2020 Predictions on Trump, Economy, War and Unrest – Gerald Celente

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (Early Sunday Release)

Gerald Celente, a top trends researcher and Publisher of The Trends Journal, says his magazine motto is “Tomorrow’s news today.” Celente says, “We are the only magazine in the world that tells you history before it happens.”

Let’s start with what just happened to President Trump with the House of Representatives voting to impeach. Is this going to hurt or help President Trump? Celente says, “It’s going to help Trump. Obviously, the Senate is not going to convict him, and this is just a total waste of time. . . . It was not bi-partisan, and it was totally illegitimate. When it all began, we told our Trends Journal subscribers don’t pay any attention to this because it’s a waste of time and energy. There’s a whole world going on out there, and all you are going to get from the dumb U.S. media is impeachment this and impeachment that. It adds up to zero, and it’s going to help Trump.”

There are many other questions for trends researcher Celente such as will the economy hold up until the November 2020 election? Where are interest rates going, up or down? How long can the economy be propped up my massive global money printing such as what has been going on recently in the repo market? If it breaks down, when will that happen? Civil unrest is going on around the world. Will civil unrest come here to the USA? What about the Middle East? Is there going to be war or peace? A hint from the interview, Celente says, “The world is on fire, and it is heating up.”

Celente is not talking about global warming either, and most predictions deal with coming problems for America and the world.

Join Greg Hunter of USAWatchdog.com as he goes One-on-One with Gerald Celente, the Publisher of The Trends Journal as he gives his top trends and predictions for the year 2020 and beyond.

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After the Interview:

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  1. Sandra McIntosh

    WoW, Awesome interview Greg,……Gerald was great

    • AL HALL


    • Rob

      Wow Celente is saying what I I posted on Zerohedge about 2 months ago:

      Trump is going to win by a landslide but shortly after 11/3/20 this baby will blow and when it does it will set in motion the phasing out of cash as they phase in their own electronic currency that the public is being conditioned to think is money:


      While American’s are cheering for indictments of Clapper, Comey, Holder, Obama, and the Clinton’s the true criminals are quietly organizing a global currency collapse so they can put us under an electronic currency that will fully manifest by the midst of the tribulation that will commence within the next decade:


    • Lewis Bell

      If half of those that oppose gun confiscation close out their bank accounts the communist movement would collapse

  2. Mike G

    3 trillion here 3 trillion there, after a bit, it mounts up. Gerald was a bit animated, but who can blame him, he has been paying attention for some time now. The white shoe boys, you gotta love it.

  3. Limoncello

    very soon Bo Polny is going to be correct and Celente is going to be incorrect about the stockmarket. Because this time around all that moneyprinting is going to have a disastrous effect. The debt burdens are different and the GDP ratio is different and the stockmarket is different and the political situation is very different.

    Celente is usually fond of quoting ancient Greeks. Well, he should remember that Heraclitus said: “you cannot step in the same river twice.” ….. And what this means here & now is that the Fed is attempting the same solution for a river of ten years ago.

    • Freebrezer

      L – an old Latin phrase which says it all: Mundus vult decipi …”The world wants to be deceived, so let it be deceived.”

    • Jerry

      I agree with you. Nothing is the same. The deep state will not let Trump get re-elected. Period. He will be taken out by one of three ways. Impeachment, economic collapse, or assignation. I’m going for economic collapse since the banks are already rigged by the deep state. I’d be really surprised if the Fed listens to a single word Trump says. As everyone knows, they’re not a government institution. I’m not sure why Gerald thinks the government runs the banks. They don’t.. The banks are errand boys for the luciferian globalist. Period. I’m not sure why writing anything about market trends is a good idea, when everything is so rigged and manipulated by the globalist.

      • jim

        I agree with you jerry.

  4. JC

    Greg, this is outstanding! Over the top! I’m definitely going to watch this two times today.

    • BrendanJames

      Best interview I’ve watched in a long time JC!

  5. Virginia Conway

    Greg, Thank you so much for all you do you are the best of the best. Have a wonderful Christ-mas and a Blessed New Year. Relax a lot on your little well deserved time off we’ll be here waiting for you as always. God be with you and yours always.

  6. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    President Trump will win in 2020 by a bigger margin than he did in 2016, you can bank on that, irregardless of the hoax impeachment scam. The United States has been occupied by fraud and force by the Kakistocracy for our entire lifetimes. The kakistocracy and or deep State hate America, they hate you, they hate the voters and that is what you hear the kakistrocracy say, Nancy Pelosi says the voters can not be trusted in 2020 with the Presidential Election so her group dreamed up the hoax impeachment scam. The United States system is anti-us, go into their so called courts and you will find Soviet Style proceedings in their star chamber. The Official United States is against justice for the American people at all costs.

    • Montana Guy

      Frederic Bastiat warned of a time when “The law has come to be an instrument of injustice.” I see it first-hand in my prison ministry. You and I cannot afford justice today.

    • regaleagle

      Kakistocracy: Government by the least suitable or competent citizens of a state…….for those of us that may have been unaware of its meaning.

  7. Lachesis Atropos

    Gerald Celente is a political atheist? Doesn’t care for Trump….? I’ve heard enough, sounds like Gerald Celente liks the smell of his farts.

  8. Robert

    I don’t see Joe Biden being the Democratic party 2020 candidate.

    • BrendanJames

      No chance Rob

    • paul ...

      Likely because he is not as big a crook as Hillary (who will likely gain the Deep States endorsement) and the Demon-rat’s Presidential nomination!!!

      • paul ...

        Just as we Christians give reverence to Christ’s Ma (the Virgin Mary) for bringing Jesus into our world … by wishing good cheer on Merry Christ-Ma’s Day … the Deep Statenists wish each other a Merry Crook-Ma’s Day (the anti-Virgin Hillary) for bringing herself into our world “as an anti-god” … whisking her whip, barking orders and hee hee hee-ing “her evil type of cheer” to bloody up God the Father’s pristine world!!

  9. Anthony Australia

    Merry Christmas USAW

  10. Hockey Puck

    Spoken in true Italian style… Penis Cheney (I didn’t want to call him a dick!) … I almost fell out of my chair!

    I love Gerald’s style, Greg, but I don’t buy his prognosis 100%. A lot of what he said was right on, but it’s the incessant negativity. It’s a fetish… like looking at the world with black tinted glasses… everything looks black. Where I’m standing, I see a lot of cause for hope.

    What you need to understand is that this represents a monumental change in my own worldview. I was in offshore banking in the late nineties. I saw the corruption that went on first hand. So when 911 came along, I was the first to say to my colleagues that this was an inside job. They laughed. I only say this because I’ve been a Doom and Gloomer for easily 20 years, BUT just in the last 4 months, I’ve started to change. Why? One reason: Steve Bannon.

    Looking at the world through his eyes, I see great hope for America and great hope for the world. I’ve wondered whether I just opted for one form of brainwashing over another, but I don’t think so. What viewers must understand is that Bannon is the #1 reason Trump won the election in 2016. He doesn’t take credit for it, but i’s a fact. He’s an absolutely brilliant political strategist. If you watch this 6 minute Fox interview with Trish Regan, you’ll see he’s one of the most important power brokers in the whole country. His opinions matter BIG TIME!!!

    So why am I upbeat on America? Let me make my own predictions for 2020 and beyond:
    1) Trump will win in 2020 (Peter Shiff is an idiot. Hope you never have that turncoat on your show again.)
    2) America will win the trade war with China. It will happen in stages. Stage 1, Trump has to get re-elected… so no major bumps in the economy for 2020.
    3) For America to win the trade war means that Trump will bring a lot of the manufacturing jobs back from China. It’s already starting. This is monumental. Where the USA had GDP of 1.9% compound for 10 years from 2008 to 2018, that could go up to 5% per annum in the next decade. It will be boom time in America again and for good reason. The middle class is poor, the Millennials are poor… there’s a lot of pent-up demand. With good paying jobs, you will see economy take off. This is Trump’s #1 priority (not putting sleazebags in jail… that comes in the 2nd term).
    4) The economy in China will plunge. The chaos that has started in Hong Kong will spread to the rest of the country. The CCP will be destroyed.
    5) With Brexit virtually a done deal, Italy will probably splinter off, other countries will follow. In 10 years from now, no more EU… not the way it’s set up today.

    Now you understand why there is so much push back from the Elite. Collectively, they probably stand to lose a few hundred billion dollars in China. This is not pocket change, and they will fight tooth and nail to destroy Trump, not to mention they’ve all been bought off by the CCP… traitors all!

    Are there risks? There are huge risks. The CCP will not go down without a fight. So expect a war in the South China Sea at a minimum. Where that goes, who knows.

    Is there a huge depression coming? I believe so, that’s why I have 20% of my assets in precious metals. I just don’t know when that depression will hit. What’s going on geopolitically, and why gold is not taking off yet, is that Trump does not want a new monetary system (a reset) with the CCP sitting at the table. The CCP is worst than Hitler, seriously. You want a new monetary system where Hitler is dictating the terms? I don’t think so. Best to destroy the CCP first. So these are the risks we face. It’s going to take time for this reset to happen. The Fed will simply keep plugging holes in the boat until America is positioned to continue leading the world in its eternal fight for freedom.

    To get a very good feel for geopolitical realities TODAY, watch this latest Bannon video where he walks into the lion’s den and confronts progressives. That’s why I love this guy. He’s got guts. And he’s so well spoken that he is literally changing the way progressives think… Big Time. That’s why Trump is going to win in 2020. Traditional democrats are finally waking up that the democratic party is a party of liars, cheats, do-nothings and scumbags. Is that enough metaphors for you? Thank God for the Deplorables!


    • Hockey Puck

      Oops! One more prediction for the next decade:
      6) The USA and Russia will become allies. (Trump and Putin will become best friends). Now you might think I’m overstating the issue a tiny bit, but here’s the reason. Trump and Putin have a common enemy: The Elite. It was the Elite that stole all of Russia’s assets back in 1989. It was Putin who managed to outmaneuver them. If he has sided with China and Iran in the last decade it’s because The Elite (NOTE; not the USA) forced him to. This is the problem we always have. The words “America” and “USA” have been synonymous with the “global cabal”, “Deep State” and “Anglo American Empire” for easily over 100 years. That’s why the disinformation campaign against Russia is so confusing.
      The difference between America pre 2016 and post 2016 is HUGE… like night and day. This is why both Trump and Putin are the most vilified people on the planet. They are defeating the Elite. Now if you add into the mix that the CCP has gained control over the Elite (The Party of Davos) you understand the fight. The Elite does not want Trump and Putin to get together. That’s what the whole Russia Hoax was about. If Trump and Putin unite, China is finished and China knows it. This is big stuff and watch it play out in the next 3-4 years. And that’s why the 2020 election is so important.

      • Da Yooper

        “6) The USA and Russia will become allies.”

        HP I hope you are right but I fear the zionist’s & dual citizens in America’s corrupt government & corrupt MSM will do everything in their power to prevent that form ever happening. Also the GDP ( Generally Dumb Public) are far to stupid to see they are being lied to by the infested government & corrupt MSM – to ever see the truth. They will start a war & with no jobs our children have very few choices…. be homeless or live in their parents basement or fight & die for a foreign power to earn a buck. Been going on for a long time why would it stop…..now.

        • William Stanley

          Da Yooper,
          You raise a reasonable fear IMO: Zionism of a certain type is a threat to the US.

          However, without going into specifics, I believe many “Zionists” (including some with dual citizenship — something with which I disapprove) are also American patriots and are, even now, helping to uncover the Globalists’ crimes, including those nominally committed “on behalf” of the State of Israel.

          Perhaps those who know me well will be surprised by this: but I think you may be underestimating the power of Christian love and forgiveness . . . as well as the resoluteness of Christians to overcome evil. Here is a moving rendition of the Battle Hymn of The Republic:

          • iwitness02

            Perfect for the moment. Good one.

          • Hockey Puck

            Beautiful comment, William. Thanks. We do underestimate the power of love. Thanks also for the link. In its simple way, it captures America’s soul. The love for freedom is who we are, nothing less.

            Regarding your comments, Da Yooper, you’re right! Many Zionists are part of the “Deep State”. What Israelis have to recognize, however, is that if Donald Trump loses the fight, there will be no Israel in 10 years. With China’s One Belt-One Road initiative, it’s China’s intention to dominate the Eurasian land mass. YES! That includes Israel.

            In some ways, Israel is waking up faster than the USA. Did you know that it was an Israeli surgeon who did the research on China’s organ harvesting and got the Israeli government to pass a law prohibiting any Israeli citizen from getting an organ transplant in China? This surgeon saw that China is conducing TODAY its own Holocaust, against religious minorities, many of whom are Muslim. Now how compassionate is that? Israel today is the only country in the West who has passed such a law.

            The whole planet is waking up.

      • Horsenut

        I agree, I said it in here before . Putin and Trump are working towards the same end more than people think. Putin has had his own Deep State to deal with. Their goals are the same. Trump is playing the game just as Putin had to. Putin is trained in Judo. How do you win in Judo? By keeping your opponent off balance.

      • paul ...

        Hockey Puck … Remember the President before JFK was murdered by the Deep State (Eisenhower) … he saw the Military/Industrial Cabal that was forming and was keeping him out of important decisions that were being made behind his back … he ran to the American People asking them to be aware (warning them that our Nation was being taken over by a Cabal of Crooks) who murdered JFK when he would not go along with the war they wanted with Cuba … follow “the value of our money” since the murder of JFK … http://pricedingold.com/charts/USD-1787-log.png … and see what this Criminal Cabal Deep State has done to our US dollar (which was as good as gold up to the JFK murder) … a murder that put the Deep State in control of the United States of America after executing their Coup d’etat … what we needed was more Eisenhower Military men in our armed forces (who would stand up to the Deep State Cabal) … but a majority of them “gave up their country they had sworn to defend” for riches beyond their wildest dreams (and a secure sweet heart job in industry after retirement) … this is why the US Military stood down when “Penis” Cheney gave the order to do 9-11 (so as to generate a reason for “continuous wars” that would have Multi-Trillions of Dollars flowing into the Cabal’s pockets)!!

        • Hockey Puck

          I hear you, Paul, I really do. America has suffered horribly at the hands of the Deep State, i.e. Military Industrial Complex, The Elite, The Cabal, The Banksters… for over a century. And, like you, I don’t underestimate their power. That’s the worst thing a “Spiritual” Warrior can do: Underestimate the power of his enemy, Satan himself.

          What inspires me about Trump is that HE IS A WARRIOR. He understands the power of his enemies… their machinations, their deception, their unwitting and self-delusional contract with Satan … all moneychangers on the temple steps of the CCP. I’m certain of that. And he’s outsmarting them.

          If Putin can defeat the Elite, so can Trump. They’re not invincible. Yes, they have ruled this country for over 100 years, so the fight is a lot more difficult! But, they’re human. They’re blinded by their own hubris. And they’re losing, Paul… and they know it.

          They’ve lost control of the narrative. Do you know that despite the huge divide between right and left in America, Americans are united regarding the issue of China? This is NEW. It only happened in the last 6 months. My proof? I don’t know if you had a chance to watch the conversation between Kyle Bass and Steve Bannon that I posted a month ago, but to me this is America being reborn. Kyle Bass voted democrat in the last election. He’s no fan of Trump. And yet he sees that Trump is the first president with the guts to stand up to China.

          China’s Grand Strategy | Kyle Bass, Steve Bannon | Air Date Nov 2, 2019: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qH5QzuzD01A

          I admire Kyle Bass. He’s a true American. I don’t expect everybody to agree with me. That’s pretty stupid. The strength is that is America is that we have always valued rigorous debate and different opinions. Where we got lost was with our fascination with socialism.

          Humans make mistakes! I’ve made so many, it makes my head spin. So if we got lost with the socialist narrative of FDR in the last 80 years, as well as the capitalist narrative that big business is good for all (Wrong! Big business = let’s screw the middle class and reduce them to poverty), it’s understandable. But we’re waking up! We’re seeing our mistakes.

          The proof? Blue-collar workers, the traditional democratic base, all voted for Trump in 2016. The democrats have completely lost their political base, so have Rhino republicans. Neither have a platform anymore. What are they going to say? “Vote for me so I can steal more of your money?” Pathetic!

          Is the war won? No. Not yet! So let’s always maintain a healthy skepticism. I know that’s where you are coming from and I respect it.

      • William Stanley

        I loved your comments!
        Merry Christmas!

        • Hockey Puck

          Thanks William. Merry Christmas to you and your family as well.

          (By the way, you had a great insight a few weeks ago and I took time to ponder it. Don’t know if you ever noticed my comment. It follows this statement of yours: “As stated in your citation: money velocity is the ratio of NOMINAL GDP to M2 money supply. Yes, it’s been declining.” Click here: https://usawatchdog.com/fed-out-of-bailout-bullets-rick-ackerman/. What I did was construct a spreadsheet to analyze how much M2 declined between 2008 and 2018 because of the low GDP per annum. It was shocking. You might find it interesting.)

      • Oracle

        The euro will fall so the US$ will continue to rise. Foreigners will continue to buy US stocks and real estate. Interest rates low fuels real estate and businesses meaning more jobs.
        Younger generations will see how capitalism works and embrace after a decade of minimum wage- takes brain power and perseverance to make it. Some are flipping now. The courts will preserve the constitution more and more – so many published precedent cases already.
        Can Greg get someone on to block 5G?
        Also humanity will learn more about the true reality we are in – an operating matrix system – on Earth dueling multiverse positive matrix flow vs dark negative stunt the flow
        Ethereal software run by super intelligence we cannot grasp many dimensions above our understanding of religion/spirituality.
        Humankind will breakthrough current belief systems and excel once it is understood that religion/spirituality is half way to full understanding.

      • John

        The government would bust up the USA / Russia friendship because it would be a friend monopoly.

    • Warren B.

      At last there is some rational thinking on this platform.
      ” incessant negativity…like looking at the world with black tinted glasses… everything looks black. Where I’m standing, I see a lot of cause for hope”.
      Welcome aboard the great Ship America.
      I have consistently stated my opinion here that we have many positives in this country.
      A President who has stood up to our Global Trading partners and demanded a Fair deal for America and we the people.
      The strongest economy on the planet.
      A Federal Reserve that has managed these difficult times extraordinarily well.
      The world’s reserve currency which in spite of the global geopolitics has remained strong.
      A Stock Market that is outperforming all other asset classes.
      I have also said we are on the cusp of another great Bull market – one that will take us to 100,000 on the DOW by 2050.
      This is not brainwashing by any means whatsoever. It is common sense.
      Another issue I would like to add is that there seems to be a common misconception that only the Rich/Wall Street Bankers are participating in this market. That is entirely a false narrative provided by those who are uneducated. Pension funds which represent both Private and Public sectors (to the tune of circa $9 TLN) , have continuously invested in Equities being the major asset class (amongst other investment asset classes). Who do those Pension Funds take contributions from in order to deploy investment capital? That’s right – a broad cross section of the populace.
      Said differently, a greater percentage of the population has a large stake / vested interest in the equities markets. So it would seem being more positive about our country, economy and market would be appropriate and beneficial.

      • Greg Hunter

        Now if we can just admit we are never paying any of this money back–ever. Zero dollars will be paid back. Let that sink in to your “rational thinking on this platform.” Keep on dreaming Warren. I hope the quick stop doesn’t smash your face too much.
        Merry Christ mas!!


  11. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, outstanding, love that guy. The firestorm is coming 2021, glad we will have President Turmp at the helm, “batten down the hatches & prepare for sea” as the old sailing yarn says as its going to get rough before this storm passes.

    • Hockey Puck

      Hi Arthur. I have read your many posts over the years. You have great insight. But I don’t think that 2021 is when the SHTF. If you want to know why, please watch this awesome video with Dr. Peter Navarro, PHD in economics from Harvard University, Trump’s chief economic strategist. He’s predicting 3% real GDP growth for 2020, and it only gets better from there. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_kBYtHQKjps

      What we all have to recognize is that TRUMP IS WINNING THE FIGHT! It’s extraordinary!!! I never thought it would happen. But it is happening before our very eyes. As William Stanley said in a recent post: “We’re finally on the offensive”. My only advice to everyone in this forum is GET USED TO IT!

      As Deplorables (Anyone who loves Trump is a Deplorable) we have been so kicked around, abused, ridiculed, and seen as nothing more intelligent than worms, that many of us have lost faith in ourselves and our country. Cut it out! We are Americans! It’s in our blood to be victorious!

      Gerald Celente, like 60% of your guests, Greg, is living in the past… a very dark past. I understand it. I got the shit kicked out of me real bad in 2009. So I know what it is to lose faith. My advice to you is that you gradually begin to source a new group of “talking heads”, those who have a rigorous understanding of the fight, but also see that we are WINNING!

      The corruption? It’s still there… of course. But we’ve started to win! So thanks to all of you in this forum who have stood strong for the Truth that is America. It’s always the Truth that sets us free.

      • john

        don’t know Puck – 3% real GDP growth for 2020 – you better watch the velocity of money if that comes to fruition because that could be the trigger for rate increases and a quick and severe correction in various markets – bonds, stocks, housing and precious metals. Now, I have to respond to your earlier post:

        1) Trump will win in 2020 – doubtful if rates were to rise. Peter Schiff an idiot? Yeah right – lol

        2) – America will win the trade war with China – Perhaps – but China does not need us – they are the primary entity that is building out Asia.

        3) – America will bring back jobs – yes this a good thing on the surface but watch out for the resulting inflation as money velocity spikes upward causing a rebound in rates upward – then that long due recession/depression finally comes home to roost.

        4) – The economy in China will plunge – as will ours when China goes to a gold backed crypto currency and demand for dollars wane. Russia and China are working together – make no mistake – both are buying gold, both are seeking to break us dollar hegemony and both engage in military exercises together. Here is the scary truth – China has a large labor force that can be exploited and Russia has the natural resources to feed that economic engine. Yes, China will suffer a correction but they will be the dominant economy in ten years – the east is rising and there is not much we can do about it – a land war would be a disaster, air power would be limited and the blue water navy that we possess would be ineffectual with Asian land bridges. China will have their day in the sun.

        • Hockey Puck

          Healthy skepticism, John. Thanks. That’s why I appreciate what Greg has done here in creating this forum.

          If you have time, I’d love to hear your comments on the above video, specifically Peter Navarro’s comments regarding the “Seven Deadly Structural Sins” and Trump’s response known as “Four Points of the Compass”. I’m always happy to hear countervailing views. It’s the best way to expand our awareness.

      • Montana Guy

        Hockey Puck, you believe that “the Truth sets us free”. I agree. Have you read ‘The Afghanistan Papers’ published this month? If so what were your conclusions?

        • Hockey Puck

          Always felt that 911, Iraq & Afghanistan were a very clever plot to distract Americans from “the real news”. It was Dec 11, 2001 (same year as 911) that China was admitted into WTO. You think these 2 events are merely a coincidence? I don’t. The Elite has had a plan to destroy America for a long time, and there’s nothing like war to distract people. The “real war” since 2001 has been the unseen economic war with China that destroyed the American economy… almost!

          The problem we have is that there are so many monikers being used to describe a faceless enemy: 1) The Deep State, 2) The Anglo-American Empire, 3) The Banksters, 4) The Shadow government, 5) The Permanent Political Class… Huff! Puff! … and now finally 6) “The Elite”. It makes it confusing when you don’t even know who you are fighting. What Bannon has done (at least for me) is put faces on this enemy by defining who the Elite is: The Party of Davos. They’are the ones who sold out America. They’re the ones who pull the strings… or at least they thought they did.

          Now it’s the CCP who’s pulling the strings… according to Bannon (republican), Kyle Bass (democrat) and General Spalding (???). My point is that Americans all across the political spectrum are beginning to wake up. And perhaps many in the Elite are beginning to wake up too, as in … “Oops! I got played. Boy, was I blind!”

          I don’t think that guys like Ray Dalio, Tim Cook, Bill Gates are inherently evil… just blind. The big question is: What are they thinking now? Do they really want a one-world government run by China with a permanent 100 year Holocaust? Is that what they are committed to, because that’s where we are headed?

          In this interview from 2 days ago, Dr Peter Navarro nails it on the head in a rather forgiving, non-judgmental way. He puts the cause of America’s decline on one thing: a naive corporate executive core. I encourage you to watch it. It’s incredibly insightful: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_kBYtHQKjps

          At the same time, there were quite a few people who were not ignorant and actively supported China’s takeover. They are the real traitors and will have to be held accountable. Otherwise, Earth’s future will be very dark indeed.

          Thanks for your comment.

    • paul ...

      True grit Americans have weathered many storms over the years … and getting rid of the Military/Industrial/Bankster Deep State Cabal will be “a tough fight” … but we American have always succeeded before in vanquishing evil … so let’s focus on the Cabal’s weak points (vote all the criminals out of office in both Party’s) and get out of the Fed bankster fiat monetary system (get out of Deep State stocks and don’t put the money in the Deep State banks) … and buy “real” money (gold and silver) with the fake Deep State fiat paper the Fed is printing additional Billions of each day!!!

  12. Robert Brown

    Awesome interview. Thanks Greg.
    You need to interview Armstrong on the Repo crisis.

  13. Andrew de Berry

    How would Mark Taylor reply to some of Gerald Celente’s comments? Trends or miracles I wonder.
    Happy Christmas to one and all.

  14. Oracle 911

    Hi Greg
    I was thinking what your last guest said in context of what Gerald Celente said. What comes into my mind is the ‘Tale of two cities’ from Dickens for the “these were the best of the times, worse of the times”. Because for one good news and for one bad news.
    The good one:
    Being uninformed and naive or stupid doesn’t make you a sinner, but being willfully ignorant or even complicit does.

    The bad one:
    The seven fold harvest go both ways, for the god and the bad.

    Meaning the Americans has to face the consequences of their actions.

    My 2 cents
    Oracle 911

    • paul ...

      O-911 … if we don’t face the consequences “of our inaction’s” … our dollar will be worth “less then 2 cents” by this time next year!!

  15. H. Craig Bradley


    Our world could lite-up next year if the Democrats attempt to remove President Trump by legerdemain in the Senate. ( Ref: Adam Schiff and “Clear and Present Danger” rhetoric). I am not so sure we can continue to ignore this silliness, as any attempt to force Trump out under the pretext of Impeachment or even National Security will fail. He won’t leave voluntarily and as a matter of fact, neither would I if I were in his shoes. In the event of removal, Trump would appeal to the Supreme Court. At that point, we could easily be on fire ourselves as left clashes with the right. We could have our very own “Civil War”. Wouldn’t that be quite a surprise for 2020 ?


    I am going to intently be watching Interest Rates in the coming New Year to see if Gerald Celente’s forecast comes true ( near zero percent interest rates or even negative rates here in the U.S. of A. ) Obviously, lower rates would indicate growing economic weakness at home. That could feed back into the growing political and civil unrest. Yes, we could even screw ourselves without the Russians assisting the Democrats. Ha, Ha.

  16. JC

    “Look at the crap we have running the country. You want to know why it’s going down? And it’s not only in Washington, it’s in a county, a city, a state near you. We have two murderous, corrupt, ignorant, imbecilic parties running and ruining our lives. How much more proof do people need?”

    Wow, Celente is intense. He must have had quite a few espresso coffees.

    paul… “fuggedaboudit” at 17:05

    • paul ...

      To win JC … we can’t “fuggedaboutit” … we must “”remember”” what they did to our money since their Coup d’etat in 1963 when they murdered JFK (and got rid of our real money and replaced it with paper fiat) … and we must “”remember”” 9-11 when they murdered 3000 American’s to get their “continuous unending wars started” … and we must “”remember”” to vote out of office “all the evil Demons of both Party’s” this coming Nov 2020!!!

  17. JC

    What if George Ure of Urban Survival is right regarding his belief that “they” may crash the economy in January 2020?

    Yes, The Beast is playing it “by the Rules” just as he must under the larger set of rules. But with half an eternity of practice, you can see how flipping the Rules over to work against those they were set to protect works, and how The Beast truly earned the rank of Evil.

    Timing: Near as we can figure it, the plan would be to crash the market early in the New Year and then, with Trump neutered of a glowing economy, The Beast’s minions figure Trump will be carrion for their flock of vultures.

    That’s when Nancy will finally send the bill to the Senate. And with the economy in tatters (we’d prefer taters, thanks) republican unity will break. Oh, and the Beast wins. Depression on, War with China 2025-2027 to end the Greater Depression. Seven years of misery to go, right?


    • regaleagle

      I’m dreaming of a warm 0asis……where palm trees sway in the breeze. Where children giggle, and bikini bottoms wiggle…..is there a place in the world with such ease?
      I’m dreaming of a beautiful sunrise……where each day brings joy into my life. Where people smile, and there is no guile……a place where there is no strife.
      I’m dreaming of a lifestyle change……with every breath that I take. Where the air is clean, and the birds sing…….O Lord please let this dream not become another fake!!

      Happy New Year and Thinking Positive

  18. paul ...

    According to Celente things will held together by low interest rates and money printing until Trump is elected … then it will be those hoarding gold who will be protected when the shit hits the fan … the message to the masses is obvious … it’s okay to spend beyond our means lower interest rates and do more quantitative easing and go even deeper into debt … and companies can keep buying back more and more of their own stock in order to boost their earnings per share to keep the stock market rolling higher … but think about this … what happens when companies “buy up all their shares” with borrowed money? … there won’t be any shareholders left … the public will have been “bought out of the S&P 500” and given worthless paper fiat instead … they won’t “own a piece of a growing business” anymore … they will essentially “own nothing but worthless pieces of fiat paper” … however … those holding gold “will own a very real business” … a business that returns profits (in the form of an increased gold price) that keeps you ahead of inflation … and it will be a business “void of any crooked management” that can steal away your ownership rights in the business … as the corporate crooks are presently doing to the public with their stock buybacks!!!

    • paul ...

      The writing is on the wall … people who invest in the stock market “thinking they own a piece of a growing business” … are being “bought out” with easy Fed money printed out of thin air … soon all corporations will “go private” and shareholders will be left holding worthless fiat paper the Fed is printing up at the rate of a Billion dollars “a day” … get the picture stock market investors??? … buy into a “real” company (Gold) that has “no management” that can buy you out of something that can keep you even with inflation at 10% … or inflation that hits 30% … or inflation that rockets to 1000% … Gold is the “Best Stock” anyone can ever own!!

      • paul ...

        And who is buying Gold?? … the banksters … banksters that charge an interest rate on their credit cards that has risen from 15.11% in 2017 … to a current average of 21.4% in 2019 … while the Fed has lowered interest rates for them down to 1.5% … yet … this business “is not good enough” for the banksters … they want to own the best business in the world “Gold” … while they sell their bank shares to the brain dead public (who will be holding the bag) when Celente’s “Greater Depression” hits (bringing a falling Stock Market and thousands of companies going belly up)!!

        • paul ...

          So think about it stock investors … only 365 days until Celente’s “Greater Depression” hits … if your stock certificates haven’t been bought out by then (by companies going into debt to buy their shares and go private) … you will be left with stock in a company loaded up to its neck in debt (it won’t be able to pay when the depression hits and business drops) … so in the event of a major meltdown … what will fare better … stocks or gold? … that answer is easy … but what if your stocks were bought out from under you and you were given cash as they went private … what will fare better then … cash or gold? … for your answer simply look at the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) “Consumer Price Index” (the people who chain the CPI and understate inflation) … it shows that between 1860 and 2015 the dollar experienced 2.6% inflation every year … meaning that $1 in 1860 was equivalent to $27.80 in 2015 … so even by BLS statistics the dollar lost 98.2% of its purchasing power since 1900 … while gold has become almost 54 times more valuable!!!

          • paul ...

            Say … stock investors see the writing on the wall and sell before the crash … some stock investors have already liquidated up to half of their investment portfolios … but they are holding Cash (in the bank or under their mattress) … that is going to take a big hit to its purchasing power as Trump makes sure the US dollar falls … why not gold? … these high-net-worth individuals are holding 25% of their portfolios in cash as they know that “melt-ups” typically happen at the end of asset bubbles … but don’t seem to be taking the action that is necessary to prevent loss when the dollar falls (buy gold) as the Fed is currently printing up a Billion dollars per day in new fiat money (that they have no legislative authority to do) … the Fed “has no legal right” to be pumping out billions and billions of dollars (of our money) each week in revolving loans to the Bankster and Brokers trading houses on Wall Street … the current insanity just breeds more insanity!!

            • paul ...

              Has anyone ever noticed what I see so clearly?? … that the US dollar “was as good as gold and relatively stable” (in terms of the milligrams of gold one dollar could buy) until “the evil Coup in 1963” by a bunch of thieving murdering Deep State crooks who took complete control of America “after taking out JFK” … and then they proceeded with their continuous wars, etc., etc. to rob the rest of US blind … and to this day even with Trump in office tell us that National Security prevents us from knowing who got the missing $21 Trillion!!! … http://pricedingold.com/charts/USD-1787-log.png

      • paul jr.


        Just hope that we do not have severe hyperinflation as they did in the Weimar Republic. It was in 1923 that gold failed to keep pace with inflation.


        And silver did much worse than gold starting in October of 1923 as seen by the large jump in the gold to silver ratio to 160.


        So gold, and especially silver, lost purchasing power in 1923. Towards the end of 1923 you could only buy less than half of the amount of food as you could have at the beginning of 1923 with precious metals. When food and other commodities are scarce, gold and silver do not hold it’s value.

        • paul ...

          So Paul Jr. … on 1-Jan 1919 silver was worth 12 Marks … and on 30-Nov 1923 silver was worth 543,750,000,000 Marks … but because it wasn’t worth (one trillion) 1,000,000,000,000 Marks … are you trying to suggest that people should have simply held on to their Marks and avoided precious metals all together?? … or that Gold does a lot better in a hyper-inflation then silver does?? … bottom line … even if silver “just kept half of your original wealth intact” it was a lot better then becoming completely dead broke by holding fiat paper Marks under your mattress!!

          • paul ...

            Paul Jr. … from 1790 thru 1963 the silver price remained relatively constant at about $28 dollars per ounce (as one dollar was 1000 mg or about 1/28th of an ounce) … http://pricedingold.com/charts/USD-1787-log.png … then after the Deep State murdered JFK they expanded the money supply from 1963 to 2019 to such an extent that our pre-1963 dollars are worth only 2 cents … so silver is now worth approximately $1400 dollars per ounce … but people like Stan “still believe” the dollar to be as strong as it was between 1790 and 1963 and so they think an ounce of silver should just be worth $28 dollars per ounce … these people are 56 years behind the times … which is lucky for us … as we can buy silver for 0.02 cents on the dollar … which seems appropriate since the Fed has driven our 100 cent dollar down to 2 cents!! … look at it this way … if the dollar today is only worth 2 cents and an ounce of silver should be worth $28 dollars as it was from 1790 to 1963 … then in current ( 2 cent dollars) silver should be worth (28/0.02) … or 1400 current (2 cent dollars) per ounce … actually few hundred dollars more then what the US National Debt Clock says silver is currently worth ($1,162 dollars per ounce)!!!

            • paul ...

              And if the latest round of QE drives the value of the dollar down to a penny … silver would need to sell for $2,800 (penny dollars) per ounce … to match what silver sold for before JFK was murdered!!

          • paul jr.

            Just saying that if things get very bad, not just hyperinflation but very severe hyperinflation, precious metals will not keep pace with inflation, especially food inflation. Gold, and especially silver, lost much of their purchasing power by the end of the 1923.

            In January of 1923 the price of a loaf of bread was 250 Marks. One ounce of silver was
            at 23,277 Marks. So one ounce of silver could buy 93 loaves of bread. One ounce of gold was 372,447 Marks. So one ounce of gold could buy 1490 loaves of bread. The gold to silver ratio was 16:1 at this time.

            By September of 1923 the price of a loaf of bread was now 1,523,000 Marks. One ounce of silver was 16,839,937 Marks. So one ounce of silver could now only buy 11 loaves of bread. One ounce of gold was 269,429,000 Marks. So one ounce of gold could now only buy 177 loaves of bread. The gold to silver ratio was still 16:1 at this time. Silver and gold had lost about 88% of it’s purchasing power since January 1923.

            However at the peak of hyperinflation, in November 1923, a loaf of bread costs a whopping 201,000,000,000 Marks. One ounce of silver was 543,750,000,000 Marks. So one ounce of silver could only buy you about 3 loaves of bread. One ounce of gold was 87,000,000,000,000 Marks. So one ounce of gold could buy 433 loaves of bread. So while silver continued losing purchasing power when compared to September 1923, 11 loaves down to just about 3, gold actually gained, 177 to 433 loaves. The gold to silver ratio was now at 160:1 instead of 16:1.

            So in January of 1923 with one ounce of silver you could buy 93 loaves of bread but by November that one ounce could only buy less than 3 loaves. That is a loss of almost 97% in purchasing power. Gold on the other hand was not as bad. In January of 1923, one ounce of gold could buy you 1490 loaves but only 433 loaves by November. A loss of only 71%.

            The price of a loaf of bread (in marks):

            German marks needed to buy one ounce of gold and silver:

            The same was similar for eggs and I am sure most other food items and probably for things like alcohol and tobacco etc…

            • paul ...

              So Paul Jr. it’s “gold” that was “the better protector” of ones wealth in the hyper-inflation of years ago … and I guess that’s why Russia, China and the Banksters fill their vaults with “gold” … but in our age … “silver is rarer then gold” … and in the next hyper-inflation the tables may be turned!!

              • Bob Lamb

                It was food that was the best protector of wealth. Obtain a descent amount of food storage. May keep a person alive in the future.

              • paul jr.


                I guess my point was that in periods of hyperinflation, gold and silver may or may not hold it’s value. In the case of the Wiemer Republic, I think gold and silver were a good hedge against inflation early on. However as time went on and the inflation rate increased, people took their paper Marks as soon as they received them and bought food and other commodities that were in demand. This caused a severe food shortage which saw food prices increase much more rapidly than what the price of gold and silver did. It was then that gold, and especially silver, ceased being a good hedge against inflation when it became severe in 1923.

  19. David Carswell

    As a guy who just turned 67 and grew up reading his pieces in Rolling Stone magazine….I died laughing at Celente’s verbal slip of “Hunter Thompson”. CLASSIC !

  20. Jerry

    I think it was a forgone conclusion by President Trump that he couldn’t get justice in courts controlled by the deep state, and that is why he passed this executive order.

    I hate to disagree with Gerald but I don’t see anyway that the deep state will allow President Trump to get reelected and derail their globalist agenda any further. Peter Schiff has even stated that they cannot risk leaving that decision in the hands of the American people in November. Is the deep state still in control? You bet. All you have to do is walk outside and look up. I still see chem trails where I live.
    How President Trump gets taken out is anyone’s guess, but I can guarantee you after 2016 they will not allow him to get re-elected.

  21. BrendanJames

    Celente hit it out of the park. Best interview I have seen from him. So much so I am about to subscribe to The Trends Journal.
    This was Priceless – “Do you forsee indictments and perpwalks and jail time in 2020?” “Ah, NO!” Exxxactly. As I have been saying all along Greg, a few low level underlings and that will be it. No chance. I support Trump on some things, but there is a smorgasbord of people that could be in the slammer! Republicans and Trump are a bunch of wimps. Get the gloves on for gawds sake!! Who has he pardoned? What’s he done about those on the right getting kicked off social media, the wall anyone? Etc.. And btw Mark Taylor the “prophet” is a looney tune. Let me say it again. No One Is Going To Jail!! Loved the interview. Great choice before the start of the New Year Greg. Salute

    • paul ...

      BJ … No one is going to jail … until “true Americans” in the Military and outside the Military “stand together against the Deep State Cabal” … and like Jesus in the Garden … reject all the riches of the world offered to them … because “evil is evil” … and “only good” … can prevail against evil!!

    • Jon Vaughn

      Gerald DID hit it out of the park !!!

  22. paul ...

    Interesting … Russia is probably taking advantage (of Trumps lack of ability to respond militarily before an election) … to destroy the remainder of the Deep State’s terrorists in Idlib and beef up their “warm water navel port” in Syria … https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/russia-syria-signal-west-joint-naval-drills-hundreds-airstrikes-idlib

  23. Arrowflinger

    As someone I know pretty well stated to a prominent city commission about 2 years ago, “The Rule of Law here is so dead, that it stinketh like Lazarus.”

    The rot is from the roots up and back down, as Gerald says.


  24. Montana Guy

    Oh my gosh, was that the ‘Best of Gerald Celente’ or what? I loved every minute of it. Mr. Celente was on fire! He is a straight shooter. Thank you Greg.

    Merry Christmas to all!

    • BrendanJames

      Can’t agree with you more MG. Gerald knocked it out of the park. Best interview I have seen from him and I’ve watched him alot. Xmas greetings!

  25. Da Yooper

    WOW …….good job Greg & Gerald

    Gerald Celente tell us how you really feel !!!!!! But when push comes to shove …..he IS right & saying what many of us see & feel. The political machine is far too corrupt to fix legally. “DemOcraps” LOL good one & spot on Gerald spot on. War in the middle east count on it…. Israel is wetting it’s pants to start a war with Iran & have America’s sons & daughters go & fight it. Merry Christmas everyone.

  26. al

    NO GREG NO! Stop being so modest. You are taking on the Establishment and you are to be PRAISED daily! You are professional and astute to be admired by real Journalists. (of which there are but a handful).

    Celente is always one of my favorites, he’s not only informative but he’s hilarious!
    The Mar a Lago estate was purchased from the Post Family. I was living in that area when that got sold. People in Palm Beach were incensed! He’s correct, the Palm Beach crowd did not like Trump at all. The local radio station talk show hosts kept making fun of Trump. Despicable!

    Wow, $29 Trillion in debt. Almost $5 Trillion thrown at the markets by end of this year through REPO / Stealth QE. No wonder the sick stock market keeps going up, but not all stocks do. Remember, only 30 stocks rule the DOW, and 500 rule the SP. The NASDAQ has about 3,300 and the weight is only put on a few leading stocks in all the indexes. They manipulate the market as easy as they manipulate gold.
    They know it and most importantly Trump knows it and knows how to play the game.

    I LOVE Cenente’s method of gun control ! I briefly contracted to a law enforcement support company back in 2012. I remember being appalled at the Police magazines that I saw on the desks of some execs. The militarization of the Police is out of control!
    But I also noticed the attitude of the people behind the trigger, a large percentage of them will (if need be) turn those weapons on the very State that gave it to them AND THEY KNOW IT! That’s why those weapons are not as effective against the low-life smelly Walmart deplorables. By Trump befriending the Police and the Military, Patriots are in control and the Democraps are shiffing a load every day!

    Very thought provoking Greg. You hit it out of the park again.

    Merry Christmas and Thank You for being the VOICE OF TRUTH as opposed to the cultist enemy media whores out there.

  27. Dr. David Bernhard Bowers

    One of the ways God brings judgment upon a country is with corrupt leadership. In the days that we live, the corruption reaches to the heavens and we have permitted it to become this way. President Trump is an instrument of God which throws a spotlight on that corruption and evil; to allow us a choice, turn back or continue on to destruction. If we put our faith in men we are going to fail. If we don’t clean up our room, God will take our toys from us in ways in which we will shudder and cry out to Him. We have to realize that the main tool of the devil is deception. The impeachment, the lies, the malice are all deception to conceal the truth. This nation and each of us individually must turn back to God, consider our ways, proclaim the Lordship of Jesus Christ or indeed you will see utter destruction of our system, and we have brought it on ourselves.

    • Ross Herman

      Sorry Dr. Bowers, we did not bring this upon ourselves. Do yourself a favor and don’t blame the victim (yourself) for crimes of such magnitude that you are considered foolish to even think such an evil conspiracy was possible.

      • Dr. David Bernhard Bowers

        Evil cannot prevail without the absence of resisting action from the righteous. God always warns a nation of impending judgment so they might choose to change their behavior. All of us at times do wrong or fail to stand up against wrong. This allows a greater evil, one that we could not imagine, to prosper. It should be apparent that this country lies within a quagmire of evil, one that has developed because of the lack of morality, truth, and justice. It will consume us if we don’t turn back to God. To claim that we have done nothing wrong places us outside the reach of God’s mercy. I did not mean to agitate you, only to make you think. As I have, I will refrain from further posts.

  28. Bob from Mo.

    Thanks Greg!!! Merry Christmas .

  29. Corney

    As televisions get larger and larger there are less and less thing I want to watch on them
    the best thing television manufacturers could have done is add the youtube app and make it Internet ready.
    I just found this show by youtube app on my television
    I am amazed at what is not said on cable so I am giving cable a big Christmas gift and cutting the TV side and save $200.00 per month.
    No more cable television

    • iwitness02

      Looks like Comey

  30. Alfy

    I like that you interview people of all stripes. Of some of the guests, they help to hammer home for me that I’m quickly approaching being an old-timer. And, to keep set firm in my mind, that soon I should spend my days looking after the gardens and being wonderful to the great grandchildren. Thinking Gerald should hang hung up his schtick, and go fishing.

  31. Diane

    Gerald gets my vote for comedian of the year.
    Funny guy.
    Very entertaining, but, sadly ,hes likely correct.

  32. Ricky

    In our daily communications with our friends, we should frequently change the word sh*t to Shiff. There’s an endless combination of Shiff lines to be used.

  33. L. Carter

    Gerald holds out little or no hope for the world. Not a cheerful thought for Christmas.
    We can only hope that he is only partially correct. Merry Christmas!

  34. Tin foil hat

    I agree with Mr. Celente regarding feeling good and being elegance, neither cost a whole lot.
    Merry Christmas to all.

  35. Auntie Seize

    I grew up in an Italian community. All that bluster and bravado and self-righteous indignation is characteristic of the Italian male. But when it comes down to exchanging blows, the Italians are first out the door. First to tuck tail, lower head, fold back ears and get outta there.
    I’d bet GC has his bugout bags sitting right next to the front door for when SHTF. As he admitted himself, he was on his way to Canada (via the bank to withdraw his loot) last time there was a scare.
    Just FYI, I’m part Italian myself, so don’t send me any flames. I’m hardly prejudiced against Italians, or any other European cultures, for that matter. I love them all, they are my brothers and kin. I’m just pointing out the facts.
    BTW, how many gears does an Italian tank have? One forward and 5 reverse!

    • paul ...

      But Auntie … when an Italian retreats … it is almost always “a deliberate tactic” … to get into “a better position” to launch a counterattack … what you do is draw the attacker (who has a false sense of security) into a “killing zone” … sort of like what Trump is doing to the Demon-rats … he gave them “enough rope” to go forward with their impeachment … and now … he is slaughtering and dismembering them in the eyes of the general public right before the 2020 election!!

    • helot - Russ Bennett

      Auntie Seize, what you wrote reminds me of how he invested in real estate around about 2012 or so, when he’d been calling for a crash for a number of years prior, like so many others did. – Rightfully so, I might add. – ( IF – you thought we lived in a Capitalistic economy) It looks like a a good call from today’s viewpoint, for sure. Maybe. Unless, you consider Ben’s, Houisingbubble.blog and the ongoing blowups showcased there, or if you didn’t wind up in a lucky location, or something? Too bad he didn’t mention all that at the outset. Like you wrote, “when it comes down to exchanging blows, the Italians are first out the door. First to tuck tail, lower head, fold back ears and get outta there.” …and, on the way to best end of the deal? So, I guess, sometimes it’s a good idea to follow the Italians on the way out the bar door? I.D.K., maybe they get screwed in the end, same as everybody else, eh?

    • JC

      Auntie Seize, I disagree with what you are saying about Italians. . Chazz Palminteri’s Bronx Tale is autobiographical. He was in real life, the Calegero character in the film.


      And then watch this scene and think again.


      • Auntie Seize

        I was speaking statistically. Of course there are exceptions, as you and others point out, but that’s not the way to bet. One should never ass-u-me ones enemy is weak. You never know. On the other hand, actions speak louder than words. And GC showed what he was when he was hightailing his way out of Dodge in the scare he himself cites. As Sun Tzu says, when strong appear weak. If an adversary/bully tries to have his way with you because they think you are a pushover and an easy mark crush/eliminate him. Never pick a fight, but if one comes to you deal with it as the situation demands. God bless!

  36. iwitness02

    In so many ways, Gerald Celente is a man after my own heart. His style resonates with me. I hope he is wrong about only a few underlings becoming acquainted with justice, but that doesn’t diminish my admiration of Gerald. A rousing interview Greg, to each of y0u, I say thank you.

  37. old bat

    now going after pence. objective is to remove them both, install pelosi as prez, who picks the beast for vp and then resigns, leaving us with the beast.

    • Greg Hunter

      Not going to happen Old bat.

  38. Grosse Pointe

    This guy is as real as it gets. Everyone should call the Justice Department and encourage Barr to file charges against all those that vote to impeach for Breach Of Oath of Office, It’s a Felony never done before but needed to stop all this crap. I for one, is just plane sick of all this so called leaders.
    Merry Christmas to all let us hope for Terrific New Year!

  39. Dave

    Excellent. Bravo for calling out Bush 2 and Cheney as war criminals. That tells you, or should, all you need to know about neo-cons and the controlled conservative media. All of whom were mouthpieces for the Iraq and Afghan wars. I’m talking Fox, Hannity, Rush and Levin. They enabled Bush and Cheney. The one national radio host who at the time called Bush out was Michael Savage. And controlled conservative media has done all they can, to this day, to marginalize him.

    Disagree with Celente on 2020. It won’t be Biden or any of the others. It will be Hillary (perhaps) – Shapiro says she’d be strong against Trump – has the revenge factor going and all. But the strongest would be Michelle. She’d easily defeat Trump. In fact the poll of Michigan Dems who voted for Obama in 2012 and Trump in 2016 was revealing. Most would vote for Trump in 2020 – but would instead vote for Michelle if she were to run. Either way, the Dems look a good bet to retake the Senate in 2020 and if they do Trump’s Presidency – should he win in 2020 – will effectively be over. No court nominees will get through a Democrat Senate.

  40. john duffy

    Here’s Exactly Why They’re Impeaching Trump


  41. Fatima message

    Another great interview. As warren has disclosed on your media about a month ago: this country is a Communist country because it is being controlled by a “Deep State” entity That is really communistic. Our legislator, congress and senate, is just veneer on the real governance. Celente is a brave one to speak it out. God protect him (and yourself).
    I am going to use a “bad” word here: Catholic prophecy has predicted that the Tribulation/Chastisement will begin with riots or revolutions in most countries around the world, but when we see these occurring simultaneously in France, Italy, and UK, we will be entering “the beginning of sorrows.” These revolutions will be concurrent with great upheavals in nature and seismically on the earth.
    Now a request: could you please bring on MD Zack Bush to disclose the cause of most illness today. His teams solution is helping numerous persons worldwide today. I have to warn the deep state will be hurt greatly and there could be backlash. To your viewers: check out interviews of Dr. Bush on YouTube especially “Eat dirt, and survive.”
    Thanks for your GREAT work for us, God bless, and a Blessed Christmas to ALL.

    • Greg Hunter

      Catholic is not a “bad” word here it’s Pope as in Francis. I am a former Catholic. I did not quit because of Catholics. I quite because of how the Vatican was handling the pedophile priest crimes circa 2000.

    • paul ...

      Eating clay is a way to detox the body of bad shit … we have been eating the dirt of the elites for long enough … now it is time to expel all the toxic waste in 2020 … vote every demon “from both Parties” OUT … and replace them with independent thinkers!!

  42. John M.

    Gerald is great as always.
    Merry CHRISTmas Greg and everyone!
    Enjoy this coming week and please get some much needed rest.

  43. Jerry

    On the point of civil war, Gerald didn’t go far enough. This is not being reported by the MSM anywhere.

    Virginia is the flash point between the globalist and the patriots in this country. I am told the same thing is taking place in California. One can only wonder how long it will be before the United Nation troops are invited in by Democrats in the house to disarm American citizens, and President Trump is labeled as an illegitimate dictator? If you listen to the tone laid down by Nancy Pelosi in her pre impeachment interviews, you can almost hear it. And what will the Republicans do when HB 1111 lands on their desk giving them even more power to override the second amendment?

    • paul ...

      House Bill 1111 … https://legiscan.com/US/bill/HB1111/2019 … which promotes the cultivation of peace and peace building “by removing guns from the people” is unconstitutional on its face … and should be overturned by the US Supreme Court as it violates the 2nd Amendment of the United States Constitution!!

      • Jerry

        I totally agree. If this bill ever passes, I’m going to be arrested and go to a FEMA camp because the government already has my CCW license information. Then it’s on. In my state alone there are 186,000 people who have a CCW license. In fact Missouri passed an open carry law last year. The globalist don’t get it. The Jeanne is already out of the bottle, and is never going back in.

  44. Merry Piper

    To Greg Hunter and Gerald Celente. Thank you for the best Gerald Celente ever and salute. I raise my glass to you both!!

  45. Patrick

    I feel that Gerald is RIGHT AGAIN. NOTHING will happen to the big shots. Kevin and Mark are dreaming again. Nothing happens Greg!

    On the global economy. Its inevitable that a depression comes along with a major conflict. They go hand in hand! Merry Xmas.

    • Greg Hunter

      Not so sure about that.

      • BrendanJames

        Collect your $250 from me if anyone of any notoriety goes to jail. No one on the left will be in the slammer. Never gonna happen. Never gonna happen Greg!!! Would LOVE it but…. Never gonna happen! BJ

    • Mike G

      I’d say that what is happening in Virginia with the sanctuary militia counties is one of the best indications of hope I’ve seen in awhile. Thank you Virginia, death to tyrants.

  46. john duffy

    If nobody does time in jail for this, There is no USA anymore.


  47. helot - Russ Bennett

    You guys always – pretty much – talk about this stuff as if it matters: “Kiriakou on Brennan facing justice – Writes Chaz Donovan: It was amusing to listen to the “nobody is above the law” chorus when the readers of LRC know well exactly who IS above the law: the National Security State, especially Langley. A man can dream, but Brennan acts like he’s above the law because he IS. I’d LOVE to be wrong, but there is zero chance Durham or Barr (former Langley guy himself) touch Brennan or CIA.” 1:23 pm on December 22, 2019

    Like Jerry wrote above, I too, see the geoengineering ongoing above, like they are planting rows of corn in a field, and wonder, when is it going to stop? Dear Mr. Hunter said, awhile back, ~ to give it time, …

    How is not bringing geoengineering front and center not a top priority? Is it because Brawndo makes things grow? … WHAT THE HECK is wrong with people that they get together in VA., for arms, but gulp and blink and look away, when it comes to what happens over their heads every day? Is. Just. About. Everyone. On. Earth. Willfully Blind and Insane.? It seems so. Nevermind, the money games Celente fusses about – the bugs – they all die. Brawndo, makes things grow.

    Ya, still, Merry Christmas to you all. – i wish people wouldn’t hate and be willfully blind.

  48. Eileen

    Dear Greg,
    Listening to your interview with Mr. Celente was EXACTLY what I needed to hear tonight. Mr. Celente , not only lets out his knowledge, but his EMOTIONS. So good to hear him rant as I have wanted to for so long .What a PERFECT CHRISTMAS gift Greg. Thank you, and may you and yours have a Merry Christmas. E

  49. paul ...

    Stan … remember when you said on 12/15/2019 : “2020 will be the Year of the Dollar” … and remember saying: … “Fasten your seat belts folks as Anyone betting against the dollar will be a dead carcass on the side of the road” … and remember saying: “Gold’s relationship to the amount of base currency is totally irrelevant”. … well Stan here is a chart that puts the value of the dollar with respect to gold in it the proper perspective … http://pricedingold.com/charts/USD-1787-log.png … strength in the US dollar (compared to gold) has been collapsing since the Deep State Military/Industrial/Bankster Cabal killed JFK!!

    • paul ...

      And the thrusters on the gold interplanetary rocket ship are now firing up Stan … https://www.kitco.com/charts/popup/au24hr3day.html … soon the clamps will be released … allowing for the gold rocket ship “to lift off toward it’s goal of $9,671 … same for the silver moon rocket Stan … which is now lifting off to fly past the $1,162 mark (as both precious metals close the debt dollar gap) … https://www.kitco.com/charts/livesilver.html

      • paul ...

        Stan … how much warning can I give you? … the rocket engines are straining … it’s time to release the clamps!!

        • Stan

          I’m laughing at you Paul

      • JC

        paul.. when these gold and silver prices are reached “men in black” will be at your door.

        The Beast crept up on everybody. Bush I, Clinton, Bush II, and Obama fed it, and Trump is going to get the blame, because as President he is going to have to do the dirty work and initiate Martial Law when the dollar collapses.

        When the SWAT Teams coming crashing through the doors, the last thing many Americans will say and think is, “WTF did I do wrong?”


    • JC

      paul… maybe Stan is right. See question to Martin Armstrong below.

      QUESTION: Hi Marty,

      you said that the Dollar will make a major high going into 2020/21 and that will bring on the break in the monetary system. will the Dollar make new all-time high in nominal (165) terms or will it take an inflation-adjusted high to break the system?

      thanks for the education.



      • paul ...

        JC … Stan is wrong … and Armstrong is wrong … they are both “”ABSOLUTELY WRONG”” … today’s dollar has “No Strength” … it is rapidly being “driven to worthlessness” by the Fed … and people pay for Armstrong’s advice?? … saying the dollar will make a major high in 2020-21 is ludicrous … will people need a giant magnifying glass to see any blip up … and if it does happen … it will be like an ant doing a pole vault over a grain of sand … people need to wake up … the following chart shows the real strength of the US dollar … http://pricedingold.com/charts/USD-1900.png

  50. tim mcgraw

    Hi Greg, You handled a very difficult interview very well. Celente was out of control. What is he worried about?
    Celente barely mentioned the Federal Reserve. He didn’t mention fiat currency. He didn’t mention the IRS and the income tax. He didn’t mention fractional reserve banking.
    These are the causes of our crises.
    Celente just mentioned the symptoms.
    I prefer Dr. Ron Paul. Dr. Ron Paul talks about the causes of our situation, not the symptoms.

    • Greg Hunter

      He did make a specific prediction on the expiration date to the fiat debt economy and that is 2021. It may fall apart before then so you nhave to get ready and stay ready! Merry Christ mas!!

  51. Open Eyes

    …and all this time I thought you were just a mild mannered reporter, Greg?

    That sure was bleak. I think people are going to be going back to church again when the SHTF. Until then…

    Merry Christmas, Greg and everyone!

  52. jim

    Well greg , I just lost another family member over defending you and your web sight, This is not a game , it is serious with me. these people on the left are contributing in the destructions of our county.

    • Greg Hunter

      “Fear Not” and Merry Christ mas!

  53. Pegathee

    Just think how much might have been accomplished if they had actually worked these last 3 years instead of wasting all their time and energy AND taxpayer’s money on this ridiculous, ‘TRUMPed’ up, imaginary mess, they keep pursuing?! They are beyond being a joke and far into being negligent public employees. They need to all be ousted!!

  54. JC

    “In The Year 2525…. if man is still alive….”


    I’m wondering if we even get to 2025.

  55. Bill B

    GREG. I need your help!
    Please direct me to where I apply for a seat on the Barisma Board. I believe I am as qualified as Hunter Biden to hold a 60,ooo a month seat.
    Please help as my bank account needs a large injection of cash

    • Pegathee

      Does anyone in your family hold a high level political job? If not, you may be out of luck!

  56. Marie Joy

    USMCA = NAFTA and Trump is pushing for it. It’s at http://www.whitehouse.gov and other places.
    I believed in Trump. Now, I’m having very, serious doubts. Serious, serious doubts.

    • Dave

      You sound like Michael Savage. he was the first national radio host to support Trump. At that he hoped that trump would deliver on just half his promises. In fact he has delivered on far less as Savage points out. Savage will still vote for Trump given the choices but wonders if it is all “shadows on the wall”. The citizens being manipulated by the PYB including Trump. The USMCA will hurt middle class workers. The cvaunted tax breaks to the wealthy did not turn into 4% growth as promised. The nation is stuck at 2% – not much better than under Obama. But Kudlow and Moore still defend their GDP projection that never panned out. Trump has moved several major progressive causes including sentencing reform and paid family leave for Federal workers. The visas for tech workers (displacing American born tech workers0) were sharply increased under Trump. Trump has massively increased the defense budget – a black hole, a giveaway to the military/industrial complex. wit is all shadows on the wall. Trump has done one thing – more divided the country than any President ever. That is what TPTB want. Keep the populace fighting each other as they (TPTB) further consolidate their control.

  57. iwitness02

    New Froglegs is out.

  58. Justn Observer

    Greg, and all…Are the dots now aligned ? Can you see it? Dangerous times now, not for just POTUS Trump…but our nation?… big heads up !

  59. Baradis

    So, Barr and Durham are gonna get ’em.

    OK, fine. When I see Brennan, Comey or even a couple of lower-tier
    floating pieces of sewage such as McCabe or Strzok indicted, that is when I will
    believe anything is being done to actually drain the swamp.

    You can forget about ever getting to Obama or Hillary. That will never
    be allowed.

    I just said indicted, I didn’t even say convicted.
    Just show me an indictment.
    The swamp will not reform itself.
    Until Barr does something demonstrable,
    then he is just another swamp creature protecting the other denizens.

    • Pegathee

      We all need to send him some Draino to help him unclog the system!! LOL

  60. Buffy the Brave

    If Pres. Obama had done what Pres.Trump has done, Republicans would be clamoring for HIS impeachment. The hypocritical bunch of GOP crooks at play in the Senate are just ripping off the ignorant souls of America, big-time. And you, Greg, are aiding and abetting them in their continued ignorance. Shame on you and that huckster Gerald Celente. Has anyone ever looked at Celente’s credentials for trend research? My guess, after reading his predictions for YEARS now, is that he is no wiser or better at it than anyone else who simply reads the news and makes random predictionS. But I guess it pays the bills, eh?!?!

  61. regaleagle

    The word “IF” you used as a presupposition above counts diddley squat in the present circumstances under which we find ourselves today. Real solutions to problems are not and never will be arrived at with remarks like yours. The only result your remark can have is to cause even more dissension and confusion in drawing the people of this nation apart when what we need now is just the opposite.

    • Buffy the Brave

      Regaleagle, You have to call out the rascals when you spot them. Spot the lies, the graft, and call them out on it. Dissension is necessary until clarity/truth emerges for everyone to see, then you begin to see people rally together around the truth.That’s why we still have the free press! Americans are TIRED of having crooked members of Congress (of both parties) bought off by the rich. Do you realize how many Members of Congress have become multi-millionaires (something that should be difficult on a low six figure salary)?? It’s time to restructure Congressional benefits packages. No one should be getting rich in a public service job. And Superrich guys should NOT become President, as they just end up buying others to back their causes. And, it’s time to TAX THE RICH, not give them tac breaks!

      • Greg Hunter

        No Buffy,
        Don’t tax the rich, make them take real loses in bankruptcy court like Warren Buffett. Don’t bail them out. The wealthy pay most of the taxes now and them bottom 47% pay nothing. Crooked members of Congress is spot on!!!!!!

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