Weekly News Wrap-Up 2.3.12

Alf Fields is Predicting Gold at $4,500 and Silver North of $150 & More: Weekly News Wrap-UpBy Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com 

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said that Israel might attack Iran by spring!  Why he felt he had to put that out there, I’ll never know.  Why the Mainstream Media (MSM) buried this story is another question altogether.  This is huge and has some frightening implications.  What if the Iranians feel they want to beat Israel to the punch and attack first?  What if the Israelis have no intention of attacking Iran?  What if Israel now feels the element of surprise is gone after spring and it moves up their time table?  I do not see how this announcement helps calm down the situation in the Persian Gulf.  Not that an attack by Israel is out of the question.

Ehud Barak, the Israeli Defense Minister, was in Davos this past week gaging support for a strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities and says the West is basically running out of time.  In other news, the MSM made a big deal out of Donald Trump endorsing Mitt Romney.  Who cares?  The MSM ignored the new Gallup poll that says Congressman Paul has about the same chance to beat Obama in the fall as Romney!  There was not a peep about that from the corporate controlled media.

Attorney General Eric Holder is in the hot seat, once again, in Congress over the “Fast and Furious” gun deal where our own border agents were shot at and killed with guns the Federal government supplied to Mexican drug cartels.  Fair enough.  What about asking Mr. Holder why his Justice Department hasn’t investigated massive fraud in the housing industry that caused the financial meltdown in 2008.  We are talking trillions of dollars in fraud that is alleged in numerous court cases across the country.  We had fraudulent liar loans.  Wall Street packaged the liar loans into mortgage securities that turned “toxic.”  And we, also, had massive foreclosure fraud the MSM called “Robo-Signing” when it should have been called forgery!!  Why no questions from either party about that???

Finally, a top gold expert now says silver is heading up in the next couple of years right along with gold.   Alf Fields is predicting gold at $4,500 and silver north of $150.    All these stories and a lot more from Greg Hunter of USAWatchdog.com in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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  1. Denarius

    Weekly News Wrap-Up 2.3.12

    Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said that Israel might attack Iran by
    spring! Why? Because now an attack by Israel is out of the question.
    The element of surprise is gone.

    Consider that in all bureaucracies there are factions with agendas.
    One of the longest running conflicts has been between the State
    Department and the War Department. State is busy looking for any
    way to keep M.E. turmoil going while War objects to getting orders
    for fighting no-win battles. Just regard Panetta’s statement as a
    slap to Hillary’s face. This will get “interesting” as in a Chinese curse.

    As far as the MSM goes, why do you even bother mentioning it?
    It became as irrelevant as politics has and the USD soon will be.
    Stick with what IS relevant: God, Gold, Guns, and a Getaway plan.

    • Blt

      Amen. It has come to the point that even mentioning what was on tv is making my skin crawl. The “debates” make me want to vomit for lack of substance and the posturing of agenda ridden weasles that think this is all just a game. Blame who u want, vote for who u want, but I do believe they all stood idly by while we were sold down the river. Our beloved united states is 16 trillion dollars in the whole. There is no debt ceiling, just the will of the people. We are the debt ceiling and ive had enough. Thnx greg.

  2. Sam

    Dear Greg,


    Too late for your analysis is that allegedly 243,000 jobs came into being in January (although what sort they’re not saying). Unemployment down to 8.3% Hooray! Yippee! Although on Drudge Report, right under the “good” news, is says, “1.2 MILLION fallen off unemployment rolls.” In other words, unemployment “benefits” have run out for 1.2 million people. People who now have to fight desperately every day for their crust. More people who will be homeless. More people who will be cynically counted as “employed” by this lying administration. More people to be glossed over by the lame stream media, and rendered “invisible.”

    “If you seek my monument, look around.”

    • Greg

      Right on man. Hey let’s get the Unemployment number down to 5% and stop counting 15 million of the unemployed. That will make everyone (with a job) feel good!! Thank you for the comment and analysis.

    • jay

      Great info Sam.
      I hope you dont mind if i re post this on my facebook wall.

  3. Art Barnes

    Greg, Iran’s leader said this today “The Zionist regime is really the cancerous tumor of this region and it needs to be removed and will be removed,” (Khamenei said to a cheering crowd)-(reported by CNN). I don’t know when you went wrote your wrap-up but last night and each hour all night the MSM lead with the spring air-strike story, so its got played. I wonder what really is up, probably a trial balloon by Israel & Panetta. Something is really up in the region there is no mistake about it. I don’t think any decision has been made on a strike by the U.S. administration but it could be that Israel is pushing the west for action and they have convinced the US that they will strike if the west does not do so soon. Panetta is too good to have dropped that bomb by accident it must have been for a reason but maybe I’m giving him too much credit and his ego got control of his mouth and he let the monkey out by accident. Who knows, but it got played although quite late after the statement. However, now, 12 hours later the MSM buried it again. Don’t bet against Israel that they have forgotten it is an American election year and are smart enough to know how to use it to their advantage. What is also uncertain is why the little guy in the well (Iran and its leaders) continues to make statements like the above, it just fuels the fire. I can’t speculate about all the players and what they are trying to do but it seems certain Iran’s nuclear issue is coming to a head and will be finalized one way or the other this year.

    • Greg

      All the coverage I saw talked about it, but it was not high up in the newscast. I admit I didn’t watchd CNN. It should have been the lead on every channel. Even today’s USA Today did not mention it on the front page. That said this is the biggest of big deals and this will have an effect on everyone. I agree with you when you say ” it seems certain Iran’s nuclear issue is coming to a head and will be finalized one way or the other this year.” I hope people are ready for what is coming. Thank you for the comment and analysis. I think you are spot on.

  4. Cessna Dave

    The MSM continues to lie to all of us. Like today’s unemployment “decrease”… REALLY ! The BLS removed 1.2 million from the calculation (as I understand Zerohedge). We all are aware that fuel & food is not even in the calculation for inflation. Very few among us do not use fuel and no one gets by without food. Citizens we are being herded into something dark.

    Why the leak of Israeli plans? who knows. One would like to presume a positive plan, but not with this administration. We citizens will not benefit.

    As for Holder, I suspect he is tethered with Kevlar puppet strings to Obama. The term & depths of “Fast & Furious” is lost on the majority of the population due to that majority being mostly “Slow & Wimpy”. Just listen to some audio of the OWS Utopia dreamers, MSM (Pravda)

    People , our government is totally contaminated with the socialist virus movement. If you have not already read up on history, look at the last century and how the National Socialists came to power in the 1930’s. IMO, it is as if this current crop of socialists is following the same plan.

    When I research which party has the most wealth in our Congress, it is always the Democrats. Yet, the MSM continues with the class warfare lie.

    The yet to be created and passed “Enabling Act” (Germany, 1930’s) and total erasure of the Constitution will be the last coffin nail in the remnants of what was the Republic.

    At 63 and a full Viet-Nam tour of duty, my gut is churning with all the insanity around us. I see no way out either.

    Sorry to babble. The hazards of age & situational awareness training.

    • Greg

      Cessna Dave,
      Do you think the White House would pressure the BLS to get the Unemployment number down by November? NOOOOOOOOOO WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY. Ha ha ha . You are not babbling! Anybody with a brain should be very worried.


  5. Barry

    Is the MSM lazy or complicit in the reporting of such obviously manipulated unemployment numbers? 1.2 million are removed from the labor participation rate in one month in order to show an 8.3% unemployment rate. It is so frustrating how stupid the majority of Americans are. When this thing finally collapses, it is going to be so much worse.

    • Greg

      I think a little of both. I used to work with these folks.

  6. Stan H

    It all began with the Carter Administration abandoning the pro-American Shah Pahlevi and enabling the radical anti-American Ayatollahs to take over. As time passed, the majority of Iranians became disillusioned with their leadership. They are unhappy with Iran’s isolation, the poor economy and loss of freedom. The stolen presidential election did not help. A common ploy used by failed leaders to distract their populace is to stir up tensions – especially with the United States. Developing nuclear weapons is therefore a desperate effort to hold on to domestic power that seems to be slipping away. Historically, such a policy has typically ended with the failed ruler embroiling their country in a war, losing that war and then falling from power.

    • Frank Brady

      No, Stan, it all began with the CIA overthrowing Iran’s elected government in 1953 and installing the Shah, a murderous dictator who tortured and killed his own people. Get your history in order.

  7. Steve

    The Israel Iran thing right now is just noise. It is what goes on behind closed doors that counts. I still believe USA will strike first, we have to police the world you know.

    I feel sorry for Donald Trump, who cares! Mitt is just another puppet.

    About the gold price, well if it gets that high, the dollar has been trashed by then. I still wonder what a loaf of bread will cost, if we will even have jobs that people will pay for or labor and be able to exchange goods and services.

    The world is buried in debt and is going deeper. I watched a good video from PBS about the Argentine Crisis in 2001- http://www.pbs.org/wnet/wideangle/episodes/the-empty-atm/video-full-episode/670/ Life in Argentine is not easy since then, is the USA headed for the same story???

    I would recommend you get all your money out of the bank, keep only when you need to pay the bills and live on, the rest in gold and silver. NO paper assets, they will be worthless by the time you try to get them.

  8. Disciples of Poker

    Greg- I’m with you on Paneta. What was our governments point on disclosing that nugget?
    Clearly, we are headed for a new Dungstorm in the middle east once Iran gets a nuke.

    But hey, it was a peaceful nuclear movement with a sole purpose on energy.

    Amazing how greater humanity lies more than telling the truth.

    • Greg

      “Dungstorm” is so right on target Poker!! Thank you for the comment.

  9. brian

    The thing that I find troubling is that the “price” of gold does not go up in a vacuum. The forces that drive the value of gold up do a lot more than just that, these forces are often destructive and cause all kinds of chaos. I mean you pretty much point it all out here in the weekly wrap up; along with sky rocketing gold we have global conflict brewing, totally unchecked and stark naked fraud going on right out in plain sight and at the highest (or lowest haha) levels of government, an evaporation of our rights and……and worst of all, an apparant majority of people who don’t give a $h!t, d@mn or fu&k about anything more than how many tons of guac are going to be consumed on superbowl sunday.

    If the price of gold gets ridiculously high (which it kind of already is) that means that there is a lot of coincident mass craziness going on that would likely make the value of gold irrelevant for a very long time to the majority of us poor sots caught in the crush…whatever the crush turns out to be.

  10. Gary

    Regarding Iran – here’s a couple of links you might want to look at. I’ve wondered if “they” are going use the coming war “they” are building up for as more diversion for the collapse that’s coming. Just a thought…

    Iran preparing now for Armageddon
    Select fighters being described as ‘Soldiers of Imam Mahdi’

    Debka: Massive US Military Buildup on Two Strategic Islands: Socotra and Masirah

    • Greg

      I think you may be very close to the truth here with your assertion that this war is a “diversion for the collapse that’s coming.” Gerald Celente of Trends Research said the same think a week or so ago. The math says we are headed for a crash at least in the U.S. dollar.

  11. While Rome Burns...

    Iran is the kingpin in the Pan-Arabic game plan.
    Announcements from the US Sec of Defense are never accidental.
    This type of action offer offensive strategy:
    – media confusion;
    – ‘mind-numbing’ with constant mixed messaging;
    – psy/op stressing of the target mind.

    Of course the Powerz want to attack and plunder,
    but Iran will not be rolled over,
    like other Pan-African interests.

    The partnering of Iran,
    with Russia, China and India,
    was put in force,
    years ago in anticipation.

    An attacker must be careful,
    since this is not a game,
    and the outcome may be,
    your head on a platter.

    Remember the lesson of the “best laid plans of mice and men”.

    – Sun Tzu’s, ‘Art of War’
    – Chinese strategy: ’36 Strategies of War’ at:

  12. M SMITH

    Greg, keeping up & vetting all the different bits of news coming in from around the world is a task the MSM has proved it will not do. Panetta’s remarks fits those of someone trying to stray the public from the facts of the massive build up of ground forces of U.S. troops noth & south of the Straits of Hormuz. It’s not only Naval assets from Nato & the U.S., a major build up of all branchs of the military has been on the move for some time now, but remains off the MSM radar. Then we China & Russia moving Naval assets into the South China Sea where there is a vital choke point, still no coverage by the MSM!

    Here is point made by http://news.coinupdate.com/how-the-little-guy-can-profit-in-manipulated-gold-and-silver-markets-0167/ Date Feb,26,2010. Even the coin market sees through the scheme by the wall street banks & the fed to manipulate the markets.

    Here is another quote from the past,1998. If the euro does fail, gold will become the ‘world oil currency’. We do know this full well, ‘the Central Banks will hoard all gold and buy any offered if this new European currency does not work’ and ‘debt currencies fail’. If this does come, no paper asset of world economic system will survive, nothing! Not a good thought, no?

    Aslo 1998. The last gold war ended in the early 1980’s, as the choice to go to US$ or go to a gold base economy. No other reserve currency existed, and gold lost the war as all continued to buy dollar reserves. Now in 2012 we are in a currency war, how it ends we will see.

    What I took out of the 1st 1998 quote was that “all paper assets would not survive”, now that is a scary thought! Armstrong said the PE’s, Club, would destroy the whole world economic system and do all they could to delay the dollars death! Iran stays in the news for a reason!

    This employment release shows just how sick the USG & MSM really are, they are nuts saying we are in a recovery

    • Greg

      M Smith,
      The U.S. Government and MSM is less nuts and a lot more corrupt. I hate paying taxes to be lied too don’t you? Thank you for the analysis and comment.

      • M SMITH

        Yes, you got me there!!! They know what they do, no? $$$$ Rubbing ebows DC style $$$$$. Good on you Greg!

  13. FutureVoter

    Greg, I’m curious. I’ve grown up around Britney Spears and congressman bathroom scandals all my life. This is the news I’ve come to know and somewhat loathe. However, I’ve heard from others that the news was once more “news” oriented and focused on actual facts, which my cynical side tends to dismiss as a nostalgia effect. Tell me, was the news of decades past more focused and factual than it is now, or is the news of today just a more extreme, openly bias version of whats always been going?

    • Greg

      I’ve been in the business since the late 70’s and yes even then the news was “more news.” The crap you see on TV today in a newscast was relegated to rag magazines like the National Inquire and Star. When I started seeing the mainstream news outlets pay for interviews and quote TMZ, I knew is was the beginning of the end for network and now cable news. The Internet is in the process of slowly making them irrelevant. Thank God (and I really mean that) for the Internet. Here, I say what I think needs to be said and nobody walks in my office and tells me to “tone it down.” If they did I’d tell them to “tone this down.” You can conjure up your own visual. If they do not shut us down the Internet will take over the news space. By the way, if you don’t mind me asking, what is your age? Thank you for your comments and questions.

      • FutureVoter

        Thank you for answering my question. As to yours, I don’t mind at all. I’m a seventeen year high school student. However, I will be eighteen within a matter weeks and I plan to vote in tennessee’s primary on “super tuesday”. Hence my temporarliy chosen name, future voter.
        Also your implied imagery was very vulgar, I hope you don’t start another Carlin discussion here. “wink”

        • Greg

          Welcome to the “Red pill” world of the real news. Happy you are voting!!!

  14. Glenn

    Hey Greg, same spin up here in Canada with the MSM. Apparently, bank liquidity is up with our Top 5 banks which obviously means, according to some talking head on BNN, that the economy is stronger than reported.

    • Greg

      Thank you for the real world reporting from beautiful Canada!!

  15. Fluffy

    This might be why American Citizens can not get a job in America.

    “Behind American Backs, Our Government allies with Corporations to betray the American Dream by Firing 2,000,000 American Workers then Hiring 2,000,000 Workers per Year from Foreign Countries.”

    And foreigners do not have to pay income, social security, and medicare taxes. No wonder they can work for less that an American Citizen.


  16. MRgonzalez

    Greetings, do not speak English, I am using a translator.
    It’s amazing the voracity of some politicians and fans of the war, apparently is good business. Here in Mexico is living difficult events in which drug cartels led by military trained in us wash their money to pleasure both borders.

    Is a difficult situation, firstly destabilize a country and then conquer it economically.

    Excellent information Greg Hunter, as a suggestion you could add some translator to your site…

    The Doomsday Project and Deep Events: JFK, Watergate, Iran-Contra, and 9/11

    Part II
    this its interesting…
    5 Corporate Brands Making a Killing on America’s Wars

    Greetings and respect…

    • Greg

      Thank you for the comment and links. You are welcome here no matter how good your english is.

  17. jay

    For the most part the people posting in your comments could run the country better the all of congress, and the president.

    • Greg

      I have said (and honestly believe) I have some of the smartest folks in the world reading this site. At times I am blown away. I hope they keep coming back because I think the readers make this site. Thank you for the observation and comment.

  18. Eric

    Deal Is Closer for a US Plan on Mortgage Relief

    This is how the Obama’s administration is about to push under the rug one of the largest fraud ever made in in human history. Of course, no criminal investigation will ever be completed and none of these recklessly looting banksters will ever go to jail. This is what America has become.

    “…The deal would also provide checks for about $2,000 to roughly 750,000 who lost homes to foreclosure…”

    They’re throwing peanut dust to people in exchange of a massive scale banksters amnesty. I can’t understand how come we haven’t seen any street riots or Bank HQ burned down yet.

    The Banks Oligarchy is building the renaissance of Feudalism across the Western World.


    • Greg

      How can anyone think gold and silver are in a bubble. Thank you!!

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