America is Very Unstable – Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

By Greg Hunter’s 

International award-winning journalist and former Assistant Treasury Secretary Dr. Paul Craig Roberts (PCR) says data shows between CV19 policies and the policies surrounding Russia that “America is very unstable.”  Let’s start with the NATO talks with Russia over Ukraine that broke down in a diplomatic disaster last week.  There is the real possibility of nuclear war with Russia.  Dr. PCR explains, “The West is continually antagonizing Russia (PCR is referring primarily to Ukraine, Georgia and Kazakhstan).  This will eventually lead to some kind of conflict.  If it is a conventional war, the West does not have a chance—no chance whatsoever.  So, what would Washington do when it’s faced with a massive defeat?  It would save face by resorting to nukes.  That’s the way Washington is.  So, it’s very dangerous.  It’s extremely dangerous to make the Russians feel threatened, and when they tell you (Washington D.C) that, you ignore it.  You don’t hear, and you make them feel more threatened. . . . This is just madness, and it opens up the prospects of military confrontation.  I guarantee you that the Russians are not going to allow NATO to take in Ukraine and Georgia.  They simply will not, and it cannot be done. . . . We are not prepared for military confrontation with Russia and much less with Russia and China.”  Last week, the Russian government publicly said it thought the Biden Administration was having a “nervous breakdown,” which was intended as a huge insult.

The other huge problem is the CV19 policies with shutdowns and coerced experimental injections.  Dr. PCR says, “The whole Covid thing is a hoax.  It’s all been for nothing, and it’s unnecessary, but they are sticking with it.  They are sticking with it despite the fact that it is now conclusively proven that what the vaccine does is turn your own immune system into a weapon against your own body.  The vaccine causes your immune system to attack your own vital organs.  That’s why you have these vaccine injuries and deaths, and it does not protect you from Covid. . . . Yet, they still want to continue it.  It’s another form of insanity.”

The biggest driver of a troubled economy and spiking inflation is none other than the Covid policies.  Dr. PCR points out, “The inflation is really reflecting the lockdowns and cessation of supply. . . . All of a sudden you have got shortages everywhere.  How do people get things?  You bid for it.  You have to outbid . . . You can see the whole Covid policy is shrinking the ability of the economy to produce.  That’s the problem.”

Dr. PCR sees a “collapse of society” because the data is showing many will get sick or die because of the dangerous injections.

Dr. PCR also says countries are turning away from the U.S. dollar and buying gold.  That is very dollar negative, and it is not going to tame inflation–just the opposite.

What does Dr. PCR see in the political future for the Democrats and the Biden Administration?  Dr. PCR says, “The Democrats have blown it, but if they can get away with blaming the unvaccinated for all the problems . . . they may be shielded.  Democrats may also be shielded if they can force Russia to take some sort of decisive action.  Then everybody has to rally around the President. . . . It’s very, very unstable, and there are reasons to leave the dollar if inflation is high.”

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with award-winning journalist Dr. Paul Craig Roberts 1.19.22  (There is much more in the 46 min. interview.)

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After the Interview:

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  1. Anthony Australia

    So is Australia.
    Love this man so much.

    Thanks Greg!

    • Rob

      Here is an example of Paul Craig Robert’s great incites circulated on many alt websites:

      We must stand together against these poisons our God calls sorcery in the book of Revelation:

      • Dave

        Let’s be clear. The Globalist and the current U.S. government WANT a war with Russia. Why…? So the U.S. can LOSE and dissolve the U.S. Constitution. In addition, they will destroy Russia, a lose lose situation, thus eradicating the white race in both countries. Leaving it open for the Kabbalahist to fulfill their endgame.

      • Dave

        Let’s be clear. The Globalist and the current U.S. government WANT a war with Russia. Why…? So the U.S. can LOSE and dissolve the U.S. Constitution. In addition, they will destroy Russia, a lose lose situation, thus eradicating the white race in both countries. Leaving it open for the Kabbalahist to fulfill their endgame. Imagine, going to war and our supply chain is dysfunctional, the U.S. dollar has been replaced by the Federal Reserve digital currency (not under our control), the population sick & dying by the vaccine (the elite got the saline ir vitamins or something), our military personnel are replaced with illegal immigrants who did not have to get vaccinated and have no problem enforcing hostility on our citizens, taking control of YOUR children (they aborted theirs), add advanced robotics and green energy for the FEW elites to inherit the earth (the only way they could generate enough? These are just a few of the master chosen ones plans. Can you conceive it? Of course not, that’s what makes the Kabbalah laugh with affirmation of their deceptive superiority.

        • IIG

          Lets also be clear who runs the FBI – Big Pfizer evidently has our FBI at its beck and call (to target journalists – at Project Veritas, etc., etc.) – says Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton!!

        • virginia clark

          I’m afraid I have to agree with everything you are saying. It’s the CIA working with China in Ukraine I think to destabilize and get us involved to piss off Russia and cause war. I believe this was Hillary’s plan if she got in. So the war mongers are bound and determined to make it happen anyway. At the same time we are busy with Russia, China waltz’s in and takes Taiwan. Then China cuts us off of everything and the idiots who thought sending all the manufacturing to China was genius have destroyed us once and for all.

      • sk


    • Warren B.

      This seems promising…….just out of the UK…..COVID is OVER
      They have a lot of Pushback over there especially with their Prime Minister getting caught breaking rules for Isolation recently. The Government have caved in BIG TIME. Hope this sets a precedent for the rest of the planet and especially here.
      I remain cynical – for what they give with one hand – they taketh with the other.

      • Warren B.

        Some people obviously know that the PLANDEMIC is falling apart and have inside knowledge that the CLOT SHOTS will cease very soon…..this supports the above move by the UK Government – NO MORE MANDATES / PROOF OF VACCINATION REQUIRED.

        • IIG

          Lets hope only the Regular-rats are leaving the ship – but that the Demon-rats stay on board and die for what they have done (forcing people to take Big Pharma’s clot shots)!!

        • Jeff

          Warren I truly wish they were giving up. But I believe this is a planned regroup to allow the sheep to believe they won. Then they will release a worse virus that really will spread fear, while telling the populous they should have listened to them from the beginning.
          It being our fault the infectious spread is now so bad. Then, as they planned, the fearful will bow down to their evil jabs and new mandates.
          These people are not to be trusted. They are evil.

    • Mike Scirocco

      PCR is fearless.

  2. Shawn

    Greg Hunter and PCR are two men that can be trusted to tell their truth!

    Always appreciated Gentlemen.


    Stop baiting the Bear . These Washington and London criminals want the diversion of a big war , these criminals want to destroy 2/3 of mankind and are being found out

  4. Scott

    Agreed the situation with Russia is dangerous but I do not agree that we would go to Nukes. The plan of the radical left has always been to put us into a military conflict where they planned to have the US surrender. When faced with the nuclear option Biden would choose the “humanitarian” option and surrender. The UN would mediate the surrender terms to include abrogation of our constitution and the bill of rights. The UN has always viewed the US constitution as a road block to their desire of one world government. What a better way to get rid of that impediment.

    • Hannah Loveanna

      Our government can make any decision they choose to; however, that doesn’t mean we, the people, will comply with those decisions.

      • IIG

        If nukes go flying … we may have to die for those decisions being made by the eugenicists!!

    • IIG

      Seems the “humanitarian” option Biden chose (was to kill off all the American people with the “jab”) – so we won’t get horribly burned up in a nuclear retaliatory strike (after he hits Russia with a surprise nuclear attack this February)!!

  5. Kent Greenough

    There is one question nobody is asking, “How many deaths until the clot shot is stopped?” No drug has ever had this many deaths and remain in use.

    • IIG

      7 Billion!!

    • Laura McDonough

      Kent: This is in the plan for more killing here ald elsewhere:

    • Bronson

      The vaccine program ends when enough people wake up and refuse the death shots.
      The agenda is to put a vaccine in every arm, including babies. They have no intention of ever stopping the vaccine program. The pharmaceutical companies are aware of the high number of deaths. So, they vaccinate the children anyways, knowing the high death rate and major adverse reactions. Depopulation has to be their plan.
      The reason they are getting away with it, has to do with normalcy bias. 70% of the population will not believe that depopulation could ever be the agenda, even if they had absolute proof of it. Internet search “normalcy bias”.

      • Laura McDonough

        Bronson: this is why last year I distanced myself/stop calls/blocking people/ignoring etc because they joined the covidian cult ongoing , I have no time for these losers anymore incl two siblings and afew cousins. Since pastors refuse to speak out to their congregation, many stop going and home church or meet w/ friends. 501c3 churches and their hierarchies, are globalist controlled (gov corporations).

  6. Tom C

    Greg, thanks very much for having Dr. Roberts on.
    I firmly believe that most liberals/Progressives are in a hypnotic state. They are unable to think or be rational.

    • Greg Hunter

      Tom C,
      That won’t stop them from getting very sick and many of those will die.

      • Tom C

        Greg, you’re exactly right. But they won’t figure out what caused them to get sick. Liberalism is evil.

        • Greg Hunter

          This will be waaaaaay too big to hide with childish lies. Way!!

          • IIG

            Lies yes – but not “child-less” lies – Democrats Are Calling For Children To Be Removed From Their Parents!!

        • Laura McDonough

          The covidian cult members, many who got the third booster, made choices to keep on getting jabbed. I have cut all ties w/ siblings, cousins and other people who joined this cult, after learning more about this gov. psy-ops. Simply become unavailable/blocking callers. I moved on, no time for stupid people in my contacts now, know several people w/ head on straight, and swap info. I have zero time for losers that are pro Fauci and Biden fans.

          • IIG

            The insanity of the Demonrats has reached such a level – that normal intelligent people are being banned from thinking, speaking or commenting – so as not to offend these psychopathic blue state imbeciles who want to jab and take away our children to change their gender (so gay transgender pedophiles can bounce them on their laps)!!

      • Tom C

        You’re absolutely right, Greg.

      • Glennis Enfield

        Don’t forget Greg, Jesus said. “Unless those days were cut short no flesh would survive. But on account of the chosen, those days would be cut short.”
        Just a little comfort, for most of us with skin in the game. Parents, children, brother’s sister’s, lovers. . . ..mmmm, thank a chosen one for their service!
        Thanks Greg Hunter and of course your better half, your wife, company and all supporters, most commentators here, at!

        • Glennis Enfield

          P.s. and of course your wonderful guests Greg!!!

        • Greg Hunter

          Amen Brother Glennis!
          Brother Greg

        • travis moss

          i think Jesus was referring to the destruction of Jerusalem (your house shall be left desolate) i believe the 1st part of matthew 24 refers to the prophecy of the destruction of Jerusalem. Chuck Baldwin has a sermon on the destruction of Jerusalem verse by verse, imho it is good to check out other views,and you won’t hear this view much if at all on the radio; regardless of the differences of views the bottom line is: who do you say Jesus is

        • Al Day

          We here in our family, live by those words. We’ve stocked enough to last approx. 5 months as that is the time given for the ‘shortened days’ to last. It would be wise to consider that as a true believer. Never has the possibility of annihilation been greater than now. And it’s all driven by Satan and his minions here, in the flesh. May His peace be with you. Amen.

          • Laura McDonough

            Al Day: Agree w/ you and stockpiling plan, Besides, most of us don’t have the space for longer term storage stockpiling.

            • Ray

              Agreed Laura,
              Regarding 5 months of food / water preps…..I think that will be adequate.
              If things really spiral out of control, most won’t even last 5 weeks.
              After 5 months…….very few people left…….those who have made it through will take what they need from whatever is left.
              God be with you and yours Laura.
              Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation

    • Paul Anthony

      I agree with you .. I have this conversation with my wife daily – The Pyschosis the left supporting citizens is in … to me is very stunning. Its like what world are they living in its not reaility…But it has not yet ceased to amaze me on a daily basis! Its ignorant beyond any words I have! Maybe “In Denial is a better phrase than just calling it Pchosis? .. Maybe the horror is just too much and its easier just to deny and stay in Pschosis I guess – So freaking weird!

      • Wendy R

        Sir, you seem to overlook the mindset of the Kool-Aid drinkers. They are programed to think they are trying to save the world from us anti-vaxx, psychopathic, idiotic, tin-hat wearing, conspiracy theory believing, Trump loving, Neanderthals. They’ve been programed endlessly that the unshot are the spreaders and the only barrier to the end of the pandemic and normalcy once again. If we won’t comply, then, of course, they believe any amount of coercion is necessary. The epitome of social justice warriers!

      • Laura McDonough

        Paul: those that got the shots have softwear implanted w/ A.I. mind control and with each booster they become more transhuman. Cut all ties w/ anyone like that, they are not your friends ongoing.

    • regaleagle

      Compared to Dr. Paul Craig Roberts and his understanding of Global affairs, Biden and his Liberal Left have mashed potatoes for brains…..end of story. I think Dr. Roberts is maybe around the same age as Biden, yet his thought capacity is still waaay up there. God Almighty gives men the ability to be wise, or sends delusion to those that do not recognize He is Sovereign. The Liberal Left and esp. Biden are all delusional. Pelosi is and has been a “space cadet” for years.

  7. William Mitchell

    Roberts is a veritable genius.

  8. OKGrandpa

    We’ve reached the end game scenario… The globalist can’t afford a planetary push back. Too much truth is coming out and they’re backed into a corner. They HAVE to force another worldwide false flag event in the very near future. It’s possible that I’m mistaken, but I sincerely doubt it. (Am I the only one shocked by how long it takes to make “frog soup”?) The entire planet is a powder keg and everyone’s standing around it with burning sparklers. Financial collapse? Unlikely. Revelation 18 is explicit when describing the merchants of the Earth bewailing the loss of so great a riches. Famine? Close but no cigar. Again… Babylon is still consuming the world’s delicacies when she’s laid waste. Civil war? Now that’s a possibility. She is, after all populated by people from every nation. Hmmm. Mark of the Beast? Nope… Revelation 14 is clear that the “mark” doesn’t begin until she goes down. Well just exactly who IS this Daughter of Babylon? Let’s consider her description… She was once, a golden cup in the Lord’s hand. (A lighthouse of hope and freedom.) She was the “hammer of the whole Earth.” (The strongest military EVER.) She made the whole world rich. She was surrounded by oceans. She sat aloft seven major mountain ranges. Her population became perpetual users of pharmaceuticals. Her men became as women and her women became as men. She was overburdened with lawyers. (Everyone litigating against everyone all the time for everything.) She said in her heart “I sit as a queen and shall see no sorrow.” She would be a land of unwalled villages whose people dwelt carelessly. Her population became obese and completely self indulgent. The world adored her heroes. “They were mad upon their idols.” She would mount up to heaven and fortify the height of her strength. I.e., she would have a Space Force. She would be the LAST EMPIRE BEFORE THE KINGDOM OF THE BEAST!

    No… While I may be mistaken, I believe the missing piece of the puzzle is the destruction of Babylon. This would, in fact facilitate the immediate rise of the “man of sin”. Consider the following… The world surrounded by a nuclear shroud, (blotting out the sun for three days), the world’s economy destroyed, the world’s food basket destroyed, the helper of Israel destroyed, the world’s “lighthouse of freedom” destroyed, global panic and confusion. As Bugs Bunny once said… “Hmmm. Could be.”

    Scriptures referenced…
    Isaiah 13, 47
    Ezekiel 38
    Jeremiah 50, 51
    Revelation 14, 17 & 18

    I suggest that everyone draw nigh to God while you’re still able. Read Psalm 91 everyday! Yeshua (Jesus) IS GOD and He’s about to “set it off”!

    • Michael W

      Thank you for posting your Scripture references. Its like an ad hoc, impromptu bible study I didnt plan on for the day. I will enjoy reading them and contemplating on them. Blessings to my fellow kneelers.

    • IIG

      If Hillary was elected she would have brought us to war with Russia – so the Globalists cheated Trump out – put Biden in – and presto – we are back on track for a major nuclear war with Russia – that will help to speed up their eugenics plans to exterminate humanity!!

  9. Barbara

    What better way to establish a one world government than to destroy the United States?

  10. Alan Wakefield

    Trump REFUSED to go to war, despite certain provocations. That was another reason the satan worshippers now in control hated him so much! I am MOST DISAPPOINTED that Trump appears to be encouraging “vaccines” that are clearly NOT VACCINES! All around the world, our healthiest athletes, “inexplicably” dropping dead shortly post “vaccine!” For how long did the world imagine God was going to ignore our terrible excesses? Who is fool enough to believe we could violate God’s Law for ever.. without consequence? I always believed 9/11 was a warning of God’s Impending Judgment. The late Reverend Jerry Falwell believed the same thing. I was very disappointed when some, including some in The Church, coerced Falwell into recanting his statements!

    • Marie Joy

      Whatever Trump was, he is still better than any known alternative.

      • Greg Hunter

        I would have to agree. Tha vax stance needs to be reversed.

      • Donald

        You need to raise your standards…if you think Traitor Trump is the only option you may as well just give up and take his ‘beautiful vaccine’…

  11. Jeff robbins

    BIG Story- My neighbor works for BNSF and says they’re ready to strike on Feb. 1. Although, it supposed to be illegal for them to strike, but he says the workers want to and expects it’ll be a game of chicken. He said management wants to save pennies compared to their millions in operations. The stakes are very high and normally cool heads prevail, but our leadership at various levels seem to be borderline insane. It is pervasive in upper managements (insanity). My belief is that this and the truckers and the port issues are all a plot to f up as mush as possible with the economy. Doesn’t even address lock downs, excess deaths, loss of confidence in the elections, fake data, and on and on. Is this the hand of God and the take down of a nation??

    • Justn Observer

      Jeff, One wonders if it is ‘illegal’ to have a ‘blue virus’
      vs. a strike, of course also a reminder to Buffet that BSNF, might now be liable for any injuries and medical problems that arise if it is imposing a mandate?
      As to your opinion, ” belief is that this and the truckers and the port issues are all a plot to f up as much as possible with the economy.”
      Certainly, there ‘appears’ to be some KNEW this was coming as so many jumped into some stock in what appears to be a corrdinated way…ie, so close to the same time… way ahead of actual shortages curve as they ‘developed’? Yes, shipping clogged up under a myrid of ‘curious’ circumstances ie, unloading problems, bottle necks, container ships running aground in interesting choke points. And then all the food distribution and food providers all benefited BIGGLY…in the stock market realm…as the small restaurants and mom and pops were lock down to the QUO BONO of the multinationals as market share was stripped away with the help of the masking and jab policy …
      Time to go cash as CAF suggests…and get creative to get thru it…including maybe invest in some Stocks? like shipping and Food and distribution as they head higher and then shift away from those and shift into ‘trucking’ and rail as those problems subside…then use some of those gains, less taxes to offset fuel and food heating costs for the family and/or any extra = pay down debt and make some ‘PHYSICAL’ choices… All with the awareness the dollar COULD go to zero, or the supplies at some point COULD as Clif High says, reach UN-OBTAINIUM’ at which point those companies could not make a profit from what there is nothing enough to sell = collapse in earnings… Just a thought, not financial advice, but do wonder IF they are front running a situation ‘they’ knew they were going to create or at least take advantage of? = 400 % to even some as much as 10X moves which might help offset the food, fuel, and heating costs?
      ZIM, GRIN, SBLK, ESEA, GSL, DSX…….. ACI, KR, DLTR, KO, COKE, STZ, UNFI, IPI all have had a very timely and surreal gains over the last TWO YEARS !…

      Too, when things are generally on tight margins, such gains for those companies can sure help them pay for all their Electric and Fuel-cell changeover costs?

  12. Duggo

    Not to worry. Nukes don’t work… never have. Hiroshima and Nagasaki were fire bombed like Tokyo. Nuclear weapons club was another way of scaring and controlling by the central bankers who have been using their latest scare tactic the ‘pandemic’ which is just another fear scam.
    In all the sordid conflicts around the world since WW2 including Vietnam not one tiny nuke has ever been used. That’s because they could get the flash but not the big bang. All videos of atomic bombs are easily proven fake.

    • The Ogs

      Sure Duggo. LoL I do pray that you’re correct!
      Note that they didn’t have ‘videos’ in the 1940s and 1950s – just motion picture film.
      Original and unmolested, there are many films that portray unimaginably enormous detonations… I wonder what they could be?
      Let’s ask the Bikini Islanders, shall we..?

    • IIG

      Another thing that is fake is the unfounded claim that 5G hurts humans – everyone knows 5G only hurts Aircraft – that’s why Airlines all around the world are scrambling to cancel flights that land or take-off in the vicinity of a 5G tower!!

  13. John Nordstrom

    JFK was a patriot; he was assassinated
    Reagan was a patriot; there was a failed assassination attempt on his life (1 for 2 Papa Bush)
    There was no assassination attempt on Trump; he is controlled opposition
    Putin is still alive; he is controlled opposition
    Biden is on the Central Bank team
    The Central Bank playbook has the US and Russia destroying one-another so China-style banker-led global governance can finally be realized
    Biden, Putin, and Xi are all working toward the same goal for the same masters.

    • Greg Hunter

      You are wrong John, Trump survived many assassination attempts.

    • IIG

      If the Globalists assassinate Alex Jones – who will replace him? Go to 9:40 to find out –

    • markp

      John, YOU are controlled opposition. markp xxxx

    • Jeff

      Say and believe what you will about Trump, he has been protected by God. He is God’s choice (with all his shortcomings) to bring justice to an evil world. How many of us are perfect? How many in the Bible were perfect who were used by God?
      All those here who profess to be Christians are commanded to forgive and pray for your brothers and enemies.
      Since we mostly agree that we are at a point where only God can turn this around, then we should fervently pray for Trumps protection and his spiritual transformation.
      I detest Trumps stance on the jab but I pray continually for his leadership. God has said He has chosen Trump for this time. Lay down your stones and humble yourselves before God. He has a plan and it includes Trump, whether you like it or not.
      It’s His plan, not ours.

      • wayne hardin

        Answer this ?
        Has God ever forgiven anybody that didn’t repent .
        Chapter 17
        3 Take heed to yourselves: If thy brother trespass against thee, rebuke him; and if he repent, forgive him.

        4 And if he trespass against thee seven times in a day, and seven times in a day turn again to thee, saying, I repent; thou shalt forgive him.

        Calling somebody out when they are clearly wrong is not throwing stones it is for their deliverance from the wrong if they repent .

        But i will say that if we don’t forgive somebody whither they ask or not we are hurting nobody but our self .

        And i agree also God put trump where he was and where he is now .
        God is no doubt in control of all .
        Where trump will be tomorrow only God knows .
        As it is written it will be . whether we like it or not.

        Wayne Hardin

  14. ulrich sherry

    One must also note…..modern weapons can target any city, anywhere in the world. Aircraft Carriers can be eliminated in seconds. Think about it! That is why we now have bio warfare…… “Kill the oxygen thieves and keep the assets.” Ask the Rothschilds.

  15. Jerry

    I just got some sobering news. Apparently Klaus Schwab is no longer running the World Economic Forum. If you recall a few weeks ago I posted that the annual meeting was supposed to be delayed until later this summer because of the latest outbreak of COVID and now this happening now in Davos right now as I type.

    You can read into it whatever you want, but what I’m getting is the globalist are moving up their agenda because they are scared of the pushback that is occurring right now. The rumor is that this entire global organization is being run by some form of artificial intelligence, which leads me to believe that Lucifer is directly involved
    with the global genocide we are now witnessing since he has no physical body can assimilate to any form he wants. It’s all speculation, but if the old saying holds true about what desperate people do, I would definitely keep your head on a swivel in the coming weeks.

    By the way, I just went through my fourth chemotherapy session yesterday. ( Thanks to lightning who posted on your site I’m also doing fenbendazole and feeling great! ) The nurses were telling me that they were pulling double shifts in the COVID units because they are overrun with patients, which tells me the vaccine boosters are not working since the vast majority of the patients coming in were vaccinated. It’s total insanity! Outside the oncology department where I go, they have a clinic that is giving booster shots. People are lined up out the door to get this poison. You can see abject fear on their faces as you walk by. It’s so sad. Just remember fear is the opposite of faith. Thanks for having PCR on. He’s one of my favorites.

    • Mark Maples


      My mother has been fighting stage 4 small cell lung cancer. She has beaten that back but then she was diagnosed with lukemia

      Stanford doctor said they have whipped the lung cancer with Katruda, but her white cells and platelets have collapsed

      Switching to different medication and told her this is last option

      She took “vax” when they first came out at her doctors recommendation

      I cannot help but wonder if somehow this “vax” has contributed to the lukemia outcome

      Anyway, I have butted heads with you in the past (your gold backed yuan” prediction pre virus, but you have always seemed like a decent man

      I am praying for you and wish you the best

      • Jerry

        Thank you Mark,
        I appreciate all the prayers I can get. As far as my predictions, I have learned over the years that the globalist are not falling a lineal plan.
        The gold backed yuan is still on the table. It still hasn’t happened yet, but that doesn’t mean it won’t. How deep China is in bed with the globalist is anyone’s guess, but as I’ve always said, they were buying gold for a reason. Not because they were having a love affair with gold. It’s because of the coming fire sale.

        Cyber polygon is to the reset what event 201 was to the virus. They are now setting the table for 2022. When the markets collapse when the reset occurs, prices will do what they always do. They will hit rock
        bottom and those that have real money will be on a buying spree. My guess is gold will be considered real money. Cash, and Bitcoin. Not so much. Gold has always survived crashes. That is a verifiable fact.
        Thanks again for your prayers. I will pray for your mother.
        The real Jerry

      • Jerry

        Here is the value of Greg’s site. This is what lightning shared with me.
        It totally changed my life.

        • Mark Maples

          Thanks Jerry

          FYI: I do own and hold precious metals. I have thought for several years our economic system is unsustainable, terminal.

          That being said, I think that the reserve currency status is the key to our grifting system limping forward

          If someone would have told me that money printing/lockdowns would be implemented, I would have suspected a collapse already

          Therefore, I must admit that perhaps this system can survive much longer than I expected.

          Regarding my mom, she has been taking medications and supplements from a guy named Joe Tippins which includes a dog dewormer. She was diagnosed with lung cancer pre virus scam, and is convinced that Tippins protocol has extended her life

          Rather we agree or disagree about anything, I think we are on the same team

          Keep fighting my brother, they call it the practice of medicine for a reason

          No matter what they say, God is in charge

      • IIG

        Mark did your Mother take “Monoclonal Antibodies”?? … seems the Globalists are using reverse psychology on us … telling white people “they can’t have it” – and thus have incentivized all the white people to line up “and demand the cancerous monoclonal fetus cells be injected into their bodies”!! –

      • Jerry

        Here is a gold update for you and Greg’s readers.

        This is hot off the press, so it may or may not be true, but I’m hedging that it is. As CAF has said, we are entering a fully digitized financial world. In fact China has begun credit scoring their citizenry in advance of a gold backed digital yuan. It’s 2 + 2.

      • Bob

        If she took the vx there must be something wrong with her brain too.
        That’s my diagnosis.

  16. Trish

    Greg, I mentioned before that my niece (vaccinated) had a miscarriage. I found out today that she has had another miscarriage. She is a nurse, has no idea what is going on. I don’t know why people can’t see what is going on. Two years in this is really getting old.

    • Trish

      Another thing, I have not heard anyone mention the fact that a wall is being built around the Whitehouse. What are they planning for?

      • Rodster

        Q: What are they planning for?

        A: Pitchforks and Torches !

  17. Lou

    Great Program !

    • CatherineCronin

      watch Kazakhstan fall….big time…. It could happen anywhere.. Astana in Kazakhstan is the headquarters for the Illuminati!
      If push comes to shove the wall in Washington DC. could be 20 feet high and it won’t matter one bit.

  18. PersonaNonGrata

    Hi Greg,
    Brilliant interview with Paul Craig Roberts (I used to abbreviate to ‘PCR’ but that now seems inappropriate!).
    Americans are not the only people sleepwalking and denying truth about ‘vaccine’ harm. Per example, let me share with your audience some disturbing text I received from one of my sisters (names have been changed). “I finished with ‘Wishing you a better 2021 and a safe and Happy Christmas!’ By the time you received your card with my missive you probably read that ending with some irony, given the Government’s inevitable announcement on 19th December to ‘cancel Christmas’ and impose level 4 restrictions on large swathes of the country, including here. I have to admit that Alex and I did not fully comply and allowed John and Angela to make a mad dash from London in their car to reach here before the 6pm deadline. Peter had already been here for several days and armed with a few lateral flow test kits, ensured we all tested negative before any mingling was allowed. I felt incredibly guilty about breaching the rules and barely slept that night.”
    Wow!! This nonsense from someone with an IQ in the 180s. People worldwide have been well and truly brainwashed / hypnotised by the media. They have sworn allegiance to the Covidian Cult and are blind to any and all evidence that contradicts their core beliefs. It’s really very sad that so many millions worldwide have totally lost the ability to think for themselves.

  19. Andrew Cox

    Let’s pray that a war doesn’t break out in February. Millions will die and the global food and other supply chains will be badly disrupted (causing famine and chaos).

    Biden (and the puppet leaders in Europe and around the world) are obviously trying to destroy our society.

    If the injected (“vaxxed”) people die – so be it. We have tried to help them – but their minds have been polluted by propaganda and toxic chemicals. Many will soon be with Jesus (or elsewhere!).

    Greg – Keep up the great work!

    • IIG

      If the nukes go off in February – they will take down the internet (and crypto). So I think people are dumping crypto and rushing to buy physical gold ( which has now broken above the $1833 resistance level (!!

      • IIG

        “Black Swan” author Nassim Taleb states: “Bitcoin has been a magnet for imbeciles and is an obsolete product of low interest rates that is no hedge against adversity, no hedge against inflation or deflation, is not a currency and will top out when every sucker stupid enough to buy the crypto story is invested” – so although it is nothing, many will be happy owning nothing (as Klaus Schwab keeps up the brainwashing)!!

        • Cliff Bondi

          Kim Iversen: The Great Reset, Global Elites Claim “You Will Own Nothing [you’ll never marry] And Be Happy, [alone and living in a basement]”
          1,018,664 views Jan 17, 2022 The Hill 1.5M subscribers
          Kim Iversen explains what ‘The Great Reset’ is.

  20. Matthias

    Great interview! Great to have Dr. Paul Craig Roberts back on USAWatchdog!

  21. Neville

    Great guest and always a very good dose of good old Common Sense.
    The entire globe is HIGHLY UNSTABLE and of course it is being lead by the leader or
    should we say the self-proclaimed leader of the world with its rotten tentacles of influence spread around the entire globe .This devils domain has no less than 750 military bases around the world and its VALUELESS FIAT currency dominates more than 60% of the worlds countries thus undermining their abilty to claim true independence or anything that resembles FREEDOM.Take thiscovid scamdemic for instance look at the number of countries that were singing off the same hymn sheet and applyng the very same dirty methods of administration of seeing that its satanic outcome was in line with the protocols of AAcrime!!!
    Just a reminder we are AT THE END OF THE AGE where we see as per JESUS CHRISTS warning to us that our governments would be our worst enemies……
    All the Conditions Precedent have just about been met and watch Bo Polny’s interview to refresh your memories ……Remember when the LORD spoke of TODAY it meant that at anytime in the not too distant future we could see our LORD JESUS CHRIST COMING BACK ON THE CLOUDS TO TAKE AWAY THE FECKLESS LEADERS OF TODAY
    We are watching the price of GOLD as per Bo’s prophecy and looks like it too can take off to the upside even though it may appear to be vulnerable.

    Thank you Greg for hosting this great website

  22. Russ F

    Crude oil approaching $90 a barrel; war in the wind?

  23. Barkley Scott Bell

    This was a really good show filled with great information!!!!!!

  24. Dusty Dude

    The plan is for Biden to take us to war. A war we will not win. Constitution will be gone as well as our right to bear arms. This has been the plan all along…


    I used to consider myself a proud Aussie. Now I am worried that we have (not going to) become a nasty authoritarian/totalitarian country. If you have publicly voiced an opinion against the vaccine mandates – and you have a large following – then don’t
    come to Australia, You will be targeted and humiliated.
    We are a country populated heavily with human sheep who love to virtue signal where ever they can in regard to the vaccine mandates, the masks and the lockdowns. You can not educate these people with facts. They are too brainwashed and fearful to do their own research and they will look at you as if you are an idiot if you even mention the words ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine or suggest that the masks don’t work.
    I am therefore looking forward to the day when these people realise that they have been manipulated and lied to, and actually participate in the HUNT for all those involved, including all employers that forced their staff to either get the jab of get fired.

  26. Neville

    I forgot to ask you to get the very inimitable MR.JAMES DINES onto YOUR programme,
    I believe him to be likely the best of all!!

    With Thanks.


  27. Mungo

    Whatever happened to Mutually assured destruction to prevent a Nike war? I mean, are they REALLY going to end the planet? Kind hard to rule over dead bodies.

    • Tom C

      MAD is useless if they know Biden would not retaliate.

    • Tom C

      MAD is useless if they know Biden will not retaliate. As Obama said, “We should absorb a nuclear strike”.

  28. Da Yooper

    ” The country will have to rally around the president ‘ if we come to blows with Russia


    there is no way I am going to rally around a crooked – corrupt – illegitimate administration The imposter & thief is not my president.

    • IIG

      I’m not sure Biden wants the American people to rally around him when he declares nuclear war on Russia in a few weeks – in fact Biden who has long been a staunch opponent of the US-Mexico border wall (and canceled all border wall funding) – is now building a concrete wall around the White House?? – – is this really necessary for the most popular president of all time who without even campaigning won 99% of all the mail in ballots in 2020)?? – It must be that in his Alzheimer mind he probably thinks a concrete wall will protect him from any nuclear blast and radiation the Russians may retaliate with!!

  29. Paul murphy

    The Ability to engage in conflict, commerce or relationships is proportional to distance from the your supply lines or contacts.

    The dissolution has been happening since Covid started. If these things don’t change, expect continued erosion.

    All wars are bankers. Oligarchs wars.
    Only permitted on board with reset will be prioritized for continued supply to nations.

    It’s best to fill your cellar and workshops with available supply to continue your activities.

    As an importer of 35 years , I have never seen the delays of goods like now.
    Nations are hoarding commodities, shipping containers, and purposely obstructing commerce. If war broke out
    Count on all supply chains gone.
    We’re will you stand then.
    A network of these vital goods need to be established state side.
    You can do this on individual basis, but a national basis, expect emergency powers to trump individual need and supply.

    Fortunately on the food basis, our Mississippi headwaters to New Orleans
    Has the enviable position of navigation and production to feed OUR population.

    A alternative, unmonopolized , stateside channel of needed goods is needed before any conflict. The defeat of a business, person or country will be assured without supply lines.

    Was that Kissinger purpose?

    • Bob

      New Zealand has a huge pile of shipping containers, but nobody wants to come and get them. It’s not economic anymore.

  30. Sue Patterson

    When all else fails they take you to war… just in time for the mid-term elections, too.

    Please. USAWatchdog followers, make sure that Jesus is real in your own lives as we enter into these unprecedented times.

  31. Paul murphy

    I have been a manufacture , importer and distributor of precision machined parts.
    I had to mothball, my Cnc machine shop,
    Concerning volume commodities. The Chinese and Indians offer a finished goods, cif, below my cost of raw material.
    Export credits etc.. this story regarding manufacturing has been playing out since nafta and China’s wto acceptance.

    Our country is in a perilous position and I know not by chance

    • Paul from Indiana

      I’ve been right there with you. For most of my career, I was a manufacturer representative. I starved right along with you as offshoring killed the middle class. All that accomplished was to put off the inevitable. Now we have arrived at the end game. Best always. PM

  32. Bob McCarron

    Your guest doesn’t blame the Federal Reserve Bank for inflation!?!

  33. Joseph

    Russian ‘False Flag’ In Ukraine Story Emerged After CIA Director Secretly Visited Kiev

    This reminds me of a certain Col. Vidman
    Keep the FAITH GREG

  34. NavyBlueSmoke

    Thanks Doc for the update ! Let’s Not Worry Too Much Now ……… The Lord God Has Us In His Hands & We Are Safe. Q may have forgotten about us but Creator God Never Will ! The Night is Darkest Just Before The Dawn ……. Cordially Nick , NavyBlueSmoke

  35. Pat McGee

    Thankyou for this interview Greg!

  36. Paul murphy

    A distraction of a foreign war, is needed by central banks and current administration.
    So the domestic war at home is forgotten.
    War on USA manufacturing,
    White people
    The list goes on
    It purposely creates a “funk” on people’s minds and takes extraordinary perseverance to avoid this trap on your mind.
    Fortunately people like Greg and his guests help people break from this.

    Thanks greg

  37. noble van

    The best common sense interview EVER! Double Russian Roulette – with our lives and our country – thanks Greg

  38. Judith

    There is no way the USA people will rally around Biden if there is a confrontation with Russia. We don’t want war with Russia. We should be allies with Russia and not enemies. Great show Greg !!!

  39. Robert K

    When all else fails, they take you to war….

    -Gerald Celente

    With the narrative vaxx scam being decimated by the day/hour, and everything being exposed and the economy failing with hyperinflation, people around the world WAKING UP and starting to revolt, the biden regime failing at EVERYTHING they do and impose, it is only a matter of time before the U.S. makes up a B.S. excuse to take us to war and lead us down a path to total annihilation. This is the perfect cover they need to help cover up their failing narratives.

    • Pete+only

      Robert, you hit the nail right on the head in your analysis, and there is absolutely no way that Biden’s approval rating is anywhere near the stated 30%, but people are supposed to rally behind him shortly? The ports out of China are presently closed, and with California having ridiculous demands on the transportation industry, there won’t be much to find in even the dollar stores very soon from now, so empty store shelves will speak volumes to the sleeping public who get their news solely from mainstream media.

    • regaleagle

      What PRC did not mention is that the Biden Administration and NATO are in bed with the Khazarian Mafia(Askanzi Jews/Elitists/Rothschilds et al) whose home soil just happens to be in Ukraine. Why do you think Hunter Biden was doing all of his bidding over there? And when you have Trillions in stolen money, stolen physical gold, and boat loads of compromising documents you can use against World Leaders and people in high positions in nations all over the world to maintain control…..where are you gonna keep it??? In your own backyard……that’s where. So NATO and US forces are doing what the Khazarian Mafia dictates. And part of those dictates is to make Ukraine a NATO nation, knowing full well that this will cause hostilities to break out between Russia and the West. The Khazarian Mafia gets their war, eliminates the competition of the USA, and their path (they think) is much easier for One World Order now.

  40. Marie Joy

    Americans are being genocided by our own government. This has happened several times throughout history.

    • Marie Joy

      Everyone speaks of these murders as the results of the stupidity of our “leaders”. It is NOT stupidity. It is homicidal, genocidal, nation ending, intentional, mass murder.

      • Greg Hunter

        I agree Marie. They are doubling down despite all the deaths and injuries from the so-called vax.

        • Jerry

          Greg my friend,
          It appears we are still in phase one of the plan.

          The trap is wide open. I find it interesting that at about the same time that the Omer icon virus is spiking, that they would remove the so called safety barriers? In Missouri they are telling people not to come to the hospital unless they are in critical condition. The emergency rooms are over run. There is a wide range of cases of the viruses. Some are nothing but flu like conditions. Others are the deadly delta virus that attacks your respiratory system. I’m confident that this is a setup for the next strain that could be much more deadly, possibly with Ebola. The feedback I’m getting from medical personnel is very concerning. Many think that the Omer icon virus is the winding down of the original covid19 strain, and that soon it will be gone.
          I’m sorry they’ve adopted that theory, because the moment you let your guard down is when you get sucker punched? I pray to God I’m
          wrong but I have feeling we are getting ready for phase two.

          • IIG

            It is only a matter of time when they will be telling all people not to come to the hospital at all (unless they are in critically ill condition from the Delta or Obama-con virus) and instead depend upon “robotic doctor assistants” Big Pharma is now getting patents on (eventually eliminating the need for any doctors at all)!!

            • IIG

              Don’t even consider sending your child to medical school. If doctors are going to act like un-thinking robots (and just write prescriptions for Big Pharma) – who needs them – a robot can easily perform that function!!

    • Warren B.

      I sense you may be referring to the modern era when you say “happened several times in history” …..
      Well, based on the research I have done….there is some indication that this Genocide of the Human Race has been nothing short of a common practice – perpetrated by the Blood Lines of the Ruling Classes. They have continually usurped the Wealth of the Planet and its inhabitants for Millenia, all the while they exponentially increase the wealth of their respective families over generations upon generations. With each cleansing of the Human Race a new Age is born. A noticeable discrepancy is the record of Population levels / growth and the backwardation of Technology with new ages…to allow furtherance of their agendas.
      Look for example at the Grand Architecture across Europe and even here in America. We are supposed to believe they had skills and technology to built these magnificent structures some 250+ years ago – with machinery and tools that are far superior to anything that is in use today. Some of these structures are not capable of being built even today.
      Where did the people and the technology go?
      History is not as we are told / taught. Genocide has been occurring on this planet for periods that exceed the (generally) known /taught literature. It goes as far back to Noah….and even then ….mankind has been inhabiting the planet for Millions of years.
      Where did all the Trees go?

      • Dwight Branson

        I agree that “History is not what we are told/taught.” The ONLY reliable history (His-story) book is the Holy Bible, which clearly teaches that the earth is about 6,000 years old; by adding up all of the Biblical geneologies from Adam, to Noah, to Jesus, until today. Science (falsely so called) has many “facts” and reasons why the earth has to be much older but they are more of satan’s deceptions. All of the geologic features of the earth can be easily explained by a worldwide flood occurring about 4,000 years ago.
        True science is about learning what God already did. Science changes but God’s Word has always been true and will always be true.
        Genocide began with Cain and Able and the pattern has been repeating ever since.
        God BlessYou All.

  41. Really Awake

    Washington and its NATO counterparts need somebody to blame for the upcoming socioeconomic collapse, so Russia would be a good country to blame. How can Washington blame Russia?

    Bait Russia into invading Ukraine and then respond by cutting Russia off from the SWIFT credit and currency system. This, in turn, will cause Russia to cut off fuel supplies to the EU. This will then trigger an economic collapse in Euroland which will spread worldwide. The ignorant public will then have an external scapegoat to blame for the socioeconomic collapse.. Then Washington and the Euroland Marxists can usher in their collectivist Build Back Better and Great Reset..

    Russia is the perfect patsy to frame up.

    Here’s the problem: the best laid plans of mice and men often backfire with unintended consequences often doing more damage to the schemers. Washington is full of cunning, duplicitous schemers who have an acute case of fatal conceit… There are a lot of ways in which the situation could spin out of control and end up a total catastrophe.

    • IIG

      The best laid plans of mice and men often backfire (along with the best laid plans of the demon-rats and repugnant-ones out to exterminate humanity)!!

  42. Susan R

    Thank you so much for this time with Dr. Paul Craig Roberts. What he said about the shots echos my thinking that was formed by listening to you Greg, and your other guests. This has been confirmation from a very learned, high political office of the ramifications that we face. These consequences are unthinkable and I hear few brave enough to state them. Very few will be able to accept what is happening and those of us that do have bravehearts.

  43. Russ 2

    Thanks Greg, I love the way PCR speaks so plainly and doesn’t hold back with what he thinks. His analysis is spot on. Truth in every topic you and he discussed. Excellent!

    When nothing you see in Geo-politics makes sense, something else is happening that you don’t see. All we see is what they want us to see.

    Putin knows that the NATO thing in Ukraine and Georgia is the West poking the bear to get a response and externalize internal stresses; the big question is whether or not he’ll bite.

    Putin gets real intel, not news feeds from the MSM and Deep State. If he does bite, Ukraine will be the battlefield and some of the bases NATO has established near Russia’s border (Romania, Poland) may get caught up — don’t know. But my guess will be that he bites at a time and place of his choosing — he’s on home turf.

  44. Patsy Danovsky

    This is a takedown of our country part of eugenics, population eradication. Evil is winning but Jesus wins in the end.

  45. Peter Bennett

    Thanks for everything you do Greg. Just wanted to refer you to a website called (Yes, I’m Canadian) It has a 50 page presentation which completely shreds the vaccination narrative. I only tell people that I love about this.


  46. Dwight Branson

    Wow, great interview and most of the comments are also just as good!
    I’m curious, does anyone know what the adverse affects and morbidity rates are in Israel after 4 jabs?
    I’m praying for you Jerry.
    God Bless You All.

  47. stephen murphy

    Dr. Roberts has been speaking about U.S. military aggression for years. It is interesting to get his take on these current events. I also find it interesting that Dr. Roberts did not use his trademark phrase “Neo Cons” as the root cause for the aggression. The situation is the same, but the label does not apply because Republicans are not in charge? Dr. Roberts should consider omitting his Neo Con moniker when the minority party is voted back into the majority.

  48. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    Great report.

  49. Al Day

    It’s all very very Satanic.

  50. Forrest W Byers

    Although it is probably not original with me, I nonetheless have thought for (what? Two years) long enough, that the whole Corvid 19 mess is nothing more than a Chinese Communist Party, globalist (big Pharma), (Democrat Communist), Rino, (Democrat Communist strategic and tactical yes-men or lapdogs, genocide/mandated, suicide pact! Just how the hell is anyone really going to enforce this? The American people are pretty well armed, so I doubt that there will be survey, judge, enforcement agent and jab giver that is not met with serious resistance and I’m not talking about Hillary Clinton’s empty rhetorical flourish!
    People, this is still the United States of America and we are still Americans, for whom it takes a lot to provoke, but we do not like a badly injured whimpering dog rollover and give the parties of adversity, our necks, in submission.
    For reference and inspiration, reread the Declaration of Independence! May God bless America, in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.

  51. Kevin24

    My circle of friends is about 50 / 50 on the jab. Sad part was some of the smart people who were not the healthiest thought it would help them, were they ever mistaken.
    So let’s do a progress report.
    One double vaxxed – cancer
    One double vaxxed – stroke / blood clots
    One double vaxxed and probably boosted – dead this week – heart failure
    Two families had Covid over the Holidays brought to the family by a double vaxxed memeber. Some people in the families were not vaxxed. Everyone survived.
    People who are not vaxxed have no issues.
    I will continue to go unvaxxed and watch USA watchdog plus other great shows and continue to avoid the media.

  52. Bill

    Excellent timing bringing on Paul Craig Roberts! I wonder how much longer the global leftist can continue to blame the unvaxed ? Things are already beginning to unwind, and although war seems to be in the air. If we do go to war, I know we will support our troops, however I don’t think we will support the leadership…. We need to keep our focus on the election laws. That is going to be key as to whether America goes by way of global marxist or we maintain our Constitutional Republic (although there may not be much left of it)…..

  53. Jason

    Russia did not unleash a virus on us WE did (by funding it) and CHINA did. Russia is not a threat; CHINA is and our own government – FBI, etc.

  54. Michael J Cesaro

    Here is my take and I pray that this does not happen this way.

    Biden sees this Russian issue as a way to save his presidency by provoking war and he will become a war-time president. Maybe this is too obvious, but I would not put this scenario past him and his handlers. May God bless us all if this comes to pass.

  55. Brandon

    I was just offered a job that promised a $9.03/hr pay raise over what I making now. That is significant. When I told them I wasn’t jabbed, they pulled their offer. They are a federal contractor.

    • Greg Hunter

      Don’t worry there will be jobs for healthy unvaxed people.

    • IIG

      Don’t feel bad Brandon – likely the disingenuous government contractor upon seeing your name on the job application probably wanted to give a new meaning to the political slogan – “Let’s go, Brandon” – and likely made you the high paying job offer hoping you were un-vaccinated and would then have to “let you go”!!

  56. pbd

    Greg, excellent report! Thanks.
    The U.S. intelligence/DS and the puppet-pretendency voice-piece have just telegraphed what the next DS “false-flag” crisis probably will be via the very transparent narrative inversion propaganda: “The Biden administration, according to the official, has information that indicates Russia has already prepositioned a group of operatives to conduct a “false-flag operation” in eastern Ukraine. The official warned that the operatives are trained in urban warfare, and in using explosives to carry out acts of sabotage against Russia’s own proxy forces.” (see Russia preparing false-flag operation as pretext for Ukraine invasion, US warns | Fox News). The increasingly mentally unstable vax-zombies will of course lap-up the propaganda and on cue can be wound-up and weaponized for domestic political operations.
    Creating a crisis and conflict with Ukraine and Russia is of critical strategic importance to the US CIA/DS because among other things it could lead to destabilizing global oil supply/raising prices. Remember the U.S. has an over-leveraged ailing fracking-industry that needs to be bailed-out. The “false-flag” Aramco oil refinery attack in September 2019 failed to precipitate armed conflict (unexpectedly because of Trump). The failed Aramco false-flag strategy back-fired and precipitated a concomitant U.S. REPO market blow-up because certain trading houses (?insiders who were tipped-off?) got caught on the wrong side certain commodity/derivative/debt trades – and had to be secretly bailed out by the FED to the tune of multi-trillions of dollars of printed-funny-money (see A Nomura Document May Shed Light on the Repo Blowup and Fed Bailout of the Gang of Six in 2019 ( also When the Entire Financial System Almost Froze…and Nobody Noticed (; Nomura, JPMorgan and Goldman Sachs Received a Cumulative $8 Trillion from the Fed’s Emergency Repo Loans in Fourth Quarter of 2019 (
    Another strategic consideration is that Russia supplies China with a lot of oil – outside of the U.S. petro-dollar system which threatens USD dollar hegemony, and power and financial global repression therefrom.
    In view of the extant unfolding unabated global genocidal medical tyranny – is there any doubt that the same responsible powers-at-be would eagerly shamelessly mix-it-up in Ukraine?
    Best of luck all.

  57. robin

    Vaccine is the Mark of the Beast mentioned in Revelations 13. One cannot buy sell or trade without the passport in their hand or the number of the Beast 666 the Patent on the Big Pharma`s shots according to Bill Gates 060606 is on the end of list of numbers. I have heard that those who do not die right out will be controllable threw 5 G microwaves if they protest the govt can crank the power up and the protesters will fall out because the Graphene Oxide will violently jump inside their bodies. I hope all of what I said is proven wrong , but they are pushing these shots to hard to be for a Virus that has a 99.8 survival rate. Satan is the Liar and according to JOHN all leaders fallow Satan. This is to usher in their Satanic New World Nazi Order. I will not be vaccinated.

    • Tim Bo

      A precursor to the kind of control they desire certainly but not the MOB. That will be a chip or tattoo on the hand or forehead. It will include worship of the beast, AC and the beast system and renunciation of God and any other belief system. We are headed that way but must have a one world religion first.

      Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be famines and earthquakes in various places. All these are the BEGINNING of birth pains.

  58. Tim

    Hi Greg,

    For the people who have the boosters and still want the system to force the death jabs on us, I hope the jab gets them before they convince the people in power to round us up for extermination. For the people who regret taking the jab, I hope they can be helped.
    That may not sound good, but as Cliff High says, this is war.


    WOW, THIS MUST BE ONE OF THOSE CONSPIRACY THEORIES.. and in the end times things will be upside down, and the beasts will know no seasons..

  60. CatherineCronin

    The Fall of Kazakhstan is truly an exciting event. If you log onto Bitchute and go to Plazma you will see and hear more than you can imagine. It is said the straw that broke the camels back there was they were not allowed to take cash out of their banks or do any transactions on accounts if they did not have the vaccine passport. within 24 hours of that the country just took over the capital, all politicians had to flee the country including army personnel who didn’t join the civilians, doctors and nurses. Some never made it out because they were literally killed for their actions. All vaccinations sites were raided and they destroyed or jailed all personnel and vaccines. All houses and cars of politicians were burned to the ground along with the capital buildings. And they took over all the banks including computers which they are keeping as evidence of malfeasance. They haven’t finished yet.
    Cliff High is speaking about the enormity of the event on his Bitchute channel.
    I think this take over was immensly interesting because it is not being spoken of in the MSM and it is the site for the Illuminati in the city they built in Astana, and one world religion. Quite unreal that they would choose this country founded in 1992. It is significant in my opinion.

    In any event, I believe that this signals the beginning of the end of the rule of the SATAN in our world. It serves as an example of what will happen to any country that destroys its own in the name of doing good. The impunity of these leaders has gone WAY TO FAR.
    Its time to take our world back. However, it will only work with Gods plan, which is unfolding in front of our eyes every day.

    BTW, IN ASTROLOGY: On February 22, 2022, Pluto the planet of death and rebirth, according to astrology, will be returning to the exact place it was when this country was founded in 1776. It hasn’t happened in 248 years. Pluto is very slow. But when it hits the same spot expect a major change. Astrologers dont know if its the end of America or the beginning of a new one OR both. But whatever happens, remember: CHANGE IS AFOOT and we can expect heads to role…. for sure.
    Paul Revere said, “THE REDCOATS ARE COMING” a warning that proved to galvanize the public at that time of imminent danger.
    The warnings today are in plain sight for those that can see and heed the warnings for they will be the survivors.

    • Wendy R

      I could not find it in Plazma or Plasma

    • Pete+only

      Thanks Catherine for letting us know about what is happening in Kazekstan. I was able go to Bitchute, and type in Plazma and see a video of what was going on there. The only thing problematic was the date January 4th, as if it happened then, why did it take so long for us to see it?
      The main stream media needs to be seriously confronted and shaken to the ground, as it is these people who are keeping us all in chains.
      Everyone needs to be cancelling all of their services. I for one refuse to give them a dime.
      George Soros must be paying MSM a pretty penny, as I know their ratings are really down.

  61. Rich R

    Great interview Greg. Here is data on how to get rid of (detox) the Vaccine. And the latest VAERS data, scary.

  62. Justn Observer

    Greg, One positive step for man, and a step back from the edge of extermination for mankind? Don’t we wish it was Brandon who did it?

  63. Robert says no

    Anybody else see this story yet? The UK is dropping all COVID mandates and now saying the pandemic is now categorized as endemic. Shouldn’t be long before the USA follows I’d think.

    • Robert says no

      What’s odd is I don’t see this story on other sites like daily mail UK. This seems like a big story that would get more coverage.

  64. William Simonton

    Why do many vaccinated still believe: psyoped into a cult. My guess is part of deep state to try to save themselves will declare victory, that vaccine & lockdowns & masks worked and the mainstream media will propagandize this.

  65. Grant Hill


  66. Tom Grier

    As far as I know which ain’t very far a disease in which the body rejects it’s own protein is called lupus.

    • Tom deplorable

      Guess what drug is prescribed for lupus. Hcq. Hydroxy chloroquine!

  67. paul lilliott

    PCR is one of the clearest thinkers I know and this interview was exceptional. The thing I kept asking myself throughout was – ‘stupidity’ #1 Dollar sanctions ; ‘stupidity’#2 ‘covid economic chaos policies ; ‘stupidity’#3 mandating a lethal kill shot to millions ; ‘stupidity’#4 provoking Russia into nuclear war… is it REALLY stupidity or rather the conscious deliberate desire for massive depopulation through total social chaos and war – and total economic destruction. I don’t know who to be more afraid of – the next moves of these criminals – or the utter stupidity of we the people . Interesting comment on gold accumulation.
    Thanks Greg for bringing on such enlightening people

  68. Lightning

    Bill Gates advocates for carbon tax

    They need us to pay via taxes for the costs to electrify everything including electric vehicles etc to get the all digital prison they are constructing for us.

    And the truth of EV’s is that our electrical grid couldn’t handle 15 % of vehicles being Pure EV and the “ clean” electricity has a bigger carbon footprint than today’s efficient internal combustion engines ( including batteries which are Environmnetal disasters and are only 50 % efficient… hence you lose half the energy required to charge them )

    I’m not against EV’s per se but the carbon tax, and green push for EV’s is way overdone and complete bullsh*t. If you want to clean up the environment, put a tax on plastics.

    (Come to think of it, if they plan on killing 90% of us, maybe the grid can handle the EV Porsches that our overlords will drive around in.)

  69. Phil in Dixie

    I’ve seen some comments from people, saying things like “I want to do something, but I don’t know what to do” and “I’m just one person, what can I do?”

    Here’s a start; watch this video:

    Stopping the Greatest Threat to Humanity — The Conspiracy


  70. iwitness02

    There isn’t much joy in the world. There is nothing the government won’t steal.
    Psalm 7: 16
    His mischief shall return upon his own head, and his violent dealing shall come down upon his own pate.
    Hopefully, all the evil will begin to backfire.

    • eddiemd

      Psychic vampires.

      Satanic spirits know their time is getting short.

  71. Tim

    Hi Greg,

    Get Cliff High back on. He is my favorite.

    God bless you and thank you for what you do

    • Greg Hunter

      Good idea Tim.

    • Roger Stamper


  72. The Seer

    I continue to read between the lines and disagree with the hawkish attitude of PCR. His interviews always press forward an elite cabal overview I am not falling for. Beware.

  73. Marie Joy

    The groceries, I, usually, buy, are harder to come by, these days. There is some online discussion about grocery stores having to bid for what they want to buy.

  74. jon

    1. Unvaxxed Military leaving service. Smart skilled labor do not take clot shots.
    2. US Military woke, pc and run by non merit PC…. aka USS A Lincoln.
    3. USS Maine trumped up accident or false flag
    4. Pearl Harbor, trumped up, false flag or pre-known
    5. Gulf of Tonkin….. false made up
    6. USS Stark, USS Liberty, setup to create entry into war but failed.
    7. Failing NWO, narrative, trying to back track from Scamdemic.
    8. Perhaps they need something that worked in the past to start a war. Naval catastrophe.
    9. Dates important to NWO occultist.
    10. Look at Mid April for a Naval catastrophe. What happened in mid April?

  75. Greg Morrissey

    Know the Lord needs to be Every bodies #1 Priority The world is on very unstable ground right now , Please watch this next series in the book of Deuteronomy . The rules presented here are are still valid to Day . This is the book that Jesus quoted from more than other

    • Greg Hunter

      I agree Greg!

  76. Computer Guy

    Gerald Celente is saying the covid war is going to wind down this spring. Looks like Boris Johnson just ended it in England. What on earth is going on? Did the globalists just throw in the towel? What about everyone that took the jabs? What happens to them?

    • Marie Joy

      CG, Smarter people are non compliant. They have to use something worse, where smarter people have no choice. Things that come to mind are EMP/grid down, Ebola, famine, etc.

  77. George

    There hasn’t been 10 years of peace in my life time I was born in 1957 If you talk to older people they will say that they don’t have long and looking to be with the lord it’s not getting any better new clowns 🤡 in positions of power same crap

  78. SkeptiSchism

    Thanks again Greg, great interview. Seems to me that the administration is likely to start a war with Russia just to create a big diversion from their disastrous Covid policies.

  79. eddiemd

    Back in July 2020 the American Heart Association published an article in their Journal named “Circulation”.

    They published possible treatments to include hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) and ivermectin.

    They knew early on that HCQ interfered with endocytosis/uptake of the virus. Ivermectin was shown to inhibit importin nuclear transport (AHA article) in the cell and inhibited viral replication in HIV and dengue in the article below.

    “Most importantly, in the present study, we have demonstrated for the first time that inhibitors of nuclear import such as ivermectin can be potent antiviral agents, able to significantly inhibit the production of HIV-1 and DENV in infected cell systems.”

    Fauci Mengele and his henchmen knew that both HCQ and ivermectin were useful against covid. How could they have not known?

    I posted this AHA article back in 2020. many physicians knew all along that HCQ and ivermectin worked. They are all criminals. The AMA and the NEJM included.

  80. Wendy R

    Merciful Heavenly Father! I sincerely hope the numbers of injected souls are hyperinflated, as someone has said. However, as horrific as losing multitudes to early death would be, by way of perspective, our country grew and thrived when it had a fraction of the population we have now.

    Or, with a smaller population, there is not the same demand for products and services. For example, half the doctors? Half the patients.

    Or, the free states increase; the slave states decrease.

  81. Robert K

    Mengele still advocating fear porn…This P.O.S. claims we have five stages of a pandemic and we’re currently in stage one and, “Covid will never be eradicated, that’s not going to happen with this virus”. How is this scumbag still relevant? Nothing he says is remotely truthful, acurate or medically sound. He’s the mouthpiece of the left and deep state and only serves to beat the drum and stoke the fears of doom and gloom 24/7.

  82. Jeffersonian

    Greg thanks for allowing PCR to speak without interruption. Indeed he is articulate and knowledgeable. A national treasure without doubt.

    I’m curious why you didn’t press him on the obviously illogical Supreme Court ruling regarding mandates for some but not others. My guess he would have said certain justices if not all are corrupted and compromised by the deep state. Unlike Solomon they cut the mandate in half to maintain its credibility

    Also I’m curious why you didn’t ask him about Trump’s continued and out spoken support of the clot shot. My guess he would have said Trump is either compromised and being told what to say or risk the safety of his family or Trump had been part of the covid plandemic from the start—he issued the covid executive order for a state of emergency in early 2020 before this hidden agenda ramped up not to mention operation warp speed to get a “safe and effective “ jab. Like he says ,”I’m the father of the” jab. He’s also the father of numerous deaths and health issues it caused, May God be his judge,

    Hmm really an unsafe ineffective jab that 98 percent of the population doesn’t need

    Come on people have you list all common sense
    Put your faith in people especially politicians and you’ll be disappointed every time

    Regardless enjoy your show and think your heart is in the right place.

    Ps sold my beef hanging weight 6 bucks a pound up two dollars from last year due to higher costs and had to turn away disappointed customers

    Bought rebar yesterday up 40 percent from last
    year and sales person said prices climbing monthly with no end in sight

    7 percent inflation not in my world more like 25 plus percent

    Cheers from down on the farm

  83. Stan

    I’m jetting down to Casa de Campo for a few days. Anyone interested in joining up there let me know.

    • markp

      Stan, you are so full of crap that you are going to drown in it, soon. Sooner the better. markp xxx

      • Stan

        If I could post pictures and video here I would.

    • IIG

      Only affluent Fed officials (with lots of extra paper IOU’s printed out of thin air) would be able to afford a spacious suite at a luxury Casa De Campo villa and still have enough money left over to feast on the gourmet cuisine and fine wines at such a resort paradise Stan!!

    • Mike R

      That’s a good time for Stan to get his face ripped off, by the skyrocketing gold price that is forthcoming soon, as it teaches Stan the moron a HUGE lesson about market manipulation. Stan will get it wrong all the way up. Just watch.

  84. Igby MacDavitt

    Disagree if Biden forces the Russian’s hand that the people will rally behind him. I think the opposite. Those opposed to Biden, who are the majority, will see it as an action putting Americans further into harms way. It will be a rallying call to destroy the Biden regime once and for all.

  85. Roger RamJet

    Half the US population mooches off the working taxpayers and behave like the self-gods entitled-social spoiled rotten good for nothing gen-Z turds, like in the movie “Don’t Look Up”

    Collapse occurs and 150 million people will die sitting on their couch due to stupidity of not knowing how to fend for themselves. Most will still be trying to get food delivered to their dumps using cellphone on EBT cards.

  86. Les

    Putin knows the american people dont agree with bidin obama . If they ( bidin) push war -russia will take out big targets and are problems with it. My guess.
    On another note , im out of the dollar almost completly. I am in crypto mostly. Why leave money in bank and earn nothing. Im getting 20 to 35 % on stable coins. I can loan myself money and am atonomous . Thats scary to the feds.

  87. Peter Makin

    The US seems to be loosing its grip on Europe with this stupidity in the Ukraine. The US warned Russia it would get cut from the SWIFT system if it attacked, Germany responded such a move was off the table. The US replied nothing was off the table, but despite that Germany shut its airspace to the UK transporting weapons to the Ukraine and refused to send arms in its support. Now French President Macron has said a European solution needs to be developed, which they will ‘share’ with their NATO allies before discussing the solution with Russia. Correct me if I’m wrong, but the only non European NATO members are the US and Canada…. So both Germany and France seem to be a little hesitant over the moves towards conflict. The UK is in political turmoil, and Turkey is a basket case. Looks to me like Russia’s on a win win whatever it does.

  88. Justn Observer

    Greg, Looks like the FOOTBALL PLAY OFFS will be a great distraction this week end = JAN. 22ND
    Destroying the Supply Chain One Mandate at a Time | Armstrong Economics
    So as the ‘on time’ delivery system falters…how much faster will the stores shelves start to look more like Mother Hubbard’s cupboard?

  89. Dave

    Well, natural immunity 27 times more effective against covid, plus it doesn’t kill you? My considered opinion: I’ll go with natural immunity. Thanks Greg and Paul!

  90. Tommy

    I believe Biden gave Russia the go ahead for a small incursion into Ukraine yesterday at his presser. In any event Biden said that Russia would likely prevail over time.

  91. Mike D

    We are dealing with the completely incompetent and delusional Brandon Administration. Demented Beijing Biden got every major foreign policy vote WRONG in the US Senate during the course of his entire career. He’s a buffoon.

  92. Wendy R

    what we can do. Folks in one county in UK have begun a criminal investigation and are specifically demanding police do their jobs to protect the public, shut down vaxx clinics and seize the vials for evidence in the investgations.

  93. Wendy R

    To undo the vaxx some have had success with chlorine dioxide. It’s on Bitchute.

  94. Donald

    There are dupes, er, I mean ‘conservatives’ who say they still “like” Trump. To which I ask: why do you “like” a politician who deceived, failed, abandoned, and betrayed you and your country?

  95. Justn Observer

    Greg, Concerning? So, we get another BRANDON flub with the ‘minor incursion’ Russia comment, then we get a ‘PASKI walk back to ‘clarify’ what Bumbling Brandon said. Only to wake up and read he decided to tell NATO partners to arm and send weapons into Ukraine to allay the fears of Putin?

  96. David Bagley

    Trump knows big pharma and cabal are the same.. Trump is playing a part.. Jen Psaki said… we thought Trump could get more people to take the injection.. it’s sad that more people can not see this

  97. Justn Observer

    Greg, Interesting analysis from Jeff Prather and lots of points made….
    One MIGHT conclude releasing all the prison felons, drug wars, and allowance of rampant migration a strategy to unleash gun crimes and senseless killing IS TO incite a need for a strong anti-gun agenda all while Fast and Furious WAS/IS to arm the U.S. opposition throughout the world?

    • Greg Hunter

      J O,
      It is back firing because gun sales are skyrocketing in Dem strong holds. That means Dems are buying guns. This is a way to break down the country.

  98. Kim Rouge Matthius

    S. Larned;
    Russian Christians preparing for war, mmmmm. Not today, they’re partying like it’s 1999!
    Live Jazz at GRIBOEDOV HILL, St. Petersburg Russia. Live
    140 watching now Started streaming 57 minutes ago

  99. Scott

    Excellent interview with a top tier intellect – thanks so very much for this, Greg!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you, Scott, for all your support!

  100. TIM


  101. Roger...

    25 Federal Agencies Tracking Employees With Religious Exemption Requests

  102. sojourner cas

    If Paul was so fearless and respectable, he would use his mouthpiece at his age to stop promoting the fear and offer solutions. The elephant is the room is government should print its own usury free money. Back it by labor or a basket of grains or such.
    Is he NOPE Guess his retirement is better than a retirement as a hero with a possible bullet from saying loud and clear. He obviously should know from where he has been in his life, the US has been blackmailed by some entitiy or entities for well over 140 years now. He would also know the way forward for america is so have the states not wanting to be apart of washington is to have them reverse all the lands seceeded to the US corporation, for states to stop taking all the “moeny” washington “hands out”. Does he nope? coward? ignorant? easy retirement? Though old men want legacies? As of now he is only fueling nuclear war.

    • helot

      It’s always a bit sad to see ignorance such as this, “government should print its own usury free money. Back it by labor or a basket of grains or such.”

      Knowledge is so easy to come by,… do, or do not:


    I would be interested to know if PCR’s comments about COVID vaccines are specific to just the mRNA variety (I understand the main type used in the US), or more general. It would be interesting hear any views on other types, such as the vector-virus AstraZeneca or the new protein-based Novovax.

  104. Steve Bice

    The dam holding back information about vaccine adverse events could finally be about to break. Reddit threads that were formerly censored are appearing most every day detailing the experiences of people who are suffering adverse consequences from the vaccines.

    Here is an article from an Israeli researcher who detailed her findings after an analysis of the VAERS database. They censored it…and the Streisand effect looks to be in play.

  105. Freddie Finkel

    I hope you didn’t buy any digital “money”, the fed released their papers on the new Fedcoin. Their plan will eliminate the banks as lenders as we know them.

    ★ This will be awful as they intend to use social justice on who gets to borrow money. Just like the welfare system this FED will hand out free money to everyone that doesn’t earn it by working a job, especially if you are a pink haired bearded cousin itt that used the preferred prounoun “garbage dump”.

    Now watch Biden create the mother of all man-made disasters so the FED can rush this in over night. I bet they crash it all by Ramadan. DOW 750, S&P 90.

    Get your popcorn and watch Bitcoin fall below fifty cents. I told you so.

  106. lara bell

    Tucker: They suddenly care about borders
    169,867 views Premiered 2 hours ago
    Take you and yer butt buddie’s north to Alaska, Mika! They’re, MEN!

    Wheres the line in 2022
    234 views Premiered 43 minutes ago
    prepaussie Prep looks at the current world events
    Australian Survivalism 18 minutes ago
    Protesters in Belgrade just tried storming parliament in opposition to V mandates and restrictions…

    “Don’t panic:” Ukrainian president addresses nation on possible conflict with Russia
    39,156 viewsJan 20, 2022 Global News
    President Volodymyr Zelenskiy on Wednesday urged Ukrainians to “not panic” amid ongoing media discussion of potential military conflict with Russia.

    As leaders PANIC Covid Narrative FALLS APART!!!!!
    367,220 views Jan 20, 2022
    Boris Johnson announces the end of Covid restrictions and Joe Biden ceases reporting of daily Covid deaths. So, leaders make your minds up – is Covid a problem or not?

    The Narrative Is Crumbling
    863,515 views Jan 19, 2022 Russell Brand
    As Australian police arrest middle aged women for allegedly nor showing their vaccine passports, its politicians are considering charging the unvaccinated for healthcare. So, are we witnessing the creation of a two-tier penal colony? The US. & Oz, both former penal colony’s! Mmmm, chew on that one, Scott Morrison’old son! Your mate the Trumpster, does not approve!

    What’s going on with our brave new world dis-odor, reset?
    The Fortune Cookie. [You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time, Mika!]

  107. larabell

    Open your fortune cookie Mika.

  108. Hannah R Geisman

    I have been following Paul Craig Roberts for a long time. He is, and always be a statesman. It is a unique distinction. He is very intelligent, well read and measured in his reasoning. He would have been right at home back in the time of Jefferson, Franklin and our founders as they hammered out the beginnings of this Republic.

  109. Anita

    Thank you both, EXCELLENT interview with P.C. Roberts. Yes he should be on more often.

  110. Elias Andrinopoulos

    Russia could provoke a decisive action that provokes the U.S., but the question is, will the United States be in a position to respond?

    Just like Dr. Roberts points out that we could have a societal collapse if there are no truckers, nurses, doctors, firefighters, etc to perform basic societal functions, then how on earth will we fight a war? Who will man the fighterships, the frightens, aircraft carriers, planes, and everything else battle entails? I shudder to think why they haven’t thought of these things, but then, these are the Democrats we’re talking about! 🤦🏼‍♂️

    Lord Have Mercy we are up the creek without a paddle and the falls are approaching fast! Thank you Dr. Roberts for your comments and insights and thank you Greg for all that you do. ☦️🙏🏻

  111. Ewiak Ryszard

    Dr. Paul Craig Roberts is right. How will this struggle for influence in the area of the former USSR end? In the Book of Daniel we read: “At the appointed time [the king of the north] will return back [Russia will regain the influence, which it lost after the break-up of the Soviet Union. It also means the break-up of the EU and NATO. Many countries of the former Eastern block will return to a military alliance with Russia, but not everyone], and will enter into the south [this will be the beginning of the global nuclear war. (Revelation 6:4)], but it will not be as the former [Georgia – 2008] or as the latter [Ukraine], for the dwellers of coastlands of Kittim [the distant West, to be precise – Americans] will come against him, and (he) will broke down [mentally], and will go back.” (11:29, 30a) This will be a mutual slaughter. This time it will be a world war not only by name. The “great power sword” will also be used. (Revelation 6:4) Jesus characterized him in this way: “A frightening things both and extraordinary (related to unusual phenomena) from sky powerful will be.” (Luke 21:11) Georgia and Ukraine are the two most dangerous flashpoints.

  112. Southern patriot

    I really do enjoy your reporting of world affairs. Dr. PCR is a great personality to have on your show Greg! My thoughts go like this. We have overextended our military forces and exhausted our supplies to a critical point that you can hear the alarms calling out, “Danger. Danger. Will Robinson!
    Not sure how many of our military personal we can put into the field or in the air or the seas?
    Been hearing that 98% have had the jab. So, our forces are wiped out by our enemies and the jab. Leavening not a military presence to defend the country.
    Reports are telling of militias doing their best to defend the homeland. Then one of the yahoos who got us into this mess, feels strongly about the only way left to save America is by Nuking the country. I must have read to many Tom Clancy novels. Could this happen? In the end a bio-logical weapon took America out? Good God almighty, help us all. SP

  113. timothy

    Another great interview. Russia has a problem. Almost all of their culture, science, economy, is based in two cities. Russia’s economy is 10% of the USA’s. Putin does not want war. If the neocons take advantage of Russia’s vulnerability, shame on DC.

  114. virginia clark

    The question then is how is Trump going to make America great again, again? He knows what is going on. He’s not in office but I’ll bet he is briefed by someone every day. If China takes Taiwan this country is crippled for ever. Not to mention all the trade that will be immediately cut off and leave us scrambling to survive. Great again? He better do something behind the scenes soon or there won’t be and America to MAGA A

  115. virginia clark

    I disagree with his assertion that everyone will rally around the president if Russia makes real moves to go to war. After Afghanistan disaster most of this country will blame the Biden/Obama administration for getting us into a war nobody wants. And the fear that he will screw it up again. I don’t think there is anything this president can do now that will make any one respect or support him. His approval is 33% which means a lot of democrats are not on board anymore.

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