Yellen Heading Fed very Bullish for Gold-Peter Schiff

44Greg Hunter’s 

Money manager Peter Schiff thinks the nomination of Janet Yellen as Fed Chairman is “very bullish for gold.”  Yellen has admitted she did not see the 2008 financial meltdown coming which was caused by an enormous housing bubble.  Schiff goes on to say, “Not only was she not warning about the housing bubble, she was trying to quiet some of the concerns other people had.  She was saying, ‘hey some people are worried,’ but really we shouldn’t worry.” When it comes to raising the so-called debt ceiling, Schiff contends, “A limit to the growth of government is bad for gold.  What’s good for gold is raising the debt ceiling  . . . more borrowing, more money printing. . . . We’ll borrow as much money as the world is dumb enough to lend us.  It’s really the lending ceiling.”  All the borrowing and money printing is destroying the buying power of the U.S. dollar.  Schiff predicts, “Americans’ standard of living is going to move dramatically lower. . . . We’re not going to be buying a lot of new things because stuff is going to be very expensive.”  Schiff contends, “This is just a question of time until the illusion is pierced.  When the collapse happens, that’s it–the party’s over.  America is going to have to live within its means.”   Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Peter Schiff, CEO of Euro Pacific Precious Metals.

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  1. Peter Vujin

    Dear Messrs. Schiff and Hunter: I believe the only reasonable solution, as you hinted, would be a 10-to-1 devaluation of US$ to make the US profitable.

  2. Tim

    I just read that Yellen, like Bernanke, Greenspan, etc. is Jewish. Can someone explain why the Chairman of the Fed is always Jewish? I’m sure that there are many Fed governors that are from other backgrounds… So why is the chairman always Jewish. Sheesh!!!

    • Jonathan

      Please stop that. There is no 800 lb. gorilla in the room — that’s a lampstand for crying out loud!

  3. Ya ha bee bee

    Let the HungerGAMES begin! Or better yet. Hang on till that,
    (Great Day, Bing Crosby, youtube,) Google it, ya’ll be glad ya did!
    Better off a hope dope, than a, nope, it ain’t so bloke!
    P.S. It’s come in, like a freight train, 747, come in, out da sky! YES!

  4. Jerry

    Greg this was another historic interview. Peter Schiff is absolutely right about Janet Yellen. She didn’t know anything in 2008 and she doesn’t know anything now. All she will do is continue to print money. She’s a “yes” woman. That’s it period.

    Greg the Banks are loading up on cash now, because the big money players are beginning to pull their money out in preparation for the default that is coming. As you stated the Chinese are making deals to replace the dollar with the European’s and it is putting tremendous pressure on the dollar. I couldn’t believe this article I saw in the Washington Post last week. It pretty well tells us where we are in this.

    I agree with Peter on most of his thoughts, but I do not believe we will transition from a welfare state to a productive society again without bloodshed. There are just to many people dependent on the government for that to happen. Social Security, welfare, food stamps, unemployment, disability, Medicare, government jobs just to name a few. Which program do you think they’re going to cut to balance the budget?

    Thanks Greg for keeping us informed. Most people I know (including family) don’t want to talk about this. That’s the problem in Washington to. Nobody wants to talk about it. And that is why we are where we are. Have a great week Greg.

  5. Brian Vaci

    A debt ceiling debate in Congress, you say?
    But where are the clowns?
    Quick, send in the clowns.
    Don’t bother, they’re here.

  6. art barnes

    Greg, I’m sorry, I guess I just don’t have the intelligence to get it, but trading paper printed dollars for paper printed gold stock seems preposterous; what say you?

    • Greg

      Two words-physical everything.

      • lastmanstanding

        I give that response an “amen brother”

  7. Rodster

    Excellent interview as always Greg. I share the fear expressed by Peter Schiff. I don’t think Gov’t will blame itself for the problem. In fact I believe it will double down and blame capitalism instead. We will become a nation ruled by fear and tyranny, hence the reason for all the ammo and drone purchases as well as the surveillance State that’s been created (NSA/FISA/TSA}.

    Rush Limbaugh echoed those sentiments as well. Gov’t won’t blame itself for the destruction of our once great Nation but will instead show to it’s people why it needs to be the solution. With the entire country decimated, the people will have NO CHOICE but to turn to the Gov’t for its survival.

    Then Karl Marx will smile in his grave because the job will have been finished. We did it to ourselves by allowing the Gov’t to bury us in its Santa Claus, give away programs.

    As Michael Synder wrote in his Detroit collapse blog. “Don’t laugh at Detroit. They just got there first”.

    • Rodster

      I’ll also add that the entire world economically will look far different. Just look at what happens to China when we don’t consume as much. They slow way down and it drags down their economy. The EU will not be able to pick up the slack because their economies which are based on socialism don’t have the explosive growth needed to maintain China’s workforce.

  8. Galaxy 500

    Smartest member of Fed is a low bar….how sad for us. We are governed by the corrupt and evil. And we are currently suffering the tyranny of the low information voter.
    Whether you believe that gold is a good bet are not, you should own some. If you examine the facts around QE and the Fed buying the Treasury’s debt, you will trade your dollars for something that has intrinsic value whether it’s food, tries, property or gold. It is mathematically impossible for the US to pay its debt with dollars at its current value.
    Greg, thanks for having Mr. Schiff on.

    • Greg

      Very low!! Thank you for your comments.

  9. Rodster

    This is why I fear for the USA. This is what the Federal Gov’t has done to our citizenry over the years by making them more DEPENDENT ON GOVERNMENT.

    “Walmart shelves in Springhill, Mansfield, cleared in EBT glitch”

  10. Mitch Bupp

    Thank You Peter and Greg …. imagine if people realized that they are paid in debt in the form of a FED reserve note….. HA HA HA ….. today, when I use cash I tell them, “Here is your debt paper” ….. I get funny looks and explain to the people that any paper currency is a debt to the FED…. some get it but others don’t

    • Greg

      Mitch Bupp,
      Most are totally in the dark about the Fed’s “debt paper.”

  11. douglas

    Great as always Greg! Peter Schiff together with others like Gerald Celente, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, Nigel Farage and many lesser known individuals such as Greg Manarino, Fabian Calvo, James Corbett, etc… – are all telling us everything we need to know. The imminent colapse draws ever nearer, what a shame that the majority of the Sheeple are too asleep to take heed of their warnings! Thanks so much for what you do Greg, you too are on my ¨A¨ list.

    • Galaxy 500

      Douglas, the sheeple will be blown both out of unconsciousness and complacency. The coming economic Tsunami will be so devastating and abrupt that only small tribes with little human contact in the deep Amazon will be unaffected.

  12. John Leavitt


    I look forward and listen to almost all of your interviews. Schiff, among others feel that Gold is going to be the place to be in the future. I would like your input on Executive order 6102 which was signed by franklin d. roosevelt on april 5th, 1933. The order forbided the Hoarding of gold coin, gold bullion, and gold certificates within the continental United States. The order criminalized the possession of monetary gold by any individual, partnership, association or corporation. The stated reason for the order was that hard times had caused “hoarding” of gold, stalling economic growth and making the depression worse. The New York Times, on April 6, 1933 p. 16, wrote under the headline “Hoarding of Gold”, “The Executive Order issued by the President yesterday amplifies and particularizes his earlier warnings against hoarding. On March 6, taking advantage of a wartime statute that had not been repealed, he issued Presidential Proclamation 2039 that forbade the hoarding ‘of gold or silver coin or bullion or currency,’ under penalty of $10,000 ( 180k in todays dollars) and/or up to five to ten years imprisonment.

    My question to you and anyone else that thinks Gold and silver is a good investment is what is going to stop the federal reserve in the future from taking and individuals gold like they have in the past.

    Thanks Greg!

    • Greg

      I feel you are better off with it than without it. If not, you can just go long the U.S., dollar and I don’t think that is the place to be either.

      • Allen Ols

        Go long–term storage. Wheat, rice, beans, seeds, fuel, generators. Barron writes;

        I knew a professor that weathered the Brazil collapse by owning half interest in a bakery and baked bread; as well a woman had 7 wrecked cars that ran and rented them out to sustain herself.

        We stole lybias, iraqs, gold , and gold will be comfiscated, my opinion


        Al ols

        • George

          Al, whats to keep the govt from declaring you a “hoarder” and confiscating your food stuffs? If I had any silver or gold, its a dam site easier to hide. Govts have made such declarations in the past. It keeps the people at each others throats instead of them ganging up on the govt

          • Allen Ols

            Easy I have my stuff located in 4 secret locations. W/caches in ten more. They can take trucking, shippig, farmland, everything and make it criminal to negociate w/gold. You will have to buy stuff, I have the stuff you see. Read art cashings report on the weirmer era. Stuff was hard to get. Wait in lines, I won’t. I will sit tight


        • Galaxy 500

          Hi Al,
          It will take the government about 15 minutes to track your posts back to you. I know that they can find me as well but I am harder to get to because A) posts are made from a burner phone and B) I don’t have anything worth the trouble to take.
          You on the other hand are ripe for the Nat Guard to look for when their provisions run low or if FEMA wants to make an example. Me, it would them much more to find me than what they could steal.

    • Galaxy 500

      It’s going to be hard for them (not impossible but Damn difficult) to outlaw gold after making it legal for the public to own US mint gold and silver collectible coins

      • jc davis

        John Leavitt if i may say the majority of the people did not turn there gold in to the government in the 30s. Just as today the people will not turn in there guns regaurdless of what law gets passed. The question i have is was there anyone locked up for owning gold ever in history?

      • Allen Ols

        Remember, what’s coming our war, will be no holds barred; making the G. Depression look like a walk in park

        No nat. Debt to speak of;

        No popul. Explosion;

        No massive fema camp sys. Complete w/ovens/gillotines/and hired gestapo, ready to roll.

        Book of Rev. …a loaf of bread will buy gold.

        • Galaxy 500

          What about the verse that says no man knows the time of the coming, not even the Son? If you look back to the great depression, there were a lot of preachers taking advantage of people claiming it was the end times. The first clue someone doesn’t know what they are talking about is when they start with dates.
          Which you haven’t done and I am not condemning your comment. I merely want to advise that people have been waiting for the tribulations while the disciples were still alive and it’s been 2,000 years. I believe one should be prepared for both a rainy day and season.

  13. Henry

    Peter Schiff’s knowledge of economics may be better than average, but his belief that the New York Times is a “liberal” or “left” leaning paper, and that it’s primarily the “left” who is praising Janet Yellen is comical.
    The New Times parroted the Bush regime’s lies regarding Iraq’s WMDs, it has been behind all the U.S. wars of terror, it does not advocate an increase in the minimum wage, it does not condemn the failed and barbaric war on some drugs, it does not report on the horrors of depleted uranium, it never criticizes Israel’s brutal and illegal occupation of Palestine or question the U.S. taxpayers’ *billions* of dollars in annual welfare handouts to Israel. Nor does the NYT condemn the obscene disparity of wealth between the elite few and the rest of us. It does not support a single payer health care plan, more environmental protection, an end to corporate welfare, or higher taxes for the elite. By any reasonable assessment, the NYT is a typical corporate owned right leaning mainstream publication. In my opinion, Peter Schiff’s bashing of “the left” undermines his credibility and professionalism.

  14. Charles H.


    A little anecdote… When I was courting my wife, a teacher in a Christian School – I would correct her student’s Math papers. She showed them a “short-cut” from the curriculum for a singular problem, which they used and solved the problem. But when they had to move-on to learn new, different problems: they continued to apply the previous short-cut to the new problem – breaking the Rules of Operation, and their solutions or answers were wrong. I painstakingly circled and noted where they erred, and explained they couldn’t take the earlier short-cut: but they just kept on doing it. As long as they figured they could get ‘a passing grade’: they didn’t seem to care.

    I often reflect on this experience in light of how the leaders in Washington and Wall Street seem to act. They never solve their problems, and they never ‘seem to get it’; it’s always a kick the can down the road: not taking responsibility and learning how to solve, do the work right. It is frightening to draw such a close parallel to a class of Fourth-grade students; but it’s terrifying to think these have grown-up to embrace criminal behavior within their positions in life. Greed as a religion, Greg? Effectively. Bingo!

  15. brian wilson

    I hate to be the pessimist, but given the general mentality and apathy levels that exist in this country today, and that me and hundreds of millions of others all sat by and watched for decades as things simply got more and more corrupt, I suspect that the blame freedom route is the road most likely to be taken unless a lot of people make some real monumental and epic effort to change the course of things…..the monopolistic forces of corruption are too entrenched and the losers in charge have too much to lose to simply call it quits, there is no walking away from the position they have put themselves in, when the game is over history says we all will go after them…so expect them to pull every string, slap every red button and destroy everything they have within their reach in order to stave off inevitability for just a moment more–its what these types of jackasses have done since the beginning of time.

  16. Michael

    a headline now says “JP Morgan dumps all short-term US treasuries as default approaches” and if there is one bank with insider info, it’s got to be JPM. So; are they correct that there will NOT be a higher debt ceiling?

    I think it’s highly speculative to presume that they WILL raise the debt ceiling. Based on past performance I think that a “Bobo the Clown power-grab” is more likely, and then he will make American Citizens suffer even more than he has already.

  17. Glen

    In my view, it would be foolish not to listen to Mr Schiff’s words. Collapse is inevitable. Once you learn to accept Mr Schiff’s scenario and begin to prepare, things get easier.

  18. frosty


    I think Mr.Schiff’s view of America after the collapse is a bit short sighted. He says, that the outlook depends upon whether we choose to rebuild under a capitalistic system, with constitutionally limited government, or a totalitarian system in which government holds all of the cards.

    This view ignores the fact that debt, although reflected by mere printed paper or blips stored in computer memory, is backed by tangible assets which will be confiscated and given to the banks upon default. The banks will thus emerge from the collapse owning our homes, farms, businesses and as many other tangible assets as possible while the people, having been economically raped by the banks and their government, will own nothing tangible except worthless paper which they can then use to build fires to keep them warm. Furthermore, how then will the government be funded, and what will happen when, unfunded, it loses the ability to maintain social order?

    Project this scenario onto a global scale and realize why, in an earlier interview, Karen Hudes refused to consider it as rational objective for humankind. In America, we have to understand, like her, that all laws passed by a government acting fraudulently, beyond its constitutionally delegated authority, are null and void. Then, in as peacefully and legal a manner as possible, we have to act to remove those who perpetrated these crimes from office. It’s a huge proposition, but one that we must undertake to save our ourselves and our Republic which so many before us have suffered so much to maintain.

    We can’t wait until “after the collapse” and expect to rebuild peacefully while we hold onto our old cell phones and learn to sew. The the time for America’s Biblical Jubilee is now or never.

    Here’s and article that puts our current economic situation into perspective…

    • Henry

      Damn, that’s a very sobering article. I’ve seen others, but that one has more punch to it for some reason. Makes me feel like a boiling frog. I’m not ready for food riots and government crackdowns. Although, I’m a bit of a prepper, this piece is motivating me to do more…

      • frosty

        Preparing for the worst is undoubtedly a wise thing to do. In a way, however, it also reflects an attitude of surrender. I think we all need to become more proactive and work diligently to diffuse this time bomb before it explodes.

        • Galaxy 500

          You can’t defuse this bomb. Unless the Iranians nuke D.C. with all government officials there and drop one on NYC and Chicago there’s no way to start over short of the inevitable collapse.
          Are you suggesting armed insurrection?

          • frosty

            I’m suggesting that this generation has a moral responsibility to our children and our forefathers to reject the doctrine which holds that the ideals by which America was established have become obsolete and violent chaos is now necessary in order to bring down that system and establish a new order.

            May God forbid that we suffer our children to bear the burdens of our inaction!

    • Galaxy 500

      Have you seen all the empty derelict foreclosed properties in Detroit. Have those as an asset doesn’t seem like much of a liquidity injection

      • frosty

        Americans have a proven ability to provide well for themselves and for others. Our proven ability is all the “liquidity” we need. With it we built the greatest nation on earth.

        Our problem is that the medium through which our liquidity flowed became monopolized, controlled and poisoned. It now functions as a dam used to restrict or free up the flow of productive energy available within the American populace based solely on level of poison they can tolerate and still function.

        We don’t need more poison, or as you call it, liquidity injections. We need to blow the devil’s dam to smithereens and replace it with an honest economic system that allows for a free flow America’s productive energy (our liquidity) based on the constraints of supply and demand.

        • Galaxy 500

          We lost the battle and the war 30+ years ago. We allowed the liberals to infiltrate all levels of the education system. They learned from Hitler, Stalin and Mao Zedong. If you corrupt the children with liberal inoculation then you win. Have you looked at what passes as an average educated high schooler? The current voter in their early or mid 20’s, I have two, one which voted for Obama because he really cares about women’s reproductive rights. and I became very angry because I was paying for her damn healthcare and she was unemployed. The other didn’t vote. I received a real education on. College because I went back to college with my daughter. I didn’t take some classes because of the unapologetic liberal bias a few had. I was unwilling to shovel BS deep enough to make them happy enough to give a conservative an A.
          Conservatives and Tea partiers will need to retake education from the counties and towns up. Then we need to take the states.
          By the time I realized that what I was trying to teach and model for my children was being overwritten by schools, it was too late. My fault, I know. It didn’t occur to me that they would be taught any different than what I was. Talk about being stupid! If I am ever blessed with more children, I will do different. It’s unlikely I will be much of a factor in the lives of my daughter’s children when she has them but I approve of her choice for a husband. He’s Swiss and they will make their home in Switzerland. The Swiss have a citizen army and they are a conservative orderly people. Everyone has a bunker by law and the soldiers keep their weapons at home.

          • Reynaldo

            What party do figure on voting for in order to get “Conservatives” and “Tea Partiers” back in power. Because I can assure you that the GOP is not Conservative, nor is it for free trade and individual rights. The Tea Party is almost entirely funded from the backend by Rupert Murdoch and Koch, two people who neither stand for freedom or liberty, they’re fascist dictators. What’s happened in our political system, our financial system, our education system, it did not happen just because of the democrats. The republicans were up to their necks in it also. Because it’s not about freedom and liberty, and it never has been. It’s about power and greed and control. 99% of politicians are nothing more than con men who operate right in the open for all too see, with their nice suits, flag pins, and perfect haircuts. You look at what makes a good con man and politicians are it.

  19. Larry W. Bryant

    — A Karmic Lesson of Astronomical Proportion ==

    During the final few years of my employed life, I used to display a file label as a placard glued to the front plate of my manual typewriter. Its typed message (originated not by me) declared, “GOVERNMENT IS EXPANDING TO MEET THE EVER-INCREASING NEEDS OF GOVERNMENT.”

    Today, the omnipresence of such agencies as the U. S. Department of Fatherland (er, Homeland) Security and the War (er, Defense) Department’s 700 U. S. military bases overseas signals the “how true” nature of that insightful and ironic slogan.

    We’ve lost our national resolve and ability to reverse this debt-fueled expansion, and we now must reap what what we’ve been sowing for generations. — Larry W. Bryant (14 Oct 13)

  20. Jerry

    Greg I have read many of the comments from other posters on your site with great interest. Some still believe that there is some resolve in congress to correct this course before its to late. I unfortunately do not belong to this camp. To me the debate in Congress over the debt ceiling is nothing more than a puppet show to entertain, distract, and deflect away from the central planers real objective. A new exchange system.
    Three facts are known for sure.

    1. DHS has bought a large amount of hollow point bullets, urban assault vehicles, and stock piles of food.
    2. The NSA has publically acknowledged that they are monitoring us.
    3. Our debt is unsustainable.

    If you connect these dots you get a much larger picture. The State is afraid of something. What? Connect the dots. The Bank heads met with the president last week. China announced an agreement for a credit swap with the European banks, dumping the dollar. The Bond market is beginning to show signs of higher interest rates. All coincidence? I don’t think so. Something is up.

    • Galaxy 500

      You left out that the gov’t can declare any of us an enemy of the state and drop a black.hood on us as they disappear us. All.without judicial review. That’s a pretty big dot

  21. Jason

    Been listening for some time now and I have been slowly buying silver since it has been back down to the 21 dollar level. When I listen to a lot of these interviews a question comes to my mind. If the dollar collapses and the metals go sky high it will be a good gain for everyone who bought in at these levels. So, if gold goes to say 5K an ounce and silver is say 500 an ounce we will, at least, have protected ourselves from major inflation. You could convert some metal back to cash and still be able to buy things you need, or maybe buy some other income producing asset that has dropped off in the collapse. However, lets say there is a major league dollar collapse and the government decides to replace the currency. Then the government implements something else and comes up with a conversion for all of the people who still have dollars, but your dollars do not get you much of the new currency. So, you lose a lot of value if you convert over or lose everything if you keep your dollars. For example, I have a U.S. one dollar silver certificate. It is not worth anything now but back when they converted from that to the federal reserve note maybe you could have turned it in to get the new note and probably lost some of your value. The one I have now has zero value though. If the dollar was replaced people with dollars would probably be better off to covert to the new currency. Now, for those of us who have metals would we be in a position to hold all of our value if we needed to sell some of our metal for the new currency or would it be the case that the government would try to keep our gold/silver conversion value down also? Or would that be unlikely due to the value of gold and silver in the collapse?

    • Greg

      This is protection play pure and simple. You are better off with it than without it. Anyone else want to answer, please do. Thank you for your comment and question.

    • Rebecca

      I cannot answer your questions, Jason.
      I have not the knowledge.

      I do, however, have a question related (somewhat) to yours.

      Scenario: A person buys silver and/or gold.
      The collapse occurs.
      Now what?

      I live in small town America.
      I cannot see going into the local grocery store and purchasing food with a gold/silver piece. Why? Who will know the value of the gold/silver? It definitely won’t be the same value it was before the collapse, but what will its “buying power” be? My local grocery store owner is not going to know the value of that piece. So you barter with him? Hey, I will give one gold piece for this bag of groceries? I don’t see that happening. If it did, I trust the person with the gold piece will come out on the losing end.

      But to your point about a new currency being put in place and would your precious metal bring the same value when you cash it in for the new currency or would it grow/decline in value? Another good question would be, Should you cash in your silver for another government currency?

      But as a Christian, this is my concern.
      A new currency arising out the ashes of the collapsed currency, especially if the financial system is “global” in its scope — brings to mind the warning in Revelation about the Mark of the Beast (No man can buy or sell except he who has taken the Mark of the Beast, which is the name of the Beast or the number of its name. Rev. 13:17)

      If this new currency is indeed the prophesied Mark, then Christians CANNOT possess this currency. But the prophecy says “cannot buy or sell without the Mark.” That would clearly indicate that one cannot buy groceries or pay bills, nor could one go into the grocery store and hand over a silver piece to “buy” groceries. Reasoning would suggest that one can sit on a ton of gold and not be able to buy or sell anything “except he takes the Mark.”

      Which brings us to Ezekiel 7:19: They cast their silver into the streets, and their gold is like an unclean thing. Their silver and gold are not able to deliver them in the day of the wrath of the LORD. They cannot satisfy their hunger or fill their stomachs with it. For it was the stumbling block of their iniquity.

      To my simple mind, logic would suggest that loaves of bread purchased today for $2/loaf, carefully frozen in your freezer and retrieved to be eaten when a loaf of bread sells for $8/loaf is a good return on your money. One can be assured of bread to eat, even if the grocery store shelves are bare … or one does not want to take the Mark so he can buy a loaf of bread.

      The big question in my mind is WHAT ARE WE PREPARING FOR?
      Acts of man’s stupidity and corruption … or
      fulfillment of God’s Word?

      It is very important to know just exactly what you believe is about to unnfold. Each scenario presented out there, has its own recommendations on how to prepare.

      Fulfillment of God’s Word can be a “game changer” from what one hears all the economists advocating people do.

      “Invest” time in prayer and seek the Lord’s guidance.
      He alone knows what’s coming and when it will arrive.

      • Galaxy 500

        Wow…let’s just do nothing and sing Kumbaya until the end. The Bible speaks of a mark on the right hand or forehead. It’s likely to be a chip or barcode tattoo. If the mark was currency, well…haven’t you already been shopping.
        I thought this was a news and economic site. It seems like everyone is preaching Revelations here. If it’s the end times, I’m covered and as a child of God, I’m on the first Rapture out of here. However, if like during WWI, WWII, and every other time we had serious problems and the uninformed declare the end times are coming are wrong once again, I would suggest being prepared to survive an economic upheaval.
        You see, I have witnessed firsthand a predicted end of times in the mid 70’s when a group of JW’s were convinced by Elders that it was coming on X day. They partied, borrowed money they could never pay back. They were damn surprised at the Kingdom Hall when the time came and went. Then came bankruptcy.
        I believe on should have both their spiritual house and their family’s house in order. You world lenders may be right … no concern, I’ll be missing that. As for using gold or silver to buy things, there will be reputable sources still buying and selling and it won’t be the LBA or COMEX. Good luck

  22. bob d

    DC problem can’t be fix because 9-11 is the elephant in the room. Would a honest man are country trust his wealth to a bunch of killers.
    You must have trust and the rule of law to have a working money system. No law no money system.
    Once law and order is in place, then we can have a banking system of trust. This could take another 30 years to overcome.
    I see civil unrest because most people can’t even grow a potato. Some of are past leaders couldn’t even spell potato. PEACE

  23. Eric

    What a great interview! Thanks to both of you, Greg and Peter.

  24. Liquid Motion

    Oh Dear,

    “Yellen is bullish for Gold” says Peter Schiff
    ….ala for all the wrong reasons.
    She may be Ivy League, but she is still clueless notwithstanding her credentials and Phd. Lets put that into context..She effectively becomes the highest ranking financial officer of the world’s financial powerhouse….and she is “Clueless” ? Not bad for a Keynesian Economist.
    In a 2011 speech (as 2 IC) she justified the Fed’s first two rounds of large-scale asset purchases with an estimate that the programs would create 3 million jobs…..REALLY !!!!…probably employed to cart the truck loads of cash to the banks across the road.

    I saw a video clip of BHO announcing Yellen as the “NEW” Chairman of the FED…with Yellen to his right and Bernanke to his left. Once the formality was over he led Yellen away and you could not miss the arrogant smirk on the face of Benjamin ( as if to say…Good Luck Lady…I’m done… I kept the party going and I’m happy to be leaving you with the mess to clean up…but Damn I had a good time).

    Its not about whether Yellen is the best option for the FED(or will work wonders for Gold). That’s missing the whole point.

    Let me repeat in case you were asleep for the last 100 years……
    Destruction of currency is first and foremost the realm of the central bank (which controls the money supply). Supporting debt (aka bond buying ) and deficits via counterfeiting is saying direct to your face that its ok to create money out of thin air and push it down the throat of the Banksters and the Government, whilst 99% of the population have to work and pay taxes for the privilege to own Paper Currency (Reward). Reality check…ITS NOT OK…!!

    Even a new President would not be able to rectify the problems faced by Government. There are too many interested parties/players who have high stakes in the game, to ensure continuity..(for as long as possible). In essence…more debt, more loss of liberty and rights, more taxes, more inequality….for the masses.

    Removal of the FED….does exactly what LAW will not be able to do. It brings the TOO BIG TO FAIL Governments and BANKS to account. No more backstopping. No more handouts. No more bailouts. No more worthless wars. No more lies. No more manipulation to create a fabricated world. NO MORE !!! Remove the grease and everything stops.

    The sad and unfortunate reality is that it wont happen.
    Not in our lifetime.

    The biggest issue is that 90% of the population are attached to the Government like an appendage. You cannot kill the hand that feeds you.

  25. Donna

    I have been hearing that the US is going to collapse for years. I see all kinds of new building in my city of a population of 67,000+. Its hard to collate the new building of different businesses and the US dollar collapsing. I have been stocking up on things as I do not make enough money to be a real “prepper”. At times though I feel crazy for doing so. I have heard the stories or rumors of “false flags” happening in October, November, etc…the latest of the testing of our electrical grid coming up in November. I do believe our gov’t is very dirty and Obama is evil incarnate. I believe Bush knew and may have been a part of 9/11. I believe all of this, but I just keep hearing maybe the dollar will collapse in (2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013) and now 2014. I know there is no magic 8 ball to have that will tell when this will happen, but can you see how an average everyday citizen can get desensitized after hearing this for the last 5 years? I am going to keep on doing what I have been as far as buying extra goods. I can only do so much with my income, but for certain I can pray that God will take care me.

    • Greg

      He will, but he also helps those who help themselves.

    • Galaxy 500

      Be happy your area has some growth. Here things are at best stagnant.

  26. jc davis

    Greg. Good to hear someone talking about the crazy lady yellen in the attic.

  27. John P Yeiser

    It is said that the US is the largest welfare state ever. And the largest group of recipients of that welfare are the banks. If the plug gets pulled there will be erratic behavior on many levels. Or some form of opiate will be applied.

  28. Michael

    The “Party spirit” in America needs to end.
    I will never be associated with either party.
    Any “democrat” or “republican” solution will only polarize us for another future battle, with “the people” bearing the suffering.

    Before we can have an honest money and banking system, the opportunists of both parties need to be removed from power.
    What we need are true servants of the Constitution AND the “We the people” like are not found in Washington DC.

    No more “Business as usual” as all the Party People want. No more status-quo.

  29. Oracle 911

    Great interview, but that is not what I want discuss with you.
    Do you remember when we talked about Middle East, and what is the situation there, well it seems like Israel and Saudi Arabia wants war with Iran:

    Well personally I think superpower won’t be directly involved, and I hope ICBM (atomic weapons) won’t be involved either.

    So, what do you think Greg?

    • Greg

      Oracle 911,
      The “die is cast.” War has bee postponed but not stopped. It is the one of the many black swans we face. Everyone loses in the next war–everyone. There will be no exceptions.

      • Oracle 911

        True, everyone will loose, the question is how big will be your losses?

    • Galaxy 500

      it’s hard to believe that we destabilize the entire Middle-east by accident. Obama isn’t that stupid. And as Greg has said,”It’s too stupid to be stupid.”

  30. john

    Mr. Schiff seems too concerned on vindicating himself. He comes across as whiny. Who cares what the talking heads of CNN or the mainstream media has to say.

    • Charles H.


      Anyone with skin in the game on precious metals over the last couple years has really been brutalized. The USA, in order to protect the Dollar, has been trashing gold and silver: and doing it totally illegally. Those, like Schiff – have been dangled over a wood-chipper, personally and professionally. Now as the stories unwind, and they are starting to be vindicated – it’s hard to blame them for blowing a little steam, or their own horn. Why so negative? Tearing-down someone totally is poor contribution.

    • Galaxy 500

      Funny…setting the record straight is whining. If you were being introduced as “John who claimed to have called the housing bubble when it’s in print and online and easy to prove you did…well, I believe you would be correcting the corrupt MMS also…

  31. Jerry

    At the risk of beating a dead horse, I would like for you to post this clip from Greg Mannarino You Tube Video today , for those of your posters that just don’t get it. He breaks it down to a common denominator.

    Thanks Greg. Oh by the way he mentioned you are doing a round table discussion with him, and some other guest. Is that true? If so when? I don’t want to miss it.

    • Greg

      I and a fannarino of Mannarino. Thank you for the link!

  32. DAVE

    Hey Greg
    WTG getin Peter back.Always love his talks.Well here’s something i didn’t know and im sure you didn’t either

    Thanks again greg

    • Greg

      The numbers keep saying it’s going to blow up. I smell smoke.

  33. John

    Charles H
    It is a noble responsibility to not back down when you know that you are right. However, Peter Schiff will never be acknowledge or accepted by the main stream media. Being right should be reward enough.
    Sorry if it came across as negative. I was simply sharing my opinion.

  34. RUSS S:MIT:H

    Hi!, Patrons Of USAWATCHDOG.COM ET AL:

    Two weeks ago, while shopping @ Food Max locally @ the meat counter, I asked a lady shopping in front of me what they wanted for the 1.05 lb. package of ordinary hamburger. The price was a little over $5 priced @ $4.99 per lb. She announced: “You know my dad use to raise beef cattle and, because hamburger was below his acceptable pallet, he gave his hamburger away.” I mentioned that we were both old enough to remember when hamburger could be purchased by everyone for 3 lbs. for a $ which by comparison is more than a 1,500% increase in today’s pricing. My concern here today comparing the past price for hamburger compared to today’s huge price increases is: How can young people pursuing their college education and already burdened with huge student debts suppose to beat the high prices no matter their so called higher wages? How can they EVER beat the high costs of living and become high end taxpayers thriving in their expensive homes paying property taxes as responsible voters & citizens? Aren’t we killing the goose that lays the golden eggs? If I were able to write an official article describing this the title would be: “THE HIGH PRICE OF HAMBURGER REFLECTS THE HIGH PRICE OF ABANDONING THE US CONSTUITUTION’S ARTICLE 1; SECTION 10 CALLING FOR ONLY GOLD & SILVER COINS AS OUR MONEY.”

    RUSS SMITH, CA. (One Of Our Broke Fiat Money States)
    [email protected]

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