2016 Reveals Banks Shaky & Gold Solid-James Turk

10By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com

Gold expert James Turk says the banks are in trouble again. One of the biggest troubled institutions is Germany’s Deutsche Bank, and Turk contends, “It is quite alarming the shares of the stock are basically where they were in the lows of 2008.  It’s at the bottom of that year’s financial crisis, and here we have not even started the financial crisis yet.  The stock is back to those prices of seven or eight years ago.  It makes you wonder what is yet to come.  You are seeing publicity stunts like Jamie Dimon buying $25 million worth of JPMorgan stock.  It reminds me of what we saw back in the 1930’s.  In the history books, guys would go out and buy shares of their stock to convince people that things were okay.  The market is telling us that people want to be in safer things, and it looks like gold’s trend has finally turned after a four year correction. . . . It looks like we are going to be heading higher.”

Turk goes on point out, “We had the crisis of 2000/2001, and then we had the crisis of 2008/2009, and . . . we are due for another crisis, and this year and next year are going to be a repeat of what has happened previously.”

With global debt standing at around $60 trillion more than in 2008, that “repeat” is going to intensify.  Turk explains, “It is much worse now than in 2008.   The $60 trillion is the absolute debt amount, and that doesn’t include the derivatives on top of the debt.  As we saw in 2008, everybody thought derivatives were fine until Lehman Brothers were called to make good on the derivatives, for which it was underwater and it couldn’t do it. . . . Could that happen to Deutsche Bank?  Yes, but the point is Deutsche Bank is much, much bigger and more problematic than Lehman ever was.  Given that fact and given we have much more debt than 2008, it’s much more fragile now than it was back then.”

On gold, Turk says, “When assets become overvalued, money starts to move into undervalued assets. What we have been seeing, particularly over the last year, is a lot of money moving into physical gold.  Ultimately, physical gold is what drives the price of gold.”

Turk says that things may get so bad that not losing will be winning. Turk explains, “In the environment that we are in, if we come out on the other side of the valley in terms of our wealth as when we went into this period, we are going to be doing very, very well.  I would expect a lot of wealth destruction.  At the end of the day, the houses are still going to be there.  The farmland is still going to be there.  The timberland is still going to be there.  The oil wells are still going to be there.  The bars of gold and silver are still going to be there.  It’s the paper assets that are going to evaporate, and I think paper currency power is going to evaporate along with those paper assets.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with James Turk, founder of GoldMoney.com.

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview:

James Turk thinks rising prices will force big players to go long on gold and silver. Turk contends, “It’s only a matter of time.” There is free information and analysis on GoldMoney.com.

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  1. Trude

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    • Trude

      11 Year Old Child Bride Speaks Out Before Being Killed

      • pablo

        Proven FAKE story from 2013 and What does that have to do with gold?


        The interior ministry confirmed that its preliminary investigation has established that, contrary to her claims, Nada had never approached the authorities with regard to her abuse.Moreover, for the past 18 months, Nada has been living with her paternal uncle, Abdel Salam Al-Ahdal. She never ran away to his house, as she stated in the video—she was already under his care.Most disturbingly yet, Seyaj says its investigations indicate that Nada had been coerced by her uncle into making the video as part of a scam to turn the young school girl into Yemen’s new Nujood, gain fame and make a profit.

        • Mohammad


          I was tempted to post a link to refute but I got tired answering all the buffoons out there that hate Islam. i decided to ignore them.
          But thanks of stepping up telling the truth.


          • frederick

            Mohammad those people all too the bait of 911 hook line and sinker The mainstream propaganda machine is very powerful and has VERY deep pockets The best thing to do is just ignore it all as best you can

  2. md4

    “Gold expert James Turk says the banks are in trouble again. One of the biggest troubled institutions is Germany’s Deutsche Bank, and Turk contends, “It is quite alarming the shares of the stock are basically where they were in the lows of 2008. It’s at the bottom of that year’s financial crisis, and here we have not even started the financial crisis yet…”

    Last time he was on, we were already in it, and getting worse.

    Same with many other pundits, yet, it hasn’t happened yet.

    Either we are morphing into something like permanent malaise, or we are experiencing an everlasting dip-n-save by the Fed and other central banks, and NOT on the precipice of collapse.

    I’m really starting to wonder.

    An awful lot of interests depend on at least the delusion of sluggish growth, and perhaps, TPTB have found enough players to keep this going indefinitely. It would certainly seem so.

    What I’d like to hear about is how Joe Six-Pack breaks this thing so we can have the cathartic, cleansing wipeout we desperately need. That is, what can be done to slow further what’s left of the middle class economy as a counter to the artificial forces propping this whole thing up?

    I’m not talking about protective action either. The average American can’t possibly afford the collapse security often advocated. But there MUST be things we can do collectively to stop the games and, ultimately, the deeper pain this drag out is fostering…

    Please, start asking your guests THIS question.

    • Greg Hunter

      The fed has been in “emergency” policies since 2008. What do you mean “NOT on the precipice of collapse.” The only things that have slowed the collapse are massive global criminal fraud, money printing, bond buying , money printing and accounting fraud instituted by FASB since April 2009. You have to realize that some people will not be in position to fare well with what is coming and I assure you we are most certainly not in “something like permanent malaise.” Thank you for your feedback.

      • Scott Miller

        Massive global criminal fraud, money printing, bond buying, and accounting fraud, will all continue throughout 2016.

        I am already in position. I have been for years.


        • Greg Hunter

          Sure it will Scott but that doesn’t mean everything will be beautiful. Why do you think the Fed is suggesting negative rates?

          • Mohammad

            Cashless society Greg, that is why.

            Even monopoly game now is cashless according to a link on zero hedge.
            The ramifications of the cashless is beyond any one’s wildest imagination.
            complete control and gold/silver will be banned.


            • Gary Canuck

              Great comment Mohammad, once people go to gold they will Ban It, or seize it after cash is trashed .History always repeats, unfortunately the gold promoters never mention this.
              I noticed that Turk got his money out of Gold Money, any Government
              can seize their holdings, whether in Canada, Jersey Islands, Singapore etc.

              • Mohammad

                If gold/silver is going to sky rocket and every thing will be green WHY ARE THEY SELLING IT?

                They know they are not central banks and they will never be able to use it once the rest of the puzzle pieces fall in place.


                • Thomas Stamps

                  Tried to band gold back in the 30’s very few turned
                  it in!

              • red

                Hey Gary ment to thank you for your kind words the other day but caught in crossfire so to speak…They mentioned “ego” there are are only 2 other “theys” in my life thats when I new i was in real trouble 🙂 ouch couldn’t back down if you know what I mean ….

          • Scott Miller


            Just keeping the system going, since we are headed toward hyperinflation according to Bill Holter. There is no recovery, but there is not a collapse either.

            In other words, no change. More of the same. Deterioration.


        • Terry

          As the US election nears or is over, this will unravel. Blamed, of course, on conservatives. That you can bank on. Excuse me, that you can count on.

        • red

          So lets’ think in the abstract for the moment and consider that perhaps the world over the last, lets’ say 100 years (if you consider the FED to be the start of the credit bubble…(I don’t) ) has only to any real degree seen asset prices rise( see 100 year dow jones chart, real estate charts etc) and then consider that wether any of us like it or not we are all “leveraged” into this “system” in some way Then consider this. If you borrow money against the asset (lets say the world) the ratio of debt to equity can only be measured against the price the asset can be sold for today. So if we are collectively leveraged to this asset say 100/1 (some analysts’ believe more likely 400/1) The problem is if the asset does not continue to rise in price the debt to equity ratio must rise in relation to the fall in the assets’ price…..so 400/1 can become 1000/1 …….100000/1 very, very, quickly….Of course none of this is possible because in the tangible and absolute, asset prices’ never fall right ?(particularly if you are gov employee)
          All this considered ask yourself will governments print money to hide this malfeasance? ABSOLUTELY……so have you bought some Gold today? 🙂

      • Md4


        THIS is what I’m talking about…

        Whether it’s a long tentacle of the Fed, new money, or a reshuffle…it goes up.

        Japan’s NIRP saw a 7+% increase in the Neikki on Friday!

        Just a HINT of some producer intervention in oil, and whammo, up it goes…

        And how many times have we witnessed a clear intervention by the PPT in the form of multi-hundred point “ramps” up on big down days for the DOW in the last 30 or 40 minutes before a close?

        In the last few days, we’ve seen the racket indices rise because on new “easing” hopes.


        Are the central banks causing this so they can say they don’t have to ease again?

        Will folks get hurt?

        Yes. When haven’t they?

        Many won’t make it regardless.

        But if you think it’ll be any better the longer this racketeering goes on, you’re mistaken.

        We may be seeing sheep led to already-known slaughter…unless the sheep refuse to go further…NOW.

        We’re gonna have to break this thing ourselves, Greg…

        • Mohammad

          You , we cannot do it and won’t do it because we are hooked on the MATRIX.

          You remember the first thing in that movie was done to set him free…?

          He was DISCONNECTED from the matrix.

          Heck we are ALREADY HOOKED ON IT with Greg’s site chatting.

          We have cell phones that we bought with top dollars just to hook on.

          We press “like” on Facebook just to increase the wealth of its founder with every tick.

          We are Hypocrites.

          So until we disconnect we are entering slavery at will and enjoying it.

          Sorry to be blunt but reality and truth are harsh.


          • frederick

            mohammad I haven’t had TV or a cell phone since 2008 but that’s just me 99% are still fully enmeshed in the matrix you are correct

            • Mohammad


              lets face it we are here on the WEB on Greg’s site.
              We are not disconnected still.
              And all of us know that rarely any thing good happens to whoever falls in a WEB.


          • brian

            You are throwing the baby away with the bathwater Mohammad. We do not need to discard or shun any technology; but we do need to gain control of it, that much is clear.

            The same could be said of our government, clearly it is out of control, but to do away with it completely would yield only chaos.

            • frederick

              I agree Brian just because TV is mindless nonsense for the most part and costly and I don’t feel the need nor desire to be that connected 24 hours a day with an Iphone doesn’t mean I cant get some valuable information from the internet just as libraries were always a good thing in the past

              • Mohammad


                We should have libraries in our homes (hard cover books) so we do not lose info once the net kill switch is hit.
                With time those publishers will go digital and slowly we lose books.


          • Silence is Golden

            Hate to be the bearer of bad tidings…..”we are entering slavery”….Slavery is already part of your everyday life and has been for over a century.

      • brian

        Yeah I don’t know Greg, I think this collapse everyone is looking for is simply not going to happen unless it is forced to happen….because lets be honest, its not just the dollar or the “market” at stake here. Its positions of great power at stake, and those positions Greg, as you well know, are occupied by people who are not going to just walk away are they?

        If the dollar falls, if the “markets” fall and nothing is done to force justice here, you and I and everyone know full well what happens. The dollar is replaced by something worse, the markets are resuscitated with even greater, more blatant acts of fraud than we have seen so far and measures are taken to adequately tamp down on any complaining that might go on.

        Yup, thats right Greg, lets not forget that fraud, lies and funny math are not all the tools available to the so called “powers that be”….no no no, they got things that so far have not been used here…….oh things like what we see used in the third world to control populations and force them to accept pure bullshit–stuff like armed goons, labor camps, torture, random roundups, warfare, in short whatever needs to be done in order to make life hard to live and the simple act of going out in public a treacherous and dangerous thing to do.

        • Greg Hunter

          Was Lehman “forced” to happen or did if finally just collapse? The weight on many banks is much greater today and many more are in much deeper trouble.

          • Mohammad

            Yes Greg,
            It was forced.
            Geithner was the one who flushed Lehman’s when they called his debt that was LIKE EVERY ONE leveraged but yet they did not bridge him over like they did to every one else and like they are doing now.
            They flushed him to transfer the ownership of real estate to CHINA.

            I can post supportive links but it is lengthy and i have to extract translation from youtube.

            But take my word for what it is worth….THEY WERE FLUSHED INTENTIONALLY and FORCEFULLY.


          • frederick

            Greg and everybody I just listened to a great interview by Alex Jones of Dr Steve Pieczenek regarding Trump and how he is handling Jeb Bush so handily Wednesday show and well worth the time

          • brian

            Some would argue Lehman was allowed to go, and at any rate the collapse of Lehman is hardly comparable to the collapse of the US economy…but I’m not trying to argue with you on this, I am just trying to make the point that the unstable and failing economy is just a symptom; as Americans our real concern should be the criminality and corruption causing this and much much more.

            As long as the nation is ruled by criminals whether the economy collapses or not is irrelevant because in the end we will still be under the rule of criminals.

          • Daniel Song

            Lehman was “forced” to happen by Goldman Sachs, in an orchestrated takedown.

          • al hall

            Greg: The men above are a little late to the info party. They now know something is wrong , but what? The elite’s can pull the trigger at anytime. But as Lindsey Williams has said they aren’t Gods. The collapse was to be last year, but certain events didn’thappen the way they wanted So the debt crush on everyone continues. We were told the elite’s 2-3 years ago were going to crush the middle class- increase the world debt at all levels . This is there plan!
            They have done this and it continues. When collapse happens and the dollar won’t buy anything- people will beg the elite’s and their government puppets to ” help Me!!!”
            Planned to prefection! Most will not see it coming.
            Your listeners are better prepared than most.
            I won’t even go into the 80-85% world population reduction that is being planned?
            But I know you know of this planned event!

            While I’m on here= latest info recieved by my sources. This summer expect a major ISIS attack here in the USA. Bigger than 9/11- elite’s have already made plans. From this Obama will set-up martial law via his excutive orders written by him. He will NOT leave office, as I told you I was told 8+ years ago. These plans are made years and decades ahead. I have heard this attack maybe a radioactive bomb and maybe several of them. I wouldn’t plan a trip to a big city this summer- ie: wall street,NY or DC.

            • frederick

              al hall and what exactly are “your sources” do you have some sort of high level intelligence that others don’t have access to? just curious how you can back up your claim

            • Southern Girl

              All Hall,

              I am surprised you didn’t tell Greg he is on the video with his interview of December 9, 2015 with Rob Kirby.

      • red

        Greg the “banning gold” argument is just plain silly. Its like saying they are going to ban air . I like that Mohammad guy, he seems like a nice dude, but seriously he’s got to stop windbagging on about banning gold.. If they try there will not be a single loaf of bread in a shop anywhere in the western world. What people have to realise is metal will become money again, because if it doesn’t we truly are headed to the new dark ages JMO

        • frederick

          Just like marijuana being “illegal” never understood how that could be constitutional Its just an everyday weed like dandelion and anyone could unwittingly have it growing on their property and yet be liable for prosecution Seems like an easy charge to defend to me

        • Thomas Stamps

          Hey Red. Agreed. Said it earlier. Very few turned their
          gold in back in the 30’s. Mohammad probably believes
          people will turn in their diamonds too!

      • californiawoman

        Thank you for doing your homework and sharing with us.

    • brian

      Well, md4, to answer your question; Joe 6 pack has simply got to set down the 6 pack, turn off the boob tube and get together with everybody he knows and start formulating a plan to apply the maximum amount of pressure possible, by any means necessary to get the courts working again, to get known liars to be forced to start telling a story that jives more with the truth….and from there high crimes need to be examined and weighed in a court, in the light of day and in the presence of God. Those then who are found to be guilty, beyond a reasonable doubt, must then be sentenced appropriately. This by the way has to be done regardless of whatever cost it incurs upon us…a cost which I am sure will be steep,, as the guilty by this point are pretty aware of their guilt and are equally interested in evading any reasonable and rational consequences of that guilt.

      So, if Joey six pack does not get off his ass, assemble with his peers with the intent to identify what it is that is eroding the foundation of his God given liberty and start to apply extreme pressure to its cause he can of course continue to do what he has been doing for decades now; that being to slowly languish and rot, feed on the shit and suffocate in the filth being put upon him and die an ignominious death and thus serve to be a complete mockery of the God that formed him by failing to live up to even the most minuscule of expectations placed upon him by his Maker.

      • Md4

        I wish that were enough…

        I mean we’ve had 7+ YEARS of this garbage, and the beat goes on.

        Consumer spending has decreased. Shack buying and construction has waffled. BloCare is having major negative effects. Many other indicators are flat or in decline…and still, the beat goes on.

        Stockman, Rogers, PCR, and many others have spelled it out repeatedly, scratching their heads over how this continues, and yet, it does…

        Millions who still work fog their monitors daily like addicts over 401k tallies.

        Shack racketeers nibble their nails over appraisals STILL looking to flip their overpriced junk on the next fool, while other millions blood suck government SSDI or student loan money to loaf.

        THIS is why we aren’t crashing.

        It is, in part, these people the Fed and other central banks fret over.

        The masses will be passified as long as they think they still have theirs.

        That’s the bottom line.

        • brian

          I mean thats just it Md4, I agree.

    • john duffy

      Somethings we can do that collectively can make a difference. Get all your accounts out of the banks and put them in a credit union. Buy local, if possible and avoid big Corporations. Food from big food giants is full of GMO’s and they are deceptive about it. Read labels. Get involved in politics locally, as that is the only place you can make a difference. The only thing these people care about is profits, so hit them where it hurts!

      • JMiller


        What makes you think that all credit unions are safer than any bank as you seem to imply? My community bank does not have derivatives like some credit unions.


        My community bank is better capitalized than most credit unions. My community bank does not have unsecured credit card loans and unsecured personal loans and auto loans like most credit unions do. My community bank has all their securities classified as Available for Sale (AFS) which means they are marked to fair value (mark-to-market). Some credit unions though have some or all of their securities classified as Held to Maturity (HTM) meaning that they are priced at amortized acquisition cost which can allow them to hide losses on those securities since all changes in market value after they are purchased are ignored. This is how banks can hide their losses and make their capital levels look better than they are.

        My conclusion was to go with a very well-capitalized state chartered community bank that is not a member of the Federal Reserve over the all the credit unions in my area. So I think it is unwise for people to just assume that most or all credit unions are better than any bank.

        • Faith

          JMiller: thank you for the link and I agree.

    • Jerry

      I’m going to assume you never read my post, so I’m going to post this information again for you. China and the BRIC nations (over 125) with the creation of AIIB and CIPS are preparing to leave the central bank controlled IMF system sometime after the Gold Benchmark in April. They have essentially created a parallel exchange system by buying massive amounts of Gold to back this new system with. That is why they are dumping U.S. treasuries now, and buying Gold.

      If you understand the implications of what I’m telling you, you would realize that it doesn’t matter what the Fed does, or what the stock market does when the BRICS make their move, because the QE paper Ponzi scheme built on the sale of U.S. treasuries will essentially be over. More importantly the Exchange Stabilization Fund that has been holding this whole fiat mess together (now you know why its gone on for so long) can’t do anything to stop it.

      • Jerry

        Still not convinced the BRIC nations are preparing to decouple from the dollar? Take another look.
        The only thing that can stop this is world war III which the central banks are pushing for right now in Syria and the South China Sea. But guess what? The Chinese have defense missile installations on their man made Island in the South China Sea, and Russia just sent 3o first class destroyers to Syrian Waters.

        • Mohammad


          The Russians are TOAST,
          They will have the euphoria of initial victory, they will take Turkey, only to succumb in Syria.
          Unfortunately lots of innocent civilians will perish.

          Time will tell.


          • Jerry

            The Russians are light years ahead of us in weaponry (specifically pulse weaponry). There is a reason that the western cabal relies on proxy armies to do its bidding. They know our weapons are like tinker toys compared to EMP weapons. Didn’t you hear about the U.S Cook? Or the U.S. Roosevelt? Both were reduced to floating sculls with Russian pulse signatures. America is screwed either way. When the Chinese pull the plug, its game over.

            • WD


              It appears the East is actually following the principles of the “Art of War”…

              Take care

            • Mohammad

              The Achille’s heel to Russia is Langley mercenaries, they broke Soviets before and they will break Russia now.

              Time will tell.


          • Silence is Golden

            Your talking about the Grand Master…..grasshopper.

          • WD


            The US spent nearly 10 trillion dollars on planes that wont fly or shoot bullets.

            And yet we embrace a standard rifle ( M-16, M4) that has problems and is prone to jam in harsh conditions….The basis of a logical approach is simplicity…see what I mean?

        • brian

          Well Jerry, you just said man, WWIII is probably the only thing that will stop the world from just dumping the dollar on its face; which is why WWIII has been being brewed up for all of us since at least this dumbass war on terror began.

          • Silence is Golden

            Interesting point there…”War on Terror”….”No one can ever claim Victory…so its a never ending War”…..Aaron Russo…RIP.
            Every one is looking for WWIII….its happening under our noses….right now…..just in degrees of scale. At any moment it could very well escalate and extend beyond the borders of Syria/Iraq……into Iran, SA and Turkey.

      • Md4

        Thanks, Jerry.

        I read, and understood your post.

        The world IS changing and the second and third worlds are “growing” up. In some sense, it wants the same thing we have enjoyed for a long time: power and autonomy.

        We gave away too much too quickly, and for pennies on the future dollar too.

        On the other hand, it takes a lot more than making stuff to be a global power in the full sense. The BRICS have never saved the world from itself before, nor have they ever shouldered the burden of putting it back together again. We have…twice.

        We still have certain edges they can’t match.

        However, if we’re going to be great again, we’re going to have to make big changes here first. And that means we need to return to real capitalism AND real R&D. That’s what we’re good at.

        That has NOTHING to do with financial engineering or cronyism either.

        That’s why I want us to brainstorm for ways to break this maddening addiction to Wall Street, the Fed, and mindless globalism.

        It has taken us out of ourselves and our greatest strength to dream new ideas, and sends us into a debt-ridden decline.

        We’re obsessed with the fruits of prosperity rather that the time-tested mechanism of prosperity itself.

        And it’s killing us…

        • Jerry

          The only way out of this fiat mess is with a reset. The BRIC nations know it. Goldman Sachs knows it. That’s why they have both been on a Gold buying spree. We’re going back to the Gold standard pure and simple. Truth be told (my speculation) the western banks are in on it with the Chinese. These thugs would sell their mother to retain power.

      • Jerry

        I would suggest any of you who take my post seriously to read this report from Sprott Money.

        If this report is in fact true, then the countdown to collapse has officially started. As it has been stated numerous times by Bill Holter, Rob Kirby, and Jim Willie as well as V- the guerilla economist, the only thing that is keeping the current fiat system in place, has been the Gold purchases by China and the BRIC nations. Once Gold orders can no longer be filled, they will pull the plug on our system by refusing to accept dollars for exchange currency any longer. I have watched this development over the last three years, so I know its coming.

        Americans need to WAKE UP. The only thing holding this system together right now is the treasury buying back its own bonds through the Exchange Stabilization Fund. Once other countries refuse to accept the dollar for payment, its over. No amount of QE can save us at that point.

    • Jim

      The truth is that Islam is brutal in it’s treatment of women. Sexual abuse of boys is rampant. In the Koran it’s OK to lie to infidels. As well as extort money from them, rape their women, and kill everyone including babies. Islam is vile and evil. So are its defenders who know the truth but serve Satan by spreading lies about Islam.

  3. Harden Cor

    The issue with Donald Trump and Ted Cruze is not who is more conservative. Who the blue collar’s or evangelicals identify with, or freebie’s from Sander’s. No, It’s the same reason the Burn is killing the neo-conwoman and bankster whore Hitlery.

    That bigger issue is the fact that Ted Cruz campaigned on auditing the Fed, co-sponsored the bill and then skipped the vote,
    Why did he do that? Because the Federal Reserve’s board has “ton’s of Goldman Sachs people on it and Cruz is beholden to the investment bank because of the donations and million dollar loans he received from Goldman Sachs and their employees who don’t particularly like the idea of Congress auditing the Federal Reserve whom they own.

    “Trump has always been consistent in saying that politicians are beholden to their donors and the people that fund them.”

    Cruz has received over $60,000 in political contributions from individuals who work for Goldman Sachs to his Senate campaign since 2011 and over $40,000 in contributions from Goldman Sachs employees to his 2016 presidential campaign, which don’t discount, because that was seed money and who knows what other nefarious shenanigans are lurking in the shadows with his million dollar loans from Goldman he tried to keep secret and the fact his wife is a Goldman Sachs big Whig!! You just cant make this stuff up!

    The “audit the Fed” bill failed in the Senate 53-44. Cruz missed the vote, even though his vote would not have made a difference in the bill’s passage, his Goldman but-buddies know why he missed it and you should be able to figure it out too! Rand Paul kept attacking Cruz for that absence and Rand’s sour followers know why and wont forget. Ted Cruz missing the vote is a conspiracy that not even Donald J. Trump could have made up and shows that Ted Cruz is not Robin Hood, but as the Ted Cruz followers will realize soon enough, the treasonous Sir Guy of Ginsburg! [Gisbourne] Epilog;

    To many questions here. When will the Ted’ster spill the beans, whether he missed the vote because he is a tool or a fool! Just howl loud before election day will he keep us wondering aloud!

    I don’t see Trump bringing up the issue on his own during Thursday night’s debate, but don’t be surprised if it somehow works its way back into the conversation especially with Bernie riding that wave so high because of Hitlery’s banker donation’s to her slush fund!. If it doesn’t come up at the debate, expect to hear more about it from the Donald on the campaign trail, especially since Cruz is trying to take away from the real Robin Hood of the working middle class!

    Ted you cant take that away from him!

    • JC Davis

      Harden cor. Has anyone seen Teds proof of citizenship papers ? Born in Canada, He must have citizenship papers to attempt too be a natural born citizen.

      • Anne Elliott

        You know, after hearing so many questions about Obama’s Birth certificate, this is really a moot point for me. Even if he is a Canadian instead of an American, if the TPTB want him in, he will win.

        …Geez I have become so jaded!!!

        • J C Davis

          Me to Anne me too.

    • frederick

      Harden I agree with you and don’t trust Cruz or Rubio at all Trump needs to jettison the political correctness(did I say that?) and let it rip regarding 911 He is a builder of highrise steel buildings and knows very well that the official story is pure fiction Perhaps he realizes how deeply in denial most Americans are and is smart enough to take it slow and not totally alienate those potential votes

    • freebreezer

      HC – I do not see the Donald bringing this up or even sticking a big toe in to it. He knows where the power of power resides … To anger the JP Morgans, Goldmansucks etc, is to bring suicide upon ones self. Per Bernie, the big banks/governing class have little to fear of him because they know that middle America will never anoint him. If, and that is a big if, the Donald does go down the path of demanding action per the corruption via the Federal Reserve/government/big banks, that will surely say he is truly not (that is a BIG NOT) beholden to anyone or anything from this corrupt government/banker class! I have been anxiously awaiting any viable candidate, other than Bernie, to step in to the minefield … none do ( except Ron and Rand Paul who have never stood a chance – unfortunately)! And all the brainwashed Hillary zombies, please do not bring up Hillary’s lip service it makes me gag given all the $$$,$$$,$$$ she has taken!

      • freebreezer

        Note – per Hillary I should have added … all her false statements, utter untruths knowingly, with deliberate intent to deceive and lie!

    • 8Ball

      Cruz delegate quits because of lies…

      • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

        Cruz makes the hair stand up on the back of my neck every time he opens his mouth. I can’t stand the sight or the sound of him.And who does his wife work for!!!!!
        Say no more.

    • q

      Cor who won the fight, Trump or Cruze?

    • Mohammad

      From your post seems GS prefers Hillary, they gave her 750000 two hours speech only..!!!!


    • Lieut. Edward Harding

      Cor, who won the fight? Was it Trump or Cruze? Which was which?

  4. Rick Geisler

    Nice to see James Turk on. It is refreshing to hear someone tell it like it is without the normal bells, whistles and fireworks. We know the sky is falling. We got it so a calm face is always a relaxing moment in all the otherwise day to day news barrage.

    • Kevin Price

      Contrast to the screaming and yelling, “end of the world”, “epic proportions”, “put it into perspective”, “worse than a nuclear attack” Mannarino !! Yes, it’s really nice to hear James Turk over at least “one” of the others. There are several level headed, calm, concise, fact filled, informative, guests on USA Watchdog. And James Turk is among the best.

  5. Trude

    Obama: ‘Trump will not be president’

    The Hill, Harper Neidig, 6 hrs ago

    Good thing this guy is never wrong. Not!


      • Mohammad

        Seems like Jeb and Obama are on the same page.
        Chance are they are true.
        In my humble opinion, some one who filed 4 times bankruptcy to steal money because he was a lousy business manager is not trust worthy.


        • Mary Casey

          Since you mentioned it, it would appear Trump is in good company. Individuals who have filed bankruptcy: Thomas Jefferson (several times), Abraham Lincoln (twice), Ulysses S. Grant, William McKinley, Henry Ford, Walt Disney, Milton Hershey, H .J. Heinz, Dave Ramsey, Mark Twain, J.C. Penney,
          John Conally.

          • Greg Hunter

            Might I add that Trump did not call his government buddies (Many in both parties he gave money to) and ask to get a bailout. He turned his assets over to a bankruptcy trustee and took the hit. Can Goldman Sachs say the same? I think not.

        • 8Ball

          Mohammad, you should turn over all your assets to the Imam at your local Masjid… I’m sure that he will take good care of you and your family.

  6. Faith

    An extremely impressive and eloquent interview. I don’t give praise lightly.

    Again, thank you, to Mr. Hunter and Mr. Turk. I appreciate that you have both dared to stand up and speak honestly to common people. I cannot thank you enough.

    The silver ratio is just crazy. I did the same math while listening to this interview. Silver is incredibly cheap right now. I have reached the same conclusion. There is an imbalance in that ratio. How will it rebalance, and when? I do not know.

    Excellent end to the interview to advise people to own physical.

    I don’t really care if the money I put into silver increases in value. My purposes in investing in silver and gold is to simply retain value and to retain my purchasing power. The market right now is beyond wicked. I am also starting to look at investing in stocks that pay dividends. Have I made any purchases? No. Not yet. Still positioning but some of the dividend stocks look good. Along with some of the oil stock that have dropped. In thirty years those stocks will pay my way, I hope.

    Since it is soon to be Easter, remember the rule: never have all of your eggs in one basket.

    • JMiller


      Since you are looking at may be buying stocks that pay dividends or oil stocks, I would like to ask you something. It sounds like you have a brokerage account and are talking about buying individual stocks as opposed to ETFs or mutual funds, correct? Have you thought about buying gold mining stocks? They really have been beating down. Still risky and can be volatile. I recently had some money in GDX which is a gold mining ETF for a trade. Looking to get back in. Gold mining stocks did do well during the Great Depression but one can’t say they will again a similar situation.

      • Faith

        JMiller: I am not a fan of ETFs or mining stocks because I consider them too risky. Yes, I am talking about buying, and holding, individual stocks through a brokerage account. My tolerance for risk is low and I am not a gambler.

        Two people in the MSM financial media that I respect are on FOX Business, Stuart Varney (in the morning) and Charles Payne (in the afternoon). They have both been talking about quality companies that have good dividends. My approach is conservative, to dollar-cost-average purchases over time, with the intention of holding individual stocks for the long term.

        The stocks I have heard mentioned because they pay excellent dividends are Glaxo-Smith-Kline, Astro Xeneca, AT&T, and Exxon. I am still doing research at the present time.

  7. Dillon

    Much more Turk … much less Polny.

    • Silence is Golden

      Yes …..I agree…..I favour Turk-ey more than Polony…. any day of the week. 😉

    • Kevin Price

      Much more Turk…. much less Mannarino!

  8. frederick

    James Turk is the real deal thanks for having him as a guest Greg and yes I am taking his advice Did everybody notice what happened last week when gold spiked 60 dollars in hours for no apparent reason Just imagine what it would do if and when we have a serious one like a Lehman/DB moment Its scary to think of that without holding some physical in your possession for insurance And on another note everyone please listen to Dr Michael Savage on justice Scalias death

  9. Silence is Golden

    Nice interview with JT…who confirms a lot of what we know.
    A few items I want to elaborate on :
    James mentioned that (in relation to Deutsche) the obvious one… is not always the one that lights the fire to set off the contagion. There is a lot of merit in what he has to say there. However, from the stock price point of view alone (an 80% drop is in reality a death sentence) the market says its “done”. Alarmingly if you overlay stock prices, its price movement is replicating that of Lehman Bros. before collapse. That doesn’t necessarily imply bankruptcy… although the case is very strong. Deutsche is a SIFI …..its tentacles reach into all sectors of the financial/monetary system. I would support the argument that another failure in the Banking system will precede anything from Deutsche…perhaps from Italy/Spain/Portugal/France related to sovereign debt of the PIIGS. Note the recent bank runs with Italian Banks and their Bonds are the red flags for a bigger problem.

    James also speaks about the Gold /Silver ratio and how Silver is undervalued in the when speaking of the movement out of overvalued assets.
    For the purposes of context….there is another ratio I look at that few actually follow…its the Gold/Oil ratio. This is my barometer for how the world is travelling economically. Simply put….a ratio at circa 45 Barrels to 1 oz of Au (current) is predicting a crisis. Want proof…look at the gold/oil chart for the last 40 odd years and witness the spike in the ratio in times of global financial stress/economic weakness (1973/1986/1994/1999/2008/2015/2016). So the economic growth is weak reflected in lower oil prices and the investor mentality has changed to concern…hence higher gold.
    This one little indicator may be the precursor of global systemic risk. Given the current ratio is the highest its EVER been….tells me that we are at extreme risk of failure. The failure may be Oil related…in the form of debt/derivatives. I feel that Banks holding the Debt related to energy will be the trigger for a system wide related collapse. Clearly an Oil price of $85/barrel would resolve the ratio and bring it back to L.T. averages. Will that happen in this environment ??? Doubtful.
    Alternatively, a Gold price of $450/oz would also do the trick (on $30/barrel).
    Lets say Oil went to $150/barrel…gold would need to get to $3000/oz (using the same ratio that gold/oil was at when gold peaked in 2011). Can we speak in terms of $150 Oil ??…knowing what we know about the state of China and the Globe?…NO.
    In my summation …the crash is imminent.

    • Greg Hunter

      I agree with you summation and all your other points! Thank you for posting them here.

      • freebreezer

        SIG/Greg – how far in to the future do the average oil future contracts run …this for all these small and medium size oil companies? It is obvious that they all are surviving because of these future contracts -i.e. they sold today’s production many months ago, and at a higher price. But most of these contracts have to be coming to an end, and when they do – that is the time to Look out!

        • Silence is Golden

          Great point fb.
          I see that hedges taken out by the energy companies last year… running out… starting January 2016…..we should be witnessing the energy sector imploding due to a lack of liquidity (DEBT > Cash flow). Banks have been ordered not to call in the Debt…and take their assets in lieu….funny thing is…..the Assets, when marked to market are some 60-80% below book values…..DEBT recovery shortfall = normally implies Bank Bad debt write offs, in turn leading to capital deterioration of the Banks = capital inadequacy = back door bailouts…to keep them in business. That is what is happening NOW.

    • Mohammad

      Lehman did not fall, THEY WERE FLUSHED…
      Get your facts strait.


      • Silence is Golden

        Is that the best retort you can offer…nothing else ??
        You really do surprise me Mohammad.
        For someone who is trained in medicine you still have the spelling capacity of a 5th grader. Get it straight…please.
        How can that be possible…do you not have to write scripts ?? Spelling mistakes by a doctor is a real concern…..or maybe something more sinister is at play here ?
        Recommend you try pseudoephedrine….no I don’t mean spelling it…..it purportedly clears the sinuses and helps improve ones concentration because it allows oxygen into the blood stream that feeds the brain.

        “Flushing”….leading to collapse…IE BANKRUPTCY. FACT !!!
        Yes I know the narrative and the FACTS very well….probably before you read it on ZH or were told by JW.
        Go find some one else to pick on. You wanna play with Adults not children….bring some bigger balls.

        • JC Davis


          • Mohammad

            Read my reply to SIG above .


            • WD


              I think that SIG is very far from being an idiot.

              • Mohammad

                Agree WD.

                I asked Greg to remove my post and kindly he did.


            • JC Davis

              You have nothing I care to know We have given you kindness, do not mistake it for ignorance. The Quran is the book from demons. For now you have a chance to change. When the word that created all things returns time will end. Now is the time to change. I for one hope you see the light of the blood of Jesus and the power of GOD in him.

        • sk

          English is not Mohammad’s native language! Look at all the (presumably native born) people who don’t know ‘to’ from ‘too’, ‘know’ from ‘no’, ‘it’s’ from ‘its’, ‘there’ from ‘they’re’ from ‘there’ , or ‘caucus’ from ‘coccus’ from ‘Caucasus’ or ‘casus’ (as in ‘casus belli). Lighten up.

          • sk

            sorry…from ‘their’

            • JC Davis

              Right I don’t spell good, 6 grade at best, But I also don’t claim to be a smart doctor. I take more pride in the fact that I pulled myself out of total poverty up to the middle class . Debt free is me.

              • Greg Hunter

                I have a counter in the control panel of the site that counts your comments. You have made 1646 to date and I have read everyone of them. You seem pretty smart to me.

          • Silence is Golden

            TECHNICAL FOWL…or should that be foul ??
            Mute point was made…to make a “point”. You chose to look at one side of the coin…….I care not for the language skills….its the obtuse nature of the comment that I take exception to.
            RUDE….and smacks of arrogance beyond belief. Political …BS…!!!

          • frederick

            sk how many don’t know their own state capitol so why are you surprised The educational system leaves alot to be desired in the states One thing they excel at is spending alot of tax money per student

  10. JC Davis

    Enjoyed the show Greg. Gold is not valued in currency alone. The demand for any metal is what dictates what a person will give for it. The more the population grows, and troubles in fiat currency the more demand for metals. My point is to ask what the price will be is useless. Ask what the demand will be ? How to use it when it is not priced in fiat ?
    This is why I am a believer in constitutional silver coins, nickel, and copper more then gold. A brand new truck with no gas makes a good storage area.

    • JC Davis

      Not to kick it too much, but GMO foods have been approved safe for less then 25 years. If we discover GMO foods kill people after 30 years. What demand would there be for good unaltered farm land ? We already know it shortens the life of chickens greatly.

  11. Cripes

    I’ve never thought that central banks could be overwhelmed by the debt of emerging markets – after all it’s central banks, under the aegis of the BIS, that are in charge of interest rates, and ultimately it is monetary policy that will demolish debtors. The flight of capital from emerging markets is driving down the value of currencies, but when all currencies are being driven down there is no pressure to raise rates. No, I have always thought the real threat to the system lay in the retail banks. Deutsche Bank has long been thought to be vulnerable, as has HSBC, BNP, and many other European banks. Of course we have never really emerged from the 2008 crisis, and the fundamental problem is inequality. The rich have all the cash and the poor can’t afford to buy anything. Only widespread debt forgiveness and a program of redistribution can solve the basic malaise, but that will not happen this side of a global collapse.

  12. frederick

    Greg Wonder if you could get an interview with Trump He is sure shaking things up with that mommas boy Jeb regarding his 911 and WMD comments. The mainstream shills Mark Levin and Limbaugh are attacking him just like they did with Ron Paul so he must be striking a nerve with TPTB He avoided a question on Scalia when Savage brought it up yesterday Interesting time to be alive and awake God bless everyone and fear not as Greg says

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes Frederick it is an interesting time to be alive!

      • Jim

        Alex Jones got an interview with Trump, so surely Greg you can get one too.

        • frederick

          Not to put USA Watchdog down but doesn’t Infowars have a much larger audience? Jim

  13. Mike from the North

    We are at the LINE IN THE SAND.

    After years of manipulation and years of investigation we now know where we stand.

    They have played every con game in the bag of tricks to extend their game.

    ABX is now here and the balance of power is about to shift.

    This is going to destroy many and it will not be pretty.

    The levels of corruption, deception and just plain evil are a testament to the fact that many political types are just plain sociopaths in nature and will lie until the lie s are no longer believed.

    The tic toc of the manipulation clock is now so loud that everyone with a brain is about to wake up to a NIGHTMARE.

    • Macray

      Mike from the North
      I am in complete agreement. The ABX, just launched last week, is going to be a game changer. Give it a little time for the word to spread and this could be the physical PM exchange the majority of world investors go to when buying and selling PM’s.
      Management of a gold company I own have already contacted Andrew Magurie’s firm Goldstar Global to investigate the pros and cons of selling their Silver and Gold production on this brand new physical PM Exchange. For those that are interested, here is the link to their facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/AllocatedBullionExchange

  14. glen

    the volatility of markets is quite extreme.
    suggesting instability.
    the largest demographic in history are collecting and need ongoing income not capital gain,
    capital gain is not going to come from those following as they don’t have the earning power or financial capacity,
    where can anyone find income producing investments currently that meet the expenditure required?

  15. Dan


    Greg, I’ve been listening to James Turk for years. He is one of the best. He gives mostly facts rather than stating personal opinions and giving unknowable price targets. Everything he says is educational and useful. Plus, you can tell he is a very sincere and honest fellow. You gave him 4 minutes at the end for him to plug or promote his company or products and instead he just gave more advice; I didn’t even hear him say the name of his company Goldmoney or his Bitgold venture. What a class act! Impeccable!

    I think I speak for most of us when I say: The sincerest thank you Mr. Turk. We look forward to hearing from you again.

  16. Daivd

    Outstanding interview. James Turk is a credible and authoritative individual. It doesn’t get better than this. Thank you Greg.

  17. Goldmeister

    This is the same James Turk that presides over that gold mining/reclamation company in South Africa ? You know the one ? DRDGold ? Perhaps the gold company with the biggest bunch of half wits and theives running a South African corporate concern in history ? Long list of miscreants. Mostert ? Kebble ? Stratton ? And Mr. “I am adding value” himself – Mark Wellsey Wood that wonderful chairman CEO that left the company worth 10% what it was worth as he entered that diluted the sharebase by 80% and engineered a 90% drop in gold production. Whatever happened with the RAWAS shares? Is Niel Pretorious worth as much money as Mark Welleseley Wood ? How about that Argonaut project ? Whats your stock option bonus plan this year ? Inquiring minds want to know. You will notice that even the most gullible shareholder base eventually ceased to drop their bants and bend over.

  18. Don

    1st home run of spring training Greg and James.

  19. Laura

    In case you missed this:

    “Rick will also break down Saudi Arabia’s announcement to invade Syria with an army of 350k, and Russian President Vladimir Putin’s possible death pact with Globalist shill Henry Kissinger.”


  20. Wayne

    Gold has been forming a bullish cup + handle since mid-October and just began forming the handle. Lots of commentators see the drop yesterday as one more failed rally in gold, but its the drop required to form the handle before it spikes UP!

    Look at the USD. Its in an INVERSE cup + handle confirming this. I give it 2 weeks (~1160-70) to form this handle before it begins a major rally.

    • Macray

      I am trying very hard not to jinx it! Fingers crossed!

  21. gregd

    Just something to be considered. The gold and silver ratio doesn’t necessarily mean that silver is underpriced. It could also mean gold is overpriced.

  22. art barnes

    Greg, the Bear Rally on Wall Street is in full swing. The recent uptick of the Dow Jones Industrial Average, S & P, etc., is sucking in the losers as we speak, Charles Dow, the man the Dow was named after, said over a hundred years ago to “BEWARE THE BEAR RALLY”! Nothing has changed much, watch out fellow Hunter posters/readers don’t get fooled, this is the rally before the big correction Greg’s many guest have been talking about.

  23. Buck


    You have been making very interesting and cryptic posts for some time, but your comments on the Bo Polny interview seemed remarkably well timed. Former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers came out shortly afterwards calling for banning 80% US currency as if almost on cue.

    Can you share some background information? I’m thinking something DoD related, maybe even Booz Allen Hamilton?


    • Buck

      I fear exits are being sealed off, and the few people who are awake are voluntarily entering a golden cage.

      • Mohammad

        It is obvious Buck and out there but most do not see including Mr. Salinas that is savvy enough to miss on this only to confirm my doubts he positioned himself on the other side of the trade against the sheep.

        Golden cage it is, but digital golden cage.

        If anyone here on this blog thinks for a second that those powers that crammed their throats with the digital medical records and yet they submitted, will allow them to have physical gold, then they are living in a fantasy that they will have a rude awakening call from once the legislations banning cash and gold/silver are in place, actually they are already inked, but they will give them the Bitgold, Bitsilver….
        And if they think for a second to play Rambo then they will only quicken the plan, nothing pleases TPTB more than the other side playing Rambo, that is their sweet spot, they will hammer them down and fasten the plan like in M.E. (I hope i do not hear M.E. is aint no Texas bull shit)

        The gold/silver is already in the vaults of the elites, the masses are left high and dry to the digital everything.

        It is so clear, so obvious except for the oblivious.


      • Anne Elliott

        Did you hear about the new Monopoly game? It’s “cashless” and the players use credit cards instead of fake paper money. No joke!

    • Anne Elliott

      Here’s an article about banning cash; hot off the press:

  24. Larry

    Yep, the capital controls are on the way for the U.S. We’re now seeing open discussions of banning cash (i.e. $100s) by the ruling class. Why? Because they are testing the waters for NIRP… They don’t want to pay the bill themselves, so it will flow down to the serfs either directly as NIRP on all bank accounts or some hidden cost. This will cause a run on the banks with everyone trying to get some cash out. U.S. banks are illiquid, so there won’t be enough money to begin with thus first come, first served. They will quit issuing big denominations to restrain cash hoarding. Don’t expect anything more than a $20. This will drive people into metals, income producing real estate, baseball cards, whatever… Anything that can at least hold its value. And crytocurrencies… they’re out of here! BITCOIN will be be like dealing in blood diamonds.

    Thus gold and silver have to go up even with massive manipulation by the elite (they will run out of tools to manipulate every market). The question is will it go up so fast that the COMEX, etc will collapse when everyone tries to convert paper to physical. I would think this could cause prices to go exponential.

    Despite it’s volatility, silver is a much better option for making money on this mess if you only have a little bit to invest. You just need to keep an eye on it. In the last 40 yrs, when gold spikes the gold to silver ration drops to the 30s. That’s a good profit if you bought in at $15/oz. As Turk mentioned 10-15 may be possible. And I’ve heard others mention this as well. That’s when the profits get crazy good. This is assuming the dollar is worth more than toilet paper… In a dollar collapse, having metals that can be used as money might be a necessity.

  25. Galaxy 500

    Moslem update
    Excerpt : “We wrote previously about the man who was sucked through his own bomb holewhile trying to destroy an airplane flying out of Somalia. No other passengers were killed in that incident. Subsequently, the bomber’s motivation has been under scrutiny. On Tuesday, we got an answer: religion, not extremism.
    That says a lot, actually.”

    Here is some interesting reading on the evils of islam.

    • Jack

      One thing to keep in mind on gold and silver is that silver performs poorly in a deflationary environment like now. If you look at history, during the deflations of 1929-1930 and 2008-2009, gold performed very well, silver was way down.

  26. Mohammad


    Seems this is where we are heading at full speed.



  27. Mohammad


    Can we say a false flag by turkish gov. to enter the war?
    Drumbeats are louder and louder.


    • WD


      I understand the angle behind the cashless society. But let me ask you this, what difference does it make with a dying economy, all (legitimate) indicators show massive slowdowns picking up velocity.

      If people are not buying and selling isn’t that a “death sentence”. We are entering the greatest global implosion ever… cash or cashless if you are unabl to buy or sell, isn’t it either way “doomsday”?

      • Mohammad


        That is the dream of TPTB, i mean putting you in mood and mode of “Dooms day” collectively it will materialize.
        That is their game they profess, and that is what most are falling into.


        • WD

          But a dying economy can’t truly be covered up….I see it around me….friends, finances, sales, many signs popping up everywhere.

          “The Chinese have a saying Be careful of what you wish for you just may get it”

          • Mohammad

            Lets be positive WD.
            It is all in our collective conscious.
            If we all think positive it will turn positive.

            We are all connected but we do not know.
            We should foil their game by abandoning the doom and gloom. that is all i was saying.


          • frederick

            WD wish for or not its been a long time in the making and is in my opinion coming to a head soon I suppose as Gerald Celente says could be true about taking us to war to cover it up with all the anti Russia/Putin rhetoric coming from Washington it sure seems to be their gameplan Hopefully I am wrong

  28. Gord Higham


    I have to admit you get the best analysts and guests out there. The constants that they all bring to the table and what you draw out through your inciteful questions is second to none. I list the most important as

    Intelligent fact based analysis
    Humbleness and sincerity in expression.
    Steadfast and consistent viewpoints.

    All 3 areas are dreadfully lacking in most main stream and increasingly in alternative media forums.

    Thankfully we have USA Watchdog to light the way.

    Gord Higham

    • frederick

      Amen Gord Amen

  29. Ross

    Some talk about $500 gold and $ 7 or$ 8 silver. Silver in 1970 was Aust $ 1.80. You could buy a beer or burger for 25 cents. That same beer or burger costs $7.00 or 28 times the 1970 price.
    So to say silver will go to $7 today means in 1970 $ , silver is worth 25 cents or over 7 times cheaper than 1970 prices.
    The economic problems today are far, far greater today. The spot price of silver Aust $ now is $21.50. This means in 1970 $ , silver is 76 cents 0r 2.3 times cheaper than 1970 prices. The real rate of inflation today is 10% and will get a lot worse.
    Silver reached high in 2011 of $50. Inflation of 10% puts this high at the end of 2016 at $80. The Aust and US $ were about equal at his time so in Aust $ you can add 30% to get an Aust $ price.
    No wonder the stackers are frustrated but they have to be patient because the manipulation is now extreme because they cannot afford to let metals gather any momentum or it is game over for their Ponzi schemes.

  30. Grafique

    Thank you for asking Mr. Turk for his take on the geopolitical side of things. If you can manage it I would like more interviews on this topic.

  31. Linda L.

    Mr. Turk is easy to understand and he just makes common sense. Even still, so many folks will deny that the system is going to collapse (my own family/friends just don’t see it…..believing that I’m over the top for being so concerned). But if one is willing to open up and truly examine the big picture (painful), it’s impossible not to see the obvious, with the only question being timing. You’re assisting those who are willing to listen, and so I thank you and your guest for this great interview.

  32. Mohammad



    Have a real estate expert to elaborate on the effect of cashless society/negative interest rate on real estate.
    Denmark is the leading EU in cashless society so any expert who is astute to EU real estate market especially Denmark will serve your audience including me a big favor.

    Greg, this is not a luxury discussion, rather it is a necessity, more important than gold/silver without discounting the importance of the latter.


  33. Mohammad

    Saudi/Turks with Israel behind are getting their war in Syria.
    All green…!


    And Just incase the gulf is going in flames, and Egypt is screwed with Langley mercenaries operating in Sini with their back to Israel and their weapons pointed to Egyptian army, Israel will get its gas pipes passed to Greece all the way to Europe.
    They just need some formal approval and some signatures:



  34. Mohammad


    Just for a second imagine What Summer’s had suggested turned reality (it will very soon be so in EU) and there was a ban on 100$ bill.

    Look at the image of the share of 100$ bill in US notes that is already closing up on 1$ bills in number……..!!!!!!


    That is a HUGGGGGEEEE blackhole, will suck all the currency notes printed in a different denominations and will create a frenzy to scramble for the 10/20 notes.

    Do you see this?

    Do you guys , watchdoggers see why they want you to give up your cash for gold that am sure it will soar to the skies just because the central bankers want your cash for a bigger game they are rigging now.

    Is it out fetched to say TO THE HELL WITH some of my gold and silver and let me stock up on 10/20 bills just incase if every one is snatching them up when the 100$ is banned i will not be left out?


    • Mohammad

      Follow up thought:

      Imagine then the premium on the lower denominated notes…!!!!

      There you go …. they will inflate on steroid……, and the 5$ note may act like 20$, 50$ or 100$ who knows…!
      So if the 5$ note will act 20$ for example because of the premium on it , then what the price of milk, bread, eggs …etc. …?


      • FC

        You’re obviously not the sharpest tool in shed to think a $5 note will have the buying power of a $20 note.

        • Mohammad

          I will see how sharp you are when you are going to scramble for those lower denominated bills once 100/50$ is banned.
          Thank you for pointing to me my shortcomings i respect your view.


      • Tin foil hat

        5$ note will never act like 20$, 50$ or 100$ note because they can print papers. However, if this were the prelude toward a cashless society, they will not print any bill. The goal is digital cash card and the ultimate goal is permanent negative interest rates.
        Gold had high premium in India when gold was banned, they can never print gold.
        The ban on 100$ bill is merely a psy op for the sheeple, nothing more. In order to get this cashless society going with the intention of permanent negative interest rates, they have to get all nations on board or it just won’t work.

        • Mohammad

          One spark in M.E. and west is disconnect from East.
          No planes no flights no ships across the waters.
          So who ever is on this side will not matter to him/her what India will do.
          They decided to ban 100 Bill HERE.
          and decided to ban 500 Euro in EU.
          Stack up on coins dimes/nickels/pennies.
          5/10/20 bills
          to get you until the dust settles.
          No one sane will risk going to jail for taking your gold/silver if it is banned, and it will, they did not go that far to allow you to use your PM.
          We do not know where this thing is going.
          it is uncharted waters.
          But a thought here an idea there can give us angles we never thought. So lets keep our minds open and discussions flowing.


          • Tin foil hat

            “One spark in M.E. and west is disconnect from East.
            No planes no flights no ships across the waters.
            So who ever is on this side will not matter to him/her”
            Now you are thinking! We shall go down that rabbit hole a little deeper.
            If Russia and China had normal interest rates and gold in their reserves, they will not trade with nations with permanent negative interest rates. They will barter but they will not trade in the same fashion which has been conducted in the past 20 plus years.
            Now, how long do you think the citizens within the environment of negative interest rates will tolerate that nonsense when a better and fairer system is in existence. They will try to escape to the other side with PMs, not papers. If there is no escape, they will likely keep the PMs for the return of sanity rather than exchanging them for digital.
            When the big boys are ready to shove the digital money down our throat, dimes/nickels/pennies.
            5/10/20 bills will be banned along with gold and silver.

            • Mohammad

              China is BUST.
              They did not post their reserve bleed for month of Feb.
              Likely the shorts busted them. Will see.

              Russia is dead.
              They will bleed by Langley Mercenaries in Syria until they die.

              Here….i know the ultimate goal is digital every thing but coins 1/5/10/20 $ will serve for a while.

              And while you are thinking, what other than the obvious reason to ban 100 here and 500 in EU?

              Could that be to deprive the shorts from their weapons (large bills hoarded) to turn to the Euro/Dollar after they bust the Yuan…….?


              • Tin foil hat

                China is not bust. They haven’t sold the Chicago Stock Exchange or any business they had purchased in the US and the rest of the world.
                Remember Japan, remember Rockefeller Center, China didn’t buy trophies, they bought businesses and they are not selling.
                Perhaps they didn’t post their reserves figures to spare us the embarrassment that the Treasury is unwanted. Who knows, maybe they will post the figures once they get rid of all the US Treasury.
                I will concede China is a bust when they are losing gold rather than US Treasury like Venezuela do.
                Langley mercenaries are dying right now, not Putin. Anyway, Putin is too smart to get suck in another quagmire like Afghanistan. He already stated that he would utilize nuclear weapons if Tirkish or Saudis forces intervened in the Syria conflict. I believe he is not buffing. You should watch this movie “Deterrence”. It is a great movie which centers about nuclear brinkmanship.
                I alway thought Iran would be used to deter the Russian but we lost the momentum or perhaps Langley is not as crazy or reckless as I thought. However, if Putin used it against non-US foreign troops within Syria with the consent of Assad, it would be seen as the only logical and necessary step to prevent further foreign aggression without additional financial and military commitment.
                In short, Russia is not dead either.

                • Mohammad

                  TIME WILL TELL


    • Greg Hunter

      This is a form of capital control pure and simple.

      • Mohammad


        Does zero hedge scan your site daily?
        Does it read my posts?
        I sent you email in this regard and here is another one answering my post on the issue of small bills in both:


        “But it’s hard to avoid the conclusion that the politicians want to bar cash as one more infringement on economic liberty. They may go after the big bills now, but does anyone think they’d stop there? …”


        • Silence is Golden

          I have found that if you put your ideas and thoughts in the public domain….its going to be copied/plagiarised ad infinitum. No one will own nor attribute credit on it.

          “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery that mediocrity can pay to greatness.’

          Nuff said….

        • Diana Dee Jarvis

          Mohammad, Zerohedge got that article from the Wall Street Journal. Banning large denomination bills as a step toward a cashless system is being widely discussed on a lot of news sites.

  35. Mohammad

    Is that why Swiss Franc was de-pegged from Euro so it does not sink with it?
    When it comes from Martin Armstrong i take notice:



  36. JW

    I forgot, what happens to my money when the lights go out?

  37. Silence is Golden

    All USAWDoggers,
    This short 10 min interview with Aaron Russo…. is a must.
    He speaks of the (personal) Rockefeller connection and of their plan for worldwide domination.
    In the conversation.. mention is made of 911, War on Terror, Iraq, Afghanistan, CFR.
    Interestingly, he also openly speaks of the cashless society using implanted RFID chips . Plenty of support surfacing in that one currently.
    What is easy to overlook… but should grab your attention…. was what was said at 3.00 minute mark.
    This is where we go down the rabbit hole.
    Venezuela = Oil = Control
    Venezuela = Bankrupt = Too much Sovereign Debt
    Venezuela = Gold (circa 360T) = Stolen to pay off debt ?
    How is that relevant….VERY !!!
    Deutsche Bank is involved with Venezuela Debt/Derivatives and may be looking to do a deal to satisfy some other side of a contract.
    Ultimately there is a means to an end.
    This Oil fall/suppression/manipulation……is not about killing Banks….its all about stealing sovereign gold of the Oil Producing Nations.
    If the Banksters get their dirty hands on this Gold (which Chavez made a song and dance about having it repatriated in 2011/12), they can play the paper game for a while longer….knowing that delivery wont be in question.
    Of course the collateral damage (and all the attention) will be on the players in the Energy Space and the Debt/Derivatives associated with it. The REAL game is control of Sovereign Nations Gold.

    • JC Davis

      SIG. This is super glue in the eyes of those that do not want too see.
      What should I do? continue to explain this to people that will not listen, Or move outside the city and wait with gold in hand for the KGB to come visit ? You, and I are too old to change the inevitable. So I listen every weak for Greg to say fear not, God has got this.

      • Silence is Golden

        Never too old JC.
        We still have a voice. It is gaining momentum….with the move against the Establishment. The uprising will find its roots through the dissemination of truth and knowledge. Education of the masses is the real task….and just like all the social media platforms….it can find exponential growth and saturation with structured targeting and acceptance. Its never too late to rid the world of this evil empire.
        Put this somewhere visible …where you see it everyday…
        “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is when good men do nothing”. This is the way of the world but for few exceptions.
        We cannot remain silent at the risk of being thought a fool….better to talk and remove all doubt of it.

        • JC Davis

          SIG I have a wall in the garage for statements of the week. This will go up . Thanks.

      • allen ols

        jc ‘week’

        • JC Davis

          Al spelling is just one thing among many I know I will never be good at doing.

  38. Throe Bueden

    Turkey Goes to War. Gregory Copley, Defense & Foreign Affairs. 6 hours ago 19:02
    https://player.fm/series/the-john-batchelor-show-96788/turkey-goes-to-war-gregory-copley-defense-foreign-affairs WWIII;
    New Living Translation
    Therefore, rejoice, O heavens! And you who live in the heavens, rejoice! But terror will come on the earth and the sea, for the devil has come down to you in great anger, knowing that he has little time.” ◄ Revelation 12:12 ►

  39. Mohammad

    Dr. Joseph P. Farrell’s view about M.E. is in line with what i have been saying all along.
    I disagree with Dr. Farrell’s last point on Islam.
    Also I disagree with his last conclusion on Russia.
    I say Islam is to stay.
    I say Russia will bleed to death in Syria and will be defeated at the end.
    Time wil prove me right.




  40. John D

    If the powers to be are promoting a cashless society. In what form would a prudent person hold wealth?
    Low dominated U.S. dollars, gold and silver, or basic living supplies?
    If we truly go to a “cashless society” what good would having a hoard of cash do? And if the government decides to ban cash transactions, would they really allow trade in precious metals to take place?

    • Tin foil hat

      John D,
      Basic living supplies, then PMs and cash for a few months.

      There isn’t sufficient amount of gold and silver to trade with, especially in the west. I won’t worry about confiscation either since not a whole lot of people own gold and whatever little amount of gold in private hands has already been suck dry by the Gold4Cash stores in the west – you don’t see them around anymore, right?

      The big boys will draw in the PMs with much higher price as the dollar depreciate. What you have to do is convert that gold to whatever asset you need quickly right after the sale or pay the negative interest rates.

  41. Don

    http://www.reuters.com/article/us-funds-bridgewater-dalio-idUSKCN0VR0EH Greg, in my opinion this article reflects the last ditch effort by the federal reserve. I wrote months ago that the last thing they would is a helicopter drop to the masses, to cause inflation. I think we can look for this, and it will cause hyperinflation. The last step of the fiat currency system. Your interview of Mr. Turk was plain cents. His reasoning about gold and history, brings to surface fiat history. Thanks for the good interview, your the man. Lord bless

  42. Don

    http://www.reuters.com/article/us-funds-bridgewater-dalio-idUSKCN0VR0EH Here’s something interesting, Are they arming themselves against terrorist, or the masses that they’ve raped economically?

  43. Jerry

    Conspiracy Theory? You decide.

    In college I did a very in depth report on the Kennedy Assassination. I can tell you with 100% degree of certainty that Kennedy was assassinated by elements of our shadow government that had no intention of letting him carry out the Green Hilton Agreement and investigate the treasury. (see his speech two weeks before he died)

    It is no accident that Texas has become the preferred location for CIA’s hits. The CIA has deep roots running through the Bush’s.

    • Silence is Golden

      Assuming you know the intricacies of the Assassination…..have you noted the number of wounds and where they were located on the Body of JFK ?

    • Mohammad


      An important angle of JFK’s death was the significant announcement he was suppose to make about SPACE with the Soviets …. He did not live to make that announcement.


  44. Mohammad

    When Mr Sinclair speaks I take notice:



  45. pat the rat

    This economy reminds me of the six million dollar man,70 miles hour and slow motion on the t.v. screen. Both may be true.

  46. Don


    With Au stocks breaking out I would love to see you interview Daniel Oliver of Myrmikan Capital LLC. Daniel runs a micro cap Au stock hedge fund and is a brilliant writer as well.


  47. Mohammad


    Another thought on gold/silver confiscation:

    If lets say i will go with the argument they will not confiscate gold/silver, then how can you unload your hoard in a tangible asset?
    You cannot unload through paying directly in gold/silver, lets say to by your dream house, that would be already illegal since we have the “gold clause” from Roosevelt’s 1933 era in place and it negated retrospectively any contracts paid by gold. So no sane mind will risk going to jail or risk unwinding that purchase of the house paid in Gold/Silver.


    You cannot sell gold for any cash in grey market since it will be banned by then(no other transferable medium available).

    You cannot go through the bank without removing the “cap of invisibility” and become visible.

    Where to go then with your hoard. You keep looking at it, removing the dust off it twice daily, taking selfies with it…..or what?

    practically TPTB confiscated it but we do not feel it as of yet.
    Wicked game , cunning and cruel, but nonetheless a reality to reckon with.


  48. Southern Girl

    DLC (formerly Donna),

    I decided to answer you on this video as maybe you wouldn’t check last Mondays. I have decided to plant all the older tomatoes seeds and order new ones. What happened was all the seeds that are from 2010 all came up…12o tomatoes plants. So I transplanted some and will wait until they come up. Wanted to tell you that this year I have decided to start my flowers from seeds…even buying them at Wally World has become expensive. I will be starting the perennials next week.

    Wanted to let you know I am in Central Arkansas and the way my house is situated in the winter the sun comes in the house on the southern side and I have grown tomatoes inside in my living room. I did not do that this year. I brought some of my daisy plants inside. They cost so much last year and were in a pot so I will have those to set out when it warms up. Just those alone will save me around $40.00.

    I am trying some FAVA beans again this year. Last year they came up and put on the lovely blooms and then not one pod….don’t know what I did wrong.

    Thanks for the recipes…I will put up some more salsa and pizza sauce canned from the tomatoes for this year. I have canned spaghetti Bolognese, meatballs for spaghetti, chili, roast with potatoes and carrots, pork tenderloin, etc. If you can think of it I have canned it…Do you can??? Funny you said to put on Italian music…my favorite place to visit is Roma…where the pizza’s they make are not like ours.

    Will start my potatoes and onions soon… I hear you can plant them in February even though I usually wait awhile..will grow more peas, beans, carrots, zucchini, squash, and a boat load of tomatoes. Will start my herbs next week…they come up really fast and that saves me money from having to buy the plants.

    Happy growing!!

    • JC Davis

      S C I wanted to post above, but I waited till Greg’s new post is due. I don’t grow tomatoes anymore because grape ,and cherry tomatoes come back every year. I trash more cherry tomato plants then I grow. I do grow 3 German Queens for sandwiches. Seeds in the freezer will keep for years. You may want to youtube wild weeds. I have eaten over 30 plants this year I never knew was food. We walk on more food then we could ever grow.

  49. Mohammad


    Why in Cuba?
    Why on the eastern church turf, pope Francis went to reconcile?
    It won’t happen without the approval of Putin…!

    CAN WE SAY the vatican is forced to return the RUSSIAN GOLD that was stolen from them by GS when they convinced the czar of Russia to keep it safe in London only to kill him and his family after the Communist rev. GS financed…??????

    Lets see if zero hedge will post something about this subject?


  50. Billy

    Thanks Greg,

    James is great. In terms of geo political watch the trend for Saudi Arabia and Turkey to look to Germany and the European union and form a partnership Then watch for Germany led EU to take Iran/Syria out of the game, thats where it is all leading. War is coming and islam will soon be wiped out by the European Union.


    • Mohammad


      Islam is to stay until the end of time.


      • Billy

        Will soon see!! a change is coming in Europe. Merkel will soon be voted out, new politicians with very different views on immigration are coming on the scene. The catholic church and islam have clashed in the past. It’s coming again. The hatred for islam is brewing in europe.

        • Mohammad

          Hatred was always there in EU.
          It is factored in.

          ISLAM is the last message form god to humanity.

          TIME WILL TELL


      • JC Davis

        Mohammad. You have been deceived. Love you. But you need to know.
        Seal up what the seven thunders have said and do not write it down.”

  51. Diana Dee Jarvis

    I like James Turk’s calm voice too. It’s so nice to hear a guest who isn’t shouting at his webcam.

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