Ukraine-Desperation to Save the U.S. Dollar-Dr. Jim Willie

goldenjackassBy Greg Hunter’s    (Early Sunday Release)

Newsletter writer Dr. Jim Willie thinks the Ukraine crisis is an enormous struggle for financial power between East and West.  Dr. Willie contends, “I believe what we got with Ukraine is an absolutely desperate situation where the U.S. government realizes we have to stop Ukraine from becoming a central transit point for energy pipelines in the fast developing Eurasian Trade Zone.  They need to stop the Eurasian Trade Zone because the United States and England are largely going to be excluded.  If you look behind the curtain to see what is really going on, I believe this is the third attack on Russia’s Gazprom.  It is a giant monopoly that Russia controls for natural gas.  The first attack was veiled and it was Cyprus.  Gazprom bank was gigantic and it was in Cyprus. . . . Furthermore, Russia was using Cyprus as a clearing house for buying gold bullion. . . . The second attack against Gazprom was Syria.  Iran pipelines were to be connected with Syrian ports. . . . There is a war in the way.  That’s what the U.S. does.  There is a war in the way.  Now, we have the third attack against Russia Gazprom.  The U.S. and Europe actually believe if they control the gas pipeline valves, they can control the flow on the Western corner (of Ukraine) that feeds Romania, Poland and Hungary.  They actually believe if they control the valves, they can control the flow.  What if the flow is cut off?”  Dr. Willie, who has an earned PhD in statistics, thinks the manufactured Ukraine crisis is an act of desperation by the U.S.  Dr. Willie explains, “Have you ever know someone truly desperate, who has no options, that did stupid things?  That’s what we are seeing now.” 

Dr. Willie goes on to say, “There are so many sides closing in on the United States that it is almost becoming a tragic comedy. . . .  These guys are running out of options.  When I heard that Secretary of State Kerry made a threat to exclude Russia from the G-8, I said, ‘yeah right.’  That’s going to backfire, and the U.S. will be isolated. . . . I made this forecast about three years ago.  I said watch the G-8 become irrelevant and the G-20 take over and China run it as opposed to the U.S. and Britain.  That has now happened in the last year or 18 months.  We just had a G-20 meeting in Australia, and China just railed on the United States.  They said you are living off fumes.  You are living off the printing press with no justifiable income.  Your economy is a fake.  This is getting hostile, and it was in a G-20 meeting.” 

The real problem for the West will be payment for oil and natural gas in something other than dollars.  Dr. Willie warns, “What’s likely to come very soon is Russia is going to demand either rubles or gold bullion for their crude oil and their natural gas.  If they demand ruble payment, it immediately puts the kibosh and sabotages all Wall Street and London intervention games where they are trying to punish Russia by seeing their currency decline.  We’re not in the driver’s seat being a big debtor.  We’re not in the driver’s seat being a big importer of energy.  We’re not in the driver’s seat on anything.” 

On the value of the U.S. dollar, Dr. Willie says, “The response to U.S. pressure will be steps to kill the petro dollar and force banking systems around the world to start divesting of Treasury Bonds because they won’t need them.”  When will this happen?  Dr. Willie answers with a question by asking, “Do you think Putin is going to wait a long time?  The time between events is really closing. . . . The whole point here could be provoking Putin and Russia into making a first strike.  I don’t like using the n-word (meaning nukes), but if Russians make a large strike, then the U.S. is going to come back and make a strike 20 times larger and destroy the Russian nation.  That could be what these desperate Nazi’s are trying to do.”  

On gold, Dr. Willie contends, “I don’t think it would be a shock to see the Russians come out and say we’ve got over 20,000 tons of gold, and we are going to back our ruble with gold.  Screw the dollar.  I think in the next year or so, the Russians and Chinese are going to let it be known that between them they own close to 40,000 tons of gold.  They are going to have a real currency and do a real global reset and have a real return to the gold standard and screw the dollar with all its toxic sovereign bonds.  One of the principle foundations of the dollar is not gold, it’s the military.  We’re seeing it now.”  Dr. Willie predicts “an 80% decline in the value of the U.S. dollar in three years.” 

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Dr. Jim Willie, Editor of “The Hat Trick Letter,” which can be found on 

(There is much more in the video interview.)


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  1. Galaxy 500

    I know you are a big JW fan. I’ll bet you one of euro that Russia has less than 20,000 tonnes of gold.

    • Rodster

      I was waiting for Karen Hudes name to drop. Never happened. 🙂

    • allen ols

      u said;
      GALAXY 500 03/08/2014 •
      I have to say after a lot of reflection and research, you are probably right about people that have food not parting with it unless the are compensated with a ridiculous amount of gold…ok, ill stop hedging and say you right…for the most part.
      If I had 3 months of food and water for me and mine , and we were a few days into uncertainty, I would only trade a days supply of food for one person for an obscene amount of gold or silver. And if were were two weeks into uncertainty, it would take many times more to get just one meal and I am not talking Ruth’s Chris here, just some basic food. The more I think about it, the more I realize only
      a cretin will put his family in jeopardy for gold. Me, I would trade my food for some but the closer I’d get to the end of my stocks, the less inclined I would be, even for a kings ransom.
      Now, the better I am prepared and the closer we are to the beginning, I’d be willing to trade some and assume some risk but the longer thing plod along without resolution, the less likely I will be willing to assume risk.
      I was basing my previous argument from a stance that I won’t be desperate but there are going to be a lot of desperate people that though that having a stock pile of PMs was all the prep they needed. Boy, are they going to have a day of reckoning. And as Mr T says, “I pity the fool” that is a pacifist that makes all the right preparations only to have someone take it all away and likely kill them in the process. I think the only reasonable course is prepare, keep it to yourself and maintain a low profile until things settle somewhat. As much as I pains me to admit I was wrong, consider it done.

      this sentence is in error;
      IF I HAD 3 MONTHS OF FOOD AND WATER FOR ME AND MINE—–You need all the hard red/white wheat–all the pinto,northern white,blk beans,—bags and bags of rice, all the canned goods u can afford and then keep buying, 4 different locations, to store it/near lake,river etc. shoot for 5yrs storage, forget gold and PM’s.

      Now concerning russia and 20,000 tonnes of gold, “I think that is recorded only, myself, think gold from the czars, as u would would the white dragons from the ming,ching,bing and ting dynastys, HIDDEN. al ols

      • Galaxy 500

        Id never ever admit to having food, water…I speak in hypothetical and theories.

        • Galaxy 500

          But I deal in realities. And I appreciate you thinking enough of me to be truly concerned.

          • JC Davis

            500 you have to admit the Ruth Chris Was a good point.

          • Galaxy 500

            Of course it was. It was mine 😉

      • JC Davis

        Al. Please go into detail. you said.Now concerning russia and 20,000 tonnes of gold, “I think that is recorded only, myself, think gold from the czars, as u would would the white dragons from the ming,ching,bing and ting dynastys, HIDDEN. al ols
        A farmers opinion means more to me then a phd. I couldn’t get phd any smaller..
        Greg the people on your site are smart.

        • allen ols


          no country admits to all its gold and holdings, everyone has cooked books, and second set. 20k tonnes is just the cards they show, the rest is hidden. here fresh in from JW 1 hr ago. al

          Allen Ols [email protected]
          4:44 AM (5 hours ago)

          to Jim
          Kaye: “There are now reports coming from Ukraine that all of the Ukrainian gold has been airlifted, at 2 AM Ukrainian time, out of the main airport, Boryspil Airport, in Kiev, and is being flown to New York — the presumable destination being the New York Fed….
          “Now that’s 33 tons of gold which is worth somewhere between $1.5 billion – $2 billion. That would amount to a very nice down payment to the $5 billion that Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland boasted that the United States has already spent in their efforts to destabilize Ukraine, and put in place their own unelected government.”

          Eric King: “Whether the United States is taking down Saddam Hussein in Iraq, or Muammar Gaddafi in Libya, there always seems to be gold at the end of the rainbow, which the U.S. then appropriates.”

          Kaye: “That’s a good point, Eric. The United States installed a former banker in Ukraine who is very friendly to the West. He is also a guy with central bank experience. This would have been his first major decision to transport that gold out of Ukraine to the United States.

          Jim Willie CB
          6:38 AM (3 hours ago)

          to me
          The Voice assures that the majority of UKR gold is safe in Moscow Russia
          but 33 tons is still a lot of gold to steal
          the West under the US Nazi leadership will be exposed for the pillage and looting to come.

          • Galaxy 500

            right before collapse of Russian czars they were broke and borrowed 5 million dollars of gold from French. Dont go all Karen Hudes on us.

    • Geo. T (Formerly George)

      I the same thoughts. I decided it was a bridge to far. Maybe China and Russia control 1/4 (or 1/8 if you add Karen’s gold at the end of the rainbow) but it seems unlikely to me. China has its own issues with bad loans and fraudulent financials for business. Russia and China learned corruption from the best: the USA.

      • Rodster

        Exactly which is why I don’t dismiss and hope Egon von Greyerz is wrong. Because the entire global financial system is built on fraud. The US lies about it’s economy, China lies about it’s economy so does Russia and everyone else. It’s become a meme global economy.

        I also don’t dismiss what Karen Hudes said which is even more ominous than Egon von Greyerz that our entire global financial system is so distorted and corrupt we could very well find ourselves back in the Dark Ages.

        What do you think Ukraine is all about? We all know the answer to that.

    • tsuki

      Less the 33 tonnes of gold that according to rumor was ordered by the Ukraine’s new leaders flown from Borispol to Wall Street for “safekeeping”.

      • Galaxy 500

        If true, and doubt you I do not, that would explain why they spent so many worthless dollars to foment insurrection.

  2. Derrick Michael Reid

    Oil and Gas are fungible, and markets prices eventually stabilize, as to supply/demand, which I sure Dr Willie is aware. To place imminent newk war on such, is a bit out there, but that is what you love about Dr Willie, he is out there, and makes to you think. A good thing.

    • Rodster

      Dr. Paul Craig Roberts has inside information while working in the Reagan adminstration that their were some who wanted to go war with Russia.

    • allen ols

      …..wheat, rice, beans, seeds, are fungible……..

    • Galaxy 500

      Agreed, it really won’t matter who thought what if the USA and Russia start throwing nukes around. If one or two US or Russian cities are whipped out with more inbound birds…who would not give the order to let them all fly and throw China in for good measure. After all, mutally assured destruction

    • Galaxy 500

      Youve been gone awhile. Nice to see you posting again.

    • Robert Olin

      So did General Curtis LeMay. There are always rabid pit bulls that want to push the button before running off to their hardened bunkers leaving our women and children to fry. Maybe they couldn’t get a date for their high school go to the prom?

      • Galaxy 500

        Didnt MaCArthur want do drop 30 nukes on North Korea and China and got fired because it was such an outrageous and insane idea?

    • Geo. T (Formerly George)

      Wanting something and being able to do it are two different things. I want a submarine.

    • Rodster

      Drudge then Greg posted a link that Kiev may go nuclear. Wow ! 😯

  3. Jeff Harrison

    Dr Willie is fanominal on his insight!!
    Greg you are also fanominal on your approach!
    We are screwed from one end to the other.
    You see my website. I ran the number 3 office of the largest construction staffing company in the country $300,000.00 a month on a 30% margin and I could outperform everyone in the company on any aspect. Then add construction experience in multiple trades and sectors like Commercial, Industrial and Residential. I have owned companies I built up and sold. So I am a master at finding work!
    In 2009 I got handed my ass! It took me 1.5 years to get back on track and in process lost everything but I changed the way I was doing things is the only reason it changed.
    But I broke down the unemployment filing charts from 2008 to end of Febuary.
    Then went with new jobs created in 2013 1,200,000 (77% part time)
    So we are talking 65% of the labor force of this country in 5 years. I know some got jobs, started a dead in the water small business but these politicians along with Bankers and Corporate Leaders have completely destroyed every viable aspect of this country and all of us! After confiscation and whatever else come everyone will be toast!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Jeff for your comment on Dr. Willie. He’s a favorite here.

      • todd clay

        is my money safe with fidelity investments?

        • Greg Hunter

          Todd Clay,
          In the next financial calamity many brokerages will probably be taken out. If you think the FDIC is woefully underfunded then SIPC (Securities Investor Protection Corporation) should give you a problem. They have just a few $billion as insurance for a brokerage going under and it does not come with a government backup from the Treasury Dept. We have systemic problems and you need to do some home work and make a plan on how to protect yourself. Thank you for your question and comment.

          • todd clay

            greg….I called fidelity and talked with one of there specialist…..she told me that fidelity had been selling off u.s. treasury bills at a fast pace…..she said that they were privately owned and considered all risk when investing my money…..she said they were aware of the condition of the dollar and that I was in good hands???? …..sounds like shes selling a bill of goods? I just don’t know!

            • Greg Hunter

              I am interviewing renowned investment banker James Rickards soon. He says the top 5 investments you need to own are Gold, Land, Fine Art, money invested in a Hedge fund and Cash. He does not mention stocks. Rickards is the guy the Pentagon brings in to play financial war games–I kid you not. He is also the author of the Best-selling book “Currency Wars” His latest book is called “The Death of Money.” It’s about “The coming collapse of the international monetary system.” I would be invested in the things he recommends, but that’s just me.

        • Galaxy 500

          Todd and Greg,
          Doesn’t SIPIC just cover fraud? No fraud, no coverage.

          • Greg Hunter

            My thought is it can’t cover much. It simply has very little cash, relative to the size of the market it is insuring. Fractions of cents on the dollar. I did not know it only covered fraud.

    • WD Deni

      Jeff great post and angle, your perspective is so valuable. Its amazing how us people can see the tragedy of the “real economy”. I know these econnumbers are completely faked, and are lies. But I got a little lost in your post.

      1) How do you see our real employment situation.

      2) What is your take on the labor force.

      3) Where do you think its headed.

      Thank you!

  4. Rodster

    Greg, the advice about buying can goods NOW if you don’t have money for gold or silver is great advice. It’s a hedge against inflation. Every time I see a sale at my Publix supermarket I load up on the sale items, then store and rotate.

    To give you an idea of inflation. A pound of ground turkey in my area used to cost $1.79 in 2006. In 2013 it was $5.29

    • Galaxy 500

      I agree wholeheartedly on having can goods for a rainy day. The advice to rotate out is essential to having good food for that rainy day. Lets face it, rain is coming.
      On the turkey, I like baked turkey but my wife is a turkey bacon person. My take on it is if God had intended for bacon to be make out of fowl, pigs would have feathers.

    • Galaxy 500

      And Rodster, that is more than the approved rate of interest.

      • Galaxy 500

        Snap…interest was supposed to be Inflation

        • JC Davis


  5. chris

    Saudis wont follow R accepting only rubles.Sure ,they will accept rubles,. A problem with china backing the won by gold is that
    china are fiat money addicts ,even bigger than us. yeah , I know China has 2T of treasuries. With respect, JW doesn’t really know the reserves of saudi, neither do you or I.
    I like JW , Celente, Alex Jones,and a quasi prepper,. but wild claims add no credibility.
    By following them , you/I missed the run,.
    Until we cant fund the largest killing machine in the world , the world accepts the USD.
    Crimea was always a Russian outpost. I know I lived there for a period of time.
    I pray no blood shed for the inevitable,which is Crimea becomes a R state

    • al hall

      Chris: Sorry to tell ya, but like JW friend- the voice- I have an insider I call Mr. W- ex-black-ops and CIA officer. What JW is saying is only part of the plan. Our CIA is behind most of the world problems- they start all the conflicts. Obama was brought up through the CIA- fact. Another reason you never see his records. This is a little off this base- but Google this – it shows Obama’s connection to CIA and H. Kissinger– Google =
      Obama- Mars jump room! or here –

      My contact says we have been going toMars for 40+ years. All Black-ops stuff.


      • chris

        Oh yeah , I live on mars.Great broad band here. LOL
        Oh please ,all this “my black ops friend says this nonsense stuff” is so laughable.
        Its like, prove your not a witch.
        TRY and reply to my post,i t included. Saudis, China , gold , Crimea.

        • JC Davis

          Our CIA is behind most of the world problems. They are the reason for the season in which we live.

        • AL. Hall

          Chris; You have no idea what your talking about — I do have this friend– you drink to much kjool-aid from the facsist media!!

        • Galaxy 500

          Hey, you live on Mars, too? Wow, I thought I was the only Martian on this forum.
          Chris, you have to admit that Obama is incompetent enough to be CIA.

    • Geo. T (Formerly George)

      How many of the talking heads on TV do you think understand that Crimea was folded into the Ukraine in 1954. It was forced into the Ukraine by the Soviets. The House of Saud will do what is best for it and I suspect at this point it is rethinking its alliances with us. I don’t think any of our allies actually believe that Obama will adhere to the terms of mutual defense treaties.

      • chris

        Great vid on YT ,showing Anderson pooper of CNN parroting the CIA talking points. The sheeple eat it up

        • Galaxy 500

          The longer he is on TV the fruit loopier he becomes. Talk about being a “tool” of the administration

    • Galaxy 500

      I think Saudis will fix oil to grams of gold and then take any stable currency equivalent. Just my two cents

      • allen ols

        they will outlaw indivdual possession of gold silver, make u turn it in for a cheap price, and give u shiess bucks and if food and stuff is availiable it will be worth more than gold. go food and generators, fuel storage, inverters, deep cell batteries, solar panels, and stuff. just me but alot of us out there. al ols

        • Galaxy 500

          Maybe but there is going to be some trade that doesn’t make sense to trade food stuffs. Just consider it having a belt on AND suspenders.

    • emeniag

      Crimea ah river. Don’t count on US. missile defense, even close UKR. placement.
      Also read about(Google) the Sunburn missile.

      • emeniag

        Sorry the link doesn’t work, go to (Mach 21 youtube), its scary that it can pass through our defenses, it’s so fast.

  6. Ugly

    Things are stepping up. If folks in USA are blind to this, then they are simply blind. Life for America is about to change forever. Pretty soon (actually when?) the Printing Press will have no effect. Then you will observe higher inflation of many goods where a loaf of bread could increase 30% in one month, and deflation on some assets like computers and homes, and then folks in USA may wake up. Am I prepared? Not really. How does 1 million USA folks prepare with a stream of 229 million idiots? It is like crossing the street where nobody obeys traffic laws. But I’ll keep going and stay awake….

    • Galaxy 500

      We cant save everybody and we will be damn lucky if we can save ourselves.

      • Ugly

        It is a Day and ‘time period’ that I hope we never see. But I know there is no way out of this mess, other than collapse and bad times. Your right. Even the prepared won’t be prepared for what is coming. But we must try because that defines who we are….

        • Galaxy 500

          Agreed. “Ride boldly ride the shade replied if you seek for Eldorado. “

  7. Galaxy 500

    Can you believe this liberal limp D! (# stuff? NO WONDER MOST OF THEM NEVER HAVE SEX WITH A LIVE WOMAN.

  8. Jerry

    Greg, while I agree with JW about what’s going in in Ukraine with the Banking Cartel, I think the overall objective is much bigger than derailing Gazprom. If the Banking Cartel can gain control of the gas resources in Ukraine they can collapse the economies of the EU with impunity whenever it fits their design. The model they have always used is “attack and deflect”. Only this time Russia gets to be the patsy. Global collapse and domination is their objective. They have systematically toppled one government after another with the help of the U.S. and NATO. Only China and the Russia stand in their way, and its just a matter of time before they unwind both of these countries economies in one way or another. Who ever thought, when the Iron curtain came down, that the Banking Cartel would be the first ones to set up shop? Certainly not me.

    Look Putin is being painted as an out of control idiot by the main stream media. Who controls the MSM? That’s write the Banking Cartel. Putin saved our ass in Syria by keeping us out of a war. Who was it that funded 5 Billion Dollars to topple the government in Ukraine? That’s right the Banking Cartel. Putin came in to cut them off at the wrist before the Banking Cartel could install a puppet government, and he is being blamed for it. He knows that if they gain control of the gas resources in Ukraine its game over for Europe. If he really wanted to take Ukraine he could have taken it anytime he wanted. He didn’t need a false flag event to do it.

    What I think the Banking Cartel will do is force Obama and the UN to play hardball with Putin over Ukraine. When they do, Putin will dump the dollar and begin the collapse. This is a classic checkmate move. Either way they win. Our only countermove in this situation is to hope that Putin doesn’t take the bait, and simply do nothing. False flags to trigger desired outcomes wouldn’t be out of the question.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for adding your perspective to this post!

    • emeniag

      Jer, it’s worse than that, in another leaked phone call Estonia’s foreign affairs minister told the EU’s Catherine Ashton, that it wasn’t Ukrainian president Yanukovych who was behind the sniper killings but the US. backed coalition opposition! looks like we learned a lot from our Muslim terrorists.
      Mr. Paet, Estonian minister for foreign affairs, described the sniper issue as “disturbing,” adding that “it already discredits from the very beginning” the new US-backed Ukrainian government.
      Read about it on Google, hear it for yourself on youtube
      When listening, it’s interesting how Ashton quickly moved on from these very significant revelations when told that the snipers doing the killing were from the new coalition side, she was almost dismissive. Says much about Ashton and EU. intentions…doesn’t give a poop, in other words, or already know but don’t care, for it doesn’t change their agenda…truth be damned, again!
      Denise Kucinich even told off Bill O’Reilly, how this administration has such dirty hands in Ukraine and how Ukrainians are disavowing this neo-con job coup.
      You can youtube that too.
      Why in hell would any young man want to lay down his life for screwball’s like this, running(ruining) our country and trying to (ruin) run everybody else’s. Cant they mind their own bee’s wax’s and get a real job!

    • Ugly

      I wonder if this isn’t all just a play for a bigger false flag coming. Remember when Putin and the POTUS were together and the mic was still on and it was overheard as the POTUS told Putin something like this, ‘….that he [Putin] needed to wait until he [Obama] was re-elected again’. It was played on the media, then not to be seen or heard again. I always wondered what was meant by that?

      • Galaxy 500

        Ugly, me too. Can be more flexible after he’s elected.

        • Jeremy

          What you didn’t hear in that clip was Putin’s response: “And I’ll have more flexibility after the Olympics”

  9. rich

    Well, that is what has me concerned Greg. There are so many friends and family members that will not get prepared. That refuse to think for themselves and get some protection – food, out of the bank, etc. What are we, the few who has prepared, going to do for them. I cannot afford to prepare for everyone. I can barely prepare for me and my family. I still have things that need done, and they all take resources. We have a meeting every month and decide what it is we should do to prepare this month with extra few paper dollars we have (some month’s it is zero). Point is, what will become of all the friends and family that refused to listen and do something. I am greatly concerned for my fellow man/woman/child/family. But, I will not be able to help them. It will be too late.

    • Jerry

      I totally understand. I have told untold friends and family not to come crying to me when the SHTF if they chose to do nothing now. Heck I just watched a friend spend $3000. on a cruise. Can you imagine how much food storage that would buy? In my book, why should I pay for someone else’s bad choice?

      • allen ols

        jerry, rich, all of us are in that boat, so ditto that. al

    • Diane Ryan

      Rich, we share your concerns. America is bleeding out and like Dr. Willie says, forget any political solution. That horse left the barn a long time ago. As much as we hated to leave our family we finally took the advice of Joel Skousen and James Wesley Rawles. We moved to the American Redoubt and are at least now surrounded by like-minded folks. Our children know where to find us but realistically doubt they could travel here when the Schumer Hit The Fan. We did our best. If we can’t help our children, we will help our neighbors’ children.

      • allen ols

        dian, excellent!!!!!!1

      • lastmanstanding

        Good move DR…moving to the “end of the road” from an intersection at minimum will give you some peace. It has us. Best of wishes.

  10. John M.

    Greg, Jim Willie only confirms what most of us already know. America is slipping away, and it’s only a matter of time when it is essentially all over.
    I would not be surprised if China and Russia have three times the gold that the U.S. claims to have but will not let us see in an audit. American leadership has pissed away every good thing we have, and there is no need to look any further than with what they have done to our dollar. All we have left are missiles with nukes, and I’m not sure our government is committed to protecting us, much less help us win in a major nuclear exchange, which I think I may have said before. I can’t think of one thing that America is doing that makes any sense these days, yet Russia and China seem to be acting in a more mature, responsible fashion. And they are communists!! They likely will be aggressors against the U.S. if they are provoked.
    If everything in America collapses, then I’m not worried if I was left alone as I have prepared mentally for this eventuality for over a decade. But my real fear is a police state or foreign occupation as I think that would be the logical progression of chaos and collapse ensues. Jim Willie really should elaborate on this most important of all subjects as he abstained, and it may be extremely helpful to get more perspectives on geopolitics and war strategy. We don’t need to hear about the virtues of gold and silver 24/7, as that’s a no brainer for thinking people.

  11. Sara

    I really like Jim Willie’s style. I have followed him since gold was smashed last April and for awhile I was hoping he was right about what is really going on. However, yesterday there was a guest post over on ( that I think has a better understanding of what is really going on. While Jim is right about the various countries wanting to do an end-run around the US dollar and create a new basket of currencies for trade between countries, that article reminded me that the elites ALWAYS play both sides, and in this case, aligning with the IMF SDRs as the new global system is still aligning with the IMF, the BIS, and their network of central banks. Back in the summer of 1998, when the IMF pressured the US to kick in and bail out Brazil, intuitively I saw that the US was going to be bled dry as a cash cow and then taken down and replaced by a global system. In the article, I was reminded of things I had forgotten, about how the earlier forms of these bankers had funded both sides of WW II. Now it appears they are involved in pitting both sides against each other as WW III approaches. It is like revisiting the first part of 1939 all over again.

    I have enormous respect for Jim’s cajones, but he is missing the forest for the trees, in my opinion. Paul Craig Roberts is also very accurate as far as he goes, but is also missing the bigger picture. The elites are hidden behind the scenes, pulling all the strings, and it’s easy to be fooled into thinking that one side or the other is better, just as our two-party system is a sham. It’s all a sham and a coverup for the globalist agenda. You started to recognize that in your last weekly wrap-up. Stay on the trail and follow the money if you can. (It sure would be nice to have John Perkins (Confessions of an Economic Hit Man) on the show to tell us just how it’s done.)

    • emeniag

      You give evil men all the credit for their evil ways. But you have to give credit where credit is due.
      The world is under his control as god, little g. Revelation 12: 9 So down the great dragon was hurled, the original serpent, the one called Devil and Satan, who is misleading the entire inhabited earth, and his angels were hurled down with him.
      2 Corinthians 4: 4-3
      If, now, the good news we declare is in fact veiled, it is veiled among those who are perishing, among whom the god of this system of things has blinded the minds of the unbelievers, that the illumination of the glorious good news about the Christ, who is the image of God, might not shine through.
      1 John 5:19
      We know we originate with God, but the whole world is lying in the [power of the] wicked one.
      They fight against God and oppress mankind
      Revelation 16: 14
      They are, in fact, expressions inspired by demons and perform signs, and go forth to the kings of the entire inhabited earth, to gather them together to the war of the great day of God the Almighty.
      Matthew 25: 46
      And these will depart into everlasting cutting-off, but the righteous ones into everlasting life.
      Psalms 72: 8
      In his days the righteous one will sprout, And the abundance of peace until the moon is no more. And he will have subjects from sea to sea And from the river to the ends of the earth.
      Google: Bing Crosby Great Day youtube (1929)

  12. Jimmy

    Jim Willie is such a great source of information in these strange times. Thank you Jim and Greg for keeping us informed.

    • mark

      A few days ago I read a comment here by someone named Troy which included a link to a website in which someone by the name of JC posits the argument that we will be seeing the emergence of a super SDR (as opposed to gold backed trading as Jim has taught) and I wrote Jim specifically regarding this question and his response is as follows: “My firm belief is that the new IMF reform plan of a super sovereign SDR with ruble, yuan, gold and silver will be derailed like when Russia demands gold in payment for oil and when China demands to pay for oil in Yuan currency” And sure enough, in his most recently published alert bulletin the statement can be found which reads: “Neither Russia or China will cooperate on the IMF super sovereign currency basket at this point, not during extreme hostility and conflict. Hope and pray for cooler heads to prevail, since already many serious military attacks have occurred with advanced weapons off the Syrian coast” (Alert Bulletin 03-04-2014). In the response to my question he mentioned a specific event which took place off the Syrian coast which illustrates the height of hostility and why he therefore does not believe Russia will agree to any IMF super sovereign currency arrangement. So if his position is errant, I would not say it is because he “isn’t seeing the forest for the trees” as you concluded in your post.

  13. Snorky

    Wow! I just got back from a 4 hour Q&A with Jim Sinclair (in San Diego) and now I see that you have posted your Monday interview with Jim Willie early on Sunday night. Thnx much. Great stuff. I am still somewhat confused that more people aren’t paying attention to what is going on in the world (and the consequences this will have on their lives and standard of living going forward). They just don’t want to hear about it.

    Jim Willie mentions Russian palladium. He is correct. He should also mention Russian uranium.

  14. smaulgld

    We clearly are not in the driver’s seat. Even by the traditional measures by which we measure our economy-consumer spending and home prices (false economic strength indicators) we are lagging.
    At least the housing bubble of the mid 2000’s driven by the Fed’s low interest rate policies drove massive home building and home buying. Today’s no interest rate policies and massive QE spending programs have led to higher home prices but little home buying.

  15. 02144pomroy

    Just got through listening to John Tamny of Real Clear Markets on the Bill Cunningham Sunday Radio Show. Tamny said not to worry! Things will be great down the road! People have been betting against America for 250 years, keep that money in the stock market! You can’t lose! Bill Cunningham did not ask him which drug he was taking. I just bought some more silver. Another entertaining interview Greg!

    • Galaxy 500

      Sounds like that guy needs a drug test

  16. Ed

    Be assured that Russia will nuke the USA on a first strike.
    Russia covers 13 time zones and has prepared its population with civil defense i.e. underground nuclear protection. The USA nuclear retaliation would be far less effective.
    If there was a nuclear war, the USA would fare worse than Russia.
    Remember, Russia is not the only country with nuclear weaponry. They too have allies with nuclear capabilities which could also join in.
    The USA is not a loved nation internationally/globally.
    Very possible the USA would lose 1/3 of the population of the major cities in one night/day and another 1/6 in 30 days from the fallout.
    The USA will continue to waste its resources in foreign wars.

    • Galaxy 500

      Hate to clue you but if we drop 1/3 of our nukes on Russia, you won’t see the sun for a year or two.

      • Rodster

        G5, if we drop 1/3 of our nukes on Russia, I don’t think ANYONE will be seeing the sun for centuries.

        • Galaxy 500

          would it really matter? The world as we know it would be over. And the bozos that bet on solar power will be the first to freeze to death

    • allen ols


      dont forget the neuk sub fleet in the black sea, with a neuk missle flight in just under 4 minutes or less, and our bases in turky, b52, stealth bomber fast mover, add to that our missle defense system in yug. poland, turkey, checks rep. and more.

  17. Daniel Garcia

    Ive been listening to Jim Willie for years, and I have to say he is getting a little stale. He has a large following that love his conspiracy theories…though he embellishes them to a point that they sound too surreal. His sole source is “the voice” who apparently has all this inside info that he channels through the Jim Willie. I don’t buy it. I remember his Morgan Stanley collapse call, and in his article, he claims his source was a newsletter subscriber whose father told him about this event, and when Jim asked him for further details, the source went quiet, and so Jim thought that warranted a panic call to the public about this event. It all sounded thin to me, and it turned out to be so, for it never occurred. Actually, many of his predictions have yet to pan out, they are “in process” and he claims will be proven correct within the year or so. Well, I have YET to hear him own up to his morgan stanley call, which has lowered my opinion of him greatly.

    • allen ols

      daniel g.

      did u go to the and view his 20 forecasts that did happen? al ols

  18. Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

    I like JW – he tells it like it is.

    He is so right – the US is truly desperate now, with no real options left. The only thing they can do now is blunder around the world indulging in ridiculous military and terrorist activity. I agree totally with his comment late in the interview – ‘ the principle foundation of the dollar now is the military’. What a very sad and dangerous situation.

    The only thing I disagree with JW on is the nuclear risk. I say don’t worry about Russia or China making the first strike. Why on earth would they – they have already won this fight. They have won it financially. They hold all the trump cards now. They could crash the US$ whenever they like. They are being very patient and just handing out lots of rope for the US to hang itself with. Worry about Obama and Kerry. Get rid of these blundering lunatics before they start WW3.

    On JW’s gold estimates it would be no surprise to me to find out that Russia and China had close to 40,000 tons between them in the near future. This would be less than 25% of the worlds total based on the estimated 170,000 tons in 2011. They have been quietly collecting it up at bargain prices. This has been made easy for them as all the available forces in much of the western world have been manipulating the price down in every possible way in order to ‘protect’ the $. Imagine what 40,000 tons will be worth when the price hits $5000 per ounce [correct me if i’m wrong but I think the figure is about $7 trillion]. Gold may go a lot higher than that too, judging by the ludicrous amount of paper gold that has been sold. The guys that hold the gold bullion are laughing at how stupid we are right now. That is because we are stupid.

    Greg – you well know by now that I constantly bang on in my posts about getting rid of the Fed and disenfranchising the banking cartels. I must be a bit slow because it finally occurred to me today, listening to JW, that this transition is already well underway. From what I can understand China and Russia are two of only a very few countries that don’t belong to this evil web of central banks. They hold the trump cards and are going to completely dismember the whole sorry mess for us. Our job in the western world will be to pick up the pieces as best we can and just try to survive as a group of 3rd world countries.
    Maybe we should be thinking about some new financial models to bring in after the reset sooner rather than later. Most of the old ones sure as hell haven’t worked.

  19. Joey Romanus

    LOL !!! @ 22:34 – 22:40

    Greg, thanks for your work and your guests. Every article / interview you give is very insightful. Stay strong and be safe.

  20. Liquid Motion

    Always see tremendous value in the good Dr’s contributions.
    He has an acute mind and a penchant for micro analysis.
    I cannot argue with his articulate deliberations.

    During the course of the interview a mention was made about “Provocation”. I suspect full well that is indeed the motive behind instigating the Ukranian uprising. Ultimately, in a macro sense, and JW touched on this a number of times, its the fact that Russia is vastly rich in natural resources. This in itself brings about a threat to the NWO paradigm.
    It has and will continue to prove to be of significant importance to the Eco-Fascist Oligarchical Families & The International Banksters who are desirous of the Monopoly Control of the Earth’s Assets (Food, Water and Raw Materials).
    Make no mistake, there is a desire to bring about severe economic turmoil to achieve this end. The pieces are coming together nicely. Attainment of the Goal is but an ……trade war, USD settlement aversion, UST dumping event …….away.
    The people of Russia have an abundance of natural resources and high christian values. To bring about the disintegration of the financial system brings with it the reversion of control of food and raw materials into the hands of the elite cartels. It contemporaneously destroys a significant remaining fabric of true religious (Christian) beliefs because of the widespread suffering through famine, disease and death that will be endured.
    Russia and China are standing in the way of the desires of the self elected wannabe rulers of the world.

    What we are witnessing is the formation of a very well planned Synthesis.
    Whoever controls the Food,Water and the Materials ….Controls Man. !!!

    What one should be able to decipher (separate the Wheat from the Chaff) through JW’s enlightenment, is the very existence of the desires of Oligarch’s who control Corporations like GAZPROM. A new world is finding its Genesis in the Corporate takeover in the Rule of Nations. Not unlike Royal Dutch Shell, Halliburton or RTZ, JP Morgan or Goldman Sachs …and Monsanto. Here we pull back the curtain to expose the people behind the scenes who are pulling the strings. This is where it all starts and finishes.

  21. Harry, Not Larry, Not Gerry

    Greg – maybe the absolute best interview you have had EVER! Excellent info to digest here. I believe Jim Willie is correct. Unfortunately, our great country, The United States, is the powerhouse of the New World Order. I never thought this would happen, but it is happening before our eyes.

    This situation is Ukraine is a powder keg. It will be interesting to watch and see what happens. Could you imagine if Russia was intervening militarily in Mexico or Canada, and how Americans would feel about it? The people running our country are madmen!

  22. henry

    Hoping you’d asked Jim for his estimate of above ground
    gold; he does not agree with Wiki’s figure of 5.6 billion troy ounces
    or 174,100 tonnes. Possibly he could shed some light
    on Karen Hudes’ statement and all matter of
    other high strangeness: Tomoyuki Yamashita’s alleged plunder,
    Lord Blackheath’s revelations, not to mention Keenan’s campaign.

    • Galaxy 500

      Greg, I’d love for you to ask JW about Karen HUDES gold. It will let me know whether to move him into the same category as Karen.

      • Galaxy 500

        Gold was money and I don’t beleive that the money grubbing bankers are that far off on the world supply.

      • allen ols


        what is stopping u from e mailing JW yourself, and confronting him your self.


        • Galaxy 500

          you should know by now that I don’t put a lot of stock in secertly sources or invisible friends. The post office scans the front and back of all mail. The NSA and European spy agencies are collecting all emails and cellphone traffic. My take on it is that if there was some all powerful cabal and someone was outing them, they’d have an accident.
          And did you watch KH make herself look like a macaroon? I think it educated a lot of people.

  23. William Betts

    Dr. J.W. made the point that China and Russia have between them 40,000 tons of gold. The US at Ft Knox, West Point and Denver have nothing in the vaults. It doesn’t take a very smart person to figure out what is going to happen here. Thank you for having Dr. JW on the news…. Betts

  24. art barnes

    Greg, I said it before, the U.S. used the Olympics for the Ukraine overthrow knowing Putin couldn’t do anything during it; its enraged him and this is payback pure & simple. Putin isn’t going to use nuclear weapons when it already has part of the Ukraine without firing a shot, its just a matter of time and it will get the rest using its gas reserves as a weapon of sorts over the Europeans. However, the MSM has already started bashing Russia as the evil empire once again which could lead us into a shooting proxy war of some sorts or worst; just watch the comments on MSM about the Russian Bear, if it ramps up then you can bet a war is being planned and a trial balloon is being sent out for main street’s chatter & opinion about a future conflict. Nice interview as usual.

    • Greg Hunter


      We pulled a fast one and now Putin is pulling out all the stops in Ukraine. This could be another trigger point to global war. Thank you for weighing in here!!


      • mark

        If I am not mistaken, seems to me, according to Jim’s observation, we are already at war. The opening salvo in this round of conflict if you will, was the attack on Gazprom bank in the way of the Cyprus banking crisis. Next up was the attack on Syria, which is still raging, and thirdly was the attack on Ukraine. It is about the Natural Gas Coop and Gazprom’s supply of natural gas to western Europe which threatens the petro dollar.

  25. John Allen

    Jim always tells it like it is and for that his web site is under attack. This morning when I tried to sign on Norton software claimed it is a malicious site. You know the boyz are getting desperate when they revert to these tactics andit will only add credibility to what Jim is saying. As the saying goes, desperate people do desperate things as they know their time grows short.
    Greg, I am sure all the people who read this site would agree, you are doing the public a great service with your web site. Oh yea, a great big thank you to CNN for providing you the reason to start the Web Site.

  26. al hall

    Greg: Jim always makes it exciting- although scary for people not aware of the world (new World Order) plans. Keep you your good work. Your interviews are great!!

    Nice to hear the real truth from people not tied or join to the hip of government.


  27. Daryl

    As always Greg great interview. What does Dr. Willie say about about Karen Hudes’ claim that there is 170,000 tones of gold hidden?

  28. lastmanstanding

    How does one run a household/business with even a remote chance that the US$ is on a month to month basis as far as value?

    I guess we are going to find out.

    Greg, still business as usual here as well. a few people waking up and taking advantage of tangible items. Gold selling well at the local coin shop. The reason for that in my own mind is that people are still thinking globally. That king $ is it. Gas is up over .20 cents in the last few weeks. Businesses continue to close. Big lines at McD’s, kfc, taco bell, etc. Owners of local businesses that produce a necessary product doing pretty well. Lots of sales on items to lure folks (with no money) in. The only good thing at this point about credit, is that stores can continue to do biz and keep our local work force intact. For how much longer.

    Local downtown association hires a “Outside consultant” to assess and fix the vacancies in the community. Their answer…you need to advertise all of the wonderful high end eateries (15-20) to far off communities and this will bring people to town in droves. wtf. Probably only cst $5-10k for that genius advice. About half those “eateries” are on borrowed time. IMO, just Globalism on a local scale. Reaching out/farther than sucking it up, recognizing the problem and circling the wagons.

    Last night I was looking back at the John Williams comments. I’d like to address the comments to the link that Mohammad posted and will sum it up quickly as I have a ton of respect for each and everyone of you that posts here.

    I grew up conservative repub. I am and have always been “old school” conservative, a capitalist, a producer, friend/confidant of the earth and family/community minded. I no longer support any party. I voted for those pos shrubs and look what they have said, done and destroyed. I realize that you can’t believe everything on the web, however once you read enough info (by some damn good folks who have way better things to do than spend months/years sifting through shit to write an article or book to make a few bucks) you can blaze a trail for your survival. By not paying attention to this info in a “what if” scenario, one is a bit foolish. Keeping an open mind is key. Everyone is different, everyone has different ideas and everyone finds different things important and feel it necessary to share what they have found.

    More power to them and more for me to chew on. Ultimately we will all make a decision based on what we have seen and it WILL affect the outcome of our lives.

    My best to all of you…have faith in the lord for he is good…and…

    “don’t go down without one helluva fight”

    • Jerry

      Its plain to see for all those who look. The collapse is all but assured, the only question is the timing. When I see the dollar index hovering below .800 the last two weeks, its like the Old Johnny Cash song- ” I hear the train acommin” ……..

  29. dave

    attached is a 14 minute audio with John Perkins author of Confessions of an Economic Hitman. If, after viewing this tape, you don’t book him on your program I will be surprised. thanks, dave

    • Greg Hunter

      He’s on the list. Thank you!!

  30. Brewmaster

    Jim Willie tends to go overboard in order to sell subscriptions for his newsletter.

  31. WD Deni

    Rodster-Thank you for this post…. PCR may have written the best most consie article on the true direction of this economy. I have chills after reading what he said especially;” If you are not among the One Percent, you have no future in America.” I have been trying to rationalize this economy but no longer can…it is over.

    I am considering leaving US in the fall, for a stable SA country. I am an over educated Amrican, struggling to pay back debt, make a living and be psoitive. All has been done to better myself. But when I leave, I will do anything, sweep streets, make coffee, paint houses etc.

    I am sick of this “American way” of life we embrace now. I see why reset has to happen and why it will happen. I have no desire to even wake up an go out there anymore.

    I believe Putin KNOWS all that is going on and has Plans A-B-C-D-E-F and G. He is ready. Very ready. He can easily sink us economically. I believe he smells blood in the water and will lower the boom.(No I dont know how he will do it). Even the UK has told the US that wont help us on this issue. He despises this country and will do what it takes to make sure it happens.

    Thanks again for that post!!

    • Charles H.

      WD Deni,

      I would have you reconsider your idea of moving and living in a South American country – because I live in Mexico. I am 60 years old and have been in Mexico since 1997. I achieved dual-citizenship in 2006, and have built my own home. The experience of NOT having money, or at least the kind to buy a complete home or rent carefree – has equipped me with mountains of experience. Right now I have a problem – a solar water-heater, which I bought from people I knew, or have been friendly with: but it turns-out they sold me a wrong model-type. I spent hours putting together the supporting stand and finally figured-out that there is no respiration port which it needs for my hook-up. It will be pulling teeth to return it and get reimbursed. I kind of expect to have to eat the $700+ dollars invested and then go buy another one that is right. This is just the tip of the iceberg living outside the USA. The incompetence here is unbelievable. Rip you off; sell you the wrong thing; do a job wrong and charge you for it. You have to be a relative of Job to live here (or have grown up and known nothing else but this to sustain it.). Also there is a big barrier with language; sanitation and health issues; then the cultural differences are formidable – because there’s a mentality at work that most foreigners finally find intolerable.

      I can sympathize your disgust with the changes America has undergone: but if you don’t have deep pockets to spend on: you are taking a big chance. Most Gringo’s don’t last here; even the ones with money. You have to be a real explorer; a real special kind of person to make the change to a Spanish-speaking, Catholic dominated country.

      • Liquid Motion

        When one is born and raised in a world where everything is taken for granted….it is very hard to adapt to other lifstyles like the one you so describe. We are (as westerners) creatures of comfort. We enjoy the instant gratification, ease of access, food on demand. When faced with a harsh reality of living off the grid …to one day finding that the grid has gone down…..presents many thought provoking issues. None more so than survival. The question then becomes who is likely to be more affected in that scenario. A nation of hopelessness and chaos vs those nations that are adequately self sufficient and not entirely/totally reliant on many of the “man-made” trappings we all take for granted.
        What’s required is an adjustment to one’s collective vision of life. Expectations and minimal standards are the given considerations. Running away doesn’t solve problems and in some cases creates new ones. When faced with a dictatorial fascist reality which does nothing further to enrich ones life, where living standards are dramatically falling yearly, one can hardly be blamed for seriously considering a more satisfying life in another country where they are not subjected to immoral and corrupt standards of the governing people.
        To say that the blogosphere has many articles on the damage being done to the USA is a complete understatement. If you are illiterate you would surely be feeling the pain. If you have two eyes and a functioning brain it has become all too obvious. The USA has seen its best days. They are long gone. Yes we do take many things for granted, but the government should never assume they are included in our agenda. When they are hell bent on impoverishing and imprisoning the masses for the balance of their god given lives, then we all perhaps need to re-think our place in the nation. When the citizens wake up …it will be too late. The damage will have been done. No uprising will remove the beast that has been created. It will continue to devour all in its path.
        A nation of indebted slaves …save but the 1%.

        • Jerry

          I thought about leaving the country and going to South American, and then reality hit me. Running is not in my blood. I love this country to much to leave it.

        • Charles H.


          Debt itself may one day be understood as THE mechanism for enslavement. “I owe my soul to the company store.” (‘Tennessee’ Ernie Ford song) And the transference of wealth is really a subtile transference of debt.

      • WD Deni

        Charles, Yes I know. Thank you. I have researced this for overy three years nearly two hours per day. I have it down to two countries. Not Mexico, but other ones. I do speak intermediate Spanish and yes am Catholic. But man I am tired of this.

        Constantly watching every little thing we all do, and there is more, but thank you for that note….

        • Charles H.

          WD Deni, You are totally welcome. And like Dr. Jim Willie – there is the alternative reality available. I am working a few books to publish – as I need the income: but in putting forth the realities as they ‘are’ – those in Mexican government will be quite boiling mad. Never-mind the perceptions are valid and accurate: ANYTHING unfavorable will be taken as personal and professional treason. Also, the character of the Catholic Church in Third-world countries is radically stronger and different Chick Publications has made some very good ground there. Father Chiniqeuy?sp?) And the culture is Matriarchal.: etc, etc… My best advise is to spend ACTUAL time living abroad: do a walk-about – and on a budget not much more than the middle or lower-middle class spends. Money is a great insulator: it will pamper you with favor and comfort. It is when you get a phone call from a supposed (or actual) narco-criminal who wants to extort money from you – is when reality crashes -down pretty hard. I’m not saying it can’t be done: it can. My wife handed me a printed article about Americans who renounced citizenship to free themselves from taxes – cutting all ties behind: but it is traumatic. I do wish you well. But most people do the Dorothy Gale – “there’s no place like home” in the end.

    • Rodster

      You are welcome but let me caution on one thing. When the meltdown begins it won’t be safe anywhere in the world, consider that. All the economies are tied together so when the proverbial SHTF you will likely see the world turn into Ukraine and pray that Karen Hudes “we will be thrown back into the Dark Age” doesn’t happen.

      PCR sounds even more dire as he witnessed individuals who wanted a war with Russia back in the 80’s. If PCR is correct the Dark Ages will be the least of our worries as their won’t be any forms of life if the world decides to go nuclear.

  32. Galaxy 500

    Here’s a little propaganda being put out saying Blackwater Mercs are running in formation in certain areas of Ukraine. Which is utterly ridiculous in addition to the crowd shouting “Blackwater”. How would the crowd know and who really thinks mercs are going to run in formation thru the streets? ns_mail_uid=80777463&ns_mail_job=1559372_03102014&promo_code=16B94-1
    “On the face of it, the uniforms of the people in the videos are consistent with U.S. mercs – they don’t look like Russian soldiers mercs,” he said. “On the other hand, why run around in public making a show of it?”

  33. Ed

    If an N war, be assured Russia will strike the USA first and it will be on a grand scale on the major cities.
    No chance for the USA to take out all of Russia, yet Russia can take out most of the USA.
    Yes, USA will strike back yet Russia covers 13 time zones, the USA 4.
    Russia has prepared its population with civil defense and underground protections.
    Additionally, Russia’s allies have nuclear also.
    A nuclear event does not bode well for the USA and certainly not in anyone’s best interest.

  34. JC Davis

    Greg every time I here Dr. Willie speak. He scares the daylights out of me with his knowledge. The voice should stop being mentioned. With the power of NSA knowledge like the voice will be found out. Call him my thoughts said. Or the oz. If it is found secrets are being released they will stop. On a second point. We signed the same agreement Russia signed to help Ukraine to keep a stable government. Why are we not better off supporting the elected government of Ukraine along side of Russia. Then request a emergency election.?

  35. smaulgld

    I gave it another listen- Jim covers a lot of ground! I disagree that Germany would fall in to the arms of Russia. For starters Germany historically has a visceral dislike for Russia. Nazi Germany considered Russia its prime mortal enemy. Secondly, Germany rules the EU/NATO roost. Why would they ditch that AND the US for Russia? If Germany is dissatisfied with the west, it can call the shots in Europe but not the US (good luck getting their gold back from the US!). Germany would not be in a position to dominate Russia if it ditched its western ties.

  36. brian

    Greg, given what is going on here in the world I have only one thing to say, and that is that this has got to stop, there are probably only a few thousand people who are literally liquidating the future of the entire human race and for what! This must stop.

  37. Covington

    Germany breaking away? This is biblical prophesy. Its going to happen. I don’t know if JW is a christian but he is certainly on to something.

    Ukrain is the catylyst to the prophetic rise of the beast with Germany at the head.

    Buckle up.

    • Galaxy 500

      Really, I missed that point about the Ukraine in Sunday School

  38. Snooze

    If Saudi runs out of oil by 2030, the Petro Dollar is effectively dead. The pipelines from Qatat to Europe could assist in the creation of a LPG Dollar. In the grand scheme, if Russia is weaken, Gasprom is taken is out, and the LPG Dollar allows Wall Street to function for some time. On the flip side, if Saudi stops producing, the Dollar is dead, Wall Street and the City of London is reduced to Chinese branch office(s).

    There is problem with the Europeans conducting gold swaps for gas with the Russians, they are afraid of leaving NATO. The Europeans are afraid, they are willing to have their gas supplies cut off, in order to maintain an American presence within region. Germany is stuck in an abusive relationship with the Washington, as their gold has been confiscated, Merkel’s phone has been tapped, and the German regulators will whitewash banker impropriety. Everything should be seen within the context of NATO.

    I enjoy Jim Willies perspective on things, but you should get Sibel Edmonds on, as she has made allegations of NATO narco trafficking, and how European politics always centres around NATO.

  39. Dwain

    The new Western foreign policy.

    The Fed prints worthless toilet paper money encouraging banister scavengers and wall street locusts to scour the earth, strategically pumping and dumping foreign markets since domestic ones no longer nourish. Once dumps are initiated, regional chaos ensues. Western powers exploit the consequences politically, militarily and economically as propaganda whores provide cover and redirect blame.

  40. Jim

    What can you tell me about , “The Voice.”

    • Galaxy 500

      Its not a very good tv show.

    • allen ols


      he is a private, highly placed contact, and will not be revealed by the jackass, see edward snowden, julian assage for whistleblowing. 🙂
      al ols

  41. Jimmy

    If anything, the US, UK, Germany, Russia, and China are all working together behind the scenes. Why would any of these want to start a hot war? If making money is the goal, war would certainly prevent that. However, I don’t doubt that these countries are working on a new global economic exchange though. Also, It appears that the global trade pie is in the process of being redistributed but in an almost comical/clumsily manner. On that note, how does a country like Ukraine get invaded without a shot being fired? The whole thing looks like a staged scene in a B rated movie. It’s still in Russia’s best interest to keep the good times rolling. I doubt that Putin will unplug the jukebox any time soon. I’m guessing he was given Crimea by the G7 to satisfy Russia’s immediate needs in the new global trade arena. Starting a war for a 25% stake in European natty gas doesn’t make good business sense.

  42. Ken

    Hello folks, welcome to reality. The veil has been lifted and even the most ardent flag waving Americans can see the writing on the wall. Everything you thought to be the truth about America has been hijacked by the greedy corrupt factions of our humanity. These factions called “The Globalist’s” have partitioned the planet and are in a frantic bid to force through their wet dream. It aint going to happen!
    Greg has done a great job of following the money as in all extravagant heists money is the final arbiter, motivator and control mechanism known to man.
    The world trusted America after WWII to hold their gold and the 44 allied industrialized countries bought into the July 1944 Bretton Woods Agreement that created the money system. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) which is part of the World Bank Group and are the organizations robbing the planet today.
    On August 15th of 1971 Nixon gave his famous speech (The Nixon Shock) which in essence was a default when he took the world off the gold standard. At that time countries could exchange their dollar fiat currency for their gold that we hel. After our default and by proxy of the Bretton Woods Agreement, the US dollar became the world reserve currency. The US then signed an agreement with Saudi Arabia who then convinced the OPEC nations to only trade their oil for US dollars sealing the future of the dollar as the World Currency. All countries had to horde dollars to buy oil. Everyone’s voracious appetite for oil and the US military backing of this Faustian pact is the reason we stand at the precipice of WWIII. The world has woken up and is giving us the big middle finger.
    Germany is asking for their gold back and the entire world can see that we have stolen it.
    Saddam Hussein started trading his oil for Euros and Moammar Kadafi started trading his oil for gold and we know where that got them, and guess what, their gold is missing. London has Egypt’s gold after the coup and the requirements for Egypt to reclaim it is impossible. In the Ukraine how much do you want to bet that their gold is no longer there? The US and EU has robbed Russia in Cyprus and Putin will not allow this to happen again.
    Greg, I notice you steer clear of all the other monopolies being controlled by the Globalists, like GM Monsanto products, pharmaceuticals, heroin-cocaine drug trade, chemtrails, vaccines and I think for good reason. Your clear message of following the money and its corruption would be lost and you could easily be minimized. Once we take back control of the money used to regulate our planet many of these things can be addressed.
    Anyone who thinks the US conquers other countries to spread democracy is an idiot. It’s about resources, oil, pipelines, gold, palladium, etc.. There is no more latitude for ignorance as we better wake up because in the grand scheme of things when the world turns on the US we will all suffer equally.

    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

      Very well said!

    • andrew

      I don’t buy the classical west vs. east struggle unfolding in current events. There’s a bigger game afoot, and it has to do with a currency re-set. All the world powers and their central banks are working together on the next paradigm they will foist on the world. Putin’s financial supporters have most of their money in the western banking systems, and won’t allow him to crash the system, and thus lose their money. Russia has energy reserves, but its currency is weak and industry is shoddy. The idea that Russia and China can’t wait to pull the plug on the dollar is a ruse. They are all sitting at the same table and have their own serious problems. As rulers, they don’t want this social destruction and to be out of a cushy job. The crash will spread throughout the whole financial system, all non-gold wealth will deflate, and we will start over with an IMF based currency (with reduced debt and asset values). I don’t want this to happen, as I want the US to receive its just desserts and erase this fascist empire, but I am starting to think many of us in the ‘alternative’ financial community are being had. That being said, PM’s are still the most solid, safe store of wealth in coming years.

      • Charles H.

        You’ve got something there, Andrew – there’s a bigger picture, for sure. But within the various groups – leaders come from different backgrounds: some military, some social elite. There is the tendency for guarding a cushy job. I suspect there is a real play in the different animals out there: bears, wolves, hyenas, foxes, etc… Politicians juggle sentiment, economy, and national sovereignty (bears and wolves); but the Bankers (hyenas) run in their own packs, and I suspect an uneasy relationship between those two. Big Business and Wall St. ( foxes) ravage the weak and peripheral. I think Diminishing Returns will be the final straw for some trigger event – it just won’t be worth going-on in the way things now are.

  43. Miro Markovic

    Greg, I carefully listen your guest this time like I did in the past. It is hard to hear what Dr. Willie have to tell to all of us who don’t accept the daily tailored news of our MSN. Personally, I am scared to my wits because I can feel that I stand to loose everything that I have saved all my life long, not because of my own fault but because of the greed of our bankers, who are doing everything they want but appear to be above the law of our land. I feel like a sitting duck in an open duck-shooting season. I would not be surprised if my savings will be confiscated (or portion of them) from my legal accounts like they did recently on the Greek island. At any rate, I thank you for the excellent interview with Dr. Willie.

  44. Dwain

    When all else fails they take you to war. But I don’t think Russia is stupid enough to launch nukes since we would retaliate. Before collapse, I wouldn’t put it past US sociopaths to covertly set off a nuke or two on American soil, then act as if they don’t know who did it. This strategy plays right into their hands. It redirects blame for dollar implosion and allows the perdition bound to recognize dreams of absolute power, commanding and controlling from hardened bug out resorts.

    • Charles H.

      Just like a jet-liner can disappear off the face of the earth without an explanation? It’s a cinch that I received something of the fallout of the Atomic Tests of the 50’s and 60’s; and probable I got some of Fukashima too. But I would like to think such a scenario will not occur. DON’T LIKE (SPF 2 Million) SUNSCREEN. (“I don’t want to be a pie! DON’T LIKE GRAVY.” Babs, Chicken Run)

  45. Albert Tesla

    Why i say no to things like gold, silver, guns, etc.

    Lets say worst case scenario hell freezes over nuke/ww3/what ever you want to call it.

    Things like gold,silver,and guns, would now be at the top of the food chain and obviously most desired by the masses.

    Now, here is why i think gold,guns, and silver and all things of those nature are somewhat irrelevant.

    In the environment of “chaos”, a single individual is a very small fish. Even if a person is armed to the teeth in a well secured home, its no match for a handful of people with handguns and melee weapons…

    Guns,gold, and silver, make you a TARGET! You think your going to stand a chance against packs of armed violent civilians who outnumber you 10:1?

    Live by the sword, die by the sword. You got a gun? Expect someone to want your ammo.
    You got gold? Expect someone to want that gold in your pocket.

    I personally think guns ammo and precious metals is the route a non-creative person takes in dealing with future issues.

    • Ugly

      I would rather have those things and perish and have tried, than not have those things and perish through not trying. People with nothing will be in crowds. I want to stay away from crowds. Trying to be prepared for a 1 year or 2 year period is not the same as hoarding. Just 60 years ago, stocking up for a ‘rainy’ day was considered wise. Today, we treat it as paranoia and hoarding. That is why I garden. I don’t like the thought of always having someone provide me the food. I’d rather spend some of the ‘work time’ and try to produce some of my own. Ultimately, it is the Lord that has control. But he did give us a brain to use. Good luck….

    • Galaxy 500

      So do you suggest we go willingly into the light without struggle?

  46. Troy

    Great interview!!! Thank You Greg

  47. Isabel Gibbs

    If wikipedia is to be believed, Alan Greenspan does have an earned PhD in economics from NYU. The quality of his PhD dissertation is questionable, but it is an earned PhD. He also has several honorary doctorates.

  48. pessimist

    I began following Dr. Willie after first listening to him here interviewed by the Watchdog about a year ago and have followed the jackass ever since. Both Dr. Willie and Dr. PC Roberts IMO appear to have the best understanding of geopolitics as it pertains to global economic and financial issues.

    Someone mentioned that both doctors tend to look at the trees rather than the forest and to some degree I think that is an accurate assessment. While both doctors do consider the geopolitics of energy, neither have yet seemed to understand or explain the fundamental laws of thermodynamics and/or the limits of growth imposed by those basic laws. Simply put, life on this planet is governed by a balance of energy, not capitalism or free-markets, as many here believe are the solution. The Industrial Revolution was possible only because science and technology discovered a vast store of solar energy, in the form of fossil fuels – first coal, then liquid and gas hydrocarbons. The resulting standard of living and what we now take for granted as modern industrial civilization are the products of science and technology fueled by millions of years of solar energy locked up in those fossilized remains of life, life made possible only by the endless incoming sunlight. For those of you who have heard about or know about Peak Oil, it is here and manifesting the consequences of the human species exceeding the carrying capacity of the planet’s natural resources.

    Peak Oil is the forest. I think that Chris Martenson does a fairly good job of explaining the forest and he recently interviewed Dr. Heinberg, another who does an excellent job of explaining the true state of the human species on this planet.

    A few commenters were right on when they stated that the most important thing is to begin preparing for a SHTF event. Stocking up a few months of food and building community with like-minded people should be the priority for those just waking up to the world we face in the near future. A few months of food will help until things settle down after a major SHTF event but people also need to prepare to be self-sufficient, with growing their own food, harvesting their own clean water supply, building or maintaining their own shelter, providing their own security and transportation. Dmitry Orlov does a good job of what will to expect after a SHTF event. Precious metals won’t mean much in 10 or 20 years and those who are hording silver and gold should do so only for the short term to buy what really matters in the long term – land, tools, and material resources that will be hard to come by in the future.

    I say forget about all the conspiracies of new world order elites and what they are up to and focus on building community, resilience, and changing your lifestyle to fit a post peak oil world future. Study and apply permaculture design techniques into your standard of living. Persevere in being the local Kook of Doom and tell everyone and anyone who will listen to prepare for the shock and awe of change.

  49. Michael

    Obsession brings with it Tunnel Vision. So sad.

  50. Deanna Johnston Clark

    Only miracles can save the world now…we all need to pray and share.
    Experts go from huge figures and big words to the beans and rice advice…not much in between!
    I’ve lived a frugal, contented life…but my children always want more and more. So I’ve had to get rid of the plastic and other cautious things! How can you convince your grown children that it ain’t the 90s anymore? I know many boomers have this problem. I paid off smart phone bills charged to my card…on and on.
    They think I’m a “spiritual” geezer who doesn’t “get it.” Call the jackass! Dave Ramsey doesn’t have good advice for people like me.

  51. Joey Romanus

    I didn’t know the CIA-Langley goons were operating out of Serbia. That is news to me. I thought Serbia, along with Russia, were one of the few remaining fronts of resistance to the CIA-Vampire Banker symbiosis seeking world hegemony. Serbia is supposed to be a very loyal nation to Russia – essentially a kinship. I wonder if Dr. Willie mistakenly said “Serbia”, but meant to say Croatia or Slovenia???

  52. Jerry

    While I normally don’t by into prognostic’s I found this interview particularly interesting. Mainly that Bob Gustin ( who is as near as I can tell is a straight shooter) say’s he has access to information that the U.S. government is planning for an economic downturn (as he puts it) on April 11. 2014. Take a listen and form your own opinion.

    What intrigues me the most, is it may co-inside to what is happening to the dollar on market watch.

  53. Galaxy 500

    Sen. Diane Feinstein ( D-CA) is upset that the CIA spied on her. Why was she not upset about the NSA spying on the rest of us

    • Greg Hunter

      Why is it OK for the CIA and NSA to spy on us? Now she knows how it feels!!

  54. Stephen

    Time to make history.

    http //

    If we build a “Common Law” Grand Jury, the people will come.

    http //


    Florida looks like it will be second in the nation to be fully constituted.

    All of the original 13 colonies will be fully constituted.

    Then on to the rest of the 3142 counties nationwide.

    Connecticut is scheduled for next Saturday 3/15 at 10am in Hartford.
    Rhode Island is scheduled for next Saturday 3/15 at 2pm in East Providence

    Join us!


    PS) Greg, please do an interview with the founder sometime.
    It’s an important story.

    Here is an interview he did.

  55. m

    During war, there are shortages of everything. STOCK UP on food, drink, meds, organic seeds and supplies when they’re on sale and, if you can, DO IT NOW.

    Fill up with heating oil or propane or whatever heats your home, if you can. Or get a wood cook stove.

    The time my father feared may be upon us.

  56. Reader

    80 percent in 3 years is jive with what Jim Sinclair forecast — 2014 2015 2016 would be the years of the Elimination of the “Western World Middle Class.”

  57. Reader

    80 percent in 3 years jives with what Jim Sinclair forecast — he said that 2014 2015 2016 would be the years of the Elimination of the “Western worlds Middle Class.”

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