Your New Year Predictions and Comments

By Greg Hunter’s

This post is going to be a little different because I want you all to be an even bigger part of the site than normal.  I want you to give me your predictions for 2011.  It can be as simple as what you think the price of gold, silver and oil will be, or as complicated as what country or countries might go to war.Simply make any prediction you wish and, if you can, give a reason for it.   If you do not have a prediction, then just leave a comment and get whatever you want off your chest. If this works out, I’ll do this every year on New Year’s Eve.

There will not be a new post on Monday 1/03/11 as I am going to take a long weekend for the New Year celebration. really has something to celebrate.  We had 11 out of 12 months of growth in visits to the site.  December (2010) broke all-time records with a 15% increase over November (2010).  For that, I say THANK YOU!  I am hoping we continue to grow and, as my motto says, “Anayze the news to give you a clear picture of what’s really going on!” See you all in 2011 and God Bless America!!!!–Greg Hunter.

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  1. Alessandro Machi

    Parallel Foreclosure will become the rallying cry for a nationwide foreclosure class action lawsuit against HAMP. Hopefully, other equally important foreclosure lawsuits relating to Change In Terms, Securitization, and predatory loans will follow.

    Barack Obama will consider resigning for so openly supporting a government program as treacherous as HAMP.

    • Greg

      Thank you Alessandro and Karen.

  2. Alessandro Machi

    I will continue to be the first to read your new columns because I see your new article posts at Swarm the Banks blog.

  3. Karen

    The Euro will disappear by the end of the year. In USA, inflation will increase and Fed will eventually have to stop QE. Possible default in 2011 or 2012. The Federal Reserve will lose all credibility when this happens and if we are lucky, will be ended. Obama will also be blamed and will face a primary challenger, hopefully someone who will beat him. There will be a push to end the wars, but the military industrial establishment will create a false flag terror event to continue their illegal occupations and escalate the police state in this country.

  4. iknowbetter

    I predict this website will become more popular and more known.

    Maybe it will happen because it’s getting harder to find the real truth. Or maybe because something monetary, political, or social blows sky high. I dare say, disruption will be good to you, Greg.

    If you keep doing what you’re doing, and doing it well, my prediction will come true.


    • Greg

      Very nice, thank you.

  5. concerned citizen

    Here is what I see happening, and what I hope will happen.
    First of all, this country is convertED to fascism and it’s only beginning to “hit” people with the TSA stuff. But if you go to the ACLU’s website and see declassified FBI documents, who is on the FBI spylist (mostly very peaceful vocal people who happen to stand in the way of The Agenda: Anti-war, pro-environment, pro-civil liberties)…then you know that the police state is here. When you put 2+2 together with the TSA groping of children’s genitalia in our airports, on our dime, while the government pretends to go on a pedophile hunt and while Obama claims “executive privilege” to unilaterally DUB people enemy combattants at his unilateral pleasure and have them shot without judicial review, on or off the battlefield (See ACLU’s website, it was reported by the Los Angeles Times)….then you know that dictatorship is alive and well in America.

    What is the solution? Here is my vision and my hope.

    First of all, my hope is that this will stop. I hope that the TSA sexual battery (as district attorney Steve Waggerman called it, from California) will cause the whole matter to fall. It also is waking a lot of Americans up. Thank god.

    If this does not stop, the solution may be for the States to declare their independence and become Independent States for One United America. Maybe even separate countries, who knows.

    Enough abuse on our dime! Enough with being robbed of house and home, enough with being politically chased down for free speech (see the ACLU’s website and repeat, who is being targeted as “Terrorists” by the FBI, you won’t believe it). We don’t pay to be abused, and I want to see this stopped. Before it becomes too late.

    Please write your grassroots organization leaders and ask them to “plug” for state nullification of…TSA gropings, anything else unconstitutional that you see. And maybe the day will come that we will throw off this government, as is our duty and our right, according to our founding fathers, when the government becomes a threat to our inalienable rights: The pursuit of life, liberty and happiness. May liberty and justice reign for all. And that means all, including Muslims, Jews, black, white, or any other color or….thank you all and god bless us all.

    • concerned citizen

      PS and what I am talking about here is peaceful and non-violent “throwing off” of the government. And again, only if they continue to er, misbehave as they have been. If they reform and become the Land of the Free again, then I retract my wish to have them thrown off. Please let my intentions here be very clearly known, and they are non-violent and non-threatening to anybody. It is the government at this point who are the world terrorists, chasing after their own shadow as they point fingers to others, without looking in the mirror. Time for this to stop, enough crime on my dime! Peace,liberty, justice and Constitution, ahoy?

      • concerned citizen

        Correction! RRRg, sorry for so many messages, I don’t mean to take over here, oy….it was Steve Wagstaffe.
        And when I said throwing off the government, the means to do that would be state declaration of independence. A peaceful and non-violent way to go.
        Unfortunately I think a lot is going to get much, much worse before it gets better. The time to act is right now!! Before it becomes too late.

    • Greg

      Thank you Concerned Citizen and Fairguy.

    • Sam

      Concerned Citizen:

      I think what will happen is what a blogger did in the Puget Sound area did: he found out the names, social security numbers, addresses, and phone numbers of abusive cops, and published them online.

      I think the same will happen here. One really tech savvy, ticked off individual will publish online, “TSA agent John Smith, who lives at ___, phone number ____, fondled my breasts at ___ airport on ____” Others will join in, making life hell for the TSA. The FCC will have these sites shut down in the “interests of national security,” but they’ll be like the “Whack a Mole” game – more will pop up.

      • concerned citizen

        Good ideas, Sam! Love it.
        But I wonder if this would somehow legally be struck down. Invasion of privacy without consent, for the cops. Of course they would never uphold such a thing where citizens are concerned. I still do wonder though, would be interesting to talk to a lawyer about this. If a green light, this would be a very good idea for taking power back into our own hands. Thank you Sam!
        Hope is everything. When people have hope and empowerment, they will act. When depressed, they will “lie down” and do nothing. You just gave us all hope. Thank you!

  6. Bob

    Oil-120 Barrel. Gold-1500-1600 Range, Silver-40-60 Range. Greg, i enjoy reading your post, even if bad things do not happen, it is wise to be prepared. Please keep up the good work.

    • Greg

      Thank you Bob,
      I always say and ounce of gold or silver will never end up being like a share of Lehman. They will always have value. Peace bro and Happy New Year!

  7. survivalwithstyle

    GOLD higher, SILVER higher, OIL higher, aMMo higher, get them guns just in case.

    hold the physical gamble with the paper.
    thX hunter. lets get us some game ON in 2o11.

  8. Sparrow


    1. The Bible will still have all the answers.
    2. Prayer will still be the most powerful thing on Earth..
    3. The Holy Spirit will still move.
    4. God will still honor the praises of His people.
    5. There will still be God anointed preaching.
    6. There will still be singing of praise to God.
    7. God will still pour out blessings upon His people.
    8. There will still be room at the Cross.
    9. Jesus will still love you.
    10. Jesus will still save the lost when they come to Him.

    Isn’t it great To Remember Who Is Really In Control, and that;
    “the Word of the Lord endures forever.” (1 Peter 1:25)
    Sometimes we need the reminder of just “WHO” is really in control..
    Till the nets are full, keep on fishing.

    • Greg

      Amen to your predictions.

  9. John Bernard

    I wish you and all who are paying attention a safe 2011. That safety will be both physical and financial, but we will have to work at making it happen.

    I predict:
    There will be great disappointment in the Republican congress
    There will be continued downward financial depression
    There will be greater unemployment
    There will be a continued “Stalinization” of our government and its actions.
    There will be a continue rise in PM prices with little way to spend it.
    China and Russia will draw closer at the expense of the USA
    There will be European style social violence in the USA

    These are just a few of the things will be coping with.

    Enjoy your vacation you’ve earned it.

    • Greg

      John Bernard,
      Thank you for taking the time for your future visions and the kind words.

  10. Rod

    Funny how the current financial fiasco mirrors exactly what the Bible predicted as the End Times. Not only do we need to get our financial house in order but our spiritual relationship as well.

    • Greg

      I keep focusing on the idea from the Bible that in the end of times people will be throwing money(paper) out of the window. The Bible did not say gold and silver. Thank you for your comment.

      • AGjoe

        Hi Greg,

        You might want to double check Ezekiel 7:19

        Silver,Gold, Fiat Currency….it is all representative of improperly placed hope in lieu of undeveloped faith.

        • Greg

          You are right. Thank you for pointing that out. Here is one of the many incarnations of Ezekiel 7:13 from the King James Bible: “They shall cast their silver in the streets, and their gold shall be removed: their silver and their gold shall not be able to deliver them in the day of the wrath of the LORD: they shall not satisfy their souls, neither fill their bowels: because it is the stumbling block of their iniquity.” I would never suggest people place anything above their faith in God. Gold and silver are only insurance against catastrophe, and not something to be worshiped or revered. PM’s are not a substitute for faith or family. My only point is if it comes down to paper or precious metals, then the choice should be clear if you want to insure your financial future. Thank you again for this important comment.

          • AGjoe

            Well put Greg,

            I am right there with you….I have been one of the, what I hope are numerous, lurkers gleaning from the wisdom you and many others take the time to produce and share and I have been silently yet steadily ACTING on this advice. Thank you for all your efforts and I hope you continue to grow in influence and scope.

            We are well positioned at present and continue to refine our strategy for what is to come. But I sincerely fear for those who still have no clue. I see a missing link between the info you and others generate and the financial literacy for the masses to comprehend its significance. Sadly, most don’t even truly understand simple terms as “deficit”… here is my question/concern???

            How do we educate more of the masses before it is too late???? There are alot of genuinely good people out there that unfortunately fit the profile of sheeple at no fault of their own but, none the less…..they don’t deserve what is coming their way. What do you suggest for people to direct their family and friends towards to help them develop the context to understand the need for action? Where can the common folk go to be awaken?

            I genuinely appreciate and thank you for your time!


            • Greg

              I try to write this site so regular people can u8understand what is going on. I find many people sadly Do Not want to know or they think people like me are just doom and gloomers. We really need as many people as we can get to be solvent to help rebuild the country on the other side of this enormous mess. Please direct [people to this site it it helps them. I am happy I have helped you and you my friend helped me get it right with your comment. Please come back anytime.

  11. Art Barnes

    Greg, the predictions are based upon the idea that we are heading into a Brazil like economy where the rich are very rich, no middle class to speak of, and the poor don’t march or protest because they have food to eat based upon a slave class wage. My reasons are many, but basically our government and its governming class have allready figured it out and are just go through them motions that it can and will be fixed, all the while knowing it cannot, its to far gone, they stolen the gold so to speak with their pork barrel. They don’t mind a Brazilian model because they will be the “big rich” in it, and take along the media as well. Therefore,I predict mostly more of the same next year and that is: 1) a continued small growth in the economy which the main street media and the government will capitalize upon and declare another end of the recession is a hand. 2) higher food and commodities cost. 3) Gold at $500. 4) Oil at $110. 5) Ron Paul announces another run for president and get a lot of support which the MSM will turn on and try and make him look like a a radical nut, which will not work this time. 6) no major new wars with the U.S. pulling out further in Irag and Afganistan. 7) More “easing” by the Fed. 8) dollar continues downward, but not that much. 9) Inflation up because the Fed wants it so as its simply hates the idea of deflation and because the “pumping” by the Fed. 10) Job growth to slide downward a little, hovering about 8 per cent (according to the Gov. figures, not the real data). 11) China continues to prop up the U.S. but also gets serious about payback and demands some payment such as Taiwan and receives a secret deal with Washington with a date in the future then can count on for it. The deal will be announced in a “leak” or on alternate media and denied by Washinton. 12) The “white shoe boys” will continue in the market taking profits till the pumping stops then short it, while all the while moving silently and steadly to commodities. By the end of 2011 the market will turn downward and be in a large correction, such as a 10 Percent or more in the late last quarter due to the above, and because there are no buyers on the long side. 13) The american people continue to lose their middle class one family and living wage job at a time. 14) The crime stats will rise in violent crimes such as bank robberies and other theft crimes, although the government might change the way they figure that to make it look like a downward trend. 15) The middle class continues to “take it” and does not march against the banks, the government or otherwise coninues to be calmed by the main street media that everything is allright and just around the corner is the fix. 16) The deadbeat States like California will be downsizing while begging for bailouts and they will get some help by the Govenment, which will just make them forever forget how they got in the mess in the first place. The stupid republicrats will not have learned what the midterm election was about or what the middle class voted for and act as usual in their own interest and go along with almost any pork barrel as usual. 17) Europe will continue to jog along with lower production and some riots in the streets, more of the usual, which will become more of the norm. 18) Our policies toward North Korea will be more of the same, no solution, just more missles fired and a skirmish here and there, no real war. Our government will not learn from the Korean settlement that a stalemate is not a solution for a war, just a delayed future war. 19) Iran will continue with its plans to build nukes, nothing will deter them with Europe deciding it would rather trade than saction. Israel continues to hold firmly and will fight another small war with Gaza. 20) The Obama administration continues to work on the “issues of our time” such as don’t ask and don’t tell, instead of the main issue of the middle class sinking. 22) The banks continue to get bailed out but this time without much media coverage, back page stuff. 23) Tight credit continues with the middle class learning the live without it, which is a good thing. 24) Personal and small business bankruptcy continue at a high level.

    Just more and more of the same for one more year or so, then a change that the main street media must cover because you have to live it, but more on that next year.

    • Greg

      Good stuff man!!!

  12. Dr. Neal J. Houston

    Hello Greg,

    First: I would wish you and your staff a Happy and Prosperous New
    Year…And a Special thanks to you and your readers and fans…

    Second: My forecast/prediction on a few precious metals:

    Gold: will see $1,500 mark by mid year
    Silver: will see $50 mark by mid year
    Copper: will just keep climbing

    Third: I think a few Wall Street Banks will go under while local
    banks will thrive (i.e. Suquehanna Bank paid it’s govt tarp
    funds back a few weeks ago)

    Fourth: Our Government Financial issue/crisis…ummm
    I will wait and see…

    Best regards,
    Dr. Neal

    • Greg

      Thank you Dr. Houston for the predictions and well wishes.

  13. Robert

    The stock market will continue its rally thanks to QE2,3,4,5,6 and so on.

    President Obama will begin the dismantling process of the Social Security and Medicare systems as we know them. He will satisfy Wall St’s wet dream of getting their hands on the social security trust fund.

    The recently elected Tea Party candidates will become the same political whores they replaced. They will realize the gravy train is just too good to pass up.

  14. Geoff

    First, thank you very much for what you do!

    I’ve never posted before, but this seems like the right topic. My predictions for 2011:

    I think the COMEX will default on Silver putting the price to at least $100 per ounce because of a run on physical from SLV holders who realize it’s backed by nothing but a promise.

    Gold will continue on a steady exponential rise and move above $2000 per ounce by the end of the year. It could also default but less likely.

    I think oil will become the big story towards the end of 2011 as global demand bumps it’s head with limits to supply. I follow oil closely and for a few years have been predicting 2012 as ‘the first year of decline down the peak oil bell curve’. It’s looking like the start of this, or the realization that’s it’s about to start, will happen in 2011.

    Oh, and more Quantitative Easing. It’s a given. I don’t see hyper inflation in 2011 but I expect the economy will start getting ‘wierd’.

    Happy New Year! Buckle your seat belt and enjoy the show!

    • Greg

      Default at COMEX is a very big call, and you my be right on target with that one. The possibility certainly exsists, thank you.

  15. steve

    1. More foreclosures coming into market in Florida. Only only one company handled it in past, but there will now be 7 of them to handle coming flood of foreclosed homes in 2011. Source: real estate broker in Ft. Myers, Fl.
    2. More price increases in all food items-tomatos.. yellow squash, string beans. Homestead, Florida had unusually cold weather snap so far and it is only December. Crops got burned from cold=higher prices at retail level.

  16. schweizer40

    Happy New Year! Prediction # 1. More fraud will be uncovered in the mortgage, banking industry. # 2. The Fed will attempt to bail out, CA, IL, NJ. # 3. Obama will attempt to form an illegal para-military force similar to the gestapo.(if it doesn’t already exist) # 4. Inflation will be felt by every sector of our economy. # 5. Silver and Gold will continue to be manipulated, but their will be a continual rise. # 6. Unemployment will hit an all time high. # 7. More sabre rattling, but no new conflict this year. (watch 2012) # 8. The ultra conservatives in America will be slandered for their patriotism, and constitution supporters will be marginalized, considered deranged ect. # 9. GAY rights will suprecede religious rights, churches will be required to perform gay marriages or lose their tax exempt status. Many churches will refuse and go underground. # 10. Christians will be persecuted, defamed, ridiculed and driven underground.

  17. Sandy Backos

    1. A deadlocked congress will enact austerity measures and stop government stimulus spending.
    2. A number of municipalities will default on bond payments.
    3. The stock market will crash.
    4. The Fed will provide more QE to keep Federal Government afloat while the States will be left out in the cold.
    5. Panic will ensue when the rest of the world realizes that they have been inadvertantly placed in a gigantic monopoly game with the Federal reserve as the banker.

  18. Dave

    1-I fear our new congress will not follow thru with the promises that got them elected!

    2-Hope you will share the predictions/comments with us!

  19. Gerald DeOreo

    I predict that the word ‘recession’ will slip into the media background and be replaced by the word ‘DEPRESSION’ by the end of 2011. And that it will be a far worse economic upheaval than the Great Depression of the 1930s.

  20. Sam

    Dear Greg,

    Gold $1500 an ounce.

    Silver $33 an ounce.

  21. Glen

    Let’s toast to a great year ahead! 2011

    2011 will be some more tough sledding. First we need to steel our hearts so that we can handle this mess that has been handed to us. $4 to $5 per gallon of gas should be a reality by the end of 2011. Silver will be at $45 – $50 per ounce, while gold will hit $1550 to $1600. Bank failures will continue to mount, while foreclosures will increase. (As if 1 million was not enough in 2010.) Uncle Ben Bernanke will call it quits but another stooge waits in the wings with more brilliant blunders!

    • Greg

      Right on Glen!

  22. Ron P

    How about these.

    Dow closes between 8,500 and 9,000. History shows that every bull has a bear and 2011 will be the year of the another bear. Caused by decreasing value of the dollar which causes oil to rise to $110-$120 a barrel, gas to rise to around $3.75 a gallon and another downturn in the economic recovery since oil takes more of our income. Home sales continue a sluggish pace, foreclosures do not improve and unemployement stays at over 9%.

    Happy New Year!!

  23. Diane Carol Mark

    Hi Greg,
    Thanks for all your devotion during 2010; I’ve really enjoyed your writing, read all your posts and comments. During 2011, I think the folks in charge worldwide will feel more constricted by pressures beyond their control, so the result will be their increased attempts to maintain their control. This won’t be a comfortable place to be even though they have money and power. That’s because peace of mind flows from a different paradigm. Therefore, they’ll make mistakes…we’ll see a number of errors made by these folks in 2011. It’ll get a little ugly and will cause a greater awakening by the general public.

    Gold and silver will rise, of course, since as Jim Sinclair has been saying for years, there’s no “practical” solution to the problem of $1+ quadrillion in OTC derivatives. It’s even more sad that exotic OTC derivatives are still being bundled and sold, so the $1+ quadrillion may be a low number. Since there’s no practical exit from the consequences, we’ll see hyperinflation at some point. That may start in 2011, but it’s certainly going to arise in our near future. This will be very uncomfortable and I still have difficulty visualizing what this looks like day-to-day across the globe.

    Since history always repeats in an upward spiral, that is, each repetition creates a greater awakening, it would be sensible for all of us to read a lot and study the past on these issues: controlling behaviors, hyperinflation, weather challenges, spiritual transformation, and so on. These are all terrific topics for discussion. I plan on writing about many of them on a new web portal I’m launching in 2011, and hope you will write on these and other topics, too. We’re looking forward to your words of wisdom!

    🙂 Diane

    • Greg

      I hope I don’t let you down with the “words of wisdom” this year but I will promise to always give to you straight. Thank you for your predictions and comment. Good luck with your site.

  24. Roger McCaffrey

    1. Dow keeps rising above close of 2010 by 9% – “don’t fight the Fed.” 2. New sit com about a family of preppers to make fun of the movement. 3. House prices continue to fall, gas and food continues to rise to new levels. 4. Public needs to be distracted away from financial scandals – I expect Biden will be replaced as Vice-President as was Spiro Agnew in order to find a top level scapegoat for the financial problems. 5. Sarah Palin will be the front runner for the Republican nomination so that populace will be relieved when Obama wins reelection – “at least he’s better than Palin.” 6. Gold and silver up 20% from year end 2010. 7. Wikileaks swept under the rug as no one will care. 8. Population will be as disinterested in survival issues as were the people in H.G. Wells “The Time Machine.”

  25. Sam

    Dear Greg,

    Addendum to my previous post.

    Oil $180 a barrel.

    This will see a rise in prices in both shipping and goods. In the latter, there will be shortages, mainly in foodstuffs. Despite the attempted quashing by SB510, gardening will be rage. Expect to see an increase in not only the price of seed, but a big jump in heirloom seeds. Pots, potting soil, tools prices will also rise. Expect to also see a big jump in hunting, and in firearms used for hunting, such as the .30-06 (thirty ought six). Also see an increased demand for .22’s, mostly for small game. Attendance in hunting classes offered at some gun clubs will dramatically climb.

    Europe, which was nearly bailed out by China, will turn to Washington. We’ll have QE III for sure, causing oil-producing states to pull away from the dollar. Venezuela will join China and Russia in shunning the dollar. Because of continued decline in confidence in the dollar, we may see bank “holidays.”

    The new chic will not only be gardening, but also “prepping.” With increased prices, and even shortages of food, prepping will be all the rage.

    Burglaries will also increase, parallel with rising unemployment. Home security systems will increase in demand. So will sales in firearms, specifically shotguns.

    The House will try to repeal and defund “Obamacare,” but will be defeated by both Democrats and RINOs in the Senate. This will embolden Obama in setting up, and expanding the powers of, the “death panels.” This will outrage a number of citizens and “right to life” groups. Look for a surge in assaults on bureaucrats.

    Finally, Obama will sign on to the U.N. accord on banning private ownership of firearms. We’ll finally see the beginning of civil war in late 2011.

  26. SilverSaver

    Crash JP Morgan buy Silver
    Financial Expert, Michael Krieger stated recently that JP Morgan would be forced to cover their estimated $1.5 billion short silver position if just 5% of the world’s population each bought just one one-ounce silver coin. Anyone should look into protecting some portion of accumulated wealth during the future likelihood of currency tensions and domestic inflation.
    Does it anger you that the investment banks have gotten away with fraud these last few years, only to be bailed out with your tax dollars? Do you see the fraud of the federal reserve, and how it depletes your wealth with increasingly worthless paper? Wouldn’t you like to strike back at the system? Now’s your chance.

    Sign up on with Share-Code: X2FSJ to have special access to purchase silver in an account for a small investment of $25 dollars every 2 weeks.

    • Greg

      Thank you for your comment. I hope folks do some dollar cost averaging in silver through your site! All the best guys!

  27. Bob

    People will change this idea of needing full time jobs. They will pool there money for meals. Toilet paper will be if you need it bring it. Old ladies will have hot soup for sale on the streets. Men will claim there freedom an cast off the necktie. The old hippies will start little farms and teach the young if you want to eat you got to weed. There will be many new bad testing home made wine. People will get off the hard drugs are starve. The counties will stop costly wars because oil is so costly. Peace will come to the cities because the people are sick an tired of mean people and bad leaders. We all will have less toys but more respect for peoples feeling. Baseball will reclaim it’s place as the American sport, cheap and bring your own food. Peace

  28. Mike

    Values go up and values go down. Everyone knows that and therefore everyone is right some of the time. Predictions therefore, are largely meaningless.

    The facts are: The United States of America has a massive technologically superior military machine that is ready to roll at a moments notice. I predict no one anywhere on the planet will challenge America next year or beyond.

    The United States of America grows, processes and distributes more food for its people and its livestock than anywhere else on earth. I predict few, if any, Americans will die from starvation.

    The United States of America probably has more square feet of decent residential real estate available for every man, woman and child than any other place on earth. I predict Americans will
    never have to shelter themselves, from one generation to the next, inside a grass hut or tin covered shack.

    The United States of America has unmatched superb entertainment, powerful competitive athletes and outstanding, diciplined sports teams.

    As a Canadian, the only real weakness I see in the United States of America is in Hockey. No matter how hard Americans try, Americans cannot solve the vexing problem of trouncing our Canadian Hockey teams on a consistent basis. I predict the United States of America can and will solve all her problems but that one. That’s my prediction.

  29. Mitch Bupp

    HI Greg and Happy New Year to all of you, I see a slow agnozing death spiral during the first six months and then it gets really intesting.

    I see more bailouts by the FED under the current program of special lending unit as banksters are put under the legal gun on clawbacks by investors.

    states attorneys generals look at speculation in oversold silver and oil fututre contracts ex; comex 108 mil oz silver on hand ..contract 90 day delivery=700 million plus

    foreclosures reach 2009 levels as housing prices decline; unemployment remains above 20%

    republican congress tries to crash states budgets just to break unions but breaks USA …..

    rampant bond defaults by localities ….. 100+ june-dec

    April….. something big happens to or around Obama, Like an assination attempt or big terror attack making 911 look small ….

    comes to my mind out of the blue

    • Greg

      Happy New year to you Mitch. I see the same thing as you.

  30. ted wilson

    All will be well & OK. Sleep tight.

  31. FluffyCone

    Bank of America and Goldman Sachs go bankrupt and get split into pieces. BTW, I have no problems with honest rich people. It is the crooked ones that piss me off. The problem lies in distinguishing one from the other. So they all get blamed. Bad behavior is being rewarded.
    Quote: 99% of the bankers give the rest a bad name.

  32. ksa4liberty

    While MSM, FED reserve and FED government basically wash, rinse and repeat to continue and/or escalate events of 2010 ~ the People in the REAL and widely expanding grassroots movement continue their work at local levels to return control to the states through nullification and restore the original Constitutional Republic.

    • Greg

      I hope this prediction comes true soon!

  33. Nana in NH

    I predict that you will find it more difficult to get the truth out. I think we will lose some great alternative media sites due to government intervention and pressure in 2011.

    • Greg

      Nana in NH,
      I hope you are wrong but you might very well be spot on! I’ll keep going as long as they will let me.

    • Deborah

      I’m going to link this site, if that is okay, with the Transition Bergen site, a group which is floundering. The Transition movement is all about the economy, peak oil, conservation, localization of food, goods and services, self-reliance and reliance on our neighbors. The group I was in has basically fallen apart. The website is still up as is the Facebook page, but it seems people either don’t want to know about what is going on or they don’t understand it and don’t really know what to do. It would be great if the folks who post here also post there and wake up this part of the NJ-NY area.

  34. Mark

    Happy New Year!
    Prediction #1….The TRUTH will be “spoken” here
    Prediction #2….I will be here to read it. (I followed your site closely and acted on the info in 2010.)
    Prediction #3….I will try to remain an optimist. My gut tells me that this will be the hardest of the 3, to keep.

    I feel like for the first time in my life…being an optimist is a liability…

    Keep up the GREAT WORK!!!!

    • Greg

      Thanks Mark!

  35. grumpy old man

    I agree with Karen that there will be a false flag attack so the government can use it as an excuse to take away more of our freedom.
    Inflation will continue it’s march upwards,accelerating in 2011 and beyond. Since 1960, the rate of inflation change has gone up 639%. As other wise men have said before,including Ron Paul, this is a hidden tax on the American people. We don’t see the tax on our pay stub,but we pay it none the less.

  36. Bob Lee

    I believe (and fear) that we are on the precipice of the Great Tribulation. If I’m correct, then expect the following:

    1. The governments will turn on religion. It will start with the Muslims, but it will eventually extend to the Jews and Christians. They’ve been building up to this for years now, and it should be pretty obvious to anyone paying attention.

    2. War will break out between the Korea’s and most likely China will seize the opportunity to invade Taiwan. North Korea will threaten a nuclear attack, but God will not allow it. Somehow, a nuclear exchange will be averted or stopped, but this doesn’t rule out tactical nukes on the battlefield.

    3. Martial law will be declared in the US following an attack, either military or terror. Good chance it will be a bio-chemical attack.

    4. The entire global economy will collapse leading to wide spread anarchy. This may also be the trigger that begins martial law.

    5. Obama will be removed from office after the truth of his citizenship is unquestioningly revealed. This will cause a Constitutional crisis concerning laws he has signed, executive orders, etc.

    6. An attack between Iran and Israel will trigger a large theater military conflict. Russia and China will deploy troops and naval vessels to the middle east, and the US will stand alone with Israel. For the first time in history, the UN will begin to be effective and will defuse the conflict, at least temporarily. Meanwhile, all major world powers will hold Iran accountable, and ultimately, Iran will be destroyed, possibly by previously unknown and top-secret weapons technology. The real reason for her destruction, however, will be the aforementioned war on religious zealots who perpetrate “acts of terror” and warfare.

    7. The on-going crisis between China and Taiwan will escalate tensions severely between China and the US. China will take economic action agains the US in an attempt to cripple it, and the US will respond with a massive naval blockade preventing all Chinese goods from entering the US. China may even sink a US carrier in the Yellow sea in response to actions taken to secure Taiwan and South Korea. This will set the stage for WWIII.

    As for the rest of the tribulation, it will likely conclude in 2012, leading to armageddon.

    • Greg

      Good stuff Bob Lee.

  37. Jon Killingsworth

    Gold ,silver will have a small sell off in Jan, only to rally to $1600 by May. Inflation will start to kick in big time by spring. Goverment will continue to take away all freedoms and rights. We are heading the way of 1923 Germany. Police, NSA,HLS,FEMA,will continue be more forceful with new laws making it impossible anyone to do anything without breaking a law. Police are already pulling over average folks for any little thing and searching vehicles(revenue)and this will only get worse as gov funds dry up. No one will do anything for anyone, not wanting to rock the boat(Police State).Anyone who can still afford to leave this mess, should be on their way outa here NOW. For the rest of us, they have the FEMA CAMPS ready so big brother can protect us all and help us.
    To Greg, Thanks for your honest, great articles weekly. You are a must read for me every week. Have a great weekend.

    • Greg

      Thank you for your prediction and kind words!

  38. Jan

    2011 will be tough sledding, especially for those who believe the MSM. The Administration and their MSM puppets will continue to blow smoke in our faces and tell us it is fairly dust and everything is rosy.
    The oil prices will drive inflation not only at the gas pump, but for all consumer products. The cost will force people to cut back simply to be able to buy food, pay the untilities and get to work if they are lucky enough to have a job.

    State and local government will tax and fee the citizens to death, but will not lay off public workers or cut back programs. John Q. Taxpaying public will begin to demand wage & benefit cuts and lay offs in the public sector.

    I beleive more people will take cash out of the bank and put it into PM’s, food & ammo. A great deal of money will be removed from the economy as people become more and more fearful of QE to infinity.

    The market will crash, later third quarter or early fourth quarter, maybe to 3000-3500 level. This will give the power grabbers the incentive to take government control of 401K’s & IRA accounts to “protect” the people from the vulgarities of the stock market. Treasury bonds will be the new retirement fund for the people to invest.

    People will revert to cash for everyday purchases. The financial reform bill dumps debit card fees onto the consumer, not the merchant. People will choose to pay cash for their morning latte and pack of gum instead of using their debit card.

    Congress will pass a forgive & forget bill to excuse the mortgage fraud and foreclosures will skyrocket. Fannie & Freddy will form a REIT and become the largest landlord in the US. They will in turn sell this investment to Wall Street.

    More and more people will be introduced to USA Watchdog and the site will grow beyond Greg’s wildest dreams.

    Happy New Year!

  39. concerned citizen

    There has to be a solution—or there have to be many solutions—to all of these matters.

    A) Buy gold and silver, as said
    B) start gardening (hydroponics takes very little space and grows a lot in small spaces)
    C) Share your garden yields with your neighbors
    D) Start trading services with each other
    E) Plug for State nullification of unconstitutional laws, asking your favored grassroots organizations to get on board with that (any stripe or color, this is not a partisan issue)
    F) Keep posting to the internet and spreading word. We the People need to be the media now because the mainstream just isn’t doing its job, except being corporate whores masquerading as “news” or better known as “infotainment”. Let us take responsibility into our own hands and work together to break the collective denial with our peaceful pens (and computers). And be sure to spread teh note of hope, because people need to hear it and because depression has people doing nothing, but hope spawns proactivity. Shall we, shall we? Thank you all for such caring and concern, it’s very heartening to read the posts here. And thank you Greg, for all that you are so bravely and ethically doing, BRAVO!!!

    • Greg

      Concerned Citizen,
      Thank you for your predictions and solutions.

  40. Sean S

    Not necessarily in order of importance:

    1. The US will continue to wage the now seemingly unending and unaffordable wars in Afghanistan and Iraq along side it’s select and loyal allies.

    2. 85% of Americans will still be unable to point out Iraq and Afghanistan on a world map.

    3. Young soldiers with their entire lives ahead of them will still be killed and injured in large numbers in the Middle East. But it is all for a good cause. The good and sound cause is ………..

    4. Iran and North Korea will continue to snub their noses at the West and others.
    Iran will continue unimpaired with it’s nuclear program.

    5. Meanwhile, 85% of Americans will still be unable to point out Iran and Nth Korea on a world map but will be able to tell you exactly where the 8 or 9 nearest Wallmart stores are located.

    6. Al Qaeda will continue to receive funding from nations allegedly friendly to the West.

    7. Hamas will continue to lob hundreds of explosive missiles into Israel and then cry foul to the UN and the international press when Israel has the gall to retaliate.

    8. Except for Germany, most of the EU countries will continue to struggle economically and the ECB will have to bail out at least one more failed EU State in 2011 – with more likely to follow.

    9. Major US banks will still be profitable thanks to flawed FASB accounting rules (especially adopted under Government and industry pressure)to make our major banks look solvent. Over 100 more smaller banks will shut up shop.

    10. Michelle Obama’s wardrobe will be a major issue of national interest.

    11. Oprah will continue to tell everyone what to read and how to live their lives – for a little while longer – because after all she is just a typical citizen.

    12. Hollywood will continue to make lots of 2nd rate movies designed to satisfy the dumbed down badly educated masses. Robin Williams will continue to offer his very sound insights, advice and views on US politics which emanate from a most brilliant mind unaffected by drugs and alcohol. We really cannot wait for his next gem of political advice.

    13. “Eco sensitive” celebrities of all varieties will continue to drive their Toyota Prius’s and other sundry Hybrid vehicles to the airport where they will board their gas guzzling private jets.

    14. Al Gore will become increasingly irrelevant but commence a lecture tour, with the private jet, in Alaska and the Yukon on global warming.

    15. Secretary of State Clinton will be seen wearing a dress and make up. Meanwhile, Nancy Pelosi will have a bad hair day.

    16. President Obama will continue to make terrific sounding speeches to cover up for his resounding lack of substance. Because of his inadequacies Tim, Ben and other unelected types will continue to effectively shape economic policy designed primarily to satisfy their own constituency. Ex Pres. Clinton will be drafted in again to support the cause and spin to the masses.

    17. The US housing market will not recover in 2011 and real US unemployment will likely increase slightly.

    18. World prices for most major commodities will most likely increase, especially oil.

    19. The USD weakness will continue and the US authorities will keep official interest rates at artificially low levels. Meanwhile USDs will continue to flow out of the US seeking higher and more secure yields available in sounder economies.

    20. The PRC will bring 3000 new factories and 53 power stations on line whilst in the US three new Hotels and Casinos, and two new Wallmarts, will open in Las Vegas (just to show the Chinese that “we can produce worthwhile stuff too”).

    21. Hundreds of innocent people will be killed in Mexico and South America so that some hundreds of thousands of cretinous Americans, and others, can get their illegal drug supplies and waste away their lives.

    22. The TSA will continue to target 15 – 22 year old blonds at US airports for the full body pat down treatment. Meanwhile airline passengers will feel so relieved and grateful that they have escaped the clutches of yet another fanatical female blond American Christian terrorist. (That’s what insightful profiling does for you). Rumour has it that the TSA will only continue to employ airport front line staff with an IQ of less than 38.75.

    23. Americans will continue to buy their gas guzzling over weight 4-6000 lb trucks and SUVs in large numbers and then scream their collective heads off when gas hits $4.00 per gallon plus as it inevitably will.

    24. GM, Chrysler and Ford will continue to manufacture most US products more suited to $1.00 per gallon gas. Their vehicles will continue to be built to A- standards with dubious quality control and reliability, especially when out of warranty.

    25. 42.7% of American youth over the age of 11 will be able to construct a sentence with more than 6 words in it.

    26. Apple will release another hot, largely unnecessary, over priced product in 2011 for people to waste their cash on which will be obsolete, uncool and boring in 13 months.

    27. Too many Americans will continue to believe that they can still buy stuff even though they do not have the cash to pay for it.

    28. Greg Hunter will continue to write worthwhile and pertinent news articles with appropriate fact and analysis, completely devoid of the spin,superficiality and lack of integrity so often found in mainstream media. His articles will attract increasing numbers of readers.

    PS Apologies if I have offended any reader. It is entirely accidental and completely unintentional.

    • Greg

      Sean S.
      I especially hope prediction #28 comes true. Thank you.

  41. MikeD

    On the economic scene:

    1)California & Illinois will avert bankruptcy by appealing to Congress for a bailout; and they will get it — but not before 25+ more states jump on board for their share, which they will get as well. The majority of Americans will oppose, but no one will listen.

    2)As a result of #1, gold $2,500, silver $100, oil $160 by year-end.

    3)Home prices will drop an additional 10%.

    4)Nothing else drastic on the economic scene other than the customary slow, steady decline.

    On the political scene:

    1)The tea party will begin positioning itself for an eventual majority takeover of the Republican party. I feel this is inevitable, by 2016 at the latest.

    2)A viable 2012 presidential candidate whom we are currently not familiar with will reveal himself/herself from out of nowhere.

    3)The 2nd American Revolution will continue in the grassroots movement as unemployment steadily rises.

  42. Ken

    Greg: I predict that in 2011 we witness a shocking ACCELERATION of two existing trends: 1)-China accelerates its campaign of using USA dollars to “buy hard assets”, especially USA-owned companies. 2)-Merchants and Service providers accelerate their demand for clientele to use chipped cards.

    1- China cleanses itself of USA dollars as though the dollar was a communicable disease by accelerating its acquisition of hard assets, especially USA-based DOW-30 companies.

    2-Merchants, health institutions, and other important services, will accelerate their demands that we present chipped cards of two types: chipped identity and information cards, to improve the institutions’ productivities. Credit-, or debit-cards, INSTEAD OF CASH to pay for their goods and services. The acceleration of this trend becomes shocking when, in 2011, we witness merchants, and some banks, too!!, which REFUSE to accept cash, in 2011. Merchants will blame it on the need to protect their employees from rising crimes of armed robbery–no cash in the store, no motive for robbery. Institutions will justify their demand for chipped cards by pointing to long queues, long wait times, workloads and productivity.

  43. Robert Hamburger

    Hi Greg,

    Not to mince words, the sh-t will hit the fan in O-11. If not in the coming year, certainly in O-12. Specifically, the economy will continue to unravel, housing prices continue to fall, unemployment will rise, debt levels throughout society will grow unchecked – all combined with a general overall breakdown of existing systems. It’s not going to be a pretty picture.

    Having said that, one can still be optimistic. It will require getting answers from outside of the mainstream sources and making decisions that go against the grain. It will require vigilance. It will require looking beyond the mass denial and illusions.

    You want a different result than what’s heading in your direction? Think differently. Plan wisely. Prepare diligently. If one want to flourish in this time of chaos, a greater awareness will be the first order of business.

    May your intentions be returned to you ten-fold.


    • Greg

      Thanks Robert.

  44. hoppe

    Ron Paul, in his new position in Congress will try to pull back the curtain, and by the end of the year, announce he is running for president.

    • Greg

      Amen to that!

  45. rory

    Hi Greg,
    We “feel” sorry to use that word, FOOD COSTS will continue rising sharply and people adjusting their spending. Especially the elderly and people on fixed income.
    With food costs, rising FUEL costs, which are related to food costs and production, will further squeeze all.
    These will be the everyday effects seen by the majority.
    Cities will be scrambling to cope with falling revenues as well as failing school districts as funds shrink for them,
    …and the Public Unions will begin to be forced to make concessions in their retirement and benefit packages. Existing retirees will become alarmed at the thought of losing some or part of their retirement. It will become necessary however, at some point, to do so in order to save the investment-pool.
    Parts of cities and towns will be “abandoned” in order to save money on infrastructure costs.
    -yours in Christ,
    God promises to meet and our NEEDS and preserve those that believe and put their trust in what He said in our New Testament Covenant.

    • Greg

      The book of “66” is very helpful in times like these.

  46. concerned citizen

    Dear friends
    Someone posted that the core issue is the economy. I can only whole-heartedly agree what a profound concern (worse) this is. So my intention here is not to rebut that. No way. Instead, I do want to underscore the key matter of free speech being at stake. No kidding. If we don’t have free speech, then we won’t even be talking about the economy.

    The Center for Constitutional Rights posted to their website that a Federal judge had struck down a portion of the Patriot Act because it “could be construed to include unequivocally pure speech and advocacy protected by the First Amendment.” They state further: “Our clients sought only to support lawful and nonviolent activity, yet the Patriot Act provision draws no distinction whatsoever between expert advice in human rights, designed to deter violence, and expert advice on how to build a bomb. We think the Constitution demands that the law recognize the difference between furthering human rights and furthering violence.” Read more here:…/ccr-wins-great-victory:-key-provision-patriot-act-ruled-unconstitutional

    Now let’s look at the people affected by this.

    Greenpeace, the Nobel Peace Prize-winning Quaker organization The American Friends Service Committee (an anti-war group), Food Not Bombs, and Codepink have all been officially dubbed “terrorist” entities by the FBI. These groups appear on a very long list of those spied on by the FBI and represented by the ACLU, along with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, religious groups, anti-war groups, the ACLU itself, the National Lawyers Guild, and some individual people too. Doubt it? See this long list of ACLU spyfiles clients:

    See also this “International Terrorism Matters” FBI memo posted to the ACLU’s, website. It investigates the Thomas Merton Peace Center for organizing a peaceful anti-war rally, a form of protected free speech under the first amendment and a petition to the government for redress of grievances. The memo contains the FBI’s official seal, is addressed to the US Department of Justice and states that the document “is for your use and any action deemed appropriate”. Just because the Peace Center members were (Peacefully, to stress) speaking out against the Iraq War, the US Dept of Justice should take “any action DEEMED appropriate” ??

    Even bird watchers and joggers in shorts are being targeted by the power-crazed FBI. So are people who contributed money to an entity dubbed “terrorist” as above, or to Muslim groups (who are not violent or terrorist)implying guilt by association in the war OF terror:

    The Patriot Act actually contains gag orders, no kidding. THe FBI may impose these on anybody, anytime they *dub* them a “terrorist” and/or choose to ask questions of anybody connected to such peace and freedom-loving “terrorists” as those above. If YOUR doctor squeals that YOUR medical records were forked over to the Feds because YOU made a financial contribution to Greenpeace or other such evil “terrorists”, YOUR doctor could go to jail for six years! Think I am kidding? It’s written into the Patriot Act (see the Center for Constitutional Rights’s website, linked above). Read this true story of a gag order receipient who fought it off with the ACLU’s help:…/my-national-security-letter-gag-order.html

    In short, anybody who speaks up against The Agenda (war, oil, civil liberties losses as way to enforce the profiteering) is in deep doo-doo. I do not think it is any coincidence that the Patriot Act assures secrecy via unconstitutional gag orders and dubs peacefully vocal people as “terrorists”. This is a way to protect The Agenda via a clampdown on free speech. Not an accident.

    With basket warrants applying to an entire nation of people that really are not warrants at all, spying allows the FBI to clamp down on YOU for YOUR free speech.

    Did you know that the late Senator Ted Kennedy appeared on the no-fly list? So did other (no partisan statement intended, just fact) Democrats in public office who voted against the Patriot Act or spoke out against it.

    Let’s not be innocent about this. The War OF Terror is not about hunting down terrorists as claimed. It is about silencing the opposition to the wars without end for profiteering purposes. America has turned into what former FBI agent Ted Gunderson called “a giant step toward a police state” (stated in his open letter to Bush and Ashcroft about the Patriot Act and about repeated pre-911 FBI warnings of the plan for terrorists to strike AMerican buildings with airplanes). Read his scathing and indicting letter here, but click on the backup file link. The original letter was removed from the web:…/IntelligenceKnew/

    So my friends, the economic break-down may have been engineered for reasons which are open to speculation. I have my thoughts about this, and it would be interesting to read the thoughts of others here.

    The War On Terror is a fake, more than 75% of the Guantanamo detainees were PROVEN innocent according to the Red Cross, Center for Constitutional Rights, ACLU and others. Those against The Agenda are chased after as “terrorists”. Children are being sexually groped in our airports, on our dime, while the government pretends to be concerned about computer-based pedophiles. OUr economy has been deliebrately (I believe) imploded by our politicians, for what purpose? Open to speculation. Civil liberties and free speech itself are being legislated against. People are losing homes while the government raises war spending and cuts back social security, food stamps and education. Obama has gone so far as to claim the right to unilaterally dub “Enemy combattants” at his convenience, and order the CIA or FBI to shoot them without judicial review. THis was reported by the Los Angeles TImes, Washington Post and is being litigated by the ACLU. It is not a hoax. Tianenmen Square coming to America soon? Call me a paranoid conspiracy theorist if you like, but in return anybody who does, I say is *innocent* and had better wake up, and fast too.

    Desparate times require desparate measures. And revolution is the most sure-fire way to a) immorally injure or kill people b) discredit a cause. c) The most peaceful way to go may be to declare our independence from this fascist government which is abusing and robbing us while we pay them to do it. Not acceptable. d) The first step in that direction is to ask the States to nullify the application of unconstitutional matters within their borders. e) This will get matters on the public radar, with the media behind it. f) Getting matters on the public radar is key. Greg, any expert thoughts how we might go about this?
    g) I suggest that appealing to college newsletter editors is key because the kids talk to their parents, who listen to them where they will discredit others. Thus one wakes the slumbering giant. Bingo!

    An article by you, Greg, about how to break through to the media would be hot! In the meanwhile, your comments here would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you all.

    PS how to get your town to pass resolutions against the Patriot Act:

  47. concerned citizen

    Nullify Now!

    The States will (if they get smart) nullify Federal matters left and right. Especially if we the people ask them to. Let’s write our grassroots organization leaders and ask them to “plug” for State nullification of any number of laws and practices that are unconstitutional, or that threaten the general wellbeing.

    Another thing to do is to run for public office to replace any bad apples in Congress.
    “Can’t read? Run for Congress!” read a bumpersticker I recently saw. Let’s go for it. (Let’s not forget self-taught Old Abe either. You get my drift).

  48. bean

    my prediction is that the house of saud falls. king abdullah will be removed by followers of bin laden, with the help of outside interests who have little fondness of the kings “relationship” with the US.
    you can probably guess the rest.

    • Greg

      Short but profound prediction. Thank you.

  49. nm


    1) Gas prices will rise to $4 dollars a gallon (or even higher) and that is when people are really going to feel the pinch.

    2) Obama (seeing his re-election chances slipping away) will force Bernanke & Geitner to resign.

    3) They’ll be higher rates of crime all over the country as more and more people get laid off and slip into long-term unemployment.

  50. Edgo

    1) OIL. Watch it. It is probably the most important hard asset (hard asset = wealth)
    2) Oil is priced in dollars. Watch price per barrel and you’ll know what’s happening to the dollar.
    3) Ultimately, the federal reserve note (nor any fiat currency) isn’t worth the price of the paper it’s not printed on. Get OUT of paper. Stocks, Bonds, Currency. It’s all rigged.
    4) Rule of Law, except for large interests which make it up as they go, is nearly dead.
    5) There WILL be sovereign and/or municipal default this year. Currencies will crash.
    6) The Fed will be unable to STOP printing dollars. I think its too late.
    7) Basically it will be “extend and pretend” until it can’t any more.

  51. signalfire

    Violent throwing-up followed by violent overthrow.

  52. Nicole B

    Happy New Year Greg!
    My predictions are as follows:

    Gas: $4-$5 per gallon
    Home prices: slip another 20% because of shadow inventory flooding the market with lower priced foreclosure properties, interest rates on upward creep…
    Thousands of Adjustable-Rate Mortgages will adjust in the next 2 years, resulting in another flood of underwater homeowners and strategic foreclosures will skyrocket. Too many people will feel like they have nothing to lose by walking away from their homes. Refinancing isn’t an option because the appraisal values won’t support the loan amount. Even homeowners with good credit are stonewalled by the plummeting values in their neighborhood…it’s not about getting a loan, it’s that the appraisal will be too low….

    The banks, this obtuse Administration, and the mainstream media will continue to spin the stats to convince the American people that it’s on the upturn. Indeed the Bank cartels are the terrorists, and the American people are being held hostage.

    • Greg

      Thank you Nicole B!

  53. rallis

    Riots and revolts in Europe during 2011 will spill into the U.S. in 2012.
    Happy New Year from Greece!!

    • Greg

      I agree there will be increased violence. Thank you.

  54. James M

    I am not to good a predictions. The best I have is that my girlfriend and I may or may not be together in 2012 lol. Tis guy at Pajamas had some good funny ones though so I give them to you at his link

  55. NCdirtdigger

    The world will come to know the meaning of the german phrase Schein und Sein,( appearance and reality) as it applies to the value of the dollar. Inflation pressure will build while the CPI tells us is isn’t. The grocery bill does not lie. While prices of debt related items (cars, houses and discretionary items) will drop, the necessities (food, energy) will rise. Greg Hunter will bring us the news . A happy and prosperous new year to you and yours Greg.

    • Greg

      Thank you NCdirtdigger!!

  56. Hang Time

    Greg, seems pretty simple to me. I’m 72 and remember when a gallon of gas was 10 cents and made 35 cents an hour. As the value of the USD depreciates, the costs of goods, services and commodities rise to maintain the value of those assets. So what’s different now between $3 gas and $10.50 an hour? The relationship is the same. The difference now is that the printing machines are running red hot and will we be making $31.50/hr at McDonalds for that $9 gas?

    • Greg

      Hang time,
      I like your math.

  57. Joe

    Gas will hit $4/gallon by end of year due to money printing. With that said, expect more dollars in circulation to rise due to Bernanke-tative easing. Thus the value of the dollar will continue to fall. Thus, the price of commodities will rise. Mainstream media spin continues to rise claiming the economy is improving. Oh and Congress will continue to accomplish nothing.

    • George

      Have you checked the availibility of credit lately? You can only get credit if you don’t really need it. And it is going to get worse

  58. concerned citizen

    No matter what happens, bad or good, either people will turn against each other or, better yet, they will join hands and become one human chain. Neighbors, family and friends feeding each other, trading labor, helping each other is the way to go.

    There is a story of a man who went to heaven and hell. In hell, there was a banquet table loaded with food, but people were staring forlornly with their eyes sunk. The guy looked: The people all had their arms tied to broomsticks. So they couldn’t bend their arms at the elbow, and couldn’t feed themselves. so they stared and starved.

    In heaven it was much the same. The broomsticks were tied to their arms, they coul’dnt feed themselves. Same loaded banquet tables. Yet, in heaven, people were deliriously happy.

    The reason?

    In heaven, everybody fed their neighbor.

    If they couldn’t bend their elbows, they could pass food from their own plates into their neighbor’s mouths, a la communion style. And they did. Joy!

    That will become the communal model for the future.

    Pools can be turned into fish farms, yards into gardening space, apartments can cultivate food in hydroponic tanks and use grow lights. We will all help each other, and we will find a way, if we wish to. And that is what we must do. I have faith that people will, somehow or other.

    Please spread word.

  59. cowboy

    The only thing I am certain that will happen in 2011 is that our government officials will continue to screw up our economy with their selfish and sordid decisions while trying to govern us. They have made it impossible for an person who is knowledgeable of the mess that they created over the last 20 years to make safe and prudent investments. We have to now worry about the currency we invest in and how or where to find a meaningful interest rate for it. If we were sharp enough to buy gold, we have to worry about if they will confiscate it or tax it to death. Voltaire said “it is dangerous to be right when your government is wrong”. I am just now understanding what he meant.
    I am sure our government will find more ways in 2011 to ship our few left US jobs to China, knowingly or unknowingly. I am a rancher. I love the feeling I get when I see the miracle of a newborn calf. And now I have the satisfaction of knowing that it was made in America. Not even the hooves, tail, or tongue were made in China and shipped here for assembly . And I am sure we will not get an official language for our English speaking country so that I will still have to wonder when I make a phone call why in the hell I have to push 1 to speak English.
    I also predict that there will be 20 or 30 more Americans that will believe as I do.

  60. George

    Predictions for 2011 based on a predication of evidence
    Congress will continue BAU and assure that the seeds of our destruction are sown.
    401-Ks, IRAs, other personal retirement accounts will be seized by the Obama Administration
    Neither the Democrats nor the Republicans have the will to the needful things
    Look at the biggest purchaser of US Treasuries…The Fed
    The Obamites held meeting in Sept 2010 outlining how UNFAIR it is that I have a personal retirement plan while there are poor people that don’t have one. You don’t have to believe me on this one. To those of you that say, “It can’t happen here, this is America”! I say, “Read the REAL history of our country you f@(<ing moron”! FDR took up the Gold in 1933. And in 2010, Obama ignored 200 years of bankruptcy law to steal from the bond holders and give GM to his union buddies. It HAS happened here and IS happening here. And who do you think is going to finance our debt and buy these toilet paper T-Bills? China?
    Unemployment and inflation will both increase even with increased manipulation of the numbers by the Government. My SWAG is real inflation will be 30%+ for 2011 and increase UPWARD from there. This is based on my thoughts that gold [REAL Money] is going to be up 30% [$1800+] just like this year.
    The only way for Obama to increase exports is to deflate the dollar. Plus the Fed is printing dollars reminiscent of the Weimar Republic or more recently, Zimbabwe. We have 60+ Trillion dollars of liabilities. IF someone can think of how we can pay these bills with no manufacturing base to speak of and an aging educated population, please let me know. And lets not forgets our under educated, under motivated, under achieving youth that expects everything sweat free
    The dollar will decrease in status and value.
    See above.
    However, the Euro collapse will precede the collapse of the US dollar.

    People have forgotten history; or in the case of America, were taught revisionist history where FDR is a great man, global warming is real and the inconvenient facts be damned. If we are not past the tipping point [and I hope we are not], we are so close that everyone needs to hold their breath and work together to move BACKWARDs away from the edge. The politicians are urging us over the edge. Remember, we have to “pass that bill” to find out what’s in it. But then who would have thought that we would vote for politicians a second time that voted for bills that they did not read and did not understand? Only in America, do we allow these people to stay in power. They shoot them in other countries… that is, they do during the revolutions that the corrupt politicians precipitate.
    Americans will continue to allow the erosion of liberty and freedom for a false promise of safety by the politicians.
    Does anyone really believe that we have been anything other than lucky in preventing another terrorist attack? Yet everyone seems to think that being felt up or a near naked image taken makes us safer. Human intelligence is better than technology in protecting us. I remember the dumbasses that spec’d out the first Phantom jets in the Vietnam conflict didn’t put cannons on them; just missiles. These same morons or their children are still running things. And yes, this reliance on technology cost American lives and yes, they later added cannons. Does anyone remember any history lessons on nations that traded freedoms for safety and / or prosperity? If you’re under the age f thirty, I doubt they covered that subject in your history studies. Stupid people are easier to oppress than educated people. Why do you think Hitler killed so many educated people? And we are becoming a nation of stupid people. Does anyone really believe we are governed by the best, the most honorable and the brightest? If so, I suggest you get immediate medical attention.
    I predict that we will have a terrorist attack in 2011. I think that our luck will run out. Please let me be wrong on this one but it is just basic statistics. Which do you think works better for real safety, profiling or picking every tenth person in line at the airport?
    God bless America, God bless our families and God keep us all safe. But remember, God takes care of those that take care of themselves. Prepare for the storm as best you can.

    • Greg

      Good stuff!

  61. deadmanlives

    This list won’t all happen in 2011, but I expect every item on the list will happen in the next couple of years.

    1) Real inflation rate at 20%+
    2) Real unemployment at 35%
    3) 2 million foreclosures a year
    4) Annual federal deficit at 3.2 trillion
    5) Dow at 6000
    6) Gold at 6000
    7) Silver at 400

    The last three could be at multiples of these (12,000/12,000/800, etc.) depending on the number of QEs we must endure.

    We are witnessing the fall of the American empire by the enemies (banksters and corrupt politicians) from within.

  62. ROY

    By August of 2011 it will become clear that the global weather patterns have changed from what we thought were normal. This will cause massive crop failures in many countries. Food prices will go up 200 to 300 percent. First world nations will find the food to feed their populations, but third world nations will face terrible famines. Social unrest around the world will be an understatement. Almost seven billion people on the third rock from the sun wake up each morning and expect something to eat. The entire world social structures will change in a matter of months. 2012 will be even more interesting as food supplies diminish even more.

    • workingstiff

      Hi Roy,
      I’ve heard this same bull S$=t for the last decade. Redo the math. The only thing that will be clear about the weather by August 2011 is we still don’t have a clue.

  63. slingshot

    Happy New Year!

    We will find the true meaning of the word “Family”.
    We will get to know our neighbors.
    We will know where food comes from.
    We will meet new friends.
    We will rediscover forgotten methods.
    We will realize we didn’t need all that fancy stuff.
    We will do things we never thought we would do.
    We will find happiness in the little things in life.
    We will discover our real selves.

  64. James Denning

    Have you ever slowly turned on a water faucet? It starts to drip at first. Then it drips faster until, all of a sudden, there is an immediate change from dripping and the water becomes a stream. When this change occurs is unpredictable. I think the world economic/political structure is in that dripping phase currently but will soon have a huge change. The time of the change is unpredictable but things will very suddenly be very different.

  65. Mike

    Gold and silver will skyrocket faster than anyone
    thought as the monetary system starts a slow collaspe.
    The rest of the world is right behind.

    At least 1 large bank will fail – this will trigger
    federally imposed monetary restrictions on all banks.

    Several states will default on bonds. Who knows what
    this will trigger.

    As states look at unbeleivable deficits, local govts
    will be forced to furlough or lay off workers.

    State, city and county workers will see their pension
    plans modified.

    State, city and county workers will see their health
    plans modified.

    Domestic terrorist attacks will increase,
    We will not be ready.

    Expect more firearm control laws. Arm yourselves now.

    There will be the start of food shortages. Stock up on
    items with a long shelf life. (can you say SPAM).
    Buy and store properly seeds – it can’t hurt.

    Problems with our water supplies.

    Fuel prices will go thru the roof.

    North Korea WILL NOT back down. Neither will China.

    And finally –
    Calif will suffer a devasating earthquake.
    Just had to add this.

    Bottom line:
    Expect 2011 to continue a downward trend.
    Personally – hope for the best but plan for the worst!

  66. nm

    Goldman Sachs’ invests $450 million of their “own” cash into Facebook. You know an IPO is coming because they’ll need to recover that money in multiples of ten.

    So, they’re now estimating that Facebook is worth $50 Billion dollars? Based on what?

    Something very, very, bad is coming because this is madness.

  67. M SMITH

    Greg, this site will see huge growth as more people wake up from spell cast by the MSM that has been feeding the sheeople fake data to please their corporate masters. Gold & silver up & physical silver becomes harder to find as supplies can’t meet demand. All the rest, who really knows, our government is being run by the “Keynesian’s” who’s failures now add up to trillions of Debt upon the US can never repay. Good Luck to all! See you here where the truth is FREE.. M.Smith

    • Greg

      M Smith,
      I hope your prediction comes true. Thank you for your support!

  68. Stanley Hartstein

    I expect 2011 will show some sort of recovery. It will dawn on people that the Chinese Yuan will appreciate against the dollar. China will attempt to raise interest rates to cool off its inflation rate. The higher interest rates will attract money from investors in other countries, which will, ironically , keep interest rates low. It will also make Chinese goods more expensive and American products more competitive.
    I also suspect that with signs of recovery showing, banks will lend out progressively larger amounts of money which will in turn help the recovery.

  69. nm


    Can you please do a post on Obama’s economic adviser (I think his name is Austen Golsbee) – He declared that if we don’t raise the debt ceiling we will default, which would then be catastrophic.

    So, is he saying that if we can’t go deeper into debt we will default? i.e. the minute America can’t borrow more money, it will default on it’s debt obligations???? It doesn’t make sense. How many times are they going to keep raising the debt ceiling?

    • Greg

      Good idea. I am sure I will at least incorporate some of Golsbee material into a post about the debt ceiling. Thank you.

  70. Keith

    $6.00 gasoline by July 2011
    $7.00 gal. milk
    Bread-$4.00 a loaf if you can get it.
    Sucker rally in the stock market-will crash late September 2011.
    Obama will seek to deflect attention from collapsing domestic policy
    and strike Iran.
    After that fails he will not seek a second term.
    By 2012 Many American cities will be on fire because of a myriad of social-economic problems brought on by the unfulfilled welfair commitments ect.
    City workers such as police and fire fighters will strike and State Governors will deploy Army Guard units to keep order.

    The country side and suburbs will fair much better and clean up the ashes. There will be a mass exodus from major cities to the countryside
    as the cities and major urban areas collapse.
    Maybe looking at the total loss of 25 to 30 major American cities by the end of 2012

  71. James

    Greg has posted James Kunstler here before and I’ve found his insight to be depressing but on target.

    Check out his predictions for 2011 and pray for guidance.—gird-your-loins-for-lower-living-standards.html



    • Greg

      Yes James he has.

  72. ROY

    A followup to ” workinfstiff” comments. I would suggest that he take some time off from work and take a vacation to other countries in the world. He would find out the world is now very different from what most americans think the situation is. The american so called free press is owned and controled by multinational corporations. They play the american people like a puppet on a string. Global food reserves are at an all time low, with increasing demand. I travel a lot in third world countries, There has been a silent revolution happening for the past 5 years in these countries. Last week i was in a city of 8 million people. 9 years ago this city was very dangerous,and extreme poverty. Now there are new freeways being built, all concrete. There is an energy there with the small time business people, that i use to see in the United States in the 1950s and 1960s. New cars and buses everywere. Everyone has cell phone. My wife and i traveled all week in local taxis without a problem. All other cities we travel too have the same explosion in growth. Hundreds of millions of people are fast raising their standard of living to that of United States. This little planet we all live on cannot substain this kind of growth, and the polution of our biosphere that goes along with it. Our planets weather patterns are changing, mostly due to natural long term cycles. Get out and travel some, talk to the local folks, they will tell you they weather is changing, difficult to know when to plant their crops or if they will harvest due to the weather. We have built up a food supply chain that cannot absorb rapid change. If Brazil has a soybean crop failure for just one year and the steady stream of shiploads of soybeans stop flowing into China´s pig and poultry industry, you will see famines in short order. This is only one of hundreds of food supply systems the multinationals have set up. They can bring any country they choose to it´s knees within months, if their masters so decide. What can you do about it, not much. Do what some on here suggest, stock extra food stuffs, grow your own food if possible. Be a good boyscout and take care of your own family. It is not difficult to make a prediction what is about to happen in the near future. You also need to read news blogs like this, for these news blogs are the only ray of truth left in the american free press,for now at least. Dont get too radical, or you will just get run over by the system you dont understand. Dont go crying to any politician about the situation, no matter what country you live in, for they all sold their souls to the international country club group a long time ago. And do not have fear, for that is how they control you. Is this all going somewere, you bet it is, but that is another story.

    take care out there,

  73. bet

    First time here .great website, Loved reading all the predictions. Mine is , things will get worse before getting better. political leaders are whores and care more about getting relected then they care about whats best for the USA. Union leaders (I am in USW) are just as bad as politicians. And I am very upset about the world and country we are leaving to our children and grandchildren

    • Greg

      Thank you Bet! I hope you return often!!

  74. Cicely Rubsam

    If I could interject an opinion in here, I would have to admit I have changed my mind about this topic. This is due to your persuasive words and sound commentary. Thank you for sharing.

  75. Matt Nelson

    Weekly Metals Wrap up-

    This week was right in the 1265-1275 range with was predicted.

    Almost hit my high of 1290.

    Next week

    USD Gold-

    Around 1265 -1285 Range

    With in 1250-1300 range

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