AZ Audit Proves 2020 Election Fraud, Biden Attacks Unvaxed, USA is Broke

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 494 9.10.21)

The results are in, and the Arizona audit of Maricopa county shows massive fraud in a state Joe Biden “won” by just 12,000 votes.  The big numbers include 173,000 missing votes and 96,000 so-called “Ghost” votes.  Keep in mind, the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors ignored subpoenas and did not hand over all the data asked for by the AZ legislature running the audit.  Will Senator Mark Kelly be recalled?  Will the 2020 Presidential Election in that state be decertified?  All these questions will be answered in the not-to-distant future.

VP Joe Biden is attacking the unvaxed in a new Executive Order (EO) mandating vaccines or weekly CV19 tests.  Some are already saying this EO is totally unconstitutional.  What happened to the Democrat saying “My Body, My Choice?  I guess when it comes to experimental vaccines, you get no choice.

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen wrote a letter this week to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and said the USA will stop paying its bills sometime in October if a new debt deal is not reached.  In short: The USA is broke.  I have never heard of a letter from the Treasury Secretary to Congress sounding this dire.  It shows the economy and the finances of America are on very shaky ground.  Prepare for rough sailing and hope for a deal.

Join Greg Hunter of as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up for 9/10/21.

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After the Wrap-Up:

Retired Lieutenant General Michael Flynn will be the guest for the “Saturday Night Post” 9/11/21.  He is crisscrossing the country on the “Reawaken America Tour” and has the popular nonprofit site called  General Flynn talks about the ongoing takeover of America by communists and globalists and much more eye opening information.

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  1. Ken

    Were WOKE, Broke and the world thinks we’re a Joke!

    • Joy Daniels

      Ken 09/10/2021 •
      Were WOKE, Broke and the world thinks we’re a Joke!
      It’s more than that Kenith, Were WOKE, Broke, Busted and Disgusted!
      Soon, not to be entrusted, with our children’s
      Join the discussion…un-Civil War anyone?
      Criticising the Stupid • a day ago
      Caught out spilling the beans again huh?
      These dumbasses(NWO Bilderburg group elites) keep hiring the dumbest most retarded leftists to represent them in office.
      Daniel Criticising the Stupid • a day ago
      Yeah, I’m in Australia and there are a lot more people refusing this jab than is reported. Their percentages of vaxxed are BS, and most people with access to a computer have seen the adverse effects, deaths, and the hundreds of scientists telling people not to take the shot. Also, there is at least one social media group populated by thousands of businesses nationwide welcoming unvaxxed and vaxxed alike. These NWO d1ckheads have a difficult uphill path to get everyone jabbed, especially since there are now reports that some police and some of their family members are getting sick after the jab. They’re desperate to get everyone jabbed before the police and military wakeup. The dumbas$es should never have jabbed any of them with the real kill shot.

    • Joy Daniels

      BuckFiden Daniel • 17 hours ago
      Jab em with your .45s. Oh, I forgot. You idiots downasunder gave up your firearms when the Tasmanian Devil attacked.
      \Le Ruse BuckFiden • 7 hours ago
      Yea.. & guess, who was that Tasmanian Devil ??
      BTW No lollipop for correct answer ??
      Jean Daniel • a day ago
      What is happening with the Truckers? No news.
      Daniel Jean • 21 hours ago • edited
      Mandatory jabs for truckers have been shelved. That’s a win. There will be small wins, which will gain momentum over time. I wouldn’t be surprised if they do these blockades again and again. One of the ringleaders is aware Pfizer is poison and made it clear he wants the government gone and the children protected. The NSW Health officials have attacks coming from different directions. They are apparently swamped with lawsuits including at least one case in our Supreme Court. However, more people need to wake up and it will take more loss of life from the vaxx before the apathetic come to their senses. We have people that know the vaxx is deadly but because no one they know specifically has died, they just don’t seem to connect that this affects them too. This is the next hurdle to clear.
      GOOD TO HEAR! There’s hope for you Aussies yet!
      Criticising the Stupid Daniel • a day ago
      Avatar to, /Randy Rogers Daniel • 16 hours ago
      Too bad you surrendered firearms though. That was the Ace in the hole.
      Daniel Randy Rogers • 12 hours ago
      There’s many ways to fight this and I think Australia is demonstrating this. Cut off food supplies, thousands of businesses who refuse vaxx passports, protests, law suits–these are all helping. And continual refusal by the masses to comply is what will win this. There is maybe a thousand of this parasitical class, and millions of everyday Australians. There are also more and more politicians publicly denouncing this and some mainstream journalists starting to speak up against it. Mass non-compliance and mass-exposure of their plans is the answer.

      • Bill

        Clever name Buck!
        ZeroHedge reports the Big Guy, killed a innocent family with 9 children in AfghanLand with a Drone Shot! I think the Big Guy’s Drone squad should change the criteria, based on who they kill, with a Drone. The Big Guy’s new criteria, just killed a whole Family.
        However, I remember the day that Monica Lewinsky was suppose to testify in front of Congress 1998(?). On that day, Willie decided Monica was trying to embarass him. So, Willie decided he was going to distract everyone’s attention from Monica and redirect that Focus upon Somalia. Willie knew this was a clever way to divert people’s attention.
        So, Willie shot off missiles to Somalia. One missile landed in the middle of no where, the other missile hit a Pill Factory in the city. The missle killed 151 people in the Pill Factory. I read that relatives of Osama Bin Laden were killed in the factory. I wonder if, this made Osama Bin Laden angry enough to want to attack the USA again? I read the USA quietly paid the Relatives of the dead Somalians $26 Billion(?) for the loss of their relatives. The Main Stream Media printed very little info on this Debacle.

      • Bob

        Government “gone”?

        They should be executed for their crimes. Why is resignation the highest penalty? That’s hardly a punishment. No wonder they keep doing whatever they want.

        • michael savell

          Bob—As after ww2 a lot of the medics were hanged at Nurembourg and the same will happen again.This time it will be the germans doing the hanging.Reiner fuellmich will win the Pcr case and,after that the medics will come over to some degree which will make justice easier to get.We shall see ,or some will anyway,justice.What beats me is all the people who believe they will be spared,don’t worry,they won’t.God must be laughing at their attempts to create a humanity they can live with.

    • Brooklyn

      Very good, Ken,

      And, allow me to add “POKED” by the graphene oxide, spiked protein, JAB…

    • Brooklyn

      Very good, Ken,

      And, allow me to add “POKED” by the graphene oxide, spiked protein, JAB..!

      Another fabulous weekly wrap up, especially today, for my birthday.

      Thanks for all you do, Greg Hunter.

      Laus Deo,


      • Paul ...

        B … The reason the bio-weapon “jab” was purposely designed by Fauci and Big Pharma with graphene oxide in it … was to help facilitate the spike protein breaking across the blood-brain barrier (the spike protein would have never been able to get into brain to cause blood clots, strokes and Alzheimer’s with out the graphene oxide)!!

    • Paul ...

      Ken … We the WOKE and Broke (who the Globalist eugenicists think are a Joke) are now marshaling our forces … to fight the “commie” Demons … together we will push these evil psychopaths right back through the Gates of Hell from which they came … to fall to their “eternal doom” … the same way God the Father taught us (he did to Satanists that got out of control)!!

  2. JC

    MARTIN ARMSTRONG: President Joe Biden will direct the Department of Labor to develop a rule that companies with more than 100 employees will require vaccinations or once-per-week testing for their workers. Biden is becoming a THREAT to national security for he is now taking his speeches from the World Economic Forum. He should really be removed from office. The only way to fight now is like the Australian truckers – simply refuse to work and bring the government to its knees. If they do not have food, they cannot pretend to rule. Or will he send in the troops to take over airlines and trucking as Truman did?

    • Julie B

      The trucker chicken-shits did nothing here in Australia. They did not follow through with the strike. Australia is falling.. or maybe diving to its death.

      • JC

        Julie B,

        I thought the truckers went on strike because the government declared they must be vaccinated because they travel and can spread the virus. So did the government back down from mandatory vaccinations for truckers?

      • Robert James

        The truckers may yet take action, I hope. Or else your military may, like ours in the USA.

        • Paul ...

          RJ … Like ours in the USA?? … tomorrow on 9-11 we will be celebrating the “in-action” of our US Military!! … I’m still waiting for the US Military who can control the weather (remember how they “flooded Vietnam” back in the 60’s to slow down troop movements along the Ho Chi Minh trail) to throw a hurricane at California and die out all the fires and fill the lakes and reservoirs!!

      • Doug

        Biden can’t put on his own shoes in the morning and now he is playing doctor telling us what to do!?

        His puppet masters are telling him what to say and do. I think a big puppet master that runs him is China and Russia to a lesser degree. They want a ROI for their “payments.”

        This guy needs to be impeached for treason.

        • Paul ...

          Doug … At a minimum … all the many millions of abused women of our Nation should line up outside the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) Headquarters … and demand that a sexual harassment lawsuit be filed against their boss (Bribe’n) … not just for the smelling their hair … but for using his position of authority “as their boss” … to demand that they submit to him “jabbing” them (with his spiked tool) “against their wishes” … if that’s not grounds for a sexual her-ass … man … lawsuit … what is??

        • Paul ...

          But alas … the Soros-funded American Civil Liberties Union says: Mandatory COVID “jabs” further “civil liberties”!! … civil liberties for who may I ask?? … do you think the American Civil Liberties Union (which has received over $37 million dollars from Globalist George Soros) had anything to do with their decision not to file a sexual harassment lawsuit against the big guy (the acting boss of the US) imposing his will upon American women (who don’t want to be “jabbed” by the pervert’s diseased pecker he wants to forcibly inject into them??

          • Paul ...

            Hey ACLU … are you going to allow our Boss to do “Genocide upon his entire workforce” as a part of his “Civil Rights” … are you going to sacrifice “Our Right to Defend Ourselves” by saying NO to his filthy virus and fetus filled “jab”? … Tell Me (you Soros paid traitors) are you also going to allow our Dictator in Chief (the un-elected Dick-doctor Genocidal Boss in charge) … to also take away “Our Right to Bear Arms”?? … so he can have TOTAL “Life and Death Control” over our lives???

    • InYeshuasHolyName

      I guess you were’nt really paying attention ” bi-den is not the president ” of anything ….. therefore any Law’s the prick TRY to put in place IS NULL N VOID and whomever goes along with anything from Nov third pertaining to the government would be participating in LIE’S .

      • JoyDaniels

        The United States ‘has gone mad’
        982,054 views Sep 5, 2021 Sky News Australia
        Sky News host Sharri Markson says US President Joe Biden is claiming his Afghanistan exit as a victory, however it is not.
        “This was no victory,” Ms Markson said.
        “As we come up to the 20th anniversary of 9/11, instead of us looking back from a position of safety and security, suddenly Islamic terror is reenergised.
        “The US has gone mad.”
        Ms Markson said global terror “is at large once again”.
        This is not about freedom, King George “Beijing” Biden, it is about you being the punchline to a joke. Slow Joe, your not doing anything but being the LGBQRSTVWXYZ, “sore ass” Soros’s/Obomber’s angry women sock puppet and as far as your boss is concerned. That coward hiding behind a wall two miles from the White House, in his B.S. bunker. Obomber, who can’t even control his own fate. The LGBQ loving women in his life, do that for him.
        No doubt exists that all LGBQ loving women are crazy; it’s only a question of degree and these San Fran’Sicko’😵 wannabe types, are now running the Anglo-American and former world superpower, into the ground of the dustbin of history!
        Only time will tell fer sure and this time is sure telling, our f ‘ed upped deep state department. GET OUTTA OUR FACE PLEASE!😎🤔😖 Thank you? After all, were all Amerikans aren’t we?
        Joe Biden’s incoherent, fear-mongering COVID vaccine speech
        By John Podhoretz September 9, 2021

  3. Gene

    The prevailing “Covid” madness that is sweeping the world is being explained routinely as a kind of “mass hysteria”. But this fails to explain how this mass hysteria occurred. One dependent on the Ruling Class might offer that it came about through some kind of “collective awakening” to the alleged perils of this disease. But that fails to account for the manner in which the knowledge that provoked such an awakening was disseminated simultaneously and universally in order to seed the hysteria.
    We know the Ruling Class derives most of its influence through the power to will debt/money into existence at the press of a few keys of a central banker’s keyboard and the control of the availability of such debt/money to virtually anyone who has a bank account. The question remains how these people actually exercise such power and control.
    John Perkins, the well-known Economic Hitman, wrote that in essence he was sent by monied interests to meet with third-world leaders to make them an offer they could only refuse at mortal risk to themselves and their families. If the target-leader accepted his offer, however, he would become extremely wealthy, while his country’s resources would be plundered by Perkin’s masters.
    We have no reason to believe that these predators would abandon this very effective means of persuasion when influencing world leaders to cultivate the hysteria we now see. At lower levels, it would likely be sufficient simply to threaten the withdrawal of credit from media organizations, industrial firms and educational institutions to secure their cooperation in this vile effort.

    • A. Anthanovich


      Your assessment is absolutely spot on.

      Central bankers and fiat currencies MUST be abolished…wiped off the face of the earth if humanity has any hope of surviving into the future.

      Phony money has been used to purchase/steal almost everything of value on the planet. But it doesn’t end there…this nearly infinite wealth is then used to control military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific, and political operations as JFK stated sixty years ago. Just imagine how much deeper the cancer has grown since Kennedy’s time in office.

      • Gene

        I was watching live television when I saw Lee Harvey Oswald shot by Jack Ruby (yes, I’m that old). I knew instantly that, even if Oswald was involved in the assassination attempt, others were as well, because these others wanted to silence Oswald. (Ruby’s explanation that he wanted to avenge JFK’s murder was ludicrous on its face.) The official adoption of the narrative that Oswald acted on his own convinced me that the Government of the United States had become rotten to the core.
        Later when Johnson stopped the bombing of North Vietnam to negotiate, this also spoke loud and clear to me: The lives of American soldiers didn’t amount to the least part of a rats anatomy to the same people who failed to bring justice to those responsible for JFK’s assassination.
        I sought to understand the true nature of the Ruling Class that evidently had consumed the US government like a phagocytic white blood cell engulfing and consuming a dying human cell. Then I was introduced to the writings of Carroll Quigley of the Georgetown Foreign Service School, whom Bill Clinton regarded as a mentor. Quigley in his book, “Tragedy and Hope”, expressed a loathing for middle class Americans, whom he labeled as “bourgeoisie”, as any dedicated communist would. He also revealed that we are ruled by a cabal of extremely wealthy individuals. Then, the picture started to come into focus.
        By the way, thank you for your kind words.

        • Warren B.

          LHO – the Actor/Fall Guy for the theatrical play of the Assassination of JFK.
          “Rotten to core” – is true and unfortunately JFK was part of it….being a part of the cabal of extremely wealthy individuals (consider his Father’s wealth and influence – he was one of the most powerful men in America alongside others such as Vanderbilt, Morgan, Dupont, Ford, Carnegie).

          • Gene

            A valid observation.
            Taking it a step further, it is apparent that factions can arise in the Ruling Class itself. Presently, we see George Soros opposing those on Wall Street that foolishly invest in Communist China.
            I think there must be ways for us to exploit such divisions in order to undermine their power and consequently elevate the power of We the People. These measures could include efforts to inflame such divisions, while doing all we can to restore constitutional government.

    • Steve Bice

      Excellent, Gene…

      • Steve Bice

        P.S. …and to perpetuate the “vaccine only” strategy…

        • Gene

          Yes, sir, that is a worthy addendum to my comment. Why are they pushing “vaccine only”? Are they trying to realize Bill Gates’ ignoble aspiration that vaccines be developed to “reduce human population by 10 to 15%”.

          • Steve Bice

            Exactly. I’ve always believed he meant exactly what he said. As hard as it is to accept, this looks nefarious in the extreme.

    • A+Jones

      This is why all the mass hysteria occurred: There is an old military saying: “Know your enemy.” That is why we have an intelligence service. What are your enemy’s motives, methods, objectives, tactics etc. Timing of events is a clue. I have learned a little trick that helps me connect the dots. Every time I hear some big project the government is about to spring on the people, I watch their propaganda outlets. Latest example, Biden announces all people must take the VAXX. You may ask yourself what is motivating these people to be in such a desperate state of mind. I have noticed a correlation of events in this regard. About the time something big is being pushed down our throats PBS (Public TV) comes out with a program on the subject to plant the seed in peoples mind justifying what is going on and why.
      This week Biden made his announcement about everybody must get the VAXX. The very night of this announcement PBS (Public TV) had a program entitled “The Future of Work”. If you want a reference to what I am driving at go to and watch this Front-Line Edition and the documentary on “What Happened to America After 9/11. Also in the news today was the fact that Hospitals in northern Virginia are flooded with patients from Afghanistan which just adds to the existing crisis. The statue of Robert E. Lee was taken down in Richmond Virginia. Why, all a sudden, all of this race propaganda and campaign on racism?
      This Frontline documentary gives us a clue of why they are acting in such a hysterical fashion. The Liberal universe consists of the large cities and huge urban areas. This documentary on “The Future of Work” takes place in big cities like New York and Los Angles. Lots and lots of little brown and black people that must be feed and supported is the theme. The star of the show is a mixed-race man in New York City that delivers lunches on a bicycle. He said he drives about 30 miles a day delivering meals and this way of making a living is getting old. New York is full of these people just surviving on this kind of service jobs with little hope of it getting any better. Things are marginal now but what is going to happen when technology comes along and makes things even worse? They asked all the right questions but had no answers. That is why we hear about a guaranteed wage or giving these people whatever they want to keep the peace. Taking down statues buys them time or so they think. There was another documentary on PBS this weekend. It was about what happened to America after 9/11. In summary, people have lost faith and trust in their government leaders. They were rough on Bush and Obama with the usual dump on Trump. Things don’t happen in a vacuum. Connect the dots! When the stuff hits the fan what is going to happen in the Liberal World? I agree there is a concern. Depopulation and lock downs are just short-term fixes and in light of the above don’t look so much like conspiracy theories. It all adds up to the perfect storm. The World is falling apart and the people have lost all confidence in the political class. So says PBS.

      • Paul ...

        A+J … I hear Trump will be running for President in 2024 … if he wants to win and get the support of “all” his followers … he better quickly turn “against the jab” and do something meaningful to show he really means it … like making Robert Kennedy Jr his vice-presidential pick and put RK Jr. in charge of running our Health Care System!!

  4. Mike r

    In less than 24 hours of his announcement that all federal workers are to be jabbed, the USPostal workers already got exemption. Well folks the mandate is now DOA ! There is no way anyone else is going to accept the jab, now that US postal workers got exemption.

    Biden is now done. He’s cooked ! His days are numbered.

    • AndrewB

      Hi Mike,
      Two neurones just clicked together when I read your comment. If the ‘vaccine’ mandates had anything whatsoever to do with health – with preventing the spread of a deadly virus – then postal workers who travel door to door would be the FIRST priority to vaccinate, not the last! But will the ‘normies’ figure this out? Doh!

      • Brooklyn


        The normies will never figure out that postal workers should get the Jab first for a number of reasons:

        1. They get all their info from the media.
        2. They blindly believe all of the media’s bullcrap – all of it!
        3. They are too arrogant to do any research on their own.
        4. And, last but not least, normies will never admit they were wrong. Many will die believing that it was (us!) the non-vaxx’ed that killed them, instead of the Killer Clot-Shot! KCS!

        • Charles H.

          You got it right. Good call.

        • AndrewB

          Unfortunately, I agree with you. I am still trying to awaken my siblings but they are totally mesmerised by the establishment narrative.

    • A. Anthanovich


      I sure hope you are correct because Biden officially declared war on unvaccinated Americans last night. I carefully listened to the entire speech, and it was an absolutely infuriating spew of one lie after another.

      As painful as it was to listen to the entire speech, I encourage everyone to listen to understand what we are up against. After listening, it should be obvious why the globalist controllers installed such an incompetent puppet stooge to deliver their desperate message.

      If Biden’s mandates and executive orders are allowed to stand, we will have total chaos and mass causalities when millions of Americans loose their jobs, homes, and everything.

      We must find a way to stop this planned genocide before it’s too late!!

      • Paul ...

        AA … It is easy … all we have to do is grab the evil people doing the “jabs” by the neck … force the deadly syringe out of their hand … and step on it … instead of allowing the “jab” to take place … and then buying Ivermectin to fight off the ill effects … when you are at War with a dangerous enemy … don’t you try to take the enemy down “before he shoots you”?? … right now … we are simply allowing the enemy to shoot us and our families … and then we run around (like idiots) looking for bandages (like horse de-wormers, vit D, zinc, NAC, etc., etc.) to heal the wound inflicted upon us without any push back??? … seems that “doing nothing” when an enemy attacks you is ingrained in our society (ever since 9-11 when the most sophisticated and powerful Military in the entire world … just sat on their hands … and allowed terrorists to “inject” their deadly weapons)!!!

    • Bill

      We should impeach all of the Big Guy’s Marxist’s and Communists at one time. But Pelosi is next in line! So,, what do we do then?

      • Paul ...

        Simply don’t allow her to fly back to the America she hates … “Just Don’t Let Her Back In” … let her rot over in Europe … with her good buddy’s Soros and Schwab (the SS twins)!!

  5. JC

    Who controls the corporate media?

    “All across the world there were massive protests against medical tyranny and COVID vaccine passports this past week, but most of these are not being reported by the corporate media.”

  6. J

    The vaccines destroy natural immunity

    • FreeMpg

      Thanks. Excellent information, especially how Ivermectin destroys graphene oxide hydrogel structures.

    • steve

      After studying this for nearly two years now and the Governments aggressive push, I believe that this vaccine is for population control via death and sterility.

  7. Leslie Nestingen

    Outstanding, Greg! Thank you, God Bless You.
    Leslie Nestingen
    Scottsdale, AZ

  8. tim mcgraw

    The stupids who get vaxxed are going to die or get weak. We just have to find a way to wait them out.
    When time is on your side in a battle, you always win.

    • JC


      Therefore our theme song should be ‘Time Is On My Side’.’ (Rolling Stones)

    • The Ogs

      I agree Tim 100%.
      The inevitable outcome of this (if Doctors Mikovits and Tenpenny and assorted Professors of Medicine etc. are correct) is a bunch of dead people’s phones with “Covid vaccinations” on them.
      Any and all establishments who have chosen to cater only to the inoculated will find that they have no clients! No customers at all, and all of us perfectly healthy un-injected will need to remind them of their foolishness by refusing to transact with them in any way.

    • Matt Kaatz

      Time may not be on our side if they start targeting us.

  9. Robert

    Trump still has not done his homework on the experimental jab, that was made clear in the Gutfeld interview. Plenty of doctors with huge credentials have explained the dangers of the jab as well as VAERS data. Jab causes your cells to produce spike proteins that causes blood clots and other damage, High potential for ADE to occur. Love Trump but he is in danger now and may not survive to run in 2024. And DeSantis also.

    • RTW

      Gutfeld destroyed his credibility and showed he was a corporate shill when he interrupted Lisa Booth while she was talking about deaths caused by the jab. He had panic in his eyes as someone was most assuredly screaming in his ear piece and he spewed the lie that there isn’t any proof that the jab killed anyone. They then went to commercial, presumably to straighten Ms. Booth out.

    • Paul ...

      If De Santis does nothing to void the law giving the Florida Health Department the right to forcibly vaccinate people … “he should be eliminated as a potential presidential candidate” … lets put Robert Kennedy Jr. in the running … at least … we know exactly where he stands!!

  10. Randy E Moore

    Why are there no video interviews?

    • Greg Hunter

      ISP folks are censoring. Unplug your modem and plug it back in to clear the censoring codes they put in.

      • Barb

        Greg I heard that they are going to mix the so called cv vax and the flu vaccine together as a shot but can’t remember where I heard it. Also have you heard about how the fda told hospitals to be ready for children getting paralyzed from vaccines that are given to go to school . Polio like symptoms but is really bell palsy .

        • The Ogs

          ANYONE who cannot smoke cigarettes or purchase alcohol (legally a Minor) should and must be protected from these jabs!
          History will judge us all very harshly indeed if in fact we allow this travesty to occur…
          All parents must first be asked: “what – you don’t want grandchildren?” Maybe that’ll get their attention.
          Isiah 13 says that ultimately the Lord will then bring countless thousands of His ‘champions’ to this world, and that they will be coming “from a land far away, in the distant reaches of the heavens.”
          Oh you didn’t know that the Bible says that… did you?

      • Barb

        Greg sorry it was Dr Ardis it’s on frank speech and he said it was the flu/vaccines . He said don’t get the flu or the polio . You should go watch it

      • Barbara

        Hi Greg , we absolutely love and support you , you re the best source of info and bring the best guests , we share you in the US and in Europe ,
        I use my phone hot spot to get on line , it seems these codes are not targeting this way , we hear you loud and clear , May The LORD Jesus Christ protect you and your Family and Bless you abundantly

        • Greg Hunter

          Barbara, thank you so very much for your blessings, kind words & support. I need it & appreciate it.

      • Randy E Moore

        thanks Greg. Big fan of your channel.

  11. DixieDude

    One lesson I learned after 28 years in the US Navy regarding voluntary use of experimental drugs…NAVY=Never Again Volunteer Yourself.
    And we know Biden is a (very sad ) Clown.

    • david brownallen

      Twenty-eight years of never again volunteering yourself.

      • Paul ...

        David … he said he learned it “after” 28 years … hope it doesn’t take that long for the rest of the un-woke to wake (for what good is being woke after the wake and six feet under … unless they hold a dead ringer)!!

  12. Charles H.

    You are on fire – authoritative source after source; graph after graph: there just isn’t ANYONE out there doing what you are doing. You’ll never get one – but a Nobel Prize, just for telling the Truth – ought to be yours. CH

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Charles!

  13. SouthernPatriot

    Great show Greg.
    There telling my neighbors wife, that if she wants to continue to have a job she must take the shot or be tested weekly. The husband is asking me what they should do.? He asked if we plan to take the shot? I told him we certainly will “Not take the shot”!
    They work in government and their coming close to retirement. There concern about their pension and that they might loose it if they don’t take the shot.
    I think that they are just scared folks. We also told them, to look to God for the answers they’re seeking and “NOT” to look to the government for help.
    I have family here visiting us. They informed us that they have taken the shot and want us to do the same. We’ve told them that we had already decided to not take it!
    I told them about you and your website and that they should listen to the people you interview. We told them that we trust you and your guests. Your like family to us.
    Our opinions and views are base on truth and on fact’s and not lies!
    I think it’s to late in trying to change there beliefs! I’m sorry to say.
    Thanks for listening. Indeed Greg, your a good person with a good heart. SP

    • Paul ...

      What if Government workers show up for their shot “as ordered” by King Bribe’n … but Antifa shows up and burns down the vaccination station?? … it would be reminiscent of the Boston Tea Party (where people were angry at the King for imposing mandatory “taxation without representation”)!!

      • Paul ...

        “Awake … Before the Wake” … notice how if buildings are burned down by those dressed like Antifa (instead of like Indians) they don’t get prosecuted (all the Antifa on Jan 6 are still walking free)!!

    • Coal Burner

      Be sure they took that shot at least a month or more back. At one week they are contagious as can be shedding virus like sick dog with distemper.

  14. AndrewB

    Hi Greg and thank you for WNW494! Brilliant, fact filled, and provocative.

    Janet Yellen’s letter to the “witch” about the US running out of cash in October, together with the Evergrande story out of China, are IMHO deliberate signaling by TPTB. The financial system depends above all else on confidence. Both these stories intend to erode confidence. To ‘Build Back Better’ TPTB need to collapse the current system. They have already succeeded – it’s wrecked! To my mind, the two stories are a ‘tell’ that they are now ready to pull the financial plug.

    P.S. Loved your impression of Nazi doctor Mengele clones! Probably the most un-woke thing I have heard in many a year 🙂 Bravo!!

    • Bob

      If you checked the facts, you’d find Mengele was no where near as bad as these people.
      Mengele was overrated in the evil department, hyped up by Hollywood. I think they just liked his name, that’s all.

  15. Kevin Tatanka

    I generally enjoy your guests, Greg, but to have Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn on your show is a strong step upward! Not just a forecaster of what might happen, but a person who MAKES it happen! Very much look forward to Sat. night’s show!

    With today’s idiotic announcement from the nitwit in chief re forced vaccinations, we have entered “nut-cuttin’ time,” as we say in the Midwest…. “It’s a hard rain’s a-gonna fall.” ~ Bob Dylan

    • Paul ...

      Kevin … Bribe’n knows the federal government does not have clear authority to impose public health mandates … authority for such mandates is within State authority … and is the reason people should begin moving to Red State’s (when seeking employment) … Bribe’n is trying to use OSHA to impose “a Federal Mandate” upon State workers … claiming public health concerns overrides both State and individual rights (but OSHA health and safety concerns have only to do with “the job” (the workers are engaged in) … not linked to something “not directly attributed to a given workplace or job” … it is just like the UN trying to take control away from every Nation in the World … based simply upon something in the air (like CO2)!!

  16. Joe Hart

    Does anyone else think it strange and alarming that so many open attacks on USA culture, customs, religion, courts, schools, military, borders, families, and economy are all occurring at the same time?!

    • Tom C

      You’re right. It is a concerted effort to do as much damage to the USA as quickly as possible.

  17. Anthony Australia

    New World Order!

  18. Paul in OZ

    Something I was taught about in school ,,, which is just as powerful or even moreso today …. The 1919 Winnipeg General Strike … info here … THE TIME HAS COME !

    • Marie+Joy

      nwo wants to destroy the western world. Striking now would do just that.

  19. Poochiman

    Thank you Greg for your service to humanity. On a more personal note, I also wanted to mention I had the privilege of living in the Show Me State for several years and I can tell you are from that beautiful state. Thank you again.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks “Pooch!!

  20. A Friend

    The 2011 Harvard Pilgrim study concluded that less than 1% of Adverse Events from vaccines are ever reported to the National Database, The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System. As of this moment there are roughly 14,000 known deaths from the vaccines plus roughly 1,500 additional deaths in which pregnant mothers took the vaccine and spontaneously aborted their children. Multiply 15500 by 100.

  21. A Friend

    And those numbers are just for America. It’s all over the world that this is happening.
    I work at a hospital in North Carolina. The Lord blessed me with Good attorneys, Benjamin McLawhorn’s group out of Raleigh, and the Lord delivered me from the covid-19 vaccine mandate at my hospital. Had to go see a patient yesterday. As I was leaving to go I passed by the cafeteria, where there is a room off to the side of cafeteria that is often used for blood drives and things like that. There was a long line of people maybe 20 or 30 people outside that room lined up in the hall. Surprised, I asked one of the ladies in line what they were waiting for. She said the covid vaccine. These people did not look happy. I think these are probably people who did not get the exemption from the vaccine mandate. I personally tried to give advice to everybody that I could whom I knew was applying for a mandate exemption. But of course in a big hospital I wouldn’t know everybody. It is very sad. They literally look like people who were lined up to go to slaughter. Please pray for them and for the Lord’s blessings for them. N-acetyl l-cysteine is thought to help according to Clif High and others in the know.

  22. Linda Puetz

    No fear. God is near. Thank you for your reporting. i watched and listened to Clif-High maybe five times to make sure I can talk about the issues. Sunny regars, Linda

  23. Maria+das+Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter.
    All the world’s ills now are clearly at the feet of Klaus Schwab and his acolytes like Christine Lagarde at the European Central Bank,
    Chrissy was also a work colleague of Mr Barack Obama ,the president who never left Washington.

  24. Vincent

    Another fantastic show Greg, I’m great admirer of Peter Schiff, but he did a Q&A last week on Instagram and uploaded it to YouTube. In the livestream he said he supported employers mandating vaccines for his employees. I thought this alarming as Peter, as I always thought was for the individual and very much a Libertarian.

    • Greg Hunter

      Schiff is totally uninformed and he =actually supports a dangerous experimental gene editing vax. If this is true I have lost a lot of respect for him.

    • Tom Kalb

      I haven’t heard the interview with Schiff, but vaccine mandates ordered by private businesses would NOT be anti-libertarian. It does violate the SPIRIT of Libertarianism, but according to pure libertarian theory a business can order an employee to jump through hoops naked if it wants to, so long as the employee has the right to LEAVE…

      Now I agree that it is sickening what our big businesses have become (socialists), but that’s another problem altogether, and more proof of the sticky situation we are in. Give GOVERNMENT the right to order businesses NOT to order mandates, and you have given government still more power over businesses… Just what we need!

      Ultimately the only way out of this mess is some form of cultural awakening.. and I see no signs of anything that big coming our way… That said, it’s every man for himself.

    • Paul ...

      I believe Schiff sadly also accepts bitcoin in his gold/silver business transactions … but all one needs to do (is use the brain God gave us) … look at what governments do “to punish those who flout their prohibitions” (like fining people for not wearing a mask while swimming in the ocean or like putting people out of work for not taking the “jab”) … and you will know what the governments will eventually do to Bitcoin holders … look back at monetary history … governments always do bad things to people … they always debase their coin of the realm “while monopolizing” the issuance of supposedly redeemable notes … they have suspended convertibility of money in the past (do you think it can’t occur in the future to Bitcoin) … they have always devalued their “irredeemable notes in circulation” … do you think that … these crooks would allow “wooden nickels” (or Bitcoins) to compete with their monetary Ponzi scheme monopoly “without punishing those who flaunt their prohibitions”? … or using anything other then “their money”?? … people not doing what they are told (even if it will kill them with blood clots to the brain or give them heart attacks) will be punished … just look at what they doing to get you “jabbed” … and you will know what is coming for Bitcoin holders!!

      • Tom Kalb

        Schiff may “accept” Bitcoin, but I’m pretty sure if he does he has a way of dumping it.. I can’t think of anyone who has spent more time ridiculing Bitcoin!

  25. Martin Coombs

    God bless you Greg, the truth shall set you free ( just a lil info , klaus Schwabs mother is ( Miriam Rothschild) keep the faith brothers & sisters , they have no auth over you , God the father , the son Jesus Christ , Holy Spirit are in total control in this hour of testing, stand firm & trust in the Lord

    • Marie+Joy

      God helps those who help themselves.

      • Mario

        Hi MarieJoy

        That’s not biblical. Lots of people say that but it’s not true. Just saying

    • Paul ...

      MC … Klaus Schwab is Jewish and his mother is a Rothschild … so why would he be out to “Kill the Jews” with the “jab”?? … we need to ask George Soros that question!! … but I can figure out why … it is because all Jews are “not as evil as them … and have higher moral standards” … and these evil psychopaths are just “damn jealous”!!

  26. Mike+G

    The former head of the FED tells pelosi to extend the debt ceiling because the FED doesn’t own everything in America Yet

  27. Michael Lee Shirey

    Greg my Brother! You hit every fastball out of the Park. Every Time. GOD bless your Ministry because that’s truly what it is. Your Brother in Christ. Michael Lee

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Brother Michael.
      Brother Greg

  28. Jay Rocco

    Here’s how you know the stock (public) market is a fraud. What if companies could not expand? What if companies could only maintain itself year after year? What if sales were exactly the same month after month year after year? This is how you know the “public market is a scam. When companies are private snd the grow and prosper it’s fine nothing they keep going on days after day. The minute you become public…it is the beginning of the end. It is inevitable that the company will fail history has taught us this. Forget the free money forget the tax breaks and benefits of owing public. They are only a temporary infusion of money…it has nothing to do with success

  29. Jerry

    Here you go. People wanted a 9/11 event. You’ve ’ve got one. This is what one navy commander said, after a military vaccine mandate was scheduled to begin on 9/11.

    Folks if this takes place forget about the elections. This country is finished. A sick and dying military will open the door for a military invasion. It’s decision time. The military command knows that should the United Nations and CCP be allowed to come in through military martial law, they will face the death sentence, along with a vast majority of Americans.

    This is it folks. This is no game. I lost my son this past week because the medical tyranny that has seized control of this nation, would not allow him to have easily and readily availability of ivermectin. By the time he was able to receive it by mail, he was dead. Maybe that doesn’t mean anything to you now, but it will when someone you love dies from the vaccines or lack of proper medical care. This is nothing but straight up genocide, and it must stop! I’m tired of waiting for the courts to do something, and this made up B.S. about Trump returning to office.
    Return to what? A country that no longer exist, or that is so sick, that half it’s population is dead. I apologize for my rant, but I’m sick of the whole thing. I WANT JUSTICE NOW before someone else I care about dies.

    • Charles H.


      Sorry to hear about your son. Please accept my condolences. Justice? If I had my way – bunches of people would ‘collateral’ on my way out. But believing in God as I do – I must defer vengeance to Him. Lots of families are reeling from Covid deaths. All I can say is that we have seen the best of times. CH

      • Jerry

        Thank you. The sad part is, if Cliff High is right, many more people will be feeling the pain, I am feeling right now. It doesn’t have to be this way. A forty one year old healthy young man should not have to die because some globalist hose bag believes in global warming and has lucifers hand up their puppet shoot. Brace yourself. If you’ve been on Greg’s site, you’ve got a target on your back. Thanks.

        • Charles H.


          I think I’ve had a target on my back for some time. I got a Tdap shot two years ago and it feels like I’m slowly losing my arm. I’ve had a good, new-to-me doctor at the VA: but I’m sure he’s under pressure to vaccinate. And last year he told me vaccinations are “VOLUNTARY”. Veterans are not past having “experiments” on them – just ask the Mississippi Blacks who were purposefully infected with syphillis; then tracked through the disease’s destruction. This same heartlessness of the past now rears its ugly head for the Covid Vac.

          I talked to an Anti-virus agent – who lost a cousin at 42. He vaccinated and went hunting; then died in the field of a blood clot (embolism?) . It is sad that most people were raised to ‘give the benefit of the doubt’ : but that is a luxury that no one can afford in the world today.

          I lost my older brother a couple of years ago – and it leaves me with such a hole in my heart. I am deeply sorrowful for the loss of your son. We may never meet: but you are family to me. CH

    • JC


      You are right, this is no game.

      MARTIN ARMSTRONG: WHY is the CDC now interfering in how people are treated? Do we have once again a crisis in the medical profession with so many doctors subscribing to this new norm of reducing the population again? This is getting really out of hand and the Biden Administration is now posing a threat to society.

      • Jerry

        I have sources in Kansas City reporting black hawk helicopters and A10 warthogs circling the city. He went to SAMS and COSCO and there is a buying frenzy going on. People are stocking up on food.
        Somethings getting ready to go down?

    • Paul ...

      Jerry … Bribe’n isn’t noted for having brains … so he is forcing the “jab” upon all Military personnel … when these “well armed men” (trained how to fight an enemy) find they are having heart attacks, blood clots, strokes and cancer “like the rest of the walking dead” … do you think … perhaps? … they will do something to the terrorists who jabbed them?? … I know what the Globalists are likely thinking … they figure the US Military “are just a bunch of dumb idiots” … and thus will do “absolutely nothing” … like on 9-11 !!

    • Matt Kaatz

      Jerry, Very sorry for your loss. Would it be too much of us to ask God for justice to be brought for your son and all of those people from around the world who have become victims of this genocide while we are still alive to see it?

  30. John

    I’m not getting the jab but almost everyone I know has gotten the jab. This makes me believe the percent jabbed is higher rather than lower.

  31. Rick

    Thanks for the informative show Greg. Great job! My doctor informed me late Wednesday evening he is no longer prescribing Ivermectin for me. Now I’m scrambling trying to find a doctor that will write me a prescription, and I’m high risk with no spleen! Does Ivermectin work? My personal experience is about a month ago seven people in our office came down with COVID. Most if not all are fully vaccinated. I was exposed and not vaccinated and I didn’t get it. It works!! Then yesterday the moron in chief wants employers to put pressure on workers to get the needle rape. It feels like I’m living in a communist country. There is a greater chance of hell freezing over than me getting the jab.

    • Self Exiled

      Did your doctor give you a reason why he will no longer prescribe?

      • Rick

        Something to do with the New England Journal of Medicine. I spoke to his nurse not him directly. He told the nurse he would speak to me but I see no reason. Where I live the local hospitals have bought out most doctors practices so the Doc’s work for the hospital. I think the hospital are the ones calling the shots. Either way I’m finished with the hospital and my doctor has been officially fired as my physician. Now I am shopping.

        • Self Exiled

          Interesting: I wonder in how many other communities in the US that this process has occurred. The monopolistic incidence in the medical field evidently has occurred after the process was completed in the news media. Thank You. They are thoroughly entrenched.

    • Paul ...

      Rick … Buy a 50lb bag of onions … a bushel of apples … and have some berries and green tea in the house … and eat of them everyday … onions (and an apple a day) contains the ionophore called “quercetin” that works like Ivermectin (to get zinc into the center of your cells) … … the center of the cell is where zinc needs to be to have immune system effect (because viruses reproduce in the center of cells) … so zinc needs to be transported to the center of the cell to stop viral reproduction and the ionophore quercetin does just that … as stated above quercetin is found in onions, apples, berries, green tea and also red wine !!

      • Rick

        Thanks Paul. I’ve contacted America’s Frontline Doctors so will probably be getting Ivermectin from them. Another issue came up today. My employer is giving the unvaccinated until November 1 to get vaccinated or be tested weekly. I can expense that cost back yo the company. I’m going to hang on as long as I can to see if a court will overrule this Soviet style governing or lawsuits crank up.

    • Coal Burner

      If you are near Mexico go across the border and they will write you one for ten dollars and sell you the Medicine.

      IF anyone has an online source, stick it up here in code!

      • jeandavid8

        americasfrontlinedoctors DOT org SLASH treatments SLASH how-do-i-get-covid-19-medication

    • Donna Wilson

      Ivermectin horse paste still available on line from Tractor Supply. This product is $7.99 for one tube, plus shipping. Good luck!

  32. Karen Halpenny

    Greg, how is this going to be enforced. With the number of guns here in this country, I doubt if they will have enough idiots volunteering to be on the enforcing squads. We need to take a “Tax Free” period in this country. The government can’t arrest the whole country. We can starve them out of DC in no time. What’s left of the far left can be
    swept out with industrial brooms when needed. Tired of the BS. Silent no longer.

    • Hugh Mcdanel

      Sorry can’t starve them out, the central bank is in control of the money supply, we have a Fiat currency , just so much paper,
      They operate on modern monatary theroy, just print money, and they say that doesn’t cause inflation, bull shizzle!

  33. David W Leonard

    After working many years employed with a Federal security contractor; I learned to never trust the Gov regardless the Administration. As hard as the Gov is pushing this “Jab”, there is no way I’d ever get this vaccine. They’d have to shoot me first.

  34. Patsy Danovsky

    There is no test for any varients. All deaths are side effects of the vaccinated conveniently labeled delta varient by the media. Stew Peters had a nurse come on his podbeam and explain what is going on.

  35. Da Yooper

    Greg I have a question for General Michael Flynn IF you haven’t already done the interview.

    biden is killing & maiming million’s of American’s when will the military step in & remove this criminal ?
    How can the US military sit by & do nothing while the country goes to hell by the theft of an election & the mass murder & psychological & medical harm being done to it’s citizens?

    • Marie+Joy

      Da, Anyone who has a brain has been purged from the military, starting with obama.

      • Marie+Joy

        Starting during obama’s administration.

      • Coal Burner

        There are some left but I would not dare mention their names. HEY GREG: Remember the news the day the gate to the Airport was bombed. That day also a bomb killed some other service men including a Colonel, may have been a Doctor at some Hotel in town. First clip said he was “negotiating with the Taliban” Dig into it Greg: My take, those guys were targeted by us. Yes, as in USA. That story was total shutdown faster than any mention of that bombing later.
        My take is they had ordered that no “negotiating would take place and he/they violated some civilian pimpleheads order and Milley killed him/them intentionally. False flag buried. Next Q, Obama / Senoile wanted that fiasco circus in Afghanistan to humiliate who?????????????? No way to twist that sorry bunch of crap back to Trump, so what are they up too. So there was also one little comment, that we were protecting some other ‘Stans border from the Taliban now” Dig that up ! Sounds like another failure on the way!

        • Bob

          Have you seen the video of the US Army lesbian saying she will fire on US civilians if they don’t comply with her orders? She can’t wait.

          The armed forces must be as divided as the general populace. They also follow orders.

          The good news it that most of them are not such good soldiers anymore.

          • Bill

            She is a truckdriver. She delivers food to different MessHalls.

        • Tin Foil Hat

          Taliban or ISIS-K will attack Iran next year.

  36. Lightning

    Great job driving home the whole Comernity vs. Pfizer liability differences.

    The EUA must still require a signature by the person being injected acknowledging that they are submitting to the jab voluntarily.

    If I wasn’t retired , here is what I would do.

    I am going to demand formal documentation (from my employer ) on the Company letterhead ahead of the administered jab that’s signed and dated by an officer of the company stating that the Injection I will receive is FDA approved ( Biden said it was so it’s merely a company backed reaffirmation !) , that the manufacturer of the vaccine and the employer compelling the injection are both assuming liability for any and all adverse effects and that , as the recipient, I will not sign any document as a volunteer as I and my employer both acknowledge that the injection is a coerced “ condition of employment . I am Asking the employer to specify which specific vaccine they are confirming is FDA approved and to provide copies of the vaccine inserts and label info stating its FDA approved so We can all ensure the correct one is selected. I am also stating that it is my expectation that the company medical staff administer the injection to ensure all elements of this contract are fulfilled correctly.

    I am Providing this request to HR and do it via registered mail requiring a signature. I will send via internal company email after I am confident it’s been delivered via registered mail.

    I am stating that I need these documents to provide to my insurance companies and my lawyer in the event of any future adverse vaccine related injuries.

    I personally would not get the injection no matter what, but I doubt that any savvy company will provide this documentation and if they now terminate you . You now possess critical and discoverable documentation for the coming class action lawsuits

  37. Donnie W Clyma

    Dear friend, your doing a good job, educating people, keep it up. My biblical knowledge has alerted me to what most people except as norm. I’ve responded to many of your weekly updates to bring as much insight as I can, as a help. Bill Gates, Biden, Fauci, and democratic party as well as many republicans, like former John McCain, are and were NWO puppets. What those of the NWO call climate change is the doctrine of the Day of the Lord, or day of vengeance found in scripture. Its the day when God’s judgments directly intervene in the human race. The elite know its coming, and world government forces, in each nation, all are to play a role. Leaders all over the globe are told to get on board or else, by the global elite. The coming economic collapse, and new future monetary system, as well as UN green policies, and global population reduction, and eventually the mark of the beast, will be used against populations. Biden’s recent mandate of vaccine obedience is unconstitutional, and should be viewed by all as an enemy of America, and tried for treason, as well as all the democratic party. Their being told to use force to implement all their policies, and until some patriots begin to eliminate the traitors and put the fear of God in them, this type of abuse of power will not stop. No American should ever submit to the will of the UN and its puppets in America, and as long as their abuse is left unchecked and criminal charges not carried out, they will continue. Fauci, has been proven a liar, and a criminal, but MSM gave him a by-pass, as if the millions of deaths of populations everywhere means nothing, while the NWO agents in higher courts and political offices escape all criminality. Tell the people to get ready for the fight of their lives, against a rouge government, and NWO agencies. Food shortages, controlling the election result, financial collapse of America, and a currency collapse is coming, probably in this shemitah year. So everyone needs to get ready. The Nobel Prize winning French Virologist that warning of the Vaccines causing spike proteins to create other variants, and eventual death of the vaccinated is probably true, meaning the vaccination was never produced to stop the virus but only cover its symptoms, while producing variants that no one can kill. Ivermectin is probably the best avenue to take for treatment. And while its not allowed by FDA for use in humans here, you can buy Ivermectin horse Dewormer and take it by adjusting dosage per weight amounts. We are living just before the Day Of The Lord begins, in scripture, and the Magog war will soon start in the middle east, meaning the rapture of the church and God’s people will soon receive their liftoff command and hear the trumpet of God to call them home. Until then, thank you for your efforts to warn all of the criminal activity the globalist are participating in.

  38. Joe

    Looks like I will be unemployed soon with the dictator’s new mandate for company’s with over 100 employees. If you get fired for refusing do you still qualify for unemployment?

    Anyone have any ideas how to fight this?

    • Greg Hunter

      File for a religious exemption: scroll down and you’ll find forms for college and work. Don’t give up. Make them fire you and escort you out of the building if it gets that far. Record it too. Keep in mind this is going to become obvious that people getting sick and dying will be the “fully vaccinated”! It’s over in less than a year.

      • Joe

        Thanks for that great information, Greg. I will tell the others I know about it. And of course about USA Watchdog.

        • Greg Hunter

          Sure thing Joe. Thanks for the viral promotion.

      • Bob

        That’s right Greg! Why do people keep resigning and quitting? At least make them fire you!

      • Diane

        Object to the using of aborted babies body parts in the vaccines.

    • Brian

      Liberty Counsel has sample letters for Religious Exemption.

      • Bill

        I just pasted your “” into my browser. I was taken to a page that said “SORRY….. Something is wrong here. We’re working to resolve this now!” Which means that page is temporary out of order!

  39. david brownallen

    A deal will worsen the outcome. We’re damned under either scenario.

  40. Terry Lewis

    I was in Mexico, Puerto Vallarta in August. My wife and I bought Ivermectin, Hydroxichloraquin, Zpac, for both of us over the counter. You don’t need a vax to fly to Mexico. Take a vacation and stock up on therapeutics. It might be the best vacation of your life!

  41. Marie+Joy

    Before you do anything, see your conservative attorney. Don’t quit. Let them fire you and then sue.

  42. Ray Lefebvre

    Dear Greg:
    We should all thank God for wonderful , honest people like you. Hard to believe but you have more followers than CNN, and people believe what you are saying. At CNN everything is opinionated entertainment for the masses. But most of the crap they report on is fake or exaggerated to get attention and of course follow the corporate narrative or they will be unemployed very fast. You tell the truth Greg and as I have said many times thank you Greg for your bravery. I look forward to your weekly broadcasts and announcements and love you for having the guts to do them. You can’t change the world Greg but at least you are trying. God Bless You. Never give up!
    A Friend, called Ray.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Ray!
      Your friend,

  43. Marie+Joy

    Organize. Protest. Like-minded people need to come together.

    • AndrewB

      100% agree! Mass civil disobedience is called for. There is a template for this. Gandhi defeated the might of the British Empire by employing mass civil disobedience – it works.

    • Marie+Joy

      It will, likely, require a lot more than protesting. Protesting, now, sounds like too little, too late.

  44. Tom Wigand

    Hi Greg:

    Your work continues to rise in importance, as your near-unique willingness to convey truth is increasingly critical. I dare say that you’ve saved several lives!

    Regarding the Biden-Harris Junta’s latest “vaccine” diktat, here’s their gambit (allow me to make an intelligent guess here):

    1) Like the CDC eviction moratorium, they know that this is blatantly unconstitutional and (likely) won’t survive judicial review.

    2) Similarly with the faux FDA approval of the Pfizer vaccine (it’s still under a EUA). Note too the CDC’s redefinition of “vaccine” this past week!

    3) As before, the media will obediently propagate the narrative; in this latest case that the “vaccine” mandates have the force of law. Employers either out of complicity or unsophistication will believe that, and develop responsive “policies.” But not wanting to deal with the hassle or expense of weekly tests, they’ll just mandate the jab (the Biden-Harris Junta is counting on this – they don’t have the power to mandate, so to help survive court challenges they’ll claim that they only mandated jabs OR tests).

    4) This will wend its way through the courts. By the time there’s a final judicial result, even if then declared unconstitutional or otherwise unlawful, millions more Americans will have succumbed to the jab.

    • Coal Burner

      Tom, an awful lot of people are just not going to show up for work. That is why every hospital in the country is short staffed right now today. I recently spent some unplanned time one week in great care. But the place was half empty because they did not have the staff to run the place and this is a big hub hospital. It was about the Vax. Somehow they have also persuaded some Doctors to piss on the Hippocratic Oath to shove the Poison JAb. Actually they may have drunk the Kool Aid shoved by organized medicine and are too lazy or busy to bother read anything else????????? I was brought from the deep too have that tiff with one and I will stop there.

  45. Marie+Joy

    The poke is the greatest threat humanity has ever faced.

  46. Larry

    Greg, Will not comply with Biden’s mandate under any circumstance up to and including force of arms. I and many more from reading the comments here and on other sites feel the same way. The communist/democrats do not care if we want the shot or not. The shot is another SYMPTOM of the current communist coup that has been ongoing since the November election. If they continue with this there will be massive violence. For those who read this and are employed with any alphabet soup agency of the US government a word of caution. If the democrats/communists push this to a shooting situation you will be targeted. This is not and threat and should NOT be taken as one, it is a fact.

  47. David+Bain


    The Ivermectin molecule is the same whether you give it to a human or an animal. The molecule does not change because of the species.


    • Greg Hunter

      I agree totally!

      • Brooklyn

        David and Greg,

        We found this report on the FLCCC website:

        Question: Are veterinary ivermectin products considered to be pharmacologically equivalent to human formulations and are these products safe for use?

        Answer: Yes, the ivermectin in both formulations is pharmacologically equivalent, however there is a difference in the amount of impurities contained within each. The human formulations have highly regulated and thus very low levels of impurities. We cannot recommend veterinary formulations given the lack of safety data around their use, however we are also not aware of any associated toxicity. Liquid veterinary formulations intended for subcutaneous administration have almost no impurities and can be administered by mouth and thus are likely a safer product. However, the FLCCC does not recommend veterinary formulations and instead emphasizes the critical need for our leading health care agencies to approve and recommend use of human formulations to health care providers.

        Looks to be a bit of a crap shoot. Our local Tractor Supply has Ivermectin in stock. We did not get the dosage or pill count but they mentioned $60.

        Then there we found Seven Cells at FLCCC:

        Ivermectin: 20 8m pills for $165 or $8.25/pill…plus $25 for phone consultation.

        We will be purchasing Ivermectin today and get back with a full report.

  48. Bloglogician

    Hey Greg, the normies buy into the lie that it is a pandemic of the unvaxxed. But I agree it is a pandemic of adverse reactions. Can you get a stastician to work through numbers to see what a difference the definitions of vaccinated (14days after 2jabs) makes on monthly death numbers? I really think they are lumping all the adverse reactions (that occur by day 10) in with the unvaxxed to make the unvaxxed cohort look sick. Here are a few thoughts I also dropped in comments at stewpeters show.

    In studies like this that tell me how great vaccine is, they call people who are up to 14days after the 1st jab “unvaxxed”. And <14days after the 2nd jab part vaxxed.

    Many of those people who got sick after jab and are thrown in with the unvaccinated. If they die it looks like an unvaccinated covid death, when they were actually weakened by the toxins in the jab

    That seems crazy methodology to me. However the following is worse and more standard; Wisconsin has stats that make the unvaxxed look very ill and very stupid
    • Their definition of someone who gets covid less than 14 days after their 2nd vaxxine is called the non-fully vaccinated.
    • If you test +ve 14days after the 2nd vaxxine it is called a breakthrough case.
    • And all those people in between with 1dose? They are the non-fully vaccinated also

    So I am starting to see, how in any month (and the stats are usually month by month), you have a huge load of newly vaccinated people. A handful per 10,000 (enough to screw the stats) might be getting sick within 2 weeks of the vaccine, due to vaccine injury. They might go to hospital and die and are called unvaccinated covid death. (And it should have been called a vaccine injury, or a partly vaccinated covid death).

    So, is this statistical trickery is causing politicians to declare in Aus and USA that it is an epidemic of the unvaxxed?

  49. Mark Gunderson

    For the last year and a half it has felt like we have been living in the movie Ground Hog Day. Your interview with Cliff High last week felt like a turning point. Their facade is cracking all over the place. Great Americans all over the Country,the Marine officer for example are scoring direct hits on this sham of an Administration. They are desperate and dangerous but failing. It can not happen fast enough. The faster we can get these muggs off our throat the faster we can get on with cleaning up this mess.
    Please continue firing at will,you have made a huge impact and been an inspiration to all of us. Peace be with you and your family.
    Mark Gunderson

  50. John Butler

    Get Bill Holter back on., he’s the best.

    • Greg Hunter

      Good idea!! I agree!!

      • Mario

        Hey Greg
        Do you accept BTC or ETH crypto’s for donations?

        • Greg Hunter

          I do not because the evil bastards in the government will probably say I am laundering money to try and shut me down. I am under constant attack and I claim everything and get donations in dollars. Thanks you very much for asking and for supporting USAW!

  51. Steve Bice

    With all the turmoil and hysteria surrounding Covid and the vaccines, no one talks about what is going on in China. I track U.S, UK, Israel and India cases because they offer a snapshot (and contrast) of what early treatment with re-purposed drugs can do when it is allowed by governments (India).

    But China, with 1.4 billion people, is running about 26 cases daily while the rest of the world is under assault.

    This is not possible. Potential explanations:

    1) They lie. But if so, then everything they say about the origins of the virus should be under extraordinary scrutiny. They have suppressed data from the beginning, which should be considered an admission of guilt. The world should unite to punish China until they come clean.

    2) They have a cure or preventative. Then again, they are culpable. Did they have it before the virus “escaped”? This points to development and deployment of a bio-weapon. If the “solution” was developed after the virus spread around the world, then they are culpable for not sharing the solution.

    3) The virus was created with a genetic predisposition to inhibit spread in the Chinese people. Perhaps unlikely, but again, an indictment of the Chinese and an indicator of a bio-assault upon the world.

    Only in a world gone crazy would the media and governments ignore the obvious that is China and its role in this catastrophe. Something is very, very wrong…

    • Ray

      Good points there.
      May I ask though……….
      Isn’t there now strong evidence that Fauci was engaged in gain – of – function viral research with the Chinese?
      Fauci is employed by the US government, as I understand.
      Where would that then leave the US in this COVID blame game?
      Hope you and yours are well Steve……keep throwing out the left jab mate.
      Canberra, Locked Down Lap Dog Nation

      • Mark

        Hi Ray, Here’s a video that I believe answers your question.

      • Steve Bice

        Re: Fauci…
        Yes sir, there is evidence, but the MSM is running cover for him. I believe he is corrupt, dishonest and culpable for death and disease on a worldwide scale…on his best day.

        So, I’m not suggesting it is all China; I’m just saying their data makes no sense whatsoever when compared to the rest of the world. It is a flashing neon sign that says they are central to the emergence of the virus. And this is not even considering their focus on bat coronavirus research. It’s so obvious that is has become the modern-day manifestation of Goebbel’s “Big Lie”.

        Here’s the quote often attributed to him:

        “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

        We are living this today…and the world media is complicit.

        China lies big…and that is what makes it so utterly obvious all while it is allowed to persist by those who would profit from the lie and its role in the apparent reset.

        Best to you and your family as well. We are as prepared as we can be for whatever may come. Hang on tight…

    • sk

  52. Fred Engel

    Great reporting Greg, I like going back and re- listen, glean and take some notes. You provide a great service for many. Thank you fear not vaxx not! Fred

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Fred you are very kind to say this.

  53. James

    Thank you Greg your videos are always very informative I pick up new info and pass it on and share your videos on other platforms. Keep up the good work brother God bless you and yours.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for the viral promotion James.

  54. The Ogs

    “All these questions will be answered in the not-too-distant future.”
    How ridiculous! It has been months and months and months… I hope I am still alive when this election-results farce eventually breaks cover.
    Honestly – are there people who really believe that tired old Joe received an all-time American record number of votes? That more people of color voted for Joe than voted for Obama? LoL! Really…?
    I just watched a speech Joe Biden gave back in the 1970s (when he was sporting his weird mullet hairdo) and he said “niggers are like cockroaches – once they get into your communities you’ll have hell to get them out again.”
    That’s what he said! But oh, don’t ever forget that Trump is a RACIST heheh…

    • Greg Hunter

      The MSM and big tech propaganda has been intense. It is after all the very top priority in this attempt to take over America.

  55. charles johnson

    ADE: Accidental Death Event. (oops)

    • Paul ...

      CJ … Also as the Covid-19 vaccinated people begin to die off like flies later this year … from all the “jab” side effects (i.e. heart attacks, blood clots, strokes, cancer, etc., etc.) … they will tell the brain fogged public … it is “un-vaccinated” people who are dying … like they are currently saying the un-vaccinated are spreading the variants (variants which can only be made within the bodies of Corona mRNA spike “jab” victims) !!

  56. Ann Minks

    I just made a donation. I did it with a credit card but the PAYPAL logo was prominent on the screen? I HATE PAYPAL! Why was paypal showing prominently if I’m paying by credit card?

    • Greg Hunter

      PayPal is the processor of your card. You can also use the Christian based Cornerstone option. Thanks for your donation!!!!

  57. john+duffy


    Immunization expert: ‘Unvaccinated people are not dangerous; vaccinated people are dangerous for others’

  58. Linda

    Greg, I would like to get a copy of the representation of in Aftrica/death rates related to ivermectin dosing. Where might I get those “graphs”.



    You do great work! We appreciate it out here in the real world. We are tired of the lies coming from MSM.


  60. Linda

    Greg, I’m interested in the satellite phone. I thought you had a link so you would get some credit for this. Have I missed it?

  61. Pete

    The Fed. government vax mandate will effectively reduce the size and burden of the Fed. gov. on We The People…
    Some will quit, some will resign., retire, die off….others will take the sheep’s milk jab.

  62. Al Day

    Years ago, I told friends that if the madness was not corrected with the political correctness insanity and other liberal policies, that we would reap the whirlwind. Well, we are now reaping the whirlwind.
    The Lord told us that He’d bring a strong delusion on us at some point. Well, we are seeing how strong that delusion can be. Amen

  63. Al

    I just came back from the car dealership for an oil change. The lot was 1/2 full where it usually is overflowing.
    Now I get an email from my bank that I should use COINS to purchase products in order to help businesses because “The Federal Reserve is experiencing a decrease in circulation of all coin denominations it supplies to financial institutions.”

    What does this have to do with your report on Covid? Much. Both issues are blamed on this phantom PLANdemic which is 99.6% survivable.

    I can’t wait for Flynn’s interview.

    Thanks again Greg for all you do, God Bless

    • Paul ...

      Al … Probably more like ordinary people “are beginning to hoard” their physical US pocket change … as a “more secure money” … then fiat paper Fed IOU’s!!

  64. Kim

    You Greg are a blessing. Thank you for all that you do to bring truth and facts.

  65. Robert

    The communist left believes that payoffs to conspirators is, drum roll please, “infrastructure”.
    I love “The Science”. But don’t withhold portions of it that would selectively censor sciences’ messages. Propagandists are their names, perception managements are their games.
    We have bacterial super bugs because Mother Nature’s reaction is that life (bacterial) fights for its life by adapting & overcoming. We waged war against the Holy Spirit of science (Mother Nature).
    We WILL have viral super bugs because we are over prescribing vaccinations to enhance what began as a fairly insignificant threat, relatively speaking.
    We were deceived into believing that we had a mechanism to prevent enhancement (super viruses). We’ve been deceived, in practice, into creating Frankenstein’s monster. This method is madness. The results are conditions leading to creation of an event horizon.


    The line in the sand. The war begins. The federal government to be the only government and then the world government to be the only government. Biden Threatens to “Remove Governors” Who Oppose His Vaccine Demands; Civil War Now Likely.

  67. Jenene

    It makes no difference if the jab is approved or unapproved, the so called virus
    has a mortality rate of 0.003%. Nobody needs a vax. The entire narrative
    is beyond sinister.

  68. Rodster

    “CDC is Blocking Doctors from Writing Prescriptions for Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine”

    Chris Martenson says Ivermectin is one of the safest drugs ever!

    • Coal Burner

      Greg: I live in New Mexico. The Biden/Obama sucks are sending us illegals with every disease on earth daily. Monkeypox , Colera, and Covid 30728 and no one cares, so it is no big deal to go across to get Ivermectin.

    • Bob

      Chris Martenson is an idiot as I recall. He keep saying Covid was “a real beast” for months and months after it was known to be relatively harmless. John Ionnides was presenting the facts in March 2019 or earlier, but CM was still pushing the OMG Covid OMG Covid line until nearly a year later.

      Then he changed his tune. I refuse to even listen to him now. He’s too stupid. Just another know-it-all doctor who doesn’t check his facts. If he was that wrong for so long, how can he have the audacity to still be on the Internet? A sorry-I-was-wrong doesn’t correct whatever intrinsic defect caused the problem in the first place. What else is he wrong about? Can you trust any of his economic advice or theories?

      Look up the story of Dr Semmelweis, a man who told doctors to wash their hands. I have no doubt that Dr Martenson would have led the charge to denounce him. Semelweis was hounded into a lunatic asylum where he died of despair after only two weeks. All because of people like Dr Martenson. He should close down his website. Some people are even praising him as a pioneering anti-CDC whistleblower!!! No, he switched sides way to late to deserve any kind of praise.

      I figured it out in March 2019. The evidence was CLEAR. Note that when I first heard of the virus I bought respirators and hazmat suits – I didn’t automatically dismiss it, if that’s what you’re thinking. But then I spent a week doing the research and concluded it was all a hoax and didn’t wear the suits after that. CM is a total disgrace.

  69. Roger

    FINAL WARNING: It Is 1938 and They Are Coming for All Conservatives

    • Greg Hunter

      Do not fear. We have guns and Jesus on our side. There are many more of us than them.

    • Paul ...

      Roger … Greg is right … all the armies the Globalists can muster against us is probably about 2 million soldiers “max” … but there are 7 Billion of us (OK say after the “jab” it is only 6 Billion … take out 4 Billion women and children … that leaves 2 Billion of us men against 2 million of them … so even after their “jab” we’ll outnumber the Globalist forces 1000 to 1 … and we have Ak47’s also!!

      • Paul ...

        Let the Globalists send their army against us … every time we put one of them down … we get an addition AK47 to fight with … but remember “don’t aim for the heart” we don’t want to kill them “just wound them” (as Jesus said “Thou Shall Not Kill”) … so just shoot them in the legs (or set up bear traps to injure their legs) … let the Globalists be additionally burdened (taking care of housing and feeding the hundreds of thousands of wounded we give them)!!

  70. Elias Andrinopoulos

    Thank you Greg excellent weekly news brief and analysis as usual my friend. You are correct, all of this madness can be chalked up to fear. Fear and misinformation is a deadly combo. Keep fighting the good fight! God Bless. ☦️🙏🏻😊👏🏻

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Elias for supporting USAW!!

  71. Ms Understood

    all of a sudden WV has a dramatic increase in “covid” ?? is this the reason??

    was this a false flag we missed?? is this what they are going to do in FL & TX now??

  72. CarolAnne Tucker

    Greg…thanks for this comment section!
    If we could only get the WOKE and the normies to read it and learn the TRUTH!
    God Bless you Brother and All who are reading this and posting as well!
    Carol Anne

  73. Mike

    The Truth.

    I heard it FIRST on USAW

    Thank you Greg!

  74. PeteM

    Could you please ask G Flinn this question.
    Knowing what we know about the Jab why did Trump push Operation Warp Speed. And if he was coerced or advised to do it why has Trump not come out and say I was wrong and don’t take the jab. And seeing that he hasn’t done this, if he gets back in what’s stopping him from continuing to jab people? Please ask Flinn.

  75. J

    NURSE SOUNDS ALARM: Hospital Filling Up…“Vaccine Nightmare”

    https ://

  76. Kevin24

    I was in Mi, IN and Oh, last month and they were saying 42% vax rate.
    Up in Canada where I live they are boasting about 80% and want 90%.
    Looking forward to buying a nice retirement place on a lake when all the vacancies start.

  77. Paula Davis

    I’m looking for info re: how long post vaxx the person “sheds?”
    I’m unvaxxed & do not want to get contaminated w/ the “shed.”
    Is it necessary to completely avoid these peeps or is there a safe distance…6 feet or so?
    I’ve probably already been contaminated w/shed but I’m getting sort of paranoid about future contamination & potential harm to my person. Thinking more about Clif’s suggestion on hazmat suit even now before dealing w/corpse contamination.
    Am I overthinking this?

    • susan

      Paula, I am thinking the same. Maybe I will take some precautions as I have been exposed closely to vaccinated people.

  78. Dave

    Biden did this two days before 9/11 to divert attention from the Afghanistan debacle. He also had the AG announce a lawsuit against the Texas life law and that FBI agents in Texas will monitor pro-life individuals aren’t stepping beyond the limits of the law. The address to the nation was announced several days ago and it’s doubtful it had anything to do with the Arizona news. It’s all about ginning up the base.

    Despite low poll numbers Biden is going to campaign for Newsom this weekend. Why? Newsom will win fairly easily and Biden will use his campaigning to show he has coattails. Biden would not go there if Newsom was really in trouble. The election fraud is massive from double ballots mailed to many, downloading of ballots which was caught and then stopped but not before Lord knows how many ballots were downloaded. One man was caught with 300 ballots in his car a while back – even Hugh Hewitt who discounts election fraud had to acknowledge that incident. The Democrats are honing their skills for 2022 in California and Virginia where there also appears to be fraud.

    The mandate is an attack on small businesses many of which will refuse to comply. The woke corporations already are demanding mandatory vaccination and this gives them ammunition to do so. If small businesses go under the corporations will gain even more share which is the plan.

    The courts? Who knows. There are 4 votes likely to support this as it is. Then there is ACB who upheld a college vaccination mandate in Indiana. She might support it and also Kavanaugh. Mark Levin mentioned a mandate case from early last century that went to SCOTUS which upheld the mandate. That is the precedent the courts may use though Levin mentioned the penalty was a five dollar fine for disobeying. Today that would be $150. So the penalty is way beyond that which a previous Court upheld.

  79. Julie A Cohick

    Greg, Hubby & I got COVID in August & we survived. The LORD blessed us back to health & we did some very simple things. Gargled with Listerine type mouth wash, hubby likes Nyquil, we did vitamin C & Zinc. I think one of the most important things that we did was to make sure if something needed to be gotten rid of from the lungs to do it. It may not be or sound very “lady or gentlemen like” but the lungs must remain clear. I kept having to remind my hubby to get rid of it ! But we are doing well & now have “NATURAL IMMUNITY” ! May the LORD continue to bless you to keep informing us of truth !

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Julie for all your blessings & support. So glad you & husband are better!

    • Bob

      How do you know it was Covid19 and not the Flu or a cold?

  80. Dave

    It will be interesting to watch the two conservative radio networks. Cumulus and Salem. Will they require their employees to get the vaccines?

    As it is Cumulus is running PSAs encouraging people to get vaccinated which feature Hannity, Levin and Trump. All of whom have been vaccinated. The only Cumulus national host who may not be vaccinated is Shapiro who has refused to say.

    Salem however has several prominent hosts who are not vaccinated and say they won’t get the vaccine. Seb Gorka and Dennis Prager are the two most known. Salem, as far as I know, is not running pro-vaccine PSAs.

  81. NC Gal

    Thanks for this report!

    Yellen’s letter to Congress ( confirms what Clif High said about October 1, and I actually hope that a deal is NOT made, because that will ultimately lead to the unraveling of the DS hold over all of us (maybe I’m misinterpreting Clif when he suggested this is something that would undermine the DS).

    Regarding the AZ audit, the results you quoted are actually the results of the on-the-ground canvassing and related research. They are posted at and can be downloaded from there. It’s a site where they are trying to get everyone to participate in a canvass of ALL 50 states by providing their full name (as they are registered), whether they voted in the 2020 election (or not), and the address they were registered under.

    This is only a part of the AZ audit, which has not been completed, but it’s a good start toward showing that all 50 states had similar things going on. I entered MY data to help with that, and I encourage every one of your readers to do the same if they are registered voters. It does NOT ask who you voted for or when, BTW. It would be great to have that link shared with others, so as many people can contribute to it as possible.

  82. Ed Philbrook


    Your video today…when it gets to you saying “No jab, no job…” Video forwards to the end and I can’t watch the rest of the video. No matter where I try to start the video after this, it forwards to the end.

    • Greg Hunter

      Unplug your modem to remove the codes & plug it back in.

  83. Dwayne Correa


  84. Jim Morse

    Breaking News: When you get sick…DO NOT GO TO THE Doctor …..

  85. JC

    I’m wondering what would John Wayne do? Thinking of this scene as if it were Biden mandating federal officials must be vaccinated.

    My father was a man of few words. But I know he was a big John Wayne fan. I suspect if he had a nickel to spare in the 1930’s, he went to see a Wayne western at the Saturday matinee. I remember him taking me to see True Grit in the theater…

    Odd in a way, my father died tragically in June 1978, and John Wayne died in June 1979.

    Sorry, I’m tired…

    • Bill

      I read an article about John Wayne. He believed that he got Cancer from a filming location that was downwind from a USA Atom Bomb test site. The article said, some of the other actors in the same film with John Wayne, developed Cancer too(about a year later).

  86. Barbara

    The tests are contaminated with nano bots , not a good idea but if you spray your nose cavities with saline and flood it , they will not be able to attach , also a nebulizer of hydrogens peroxide will take care of the ones infected with viruses .

  87. iwitness02

    I see on twitter a lot of references about the “vax mandate.” I am reading comments like:
    This is the hill to die on. This is the line in the sand. This is war. We are under attack. Civil disobedience. The other side of the coin is also present. Joe is doing the right thing. Joe is just trying to stop the spread. Companies should go along with the mandate. It’s just common sense. Only morons would refuse the vax.
    Even though we are divided, each side is united. I always wondered what could possibly unite us. We are now united and divided enough to make war.

    Can hardly wait for the Saturday nigh post. Lieutenant General Michael Flynn!

  88. Susan Basel

    I received this email from my bank several days ago. I felt compelled to share it. I did a copy/ paste. If you want to clean it up, feel free.

    I am reaching out to you today regarding a very urgent need for you to contact your members of Congress to let them know that the Federal Government and the IRS have no right to violate your right to financial privacy.

    As a part of the 3.5 trillion dollar spending package the Biden administration and members of Congress are trying to pass there is a hidden agenda to collect details on every single transaction in every single bank account for transactions over $600. The proposal is to require all banks, including our bank, to report this detailed data directly to the IRS annually. That means information such as where and how you spend your money, where your mortgage is and what the monthly payment is, where you work, how much you make and so much more. Americans have a right to financial privacy. Our bank has been committed to your financial privacy and now your privacy is under attack. The media is not talking about this which is why I am making this unusual appeal to reach you directly. Bankers across this country are pushing back, hard. But we cannot do this alone, we need you to weigh in on the debate as well.

    A recent poll conducted by Morning Consult nearly two thirds, 67%, of Americans surveyed opposed this IRS reporting plan. Please join me, bankers around the nation and other concerned Americans in making your voice heard.

    Please reach out to Senator Amy Klobuchar by phone at 202-224-3244, by email, or on Twitter @SenAmyKlobuchar; Senator Tina Smith by phone at 202-224-5641, by email, or on Twitter @SenTinaSmith; and Representative Tom Emmer by phone at 202-225-2331, by email, or on Twitter @TomEmmer.


    Noah W. Wilcox

    Minnesota Lakes Bank


    Minnesota Lakes Bank | PO Box 700, Delano,
    Update Profile | About Constant Contact
    Sent by [email protected] in collaboration with
    Trusted Email from Constant Contact – Try it FREE today.
    Try email marketing for free today!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Susan for printing this.

  89. Johan

    has been glaringly obvious to everyone in the months following Trump’s win in 2016 that the UK and CCP have been waging war against the USA.

  90. Scott

    Enlarged lymph nodes in the axillary area following a vaccine is normal. To activated teh immune system and produce antibodies teh regional lymph nodes have to enlarge but it is a temporary phenom. As the antibody levels dropteh nodes will go back to normal If the vaccination is done near the time of a Mammogram they will show up. The docs want to know the vaccine status so they do not mistakenly diagnose normal reactive node with a cancerous one which would commit the woman to unnecessary biopsy

  91. Craig J Simonson

  92. Jerry

    This may be my last warning. On the heals of Biden’s ani vaccination threats , FEMA in conjunction with the CDC are preparing to round up American citizens who refuse to get vaccinated and isolate them in FEMA camps.

    Anyone who is reading this post is probably on the list and is grave danger. According to my sources in the next few days a series of false flag events will take place culminating in a military style lockdown and martial law. Biden has laid the foundation for what he has planned.

  93. Stefan

    “Comernaty”, aptly named Commi’R’natzi is allegedly approved under ‘EUA’ [emergency use only]. The emergency [seems]: UN/CCP/D_$tate going down!

  94. TB

    Thanks Greg for keeping us updated. I appreciate your analysis. I wanted to share the Biden Admin is also trying to allow the IRS to be informed on all bank transactions over $600.00. Here’s the link – I urge everyone to contact congress and tell them you don’t want this.

  95. Rod M. Brumley, Sr.

    Election Fraud was rampant
    Detroit gave Michigan to Biden
    Philadelphia gave Penn to Biden
    Milwaukee gave Wis to Biden
    Atlanta gave Georgia to Biden
    Las Vegas gave Nevada to Biden
    Arizona was Maricopa county
    This election makes my blood boil
    When is the Supreme Court going to get involved?
    Greg Hunter is our Ultimate Patriot 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  96. Jessie

    Greg once the truth comes out about the Vax I do not think these criminals are going to go to jail. They will be going straight to the gallows.

  97. Marie+Joy

    To contact DJT and tell him what you think, go to

  98. Matt

    Greg – Here is a Jab damage report. I am a junior high cross country coach in TX. I just got word from the parent of my fastest boy’s runner. He is 13. Played football, soccer, and ran cross country. Within 1 day of getting his second Covid jab.. developed shortness of breath and chest pains. Parents took him to the cardiologist yesterday and found out today that he has developed myocarditis.

    At least his fall sports are over .. maybe spring too. Maybe more. Devastating news for him, his family, and our team. Hopefully, he can receive treatment and recover.

    Weird thing is.. several of his teammates (same age) have had both jabs… had a few days of flu-like symptoms.. and are good to go now.

    Just wanted to let you know. I appreciate all that you do.

  99. Jeffersonian

    Excellent wrap up Greg indeed you’re on a roll

    Went to my feed store to get ivermectin paste for my livestock they didn’t have any and lady said they’ve been told it won’t be available indefinitely because the manufacturer says it’s being used by people to fight covid so someone higher up is putting the stop to ivermectin wonder wonder who who put the quash on ivermectin rhymes with abc

    Two other local feed stores told me the same thing

    Went farther out found a feed store that would sell me the ivermectin paste but the manager grilled me for several minutes to make sure I was a real farmer. She said her corporate headquarters require her to sell only to people who will use it on livestock hence the interrogation felt like a verbal strip search

    After I got my paste and In no uncertain terms I told Her
    appears we now live in a fascist country bent on violating personal liberties freedoms and rights of we the people

    Shame on you for enabling them she just shrugged her shoulders and walked away just following orders sound familiar rhymes with fauci

    If you’re not part of the solution you’re part of the problem

    Ps didn’t wear my mask into any of the feed stores and no one said a damn thing
    Yet almost everyone was.
    What a bunch of sheeples
    Where have all the warriors gone
    Gone away every one
    When will they ever learn
    When will they
    Probably never
    Still no rain 70 plus days earth parched and cracked

    Look forward to what the Flynn man has to say will he give us the straight scoop or a Kevin Shipp version in other words was Flynn let off the hook by TPTB for his willingness to down play what really happened and what’s really going down
    Guess we’ll find out tomorrow
    The comments page for sure will be interesting to say the least

    • Bob

      Ivermectin was approved for human use long before it was adapted for animals. These Ivermectin-blockers are guilty. All of them.

      Tell these people that they are now on the list of defendants in the next Nuremberg Trials for genocide and forced medical experimentation. Collect paperwork and tell them what it’s for. They are part of a conspiracy to purposefully withhold lifesaving medication and channel people into an experiment. Horse paste Nazis must hang.

  100. MC

    “In a certain way, I’m the father of the vaccine because I was the one that pushed it.” – Trump told Fox Maria Bartilomo earlier this year.

    It is now more than obvious that the vax is deleteriously affecting the entire world. And it is a lie—it is because it maims & kills while falsely claimed to preserve it. It begs the question: would not the father of the vax be of one cloth with the father of lies? John 8:44

    Best guess is that General Flynn has been sent here as some kind of P.R. control, because the Evangelical demographic (80% of USAWD audience) has begun, albeit slowly, to realize that Trump is probably not anointed by the anointer of Abraham&Isaac&Jacob, as some prophets proclaimed. How could he be when all of Israel has been vaxed. It puts a real dent in Evangelical eschatology because as the skies seasonally darken, most of Israel will have been vaxed to death. Gonna be nobody to show up at that battle of Armageddon that Evangelicals have long time been anticipating.

  101. Jeff robbins

    Greg, i know that you didn’t want to advertise products with your broadcasts, however, i like being introduced to new products like the sat phone. You’re doing your audience a service with products that would make them/me/us more resilient, more prepared, more informed. One product a week is great, even if someone doesn’t purchase any now they will remember at a later time of conversation or when finances allow for an indulgence.

  102. Vincent

    Greg, its Vince again, I must stress that I’m not saying Peter Schiff supports these vaccines, but what he said is he supports private businesses who if they wish want to have their employees get the vaccine. He said there is nothing in the constitution that prohibits it, as an employer, they have a right to protect their property and others if they see fit. I tried to point out to Peter that these jabs are still experimental until 2023, but got no reply. If you go to YouTube, you’ll find the Q&A video from last week and skip to 13 minutes into the video and come to your own conclusion. God bless you Greg and thanks again for all you do. Vince in London.

    • Greg Hunter

      This “vaccine” is experimental and nobody should support forcing this on people.

  103. whistleblower


    I would like to inform people about an intranet email that was sent to all the employees including me from the head Dr of the organization. Suffice to say that its not a medical office or facility and its a global corporation. I was shocked at the contents. It is filled with misinformation, omissions basically along the lines of the msm disinformation campaign. I’ve posted some sections from the email and would be interested if anyone would have any comments. My comments are below each one. The sections I picked I consider red flags and are enclosed in quotes.

    “Despite the rapid creation and delivery of highly effective and safe COVID-19 vaccines, only 51.5% of the total U.S. population is fully vaccinated as of August 23 .”

    The vaccine is not effective and is unsafe and dangerous both short term and long-term. ADE i.e spike proteins. “breakthrough” is the Orwellian word they use to mean vax failure much like “vaccine” is what they call the jab which it is not. It is now been confirmed that the “breakthrough” caused by the “variant” is actually one of the adverse effects of the vaccine itself. That the jab reduces the ability of the immune system just the opposite. What about the CDC VAERS every week the number of deaths and adverse effects in time relationships to the vax keep spiking higher and only 1% of these cases are reported so you need to multiply those figures by ten. Last time I looked a month ago it was 9000 now its 12000.

    “Across several states, we are seeing more intensive care unit (ICU) patients than there are ICU beds, and many hospitals have reached capacity due to the recent spike in infections. I share this not to alarm you, but to encourage you to actively protect yourself and those around you.”

    Here is some more scaremongering with major omissions such as what category of the population is being effected the most and that main stream media are guilty of crimes against humanity by blocking all information of all forms from reaching the public which includes safe, effective prophylactic treatment with 70yr track history i.e HCQ , Ivermectin. These drugs are also being smeared especially through major medical journals. This disinformation either lies or omissions have been responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths before the vaccine was introduced. These drugs if used early can cure covid w/ 99% success rate. Look at India for example. Sweden? No vax. Than there is prevention w/ vitamin D, zinc, C, etc. I am aware of the stats for the recovery rates up to age 45 w/ and w/o these drugs. They had to clear the deck of these proven effective and safe drugs before the introduction of the vax so as to not appear to infringe on the protocol for EUA’s.

    • “Get vaccinated. The best way to limit the spread of infection is to increase the vaccination rate.??? The COVID-19 vaccine is safe and effective. It is based on research that began nearly 20 years ago, when SARS-CoV-1 was discovered. mRNA vaccine technology has been used to protect against other diseases over the past 18 years, long before SARS-CoV-2 led to COVID-19. While you may have heard about the small risk of “breakthrough infections” among fully vaccinated people, statistically, serious cases are significantly uncommon:??? The vast majority of persons being hospitalized and dying from COVID-19 continue to be unvaccinated. ??? The data also indicates that COVID-19 symptoms among vaccinated people with “breakthrough infections” are likely to be much less severe, and recovery is often much faster. ???

    This has so many false hoods in it but the first and last sentences take the cake. The Delta variant is being caused by the virus itself causing it to mutate. No comparison to natural immunity. It is not safe and effective just the opposite. Its also not necessary for most people. What really irks me was about the history of this gene vaccine technology is in light of what the inventor Dr Robert Malone has to say about it. There they go again using the Orwellian word “breakthrough” to describe the vax failing and indicating it a “small risk” . Outright lie. Official reports have reported that the largest percentage of new cases are associated with those who are fully vaccinated. The question is: are these actually new cases or are they vaccine-associated illnesses? Following the conclusions of a Nobel prize-winner in medicine and other top level experts, I have attributed what the medical establishment calls new cases, breakthroughs, delta variant, to adverse responses to the vaccine itself, thus questioning the existence of the delta variant. But after listening to Dr. Robert Malone, it appears that there are variants also, and will be more variants. Thus the new breakout of what are reported as Covid cases consists of both adverse reactions to the vaccine and illnesses from the new variants. The majority of people who got the Delta variants were already vaccinated and getting it after being vaccinated makes it even worse than if you got it unvaccinated. There they go again. The stats totally show the last two statements as false. Taking vitamin D, zinc, C, can prevent the virus from replicating in the cells and if you do get it take the drugs mentioned asap not more than a couple days after you get it and you will be fine. After that you get natural immunity for life which is totally superior to the limited immune reaction of the vax. Again they don’t specify what segment of the population is ending up in the icu. The fact is that by the time they get to the icu all they know how to do is put them on the ventilator.

    The last part talks about how to protect yourself using masks. I won’t go there. Same msm propaganda.

    It is a known fact that this was not a “wet leak”. This was disseminated either by accident or on purpose from the class 4 Wuhan Institute of Virology one of only 15 in the world. Coincidence? It’s a proven fact that entities in the US govt were funding “gain of function” research basically another Orwellian term to make for taking viruses, souping them up, making them more contagious, more deadly . There was a media blackout on this event for 15 months. Finally when it was to obvious to ignore the medical journal Lancet put out a letter signed by prominent virologists saying basically this came from a “wet market” in Wuhan. This is the same medical journal that put out a report on HCL study done in Brazil that turned out to be a fraud saying that HCL was “dangerous” etc etc. They had to retract it. Those “virologists” had been involved in gain of function research funded and subsidized by the govt. They had a stake in the outcome. You know that was damage control but we now also know from Fauci’s emails that he was complicit in the “gain of function” research and was intimately involved in working with the pharmaceutical companies in this endeavor.

    It has been discovered by researchers in Spain and former Pfizer employee whistleblower Karen Kingston interviewed on the Stew Peters show that the vaccine has a known poison in it Graphene Oxide which is the capsule that encloses and protects the MRNA on its journey to the cells. Its been going around that this is a nano lipid. No its not. It is 17x’s stronger than steel and indestructible. It also conducts electricity. She specialized in reading the entire patents for drug companies, dr’s, and consumers. She read the entire 190 pgs plus all the addendums on top of that. She says 100% that its in the vaccine. Not listed b/c its a “trade secret” secret ingredient. but its in the addendum info. She says that’s the reason they didn’t list it directly in the patent.. Its a known fact poison to humans and animals. She doesn’t know why they are doing it. She says its an injection not a vaccine like the polio vaccine. She calls it evil and calls it a bioweapon that is lethal and dangerous for the purpose of planned genocide. It was told that she actually cried in the interview. Sounds like she does have a conscience.

    PS. The CDC was fully aware of the HCL cure way back in 2005 when they did a study for the SARS virus.

    Bottom line this is all a scam and the most obvious motive is PROFITS. There are others and they are not good. Comments?

  104. Bob

    At least you can get Ivermectin in the US. It is a “wonder drug”, up there with Aspirin and Penicillin. It’s super-safe and new uses are found all the time, even after decades of use.

    In New Zealand it is banned. They will even intercept it at the border if you try to order some online.
    They are desperate to stop it. This is pure evil at work.
    Liberals are calling it horse paste. I hope all the liberals take their boosters. I truly do.

    • Paul ...

      Before they start banning onions … everyone should plant some (along with garlic) in their gardens NOW!!

      • Bill

        Good stuff onions! That and Garlic will increase your Killer-Cells to stop invading Colds, flu and Covid from taking hold of you. You must eat onions and/or garlic when the first symptoms of a Cold, Flu or Covid hits you-that means you start coughing2-3 times or sneezing 3 times. Eating the onions and/or garlic will kill, the incoming Cold, Flu or Covid Germs. The most important thing is to eat a onion or clove of garlic within 60 minutes of coughing or sneezing. If you wait longer the Cold, Flu or Covid Germs will own your body for several days. Good Luck

    • The Seer

      Large chain pharmacies out of stock and back order keeps changing
      Was told to call compounding pharmacy in my area before Dr would issue script
      Found 4mg at one
      Dr allowed preventive use to have on hand if needed in future
      Many compounding pharmacies have been shut down
      They offer alternatives
      Try to get Quercetin as it is natural one
      And simmer Lemon and grapefruit rinds in 3” of water above for two hours and one TB hourly if needed as
      HCQ you can make at home
      I have a list not posted here with pine needle oil elixir and dandelion root leaf extract that looks like they block the spike and prions

      • THe Seer

        PS I have NZ residency
        Not flying back as NZ under siege

    • Bill

      If you know that you come in contact with People who have a Cold, Flu or Covid. Eat some onions and Garlic beforehand. If you start coughing, or sneezing 2-3 times, “right away” (within an hour) or eat a onion and a clove of garlic . If you follow my instructions, I promise you, that your Cold , Flu or Covid will go away! I have not had a Cold, Flu or Covid in 21 months following the above instructions. Good Luck!


  105. Charles Turner

    20 years ago New York was a fabulous world-beating city, that was hit by terrorists. Rudi Gulliani showed leadership in crisis. Today it is lawless. The lawless are try to put Gulliani in jail and the terrorists that orchestrated 9/11 have been given a green light to start again. You couldn’t make this up if you tried.

  106. Marie+Joy

    Can Alinsky’s “Rules For Radicals” be adapted to be useful for conservatives?

    • Bill

      Sure, why not. Every time a Libral makes a statement. You know the opposite is true!

  107. Serge

    Well, here we go again : you just can’t trust US intelligence (military or otherwise) because it is too politicized.
    A whole Afghan family (including 7 children) killed so that Biden could be seen as doing something in Afghanistan…

    • Bill

      The Big Guy changed the rules for his Drone squad a few months ago. If a possible target, is seen doing certain things, then the big Guy believes the drone operated should fire a missle. So, for sure that family with 7 children must have been doing something very suspicious!!

  108. Sharon

    Thank you so much for the truth you bring forth. I thank you for all the work you put into your presentations!

  109. travis moss

    A Mandate is Not a Law
    By Anna Von Reitz

    There is no “force of law” connected to a mandate, which is a private appointment matter, thus you see that we provide for decrees of the sovereignty over mandates established by trust agreements.
    Therefore, all the “mandates” and “proclamations” issued by Joe Biden and by the various State-of-State Governors are not enforceable as Public Laws that everyone has to obey — contrary to what many people and even some law enforcement officials are assuming.
    Joe Biden and his franchise State-of-State Governors have no authority to say one word about your health or any procedure related to health concerns, unless you are employed by their corporations.
    Just as any CEO can “mandate” that his employees wear blue uniforms, Joe Biden can mandate that his workers get vaccinated, or in this case, take part in an untested experimental procedure.
    Are you an employee or a dependent of the brand new US, INC.? Do you work for the Federal Civil Service? Are you a dependent of a Federal Civil Service worker?
    If not, none of Mr. Biden’s mandates apply to you and they cannot be imposed.
    If so, it’s time to change jobs or tell your Unions to go on strike.
    Please note that the CDC admits that there is no reliable test for anything called Covid 19, and no tests at all for any variants. Put two and two together, folks.
    For the sake of your health, your wealth, your sanity, and your future — you need to realize that these foreign, for-profit corporations in the business of providing “essential” government services, are not trustworthy and not honest and not doing anything good for you.
    They are parasitizing their own employees and killing off their dependents — who are also their Priority Creditors — to protect their bottom lines.
    It’s past time that we did our Due Diligence and Discovery to unearth exactly who has been telling these corporate “Presidents” what to do — and started chewing our way up the food chain.

  110. Monica craig

    My husband and I are slated to loose our jobs in Oct or sooner. We are the only two in our department who refused the death shot.
    While our hardships have just begun, our coworkers are starting to show signs of debilitation. Shakey hands, sweaty and winded walking to work sites, foggy brain, exacerbated pains from past weak areas on the body. I have spoken with 3 who plan on quitting or retirement as soon as the company drops us. This may not be in solidarity as much as it is getting physically hard for them to continue.
    I’m a long time watcher/contributer of your show. We owe you a debt of gratitude for having brought us along on this strange journey. We are as ready as we can be.
    And may Jesus continue to light our paths in the months to come.
    Thank you.

    • Greg Hunter

      Do not quit. Make them fire you and escort out of the building but first apply for a religious exemption. All the “vaccines” have fetal material in them–period. Here’s some info and forms: Also, according to multiple sources many with the vax will day and it will be big in early 2022. This will be over by mid2022 and jobs a plenty will be open including your old jobs. Hang in there and DO NOT GET THE SHOTS!!!!!


    • Bill

      It can’t hurt you to fill out the forms, like Greg said. So, take a chance and fill the forms that Greg has provided above!

  111. Dave

    The Democrats are stealing the California recall election and hardly a word from conservative media. Or the GOP. Though the GOP is all but dead in California and ranks third in terms of party registration. The progressives will use California as a model for stealing the 2022 elections.

    Rick Grenell was the guest on Sekulow and they spoke of what is happening in California. One thing they mention that I was unaware of is that the holes in the ballot envelope show the spot where a yes vote on the recall has been marked. That was an accident California election officials say. Nothing is done to correct it.

    The only question now is does Newsom win by double digits or not. Breitbart’s political analyst told Gorka this week that it will be a victory for conservatives if Newson’s winning margin is kept in single digits. Grenell said it is a win just because the recall made the ballot. That is being in denial. Grenell says Democrats are committing more voter fraud than happened in 2020. The victory is with the Democrats who are getting away scott free with the fraud.

    This is the clip from Sekulow. They speak of the recall at the half hour point,

  112. Dan T

    I would like to inform everyone that here in Florida, Governor Desantis has authorized the use of regeneron antibodies shots for free, I decided to take the shots vs the vaccine.
    They give you one in each arm and two in the belly, sounds harsh I know but its NOT the vaccine.
    My job has taken the stance of either get the jab or your job. The unions fought back and now they are allowing those who do not take the vaccine to either prove the have the antibodies or test weekly on your own time and wear a n95 mask.
    I took the regeneron for the antibodies, I went and got tested and tested positive for the antibodies.
    I can only hope that the word gets out and spreads like wild fire, let as many people know that there is an option out of the vaccines and that is the regeneron shots.

  113. Tracy Brown

    Thank you Greg for all that you do. You keep bringing us the truth in these horrible times.
    May God Bless and Keep you!

  114. Linda

    This doctor makes lots of sense, saw him on Fox but this talk is really expansive, well worth listening to ……

  115. Richard Westwell

    Dear Greg. I have followed you for a very long time and admire what you do, so please be aware this is a suggestion.
    Be careful when saying if you sign up for a years contract with the satellite phone you get a free phone. I think you will find that disguised somewhere in that contract is a hire purchase agreement to buy the phone over the length of the contract. Old trick used by mobile phone operators.
    Keep up the good work my friend.

    • Greg Hunter

      I made a mistake. I said $99 but forgot to add per month for a years contract. That is spelled out in all the material. That’s the deal and again I simply left off “per month.”

  116. Lisa Stahl

    Thank you, great segment. I hope everyone is keeping up with their daily immune support supplements: D3, Zinc, Quercetin, Vit C. I believe with the ongoing ADE problem, the VAXXED are shedding COVID. In spite of my rigorous daily regime of supplements, I caught a cold this week. SCARY. I had previously stocked up on HCQ and Ivermectin. I started a treatment protocol with HCQ, just in case… People can get non political medical help and these life savings drugs at and Stay Safe. Stay Healthy. Stand the Gap. God Bless, God Speed.

  117. Peter. Erikson

    The Truth is Almost Overwhelming. The Key is for American Men to Not Become emotional and complain to ourselves. We Need to Organize — We need an ” American ” UNION. of reasonable people to organize and hold events with Truckers, Railroad, and Airline Workers and Labor Unions. The American Union/ Party. We need to decide Calmly how to Put OUR Collective Foot Down On All the BS. That Is Happening. Corporate Media somehow needs to be Hurt until they Report In a way that serves the Majority of the Public. We need a GROUP – Like A LARGE UNION – GROUP. that can Make Demands. The Current Admin Is Dangerously Inept, Incompetent. However the Hard Right Created the Nutjob Left. The Hard Right Is at Fault as well. We MIGHT need a SECOND —- ‘ CONGRESS’ — -THAT VOTES. AND TELLS THE DC CONGRESS WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE SINCE WE CAN NO LONGER TRUST THEM.. WE NEED MIDDLE OF THE ROAD HONEST BUSINESS PEOPLE SO THE PUBLIC WILL EXCEPT US , BACK US UP. AND DEMAND WE BE HEARD. WE NEED INDEPENDENT MEDIA TO MOVE IT FORWARD. A UNION OF REGULAR MIDDLE OF THE ROAD PEOPLE WITH INDEPENDENT MEDIA COULD TURN THE SHIP AROUND.

    • Bill

      Trump said Newsome(that dirty guy) would steal the recall election. So, I hope Larry Elder will record all the voting on election Night!

    • Bill

      I thought Trump was suppose establish a Twitter Type media company, by August? What happened to that? Was Trump’s media company suppose to have a Twitter type email only? Or does it include a News Channel also?

  118. Boz From Oz

    Hi Greg,
    So correct me I am wrong, Comirnaty is the export Pfizer injection.
    You mentioned both Pfizer versions are exactly the same, just differently branded.

    • Greg Hunter

      Not “exactly” the same. Comirnaty is approved in the US, but Americans cannot get it. The BioNTech Pfizer injection is available in USA, but only under Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) that the FDA just extended. Because of the EUA, Pfizer has immunity to liability. Comirnaty does not have immunity from liability. Big difference.

  119. American Citizen

    I am so surprised that no one yet gets it! Jesus said that the prince of this world comes and he has no hold over me – John 14:30. America continues to get dragged to the pits of hell, because of our legal contract with Federal Reserve monies, and so others (non-Americans) have legal control of us and our destiny including this fake plannedemic and population reduction via the mRNA gene manipulation shots disrupting the human organism and proper function.
    We need to get free of the money addiction, else we will continue to disintegrate.

  120. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    Great report. I would not participate in the United States medical experimentation plan through emergency use authorization via Covid shots. It sounds like the old Nazi Germans and their final solution.

  121. MGD

    ***BUCK FIDEN***

  122. MGD

    Hey you anti-semitic RACIST,
    Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, and Castro WERE NOT JEWISH

    • Greg Hunter

      I have taken down this comment from JaNi. I missed this and do not allow these types of comments.

  123. Thomas Surguine

    Sir Greg….just a note 2 let u know, that there is one more reader who absolutely, totally, wonderfully enjoys & more importanly LEARNS from not only YOU, but also from many, many well well informed “letters 2 the editor” on your just simply MARVELOUS SITE. My heart certainly goes out 2 all of the folks who wish mightily 2 ” get the heck out of Dodge” as we have done, and of course there are many, many legitimate reasons 4 “action or no action” 2 make that serious a move. However, inasmuch as the “health system” in usa has, in my horrid experience, “gone 2 hell” as in darn near killed me, 2012, Hawaii, certainly discovered the ambition, hard hardwork, total unrelenting attention, attitude beyond belief 2 accomplish perfection,ALL Chinese Drs., HK, & Manila, both. That reason alone is why we shall never return 2 that horrid “obozo care” “health system”now in an Amerika far removed from what USA used 2 be in the 30’s, 40′, 50s’, 60’s…”no mas”…certainly proves relevant here, as 750, 000 doses of Russian “Sputnik” vax have just arrived! The previous bill gates horrors here will never be forgotten, and this country is totally well, well armed, and many, many have long long memories,well armed security guards are everywhere, 24/7/365, shoplifters, drug dealers, shot in the act. Phillipinos have worked way 2 long, way 2 hard, 2 tolerate ANY unlawful behavior. Love it here, never felt better in my 91 years…..expat tom

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Tom!!

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