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Greg MannarinoBy Greg Hunter’s

Analyst and trader Gregory Mannarino says, “We are deeply engaged in an economic war against Russia.  This is a collective collusion that is very scary.  We just found out the OPEC nations have increased their production of oil despite the fact that we’ve seen crude oil fall 60% or more from its high.  Does that make any sense?  This should not happen.  They are going to increase production when the price is falling off a cliff.  OPEC has made it clear for many years now they think $100 a barrel is a fair price.  This is being done on purpose to punish the Russian economy.  This is economic warfare 101, and it’s going to lead to a shooting war.  Not only is it going to lead to a shooting war, this is the grand plan. . . . What people need to understand is the collapse is here now.  World War III has started, so this is it people.  There is no more waiting.

Mannarino goes on to say, “We are watching epic events occur.  People have been saying for years, where is the collapse, where is it?  It’s now.  Look at the actions of the world central banks.  They are becoming more and more desperate.  They are slashing interest rates, and there are negative interest rates.  The Federal Reserve will follow suit despite the garbage that is coming out from the Federal Reserve Governors; it’s nonsense.  There is no possible way they can raise rates.”

Mannarino contends, “Once a fiat system is adopted, it starts to die right from the beginning, and we are at the end of this cycle.  We are witnessing the end of this cycle.   This event that we are watching happen, and we can see it unfolding by the actions of the world central banks, this is cracks in the debt bubble.  This event is going to create a resource issue on a scale that is unimaginable. So, we are witnessing the collapse of this system now . . . so, they are going to incite a war.   They need to incite a war to begin the blame game.  The Russians are going to blame the United States.  The United States is going to blame Russia for the collapse of the monetary system.  This is all they are doing.  They are looking for a scapegoat here, and the war is going to be the scapegoat.”

On the so-called “recovery” the mainstream media keeps harping on, Mannarino says, “The most important thing is to look at the bond market.  What we are witnessing now is a flattening of the yield curve.  This is a big tell as to where the economy is going here in the United States.  The narrative from the mainstream media is we are in an economic boom.  Everything is just great here.  If that we’re the truth, we would not see the yield curve becoming flat like this.  This is huge.  This is the bond market talking.  It’s saying, hey everyone what the mainstream media is telling you about an economic recovery is not true.  A flattening yield curve is a bad omen of bad economic times ahead.”

On the strength of the U.S. dollar, Mannarino says, “The strength of the U.S. dollar is a fear trade.  When you see the dollar going parabolic with a flattening yield curve, this is a huge tell.”

The Baltic Dry Index is another tell that says the economy is not good because the shipping of goods has come to a crawl.  Mannarino explains, “It is at historic lows for this time of the year.  The Baltic Dry Index is a huge tell about what is going on with the global economy.  It is no secret to anyone with one or two brain cells that the global economy is slowing down.  The United States is not immune to what is going on despite what the policy makers and the MSM want you to believe. It is such a lie and there are so many ways to tell they are lying, like home ownership going down to a two decade low, like the money velocity being at a 55 year low, like the labor force participation rate being at almost a four decade low and you could just keep going on and on.”

Mannarino closes by saying, “People need to understand here that economic warfare is war.  World War III, beyond any shadow of a doubt, is already here.”

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  1. wd


    Pro Western forces in Ukraine are getting wiped out- looks like mass panic. Ever wonder why Ukraine is no longer in the MSM headlines. In fact this story was scrubbed from their headlines.

    SUNDAY, JANUARY 25, 2015

    Panic in Kiev?
    The following article appeared briefly at this URL on and was quickly pulled down. Ironic? It would seem so. My translation. I bring it to you because it succinctly lays out the situation as I’ve been able to piece it together from multiple Russian- and Ukrainian-language sources, and because you are unlikely to come across anything this truthful from cough Western media cough.

    “Panic in Kiev: Ukrainian forces surrender Donbass”

    International observers report of growing panic in Kiev in connection with the successful counteroffensive of the separatists near Donbass.

    Over a week of fighting the partisans have delivered a heavy blow to the Ukrainian forces. The group of Ukrainian fighters in Donbas suffered huge losses, the soldiers are demoralized, the officers are confused and unable to control the situation.

    Ukrainian military leadership is seriously concerned of a new encirclement near Debaltsevo, as well as in other areas.

    The situation is made worse by the fact that army and national guard reserves are almost completely depleted, and plugging the gaps in defense using small formations canoot stabilize the front. Besides, the Ukrainian forces are running low on ordnance, food and medical supplies.

    In turn, the partisan field commanders report 752 killed Ukrainian military personnel, 59 destroyed tanks and a large number of people taken prisoner. In view of their combat successes, the partisans are refusing to take part in any further negotiations in the format of the Minsk agreements and threaten to continue the counterattack.

    Local authorities in Ukrainian-controlled districts near the front report that Ukrainian soldiers are deserting with their weapons and taking to looting the countryside in increasing numbers.

    In this critical situation the military is afraid to report to president Poroshenko the real situation in the southeast of the country, hiding from him the full scale of the catastrophe.

    The head of state is still convinced that the situation is under control, and hopes that in case of a real threat he will still have the chance to ask the West for help.

    • Jeff

      Stability is all they can hope for but that is now failing. Markets in every form (currencies, oil, and Dow/S+P) are making extreme moves. This is a sign they are losing it…….. Yes there will be a blame game and the war we all expect…….. Rare earth metals is next ( MCP, REE ). They will signal a broader military event.

    • Paul from Indiana

      WD, as you know, there are plenty of articles in the world press about this situation in Ukraine, but as you point out, nothing about it in the mainstream American press, and there is a reason for that: you will only see coverage in the mainstream American press on an issue that either makes the current administration look good or furthers the current administration’s leftist, statist agenda. Since the Ukraine situation, among others, does NOT fit either of those criteria, you won’t see anything about it. Just for comparison, in the run-up to our direct involvement in World War II, the American press was awash in political and combat coverage in Europe. That was then; this is now. Best always. PM

      • Art Barnes

        Paul, absolutely right on about the press & the Imperial President, Iran is another good example. rising health care cost, the Religion of Peace, the Mexican border and the Mexican Government criminal deportation system, and so on & so on; wait until there is another President, perhaps a conservative, the MSM will come out and grow fangs.

    • Wes

      Catherine Autin Fitts is correct, our leaders are lawless, their judgment will have to come from a higher court, perhaps not of this world, but, it will come. The fight for the new world economic disorder has begun in earnest. The coverup of the meltdown of the social welfare economic experiment has arrived on the heels of war betwixt the Kings of the north and south and hard and I must stress hard times, will be here, shortly, mark my words, or should I say mark his words!

  2. David Lachman

    This is an interesting listing of shipping capacity, that might help explain why the Baltic Dry Index might be at its cheapest level in a while.

    THE NUMBERS: World container-shipping fleet capacity –
    1990: 1.5 million TEUs
    2000 4.3 million TEUs
    2008 10.6 million TEUs
    2012 15.4 million TEUs
    * “Twenty-foot Equivalent Units” –essentially the number of standard 20 x 8 x 8.5 foot shipping containers the world’s container-ship fleet can carry at any given moment.

    • OutLookingIn

      David – Container ships and container shipping have a category all by themselves, as do liquid transporters such as oil or chemical tankers and LNG carriers. The Baltic Dry Index (BDI) strictly deals with dry bulk shipping such as; wheat, soy bean, rice, iron ore, corn, bauxite, cement, etc. etc. etc. Comparing the number of TEU’s available to BDI level of activity, is misleading in the extreme.

  3. paul

    Greg … As Mannarino and others say … they will take us to war … the fuse seems to have already been been lit in Kiev.

    Spartans (once called upon to defend Thermopylae against “the Immortals” advancing toward Mount Olympus) today do battle against a formidable EU in an effort to make Greece a viable and independent nation once again … however Greece must challenge the EU Giant using the only political weapon they have … “inherent moral goodness” (now fleeting quality found in humanities corrupted DNA) … unfortunately the Greeks are outflanked economically and outgunned militarily by the mighty EU Giant which can inflict much pain … however others of like mind (Spain for instance) may offer some support.

    Like the Spartans of old Greece doesn’t have much to defend itself with against a Giant EU Empire (currently intent on adding more states to its Union and using economic sanctions as weapons to begin this hot war they want so much with Russia).

    Greece throwing aside its need for EU loans … is actually moving toward Russia for help in battling the European Giant … it’s like another David and Goliath story where a smaller Greek nation with hardly a weapon in hand … strives to defeat a much larger Giant … hopefully … as David once protected Israel from a monstrous Giant … Greece too will be able to bring down the Giant debt burden off the backs of its people.

    Nothing is new under the Sun … as Humanity continues over the ages to battle against Giants … see:

    • paul

      Breaking News … 2/2/15 Greece just threw a stone at the Giant … and brought down the EU’s Imperial Giants Death Star of Debt … hope now rises in Spain, Portugal, Italy and France that “their shackles of debt” will soon also be broken …

      • paul

        New alliances are beginning to take shape … Putin has offered aid to Greece if they turn East but continue to stay in the EU (to veto sanctions against Russia) …  this whole Greece affair is a disaster for the EU … because others like Spain, Portugal, Italy and France may now think of leaving the Euro-zone and NATO … and while NATO seems to be breaking apart … Russia, China and India are meeting to build new bonds … Iran is “already” allied militarily (with the delivery of advanced weapon systems) and economically (by joining Russia’s new alternative to SWIFT clearing system).

        Gold is now being bought hand over fist … especially by Russia and China … huge up day “gaps” in both gold and silver are clearly on the horizon … consider that Israel still talks of bombing Iran’s nuclear enrichment plants while Russia discusses constructing “new nuclear plants” within Iran … seems like a non-sequitur to me … Israel for its own citizens protection and safety of the Holy Land should consider not being so aggressive in antagonizing Russian and Iran’s allies … seems a bit foolish to me to think the US will easily come to Israels aid if a retaliatory strike is launched by its enemies … surely the politicians must see powerful alliances are being formed against Israel and weapons of great destructive power are being put in the hands of its enemies (even Israel’s nuclear option will become all but useless if a nuclear counter-strike threat from Russia ever grows greater) … no one in there right mind desires a nuclear confrontation where the crater produced can be so large that the Mediterranean sea expands eastward to the shores of Palestine … all of us sane people must do our part to protect the Holy Land … everyone with at least two(2) brain cells can see what is coming … it is so very obvious to all of us except the crazy loony tune politicians in charge of protecting the people (and who continue to blindly foster more provocations and talk up war) … instead a major peace effort should be underway … and simply produce a mutually agreeable accommodation between the brothers of Abraham.   

        • Dan

          Therein lies the problem – there is no such thing as a “mutually agreeable accommodation between the brothers of Abraham”!

  4. vincent_g

    Debt based systems in fact requires more debt to continue.
    Thus they will not raise interest rates nor will they stop pushing to have everyone to borrow more money.

    But the problem with such a system is it hits a saturation point.
    At that point expansion can not continue.
    What will take place is a contracting economy while prices of things people need remain high or increase.
    This is called a inflationary depression.

    Greg Mannarino is quite correct with what he is saying.
    As for war – I don’t know.
    It seems to me that we now have war as a game.
    A game that never stops and wars that never end.
    It’s needed I imagine to keep the debt based system working and populations under control.

    I don’t think there can be a world war.
    That would ruin the chess board.

  5. Don

    OPEC is not increasing production to hurt Russia. They are doing it to hurt Iran. The Sunni’s are feeling the heat and their only real weapon is economic – drive down the price of oil and wreck the Iranian economy. It will interesting to see if Congress passes veto proof sanctions against Iran…

    • Jeff

      And Iran can retaliate with one hand held Russian missle to sink any large vessel blocking a major oil route. Results being an immediate tripling (3X) in the price proving both sides can play the game.

      • paul

        Yes … and Russia is now offering to remove the agricultural sanctions off Greece if they move away from the EU … imagine how Spain and Italy will feel seeing Greece selling its agricultural products to the Russians … and they are left out in the cold “suffering austerity” to pay off the crooked bankers … another “money maker” for Greece will be a Russian gas pipeline from Turkey through Greece and up on into Europe bypassing the idiotic Ukrainian politicians who gave up the very good gas deal they had (what a bunch of morons).

        • America1ster

          All good points guys.

          Thought I would add the Yemeni angle for even more ‘color’.

          As we sit and chat Iranian backed Shia rebels have assumed power in Sana’a through violent overthrow, tightening the circle around Saudi.

          Iran friendlies now rule in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, and Yemen. The Yemen transition, if it holds, will open up the red sea as a backdoor for infiltration, and a new maritime choke-point for Saudi oil shipments.

          Fear of this oil shipment choke-out may be the real reason, or at least a real consideration as Saudi has been dumping as much oil as it possibly can.

  6. Gregory Mannarino

    Greg, thank you for the opportunity to be on your show! Here is something for your followers to ponder:
    Imagine for just a moment if any central banker or world leader were to tell the people of the world these truths.
    1. The world’s economic engine is dependent upon debt expansion and not wealth creation.
    2. That without continually adding more and more debt to the system in greater and greater amounts, we would have a full on collapse of the world financial system.
    3. That without continually putting the global monetary system into deeper indebtedness, the world economy would come to a complete halt.
    4. That the collapse of this system has already begun, and soon the value of paper currency will be equal to zero, banks will close, and all business activity will cease to function.

    • Rick Perkins

      As you indicate, and most here understand, this system requires that debt be increased exponentially to survive. But an exponential function tends toward infinity over time and, since infinite debt is a physical impossibility, this system is mathematically guaranteed to collapse at some point. When, not if, is the only question.

      I think that collapse will occur either after a destitute people are driven to choose between physical survival or rebellion or when the issuers of the debt decide its not profitable enough for them to continue issuing it any more and simply stop doing it.

      One would be extremely naive to believe that those who acquired the monopoly to this system, implemented it globally and reaped unimaginable fortune and power through its use did not understand that their system was unsustainable. Its very design requires its inevitable collapse and you can rest assured that its replacement is quietly waiting in the wings to be deployed.

      What I would be most interested in would be for one of these central bankers or world leaders to truthfully articulate what new economic system is envisioned as arising out of the global chaos resulting with the collapse of this one.

      • Prudence

        “What I would be most interested in would be for one of these central bankers or world leaders to truthfully articulate what new economic system is envisioned as arising out of the global chaos resulting with the collapse of this one.”

        Mr Perkins,
        I have come to realize, mostly through the writings of authors who through their hard work to “get to the truth,” we are fed lies, plain and simple. We will never be told the truth from these people.

        1 Timothy 6:10 (KJV) “For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.”

        We will never hear a truth from bankers and world puppets as they have made their choice. They have chosen very poorly entering eternity; they will not be made into gods as they think. What we are all really seeing is Biblical end times. We only know the end game.

        • Rick Perkins

          Yes, the love of money is the root of an evil tree whose trunk is the global banking system, whose branches are the the world’s puppets that enable the bankers by selling out their countries and whose leaves are the masses of who have forgotten their Maker and deceive themselves in believing that their lives and salvation depend on feeding the rest of the tree.

          I know the truth will never be told by bankers and was being a bit sarcastic in posting that request, but we can, find divine truth in the scriptures. They tell that what stands against the will of the Almighty will not survive but slowly and mercifully be brought to destruction in order to allow us an opportunity clearly see, then repent and change.

          The ball is rolling according to the purposes of that divine will as more and more sleepers awakening to see. I believe the internet and sites like Greg’s here are playing an important role in that awakening. How the work of repentance and change comes about remains to be seen as every day can be considered an “end time” day.

          Best regards,

    • Jerry

      I really enjoyed your interview. I have one question for you if you don’t mind. Do you think the economic collapse is a planned event happening in stages, or a world wide bank screw up? Your thoughts?

      • Mohammad


        It is the work of Dajjal.


    • brian

      But don’t forget one of the most salient and insightful point you made in your interview:

      5. The central banks will do things yet that are unimaginable and completely unprecedented in order to keep this parasitical system of theirs running for as long as possible and longer. These scumbags that run this system are not restrained by any sense of morality or human decency and they do indeed have their hands on a lot of resources. As things get tighter and tighter I think they will simply show to us their true colors more brightly and to the detriment of all of us.

      My bet is that things just get whackier and whackier until human life is so degraded, so cheap, so wrought with suffering that it just about almost becomes something not worth living (as it already is in some parts of the world already)…perhaps then people would be motivated to do something…lets hope there will still be a means to do something by that time as well.

    • OzFan


      So true….once you understand its a debt based system that mathematically is destined to fail, you start waking up to so much.

      About to listen to the interview but the transcript alone was immense… you actually inspired me to go research the yield curve and how its a barometer of future economic health. So basically a flat curve (kind of an oxymoron) tells us that future a potential rate cut is coming?….but the Fed already has ZIRP right, so a rate cut means we’re going into negative rates?…and negative rates are an unequivocal symptom of a sick and dying fiat based monetary system?… basically we’re doomed.

      I concur with your statement that we’re in the eye of the storm right here, right now…this is it…Greece, oil, global deflation, Ukraine, Swiss depeg, bailins, QE to inifinity…..these are signs…what all you guys have been saying for years, is upon us.

      Mate, people are going to be shocked, wiped out and both depressed and angry.

      Stay safe dude and keep up the immense work….

  7. allen ols


    SUPER!! SUPER!!!

    Love mannarino’s style of info, SPOT ON!!! He has been gone far toooo loooonnnnng!!!


  8. allen ols


    You said; “do u have internet, cell fone, STOP IT, do u go out to eat, buy a new car, STOP THAT, do u have food and water purifier, GET SOME!!!

    G. we ARE in the end game, WILLIE SAYS; “dollar is over in 2015!”

    great job this morning!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

    Great stuff Greg and Greg!

    I have to agree WW3 has begun.
    But I wonder if the undermining of oil prices by OPEC has less to do with warfare on Russia than it has to do with an orchestrated shake down of high cost oil extraction regardless of where this industry is located in the world. Obama is dumb enough to join in with the play and I am sure the Opec countries are falling about laughing at his stupidity. The irony of this is that much of this high cost extraction is located in the US and is in the process of imploding in a spectacular fashion. Remember too that oil sold by Russia for $45US is not the end of the deal if it is has been traded for gold. It may well be that when the conversion and the cash up is done, it transpires that Russia has actually sold it for US $100 or $200 or $5000 per barrel.
    I would suggest that Obama, and the fools he surrounds himself with, should reflect on the substantial size of Russia’s foreign reserves, their resilience as a nation, as well as there minuscule total debt compared to almost any other western nation, before they dine out on how much the low oil price is hurting that economy.
    Obama is intoxicated in the pantomime and the power trip. He is so moronic in his thinking that it would never have occurred to him that it would undermine much of the domestic US oil industry and set up a subprime crisis that could potentially make 2008 look like a sunday picnic.

    Talking about the moronic Obama, check out the below link where he openly admits that the US brokered the change of Govt. in the Ukraine. This comes months after Nuland , another incompetent moron, publicly admitted that the US had invested $5billion in
    over-throwing the elected Ukrainian Govt.

    Beware when you listen to this interview. Have a large bucket handy. I can assure you that with the unbelievable lies and dribble uttered by this psychopath you will need considerable resolve to get through the 3;46 duration without throwing up. I might add that the interviewer also demonstrates unbelievable ignorance as well when he blatantly parrots the MSM narrative in his questions. Nevertheless Obama makes this monumental blunder without even being pushed.

    Greg if you wanted a guest to interview that could explain to your readers how the Russian’s shouldn’t be seen by the US as an economic pushover, I would highly recommend Ben Aris of BNE news Editor-in- Chief.
    I have great respect for his factual and humble analysis of the real situation regardless of what the overwhelming MSM posture happens to be at the time. In this regard he reminds me very much of you Greg. People like you and Ben, I am sad to say, are a bit thin on the ground these days!
    contact him methinks at [email protected]

    • wd


      Great post!! Please read my post, it is the very first one under Mannarrino. It appears NATO is desperately losing the Ukraine, but we dont hear about it because MSM wont report on this because it looks bad for NATO etc. In fact Kiev could implode soon.

      I feel this is a tremendous defeat for the psychopaths, as they hate to loose. The Ukraine ended up being a huge loss with a lot humilation for the arm chair generals.

      Last night I had another huge argument with a friend of mine who is high ranking in military…he keeps telling me why Putin is backed in corner and is desperate. I asked him if that was the case, why were we ( NATO)losing Ukraine with no major presence of Russina forces.

      He became extremely flustered and told me what I was saying was not true and that Putin will be ousted soon. I just shook my head; I told him you dont get this guy he has trained and been prepared