You Can Look Stupid Now or Look Stupid Later-Chris Martenson

By Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release)

Resource analyst and futurist Chris Martenson says, “I’d rather look stupid now than look stupid later.” Martenson thinks the stock market rise since the last crash is mostly manufactured by central banks.  Martenson explains, “What in the heck is going on is real simple.  We have central banks who have now taken over everything in the markets.  Let’s be clear, markets go up when they are really well supplied with liquidity.  We have $200 billion or more a month coming into these markets  . . . these central banks are dumping $200 billion, sometimes as much as $250 billion a month into the markets.”

Martenson thinks what the central bankers are doing will not go on forever. Martenson contends, “The mantra of the entire system in D.C. and Wall Street has been let’s just borrow more.  Let’s just kick the can down the road.  I don’t know when that ends or when that breaks, but it’s mathematically impossible that this all gets paid off at this point.  So, the question remains, who’s going to eat the losses?  In times past, the banks have been very good at heads they win and tails you lose or we lose. . . .  I think this ends badly because it’s very, very unfair.  That unfairness will bring social consequences.  People are primates, and we don’t like unfair. . . . That level of injustice is building.  If you don’t understand that base level of injustice, you don’t really understand why Trump got elected.  You don’t understand why populism is rising all over the globe.  It’s because “We the People” are starting to figure this out.  It’s a scam, and if it looks and smells like a fraud, it’s a fraud.  The markets are highly fraudulent at this point.  They’re very, very rigged.”

Martenson thinks many people will be devastated when their paper wealth disappears in a coming market crash.  Martenson explains, “We have these things call wealth destructions.  Markets crash and people lose money they thought they had.  If you watch carefully, what really happened was the claims that got out of balance came crashing back to reality.  So, you might as well own some reality.  I am a big fan of people owning tangible wealth.  This is land, productive enterprises, investing in yourself, investments you make in your home if you own it.  Things that will help you spend money on food and fuel down the road.  These are the kinds of investments that make sense to me right now.  If you look at stocks and equities right now . . . and these valuations are so stretched, at this point in time, the only way you can make a case to further buying into financial assets at this point is because you believe . . . the central banks are just going to keep buying these assets.  If that’s the case, feel free to do that.   Please let’s remove the word investing from that statement and say I am going to speculate on the idea that the central banks are so deep down this rabbit hole that they have no other course of action, and they will have to keep doing this. That’s a guess.  It’s speculating and not investing.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Chris Martenson of

(There is more in the video interview.)

After the Interview: 

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  1. This sceptred isle

    I agree they are kicking the can down the road – unfortunately the road seems to be the Pan American Highway! Rabbit hole? More like journey to the centre of the earth…

    • FC

      TSI you forgot to mention that the Middle Class are now in the can being kicked.

    • Frederick

      TSI I just read that the doctor who treated Seth Rich in DC after he was shot in the back is connected to John Podesta His name is Dr Jack Sava and this is a very interesting coincidence Don’t you think?

      • This sceptred isle

        Yes, especially as they say Rich’s initial injuries didn’t seem life threatening. Obama care must be worse than we thought!

      • Tin foil hat

        Looking at the preliminary, I notice couple of things sticking out like a sore thumb.
        According to the Police Report, Seth was conscious upon the arrival of the police officers. I can’t imagine the police didn’t ask Seth for the descriptions of the perpetrators before doing anything else with the exception of requesting an ambulance.
        If the police had the descriptions, I can’t imagine they would withhold that information from the public. At the present time, nobody knows the ethnicity and how many perpetrators were involved??
        If the police didn’t have the description, that means Seth didn’t see the perpetrator who pumped those rounds into his back!!
        Another point I want to make is that it’s not easy hitting a moving target unless the shooter is well trained or very lucky. If the grouping were tight, that means Seth didn’t see it coming or the shooter is not an ordinary street thug who shot out of anger with one hand jerking forward repeatedly.
        Getting Hannity off the air is a mistake, they are bringing unnecessary attention to this matter. This was off my radar until Hannity was forced off the air.

        • Frederick

          The D.C. Police are a joke I have proof of that from my own personal experience while my son was at Georgetown

  2. Scuttlebutt

    How long can this realistically continue? We’ve all been watching this unfold for years, and it seems to grow further. Are we likely to just end up seeing a 40k DJIA? I’m beyond confused that this has happened as long as it has. Is it even possible for anyone to offer insight into the outcome of the “everything bubble” (as Mike Maloney states) markets. As far as I’ve observed patiently, it’s a constant maintenance of the status quo. Greg, you’ve been reporting for years and I’ve read comment after comment with the same resolve. There are fake markets everywhere, and the true value only lies in what someone can pay in cash, and not credit. The majority seem straddled with debt, and without cheap lending what is the average home actually worth? Or car, equities, education or a startup enterprise. When will the markets realize their true value? Any insight?

    • Tim

      Hi Scuttlebutt,
      The most direct answer to your question
      without the long diatribe. Japan!
      Look at the blueprint and remember that
      the end game for the oligarchs and politicos
      is wealth extraction. I leave you to do your
      own due diligence and discover the truth.

    • Dr Darryl Jewett

      @ Scuttlebutt – This charade will continue as long as governments and their beneficiaries can enslave men and as long as men are willing to be enslaved. Revolution is not violence but an affirmative defense against the violence that was done to us first and without provocation. True value is neither what a man can pay in cash nor what he can pay in credit. It’s what he can pay for with his labor. Cash is just a representation of that labor. Credit is a gamble about the value of his labor in the future (it’s never worth that much). And the more the government takes away from him those proceeds, the less his labor is worth today (let alone the future). The more of his proceeds the government gives to someone else, the more that laziness and profligate life-style of someone else is worth in a devolving society. It’s not the kind of government but the size. The bigger the government, the less distinction there is among the kinds. And the bigger the government, the more enslaved men are to it. The bright side is this: slavery doesn’t work as an economic philosophy because slaves never make good workers. And any civilization is dependent upon men’s labor. So as men are enslaved more and more, the less labor they produce for benefit of those enslaving them. And then everything collapses. But it takes time. Maybe a long time. You won’t see our system of egregious slavery collapse any time soon.

  3. Jim Gilly

    Don’t waste your money on this useless webinar coming up. You’re all screwed and it’s too late to do anything about it. Once the big event comes, you’re going to lose all your assets and worse, most will lose their freedom and even their lives.

    People, you can keep listening to these idiots tell you how bad it is going to get and then still leave you with a ray of hope that you can still prosper during what will be trying times ahead. That’s like telling the passengers on the Titanic “well we did hit an iceberg but it will be smooth sailing from here, so enjoy the rest of the journey.”

    If any of you have the intelligence and means to get off this sinking ship, I suggest you do it now. My guess is most of you lack either the intelligence or the means with the vast majority lacking both. Tic toc, tic toc…….

    • Greg Hunter

      I don’t agree. I say never give up and do everything you can to put you and your family in the best position possible. We may have until this fall or maybe another year of two but the time we have should be well spent.

    • KC

      Geez Jim, send me your address so I can send you some pre-tied rope. At least you can do the right thing.

      You can give up or you can build your own future, your own community. This is how we used to live. The difference between the Titanic and what Greg and his guests teach is simply this: Be your own captain. Take responsibility for the direction of your voyage. Don’t be a passenger.

      Kudos to Greg, in his response, for taking the high ground and not thinking to your level.


      • keith

        This is nothing more than poppy cock. Same old same old. what was mentioned about trump is just more poppy cock. Hes got to know that.k

      • Jim Gilly

        Stay aboard the ship and let’s see how your journey ends. You want to be a passenger on a ship going down that’s fine with me. And if you think you are going to control the direction things are headed you are beyond help. Just remember you were warned so you have no one to blame but yourself when the SHTF.

    • Calgirl

      All of these interviews bring great ideas to the table. Bill Holter/Jim Sincair say GOTS….(GET OUT OF THE SYSTEM). Catherine Austin-Fitts says to get out of the system by not doing business with the oppressors (ie, don’t bank with BoA, JPM, etc) and she also feels that the only way we can regain control is from the bottom up by getting politically involved locally. Her idea appears to be to peaceful revolt. Chris Martenson says that we need to be individually prepared by taking personal responsibility for our welfare by growing our own food and/or gathering into local groups of differing talented people to maintain our needs locally (more GOTS). I think Bill Holter is correct in that we will see many negative news bombs appear in publications this year (pedophile/sex trafficking, money stolen by the deep state, etc.). Holter and Rob Kirby think that G and S are their Achilles heel due to supply shortages causing TPTB to lose control.

      Crypto is outside of the bankers/oppressors control FOR NOW, but my guess is that they are busy buying crypto so that they can dump bitcoins onto the market to control the price and cause the public to lose faith in crypto. The oppressors want more control of the internet and the alt-media. They are control junkies and will not stop trying to move the public to where they want them….like into fiat and totally under their control. Anything we can do personally to get out from under their control can only benefit our cause and to regain control of our government and return the present plutocracy back into a republic.

      • Calgirl

        The Illuminati/elite/politicians control us through the educational system, MSM, finance and our societies dependence on the internet. Any way we can extricate ourselves from these areas can only benefit us and cause them loss of control.

  4. Sven

    Martenson is one of the best out there. As interest rates rise the overnight lending rate will make it increasingly difficult for this scam to continue. It’s beginning to unfold folks and the world is a tinderbox.

  5. Lisa Chance Evrett

    Let brotherly love continue.—Heb. 13:1. KJV
    We need to develop our brotherly love now, for it will help us during whatever tests and trials we may face in the future. Even now, before the outbreak of the great tribulation, we have a strong need for brotherly love. Many of our brothers and sisters here, throughout the world [Manchester one] have been adversely affected by earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, tsunamis, or other natural disasters. Some of our brothers, are friends here, are suffering because of opposition, persecution and even terrorism! (Matt. 24:6-9) Added to all of this are the economic woes we experience daily as a result of living in this wicked corrupt system. (Rev. 6:5, 6) As such problems increase, so do our opportunities to demonstrate the depth of brotherly affection. Even though “the love of most [people] will grow cold,” we need to prove that our brotherly love continues on.—Matt. 24:12.

  6. David John Williams

    Pow! Outta the park. Great interview. Good synopsis of where to be: own what you have, cover the basics, if you still have something left over buy some gold.
    Blockchain is the elephant in the room right now; try to ignore this as we walk on down the road. I believe we are watching the deep state inject a variation of Jim Richards ‘Ice-Nice’ into the financial sector. Bix Weir, Cliff High and others would have us believe cryptos are a revolution….the private sector response to fraudulent fiat markets. I would implore people to think critically about this. Giants from every industry are aligning…big banks, big corporations…Visa is now teamed up with Ethereum and Bitcoin …Visa for crying out loud!! If cryptos aren’t the ambassador’s of the new system sent by the oligarchs of the present system….I’ll eat my shirt.

    • Calgirl

      Would be interesting to hear a discussion of the safety of crypto vs gold back prepaid card in relation to government or bank interference via the internet. Bail-ins can occur in digital just as easy as via land bank. G & S in hand is vulnerable to confiscation, probably G more than S. So, how to protect oneself the best and still maintain practical usage to buy a dozen eggs? I can raise a few chickens, but what about the cow? First we each should own what we have, next we need to own exactly where we are.

  7. ross

    Another riveting interview Greg. On crypto currencies if our Central Bankers cannot beat it, then they will try to own it by creating their own. In the crime of 1873 the bankers demonetised silver since they one most of the gold, assumed most of the wealth. In the modern era they have monopolised the debt money creation system and again assumed most of the wealth. Crypto currencies act like gold in that they cannot be easily created with present rules. So the few who own them get the lion’s share for no effort. This creates again an unfair society in which the few own almost everything. For Crypto currencies to work, they have to be created equal to the expanding population and their productivity, otherwise nothing will change.The reverse is true of fiat. It expands far greater than populations or productivity ,enslaving people in debt, destroying savings and equality.

    • This sceptred Isle

      Yes, silver has always been more of a threat to the debt based FIAT system than gold because, as you point out, they have most gold under lock and key and out of the public’s hands. Historically it has been more impossible to monopolise the more abundant supply of silver.

  8. jim

    Greg, I`m sorry but I think it is a mistake to advise people to pay down their debt. That is the worst thing they can do in these times. Better off buying pm`s with that extra money, as bix weir say`s (which I believe also) ALL debt will disappear . Just think about it, when the banks steal your saving`s account, pensions , 401 k, and insurance policies, are you going to say to them, OK , I still owe you money , sure I pay it back. Silver is a NO risk high reward investment. The cars and houses your suggesting for people to pay down, are only going to be worth 50% – 75 % less when this all falls apart.

    • Greg Hunter

      Debt is risk. It is that simple. If you owe on anything, bankers will come and take that asset. Miss a few payments on you vehicle or home and see what happens. If someone is in a good position, they can afford take some risk because they can afford to lose some. Most people cannot afford to lose a car or a home. Now, selling a home now and renting, might be a good idea, but you never know when the Sherriff is going to come knocking and tell you to get out because your owner/landlord has stopped making payments. Less debt equals less risk. I am talking about lowering your risk profile, not betting the farm to win big. I think losing the lease will be winning big in the future. Good men can disagree, and I thank you for your comment.

      • jim

        But about 3/4 of the world owe`s on their house and car , Do you think they will repossess everyone properties, who will they sell them to, if no one has any money. And for me , When they come a calling to repossess , I will refuse because the money they loaned was printed out of thin air , so the property is not their`s either.

        • Greg Hunter

          Please consider this: The bond debt is worthless or worth very little. For most of our adult lives Bonds = Assets. This is because we have been on a 40 year bond bull market as rates have fallen since around 1980’s highs. When rates go up, and they certainly will, bonds are going to become liabilities and NOT assets. Real things are going to become assets again. Bankers will take back every real asset they can get t heir hands on when the bond market blow up and it WILL BLOW UP. So owning you assets is key. A car title (free and clear) is an asset. You get the use the car for and you just have to pay for gas, servicing and taxes. Trust me, if you borrowed money (printed or otherwise) and bought real property, it’s theirs if you do not pay. 3/4ths of the world is going to be in a world of hurt when this bond bubble blows. Be in the 25%. Try to own as much as you can and that includes some gold and silver coins.

      • jim

        All that I am saying is, if you had money now to pay down your house would it not better to buy PM`s with it , that will be worth 10 -100 times more when this all falls apart, verses using it to pay down a house that will be worth 50% to 75% less, you can always get another house or pay it off then.

        • Greg Hunter

          Sure Jim, but I don’t tell people to do this because you have to be able to pull that off. You might be able to do so, but there are many people that would fail for a variety of reasons. If all you have is the debt on your home, sure, give it a try. Many people have all sorts of debt that could sink any plans if their income stream gets interrupted. This is all I am saying. Debt = Risk. The big question is are you in position to take the risk? You got to answer that for yourself. Thank you again for your comment and support.


            Hi Greg,
            I think a point is if you can’t pay off your house in the near future it makes more sense to take as much equity out as you can. Then use that equity on P.M . The other point is you might own your house but where is it, what is going to happen in your area after the crash. Things will be very fluid, you need to as flexible as possible.
            Cheers John

            • Greg Hunter

              Fair point John, but what I am saying is debt is risk and you must be aware of that. Gold and silver can be driven down in the next crash and many may not be able to simply hold their trade through a downturn. You must be in position to set it and forget it. Ultimately, gold and silver coins and bars will retain value and they have a 5,000 year track record. Thank you for your comment.

            • JC Davis

              Thank you for posting MR John Leadbetter.
              I welcome you to post more often.

      • This sceptred Isle

        Greg, your advice is sound. If people want to gamble and take out as much debt as possible in the belief that they will never have to pay it back that is gambling. These people can change the goalposts anytime they want as they make the laws and control a militarised police force. Best to try and preserve purchasing power and then invest on the other side when prices are rock bottom if circumstances allow this.

        • Greg Hunter

          Perfect points TSI!!!

        • Freebreezer

          TSI – except if you are the “too big to fail big banks” then you get to gamble on every one else’s money …if you win, you keep the profits and party (every year) like it is 1999, and if you loose you get to sequester the commoners money and then still party like it is 1999! Hell – what a great gig!

      • jim

        P.S If there is a heaven, you will have a front row seat for all your efforts, Thank you for all that you do.

        • Greg Hunter

          I would be very happy to stand in the very back of the room. Thank you again for your kind thoughts!!!

        • Rick

          Rest assured,there is a heaven! I’ve been there. I had a Near Death Experience.

    • JMiller


      Silver is a NOT a no risk high reward investment. Just look at what happened to the price of silver from 1980-2001. Every investment has risks and many people have suffered losses on their investments, including silver, at some point.

      • This Sceptered Isle

        Exactly. I believe silver is a great investment long term but people were probably advocating borrowing money in 2011 to buy silver in the belief that silver would continue to skyrocket and inflation would make debt worthless.
        In the film The Big Short one of the characters made the observation that being too early is the same as being wrong (In reference to short term trading and not long term buy and hold strategies). You can be correct in your grasp of long term trends but get wiped out if you invest accordingly and get the timing wrong (One of the reasons why I don’t agree with some commentators that say ‘buy all the silver you can lay your hands on as it is the most undervalued asset’.
        Examples this are the dot com and renewable energy stock bubbles that happened prematurely. Investors were right about the internet and renewable energy taking over the world but invested too early in those sectors and in the wrong companies.

  9. Dell

    Everything is digital, in the matrix. It can continue until someone hits the escape key. That is why the world debt has no meaning. It is not real.

  10. francis m reps

    His parallel between the Soviet Union’s economic policies and the Policies of Government sanctioned Central Bank policies and activities is the HIGHLIGHT of his presentation. The Soviets were doomed from the start. So are the Central Bankers. In both cases ; Innocent and gullible people suffered.

  11. Country Codger

    Hi Greg,
    Great interview. It is very interesting that Mr. Martenson’s model is based on a scriptural model: Hear – Guard – Do.
    Keep up the great work.

  12. Russ

    Thanks Greg, great interview; I love listening to smart people interview other smart people.

    Regarding Chris Martenson’s statement about Bitcoin being “a free and fair market” because in order to buy a Bitcoin, there needs to be a seller of that Bitcoin. The flip side of that statement is that in order to sell a Bitcoin, there needs to be a buyer. With that thought I recommend reading, BITCOIN – Do the Math: …

    So regardless of it being free and fair, I’ve lumped Bitcoin in with other investments that aren’t real — stocks, bonds, Bitcoin and Ponzi schemes… OTOH, land, food, tires for my truck, PM’s — those are real. I’d donate $1000 to my favorite charity before I’d buy half a bitcoin, at least I can feel good about where my money went.

    • paul ...

      Instead of buying a bit coin at $2,300 dollars and hoping it will go to $23,000 dollars … just go to the bank tomorrow and buy a box of 2017-P pennies for $25 dollars … and you can immediately sell the box for $250 dollars on e-Bay the next day … without the fear of ever taking a loss on your investment (this is the first year the Philadelphia Mint put a P on the penny coin) … these are “true physical bit coins” … not electronic mumbo jumbo bit coins that need to be owned off an exchange to be safe!!!

      • paul ...

        Then with your profit from the “penny bit coins” you can buy a couple of boxes of “nickel bit coins” … and potentially multiply your profits another ten or more times by finding just one nickel bit coin with “full steps” … driving your original $25 dollar investment … with luck to $5,000 or $50,000 dollars … but even failing to find just one nickel with “full steps” … you never lose any of your original investment (as even the worn nickels you own are still legal tender) …

      • JMiller


        Thanks for the info. Did not know that they are putting “P” mintmark on the 2017 Lincoln cent. Not only is it the first year that the Philadelphia Mint put a “P” mintmark on the penny, it may be the only year since starting in 2018, Philadelphia-minted one-cent coins will again be struck without a “P” mintmark.

    • Freebreezer

      Russ – Per stocks – they are real, it is the street certificates that are not real. Take Exxon – if you own the stock (and have the certificate in hand) you own a piece of a real asset that produces wealth! Though at @ a PE of 34 – that is awfully rich! Same with bonds – they are real, the question is can the entity that issued the bond remain ‘real’ ? … And pay out when the shtf? Per bitcoin, good article … an awful lot of little guys are going to get wiped out! A Big pet peeve per bitcoin – every bitcoin article always and I mean ALWAYS (!) displays it as an actual entity being a “GOLD” coin where as it should be displayed as 00101010 01001001 1110110, or the matrix screen, etc … what a great marketing scheme to dupe the masses. Thus – you got to ask yourself – do you buy a real gold coin that really is a gold coin and looks like a gold coin or do you buy a bitcoin that is displayed on your computer screen to look like a gold coin …hmmm? Personally, bitcoin is starting to smell like a SeeIA op to enrich the deep state!

      • This Sceptered Isle

        As Bill Holter advised me “avoid pooled accounts”

  13. Robespierre


    Yep Greg, Big Changes Coming. Talk (rumors) of possible Impeachment of President Trump. In fact, I just read the other day that President Trump plans to attack North Korea sometime soon in June. Maybe this is another intelligence “leak” by the Deep State. Who knows what kind of changes are possible in the future, possibly anything.

    So, in the face of such mounting economic and political uncertainties, owning some gold may be good insurance. However, I don’t know about bitcoin at these prices. Also, I am not as comfortable with it compared to having physical gold or silver in hand. You can not pay your bills with most businesses directly with either bitcoin or gold. They are not considered money or “legal tender”. This lack of utility is a problem.

  14. Justn Observer

    Greg…. We have not arrived at the point and circumstance by mistake…
    consider the ‘bubbles’ and where they were planned to take us…hit the reset button…what we were warned about…spun as a conspiracy…has become reality or not?

  15. Deplorable Joe

    Mr. Greg Hunter,

    Chris Martenson says it all comes down to who will pay. Mr. Greg Hunter, I know you are a bigwig and I am just a nobody, so you can take this anyway you want but I will tell you it will be little people like me who will be pay. We will be crushed like bugs. As far as gooberment pensions go, I guarantee you the politicians will bleed the taxpayers white. The politicians are bought and paid for by the government employee unions. The politicians will raise taxes to and passed the breaking point. It’s already happening. Look at California, just raised taxes $52 billion on fuel and vehicles. And that’s just the beginning.

    Deplorable Joe

    • JCD

      Joe I agree with everything you said except Greg being a bigwig. The average man will be crushed, first from the bottom up then from the top down. That is why Greg says pay off what you owe . Just what I think.

    • JCD
      Ray Charles them that got.

  16. Tad

    This could be tremendous news in many respects, or just grandstanding. After all Germany, has the Muslim problem to a greater degree than America. I think we can expect a modified trade war, specifically in cars, with Germany.

    Discussions around NATO contributions lead to this: Germany has been lead by opportunists and socialists since 1945. Merkel is on her way out, either before or after the collapse. Like most US and German politicians, she benefited from knowing George Soros.

    • Flattop

      Tad : Merkel is upset because the Prez is getting ready to pull the plug on german automakers good deal with the US. Germany cant afford to rebut America, way too much trade involved

      • paul ...

        Germany is selling cars that are very fuel efficient … giving up to 200 miles per gallon … if American car companies want to compete … they better start delivering “equivalent products”!!

  17. JohnH

    Chris calls it “speculation” that the central banks will keep buying indefinitely. It appears to me that it is also speculation that they will stop. Why would they stop, unless their goal was to crash the markets? Would it not be more likely that they will continue to buy, continually pushing the markets up until there is some kind of inflationary reset?

    • This sceptred Isle

      Yes, there is nothing to say that central banks will not just keep on buying up the markets. The only thing is that as asset prices continue to rise they will have to increase the amount of money they pump into the system to purchase these assets.

  18. J.Bullocks
    Graham on Kushner report: Story is suspicious
    Lindsey is realizing the left wing fascist takeover may be worse than the Russia Russia propaganda rabbit hole were going down!

  19. john duffy

    The powers that be keep trying to remove this 3 min video. Our culture is doomed.

    • Greg Hunter

      This is a gross video but it exposes truly EVIL people at Planned “abortion hood”. This is sin of the highest order as it is innocent blood being spilled. EVIL. I hate this video but it needs to be seen.

    • dbcooper

      JD, I watched enough to get the gist and while we agree that these people are beyond disgusting it is evident that much of our culture has lost it’s moral compass. Between hunting as a boy and farm chores and my father having been a veterinarian I have been around blood/guts/death and dying most of my life but their is a huge difference in killing by necessity and with justification and the wanton murder of human babies. Whatever happened to the Sanctity of Human Life? I am afraid it went the same direction as our moral compass. There has (since the bite of the apple?) always been evil in the world but there has also always been a price to pay for evil and we have to figure that in His time … payback will be a bitch. I am trying to keep my slate clean !!
      Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB.

    • R B

      Dear John , After listening to the way the abortionist talk about these little ones being dismembered my heart grows sick. Realizing Our God says vengeance is mine I shall repay is assurance that no one doing such evil will escape His wrath . I will not rejoice in these ones demise, but will know justice will be served by the True One Jesus Christ. RB

  20. SilverHawk

    Why is SLV a whole dollar below spot? I just noticed this the other day. Started out a few cents below when it first came out. Crooks!!! A ETF is supposed to mirror actual price.

  21. Country Codger

    Hi Greg,
    I have noticed that your interview with Chris Martenson is making the rounds on the Real News ((Alternative)). Keep up the great work.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for the heads up CC!!

  22. Tad

    Thought this an interesting piece in how it defines debt: energy.

    • This Sceptered Isle

      Renewable energy and electric cars will eventually be fatal to the petro dollar if it doesn’t get rejected before that. The fall in the price of oil must have weakened demand for the dollar already.

  23. dbcooper

    Greg, I noticed that their is an interesting chart on showing the IQ’s of all US Presidents … don’t know if it is true and I note that o’bama didn’t even make the bottom of the chart … I am thinking that it just doesn’t go that low !! DB.

    • This Sceptered Isle

      I’m guessing Bush junior is quite far down unless his carer completed the test for him!

  24. Tad

    As much as I enjoy reading comments from Stephen Leeb, I can’t help but wonder whom among the great indebted class will be enabled to purchase an EV with a permanent magnet? That would be in either five to ten years, if ever.

    • This Sceptered Isle

      China is an interesting case. Is the economic pendulum swinging eastwards as Leeb suggests? What is true is that whilst America is defending the old system China is preparing for the new one. China’s credit bubble is way bigger but it is also laying the groundwork for a new system. America experienced a great crash in 1929 but went on to become the great superpower of the 20th century. Perhaps something similar will happen with China in the 21st century. Maybe the Chinese are totally clueless or perhaps they are exploiting the current debt based monetary system to the limit before it crashes and we revert to a system based on real assets in which they hold all the cards.

  25. Peter

    The central banks will keep things going as is. I had expected this to change once Trump took office, but it hasn’t. The stock market is the place to invest for now, regardless of whether prices make sense. The liberal media is the only drag on it, by spewing the false news about Russia and talking impeachment. If they ever stop this nonsense and support Trump, the economy will take off.

    • Greg Hunter

      The whole thing can be over in 24 hours. Most people think they can get out before everyone else and that is just now how it is going to work. Thus the title of the interview is “You Can Look Stupid Now or Look Stupid Later.”

      • JMiller


        When referring to the stock market, you are basically correct to say that the whole thing could be over in 24 hours. In a stock market crash most people really would not be able to get out before losing some or most of their money. While the stock market does have several levels of circuit breakers that would halt trading for a period of time and would limit the S&P 500 from declining more than 20% in a single day, people in mutual funds and 401(k)s who sell during the day typically will get the sell price based on the share price at the close of trading. Not the price when they submitted their transaction like someone normally would if they had a brokerage account. So those people could lose at least 20% before they could get out. And most would not get out because they are use to it recovering which may not happen the next time. In the case of some people, like those in the government’s Thrift Savings Plan (TSP), you have to submit your sell order before 12:00 noon EST to get that day’s closing price. If after 12:00 noon then you would get the next day’s closing share price. This means that for someone in the TSP they could have a loss of 40% before they could get out. Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) could even be worse. During the flash crash of 2010 while the S&P 500 dropped about 7% in about 15 minutes before recovering, most stock ETF’s lost over 30% at one point. The larger drop for ETFs was because the share price became unhinged from the underlining asset value of the ETF because they were too many sellers and not enough buyers of the ETF. I heard that some ETFs had their share price decline by more than 90% for a brief moment. Even if you have a brokerage account and have a stop-loss order set to get you out at a certain price if there is a decline, you might not get any where near that price. In extreme circumstances the share price of the stock or ETF could fall considerable below the stop price before someone else buys your shares.

        So having any real amount of money currently in the stock market, in which a crash with no recovery could happen at any time, is very risky.

        • LakeM


          Smug owners wallowing in their gains on ETF’s will get slaughtered… just like you said. Good synopsis on the coming sell off or crash

          The market could fall quickly into a NO BID scenario. The human owners of the HFT computers will pull the plug and the market will seize up. A time out could occur lasting days, weeks or months. Yes, it’s very risky. And technology could make it happen much more quickly.

    • bellyup

      It’s too early to talk about impeachment. As for Russia story being fake news, I’m sure the Russia mafia is glad to hear your take. And as for media not supporting Trump, the media’s job is not to support the president. Their job is to hold the government to account. And that’s what they are doing, including the Wall St Journal which can hardly be called liberal media.

      • Greg Hunter

        Come on Bellyup. The MSM “holding the government to account”??? With what??? Negative propaganda, anonymous sources and documents they never see??? That is a total joke. The MSM is nothing more than the propaganda arm of the deep state. When Harvard says the mainstream media is overwhelming biased, you do not have a function press acting like fair arbiters of the truth. You simply have propaganda. Biased = propaganda and it really is that simple. Here’s the Harvard study to back up my point:

    • This Sceptered Isle

      Trump’s real estate empire is built on debt, low interest rates and the resulting housing bubble. He was forged in the old system and will fall when it collapses. Why would Trump fundamentally change the economic system that benefits him? Regarding the stockmarket: beware of the “it’s different this time” mantra such as Austin Fitts and Martin Armstrong are preaching. It maybe different but probably isn’t. If the stock market continues to hyper-inflate then so will real assets as well.

  26. Jerry

    Like any battle, there is a moment of truth that comes that has a major impact on the overall out come of the battle. That moment of truth for the U.S. dollar came today. While most Americans were celebrating memorial day, the Chinese were launching a direct attack on the petrodollar through their economic proxy army in Dubai.

    While most Americans are totally oblivious to the fact that we have been in a currency war with the Chinese for quite some time, do not be fooled into believing that this was not a calculated move. It was. The Chinese carefully picked a launching pad that was not only the epicenter of the petrodollar, but a populace that has been denied personal possession of gold as an investment for quite sometime. The gold trading platform that China opened two weeks ago in Dubai via the Shanghai Gold Exchange, was just a pump fake for the real goal they were shooting at. The takedown of the petrodollar.
    How long will it take? Let me just say the countdown has already begun, and with gold platforms opening in London, Frankfort and New York its possible the Chinese could run the entire table before the central bankers in this country would even notice.

    • Jerry

      Talk about timing? The Chinese couldn’t have planned a more opportune time to roll out their new gold backed crypto currency in heart of OPEC.

    • jake


      Two reasons i come here one is to read your comment. But take a look at this and let me know your thought. According to Rickards China is keeping the price of PM low in order to accumulate more.

      • JCD

        Jake , and Jerry that sounded like double talk from Rickards. He said the crisis will not be from China using gold as currency but a liquidity crisis. Well what does he think could cause a liquidity crisis better then making the reserve currency unusable. or used less.

      • Jerry

        Jake I totally agree.
        The fiat barn door is officially open, and the animals are getting out in spades running towards gold. Why not? When gold resets, it will be breathtaking……………at least for those that have it.

    • This Sceptered Isle

      hmm…I was wondering, if since Islam is against the charging of interest, does that mean it is opposed to debt based currencies created through the issuance of credit? If so, is there a religious imperative for Islam to adopt a gold backed currency as well as economic one?

  27. Steve

    Greg …… once again another stellar interview . Keep up the good fight.You are a bright light in a very dark world . Keep looking up, I’ve read the end of the Book . The TRUTH will set us free. sth

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Steve,

  28. Jerry

    The wheels are officially coming off the healthcare system in Missouri. In 2018 virtually 25 counties in Missouri will have NO insurance.
    Thank you Claire! You really cared about the uninsured didn’t you? What a line of B.S.
    you and Obama peddled when you passed the ACA legislation. Just another fine example of how the middle class got screwed AGAIN!

  29. larrythelogger

    Thanks so much Greg for your your thoughtfulness and hard work getting some of the best people. Chris has been a mainstay of info for me for years since 2007 when I started looking around and realized something’s very wrong with the west St Louis suburb housing markets. I forced myself to learn as much as I could about economic things; things I had always thought to be so boring. I learned so much from Chris and a few others. Information based on facts and data is non-existent in MSM. Your quest to get to the truth via smart people with facts and data is so appreciated. Thanks again.

  30. Flattop

    GREG: If the central banksters and fed gangsters continue to buy stocks and bonds, will there not come a time when they will own everything???

  31. LakeM


    At the end of the interview, Chris says the central banks are currently omnipotent and a possible way to invest would be to speculate and attempt to front run what the central banks are doing. That sure has worked for the last eight years, Dow 14,000>21,000.
    One analyst says Dow 50,000 might be possible if the printing continues. Talk about hyper inflation.

    Sooner or later, the debt logged dollar will falter and ruin the bankers plan of perpetual money printing. Especially if the gold backed trade and banking system being put together by China and partners becomes a reality and becomes a true alternative to the dollar backed system. Wouldn’t investors want to hold a gold backed currency instead
    of a debt backed one? US T bonds vs a gold backed bond? YES.

    When the rush to the exit begins, the way out will quickly be blocked and massive asset destruction will likely occur. If you’re not out, you’ll likely be trapped. Empires collapse
    along with their currency as they incurred too much debt. This has happened numerous times in history, and is happening again. I suspect the advent of instant global communications/technology will hasten the collapse once it starts. Faster than the last time it occurred.

    What ever happens, make part of your savings precious metals. They should provide
    some shelter from the coming storm.


    Please take a moment to think of all the individual soldiers who gave their lives in the belief that they were defending their fellow Americans and were a force of good in what they did.

  32. Rick Costello

    God bless you and others like mine people like yourself.
    I just thank God every day My happiness is not the absence of our problems, it is our ability that God is given us to deal with it.
    Thank you for all you do!

  33. Mr. Lee

    Mr. Hunter

    It is the classic game of financial cat and mouse. In 2008-2009 when the commercial paper slash derivative markets imploded so too did the asset classes that supported these instruments. Global central banks created trillions of dollars worth of currency and injected these funds into the markets. At the same time the US Fed transferred the deflated instruments over to their balance sheet. With the continuing injection of funds into the market the hope was to inflate the assets classes, re-inflate the balance sheet based instruments and unload them into the market. Money has it that this is exactly what is going on.

    • Greg Hunter

      Very good Mr. Lee. Thank you for adding this simple to understand analysis.

  34. Linda

    Wonder who the leakers are that wrote about, and why they have not been charged yet? Well, never mind, the Seth Rich information is heating up and these three videos are a MUST WATCH!
    Time to spread all you can about the coverups, about the truth, about those who think they can get away with anything, always.

    • Flattop

      Linda The Clintons have been doing this since he was governor in Arkansas. You would have thought by now someone would have pulled he plug on them, but if you do you go the way of Vince Foster, Seth Rich, and more.

  35. John

    Greg: Please interview Amber Lyon on how US and foreign govnt pay for news.

  36. karl kuhle

    I’m now doubting thus will ever end.
    I’ve been saying this for 8 9 years and Chris for longer. .
    Seems like the can always does end up being kicked and the road gets longer..

  37. Hurricane

    Hi Greg,

    I do not want you to post this but I live in Lees summit. I love what you do and thank you every day for the information you provide!
    Have a great day bud!


    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Shane for the North Carolina support!!

  38. Diane

    We’re people who had physical gold and silver coins during the depression better off?

    • Diane

      I just asked Google this question and first answer was this:

    • Greg Hunter

      When banks went under and there was no FDIC in the Depression. If you had money in a bank, and bank failed, you were wiped out. So the answer is yes if you had gold and silver coins in your possession you retained your wealth. The same thing happened in our era in Cypress and Greece. Cash outside the system also works well during times of banking calamity.

  39. Doug

    One investment tip, go to bank and ask for $20. dollars in pennies. Go home and pull out the pre 1982 pennies, ( or let the kids pull then out.) They are worth three cents because of the copper content. Won’t get rich, but tripled your money. ( and keeps the kids busy for awhile.)

  40. Kevin Wright

    Honest question Greg? Name one part of that interview that hasn’t been brought up at least 100 times on here? How about you change the name of this website to USA

    Im sure you and all your guests truly care about our well being? No financial angle whatsoever correct?

    • Greg Hunter

      Honest answer: You should simply go someplace else. It’s that easy for you.

  41. W. Staveley

    Thank you for a very entertaining and informative interview courtesy of Ed Steer column. I find the internet such an amazing thing. Being able to hear opinions of people who wouldn’t ordinarily give one the time of day is fascinating. As someone who struggles to try and save just $1000 a year and finds much of what is said as akin to a foreign language I can’t speak, I came away with the gem, reduce your debt. Something I am already trying to do. Pity Governments can’t do the same.

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