America Being Taken Over by Communists – General Michael Flynn 9.11.21

By Greg Hunter’s (Saturday Post)

Retired Lieutenant General Michael Flynn, who was head of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), thinks evil communists are out to destroy America and your freedom.  General Flynn explains, “Transitioning to all the noise that is bombarding the American psyche, it’s all intentional.  Don’t think this is all a bunch of haphazard things that are happening within our country.  The bigger 60,000 foot strategic view is that the country is being taken over by a very small minority of people that we call the Left, which are really a group of Marxists and communists who have decided over decades, and this is not just about Trump, have decided now is the time to do it . . . and they did.  They outmaneuvered the Republican establishment during this last November election. . . .Let’s talk about what’s coming out of Arizona.  Everybody knows this election was stolen.  No way in the world 80 million people voted for the administration occupying the White House—no way. . . .This is no longer a conspiracy theory about election fraud.  This is a conspiracy alright, but it is a conspiracy within a group of people that stole the U.S. Presidential Election and also stole parts of the down ballot votes, meaning the Senators and Congressmen.”

General Flynn says the election system must get fixed.  General Flynn warns, “The Arizona Legislature holds the future of our country because if they do not decertify, then these other states like Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Nevada and others . . .If they couldn’t do it, then why should we bother? . . . . If we do not resolve that issue, we cannot move forward with future elections in 2022 or 2024.  Those will be stolen just like the 2020 election.”

General Flynn says there is a giant psyop being run on the American people to take their eyes off of the 2020 election fraud.  General Flynn explains, “Absolutely, Covid . . .Afghanistan, the border situation, and we are not even talking about the border situation anymore because its fallen down in three or four priorities in terms of what people are able to concentrate on . . . . We are going to see President Biden come out to talk about . . . lockdowns . . . and vaccines, and it is all to change the narrative. . . .They are going to try to take away the narrative of what happened in the election.  What they really wanted and believed is the theft of the 2020 election was going to be dead by about March of 2021, and the country would move on.  The American people are not stupid.  We are not a bunch of chumps that Biden has called us.  There is a bunch of intelligent Americans that are tired of the lies spewing out of the White House and spewing out of the mainstream media.”

As the former head of the DIA, General Flynn sees the psyop on America from a relatively small group of people.  General Flynn says, “They attempt to look bigger than they are, and they are able to do that through the media.  They are absolutely able to do that through the mainstream media.”

General Flynn also warns about a financial collapse in October triggered by a budget impasse and Nancy Pelosi.  He talks about China’s infiltration of America that has been going on for decades.  There is much more in the 44-minute interview.

Join Greg Hunter of as he talks to retired Lieutenant General Michael Flynn, former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency.

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  1. Jay rocco

    Thank you for this interview.

    • james parker

      well, im an eternal optimist, and all greg’s interviews are great, but this guy’s a general.?Its all the same mi oh my horse apples. “get involved on local? ?That ‘ll begin the change this country needs. they did general, and you did nothing maybe you’re even involved. Not to mention, the reason why most of don’t get involved on a local level because people like you the monolith of intelligence agencies all play us, you’re a general for Chiss sakes, and an intelligence officer, and mention names and a few facts, but the omission…..swap kelly for Mcsalley, same head on the coin, just told to vote a different way. Catherine Austin farts more couirage and truth than you do.

      • Nick

        Flynn’s plan will see a lot more dead
        People voting, except this time it won’t
        Be voter fraud, it will just be too late
        For some and possibly many.

      • Ken

        James, your comment reeks of irrationality. You should also proofread before you post.

      • MGD

        You’re a fool with very poor comprehension skills. General Flynn was persecuted by the DOJ and FBI. He was a VICTIM, you fool.

      • Beverly

        I don’t know where you are getting this. Catherine A. Fitts is courageous alright, but she didn’t fight in Afghanistan for 5 years plus and also serve in other places in the military. Getting involved at a local level IS smart. States have rights called States Rights and if the Federal Government tries to pass an unconstitutional law, a State can come forward and declare that it will NOT support or follow that law because it is UNconstitutional. That is exactly what getting involved locally will do. We have to protect our states from election fraud as well. If you are a real patriot, then get with the real picture. Michael Flynn is absolutely right and we better be on guard and gathering our cash around us, like David Morgan said. Production will have to be on local levels.

      • Marie+Joy

        Doing something is better than doing nothing.

      • Earth Angel

        james parker , You sound like a shill. You’re the one spouting horse apples. I’m sure General Flynn has more courage in his pinky finger than you’ll EVER have in your whole life!.. Please…don’t be a jerk.

    • Bill

      The FIX has already started, in the Grusome-Newsome Recall. People that go to the Polls, to vote on the Recall, are told: You already voted!
      And You say: No, I didn’t!

  2. Traysee

    Greg … so proud of you. You are doing God’s work. Great interview with General Flynn. You are the news now.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Traysee,
      You are very kind to say this.

      • William Simonton

        Why does LTG Flynn keep referring to a 38 year old marine LTC as a kid? I’m 71 years old retired Army LTC who started out as a private and although I respect LTG Flynn, I would never refer to a 38 man as kid!!

        • Greg Hunter

          The communists are taking over America and you are focusing on the word “Kid”??? Really”???

          • Charles H.


            It is a Rank thing. From the movie Sabrina – ‘There is a front seat and a back seat; and a window in-between’. Officers are the Privileged of the back seat. They are accustomed to unquestioned RESPECT and compliance. Many, even into retirement and into old age – live the Rank they had: they never seem to completely move on.

            • Chip

              BS. Maybe some, not most. I’m one and I don’t like people calling me Sir. “My name is Chip”… Chip

          • Marilyn Guinnane

            Hi Greg,
            To my mind’s eye, that Gen. Flynn would refer to a Lt. Colonel as a ‘kid’ is not really what is bugging us, myself included. It is sort of like this: we’re on a sinking ship and we don’t know how we got here, which is so upsetting that we’ll lash out at anything that is a teensy bit out of place. Everyone is feeling it. Anger is right below everyone’s skin. We are totally aware of how badly we’re being treated, at least on some level, yes, we’re aware, yet we dare not explore it at length. All our lives we heard: ‘This is America! Land of the free!’ We have been a very naive people. I remember being told, when I was in Paris some years ago, that we were idiots to trust our government. “You Americans think you have a good government,” a young man went on. “But we do,” I replied. “No. There is no such thing. One day you’ll find out!” And now we’re finding out. That Frenchman was right. 100% right. And we don’t know how to cope. We are in shock. This couldn’t possibly be happening! Which is what the enemy counted on, our naivete.

            • KingSky

              Jehovah spake unto Moses face to face, as a man speaketh unto his friend.—Ex. 33:11. American Standard Version
              When Moses was asked to lead the nation of Israel out of captivity, he lacked confidence and repeatedly told Jehovah that he felt unqualified. God responded with real compassion, providing help for Moses. (Ex. 4:10-16) As a result, Moses was able to deliver powerful judgment messages to Pharaoh. Moses then saw Jehovah use His power as He saved the Israelites but destroyed Pharaoh and his forces in the Red Sea. (Ex. 14:26-31; Ps. 136:15) After Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt, they constantly found things to complain about. Even so, Moses observed Jehovah’s great patience in dealing with the people He had freed from slavery. (Ps. 78:40-43) Moses also saw Jehovah show remarkable humility when He changed His mind after Moses asked Him to do so. (Ex. 32:9-14) After the Exodus, Moses’ relationship with Jehovah became so close that it was as if he could see his heavenly Father.​—Heb. 11:27.
              What if we discover that we have given in to pride or greed? We can escape! Paul said that those who “have been caught alive by” the Devil can still escape from the snare. (2 Tim. 2:26) After all, David listened to Nathan’s reproof, repented of his greed, and repaired his friendship with Jehovah. Never forget, God is stronger than Satan. So if we accept God’s help, we can escape from any snare or trap that the Devil has set.
              Of course, rather than have to escape from Satan’s snares or traps, we should avoid them altogether. We can do so only with God’s help. But we must not be complacent! Even longtime servants of Jehovah have become proud or greedy. So beg God daily, through his son, to help you recognize if those ugly qualities have begun to influence your thinking and actions. (Ps. 139:23, 24) Never allow them to get a grip on you!
              For thousands of years, Satan has been the hunter. But soon he will be bound and eventually destroyed. (Rev. 20:1-3, 10) We long for that day. Until then, stay alert to Satan’s snares. Work hard to prevent pride or greed from dominating you. Be determined to “oppose the Devil, and he will flee from you.”​—Jas. 4:7.

          • Jay

            Respectfully,Wrong. The Communist are not taking over America. The Communists took over America decades ago and a few Americans are just now figuring it out.

            • Greg Hunter

              We’ll have to agree to disagree. If what you’re saying is correct, they wouldn’t have had to cheat their butts off in the 2020 Election.

            • Bill

              Greg has a good point.

          • William Simonton

            Yes it is disrespectful, it’s like calling someone boy! I spent 25 years defending my country and 6 years overseas in Army Civil service. 98 % of the time I agree with LTG Flynn and you!

        • Chris

          General Flynn’s continual reference to a LT COL Marine Officer as a kid surprised me too.
          Former Australian Army

        • William Nedbalek

          I felt the same way. I winced every time he called the Lt. Colonel a kid. Maybe it’s just the way that people in their 60s look at people in their late 30s, or maybe it’s the way that three-star generals look at lieutenant colonels. I don’t know. But odd as it seems to me, it’s not really central to who he is as a human being or to what his message is. As we all say, people are funny. So we can notice it as it goes by, but obviously still listen to him very seriously & respectfully. By the way, thank you, Lt. Colonel, for your service!

        • The Ogs

          Well the young officer is but half the General’s age, plus I think it’s a bit of a figure-of-speech thing for Flynn (the same way John Wayne used to call everyone ‘kid’).
          In other words, no offense…

          • Bill

            John Wayne used to call others “Pilgrim” Too!

        • SOD

          Mr. Simonton,
          We must have served in two vastly different types of militaries. In a true ‘warrior culture’ no service members where I served would have taken the least offense at being called kid by an illustrious combat General such as Flynn. I served in a minor conflict known as Korea. Military members then especially in special forces were regular called kid.. as they possessed endless energy, had off the charts physical attributes, neither were they awed by narrow conventions , fear nor did they hesitate to speak truth to power. But as the old saw goes-times certainly change, SOD

        • Deb

          I agree William. This Marine stood up for what is right putting everything on the line. No one calls a 38 year old a “Kid.” Flynn should show more respect for this man but he chose not to.

          • John

            Both men are trying to stop tyranny, let’s keep our eye I on the task.
            That is what is going to really matter because every where communism invaded
            there was divisions and massive bloodshed. This small group he is talking about
            wants us divided, confused and infighting, thus weakened.

          • Bill

            Flynn is about 62? I think Flynn used the word “Kid ” from a perspective of Endearment. The Kid is 38 years old so Flynn, could be his father, age wise!
            Also, Flynn could relate to the LTC, because maybe Flynn is a HotHead too, when people screw up and don’t do things with integrity! Just like the LTC! So, General Flynn admired the LTC’s demand for excellence!

        • travis moss

          Even if you’re 80 and the man standing at the next urinal is 96, you’re a kid.

          • Charles H.

            Thanks, travis!

            You can’t explain to those sensitive to protocol and RESPECT – just HOW sensitive they are.

            You see it as it is – with an illustration that’s clear as day.

        • Jim


      • Bob

        We The People went out with a whimper! the C.C.P has taken over this nation from Top President and V.P. ,Military ,House, Sentate ,Congress and Education all because of the sick pathetic greed of spineless sellouts ….

      • Bob

        Way to soft of respone and question about the Vaccine death agenda that tell me he is taken the Shots and he is just anothern face of a long list of nothing burgers who do nothing to change or stand against the N.W.O.

  3. Julie A Cohick

    TREASON = The willful giving of aid to the enemy ! GITMO should be full to the brim with those responsible for Benghazi, Afghanistan, COVID, the stealing of a Presidential election, the framing of General Flynn . . . . . . . etc.

    • eddiemd

      Benghazi was where they interrogated Bin Laden. “Ambassador” Stevens was the interrogator. They had to get rid of him. He also knew about the weapons pipeline to Syria.

      SEAL Team 6 did not take out Bin Laden.

      The Russian GRU knew what was going on.

      • Fred Hayward

        Hello Dr. Eddie,

        I agree with you concerning BENGHAZI, and I would like to send you an article that I wrote about ACCOUNTABILITY— and the lack thereof!
        I am very interested in your opinion about what I have written, allI need is your email address!

        • eddiemd

          Post it!

          Everyone can read it.

      • Paul ...

        Bin Laden was simply “the fall guy” (he did not plant all the shape charge explosives and nano-thermite bombs in the WTC and Bldg 7) you needed Deep State operatives to pull off such an operation … and these Deep State traitors (sad to say “used the Jewish Mafia” to help implement their evil plans) by having Israeli’s dress like Arabs and dance happily in public … to give the impression it was an Arab attack on America … and Bin Laden did not switch insurance carriers on the WTC (into non-Jewish Mafia hands before 9-11 … yes … some Jews are bad … just like there are bad people in other nationalities … but Jews are “not all evil” … and they didn’t all deserve to be “jabbed” to the extent of exterminating them all (only a few evil ones took part in 9-11)!! …

        • Jr

          N. Bush was reputedly in charge (head of maintenance) of the towers SO WHO loadied up the demolition devices – research it. (if there’s anything left at this late date)
          More important is the current life & covid death attack on the global population:
          Why would any one give 2 SH### about what “ouchie” Fauci or the FDA have to say about ANYTHING after this – time to get the lead out yet ya think?:
          “Judicial Watch reported this week that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) purchased aborted baby heads and fetal organs for experimentation with mice.
          This is not the first time we’ve heard of this evil practice. Dr. Tony Fauci was funding a Pittsburgh University study where reseachers were skinning the scalps off aborted babies and growing them on mice.”

    • Kenneth Reidy

      Ridgt over the plate.

  4. Marie+Joy

    The short and long-term intent, of communism, is Depopulation, every way possible.

    • Bill

      Globalists and Communists have Depopulation in Common!

      • Self Exiled

        They both have the same father.

        • Bill

          Do you mean Rockefeller or Who?

          • catherine

            I think the reference is to SATAN.

            • Bill

              Thanks for helping!

            • Paul ...

              C … You know speaking of Satan … I believe Klaus Schwab qualifies as being the true Anti-Christ!! … why do I say that? … well … think about it … the reason there is something rather then nothing … is because God was happy about having something (rather then nothing) … but Klaus Schwab takes the exact opposite position … stating that … “by 2030 everyone will own nothing … and he will be happy about it”!!

              • Catherine

                Carl Schwab looks the part indeed. But I think Obama has more power due to his being the head of the most powerful country in the world and his secretive background and how he got that position and mainly how no one could find out exactly where he was born or who his father really was.
                He has all the qualifications also due to his multiracial multi religious backgrounds and also profound ability to still be running the show in shadow. And just remember EVERYWHERE HE WENT the country’s were destroyed . ie Arab spring and now our own country. Of course his female counterpart HILLARY also fits the perfect demonic couple. Both had bisexuality relations and pedophile leanings. In any event it’s proving that Gods plan is working and we all know how THEY WILL MEET THEIR END .

            • Self Exiled

              Thank You catherine

      • john beasley


      • john beasley

        What a great interview Greg Hunter. Way to go. See if you can get President Trump on your program.

        In my opinion, I don’t believe there is such a thing as communism. It is feudalism for industrial societies. It is a way to destroy the Protestant Reformation of the Christian Church and it is funded at least by the banking cartel. It also appears to also be funded by the Roman Catholic Church and industrialists and oligarchs. It is a slave state just like the middle ages.

        Karl Marx worked for industrialists to build a new feudalism. China is owned by the banking cartel and the NWO.

    • dave


      Everyone but the CCP ! Maybe an unreported problem at the WIV?

      • Bill

        China changed their decades’ long policy of having only Male children and aborting Females! CCp now realize how Stupid they were! I read an article(about 4 years ago) that said 77 Million Chinese Men have never seen a seen a Chinese woman. Hard to believe.

        • AndrewB

          The policy you refer to was the One Child Policy introduced in 1980 – not the one male child policy. Since China did not have social security funded pension schemes, the cultural tradition was (is) for children to support their parents when in old age. Females become part of their husband’s family when they marry and are not traditionally able to support their birth parents’ old age. Thus girl babies were killed by their families – not the state. Killing infants was not supported by legislation or encouraged by the state. China became more prosperous and attitudes toward females in work and as entrepreneurs changed. Today, there are many women presiding over some of China’s largest enterprises – having inherited businesses due to being an only child under the One Child Policy. Since only one child per married couple was permitted, abortions were freely available. The single child policy was condemned by the ‘democratic Western nations’ as inhuman. However, when China relaxed the policy to allow two children per married couple from 1-1-2016, there was outcry from those same ‘democratic Western nations’ about the dire impact this would have on global population and scarce resources! I’m not carrying a flag for China, just trying to give accurate account.

  5. Deb

    Love you Greg, you are my “go to” person!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Deb. I am honored!

      • John


        Jeffery Prather would be a good interview.

  6. Keith Kasprzak

    We have to keep up the investigations and bring the guilty to justice. There is no other choice.

  7. steve

    Dont forget the innocent children and adult that were Drone striked and killed

    • Paul ...

      When “Vice” President Kamala Harris said: “Under her administration we will all be brought together” … she was right … for once we are all “jabbed” .. we will all have some Black (fetus) in us … which is really a good thing … because “Black Lives Matter” … and if “we are all Black now” … then Gates and Fauci “will have to stop trying to kill us” with an additional 3 to 5 more booster “jabs”!!

    • Bill

      The Big Guy changed the Drone Target Criteria, on whether you got Killed or not! OOPS-Big guy screws up again.
      Just like when Obie was president, he killed a whole wedding party(30-50? innocent people that were celebrating a Pakastani Wedding). Obie thought it was a video Game to kill people with a Drone!

  8. Talbot Shaw Lindstrom

    FDR abandoned Corregidor and Bataan and US Army and our allied scouts. This goes back a long, long way. According to my Air Force geopolitics text book, FDR knew about the attack on Pearl and let it happen because he had promised Winston the US would enter the war. But “None Dare Call It Treason”.

    • Brooklyn


      Interesting comment, “…FDR knew about the attack on Pearl and let it happen…”

      With a updated version, “GHWB not only knew about the attacks on 9-11, he made them happen…”

      • catherine

        yes he did know and his other brother was in charge of security for the trade centers….how convenient.

        • Bill

          The Deep State, Dulles Brothers screwed up the “The Bay of Pigs” for JFK. After JFK found out, he fired Allan Dulles(?).

          • Warren B.

            He got fired but hen found new employment. Rather ironic that Dulles was on the 7 man Warren Commission into the Death…don’t ya think?
            How could that be …or more to the point why would he be put in that position.
            Wasn’t the Warren Commission a Whitewash? Covering up a wrong…..people of this nation were deceived.

            • Bill

              Communists, Globalists, and Marxists lie everyday they are alive!

            • Bill

              Yes! It was very Convenient for Allan Dulles, to secretly defend himself , on the Warren Commission!

              • Warren B.

                Defend himself ….. or to make sure that the storyline about the assassination was foolproof . JFK had a lot of enemies (that was a well known fact) …especially the Mafia.
                Removing him from the line of fire so to speak…..took care of the threat….while allowing him to continue to RULE. Dulles did his job – as he was asked to do.

          • Freebrezer

            And don’t forget that Dulles was very good friends with LBJ … and LBJ hated JFK and especially Jacky. Side note – LBJ refused to be sworn in to the Presidency unless Jacky Kennedy was present … She was still covered in the late Presidents blood, mourning Her husband/father of her kids, when they hauled her out to be humiliated by LBJ … that’s a deepstate operatives (killer?) for you. The death of Kennedy was much bigger then Oswald.

      • Bill

        There are a few books that said FDR knew. FDR was just another Deep State Guy.

        • Warren B.

          He was a 33rd Degree Mason.
          He died at Warm Springs, Georgia = 33rd Degree Parallel (Sth).
          Truman replaced him and dropped the A Bomb on Nagasaki = 33rd Degree Parallel (Nth)
          Interesting side FACT = JFK (fake death) was on the 22 nd day of 11th month = 33
          Dealey Plaza sits on the 33rd Degree Parallel (Sth).
          Dealey Plaza is/was the site of the First Grand Masonic Lodge in Dallas.
          Coincidences…I think not. Planned definitely.

          • Bill

            So, that’s why GHWB was standing on a nearby balcony, outside his hotel room as JFK’s motorcade passed by Dealy Plaza!
            GHWB wanted to see the power of black magic on the 33rd Parallel. Very diabolical!

      • Bill

        GHWB just happened to be in Dallas, the day got killed. Some people said, he was the mastermind. GHWB died recently. Some say he was executed along with John McCain for their crimes. The McCains and Bushes made deals, so that the general public would not find out about their crimes against the people of the USA.

    • Bill

      One of the authors on Pearl Harbor, said there was a battleship that was sunk, but it’s front end (the Tip) of the ship was still sticking out of the water. A petty officer was assigned to inspect all the sunk battleships as far as location. So, this Petty Officer, heard this clanking on the inside hull of one of the battleships. The Petty officer reported this clanking(sounds obvious to me, it was a U.S Navy man. trapped in the hull of the ship). He couldn’t get out, so he was hitting the steel hull with a big wrench or something made of steel, begging for someone to help him. The Petty Officer was under strict orders not to report this incident to anyone. The Petty officer kept on hearing the clanking noise for 2 weeks afterwards and then it stopped.
      To me, this was an horrific account of the Deep State in WW2.

      • Charles H.


        It is an horrific commentary on the misuse of Authority. Whoever SQUELCHED the information of sailors trapped below-decks: should be subject to the same death.

        • Paul ...

          Families of the 9-11 victims are still clanking … the Demons who perpetrated the explosive take down of the buildings 20 years ago (to get a war started) are still waiting for the clanking to stop … the “jab” might help “to kill off the relatives”… but the treachery will be passed down … and remembered by succeeding generations … as the story is re-told and passed on … so that the evil traitors will be reviled for all time and their horrible deed will live in infamy … just as Roosevelt is reviled for allowing Pearl Harbor (to get us into a war)!! … the lesson to be learned?? … attacks will be make upon our Nation by “commies” within our government (to get a war started) … once again traitors within like Fauci and Gates have attacked America (but released the virus from Chinese soil) … then notice how Trump kept stressing “it’s the China virus” … now Soros is telling the world that China is the greatest threat to humanity in a 1000 years (not Mengele T. Fauci who developed the deadly gain of function virus and added HIV into it for good measure) … the push is on (to get us into another war) … how many times will we be duped … by the same old con game?????

          • AndrewB

            Paul …
            “how many times will we be duped … by the same old con game?????”
            Judging by the vast numbers who have placed total faith in the unscientific – and frankly idiotic – constraints imposed on their basic human rights due to the scamdemic, and who have jumped at the chance to be guinea pigs in the ‘trials’ of unapproved pharmacological substances of unknown composition or effect, I will hazard a guess: We will be duped into infinity. That is not to say cycles do not turn, or that an Age of Enlightenment is not possible. Just an acknowledgement, based on current events, that human perception is capable of manipulation. By all the evidence, the human species is physiologically and psychologically susceptible to being ‘duped’.

            • Paul ...

              AB … Putin thinks we will all be duped into war … Putin speaking at the World Economic Forum warned that the Globalists cracking down on people’s civil liberties has now exacerbated global tensions to such an extent … that a “massive war is coming” that will cause the “end of human civilization”!! …

            • Charles H.

              Integrity is individual. Just because the world is going to Hell in droves: a man must still choose his own path. God seems to use a minority, or remnant.

  9. rainer bauxdrexl

    Exactly who are these International people behind so much of our Nation’s troubles ?. General Flynn will tell you Greg ; just as Solzhenitsyn told the world who the Bolsheviks were. This is a Bitter pill to swallow. Very difficult to accept. Sort of like the Wolf in grandma’s clothing that LittleRed Ridinghood visited.

    • Paul ...

      RB … Soros is our enemy … but guess what … Good News … “China is screwing Soros and the Globalists” … remember that old saying: “The Enemy of my Enemy is my Friend”!!! …

      • Paul ...

        According to Mike Flynn … seems there are no “White Hats” … but perhaps a “Yellow Hat” (China) will save us and destroy our Globalist enemies … this is not the time to bash China … let’s sit back … and allow China do the hard work for us (getting rid of the Globalists)!!! … Soros is fighting back … bashing Xi … and calling on BlackRock’s Larry Fink (who manages over $9 trillion in assets through his investment management firm) to pull his China investment funds … China is getting hit hard (their big real estate firm is close to what happened to Lehman) … in any battle with Soros we should be rooting for China to do the evil Globalist damage!!!

        • Bill

          So, what do you think China will do, to help us? China already controls our Elections, so China will put us under their wing and defend us against the Big Bad George Soros?
          Yes, I heard about their Big Real Estate Company going Bankrupt. So, will all of China’s Land Holdings in the USA go bellyup?

 said Bill Gates was being tried by the Military Court? Do you think that’s true?

          • Paul ...

            Bill … China is not trying to help us (they are our enemy) … they are trying to defend themselves “from our greater enemy the Globalists” who are trying to blame “the Fauci created virus on them” … they know they are “being set up” … and are now being targeted (for another world war) … and so are fighting the Globalists back … all I’m saying is (our enemy China) is an enemy of “our greater enemy the Globalists” who have taken control of our US Government … and thus … what I’m saying is “the enemy of our greater enemy … is our friend” … we should use China to our advantage … meaning … resist the calls by the “commies” within our Government “to go to war with China” … I say … let China and the Soros Globalists battle it out … perhaps it will weaken the globalists enough “for us to regain control of our own US Government” … once the Globalists are defeated … then … we can address the issues we have with China (who probably helped Soros to get Bribe’n elected … but then found out that the Globalists intended “to blame them” for the “China virus”… and then suddenly realized that the Globalist warmongers intended to make “them” their next target … and begin World War III on their soil … dropping nuclear bombs on China … so that the eugenicists could advance their Georgia Guide-stone goals … and kill off another Billion human beings)!!

            • AndrewB

              Paul …
              Hating nations is easy, it’s learned knee-high from parents, from school curriculum history, and from the media. Trying to educate people to look beyond nations, to the real enemy of ‘we the people’, namely the dynastic families who control national governments by debt, blackmail, extortion and by vote rigging, is extremely difficult. It requires people to undergo a paradigm shift of huge proportions. My awakening began with reading, ‘The Creature From Jekyll Island’ by G. Edward Griffin. I have gifted many copies, but it is a slow process.

              Perhaps, a great awakening is possible, given, according to Martin Armstrong, that TPTB have “overreached themselves”. The steps ‘they’ have taken are so radical, so draconian, that even the ‘normies’ are awakening from their slumber. Hence the rush to get everyone poisoned (vaccinated) before opposition achieves critical mass.

            • Bill

              I thought that China was the Globalists’ Poster Child! Now, all of a Sudden, things have changed? Some kind of infighting? So, who is the Globalists’ Poster Child Now?
              So, which Country’s Armies or missiles do the Globalists control Now?
              Is the Big Guy, still authorized to Shoot Off missiles to China or not?

              • Paul ...

                Bill … look who is hanging around with the Globalist Soros … … and has asked a number of times for the US nuclear codes to be placed in her hands!!

                • Paul ...

                  I can see the Globalists grand scheme … they concentrate all the worlds manufacturing capability “in one country” (China) … then they “Nuke” China … and “in one shot” they bring down “the entire industrial capability of the world” and “kill off a billion Chinese people” … the US has essentially no real manufacturing capability to speak of (we have been made a service economy by the Globalists) … do you really think it is Nancy Pelosi who wants our nuclear weapon codes? … or do you think more likely Soros is asking her for them (so he can use them against China)! … we must use our God give brains people … Pelosi is just out for the money … she is just a dumb highly greedy moron who is going to get billions of our brother human beings killed if she gets the nuclear codes from Bribe’n (that she couldn’t get from Trump) … yes the Chinese people “are our brothers” who are similarly “under dictatorial rule”!!

      • Paul ...

        The Big Guy (Bribe’n) now at the top of the “US Communist Government” has declared he can remove any Governor of a State … “that does not abide by his orders” … full “commie” Dictatorial Control has now been placed upon our once great American Republic … we need more then Alex Jones, Mike Flynn and a few others (like perhaps China) … to stand against these “commies”!! …

        • Richard

          Paul, you are right on regarding China. These people would love nothing more than for the West and East to destroy each other while they profit and more importantly take total control of the globe. That is why all the tech and wealth was transferred to China in the first place. To make them the next boogie man since it was the only way to put them on par with Western powers as a threat, and to provide the ultimate divide and conquer situation in the world. While I 100% agree with you on the premise on how the politicians are not in control and are just puppets playing their role for the elites out of personal greed, it should be mentioned that even Soros is a puppet, though a puppet of genuine mutual principal and not just of greed. People like Soros, Gates, Schwab, Kissiger, Rockefeller etc are just gofers, lieutenants or front men for the people at the top who are actually calling the shots. It’s important to remember that John D. Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie, and J.P. Morgan were commonly considered the three richest men in American at one time and all hated each other for competitive reasons…that is until they all happily came together under the zionist arm of Rothschild (who they all admired) as being the most powerful man alive) by way of his right hand man James Warburg. So who’s really calling the shots?

      • Freebrezer

        P – what are you smoking … china help the US? No way, they want to extract huge swaths of flesh for the devastation that the USA and Briton did/caused during the opium wars. China was striped of its wealth and given mind numbing drugs in exchange. Why do you think that China has absolutely no qualms about dumping Fentanyl into the USA? Payback? Revenge? Help rot out America? All of the above? Interesting side note – one of the big wealth stripper/drug runner of china’s wealth was FDR’s Grand dad and dad.

        • Paul ...

          F … I’m not saying China is our friend … what I’m saying is that they are less of an enemy then the Globalists … and because they are going after Soros … we should not nuke them right now … let them take Soros out for us!!

        • Charles H.

          It is said of the Russians that they neither forget or forgive. China as an ORIENTAL culture – proves by it’s own history: human life isn’t worth much.

    • sk

      245 Years Together?

      • sk

        To Rainer Bauxdrexi 09/11 above: 245 years together? (2021 – 1776) in the context of Solzhenitsyn. Small comfort, but at least US lasted 45 years longer.

      • Brooklyn


        Why am I still posting here on Tuesday, September 14th…?

        But, your post made me think…..WE’LL NEVER MAKE 250…!!

  10. swimfinz

    Thank you Greg Hunter for another top notch guest with Lt. General Michael Flynn—who is giving us all a glimpse of events behind the curtain.
    Oh yeah, two years ago, I pointed out to friends the insidious presence of the CCP. Many blank stares and lost friends.
    Interesting times……

  11. Mark Alan

    Mike Lyndell has started his news network.
    You should be a contributor Greg. Great truth content always from you Sir.

    • Bill

      When will Trump be starting his own Twitter Company? He said he would, but when? I don’t hear anything!

  12. Farah

    wowzer, Greg. General Flynn is the man. excellent interview. kudos to you both, two real American patriots. keep up the great work!

  13. Bill

    Greg, Thanks for bringing General Flynn on! General Flynn said people should be become involved at their Community Level. I am not clear, what he wants people to do at the Community Level? He didn’t mention anything specific?

    • Paul ...

      Grab the syringe … throw it on the floor … and step on it!!

      • AndrewB

        Paul …
        Got to love your style!!

      • Bill

        I already did that 3-5 times! What’s next?

        • Paul ...

          Bill … We can shout down the “commie” politicians trying to control us …
          F… the FDA
          F… Pfizer
          F… Joe Biden
          F… Nancy Pelosi
          F… Anthony Fauci
          F… Bill Gates
          F… Klaus Schwab
          F… Satan

    • Chip

      One thing we can all do is cancel our Chase accounts if we have them. I’ve cancelled my Chase VISA account… Chip

      • Bill

        Chase Bank already had a Bank in my neighborhood. Now, all of a sudden they building a second Chase Bank about 800 feet from the first Chase Bank. I cringe every time that I see that new Chase Bank!

  14. Manny

    It’s all about the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), the New World Order has anointed the Chinese government for this century. So America is going to be taken down and the B3 World ( BUILD BACK BETTER ) will lose. If you doubt my words, read the Council on Foreign Relations predictions about the B3 world. So the real question is: WHAT THE HELL ARE WE GOING TO DO ABOUT IT !!! Answer: not a GOD DAMN THING !!!

    • Better Chetter

      Perhaps as Judas turned in Jesus, for fulfillment of the prophecy, Woodrow Wilson turned in the founding-fathers & future fellow Americans by signing the Fed Res Act …

      Perhaps as Jesus pointed out our kingdom(s) of heaven being within, we understand we will be judged for the intentions we carry in our hearts, to all we come in contact with …

      Perhaps our salvation is turning away from hatred to WW & current anti-US demons, praying for their souls, and seeking to continue to do the missionary work of Jesus, to point people within to their inner kingdoms (where we find our salvation) …

      • Paul ...

        BC … No Chetter! … we need to get out our whips like Jesus did … and chase (Chase and the other Fed money changers) out of our Temple (The United States of America) … take away their banking charter and revert back to “real money” (gold and silver certificates) and burn to “ashes ashes” the worthless IOU’s they print out of thin air … before “we all fall down”!!!

    • A Friend

      I, too, keep wondering when people are going to actually DO something about this, instead of everyone simply talking….


    • Paul ...

      We could slow then down by letting the air out of the tires of the vaccine trucks!!

      • David

        You are “people,” so what exactly are you going to do?

        • Paul ...

          Shout them down when they try to speak and bull shit you … call them lairs right to their faces … show them “you are not” dumb ass sheep … make them respect you as intelligent people … otherwise they will kill you!!

    • Guy Azbell

      Nailed it tri-lateral commission, Bildabergs,WTO, Counsel of foreign relations CFR, All have said this decades ago.

  15. DOUG

    Great guest. Gen Flynn is correct…China owns Biden and many other Americans

  16. Rod M. Brumley, Sr.

    Semper Fi
    General Flynn 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
    Greg Hunter what a great guest
    He is 100% Correct about the Communist taking over the Country. 85 Billion weapons left is Treason to the Nation!!! We must try these Traitors for Treason and when convicted put to Death. The Democratic Communist Party has proven they are out to destroy America from within – and it is happening right before our eyes.
    Mr. Greg Hunter is our Ultimate Patriot 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    • Brooklyn


      Rumor has it that many of the small arms (not necessarily tanks and BlackHawks choppers) are already being shipped back to America for BLM and Antifa to use on the mean-streets-of-America…

      • Rod M. Brumley, Sr.

        Definitely agree – the plan all along is to destroy America from within

    • Paul ...

      Rod … Seems we need more then “the threat of death” to get these traitors off our backs … they need to be hog tied and given a real “jab” and a couple of booster shots!!

  17. Ron

    Smartmatic machines were used in the London, UK, Mayoral elections in May 2021. Anyone who has gained expertise of Smartmatic machines and data traffic in Arizona audits or elsewhere, please find the time to use any insights you have gained to look for fraud in the London UK Mayor election as well. Thanks!

  18. L.C.

    Greg, this Lt. General Flynn interview is possibly your best ever because your questions were to the point and the good General answered succinctly on point.

    Crucial to hear how AZ State Senator Paul D. Boyer is the bottleneck to saving our entire republic’s future. I will send him intense waves of conscience starting now until the 9/21/21 AZ Senate hearing.

    Thanks for all you do for us, Greg.

    • Paul ...

      Waves of conscience? … how about letters … that make it clear we won’t allow anyone to destroy our Republic!!

      • c

        Copied: Feudalism helped protect communities from the violence and warfare that broke out after the fall of Rome and the collapse of strong central government in Western Europe. Feudalism secured Western Europe’s society and kept out powerful invaders. Feudalism helped restore trade. Lords repaired bridges and roads. —– You might get a few pieces of bread with this one.

        You might get a few cents from the commie. Your pick.

  19. James Foster

    Greg, just watched Clif Highs new vid ” The Red Wu”, and the General confirmed alot of what he said. Great interview….top notch as always!

  20. Lisa Stahl


  21. tim mcgraw

    Great interview. What a treat to hear from Gen. Flynn again. I’m 18:00 into the interview. Flynn mentions fixing the election fraud to “Move forward”. Move forward to what? More of DC and Empire running our lives? The Federal Government needs to be shrunk down by 80% or more or we’ll never be free. The Fed has to go. The IRS has to go. All the departments like Homeland Security, Energy, Education, Environmental, have to go. The CIA has to go. We can’t be free with any of these agencies in place.
    And we must have sound money.

    • Brooklyn


      I could not agree with your post more. Bravo! You covered everything. Thank you.

      Laus Deo,


      • tim mcgraw

        Thank you Mr. Deo. We must break our chains.

        • Brooklyn

          Ahhhhhh…… Tim, my Avatar is “Brooklyn” the place a’ me birth.

          My salutation of “Laus Deo” is the Latin phrase for “Praise God” which you might recall is engraved on the top of the Washington Monument on the East Side, which lights up each day with the rising sun, over the city of Satan Worshipers. Of course no one can actually see the engraving (outside on the top), but just like God Himself, we know for sure He/it is there for us, everyday….;)

      • JC


        Yes, the IRS has to go. In the link above that Paul posted Clif High says that his bank has been contacted by the IRS and they want info on all his financial transactions.

        • Paul ...

          JC … Probably part of the government move against Bitcoin!!

          • JC


            “Imagine living in a world where every one of your noncash financial transactions—a restaurant meal, a Venmo transfer to a friend, maybe some bitcoin bought on the dips—was automatically reported to a beefed-up, audit-hungry IRS.”

            “That dystopia will become a reality if President Joe Biden gets his way.”


    • Chip

      Bingo! Great minds think alike Tim. The government is too damn big! Chip

    • David K

      Tim … spot on brother ! It’s time to rid ourselves of this huge network of nothingness.


      absolutely agree….
      and the department of education HAS TO GO,,,THEY ARE literally making JACKASSES OUT OF OUR CHILDREN.. Pinocchio is the symbol of the children of today who go around thinking they are real children when in reality they are but human containers of FANTASY lies BEING FED TO THEM BY THE PUBLIC SCHOOLS. …they will someday evolve into leaders who think they are human, and who think that men can have children and be women…and women can have an appendage attached to make her a male. they will think that the Iphone can give them an answer to every question they ever might think of and they will think all of humanity just need a couple of ounces of beef a week to live on. however they won’t be able to sign their names in script because they were never taught script…God will be a fairy tale, written by actual fairies..

      • Fran Barnes

        Amen Catherine. Beautifully stated. There is without a doubt a very Numbed ability to question the narrative. This delusional brainwashing novus ordis green goo society we’re in is SAD, sad, sad. God is the intellect in which He made man in his image. So, open classroom everywhere, any time, I say, go ahead, ask, query, Listen, formulate logic, stick like super glue til you get answers, insight, knowledge and eventually wisdom. There is the mind of God. The only hard part is you will most likely not be liked much. 🙂

      • Paul ...

        C … Yeah … And along with God being taken out of our schools and the Bible being called a fairy tale … the transgender homosexual pedophile community teaching our children to cut off their breasts (and balls) … will likely begin teaching our children that Jesus was a queer (claiming he had to be “queer” … because he preached morality and goodness) … well Xi in China is not going to put up with any such homosexual nonsense (like the immoral Americans do) … the Chinese President Xi Jinping stated: “Homosexuality is unhealthy psychologically and immoral for Chinese children to be exposed to such practices … therefore I will be clamping down on the immoral perverts”!!

        • Catherine

          Paul. They already published a homosexual Bible!! And kindergarten books tell tales of two mommies and two dads. It’s just so alarming. When my son was in junior high on open school night my husband and I saw various classroom doors with signs that said SAFE ROOM. I had no idea the extent of power the gay world had at that point 2010 . I asked the principal if there were intruders or gang members harassing students. She said, “ O no that’s for children being bullied and have stress related problems so they could color or talk to counselors !!! Later in my church I found out an administrator in my district (also a parishioner) got a federal grant offered under Obama admin to bring in the BULLYING PROGRAM. That was a cover program for the LBGBTQ crowd with a “secret syllabus” instructing teachers not to allow parents in the rooms when teaching them about homosexual sex There is a piece of that particular syllabus that flatly tells teachers to teach,don’t put down gay sex unless you try it.
          How do I know the truth about this? As a high school teacher in that district I investigated that syllabus and it was very true. This is how subversive activity grows. I told every parent I knew and only one family fought it. I was very happy to have accomplished an “outing” of egregious activity harming innocent children and not have parents aware. I personally couldn’t live with it and do nothing. It didn’t end of course but at least now parents knew it existed.

  22. Jim

    Flynn & Trump did nothing when they were in positions to do so—Trump in fact set us on our current dark path by going along with the cv19 operation & warpspeed

    • Bill

      Neither of them had any experience with a Pandemic before, so they didn’t have real answers. Trump did shut down travel into the USA, to his credit (January 31, 2021). Remember, Pelosi was inviting everybody to “Come on Down” to China town, on February 23, 2021. If Trump had waited longer like Pelosi-Shumer wanted him to, how many more thousands would have died? The problem is Trump is no longer in Office, so we can’t depend on the Big Guy to do the Right Thing to save Americans’ lives, when the next Pandemic/Crisis comes up.

      • Paul ...

        Trump had the power to prevent all this death millions of Americans are going through from the Clot Shot Heart Attack “jab” … all he had to do … was so simple … just put Robert Kennedy Jr. in as his Health Adviser … instead of Fauci … that was it … that’s all he had to do … and the bad part is … “he knew” … “he knew” … there were alternatives to fight the virus … he himself “took alternative therapies” and was cured … and he still signed the “Emergency Order for every American to get the Clot Shot, Heart Attack, Stroke, Cancer “jab” … “he failed us” big time … just like Bibi “failed the Jewish people” … now we are all slated to die “at Warp Speed” … not because of his ignorance … “he knew” there were alternative therapies … but because he allowed himself to become a tool of the Globalists (for what reason I do not know) … but the facts are plain … this flag hugging politician really “Screwed the American People” … “Big Time”!!
        PS: And now he is going to run again in 2024?? … a better choice to save the American People from this “jab” induced “Commie Takeover” will likely be Robert Kennedy Jr.!!!

        • Bill

          So, Robert Kenedy Jr. is RFK’s Son? I think I saw him on one interview. So, how are we going get him into right position? The Big Guy won’t put him there! Neither will Camel Hairis. That leaves scumy Pelosi. She won’t do it either. So, what your idea?

          • Paul ...

            Bill … At all our rally’s … chant … “F**k Biden … Kennedy for the USA”!! … “F**k Biden … Kennedy for the USA” … if Robert Kennedy Jr. see’s almost 80% of the nation chanting they want him … he will most likely throw his hat in the ring … and I personally will definitely vote for him just for his anti-VAX stand (over Trump … “who knew” … “the bastard knew” there were alternatives to the VAX (he himself took one himself and was cured) and still … he signed the emergency authorization act … to give the now mass murdering Clot Shot, Heart Attack, Stroke, Cancer, HIV, Fetus, Graphite, Polio, Prion, Alzheimer “Jab” … to every American … at Warp Speed)!!

        • Warren B.

          I have concluded that most (if not all) of past and present POTUS’s were Marxist/Globalist or served their puppet masters that were. Corrupted to the core whilst satiating the self interests of those UNELECTED Rulers. The Wealth disparity / unequal distribution – is not accidental and is not by good fortune or superior acumen. The wealthy Aristocratic/ Royal families have always ensured their longevity, power and influence – as well as their ability to usurp the riches of the Land and its people.

        • Russ F

          What about Governor DeSantis? He, like JFK, served in the Navy. He, like JFK, is standing up for our freedoms. He is likely not perfect, but may be one of our only hopes as we proceed with this deliberate removal of our freedoms. I also think Trump had his chance, but failed. We need a younger leader that we can respect and support.

          • Paul ...

            Russ … Watch to see what action DeSantis takes against the Florida Department of Health (which will start fining businesses $5,000 for violations … if they ignore the “vaccine” passport the “commies” are now ordering) … if DeSantis does not take action … forget voting for him!!

  23. james

    Great stuff, Greg! Thanks. It seemed to me that Gen. Flynn did not relish your question about the “vaccine.” It’s deliberate murder AND sterilization.

    • MikeTW

      James you are exactly correct. We must admit what you are saying here or we will never be able to stop these evil forces. Trump was terrible on monetary policy as well.

      • MikeTW

        My reply was for Jim and Paul

  24. MC

    Great interview!

    ps. Very recent 3mins clip of Passion of Christ director, Mel Gibson confirming prophet Mark Taylor (& Cardinal Vigano who wrote to President Trump) about deep-church.

    • Better Chetter

      Thank you for this link.
      I can only wonder of the parallel of the Vatican being taken over, as the US was taken over, as today all men & women are over-taken by a need to be selfish, instead of a need to be altruistic . . . it is a battle we all do individually, as well as collectively …

    • Bill

      Nice clip of Mel Gibson’s religous side. I enjoyed Mel Gibson’s “Road Warrior” films. Mel Gibson is one of the Few Conservatives in Hollywood.

    • Paul ...

      MC … The “commie” Catholic Church just like our “commie” Government is “cancelling good Priests” … the sane way Obama “cancelled good Military men” … we know the “commies” … by their actions … and by knowing … we can keep the faith … that one day these “commies” will be totally eliminated by people who believe in morality and the teachings of Jesus (who lives … in our hearts)!!

  25. J in Europe

    Dear Greg
    You are fearless. I had reason to explain the value of emotional intelligence in the selection process of surgical residents during the week. I outlined that the US military have been using this for years to select high calibre candidates. There was absolute silence in the room as I explained what I search for when choosing residents and good colleagues.
    I told my residents that trust is the absolute foundation of all relationships. Personal, professional, religious, spiritual- whatever you like. The people of the would have lost trust in their governments, media organisations, social media outlets and unfortunately for people like me – healthcare providers.
    This is really bad.
    Once a relationship is fractured, it breaks up and the pain is often intense.
    The search for white knights is on and I firmly believe that you can read a persons inner values by watching them very closely.
    Yes, General Michael Flynn is full of integrity- the dogs on the street can see this.
    Please follow your path and steer clear of vengeance, hatred or materialism.
    Remember the last words of Jesus on the cross were not to exact revenge on those who killed him – “Forgive them Father for they know not what they do”!
    Please remind everyone to follow this advice when the truth is uncovered. It will be very hard but remember to forgive one another as you have been forgiven.
    J in Europe

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks J!!

    • Chip

      The evil communists behind the scenes DO KNOW what they are doing… Chip

    • Guy Azbell

      Amen, So very true, forgiveness is forgotten due to pain that was administered, yes our faith that was once very solid in our healthcare and in God for that matter has been badly damaged, I’m not totally sure what should be our path forward.

  26. Maria Dover

    The current administration is controlled by CCP. Covid was used as a psyop to steal the election and install the Communist Party of Biden. Biden’s mission is to destabilize America, hand over mineral rich Afghanistan to Chinese control, and finish the 16 year plan in 4 years. The only way to stop this is Devolution or Revolution.

  27. Dee

    The ones censoring dialog are the irredeemable and godless. Self is god to these people. Libertarians “communists” and capitalists work together to exploit the vulnerable, honest and brave. Censorship is required to oppress the civilian. Exploitation of the weak is their God. Cowards are champions. Complicity is wisdom. Slander is the highest power. $$$ 🙏

    • Charles H.

      ‘We wrestle against powers and principalities in high places – humanly speaking: but to whom do they pay their allegiance?

  28. jamez_lopez

    Great Interview, Mr. Flynn is a true American Hero who was wrongly targeted and prosecuted by our own government, very sad our Country has come to this.
    He need by compensated for all he went thru during such prosecution.
    Thanks Mr. Flynn for all you have done for our Country.

  29. Frank

    Great interview Grag, Mr Flynn is a patriot indeed If anybody in this audience has courage, watch this scary video of the government and the covid 19 myth!

  30. Sara

    Greg, thank you for the faith you have in telling the truth. When faced with the kind of adversity that we are today, I can stand strong, in knowing there are people like you, and General Flynn, who are committed to our Country. Thank you! The stakes are high, and we can get through this, but we need to have the protection of the strong people like you, and you General Flynn, and your guests, who also have taken time to carefully communicate what is going on.

  31. Kenneth Smith

    On September 20th the same election fraud that happened in America will probably happen in Canada. I am very sceptical if there is any point even voting. The globalists are in control and Dominion voting machines will be at play. Face masks will be mandatory for voters.
    Let us pray that the fraudulent activity will be intercepted and interrupted in Canada on Sept 20th.

    • Gary C

      Canada is hooped, Conservatives, Liberals, are Globalist Parties.
      I voted for the Maverick Party who runs candidates only in the West
      to bad we could not join up with some Red States and create a new country.

  32. Chuck Wenn

    Joebama is a willing participant of the beast system.

    • Bill

      The system made General Milley Rich also!

  33. Luis Lopez

    I’m totally in agreement with Gen. Flynn’s appreciation.

  34. John Wade

    It’s such a pleasure to visit your site that has civilized discourse, and a real person to person conversation about what is going on in this country.
    No screaming, yelling, useless noise and tin-foil hat invisible magic tricks to keep folks entertained because the content is fugazi “floating on the vapor”.
    Keep up the great work. I tell everyone I know and meet to watch you. They had no clue that you exist or the depth of the “garbage” that is going on in the country and the world.
    Thank you…..:)

  35. Tom Wigand

    Great interview Greg! I’m so heartened to see General Flynn calling it like it is: we are in the midst of a Communist revolution. Americans need to hear that, because the “normies” are not aware — which the revolutionaries are counting on — hoping that the bulk of the U.S. population won’t realize until it’s too late.

  36. David Showers

    Although I am sympathetic with Greg and General Flynn, I think leaving Afgh;anistian was the right thing to do. Remaining there would have been a pointless exercise – we were not accomplishing anything worthwhile.

    • Greg Hunter

      You don’t leave while arming and financing terrorist’s and leaving Americans behind. That’s called treason.

    • Bill

      Bagram cost U.S Taxpayers about $14 Billion to build. That airport was important to American Security, if we have send Military planes to the Mideast. Soon, Bagram will belong to the Chinese.
      The Panama Canal (USA built that in 1903 for $3 Billion, Nowadays it would $150 Billion to build the Canal) was given back to Panama, by Democrat Jimmy Carter. Again, the Pamama Canal was important to American Security, but Carter(Lieutenant in the Navy) who specialised in Nuclear Power, knew very little about Foreign policy and American Security. Iran made Carter look bad, by taking American Hostages.

  37. Dan

    It is sad that the sheep are so easily lead and buying the lies of the past 50 plus years. I never bought the BS story of the magic JFK bullet and I was a just a kid in 1964 when the Warren Commission gave their garbage report. People have given their freedom away. I have defied every BS rule on this COVID crap and lived as free as I have my whole life. You are either free or a slave in life.

  38. Charles

    Deep State had to get rid of Flynn. He was the 1 advisor who could guide Rtump thru the DC Swamp.

  39. Mark Sansone

    “Communism”. THIS is “communism”:
    NEW YORK MAGAZINE: “Even though no one died during the collapse of WTC 7, the building itself had to go to cover up the far larger crime of the nearly 3,000 murders in the Twin Towers. Anthropomorphically speaking, Building 7 simply knew too much.

    It is a provocative supposition, especially when one examines the extraordinary list of tenants paying rent to developer Larry Silverstein on that fateful day. These include the Department of Defense, the Secret Service, the IRS, and the Securities and Exchange Commission (many records, including probably much-damning evidence in the Citibank–WorldCom financial scandal, disappeared forever). The mortgage was held by the Blackstone Group, then headed by Pete Peterson, the chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations. In addition, it is inevitably stated by conspiracists that the board of directors of the security company employed by the building included Marvin P. Bush, the president’s younger brother.”

  40. nicholas condon


    • Neville

      Anthropomorphically (good choice od words had to look it up)speaking, Building 7 simply knew too much.
      Mark and other interested parties,I recieved an email from a friend in it was the list
      of the tenants and as my memory serves me there were the Secret Service taking up the 9th & 10 th floors there was the FBI on a higher floor then on the 17th floor were the
      Army Corps of Engineers …other less members of the american security also occupied K7.
      Now about the ACOE with their knowledge of Nanothermite and the destruction of heavy
      iron contructions like bridges etc its not hard to see what their role in all this was.
      9th September 2001 was one the lowest points of american history and will never be forgotten how they wilfully murdered 3000 of your compatriots and then went onto invade an innocent country on a pack of lies,

  41. Anthony Australia

    Thanks Greg,

    This is not isolated to the US but Western society on general.

    Everybody Knows- Leonard Cohen!

  42. Anthony Australia

    Thanks Greg,

    This is not isolated to the US but Western society in general.

    Everybody Knows- Leonard Cohen!

  43. Dan

    Dump the large banks, and pay cash for everything you can touch. Those of us that were born in the 1950’s lived in a cash world before the creation of credit and debit cards so we know that it works just fine. I shut my TV off over 20 some years ago, but many think they can not live without it. No one can force you to take this experimental shot or anything that BIG Pharma is pushing.

  44. Joanne Brown

    In my humble opinion, our country is infested with communist roaches, in the Federal and State Legislatures, country-wide Judicial System, all the three-letter agencies, our military, even county and city governments down to the police departments. It is overwhelming to strategize how to take on this behemoth of evil. For sure, we, the American people need to share information, join like-minded groups and be a positive influence in organizations whenever we can. BUT, it is Constitutional for our military to take action when our country has been taken over by enemies, foreign and domestic, which is exactly what has happened. I am still counting on the appropriate action to be taken when the time is right and the people are ready to join the fight.

    • Better Chetter

      a Bastille Day insurgence, at the last moment, to turn the tide ?
      … we can only hope (or wonder, at the infinite potential all people have to witness their actions & question the leadership)

    • Paul ...

      The big problem the Globalists eugenicist face is … how do they kill huge numbers of people “without the people supporting them realizing they are also being killed”?? … they use the Main Stream Media to tell us lies (about the safety of the “jabs”) … and the police to enforce their “jabs” … but this can only work for a time … because eventually “the news commentators and the police goons begin to die off” … it sort of like the fermentation process when making wine … all the “yeast cells” go crazy eating the sugar (that Globalists like Soros spreads to the MSM and police) creating the poison killing Americans … but the Globalists figure that when the fermentation process advances to the point where it begins “to kill the (MSN and Police) yeast cells … America will be turned into very fine “Red Commie” wine … and the Globalist will drink the “whining and dying MSN and Police goons” with great gusto and a big smile on their evil “commie” faces!!

  45. Xie Hang Ten

    Sure sign the US. Is overrun with the fascist Chi-com’s
    is the real bomber in chief, Obomber himself.
    The guy takes a daily dose of. vitamin D3 yet being black, wont tell his inner city black constituents to take the pill. Because being suddenly a rich fat cat would like to see the poor gone. Even though he himself was once poor himself and a dumpster diver!
    D3 is the the reason the plandemic never took hold in the white community.
    Obomber is in the club and his black brother’s aint. Taint a shame.

    • barsoom43

      Yes, D3 along with zinc and Vit C.. For C, I use organic lemon juice.. So far, not even a cold in 2 years but just in case, I do have some Ivermectin standing by.. At the first sign of C19, I will be taking it.
      My brother’s wife came down with full blown C19- spent a few days in the hospital.. He developed early symptoms and got right on Ivermenctin and knocked it right out.
      Greg Hunter et al are right about Ivermectin.

      • Paul ...

        B43 … Remember … all those who can’t get hold of Ivermectin because the Globalists are removing it from the market place … can simply buy onions and other foods with quercetin (like apples, etc.) to get the zinc (in the meats they eat) deep into their cells to kill all the virus’s hiding and replicating there!!

        • Paul ...

          Here is a photo of an 80 year old Globalist taking her Ivermectin pills (that has been purposely taken off the market for everyone else) …

          • Paul ...

            Nancy Pelosi’s “good buddy George Soros” is described by China as “the most evil person in the world” and “the son of Satan” … as their battle heats up … … lets hope Pelosi doesn’t get Bribe’n to order our US Military to attack China (luckily for us Bribe’ is China’s friend) … I know Pelosi has been trying “to get her hands on our nuclear weapon codes” (probably to give to her buddy Soros) … we need Bribe’n to keep America out of this war between Soros and China … let them kill themselves … hopefully China can weaken Soros (the son of Satan) sufficiently … that we the American people (that stay un-jabbed) … will escape from being under the Nazi boot of the Globalist eugenicists!! … if God can pull this off for us … it will be a miracle indeed!!

    • Joe Wong

      You mean the EMPTY SUIT NOBAMA ???

  46. Ariela Emanuel

    I live in Nevada. I noticed that my local Walmart has 3/4 employees of young Chinese! It was disconcerting. I just went in and the front entrance and literally stopped. My first thought was It is here. I do not shop at Walmart but I needed something they carried. I will not go back. Communism is alive and well in America.

    • Better Chetter

      Why I shop Walmart … they have certified Organic foods. Organic foods are better for the earth and its peoples – where farmers or migrant workers use natural methods on the land and its creatures, where harmful pesticides, herbicides and fungicides are reduced or eliminated in the growth cycle, seed to table …
      To each his/her own –

      Perhaps the Chinese folks are more controllable … many adopt surgical masks from the bird flu of 2012, and wore them, pre-covid … perhaps that is part of it (or perhaps they have the work ethic, while others would set at home & collect unemployment)

  47. Cheri Rodriguez

    Raytheon Technologies Corp.:
    September 2001: $16
    September 2021: $83

    • Better Chetter

      But the real money, the big gains, are made on trading options . . . by deep-financiers … like deep-state or deep-church (?)

      • Paul ...

        Warning … watch the options market … if put options begin to increase in a stock (or the overall market in general) … it probably means some big institutions are about to sell their common shares … and they will continue to sell and sell and sell at lower and lower prices (because as they drive the shares lower their put options gain and gain and gain in value)!!

  48. Jim

    The USA’s war in Afghanistan was absolutely evil from the start.

    The USA has been going communist since at least 1913, maybe since the Civil War.

    Starting with Reagan most Presidents have doubled the debt.

    Ron Paul ran on an America-first/Constructional/Liberty platform & ‘conservatives’ rejected him in favor of John “Open Borders” McCain & Mitt “Father Of ACA” Romney.

    • David K

      Exactly Jim … no one cared about Ron Paul because he was not in the “club.”

    • Bill

      Each time, Ron Paul ran for President, the Democrats would send their Natifa Warriors to Volunteer(CPA’s, Lawyers, etc.Etc.) to Work in Ron Paul’s Campaign. Each time, Ron Paul’s critical advertising would never be sent out on time! His meetings with important donors would suddenly be canceled because the Democratic Ninja Warrior Manager would forget to make the appointment with the Donors-OOPS! Each time Ron Paul’s Camapign would implode because of the Evil-Democrats! So, please don’t blame Ron Paul completely! Ron Paul. was honest, good, and naive to the dirty game that the Democrats/Communists play!

    • Jane Farmer

      Not true. There were a large number of us that voted for Ron Paul.

  49. caroline

    Two of my favorite patriots, thank you both!
    Keeping those lost on 9/11 in thoughts and prayers.
    Keep up the good fight and do not despair, nor give in.

  50. Better Chetter

    Please Forgive Me (my fellow Americans)
    I’m Sorry (for lacking courage to speak out against bullies)
    I Love You (those who do speak out, or the ‘innocent’ progeny)
    Thank You (God)

  51. Dusty Dude

    Great interview Greg! You asked if there was a group working behind the scenes (Devolution). And He gave the only answer he could…..

    • Paul ...

      Looks to me like our only hope is that “China comes to our rescue” … and they are now kicking the Globalist eugenicists in the ass … the devious Chinese are telling the Globalists “they will begin having three children each” … that must have put “a big red hot poker” up Soros’ ass (just when the globalists thought they were winning and reducing Earth’s population) … now China is being fiercely attacked (their largest real estate stock is close to collapse) … but I bet China just prints all the money necessary to save their economy from collapse (just like the Fed is doing here) … which means the ordinary people of the world should be buying gold and silver for protection … as these nation against nation “fiat printing wars” … are sure to make paper currency ever more worth-less!!

  52. Diana Brown

    Thanks for the interview/insight Greg. So, the take away, as I see it is, there is no “Plan” in place, no “white hats”, no military willing or able to act on the obvious attack on our country 11/3/2020. The financial reset gauntlet has been thrown by Yellen at the Fed SO THAT if Maricopa County in Arizona has the unmitigated gaul to stand for what is true and right in that the 11/3/2020 election was a fraud, and stolen, and in fact decertifies their electoral college votes the economic system crashes. That is the deep state final act to destroy this constitutional Republic. What we are left with is local action for national impact.

    I too am in General Flynns age group. I accept the responsibility of this occupation being largely the fault of my generation. It sickens me to know and see this destruction. That stated, I will hope Arizona does the right thing and acts to decertify knowing what is likely to come next. It will be better than living with this growing cancer advancing within us. We need to right this 11/3/2020 election fraud nationwide to be able to rebuild this nation no matter what the cost.

    • Paul from Indiana

      A rebuild is pointless without separation first. Half the country buys into the Left’s agenda; this is obvious since Clinton. Without separation, we are merely recreating the problem in the new restart. Best always. PM

  53. Eric C.

    Gen. Flynn is the real deal. A wise and experienced leader. Great interview Greg! Eric

  54. paula davis

    USAWatchdog is Real News! I look forward to each & every interview for news I can trust to make decisions for life.

  55. Stephen woenker

    How could someone of the intelligence agency be a Democrat?

  56. Neil Currie

    Dear Greg and General Mike,
    Just want you to know that up here in Saskatchewan, the good people hang onto your every word and say a prayer for you and your ilk to be able to overcome the apparently well-organized forces of evil that become ever-emboldened by the lack of push-back from the media, Hollywood, universities, the judiciary, etc. in their quest to attack and take control of the blessed civilization we had established via the principles of Christianity. God bless you both and God speed you to victory over your demonic rivals.

  57. Charles parker

    God bless you Greg. Sure do appreciate you and what you do.

  58. Jim Ledayrd

    Great interview. Like to go direct to General Flynn to hear his comments.

  59. Jeffersonian

    Greg thank you for having a new guest on kudos to you and you were so gracious and respectful when he did not directly answer your questions. You sir are a saint

    If you really listen closely and analytically to this interview Flynn flamm man said nothing out of the ordinary —it starts local good luck getting out of Kansas Toto

    Personally I believe he is a tool of the deep state another Shipp getting people to do absolutely nothing and at same time allowing the status quo to stay intact Called inertia. Flynn promotes Trump but fails to answer your question why would Trump endorse the jab and he also avoids the jab question He’s as deep state as it gets indeed he had a script and he followed it and I bet he didn’t really author it but I kinda figured this would be the case

    Sorry but if this guy headed key positions In the military we are at severe advantage against the Russians and Chinese I mean big disadvantage
    Totally impressed not

    So let’s analyze his statements

    One he gave five years of his life to fight against the Iraqis and Afghanistan’s. Yet they didn’t bring down the twin towers it was an inside job. Go YouTube building 7 and world council of engineers findings They aren’t our enemies it’s the military industrial military complex that he’s up to his throat in they wage perpetual war and spread fear to promote their self serving interests
    The war that never ends just like the virus that never ends hmmmmmm perpetual job

    Two if the FBI and other agencies did what they supposedly did to Him he would be livid I mean livid Heck any sane person would call them out yet not a word on how corrupt the fbi cia nsa Supreme Court are. Shame on you Flynn. Youre as transparent as nancy The witchy Pelosi and her 25 dollar a quart chocolate ice cream

    Trump and the jab. Come on Flynn get real Trump is a pawn just like Biden and the rest it’s the banksters and feds that control this country. The deep state and feds got him and his family by the balls and then he touts the jab as if he created it because his puppet masters tell him to I mean how stupid can people be to believe Trump has their backs-/he advocated for lower interest rates more deficit spending and as a result the rich got richer and the rest got squeezed and don’t forget to get jabbed under his watch it came out in record time yet no testing wow! Trump and fraudi The Godfather’s of the jab

    And don’t get too excited about Arizona’s audit it will be tied up in the courts for years belittled by the presstitutes and forgotten by the masses A non event at least Flynn intimated as much if this audit fails all other audits will also fail. Believe me it will fail for one reason or another

    Republicans or Democrats on the outside they look different ones red and ones blue but on the inside they’re one and the same yellow belly corrupt politicians getting their bribes and doing exactly what their handlers tell them to do

    So what do you do well for one don’t believe Flynn flamm man instead think for your self and take action immediate action

    Don’t be fooled
    Don’t get jabbed
    Don’t listen to lame stream media
    Don’t eat gmos

    Believe in God the almighty
    Trust In Jesus
    Stay out of debt
    Grow your own organic food
    Have back up plans
    Get in shape
    Have plenty of food and ammo and guns on hand
    Have lots of fresh water on hand
    And build good solid relationships with your neighbors and loved ones
    And have lots of ivermectin hcq and elderberry syrup and vitamin c d3 and zinc and homemade apple cider and vinegar and raw organic honey in store

    You’ll be fine

    And like you say Greg never fear for the Lord is always with us

    Still no rain here out west
    And at night the sound of crickets is sadly silent
    So silent it’s deafening
    And bats far and few between so no bugs too dry

    Cheers from down on the farm

    • Paul ...

      Jeffersonian … You speak the truth … we must think for ourselves … and take action against the “jabs” … immediate action …
      As you say:
      Don’t be fooled
      Don’t get jabbed
      Don’t listen to lame stream media
      Don’t eat gmos

      Believe in God the almighty
      Trust In Jesus
      Stay out of debt
      Grow your own organic food
      Have back up plans
      Get in shape
      Have plenty of food and ammo and guns on hand
      Have lots of fresh water on hand
      And build good solid relationships with your neighbors and loved ones
      And have lots of ivermectin hcq and elderberry syrup and vitamin C, D3 and Zinc and homemade apple cider and vinegar and raw organic honey in store!!
      You’ll be fine

      I’ll add one more thing:
      Grab the Jab
      Throw it to the floor, and
      Step on it!!

  60. D

    Thanks Greg
    I want an earthly hope as much if not more than any, but it seemed like to me that Michael was struggling hard to NOT say devolution IS a psyop.
    Just more Trump will be back in March, August, or November GARBAGE! That’s not a slam on you Greg, those months were/are all over the internet.
    Sadly it doesn’t matter Trump would’ve mandated the Murder vax too!
    The book of Revelation is opening before our very eyes
    I’m preparing for a rapture or getting beheaded because I’ll Never comply!!!
    And NO, I’m not giving up I’m looking UP, because I believe the Holy Bible!

    • Charles H.

      Thanks, D

      Hope springs eternal for those who consider extra-Biblical sources. The Holy Bible is and only has been God’s Word to this world, in these End Times. I think you are exactly right. CH

  61. Fred Engel

    Biden should start a business call it Traitor Joe’s.

  62. Charles H.


    De-Certification and prosecution in Arizona MUST take place: or this country is lost.

    • Paul ...

      And we won’t let “one man” determine the fate of our Nation as Flynn “seems to suggest” … we are not going to allow “one idiot” (probably in the pocket of George Soros) to determine the fate of our Constitutional Republic!! … on the whim of one man a Nation comes to an end?? … bull … we Americans won’t be that easily brainwashed … “into simply giving up” … to the evil “commie” Globalists”!!

    • Charles H.


      It looks like there are early, obvious voter anomalies in the Gavin Newsome Recall in California. People (Republicans?) showing up and being told that they already voted.

      FOLKS – the system is broken and we are being hijacked.

  63. Jeff

    He didn’t answer your question about the vaccine. To knowingly disregard the harm caused by the vaccine makes one complicit in crimes against humanity.

  64. Nancy Kelly

    General Flynn you’re a great man and I salute you.
    Thank you for your patriotism and all the effort you are making to reclaim this great nation for the people.

  65. W H

    My how things have changed i can remember when someone knew where a deadly snake was they got the shovel out and took care of the problem .
    Now they think they can pet the snake and not get bit. Good luck with that one .
    I guess no one was listening to the snake poem .

  66. Jan Levine


    • Paul ...

      JL … According to Mike Flynn … “it is up to the people” (but we may have China on our side helping to screw the Globalists) … but it has to be a pincer attack from two directions … we still have not done our part!!

  67. Kerry

    I’m aging myself Greg but when I was growing up it was Cronkite. Now it is Greg Hunter! May you be richly blessed.

    • Greg Hunter

      I saw Walter Cronkite announce the death of President Kennedy. My mom ran out of the room crying.

    • Robert Dziok

      Was Cronkite really what we think he was or just another creation by the Satanic Globalists/Deep State to manipulate us? I was a teenager in the 60’s and looking back seems people overall were more trusting and gullible of MSM then. JFK even thought it was “safe” to parade around in a convertible and the Secret Service would really “protect” him. What a crock that all seems in light of awareness in today’s world.

  68. Benjamin Golan

    As a USAF officer of 12 years, serving 8 years under Reagan and 4 years under Bush through to Desert Storm, I am thoroughly disgusted and ill at the thought of what Biden and the democrats did not only to our Republic, but to our credibility. 100’s of BILLIONS of military hardware now in the hands of Taliban terrorists and CCP? Why in God’s name do we pay taxes? Why should we?

  69. TZ


    • Robert Dziok

      Thank you for your service from an Army veteran of the Vietnam War Era.

      • Robert Dziok

        Sorry, my reply was meant for Benjamin Golan just above TZ.

  70. Jim Hall

    General Flynn is a genuine American hero of the first order. I’m livid to think how the scum in the government ruined this mans life. To think that they got away with this travesty and paid no consequences. They have the power to criminalize your behavior and they are simply not prosecuted for their contemptible misdeeds. Then they had the temerity to steal the election and the media is an accessory to the crime. Talk about the “Crime of the Century.” This is just one crime after another committed in the most brazen manner possible. Talk about, in your face and they just continue on to the next crime. I do think that Biden did all of his new egregious acts to take the narrative away from the Arizona election audit. To think that these people may well get away with their myriad crimes. some of the people in prison should receive good citizenship awards in contrast. I personally believe that Obama is the true criminal in charge and Biden is just the titular head. I certainly don’t want anything to befall him because they have Kumula Harris waiting in the wings. The only thing I can think of that she is qualified to do is work in a house of ill repute. I know that President Trump was not a perfect man and I disagreed with his vaccination statement however I never felt ashamed to say that he was my President. Biden and his entire family are career criminals and grifters. I think what the media would have said if President Trumps children had done anything remotely as crass as Hunter Biden. They would have all imploded. Another great interview with a great man.

  71. Poochiman

    I like to call them Fascists, but communists will do

    • Bill

      I read Bin Laden was really sick with dyalisis in 2002-3. My friend died after 3 years on Dyalisis. So I don’t know how Bin Laden could have lasted until Obie became President in 2009? So, who was that guy, that Seal Team Six killed anyway?
      Ambassador Stevens kept frantically calling Barry. Barry got tired and went to bed and left it up to Hillary. Hillary got tired and decided to hit the rack too. Amabassador Stevens needed more relaible people to work with.

  72. Joe Wong

    I somewhat agree with General Flynn on this matter, but however WAR NO LONGER WORKS ANYMORE, SINCE THEY ARE USING OUR WEAPONS TO FIGHT BACK
    AGAINT US !!!

    As far as Afghanistan & Iraq involvements, wars are concerned – Wasn’t 16 of 19 9-11-2001 terrorists/hijackers were Saudi Citizens, and it is where Bin Laden hailed from. There is a belief among many that the Saudi Government could have done more to help prevent the attack, with some going as far as suggesting that some Saudi Government or Royals were complicit. The government has tried for 20 years to prevent full disclosure. That may hopefully change soon.

    GO DONALD JR. in 2024 !!!

    Because Buyden will be 83 years old by 2024, and would be totally senile by then.

  73. Deano Wexford

    Holy smoke, Greg, how did you get General Flynn?! You do some hot interviews. Haven’t watched yet, probable will watch twice. I was gonna suggest someone tame like Alaska Prepper to interview.

  74. Jan Levine

    Joe McCarthy was RIGHT!

    • Bill

      Where is Joe McCarthy, we need him now!

      • David K

        “They ” ran him out of town too …

  75. Ted Montana

    Yes, the decisions were intentional. And I’m not convinced all the equipment was left behind for the Taliban. I suspect it’s still under the control of the NWO. They are now engaged in a false flag where they will try and shift public attention onto “terrorist”.

  76. Carla Garay

    Another informative post unlike any other I see. Thank you, Greg! (Just one small suggestion: could you minimize the shuffling of papers in the background. It came through loud and clear.)

    • Greg Hunter

      It’s free Carla and I do this by myself.

  77. Ang

    greg , you have hit the big time with , this interview of the General .

  78. eddiemd

    Back in the 1980s when in 10th SFGA, we used intel from DIA most of the time for mission planning against the Soviet Union and Warsaw Pact.

    With Gen Flynn’s background and encounters with the GRU people along the way, I am sure that friends in Russia are watching this interview. Perhaps high level people from many different countries including our own.

    Hey, FBI, when are you going to put an end to this coup by the PLA/CCP? Does the FBI no longer work for the American people?

    Clapper, Rice, Brennan, Comey, McCabe, and all the other traitors out there, the day of judgment is coming upon the earth. Everything in the darkness will be revealed. There will be no where to hide. Your eternal destiny awaits you. Eternal torment for most of you. Imagine that. There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.

    You still have time to repent and tell the truth.

    The Most High God knows everything. He is Omniscient. You deeds will be exposed.

    • eddiemd

      Job 12:10
      10 In whose hand is the life of every living thing,
      And the breath of all mankind?

      You high level .gov operatives watching this interview from around the world.

      Your life is in the hand of the Most High God, El Elyon. El Shaddai. Your ability to even breathe is in His hands. Some day you will stand before Jesus Christ of Nazareth. You will be held accountable. You will bow before Him and confess Him as your Lord.

      Repent of your iniquity. Today. Your time is short. Your foot will slip in due time.

      Bow to King of kings now. You still have the opportunity to tell the truth.

      The Gospel is foolishness to you who are perishing.

      • Greg Hunter

        Amen to that Brother Eddie MD!
        Brother Greg

      • paula davis

        Communists do not believe in The Lord God Almighty…they laugh today but will burn for eternity. Jesus was no Pacifist truly follow His words to the Disciples, sell your coat for a sword…

  79. Leela Rose

    Congratulations on interviewing the general !
    Well Done !

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Leela!!

  80. Robert Dziok

    General Flynn is working very hard to make Americans aware this has been and continues to be a Communist attempt to take over America via “Buydin” Administration etc. He wants and works hard to get Americans involved at a grassroots level. Cliff High in his recent interview with Greg pointed out it is necessary the “Normies” at least come to realize the current Administration is no good even if they are not aware of horrors such as human/child trafficking etc. Cliff High points out this is needed for what is to come. So a threshold/marker needs to be achieved for “Devolution” (The Plan) to take a certain coming step. That is why Cliff points out such as masks not being worn at sporting events (e.g. Virginia Tech) are noted and kept track of by Devolution as markers to reach a certain threshold of the publics awakening.

    • AndrewB

      Hi Robert,
      Sorry. Talk of ‘Devolution’, a plan purportedly initiated way way back in 1947, is IMHO a giant nothingburger- yet another baby comforter to put us all to sleep. We need to take action right now. Be civily disobedient. Never wear the mask. Boycott businesses that support the diktats of the scamdemic. Do not buy from a certain on-line retailer that represents the new-world company store – even if you have to pay more, you are trading your freedom for a few dollars per item!!! Do not get the ‘vaccine’ even if you risk losing your job. Just think, if you were told up front, that your job will cost you your life, would you have signed up? I guess not. Become grit in the machine. Do not cooperate in any way. Above all, do not rely on others. ‘Devolution’ will not save you or those you love from tyranny.

      • D

        100!% AGREED!
        People/zombies actually believe the BS lie that the vax keeps you from hospital and it death, as the double vaccinated drop dead at an ever increasing pace!
        God has put a them under a delusion
        This is spiritual warfare
        Wake up people
        The pages of Revelation are blowing
        Jesus is at the doorstep!

      • Paul ...

        Yes AB … everyone must use their God given brain to figure our who the evil Corporations are … then boycott their products and sell their shares in the Stock Market … as the lower earnings due to us boycotting them will drive their shares lower … a complete boycott of the evilest Corporation should be our first goal … lets put the evil commies out of business!!

      • Robert Dziok

        Hi AndrewB,
        Sorry, you’re “Insight” is nowhere even remotely comparable to that of Cliff High. Maybe you can join the Military and show them how it’s done. Best you also check out for insight into what is REALLY going on via the Military and Insurrection Act of 1807. Keep this in mind when going there. NO Military Tribunal prosecutor/officer or defense lawyer has ever spoken out against reference to themselves in any RRN article. These are career high level military no nonsense individuals who would not allow such to go on if false. Especially since it involves matters of National Security. RRN articles get hundreds of thousands of views. RRN (Michael Baxter) has pointed out his sources are people in day to day contact with President Trump and the Military. MB pointed out multiple times he only reports what he is given. MB has pointed out multiple times he stands by his sources and articles. His character, credentials and integrity are established by his articles and own comment responses to. As Cliff High (as well as others) have pointed out we are at war. That is not a time to divulge names of sources or even likely legal to do. Such names are not likely ever given anyway. Q (Military Intelligence operation/group) had posted numerous times to “Trust the Plan”. We now have more awareness of such from the work of ones like Cliff High and events that have and continue to unfold before us. We are now in “The Storm” and now know the name of “The Plan” is “Devolution”. Conceived in 1947 by Military with updates over the years and enacted 10/31/2020 as Cliff High pointed out.

        • AndrewB

          Your comment repeats exactly one you already sent me. Repetition does not make what you say any more accurate. Repetition is the commonly used tactic of propagandists and is employed constantly by the MSM. That said, I hope your analysis of current events is correct. I would be delighted to have history prove me wrong and to apologise. For the present, I am unswayed by your references to RRN. I have read many of RNN’s ‘accounts’ of the prosecutions of Gates et al at GITMO. They read like ‘Perry Mason’ scripts. Trial procedure, prosecution case followed by defence case, are replaced with ‘back and forth’ argumentative BS. Given, all the prior false reports of ‘good guys working behind the scenes’ – of HRC being under house arrest and wearing a tracker on her ankle under the plaster cast, etc., I will believe it when I see it. Relying on others is simply an excuse for doing nothing. Everyone who values freedom must get involved in civil disobedience, especially as regards the illegitimate Covid regulations. Do it now!

          P.S. This has nothing to do with whether Clif High knows more, or is more intelligent than I am. A discerning person should have the ability to listen / read others’ opinions and to determine, based on their own experience and judgement, what to believe and what to doubt. For example, David Icke says much with which I would readily agree, and applauded him for it. He also claims that the British Royal family are mutated reptilian ‘shape shifting’ aliens, an opinion which I have difficulty sharing – even though I have no respect for said family. If you chose to believe EVERYTHING Clif High says, simply because he is Clif High, well, good luck with that!

          • Robert Dziok

            Andrew B,
            I am responding to your comment here and what I may have said in some other article is irrelevant to a response here. My intent is to provide information to the greater audience via my comment/reply. You are just a means to that end. My information is based on analysis of many sources and not just Cliff High. Kind of IGNORANT for you to imply such without basis don’t you think? I NEVER said I agree with Cliff High on everything ( e.g. Cliff says Pence is a hero. I do not agree. Why? Why did Pence get an
            “envelope” at Bush senior’s funeral? RRN reported he was shot in the chest while being apprehended and his “bodyguard” killed. Pence lived and corrupt MSM reported hospitalized because of “heart problems”.). So don’t try to put words in people’s mouths. You know that is what Traitor Trolls like to cleverly do don’t you? You try to associate RRN with reports from other platforms. Old psyop trick. You beef about “all the prior reports of “good guys” working behind the scenes.” Those platforms/articles have NOTHING to do with RRN and it’s credibility and you KNOW it. With regard to RRN you say “Perry Mason scripts”. MB has stated he reports what he is given. Got a problem with that? Indeed it gives us a birds eye view of the Military Tribunals, arrests, executions, etc. and what is said. Quite fascinating actually except to Satanic Globalists/Deep State who do not want people aware of such. You say with regard to RRN articles “Back and Forth arguementive BS”. BS? Had to make sure you snuck that in to try to discredit RRN didn’t you. Takes a high level of IGNORANCE to call something BS and not provide rationale why don’t you think? But then it’s also a tactic of Traitor Trolls. “Freudian slip” of what your real intent is? You say “It has nothing to do with Cliff High knows more.” Off course it does! Why? Because your “Insight” is based on squat compared to his (e.g. Devolution). Your “recommendations” are small compared to what the Military has and is doing and sacrificed lives for. Be careful they do not conflict (e.g. civil disobedience.). The Satanic Globalists/Deep State want s Civil War but the military is wise to this and out maneuvered. My take is that at best you do not and unfortunately cannot comprehend what is REALLY going on with the Military. At worst my take is that you are a clever Traitor Troll coming across as a “good guy” with “recommendations” but bigger intent is to berate and steer people away from the TRUTH. Not really someone worth the time of day to me based on your “reply” and lack of rational and fair treatment of others in it. As I said, my replies/comments are intended to impart information to the overall audience. If they are repetitive from one article to some other article that is fine as there are many who would not have seen prior articles. Seems you cannot/will not even recognize that. Typical Traitor Troll tactic.

            • AndrewB


              This is USAW, not Facebook. Vitriol is more commonly reserved for Deep State actors and corrupt politicians, not fellow commentators. Did I hit a nerve? If you recall, I prefaced my prior comment with the following, “I hope your analysis of current events is correct. I would be delighted to have history prove me wrong and to apologise.” Doesn’t sound like a “Typical Traitor Troll tactic”, to me.

              With regards to Real Raw News (RRN), you assert in both the above comments that, “MB (Michael Baxter – sic) has stated he reports what he is given” and you challenge, “Got a problem with that?” Well indeed I do. The statement is no more convincing than the MSM supporting stories by quoting ‘unknown sources’. What RRN reports may be accurate, or not – at this juncture I have no way of telling and neither I venture does anyone else.

              Finally, you make several wild accusations about my motives. In contrast, I have not questioned yours. For record, I have been a regular contributor to USAW comments for many years. I have always stated my opinions honestly, even on rare occasions when they conflicted with Greg’s, and I have consistently been an advocate of libertarianism, a fact to which many Watchdoggers may (or may not) attest.

              • Brooklyn

                Well said, AndrewB….!

              • Charles H.


                You are to be commended for responding in a kindly and well-worded response. Age is no guarantee of maturity; and the disparaging remarks of those who post them are the fruits by which they are known. You ARE a longstanding contributor, of considerable value to those who read here. Your attitude here is a credit both to Greg and to this site. CH

  81. Marie+Joy

    Congress, post office workers, and judges are exempt from the j a b.

    • JC

      MARTIN ARMSTRONG: The rumors are flying because Biden has not actually released the Executive Order yet. Now it is clarified that the Post Office will be mandated to take the vaccine.

      Meanwhile. Pelosi has ordered that the fence be put back up to protect congress from the people. This is really following the playbook of the Decline & Fall of Rome.

    • Bill

      There will be people that raise hell, because the Post Office people don’t get the Jab. Hey Big Guy, you will have opposition coming from people that think you are a Hypocrite!

    • Coal Burner

      When the country falls, congress won’t be immune to anything. The Marxists will rid themselves of these suddenly useless idiots quickly.

      • Paul ...

        Yeah CB … and all the millions our politicians took in bribes from Soros … will do them little good … when the Globalists eventually come to cut off their heads (because such people with no morals “can’t be trusted”)!!

  82. Marie+Joy

    When AZ announces proven election fraud, there will be a false flag as a distraction.

  83. Mary Ann Saluri

    I don’t understand how Flynn is saying the only way to save our country is action by the people at the local level. The people took action in Nov 2020 by overwhelmingly voting for Trump and for state and local offices —- we have proof that China and other enemies have and continue to attack us. They stole our votes. The military have a sworn duty to protect America from enemies foreign and domestic. What the hell are they waiting for? It is obvious that Trump does not want to make a move until after the economic crash and make Biden own that. In my opinion, that is a very dangerous move, given the speed at which the deep state is operating. How much damage can we tolerate and hope to recover from before going on the attack? This decision impacts the world, not just the USA.

    • Da Yooper


      Greg did a fine job interviewing Gen Flynn

      But I am disappointed in the Generals attitude & what he had to say. The voting system has been compromised & he basically blames us. WTF? General Flynn what happened to defending the COUNTRY against ALLLLLLL enemy’s both foreign & DOMESTIC ?

  84. Kevin Lewis

    Exceptional interview with Lt. Gen. Flynn, Greg! Outstanding American, Mike Flynn. It is interesting to contrast him with our current would-be leaders/tyrants. Courage and integrity is exactly what the current crop lacks and what he has in spades. Even DJT doesn’t hold a candle to him; but DJT IS smart enough to know that, which is what makes him a good leader, too. Thanks, Greg!

  85. Mike R




    If it was SO safe, and SO effective, they WTF are they exempt from mandate ????????


    • Bill

      Someone said, Lindsey Grahm took the shot!

    • Paul ...

      Our once Great Republic … the United States of America … has been burned to ashes by “commie” Globalists … … we now live in Commie Land where truth has been destroyed or falsified … history books rewritten … statues of our great leaders taken down … and a Dictator now mandating that each American (except Congress) be “jabbed” with a Killer Clot Shot to reduce global warming brought about by us simply breathing … almost nothing is left (except our faith) … faith that we can still do something to end the total destruction of our Constitutional Republic … and make things right once again by taking the Globalists down (perhaps with China’s help) … but it is imperative that we remove the “commies” that have now “taken control of our government” … and with our loved ones by our side … begin the fight to re-build our Nation and the horrific “Mengele things” that have been done to our loved ones (these psychopaths are killing or wives and children)!! …

  86. Jerry

    All you needed to know about the takeover you could have found here.

    The military was purged first to make way for the national purge taking place right now. The military was told to begin mandatory vaccinations today. Six months from now when the military is sick and dying they will be the assault on the American public. The they is the CCP which is being trained alongside United Nations forces at camp Grayling in Michigan. This country is being carved up like a thanksgiving turkey and our politicians and bankers have already cut deals with the Chinese to save their own skins. The United Nations has already pasted anti gun legislation and will be using the CDC medical protocol to enforce it in the coming months. I have already posted that a few weeks ago. Meanwhile our beloved dictator in chief will be forcing the vaccine mandates by October 1st. I highly recommend using the forms Catherine Austin Fitts gave Greg a few weeks ago to help save your job, when the medical drug lords come calling. I’ve already emailed dozens out to friends whose backs are against the wall with their employer. You can go on Greg’s site and get them.

    P.S. You might want to get Greg’s satellite phone when your getting the vaccine forms. I have it from a very good source that cyber polygon will be going into play October 1st as well. When that happens we may very well be entering operation dark winter. No internet. No power. Hint. They need to shut off the alternative media before the lockdowns begins, and arrest start.

    • JC


      In the link that Paul posted, Clif High expects that the internet will be taken down, but not electricity and we will be able to phone and text. We shall see soon enough.

      • Bill

        Vedic Astrologer said, Terroist Attacks in December-January. If the Terroists blow up the power plant, that means no electricity-Not Good in Winter time!

      • Jerry

        With cyber polygon they can target specific areas they consider a threat. The power outage last winter in Texas was no fluke. Meanwhile FEMA camps are being activated for internment.

        Biden may be a mindless puppet, but he means what he says. The globalist are on a timeline, and must have all Americans vaccinated before the end of 2021, even if that means isolation centers for forced vaccination. Every person here is on a red list so we will be first in line when the fun starts. Enjoy the show. We’re in it.

        • Paul ...

          Will it be October 9 or 11 when the Globalists kill the internet? … these odd ball Globalists seem to love “odd numbers” … once we enter “Operation Dark Winter” (that shuts off the alternative media) and having no internet and no power power will make it much more difficult for the people (Flynn says must save our country) “to take action” (i.e. like bringing our captured syringes to Washington DC to “jab” the Congress (that was just granted an exemption from the “jab” mandate by Bribe’n) … and to make things even more difficult for us to “jab” Congress … Pelosi has ordered that a big fence be put back up around the Capital … to protect the “un-vaxed Congress” from the people (who she figures will be groping in the dark with their captured syringes)!! … so lets devise another plan to get the “commies” (which I will not post … to keep the Globalists in the dark also) … just … use your God given brains … and you will know exactly what to do … as Flynn says: “to save our Nation it will be up to the people” … so all the Trillions we spent to build the Military Industrial Complex (to save America from its enemies both foreign and domestic) is money down the drain … lets begin to balance our budget (Janet Yellen says can’t be funded) by immediately cutting off all funding to the Military Industrial Complex (as was done to the police) … and lets stop all salary payments to Congress (let them live off George Soros’ bribes)!!

          • Warren B.

            Congress has failed the American people. It is captured (like POTUS. the Judiciary, the MIC, Spy Agencies etc.) by the Oligarchy of Super Wealthy Families = aka the Shadow Government.

          • Jerry

            They have the perfect cover for cyber polygon.

            The globalist have every piece in the tinker toy set they need …..but playtime is about over.

  87. R.Patrick Carpenter

    Greg Hunter the last of the Great Journalists.

    We’re it not for your conscientious, dedicated pursuit of just the TRUTH , I’d wage that I would not be so steadfastly aware of who is really the evil and treasonous weasels.

    Thank You, God Bless You and family.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks “R”!

  88. Joe Hart

    May God bless Greg Hunter and Gen. Mike Flynn, patriotic Americans carrying on the traditions of America’s greatest generations!

    Satan and his minions are fiercely opposing us, and the Bible predicts the Antichrist and his New World Order will soon close the net on our freedoms by ‘mandating’ ‘The 666 Chip’. How many will ultimately fight till the end – and what will be their final reward?!

  89. Paul

    The good general seems to talk as if 911 really was committed by the good ole boys in Afghanistan when it was a complete false flag to open up the mideast for U.S. invasion to further the elites agenda and enrich the military industrial complex. Yes, the 13 servicemen’s deaths were tragic, but even more, the untold thousands of innocents who died at our hands throughout the mideast over our phony “war on terror” BS. Those servicemen would have never died if they were never there, as they should have never been, if not thanks to the controllers who planned it all ahead. Just like the total SCAMdemic fraud we’re currently in.

    • AndrewB

      Lot’s of people will not appreciate your comment – it will make them feel uncomfortable – but our collective (Anglo-American) misdeeds need to be acknowledged if we are to create a better future. Thank you for your honesty.

    • Bill

      Yes, since the General has access to top secret infomation. He should be more knowledgeable about certain aspects of AfghanLand.

    • A. Anthanovich


      Thank you for having the courage to speak the truth. It is truly disappointing that the General didn’t have the courage to speak the truth about 9/11, the false flag operation that got us into the Afghanistan occupation in the first place…especially on this historic day. Also, why not call the pandemic and vaccine campaign what they are…a depopulation plan (Genocide) by the globalist cabal. Almost everyone on this forum knows the truth…correct??


      • Paul ...

        Correct!! … everyone knows … because every one knows their stove top steel burners don’t get soft and melt when a fire is lit on them to cook a pot of chicken soup for dinner … how many times have the steel stove top burners melted on the American people allowing the big boiling pot on the stove to collapse the entire stove to the ground in its own footprint … at free-fall no less (like Bldg 7) … and then our soldiers go off to fight two foreign wars … when the “commie” terrorists were right here in Washington DC (and still are) … and are now mandating Killer “jabs” for every American but themselves because killing over 3000 on 9-11 was chicken feed … they want to kill millions … as they put up barricades around DC to protect themselves from the wrath of dead men walking (who have nothing to lose)!!

    • eddiemd

      He knows quite a bit. He can’t say certain things. The FBI and several other agencies still watch him closely. All his comms are monitored.

      DIA director. JSOC director of intel 2003-2005.

      Worked closely with the GRU also.

      His brother is still an active duty 4 star general. PACOM. Probably briefed daily about the PLA/CCP threat.

      Rangers Lead the Way!

    • Warren B.

      9/11 always had some intrigue. That date was important for them for some reason – it had to occur on that specific date. I understand the 11 component but there has to be another reason. I am yet to find it. It is not irrelevant….. that I know for sure.
      One obvious FACT is that 9/11 is the 254th day, 111 days remain in the year.

  90. Marco Segura

    No withe hats to all Q nonsense i told you so.

    • Paul ...

      But Soros and the Globalists are going after the “Yellow Hats” with a vengeance … especially after Xi (zinged them good) by saying: “The Chinese will be having three children each” … completely nullifying the evil Globalists efforts to reduce the world population (that is really absolutely hilarious) “God sure acts in mysterious ways” … what a wonderful kick in the ass Xi gave to the eugenicist Globalists (get them China!! … get them good!!!) … they can’t attack you militarily … for like the dumb fools they are … they idiotically put all their manufacturing capability into your country … what can do? … all they have left is economic weapons to use … but here again China is well prepared … they have lots of gold!!

      • Paul ...

        I expect the Soros Cabal of Globalists will now begin a huge “smear campaign” against Beijing (i.e like highlighting their organ harvesting, etc.) … in order to provoke “more then an economic war” with China … hopefully the US (that does its own “organ harvesting of baby parts”) will not be dragged into fighting Soros’ war with China (for him) … let him fight “his own war” with China (our Military should strategically keep our battleships out of Chinese territorial waters “for now”) … and by doing so … it may perhaps weaken the Soros Cabal of Globalists grip on our American Governments Armed Forces and all our Nuclear Weapons!!

  91. Carla hayes

    There’s also been a lot of talk about California recall ballot inconsistencies already! Something isn’t right out here either. I agree and believe people are loosing faith in our voting system. They better do something quick,it’s feels like a serious power grab.

    • tim mcgraw

      I agree. The California election is being rigged.

      • Bill

        Trump said it. We have to clear up 2020 first!

        • JC


          Hillary Slams Trump Supporters as ‘Internal Threats’ During 9/11 Remarks :Former Secretary of State makes comments on 9/11 anniversary…

          • Paul ...

            JC … It was not the patriotic supporters of Trump that blew up the WTC and Bldg 7 … and it was not patriots who fired a missile into the Pentagon on 9-11 … what is tearing our country apart and threatening our Republic are the “commies” within … like Hillary who takes bribes to sell America out … just like her buddy Bribe’n (and bet Trump too)!!

            • JC


              At the 20th-anniversary memorial for 9/11, top Democratic politicians all wore masks. Then, as soon as the television cameras were off, the masks came off.


              • Paul ...

                JC … Trump called “commie” Hillary “a nice lady” … she may have a “nice psychopathic immoral and perverted brain” … but this “commie lady” can’t even figure out that: What is Binding our Country Together and Making our Republic Strong is … “What We Saw on January 6”!!

      • Paul from Indiana

        Voting in the current context is pointless. The Ruling Elites/Globalists/The Left are not going to give up control going forward. Separation is the only way out. Best always. PM

  92. JW

    The Marxists merged with the Nazis.
    Means an ultimate dark future for the people if they want to live under it. If that is the future I will pull the plug.

  93. Bruce

    I’m reading some of these comments concerned about LtG Flynn using the word “KID” let us think who LtG Flynn is and what he did (does). Could he be speaking in “code”? Any thoughts?

    Thanks Greg for a great interview.

  94. Mike M.

    How disrespectful to refer to another fellow military officer as “kid”. And how did he make general rank? Total idiot like the bozo trump he supports. Hopefully, his dumb ass will be gone soon. BTW bozo there are few intelligent americans which is another idiotic statement coming out of his ignorant and stupid mouth.

    • Bill

      How old is Flynn? Maybe 62? Yeah, the Marine LTC is 38, so that could be his kid or son! No “biggie-da” as they used to say in Korea!

    • Chip

      He’s a great kid. I say it all the time when speaking about young men that are younger than me (I’m 61). There is absolutely NOTHING disrespectful about it… Chip

  95. AndrewB

    Very important interview Greg. Thank you for your informed questions about the issues that really matter. In particular, you asked a person who should know about the existence, or not, of ‘whitehats’. General Flynn’s response was clear. The ‘plan’ is dependent on the American people. The people need to make a stand, to become active politically in their local communities. He calls on people, especially of his generation to act, or to allow the country to sink into communism. He exposed the lie that good guys in the military are about to ride to the rescue. I have been wary for years of those encouraging ‘we the people’ to sit back and enjoy the show. There are many in the ‘Alt Media’ who have won the confidence of ‘we the people’ by pretending to espouse many of the libertarian views we hold dear – only to insidiously lead us to inaction. These people are shills (stooges) and we must cut them off even though we may be addicted to the warm and cosy propaganda they feed us. General Flynn encouraged us to cut away from businesses that do not truly serve us, such as his former bank. This is a form of Civil Disobedience. So, if I have got this right, the overriding message from Gen Flynn is: ‘we the people’ have the power and we must all us it, or lose it! My wife and I are in our seventies and attend every public demonstration against the Covid scamdemic and attendant diktats. It’s only a little, but ‘normies’ see our protest and, as a result, at least some may start to wake up. Everyone who espouses freedom MUST get engaged or become enslaved. Start your own civil disobedience right now. Show you care by refusing to wear the badge of blind obedience – the mask! Do it now!

    • AndrewB

      Correction: …. use it, or lose it.

      • Bill

        You have to wear a Mask in your house? That’s totally stupid!

    • Warren B.

      Thanks to the creation of the FAKE ANTIFA -the revolution has taken a back seat. ANTIFA is the CIA project to discredit or thwart any potential uprising. Good citizens are discouraged from doing what is necessary (revolution) to overthrow the Satan worshippers because of the negative feedback loop from the poor actors comprising ANTIFA.

      • AndrewB

        Hi Warren,
        My wife and I were confronted by ‘charming’ young ANTIFA members during an anti scamdemic protest we attended. Our rendevous was telegraphed on-line so ANTIFA knew where to be to disrupt our otherwise peaceful gathering. The police also knew in advance and actually ‘kettled’ the ANTIFA guys to prevent them leaving ‘our’ area. As soon as one of our members started to speak, the ANTIFA guys got right into our faces – I’m talking inches – and started shouting obscenities. I should point out that this was an early meeting of our scamdemic protest group – consisting of men, women, and children, and we were far outnumbered by ANTIFA. After some (deliberate?) delay, the police eventually formed a line separating the two groups but the tirade of abuse continued unabated. N.B. This did not stop our protest meetings which have grown to thousands strong. My wife and I were intimidated but not deterred, and continue to protest for the sakes of our children and grandchildren. I encourage everyone to engage in civil disobedience, or risk losing all the freedoms you used to take for granted and wish to bequeath to your kids. Do it now!

        • Warren B.

          Andrew, I applaud you and your wife.
          Peaceful protests are not of the same fabric as Revolution. They are but a mosquito bite on the arms of those protecting their position of control.
          ANTIFA is doing the job it was slated to perform – deter those peaceful protestors from taking the next inevitable step. Revolution implies harm , destruction direction at the Ruling parties and Unelected Shadow Governments together with social disorder – with a view to reconstituting the Laws for the people whilst implementing integrity, fairness and a system of protection of rights. Clearly the existing one is about shot.
          Revolution is degrees of magnitude away from Protests…but don’t let that deter you.
          God speed.

          • AndrewB

            Hi Warren,
            I take your point – believe me, I do!
            The reason my wife and I support the peaceful ‘mosquito bite’ protests is:
            1/ To demonstrate to the ‘normies’ that not everyone agrees with the constraints of the scamdemic
            2/ To show the ‘normies’ that not wearing a mask and closely associating with other people is OK. Many ‘normies’ stop shopping and join us.
            3/ To disseminate information to the ‘normies’ with signs and leaflets. ‘Normies’ willingly accept the x100 leaflets I personally hand out at every event.

            I think you will agree that opposition to the establishment needs a critical mass of people before it can make a difference. That is our aim. It may not be much, but better than sitting at home complaining to ourselves.

  96. tim mcgraw

    Hi Greg, Thanks for the interview with Gen. Flynn. Local action leads to more action for sure, but I get no traction here in Sonoma County with local action. I write my letters to the politicians and bureaucrats to no avail. I am unable to attend the local city council meetings, but then they are still on Zoom! People here in California are communists and more than a bit mad.
    If Newsom is kicked out of office on the 14th, we have a chance, but I think the election will be rigged.

    • Bill

      Yep the Ca. will be rigged! That’s a No brainer!

    • Paul from Indiana

      Even in a completely clean and honest environment, if there are multiple Republican candidates up against Newsom, it is mathematically impossible for one of them to prevail. I’m not sure I understand the recall structure, but the media here (the Midwest) give the impression that multiple Republican candidates are running simultaneously. If that is so, they don’t need to rig anything. The pluralities the multiple candidates command will certainly doom the recall effort. Regardless, they are not about to take another electoral loss. Since Nov. 2020, voting has been nullified. Separation is our only chance. Best always. PM

      • tim mcgraw

        Paul; the Recall Election is simple:
        Step one: Vote to recall the governor.
        Setp two: Vote for someone else.
        If Step One passes with a plurality; Gov. Newsom has to leave his office within 48 hours. Whoever gets a plurality of the vote in Step 2 becomes governor.

        • Paul from Indiana

          Honored Sir: Thank you for this explanation/clarification. I’m not sure the process is worth a hoot, but it is what it is. In fact, it should be easy for the Commie Dems to scam that just by making sure that question #1 does not produce a recall! Then all the votes for “replacement” candidates don’t matter in the slightest. The best way for Californians to show their displeasure with their government is to vote the one way that can’t be cancelled: WITH THEIR FEET. Traditional-values voters should bug out of California ASAP and join their conservative brethren in the heartland. Yes, the weather is not as good, but we have water, and there is strength in numbers. Many thanks and best always. PM

        • Bill

          The 2020 election has not been fixed yet!
          That means, the California Commies, can still, Steal the vote for “Gruesome-Newsome”! Like Trump said!

  97. Vincent

    Greg, great Interview and what a decent man General Flynn is, it’s an awful pity it wasn’t a bit longer. God bless you. Vince

  98. tim mcgraw

    I do take issue with Gen. Flynn’s comment about our generation (I’m 69) spoiling our children. This is a generalization which is always a bad idea. We are all individuals.
    If anything or anyone is to blame for the spoiled children in the USA, it is the teachers and government schools. They had my kids many more hours a day than I did. This was true especially after my divorce. I saw my two children four days a month maximum.
    So don’t blame me, General Flynn for how screwed up the next generations are.
    Look at yourself and the government schools.

  99. zalie guthrie

    Well, I don’t consider this illegitimate regime and administration democrats but just evil and wicked that are working with the DS and Elites in order to bring in the NWO.

  100. Maria+das+Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Lt Gen Flynn a voice in the wilderness.

    California is loosing many rich occupants as they have realised that a Bolshevik elite has their wealth in their sights. No voting will not get rid of these Bolsheviks who are deep in the bureaucracy.
    Its the same here in the UK though they are seducing wealth internationalists with the City of London which will trap their wealth and the Bolsheviks will swoop. Again no amount of voting will rid of this Communist Bolshevik elitism.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Voting is a mirage. It may have been valid and applicable at some point in our history, but since Reagan, it has produced zero change, except for continued progression toward destruction. Mr. Trump caught them napping, and they said to themselves, “never again”. Let him with eyes see… Best always. PM

  101. William Nedbalek

    General Flynn refers to it being a small group of people who are the Communists trying to take over the country. I would like to have a much clearer idea of precisely who those people are. Thank you for another great interview, greg!

    • Paul ...

      WN … I’ll give you a clear idea who those people are … take the 535 members of Congress and see who has over 10 million dollars in their Swiss bank account … those are the ones we need to take out immediately!! … the 10 to 15 people that are left can then be more rigorously investigated to weed out even more of the “commie” traitors!!

  102. Ramon

    General Flynn did not respond the question why Trump keeps promoting the poisonous “vaccine”.
    Why not ?

    • Paul ...

      R … Probably because it is just too terrible a thought to even think about … but I do it … because if we don’t face reality … we are never going to change things “for the better”!!

      • Paul ...

        Look at how the American people “are being denied normal healthcare” by the American Medical Association (AMA) , The American Pharmacists Association (APhA) and the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP) … they have all called for an immediate end to prescribing or dispensing Ivermectin for use in preventing or treating COVID-19 … these “Care Givers” who promised “to due no harm to their patients” are taking Ivermectin off the market … why? … because it is a very
        cheap, safe and effective drug that is saving lives?? … Ivermectin is the same drug given to President Trump when he was in hospital with Covid as it has been shown by Nobel Prize winning doctors “to kill the virus in 48 hours” … this total totalitarian control by “commie” health departments and state politicians has become “Nazi Gestapo” like … for they fear that people fighting off the virus with Ivermectin (as a prophylactic and allowing God’s natural immunity to fight off the virus) … will result in “lifelong immunity”… that is something the evil eugenicists … and the greedy Big Pharma Globalists … do not want to see!!

      • Paul ...

        If the “Nazi Gestapo American Medical Establishment” succeeds is taking Ivermectin off the market … eat onions every day or other foods like apples that are high in Quercetin … what they are doing is not right … if Jesus 2000 years ago was going around handing out Ivermectin to all his followers (to cure them of illness instead of using miracles) … the insanely greedy money mongers at the time would have grabbed him even sooner … to administer their mandatory killer “jab” !!

  103. Cmoore

    Greg, I don’t mind the shuffling of papers, in fact I didn’t even notice. Thank you for what you do. You get tremendous guests with great information, but Greg you give so much common sense on what’s going on and what people need to do to get ready. I have no idea how you do what do, but thank you !!!

  104. Jan

    Thank you Greg,

    I got this email from Stop The Crime, WHO RUN THE WORLD.

    That was a very informative 2o minute video involving Blackrock, Vanguard global elites, in regards who owns the media and how they use the media to hammer the issues they want. A hand full companies and families control about everything that goes on these days. It goes right into what you and Michael Flynn spoke about.

    • AndrewB

      Hi Jan,
      I do lot’s of independent searches for real news, and many great sources are posted in USAW comments. The video you link to is IMHO one of the very best. Both informative and moving. By the end, the narrator had captured me intellectually AND emotionally.

      Greg, you are extremely busy, however, if you haven’t done so already, I urge you to view the video Jan linked to. Please watch to the end, it really provides a unique perspective on the state of the world today . . .

    • Charles H.

      Great video – well done, Jan.

  105. Gregory Carter

    Outlook is pretty grim from a historical perspective. Nobody has stopped the communists using peaceful methods that I can find historically.

    Looks like we all have a personal decision to make.

    May God have Mercy on your souls.

    • Paul ...

      GC … President Eisenhower gave us the means to get rid of the “commies” by peaceful means … he signed into law the Communist Control Act of 1954 … which criminalizes membership in or support for the Communist Party now in control of the United States of America … and any “Communist-action” organizations like the ACLU, etc., etc. … and defines the evidence to be considered by a jury (in determining participation in the activities, planning, actions, objectives, or purposes of such organizations) … although the lower federal “commie” court has ruled the Act unconstitutional … it has not been ruled on in the Supreme Court … it has never been tried to be enforced … I believe it is about time we do … seeing as how Bribe’n has effectively made himself a “commie” dictator who thinks he can remove duly elected State Governors and can issue mandatory orders for all Americans to be “jabbed” with an experimental Clot Shot that is killing people by the thousands!!!

      • Paul ...

        Has the “commie” Demon-ratic Party violated the Communist Control Act of 1954?? … if they have … the 1954 Act criminalizes membership in or support for the Communist Denon-ratic Party (now in control of the United States of America) … and any “Communist-action” organizations like the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and ACLU, etc., etc. … can be arrested as criminals … and the 1954 Act also defines the evidence to be considered by a jury “as anything that causes harm to the American people” (like “jabbing” them with an experimental clot shot giving them strokes and heart attacks), buying guillotines (and extra blades for these guillotines), buying hydrogen cyanide, etc., etc. which clearly shows their determination to set up FEMA camps and organizations within our schools where queers participate in harmful activities against our children, and their planning to take extremely harmful genocidal actions … just the building of the Georgia Guide-Stones shows the “commies” true intent, objectives and devilishly evil purposes!!! …
        We Must Begin To IMMEDIATELY “Enforce” The 1954 Communist Control Act that President Eisenhower Gave to Us … TO SAVE OUR REPUBLIC!!!

  106. Al

    Gen Flynn,
    If you are reading this please know that by just observing the timing of certain events point to A PLAN ON OUR SIDE ! We’re not running blind while buffoons like biden and his handlers have all these plans.
    By saying “there is no plan” is akin to saying “we are not proactive”, “we welcome weak minded morons to step all over us”.. sorry, I don’t believe that one bit.

    Why do you think the deep state is pushing all of this now? Because THE PLAN is unfolding even though it has been delayed several times ! It may be delayed again but it’s unfolding nonetheless. The Audit disclosure, the Durham declassification, the 2018 PRESIDENT TRUMP’S EXECUTIVE ORDER 13808-2015.
    Now I see that we are sending the illegal immigrants back across the border… No plan?

    Thank you for your service, but we need a Patton out there not a Flynn. It’s 1943 all over again. We need to show our might beyond talk or we will wind up like NAZI Australia!
    France has the right idea with weekly massive protests, Canada is following suit. How about us?

    Fortunately, there are others out there with more encouraging info that is NOT CONTRIVED BY THE CCP, and is more logically in line with physical occurrences rather than hearsay.

    1- 501c3 IS A GOVERNMENT ENTITY! It gives this illegitimate government the say over what you can and cannot talk about or they pull the tax deducible vehicle out. Just speak to some Pastors around the Country if you don’t believe me.

    2- Words are cheap. As we speak we have BLMTIFA, the whore media and other organizations using WEAPONS and our very Neighbors against us!
    I have 2 neighbors I don’t trust. They don’t know my stance because I’m quiet, but this is what we turned in to.. (very sad)

    At this time, talk is not only cheap, it’s dangerous! Sorry General, if the Military doesn’t step in then we will have to. This is going to get kinetic at some point. History is littered with such occurrences. The more the delay, the worse the outcome.

    Their playbook is to push until you fight. Well? We are the massive majority and by the looks of it, most of the Military and Police is on our side as well.
    Look no further than this picture of PRESIDENT Trump in NYC at 9/11/2021.
    We have the backing, all we need is proper and realistic direction.
    Flynn has to sound more like Patton.

    Gen Flynn.
    I go to local County Commissioner meetings. I speak directly, one on one to my Commissioner. They quote the whore media talking points. There is also a process for everything designed to frustrate you! After I go through the process I feel like I accomplished nothing because of more processes. Try pushing an audit in your County, good luck. You need a posse in order to get some attention!
    The system is rigged against us!

    Just say “we tried being Mr. Nice Guy, but now we need to kick it up a few notches”

    Greg, thank you for getting this interview aired

  107. Al

    Look no further than this picture of PRESIDENT Trump in NYC on 9/11/2021.
    We have the physical backing, all we need is proper and realistic direction.

    Just recently in France the Police started fighting with the people, not against them! Keep that in mind as you look at this picture

    • Paul ...

      For Trump to come back … he is going to have to fess up to his putting American men, women and children’s lives at risk with his Warp Speed “jab” … put Robert Kennedy Jr. in as his Vice President (and make him the Nations health czar) … and also put Fauci on trial fro crimes against humanity … if he can’t do that … he does not get my vote!!

      • d griffith


      • D

        Paul, that sounds great, just one small problem.
        By 2024, depending on your beliefs the church will be raptured out of here, if you believe in a pre trib rapture or we will be getting beheaded by the anti Christ !
        Anyone with eyes to see sees the beast system is upon us NOW!
        This world doesn’t have years before the beheadings start!

        • Paula Davis

          1. Reports today upstate N.Y hospital closing maternity ward due to staff refusing “jab.”
          2. Who are we fearing to do the beheadings? Aren’t these fears coming from the same “normies” who are getting the killer “jab?”
          3. Shocking (maybe not) new number of deaths reported today from the ‘virus”
          4. Mitch reportedly siding w/Dems on vaxxing all Americans…& Dr. Wen wishes for all unvaxxed to be quarantined in-home perpetually.
          People waking up & pushing back on the “jab” & Clif’s predictions of “jab” deaths appear to be fulfilled as Clif has said.

      • Al

        I don’t care if Trump is in or not, I just want a good conservative to take over soon. I like Desantis, he’s my Governor and a great candidate for President in my eyes.

        Quack Fauci must go in the way of Josef Mengele, the death chamber. Zap the little troll.

        • Warren B.

          Takeover what Al ?
          Do you still think we have a Republic – run for the people…by the people ? Really ???
          Even Blind Freddy can see how corrupted the Politico are. They are all working for self-interest under the tutelage/direction of their Masters – who run the Country (and Global Geopolitics) from the Shadows. There is no independence – no integrity – its all a charade – an Act of grand proportions – to deprive citizens of their god given rights – whilst raping them intellectually as well as financially.
          The system is designed such that false trust is built (indoctrination) – whereby the populace eventually succumbs to the Totalitarian state – because they have neither the intellect /knowledge nor the critical thinking capacity to question the gradual destruction of their standards and deprivation of freedoms . Everything is programmed to the finest particular.
          Most get lost in the small stuff = the Noise…..which over the decades/centuries form The BIG PICTURE – which is what must be kept front and center.

          • AndrewB

            Hi Warren,
            I could not agree more. With one addition. Even sophisticated watchdoggers are posting comments about their preferred candidates for political office in 2022 / 2024 while ignoring the brutal truth that all elections are rigged! The very people making theses comments are intellectually aware that elections are rigged, but it takes a paradigm shift to fully appreciate, emotionally, the enormity of this reality. On a practical level, there is one thing we can all do right now – refuse to cooperate!

            • Warren B.

              Yes Andrew, unfortunately the blind will march together towards the American Marxist State (the Satanists desire = Complete control) thinking that voting will make a difference. They are pushing their agenda at WARP SPEED now, given the impetus that DJT (& others around the globe) achieved under the banner of Populism. Populism is anti-Marxism and must be deleted. To be clear the goal always has been Marxism. The Reset is part of that overall plan. Every stage of this blueprint can be witnessed throughout our history starting (as difficult as it may seem) with Washington.

  108. Kat Brannen

    Wasn’t the 9-11 false flag perpetrated by the intelligence agencies treason? Or is that high treason? Thanks for not posting!

    • Paul ...

      KB … High Treason!!!

  109. Jerry

    Well Greg,
    If Tucker Carlson said it, I guess it must be true.

    Let’s see. What do we have in common with a communist country?
    1. Control of news media. Check.
    2. Tracking and surveillance apparatus. Check.
    3. Installation of a dictator. Check.
    4. Control of courts. Check.
    5. Government controlled medical care. Check.
    6. Indoctrination of educational system. Check.
    7. Purge of military. Check
    8. Purge of domestic terrorist. Coming.
    9. Disarmament. Coming.
    10. Loss of personal property and religious freedoms. Coming.

    Say what you want, but the globalist in conjunction with their communist brethren in congress have dismantled this country one piece at a time. When Obama was purging the military you didn’t hear one peep from congress. And now we are dealing with a global planned pandemic to purge the earth of useless eaters, to help set up the United Nations new world order under agenda 2030. This is not a show people. The pain I have felt with the loss of my son, is coming your way. Death is the byproduct of any totalitarian takeover and in this case they have hidden it in a pandemic. I have asked myself these questions many times this last week. What type of country allows its media to post disinformation about a medicine that could have saved someone’s life in order to promote an agenda? What type of country forces it’s citizens to take an experimental drug or die? I’m sorry but I don’t recognize this country any more. It’s not the one I grew up in. I get it. You think Jerry is being a negative nelly. Maybe, but we’ll see how you feel when the drug lords come knocking at your door.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Sometimes negative is unavoidable. The reality IS negative. You have spent so much time here trying to help people understand, and you continue to do so, despite your loss, for which I am so dreadfully sorry. Many thanks and may the peace of the Lord be upon you. I do likewise cry, preach, beg, and plead, until I’m blue in the face. You are not alone. Best always. PM

    • Charles H.


      Truth is self-evident. It’s existence is independent of speculation, controversy, or denial.

  110. Aussie Clive

    Hi Greg.
    Great interview with General Flynn. My heart sank when Trump sacked him.

    This can not be a coincidence !
    One day after Biden mandates the vaccine, our Queensland (Australia) Premier, Annastacia Palaszczuk, mandates the vaccine for Health Workers. At this stage they
    have not said they will terminate the employment of anyone who refuses to take the jab,
    but, at the rate this is progressing it is only a matter of time. I have 40 years experience as a scientist in health care.
    I am currently testing Covid swabs on Cobas and GeneXpert. I spend my entire day in a lab coat, gloves and a mask and do the majority of my work in a Class 2 Biological Safety Cabinet. Now they are saying this is not enough.
    The people running this state clearly do not care about the recent report from Israel. now on their 3rd booster. The vaccines do not work.

    This is the line in the sand for my wife (also a Health Care Worker) and I – our entire income and ability to take care of my son and mother is being threatened.


    • Paul ...

      You know … if the American people are too afraid to fight the “commies” who took over Washington DC … they should at a minimum take a trip to the Capitol when they begin feeling sick and nauseous from the “jab” and can’t hardly breathe … and just drop dead right on the sidewalk in front of the Capital … with thousands of dead bodies piled up (and the wind just right) the germs and stench will float across the barbed wire fence Pelosi put up to protect the (“jab” exempt traitors) in Congress … and infect their “paid to play” sorry asses (for representing the Globalists instead of the American people)!!

  111. Michele

    Thank you for having General Flynn! He confirmed your opinion that none of what our country is experiencing now is due to incompetence. All of it is part of a deliberate, planned detonation of our Republic and way of life. The American people must stand up or be eliminated in every conceivable way.
    God Bless you Greg

  112. Todd

    Awesome interview.

    Having served twenty-fives years in the US Army (Active and Reserve) and retiring as a Major (O-4); I have great respect for General Flynn. However, we here were really hoping that General Flynn would either confirm or deny that the “vaxxxine” is actually a “kill-shot” -as Clif High and so many other people have been stating…

    Greg, thank you for all that you do (hope you got the two designs we sent last week)!
    God Bless!

  113. Barbara


    Can you please give me the link for the ISatPhone II you mentioned in the weekly news wrapup? Sounds like a good idea.



  114. Brian susi

    He totally dodged the last question.

  115. Robert Messina

    Arizona’s twentieth state senate district represented by Republican Senator Paul Boyer.
    This guy is NOT GOING TO LISTEN and WILL vote to nail down the coffin and insure the END OF DEMOCRACY
    I am going to stay away from drinking the HOPIUM kool-aid I was drinking when Pence played his wrong hand
    BUT I am NEVER going to stop drinking refreshing Bible kool-aid
    It is prophecy . . . SAINTS win and live forever with YUD HEY VAV HEY and love for one another is an everlasting comand

    important are 2 videos I published 7 months ago

    How to know . . .”WHEN FIRST SEAL OPENS” . . . .
    and “WAR AGAINST THE SAINTS ” . . . .

  116. Jerry

    Yes …’s all clear as mud.

    I’m sorry Greg, but heads need to roll. This disinformation. cost people their lives, including my sons. Blood is on the hands of the MSM…..period. We need a class action lawsuit against Rachel Maddow. She stirred this pot.

  117. Denny

    Thank you Greg, thank you Mike is great to get opinions about events or words that people can dissect or comment on…how about Mike Flynn’s example…60,000 foot view…as the observer, don’t these current events/ actions , even the future events, show the collapse/ destruction of America??Between now and the end of the year the possible changes are so dramatic and dark.Even if you have some preps, we would do well to toughen up mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually…Greg Hunter groupies can see Greg in shirt and tie against the USA Watchdog backdrop, look into the camera and give the heartfelt..FEAR NOT…hope everyone uses that visual.

  118. WarProfit

    As an American whose bloodline spans back to the mid 1600’s on this continent, I’m not sure we have the time to wait for recounts to try and overturn the 2020 election.
    As Lt. General Flynn stated, September 30th deadline for the budget will be used to further coerce, already bought and paid for treasonous actors.
    Covid and the vaccine is killing as we speak. The border is being overrun with drugs and infiltrators who will do harm to Americans.
    It’s past time for a new Paul Revere to ride.

    • Paula Davis

      Y’all, it’s not too late to join up w/Jeffrey Prather’s “Team America.”

  119. Vernon Tart

    “A decadent or nihilistic culture is a seedbed for fascism. The less self-control the media or public exercises now, the more likely it become that some outside authority will impose a despotic control tomorrow.”* William Howell & Neil Strauss “The Fourth Turning” p313.

  120. GENESIO

    When the whole system has been corrupted and the rules of the game are strongly biased in favor of the corrupt and corrupt institutions and organizations, although important it is not by simply getting people involved in their communities that they will be able to remove the criminals from power. Much stronger actions are necessary, but too many Americans seem to have been so brainwashed by the media that they are either indifferent regarding the future of the country or, unbelievable as it may seem, even favor the destruction of the country and the very future even for themselves.
    The only way out of this nightmare is the military way. It is the duty of the military to defend the country and the people from the traitors and criminals who are in power at all levels of government and society.

  121. Bruno Bottarelli

    Greg….the question we never hear asked is “ with all the treasonous acts commuted and laws blatantly broken by those that govern us….wher is the military and why hasn’t it stepped in to protect America from its enemies foreign and domestic?

    I understand that General Flynn is working to wake people up….and get involved, but at the same time those who have awakened are getting discouraged, frustrated and will soon become belligerent and take action into their own hands.

    Is that what the military wants? Is that why they are standing down against the tyranny we are facing???

  122. Paul ...

    As you say Daniel: “The American people are permitting themselves to be ripped apart at the seams … by those who thrive on Carnage and Death” … and as you rightly say look to John 3:17 … “God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world … but sent him into our world to teach us to abide by God’s principles … so that we “might be saved”!! … how many people are abiding by the principles Jesus taught?? … are our politicians, doctors, police, military, corporate CEO’s, etc. working for us??? … or for Satan!!!

  123. Paul ...

    BREAKING NEWS!! … Members Of Congress are “Exempt” From Briben’s Vaccine Mandate!!! …

  124. Jay

    Just to put a couple of things in perspective here in terms of how advanced the fall of America is, consider this. Approximately 80% of hospital and nursing home nurses are not taking the fake vaccines and are choosing to quit or be fired instead. That’s because they know it is dangerous. They are in fact being questioned about their intentions not to take the injection and then replacements are being hired before they are even gone. Well, that might be good in that the nurses who have a conscience and a brain cell or two will now exit this corrupt medical system because you don’t want to be at these death camps called hospitals anyway and now you can get treatment elsewhere away from the death centers. However, their replacements will be very dangerous people, which means you will want to avoid hospitals altogether. Maybe some Chicom or UN replacements. But keep in mind that hospitals are refusing patients who are unvaccinated and very soon you won’t have medical insurance to pay for it anyway.
    As for women slapping male congressmen in the face, ie…Larry Elders? Well, we live in a society of men who believe that women should have the right to vote and all the other rights that should only belong to men, so being that stupid, I say let her slap him again.

  125. Paul Anders

    If what Flynn says is true, we are already TOAST!

    • D

      The bible predicted all of this!
      If you’re a believer pray harder
      If not find Jesus while he can still be found!

      Sadly many Christians I know simply can’t see the PURE evil that is ravaging the earth, they will, I just pray it’s not too late when the do recognize it!

  126. Nelson Ruffin

    It’s a Nazi plan from the globalist cabal. Not communist although they are a faction in the U.S.. Corporations strong arming people with the government power in the background rewarding accordingly. It could not be more clear. The more I hear from Flynn the less I like it. They took him out of play so easily plus the FBI coercion of his guilt plea by taking their “word” on it was not smart. As was his hiring a law firm with Eric Holder connections. His background has some shaky stuff too. That doesn’t bother me that much considering everything but I expect more form a former intelligent insider than pep rally talk. I get that everywhere.

  127. Fred Daake

    Flynn should be Trump’s VP. Trump needs someone who is feared more than Trump – to cause the the Marxists to think twice about getting rid of him. In terms of those who want to vote against Trump because of his failure to come clean on the fake vaccine, your only alternative will be a Marxist who will send the troops door to door to tie you down and jab you.

    • D

      Fred, how can you NOT see that by 2024 this whole world will be under the anti-christ and a one world government?
      We already have a quasi mark of the beast, these world leaders have chosen satan over anything and EVERYTHING OF GOD!
      Pray for your country if you want, but yourself and family are the ONLY things that can be saved!

  128. GoneWest

    Karl Denninger posted a story today discussing VEI, Vaccine Enhanced Infection. It is definitely worth the read and could be a harbinger of things to come.

  129. GoneWest

    Karl Denninger post an article today about COVID and vaccines, discussing Vaccine Enhanced Infection. Definitely worth the read.

    You can find it here:

  130. Richard Milford

    Thanks as always for the good hard work Greg.
    Yesterday, on 9/11 the local movers and shakers had a big “Heroes” parade and shindig
    involving several counties in our village park. They advertised music and dancing and food and fireworks at night and I hear they even had some kind of raffle. I think this is a disgusting thing to do, and wrote the attached letter to the local paper which probably won’t get published. Perhaps you may think your audience needs to see it, I do, as it seems pride came before the fall. The Oneida Indian Casino also had a special High Stakes Bingo event on that day, maybe including a moment of silence in their posturing. I wouldn’t be surprised to see if there are Chinese / Globalist funds behind these things. Here is the letter…..

    Milford Heroes Celebration – I am happy when people enjoy life, and critical services volunteers should be shown appreciation.
    It is another thing to use a day for solemn remembrance of the beginning of the continuing attacks on our Country, to pat each other’s backs, toot one’s own puffed up horn, and throw a self-congratulatory song & dance party, with Music, Food & Fireworks. (while cashing in what will soon be needed public funds or perhaps sucking up some overtime pay). Is this national tragedy now being diluted and removed from our history, along with much else, by paving it over with a “good time had by all?
    In view of all the current problems foisted upon our nation, the open border, possibilities of massive election frauds, and the failures of our executive and military leadership with little public congregation arranged to address these, I am sorry to say the Milford Parade of Heroes Celebration appears as somewhat of a callous and vulgar display. Maybe it was brought to be by the same kind of “woke” self serving movers & shakers that made 911 and the continuing erosion of our freedoms possible, coming soon to a Village near you.

    I don’t trust Flynn any more than I do Trump after his Vaccine remarks. Of course they are still more appealing than the installed alternative, but some of the glow is definitely gone.
    I think Flynn wants to come back to your show and explain himself to your audience because he is thinking of running for office, we shall see.
    The show cut out before we could find out if there were “White Hats” in Government.
    Can you let us know what he said in your next opener?

  131. John Blanchard

    Callous brutality’ of governments will come back to ‘haunt them’
    113,778 views Sep 6, 2021 Sky News Australia
    Former Victorian Liberal Party president Michael Kroger says the callous brutality of some state governments in relation to how they’ve dealt with compassionate applications is something that’s going to come back to haunt them all.
    “As people look back no one will defend the Andrews or Palaszczuk governments on the basis of these extreme things they’ve done at the time,” Mr Kroger told Sky News Australia.
    “The most galling thing we’ve seen are all of these compassionate leave exemptions which have been refused by these state governments in the last 18 months.”
    Mr Kroger said Victorians are very angry with Premier Daniel Andrews.
    “There is a severe change in the mood here,” he said.
    Stinky Floater
    I don’t want it to haunt them. I want to see them treated like any other criminal found guilty of serious crimes against members of society and jailed for a significant time.
    Kieran Atkin
    He shouldn’t just ousted, he should be in jail. Andrews is a crook
    Iain Dennis
    I personally don’t know anyone who has died from this v, but I know of many people who have had their lives ruined by lockdown.

  132. Brian McNamara

    +Biden First Wife and Daughter die in a car crash
    +Biden was able to avoid ABSCAM
    +Biden lying about Neil Kinnock plagiarism
    +Biden Lied about his ranking and performance at Syracuse School of Law
    +Biden Efforts to destroy Republican Supreme Court Nominees
    +Biden intention to enslave most of the Black Community by 3 strikes Laws
    +Biden participation in the BCCI criminal activity
    +Biden criminal activity as Vice President
    +Biden Child predator behavior in open air
    Just rumours of just one these issues would stop a political career in a fair system. USA is a regime now.

  133. Marie+Joy

    Plant fruit trees. Hurry.

    • Marie+Joy

      Pay particular attention to pollinators.

  134. Brian McNamara

    The need for this show goes far and wide. Obviously with his being the Directer of National Intelligence and knowing where the treasure is buried Lt.Gen Flynn is the ultimate last word. I appreciate hearing from his mouth on Greg Hunters magnificent Channel the superior questions and answers that got to the point. You hear on other sites about Guantanamo Bay make believe Court Martial and hangings and the not so clever social engineering to gauge how far the false narratives will go. Like Elvis spotting in the 1980’s and 90’s. As General Flynn confirmed most American and further people all over the World see through the nonsense and General Flynn is correct that the politics are definitely local and all of need to be involved. No singles hero is on the way to save the day. It is all of us. The time is now! The Marxist are either destined to kill us or enslave those who survive the slaughter.

  135. The Weatherman

    Great job getting General Flynn.

    Marxists have never been voted out.

    Never register or voluntarily surrender your guns!

    • Paul ...

      TW … We must enforce the Communist Control Act of 1954!!

  136. Dave

    Telling is it that Flynn did not answer the vaccine question, That tells you all you need to know. Trump is still urging people to take the vaccine and I assume Flynn agrees per his refusal to comment. BTW, if Greg and others are correct about the vaccine then Trump will be long gone by the time 2024 comes around. But maybe not – many suspect he really didn’t take the vaccine.

    As to Arizona, it’s not just Boyer. A number of Arizoan GOPers are Geep State McCain types. Prediction – the Arizona legislature will not vote to decertify the electors or take Mark Kelly’s seat back. Seb Gorka has been saying this to those people who expect the RINO influenced GOP in Arizona to do anything. The same thing is happening in Pa. Again Gorka called out the GOP State Senate in leadership who is blocking the investigation there from going through. The Democrats know this an it emboldens them as seen in the California recall where the fraud is staggering and out in the open.

    There will be a continuing resolution by October 1. This game is played every year in recent years. At the last hour a continuing resolution is passed and concomitant with that the debt celling is raised. McConnell has said the GOP will not weaponize the debt ceiling. Remember back in the day Trump would threaten to veto the budget busting budgets passed by the GOP Congress during his first 2 terms and nothing happened. It was a wink and a nod between Trump and GOP leaders. Hence massive tax cuts combined with massive spending increases caused the deficit to surge higher by 7.8 trillion during Trump’s term in office. That Flynn would misspeak on this (that the debt went down under Trump) is troubling – it can easily be checked out.

    Back to Flynn – he was a Democrat neo-con in the day. He fully supported the Iraqi war which was based on a fraudulent premise cooked up be the neocons and promulgated by Bush, Powell and Cheney. Flynn, like other neo-cons, didn’t seem to mind that the US through that war basically destroyed the small and ancient Iraqi Christian community.

    Enjoyable interview Greg but questions remain.

    • MC

      To push the vax, to deliver the vax, to not rebuke the vax . . . these are all tokens of worship directed at the desecration of the Imago Dei (i.e., mankind).

      “No one will be part of the New World Order unless he carries out an act of worship to Lucifer. No one will enter the New Age unless he receives Luciferian initiation.” — David S., Dir of UN PIP, 1978.

      • A. Anthanovich


        Great letter…thanks for posting.

        The Archbishop confirms many of my long held beliefs…beliefs that most of my friends and family refer to as conspiracy theories. I feel vindicated 🙂


  137. Gilbert Esquibel

    Thanks Greg for the great and revealing information you bring to many. I always tune into all your programs and pray and accept that the truth you broadcast will completely penetrate the consciousness of all true Americans that the US Constitution will remain the document that is governing the USA. Gil

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Gil for all your support!

  138. JC

    What is happening??

    Evangelical Lutheran church installs 1st transgender bishop…

  139. Kerry

    Greg my second post so no response requested.

    I now have a good deal of confidence that there is not a Devolution game plan as being pushed by some parties. It sounded over the top anyway. I also don’t believe DJT has any plans to gain his rightfully earned second term. This is sad but becoming a little clearer daily. This URL provides news others provide hopium!

  140. Tal Salsa

    When listening to Mr. Flynn speak about the National Debt, it is obvious he is either purposely not telling the truth, or has zero understanding of basic economics/math.

    When Trump took office, the Debt was about $20T.

    When Trump left office, the Debt was about $27.5T.

    In four years, Trump increased the Debt more than any leader in world history per year.
    Mr. Flynn is simply not relating to reality, for whatever reason.

  141. W H

    Here is something to think about .
    I am all for forgiveness / with out it we would all go to the lake .
    But has God ever forgiven anybody that need not ask for it ??????

    • W H

      But has God ever forgiven anybody that did not ask for it ??????

    • Paul ...

      WH … As Americans we can ask the same question Jesus did … “My God my God why have you forsaken (us)?? … why have we been put on this cross at Warp Speed by the evil “commies” to be “jabbed” and die?? …
      So the USA will Rise Again “Immortal” saith the Lord??? … (I sincerely hope so … let’s strive to make it so)!!

      • W H

        God did not forsake Jesus . Jesus is seated at the fathers right hand right now .
        God did turn his back on our sin .
        The point is people keep saying forgive them for they know not what they do / and God says tell them where they are wrong so they may repent .
        PS it is the world that have forsaken God and turned away from him . Most don’t even know what repent means .

      • W H

        God did not forsake Jesus . Jesus is seated at the fathers right hand right now .
        God did turn his back on our sin .
        The point is people keep saying forgive them for they know not what they do / and God says tell them where they are wrong so they may repent .
        PS it is the world that have forsaken God and turned away from him . Most don’t even know what repent means .

        Wayne Hardin

    • Dave

      Yes. He is spreading dis-information which makes him suspect given his background as a neo-con. It’s similar to the late Limbaugh saying deficits don’t matter when Trump and the GOP passed the biggest budget bills to date. Don’t look there as Rush tried to get conservatives to do. Too many conservatives took his words as Gospel and made the same argument.

      Most of conservative media are in bed with the neo-cons/military industrial complex. They cry out when an Israeli child is killed by Palestinians but were silent when thousands of Christian and Yezidi children were killed as a result of the US Iraqi intervention which was a neo-con project from the start.

  142. Eric

    Greg, thank you for this video! I was very glad to hear from Gen. Flynn. It’s been too long and I was glad to hear what he said! These commie bastards have to go! We need to fight back! Start with saying no to the vaccine mandates & go from there! Turn off MSM hurt them in the pocket book! These people are weasels and low life’s! Go to FLCCC to find a doctor that will Rx ivermectin & HCQ & work to save you not throw you on a vent!

    Keep up the great interviews and great work you do Greg!

  143. carter

    Great interview, couple it with Stu Peters a several days ago. He has a valid concern about Maricopa on the 21st.


    Congratulations. Clif just compared you to Leonardo Da Vinci.

  145. Allan Graham Unsworth

    Another great interview. Been listening to you Greg, for many years and you and Gerald Celente were the 1st I went to during the fraudulent election in Nov 2020. I love listening to Flynn and Trump. Real passion for their country.
    In Reiki sessions I channel Jesus, amongst others, and over a 3 session period in early 2021, He destroyed CCP and was very content and happy at the end of the sessions saying, ‘Come with Me to Paradise’. I know everything will be well. We just have to go through this turmoil to expose th truth. This is a spiritual battle. Love conquers all. God Bless you, Greg.

  146. Rebel without a country

    I turned off the football game after ten minutes, noticing the number of blacks in the commercials alone was nearly 90%. The only whites that appear in commercials are baffoon homosexual men and Amazon-women. Just an observation, no more professional sports, they are a meaningless waste of time and money.

    • Russ F

      same ratio applies to the players on the field. No further comment.

  147. eddiemd

    What about the Hammer Scorecard that originated with the GRU? What did the DIA director know? PLA/CCP involved?

    Did the Russian Spetsnaz GRU work with JSOC in removing the WMD out of Iraq in 2003? Where were the WMD moved to? Did Putin threaten to cut off supply lines from the north of Afghanistan?

    Get some.

    Enlisted men only. In the know.

    • eddiemd

      What about the missile strike in April 2017 on Syria? While the CCP leader was in Mar Lago.

      Were these the locations for the hidden WMD moved out of Iraq? Were the Chinese inside Syria controlling the WMD at this time? What was the message sent to the Chinese leader at Mar Lago?

      Was Russian Spetsnaz present at the Syrian bases along with the PLA?

  148. Jeff

    Flynn is obviously a great patriot, but he’s delusional if he thinks China is at the root of the infiltration that’s been going on for some 30 years. 30 years ago China was still a poor country with very little technology. All their best tech was coming from Russia. They didn’t become any kind of threat until we handed over so much technology and wealth to them starting in the mid to late ’90s. Even Katherine Austin Fitts has stated on many interviews how she was told from the inside how all the wealth is being transferred to China in the late ’90s. Well were did all this huge decisions come from to transfer all this wealth and tech to China in the first place before China had any type of influence at all. You going to tell me the Chinese had so much influence in our government back in the ’90s to make all these decisions??? Total BS! The Soviet Union/Russia had more infiltration into our government than China by far, and they couldn’t even come close to doing this kind or infiltration sabotage. Last time I checked we never had any duel citizens of China in any high ranking positions of government or corporations back then, or even now for that matter, but we sure have had a lot of duel citizen Israelis in very high positions in our government. A perfect example is the Comptroller of the Pentagon who was appointed by Bush when the 2.3 Trillion dollars went “mysteriously” missing from the Pentagon the day before 9/11. Why in the world would you give any man with duel citizenship to any country a position like that, especially to a country that has been caught spying on the US before multiple times among many other bad things?

    • Paul ...

      Good point Jeff … China was not a force in the world when bad things were going on inside the Government of the United States (like when JFK was shot) … our the evil home grown “commies” existed within our government “before” China rose to being a world power!!

  149. Jerry

    Do you still have doubts that the pandemic was planned, as well as mandatory vaccinations? Look at the dates on this document.

    Whoops. Someone accidentally let the cat out of the bag.

  150. Jerry

    Don’t look now but vaccine deaths are approaching 15,000.

    I have shown this site to many…many…people and they don’t believe it.
    Now you know why they are doubling down on the vaccinations. They have to before the public wakes up.

    Side note.
    I’ve been hearing rumors that the drug manufactures have bought the companies that make ivermectin and are preparing to discontinue its production? I have not been able to find any information to verify this,
    but I wanted to give you a heads up.

    • AndrewB

      Hi Jerry,
      Regarding your ‘side note’. Truly sickening if true. Seems Ivermectin has been found to be effective against a wide range of illness, not just c19, and at $0.02 cents per dose – the cost of the Ivermectin stock held by the WHO, or so I have read – it threatens big pharma’s profits. These guys are truly evil.

  151. DJW

    I have the utmost respect for Mr Flynn and you Mr Hunter. I bet when you started USAW you hoped you would do your small part to raise awareness about financial fraud and market manipulation – now here you are on the front line of a civil war with global repercussions interviewing a US general about a treasonous president and communist takeover. This is as real as it gets – ‘astonishing’ is an incredible understatement.

  152. Joseph M

    Those people who are upset with the word KID, if you really watched the interview know what he meant , I know lots of people who talk that way, it is a other way of saying young., if you are upset with that maybe you should watch CNN.

  153. Mark Brewer

    Bringing it home and on point as always Greg, where support for our country is on every street corner. Just talk to the folks standing there. More support from your interview with General Flynn, you’re in here Greg.

    Enjoy the tune at the end

  154. John BIGELOW

    Horowitz: As vaccinated COVID hospitalizations soar, government blocks the one option that works
    OP-ED DANIEL HOROWITZ September 13, 2021
    Until now, any discussion of treatment methods was dismissed by the trite argument, “Just get vaccinated and you will be fine.” That canard never properly addressed those who can’t get the vaccine, nor did it explain why there was a complete blackout on treatment even before the vaccines were widely available in January. However, now, with surging hospitalization rates among the vaccinated population, especially those most at risk of dying from this virus, the entire argument — and indeed strategy behind a vaccine-centric focus — is obsolete and needlessly killing thousands of people. MUCH MORE;

  155. David

    It’s always fascinating to see people like Flynn speak up after they retire when they are collecting retirement. He (nor his colleagues) didn’t do a damned thing about all the unconstitutional things taking place when he was on active duty and when he had the power to do so. Instead he waited until he was able to feast off the taxpayers teat before saying something. I do not trust him or the rest of the military to lift a finger to help. 95%, like Flynn, will simply spew the “just following orders” drivel. He’s a fraud.

    • Justn Observer

      David, You’re kidding right?

  156. dlc

    Possible alternative for those who cannot obtain Ivermectin. Locally, the feed stores are cleaned out of Ivermectin.

    L-Lysine has been around a while, a supplement, not a drug. Won’t be long before the press condemns it.

    • eddiemd

      It has been known for decades that H2 blockers have anti-viral properties specifically cimetidine.

      Down in Brasil they were using Pepcid as an antiviral for a long while.

      It should be studied. Famotidine is an H2 blocker that has shown some success.

      These are treatments that the Big Pharma and medical industrial complex want to keep hidden.

      The mRNA injection is poison. It will herald the antichrist beast system. Get ready.

  157. Jr

    CS Lewis said this: “Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.”

  158. Erin

    Great interview Greg. General Flynn is an inspiration, as are you. I greatly appreciate your work.

  159. Joyce M Read

    I think it’s interesting that every time I click on USAWatchdog a little box pops up about safe browsing and says it is not safe. Guess I’ll wear a mask when I watch these videos!

  160. Rachel Geisman

    The government stooges have shut down SpeakWithanMD. (America’s Front Line Doctors). Had an appointment now for over 3 weeks. Sure they have a million people backlog. The number of us awake and fighting this is miniscule in contrast to the vaccine sheep.

    During this time, we are experiencing a high amount of consultation requests. Because of this, wait times to speak with a physician are longer than usual.

    We are writing to inform you that due to your extended wait time, we have canceled your consultation request. Your payment method was never charged; however, the pre-authorization will be automatically voided and should be removed within 7-10 days.

    If you would like to rebook your consultation, please log back into your account and create a new consultation.

    Again, we apologize for the long wait time and we look forward to having the opportunity to take care of your health needs in the future.

  161. Marie+Joy

    Communists always get to food rationing.

  162. Bible Reader

    A very good, up-to-date and data driven interview. Also, treatments, etc.

    COVID Vaccine Breakthrough Info by Dr. Peter McCullough

    Peter R. Breggin, MD
    Published Yesterday

    Peter A. McCullough MD, MPH is the best source of vaccine information in the world. And this interview with me covers the most important issues: Vaccines do not protect against COVID and especially against Delta and other variants. Many hospitals have very sick COVID patients who have been fully vaccinated beforehand. Children need to get natural immunity. I believe there is good scientific justification for suggesting healthy children should have COVID parties to provide themselves the best chance of lifetime immunity to all the COVID-19 variants. Doctors and even entire nations like India that use proper early treatment such as advised by Dr. McCullough and Dr. Vladimir “Zev” Zelenko have very little problem with the Delta variant, which is now the main one in the U.S….

  163. Bible Reader

    Grapefruit & Lemon Peel 1 minute video for HQC.

    Homemade hydroxychloroquine or a healthy tea?

    Published Yesterday |
    (All you need is a couple spoonfuls a day to support immune system health.)


    I saw Dr. Christiane Northrup recommend the grapefruit-lemon peel drink in this video at 37-39 minutes.


    First published at 17:34 UTC on September 8th, 2021.
    Nicholas Veniamin

  164. MC

    Clif High tweeted today, Monday, that by Oct 15th USA Inc will run outta umph, financially speaking that is.

    But it’s looking like things are coming unhinged a lot quicker than that. World about to be broadsided by China collapse!
    “the collective investment world is simply ignoring this. In short, this moment seems eerily similar to where we were in Feb. 2020 when folks were dropping dead in the middle of the street in China and no one cared.”

  165. Darrell

    Sr Lucia, the 1917 Fatima visionary (just before the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia), told the historian William Thomas Walsh in a 1946 interview that if Our Lady of Fatima’s requests were not heeded, “the errors of Russia will spread through every country in the world.” He asked, “Does this mean, in your opinion, that every country, without exception, will be overcome by Communism?” “Yes.”

    A good 28 min. documentary on the apparitions and message is on youtube (close to 2 million views)

  166. eddiemd

    Perhaps this years “flu” shot is the kill shot follow on the take down the immune systems of those who have already taken the mRNA poison.

    It makes me cringe to read about the trivalent/quadrivalent injections.

    Another one to avoid.

  167. W H

    To the people that can afford a sat phone and all the books that men wright .i would suggest taking time to read the Bible and do a little talking to God the father the only one that has all the answers .

    After all this is a spiritual battle .

    Wayne Hardin

  168. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    Great report.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Rick for all your support!

  169. Buford

    Identity Politics and Systemic Racism Theory as the New Marxo-Nazism
    by Richard M. Ebeling September 6, 2021
    It is very easy to say that we have been and are living in unprecedented times in 2020 and 2021. We have experienced a global pandemic, with government-imposed and mandated lockdowns and shutdowns of much of America’s and the world’s economic activities and social interactions, as well as with governmental debts that cumulatively are almost equal to the global Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Other than the economic impact of the Great Depression of the 1930s and the disruption of peaceful international association and interaction during the war years of the 1940s, there is little that can be compared to what many people have lived through over the last year and a half, in terms of disruption of everyday, daily life. MUCH MORE;

  170. Self Exiled

    And the separational judgement continues as people make their choices during this time of absolute freedom of will (that is a gift from God). Mel Gibson is explaining to us his take on the issues that deside mens souls.

  171. Self Exiled

    Couple this with what’s going on financially, medically and politically in US and the timing would be perfect.

  172. James

    Archbishop Vigano has laid it all out. Read and share: Deliver Us from Evil –

  173. Jerry

    Well Greg,
    Eventually all dogs come home.

    What the technocrats have failed to realize is, at the end of the day you still have to chop the wood and carry the water. In their world they forgot that someone else is doing it for them right now and most of them are not liberals. Trust me I have been in both worlds. My father was a farmer from Oklahoma who had a high school education. My mother held a doctorate in psychology from the university of Missouri. Talk about extremes? Fortunately my father believed in getting your hands dirty so I was doing manual labor by the time I was eight years old. It is true, you
    give a blue collar worker an or else, he’ll take the or else every time. I guess the $100. bribes weren’t working, so Joe had to take the more direct approach by issuing a mandate threat to roll up your sleeve or else.
    But guess what? I was out in rural Missouri yesterday and saw a billboard that a farmer put up next to the interstate. It said “ I’ll give you my shot, before I take yours”. Oops! I guess Joe should have offered donuts? What do expect? The man once said it doesn’t take any brains to put a seed into some dirt. Well Joe you’re about to find out how smart you really are. I would advise you, to get your spiritual house in order, but that would be a waste of time, because you don’t have a soul.

  174. David Conrad

    Your interview with the general was outstanding. You have reached the pinnacle, through hard work and brilliance. Our country, sadly, appears headed down the tubes. Best, David Conrad

    • Greg Hunter

      “Never, never give up.” America is worth fighting for.

  175. rainer bauxdrexl

    General Flynn is a smart and decent man. General Flynn also has a colossal blind spot in reference to his service in Afghanistan. This general never ever questioned the political leadership that deployed our Military to that Country . ” I follow orders ” is a lame excuse for a supposedly intelligent patriot. Exactly Why did there USA invade that Country ?. Flynn appears to has a rather narrow and limited view of his duties and responsibilities to our nation. Sure I admire his candor. It is sad that ge cannot see the whole picture.

  176. Bettina Carolan

    hell of a catch Greg…. good interview!

  177. Paul ...

    Did anyone notice (other then Stan) that the US dollar “gaped down” today … early sign of things to come?? …

    • Paul ...

      The dollar closed the gap today … lets see what happens next with China going through its own Lehman crisis!!

      • Paul ...

        China’s Evergrand failure and eventual bankruptcy will likely result in a significant slowdown in property construction in China for a few years … and such a slowdown in property construction (that represents a quarter of China’s economy) … will cause a significant decline in demand for commodities such as copper and lumber … however … to combat the dis-inflationary effects … China will likely begin printing fiat exponentially (like the Fed did after Lehman) … which should drive precious metal prices higher!!

  178. Paul ...

    You know … remember every time War broke out in Europe … the Globalists in Europe always “got America to fight their enemies for them” by creating “An Incident” (like Pearl Harbor, etc.) … well now the European Globalists (Soros, Schwab, etc.) are at War with China … and they probably think all they have to do is create “An Incident” (Clif High figures it will occur next month) in America that will force America fight their battles once again … how about this time … we “remain neutral” … and just let the European Union and China fight it out without getting involved … God must have put China loving Bribe’n into office for a reason … I know if Trump was in there he would have joined the EU (just like Roosevelt) and would have got us into a war with China … at least with Bribe’n “we have a chance to remain neutral” as the EU (under Soros and Schwab) and China duke it out … and throw nuclear weapons at each other!!

  179. Dave

    Jenna Ellis said today there is a hang-up/delay in the Arizona results. She does not know what is going on but if the GOP does not follow through on Arizona all bets are off. Ellis is also worried that the SCOTUS may bow to pressure and uphold Biden’s executive orders.

  180. Paul ...

    Wow … “What an Extraordinary Revelation” … Milley had two ‘back-channel phone calls’ with China’s “Top Military General in the waning days of the Trump administration … he did it as he believed his actions were “a good faith precaution to ensure there was no historic rupture in the international order and no accidental nuclear war with China” … Milley reportedly told China’s General Li: “You and I have known each other for five years now … if the United States was about to attack you … I’m going to call you and warn you ahead of time … it’s not going to be a surprise”!!
    Now this makes me think even more about Trump … his Military build-up … his China tariff wars … his blaming China for the virus (Fauci created and released from China) … and the Warp Speed “jab” to kill millions to blame on China … almost like how we were forced into WWI and WWII … now this is “a real crazy mind blowing thought I just had” … could the 2020 election have been “purposely rigged to get Trump out” … to Save us from a Nuclear War with China???????????

    • Warren B.

      The common thread for WW1 and WW2 = Provocation.
      You have discovered what many have conveniently overlooked.
      But we are by no means out of the woods just yet.
      Keep in mind it is the Shadow Government that calls the shots. If they are threatened in any way shape or form (alternative to USD hegemony for example) then we could see some escalation/tension. Biden is just a puppet – he will do as instructed – regardless of his current state of impotency.
      As I understand it – China is about to unleash its GOLD Backed Digital Currency (in early 2022). That will cause a paradigm shift in international trade settlement (away from USD). I don’t believe that will be accepted without some recourse.

    • Paul ...

      Should Milley be considered a Hero or a Traitor?? … … on 9-11 the US Military listened to the civilian “commies” in our government … “and stood down” while the “commies” inside our government blew up the World Trade Center to get a War started that they could use to rake in more money for themselves … now we have a Military man who is thinking for himself and doing what he feels is right “to protect our Nation” … the civilian “commies” in government call it Treason … but you know … I have been bashing the Military for doing nothing on 9-11 (even when their own Pentagon was hit with a missile right into the office that was investigating the “commies” in our government stealing trillions of taxpayer dollars) … well I can’t justifiably criticize the US Military for doing nothing on 9-11 to thwart the “commies” inside our government and now bash Milley for taking independent action he determined to be in the best interest of the American people … so I won’t … but no matter what history records Milley as being (a hero or a traitor) … one good thing has been established … a “precedent has been set” whereby a General or Senior ranking Military official can now get away with going rogue in defiance of the civilian “commies” within our government … who may want to start a war by killing thousands of Americans like they did on 9-11 and like they are doing now with the “jab” (creating thousands of casualties they can then blame on China … when it was the “commies” in the US who developed the bio-weapon … and then released it in China … what better tool to get the American people to go to war with China then to see our loved ones dying all around us of the “China Virus” … Milley likely also saw pictures of Nancy Pelosi with George Soros and hear her asking for our Nuclear Weapon Codes … so he used common sense to secure and safeguard all the nuclear weapon launch procedures (and that is not being a traitor) … the real traitors are the civilian “commies” within our government who are destroying our Constitution … mandating “jabs”, censoring our right to speak freely … removing our ability to take care of our own health by stopping the sale of Ivermectin … and calling for a One World Government here (and also in Australia, New Zealand and Canada, etc.) under the leadership of the evil Globalists like Soros and Schwab who want the people either dead or owning nothing!!!

    • Paul ...

      And it is not just Milley and the Military who need to stand up and “do what is right to protect the American people” (as they failed to do on 9-11) … when everyone knows we have “Commies” running our Government … and who are “right now at this moment” issuing Unconstitutional Dictatorial Edicts against the American people (forcing a “jab” upon us , our wives and our children that threatens both our lives and safety) … we all have a responsibility to stand up for the Constitution … and “to fight back in every way we can” as concerned individuals of a Constitutional Republic who simply want to protect our precious children from the Demonic Perverts who are coming for them!!

  181. oneno

    Vaccination Madness Poem
    Vaccinated, vaccinated, must be vaccinated!
    This is the only way to achieve immunity for human herds.
    This is how it is propagated on all channels,
    in order to shirk responsibility.
    The brains are being washed by the government and the media.
    Meanwhile, the pharmaceutical bosses quickly line their pockets.
    Clean, quickly developed and totally free of side effects,
    They lie about vaccines, the people don’t care.
    The vaccinated are already separated from those who still think for themselves,
    This way the stupid folks can be divided and much better controlled.
    Vaccination already brings illness and death to many,
    But this is kept quiet, which stinks to high heaven.
    And whoever dares to speak the truth about it,
    the vaccine believers don’t want to keep him around.
    He is called a conspiracy monger and a danger,
    And even shamelessly denigrated as an enemy of society.
    Where will all this lead us?
    In which direction will the doors open?
    In the end, civil war and dictatorship loom,
    Freedom and democracy will remain empty words.
    Achim Wolf, 30th August 2021

    • Paul ...

      Bribe’n has Usurped his Civilian Authority and broke the Sacrosanct Chain of Command … whereby the Constitution is the Guiding Principle for Civilian Control over the Nation … violating the Constitution is an extremely dangerous precedent … and Bribe’n can’t simply walk away from his treasonous mandating of experimental “jabs” for everyone (except Congress)!!

  182. Self Exiled

    Milley has the killer instinct. Flynn like Trump is not aware of his environment. I wonder who controls the nukes, while we worry about elections.

    Trust does not come naturally. HIS Spirit within us, HIS gentle touch and us exerting our will can accomplish this supernatural endeavor, without fear or misgiving.

    O LORD of hosts,
    How blessed and greatly favored is the man who trusts in You [believing in You, relying on You, and committing himself to You with confident hope and expectation]. Psalm 84:13

    • Paul ...

      SE … Bottom line: If our government has been taken over by “commies” … we sure as Hell don’t want these “commies” to have control of our nuclear weapons … this is why “we need someone” in the US Military … to stand between the “illegitimate civilian commie” put into the White House as “Commander and Chief” by voter fraud!!!
      Note: Milley is not my choice … but “he has served a vital function” … protecting the US launch codes from getting into the hands of “commie” Pelosi and her buddy Soros who would without a doubt launch them against China … to get all the Americans (who refused the “jab”) killed (by Chinese nuclear retaliation) … to meet the Globalist eugenicist Georgia Guide-stone population reduction goals … as scheduled!!

  183. Randy Best

    Sadly, I think the General is wrong. The American people are indeed stupid.

    • Paul ...

      RB … You may be right … but put yourself into Milley’s mind at the time he called the Chinese General … Milley probably saw Trump (“who knew” there were alternatives to the “jab”) sign the Emergency Authorization Act to get the Nation “jabbed” (and dying of the China Virus at Warp Speed) … … Milley probably figured what he was thinking … was probably what China were thing … that the American people “were being primed” to more easily go to War with China … and to calm the Chinese down … he assured them he would warn them if any surprise attack was being planned … now am I being an apologist for what damn well sure looks like treason? … but all I know is … if it is true that “commies” are running our government (as Flynn says) … we sure as Hell don’t want these “commies” who fraudulently stole the Presidency … to have “sole control” over all our Strategic Nuclear Weapons!!!!

  184. Jerry

    It looks like Cliff was right again.

    While it is encouraging to see the pushback we also know what the global response will be. We are definitely at a tipping point, where this thing could go one way or another. I personally think Cliff is right about the globalist pulling the plug on the economy to force the vaccinations. They have an agenda and it’s called agenda 21 for a reason.

    Side note,
    I have come to the conclusion that the globalist have designed the virus to attack certain DNA markers in European bloodlines. I have noticed that my sons and myself are very susceptible to the spike proteins being put out by the virus or the vaccinated. In each case we became very ill when we became infected, with one son dying. I to have been into my ivermectin stock almost weekly after being around the vaccinated. The odd part is their spouses and other family members never get sick or recovered very quickly when they did after being exposed to the virus. It’s just a theory, but I can’t explain why some people get sick and die when exposed to the virus and others don’t. I realize underlying health conditions, age, and body weight are factors to, but not in all cases. My son that died was 41 years old. Was healthy as a horse. Worked out two hours a day. And most importantly, didn’t go anywhere because he was retired. I’ve been over it a dozen times to try and figure out what happened and can’t come up with any answers? From other friends and family I get “ it was just his time to go “ but that doesn’t explain what happened. If that’s the case then none of us are safe. As I’ve told other friends and contacts, the virus seems to be gaining strength. If they roll out the boosters in a few days to the vaccinated, I can only imagine the havoc it’s going to cause, because it will make their shedding even worse, especially to those of us who have a specific DNA marker.

    • AndrewB

      Hi Jerry,
      Thanks for the link”. Everyone should take part 9-18-21. If no protest in your area, use ‘contact us’ at the landing page and ask about becoming an organiser . . .

    • W H

      I cannot even pretend to know how you feel because i have no kids but i have lost loved ones and have tried to understand why .
      And the only thing i came up with was God took them so they wouldn’t have to go through something worse and the way things are getting now and will only get worse it just may be a blessing not to be here .
      buy what ever reason i know that God has sent the comforter to help us through things and i pray that GOD gives you the peace that passes all understanding to help you through this .
      Wayne Hardin

      • Jerry

        Thank you for your kind words. When you read about the prophecies of the last days, you could be right. Those that have been taken already may be the lucky ones. Justice is coming. It’s just a matter of when.

    • Self Exiled

      I’m not sure but I seem to be building an immunity to the spike proteins that the vaccinated are shedding. Each time I’m exposed to them they seem to have less of an affect. I can not prove it but I’m consciously coming to that conclusion although I maintain the vitamin c with zinc, vitamin d continually and nano silver nebulization when necessary.

      • Self Exiled

        Another thought occurred; when around the Astra Zenica crowd I got very sick, around the US versions of either Pfizer or Moderna [which I’m not sure] not so affected.

        • Charles H.

          Totally believable. I get around different crowds and my bodily reactions are different – like some attacks last longer.

  185. CatalystPR

    //a financial collapse in October triggered by a budget impasse// hope it doesn’t happen…

  186. Roger

    TREASON is no longer punishable in the USA. In fact in some places like the Executive Office, Military, Congress, CIA, FBI, DOJ, SCOTUS, Governors, AG, etc it is encouraged and standard operations to practice TREASON against the Constitution and USA.

    George Washington and those fellow patriots would need a lot of rope today. Ironically those would be the people punished today.

  187. Richard Moore

    General, I really got disgusted by you repeatedly calling a Lt Colonel in the Marine Corps a “kid”. Lt Colonel Scheller is not a “kid” he’s a man, a very courageous man. In addition, he is just two ranks from being a general himself. There has always been disrespect between the Army and Marine Corps and you just couldn’t resist.

    When I was in Vietnam toting my M-14 automatic rifle for the Marine Corps you, sir, were in the 2nd or 3rd grade so you are just a kid to me. But I have enough respect for your rank to not call you that on the Internet.

    Semper Fi

  188. Marie+Joy

    IF you can, would the retirees be willing to work to help the country get back on our feet? Just a thought.

  189. Self Exiled

    If you don’t listen to this you’ ll never be able to put it all together.


  190. Jay Traxler

    Hi Greg, I was wondering if you could make available the various papers, graphs and maps that you use in your news wrap ups. I find myself going back and trying to find them to show my family and friends. I think they would be helpful when trying to get the truth out regarding the virus. I have been unable to find the map of Africa and ivermectin. Maybe you could put them in a pdf file so we could print them.

  191. Jennifer

    Dr. Jane Ruby just reports on Stew Peters that A.D.E is the bio weapon!!!
    Here is the link.

  192. Self Exiled


  193. MC

    this meme is probably how patriots are feeling about Trump in 2021:

  194. Mike R

    No surprise here whatsoever !
    “Polls Show That The American People Are Extremely Angry… And They Are About To Get Even Angrier”
    WEDNESDAY, SEP 15, 2021 – 04:20 PM
    Authored by Michael Snyder
    “This wasn’t supposed to happen. We were promised that once Joe Biden was in the White House that the tremendous anger that was building up in our country would start to subside, but that obviously is not happening.

    In fact, as you will see below, Americans have been getting even angrier. Needless to say, the stunt that Joe Biden pulled last week is certainly not helping matters. When he visited Boise on Monday, enormous crowds of extremely angry protesters were waiting for him. And everywhere I go on social media this week, I am seeing huge explosions of anger.

    What in the world is our country going to look like if all of this anger continues to grow?

    Normally, it is either one side of the political spectrum or the other that is angry at any given time.

    But here in September 2021, both sides of the political spectrum are very angry. Just check out these stunning numbers from a brand new CNN poll…
    A new CNN poll finds that 74% of U.S. adults now say they are “very or somewhat angry” about the way things are going in the U.S. today — that includes 88% of Republicans, 70% of independents and even 67% of Democrats. But wait, there’s more.
    Another 69% of U.S. adults now say that things are going “pretty or very badly” in the country these days — that includes 91% of Republicans, 72% of independents and 49% of Democrats.

    Those numbers are crazy. Just a few months ago, there was so much optimism, but now the mood of the nation has completely shifted.
    Surprisingly, that same CNN poll asked a question about illegal immigration, and it found that even most Democrats are concerned about “the movement of undocumented immigrants”…

    And by the way, illegal immigration is still a concern for many in this nation. The CNN survey also found that 77% of U.S. adults say that it is important that the federal government “stops the movement of undocumented immigrants into the United States.” And the partisan breakdown: 95% of Republicans, 76% of independents and 52% of Democrats agreed.

    Ever since Joe Biden entered the White House, giant throngs of people have been surging to our southern border, and this has created an unprecedented immigration crisis.

    Incredibly, even though Biden has decided to impose vaccine mandates on millions upon millions of American citizens, even the White House Press Secretary is admitting that there will be no such requirement for the illegal immigrants that are being let into this country. (So he is going to mandate a killer vaxx on Americans, but let it slide for ILLEGALS ! Go figure ! What a total MORON of POTUS we have. ) ”

    Members of Congress and their staffs are exempt from Biden’s new VAXX MANDATE requirements as well. (Seriously ??? So does congress know something bad about the VAXX, that they get to refuse to get injected ??? Why would they refuse if the VAXX was so stinking wonderful and supposed to save their life from COVID ??? So what part of stupid do all these congress people think all American citizens are ??? )

    But the rest of us are apparently fair game to be injected by the VAXX. Today, my wife walked into a store where the employees were openly talking about how they might soon lose their jobs because of these new mandates. Biden is dragging us into full-blown tyranny, and lots of American citizens are going to lose good jobs because of this.
    Another new poll asked Americans if they think that Biden’s tyrannical decrees are constitutional or not, and the results were absolutely overwhelming…

    Asked in a new poll by Convention of States Action, in partnership with The Trafalgar Group, whether Biden has the constitutional authority to impose that VAXX mandate demand, 58.6% said no.
    Only 29.7% said yes.
    The poll, taken over the weekend of likely general election voters, has a margin of error of 2.96%.
    If they get away with this round of VAXX mandates, they will undoubtedly try to impose even more. ”

    (So folks is there any wonder, when people know the VAXXED are still getting Covid, still dying from Covid after getting Vaxxed, and 10’s of thousands are actually dying from the VAXX itself, that people are getting angrier by the day ??? Who knew ??? Duh ! )

  195. Jerry

    Please do me a favor. If you hear of any information about class action lawsuits, ( like the ones in Europe. See link below ) please let us know. I want in on it.

    When I get done with my sons funeral I plan on sending a donation your way. Thanks for all your hard work. Right now it’s the only thing keeping me sane, besides the gospel of Jesus Christ.

    • Greg Hunter

      So sorry about your son. Hang on to Jesus tightly.

      • Jerry

        Thank you. I really appreciate it. My belief in Jesus Christ is the only thing keeping me from extracting revenge on these globalist. I’m praying the American people will wake up before it’s to late. No one should have to die because they can’t get the medicine they need to save their life. Ivermectin should be an over the counter drug, with its proven track record….but it’s not. The choice they are giving us is, take the vaccine or die. If that doesn’t spell evil, I don’t know what does?

        • Greg Hunter

          Hang in there Jerry. God is the Judge and he wins big!

  196. Justn Observer

    Greg, Good interview… Gen. Flynn might have re-phrased it…the U.S. IS BEING SOLD OUT TO CHINA…. =reading the fine print =
    Do wonder when the people do stand up or IF they ever will?
    Maybe just learning to speak Chinese will be easier than admitting they have been duped BIG TIME by the ‘establishment’/deep state?…

  197. Self Exiled

    Following Christ whole heartedly you will discover facets of yourself that were previously hidden; not that I follow HIM as whole heartedly as I should. HE knows me intimately, far better than I know myself. I believe the goal is that we become trans formed more and more into the one HE designed us to be. I’m trying to remember these thoughts/concepts; now, and in the times ahead. With great events come great responsibilities and a great reliance on HIM; and great personal transformation, because we are here at this time we are called. Thank YOU Lord for the great example YOU gave us to follow in personally difficult times. As Greg says and I have to remind my self of this daily “fear not”.

  198. Self Exiled

    As if we didn’t know this was probably the reality.

  199. Self Exiled

    Did not know about this.

    Alkaline hydrolysis (body disposal)

    • Self Exiled

      I suspect some hospitals have these at their facilities.

    • AndrewB

      Self Exiled,
      Why does this ‘rendering’ process make me think of ‘Soylent Green’?!

  200. SouthernPatriot

    Hello Greg.
    Thanks for all that you do for this country. Thank you General Flynn for your service to this nation. Thank you for your update and perspective on how things are really going in America!
    I mad as hello and I can’t stand it any more! This great nation is being destroyed from within the political system! Our elected officials no longer deserve my trust or respect. I believe they are traitors to America! It breaks my heart to say, I no long trust any politician or anything that the press put’s out as the evening news’s!
    For the first time in my adult life, I flew our flag upside down on it’s standard! Because of the love I have for my country and for those who have served and given there lives, at sunrise yesterday, I turned the flag right-side up and saluted it!
    I love America to much to let those SOS’s to win without a fight! I’m not as able as I once was to stand or walk much, but I remember mop and told and how to carry old glory till my last breath leaves this body. Let’s stop the talking and get something done , before it’s to late and America will be delegated to the ash heap of history, As a once shinning city on some hill!
    Sorry for taking up space and your time. I do not know how to say these things any better!
    In closing a footnote from William Tyler Page ” The American Creed” I therefore believe it is my duty to love my country; to support it Constitution; to obey it’s laws; to respect it’s flag; and defend it against all enemy’s.
    Southern Patriot signing off for now!

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