Gerald Celente on 2013, Gold and Silver and WW III

CelenteBy Greg Hunter’s 

Trends forecaster Gerald Celente predicts the global financial system will continue to be propped up.  Celente says, “The scheme continues to go, the scheme being dumping cheap money into the system to perpetuate an economy that should have crashed in 2008.  So, for 2013, our best shot is more of the same, but worse.”  Celente’s advice for people who want to protect themselves financially, “Continue to buy gold and silver because a currency war has broken out.”  Celente says gold’s assent has stalled because the financial elite “rigged the game” just like the $800 trillion global LIBOR interest rate market.  Celente asks, “Don’t you think they’re rigging the gold and silver markets?”  Celente contends the fuse is lit on the Middle East and North Africa.  He thinks, “The Arab Spring has nothing to do with a democracy movement.  It has to do with far too few having much too much and way too many having much too little.”  Celente predicts, “If anybody attacks Iran, it will be full-fledged World War III.”  Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Gerald Celente, publisher of The Trends Journal.     


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  1. Rev. William Joslin

    Awesome interview Greg! Perfect guest for the new year. I’ve been looking forward to seeing Gerald back on. Now I’m looking forward to him coming back. Nobody mentioned China or Russia in regard to the Middle East. Certainly they’d both support Iran. It will get very ugly. And what happens here when the economy bottoms out and people are no longer getting food stamps or unemployment and can’t find jobs. Will we not see civil unrest as well? Are we looking at a happy new year or a hopeless new year?

    • Greg

      Wow, you are a dedicated supporter of the site. I just out this up a little while ago. Thank you for your comment.

  2. Tony S.

    I love it when Gerald mentioned the Arab “Little League” !!!

    Classic Gerald and I love the way he tells it like it is.

  3. art barnes

    “More of the same but worst”, yea, that’s about it, each year this country gets worst in all facets of our society. The reason, of course, the government doesn’t fix anything it just patches up. At some point you must actually rebuild instead of patching. Another reason is this:
    ITS A RIGGED SOCIETY by our political riggers, the MSM, Wall Street, & Congress. All an average Joe wants is a decent job to raise a family, seems like they could at least handle that one while their out on their yachts having champagne which was achieved by tax loopholes, insider trading, and government contracts. Yea Greg, just more of the same but worst, happy new year!

  4. Dirk Noort

    love Americans, but hate the foreign policy. Good luck from Toronto.
    Happy New Year and good luck in 2013!

    • Greg

      I echo your sentiment. Thank you for the comment.

  5. Tim B.

    Greg, Thanks to you and your guests for an enlightening year of reporting and information….The MSM news shows have always been dubious to me in the past, I now find them hard to watch and absolutely un-stomachable. Celente hit the nail on the head with the term “presstitutes”. Keep up the good work.

    • Greg

      Thank you Tim B.

  6. JoeJustJoe

    Greg, as Ronald Ray Gun would say at a time like this >>> “Here you go again” 🙂 Why is it that every single time gold falls out of bed and goes against the “expectations” of all these ex-spurts you parade in front of us (Ex-spurt definition >>> Has been drip under extreme pressure) the story they come up with is that the market is being manipulated? 🙂 Basically they are all Yay-hoo’s when gold is hitting $1900… and there is no manipulation to the upside by morons looking to place their bets as Uncle Ben Bernanke was doing the “obviously” inflationary QE2. But when gold drops like it is now (against “expectations” of the ex-spurts who woulda thot QE3 would lead to higher gold prices) it is manipulation all of a sudden. Trust me, in the end the sheep will get slaughtered by listening to clowns like Celente. But again, I will be there to rescue you goldbugs from amongst the smoking ruins *-)

    • Greg

      Gold is way up in the last ten years and look at the Dow or the S & P on a chart. It’s back to even and that is with a huge government bailout in the trillions of dollars. Most people are not traders here and yes the markets are being manipulated. That includes the stock market. What do you think the President’s Working Group on Financial Markets (AKA The Plunge protection team) does? What about the LIBOR rate rigging fraud? What do you think the Fed buying $40 billion a month in MBS and $45 billion a month in Treasuries is? What do you think flash trading, algorithmic trading or naked short selling is all about? Bing, Bing, Bing you guessed it–market manipulation. Happy New Year. I hope all of your trades double your money in 2013.

      • JoeJustJoe

        True dat, Greg. But we can’t make $$$ based on what gold did the past 10 years…can we? I am a “forward looking” mechanism…just like the “real” market. It was nice to see the goldbugs get some relief today tho. Gold and the gold stocks did “as the general market did” for a change. Not sure where I heard that as a “theory” to keep an eye on but it certainly worked today. Love what they did to my VIXens too. I unloaded all but 100 UVXY in AH trading on Fri for 30.50. I didn’t even think they would give me a chance to buy that back! I did add to my EDZ position today simply becuz I want the world! I’ll be taking my VIXens back before the end of the week I’m sure. Have a Happy New Year, Greg! *-)

        • Greg

          You are a trader, and that takes skill and work. Most folks on this site are not traders. They are positioning themselves for an economic calamity that is mathematically assured. We all wish you the best in trading this market.

    • Nathan Hale

      joejoe You seem like way extra smart! Do you have a news letter I could buy into?

    • Kentest

      Good luck with that analogy. Don’t build equity with paper. As I said, bankers are addicted to your not so good returns and government bail outs, price rigs.

  7. Daryl

    Does not Iran claim to have the ability to repel any attack by the US? This claim can be found on the website


    • Greg

      Thank you Daryl for the comment and the info.

  8. SilverOrGold

    Thanks again Greg! Happy New Years and thanks for all your insights. Its really REALLY appreciated!!

    • Greg

      Thank you AUorAG.

  9. Mars

    This is only my second comment in as many years. I am an avid follower of you column.(usually @5am lol)
    These are my thoughts about what is happening in The Good Ole U.S.A. So take it with a grain of salt if you will.
    First, enough already about the “Physical Cliff”
    Picture if you will: The biggest Bunker Buster in the world having already exploded and all of the debris is in the air. The bottom has been breached and the pieces will start falling soon. It is all “smoke and mirrors” now. A “Fix” is not possible, get over it. Jeeze come on, we haven’t had a national budget in over 3 years! We have to look forward.
    William Cooper wrote:
    “Remember-Never Worship A Leader.If you worship a leader, You no longer have the ability to recognize when you have been deceived.”
    There goes 50% of the population. They will do whatever they’re told, no questions asked.
    Now they’re starting up a hornets nest…(3 guesses what that is)
    This is going to be their cover when the debris from that bunker buster starts falling on those “naked jaybirds” who don’t have a clue to what is happening.It doesn’t look good.
    It seems to me they want a civil war…WE CANNOT LET THAT HAPPEN! That will play right into their hand.
    This is the solution we need to seek. There is no monitory one except to start anew.
    God bless… I think we’re gonna need it.


    • Greg

      Thank you Mars for taking the time to weigh in here.

  10. George

    Happy New Year Greg. Thanks for putting Mr. GC on the dog. Like you, I believe that we would be on the road to recovery if we had “Ice..landed” the banks and just covered the depositors. But the bankers have too much money to go quietly so they get bailed out while we get feed to the wolves.

    • Greg

      Thank you George for the comments and your friendship.

  11. Bud

    Celente’s predictions are terrible – – probably because he’s probably correct. This coming year – – “the same except worse”. Not a Happy New Year.

    • Greg

      Thank you Bud and Shawn for the comments.

  12. Shawn in San Jose

    Minor nitpick. There arent any nukes that fit in briefcases. Its more like a steamer trunk or something along those lines. Still easy to put in the back of a van or man handle with 2 guys. But its not a briefcase or backpack sorta thing.

    Thanks for all the posts this year Greg. Keep up the good work and Happy New Year. See all of you on the other side in 2013.

  13. Dan R.

    I love your interviews with Mr. Celente. Thank you for all the hard work you have put into your site. Happy New Year. (I just hope that 2013 is “happpy” times for all of us).

    • Greg

      Thank you Dan R. and Troy.

  14. Troy

    Gerald Celente is spot on!

    The solution is in the mirror. We need to quit playing victim and stop being part of the problem

  15. andrew

    Hello Greg

    Happy New Year , all the best to you and your readers. I have followed you and the others , Sinclair , Celente , Kieser, etc, what a wonderful community to be a part of, and our group with your help will only become bigger and more informed. My family and i have created a company influenced by your information. We provide a service for an alternative situation. . Check us out. Contact us any time . I thank you for your steadfast commitment , it has changed me and my own.
    Thank you

  16. Dean

    Just a comment on the facebook deletion of the Gandi quote on the national news account.

    Except for words Gandi had little effect on kicking the British out of India. It was Indian troops trained by the Germans during WW2 that kicked the British kicking and screaming out of India. Not words
    but force of arms that did the trick just like the colonists via force of arms that kicked the British out of the colonies.
    Who knows what the states will do to do their duty to cut the Federal
    government done to size (the Constitution)

  17. Andy

    I’ve noticed that Gerald Celente’s trend forecasts have changed over the years. Years ago his trends were more about the coming technological and business developments around the world, now his trend forecasts are more towards the breakdown of economies and societies … he has had a good forecasting track record in the past … but he now sees the important trends as economic and society survival, let’s hope he has lost his touch and got it wrong this time, or it doesn’t bode well for all our futures.
    (great site Greg, always look forward to your interviews!)

    • Greg

      There is one good piece of news out there, and that is the growing oil and natural gas boom in the U.S. i don’t think it will save us from the coming calamity but I do think it will help pull us out of it when its fully played out. Thank you for the comment.

    • Blair T. Longley

      Yes, unfortunately the timely trends have tragically followed the trajectory of our society being a runaway fascist plutocracy juggernaut, threatening to turn most of us into its road kill. The futurology business appears to have been down hill for decades, since the established systems of fraud backed by force entrenched themselves deeper and deeper. While the exponential increase in creativity is also happening, the exponential increase in the dominating dishonesty, have forced us all to worry more about the destructive possibilities in the future, rather than the creative.

      Anyway, like millions of other people, I admire Celente’s work. (I happened to be led here just now from a comment link in a Zero Hedge article.)

  18. Mickey

    Gerald Celente’s interview is a treat, thanks Greg! Mr Jim Sinclair has your interview of Gerald on his site, what a way to spread the news of what we will not get from the MSM that is stuck on the cliff we already went off long ago! Here just a few stories the MSM remains silent on.

    Russia sends more Naval ships to Syria! Not good!

    The NRC, lack of coverage by the MSM, We can thank for the update about nuke power plants safety in the USA or the lack of! Very Bad!

    LA. Bayou Corne sink hole expands, huge sink hole in Ohio closes hwy. From Bayou Corne sink hole,hydrocrabons covers surface of sink hole, methane gas bubbles recorded, huge butane storage in salt dome next to sink hole, none covered by the MSM, only local media! What else are we not being told about these sink holes & earth quakes happening from the heart land to the gulf of mexico south of the BP spill? We will find one day, I just hope it’s not after the oil co’s or gov screws up real bad, again!

    Happy new year!

    • Greg

      Thank you Mickey for the comment and adding content to this site!!! Happy New Year.

  19. art barnes

    Greg, just in: CONGRESS GOT PAY RAISE TODAY! Where in the world does Congress have the gall to do that, you can’t shame them. Thanks for your site, Happy New Year!

    • Greg

      I saw that and it makes me sick!!!

  20. Michael Peak

    Another great interview. MSM should take notes on how to interview someone. Thanks, Greg.

    • Greg

      Thank you for the kind words Michael Peak.

  21. Jan

    Thanks for a great interview to wrap up the year of educational and informative reporting. Alas, no one knows what to expect in the coming year, we just have to keep seeking the truth and prepare ourselves for whatever comes our way.

    I’m looking forward to another year of reading you site so I have a better idea that we get from the MSM.

    Happy New Year to all, I also learn a lot reading the post on the articles as well, you have built a community here.

    • Greg

      Thank you Jan for your participation in this site!!!

  22. Liquid Motion

    The Financial Literate …”Get it”.
    We are but pawns in the game. If you are not a financial/political are just another number. If you are in the lower class ..then your ass belongs to the government..aka a servant. If you are middle class…you will soon be lower class. If you are upper class…then you will continue to benefit and live a prosperous life.
    Protect yourself…yes…but to what end. If you are not upper class you have no power (connections…friends in high places)…insufficent funds to protect yourself. Middle Class simply do not have deep enough pockets and will always suffer from the invisible hand of government and their ever changing policies/law.
    Gerald sums it perfectly in his first words….”its too difficult to predict economic trends anymore”….sure we can analyse every new development that slips through under the radar…eg Libor scandal.
    This just tells us more of the same …in fact it only tells us what really is the tip of the iceberg. PPT,QE,TBTF and PM manipulation are just some other schemes to distort reality and to keep the order.

    Should we continue to criticise and achieve what? We can plan …yeah that brings some degree of self awareness/reassurance and belief that we are ahead of “them” knowing the end game…..blah blah blah.
    Sure I understand that the alternative is to accept what it is that we face is a never ending barrage of lies and deceipt and serfdom. Otherwise we fight an unwinnable battle. Take a deep breath.

    May the year ahead bring you continued good health, wealth and happiness.

    Your cause is just & resolve unwavering. I applaud you.

    • Greg

      Liquid Motion,
      Thank you for adding your voice and analysis to this post. You and all the folks who comment add luster to the site.

  23. Doug

    Don’t know how you get the contact interviews but worth the weight in gold, maybe leveraged silver. As I was watching a bit perhaps rambling, but you pushed him along nicely. I thought amazing insight to the middle east debacle. I never really sized it up that way. An attack on Iran would rally father, son, brother, uncle, cousin and NEIGHBOR, to defeat so called imperialists. World War III. And what does Israel do without the back of the US of A.
    I think they go in if further pushed and without a choice, and the beginning of the end begins.
    Look forward to the Jan or Feb follow-up
    A cheers for the New Years, Go the route old scout and be merry, for tomorrow you may die….
    A little line shared with my best, focused on daily appreciation of Gods gift of family, friends and acquaintances.
    Happy New Year.

    • Greg

      Thank you Doug for the kind words and the comment.

  24. Dirk Noort

    Thank you Greg,

    I have been buying Gold and Silver since 2001. One day I will sell and by that time US stocks will be a great investment, because I believe America will be a great country to invest in again.



    • Greg

      Dirk Noort,
      If you have been buying since 2001 then you my friend have hit a grand slam home run with the bases loaded. Congrats!!! Very few have done what you have done.

  25. Mitch Bupp

    When will the people realize that “central bank” means your economy has dead weight of a bank who takes 5-7 percent off the top in fees while lending someone else’s money to a cartel …..

    I can understand the people pre-1913 being fooled by this con … but today in 2013 …

    The only way this can continue is if more criminals are in on the con than those not ……

    • Greg

      I don’t know whay we pay someone else (the Fed) to destroy our currency? We should just print it ourselves and cut out the Federal reserve. It would be much cheaper. Thank you Mitch.

  26. Lew

    Thanks for the hard work through 2012. It is always nice to see a regular journalist finally get it.

    It has always been my belief that 2008 was the only time in which we could have corrected 90+ years of B.S. brought on by the adoption of the Federal Reserve System. The missed opportunity in my opinion was the failure of NOT placing a value o the “bad debt” and forcing the issuers of that debt to write it off. It would have been better for these institutions fail (natural under the Capitalist system) for the economy. Then, the logical action of the Government would be to some sort of action (or not) on behalf of the private account holders.

    The failure of the actions of the past 4 years has been to save the institutions, not the people. This should have been a wake up call to all Americans. But, the last 2 presidential elections have shown where it is we are headed.

    Happy New Year and continued success to you.

    • Greg

      Yes, my friend, we should have covered only the bank depositors. That would have cost $6 trillion and we’d be on our way out of this by now. A real recovery would be in full bloom!! I totally agree with your point here!!

  27. Jack

    Hi Greg, thanks for the blog.

    Question: What if the nations holding Treasuries decide to sell and there are no buyers? Right now the Fed is doing the buying/twist. But are they obligated to buy Ts from foreign nations?


    • Greg

      If the Fed didn’t buy them it would be a default and the economy of the U.S. would instanly crator and interest rates would spike sky high. If the Fed didn’t buy, then the most liquid market in the world would seize. The dollar’s demise as the world’s reserve currency would end then and there. That’s the short answer.

  28. Max


    I’m glad we have your site to help keep the
    “truth-seekers” on track.

    • Greg

      I am grateful for loyal readers like yourself.

  29. average joe


    Good article. I’m watching the House pass this piece of chit bill right now, zerohedge linked to the CBO report concerning this bill, it will raise our debt 4 trillion over 10 years. Guess what sorts of pork was in this one? cuts for hollywood, so we are borrowing money from china or printing up money to pay for crap that we do not need or afford.

    I do own a very small business, while my income, I file as an S corp, does not rise to the level of 400K, many of my customers do, I fully expect them to pull back, and I won’t be blaming them one bit, however I will have to let an employee or 2 go, as a result of my expectant lessening revenues. Frankly I’m at the point of just shutting down my business, no matter how hard the productive in this country work, the Barry govt will just extract more and more, it will never be enough, we are expected to work hard to create new wealth, new jobs, so they can spread it around.

    Socialism is no longer a bad word in America, after all we have a marxist in the WH, however being successful and rich are dirty words in Barry’s America. There are no spending cuts in this bill, more tax increases, and guess what?? more spending! so the increased taxes aren’t even going to pay down the debt, its being used for a bigger govt which will need to be fed more and more.

    I’m going to give another couple of months, then I’m shutting my shop, there is no point, going john gault seems to be the way to go, no amount will ever be good enough, so its time to starve the beast.

    My question to you, how long do you think will this charade go on? There aren’t enough taxes, printing that money to make up the difference will reach its limit.

    How long before this collapses? Because it absolutely is going to.

    great posts! keep up the great work, I read your posts and email them to as many people who at least have an open mind, I no longer listen or watch the so called “news”, load of ignorant garbage, you should check out Drudge on how low CNN has gotten, they had one of their hosts get a blow job on live TV for the new year’s celebration. Oh yes, this is so called “news” in America, a joke.

    • Greg

      First of all, you are not so average. I’ve read enough of your comments to realize you are underselling yourself. A couple of markers I look at is the percentage of Fed buying of Treasuries. Right now the Fed admits it is 90%. (This was reported in Bloomberg a few weeks ago as well as other places.) In 2011 Fed buying was 80%. As the fed buying goes up the dollar will go down. Remember, this is a process and not an event. Oh eventually the bottom will fall out but that will be the very end of the process. the second marker I look at is delivery of Gold and Silver contracts at the Comex and LBMA. When they declared they must settle contracts in cash and not metal then that game is up and a collapse is near. All this is being covered up with all the behind the scenes manipulation and it makes logical predictions very hard to make because we really don’t know what extremes the fed is doing to prop up the banks and thus the status quo. Remember the fed told everyone the bailout cost around $3 trillion in 2009. After that the the CBO was allowed a one-time audit. Then in 2010 or so, we discovered the Fed pumped oput $16 trillion bailing out the world? It is hard to time this because there is sop much you just don’t know because it is a secret. My best advice is to take a protective position with most of your assets and hold it. It will crash but who knows when? I hope this helps you.

  30. JoeJustJoe

    Greg, there was absolutely “zero” done to limit the debt ceiling…yet the market is off n running and taking gold with it. The goldbugs “should be” saying >>> “This isn’t right?” …but instead I’m sure they are just happy to get some relief…”finally” The reasons I am mentioning this are 2 fold, first, to point out that gold is simply a vehicle for speculation just like everything else and not some sort of hedge play. And second, so you will continue to observe the “correct” relationship betwixt gold and the rest of the markets. Gold n gold equities will soon crash n burn along with the markets. Start loading up on those sexy VIXens, folkes. Actually, pretty much ANY ETF that shorts the markets or individual sectors will work since there will be no safe havens…cept the U.S. dollah n govt debt of course 🙂

  31. Matt R.

    I had no idea that Geralds spoke at my alma mater, VMI. I would have enjoyed hearing him speak there. Kudos to them for inviting him.

  32. frosty


    Thank you for interviewing Gerald Celente. He is still full of spunk and vigor and quite entertaining to watch. Now, however, he seems to be less sure of himself than he used to be when he was able to predict future events quite accurately, and in detail, based on a common sense evaluation of current trends. With world wide, systemic corruption and random manipulation taking place now, his common sense is no longer such a viable tool and he is reduced to making relatively ambiguous predictions like “more of the same, but worse”.

    While this is supported by the trend of the past few decades, with the chaos manifested in each new decade surpassing that of the previous ones, it leaves the listener like a deer looking at a set of approaching headlights. Unable to consider the ramifications of the analysis being accurate in any detail and thus able to act accordingly, a poor deer hearing Mr. Celente would likely remain confused and frozen in its tracks with questions, like those below, spinning around in its head….

    Will 2013 bring unprecedented economic crisis, debasement of the dollar, social anarchy, corporate lawlessness, riots, mass shootings, food shortages and the like? Will this national trauma be constantly pressed into the national psyche, in full color and bloody gore, by the media “prestitutes”? Will we increasingly become a nation of traumatized souls suffering from cognitive dissonance and delusions, pleading for government to rise up and become proportionally more authoritarian to manage the deepening chaos? Will buying gold and guns and extra food help us when such acts of individualism make us an enemy to the collective? Is this radical transformation of America purely accidental or is it being engineered according to the Hegelian dialect “order out of chaos” and, if engineered, what form of “order” does the current trend ultimately forecast?

    Should the deer hunker down or should it run to the nearest post office, obtain a passport and immediately head for greener pastures? I think Gerald answered this one. Since he is now buying historical real estate in NY, he is going to hunker down…God bless him!

  33. Kim

    Love your show Greg…..Always informative with great guests and info…Why don’t you consider doing a show addressing mining stocks….We all know to stack physical but what about the MINING STOCKS as some are dirt cheap…….THANKS

    • Greg

      What is coming has never happened on this scale in human history. My biggest fer is what will happen to the brokerages in a systemic meltdown, not the cheapness or solvency of mining stocks. What good is an investment if your brokerage ends up like MF Global (which I think was a trial balloon.) I do not give trading advise because I think trying to trade and make money on this market is very, very risky. I would concentrate on protecting my family and the buying power and protection of my capital. I hope this help. This is my best advise. Thank you for your continued support.

    • George

      And I beleive that the game is so rigged that it is nearly impossible to keep a 401-K in the black verses real inflation. You are better off saving money in a cookie jar. At least you know it is really there. Forget the tax benefits. 401-K’s are just another way Wall St is robbing the little guy.

  34. Ugly

    The darkness ahead for our great country is not seen by many and it will catch them like a tsunami. I’m tired of talking to people about this and about their need to be prepared, such as food and finances.

    I believe the scales of Revelation are heading our way. There is nothing in the ‘real’ world news that gives a person any confidence. I am preparing the best I can, but I must also live in a society where 98% dont believe, dont care, and or dont want to be bothered.

  35. John Burket

    I find your analysis of trends interesting, but must take issue with you with regard to your remark about Israel “taking over other’s land”. This is pure nonsense as all of the land Israel is building on was won by conquest in a war that was foisted upon it, and therefore entitles them to build or do anything else they want to do with THEIR land.

    • Greg

      John Burket,
      That was Mr. Celente’s point not mine. Your criticism is noted and appreciated.

  36. Mickey

    Greg, the next day after your interview, Fox news had Gerald on fox & friends, they gave him less than 3 min’s to speak & broke in as he spoke, how rude when Gerald was about to give out sound advise to the public at the request of the host on what he was doing to protect his self for the future. This shows how low class the MSM has become under the control of the corporate propaganda machine!

    GOD has Bless us with your hard work & it’s our duty to steer people to your site. Just think how many millions are still caught up with the MSM as their news propaganda only to one day to awake they are broke & homeless on the very land the founders conquered!
    To spreading the word by Greg Hunter!

    • Greg

      Thank you Mickey for the report and for your support. By the way I have been told that some high ranking FOX folks read this site from time to time.


  37. Terry

    Peak Oil, see youtube vid: Hubbert’s 3 Prophecies. Recall Bernanke 2007 saying at Congressional hearings: resource utilization is too high but not specifying the resource(s). Oil, peak oil. Bernanke knew back in 2007 the economy will die, it is dying. Likely scenario: USD will go down violently (overnight practically) triggering global economic collapse & then world war three. to look at the financial statements of Exxon & other big oil to learn they are not finding new sources of oil of significance, except BP. If I recall correctly, the overall figure in the industry is something like 1 barrel of new oil find for every 3 barrels being consumed. Thank you Greg

    • Greg

      Thank you Terry,

  38. DAVE

    hi Greg
    Hope your New Year went well so far.Well we were looking for a sign and when I saw this news I said OH NO
    I never thought that this was gonna be it .I never thought i would hear anything like this.This is a SHOCKER.WOW!!!!Well IMO just the mention of this is gonna throw us over the edge //your opinion please
    thanks Dave

    • Greg

      Let me start my answer to the Fed ending QE with “Ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,Weeeee, Oh Boy!!! That’s a good one.” There is no-way the Fed will stop or can stop QE without crashing the world economy. This according to Jim Sinclair who has nailed this for years long before the Fed announced QE to infinity. Sinclair is one of the very best financial analysts around and I am talking globally. On the big swings, he has not been wrong once in the 6 or 7 years I’ve been following him. Here’s what he sent me this afternoon:

      ” The Federal Reserve has no practical option to end QE

      Such an announcement has been part of QE either from MSM or some Fed board member since it began.

      The implication of stopping QE is so dire to the economy that it is in a practical sense impossible.
      When gold was being sold by central banks during the 1970s market announcement we made constantly with the bias to depress metals.
      There is no way that the implications and consequences of what has been done up to now can be talked away or manipulated away.
      There is no practical way that QE can cease here or in Euroland without a total and final collapse of the financial system.
      Just go back to the IMF report on OTC derivatives I posted this morning.
      If QE ceases the USA bond market collapses and the Fed must debt monetize all required debt, which means if QE stops it starts up again immediately and in a crisis mode.
      I have to admit that if you have been a reader here for any length of time you should know this without asking me.
      The pressure that people unload on me during any gold reaction is down right mean.
      The statement that QE can stop is simply MOPE.
      QE cannot stop or the world ends, as you know it.
      Could you please print this out and post it on your computer because every time the long cycle guy repeats his year old bear gold price prediction or the Fed says anything about stopping QE, you all go wild.
      If you do not understand what you are in, why are you in it?
      Truman said it all when he said if you couldn’t stand the heat in the kitchen, get out of the kitchen.

      The Federal Reserve has no practical option to ending QE without ending the economic world for decades to come.
      Should that actually occur in some a parallel universe only gold will protect those the citizens of the parallel universe from the collapse of the by default reserve currency.
      I am sure I have written this at least 200 times.”

      I would never bet against Sinclair–never, ever!! I hope this helps. Thank you for your comment link and question.


  39. kerry g.

    hi Greg,
    just found and read your blog. My husband and I would like to invest in some PM. I don’t think we can afford gold. I was thinking silver coins? What is the best type of silver to buy, and are there any companies we should avoid? We are in a lot of debt, should we focus more on building our resources and investing in survival/preparation type things? Thank you.

    • Greg

      Kerry G.
      I received so many requests on how to buy gold and silver I wrote a special post. I do not sell gold and silver of any kind but I only physical gold or silver and NOT ETF’s. Here’s the link: This link can be found on the site below my picture too. I hope this helps you.

  40. DAVE

    I already knew ever thing he said .Simply put if the Fed did that the ponzi scheme would collapse //the govt. would not be able to pay its bills.By implying this though ,i think, Bernake(FED) is gonna cause a lot of problems/maybe even start us in a tail spin (on purpose!!!)
    and when i said OH NO /i was speaking for all the rest of the people , as im not in the market but in precious metals
    Your thoughts on the lame Fed minutes

    • Greg

      I don’t know if this QE discussion was put in the Fed minutes as spin or if it is real. I find it hard to believe the folks at the Fed do not know the consequences of stopping QE. You may be correct, it might be an intentional collapse if they do? That’s why it’s best to be ready long before anything dire happens.

  41. DAVE

    he’s been pushing for inflation, maybe this is some crazy way of giving it a huge push.Remember the markets live on perception

  42. DAVE

    Also when he said that he would do QE indefinitly, there was that perception that the subject of QE was over

  43. Rebecca

    Mr. Celente is like a chameleon: his demeanor changes with the audience and the host. He can be subdued on Greg’s site; ranting on Alex Jones’ or Max Keiser’s program. You want entertainment, just google Celente and watch him on as many shows as you can tolerate him.

    I believe there is an economic collapse coming, but not because of Mr. Celente’s ability to forecast trends. Yet he has been in recent years one of the loudest proclaimers of this coming collapse. Now he is not sure how to read the trends because of all the imaginative manipulation going on by the Fed and others.

    I am just a middle class “country girl,” but I have to stop and take notice: Mr. Celente is “borrowing money” to make large purchases because he can lock in low interest rates for 10 YEARS and after that he will be paying it off with “Monopoly money.” That’s what HE’S DOING to protect himself????

    Greg, you have had many economists on your program whose advice has been to pay off our debts and protect your assets by converting your fiat money to gold or silver, or purchasing land or other secure assets. That has always sounded like good advice to me.

    Mr. Celente is going out “borrowing” and it sounds like he’s borrowing a lot. If you believed an economic collapse is coming, why would you borrow a lot of money to buy buildings that need renovation?

  44. tony xaviel

    Diane and Co want our guns
    They say trust us

    I think Germany has the right idea, show me the gold

    OK Diane, you want my guns, audit the gold at Ft Knox. use GATA

    Then I will turn em in

  45. Marcus

    We allowed it to occur. We are sheep. God does not like middle of the roaders.
    We have allowed a communist usurper to get into the white house. We have allowed
    evil devil worshippers to over come the control of the USA, we are the failures.
    After the revolution, that we will allow, we need to change elections to
    Selections, Lottery, no more elections, elections always go to corruption.
    Lottery, if you meet the criteria, you put your name in the hat, and a name will
    be selected.
    2) Familism that is 100 employees or less per any given company. The only goal of
    getting super rich ends up with a powerful greedy evil person, we need to avoid
    that temptation, we need to set up systems and methods where we do not become
    evil. 100 employees max per company

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