An Economic Collapse that is Going to be Worse than 1929: Karl Denninger

Karl_Denninger_Interview_Financial_Crisis_2012By Greg Hunter’s 

Employers are cutting full-time employees back to part-time to avoid the requirement of providing health insurance under Obama Care.  Trader Karl Denninger says, “As the Obama Administration runs against the economic reality of what they passed, they are now trying to find ways to dodge it. . . . The Obama Administration’s reaction to this has been to unilaterally, and by the way illegally, put off the imposition of mandate.”  This is not going to save the teetering economy as Denninger contends, “Bernanke has lost control of the bond market and, in general, his policy. . . . The reality is the Fed is not in charge, and when that confidence level breaks, you are going to see all hell break loose.”  Denninger goes on to predict, “We are setting up for a collapse that is going to be worse than 1929, and it’s going to come sometime within the next two years.  It could come as soon as the next couple of months, but it is going to happen, and there’s nothing that is going to stop it.”  Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Karl Denninger of

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  1. Dwain

    BLS employment numbers out of a total of 143 million. (This is why they can’t quit printing)

    20.6 million health and education. (80% of visits are lifestyle related diseases, indoctrination)
    21.8 in Government (plunder, debt)
    5.7 million in construction (debt, could fall under government)
    14.1 million leisure/hospitality (hedonism)
    10.4 million Information tech/finance (unproductive)
    15.1 million retail (feudalism)
    16 million professional services (law, accounting, etc. much of which exists to service the above)
    12 million manufacturing (foundation upon which all other jobs must exist)

    The Fed is trying to sustain an upside down economy.

    These 115.7 million are primary source jobs. All others are much smaller percentages.

  2. Angie

    A collapse is coming and it is not going to take years. In Sacramento CA it use to be a vibrant community (in the suburbs) but that has changed. Homes with chain link fence and boarded up windows are becoming the new norm in the once nice neighborhoods. Take a good look at Detroit and that is going to be America.

    Economic collapse is just around the corner as our society has already collapsed. There was a time when one did not lock their doors and today we have people kicking in doors. Drugs may be purchased on street corner within a mile or so of ones home – don’t believe it then just think of your nearest middle school or high school. For those of you who think drugs are no big deal, at night go to areas with high drug sales and take note of the prostitutes walking those streets.

    I live here all my life and when I was a kid there were more horses and cows here than people – things have changed. Look at the schools report cards and each ones percentage of those students that are at or above grade level – 56% is an excellent score. Then ask these same students basic civic questions and it reveals that they know nothing.

    My son’s 8th grade teacher was asked last year to explain the difference between a republic and a democracy – “they are about the same” was her reply. When my son corrected her he was sent out of the room. If they do not know what they have in the first place they will not miss it when it is taken away.

    Collapsed, it has already happened as anarchy is just around the corner.

    • Greg

      Thank you for weighing in here and giving us a first hand report from California.

      • John

        What is Angie taking about and where does this thought process come from?…Oh I know…A perspective based on a skewed point of view tainted by fringe BS…Sacramento is fine…Lived here all my life and the sways , cycles, and changes have always been the same…Now I am not saying there are no problems , much needs to be addressed…But I, as most of the sensible folks in the world are growing tired of the negative “sky is falling” conspiracy fringe that see things that are not there…”The End is Near” has been chanted by biased narrow viewed agenda driven individuals since day one plus one…They react to change as if its always a threat…Please be responsible in your reporting bias as too many near crazed folks are waiting for some empowering message to give them the green light to over react and make life miserable for the people living life in the real world…You actually thanked her for giving you a “first hand ” report from California…Try checking the facts for yourself instead of posting some biased statement and treating it as reality as you view it through your own agenda prism…If you look for only “facts” to fit your point of view (which the internet is full of for every argument) as opposed to honestly looking at all factors , you really are reporting nothing…JEEZ!

    • NowAlive

      Excellent synopsis.

    • AB


      But I have to say, while the idea of drugs in societies can be daunting, we cannot forget that the crime and prostitution associated, and the drug trade as a whole, are actually more rooted from drugs being outlawed.

      True, the economic downturn will entice people to search for more sources of income (drug trade included), but we cannot loose sight of the big issue–the actual laws which are enforced for these petty crimes. Which of course, keep prisons full and more law enforcment jobs, etc.

      But no doubt, there are an exponential number of problems our society faces, some economic based & some not.

  3. Tad

    The writing is on the wall and it’s not Wall St.. Read it and weep. You reap what you plant, watch out for the hammer and sickle. Where’s Mike Hammer when you need him. Arma gettin outa here!

  4. Allen Ols

    hi greg

    Enjoyed this…but jim willie agrees w/john williams stats. W/great respect but dissagrees w/ john w. Forcast of hyperinflation by 2014. Now I guess karl dissagrees w/ J. Williams statistical annyal. Somewhat. Will be interesting to see. Lindsay williams says his elite contact says dollar collapse beginning 2014. What to say. Bleak…buy food, fuel etc then gold silver, is my annylisis.

    🙂 🙂

    • Greg

      Allen Ols,
      Actually Williams and Denninger also agree. I thought about this later and both Denninger and Williams agree that zero jobs have been created in the last 5 years. I like both men.

  5. Allen Ols

    …also I just listened to a jim rickards interview on rt news market watch, he downplays an economic reset and says we re set in the 30 s. And 70 s and 90 s. And that the tools are in place but players will sit down with gold and reset. He discussed russias 9000 tons of gold, chinas 2000 tons..( jim willie says china 10,000 tons, russia 20,000 tons) and a trade zone gold backed.

  6. Brent

    Karl Denniger is definitely your best guest. I hope you can have him on more often.

    • Greg

      Denninger has been spot on with his analysis. Smart guy!

      • Vess

        He is dead wrong on this one, though.

        The collapse will not “arrive” in two years. (Of course, in two years nobody would remember what he predicted or what I have replied.) The collapse will *never* “arrive”.

        The collapse will not be a moment. You won’t wake up one morning to see Mad Max driving on the street. The collapse is a *process*. And this process is happening RIGHT NOW.

        As time progresses, things will get worse. Not in a straight line, of course, there will be local upturns. But, in general, things will get worse. Stuff will cost more. Your income will be less. Making ends meet will be harder. Your freedoms will be taken away, little by little, one step at a time. Your government will eat up more and more of the productive people’s production. Add a small war here and there to spice things up and keep the sheep docile and occupied.

        This is how the collapse will look – no, how it does look, for it is happening right now! And it will take a long time before things change so much, that something substantially new crystallizes from them. The communist economy was unsustainable from the get-go – but it still did not prevent the Soviet Union from existing for three quarters of a century.

      • lala blood

        Spot on? He’s been making the same predictions for at least six years and they have yet to come to pass.

        He is a crank.

      • zippythepinhead

        And yet Denninger, like Prechter and Harry Dent advocate holding FRN’s instead of PM’s. I understand their reasoning I just can’t buy it. They need to look at John Exter’s deflatonary pyramid, assets don’t deflate, they evaporate. Gold will be left at the end, nothing else. Regardless I listen to all points and I thank you Greg for bringing Denninger on.

  7. Barry

    Thank you Greg. How does Karl suggest we protect ourselves? I’ve been with a new company for a year now and qualify for the 401k program with 100% matching on up to 3%. I thought I would just do the matching 3% but that sounds like even with the 100% matching, I’ll be throughing my money away.

    • Greg

      That sounds reasonable to me. It is a guaranteed 100% return. You also need something outside of the system. You can also bypass the stock market for a few years and just get physical assets and wait for a market correction, then sign up for the 3% matching funds in the 401-k. If you are young, what’s a few years? I am not an investment advisor, I’m just brainstorming some options.

  8. jerry

    Greg.. the only thing I can say is WOW! It is refreshing to hear the truth with such clarity. Thanks for bringing karl on. Whether the collapse was planned, or whether it was brought on by ignorance from the Federal Government it makes no difference. Its going to happen. Mathematically , it simply has no choice, and Karl did a great job of articulating that. Folks the clock is ticking. If you believe in common sense, get ready while you still have time. Those of you that are skeptical. Good luck with that. You’re going to need it. Greg its like anything else. If you want to know the truth, follow the money. Most of my friends that have an abundance of it, have already moved it. That should tell you something. Greg thanks for keeping it real.

    • Greg

      Thank you for commenting and adding your perspective.

  9. Larry W. Bryant

    == Whither Humanity? ==

    We Amerikans — steeped in crass materialism, divisiveness, and denial — have no one to blame but ourselves for this long-predicted outcome.

    The hydra-headed juggernaut of Total, Irrevocable Economic Collapse lurks around us at every turn. If only we could exit planet Earth and take its lessons-learned with us! — Larry W. Bryant (15 Jul 13

  10. AndyB

    Greg: Obamacare, first and foremost, was about CONTROL, especially with the IRS as enforcer. The fact that it will also destroy the economy is a decided plus to those marxists and/or fascists (really no difference between the two) in control. It will be interesting to see the “free stuff” crowd epiphany when their bennies run out. But by then, it will be too late for the rest of us.

  11. art barnes

    Greg, if it takes 15,000 pages to explain a system (Obamacare), seems to me that flies in the face of an old adage: “keep it simple stupid!” The FED’s policy violates another adage: “you don’t get something for nothing”. Sooner or later as my father used to say you “have to pay the piper”, and Mr. Denninger is simply restating these fundamental truths in artful fashion. I do disagree with him about a crash, instead, I see a slow slog downward to a modern type third world status, a Russian kind of economy comes to mind. Thanks for having him on.

    • Greg

      Art Barnes,
      There is so much debt, leverage and lawlessness that the “slog” could turn into a cliff dive into a dry pool in a heartbeat. That is a very real possibility in this fed pumped up system we are in now. Good points and sayings though. I’m just adding my 2 cents.

  12. Henry

    Greg, I learned a new word recently, and I think it’s an important one. The word is “rehypothecation”. This is the re-lending of assets. Looks like it’s doomed to fail – big time.

    • Greg

      Yes Henry and here is another word to go right along with “re-hypothecation,” and that is “counter-party” risk. The brokerages are full of it. many will be wiped out in the next crash with no way to retrieve their money. Thank you for the comment and the link.

  13. Rodster

    We all know the inevitable because to honest hardworking individuals 1+1 still = 2. The Fed/Govt/MSM wants to convince you that 1+1=12. The math doesn’t work.

    What really worries me is that the coming collapse could so horrific that everything could collapse and commerce around the world comes to a screeching halt.

    • willie

      The fear is exactly what keeps the elite in power. lose your fear and the battle is won. — For the people. The key is to organize ourselves, to give humanity the primary focus, it deserves. To stop feeding our ego from material possessions. To replace competition with co-operation. To share what you own (with people). That is to say, food, shelter. There are plenty of empty homes, so why are people forced to live on the street? They are, because our hearts have been hijacked, our minds have been put full of crap, our bodies have been poisoned. But nothing can happen without your consent. So, why do people buy from brands? Why do they run to doctors? Lawyers? All we need to do is stop. There are plenty of resources for all. Only the system has been put up to promote scarcity by preying on the dark side of humans. Become light, shine light on the human side and the people have won. The earlier this fake system is cleansed, the better it is. Embrace it.

  14. Pat


    As always, excellent interview and very insightful. Keep up the good work that you are selflessly doing for all of us.


    • Greg

      Thank you Pat for the kind words and support.

  15. Ann Minch

    I’m thinking probably no sudden, major collapse. Japan has been at the CNTRL-P game for 25 years – No “collapse” there, just a gradual decline, a lower birthrate, and an aging population that will soon die off because of Fukishima poisoning – and that’s EXACTLY what the globalists want.

    • droidX-G

      But the Japaneses are savers…much more so than Americans

      • Tina

        According to Denninger, the Japanese went through their savings long ago (the gov’t did).

    • pj

      Huge difference Japan owns its Central bank the Federal Reserve is private bank.
      All in all Japan pays its self back — so sovereign DEBT will not happen that is confiscation of the property or natuaral resources.

  16. Lucille Rothstein

    Everything is collapsing, all we need now is a huge volcano to erupt just south of us, sending millions of refugees scattering northward into America to escape death. Oops! that’s beginning now. 11 million is nothing try another 20.1 million. Oh well?

    • droidX-G

      We already have 30 million here!

  17. Al

    Anybody out there that still thinks this was not a set up to destroy America little by little is an IDIOT. We have been COMPLETELY destroyed from the INSIDE. This cannot be stopped now. Get ready for the DEMONIC New World Order. Enjoy your freedoms as your job is taken from you–your family morals corrupted by media as one generation after another is also destroyed from the INSIDE. You have been taken for as clueless chumps. Yes–IDIOTS. You better get angry fast———-

    • Greg

      Hopefully people will at least try to prepare and put their families in the best position possible. Thank you for the comment and perspective!

    • James

      Angry? Nah. These “globalists” better enjoy the short time physical life affords them. For soon their unwillingnesss to evolve while here will usher them into the void of hard knocks. And all the greenbacks in the solar system won’t stop their self-judgements. It’s like one NDE stated having been there: “I saw no devil, yet I wish there was a diety poking me with a pitchfork because at least that would of been some kind of interaction. There is less than nothing there, way beyond human comprehension.

  18. George

    Just one question to my fellow watchdogs…
    If a publicly traded company had the financials of the USA, would any of you buy its stock or bonds?

  19. George

    And a PS…The anti-propaganda law has been repelled so the US government can broadcast its own brand of cow pies. Who would have ever thought that America would have its own “Pravda”?

    • brad27

      Hi George,
      Just thinking that we already have our own PRAVDA. It goes by the initials NPR. It is publicly funded and directs us how to properly view every issue, great and small. You know, America bad, slavery, gay, gay, gay, global warming, founding fathers were slave owners, etc. And then there is that program therein called “All Liberal Things Considered.” How else could we convince the next generation to despise their own country without this wonderful network? You should try it some time. You may not know just how depressed you could be.

      • George

        Wonderful observation! I stand corrected 😉

  20. Saved4Glory

    Perhaps this is when the next crash will occur.


    Deuteronomy 15:1-2. “….the Lord’s time for canceling debts has been proclaimed.”

    Every seven years a sabbatical Shemitah occurs on the 29th of Elul.  Shemitah means to let fall/release.  The last two sabbatical Shemitah’s nearly destroyed our stock market in 2001 and 2008 with a loss of 684 and 777 points respectively.  THE LARGEST point drops in history according to Time Magazine.  

    While the orthodox Jew was symbolically wiping away debt, God crippled our economy on those exact economic biblical days.  Since we have persisted in rebellion and apostacy, the next sabbatical Shemitah could very well be our last one.   

    29 Elul 2001 or 17 Sept 2001 –Sabbatical Shemitah – Stock Market Crash,28804,1845523_1845619_1845553,00.html

    29 Elul 2008 or 29 Sept 2008 –Sabbatical Shemitah – Stock Market Crash,28804,1845523_1845619_1845541,00.html

    29 Elul 2015 or 13 Sept 2015 – Next Sabbatical Shemitah

  21. PatriotRider


    The clouds on the horizon keep on getting darker. Not only is the employment situation worsening, but now thanks to Obamacare we are increasingly becoming a “part-time” worker society.

    When the facade over it all comes crashing down nothing will be left.

    I’m truly worried what will happen on that day and the days that will follow.


  22. Benny

    This is just great, can’t wait for the correction. For those that survive, perhaps there will be better days ahead. First things first, prepare!

  23. David E

    Thank you Greg and Karl for this excellent analysis. The point of the 20% of REAL cost of medicine and the bureaucracy that sprung up around the 80% explained a lot to me on how we got into this mess.

  24. Marc Farmer

    Hello Greg,

    I enjoyed Karl’s comments and agree that the Fed has no way out. I would find it interesting to hear where he differs on John William’s interpretation of CPI, PPI, GDP and employment as he mentions in the interview (although they both predict the end game). Might be interesting to have a round table interview with both of them someday (if possible). Many thanks for keeping the dots aligned.


  25. BimBam

    Everybody has been saying two years for the last two years.

  26. Mitch Bupp

    Thank You Greg and Karl,I have to laugh at people because that don’t come here to USAWatchdog don’t realize how they are getting left behind. First there is inflation, then there is wage stagflation and then you have the phony economic numbers put out by the government …..

    Bernanke’s plan for Japan also included good accounting controls and a good regulatory system …. oops so much for Ben’s plan

    • Greg

      Your last line said, “Bernanke’s plan for Japan also included good accounting controls and a good regulatory system …. oops so much for Ben’s plan.” Too funny!

  27. Troy

    Hard hitting real info.

    USAWATCHDOG My favorite site!

    • Greg

      You are very kind Troy. Thank you.

      • Troy

        Not really, just honest ;)!

  28. Allen Ols

    When I wrote that karl disagreed w/john I was referring to what mac farmer wrote. 🙂

    • Greg

      Sorry Allen. Greg

  29. Joseph

    Hi Greg,
    I’ve been coming here for a few months now and appreciate your interviews. I’ve been looking at Karl’s work for a while. Many thanks for this interview.
    Wonder if you’ve watched Clint Richardson’s ‘Corporation Nation’ and what you think of it?

  30. Mark

    I stumbled on your web site a couple of years ago have have been listening to all of your excellent guests (and yourself) ever since. You seem to be one of the few people that can really tell it the way it is. Watching the MSM is nothing but a joke for actually reporting the “news”. Just wanted to invite you and all of your fellow patriot listeners to one of the largest prepping shows around the midwest. It is called and is being held in Lebanon Missouri July 20-21. Lebanon is approx. 1 hour east of Springfield or approx. 2 hrs west of St. Louis on I-44. Come learn all you can and get prepared. Tougher times are a coming. Take care and may God be with you all.

  31. jerry

    Greg I guess Janet Napolitano didn’t have the stomach to handle what’s coming so she bailed out of DHS. I Can’t say I blame her, I’d probably do the same thing. One curious note. I noticed that the debt ceiling debate, with Congress, for the 2014 budget is scheduled for September 20th. That just happens to be about the same time the Britton Woods Banking system contract that was signed after WWII is scheduled to expire. Interesting timing, wouldn’t you say? Congress raising its operating expenses another 4 Trillion as Ben Bernake prepares to exit.

  32. therooster

    Greg … when will you be getting all over the message that gold is money and the circulation of asset based money actually purges debt right out of circulation and back to the nothingness it was created from ??? There is an answer. It’s asset based and bottom-up by way of the market. People should not default to top-down thinking when it comes to monetary policy unless they are co-dependent on marching orders from the apex of corruption. This beast must rise.

  33. A. Paco Liptz

    Do not believe Mr. Denninger or his ilk. They live or die off fear and the attention promulgating such fear brings them. History is littered with the smoldering remains of all those who underestimated America’s ability to get through a crisis. Mr. Denninger is weak in his analysis and of little imagination and vision. America however, is strong, much stronger than the Chicken Little Denningers of this world. The only sky that is falling is on Mr. Denninger’s head. He shall be proven grossly wrong. Thus sayeth the Visionary, A. Paco Liptz.

    • Tina

      Wow, are you a CIA troll?


    • Jfeet28

      History is littered with the smoldering remains of ostriches.

      “America however, is strong, much stronger than the Chicken Little Denningers of this world. The only sky that is falling is on Mr. Denninger’s head. He shall be proven grossly wrong. Thus sayeth the Visionary, A. Paco Liptz.”

      Rome copied the Drachma (1/10 oz. silver coin) calling it the Denarius. From 300 BC to well into the Roman Republic 300 AD it reigned as the coin of the realm. 1 Denarius was equal to a days wage (Matt 20). Beginning with Nero, Rome removed more and more silver out of the coin until it was a bronze coin lightly washed in silver. Even the dramatic changes brought about by Constantine could not save Rome.

      Today, the Euro is based not on silver but….air.

      Our parents exchanged silver dollar certificates issued by the United States Treasury. Written right on the bill was that the equivalent amount of silver had been deposited in the Treasury and that the certificate was payable to the bearer on demand.

      Today we have a Federal Reserve Note issued by a private organization declaring itself “legal tender” and proudly claiming itself to actually be “One Dollar”. The Fed prints $85 Billion of them every month to buy bad loans.

      As in the days of Nero and Constantine, “Rome however, is strong, much stronger than the Chicken Little Denningers of this world.” No one cares if you want to fantasize yourself into starvation. You will simply “disappear”.

    • George

      A. Paco Liptz ….really, a pack of lips. I guess you need a pack to kiss all this administration’s a$$. We are patriots here. Just because we understand that we no longer are a country of laws but operate under the aristocracy of corruption doesn’t mean we are underestimating anything. You sir, underestimate our intelligence and overestimate our tolerance of pie in the sky Bull shite

  34. The nationalist

    Greg. I would like your take on a depression worse than 29. If that happens what’s left? What good is gold or silver going to be in that case. We have the greatest underground resevoire drying up in the midwest which supplies water for growing crops in three states. Reminders of the dust bowl. We have a 1.5 thousand trillion dollar derivatives debt. We have had 2% annual decline in real value in the stock market every year for the last 5 years. The government is totally out of control, borders wide open, taxes going up, security going down, and on and on. When the hitshay hits the fan what will be left?

    • Greg

      The nationalist,
      Everyone should have something in hand because you are better off with it than without it.

  35. Jimmy

    Hi Greg, A nagging question for me. You always hear “buy Precious Metals”. It will be worth 5, 10, or more times its current value after the dollar collapses. Whats to say that the powers to be, won’t reset precious metals Back to $32. or what ever amount with what ever fiat currency that is established?

    • Greg

      Who knows Jimmy, all I can say what is the dollar going to worth in the face of massive money printing and 0% interests rates as far as the eye can see. Gold and silver are a protection and insurance play, not a money making tip.

  36. Jimmy

    Greg, In my previous question P.M at $32 is a reference to Gold) Thanks for your insight.

  37. Sanjay Kashkari

    Fear NOT! As Roosevelt said, “the only thing we” [all of us as Americans] “have to fear is fear itself.”

    The US government and our Wall Street financial firmaments stand ready to do whatever is necessary to stabilize the current financial system and provide ballast to a growing economies of scale with an unnending expansion of prospects for prosperity and growth. New wars with unrepentant belligerant terroristic nations will ensure that aggregate demand will remain strong for the foreseeable future.

    Where necessary, securitization will be used as a tool of monetary expansion and the widespread underwritting and issuance of financial derivatives will provide for vast wealth expansion for the masses of those who are worthy and financial devastation of those who are not. I urge all Americans to participate in the markets as patriots and you will be rewarded handsomely.

    • Rebecca

      A young “American” man near and dear to my heart died fighting in Iraq.

      I find the statement – “New wars with unrepentant belligerant terroristic nations will ensure that aggregate demand will remain strong for the foreseeable future.” – both offensive and demeaning the lives of American soldiers.

      In my opinion, Kashkari’s amoral words are both “terroristic” and “unAmerican.”

      • Jfeet28

        Forgive him, he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. I too lost one, and served 11 years myself. These kids don’t fight for a monetary system, they fight for the American way of life, unique in all the world, and systematically disappearing at the hands of his ilk.

        • George

          Thank you for your service. I pray that God bless you and all the men and women who serve to protect our way of life from all threats, foreign and domestic.
          And it seems the domestic threats from the current administration and their banker cronies far outweigh anything the foreigners have come up with

    • George

      Thanks for the advice on participating in the derivative. I have already been forced into that by having to use U$D.
      I can’t determine whether you have a wicked streak of sarcasm or if you post comments during your brief periods of release from a straight jacket. If its the former, I am highly amused; the latter, I am still laughing

  38. Jim H

    Good morning Greg

    No Apocalypse. Just a continued depreciation of the American standard of living through wage stagnation, cut benefits and much higher prices.Third world here we come. Thanks NWO organizers!

  39. nm

    “Everybody has been saying two years for the last two years”.

    Isnt this the problem? nobody really knows when or how this thing will blow. Whether it’ll come in one big swoop (I personally doubt it) or whether things will just get progressively worse (that’s my feeling – it will be death by a thousand cuts)

    Then of course, the other issue is that most Americans (76%) have no savings, are living from pay check to paycheck and there’s really not much they can do but try and hold onto their jobs. They have nothing to lose because they have nothing (except their jobs)

  40. xSIC


    Thanks for USAWATCHDOG great site!!

    There are some questions I keep doing to myself regarding all this…

    Even tough Bernanke and fellas seems to look unorganized and not knowing what they’re doing.. i think they know exactly what they’re doing… Karl D says “its mathematically proof that it’s not gonna work”… questions are why are they doing it? who’s going to profit from this?

    My guess is that they have already a plan for all this..but again what’s that plan? Another big war? ……those are the missing dots.

    I’d love to see the thoughts about this from one of your many guests.

    Keep up with the excellent work!

    • Greg

      One thing is for sure. The Fed never intended to fix the system. They are only playing for time. How much time they have left is anyone’s guess. Thank you for the comment and questions. We have a lot of very smart people on the site that will give you some more answers.

  41. Chip

    Another great interview Greg. Thanks for what you do. Loaded up on silver when it hit 17.90. On the way back up. Wonder if we’ve seen the last of the smack downs? Seems end game is getting close. 2 months 2 years as Karl says who knows but keeps feeling more and more rocky…

  42. jc davis

    Great interview Greg. My favorite part was when Karl pionts out Obama cant legally change obomba nocare. No more then Woodrow Wilson could stop the establishment of the fed reserve bank and the IRS after signed into law. President wilson said he regretted it… He could not change it.
    Karl Dinnenger make my small brain go faster.

  43. Al Hall

    Greg: Karl is correct, the next collapse will be worse and final. Obama was set-up to be in office at this time, to over see the collapse. As Bush before him and Congress doing nothing to stop the spending. This is text book Cloward and Piven Strategy, collapse the state from within.
    The New World Order gang( the Elite’s) want world collapse, and it’s coming soon. Again, if you realize the collapse is the goal and that our government is bought and paid for, everything that’s being done make sense.

    I was told by several government insiders before Obama care passed that ” Obama care had nothing to do with health care, but was the final stage of the collapse of the USA, it was all about control of the masses!!!

  44. Jb071

    First time here as I continue to see how things are getting worse. Interesting to note where things are headed. As a bible reader, I notice how this falls in line with a scripture in Matthew, it says “for then there will be great tribulation such as has not occurred since the world’s beginning until now, no, nor will occur again. In fact, unless those days were cut short, no flesh would be saved. In fact, the Bible says that money will be useless in that time. Who knows when that time is coming, but it’s just interesting to see the writing on the wall.

  45. Benjamin

    Thank you for bringing Karl on the program. I am always excited to here his insights on the economy. I find him extremely creditable.

    I do have a comment though. I have read most of the post on the site and many have the same feelings. Basically, I know that the economy will crash, Obama delaying Obamacare even though it is against the law. Congress is complicate in the collapse, the corruption and theft within Obamacare. The scandals, Benghazi, IRS, NSA, EPA, DOJ to name a few. The President and Congress lying to the American people on a daily basis. Personal and political vendettas being carried out against perceived enemy’s of Obama and party. Eric Holder and Obama using the DOJ being used to destroy George Zimmerman. And so much more.

    They seem to just take it, everyone is helpless. Is that true? Are we truly helpless in all of this. If that is so then we are doomed.

    I for one have a hard time with this. We are a nation of fighters. We built this nation on blood, sweat and tears, and the strong commitment of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

    Is no one willing to stand up to the tyranny taking place right in front of our eyes, this is real time. Are we willing to repeat Germany in the late 1930’s. It sure looks to me like the same playbook. We are in a boiling pot of oil and we are the frogs.

    I do not know the answer to get America to come together and tell Washington and the bankers that we are done with the way they have been doing business. There are more of us then them. Think about it.

    I hope and pray that we can stop it in the near future before we are all taken over. And we loose our way of life forever.


    • Greg

      Yes we are a “nation of fighters,” but we have not yet begun to fight. Thank you for your comment.

  46. Tina

    Has anyone on this site of commenters started to band together and fight on the issues, insteading of whimpering about it?!

    <> have!!!

    • George

      I vote, send letters to the few leaders we have and I am working to protect and take care of my family. How about you?

  47. Al

    Very smart guy and his conclusions seem right. This is madness. Lindsey Williams who says he’s in contact with the world elite, said that this talk of tapering was a test to find out how easy it would be to pull the plug. The shut off key in other words because that is how “they” will bring in their New World Order. To destroy America from the inside out and kill the dollar. Print paper money to kill it outright. Frightening—————-

  48. Fred

    The stock market is at an altime high. Car sales are at an all time high. Real estate values are up over 35% in the last two years. Inflation is low. The U.S. is the strongest nation in the world. And the dollar is stronger than the Euro. There won’t be a crash. This is a ploy to sell gold – Gold is down 36% and will go lower as the economy improves.

    • Greg

      Take away the $85 billion a month in money printing and it all implodes. That is fact, and that is why the Fed decided to keep on printing until the final collapse. You are in denial or willfully ignorant. Please wake up and save yourself and stop spreading disinformation about real money gold and silver!!!

    • judy

      I am with you on your thoughts completely. It seems that voicing such thoughts is like being ‘stoned’ to death but then the truthsayers always are. Whatever the reasoning, these people just want to spread all this FEAR and Opposition to the government when in fact, things are just as you said. Every generation and every decade brings about a NEW wave of predictions and they just get OLD as NONE of them ever come to pass.

  49. Lito

    When do you think the real shock of the US Economy will collapse, is it on 2014 March…provide us a definite timescale +- 3 months

    • Greg

      It is not just an event, it is really more of a process culminating to an event. The process has been ongoing since the 2008 meltdown. Extraordinary measures have been deployed to postpone and yet make worse the ultimate end. I cannot tell you it is March 2014. I can tell you a paradigm shift is coming, and all the experts I talk with say any number of things can cause it to accelerate.
      You simply must be holding at some sort of constant preparedness.

  50. Ziad K Abdelnour

    WAKE UP Americans!!! Did we forget we still have choices? Because we are so mired in the immediacy of situations, we don’t often have a “helicopter view” of the economic deception being perpetrated upon us!!!the money by creating a groundswell of necessary change before we reach a full blown “economic collapse”

  51. Vijay

    Good evening Mr.Greg,
    This is Vijay and i am from India.I just wanna know what’s gonna happen on Feb.7th 2014??

    How much more debt can the U.S Government go on accumulating,the interest rates are also seem to be hardening so it looks as if we are on “Home Stretch” before the markets take a heavy beating.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you very much for the comment. Your people got it right about gold. I wish Americans thought the way the people in India do. Lots of very smart people in India.

  52. judy

    What a MESS of misinformation. Nothing ever comes to pass that these ‘FEAR MONGERS’ use to scare people. The government always keeps on going and the people always continue in their stupidity. The only thing that changes is that fact that people just seem to get worse not so much the government. Everyone likes to blame them but at he end of the day, it is the collective thoughts and destruction of it’s people who contribute all the “BAD’. Thankfully Obama is in office or I know we would already have been in some type of WW3 or financial crisis. The only surety is that people will continue to ‘Hate’ and look for the worst and spread EVIL.

  53. nurys

    the way i see it many factors are contributing to our decline. i think that our decline is sort of garanteed outcome as is just history following its course. however if they pass immigration reform, increase taxes, comitt more to statism or goverment control of the economy. the result would be massive poverty and inequality we are already there just getting more intense.

  54. Simmerjet

    I always enjoy coming back to topics a few yrs later to see how close the tea lief readers were on their predictions…..”..and it’s going to come sometime within the next two years. “

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