by 2022 who will NOT find a mate (called gender imbalance); that’s a lot of cannon-fodder. These are NOT my ideas. It was in the mass-media in 2007.

  34. Donald

    Escorting ships in and out of the gulf is nothing unusual. I was on a Destroyer and deployed twice to the gulf. Our entire duty was convoy. Tankers and cargo usa flagged. This has always been the case.

  35. Hilde

    Not sure that links worked. In any case great info in interview with George Monbiot who warned about Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership already on Dec 2013.

  36. Sayonara

    As always, I am grateful for your excellent reporting and guest interviews. Your site is candidly second to none. Believe me , I have tried to find a competing site and it does not exist. I also express my condolences to you for having to report ever increasing depressing news regarding the ongoing devolution of our once great nation. Unfortunately, the former great United States of America is proverbially “gunshot to the head”. There is absolutely no opposition to the evil corruption that has descended upon this nation and the good, honest and civil people of this nation are going to be victimized on a scale unimaginable. I have seen this a coming for quite some time and candidly, I am surprised that it has taken so long to come to fruition. As stated in my last comment, Hillary will not be the next President because you do not have elections when marshal law is imposed. This is being engineered and executed with impressive precision as far political and social change is concerned. Be well and Fear Not!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Sayonara for the comment and kind words.

  37. Desert Rose

    Jade Helm: Joint Assistance For Deployment And Evacuation- Homeland Eradication of Local Militants.
    This definition from SilverDoctors.com; Dave Hodge’s talk.

    • wd

      Desert Rose,

      A few interviews ago you posted how you beat back a foreclosure action. Can you give me guidance on this, or point me somewhere to go or a website. This is a personal family issue I am trying to resolve as well.


    • Kerry

      Yes, but why did they designate Texas and Utah as enemy states? Why not New Hampshire and Oregon?

      Actually, as a Texan, I am kind of proud to be an “enemy” of the nutcase people running Washington, DC
      P.S. We are armed and we know how to use ’em. You know the slogan, Don’t Mess with Texas?

  38. paul

    Greece is struggling to pay its two million pension recipients … and couldn’t find any money for them … so the pensioners are panicking … long lines are queuing up at Greek banks as pensioners try to raid their accounts for food and living expenses … if things blow up … it will only take a week or so to be reflected here in our markets … I sure wouldn’t want to be long treasuries or municipal bonds the way Rick Ackerman is … and isn’t it appropriate that Jade Helm is set up to take full advantage of any financial meltdown and the associated commotion that will result (from say a bursting treasury bond bubble) if fear spills out over here on our shores!


    • Greg Hunter

      Mannarino is on Monday (maybe Sunday)and talks about the “bond bubble.” It’s short to the point interview.

    • Silence is Golden

      The pieces of the puzzle are diminishing at a rapid pace. The BIG picture is now formed.
      Good deduction Paul.

  39. Art Barnes

    Greg, Baltimore, Baltimore, Baltimore, Hillary off news cycle, Iran nuke deal & death to America off news cycle, .2 percent growth off new cycle, Jade Helm off news cycle, republicans presidential roll outs off as well, couldn’t be better timing for the Obama’s & company’s agenda to run full steam ahead with all the policies that started Baltimore in the first instance.

  40. Agent P

    What is wrong with the sentence below? Anyone…?

    “The unemployment rate in the African American community is at least double of that in the white community”

    To the issue at hand however: Yes, outsourcing and lack of large-scale domestic manufacturing has ruined the U.S. economy to a great degree. However, the statistical data does not lie, and a casual look back through the years – both in periods of economic growth and decline, in major metropolitan areas where Blacks are a major or dominant percentage of the population, and residing under Black political leadership, shows that there is uniformly more crime – straight across the entire spectrum, than in areas where Blacks are a small percentage of the population, and/or the political leadership is non-Black. Sorry, it is simply an inescapable Fact. Corruption and crime in major ‘Black’ cities of America – like Baltimore, reflect a rather eerie resemblance to African nations and how their ‘rulers’ rule and their populations behave… People need to stop dancing around this and call it for what it is.

    • paul

      Is it that the unemployment rate does not include people who have just given up looking for a job?

  41. Pat

    Underwater Volcano May Be Erupting Off Oregon

    LiveScience Tanya Lewis 5 hrs ago

    © Bill Chadwick, Oregon State University Axial Seamount, an undersea volcano located 300 miles (480 kilometers) off the coast of Oregon, appears to be erupting.


    • David B.

      I’m trying to understand the implications of an eruption and Fukashima-induced radiated seawater.

  42. Pat

    Thursday, April 30, 2015

    The Ultimate Putin Sympathizer: Germany’s Ex-Chancellor Helmut Schmidt

    Former German Chancellor (“Alt Kanzler”) Helmut Schmidt appeared on the Sandra Maischberger interview show on Germany’s Channel 1 (ARD) to express his views of the world at age 96. Schmidt served as German chancellor from 1974 to 1982 under his social democratic (SPD) administration. Chain-smoking Schmidt remains Germany’s most popular (living) former chancellor and still has enormous influence over German political thought.

    The first half of the interview Maischberger devoted to Schmidt’s defense of Vladimir Putin, citing his open show of support after the Crimean annexation. Maischberger tried hard to extract criticism of Putin from Schmidt. She did not succeed. Schmidt agreed that Russia is expansionist, but so are the United States and China, all of which are “dangerous,” although the United States has become “less dangerous” under Obama. But, Schmidt warns, the United States could become “dangerous” again.

    According to Schmidt, Putin is not a war monger. He is just the leader of a nation “in a bad situation.” He is not troubled by the fact that Putin says one thing and does another. This, after all, is what politicians do. Schmidt does not believe that Putin “wants something bigger” (such as an expansion of hostilities beyond Ukraine), but things can happen that he does not want. The tension in east Ukraine, according to Schmidt, does not depend on Putin. If Russia had another leader, we would be confronting the same problems today.

    Schmidt allowed that if he were in Putin’s shoes, he’d be inclined to act in the same


  43. Mork

    Obama Admin Admits Tax-Exempt Status of Churches at Stake in Supremes’ Gay ‘Marriage Case By Tom Blumer | April 30, 2015 | 12:04 AM EDT

    Add the following to the “you will be made to care” stories Erick Erickson at RedState began to recognize several years ago.

    Those who think that legalizing same-sex “marriage” won’t affect them should have received a wake-up call on Tuesday during arguments at the Supreme Court over inventing a constitutional right for two people of the same sex to have such an arrangement. Most of them didn’t get it, because, with only one exception I could find, the establishment press covering the proceedings perfectly understood the gravity of the discussion and its implications — and refused to report it, because doing so would give away the Obama administration’s, and the left’s, ultimate game plan.

    The exception was at the Washington Post, via Sarah Pulliam Bailey at the paper’s Acts of Faith blog. Even then, Get Religion’s Terry Mattingly reports that Bailey’s work didn’t make the “ink on paper” edition.

    Here’s Bailey’s coverage of what was arguably the most important question of the day:

    Could religious institutions lose tax-exempt status over Supreme Court’s gay marriage case?

    During oral arguments, Justice Samuel Alito compared the case to that of Bob Jones University, a fundamentalist Christian university in South Carolina. The Supreme Court ruled in 1983 the school was not entitled to a tax-exempt status if it barred interracial marriage.

    Here is an exchange between Alito and Solicitor General Donald B. Verrilli Jr., arguing for the same-sex couples on behalf of the Obama administration.

    Justice Alito: Well, in the Bob Jones case, the Court held that a college was not entitled to tax­exempt status if it opposed interracial marriage or interracial dating. So would the same apply to a 10 university or a college if it opposed same­-sex marriage?

    General Verrilli: You know, ­­I don’t think I can answer that question without knowing more specifics, but it’s certainly going to be an issue. I don’t deny that. I don’t deny that, Justice Alito. It is­­ it is going to be an issue.

    … Justice Antonin Scalia asked attorney Mary L. Bonauto, who is representing gay couples in the case, whether it is it conceivable that a minister could decline to marry two men if indeed the Supreme Court holds that they have a constitutional right to marry.

    “No clergy is forced to marry any couple that they don’t want to marry,” Bonauto said. “We have those protections.”

    The first point is that the Obama administration’s lawyer has admitted that if the “right” to same-sex “marriage” is deemed to be in the Constitution, any institution whose religious belief flouts the Constitution as interpreted will see their tax-exempt status placed in jeopardy, subject to loss at the hands of anyone who chooses to litigate the matter. The tax-exempt status of dissenting churches won’t be an “issue” for long.

    The tax-exempt status of churches which stick with their traditional beliefs on marriage in the wake of such a ruling won’t be an “issue” for the left. Instead, their elimination will become a goal.

    – See more at: http://newsbusters.org/blogs/tom-blumer/2015/04/30/not-news-obama-admin-admits-tax-exempt-status-non-complying-churches#sthash.LtGATST5.dpuf


    • Greg Hunter

      This is really a war against the Bible and Christianity.

      • Silence is Golden

        It is said that the Elite have no religious beliefs…and also wish to remove all last vestiges of Christianity from the face of the Earth. Your previous guest John Browne touched on this subject when he spoke of Russia and the “Religious” war that was being constructed.
        This is not fantasy, coincidence or conspiracy.

        • Greg Hunter

          I agree and the Gay marriage issue is going to evolve into the Bible being really hate speech. Of course it is not, but watch.

      • Sayonara

        You are quite right that this is a war against the bible and Christianity and no one is willing to fight for its survival. The following is a quote from the bible that I appropriate given the times that we are living in:
        The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the iniquities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men.
        “Blessed is he who, in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brother’s keeper and the finder of lost children.
        And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know my name is the Lord when I lay my vengeance upon thee”
        Ezekiel 25:17
        Fear Not!

        • Greg Hunter

          Powerful Bible quote my friend. Thank you. We will all need to help each other now and in the future. These weasels are NOT in charge.

      • paul

        You know Greg … I ask myself … why is ISIS killing Christians? … is it because Christians try to abide by a moral code ( called having a conscience ) that is diametrically opposed to these Satanic occultists who thrive on killing … and creating the ceaseless wars they just love doing … God has given humanity a chance to redeem itself by following his Commandments … but the way things are going … I don’t think humanity will ever gain redemption (to become a part of God’s world) in the sight of the Lord unless we as individuals “begin to stand down to evil” where ever it arises!

      • Bob R

        Many proponents of slavery also thought there was a war against the Bible and Christianity. They interpreted the Bible in narrow, literal or non metaphoric ways in support of slavery.

        • Greg Hunter

          This is different. They want to change the Bible and thus Christianity. Please note, the people doing this, like Hillary Clinton, are not attacking the Koran.

    • paul

      Mork … [the Obama administration’s lawyer has admitted that if the “right” to same-sex “marriage” is deemed to be in the Constitution, any institution whose religious belief flouts the Constitution as interpreted will see their tax-exempt status placed in jeopardy]

      Just as we can’t allow for discrimination in same-sex marriages … the above lawyer’s logic must apply to “all institutions” (like the US Government for instance) if it “flouts the Constitution” … and tries to deny “people of any sex” the right to (for example) own guns as clearly deemed (in black and white print) to be in the Constitution!

      Violating the explicit wording of the Constitution … by people who have sworn to uphold the Constitution … should not only be grounds for impeachment … but also places them in jeopardy of being brought to trial for trying to overthrow the Constitution of the People from which all our Rights derive!

  44. eddiemd

    Can you write something longer next time? When I see something of this length I automatically skip it.

    • Fred Rick

      Ya Matt, we want more! Time is short and so am I!

  45. Hilde

    Hi Greg, I tried to attach a link to an article by George Monbiot in The Guardian. I’m sorry it didn’t work, please just skip my last link, it just sends people to The Guardian, not to the article. Thanks. Hilde.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for telling me this. Now I know you are not a troll. Sorry you had trouble.

  46. LizG.,Kenya

    Had 2share.I went 2a store yesterday that is always survivin on rights issues.I have always been 50/50 about it but they have fresh stuff.On reachin home,i checked receipt n i had paid 4stuff i didn’t buy.Same product BUT different brand n they took away my sh6.
    Its just money but i thought it was only happenin in other Private stores of which the drama there is “worse”!Big events don’t shock me but this one..
    Don’t tell me its the machine.Either insider bizness by personnel/management as well.

  47. LizG.,Kenya

    Curious Onlookers,
    J.Lopez is like my sister.When i grow up n am 90,i pray that i have a figure like hers.In Africa,we serve the God of Abraham.Ask Mugabe who inspires me of late.
    Older but firm.
    P.Advise-“gourge” out your eyes or you will not see Heaven.Understanding is a Ministry.As TD.Jakes says in his ‘He Motions’ book.
    I’ll die cycling a Mt.bike.I left the ‘ferraris’ to the experts.These big boys can do me a JamesBond Movie anytime on the streets.I want 2die peacefully as Tupac insists.

  48. Wiiliam

    Hello Greg,

    Below is a definition that you may find interesting:

    Jade Helm is a dissident extraction drill involving members of special forces who are practicing “infiltration techniques.” And it’s also a martial law drill…All military activity in this country is falling under the purview of Jade Helm. – Dave Hodges, Shadow of Truth found on silverdocs.com

    Wake UP United States of America.

  49. paul

    America is “awakening” but it is not the “old timer” mostly brainwashed masses who simply believed everything they were told by their government and news media … the awakening is occurring in new younger minds (that are beginning to actually think for themselves)!

  50. paul

    The “original sin” within us all … was the result of “fallen angels” mating with human women … implanting their corrupted DNA into humanity … because it was not “our fault” God forgives us of our sins … but implores us to use “our minds” to think logically and fight back against “the evil implanted within all of us” … decency and morality will never come automatically to humanity (because our DNA has been corrupted by Satan’s fallen angels) therefore we are obliged to overcome the bad genes within us by “force of mind” and do the right things as God intended (when he originally created us from the dust of his many shining Sun’s)!

    • paul

      Notice that our Loving God “has hope for our redemption” and did not abandon us when we were corrupted by Satan … instead he provided us with some rules to guide us back to health (the 10 Commandments) … sadly most of the political rulers who came to power in this world don’t follow even One of God’s Commandments … in fact just the opposite of the Commandment “Thou Shall Not Kill” has become institutionalized by them with their ceaseless Wars … it is up to the people to have the courage not to fear “TO STAND DOWN” and not simply put a blindfold over our eyes and follow Evil politicians commands to Kill (like the Saudi soldiers are doing in not attacking Yeman) … and thus cancelling the War the evil politicians wanted (to kill even more women and children)!

      • paul

        It is up to people (as individuals) to do God’s work … http://beforeitsnews.com/alternative/2015/03/top-us-commander-under-arrest-for-refusing-to-fire-nukes-at-russia-3124790.html
        Don’t believe the warmongers or the bankers that say “they” are doing God’s work … they worship a different God then we do! … they are Satanist’s who believe in human sacrifice (killing) … so war and the killing of women and children are their forte! … are we with them or against them? … That is the question God wants to know before he completely abandons us as a lost cause!

        • paul

          Did anyone notice in the article attached above that the order to launch a surprise nuclear attack on Russia came from the Pentagon (not the Commander in Chief) … seems to again suggest that we have a BiPolar Government with two groups fighting for control! … One group wants War … the other group is trying to bring Peace and Stability back to America!

  51. hoopshound

    Do you think Baltimore and Ferguson are really about police brutality or a stinking economy especially for the lower ranks in this country.

    I believe the correct answer is BOTH. Duh.

    The idea that this ISN’T about police brutality is so absurd as to require the suspension of one’s IQ.

  52. Mason

    Great Wrap-Up Greg, thanks!

    I would add though that apart from the things you mentioned, the most important thing about Baltimore and Ferguson is the rise of the Police State.

  53. Desert Rose

    I saw my comment on Jade Helm deleted, even though many other comments on it have followed & mine was not weird.
    I’m not a troll but a patriot. I won’t post again.
    Keep up your good work & thanks.

    • Greg Hunter

      Desert Rose,
      I did not delete your comment. If I did, (again, I did not think I did) it was an accident. I have had some security glitches.

  54. paul

    The following site gives an interesting explanation of JADE HELM using actual Defense Department Documents:
    JADE = Joint Assistant for Development and Execution
    HELM = Homeland Eradication of Local Militants

    • Kerry

      Who decides who the “militants” are? and what do they mean by “eradication”? What, no trial by jury anymore? Just take you out and shoot you?

      This whole exercise gives me the creeps. And who made the decision that Texas was an enemy state? And why do they have to train in Texas? Let them go to somewhere else.

  55. Ross

    James Corbett of the Corbett Report says that China will bring in the NWO. 8 families have ruled China for a long time and they are working with the Western elites to bring their NWO. This is why the AIIB and BRICS is being welcomed as the new saviour for the Global Economy.
    This has serious consequences for planning our future. During the depression of the 1890’s which started in 1873 the elites used the elimination id cheap silver money from the economy and replaced it with their gold. Much gold has moved to China and they could again reap more wealth as in the 1890’s Depression.
    See if James Corbett will do an interview with you Greg as he is very astute. http://realitieswatch.com/china-the-key-to-the-new-world-order/

  56. Ugly

    The only thing I believe in now is disbelief. Yes, I believe in disbelief. No trust no more. Oly brought me down. I hit rock bottom. But then I am drinking Oly again. The only thing I believe in is disbelief. It sets my soul correctly. Good luck to all…

  57. David B.


    I thought this insightful analysis was worth passing along.

  58. Thomas

    Agent P, are you saying Blacks are the problem? Imagine that, we have given them everything/opportunity and they just have advanced.

  59. LizG.,Kenya

    “Found myself” in that store again the next day.This time i was charged sh60 extra on my receipt;different price from what was fixed on shelf.(6) again?I was lost 4words.I just left;coun’t speak.
    I quit from that store/bread officially.Even if it was a mistake,i have been patient for 7yrs now.No whining.
    Will stick to (ugali)-our main staple food.Extremely healthier than cereals/’monsanto’.I bet MayWeather is on that diet too.Check it out on any Kenyan outlet near you.
    We are not perfect but***

  60. mark

    Where do we go? Do we have to move out of the country? Can you get a guest on explaining how to get around all this NWO control? What can we do? According to William Mount.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j-2B7-m26vY My location now, will be scorched. Thanks, Greg

  61. Mattie W.

    Magnitude-3.9 quake shakes buildings across Los Angeles

    Associated Press 4 hrs ago

    LOS ANGELES — A small earthquake has rattled the greater Los Angeles area, shaking buildings and waking residents. There were no immediate reports of injuries or damage.


    The U.S. Geological Survey says an earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 3.9 hit at 4:07 a.m. Sunday. It was centered a mile northwest of the View Park-Windsor Hills neighborhood, just north of the cities of Inglewood and Culver City.

    It was the second earthquake in less than a month along the Newport-Inglewood fault. A magnitude-3.5 quake hit the same area on April 12.

    The Los Angeles Fire Department said early Sunday that it briefly went into “earthquake mode.” The alert was lifted after its helicopters surveyed more than 470 square miles in the area and all 106 fire stations conducted safety checks.

    4.2 magnitude earthquake hits west Michigan, shocks felt in Detroit area

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    Posted: May 02, 2015 3:10 PM EDT

    Updated: May 02, 2015 4:28 PM EDT

    By myFOXDetroit.com Staff


    ” Went outside to make sure the apocalypse wasn’t beginning, Then came to the conclusion it was an earthquake. I immediately posted on Facebook. Because, well that’s the rule these days.”

    David Fletcher, Lawton, Mi

    DETROIT (AP) — Geological experts say a small earthquake centered in southwestern Michigan has been felt around the state as well as across the U.S. Geological Survey geophysicist Paul Caruso said the 4.2-magnitude temblor was recorded shortly after noon Saturday and its epicenter was about 9 miles southeast of Kalamazoo near Galesburg.

    There were no reports of damage or injuries despite being felt far away. Caruso says that’s common for quakes of this magnitude.

    People have reported feeling the earthquake in Indiana, Ohio, Illinois and Wisconsin.

    Gov. Rick Snyder says in a statement that earthquakes are rare in Michigan but do happen. He added the lack of major problems is “fortunate because we are acutely aware of the challenges posed by such natural disasters in other parts of the world recently.” myFOXdetroit & Sunday Free Press, MORE BELOW; Presshttp://www.freep.com/story/news/local/2015/05/02/michigan-earthquake/26773069/


    •Social Security: How To Get $1,000 More a Month (News)

    •14-year-old convicted of 4 Detroit murders, hitman confesses to crimes

    •Fatal accident kills driver, injures two children in Brownstown Twp.

    •Police: Murder victim chased down and killed near Detroit gas station

    •Family of 12-year-old killed in Roseville speak to Fox 2

    •At least 2 Michiganders reported missing in Nepal

  62. diane s.

    Greg? I hope Greg M. discusses this cashless system Australia and other countries are planning.
    Looks like the US will adopt it?
    What do you think?

  63. Ugly

    One way to determine atmospheric changes is in rainbows after storm events. Rainbows are produced when light comes into contact with a rain droplets at 42 degree angles. If something interferes, then no rainbow, or just partial ones. Last year we had untimely rains of over 4 inches in August which cleaned the atmosphere. This was the first full rainbow that I had seen in many years.

  64. Ugly

    As the old saying goes, ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend’

    I think there are many friendships being formed against the USA.

    Hopefully we can see this and develop peace and a real economy. But I think the dollar is toasted because others want its control gone. Totally gone.

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