Already Inside Gates of Hell – Bill Holter

By Greg Hunter’s 

Financial writer Bill Holter says revelations this week from the DOJ Inspector General about the FBI spying on everything Trump, and the ongoing criminal investigation on the origins of the Trump Russia hoax, are going to be a disaster for the financial markets. Holter explains, “We are financially and socially inside the gates of Hell. If you see big name arrests, and obviously from the previous administration all the way up to the top, you are going to see an awful lot of happy people and an awful lot of freaked out people that could lead to civil war. From a financial standpoint, I don’t see how markets can stand up with the amount of leverage in the system. At this point, they are already having a problem holding that leverage up. Just from the standpoint of foreigners looking at the U.S., foreigners will probably pull their capital hard and fast.”

If you want to see real trouble brewing behind the scenes in the banking world, look no further than the repo market, where banks get funding and liquidity on a nightly basis. Some nights, $100 billion or more is doled out to keep the system from locking up. Unlike the financial meltdown in 2008, hedge funds now make up 20% of the repo funding market. Here at the end of the year, Holter says few institutions have ready cash on hand and have leverage many times over. Holter contends, “Assuming the numbers are real, hedge funds are prone to bank runs. Hedge funds are prone to large liquidations. The banks who have been funding the overnight repo market now seem to fear a run in the hedge fund market. . . . To me, it smells like a bank run in the making. If the credit does not get through to these hedge funds, this means they have to unwind positions. Their positions are leveraged seven, eight or ten times over. That means if they are forced to sell, they would have to sell $10 of assets to get $1 of cash.” Meaning the markets could crash.

Holter goes on to explain, “Markets have moved higher based on the use of credit, leveraged credit, leveraged derivatives. If you take the credit out from under it, it’s not dollar for dollar. It’s five dollars, ten dollars or twenty dollars for every one dollar of credit that gets pulled. That’s how much will have to get sold. The credit has held the markets up, but if credit is not forthcoming, then you will see a market crash. You will see forced selling. This is a microcosm of inflate or die. This is part of it.”

Holter has long said, “This is the biggest debt bubble in history.” He says we are in the perfect geopolitical and financial storm that can shake people to the core. Holter says, “I believe it breaks confidence. Others say arrests and indictments will increase confidence. I agree with that in the long term, but initially, it breaks confidence, not only in the United States, but outside with foreigners. If there are no arrests, we live in a complete banana republic land. . . . This was and is a coup attempt. . . . This is by far the most intricate coup attempt in the history of history. If they don’t do something about this, then what does that say about our form of government? . . . Confidence is going to break, and confidence is what markets basically rely and trade on. Confidence is the largest factor in the credit markets, and the world runs on credit.”

So, is this why so many top money managers and financial experts are telling people to buy gold? Holter says, “They see that confidence is going to break. . . .What kind of asset doesn’t get affected, and not only affected negatively, but it gets affected positively? The answer is gold and silver. They are non-liability money. They are not issued by anyone. . . . It is real money.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with financial writer and precious metals expert Bill Holter from

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  1. Ronnie

    Look forward to the video.
    Off topic if that skanky, Fraud Hillary stands as a Democratic in 2020 it’s over for me. Not watching : not reading, anymore. After 4 long years of vile, hatred against another human being it’s too much for the human unit…I cannot take anymore.
    The Biden’s getting a free pass from the Republicans….tells me they are neck deep in fraud and paybacks as well.
    “ Loose dentures Nancy,” is trying to cover ups her own sons droppings.
    America will collapse ! ….but the Donald will be left standing directing Ambulances for who ever needs help. Without questions, gender bender pronouns, or citizen status or shade of skin! Just helping people is all he will be doing.
    Jonathan Cahn wrote the answers in his books that I have been seeking. Nearly finish the latest book.
    Your guests are fabulous.
    Waiting for the vid.
    PS Merry Christmas Greg and your family.

    • JC

      Ronnie, I like your choice of words about Hillary, in particular, “skanky”.

  2. Anthony Australia

    I love this Man!
    Thanks Greg, just what I needed today, a bolster from Bill Holter.

    • K. Wayne

      Indeed BH delivered again.

      Greg, you keep asking your guests what the little guy can do to protect themselves/family.
      The usual responses PM’s, Guns ammo, food & water stores= Preparation.
      Given the clear signals we have from the Ruling Class, I feel self preservation is the only solution we have.
      Our Government has demonstrated time and again that Budget Deficits are not for the benefit of the citizenry. The MIC are the beneficiaries … with the furtherance of the Hegemon across the Globe as the prize. That is to say creating money from nothing to keep the MIC alive and prosperous … comes at the expense of the everyday citizens. In that sense we shouldn’t expect our Government to take care of us now or in the future regardless of the narrative around UBI / MMT.
      The complete and utter contempt that the FED holds for Congress (We the People) in its completely overt actions, conveniently and repeatedly confirms our understanding that Banking / Corporate America have the ruling hand of Government. The 1% truly have full control of the levers on mankind.

  3. Marie Joy

    I think, at least, one of my senators, Chris Murphy, D, CT, will vote to convict.

  4. paul ...

    As Bill says “it is going to be Hell on Earth” when the world’s people wake up and see exactly what the world banksters are doing to their money … their savings … their lives … people are going to want out of this world wide fraudulent system … but where to turn … crypto? … that’s simply another scam … they will want to own something more then a piece of paper (like currency, stock and bonds) that says someone “owes you something real” … they are going to want that “something real” in their hands now … not a paper promise from someone that they will get it in the future … the longer they wait … the more the banksters will make what you think you own more and more worthless … as they inflate the money supply … look at the speed at which they are creating more and more IOU promises to pay …… in just about 4 months the price of gold in “debt dollars” has gone from $5,958 on Aug 28,2019 … to $8,751 “debt dollars” per ounce today on Dec 11, 2019 … that’s a 46.88 percent increase in 4 months … we are talking hyper-inflation here folks … people will eventually awake and begin to look for an alternative to paper promises … but to who will they sell their paper IOU’s to when there are no “greater fools around” to buy it from them???

    • paul ...

      You know … most people earn their money by the sweat of their brow … but some simply print it up “out of thin air” … these are the crooks and fraudsters … and they must be locked up as the common criminals they are … as they are ruining the economic system under which the majority of people operate “in a normal decent society” … if we can’t lock them up because they have taken control the Government and the Military … we can simply not accept their paper currency … simply get out of their system … and buy gold and silver … let them keep their worthless money … soon they will all need Trillions of paper dollars to make ends meet … where in “our alternative monetary system” a one ounce silver coin will be designated to be worth one weeks pay!!

      • paul ...

        And one ounce of gold should be designated to be worth one years pay … this means when the transition takes place people on Social Security presently getting $1,000 paper dollars per month can be given one ounce of silver per month instead … so … it would make a lot of sense for people presently on Social Security to use $16 paper dollars to buy a one ounce silver coin every month (that they can use to supplement their income in the future when the transition arrives and the current paper money system collapses)!!

        • paul ...

          To Stan: Look at this Clock “Accounting Debt” once again … … can you see how the money base just keeps “increasing in size”?? … it is “not going lower” my friend … rationally consider the implications for gold in your investment decisions … only 134 hours left to “‘crash time'”!!!

          • Stan

            Our monetary system is flexible and money supply changes as needed.

    • JC

      paul… you ask “Who will they sell their paper IOU’s to when there are no “greater fools around” to buy it from them???”

      No worries, Stan will gladly buy, he knows what he is doing.

    • Brooklyn

      Another amazing interview. Thank you Greg Hunter and Bill Holter.

      Talk about a ‘Catch 22’ that you have presented for us, with no way out of our current damned if we do, damned if we don’t situation.

      If top arrests are made, many will be glad, and many will freak out which could lead to civil war. Meanwhile, the upcoming financial storm will shake people to the core. Arrest will also shake people’s confidence, not only here in the US, but outside as well.

      If there are no arrests for the most intricate coup attempt in history, confidence in our system of government will break, where confidence is the largest factor in the credit markets.

      Happy days ahead, pray and prepare. And, as Paul might add: buy gold whilst your praying….;)

      • Greg Hunter

        Thanks Brooklyn!

    • Auntie Seize

      “As Bill says “it is going to be Hell on Earth” when the world’s people wake up and see exactly what the world banksters are doing to their money … their savings … their lives … people are going to want out of this world wide fraudulent system … but where to turn … crypto?”

      Search your favorite search engine for the parable of “the scorpion and the frog”.
      It is the NATURE of the banksters to sting their hosts in spite of the fact that they will perish as well.
      The banksters think they are going to escape to their well-stocked bunkers, ride out the perfect storm, and reemerge to re-start their money manipulation shenanigans afresh.

      BTW, what does this situation say about those who fell for the banksters PHONY money with usury scam? Is there such a thing as “a free lunch”? Can one “cheat an honest man”?

      • Anthony Australia

        For millions it is already hell on earth.

    • Randy Best

      Not sure how the people will wake up as they have been totally dumbed down in America. They only care about getting gas at the pumps, food off the shelves and their latest form of entertainment such as Dancing with the Stars, the Kardashians and scores of sports games. If they can’t access one of the three, they may then start to wake up.

  5. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter,
    Thanks for the food for thought.
    So how long does FBI Director Wray keep his job?
    When does Mr. Durham bring the first big indictment?
    When do the banks start to go belly up?
    It looks like the pace of events will continue to accelerate (out of control?). I guess we all knew it was coming.

  6. andyb

    As I expected, the IG Report turned out to be a whitewash and the language within was reminiscent of Comey’s speech on Hillary that claimed she had no “intent” of criminality. I am somewhat encouraged that both Durham and Barr disagreed with the IG findings. If there ever is some true accountability I would be pleasantly surprised. But I am not holding my breath. What is more disconcerting is the fact that the Rinos want to preclude Trump from having his “day in court”. If there is a Senate trial, both Graham and McConnell want a quick vote; no witnesses. This obviously would preclude the optics of Biden and his son, Schiff, Brennan, Comey et al of squirming like scared rabbits under cross examination. Which leads to the old uni-party trope that the majority of the 535 has been compromised and work for the same master.

    • William Stanley

      RE: protracted Senate trial
      If Durham and Barr are ready to start indicting people, a Senate impeachment trial would be unnecessary, and even distracting. Maybe it’s better to get the show on the road right away.
      I know, “A big if.”

      • Greg Hunter

        Good point William. I think Barr and Durham are going to act soon. This is why they refuted some the IG’s findings especially related to starting the investigation and bias questions. Even so, the IG report is devastating, with many crimes including signing out Hillary for paying for the dossier and getting people in the press to spread the totally false story at election time. No way Hillary can run again for President with this out in the public now.

        • AndrewB

          Greg, I wish I shared your confidence re charges, trials and convictions for our totally corrupt overlords – not just in the US but also in Europe. Alas, I fear that no one of any significance will be held accountable in law for their crimes. Conversely, political overlords who buck the establishment ARE held to account. As witness: the democratically elected leaders in Catalonia, who enabled their electorate to hold a democratic independence vote, sentenced to over twenty years jail time! Julian Assange, who facilitated publication of sickening US military war crimes, languishing in solitary confinement!

          As I was brought up to believe in fairness and ‘equal justice for all’, realising this does not exist required a painful paradigm shift. Call me cynical – there is ample reason to be cynical as we close out 2019.

  7. Revd Andrew de Berry

    Bill as always invaluable.

  8. A. E Jones. JR

    I see no way of having a Civil War. Just look at the issues dividing the nation and it is a no brainer when you look a map. The red areas have all the guns, all the transportation routes, grow all the food, have all the guns and the will to use them plus control a defensive position. The combatants are the large blue metro cities with gun laws. Block the highways and railroads, shut down the cell phone system and internet and wait until they start eating each other. They could not last a week. The battle field will be the metro cities.
    One of my most vivid memories was back during the 1960’s when there were race riots in Washington. I was watching CBS news and the camera was in a staging area for riot troops. The order was given: “Shoot and shoot to kill”. In any riot situation if this order (Shoot and shoot to kill) was given the war would be over in ten minutes. Even the police in the urban areas side with the rural red areas.

  9. Jerry

    The bank liquidity problem has now leaked into the world trade organization and created chaos in the markets.

    Greg the impact of this action is well outside my economic pedigree, but it does appear that the rule of law concerning international trade is going out the window. Factor in the trade, and currency war with China, and you have a full blown seven alarm fire, that will melt down the global markets, as price discovery is searching for a base point. The outcome of this action is well outside my economic pedigree, as I am just a lowly real estate investor here in the Midwest, but it does appear to me that the liquidity problem in the banks has facilitated this problem. I don’t know?

  10. Justn Observer

    Greg. Like the others…waiting for the upload …can’t wait…
    In the mean time…lots people do not know, that they should know, that ‘they’ don’t want you to know! Metadata makes sense out of conspiracy ‘theory’ …fake news…and false narratives…
    Your AI guy should love this as well… This should scare the hell out of everyone in Congress… The screeching is going to get louder…and as the ‘whistleblowers’ in the IIA world start ‘revealing’ the tags of the bank accounts and trusts to them from the off shore accounts = game over! The crowdsourcing cadre’ is now over 10K Constitutionally involved patriots and x – military full of revenge for the all the dead and maimed fallen brothers as a result of the ‘endless wars’ for fun, private profits, and hedge fund investors… I do not believe ‘they’ know all that is known about them…and their turn is coming. So no witnesses are now expected to be called in the Senate? What? Why do they NOT want to hear from the whistleblower, who he is, or Biden and his son, or from those who hid all Hillary emails, or Hillary herself as it is ‘her’ campaign who paid the money for the dossier? hmmm
    Who were around in Congress 2001 on? Senate will bury impeachment to keep it all buried? Remember who Graham had his picture with in Ukraine w/ McCain are just some of the questions being asked in the superchats?
    CKMS — Congressional Knowledge Management System is key , so is THOR, X GATE, XTUNNEL…etc and Compound searching and mapping … what has been used on the public is now like an inverted calculus differential equation being enfolded… It will be the nailstrips across the runways of the elites just before they attempt a getaway with the loot…as overloaded gold bars fall out the back onto the tarmac… Get loaded up on popcorn…the what appears to be coming should b e quite interesting?
    Inside the Gates of Hell? Just as it’s freezing over? Yup, going to be cold outside – can’t wait for your interview with Mr. Holter…
    In the meantime if this gets posted…all should really enjoy this =

  11. DJW

    Bill Holter – erudite and succinct
    Greg Hunter – comical and emphatic
    A great duo for getting an important message out there.

  12. Brian Williams


    “Trump’s plan is to help spend America into bankruptcy to save the republic !”
    -Greg Hunter

  13. Jerry

    I just love watching people like Stan go whistling through the cemetery, day after day, imitating a cheap version of Kevin Bacon in the movie Animal House, where he claims “all is well”. Meanwhile the markets continue to flash get out!

    Come on Stan, post something besides your opinion to prove me wrong, and support your statement that “ the banks are just fine”.
    A link would be nice. Or, are you to busy hedging your bet that Deutsche bank will make it to 20?

  14. Loren

    If you want to see what the world will look like when the banks close and the ATM’s go down, look no further than the endless number of black Friday videos of people fighting over a flat-screen TV or toaster oven. And this is just shoppers. This will be every grocery store and pharmacy within 3 days as people suddenly discover that they have no food or cash.

  15. Frank from Calgary

    This will not only be in the US.

    I urge my American friends to keep a close North to Canada. Right now the virtue signaler in chief has a minority government. The western provinces are so engaged with the “progressives” in this country the citizens are forming a “Wexit” secessionist party. Mr. Trudeau is about to pass legislation banning semi auto rifles and hand guns with a forced buy back. I reside in Calgary, and I can tell you as an Albertan, gun owner, oil supporter, I have never seen people around here as upset as I have over the last year. If a civil conflict takes place in North America, it may take place on multiple fronts.

    As a man of peace I hope this does not happen, if it does just remember that the Collectivists are the ones to blame.

    A very Merry Christmas to all, please remember the message of peace and salvation that the saviour brought this season. And please get out of the malls and the consumer society powered by debt. Take joy in family, friends and good company.

    Frank from Calgary

  16. Marie Joy

    To prosecute, they’ll need to eliminate obama and clinton judges from the equation or everything will be thrown out.

  17. Alanon

    Why not have debt, if there not paying it back, default, would it not seem aceptable that that citizens can default also.

    • Free Slave

      That never goes over very well with the person owed the money.

      Try defaulting on your car loan.

      • Alanon

        All in the timing of the default, all at once, everyone.

    • K.Wayne

      Have you ever noticed what happens when sovereign nations forfeit on debt owed to IMF or World Bank ? Lesson – don’t borrow if you cannot repay it.
      Very important to keep in mind that the Banksters’ blueprint was always to Bankrupt the World through DEBT. In so doing they control all clear title to Land. At any given moment they control all the resources of the planet. Debt is a curse and will always work to the advantage of those that issue and hold it, for they have the ultimate power.
      Usury is a SIN.

  18. Russ

    Thanks Greg, Bill Holter was on point and excellent as usual. The two of you make complicated easier to understand.

    On that point, Charles Hugh Smith also has a few words on…
    “Why “This Sucker Is Going Down” “
    … An excellent read

    • Russ

      a short snippet of the first paragraphs…
      …” Once the contagion starts spreading, loose money won’t put the fires out.
      As the nation’s political and economic leaders struggled to contain the 2008 financial meltdown, President George W. Bush famously summed the situation up: “If money doesn’t loosen up, this sucker will go down.”

      Eleven years into the loose money recovery, this sucker is finally going down for reasons that have little to do with tight money and everything to do with the inconvenient fact that none of the structural problems have been addressed, much less actually fixed.

      We live in a bizarre world dominated by magical-thinking, a world in which the Federal Reserve creating more dollars out of thin air is supposedly the solution to everything, while all the knotty structural problems–unsupportable pensions and entitlements, unsustainable dependence on debt to fund everything from infrastructure to a new iPhone, a sickcare system that is bankrupting the nation, a higher education system that is looting an entire generation for diplomas with marginal market value, a runaway National Security State that burns trillions on unwinnable wars and lies about it–are left untouched because they’re, well, difficult, and it’s so much easier to say that looser money will solve everything.

      Alas, loose money has created a new set of metastasizing problems that will bring this sucker down”…

      • JC

        Well said Russ. Key words ….
        Bizarre, magical thinking, dollars out of thin air the solution to everything,
        unsupportable, unsustainable, sickcare, bankrupting, looting, diplomas of marginal value… ok that’s enough, I think I might need a shot of Jack Daniels now…

  19. Self Exiled

    “September 5, 2008, ten days before Lehman filed, there were massive marketwide repo problems (recall the repo market froze in Sept 2008 and only a multi-trillion bailout by the world’s central banks prevented civilization collapse)”. PLEASE! Read this article Greg, and everybody on this forum or at least the last 3 paragraphs, IT’S what Bill talks about.

  20. JC

    Bill says… ” The answer is gold and silver. They are non-liability money. They are not issued by anyone. . . . It is real money.”

    Non-liability money. I like that terminology.

  21. JC

    Stu at The Age of Desolation just put out new update, interesting stuff about Trump, war, politics, economic collapse, and more. In closing he wrote…

    “I will probably not get around to to another Update before the holidays. If I do, something bad will be going on. So, I wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. My Christmas wish is to be totally wrong about Nostradamus’ vision of the future. God Bless us, everyone!”

  22. Edward Ulysses Cate

    Another great interview with Bill Holter!
    Paul Volcker said “Gold is our enemy.” That’s like sociopathic financiers saying “Truth is our enemy.” The key word is “our.” You and I are not members of their “our” club.
    “Truth, like gold, is to be obtained not by its growth,
    but by washing away from it all that is not gold.”
    Leo Tolstoy (1828–1910)

  23. Sean

    Greg and Bill say that we have never heard about this ever in history because its never happened in the past… WRONG! WE HAVE NEVER HAD THE INTERNET WHICH ENABLED THE TRUTH TO BE EXPOSED BEFORE RECENT HISTORY.

  24. Karen Reinhart

    Totally bought into this narrative in 2012 and put all my retirement savings in gold. As it has gone down I have had to withdraw yearly to supplement social security income and am now just about out. Had I put my money in the stock market I would be a wealthy woman. I thought I was putting my savings in the safest, most conservative investment. I have been reading this website for 8 years now and hear the same message over and over again from your guests Greg. I am devastated.

    • JC

      Karen, don’t despair, hindsight is 2020, stock market “wealth”, can be temporary and fleeting. At the end of all this madness gold will be the last man standing. But to avoid temporary pain it is always good to remember the old adage… “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.”

      • paul jr.

        You are correct. Diversification is good thing especially when one does not know the future.

    • Free Slave

      Hang in there. They can’t hold it down forever. They are trying to wait you out.

      • paul jr.

        It is too late for her to hang in there. She said almost all her gold is gone.

    • Warren B.

      I have been resoundingly rewarded by staying the course with my Stock and Bond Investments (and so have my investors). Gold is a trap. It is a relic that doesn’t earn a dime in interest. Investment in Gold is minute/insignificant in comparison to the largest most liquid markets on the planet – PERIOD.
      When I say Gold is a trap I am implying that it is a manipulated market. Anyone in Investment circles knows this too well. It is simply a fear trade that works off economic cycles (expansion/contraction).
      You are very correct when you reconcile the returns on investment between Stocks and Gold for that period of time. A 100% return on investment over the course of 7 years if you stayed invested in stocks since 2012.
      You unfortunately have let your emotions rule your investments decisions.
      Holding on is not a strategy. Diversification of your portfolio is a priority.
      I stand by my prediction of DOW 100,000 by 2050. I believe in America and our wonderful Economy. I have full faith in our elected President. He is making America and its world leading Corporations, Great Again !! You have a choice to vote with your head or your heart.
      A number of people do not comprehend how important the Stock market is. There are too many vested interests in Stocks that imply markets cannot crash. Large scale withdrawals /redemptions /repatriation of investments would not serve the purpose for which it is designed (viz a viz Safety). Any material downward adjustment in Stocks would have exponential deleterious effects across the spectrum in the financial world. Think Liquidity, Bonds, Cash, Banks, Credit, Defaults, Derivatives, Bankruptcy, Pension Funds. The weight of money across the Globe (both Private and Public institutions) will not allow stocks to falter.
      I am not giving investment advice. I am stating my opinion. My investors who have followed my strategy have been handsomely rewarded.

    • Jennifer Ohman

      If you needed income than it was foolish of you to put all of your retirement savings into gold that does not produce cash flow..
      Investing in great companies through the stock market is one of the greatest wealth creators. The “1%ers understand this and take advantage of this. That’s one reason why they are 1%ers. You would be a wealthier woman, too, if you did the same. But to do that. You need to consider relying on yourself, and doing your own homework. To grow wealthy you need to invest for growth.
      To save for safety and conservation is NOT a growth strategy. It’s a preservation strategy.
      But it’s wise to diversify if you want to preserve and and protect what you’ve accumulated as well as to invest if you want to grow and to diversify into products that can give you cash flow.

      • Alanon

        I am getting back in the market tomorrow!

      • paul ...

        What good is a 6% dividend cash flow (you have to pay taxes on) if your investment principle is losing value to inflation by 10%??? … you are effectively losing 4% plus taxes on your money … buy gold (0% cash flow and no tax liability) and it keeps up with 10% inflation … bottom line … so who is wealthier Jennifer … the person losing 4% (plus taxes) or the person keeping even???

        • Warren B.

          Very simple and biased analysis.
          You conveniently omit capital gains on investments by only considering the revenue side (for which Gold earns ZERO).
          Tax liability comes when you are forced to sell Gold to generate cash.
          Your 10% inflation has absorbed all of your Gold appreciation.
          Purchasing power is all that is preserved.
          What you are missing are the extraordinary gains on Stocks which more than compensate for the inflation factor.
          Checkmate !!!

          • Greg Hunter

            Do you understand how the gains were manufactured in the equities market?

            • Warren B.

              Yes indeed Mr Hunter.
              US Stock market is currently valued circa $34TLN ( rest of World ~$44TLN).
              Weight of money+ America’s safe haven+ Maturity of Markets+ USD as global reserve currency+ World Leading Companies+ Strongest Economy on the Planet all contribute to the wealth creating machine that is the Stock Market.
              Additionally we have a President that is not a Career Politician who has stood up to our global trading partners (China) and demanded a fair deal. What is Fair for America and for our people.
              I completely understand.
              I put my money where my mouth is – I have skin in the game, as do my investors.
              Like it not, the future of the Stock Market will dictate that of America. As I have mentioned before there are too many vested interests to ensure its longevity. Its not too late to participate, but please don’t excoriate those that make a living and create their own wealth.
              That is very un-American !!

              • Greg Hunter

                Warren B.

                What do you think I do here? I developed an idea, and put my capital to work, and I built something. I have a productive asset. Nothing wrong with investing money, but what we have today is NOT people “creating wealth.” We have people riding a huge bubble, built on QE, hoping to pull money out of it and not get burned. You do realize the Fed has committed to printing $500 billion in the repo market between now and the middle of Next month? This, of course, while it’s pumping out $60 billion each and every month of brand new QE. I think making a profit off of counterfeiting money and flooding a market that cannot stand on it’s own two feet is “Very un-American.”

                I wonder if people talked the way you do now just before the Great Flood of Noah?


    • Alex

      You are not the only one devastated , Karen , but the debt bubble cannot go on forever .
      I was ‘all in’ by 2008 . I’ve cut ‘way back and downsized my lifestyle to compensate as my portfolio has been shrinking . As Holter said , we cannot forecast the date ( and it could still be far off , but not likely ) . Even tough my portfolio has taken a beating , having some physical gold and silver for well over ten years has been profitable , and I will not sell .

  25. Paul Anthony

    Well … Dr Roberts said they will crash the economy to try to thwart Trump from winning in November. I suppose printing 100 billion a day ? That would do it. I don’t think that will stop people voting for Trump in masses if it’s God’s will. Trump will over see our Bankruptcy. None the less, Be ready and stay ready. Especially be right with the Lord and use his guidance

    Thanks Greg and Bill

    Paul Anthony

  26. Sylvia Sterling

    Bill Holter is absolutely one of my favorite commentators/writers.
    A “down home” real person who tells it like it is. Thanks for having him on,Greg.

  27. Alfy

    I found the interview to be insightful. To both of you, thank you. regarding confidence in the credit market. I have wonder why the pace has been slow in seeking justice against people in high places, and why along the way people who are Democrat or Rino have been selected to lead investigations (such as the author of the IG report). Now it makes much sense. Each move along the way towards justice had also maintained confidence in the credit market. By the time we see the arrest of the ring leaders, including the past two potus, those events will be seen by the credit markets as no big deal. I suspect by the time justice arrives, it will actually be well received by the credit markets. Trump and the people working with him, they sure seem to be very sharp. Thank you again for this excellent interview.

  28. iwitness02

    Bankers and Politicians. By and large, are a disgusting breed of people.
    They are useless as rubber tires on a freight train.
    Steel wheels on an automobile.
    Gills on a chicken. Feathers on a fish.
    Screen doors on a submarine. etc.
    Can’t wait for these people to share in the hardship they have created for the rest of us.
    I believe that day will come, because I believe there will be a day when these people are hunted down and destroyed, that is to say, brought to justice. In fact it may have already begun.

    • iwitness02

      Water tight hatches on a limousine.

    • paul ...

      They will get their just reward (and they are inflicting it upon themselves) … the principle on the loans they made to us will never be repaid to them in dollars worth the same as what we got when we originally took out the loan!!

  29. Stan

    Deutsche Bank climbing nicely today.

  30. mike

    We deserve what we have coming.
    The longer it takes to burst, the better it will be!
    Looking forward to the Armageddon and walk past bodies.

    • paul jr.

      So I guess that would include the bodies of dead innocent children too?

  31. MK

    The next time you speak with Dr. Skidmore or Catherine Austin Fitts, please ask whether they have looked for missing money and accounting adjustments in the other federal agencies in addition to HUD and Defense. There may be additional trillions of dollars missing out of the Departments of Agriculture, Commerce, Education, Energy, Health & Human Services, Homeland Security, Interior, Labor, State, Transportation, Treasury, and Veterans Affairs.

    • Greg Hunter

      I know they have not.

  32. Kay

    It is good to know that America is making history for all the wrong reasons! True Christians need to start taking things seriously and PRAY! We must be the ones to stand in the gap and be the watchman on the wall. Let’s turn off our entertainment and take more time to pray in earnest. My heart breaks to think of all the people hurt by the corruption and lies. We certainly are entering unchartered waters. Thanks to Greg and his guests for keeping us informed.

  33. Merry Piper

    Thank you Greg Hunter and Bill Holter! I hereby nominate this for THE best interview on USAWatchdog to date that I have watched. Truth be told, I am indeed biassed. Bill’s laugher always makes my day brighter in this wicked world. Greg, thank you for your inspirational interviewing skills. Thelma and Louise…!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Merry and Merry Christ mas!!

      • Merry Piper

        Greg: Thank you greatly for your comment. You may enjoy this video link, my original song, performed in Maui some time ago. say hallelujah
        The Christ in mass has come at last…
        I treasure your unrelenting committment to telling the truth.
        Merry Christmas to you and yours!!

  34. Justn Observer

    Just finished listening to your interview…It is another great ‘fireside chat’ as expected… Thanks to you and Bill !
    Add seed, grain and a good grain mill to that ‘Christ’mas list…
    It’s a coming…also a good ‘flatbread’ receipe as ‘falling numbers’ below 300 will effect bread, brewing and distilling… For those that like spirits….time to get a good stock now… How to make store ghee, and pemmican…and get a cold storage dug.
    Remember – 8 to 10 feet in or down in earth mean temps survivability… (underground cities of Turkey of biblical times come to mind)
    Don’t forget lots of dried berries and nuts for extended storage life (vits and essential oils) as well…
    At this point anyone thinking the leadership (lack thereof), that got to this point are who to listen to/follow to get out…especially when you consider the mindset of those like Pelosi, Biden, AOC …clearly voting independent with a strong conviction towards ‘term limits’ is recommended at this point ?
    Mad Max?= do remember what the fall of Saigon looked like … as for Bill’s rural comment…thinking the DNC plan looking more like the Dr. Zhivago ‘party’ scenario for the urban centers… hopefully at least the music is as good.. Don’t eat too well, it will draw suspicion as the times roll forward…lol ..and packing all that PM around… ugh = get in shape you hoarders! lol

    • Justn Observer

      For those that think rural living is simple – easy – and uncomplicated -lol
      Signs and purple paint laws and electing the right ‘Constitutionally minded judge’ a must !

    • Trish Fosdick

      Thank you, Greg. Dad and I are always listening. I wonder if anyone has a recommendation on water purifiers?

  35. leo

    keep your gas tank full and have 20 extra gallons on hand . Gas stations will run dry fast and you may need to get the hell out of dodge. Take your 9mm along you know cause people are so kind and loving.

    • Free Slave

      For those with a place to go and people there to welcome you, good luck. I hope you make it past the rush.

      For those who don’t, stay home. “Unwlecome strangers” won’t find life very easy or welcoming out here in fly over country.

      If you think you are going to run to the country and live off the land with your MREs, forget it; you are going to die instead. It takes years to get food producing systems in place. You make a lot of mistakes along the way, kill a lot of things. Most people would die trying in favorable conditions.

    • leo

      almost forgot, bring your food Mountainhome food pouches small pre 64 dimes and quarters as much ammo as you can carry and you might survive a week in a Mad Max world if you value life in that sort of world.

      • leo

        “If you give this man a ride, sweet Emily will die, riders on the Storm.”

    • William Stanley

      Agreed. Although I am reminded of the following story:
      A Texas Ranger went to a party with his pistol on his hip. Someone asked him if he was expecting trouble. He said no, if he were expecting trouble he would be carrying a rifle.

    • Nick in UK

      Over the past decade or so we have seen and read many crash predictions, all proven wrong so far when trying to nail a month or year.

      The bag of tricks being used to delay or camoflauge this on going system failure is

      Your prediction of 134 hours from 11th Dec 2019 is probably the shortest

      • Nick in UK

        This was in reply to Paul’s comment above that the next crash is in 134 hours or 5-6 days!!

        It has appeared in the wrong place and half is missing !

        Oh well – Happy Christmas

        • paul ...

          Nick … We face something that has “NEVER before been witnessed in economic history” … as of right now … we have only 126 hours left before the crash!!!

  36. Mike R

    Today was the day, that Powell just gave the warning sign, in the form of his fake reporting that there will be no change in rates until 2021. Simultaneously, His own Fed is trying to put out a 5 Alarm fire in the repo market as he speaks. He’s like a reporter standing in front of the Twin Towers on 9/11 saying there are no fires, the buildings are fine, right as those same buildings are collapsing in the video feed right behind him.

    The guy who essentially invented the entire framework for the repo markets, said yesterday, that there are effectively multiple “LTCM’s” blowing up right now as we speak, that the Fed is attempting to contain via the repo monetary explosion. Liquidity is being vaporized by multiple bank AND hedgefund meltdowns.

    Its gonna blow before year end, and they’ll FINALLY have to tell everyone when their local ATM’s go on lock down. They wont be able to hide the debacle going on right now. While Powell chirps ‘nothing to see here. move along little sheeple.’

    P.S. Have at least a years supply of cash, and loads of silver on hand. The year supply of cash might only last you 3 months, depending upon how fast the value of the dollar drops.

    • Greg Hunter

      Good point Mike!! “Fed is trying to put out a 5 Alarm fire in the repo market as he speaks.”
      Big problems in the repo market–Very Big.

      • Gary C

        Greg, I just ordered Martin Armstrong’s REPO report, it was my Christmas Present to myself and it scared the shit out of me.
        If you could get him back on the show SOON it would be appreciated
        by your readers.
        Let’s just say I have moved into high gear re converting fiat money
        in banking. institutions into tangible assets, my accountant thinks I am nuts. Do you notice how Trump has just stopped giving heat to the FED, about lowering rates?

    • LEO

      Yes Mark, while trying to make sense of Zero there is a grave warning from folks who are far above my understanding yet still we can sense something like a giant shadow coming straight at us i.e. not enough repo to cover banks needs, to keep a lid on bank failure , paying credit with credit, hedge fund raiding repo beforehand and this impeachment crapola diverting attention to our real danger. I am a big time prepper with food, ammo ,metals, off grid near water. Yet my faith is not in such things. A real prepper keeps his hope and attention on The LORD 24/7.

  37. Justn Observer

    Greg, Good Grief…some quite interesting 9/11 stories most never heard about Saudi pilot training and the merging of international crime orgs. May be if there are enough of them and drugs…they can/will keep the world economy/banks afloat? lol

  38. Justn Observer

    Greg, Someone open up kool-aid stands in Arizona? Mr. anti-gun Kelly ahead of McSally? What are they thinking? Being close to Texas of course is not the same as being IN Texas ! lol

  39. al

    Actually I think there will be Civil Unrest and a Revolution if criminals like the Clintons, Comey, obama and others run free. More people are awake than it seems, mainly because people are silent, but not stupid.

    No one believes the Cult Enemy Media, which ran the show for a long time. Not any more.

    Bill is one of my favorites

    Thank you Greg for having him on

  40. GoneWest

    Impeachment is failing. Next plan to get rid of Trump is crash the economy and markets.

  41. Country Codger

    Thanks Bill, you went into detail for those who are without a clue. PRECIOUS METALS: Gold; Silver; Lead and Brass but first you need water and food.

    Lo Iyrah!

  42. jennifer ohman

    Hi Greg,
    Bill covers many subjects with generalities. There’s a lot that can be addressed, but I am short on time. I believe this fiat system will end, too, but mathematically the debt could be paid back…it would just take a very long time. Humans have life spans, expiration dates. Countries can exist for centuries and beyond, so mathematically they could pay it back. But it’s because of politics, greed and corruption that the debt will not be paid back and that the right thing will not be done to make that happen.

    You don’t need to know when the financial system will end (change). All the little guy needs to know, if nothing else, is that the Fed’s stated policy is for a 2% inflation rate! (Even if it is actually higher.) That’s reason enough to buy gold. Don’t fight the Fed. The Fed is TELLING you that they are destroying the value of your fiat currency by 2% a year, compounded. That’s 21.9% in 10 years. Because of the Fed’s century long policy of maintaining a yearly inflation rate, that compounding effect has caused the dollar to loose 98% of its value and for a $20 gold coin to be worth $1,465 ( with an enormous amount of manipulation!!) The Fed’s yearly inflation target is TELLING yo…they are continuing to destroy the currencies value, compounded, as a matter of policy and that therefore, the value of Gold must and will fluctuate inversely upward.

    Now, because of the massive amounts of debt, unfunded liabilities, the insanity of negative interest rates, the breakdown of the rule of law, the rise of socialism, power grabs on wealth, and the broken financial system, gold will rise at an even steeper rate than the inflation target of 2% per year and it will increasingly rise at an accelerating rate, as the public begins to put the pieces together.

    As for the distribution system breaking down..aside from currency, food, heat, and water, etc., what concerns me are the many whose lives depend on medications to survive…from diabetes, heart ailments, cancers and infections, to those who may need other urgent medical care or surgery, when and if the distribution system breaks down.
    Up until my mother’s recent passing I had a 6-12 month supply of her medications.

    For the reasons that I stated, it’s NOT a good thing that gold will keep rising. Overall, it’s very unfortunate, and no one should wish for this to happen, because it comes at grave price. But it will keep rising and it is absolutely fool hardy not to own it for the long term.

    • Gary C

      Jennifer, I just loaded up on heart medication that I need, told the doctor I was travelling for three months, and now have six. months supply at least, keeping the freezer full etc.
      buying a lot. of dry canned goods from Costco, and the Health Food stores.

  43. ronald w james

    I guess I cant understand how you can support a President that basically really
    care about America. Im so incensed by his actions (even though I did vote for him).

  44. Dr. David Bernhard Bowers

    Thank you, Bill for your advice to “make things right with your Maker.” We all will someday die, even if we prudently plan for survival in the financial collapse. Have we planned for our eternity as well as we plan for tomorrow? It’s never wrong to see danger coming and step out of the way, but also to recognize that we have an approaching appointment to keep with our Maker. “His works are true and faithful and His ways are just, and He is able to humiliate and humble those who walk in self-centered, self righteous pride.”

  45. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    Great report.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Rick!

  46. Ray

    The filth that is modern America laid bare for all to see in that interview.
    Both Holter and Hunter agree that 9/11 was an inside job, and that the US government “had to go to war to grease the wheels of the economy”.
    Yet, nary a bloody apology to the 2-3 million innocent Middle Eastern citizens slaughtered / displaced as a consequence.
    As I opened with……..the filth of modern America laid bare.
    The world can be slaughtered to save America’s broken, cheating financial system…..of course! AND NARY AN APOLOGY…..EVEN FROM THOSE WHO SEE THE LIE FOR WHAT IT IS.
    The shame…….
    Some people call themselves Christians……..
    I see unto thee…..until you stand up and apologise for the indiscretions upon your fellow man, YOU ARE GETTING NOWHERE NEAR THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN.
    Not expecting these comments to see the light of day at USA WATCHDOG though.
    Those who choose to do that…….they will surely toss and turn during sleepless nights as they churn within their own consciousness…….the filth that the United States Of America has become, and the hurt it has brought upon the innocent people of this world.
    (And the Lap Dog Nation right up there with them, make no mistake….every bit as filthy, if not more so)

    Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation.

    • Ray

      Three hearty cheers for Greg Hunter………..
      I know he doesn’t always agree with my comments (because often they are aimed at the nation he loves), but he does have the common decency to post them and engage in polite debate.
      Alas, “Old School Journalists” are a dying breed, but in Greg Hunter, we can at least have faith that he adheres, as much as possible and far more than the overwhelming majority, to the principles upon which proper journalism is based upon.
      If I don’t make comment here before Christmas arrives Greg, may I wish a Merry Christmas to you and yours, and thanks for continually throwing out the left jab.
      Ray, Canberra, Australia.

  47. Jack Tyler

    Just a sidenote: The Boeing 737 Max is a perfect plane. The issue is that it flies a little differently and pilots need a bit of additional training to fly it. The problem is that to get around that additional training, Boeing put in software to just make it feel like any other 737 and pilots were shutting it off, improperly. Not the fault of the pilots as they were unaware of exactly what the software was doing.

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