Apocalypse and Enormous Disorder Coming-Hugo Salinas-Price

5By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com  (Early Sunday Release)

Mexican retail mogul Hugo Salinas-Price is worried about the common man and the upcoming currency calamity that is approaching the globe.  Salinas-Price says, “It certainly isn’t getting better when you have some intellectuals going so crazy as to say they want to ban cash.  We can’t go too much further along this road.  This is utter madness.  We’re not supposed to use cash anymore?  Salinas Price goes on to say, “If we have these lunatics running things, it can’t get any better.  We have people running things that have forgotten about what motivates the common man. . . . I want people to have silver because it is going to protect them.”

Why does the common man need the protection of precious metals?  Salinas-Price says, “I just read today the global debt is $200 trillion, and it’s grown from the last crisis in 2008.  Something has to happen to take care of that debt.  Either it’s going to be repudiated or it’s going to be inflated away, or it’s going to be paid with taxation. . . . We are headed over Niagara Falls.”

Salinas-Price, 83 years old and a billionaire, warns currencies can suffer huge inflation risks.  Since the mid 1970’s, Salinas-Price points out the peso exchange rate has plunged compared to the U.S. dollar.  Salinas-Price says, “From 1976 to date, from 12.50 pesos (to $1 US) we are now at 15,100 pesos (to $1 US) and going further down.  Savings can become worthless, and that’s what I tell people.  Don’t save money that is going to devalue.  This inflation that is going on that is presently debt that is like a cloud that is up there.  When it begins to liquidate, it’s going to be pouring down.  People will be rushing around trying to buy things.  The money is going to be worthless because in a liquidation, what can you buy with all this water (fiat money) that is coming down.  As long as it is up there in credit, it’s okay.  It’s up there in the cloud, but if it begins to liquidate, watch out.”

So, is Salinas-Price predicting the same huge devaluation for the U.S. dollar as what has happened to the Mexican peso?  Salinas-Price contends, “Same cause, same effect.  It is absolutely unavoidable.  That’s why I have been urging people to have silver and gold.”

Salinas-Price is trying to implement an idea involving silver coins that just might save the common man.  Salinas-Price goes on to explain, “It is a silver coin that is given a monetary value by a quote and not by stamping the number on the coin. . . . It would receive a quote from the Treasury (not a central bank).  Don’t give it to the Fed, give it to the Treasury.  Then you are saving in silver money which makes it 10 times or 100 times more attractive.  When this takes place–boom, it’s going to change the whole thing.  It’s going to shake up the world.”

Salinas-Price thinks what is coming is going to be an “apocalypse.”  Salinas-Price predicts, “This is apocalyptic.  We are in a terrible mess, and there is no way out without suffering.  Apocalypse means prices are going to go haywire.  Business is going to stagnate.  Unemployment is going to prevail.  There is going to be enormous disorder.  That’s what I see will happen.  We are not going to get out of this mess easily.  It is going to be painful.  One way to avoid pain is to have something you will be able to trade for what you need and that is gold and silver, especially gold.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with retail mogul Hugo Salinas-Price.

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the interview: Hugo Salinas-Price has 18 grandchildren and one of his sons if running the company he started.  Salinas-Price also has a free website that contains information and articles in both Spanish and some English.  Click here for Plata.com.mx.     Here are articles in English from Plata.com.mx.

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  1. Snorky

    Great interview. Thnx, Greg. Let’s see: negative interest rates, ban the use of cash. The long descent into total tyranny.

    • West Tejas

      100% only Digital Cash is a great idea if you are a power hungry psychopath that wants to data mine everyone’s life to know where every last $0.01 was spent. It ranks right up there as Stalin and Mao’s dream finally realized.

  2. red

    Best interview yet Greg. What a beautiful Man. Wish I new
    this gentleman. Thanks Greg

    • Markp

      Hear, Hear, Red. You beat me to it. What a gem of an interview with an absolute gentleman. His good-natured demeanour coupled with his vast experience makes for enlightening listening. For those in the camp, encouraging; for those still on the Kool-Aid, perhaps it’s time to think about it seriously.

      Thanks Greg for an excellent piece of reporting. USAWatchdog is like a great bottle of wine – it gets better with time.

  3. Tom

    Hugo seems as dumbfounded as any of us about the direction in which we are headed.

    I applaud and admire his silver quest. We are rapidly approaching a new crossroads. All around the world nations will begin the return to sound money, most in response to the collapse of fiat, but others like Panama, Mexico and a European Nordic gold coin are all in the works right now.

    after all, real money used to conduct real commerce is a necessity as well as the property of the people who sustain it.

    • M. Monroe

      “Hugo seems as dumbfounded as any of us about the direction in which we are headed.”

      As related to by Tom from his post above.

      So what is our greatest need and direction? Nothing has any value without one primary ingredient—life. Without life, we do not exist. King Solomon of ancient Israel wrote: “As for the dead, they are conscious of nothing at all . . . There is no work nor devising nor knowledge nor wisdom in Sheol [mankind’s common grave].” (Ecclesiastes 9:5, 10) If death overtakes us, we are forced to relinquish everything we possess. Our greatest need, then, is to procure something that will preserve our lives. What will do that?

      The apostle Paul admonished Timothy: “Give orders to those who are rich in the present system of things not to be high-minded, and to rest their hope, not on uncertain riches, but on God.” (1 Timothy 6:17) All the money in the world cannot buy life for us.

      Consider a man named Hitoshi. Having been brought up poor, Hitoshi had a strong desire to be rich. He believed so much in the power of money that he thought even humans could be bought with it. Then a man came to Hitoshi’s door and asked him if he knew that Jesus Christ had died for him. This question made Hitoshi curious because he felt that no one would die for a person like him. He attended a public Bible talk and was shocked to hear the admonition to ‘keep the eye simple.’ The speaker explained that a “simple” eye is one that is farsighted and focused on spiritual things. (Luke 11:34) Rather than toiling for money, Hitoshi began to put spiritual values first in his life.

      Don’t get me wrong Material possessions can bring us a measure of stability and security. Having an abundance can relieve us of anxiety about our daily and future needs. A nice Bunker in a safe and secure neighborhood may give us a feeling of security and accomplishment. A gassed and ever ready Humvee along with the five G’s, God, Gold, Gun, Garden and Getaway plan!

      Yes it is a blessing to ‘see good for all our hard work.’ (Ecclesiastes 3:13) And having a surplus may enable our loved ones to ‘take their ease, eat, drink, and feel secure enough to even enjoy themselves.’ However, material things have only fleeting value. In a warning against covetousness, Jesus Christ said: “Even when a person has an abundance his life does not result from the things he possesses.” (Luke 12:15-21) Possessions, regardless of the amount or value, cannot provide real security and guarantee us life.

      Liz, for example, was married to a financially secure and successful man. She relates: “We had a beautiful home and two cars, and our financial situation allowed us freedom to enjoy anything the world had to offer in the way of material things . . . Oddly enough, I still worried about money.” She explains: “We had so much to lose. It seems that the more you have, the less secure you feel.” Just the opposite of what Hugo mentioned! Hugo said the poor have more to worry about because with inflation they’ll lose everything and the rich maybe half? Yet what were facing is the ultimate battle in the history of anything and everything, betwixt good and evil!


      So What Has the Greatest Value?

      Since nothing has any meaning or value without life, what can we acquire that will guarantee that we keep living? All life originates with Jehovah God. (Psalm 36:9) Indeed, “by him we have life and move and exist.” (Acts 17:28) He bestows everlasting life as a gift on those he loves. (Romans 6:23) What must we do to qualify for this gift?

      Receiving the gift of everlasting life depends on our having a close relationship with God. His favor, therefore, has greater value than anything else we could possibly possess. When we have it, we have the prospect of genuine and everlasting happiness. Without God’s favor, however, we face extinction. Clearly, then, anything that will help us to achieve a good relationship with him is of immense value and our success depends on our gaining knowledge. The source of accurate knowledge is in God’s Word, the Bible. It alone tells us what we must do to please God. We therefore need to study the Scriptures carefully. A diligent effort to learn all we can about God results in ‘knowledge that means everlasting life.’ (John 17:3) Such knowledge is a treasure to be cherished!—Proverbs 2:1-5.

      The knowledge we gain from God’s Word equips us to take the next step—exercising faith in Jesus Christ. Our heavenly father God has decreed that all who come to him must do so through Jesus. (John 14:6) Actually, “there is no salvation in anyone else.” (Acts 4:12) Our ultimate survival depends, not on ‘silver or gold . . . , but on the precious blood of Christ.’ (1 Peter 1:18, 19) We must demonstrate our faith by believing Jesus’ teachings and following his example. (Hebrews 12:1-3; 1 Peter 2:21) And how valuable his sacrifice is! The application of its benefits determines the everlasting future of all mankind. When it is fully applied in our behalf, we are given the truly valuable gift of everlasting life.—John 3:16.

      Jesus said: “You must love your God with your whole heart and with your whole soul and with your whole mind.” (Matthew 22:37) Loving God means that “we observe his commandments.” (1 John 5:3) His commandments require that we keep separate from the wicked world, maintain upright conduct, and loyally support his Kingdom. That is the way we “choose life” instead of death. (Deuteronomy 30:19) If we ‘draw close to God, he will draw close to us.’—James 4:8.

      An assurance of God’s favor is worth far more than all the world’s treasures. Those who have it are the wealthiest people on earth! May we, then, strive to acquire the treasure of real value—God’s approval. By all means, let us take to heart the apostle Paul’s admonition: “Pursue righteousness, godly devotion, faith, love, endurance, mildness of temper. Fight the fine fight of the faith, get a firm hold on the everlasting life.”—1 Timothy 6:11, 12.
      New Living Translation;
      Seek the LORD, all who are humble, and follow his commands. Seek to do what is right and to live humbly. Perhaps even yet the LORD will protect you–protect you from his anger on that day of destruction. _______ ◄ Zephaniah 2:3 ►http://biblehub.com/zephaniah/2-3.htm

      The inspired words of the apostle Peter are also encouraging. He wrote: “[God] kept Noah, a preacher of righteousness, safe with seven others when he brought a deluge upon a world of ungodly people; and by reducing the cities Sodom and Gomorrah to ashes he condemned them, . . . and he delivered righteous Lot . . . God knows how to deliver people of godly devotion out of trial, but to reserve unrighteous people for the day of judgment to be cut off.” (2 Peter 2:5-9) Though Jehovah brought destruction on the wicked in times past, he preserved alive both Noah and Lot, who served him faithfully. God thru Christ Jesus will also deliver people of godly devotion when he brings destruction on the wicked at Armageddon. “A great crowd” of righteous ones will survive.—Revelation 7:9, 14.

      • Jerry


      • woody188

        Today’s wealthy believe in the next decade that science and technology will allow them to extend their lives into thousands of years.

  4. Galaxy 500

    Nice start to the week, Greg

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you 500!

        • Greg Hunter

          I was raised Catholic but no longer ((Still Christian though). I got to say this Pope is very dangerous. Thanks for the link.

          • Mark Lahr

            Greg, I have visited your site many times. I see nothing in what this Pope does that contradicts the teaching of Jesus – sorry Greg – you lost me with your worship of billionaires and gold and the disdain for God. No need to publish my comments – intended for you only!

            • Greg Hunter

              Mark Lahr,
              You have to be kidding me. On Gay marriage the Pope said that “God is not afraid of new things.” Really??? God the Father who said “Let their be light” and invented ALL “new things” needs a lesson from the Pope? http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/world/2014/10/19/pope-francis-synod/17551189/ How about the Pope saying everybody can go to heaven if they “do good . . . Even the atheists. Everyone!”. If I have to explain to you why this is false teaching, you are not a Christian. There is ONLT ONE WAY to get to heaven and it is through Jesus Christ–period. There is no gray area in the Bible on this point. Even an idiot like me knows this. While you are cracking your Bible, you may want to read the very last paragraph. Hint: it talks about not adding or taking away for the word of God.

              • Kerry

                Please pray for the Pope. He has a great responsibility to teach and preach the Gospel in truth. Unfortunately, he is only a man and can make bad decisions and say stupid things. Pray for him that he will receive the graces he needs to preach the truth as written in the Gospel. “No one comes to the Father except through Me.” If I say something stupid for the most part it hurts only me, but when he says something wrong or incorrect, or makes a bad decision, as head of a vast organization like the Catholic Church, it can be taken as “gospel”. It is certainly a mystery as to why God chose to have mere men teach and preach His Word. Considering the amount of evil in the world, it is remarkable we have done any good at all. (All with the power of God’s grace.) Keep up the good work, Greg, and keep the faith. Those who persevere unto the end will be rewarded. I will pray for you and your readers; please pray for me. I fear the Evil that is about to be released on the world. “Fasten your seatbelts; it’s going to be a bumpy night.”

              • Jerry

                Greg, do remember I posted to you a few weeks ago that I was receiving messages that help was on the way? It appears I was not the only one.

                • Felicia

                  Jerry, all these celestial sounds are amazing & beautiful. I have listened to many vids of them. I believe we are hearing them because the veil between dimensions has thinned greatly. Likewise the battles taking place in other dimensions between good and evil forces is also spilling over into our dimension. Which is what Senor Salinas-Price was refering to about the huge decline in U.S. citizens character.

                  • Jerry

                    I totally agree. A few weeks ago I received a message from my deceased mother (who was a music teacher). My Sirus connection in my car went completely dead. The next thing I heard was the musical tune, first verse of ” When the Saints Coming Marching In” played three times. This happened several times. Yep. Something is definitely going on. Incidentally that was my mothers favorite song.

            • Silence is Golden

              The RCC is nothing more that a Babylonian Cult. Who puts the Pope ahead of Jesus ?

              • Kerry

                No Catholic puts the Pope ahead of Jesus-if they are taught correctly. Unfortunately, many Catholics are NOT taught Catholic belief correctly-thus the confusion. The Pope is just a man. The Pope is Christ’s representative on earth-much like your elected congressman, but with much more responsibility and more graces from God (we hope!). There have been monumentally bad popes just as there are very bad police or congressman, corrupt, exceptionally sinful. But we still must pray for them. You should not judge all the popes by the bad ones, just as you should not judge all cops by the bad cops. There have been some very good, heroic cops, just like there have been some very good and saintly popes. They are in positions of authority and as such must answer to God in a special way. I am a sinner but the good thing is I am not in a position of authority or much influence. Mere men were given positions of authority and if they are good men, they can do great good. Unfortunately, if they are bad men they can likewise do great evil. The Pope is NOT God, and people should remember that. Although he has a great position of authority, and as such will be judged more harshly for his mistakes and bad decisions. I would not want to have his responsibility to lead billions of people! It is hard enough just to keep myself from sinning!

                • Silence is Golden

                  The Pope is raised to the highest pedestal and is proclaimed head of the Church. This is a false religion. A man should never be the one to replace Jesus Christ as head of the Church. Popes are messengers …nothing more and yet the practices of the RCC lead us to believe they are more than mortal….good , bad or indifferent.

                  • Greg Hunter

                    The Pope and Catholic doctrine are not the same. Popes come and go the Catholic Doctrine has lasted longer than any other in recorded history. I was raised Catholic and I was never taught that the Pope superseded Christ–Never. My beef is with the Pope not the Catholics or it’s doctrine. Not picking a fight, just clarifying my prior comment.

                  • Silence is Golden

                    I’m not picking a fight either but Orthodoxy has continued in its original form unlike the New Age Roman Catholocism. The latter I have said before has devolved into a Pagan Cult and derives from the same Race that created Banking. They have infected the globe with their religion and money curse …all of which are derived from the Talmud. That is their “Bible”. Im not preaching here …just providing some clarity. The Pope is proclaimed “Head of the Church” I never said he was higher than Jesus….although being head of the church infers his status. No-one is taught ….you are forced to accept. Subtle difference.

                    Being head of the Church brings with it authority ….and because of this, it cannot be separated from that which he purports to be his beliefs vs those of the Church.

                  • Greg Hunter

                    We will have to agree to disagree on this one.

          • Al Hall

            Greg: this is why you and other need to study Jordan Maxwell’s 50+ years of work. He covers the Vatican and many other topics!
            You should have him on!


            • Kerry

              I suggest we pray for each other, and not try to drag each other down. (I am not trying to be holier than thou, here, I am just hoping to slow down the tide of evil a little). Obama and our other elected representatives need our prayers more than ever. Bad people in positions of authority can do great evil. Fortunately, we have a loving and merciful God who can overlook our stupid decisions. It is a mystery as to why God thinks we are worth saving-so much so that he sent His only Son to save us. The decline of the moral character of the U.S. and the world is directly related to the evil that has been unleased on the world. Pray for those in positions of authority-they will be held to higher standards, and be judged more harshly, even more than you and me. (Believe me, I am not exempt-guilty of judging others, too, so I need to pray for others as well. Too many times I have cursed the radio or TV when I hear the stupid &*%$&* that comes out of Washington.)

  5. Tim

    Wow, Greg, I’m very impressed that you got Salinas-Price on. And I like what he had to say about precious metals.

    • Chip

      Tim, i agree, great man. But i’m stuck on this 15,100 peso’s to the dollar thing. Bloomberg has it at 15.07. I would like some explanation of the 15,100 claim. Thanks Greg… Chip

      • Chip

        Oh, here’s the link to the Bloomberg Peso quote/chart…


      • Chip

        Here you go Greg, i answered my own question. The peso was revalued in 95ish …

        Throughout 20th century, the Mexican peso continued to be a safe and stable currency until the oil crisis of 1970s which caused the increase in foreign loans to Mexico. It continued to worsen until finally the Mexican government defaulted on the payment of its international loans. It started a long downward spiral that was a result of investors taking their money out of Mexico. This trend continued unabated until the early 1990s when the government made some fundamental changes in the monetary policies. One of the first of these changes was to reevaluate the value of the Mexican peso. They changed the value of 1000 pesos to one peso. They called this Nuevo peso. It literally translates as new peso. In addition, the government changed the ISO code from MXP to MXN.



        • Galaxy 500

          It was 93. See you caught it yourself. Several websites claim to show the difference in exchanges rate from 72 to present with a rate of 8.72 to 15 or so change during forty plus years.

      • Galaxy 500

        Chip, he’s right, you’re wrong because in 93, they devalued the paper by a thousand. 1,000 old pesos equal one new pesos. When I was there in 86, currency black market was so rampant, you could buy it from the Customs official stamping my entry at nearly triple what the banks gave…and I did buy. The couple behind me declined and he was still going through their suitcases as my taxi pulled out twenty minutes later.

        • Chip

          G500, yeah that’s what had me baffled. The charts i saw showed a 8 to 15 range with no explanation of the 93 revaluation. I had the same experience you had only in east germany in the late 80’s when the official exchange rate of east and west german marks was one to one. On the black market you could get five to ten east german marks for one west german mark…

    • Paul from Indiana

      Jerry, thank you for this link. Greece is using borrowed money to make payments on existing debt. Does this scenario ring a bell? We are coming to our own “pay no attention to that man behind the curtain” moment. Best always. PM

    • Jerry

      More on China’s drive for reserve status. IMF meeting in October. Financial Security Board plans “Post Crisis” agenda with G20 in November. You figure it.

  6. Karen

    Love this guest! No big complex theories, no claims that he knows what is going to happen – just that all in his years he has never seen things so nonsensical and as frightening as they are now! So who knows when it all goes off the rails. Just recognize that it is happening and prepare as best you can. Thank you Greg and Mr. Salinas-Price for your time and effort in helping to warn us all.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for your accurate and pointed appraisal of Mr. Salinas-Price. I am sure he appreciates it.

  7. James Hastings

    Good. That was interesting. I believe him. His analysis is correct. And yes, our work ethic has declined and our economic philosophy is ruinous. Our currency is debased. “Your silver has become dross”….inflated, impure…”and he who earns wages earns wages to put them into a bag…..with holes.” All this can be clearly read in an exceptionally old economics book.

  8. Al Hall

    Greg: What a brilliant man . Hugo has seen what the global elite’s have done to the USA. He said what a waste- a disgrace that America has turned so much for the worse. BUT, this was and is the elite’s plan= it’s just give the people football and a beer and their happy, yet so stupid!
    I respect this man a lot and this is first time I’ve heard him speak. He knew when to get out of the USA. Like Jim Rogers- he saw what was coming and knew to get out- have his family start new away from this NOW “fascist government” and the supreme leader-Obama, America’s first gay president/ married to a man!
    Sorry! Can’t believe how the now average American believes all the federal CRAP!
    Lies- just all lies! Men like this are what is needed now here! Not these two bit bought and paid for guys running for 2016- just more crap!
    I was warned some 8-9 years ago to leave the USA by a friend -retired CIA= his statement was “you aren’t going to want to be here when they bring this country down!” I did not have the means to move though I tried. But his statement shows anyone listening- he knew then the plan to collapse the USA!! It’s happening and can happen anytime now! I believe it’s September- what my insiders tell me, and it’s more than financial- SO MUCH MORE!!

  9. libertarian jerry

    Greg…..Great interview. Hugo Salinas-Price is not only an intelligent man but a man of wisdom. His insights into the decline of American Culture is well taken and the blame for that decline,in turn,can be laid at the feet of the Cultural Marxists and their 80 year quest to dumb down the American population. He is wise to talk about preparing for a crashing of the American monetary system. A system that will crash because of conjured out of thin air printing press money backed by conjured out of thin air bonds that will be inflated into worthlessness. A system that supports a welfare/warfare state that in turn supports an army of parasites who have lost the work ethic,self reliance and self responsibility and believe that everything is just fine riding on Uncle Sugar’s government gravy train. The next question to ask is what happens when that gravy train runs off of the rails? Be prepared.

  10. JC Davis

    Hugo is a thinker no doubt.
    I believe there is already a plan excepted by the Oligarchs that run the world. A computerized chip made from nanotubes. Many will suffer, and die before the chipped currency is excepted. In the end it will happen. Three forces will rule the world. A false religion, Red dragon, and Babylon the great. I believe Babylon is headquartered from America. The silver backed money is like many other good ideas that have been filled in file 13. The trash can. Hugo is a man with a dream for a better world. Please have him back Greg. Or even better may be his son.

    • Mason

      Interesting. I’m an agnostic/atheist, but I think that is an interesting quote you mention (from scripture am I correct?). So if I understand correctly:
      Babylon is headquartered in American, the Red Dragon is China and the false religion is Islam?
      That is quite topical I would say.

      • JC Davis

        Mason. It is my opinion that America is the headquarters for Babylon because Babylon has a spirit of greed, pride, and bitterness that the whole world has drink from. When interpreting the scripture of revelations I must stress my opinion is not the scripture. All I know for a certainty is that after I started having faith in the death, and resurrection of Jesus. I no longer feel guilt of my lack of faith in God..

        • Mason

          Thank you for your response!

  11. mark

    Hi Greg, thank you for having Hugo on. Seems like I could listen for hours to the wisdom which has accumulated in his 83 years of life experience and am very encouraged that at his age he is so actively influential on the side of good in this world with his enthusiasm for what “motivates a man” i.e. the individual (man or woman) being “silver in the hand” as money– not credits which profit those who control their issuance– a very welcome message which causes us to understand that while we need to prepare we need not be paralyzed with fear of the “lunacy” or absurdity of those who have aligned themselves with the evilly corrupt Nazi facist banking cabal. The grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be richly with your spirit Greg and yours also Mr. Hugo Salinas Price! (2 Tim. 1:7 God has not given us a” spirit of fear but of power and of love and of a sober mind”) amen!

  12. Mark


    Mr. Price talked about monetizing silver coins and I heard recently this has already come to pass with the Mexican Libertad silver coin. I think the Libertad can now be used in transactions parallel to the Peso. Also, the value minted on a coin is symbolic since the spot price is what will determine the value of any coin; silver or gold. If the Treasury would start quoting prices than will this replace the spot values we see all day on television or online? Interesting idea and I hope silver and gold become more mainstream to protect the everyday citizen.
    Another fun and informative interview to enlighten the WD crowd.

    • Galaxy 500

      Wouldn’t this only work if the treasury used “real” values

      • Charles H.

        I wonder if Gresham’s Law would still affect circulation – the more valuable currency being replaced by a lesser, to take out of circulation and be hoarded. A nation would have to insure it’s ‘wealth’ didn’t get beyond the border.

      • Mark

        Yeah, the real values would be based on the physical market instead of the futures market that we have today. If Hugo succeeds than the Treasury would replace the Comex and true price discovery would occur! Great news for those of us who have been stacking for the inevitable collapse.

  13. John

    Could Mr. Salinas be suggesting a silver coin could be the coming special drawing rights currency? Perhaps it’ s worth will be determined by a world central treasury in such a way that the weight of the silver coin is pegged to the value of a basket of currencies/commodities on a daily basis. It is interesting that JP Morgan has acquired about $55 million in silver. Perhaps they see something like this coming and know the value of silver will appreciate immensely if this comes to pass.

  14. Your fan in Japan

    Yahoo! Absolutely Fabulous Interview! Thank you Greg! Thank you Mr Salinas-Price. Silver, gold, and may I add, get some farmland and work it!

  15. Agent P

    Interesting man. He has seen it all – and probably done 90%… Perhaps the most fascinating (and informative) part of the entire interview to me were his brief comments on what has happened to America, observing the changes as he has throughout the decades. His comments on ‘lack of seriousness’ and the way people dress as opposed to days gone by struck me as prophetic. You can deduce an awful lot about a society simply by observing the nature of its people and how they present themselves in public. None more need be said regarding todays Americans.

  16. Gilad Kahn

    I have yet to listen to a speaker who removes their Ego when speaking about the coming ‘Collapse’. I get turned off every time one of them says “I told them and they didn’t listen to me”. Thats Ego talking. I know they are probably right in that they warned people, but how many times does it need to be said? Its like someone saying “In my Honest opinion”… so does that mean every time they don’t say “in my honest opinion” that they are lying? Its like they have to keep justifying their credibility by saying “I said this years ago, but they didn’t listen to me”.

    Aside from that, some of the stuff he is saying appears a bit Narcissistic. I liked the other speakers like Harry Dent, Gregory Mannarino, Craig Roberts, Gerald Celente, etc who have some credibility in that this is what they do year round… however, its always nice to have a different perspective as you can’t always have the same people speaking….

    • Paul from Indiana

      “Honest” is often used as a synonym for “candid”, meaning frank and open. This meaning of “honest” is listed as usage #5 in the 2nd edition of the New World Dictionary (Webster’s) of the American Language (p. 673). No need to play “gotcha” here. Best always. PM

  17. steve

    As soon as we loose actual money and move onto a government based and controlled full electronic currency ,w e are in trouble. This will be a sign of worse tings to come. an individual will have little control over his/her finances.

    • Art Barnes

      That is the sign that tyranny is upon us; all the money under one Government computer, a cashless society. Can you say 666?

      • Paul from Indiana

        Art, leaving 666 out of it for now, the cashless economy/society is necessary prelude to the bail-in coming. The bail-in might come first, anyway, but I have always seen the idea of mandatory electronic currency as the announcement for the bail-in. We are nearly there now. Personally, I use very little cash. Even the parking meters in Louisville, KY accept cards! I expect society to become as Cuba, with people becoming accomplished at dodging the government. Very sad to realize we let this happen. Electing Obama twice was more a symptom of our problem rather than the problem, though he hasn’t helped. People have already made the mental switch from liberty to dependence. Best always. PM

        • Charles H.


  18. James

    Wow, this is a man i can listen to ….straight forward, soft spoken, yet determined that he has seen the errors of the world. I will have my wife listen to this interview. She already agrees with me that the world has gone to ShiT …but this man says it in a voice that reminds me of the American philosopher Will Durant.
    Cheers Greg….Fear not.

  19. ulrich sherry

    Wow, what a great guest Greg. Well done getting him on the show. He paints a picture in Primary colors!

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes, clear and concise without gray.

  20. Rock

    Great interview. Very interesting guest, with some different perspectives. You did a marvelous job of asking probing questions, as usual.
    Thank you my brother for your work and providing this forum to share with like minded people.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Rock. Mr. Salinas-Price is a treasure.

  21. gregd

    Hello Greg,
    I have to be honest here, I thought this was going to be the worse interview I have seen here. I was gonna just skip it . What could this guy say that was of interest or significant ?
    Boy was I wrong. I agree with everything he said , I’m 59 and I have seen it myself I believe it started accelerating around 1994 or so, about the same time rap music started.
    People use to dress up for movies and shopping now I see people in pj’s . People use to be respectful and polite, not because there was a law but because that was how they were raised. What he said about America was sad but true.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for the comment. I have been trying to contact him for months. I finally got his correct email address from a colleague and Mt Salinas-Price got right back with me. He wanted it to be perfect and tested 3 locations from three different cameras so it would look the best it could (technically speaking) and it did look good. That makes my job editing look good. I did not give him any idea what we were going to talk about because the day we did the interview we were just testing on the day before. It looked so good I asked Mr. Salinas-Price if we could just do it right then and there. and he agreed! Whish everybody was like Salinas-Price. This guy is wealthy and sells nothing. He’s worried about the common guy and that makes him a stand-up guy.

      • ulrich sherry

        Well said Greg. He is a gentleman.

      • diane s.

        Thanks Greg….loved this man….like you said…he has nothing to sell…he is a sincere man. Like you, Greg, a decent man.

    • Al Hall

      Greg: You have some very bright and intelligent views! One can tell the quality of the programing by the comments and thoughtful statements.

      • Greg Hunter

        Thank you Al!!

  22. Arizona

    IF the world had ran to GOLD and SILVER when they had a job,THINGS might not be so bad,BUT EVERYONES BROKE,they couldn’t buy a loaf of bread,if they didn’t have foodstamps,OF course the MSM,and their LIEING WHORES IN GOVERNMENT, is the BLAME FOR THIS,and GOD is going to HAMMER THEM,when its over,america will be gone and money won’t matter,the few who do survive won’t care about nothing but ammo,the 1840’s is where we are headed,ASK YOUR SELF,how was life back then,cause thats your near future, IF YOU SURVIVE THE WAR…….

    • RichM

      To Arizona. I feel the same way but then started thinking, there are still lots of good people with morals and faith left even in the USA. Take Greg for instance. Anyway, I think that many will not make it, both good and bad and the good that don’t need fear not. Many will make it, and pockets of good folks will live in relative peace even under tyranny. The Lord will not let his Kingdom here on earth die and will protect many faithful to do his work while here if we are willing and able. I recently worked in a poor country where there are truly hunble, kind, Chris-like people still. I like them much better than many Americans. Yet i am an American and so, I will make my life right and seek out those who I can help. Even under tyranny, we can still have much joy in doing the work of the Lord. And the most beautiful thing is is, He will return to us and we will have a leader who will not be corrupted as he loves us unconditionally. I look forward to that or watching it happen from up above if permitted.
      As far as those who are broke, maybe just get 1 only pre 1964 dime now and then and then soon they might have 10 or 20 or 100. that could save thir lives as 20 silver dimes could very well buy 1 loaf of bread a week for 20 weeks (which with hyper-inflation may be $35 in fiat or one silver dime) and that would keep them alive. They say nickles nickle content and may be woth $0.20 each as melt value alone. I used to buy rolls of dimes and quarters and open them up and look to see if I got lucky finding any pre-1965 silver ones. it seems i found 1 per 5 rolls usually. During the last up-swing in PM’s around 2011, I noticed most of the bank tellers caught them or something as I never found any of them any more. Today the sentiment for PM’s is not as strong due to MSM and all so it might be worth a try again. Its free other than going to and from the bank and the time and then re-rolling them and bringing them back.
      roll quarters =$10
      roll dimes=$5
      roll nickels=$2
      I am not preaching to you AZ as it sounds like you know what you are doing… I just liked your comment and thought I’d add some things and possible ideas of what might work or help certain folks. Take care down there in Arizona.

      • Galaxy 500

        Not sure how you calculated $0.20 melt value for a nickel. The actual melt value is about $0.04
        Base Metal Coin Melt Value Calculation
        Generated on May 18, 2015.
        Total Face Value:$.05Coin Type:1946-2014 Jefferson Nickel Copper Price:  $2.8887 / poundNickel Price:  $6.2119 / pound
        Total melt value is $0.04. (Exact value is $0.04100046917545. $0.017118619066472 worth of nickel, $0.023881850108978 of copper.)

        • RichM

          I stand corrected as I mis-spke that point about nickles. The $0.20 may have been for projected of what they may be at during hyper-inflation (just as silver may be $150-$700 or more). I think I read that on the older NIA site at one point years ago. I should have researched it before I wrote. I just checked and it looks like 1942-2014 nickles look to be 75% copper and 25% nickle. I guess the point I was trying to make was, if hyperinflation hits, even a nickle could go up (as nickle is a hard asset as well as its copper content) so that you could by really tiny items with several of them if things got to the point where they are traded that way. He was mentioning how people without jobs cannot afford even silver so I mentioned nickles since they are so cheap. But I think pre 1965 silver coins are the best bet to at least get some.

    • RichM

      Actually, any long comment wasn’t in response to just your comment AZ. I was reading several and read your’s and all the sudden decided to start writing what was in my head. haha So its inspried to your comment and also a few eothers i read moments earlier. 😉

  23. Todd


    • Art Barnes

      Interesting indeed! As in the days of Noah…. ab

  24. Johnnie

    When I was born, gold was $35/oz and silver was $1.50/oz. I woke up 5 years ago and just last year put half my retirement into a registered physical gold fund up here in Canada. When I told my financial planner what my intentions were, he got mad at me. He said something like “WHY DO YOU WANT TO DO SOMETHING LIKE THAT!!’. He later said that well if you are thinking like that, don’t just put 5-10% into gold, go with 25% where if gold were to double (and equities tank), it will do some good and balance out your retirement portfolio much more effectively. It was funny how he came around, but it seemed his initial reaction is to dissuade people from gold. Then when I placed my order, the guy who did it for me said that he had 25% in gold in his portfolio also. I started with 25% but bumped it to 50% in the last few months due to my take on the events that have transpired so far this year.

    When I try to talk to friends and family about the economic state of the world and the direction we are heading in, they listen but then ask why I am so negative about things. I argue the relatively recent doubling in debt across the western world and how it’s basically parabolic now. The slow build up over the last few decades has anesthetized everyone. I’ve noticed myself how things in society are degrading and more burden is being placed on the government to do something or fix the problem, thus abetting and reinforcing the debt buildup. Over the last 50 years, the music is angrier as are commercials on TV. The envelope of what is permitted on TV keeps being pushed out (hearing the 4 letter profanities during newscasts is pretty typical in Canada now, but would have been utterly unthinkable in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s.) TV/cable is in competition with the internet so I guess they are fighting for their existence/relevance. People drive around with more urgency and less courtesy. In the end, the socioeconomic situation is degrading (due to degradation of currency) and life is getting more arduous for everyone all the time. This relentlessly raises the stress levels, perhaps unconsciously, for everyone. For most, especially youth, this is now normal and anything from the recent past is quaint or stupid. The internet and digital age has pulled enough threads from the blanket we call the economy and it is soon about to be in tatters. Again government has been called on to subsidize and remedy this, but in the end just adding more debt to the mountain already built. Government just gets more expansive and expensive every year with no end until collapse/revolution.

    Mr Howell on the show Gilligan’s Island was the first ‘person’ that taught me anything about wealth. This clip from the show is brilliant, explains money in 1 minute, but it’s kind of funny/sad that in context to today, the situation isn’t about a 3rd world country, but about the state of the US.


    • wd


      How sad that we have fallen so far, but this Gilligan Island show tells the truth in a minute. Nice find!

    • CrazyCanuck

      Johnny — fellow Canuck, same age, and can relate to your observations. I might add that my financial advisor also was aghast at my ” awakening” but suggested allocated physical PMs if I was going that route. One point of skepticism from both him and those I share my concerns with revolves around the closely held belief that the Cdn banking system is different, secure and the envy of the world…don’t worry — it can’t happen here — in other words. Seems like a bit of hubris to me.

    • southern girl

      Jonnie, I agree with you about the programs on TV being more angry, think about all the video games the kids play. They are all about death and destruction. How about the game my own Physician bought his little girl ANGRY BIRDS. What parent in their right mind would by a game with a negative connotation. How about Burger King’s ANGRY BURGER. These are not even subliminals any more they are just in your face. Wake up people and see what they are doing to you to make you feel as if you have to fit in. Be an individual with your own values and don’t allow anyone to change you.

      • jimha

        Yes I can hardly wait to see what happens to Scotia Bank when the SHTF and they have to redeem all their paper gold certificates. The others will go down to with the housing collapse. I suspect we will end up with a nationalized banking system.

    • Diane

      America is no different. We now have a whole generation that has no comprehension of civility. Parents gave the central government ‘schools’ unfettered access for indoctrination. Frankly, they are incredibly stupid and incapable of independent thinking.

      Fortunately we moved to a region (not far from Canadian border) where homeschooling is very common. Watching and listening to them interact is like going back in time. Something will arise from the ashes of this once-great country. Hopefully our homeschoolers will be able to mold it for the better.

    • Galaxy 500

      thanks for the link. Seems they are still doing it that way at the fed

    • Collateral Damage

      Johnny, two comments on what you write:

      1) You write, “The envelope of what is permitted on TV keeps being pushed out (hearing the 4 letter profanities during newscasts is pretty typical in Canada now, but would have been utterly unthinkable in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s.)”


      2) You write, “it’s kind of funny/sad that in context to today, the situation isn’t about a 3rd world country, but about the state of the US.”


      Johnny, we are not only speaking of the U.S. as being in this state of affairs, it is the entire world. Every country is pegged to paper, fiat currency. We, all of us on this planet, reside in a House of Cards, or House of Bills, as it were that will inevitably come crashing down around our heads.


      Collateral Damage

  25. erik

    hi greg
    if you think about it without cash game over.even if you can barter for items,you cannot barter for house payments,taxes,electricity…etc things people have been accustomed to have.the government would have total control over our lives.don’t think so,try not paying taxes or not having health insurance.they used to complain about china using slave labor to make products.since they have privatized prisons in american we now and have been doing the same maybe even worse.prisons have become big business.as always i hope you and yours are doing well.i really like your shows.watch all the time.one other thing.gold and silver are great for rich people but extra food is for the poor.i see a big event coming where gold and silver won’t matter.

    • Ugly

      That is the way I see it too. Gold and silver is available because in the future, what will it be worth? A nation and world Trillions in debt, how much silver would even be used.

      Great interview though. I hope people in America and Mexico are listening. We need to wake up and be vigil. The day may be sooner than we think. Good luck to all and all in the world. This will be a world wide event.

    • andyb

      When the global economy implodes, it will take some time for currency issues to sort out. Gold and silver will be relatively worthless until there is a unit of currency that one can measure an ounce of gold (or silver) against. Just ensure that you have at least 6 months worth of food and have access to water that you can filter. Have some barter items like booze, cigarettes, toilet paper. During the Venezuela TP shortage, one roll was worth the equivalent of $50US. And as important, have the means to protect your stash; a glock and pump shotgun with ammo.

      • wd


        I agree completely, all WDogs here see through gold colored glasses. We forget that the rest of society has no idea about gold-none.

        I believe silver/gold will be demanded by the farmer and those that have other worthwhile commodities. It may take at least a year before we get up to speed. I believe Ackerman alluded to this delay.

        All will be very short-sighted for a while, Silver/gold will be far off in the horizon until the third stage of the post collapse US.

      • Silence is Golden

        Respectfully disagree about the delay in recognition.
        Gold and Silver are money and their value, amongst other qualities, is derived from their respective tradability….not from some fiat piece of debt purporting to quantify/measure its function /useability.
        AU/AG will be the last men standing after all paper catches fire…..every man and his dog understands what they are. I refer you to history which demonstrates a high reliance on PM’s for those nations/individuals wishing to survive/ prosper when faced with Social upheaval/Economic catastrophe/State bankruptcy/WAR. Why ? The Ancient Egyptians thought it was important to have it. The Babylonians thought as much too….in fact they devised the system we know today as Fractional Reserve Banking ….based on Gold.
        Gold is the foundation of any money system…at least it should be. You seem to be thinking upside down and perhaps that comes from the misinterpretation of what is Money….regardless of the circumstances.
        It will be a case of those that either have it …or don’t.
        I am not wearing rose -gold coloured glasses (or any other variant).

        • wd

          Lighten up SIG,

          The current population doesnt get the PM, yes we do here at USAWD. People are going to want food, drugs, booze, shelter sex,guns, bullets etc. PM are for those that can survive the first year give/take a few months.

          The examples you site above come from a time WHEN ALL CONSIDERED PMs money. Now people use plastic credit cards, cash etc. They are unaware of the PM standards.

          I agree with you on the issue that you should have PMs, but you better be able to survive the onslaught first.

          Barter will come first, after things settle and we know who we can trust, then some type of currency must come forward, but it wont be right away. Not a chance…

          • Silence is Golden

            “The current population doesn’t get the PM, yes we do here at USAWD” …apparently the data out of the Mint suggests otherwise….retail sales of Ag/Au were at one point undeliverable. I am under no illusion ….. there are more people than you think who have a full appreciation of the importance of PM’s.
            I wont “Lighten Up ” either.
            Serious matter requires serious consideration. No one will wait 12 months before they think about acquiring / using PM’s….that is just ludicrous to think that Gold/Silver will be worthless for that interim period too (based on a lack of a creditable unit of currency) ???
            There is a gaping hole in that logic and I shouldn’t be the one to explain it to you or Andy.

            • wd

              The sales are to the same people, what percentage of people do you think own PMs… Less than 1% much less.

              I own two big boxes of various silver coins, and bullion. But I alos have firearm, lots of bullets, a decent amount of food storage. Guess which I am going to rely on first.

              I am firmly in the camp of gold and silver. FIRMLY…I am saying that after this disaster it will take time to establish new currency, which can only be based on PMs.

              I cant wait until we trade in PMs for goods and services. But certain aspects of society will have to be civiliazed before that will happen.

              I have no doubt this will happen but not immediately thats all I am saying. We agree on this completely except for timing.

  26. David Lynch

    What a wise humble man, a blessing to listen to, even though the message is gloomy. His comment about the Mexican currency being stable for 300 years prior the the FED pressure in 1913 was interesting. Of course they ( TPTB ) know that the people would be free and prosperous with a real monetary system, that is why we have the phony/fiat crapola system we have. It’s all about them getting rich and controlling the serfs. I wish we had more men like him running the country instead of the good ol ‘ boys in DC.

  27. John

    Excellent! Mr. Hugo Salinas-Price is a true gentleman. He takes pride. Pride in his appearance. Pride in how he speaks. Pride in what he says. Not prideful, but takes pride in all that he does. Not condescending. Not aloft. Just a throughly decent gentleman with much to say. This is why elders were so respected in generations past. This is why we need to return to our principles, our foundation, our glory. We need these wise, experienced gentlemen to be our keystone; that element which ,or who, hold us together and bolsters our strengths and knowledge. So few remain and time is short to listen to what they have to tell us.

    History and wisdom teaches; teaches well and teaches true. A true gentleman and a rare treasure. Thank you for taking the time Mr Hugo Salinas-Price to share your knowledge, experience and concerns. Thank you Mr. Hunter for securing this interview.


  28. ray antley

    This guy is amazing at 83. His interest in the world and articulate delivery is an example to us all.

  29. Grafique

    With all the talk these days about outlawing cash, I’d expect to see more people talking about the antichrist financial system; after all, that’s what’s prophesied and it’s being fulfilled right in front of us.
    Unfortunately, not as many people mention it as you might think, which I guess means that fewer and fewer people know the Bible, or else they just don’t believe it – never mind that its prophecies are coming to pass in each day’s headlines.
    I’d like to see an interview with Tom Horn.

  30. Mike from the North

    The cream always rises to the top.

    I first heard this wise and stately gentlemen speak about 1 year ago.

    Said then …he is one of the good guys.
    He has the wisdom of years and the guts to speak the truth.

    It will take people like him to navigate us back to reality.

    Unfortunately, society is ill prepared to travel the road that is in front of us.

    Gutless politicians and dishonest individuals in high positions of power have taken us down a bad road.

    I believe by design…not by accident.

    We may not know the day this falls apart but it is logical to speculate that it will be very soon.

    Keep them coming Greg.

  31. Lane

    An EXCELLENT interview with a man who thinks, has vision and provides great information and analysis. Well done! I hope to see him again.

  32. Pete

    I cannot compliment you enough for this great interview. I can’t wait to see him back… Thanks.

  33. Edward Ulysses Cate

    At 83, this good man is definitely trying to plant trees whose shade he probably will not enjoy. (Trivial: My user name in reply form is upper/lower like the others. But when it shows up on your page, its in all-caps. I’m not shouting my name. Hope this can be corrected. Thanks!)

  34. paul

    Hugo Salinas-Price is right on … silver bullion is one of the most undervalued commodities and store of value assets in the world today … and therefore one of the greatest opportunities … remember in the good old days when you could earn 5% on your money in a bank account by leaving your money in the bank for “one entire year” … well just last week silver rose 6% in “one week” … yes, it will probably back off in the next week or so back down to between $16.50 and $17.00 … but at that point I will stack some more … silver is still “not on the radar” of the majority of investors and remains a hugely under owned asset … the fundamentals for silver remain strong (due to its role as an industrial commodity as well as a precious metal) and new industrial applications are constantly being discovered in a wide array of technologies … total global demand is currently one(1) billion ounces … while total mine production worldwide is only about 875 million ounces … people turning in their grandmother’s silver spoons and tea pots makes up the difference … but at some point “this source” will run out … while demand for solar power continues to increase … solar will provide 57 gigawatts of electricity in 2015 (up 30 percent) … China alone is expected to install about 17 gigawatts of solar capacity by the end of 2015 (continuing to place a huge demand for more silver where 70 million ounces of silver will be used in the manufacturing of photovoltaic cells this year) … the fundamentals for owning silver are as strong as ever … and although it has been subject to price suppression that has scared many investors out of the market … one investor … JP Morgan … has not been scared out … JP Morgan has rapidly increased its silver stockpile to over 55 million ounces and there are rumours that it has really acquired an enormous hoard of 350 million ounces of physical silver … unlike gold (where almost every ounce of gold ever mined is still available) silver has been steadily consumed over the course of the last hundred years … its price is “just too low” to make it profitable “to recycle” from discarded electronic equipment like iPhones … if the price of silver is not raised to make it profitable to recycle (like gold at $1200 dollars per ounce) then all mined silver will be forever lost in trash heaps around the planet … eventually becoming extinct … when the world finally wakes up to this fact … silver could be selling for 15 times the price of gold … if gold is at $3350 per ounce when the world wakes up … 15 times $3350 is $50,000 dollars per ounce of silver! … and we can buy it right now for $17.50 an ounce … name one investment in the world today that can potentially earn you 2,870 times your money??

    • paul

      What I am saying is that silver has the potential to get to $50,000 dollars per ounce before gold does … and just twenty (one ounce silver coins) can make you a millionaire … paying $20 dollars per silver coin … an investment of only $400 dollars can potentially make you a millionaire! … do you think I’m “too bullish” at the bottom? … well when the rest of the world gets to being “too bullish” at the top … I’ll be selling!

      • paul

        You know … the picture of Hugo Salinas-Price at the beginning of this commentary … reminds me of a Priest … offering us the Host of Salvation!

  35. Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

    Congratulations Greg.

    This interview was extraordinary for many reasons.
    IMHO it is singularly the most important interview I have seen on WD to date.

    This man Hugo Salinas is a great man. He is genuine, forthright and humble in explaining his feelings and observations. He takes a huge leap ahead of everyone when he actually offers up the practical first step towards a solution. This suggestion could in essence solve the whole gigantic financial mess worldwide.

    Hugo does not live in the US anymore and his explanation as to why he sold his house and moved to Mexico should come as a jolt to all Americans. He is genuinely saddened by what is happening to this once great nation. It takes an outsider to clearly see the horrendous magnitude of the financial and social degeneration that is unfolding.

    Now I remember another great man. A fearless man, a man who foresaw an ugly unjust situation developing way back in the 1960’s and long before the wild unruly horse had bolted from the stable. This man 52 years ago had the same astonishingly simple solution as Hugo.

    JFK’s idea was in essence to allow the US treasury to monetize silver coins and in doing so to begin the process of disenfranchising the Fed and their evil banking cabal. The world then witnessed a monumental tragedy when this great leader was murdered in cold blood on the streets of Dallas. This disaster took place within a matter of weeks of his signing of the EO that was to begin this process that threatened the Fed. Most of us know that LBJ revoked this EO as soon as he got his foot in the door of the white house. In doing so he set the scene for the US to degenerate into a feudal blend of oligarchic/bankism that would no longer meet any of the definitions of a functioning democracy.

    Of course Nixon and Clinton subsequently added the finishing touches when they took the US dollar off the gold standard and abolished Glass Steagal. To me these three presidents handed the over the wealth of the US and much of the world to a thieving cabal of elitists. Today’s neocons, in concert with these elitists, have now infiltrated government to such an extent that they have the power to install or remove ‘presidents’ and ‘politicians’ globally.
    This whole sorry shambles is backed and financed by…….. you guessed it……….
    THE FED!


    • Thaddeus Thurston Thistlethwaite III

      Colin –

      I’ve heard of Kennedy’s EO to monetize silver from Darryl Schoon and also yourself. Do you know where this is documented? He was acting like a true leader but the cabal wanted a puppet.


      • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

        TTT III
        There is an awful lot of debate out there re this EO.
        Just google EO 11,110 and you will find a raft of different opinions.

        I suppose at the end of the day if we are all looking for a fix it doesn’t really matter who’s idea it was originally as long as it has merit. My school of thought is that ‘the people’ need to embrace any new initiative that will disenfranchise the Fed and the private banking cabal.
        As far as I am concerned the leading ‘fix-it’ contenders are Hugo’s idea with monetizing silver and Ellen Brown’s state and cooperative banking models.
        The other new initiative out there that there is a lot of debate about is the crypto-currencies which I believe also have the potential to dramatically challenge the traditional transactional banking system as well as to reduce charges.

        It doesn’t really matter how old the idea is, we need to replace the current chaotic disaster with a completely new model. The status quo is so horribly broken it will take a massive ‘think tank’ that pulls together these ideas and finds a workable solution.
        Maybe much of the solution is really quite simple and old fashioned in essence and has been right under our noses all along.

      • Silence is Golden

        They (Cabal) got to him too.
        People do not wish to see that side of JFK. Perception is everything.

  36. Brian Stemmerman

    I personally like cash. I get a discount on the products that I buy for my company. I was watching Gordon T. Long video with his last guest. Came to the realization that government is doing whatever it can to keep us healthy. Fear not, wish not. Kicking the can down the road will become an Olympic event. Greece is broke but yet they still make the payments. The question is: who is making the payment? Print more money. The Bricks see it coming. Yet, the manipulation can go on for years. I try to live my life excited for a new day. My wife and I are both educated we live in upper middle-class lifestyle. We both worked very hard and pay a lot in taxes. The problem in this country is that people want something for nothing and chicks for free. It’s not the banking system. It’s just the people that they loan to. Get up in the morning and design something and build it. Be your own boss. don’t become dependent on the right to have a job. The banks take a percentage yet we forget the employer takes a larger percentage.

    • Brian Stemmerman

      Remember, retirement is a death sentence. You will find yourself on a coach watching TV. Yet, you and no one else will know that you have silver hiding in your crawlspace. Sad. Get yourself back into shape and start enjoying the things you did when you were younger.

      • Brian Stemmerman

        The system will fail. Oil is a finite resource. Just trying to convey, enjoy your life and make the best of it.

        • Brian Stemmerman

          Sorry, on a roll. 65 year person found dead at the door of the emergency room.The media covers the event. The individual has no Obamacare insurance. The media speaks with the family members and a law suit becomes a straight hit to the hospital’s liability. Fear not

      • Jerry's EBT Card

        When you retire you end up watching TV on a train?

  37. Colonel Nogov

    My friends, put your money in gold and silver. All others, buy U.S. treasury bonds.

  38. Thaddeus Thurston Thistlethwaite III

    A while back I heard a youtube talk by Hugo speaking in Malaysia. I think the monetized silver coin he mentioned here is to be introduced in Malaysia or maybe Singapore. Always a pleasure to hear this man speak – the truth really is simple and Hugo is the exemplar of financial truth.

  39. AussieAl

    Greg Fantastic interview, I think John Lennon said it best, Imagine! Imagine if this fine gentleman was allowed to run governments. Oh well as we all know it is way too late now. So Imagine!

  40. paul

    Hold your precious metals … a re-set is coming … this particular interview with Jim Willie … puts the “big picture” together in an easily comprehensible form … and also gives strong indication that QE4 has “already begun” … with free money being printed Zimbabwe style right now!
    This is Jim Willie at his best as he explains how the east (Russia and China) are feverishly working to put a stop to all western corruption!

    • Awake

      Regarding the Jackass –

      Why Most Gold Bugs and Bloggers are Dead Wrong About China’s Gold – Jim Rickards

      The Oligarchs are just doing what they always do.

      Regarding the comments on this board about this interview.
      This is from 2007 folks, are you really that naive?

      Carlos Slim and the Mexican Monopolies

      Starting in the late 1980s, Mexican President Carlos Salinas sold hundreds of state-owned companies intact, creating private monopolies. Today, Mexico has more monopolies than most countries, including beer brewing, television, cement, and phone services. As a consequence of monopolization, Mexicans shell out more money than consumers in wealthier nations for services such as electricity, phones, and bank fees.

      As of 2007, the world’s richest man is Carlos Slim. His fortune of $68 billion equals 6% of Mexico’s gross national product. Over the last couple of years, Mr. Slim earned about $27 million a day, while a fifth of Mexicans made less than $2 a day.

      Slim bought Mexico’s telephone monopoly in a 1991 privatization. Slim’s Teléfonos de México SA controls 92% of Mexico’s fixed phone lines, and his América Móvil SA provides 73% of Mexico’s cell phone service and operates in more than a dozen Latin American countries. He runs the firms efficiently and keeps phone rates much higher than in virtually any developed country in the world. As a consequence, in a country where the minimum wage is about 50¢ an hour, only half the homes have phones and only 4% have broadband Internet access.

      He controls over 200 firms, including the Sanborns restaurant chain; an Internet provider; a brokerage house, part of his Grupo Financiero Inbursa group; a car insurance company; credit cards; and retail stores, among them Sears México and the Mixup record store chain. Slim also has shares in Televisa, the largest media company in the Spanish-speaking world, and one of his sons sits on Televisa’s board.

      Slim is not the only rich monopolist in Mexico; there are ten other billionaires who profited from the sales of monopolies in the 1980s. New President Felipe Calderón has promised to stop monopolistic practices. According to news reports, Mr. Calderón has tried to cut a backdoor deal with Mr. Slim, the nation’s largest employer, to accept more competition. Good luck.

      WOW, we are doomed if you can’t take the time to think critically.
      You will throw your gold and silver in the streets and will be on your knees.
      I pray you wake up.

  41. Willie

    The current debt ponzi scheme has been doomed to fail since its inception and enactment by the USG in 1913. The people who designed it knew that… Now all they are doing is shuffling around the deck chairs to see who survives when the music stops and the ship goes down. If they see that their odds of survival are bad then they will try to take everyone with them…

  42. Andrew de Berry (Rev)

    Wow Greg you’re on a real roll right now with yet another outstanding guest. So thank you again! Humility is the acid test of authenticity.

  43. Frank

    Hi Greg
    What a great man,
    His comments on not being able to talk to people now a days,is something that I have encountered too,along with his observation of the way people dress today.
    Thank you Greg.
    Regards Frank

  44. Silence is Golden

    This is a standout interview on so many levels. HSP is a rare commodity indeed. He is in a league of which there are very few individuals…… and what he has to offer is nothing short of priceless. I love his cautious optimism blended with his unnerving warnings. His smile brings warmth, sincerity and generosity. People like him can change our destiny. The world is a much better place with him in it.

    “The crazy individuals and their plan for cash-less society”…. has some very dark undertones. It signifies that TPTB have lost all control and that by having cash removed from the equation allows complete confiscation (refer Bail Ins).
    Cash is a protector and is freedom. How does one convert digital currency without traceability…..applicable to all facets of life? Seems like a plan that is… planned to fail.

  45. Harry, Not Larry, Not Jerry

    Greg – excellent! What a guest! This man is a gentleman and a scholar. I hope you have him on again. You have several great guests – HSP is a new name in this group. I am dismayed when you have guests who have an underlying, secret motive, but most of the time you can easily spot these people by the foolish things they say. They tend to mix truth with just enough “poison” (lies) to confuse and mislead the listener.

    Mexico has been through hell over the years, one sign of this being the influx of immigrants into the U.S. Hugo Salinas Price has seen this firsthand. I wouldn’t be surprised if the hell spreads into the U.S. (Note: I am not assigning blame for this hell or chaos on Mexico). Excellent guest. Maybe one of your best. Thank You!
    p.s.: what a spry, well spoken, healthy looking 83 year old. Awesome!

  46. Doug

    Very impressive interview. Hugo is spot on. Job well done Greg. What more can u say?? Also, sad commentary abt the decline of the US people. We all unfortunately see it not day by day but year by year… Or decade by decade if you are old enough.

  47. Tommy

    As someone who can remember when men and women dressed (and acted) with dignity I echo his sentiments on the decline in the civility of US citizens. We have become a nation of perpetual teenagers. It is sad to walk into a restaurant and see customers dressed in t-shirts with their sleeves cut off, gym shorts and sandals. No, actually it is disgusting. When you see film of baseball games from the 50’s the men are in suits and hats and the women in dresses and hats. There was a certain pride and dignity that people had then. I wonder where have the adults gone? To see men in their 60’s or 70’s with pony tails and piercings dressed like a beachcomber is not what I expect or want to see. I guess when you have a generation growing up during the depression then going off to fight a horrific world war you grew up fast and learned the value of things. Today, we have no values; we are self absorbed and oblivious to what is going on right in front of our faces. The liars and cheats are so emboldened today that they don’t even try to hide what they are doing. When I was younger I could never imagine a time when I would rather be 10 years older than 10 years younger. Lord help us all.

  48. WKSwanson

    Greg, one of your best interviews ever. If people won’t listen to Salinas-Price, then who will they listen to?!

  49. Donna

    Salinas-Price is fairly representative of the older generation of Mexicans. They are devoted to family, very hard working, genteel in manner. I liked his observations on all counts. He was very refreshing to listen to. His point about the changes in America was spot on and I share them. We have become coarse in language and behavior, shabby in appearance for the most part.

    In the past week, I spoke with a woman from Peru, a man from Bulgaria. I prefer non-American perspective more and more, immigrants before they become American-ized and influenced by progressives. They are the ones who still hold to traditions and customs, still creative, not as guarded in their opinions (not PC), at least from what I experience. Americans are clueless and seemingly comfortable with it.

    We are a country of increasingly more and more idle people who seem to be okay with it as long as their stomach is full and they have a place to park themselves at night.

    Mr. Salinas put me in mind of what people were like not that many decades ago. People like him were the norm. The misfits stood out — and were what your parents pointed out as your likely future if you did not apply yourself. I chalk it up to the 2 Americas that I have experienced in my lifetime. I call them America before and America after drugs (pre-1965 or thereabouts). Big, big difference.

    We were flush as a country when we decided to go all out nuts on substance abuse, divorce, indolence. I lived through our most prosperous times. People were not happier because they had jobs and a buck or 2 in the bank. A doctor friend I met here in Phoenix, a psychiatrist married to a hand surgeon, retired on a 3 million dollar pension. I came to realize she was addicted to pain killers. She went through that money like a line of coke. The monster under the bed is the weak American character. Stand for nothing and fall for everything.

    I was glad to hear Mr. Salinas’s take on gold and silver. I have been cash poor and sometimes wondering if I made a mistake by consistently unloading cash as I earn it.

  50. Art Barnes

    Greg. what a beautiful man, he deserves all the success he has achieved. He also has seen the decline I’m been talking about for quite some time now on your blog. Not only dress & things like that are in the toilet but civility is right up there with the trash dressing & talk. No wonder we see more violence every day. Simply put, our culture is in civil decline. Take heed you guys what a billionaire thinks you should do; get out of cash and into some real stuff that you can use to sustain yourself when things worsen. Thanks for having him on, what a joy to listen to, so honest, so sincere, so thoughtful & caring for the common man who made him rich.

  51. Art Barnes

    Greg, one thing is certain, President Hillary will never change the system which made her rich, she loves digital money, as it would be hard to keep & handle $25,000,000 in cash that her and Bill made in the last year alone.

    • Janet G.


      I don’t believe Hillary Clinton will be president. Hillary like Obama, the Bushes, and her husband Bill are all pawns of the so-called oligarchs. That is the extremely wealthy who are part of the .01 percent. Ths small group of narcissistic, financial terrorists care less who is president, just as long as that person does their bidding of lies, deception, control and deception. If anyone at this site cares to see who these people are, go to Brother Nathaniel on the Internet. Read his articles and watch his videos. Learn what has happened to our government.

  52. Shawn

    I believe Mr. Salinas-Price speaks volumes on what needs to be done by all.

    I have one question…. A lot has been said by many that this coming September is a pivotal moment, however, I am unclear on “why” is will be pivotal…. Is there a whitepaper of something that summarizes what is expected to happen in September?

  53. Pablo

    What an interesting guy and wealth of info.

    The biggest thing that struck me was his similar take as Gerald Celente– the decline in the US standards in how we dress, music & culture.

    Absolute result of social engineering that pre-dates the current economic decline (its not about how we can’t afford clothes, even the rich actors and Hollywood “role models” purposely dress like trash.

  54. southern girl

    Greg, Great interview. So simple yet succinct. I have heard about this man from Lindsey Williams. This seems so prophetic. I was awakened by a dream I had this morning three times. Every now and then my dreams have come to pass. They may not happen right away but they do. This was so vivid and repeated. Hear goes: I saw my sister who is about two and one- half years younger than me. We were in my house but it did not look the same. I have fine art on the walls and sculptures, etc. What I saw was so jumbled and almost looked like someone had raided the garage sales. She had on a very white shirt. I knew she was younger than in real life, but I knew I was in the future. I asked her what year it was, but she did not answer. I tried again telling her how old I was today. She smiled and held out her hand. In her hand were black chips. She never said a word but I knew it was a form of money. I asked her about the house and she went over to open the from door and when I looked out the lawns were very over grown and her feeling and look at me was we don’t go outside. Finally in the third dream I again asked her what was she trying to tell me. She smiled and held out her hand with the back chips. Later on I saw these chips attached to a piece of white paper about 4-6 inches. Recently our credit cards have come with a new microchip embedded in them. For those who have traveled overseas the ATM’s in some of the countries will now only take the cards with chips. In the end my understanding was that the chips were money. Almost like a EBT card. When you chip on your card ran out of money you replaced it with a newer chip.

    I want to go back with what Mr. Price said. He has lived many years and as a learned man he observes. I too have observed how our society has changed. 1990 I was in Germany and went into a bank and on Friday the tellers were allowed to wear jeans. Went to my bank the other day and it must have been jean day it was Friday. I see people so goo goo over the latest IPhone, they carry them with them as if they were a binky. They are in the grocery stores. These people don’t know how to live without their binky. Notice how the health professional dress. They re all in scrubs and not the neat ironed uniforms they use to wear. When I go to give blood the people in the 70’s and 80’s are dressed up to just give blood. Most of the other people look like they are going to visit Wal-Mart. The entertainment industry has changed society, but the people have gone willingly. Look at all the junk that is on TV. Who watches this stuff? Who reads books anymore? Does anyone take time to just sit outside and enjoy the birds, flowers, and God’s creation?

    I have found that on this site no one knows everything, but the culmination of the whole produces a very knowledgeable person. People on this site seek help and everyone tries to answer. This site a great place to feel safe and not laughed at. Thanks to everyone!! Thanks you Greg for providing the opportunity to learn.

  55. OutLookingIn

    I especially like his simile of “debt is like a cloud up there” as long as it stays “up there” in the form of credit, those on the ground are okay. But the minute it starts to liquidate, those on the ground get drenched in the form of worthless paper. Only those with a silver or golden umbrella will be protected.

    Mister Salinas-Price is very correct with his summation of what will happen to this unsurmountable global debt pile. In the end it will be dealt with. One way or another.

    The first rule of economics is;
    All debt will be paid. Either by the debtor or by the creditor. Either with dollars worth pennies, or with pennies worth dollars. It will be paid. Ninety days till September.

  56. Billy

    Its sad to see the decline of America, though there is still some terrific people in the country. The Finances are side effects, the biggest cause is moral and spiritual decay.

  57. Russ

    Thanks Greg, great interview with Hugo Salinas-Price It takes repetition for me to learn (or relearn) things; my engineer brain is slow on the uptake for things and the repetition of having John Williams followed by Egon von Greyerz followed by Hugo Salinas-Price is just about perfect. There is a lot of information and education in those three interviews.

  58. Diane

    Wow…. What an awesome interview, certainly one of the best ever! My husband and I were not going to watch it until we read the comments from fellow Watch Dogs. They were right. Hugo has wisdom, humility, common sense, ability to communicate with the common man in terms that he will understand, and perhaps most important, the sincere desire to help the common man. He is a gentleman, a good man.

    We may finally be able to wake up love ones to the financial realities of today with this short compelling message. Thank you Greg.

  59. Alarmed

    Mr. Salinas-Price is an independent thinker with a lot of common sense and a breath of fresh air! His bow tie was a wonderful hint.
    Whether his quoted silver coin comes to fruition or not, it is a great idea.
    He is absolutely correct on the attitude and behavior of the general population of the US during his teen years. He is a bit younger than my 88yr old father, but I remember the mid fifties onward quite well, and his observations are correct even for those years ending approximately 1963. In addition, no child or teen would call an adult by their first name.
    I must agree with Mr. Salinas-Price. Most people I come in contact are unable to think for themselves. They are not independent thinkers, and our country is the worse for it.

    Greg, Thank you for having him as your guest!

  60. jor

    Salinas’ papers belong to the most precious philosophical sources.
    See: http://www.plata.com.mx/mplata/articulos/articles.asp

  61. Michael

    Hello, Greg
    Mr. Salinas-Price’s comments regarding the decline of American values are both accurate and true but I would go even further and mention that these changes in morality and proper values are indeed global and not limited to the USA.
    But, you know, these changes do not come as any surprise to those who await an end to this Satanic world system of things. After all, we were warned about these changes some 2000 years ago. 2 Timothy 3:1-7 says…
    “But know this, that in the last days critical times hard to deal with will be here. 2 For men will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, haughty, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, disloyal, 3 having no natural affection, not open to any agreement, slanderers, without self-control, fierce, without love of goodness, 4 betrayers, headstrong, puffed up with pride, lovers of pleasures rather than lovers of God, 5 having an appearance of godliness but proving false to its power; and from these turn away. 6 From among these arise men who slyly work their way into households and captivate weak women loaded down with sins, led by various desires, 7 always learning and yet never able to come to an accurate knowledge of truth”.
    I don’t see how it can be disputed that this is indeed the worldly system in which we now live. I believe that the event that the human race is about to enter is what is called in the Bible, the Great Tribulation. Mr. Salinas-Price used the word “apocalypse”. Another of your recent guests said that “humanity is about to enter a meat grinder” and yet another guest said that this event will be the greatest calamity to befall mankind “in the history of history.” Please compare these thoughts with what Matthew 24:21,22 says…
    “21 for then there will be great tribulation such as has not occurred since the world’s beginning until now, no, nor will occur again. 22 In fact, unless those days were cut short, no flesh would be saved; but on account of the chosen ones those days will be cut short.”
    Yes, we are headed toward a meat grinder. Happily though, our Heavenly Father will step in to save His faithful ones. It is necessary for us, though, to identify the one TRUE god and worship Him in the way that HE requires…not in a way that is convenient for us as most religions teach. There is but one true god, Jehovah, and the onus is upon us to find out what is the acceptable way to worship him in truth. Do not be misled by the many false religions that lie to us. Do not let family tradition dictate to you the god that you will serve. Be bold and seek TRUTH.
    Watch for a cry of “Peace and Security” …this marks the beginning of Jehovah’s day.
    This cry will mark the beginning of the end of this system starting with the destruction of Babylon the Great which has been identified as the world empire of false religion. She is called a harlot (or prostitute) in Revelation and has she not had an illicit affair with the governments of the world?

    An unsupported personal note but something to ponder:
    1)Who would have the power to destroy false religion? The psychopaths running and ruining this world?
    2)What do the PTB need to keep this economic lie continuing? Money? Or, what do they crave? Wealth and power?
    3)Can they keep printing fiat dollars to sustain this lie? No, that tactic is at its end
    4)How much wealth is in the bank accounts of all false religions? How much is the land worth that sit under these false religions? How many golden artifacts and statues are in their possession?
    5)What do YOU think they will do?

    2Before the decree takes effect,
    Before the day passes by like chaff,
    Before the burning anger of Jehovah comes upon you,
    Before the day of Jehovah’s anger comes upon you,
    3 Seek Jehovah, all you meek ones of the earth,
    Who observe his righteous decrees.
    Seek righteousness, seek meekness. – Zephaniah 2:2,3

  62. Larry W. Bryant

    == Third World Reality ==

    There are two kinds of people in fascist Amerika:
    (1) The filthy rich;
    (2) The filthy poor.
    When the world’s economy implodes,
    the two classes will merge. — Larry W. Bryant (18 May 15)

  63. Gary

    Interesting — Grupo Elektra, more bank than retailer, pushing silver.


  64. Art

    Greg. Let me congratulate you on this great interview. I have seen many many Elektra Stores in Latin America, and getting the founder of this company in your program says a lot about your credibility. You should invite Mr. Salinas Price more often to your show.

  65. Janet G.

    Mr. Salinas-Price

    I was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pa. I knew John Wanamaker’s department store in down-town Philly. You are so right. The store was incredible, and the sound of the organ playing throughout that beautiful store with its marble staircase and gold embellished hand rails is not seen or heard today. I don’t live in Pennsylvania any more, and haven’t been in Philly for years, but I just knew without returning that the deteriorization that this man described is all so true.

    It is due to the financial terrorist families that were given the power by the equally corrupt politicians. President Woodrow Wilson in 1913 and the contract with the illegal and corrupt Federal Reserve or David Rockefeller guaranteeing Bill Clinton the presidency provided he pass NAFTA when this corrupt sycophant becamce president. It was further guaranteed by Clinton’s republican Congress. There have been others along the way who continue this orgy of destruction.

  66. southernpatriot

    Thanks Greg for bringing us this interview with Mr. Hugo Salinas-Price. It was refreshing to listen to him speak with a calm voice of reason. It appears that he cares about the John & Jane Does of the World. We need more candid conversations like he presents in Washington DC. Thanks for what your doing for this great country, we need more Prices and Hunters fighting the good fight for America. Take care. SP

  67. Janet G.


    Thank you for having this wonderful man on the show. I have a question and don’t know if you could answer it. If not, can someone with a better understanding of money than I have give me an answer. When he spoke of a silver coin tha ot he wants to be able to get
    out there for the people…what about the Silver Eagle 1 ounce coin. Will that be able to be used for money When he talks about based on the Treasury, what about the American Silver Eagle that so many have stacked. Will that be able to be used as money.

    Appreciate an answer if anyone knows.

    • Charles H.

      Janet G,

      There is an idea that any coin having government markings can be reclaimed by said government – hence, having something not only ‘outside the system’; but outside the country. My personal idea is obtaining silver in high purity – (‘four nines’) .9999 or better; as it can be used to produce Colloidal Silver solution – having anti-bacterial properties.

      • Charles H.

        Anti- microbial properties – sorry.

    • Alarmed

      I do not have the answers, but I doubt that those who lust after all of the worldly money would tolerate competition in any form. “Competition is a sin, therefore you must destroy it.” was contributed to one of them. Whether true or not, I do not know.

  68. Sylvia

    This man has wonderful common sense. Thanks so much for having him on USAWatchdog.
    I appreciate the fact that he has had 83 years of experience in the real world, and it shows. We need more like him and fewer statistician types. Love his example of ‘credit clouds’, Hope his plan for the use silver coins for the monetary value, saving in silver money not just silver coins.

  69. NC Gal

    A lovely interview with a lovely (and loving) man from another era. Thank you for having him on. If you have him on again, please don’t keep cutting him off. He flinched often during the interview whenever he started to speak and you jumped in with a barrage of questions. I also flinched when you were apologetic for his citizenship. This man is a citizen of the world, in a class that is all too rare these days.

    I do not hold much hope about him being able to alter the course of events planned by the elites, but I do honor him for trying. Given how ruthless the elites are, I don’t think having private stashes of gold and silver is going to protect anyone from the horrors of what is coming, but I can totally understand people wanting to try to prepare themselves. I have nothing to work with, so am prepared to die if I must, but somehow I think God has something else planned for me. That’s my “treasure,” and the only true hope I can rely upon. If that fails, well, I’ll be out of this mess one way or another and beyond pain of any kind.

    • Paul from Indiana

      NC Gal–you of all people know that we all must die, whether in the coming chaos or not, so make your death count just as you have your life. It’s all OK, and the earthly trial/experience is a requirement for exaltation. Preparation is important, yes, but the most important preparation of all does not involve physical resources; rather, it is about preparing to meet the Father with Jesus as advocate. I think you are well on your way. To borrow a line, “fear not”. Best always. PM

  70. Wim

    Hi Greg, wonderful interview, the best, thank you. Mister Price surely is a very good guy, I read about his silver initiative years ago, loved it. to know there are still good guys in this one world. A cashless society is the ultimate for the Devil.
    His analysis for America goes for Europe as well, decadency goes before the fall, as we will witness the fall one day. Just buy PM’s and forget about it, is the best advice in my opinion. Years of wrong predictions grows the notion that they have it under control, while the system will break one day. They can print all they want as long it’s in the building clouds, until the day it starts raining, then it will be game over, great analogue. Buy hard assets, and sit tight, don’t forget food reserves.

    The spirit world is very busy to make me believe what I feel to know about the heavenly intervention I posted in February/March. Every clear night, bright white lights fly with me when I bike back home from a drink. They ramped up the number of escorting stars (bright white lights), some 40 to 60. One low altitude, some higher, the rest at some 30.000 feet. Every night they form the Ursa Major right above my head. In Dutch it’s called The Big Bear, as they refer to president Putin (Russian bear) with that, a friend in the game. One night that Big Bear constellation turned 360 degrees around during the bicycle ride. The escorting Star Umbrella remains around my home for a few hours. One night there were around a hundred, as I saw a craft flying without noise. I have had a pilot licence for 12 years/6000 hours, and the lighting of that craft was definitely not out of this world. Two very big round white blinking lights at the rear, and red strobes at the sides, but I couldn’t see the craft. When the moment comes the old Indian arranges a solid craft for me to see at day time, that will be the moment I write my story. The unravelling is not near, but I feel comfortable to announce Jesus Christ (JC) definitely will be back with armies from the skies, not considering myself crackpotty on that one anymore. A wonderful feeling to see some of the friends I am interacting with for over a decade now. When the day comes, it will be proven I was once the man history recorded under the name Jesus Christ. A magical feeling every clear night. The Devilish game around me for over a decade was one side of the coin, a mental crucifixion, as the spirit world compensated that with countless very special moments, as it’s magical they now visualize that with an escorting Star Umbrella. The mental crucifixion will be the justification for the universe to intervene, what they did to me, they did to the universe. A white light over Jerusalem, a simulated attack on the Dome of the Rock, the Fox news lady reporter asking ‘is he back?’ was the message in that one. White light over Jerusalem, the Dome of the Rock; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=27x5n2ZVgvE May the view of the founding fathers of America go viral one day. Expect the unexpected. May Love be the guiding star in your life.

  71. Marius

    Hi Greg, great interview. In doing some comparative legal research on the aspect of Legal Tender Laws, the pivotal provision in every countries’ central bank legislation. In South Africa Legal Tender is defined in section 17 of the South African Reserve Bank Act (Act 90 of 1989, as amended) and read as follows:

    17 Legal tender
    (1) A tender, including a tender by the Bank itself, of a note of the Bank or of an outstanding note of another bank for which the Bank has assumed liability in terms of section 15(3) (c) of the Currency and Banking Act or in terms of any agreement entered into with another bank before or after the commencement of this Act, shall be a legal tender of payment of an amount equal to the amount specified on the note.
    (2) A tender, including a tender by the Bank itself, of an undefaced and unmutilated coin which is lawfully in circulation in the Republic and of current mass, shall be a legal tender of payment of money-
    (a) in the case of gold coins, in settlement of any amount, and the value of each gold coin so tendered shall be equal to the net amount at which the bank is prepared to purchase that gold coin on the day of such tender thereof;…

    In other words a 1Oz Krugerrand could be bought at a coin shop for about ZAR27 during the 1960’s to 1971. At the end of 2000 that same coin was valued at ZAR 2100. Currently to purchase that same coin would cost ZAR 15600. Today’s gold price at about ZAR14560 per Oz, shows the premium markup for the coins. This indicates how rapidly currency is losing value against gold, while trading at ZAR11.90 to 1US Dollar. This only serves to confirm Mr Price’s views. Thank you again for a great interview.

  72. Klemens

    Greg, a great interview! Thank you very much!!
    “normal” People must know what is going on.

  73. Sayonara

    What an excellent interview. Mr. Salinas-Price is truly a brilliant and astute gentleman. I have never heard anyone convey their observations of life through the decades more eloquently. He is truly a gentleman from yesteryear. It is amazing how far and quickly we have devolved as a culture and civilization. Therein is how we find ourselves at the threshold of an apoplectic moment.
    Candidly, there is no one in the media who comes to you conveying information and presenting extraordinary guests as you do. As always, thank you for your service.

  74. Diane

    I visited Hugo Salinas Price’s web site. His letter to Alexis Tsipras, Prime Minister of Greece, Dated July 25, 2012 was very interesting. Imagine sending step-by-step instructions to a nation detailing how they can return to real money. Actually Mr. Salinas-Price ‘stopped by’ to chat with the Prime Minister but he was not available, so Mr. Salinas-Price sent this letter. What a bold man…

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for adding this Diane. As I said, Hugo Salinas-Price is one of the good guys.

  75. Tyler

    I follow Marc Faber, Jim Rogers, Rick Rule and the like. Hugo Salinas Price is at the head of the table of my invisible councilors. Not his best interview but one of the most brilliant men i have ever read the works of. I highly recommend going to plata.org to read his works. Also follow his works on king world news. they will send shivers down your spine.

  76. Wes

    Yes, Apocalypse and Enormous Economic New World Disorder Is Coming And How, Hugo Salinas-Price, Not To Suffer Disappointment!

    M_ O_ N_ E_ Y . . .
    is a protection! Observed a wise
    student of human nature. But he also
    wrote: “A lover of silver will never be satisfied
    with silver, nor a lover of wealth with
    income. This too is futility.” (Ecclesiastes
    5:10; 7:12) His point? While we may need
    money to survive, we should avoid greed,
    for it is insatiable! The writer, King Solomon
    of ancient Israel, actually experimented
    to see whether wealth and luxurious
    living fostered true happiness. “I did
    not deny myself anything that I desired,”
    he wrote. “I did not withhold from my
    heart any sort of pleasure.”—Ecclesiastes
    1:13; 2:10.
    Having amassed great wealth, Solomon
    built grand houses, made beautiful parks
    and pools, and acquired many servants.
    Whatever he wanted, he got. What did he
    learn? His experiment made him somewhat
    happy, but not for long. “I saw that
    everything was futile,” he observed.
    “There was nothing of real value.” He
    even came to hate life! (Ecclesiastes
    2:11, 17, 18) Yes, Solomon learned that a
    life of self-indulgence ultimately leaves
    one feeling empty and unfulfilled.
    Do modern studies agree with that ancient
    wisdom? An article published in the
    Journal of Happiness Studies observed
    that “after one’s basic needs are satisfied,
    additional income does little to advance
    one’s subjective well-being.” Indeed,
    findings show that increased
    material consumption, especially at the
    cost of moral and spiritual values, can
    erode happiness.
    BIBLE PRINCIPLE: “Let your way of life be free of
    the love of money, while you are content with
    the present things.”—Hebrews 13:5.
    The account of Solomon’s experiment is found at
    Ecclesiastes 2:1-11. You can read the Bible online at
    biblehub.com .

  77. Coalburner

    Wonderful interview! I agree with so many above , What a wonderful man! I have been thinking lately of starting to look for occasions to wear a tie. I actually believe it still matters to dress for success. I also think his cellar savings is so appropriate, the proper way to look at our future. Please invite this man back when you can.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you CB. Salinas-Price took time and effort to book but it was worth it!

  78. Grafique

    Greg, how about giving your commenters the ability to use profile pics in their profiles and thumbs up/thumbs down?

    • Greg Hunter

      Not sure I have the budget for that just yet. Been spending the money elsewhere in the backend of the site. There is a lot going on that you cannot see. Good idea though for the future as the site grows. Thank you for your comment and interest in the site!!

      • Grafique

        If I had to give up all my regular sites, I’d give yours up last.
        Well, next-to-last.
        Thanks for the reply.

        • Grafique

          Would you please look into having Tom Horn on?

  79. Coalburner

    Chip, Thanks for dong that research for us. I thought it was true but did not realize they had stabilized the peso as much as they have. I can tell you a weeks work , high skilled electrician brings an equivalent to 200 dollars per week in Mexico. A good friend and civilized hard working man as I know with multiple high skills willing and gladly works for 15 dollars an hour here. Tells us two things. Why Mexicans with skills want to come to the USA and why the UAW just settled for new jobs at much lower pay. Translation, why Mecico has no middle class and we are inevitably giving up our middle class and finding a common denominator with the whole world. The penalty for competition and the sell out of our politiicans. It may have been inevitable but they made it happen in a hurry. As in 30 years. Elizabeth Warren may not be Presidential material any more than Obama was but she may be right about the TPP .

  80. Ron Dotson

    Your interview with Hugo Salinas-Price is one of the best I’ve seen yet, and I would love to hear more from this man. Thank you.

  81. David B


    Speaking of silver, Charles Savoie is considered the top analyst and historian by David Morgan, and receives glowing reviews from Sean at SGTreports.com.

    He has given free access to at least 1,000 pages of silver history, confiscation, etc.

    We thought we had to worry about the Bilderberg Group, the Illuminati, the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission. Some are familiar with the Pilgrims Society. I came across it recently.

    Could be an interesting interview, Greg.

  82. Arthur


    A Melbourne radio station (3AW) this morning (19 May) had a caller phone into their ‘Rumour File’ straight after their 7 am news bulletin to say that Note Printing Australia in Craigieburn is currently printing polymer Drachmas for Greece.

    The Greek exit may be just around the corner ….

    BTW loved your interview with Mr Salinas-Price. You must have him on again one day.

  83. Gina Mancarella

    My fellow Americans,

    I have good news for everyone. We dont have to settle for “Apocalypse and Enormous Disorder” in our great land. There is an alternative. Like many of you, I am disappointed that President Obama was not able the American Nation to right itself. He has had two terms with marginal results although he did stabilize America, but failed to advance the country any further. In 2016, that is about to change. In 2016, Hillary Clinton is going to make history. In 2016, we are going to take our country back from the political machine in Washington. The good news is that all of us no matter our culture, economic standing or sexual orientation is once again going to share in the American dream once more. Ladies and gentleman …. please welome Hillary Clinton as the consumate Champion of the people to be your next president of the United States ! Praise the Lord !

    • Greg Hunter

      You are like the Energizer Bunny.

      • Silence is Golden

        Broken record …sounds more like it….sorry about the pun. 😉

      • Mason

        The Energizer Troll is more like it.

        Gina, how about a sincere reaction to the replies on your last comment? No? I didn’t think so.

    • Jerry

      What happened to you, did your Prozac run out?

    • JC Davis

      Gina. I am not a prejudice man against race, or gender, ect..
      However I do have a problem with ignorance. At the least you could look at the comments posted about your lady Hillary. Apparently you are a broken record with an agenda.

    • David

      I’m assuming you were being sarcastic. Right now, I’d settle for a surname other than Bush or Clinton.

      Nothing would change. I disapprove of dynasties.

      • Silence is Golden

        David, it really doesn’t matter if they are from another planet. They will still be the puppet of the American Aristocracy, the Crown and the RCC. Presidents do not serve the grass roots American people and Congress is bought and paid for = Corrupted.

        • Thomas1

          REALLY! I did not know that.

    • Charles H.

      Gina ,

      Obama IS the political regime and runner of the machine in Washington; with Hillary his Right-Hand person – how is electing Hillary going to “take back” anything? Your assertions are incomprehensible. Hillary is another baton-carrier of the same team. If your posts here are completely sincere – then it causes me to fear that one can so blindly think this way. You are really painting yourself as a perfect “Poster Child” for the far Left; and someone has finally perfected the Kool-Aid.

  84. patrick

    Frist the bail in,they need more money.
    Then 401k are taken,they need more money.
    Pension are next,they need more money.
    Now they take the value out of your house and land,they more money. There no more money, and the world changes!

  85. Michael

    Why do you keep interrupting your guest?

    • Greg Hunter

      It is a recording with minimal editing. You get what you get when you work that way, and it’s free.

  86. Ross

    Sad to say that Hugo is right. Humanity has lost respect for itself and with all the technological and scientific discoveries oozing from our creativity, they cannot even fix our monetary system.
    An excellent interview Greg. A real anchor in terms of your credibility.

  87. Vincent

    Thank you for having Hugo on your show..

    It’s almost unbelievable how grounded in reality Hugo really is.. I’ve been following his endeavors for some time now. His idea on a the quoted silver coin is absolutely brilliant.. He’s essentially trying to create an impervious nest egg for society and its patrons. Those who are merely wise enough to understand the power of the monetary system, and the control it has on their lives will undoubtedly benefit… He’s basically proposing a 2 part monetary system (for now). With good money (silver quoted coins) and “bad money” (fiat dollars). This is genius.. The bad money (fiat) gets elastisized in good times, while you store earnings for bad times with “good money” (silver).. This would ultimately create a form of insurance backing your financial endeavors and bets, while giving you a cushion for disasters and controlling risk in the paper markets.. It would ultimately create the kind of wave pattern monetarily that could litterly erase the possibility of depressions. Losers would lose, and winners would win.. The necsesary cyclical cleanse of the economy would be predictable, foreseeable, and would even help society’s and economy’s to grow in the most well intentioned direction.
    … This idea could render a centrally planned currency by a few private banks useless over time.. But with baby steps in mind it still would work perfectly right of the gate..

  88. JC Davis

    Greg. Arizona is now having to cut millions from there budget. The focus is on the programs to the poor and needy.
    From Yahoo
    All is good as long as the don’t cut out the football games.

  89. dchayden

    What a genuinely sincere guest ! ! This man hit the nail on the head, when he said people don’t “think” anymore !! Thank you for having him on Greg.


  90. Don

    Just tuned in Greg, but enjoyed. Mr. Price certainly knows his monetary history. Also a pleasant man, that’s concerned for the average citizen. Concerning the pope, most people who are raised catholic, that I know, aren’t shocked by the extreme departures from biblical teaching, that the catholic church has in it. But we have to remember, that the catholic church is a mixture of ancient Babylonian religion with Christianity. The fishers hat and ring that the pope wears, came directly from the Babylonian history. Prayers through Mary as mediator and the mediation by priest, are all against biblical teachings. Pray through Jesus name only, and a believer priesthood are taught in scripture, which are all contrary to what they practice. There is so much there, a person who studies the bible, is left with the conclusion, how it could be Christian at all, but I do have friends involved in this religion, that seem to have personal faith in Jesus Christ, so at that point, I have to wonder, though very skeptical of why they will not, like yourself see the differences, so I have to applaud your decision to follow biblical teachings and Christ rather than there teachings. I have nothing against Catholic’s, but I am concerned that the system of Catholicism is very close to a cult. The pope has dropped a few curse words in public, and is very off track, in doctrine. Makes me wonder how so many could follow him, or revere him. I mean know offence here. You did a great job, and Mr. Price is a rarity among the wealthy.

    • Charles H.

      As a Mystery – there will be wheat with the tares. Good assessment. By usurping authority above God’s Word: it cannot be Christian. Jesus Christ is the ONLY Mediator between God and man. Period.

  91. Andy Sloan


    The Pope may make mistakes;

    Galatians 2:11
    “But when Cephas was come to Antioch, I withstood him to the face, because he was to be blamed.”

    And is only guaranteed free from error by the Holy Ghost, only when speaking dogmatically (from the Chair of Peter).

    You cannot make judgement on the Catholic faith based on the Pope,but by its teachings which are pristine and invincible.

    Christ founded one church only and it has lasted 2000 years, through many dark periods (no other institution has ever lasted that long).

    Matthew 16:18
    “And I say to thee: That thou art Peter; and upon this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.”

    Dogma 6:6 states that – “Membership of the Catholic Church is necessary for salvation”


    Matthew 11:15
    “He that hath ears to hear, let him hear.”

    “O ye atheists who do not believe in God, what fools you are! If you do not believe there is a God, tell me: who created you? … Poor wretches! You try to persuade yourselves that the soul dies like the body; but, O God! What will you say when, in the next world, you find that your souls are immortal and that, throughout eternity, you will be unable to make up for the ruin you have incurred? But if you do believe there is a God, you must also believe that there is a true religion; and if you do not believe that the Roman Catholic is the true one, tell me, which one is? Perhaps that of the pagans who admit many gods, and thus destroy and deny them all. Perhaps that of Mohammed … a religion invented by an infamous impostor and framed for beasts rather than humans. Perhaps that of the Jews who indeed at one time had the true faith but, because they rejected their expected Redeemer, have lost their faith, their country, their everything. Perhaps that of those heretics who, separating themselves from our Church … have confused all revealed dogmas in such a way that the belief of one of them is contrary to that of his neighbor. O holy faith! Enlighten all those poor blind creatures who run to eternal perdition! But this light always shines forth and enlightens all men, both the faithful and the unbelievers … How is it, then, that so many are lost? O cursed sin, it is you who blind the minds of so many poor souls who open their eyes only when they enter eternity, but can then no more remedy their error! … O ye damned souls! Speak and tell me from the prison in which you live, what torments you most in Hell, the fire that burns you or the love which Jesus Christ has borne you? Ah, assuredly, the hell of your Hell is this: to see that a God came down from Heaven to earth to save you, but you, shutting your eyes to the light, have chosen of your own free will to be lost, and to lose this Infinite Good, your very God, Who will be yours no longer, nor will you ever be able to regain Him! ” – St Alphonsus Liguori

    “This is the Holy Church, the One Church, the True Church, the Catholic Church, fighting against all heresies. Fight it can; be fought down, it cannot. As for heresies, they all went out of it, like unprofitable branches pruned from the vine; but as for the Church, it abides in its Root, in its Vine, in its Charity … Let us love our Lord God, let us love His Church: Him as a Father, her as a Mother; Him as Lord, her as His handmaid …No man offends the one and wins the favor of the other. He will not have God for his Father who refuses the Church for his Mother. What does it profit you not to have offended your Father, since He will punish your offenses against your Mother? What does it profit you to praise the Lord, to honor Him, to preach Him, to believe on His Son and confess that He sits at the right hand of God the Father while, at the same time, you blaspheme His Church? … No one can find salvation except in the Catholic Church. Outside the Church you can find everything except salvation. You can have dignities, you can have Sacraments, you can sing “Alleluia,” answer “Amen,” have the Gospels, have faith in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, and preach it, too. But never can you find salvation except in the Catholic Church.” – St. Augustine

    • Greg Hunter

      Andy Sloan,
      When you tell people that “everybody even atheists” can get to heaven by doing good deeds is much more than a mistake. How many times does the Bible say that the only way to get to heaven is through Jesus Christ? If I said this or Oprah (and she has) then I might this, but the Pope? This, as Jim Sinclair says, is “Too stupid to be stupid.” I am sorry Andy, but we will have to disagree on this one. This is false teaching pure and simple in my book and I am talking about the KJV of the Bible. Did you check out the last paragraph of the Bible?

    • Don

      Andy, faith has to be based on scripture. Your blind submission to catholic priest will not save you. The pope and all the cardinals under haven, cannot save you. Your confession of sin’s to the priest cannot save you. Your penance and baptism by your local priest cannot save you. Your prayers to Mary for favor with Christ cannot save you. Good works, are as filthy rags, and cannot save you. 1 Corth. chap 15 starting at verse 1, The apostle Paul tells us what he trusted in to save him. He said, Moreover brethern, I declare to you the gospel, which I preached to you, which also you received and in which you stand. By which you are also saved, if you hold fast that word which I preached to you unless you believed in vain. For I delivered to you first of all that which I received; that Christ died for our sin’s according to scriptures, and that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day, according to scripture’s, and that He was seen by Cephas, then by the twelve. After that He was seen by over five hundred brethren at once, of whom the greater part remain to the present, but some have fallen asleep. So my question is, will you believe the biblical record or believe a priest, that tells you submission to their priesthood and baptism by the same will put you in right standing with God. The fact is noun of the priest in the catholic church can tell you that you have eternal life because in their view, and teachings, only ones who lives in submission to the pope and their leadership can be. But in 1Jn. 5:13 say, These things I have written to you who believe on the name of the Son of God, that you may know you have eternal life, and that you may continue to believe in the name of the Son of God. But the catholic priest, will never tell you that. It is in most part a works system that can never bring the confidence of eternal life, because like my own brother, there is in his mind a weighing out of good works and bad to merit eternal life. And if it is by works then it is no-longer grace.

      • Don

        When Matt. 16:18 is used to justify the catholic church as the only church, your use is in error. Peter had just answered the question that the Lord had ask him, saying, and who do you say that I AM. Peter replied you are the Christ, the son of the living God. Jesus replied to Peter flesh and blood had not reveal this to him, but my father which is in heaven. Then Christ said, upon this rock I will build my church and the gates of hell shell not prevail against it. SO ON THE REVELATION THAT JESUS IS THE CHRIST, THE SON OF THE LIVING GOD, Christ built his church. Which is what Paul said and John said in the two scriptures, I gave. When ask in Jn. 6:28-29, what must I do to work the works of God, by the people. The Lord replied, This is the work of God, that you believe on him whom he sent. To believe, is to trust, rely upon, or depend upon, and know man that’s born in sin will repent of his unbelief without God revealing to that man his need to trust Christ sacrificial death on his behalf and who Christ was.

        • Charles H.


          Greg Hunter LEFT the Catholic Church. He brings a background of flavoring to his understanding of Scripture – like Apostle Peter being the rock the Church is built upon – from a recent past remark. I broke-down the verses and context to point to the Revealed Truth of Peter’s Confession as being THE Rock. I believe there is a preponderance of agreement to my conclusion. He has made no indication as to where he now affiliates; and so it is hard to assess how far and doctrinally solid his growth is. It is up to us to pray – that if he isn’t being properly grounded in good doctrine: that his honorable attitude toward God will be the instrument that will lead him to a good and solid church, and under good, solid biblical authority. I came from the very center of Fundamentalism; but now see much Apostasy – and good churches are a dwindling oasis. Salvation by Grace through Faith – that’s the ticket.

  92. Mike from the North


    news apparently out that Russia states that China is about to release the size of its gold hoard.

    If this is true. This is a game changer.

    Anybody seen this piece.

    • JC Davis

      Mike. I don’t understand why it would be a game changer other then China could inter the IMF. Here is the best I have seen on the issue.

      • Greg Hunter

        I have Rob Kirby booked for tomorrow to talk about this. He things we are “already off the tracks and running through a corn field.” This will not end well for the West.

    • Silence is Golden

      Yes I have seen a number of articles on this matter.
      Its not just Russia stating the point though.
      The announcement is well expected. Conflicting dates …set for either 05/20/15 or 06/08/15.
      Some say its about China getting control of the IMF others say it already has control. Then there’s the…..”it will give them a material stake in the SDR”.
      Whatever and whenever it is presented… will indeed be a Game Changer !!! 😉

  93. Steve

    Greg, I see on Mr. Price’s website he wrote a letter to Mr. Tspiris of Greece about adopting the silver coin idea along with the Dracma. Maybe this the the country he imagines to be the first to adopt this concept. That would be something !! Steve

  94. Andy Sloan

    Hi Greg,

    Some of the things that Pope Francis has said seem strange, but who knows his intention but God? The following article about his approach is instructive;


    Perhaps he is trying to open a channel of conversion to everyone ahead of the chastisement and renewal which he knows is coming

    “We implore her (Mary’s) maternal intercession that the Church may become a home for many peoples, a mother for all peoples, and that the way may be opened to the birth of a new world. It is the Risen Christ who tells us, with a power that fills us with confidence and unshakable hope: “Behold, I make all things new” (Rev 21:5). With Mary we advance confidently towards the fulfilment of this promise”… —POPE FRANCIS, Evangelii Gaudium, n. 288

    or perhaps he is clumsy or both. However, this does not detract from the fact he is the Pope. We have had libertine popes in the past and a virtual heretic in Pope Honorius at the time of St Athanasius in the 4th century, when the nearly all of Christendom embraced the Arian heresy (disbelief in the Divinity of Christ).

    Yet never has the Church declared any dogmatic error! Irrespective of the character of a pope, it is the Catholic truth the teaching of the Church that is the measure of its veracity. This has never changed, only been added to in 2000 years, thus St Paul states;

    1 Timothy 3:15
    “But if I tarry long, that thou mayest know how thou oughtest to behave thyself in the house of God, which is the church of the living God, the pillar and ground of the truth.”

    Confession and the Holy Eucharist (John 6:54-56) are necessary for salvation, for God will confer the gift of faith for an interior movement of the free-will against sin and remove the guilt of sin in the soul, but forgiveness IS NOT given without absolution by a Catholic priest. Hence states St Augustine.

    “So that you may understand that the Church has received the keys to the kingdom of Heaven, hear what the Lord says … to all His Apostles: “Receive ye the Holy Ghost,” and then immediately following: “Whose sins you shall forgive, they are forgiven them; and whose sins you shall retain, they are retained” (John 20:22-23). These words relate to the keys, of which it had been said: “Whatsoever you shall loose on earth, it shall be loosed in Heaven” (Matthew 16: 19) …And outside the Church, nothing is loosed … The charity of the Church which is poured forth in our hearts by the Holy Ghost forgives the sins of those who are partakers of it. Of those who are not partakers, it retains. The grace which comes through the faith of Jesus Christ belongs only to those to whom the faith belongs. He who does not believe remains unhealed.”

    The Church is a ship, and even if the ship is in difficulty, it is necessary that we at least be in it. The contemporaries of Noah would not believe in his warnings as he was building the Ark, and thus they became frightful examples for all posterity. Christ our God is now building His Church as the Ark of Salvation, and is calling upon all men to enter it.

    Prophecy of St Bridget (d 1373)
    “The time of Antichrist will be near when the measure of injustice will overflow and when wickedness has grown to immense proportions, when Christians LOVE HERESIES and the unjust trample underfoot the servants of God.”
    As Christ was born from the highest type of womanhood (Virgin), so Antichrist will be born from the lowest (prostitute). He will be a child-wonder at birth. His mother will be an accursed woman, who will pretend to be well informed about spiritual things, and his father an accursed man, from the seed of whom the Devil shall form his work. The time of this Antichrist, well known to Me, will come when iniquity and impiety shall above measure abound, when injustice shall have filled the measure to overflowing, and wickedness shall have grown to immeasurable proportions.

    Before, however, Antichrist arrives, the gate of Faith will be opened to some nations, and Scripture shall be verified. People without intelligence will glorify Me, and deserts shall be inhabited. Hence, when many Christians will be lovers of heresies, and wicked men will persecute the clergy and trample spirituality and justice under foot, this should be the sign that Antichrist shall come without delay.”

    “Lastly, he shall arrive, the most wicked of men, and, helped by the Jews, he will fight against the whole world; he will reign during three years, and shall have dominion over the whole earth; he will make every effort to abolish from the earth the Christian name, and very many Christians shall be killed.”

    God bless you,


    • Greg Hunter

      May God the Father bless you too my friend.

    • Charles H.


      Consider that the miraculous powers and “signs” were given to the Apostles as a Divine Endorsement on Jesus Christ’s ministry – because the Jews required a sign as a matter or starting-point to believe. These powers or gifts were transitory – only lasting during the lifetime of those breathed-upon men. 1Cor. 13: 8 – specifies: whether they be prophesies, they shall fail – meaning that when New Testament canon, or Scripture was written-out: there would be no more or other prophetic source. Fail in this context means ‘to end’; NOT to be incomplete or unrealized. There can be no higher, or nothing newer in authority than God’s Word.
      “And whether there be tongues, they shall cease..” “Cease” here is the Future Middle Indicative tense of the Greek – meaning tongues – ‘they stop themselves, once for all’. So the Sign Gifts of miraculous powers and authority was transitory and ended with the lives of the Apostles. The knowledge that was to vanish away confirms that in Scripture – all that had been revealed would be sufficient from then on; and divine revelation, mainly for incorporating Scripture (knowledge), would cease with Scripture.
      History give no evidence of an unbroken line of miracles – until the Catholic Church felt the need to produce those which seemed to prefer it’s own authority from them.
      At the end of 2Timothy – 4:20 the Apostle Paul, who raised the dead, and lacked in no way any of the gifts – gives us indication that such powers were waning or already gone in his ministry. “Trophimus have I left in Miletum sick.” The miraculous powers and authority of the Apostles ended with the Apostles.
      Do your research diligently… anything which asserts authority beyond or above or aside the Holy Bible – is against God. Were the Protestants grieved with the Roman Catholic Church for nothing? Read your history. It was devout Catholic Clergy, reading the Scriptures, that turned them against the Church!
      I say in love, Andy – we all start apart from the Truth: no one is born into it – it is acquired. And because Truth is the highest genuine article: there is so much counterfeit
      out there, that’s just very close but misses the mark. It’s my hope you won’t be angry or offended with me. The Roman Catholic Church has only changeable and fallible human authority: whereas the Holy Bible has the unchangeable Author and Creator as it’s authority.

  95. Richard

    Salinas says the FED and the U.S. Treasury are two separate entities. Further, he states that the common man needs to buy silver.

    I believe everyone should own gold and silver but Salinas sounds like just another manure salesman to me.


  96. Andy Sloan

    To Charles H,

    I appreciate your conciliatory manner. Addressing your points;

    1) “The miraculous powers and authority of the Apostles ended with the Apostles.”

    These charisms were given to the Church at the Choice of the Holy Ghost, until the Second Coming of Christ;

    1 Corinthians 12:4-11

    “Now there are diversities of graces, but the same Spirit; And there are diversities of ministries, but the same Lord;
    And there are diversities of operations, but the same God, who worketh all in all. And the manifestation of the Spirit is given to every man unto profit. To one indeed, by the Spirit, is given the word of wisdom: and to another, the word of knowledge, according to the same Spirit; To another, faith in the same spirit; to another, the grace of healing in one Spirit; To another, the working of miracles; to another, prophecy; to another, the discerning of spirits; to another, diverse kinds of tongues; to another, interpretation of speeches.
    But all these things one and the same Spirit worketh, dividing to every one according as he will.”

    It is clear these gifts are not only exclusive to the Apostles and have continued through the Catholic Church even to our times, see;


    including the miraculous visible presence of the Body and Blood of Christ in the Miracle of Lanciano as below;


    2) “anything which asserts authority beyond or above or aside the Holy Bible – is against God.”

    Traditions is also a source of revelation.

    2 Thessalonians 2:14
    “Therefore, brethren, stand fast; and hold the traditions which you have learned, whether by word, or by our epistle.”

    3) “The Roman Catholic Church has only changeable and fallible human authority:”

    If you statement is true, than the words of St Paul are negated.

    1 Timothy 3:15
    “But if I tarry long, that thou mayest know how thou oughtest to behave thyself in the house of God, which is the church of the living God, the PILLAR AND GROUND OF TRUTH.”

    “Therefore, I believe it is good for me to praise the Chair and faith of Peter: with you alone remains uncorrupted the inheritance of the Fathers. As I follow no one but Christ, so do I therefore unite myself with Your Holiness, that is, with the Chair of Peter. Whoever eats the Lamb outside this House is profane; whoever is not in this Ark of Noah will perish in the Flood; whoever does not gather with thee scatters; that is: he who is not Christ’s is Antichrist’s!”
    St. Jerome

    “Because we fight for the unity of the Church, let us not concede to heretics what we know to be false, but let us rather teach them that they cannot attain salvation unless they come unto that same unity.”
    St. Augustine

    The Catholic faith is a precious gift of God,

    John 16:13
    “But when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will teach you all truth.”

    given to those who are FIRM IN KEEPING GOD’S COMMANDMENTS. With this interior discipline come all the graces of sanctification which are bestowed through the Church. As the erudite St Alphonsus Liguori stated;

    “Innovators say that the Lord gives each of the faithful a clear knowledge of Scripture. Behold, the ‘private interpretation’ of the heretics which has produced such a variety of creeds! Hence, after all of the Congresses and Synods they have held, they have never been able to draw up a formula of uniform belief; hence, everyone knows that among the Reformers there are as many formulas of faith as there are individuals. This alone is sufficient to show that they are in error and do not have the true faith. God arranged that the true faith would be preserved in the Roman Church alone, so that, there being but one Church, there would be but one faith and one doctrine for all the faithful.”

    “All the misfortunes of unbelievers spring from too great an attachment to the things of life. This sickness of heart weakens and darkens the understanding, and leads to eternal ruin. If they would try to heal their hearts by purging them of their vices they would soon receive light, which would show them the necessity of joining the Catholic Church where alone is salvation.”

    • Charles H.


      One cannot place those figures in history, who followed the Apostles, and who were beautified as saints by man ( the Church) – as having the same authority. To mix the Apostles with saints which followed is definitely Apples and Oranges: or fruit from the Tree of Life compared with any normal fruit extant. They are not to be compared.
      Apostle Paul in 1 Corinthians – was dealing with disorder in the ‘Primitive Church’: which still in the context of the Apostles’ lives was operative. Paul had to deal with carnal misuse of Sign Gifts given for the planting of the True Church – again under the auspices of the Apostles themselves, during their lifetime. 1 Corinthians was written about 59 A.D.; whereas 2 Timothy was written about 66A.D. So my timeline, and the indication of internal evidences is still plausible or correct. Your specific point of the Charismatic Gift were given of the Holy Spirit is correct; but this Scripture still falls within the timeframe of Paul’s lifetime, and even falls behind in Chapter location. And more important is that Chapter 12 gives NO MENTION or hint at such miraculous activities were to be perpetual or continual. It’s just NOT THERE. And this is not something man can claim and possess. Paul was dealing with disorder in the present: not bequeathing a legacy. This is similar to a problem like believers today going back to the Old Testament and claiming the promises pertaining exclusively to the Davidic Line, and saying that they are ours too. No matter how attractive such promises are: what God promises to a geneological line or specific race CANNOT be infringed upon. The promises to David – pertain just to David. Those which are yet to be realized WILL be realized; but not for us.
      If you will study history APART from Catholic sources: you will find – apart from a smattering of ‘miracles’ through the ages: that real resurgence of Charismatic activity began in Azuza Street in Los Angeles, California, beginning the Pentecostal Movement. The ‘Tongues’ , and ‘Miracles’, – started-up there about 1915. Catholic History may back-fill a whole lot of gaps: but no real history records Sign Gifts ever continuing. As long as you go to and accord Catholic sources to prove you points: you will find the material necessary; but it will not concur with a preponderance of written history. And here there is an irreconcilable source-of-authority difference.
      I will state the issue clearly… There can be only One Final Authority to Faith and Practice to true Christianity. I suggest that THAT ONE is the only one which God Himself sanctions and has respect toward. There is too much evidence against the Catholic Church historically suppressing the Bible; burning those who chose Scripture over popery, in the Inquisition; acquiring untold riches and having government and it’s own bank; interceding for souls (intruding upon Jesus Christ’s exclusive prerogative); and tasking all it’s believers to a salvation of obediences (ordinances and sacraments) and making it of “works” and not of “Grace”. Grace, from a pure Biblical standpoint is when one unconditionally ventures themselves upon the mercy of God, having no merit whatsoever. Relying upon the works of man will forfeit access to God’s Grace. One cannot mix works with Grace. The Catholic Church is a system of works. And a system of works binds a believer to mix man’s faulty and sinful unrighteousnesses, with a semblance of what is called Grace. I suggest that God places His approval on His Word alone, the Holy Bible, so that Biblical Faith is alone the key to enter into Grace. The Church places itself above the Word. The issue is, was, and will always be: what Authority do you subscribe to. If you never look away from Roman Catholic Church authority: you will never see anything else. I tell you – there is one which has no church to rule over it: the Word of God. So far, you are caught in a loop.

  97. Robert

    ” “From 1976 to date, from 12.50 pesos (to $1 US) we are now at 15,100 pesos (to $1 US) and going further down.” He meant 15.1 pesos (to $1 US). At least his heart is in the right place even if the decimal isn’t

    • Greg Hunter

      No Robert,
      The Peso like a stock has been split many times. He said what he meant, and even corrected himself, and said 15,100 pesos to $1. Might I remind you, Salinas-Price lives and has made his fortune in Mexico.

  98. Luis Chavez Romo

    I agree with Mr. Hugo Salinas, thanks to the FED (US private Central Bank), Mexico has no self determination on monetary policy.
    I have been following you closely, great job, but I miss having Jim Willie.

    Thank you
    Luis Chavez
    Querétaro, Mexico

    • JC Davis

      Greg The Ass would be a good point of forgiveness. If nothing but the attempt as a statement.
      I think your right for not calling on him. How one leaves is more important then how they arrived.

  99. doug

    Hello Greg
    Wonderful guest and wonderful site with a lot of diverse comments to follow after,thanks. I love the betrayal story of Jesus when he was betrayed for 30 pieces of silver and the blood money was returned but not put in the temple treasury but historians say it was used to buy a plot of land to bury foreigners ….some say 15 ounces. We will see 15 ounces of silver buy a piece of land again soon….cheers Doug

  100. Jake

    Great interview, Greg.

    I agree with Mr. Salinas-Price on many matters, especially about American values. But recently I found a website that gave me a little hope. It’s called The Art of Manliness. It would appear that there’s a growing but small number of younger men that tend to desire the morals, values, and hobbies our grandfathers once had. The site actually gave me some hope and put a smile on my face. Let’s just hope it’s a “trend” that catches on….

  101. Andrew Maggard

    Greg, please have Mr. Salinas Price on again soon, a most sincere gentleman with a wealth of knowledge and experience to share. I have viewed this interview several times and each time I come away with something new. Mr. Salinas Price comes across as completely sincere with a dedication to honest money.

  102. Carlos G.

    Hi Greg,

    Thanks for all your time and energy contributions to Truth. Is there a way I could watch this vintage video of Salinas Price’s interview with you in 2023?


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