2017 Predictions on Trump, Gold, Silver, Housing, Stocks, Bonds & Antarctica-Clif High

clif-highBy Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (Early Sunday Release)

Internet data mining expert Clif High says forget about the rumors and predictions of Donald Trump being blocked from taking office. High says Trump will be sworn in as the 45th President and explains, “I don’t have any data that says, hard stop, Trump is assassinated.  I don’t have that . . . . I am willing to back my data with real money, an ounce of silver, and I have an ounce of silver, and I would be willing to bet the inauguration part goes through smoothly given the emotional data sets we have now.”

High, who calls what he does “Predictive Linguistics,” mines the internet and collects billions of data points to produce forecasts of the future.  On the financial markets, High simply says, “We’re screwed. . . . The equity markets in our data sets are highly manipulated.  So, if you ask will there be a crash?  I say there already is a crash.  Everybody that is not part of the financial system at the top end is currently living in a depression, and the media does not acknowledge this.”

On the U.S. dollar and its purchasing power, High predicts, “The purchasing power is going to be eroded away fairly quickly. I suspect the erosion (of the U.S. dollar) is going to start in March or so. . . . The turning point for the Trump euphoria will hit at the end of February and carry on through March and April.  There will probably be people that will define this as a crash. . . . In our data sets, around March and April, the erosion of the dollar continues . . . The Fed, in a laggardly way, starts to chase interest rates. . . . We may jump to 9% or 10% interest rates as quickly as March or April.”

On Real Estate prices, High’s data tells him the entire market will eventually “fall by 90%.” High explains, “The language is about the high end crashing first, and then, it meets the middle tier, and then they crash to meet the lower tier.  So, it’s not going to be the high end coming down and then stabilizing.  We are seeing a generalized property price crash that is really just going to coincide with the inability of the banks to circulate enough money and create enough debt to blow the balloon up again.  Real estate will drop for what I am calling a credit freeze for lack of a better word.”

On Gold and Silver and Bitcoin, High says they will start moving up at the beginning of the New Year, and Obama will see the beginnings of a market crash before he leaves office. High contends, “Our data sets show that there is a lot of upward pressure on Gold and Silver and Bitcoin as the currencies go into a crisis mode. That basically is already happening.”

High’s data is pointing to Silver and Gold prices starting to takeoff in early 2017. High says data is showing a possible “$600 per ounce price for Silver” at some point.  High says before that happens, he sees “$125 per ounce” price for Silver on up to “$345 per ounce.”  High’s data also repeatedly says the “gold price per ounce will eventually be equal to the Dow.”

High also predicts, “There are going to be so many of these flash crashes they are going to be called ‘flashies.’ We are going to have these flashies as a repeated component of our technological age here for at least the next few months.  We are going to have these especially as we move into January.”

High’s latest report is titled Sci-fi World and has data about Antarctica and new technology discoveries from the continent at the bottom of the world. High says, “We called this Sci-Fi world because we are going to be getting into things . . . like re-looking at our history that will go back 7,000 years.  That’s going to upset a lot of people whose thinking is so ridged that they are not going to be able to accept the developing reality around them.  A lot of this is going to come from this discovery that has already occurred in Antarctica.  It probably occurred 20 years ago, and we are just now going to start hearing about it over these next few years. . . .We are going to start seeing the real information of where trillions of our missing dollars have gone.  We are going to start seeing new inventions pouring out all over the place as they have been officially allowed to because we need them now.  A lot of this is going to pivot on whatever it is that has been discovered in Antarctica.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Clif High of HalfPastHuman.com.

(There is much, much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview:

There is lots of information not covered in this interview. There is much more data and information on the Middle East and Israel.  There is much more on Bitcoin and Gold.  There is much more information on Antarctica and other pivotal countries such as Australia.  To buy the latest report titled “Sci-fi World,” go to HalfPastHuman.com and scroll down to the report.  You can’t miss it.

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  1. Jim Taylor

    Wow Greg amazing interview to start 2017!! Cliff is incredible. I really hope his predictions come true. I think its the first interview in a long time that address’s all of the scary problems we will deal with, but ends with optimism for the future.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Jim!

      • Macray

        Thank You Greg for a very en lighting interview!

        “We may jump to 9% or 10% interest rates as quickly as March or April.” I am still at a complete loss on this one”.

        If Cliff is willing, I am willing to bet an ounce of silver that interest rates will not jump to these levels by the end of April.
        Should Cliff ‘s forecast proves accurate, I can see real estate falling by 90 per cent, as he stated. Unfortunately the water front property that I have my eye on will still be 7 digits! : (((
        Again, thank you for an awesome interview with an awesome guest!
        A very happy 2017 to you, my favorite commentator Jerry and to all other watchdoggers that make this a top favorite site to visit!!!

      • Bob

        Greg, I’ve been following both your and Cliff’s work for years now. I consider both of you sources of information I need in order to attempt to come to some conclusion on how to prepare for an uncertain future. I know that you and many of your readers are Christians, so I’d like to introduce you and them to an organization you may find of interest. The Agrarian and Military Order of Christ the King (tamockcommanderie.org). Again, I appreciate you as a trusted source. Thanks for the work that you do.

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you Bob!!

    • Tim McGraw

      Antarctica? Really? Warm rivers and valleys under the ice? How does that work? How does one eat? What is this valuable technology? Didn’t Tesla already figure out free energy and the government suppressed it? Would not the government monopolies suppress this valuable technology under the Antarctic Ice?
      The argument of your guest about Antarctica makes no sense. Kerry and Obama went there for a reason, but what it is, I don’t know.

  2. Old Dog

    This is something important to watch:


    • Diana Dee Jarvis

      Old Dog, that is an old Infowars interview with Fitts, and the channel you’ve linked to does not have the rights to that video. Please show more respect for people’s copyrights.

      • Old Dog

        My apologies, Ms. Jarvis.
        Youtube is usually very timely in eliminating any such infringements.
        My mistake.
        The material is still timely, as we see it unfolding before our eyes, six years later.

        • Old Dog

          Timely, in the sense, that we see the “attack dogs” using fake news concerning Russia hacking the US elections to defer people’s attention away from the truth contained in the leaked emails. A ploy Catherine Austin Fitts warned about six years ago, still very much on the playbook of the government today.

          • Frederick

            The good ole boys using Russia to deflect from the real evils all around us like the FED and the “Pizzagate” battalion

      • Pontus

        Alex Jones promotes the use of his videos. So where do you get off on saying “Please show more respect for people’s copyrights”?

        • Lore

          Exactly. She has no special authority to act as Greg’s personal website sheriff. Control freaks are a big part of the reason why America is in so much trouble. If she starts trying to dictate to you again, ignore her.

          • Old Dog

            Thank you, Pontus and Lore, for your support.

          • eddiemd


        • JC Davis

          Pontus. Liked.
          If it is on youtube it is open.
          Why do people think they own their words when they open it to the world to copy.

      • garth

        cant see this any more

    • Carl Palmer

      And I’ll bet him an ounce of gold it ain’t happening!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Pat

    This interview really knocked it out of the park. Great job of asking him about and referring to the data in the Warren Pollock interview. When two super intelligent people like those guys agree on some things it would behoove one to pay attention.

    Speaking of paying I’m off to order the Sci-Fi report. Thanks for that link and all of the great work that you do.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Pat!!

      • al Hall



        • DB Cooper

          AL, I would very much like to hear more about Antarctica as it has been in our attention a lot lately. I will gladly receive e-mails from you via Greg if you are interested. Happy New Year, DB

  4. Diana Dee Jarvis

    Report purchased. Looks exciting! Greg, thank you for having clif on the show again. Regarding clif’s comments on the show about not being able to get gold and silver, Jim Rickards and other guests have been telling people to buy metals now because they won’t be available later due to hoarding. As for the comments about the Chinese getting into Bitcoin, the wealthy Chinese have been trying to get as much money out of China as they can. That’s one of the reasons they’ve been buying land in other countries (wanting more land for agriculture is another). Hard to tell because of the lousy reporting in the West, but China appears to be concerned about another revolution or at least great unrest. Last I heard the Chinese government was actively discouraging their citizens from buying Bitcoin, but they probably can’t keep the lid on that much longer.

  5. Debbie

    Happy New Years Greg! You are the greatest !

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for supporting USAW!!!

  6. Dr.Smith

    The Facts Mame, Just the flaks!
    The Truth Mustang will set us free? What say you????@#$%^&*_0UCH!

    Swift, Strong And Completely Regressive?
    Curb your enthusiasm!

    Putin Mocks elites As “Blameless?”
    You won Donald, get over it, all ready!

    Last But Not Least; The Sore Elephant In The Room…

    Bottom Line? We The Sheeple Won!!! We Won!!!
    Take That m&m intelligentsia and shove it!


  7. John woodhead

    Greg if possible,any chance on getting G Edward Griffin on the show?

    • Daryl

      That would be interesting to get Mr. Griffin on the show as well as Dane Wigington on at the same time. They have opposing views on the global warming issue. Mr. Wigington has accepted Mr. Griffin’s challenge to debate the global warming issue yet Mr. Griffin has now remained silent.

  8. Anthony Australia

    Times are a changing my friends.

    Thanks Greg!

  9. Adam Giessler

    Super interview! I love the questioning you do in all of your interviews. The Bible is becoming more and more alive every year. I am sure 2017 will be dynamic which is why I will continue to look forward to each and every one of your interviews.

  10. Nick de la Gaume

    The best thing that you did last year, Greg, awas to introduce us to Clif High!


    Many thanks

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank YOU Nick!!

  11. Hatemail

    This guy trips me out!

  12. Red Jambalaya

    The REAL Reason For War In Syria
    The Young Turks

    Aggressive Progressives Jimmy Dore and Steve Oh discuss a recent article from Robert F. Kennedy Jr. about Syria. Read the article here: http://www.ecowatch.com/syria-another

  13. Jerry

    I hate to be the barer of bad news , but this is where the buck stops in 2017

    April 21st the IMF board of governors will reset the currency weight used in the IMF basket of currencies. As it appears right now with eleven countries being shifted to the Yuan trade weight January 1st, and more to follow in the coming weeks, the united states will most likely lose its veto power to override the IMF voting block. In short the dollar may lose its mandatory currency peg for trade on the global market. At that point the dollar will be on even trade footing with all of the other trade currencies in the IMF basket.

    Though that appears to be the current plan, it could accelerate faster should the dollar continue to crush the Yuan under the Fed bond buyback program , or incoming President Trump levy an import tariff on Chinese goods. Either way we’re about to find out what Christine Lagardes ” Number Seven Speech” was all about.

    • Greg Hunter

      It is not bad news, it’s the truth, and to be forewarned is to be forearmed. Thank you!!!!

      • Jerry

        You are right. Sometimes the truth hurts.

        The choice will come soon enough for the IMF. They will either have to allow the dollar to stand as a global currency peg, and in the process risk destroying the global markets. Or….. cut the dollar loose entirely, and allow it float on its own merits. I think anytime you let a group of socialist (like the IMF) make an economic decision, it usually ends in disaster.

    • Robert Lykens

      Jerry, thanks for all your posts. You keep me on my toes!

      • Jerry

        Thank you Robert.
        I find it difficult to post this information since we’ve all been duped into the chicken little syndrome, by the blood sucking bankers who have rigged all the markets to prolong their demise. But eventually reality comes to them as well. History is replete with stories of bankers decorating lamp post when an economic collapse takes place. At least for the ones who are greedy enough to stick around.

  14. karl kuhle

    I think this us all part of the deception. Make us believe in aliens when realky it’s all demonic.
    Preparing for the amtichrist

    • susan


  15. Debora Xlander

    Great way to start the new year! Greg, you always ask the questions that are in my mind. You are either a really talented interviewer or you are a mind reader 🙂 Clif High, as always, hits it out of the park. Blessings ~

  16. Tad

    May we see a war over Antarctic resources? Any number of countries have staked land claims over time. My fear is that if something of great energy –producing importance is discovered–a big if–is that a Trump administration
    may awkwardly handle it.

  17. mushroom

    Gobbledygook with a bodyguard of secret data sets. I don’t buy it.

    • Faith

      M: I am very skeptical as well. I can’t help it. That is the way I am by nature!

      • Hatemail

        I’m not going to take the bait and say it.

      • DB Cooper

        Faith, we believe that it is our raison d’etre to glean; discern and connect the dots that the Lord provides for us, such as information about Antarctica which is surfacing in the dialog a lot lately and it is ramping up !! Obvious to this humble observer that something is going on there … note Admiral Byrd’s expedition that failed … for example.
        Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB.

  18. Bruce Fadem

    What a wonderful way to start the New Year. Clif High is fabulous. After following his work for the past 6 months and observing earlier interviews. It should be noted that his timing on events is less than perfect. Clif’s work is based on the premise that many people are gifted with ESP. When they comment on the internet many of the esp thoughts produce words of significance unconsciously of a future event and undiscovered fact. Clif’s programs collect these words or phrases into data sets that he interprets and articulates in his reports. Some of his predicative work is uncanny. As Clif said if 1/3 of his predictions in his latest report are correct, the report is well worth the $15 cost. I have bought this report and recommend everyone buy it, too. It contains oodles of additional predictions and information. If Antarctica yields the type of discoveries that Clif has predicted, I would say he has proven himself completely

    BBB in NC

    • James

      I agree totally. This has pegged my BS meter, and I am a scientist. The internet is populated by people who don’t understand gravity, physics, chemistry, or anything other than the apps on their cellphones. How anything meaningful can be derived by “mining” such data is beyond credibility.

      • Greg Hunter

        And yet he does.

      • Hatemail

        The chemicals you work with are refined from raw minerals.
        Raw data equally can be sifted and refined to make information.

        • James

          Garbage in, garbage out

      • Charles H

        Gravity, physics, chemistry??? What about The Hutchinson Effect? Anti-gravity and transmutation, or melding of differing structures? What you state as authority – only scratches the surface.
        Words are symbols; symbols make forms; forms are representation of power: as in intellectual property. ANY source will present a mixture of true and false to one degree or another. Sourcing and analyzing WORDS is probably BETTER than most stated facts and figures.
        When you go to the source of everything – it was WORDS used to start all that can be seen: “And God said, Let there be…”

  19. Snorky

    Interesting interview. Happy New Year!

  20. Russ

    Happy New Year Greg, very interesting interview/information. I have no basis to critique Clif High’s analysis so I’ll just say thanks.

    Regarding Clif’s discussion re Antarctica and history from 12,000 to 21,000 years back — if you are familiar with the 2004 Battlestar Galactica series – http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0407362/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1 – I highly recommend the finale, not that it’s true or that I believe, but that may be where Clif is going with his discussion of huge structures buried under the ice in Antarctica. That much ice could hide a lot of “stuff”.

    Imagine an advanced race arriving on Earth 20,000 years back; do you take over or do you blend in (literally). …”A raptor takes off for earth and what is clearly the outline of Africa. … We go down to the surface where Doc Cottle, Tigh, Adama, Baltar, and Hoshi- who gives his admiral’s wings back to Adama- are on their stomachs in tall grass observing some indigenous peoples.”… http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0993922/synopsis?ref_=tt_stry_pl

    Remember though, it’s fiction until the science bears it out, then it’s fact. Maybe we’re the aliens who have been here all along 😉

    • Russ

      “not that it’s true” — 😉 — it’s Hollywood and as such need not have anything to do with truth. Still, the idea that something from pre-history could be buried under a lot of ice is a really interesting topic.

    • Tin Foil Hat


      I’m sure there is a great deal of incest down under the ice in Antarctica.

      *Greek Mythology – Zeus and Hera were brother and sister as well as husband and wife. They were the children of Cronus and Rhea (also married siblings). Cronus and Rhea, in turn, were children of Uranus and Gaia (a son who took his mother as consort, in some versions of the myth). Cronus and Rhea’s siblings, the other Titans, were all also married siblings like Nyx and Erebus. Sea god Phorcys fathered many offspring by his sister Ceto. Myrrha committed incest with her father, Theias, and bore Adonis.

      *Egyptian Mythology – Shu and Tefnut are brother and sister and they produced another pair of gods, Geb and Nut. Their children were Isis, Osiris, Set and Nephthys; Isis married Osiris, and Set with Nephthys.

      *Sumerian Mythology – Enki, creator of Homo sapiens, married his half sister Ninhursag, they had a daughter Ninsar. When Ninhursag left him he came upon Ninsar (Lady Greenery) and then had intercourse with her. Ninhursag then gave birth to Ninkurra (Lady Fruitfulness or Lady Pasture). Eventfully, Enki had intercourse with Ninkurra, who gave birth to Uttu (weaver or spider).

      * Chinese Mythology – Nüwa (also referred to as Nü Kwa) and her companion, Fuxi, (also called Fu Hsi) was her brother and husband. They are sometimes worshiped as the ultimate ancestor of all humankind, and are often represented as half-snake, half-humans. It is sometimes believed that Nüwa molded humans from clay for companionship.

      *Old Testament – Abraham replied, “I said to myself, ‘There is surely no fear of God in this place, and they will kill me because of my wife.’ Besides, she really is my sister, the daughter of my father though not of my mother; and she became my wife. And when God had me wander from my father’s household, I said to her, ‘This is how you can show your love to me: Everywhere we go, say of me, “He is my brother.”

      It is too coincidental that many gods of different cultures were described as husband and brother, wife and half-sister. It is also too weird that the serpent, or snake, is one of the oldest and most widespread mythological symbols which often associated with fertility.

  21. Bob from Mo.

    Greg!!! Thank you for having Clif High as your first guest of 2017, I hope the antarctica thing is as big as Clif says it is. The world needs to be shocked about itself (who we are, what are true history is, good or bad). Kids have a hard time accepting the truth about santa claus.. But get over it.. Maybe the world can grow up too… The economic news really is small potatoes compared to this……….

  22. Gadfly


    Clif High is a Smart Guy Who does meaningful research to attempt to fleece-out political and economic trends in the near future. However, I must say that his predictions of mood and “chaos” come as no surprise. The mention of say 20% Mortgage interest rates in the latter half of the New Year is eyebrow raising, to say the least. If actual inflation rates or interest rates get even close to double digits this year or next year, then a “crash” may be an understatement.

    I seriously doubt this would happen, as it would destroy the entire real estate market and therefore, sink the whole economy into a deep, dark, recession that only a big War could get us out of, if at all. Lets hope on this particular forecast, Mr. High has misread his data or we have misinterpreted what he said.

    • Anne Elliott

      Part of the problem with real estate in the future, is that by the time Millenials are old enough to want to buy any, they won’t be able to because of their poor jobs / income, and being raised watching “Tiny Homes” shows. They are being taught that it’s experiences that matter, and not “things” or property. Also, this will be at the exact same time that the Boomers will be downsizing en masse and wanting to sell their property to move to Florida or downsize. IMO, Real Estate prices are destined to crash due to these problems, as well as any interest rate hikes in future.

    • Frederick

      Crash the inflated Real Estate market Oh the humanity Actually that sounds fine with me Too much frothy flipping going on anyway The big correction is 8 years overdue TPTB will never allow it though and hence gold and silver will shine in 2017 as Mr High stated

  23. Dave Causey

    WOW! Thanks Greg! Another, knocks it out of the park ,interview! I got hooked on Clif High after your first interview with him and have bought all of his recent reports. It’s exciting and scary at the same time with the information he presents. What an exciting time to be alive!
    Thank you for the valuable service you provide! Here’s wishing you a healthy, happy, and prosperous 2017!


  24. morris

    Great interview with Clif. Thanks.
    Bring back Jim Sinclair soon.
    All the best for 2017.


  25. Mike R

    For what its worth, I’ve been following Clif for some years now. He did earlier this year, accurately forecast the massive increase in the price of Bitcoin, that has recently occurred, from around $600 to $994 today. It was not only the increase, but how it would unfold, and the time period it would do so. I’ll have to say, I’d give him credit on that one. He did say, once it got around or over the $1000 price area, that it would sort of stall, and probably fall back a bit. If I recall correctly, he had predicted gold and silver would rise in a similar, but delayed fashion as Bitcoin would. I’d have to go back a number of videos to confirm, but I thought what he said, meant they would rise before year end, which hasn’t been happening. His forecast of Hillary gone missing was a bit of a stretch, and thing about body doubles of her, was a little bit hokey, but other than that, everyone would find his forecasts entertaining, if not fully accurate, and sometimes downright spooky. I think everyone here would WANT his forecasts on gold and silver to become true, so thats one I think is a bit of ‘marketing’ on his part, to seduce you into buying his subscription. We shall see how that one goes in the first quarter of 2017.

  26. The Seer

    HNY everyone! Clif High is very interesting and has a unique way of evaluating for the future!
    Nov. 6, 2016 strong vision Trump is taking the oath on Jan. 20th. He will be there.
    Dec. 30, 2016 vision the NWO finally has realized they do need to doctor up the failing
    systems they have created. They will gather and make a big announcement of some kind
    of shift to improve at a very large news conference. (Dollar revaluation, dual dollar,
    Saudi/drop of dollar?)

  27. Rob

    Though Clif may not understand or agree; his “predictive linguistics” are proving the strong delusion coming that will be centered on the Antarctica that I expect to be “leaked” in ever increasing doses this year:

    2 Thessalonians 2:8-12 And then shall be revealed the lawless one, whom the Lord Jesus shall slay with the breath of his mouth, and bring to nought by the manifestation of his coming; (9) even he, whose coming is according to the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders, (10) and with all deceit of unrighteousness for them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. (11) And for this cause God sendeth them a working of error, that they should believe a lie: (12) that they all might be judged who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.

    Love in CHRIST! Rob

  28. Russ McMeans

    Read Cliff’s writings, will watch video soon. Thanks Greg for a great 2016 of awesome interviews and real journalism. Drudge Report, Zero Hedge, World Net Daily, USA Watch Dog, Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage, Larry Kudlow, one never forget Laura Ingraham. We have the best real news these days. Hope it stays that way!

  29. LAKE M


    Cliff High mentioned the hubub over Antarctica.

    For information on the forthcoming revelations from Antarctica, search YouTube for END GAME I & END GAME II. Authors David Wilcock and Corey Goode. Nearly 4 hrs of video to watch..but worth the time.

    What they’ve found so far is basically the Pompeii of Antarctica. Crumbled buildings but instead of being covered in ash, everything flash frozen under the ice, complete with well preserved bodies, plants, animals and possible technological discoveries. Alien bodies leathery and desiccated have been found and taken away for laboratory examination. Some were ten foot tall. There maybe development that dates back 100,000 years. Whoa ! Scientists have just scratched the surface. NASA examined with underground sat and found many large areas showing structures buried under the ice. The history regarding the alien connection in Antarctica seems to start with the Nazi interest in the 1930’s. Then in 1947 a US flotilla with Adm, Byrd went down to check it out. Then all was classified for some decades. That brings us to the present. WHY are the elites flocking to Antarctica? To visually inspect something!! A fight is supposedly going on among the controlling elite about how much to reveal to the public.. full disclosure or partial.

    No less than full disclosure is owed to the world’s people..The elite have no right to conceal this knowledge. If reports are true, current history and its interpretations would crumble ..a new reality would sweep the globe… history killing and global foundation shaking information. Current doctrine on the subject of creation would be challenged. Heck, we may all be genetically modified beings, experiments from previous times and societies we know nothing about. The government has censured all information on alien encounters for the last 70 years. Now its time the truth be told. Time to let the cat out of the bag.

    The authors, Wilcock and Goode acknowledge this information is very hard to accept their information as truth…very hard to believe. They are saying to the best of their knowledge it is the real honest truth.

    • Pinocchio

      According to one of my sources inside Central Committee of Chinese Communist Party

      (Zhongguó Gongchandang Zhongyang Weiyuanhui), there is the tomb of Clark Kent in

      Antarctica. Governments sent their troops to take Kryptonian gold bars scattered around

      the tomb out.

    • Silence is Golden

      When someone mentions Antarctica and new technologies ….it piques my interest.
      Some years ago I discovered a book written by Graham Hancock – Fingerprints of the Gods.
      In it, he uncovers many facts about Antarctica….none more startling than the fact that the coastline of the Continent had been mapped before it was covered by the ice cap. That implies that a survey could only have been achieved around 4000BC (some say even earlier at around 13000BC). That combined with the fact that there were no civilizations known in history, that had the capacity,sophistication or need to survey the coastline of the continent at around that time. Antarctica was undiscovered until 1818.
      Irrefutable evidence that the Earth was comprehensively mapped before 4000BC.
      There is no doubt in my mind that an ancient lost civilization lies beneath the 1 mile thick Ice Cap of Antarctica.
      Questions are also raised in the book about whether Antarctica previously enjoyed a more tropical climate …implying pole shift ….continent displacement or shift. It highlights many discoveries of animals of sub-tropical habitat being made in frozen areas of the Artic and Nth America.
      The well developed theories about the evolution of Mankind could be thrown into disarray….particularly if those that hold secrets to the discoveries being made at Antarctica, choose to release such data. History could be about to be re-written.

      • Charles H

        The Biblical Flood – could have rearranged more than the Bible reveals. And the fact it is coming to light – to me shows that there isn’t much time left.

  30. Steve Murphy

    Bought my January Alta report this past Friday. Have read it twice already. I know High’s report is predictive, but I can’t get enough of it. I have seen so much of his past report information come to pass that I weigh his report info heavily in my actions.
    Thanks Greg for setting the interview bar high for 2017. Keep it up and Happy New Year.
    P.S. My New Years resolution is to pay attention to any Antarctica news that comes out.

    • Lore

      @ Lake M: Such news might be taken by intransigent control freaks as a threat to their power, but practically everyone else should embrace it eagerly, wouldn’t you think? The prospect has been a dominant theme in popular culture and even religious cosmology for centuries, if not millennia, and there is no just cause to believe otherwise. Concrete evidence should be extremely interesting, but come as a shock to nobody.

  31. JSmith


    Excellent and interesting interview overall. In parallel, it appears that: everyone dreams, pines, and longs for a guru that will tell them the future — rather than just accept that many market events and their timing is complex and cannot be easily predicted.

    Cliff High is sifting conversations around the internet and trying to distill the general psyche of various participants. However, movements of the capital markets are to a large degree influenced by a relatively small concentrated group of institutional stakeholders and political elite who are not going to be picked up (in a properly balanced and weighted manner) by “Cliff’s sift” of the net.

    In short, let’s let logic and a rationale distillation of Cliff’s analysis, his assumptions, and strengths/weaknesses guide our interpretation. Not much discussion of the fundamental basis of Predictive Analytics today; just the Predictions alone (without the basis). My view is that there is of course a chance that Cliff may be right on timing (of course, the fundamental logic of the crash has already been discussed by Rickards, Pento, Stockman, others) — however, regarding timing, in the main you could probably do almost as good with a Tarot Card reader. Cliff may get lucky on timing; let’s just not get caught up in the hype.

    Thanks again.

  32. francis m reps

    Thank you for the informative interview. My wife will purchase his reports. Admiral Byrd reported some interesting similar ” civilizational ” experiences back in the forties when he was at the NORT POLE. I doubt very much whether the predicted weather disruptions can be attributed to non human activities ; since the aircraft we continually see spraying particulates in the skies across the world are based at military airfields here on earth. Please ask Mr. High about this . regards

  33. Mike R

    Interest rates of 9 to 10% by March ?????

    Even if the rates could possibly move to half those amounts, it would likely mean either A) something catastrophic is causing the dollar to collapse, or B) the stock markets were zooming higher to the tune of hundreds of points per week such that the FED felt inflation was absolutely out of control. (mostly inflation in stocks).

    Irrespective of the stuff about Antarctica, that alone about interest rates going that high in such a short amount of time, is quite unfathomable to me. Something like that just doesn’t happen in a vacuum, without some other major ‘fit hitting the shan’ so to speak.

  34. Simon Ruszczak

    The “wow wow” event is the mini age, that has just started (2015), and will last until at least 2035. I’ve know about it since 2012, the Sun’s going quiet, no sunspots. It’ll cause global famines, and power blackouts in winter (a lot of death) .
    For more information, YouTube, “Piers Corbyn mini ice age”, “Adapt2030” , and website, “iceagenow.info”.

    In a few years you’ll will be wishing global warming was real !

    • Robert Lykens

      “While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease.”
      – Genesis 8:22

  35. DLC

    Clif provides a good number of puzzle pieces. Fantastic interview. Just read Bill Holter’s letter and I’m waiting for the truth bombs.

    The one thing you can count on is the Republican stabs in the back coming from McCain, Flake, McConnell, Graham, and Ryan. The voters went all out for change — and at the same time re-elected all the traitorous politicians who created the mess we are in. Go figure.

    I expect to see a lot of manufactured chaos. The elite Republicans and Democrats are not going to just roll over. There were very real alternatives to McCain and Ryan, real conservatives. Now we will have a food fight that could have been avoided.

    On the upside, the current rotter in the WH will be gone. It has felt like 8 years of wife beatings.

  36. Ron Dotson

    As I understand it, Clif High sifts through words flowing through the Internet to make his predictions. Unfortunately, there is far more garbage, lies, and ignorance being tossed around on the Internet than there is truth, so I see little value in assigning any veracity or significance to what words flow on the Internet; ie, garbage in, garbage out.

    There are lots of uneducated people on the Internet who believe extraterrestrials have visited or are visiting Earth even though there is no scientific evidence for it whatsoever and substantial reason to believe it is unlikely in the extreme (ie; the Drake equation). Just because lots of gullible people are making wild exaggerations about what may lay below the antarctic ice cap does not make any of their speculations true. I predict that it will be nothing more than discovery of a massive asteroid that impacted the earth eons ago, and which may have resulted in the existing precession of the Earth on its axis.

    I really enjoy listening to the opinions of the guests you have on USAWatchDog.com, even those like Mr. High who border on total wackiness, because if not insightful it is at least entertaining. I mean no disrespect to Mr. High or anyone else, but his nonchalant assertion that “extraterrestrial aliens” are among us based upon Internet chatter shatters the credibility of his conclusions.

    • Greg Hunter

      You are in the minority but thank you for the feedback.

    • Ed

      I agree with Ron.

      • JC Davis

        Your a good man ED. Stand for something or fall for anything.

    • Lore

      The Drake Equation neither affirms nor denies potential existence of otherworldly life. It’s merely a way of enumerating the list of known unknowns that need to be considered in our attempt to justify an answer one way or the other. Science fiction writers have built careers out of their attempts to fill in the blanks hypothetically.
      Your skepticism is healthy. We don’t want to be like “global warming” zealots whose analysis is corrupted by manipulation and goal-seeking. In that respect, you have to respect Cliff’s determination to examine the data objectively. Just because he sees something cropping up with greater frequently doesn’t mean he ‘likes’ it or ‘agrees’ with it.

      • Carl Palmer

        I also agree with Ron. Greg, if you seriously ask enough people you will SOON see that you are in the minority.

        • JMiller

          I also have to agree with Ron.

    • Charles H

      Extra-terrestrials are fallen angels or demons – who took the feared angle of GIANTS in that day; just as they take a more technologically associated lean on “extraterrestrials” today. Man all by himself is producing untold monstrosity by gene-splicing. What do you think the higher order of the angelic is capable of having supernatural power?

      If you don’t believe in the supernatural – get next to a real demonic possession, and not this for public consumption Hollywood stuff. Clif High’s view or interpretation of this phenomena may be somewhat off: but he is nowhere near “total wackiness”.

  37. ross

    Question for Clif. With more success people will be writing more about his observations and thus he will get a positive feed back from his own research , thus amplifying his own right or wrong interpretations of his data. How will Clif overcome this in the future ?

  38. Truth Seeker

    Great interview with Clif! Perhaps, you will be ever so enlightened about bitcoin, Greg! Clif’s been right on track with his btc forecasts last year, and is forecasting will be $1400 by end of January! And this is just the beginning!

  39. Da Yooper

    Greg great interview

    Could what has been found in Antarctica be used as an excuse to keep Trump out of the White House ?

  40. Otter

    Great interview Greg! I really liked his last comment about America not having the economic power to conduct war. That tell’s me the neocons will not be as influential in this coming administration as they have been in the past. Trump, like Eisenhower, won’t spend the money to conduct war.

    On thing I’m curious about – does Cliff see America devolving into a “Mad Max” world, something the preppers are getting ready for? Or does he think America will fall into a 1930’s style depression where the social order is maintained and public services like water and electricity remain in place. I’m thinking the latter based on a past report where he mentions greater regionalization in America.

    Best wishes for a Happy and Successful New Year.

    • Pinocchio

      Although Mad Max is still a possible scenario, I am afraid what will happen in the coming years is the balkanization of America.

  41. 20 Mule Team

    “Trump will be assassinated” Paul Craig Roberts & Max Keiser

    • Greg Hunter

      “Fear Not”

  42. By Design, Over Time

    I’ve read the most recent report and it is as excellent as Clif is humble and erudite. After purchasing the previous one titled EMERGENCE, which was also excellent, I was anticipating the current one titled SCI-FI. It did not disappoint. Thank you Clif.

    Now I have to re-read each of them in order to truly understand them and to put them in the context of all the other supporting evidence from other authors which would, for example, mandate the Pope, traveling to the Antarctica. Now why would he do that? Seems we have a better idea now.

    I think we have to put our “common sense” hats on and begin to use our critical thinking skill sets. The election process in the US was brutal because it challenged our very core beliefs about horse sense–same as common sense with a tail!

    Then we endured all matter of orchestrated protests, fabricated recounts, fake news vs real news, a non-credible national new corp that wouldn’t give up. I am of no political persuasion–only for the principals of the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights which a very few are endeavoring to destroy. Beware the ides of March!

    Ben Franklin once said, I give you your Republic, now see if you can keep it–or words to that effect. We are at the crossroads. 2017.

    Anyone with half a functioning brain cell–I think that’s Mananarino’s line, has some common sense. I know many of us are living in pain, carrying heavy baggage, and looking for a way forward. Reading qualitative books and articles is an excellent first step forward. Catherine, Rappoport, Farrell, Sinclair, Roberts –just a few who stand out.

    Special thanks to Greg Hunter for the being such an inspiration this year and for the introductions, and the exceptional journalistic work he has done–old school!

    The best of 2017 to each and every one of you.


    • Charles H

      “When the convention ended, a woman buttonholed Franklin and asked him what kind of government the nation had. “A Republic, madam,” Franklin replied, “if you can keep it.””
      A Patriot’s History of the United States, Schweikart and Allen, Sentinal, 2007, p116. Worth every penny to buy and read.

  43. OutLookingIn

    Drawing In.

    For the first time since the end of World War II the United States Navy does not have any carrier groups at sea. All aircraft carriers are in US home ports. What does this mean?

    • Ed

      aircraft carriers are useless for any kind of shooting war other than the kind the US has engaged in since 1952. This, shooting at goatherds and villagers.

      In the kind of shooting war we are headed for, every single carrier will be at the bottom of the sea within three hours of hostilities.

      That’s what this means.

      • JC Davis

        yes Ed , but would this not be the perfect time for a EMP bomb. ? They may never get a better chance.
        Apparently you know your stuff. No disrespect intended.

      • Tin foil hat

        You are correct. Aircraft carriers and tanks are like the Magneto line in WWII. The next world war will be won by missiles, death rays or financial trickeries.
        Perhaps Kerry was at Antarctica looking for the ultimate secret weapon.

        • Charles H

          Kerry is looking for the mountain to hide under, to avoid facing God.

  44. James Hastings

    I do enjoy this man. I am hopeful, his “mining” is capable of giving us an insight, within reason, of future trends.
    1) The jobs comment at @ 12:20…I’m a small electrical contractor and have been surprised by the steady work in NE Georgia. I work the Athens area…(University of GA money?)
    2) At 20:53 you discuss the property market correction for the “Blue” states. I look forward to this, it keeps these DNC fanatics from selling high and moving south to corrupt the local community. Two small sections of our country are a cancer on America.
    3) At 29:28 you discuss “Bit Coin”. It’s like “Stocks”…..just another “Paper” tiger. Focus on simple, base currencies, like cash for short term and Gold & Silver long term.
    4) At 40:12….this discussion is about “Aliens” controlling us. I realize, it’s about “Angles” controlling us….Demons, control the world, Angles moderate their influence for the final show. 🙂 As for new lands rising, the Bible says….”Every valley shall be raised up…every mountain made low…Isa 40:4….It’s the rearranging of the world for the Millennium. Amazing he mentioned 7000 years of history. For “Man” was given 6000 years to test drive living without GOD. I understand he thinks…..Space Aliens. He errors.
    5) At 44:37 he references “the undocumented alien”… He doesn’t understand, the Bible warned us…”The foreigner who resides among you will RISE above you higher and higher, but you will sink lower and lower”…Deu 28:43… We are being destroyed as a Nation.
    Great interview. I feel optimistic. I’ll share your interview on Facebook. If Clif could see the Biblical side….He will understand it all.

  45. Occasnltrvlr

    Stiiiilll waiting on that Global Coastal Event…

    • Will

      Lol I was hoping I didn’t have to be the one to say it but you’re right, High has been at this for what seems like a decade now. If his predictions were anything close to reality he’d be retired and rich. Truth is, he’s peddling fiction ever since the george ure urbansurvival days and his biggest and most adamant predictions never came to be, nothing close. Anyone with common sense could make predictions with more accuracy. Don’t send this man money unless you are looking for a semi-entertaining fictional story.

      • JC Davis

        Will don’t spoil the fun for those with more money then they don’t know what to do with it. Cliff lost me when he went into Men in black being aliens. I see them everyday I call them the greedy.

        • Tin Foil Hat

          JC Davis,
          “Cliff lost me when he went into Men in black being aliens.”

          Cliff got my attention when he went into Men in black being aliens, lol.
          Regardless, I’m not about to buy his report because I already know about the Men in black being aliens.
          “Move Along, Nothing to See Here.”

    • Charles H

      Fukashima. The Pacific Ocean IS DYING. Get ten to twenty years out and cancer will be decimating the world.

  46. Charlotte T

    Perfect interview to kick-off 2017! In fact, you’ve done many first class interviews recently. Thank you. I’d already bought the Alta report, so I think it is time to make a donation to usawatchdog.com – you really deserve it. To anyone reading this comment, please consider making a donation too!
    Best wishes for 2017 and God bless.

  47. Teeter

    A lot of bold predictions, will be interesting to see the accuracey over the coming months. Realestate is a popular one, im even in the campof that it will see a hit, possibly 20-30% by late 2017 early 2018. Especially if the FED raises rates, flip a coin on that one.

  48. George Mubarek

    Well of course there is “Life in Outer Space”. We all know about God and the Angels. Nothing New about this ” Woo , Woo World”. Very Entertaining Gentleman. We will check his theories for Accuracy. I love his energy. As far as accuracy, we will see. Great Energy Man! His kid’s must have loved “Bedtime Story Time”. Cliff High. Very Apropos. Thanks for the Special “treat” for tonight Greg. Appreciate all your hard work. You keep us well informed with “Diversity”. Nothing boring about this Show! Sunday Night Football ratings will surely plummet tonight! Big Bang Theory right here!

  49. Ed

    Greg, this guy’s blowing smoke up your #$$. Don’t embarrass yourself further with more of this rubbish.
    Happy new year!

    • Mike R

      Ed – when you think about it, Antarctica is the perfect place to place this so called ‘discovery.’ First, very few people can actually get there. Second, if a ‘regular’ person gets there, unless you have special equipment, you’ll likely die. (which means the trip would cost a small fortune, and jumping through many regulatory hoops.) Third, as a result, there are very very very few visitors there, so its real easy to keep things a secret. Heck, virtually nobody can ever prove or disprove that any of these high ranking individuals actually visited the place. Personally, my view is its akin to the whole Area 51 thingy. I don’t have the time to even consider such things as fact or fiction, as I have a family to take care of and a job that I need to keep, bringing in income. So when you sit back, and take a larger perspective, its the perfect thing to write about or do video’s on, and keep those subscriptions flowing, which is likely that person’s primary or secondary income source. He could talk or write about it for years, and never be exposed as fact or fiction. Just like there are people who enjoy a good fiction novel, there are very likely to be a lot of subscribers who enjoy fantasizing about this stuff in Antarctica. They can make it as real as they want it to be, or acknowledge it is likely not worth worrying about. The one thing I do know, is that a whole lot of people on this planet a fairly easily duped.

      • Tin Foil Hat

        Mike R,
        Cliff is not selling anything new. He is selling a report which identifies the hottest topics transmitting over the internet.
        The book “Empire Beneath the Ice” is sold out in Amazon.com


      • Tin Foil Hat

        In the above YouTube video at 2:00, you can see a Russian Orthodox Church. It doesn’t make much sense to build a small stand-alone structure for religious purpose in that extreme environment. It makes a lot more sense to have a small chapel within the main building to serve that purpose.

    • Linda L.

      Ok Ed, then explain why J. Kerry, Obama, 86 year old, ex-astronaut Buzz Aldrin, and a whole list of other well known individuals have made trips to the South Pole to look at ice? Obama can barely lift hand weights, and so I find it amusing to think that he would make a trek through deep snow in such a remote area for nothing. Kind of crazy don’t you think?

  50. Carolyn

    Thank you for having Mr. High on. He brought up interesting insight through his system. It was inteeesting to hear his view on the state of economics for this comming year and relations to the metals market and findings in Antarctica. Thank you for this wonderful guest as you always bring in the knowledgeable truth leaders. You are a blessing to the alternative news. I look forward to another great year with you. Happy safe new year.

  51. Dan

    SUGGESTION: Greg, this is a very interesting guest in that he offers interpretations of terabytes of mined data. However, there are a couple of worries I have (and likely some of your other guests):

    1) The SOURCES of the data sets or his “minefield” in other words.

    Would would be nice to know are answers to questions like these:

    – From which sources exactly are you getting your raw data? Does it come from data sets of Google (and other search engines) searches? If so, which ones, and how exactly does he legally and technically get access to these? I would think these would be “proprietary” data owned by Google itself or on whoever servers it is stored.

    Also from which geographic locations does the data from this mining come from? Is it all around the world? Is there *more* data mined from the US, other countries? What about the time periods these are taken from? Any demographics (language, age range, income level, race, etc.) about the people who conduct these searches?

    2) A general indication of his METHODOLODY. I know he’s given a brief overview of this in his very first interview on USAWD; but it would be good to know a bit more – in laymen’s terms – about how he uses the data (frequency, dates/times, pattern matching, etc.) in order to form hypothesis or trends or predictive jugements about what may occur in the future based on these.

    For both these issues stated above me and your other viewers are basically taking what this guest is saying as a “given” even thought there is not much transparency. I have searched his website and, unfortunately, cannot see any info about his sources and methodology.

    I say all this in a constructive way so that both he can gain additional credibility with his messages and interviews and us guests can have more of a transparent basis upon which we can interpret, trust, and believe his talk. For now, we are kind of just limited in “taking his word for it”. We all need to be more diligent when assessing the information we get so as to make sound jugement about what is valid and newsworthy.

    Thank you in advance for communicating my suggestion. Any other thoughts on this are welcome.

  52. Dan

    What does “halfpasthuman” mean exactly?

    I can only guess that it means one is 1.5X more intelligent?

    Any thoughts?

    • markp

      There was a sci-fi novel written in the early 70s by TJ Bass called ‘Half Past Human’ perhaps?

    • Pinocchio

      – Half past and half present human.

      – Half human and half god.

      – Half human and half Kingkong.

  53. Elusive Joseph

    “During the days of Antichrist, the strongest temptation will be the anticipation of salvation coming from the cosmos, from humanoids – that is from extraterrestrials, who are actually demons. One should rarely look up even to search the skies with the naked eye, since the signs might be deceptive and one might be deceived.”
    ~ Elder Gabriel the Confessor

  54. Jim Blanchard

    Hi Greg,
    Does anyone else see interest rates this Spring at 9 or 10 percent as ridiculous as I do?
    Now that would be the bolder that broke the camel’s back!!!!!!

  55. Paul ...

    It is hard to determine what is the truth or simply government disinformation with regard to Antarctica … however Wiki Leaks is a pretty reliable source … and Wiki Leaks has released Dept of Defense Communications that seems to indicate the US has been in a secret war with UFO’s since 2004!!! … was Kerry’s trip to Antarctica to sign a ceasefire accord??? … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e_-Y7LzAk94

    • Paul ...

      However (according to Phil Schneider) the war between humans and the 7 (bad) alien civilizations living on Earth has been going on for a very long time (supposedly 4 “good” alien species have been helping humans in their fight against the bad aliens) … according to Schneider the “bad” aliens have taken control of our governments and want to create a New World Order with “them” in charge … they don’t want nuclear bomb testing (which destroys their underground cities) … they want nuclear non-proliferation … and they want to take away our guns (firearms do kill them) … so what I’m getting from all of this is that at least 12 civilizations presently inhabit our Earth (one human and 11 alien) … and of the 12 civilizations 7 of them don’t like humans very much … so we definitely have a battle on our hands as we are fighting against aliens with IQ’s of 1200 (10 times smarter then us)!!! … http://ageoftruth.dk/phil-schneider/

      • Paul ...

        Now if an alien race with an IQ of 1200 wanted to overpower and control the human race … would it not be to their advantage to keep us in a “constant state of war” where our women and children are killed and exterminated like unwanted bugs??

    • Tin foil hat

      I don’t think the aliens want to fight human. Some of them want our obedience, some want our affection. If they wanted to destroy us, they could do it without breaking a sweat.
      We are their rotten out of control children. They don’t know what to do with us.

  56. karl kuhle

    None of your guests are mention g Deutsche bank Greg. Last year it looked in its death throes and now all seems to be ok.
    I just don’t get what saved it.
    If Trump was really an outsider woukdnt they have allowed the system to collapse by now ?
    None of tge economic stuff makes any sense.
    I am thinking Trump has done a deal

    • markp

      Karl, I heard an interview with Dr. Jim Willie who suggests that the ECB is buying up the toxic bonds Deutsche Bank is holding on its books, giving it some relief from immediate death.

  57. Paul

    Greg if this is true what Clif High says about the Antarctic , how will you have to adjust your religious views if they are based on the bible and this changes the whole history of religion and the beginning of man and theory of GOD. With all respect.

    • Paul ...

      Paul when God created a tree … it was a strange alien specie … it had no eyes, no ears, no mouth, was green (with leaves) and spends its entire life in one spot … but God loved it as much as he loved man (and most humans love trees too) … the fact that there are other species in our universe does not change what religion and the bible speak of … I think we simply have to look at what has been written in a “more universal” sense!!

      • Paul ...

        For example … love thy neighbor as thyself … should now be interpreted to go beyond just human to human interactions … we should respect all our neighbors (all living things) … treat the trees and other alien species with the same respect we expect for ourselves!!

  58. MJH1963

    I don’t know what to make if this interview. What does one do with this kind of information??? If only a portion of his predictions come true then we’re facing a very painful, very rapid, total and complete reset – starting now. If things are about to become that severe no amount of preparation would be affective. And I don’t see any secret alien technology buried under a mile of ice coming to the rescue. That’s fantasy IMHO. I do forsee a paradigm shift coming, one that most of us feel in our bones. But I think the timelines are much longer than described in this interview. I wish the bandaid would just be ripped off quickly so that we could all get on with rebuilding. It appears to me that the long slow grind downward continues and the process of unwinding outlasting most of us with lots of personal and individual economic calamities along the way…

  59. Alanon

    Happy New Year all!

    Say Greg have to know do you believe in aliens, which you seemed to agree with what he is saying, and if so how does that impact your faith?

    Fear not aliens are in charge?

  60. Chip

    Very entertaining and thought provoking. Thanks Greg and Clif… Chip

  61. Jonathan

    Thanks Greg,
    I must an ideal guest to start the year, as we are all trying to make sense of what seems certain to be a chaotic year ahead. I believe there is much of value his reports, but I have yet to come to a conclusion as how to weigh the probabilities of the events in these reports coming to pass, but it is so important to have a broad range of sources to keep the mind adaptable.

    I anticipate that the social changes we will see whilst somewhat chaotic will quite soon allow humanity a freedom and opportunity way beyond our current imagination.

    To me the dark forces that have shaped the past are already mortally wounded, their ability to shape future events has faded so much that it has become amusing to watch. Like that of a spoilt child making a scene in public whilst humanity all looks on, grinning ear to ear.

    Happy new year

  62. Mike from the North

    With all due respect to the good people of the USA.

    It saddens my heart that the USA of yesteryear has become a country run by elites, crooks and morons. What what once considered a great nation by countries all over the world is now considered by many as a country that lies, cheats and will stop at nothing to keep it’s self crowned status of superiority.

    Frankly, it is beyond the understanding of any God fearing person how those in power can speak their lies without making themselves sick to the stomach.

    What was once a great nation may now be unable to even govern itself, never mind lead the world to a democratic way of life. Democracy does not exist in the USA and as a frequent traveler to the USA I now question my safety in travelling to what is quickly becoming a police state.

    Your country has now been under the influence of the NWO for so long that it has now deteriorated to point that in the next few years (2 max) imho it will become a third world nation with a cut in living standard of at least 50%.

    Your entire MSM is of zero value. It does not inform as it should it misinforms. (again imho)

    Perception is reality.

    The USA should shut down any effort to promote tourism.
    Encouraging foreigners to travel to the USA in my view is propaganda.

    Who wants to travel to a country that does nothing but hide the truth from it’s citizens.

    The citizens of the USA need to rally behind President Elect Mr. Trump and maybe….just maybe if he is who he claims to be ride the swamp of the snakes, alligators and sicknesses within it’s water.

    I promise you this citizens of America. You will be in my prayers every night from this point forward.

    I thank you because your sickness has brought me closer to God.

    • flattop

      Mike from the north; Look in your own back yard!!

    • Romana

      ….”run by elites, crooks, and morons” this does seem true. I get very disheartened also by the sad decline in morality and reading the newspaper is nauseating. I think the sickness is spreading, and not just limited to USA. Look at the mess in Europe, and other countries.
      There are no aliens. There are good spirits and evil ones who fight to have control over humanity. Due to technology and machinery they are stronger and we have fallen further away from the good spirits. Only Christ can help us restore the balance.

    • Charles H

      Thanks, Mike. You see things pretty clearly. Don’t settle for being closer to God: be sure to realize the gift of God in salvation – because this is the only adoption into His family that God offers to man.

  63. Faizie

    When I think of the possibility of a world under Antarctica that may have existed several thousand years ago I tend to ask ‘why isn’t it written in the Bible’? However we are just beginning to understand the great trauma that the earth suffered at the time of the Great Flood.
    Before Noah it had not rained but the whole earth was watered from the springs of the deep. It would seem possible and even likely that the entire earth was enclosed in a tropical envelope without seasons as we know it; no snow or ice, enabling civilizations to live on the South Pole.
    The verse comes to me “the secret things belong to the Lord our God, but the things revealed belong to us and our children forever”—-. Deut, 29:29. There are things not yet revealed but very well may be in His time.

  64. Mr. D.B. Norton

    Hey 20,

    As George Orwell predicted, [and Michael Morell accomplishing?] telling the truth is now regarded by Western “democratic” governments as a hostile act.

    Although the DNC hack was supposedly orchestrated by Russian government officials and not a Wiki Leaks, DNC Bernie Sanders, whistle blower, or possibly China, North Korea, Iran and or any number of bad actresses, it wasn’t part of an “elaborate espionage scheme,” by Russia, Obama said. Obama called subsequent media coverage of Clinton’s candidacy and the leaked DNC email [truth?] “troubling,” but avoided saying, when asked directly, whether he thinks Russian hacking [the truth?] caused the Democratic nominee to lose.

    Calls for a congressional inquiry into Russian hacking came about as Republican Party leaders in Washington partially relented to an official investigation from Democrats and [‘The Bobbsey Twins’] GOP Sens. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina and John McCain of Arizona.

    Some Democrats, as well as Republicans Graham and McCain, have pushed for a special investigatory committee to alleged probe Russian interference. Others on Capitol Hill have been outraged by a lack of formal information from the intelligence agencies to members of Congress.

    For example, Rep. Devin Nunes, Republican from California and a member of Trump’s transition team, criticized the agencies for putting out conflicting information and not briefing the House Intelligence Committee this week, which Nunes chairs. Sen. Ron Johnson, R-W.I., was similarly incensed by the CIA refusing to brief him on the hacking, yet briefing and leaking information to the Washington Post and NBC, raising questions as to their integrity and relationship with the CIA? Johnson is chair of the U.S. Senate committee on homeland security.

    Meanwhile, Trump and some of his allies have outright rejected the claims of Russia influencing the election and the topic has opened up a rare war of words between the incoming president and the outgoing administration.

    Burr was a campaign ally to Trump. He’s promised an aggressive investigation into Russia and has stressed it cannot be motivated by partisan or political leanings.

    The intelligence chairman also used his statement Friday to express support for federal workers and people serving in the U.S. intelligence community.

    “Without exception, I know them to be hard-working, patriotic Americans. They care deeply about their country, and work every day to keep us safe. They come from all walks of life and hold views across the political spectrum. Unlike many in Washington, though, they check politics at the office door and focus on their mission,”Burr said.[Briefing the media, not elected officials, we the people!]

    “They are tasked with keeping our nation’s leaders well-informed [does he mean NBC/Washington Post?] about events around the world. While their failures are often well known, their successes rarely see the light of day. We would all do well to remember the sacrifices they make on our behalf and keep in mind that what we do with the intelligence they provide is up to us.” [us meaning NBC/Washington Post?]

    Paul Craig Roberts blasts The Washington Post, and the western war on truth
    theDuran Alex Christoforou

    In a post entitled, “The Western War On Truth“, Paul Craig Roberts gives his assessment of the “fake news” narrative being peddled out by a dying establishment media [CIA/propaganda arm of] upset that their chosen Hillary lost the US elections. Check it out here;

    “A free press means a free people.”
    The movement before ours, long ago, another time, another space continuum…

  65. Diane D.

    Background: My 40-year career was in engineering and construction. I am one of the 2,700 signatories of ae911truth.org.

    I’m sorry but I just can’t accept Mr. High’s methodology and quality of his sources.

    I see a widespread trend that is very troubling. Folks are EAGER to eager to put faith in Mr. High and his methods with few facts and documentation. Yet try to convince these same folks that the 3 skyscrapers were taken done by controlled demolition using sophisticated technology and you’ll likely be called a conspiracy nut.

    The world is literally being torn apart today and much of was based on ‘findings’ of 9/11. Has anyone read the 9/11 Commission Report? It is the Mother-of-Fake-News. From its inception its was purposely designed to avoid scientific methodology and the study of critical failing structural members.

    What ever happened to critical thinking?

    • Greg Hunter

      Diane D.
      High will be the first to tell you he is not always correct, but he has made some correct predictions and trends running his date collection models on the internet. That is a fact and he demonstrated it here on USAW.

    • Pinocchio

      WTC was demolished by using three underground 150 kiloton TNT yield nuclear bombs. Every nuclear bomb is using 1950s technology which is not sophisticated at all. The nuclear demolition scheme for skyscrappers is 100% legal in USA since the days of Nelson Rockefeller (governor of New York). It is not against the law to detonate a nuclear bomb and poison thousands people with radioactive dust. It is also not against the law to write a fiction to be read by Congress members.

    • Frederick

      Critical thinking? Remember hat George Carlin said about what the elite want for us in regard to that Diane? By the way I worked for SlatteryAssoc in NY in the early 80s and spent alot of time in those towers and as an Architectural graduate myself(unliceansed) and a builder for 35 years I cannot understand the insane “official” story on what occured there

    • Charles H

      The key here is “trends”. It describes where the herd is heading, or herded. Some pieces of his puzzle will be great; others, no so much. Much grain of salt territory here.

  66. Mr. D.B. Norton


    Sorry, hope this one works? Blue means it should go.
    I see, no http: on first try!

  67. gregd

    So many people are pushing bitcoin that I did a bit of research. Maybe the government invented bitcoin to get people to put their money there as they manipulated the pm’s downward, who knows? The truth is no one knows who invented bitcoin. A guy named Satoshi Nakamoto supposedly invented it but nobody knows who he is or if he’s still alive. But he is believed to own the most of these crypto coins.We do know that the 1% were some of the first to get an opportunity to get the cryptocurrency and then promoted it in interviews and by accepting it in their companies. Richard Branson, Bill Gates venture capitalists stock brokers etc… I am sure many got them for a penny or less.
    It’s a GREAT scam in my opinion. Very low risk for the people who got in on the ground floor.
    For example, if Bill Gates bought a million of the coins for a penny(there are reportedly only 21 million coins max.), it would cost him $10,000. They would be worth at $1000 per coin, 1 BILLION dollars. Not bad for a $10,000 investment on an imaginary currency. Keep in mind that the first transaction was 10000 bitcoins for a $25 pizza. That puts the value of bitcoin on the first purchase at 0.0025 per coin.
    From what I can find it’s not legal tender. So if you’re into invisible currency invented by an invisible guy and you don’t like gold and silver, I’m sure you will be able to find someone who bought it for a penny who will be delighted to sell you all you want for $1000 each.

  68. oldbones youngmind

    Greg…thank you for your courage to present a wide variety of guests with a wide variety of knowledge and opinions. This challenges us to think, whether we want to or not. Thinking is what allows us to grow and develop. Without thinking, we continue in entropy and decline.

  69. Steven

    How would the elite create a one world electronic currency? Answer see bitcoin. Sorry but why support our own demise by jumping on the globalist plan of one world currency? Yes there might be much wealth to be made by being on the bandwagon of bitcoin but it is a trap. Once you are engaged you wont be able to let go and jump off the speeding train of bitcoin. Also bitcoin even though you might think is safe and untraceable I fear the exact opposite is probably the truth… Now gold and silver that you hold in your hands that is truly safe and truly untraceable. They might try to make it illegal to own thus causing you to have to bury it but one day somebody in your family tree will thank you for being very wise as long as they can stay alive, remember where it is, and can keep their mouths shut…

  70. francis m reps

    A second comment about Mr. High. The very captivating and fantastical overview provided by Mr. High could lead one to think that the emergence of hard facts { new information on discoveries in Antarctica } about ALIENS AND HUMANKIND not being in accordance with our Judaeo/Christian ; thousands of years old traditions { and the basis for civilization } might be all that is needed to usher in a new world order based on Superior Beings { not the Divine God most of us currently worship }. Since Nationalism , patriotism, as well as individualism are opposed to the present New World Order game plan; The bad boys are going to dazzle us with EXTR TERRESTRIAL BEINGS to diminish our sense of ourselves. Their goal is to diminish humanity in order to control us. The visit to Antarctica by Bergoglio, Kerry, Armstrong and many other notable politicos is designed to add gravity and importance to the reputed discoveries. I for one think this is a Scam.

    • RealityCheck

      The late Bill Cooper said that he had access to some government master plan when he was in Naval intelligence at Pearl Harbor. He read some of it and he said that establishment of a new world government involved using aliens… Look up some of his broadcasts.

    • Charles H

      Genesis 6:1,2, 4. “and it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughter were born unto them, That the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them all wives which they chose.” “And there were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children unto them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.”
      The difference between “men”, and the “sons of God” discloses normal humanity and the fallen angelic realm. This caused BOTH the limitation of humanity to just over an hundred years, and the destruction of the world by Flood. The “alien” narrative is just a picked-up continuation of this adulteration of humanity that is from the beginning. Perhaps the demons have been able to get around direct interbreeding, in order to produce hybrid derivatives?

  71. Matt

    Thank you Greg – Clif High points us all the right direction for 2017. He accurately refers to what is coming as “spooky, weird, and science fiction”. He got the first two right. The Intervention has been waiting for quite some time to make their presence public. And they have been laying the ground work over the decades. This “discovery” in the Antarctic is going to be sold to humanity as a life saving gift from our space brothers, who act in concert with God’s wishes and offer humanity’s salvation in their advanced technology. Humanity is not capable of seeing this deception at this point in our development. Humanity knows nothing of life in The Greater Community, which is far more competitive and difficult than we can even begin to understand. In reality, The Intervention is encouraging conflict between out cultures and an accelerating overuse of resources. These conditions will hasten their ability to take control of planet earth, and with it, the freedom of every human on the planet, and for generations to come.

    Who will see this? Who will know this? It is so very obvious if you look without preference, without judgement…

  72. Bill

    GREG: Does Clifs word on Antarctica fit in any way with what Steve Quayle has been saying about that continent???

  73. George Vassallo

    GREG – Clif is a joy to behold. Please bring him on often. Ancient Aliens ran a recent show all about Antarctica. Fascinating. It’s past time that our government began levelling with is. Enough of the subterfuge.

  74. Diane

    I know a lot Watchdoggers don’t like California and for good reason…but some of us deplorables are trapped here behind enemy lines.
    We do have some good news….however…we are getting RAIN. Things are turning green again in Southern California.

  75. flattop

    GREG: Please explain, did clif mean the stock market was going to drop to the price of gold, or is gold going up to the stock market price??

  76. R B

    Dear Greg, As I ponder the possibilities of other, more intelligent life. The only possible conclusion I can come to,and knowing by faith that God the Father is the Creator of all things. The other ugly figures that exist can only be demons mascarading as gods watching out for our good.Just look at whom they have supposed to been in contact with for so long,that alone should tell us they are not for anyone’s good.Still I would not be surprised if the spirit of antichrist were to come in the form of e. t. the movie sure made a big hit with the gullibles. God is far above compression even for those with iq of 12000 or more. R B.

  77. pat the rat

    Could Antarctica in the web bot report have to do with heat energy release ? There 70 degree rivers there this says that there is lots of power there, maybe this a sing of nuclear fusion ? The sun energy may be ?But that would leave use with the question of how ?

  78. beLIEve

    Loved the video.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if the majority of Mr Highs predictions came true in the time frames indicated, ASSUMING of course the MANIPULATORS stay out of the game.

    ANTARCTICA………the latest THOUGHTs of…… Mr Cati……….a researcher and thinker on a quest to unravel the interesting WURLD we live in.

    The EL-iteS…..….appear to be PLANNING a …..RE-POSITIONING of the SOUTH POLE a few degrees; HUNDREDs of MILES WEST to the DEAD REINDEER 323 Line.

    Info: August 2016….. 323 reindeer dropped dead, all at once in Norway.
    A lightening strike…..apparently !

    It looks as if NIBIRU will be used as the COVER STORY for the DEVASTATION that will be INTENTIONALLY WREAKED upon EARTH & ManKIND.

    Antarctica and the Lost Ancient Civilization Discussion

    There are 4 main areas of interest in Mr Cati’s video.

    1. The Norway 323 dead reindeer LEY LINE that runs around the Earth is thought by Mr Cati to be potentially a DARK ENERGY line.
    It is THIS LINE that is thought to be the …INTENDED……NEW POSITION…for the South Pole.

    2. The current LEY LINE of the South Pole is also of interest as it is the line that runs to New Zealand and the two areas in NZ that recently experienced EARTHQUAKES, one of which occurred during the visit of John Kerry.

    3. Lake Vostock a MAGNETIC ANOMALY is an area of interest and is located East of the South Pole.
    It’s MAGNETIC MARKER may act as a BEACON to off-Earth civilizations.
    Mr Cati is of the opinion that Lake Vostock hosted; at some time in the past, a SPACESHIP of around …….160 MILES in LENGTH.

    4. GRAVITY ANOMALY also known as a MAGNETIC ANOMALY….East of the South Pole.
    This anomaly may be the RESULT of a CATASTROPHIC in-situ EVENT or an IMPACT of EXCEPTIONAL FORCE, at some time in the distant past.

    It appears that the ….”elites”…. intend SHIFTING the GRAVITY ANOMALY ….WEST….to the LEY LINE that the South Pole currently sits on…….BECAUSE……the GRAVITATIONAL ANOMALY may still HARBOUR the ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY….that may be of use in the execution of the EL-iteS….NEFARIOUS agenda.

    So the….. current …MAGNETIC SOUTH Pole will be MOVED WEST…to the Norway 323 DEAD REINDEER Line.
    AND the ……GRAVITY ANOMALY will be MOVED WEST to the… current SOUTH POLE LEY LINE.

    b) RE-SET the ENERGY source contained within the ANOMALY.

    ADDITIONAL info…..
    Evidence is being unearthed in Antarctica that reveals the EXISTENCE of so-called PRE-ADAMIC people and animals …..that were …….FLASH FROZEN…..ENTOMBED…..in….. ICE….as they were going about their daily tasks……..PAUSED in TIME.

    The hypothesis being, the TROPOSPHERE was RUPTURED by the ANNIHILATING EVENT that is now marked by the EXISTENCE of the GRAVITATIONAL MARKER.
    This “event” caused FREEZING AIR from SPACE to flood Antarctica and FREEZE …EVERY THING.

    My comments….
    This sounds to me like a NUCLEAR WINTER caused by a nuclear type event.
    Maybe the so-called ICE AGE was in REALITY a NUCLEAR WINTER.
    Maybe the current MELTING of the ICE-CAPS is Earth EMERGING from NUCLEAR WINTER.

    Mr Cati’s video is a MUST WATCH for those trying to make sense of the ILLOGICAL situations the RKM and their STRING PULLERS are CREATING.
    It seems to me that a lot of what is going on is DISTRACTION.

    There is a lot more info on Mr Cati’s video than I have covered.
    A civilization located around the South Pole based in a City measuring 500 miles in circumference.
    A civilization of GIANTS ?


    Is the POLE SHIFT that the EL-iteS are about to EFFECT an INTENTIONAL ALTERATION…… of CHOICE or ………

  79. R B

    God is far above comprehension

    • Charles H

      For sure. Faith forms the bridge, to comprehend enough. Be on the right bridge.

  80. Jason

    Hmm. Not sure what to make of this interview. How does Big Data/IoT/NLP/Linguistics become a crystal ball for making predictions? I can see how you can identify trends, but he is actually mentioning specific timelines… I work in Tech and find this hard to believe.
    I watched the full interview and he goes full “woowoo”, whatever that means, talking about aliens and hidden pyramids in antartica…

  81. Oxfarmer

    I agree with Rob. If any entity comes claiming to have ‘seeded’ earth with our species or claiming god like qualities, look out for the Great Deception. It is clear that High believes in them and that he is also into something odd, with his constant references to the Equinoxes.

    I have no problem with a civilization that existed before the big freeze. Just don’t tell me the Bible is now obsolete.

  82. Paul ...

    A move is underfoot to get rid of Netanyahu … hopefully upon his removal all the hate against Israel will finally be able to dissipate … http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-01-02/bibi-blasts-dont-celebrate-too-soon-israeli-police-begin-questioning-over-corruption

  83. Mme Hedin

    Liberal progressives rarely assassinate. First, we don’t own the guns to do so. Second, we try not to hate so deeply that we lose our minds and do something stupid. Trump will live on, regrettably, to steal your taxpayer dollars and make his Russian oligarch buddies even more incredibly wealthy (thanks for voting -not!). But in solidarity, gang – let’s all keep on stackin’ – we’re gonna need it!

    • Greg Hunter

      “we try not to hate so deeply that we lose our minds and do something stupid.” What do you call the anti-cop group “Black Lives Matter”???
      I call BS on the “liberal progressives” which is in fact socialism and communism. The Dems are the party of slavery, the party of the KKK and socialists that should be careful what they do because of the “National Socialists” of pre-WWII Germany. Russia did not tell voters in the rust belt to vote for Trump my friend. the Fake story of Russian influence in our elections is a ploy to discredit Trump and nothing more.

  84. Mike from the North

    Not sure about this woo woo stuff but what I am sure about …they..those that visited Antarctica did so for a reason. I always wonder about the principle of distraction…look here because I do not want you to see what I am doing over there.

    It is my belief that Trump won because he was meant to win.

    “whenever two or more are gathered in my name…” and “faith can move mountains”.

    Has he been chosen to bring back faith to America?

    On the surface President elect Mr. Trump looks like he is the good guy.

    If he is the good guy than with our prayers he will succeed.

    But do not kid yourself…The system must be allowed to reset.

    We must travel a difficult road before things begin to heal. imho

  85. Linda L.

    Really enjoy listening to Mr. High (such a smart man). However gotta add that I don’t like the idea of bit coin at all, nor would I buy it. If the electrical grid went down for any reason, what good is bit coin? And with a swipe of the key it could disappear. I’m I missing something here? Thank you for this fantastic interview!

    • Frederick

      No Linda you are NOT missing anything I agree with you that it’s very questionable but I’m old and out of the tech loop If I can’t hold it in my hand I don’t own it Just my opinion

  86. D.B. Norton

    Megen Kelly moves to CIA/WASH POST MS[NBC] apparat.
    Eight year [apparatchik] thorn in Trumps @#$?

    CIA provides info to media but not Congress’ – Homeland Security Committee on Russia hacking claims

    The chairman of the US Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee has slammed the CIA’s refusal to brief Congress on allegations of Russian hacking.
    “It is disappointing that the CIA would provide information on this issue to the Washington Post and NBC but will not provide information to elected members of Congress,” Homeland Security Chairman Senator Ron Johnson

    Rep. Devin Nunes, Republican from California and a member of Trump’s transition team, criticized intelligence agencies for putting out conflicting information and not briefing the House Intelligence Committee this week, which Nunes chairs. Sen. Ron Johnson, R-W.I., was similarly incensed by the CIA refusing to brief him [we the people]on the hacking, yet briefing and leaking information to the Washington Post and NBC, raising questions as to their integrity and relationship with the CIA? Johnson is chair of the U.S. Senate committee on homeland security.



    Russian view;

  87. Jimbo


    Thank you for all you’re doing ! Great information presented here.
    Suggestion: I know you’re excited, but stop interrupting your guests, so much.
    Cliff was able to stay on point, but many of your other guests’ points get lost in the verbal melee.

    • Greg Hunter

      Sorry Jimbo but I am going to interview folks the way I want. It’s free and this is what you get. Thank you for your feedback though.

  88. Macray


    Pepe Escobar

    This was THE big – heavily unreported – news of the end of 2016.
    The Qatar Investment Authority (QIA) is now heavily invested in Rosneft.
    Note how Bloomberg/Glencore absolutely loved it.
    This mighty piece of biz largely explains what happened in East Aleppo; the end of Qatari “support” to “moderate rebel” jihadis.
    And remember that famous Qatari gas pipeline – one of the key reasons for the NATO-GCC destruction of Syria?
    If it ever gets build, it might feature a Russian-Qatari partnership as much as Iranian-Iraqi-Syrian; and perhaps all of them combined.
    Russia Sells $11 Billion Stake in Rosneft to Glencore, Qatar

  89. Walter Baumgarten

    Excellent work as usual Greg, well done. All of a sudden Antarctica is a biggie. It is the most secretly guarded piece of real estate on the globe and I have a friend that wintered over there in the late seventies that will attest to that. What will it all lead to? How about Disclosure=Advanced Tech=Aliens=Grand Deception as in Demons in the starring role? read “Final Events” by Nick Redfern. Do not be deceived, it was all foretold in the Good Book you know……

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Walter.

  90. Joe

    Loved the interview with Cliff. He is a very informative and entertaining guy. I buy the web bot report. I have been for almost a year. He is making me money! I do have to read it 3 or 4 times to make sense of it.

    On another subject. If DNS servers are compromised, a web site can still be accessed by typing in the IP address. Many sites are posting them prominently. Stan Deyo(on Hagmann report with you tonight) posts his like this.

    You can access our site with three different URLs:
    http://standeyo.com (public viewing)
    https://standeyo.com (privacy viewing (public viewing)

    Could you do the same? I have tried some of the search sites with no success.

    I am compiling a list of IP addresses for the time of internet suppression.

    Thanks and keep up the great work,


    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Joe!!! Greg

  91. Mike

    IMO Clifs system is spot on as far as tends go. From what I gather he does not believe the Bible so I think his views are slanted from believing in Gods intervention. Prayer can delay or change events. Being prepared and cautious is wise.

  92. Barn Cat

    It was a very interesting interview. His predictions come from two sources. Data mining is one thing but clearly you can’t forecast unexpected events through data mining. I believe he’s using occult techniques to contact demons. He doesn’t think they’re demons but that’s what they are. They will provide him with misinformation as well as truth.

    I doubt there’s anything unusual to be found in Antarctica. Even if there are pyramids and advanced technology it means that God allowed demons to deceive the people who refuse to believe the truth. I’m a born again Christian. I’ve seen God change people including myself. At times I’ve felt God’s voice in my mind during prayer that answered what I was praying about. I know God is real. I know Jesus rose from the dead. There’s no false artifacts that will destroy my faith.

    • Charles H

      I’m right with you, Barn Cat. Good comment.

      • Roelf

        Halleluja…Totally agree and all must watch out to not be deceived. Looking at the type of people who went to Antartica I know a great deception might be on the way. Aliens = fallen angels and has deceived man from the beginning of time and influenced our world.

  93. J.T.

    I had to watch the interview again and WOW! Cliff’s prediction on bitcoin and China happened within days.

  94. Thomas

    Great post! Have nice day ! 🙂 cxnpg

  95. Thomas

    Great post! Have nice day ! 🙂 fkljd

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