Barr Battle, 1% Rates Cut & Poynter Institute is Pointless

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 382 5.3.19)

Attorney General William Barr refused to show up for a House of Representatives request for him to testify on Trump collusion that has now proven to be a hoax by the Mueller report. There are calls by Democrats to impeach Barr. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has even accused Barr of lying in other House appearances. The DOJ says Pelosi’s charge is “reckless, irresponsible and false.” Why is this happening? I say it is all to discredit AG Barr. This way, when arrests happen for the Trump Russia hoax, the Dems can claim the Trump Administration is attacking them for their politics and not their crimes. It’s not going to work, and this looks like a desperate act.

The President and his Administration have been asking for rate cuts and more QE (money printing). This time, the request came from President Trump himself for the Fed to cut rates by a full 1%. The Fed held rates steady this week, but the big question is why ask for a huge rate cut now?

The Poynter Institute calls itself a “global leader in journalism,” but you cannot be a journalism organization that advocates cutting off funding for websites who don’t agree with your politics.  If you do that, you are committing an act of propaganda. (deemed by Poynter as “bias”) made a list of 515 “unreliable” news websites, and Poynter advocated for advertisers to cut off supporting all 515 sites. The report was written by an employee for the liberal advocacy group Southern Poverty Law Center, and Poynter is partially funded by Left-Wing globalist George Soros. If this report and Poynter are not “bias,” I don’t know what is, which makes Poynter pointless as a legitimate journalism organization, in my opinion.

Join Greg Hunter as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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After the Wrap-Up:

Now it seems that Poynter has taken down the entire list of 515 “unreliable” news websites, also known as  “UnNews” websites.  Click here to read the letter they posted on their website.  Poynter never contacted me after repeated phone calls to comment to or to explain their list.  I wanted to ask questions about why the UnNews story and list was written by an employee of the Southern Poverty Law Center.  I also wanted to ask about Poynter’s funding (in part) by George Soros.

Economist John Williams, founder of, will be the guest for the Early Sunday Release.

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  1. JC

    Martin Armstrong: “Will Trump be like Nero, not just the victim of fake news, but the last of a dynasty of elected presidents to be followed by civil unrest?”

    • Rob

      Our Father warned us that His “whole counsel” was also going to be perverted into “fake news” shortly after Paul departed from the churches he established:

      Acts 20:27-30 For I shrank not from declaring unto you the whole counsel of God. (28) Take heed unto yourselves, and to all the flock, in which the Holy Spirit hath made you bishops, to feed the church of the Lord which he purchased with his own blood. (29) I know that after my departing grievous wolves shall enter in among you, not sparing the flock; (30) and from among your own selves shall men arise, speaking perverse things, to draw away the disciples after them.

      Many “fake ministers” are presenting themselves as “ministers of righteousness” to “pew sitters” who do not bother to study the whole counsel of God to be approved:

      2 Corinthians 11:13-15 For such men are false apostles, deceitful workers, fashioning themselves into apostles of Christ. (14) And no marvel; for even Satan fashioneth himself into an angel of light. (15) It is no great thing therefore if his ministers also fashion themselves as ministers of righteousness, whose end shall be according to their works.

      2 Timothy 2:15 Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

      Please notice Jesus calls these “fake ministers” thieves and robbers that are presently over His sheep folds but He calls His own sheep of out of those apostate sheep folds who hear the whole counsel of God:

      John 10:1-5 Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that entereth not by the door into the fold of the sheep, but climbeth up some other way, the same is a thief and a robber. (2) But he that entereth in by the door is the shepherd of the sheep. (3) To him the porter openeth; and the sheep hear his voice: and he calleth his own sheep by name, and leadeth them out. (4) When he hath put forth all his own, he goeth before them, and the sheep follow him: for they know his voice. (5) And a stranger will they not follow, but will flee from him: for they know not the voice of strangers.

      As Greg, I too became very angry with the perversion of truth in 2002 and left the “fake news” and started my own site where the “whole counsel” can freely be spoken:

    • Robert Dziok

      According to “Q” plans are in place for after Trump. I also recall hearing somewhere not to0 long ago Trump Jr. said he may run for President someday.

    • Mohammad

      You have to see the Macro and not get lost in the micro.
      The purpose of all the political man hunt you are seeing in Washington D.C. (Rome) is one:
      To leave him with only escape route and that is war.
      The powers behind the impeachment proceedings (even if it does not carry that title in the open as of yet) is to push him for a major war in M.E. with Iran, for the mere reason to unleash the latter on S.A. (the real intended target) to capture the only left two holy cities , Mecca and Al-Madina.
      TPTB will fail miserably there.


    • James Hastings

      GOOD POST RC……I think this article is right. America is in decline / collapse. President Trump will be the last ….peoples, President. If He doesn’t declare Martial Law and rid the country of this disease, America ends soon. I don’t expect many arrests. The corruption is a cancer.

      • Cole

        I am afraid you are right. We were in SC a few months back and made a visit to the zoo and it looked like we were in another country. All the left has to do is turn NC, TX, and FL blue and we are done. The President seems impotent to stop this. And in NC, we can’t even get
        Voter ID’s. Also, I will hold my breath
        On any forthcoming indictments on anybody from the left.

  2. Anthony Australia

    Our official cash rate is 1.5%, been like this for a decade. Yet now there’s a call to lower to 1.0% to try stop the current housing market haemorrhaging.

    • K. Wayne

      We have our Fed Fund rates currently at 2.5%
      They will move to a ZIRP.
      Then they will go Negative.
      What we have now in America is Dis- Inflation on the verge of Deflation.
      The BS numbers spewing from the BLS and other Governmental appendages are fake.
      Our economy has slowed to a snails pace.
      Is it any wonder POTUS is calling for lower rates ?
      Ultimately (after the Recession is fully announced)…..the great divide between the have and have nots…the Wealth Gap or the Wealth Inequality … will drive the lower class to push the button on the rise of Populism and force an all out “Class” Warfare.
      That day is coming sooner than everyone thinks.
      To make matters even worse for all Americans is the flood of Dollars coming back home. The East has seen our wicked ways and has begun to reverse the demand for Dollars in staggering numbers. This by virtue implies a (much) lower USD.
      In the goodness of time we will experience higher levels of uncontrollable Inflation which is counter to what I have said above. At first it will go unnoticed, then it will move as quickly as it did in the late 1970’s.
      At that stage America would have moved to a Hyperinflationary environment with underlying QE to infinity…. on a scale of unimaginable proportions.
      I suspect that our global partners will not escape this future scenario.

  3. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter,
    It sure looks like you’ve laid out a case for defamation that is strong enough to pierce the veil of Poynter Institute’s claim that they are engaged in “journalism.” Their malice against you is actual and palpable. Clearly, the motive for their actions was to damage and silence you by impugning your professional reputation so as to deprive you of income.
    If, over the years, George Soros has established a pattern and practice of supporting publication of such scurrilous untruths he, too, may become become liable for the misdeeds that he knowingly finances.

    • Greg Hunter

      You may be correct William!!

      • Chip

        “…written by an employee for the liberal advocacy group Southern Poverty Law Center…” This says it all Greg. Chip

  4. Derek Sinclair

    Poynter simply provided a list of news organisations that sane and sensible people should go to for the truth. Thank you Poynter.

  5. Nick de la Gaume

    Good Man, Greg.
    Cool Hand Dave.
    AG Barr. Wow, what a man!!!!!!!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      I agree on all counts!!!

  6. Robert Dziok

    Excellent WNW Greg! Very Informative and Truthful!

    The Desperate Delusional Dems/Socialists/Deep State are in melt down/panic mode (acting with childish tantrums making empty/baseless statements) now that their BS Mueller “Witch Hunt” “investigation” showed NO Russian collusion and NO obstruction of justice and AG Barr concludes the same. Their “Wall of Protection” has been removed and they cannot “claim” now releasing documents etc, “interferes” with the investigation. Top corrupt FBI/DOJ have been fired/resigned. Many law abiding judges ( including SCOTUS ) have been appointed.

    However, it is now known there was a FAILED coup attempt against duly elected President Trump. More and more info/documentation keeps coming out about this. Treason/Sedition! Punishable by DEATH. Over 90,000 sealed indictments since October 2017. Military tribunals for civilians executive order went into effect 1/1/2019.

    Two points/statements made by “Q” on multiple occasions to keep in mind:
    1. “Nothing can stop what is coming, Nothing.”
    2. “Nobody walks from this.”

    The Patriots (e.g. President Trump and the military) are in control and know everything. They will move ahead now in major offensive actions ( e.g. “Declass” ) based on logic/reason and not emotion. They also know timing is important. The public is being prepared for what is to come (e.g.Trump’s Tweets, Q posts). The Hammer of Justice is coming down. Looking back we see and will see why they had to take the actions/path they have. Sometimes a path/plan needs to be modified (e.g. due to false flags). This was an initiative long ago conceived. “These people are Sick” as President Trump and Q have often said.

  7. Jerry

    For months I have been providing information on your site detailing coming civil unrest. From my sources I have detailed :
    . Portable satilite communication towers.
    . DHS tactical vans being used for arrest.
    . Activity at GITMO
    . Military preparation for civil unrest at NORTHCOM
    And much more. And now more information is coming in supporting my theory that we are on the cusp of full blown civil war.

    Greg anyone who believes the deep state is going to go quietly into the night without a fight is a fool. These people will destroy this country before they are perpwalked before military tribunals. They have terrorist groups in the form of MS13, Antifa, and terrorist groups that have been smuggled in from South American in refugee caravans, and embedded all over this country.

    I feel sorry for anyone who has not taken the opportunity to prepare and who has ignored the warnings that Greg has posted here at least a thousand times. I have two words for you. FEMA CAMP. Put this in your brain. President Obama and Hilary Clinton WILL NOT go to trial without full blown civil war erupting in the streets. Guess what? Neither will Donald Trump. Folks we are at the final inflection point. This is it. Either we will have the rule of law or total anarchy. It’s just that simple. Please listen to Greg. The time is running out.

    • Paraclete

      The marxist left have been building up towards civil war for the last 50 years.
      They made their biggest moves during the obama years. Now that they’ve been
      denied power due to the Trump victory, they’re hell bent on retaking power or
      “burning down the house”. Patriots at large must train, equip, and train.
      For the day IS coming that we’ll have to defend our Republic from traitors
      with-in…and the enemies flooding with-in our borders. It’s not your imagination
      that 90% of those who’re flooding into our Republic are of military age.
      The globalists have their plans and we MUST deny them…at all costs.

  8. Claude

    I pray that you are right, Greg, about justice coming to the Russian-Hoax conspirators, but I am not very optimistic. A foul smell has followed the Clintons for years including a trail of deaths and they continue to march along their merry way almost waving their fingers as they go. Now Hillary has reared her ugly head again with another “popularity tour”. There are two systems of justice in this country and if you have a billion dollar foundation, you get plenty of get-out-of-jail-free cards. As for Comey, Brennon, Clapper, Lynch, McCabe, et. al., our big spy organizations are accountable to nobody and don’t tolerate getting embarrassed. My guess is that Rosenstein has spent the better part of the last 2 1/2 years cleaning all of this up so the list of conspirators can retire comfortably on their pensions.

  9. Anthony Australia

    Buffalo Bagels! Tell this to the homeless and struggling families.

  10. Mohammad

    Seems like Mr.Abrams is getting a bloody nose in Venezuela…!
    I predicted it will go the Syrian way and my prediction so far is accurate, will see what the future holds, but I can say more of the same, failure after failure of American foreign policy plagued with arrogance of POTUS and staffers, read history and see how empires collapsed, Rome for one, we are no exception, time of reckoning is coming.


  11. andyb

    Greg: Yes, I believe there will be indictments, but they will be for lying, misrepresentation, obstruction, or the like, but not for treason and sedition where the ultimate penalty is death, and not 6 months on an ankle bracelet or in a Club Fed (see Jeffrey Epstein). I don’t see anyone serving 5 years (or more). The reason is that the Deep State cannot allow the severe punishment that is warranted without losing control of its minions and bureaucratic accomplices. Just enough to appease the sheeple. And I’m sure that for any who actually are imprisoned, there will be the famous revolving door awaiting their release leading to an executive position and a million dollar salary. Color me skeptical and pragmatic.
    BTW, I am quite gratified to see your name out there referenced on other sites as I do my daily perusal of the internet. “Kevin Shipp as interviewed by Greg Hunter…”, “Chris Powell on Greg Hunter noted that…”, etc etc.
    Keep up the excellent work.

  12. Russ

    Thanks Greg, great news wrap-up. IMO, a lot of peeps on the list of those to be indicted will rollover on those higher and more significant. Who really cares if Nellie Ohr goes to prison for the rest of her life. I’d much rather have her testify regarding her bosses at Fusion GPS and maybe high level folks at CIA/FBI who set up this seditious scheme. It will take a mountain of evidence to convince the public (& the jury) that people in charge who we are supposed to be able to trust used their position to work against the best interest of the American public. Nellie Ohr could be key to putting the likes of Brennan and Comey behind bars. None of us at out level (outside) know what the Justice Dep’t already has and how strong the case is. Getting low level folk to roll is key. I’m surprised Nellie Ohr hasn’t received the Seth Rich treatment.

    Regarding the Poynter Institute — I just hit Paypal, that’s my response to Poynter.

    Thanks again.

    • Chip

      I care. Nellie and Bruce Ohr need to go to prison. It is a deterrent for those that would attempt to “manage” an election in the future… Chip

  13. Ben Johnson

    Greg, with 500+ on a list, could you not get together and sue these people? If everyone threw in $1000.00 that would be $500,000 that’s a lot of Legal work.

  14. paul ...

    Trump outflanked Mueller and the Demon-rats by appointing Barr as Attorney General … Barr defines “obstruction” differently then Mueller … so Mueller had to close his case against Trump because his “obstruction case against Trump” was based upon a “distorted interpretation of the law” according to Barr (who is currently the Attorney General of the United States) … Mueller and the Demon-rats are fuming mad … they now want to “get” Barr some way … likely by accusing him of lying to Congress, etc., etc., etc. … so Barr avoided talking to Congress … the Demon-rats have now switched their full efforts to “a new harassment strategy” (Trunp’s Tax Returns) … they probably figure they can play the getting and inspecting ofTrump’s tax returns (and his dealings with Deutsche Bank) right into the 2020 elections … will the Demon-rat strategy work? … likely not … because every American voter (just like Trump) tries to save money on their taxes to the IRS … and if the Demon-rats persist in “their new harassment” Trump can always sign an Executive Order (and right before the 2020 election) do away with IRS completely … do you think voters will protest Trump closing down what they consider “the infernal revenue bureau” and vote the Demon-rats into power instead? … Trump can simply tell the Fed to print up all the money the government needs out of thin air (the way the banksters currently do for themselves) instead of continually scrounging money out of the pockets of the American people that keeps the economy in recessionary mode!!!

  15. iwitness02

    I despise the SPLC. They need a criminal investigation into their own bias.
    Zero Hedge ran a story yesterday questioning whether or not the MSM is causing insanity in America with all their false narratives. I know, one thing for sure, they are causing a lot of anger. Just like AG Barr’s interrogation by the dems at the Senate hearings. The inmates are truly running the insane asylum in DC. It is outrageous. And they are doing all this in public. Outing themselves with more and more vigor all the time. The crazy train is going to derail at some point. If the left wing media stays on its present course and there is no accountability, I believe they will spark a revolution in this country. The madness has to stop.
    This was certainly a spirited WNW today. I can certainly understand why. I hope Judicial Watch ‘sends in a probe.’ (into Poynter)
    Hang in there Greg. A lot of people respect you and your work.

    • iwitness02

      The respect is born out of your work.

  16. Al

    We the people always win in the end. This will prompt more support for your fine accurate work.

    Keep up the great work as the enemy media dies a slow death!

  17. paul ...

    The globalists want to think of Europe as “one entity” … like a jelly fish without internal organs … humans “are not jelly fishes” … we have a heart (Italy) … a mind (Germany) … reproductive organ (Spain) … a gaulbladder (France) and a rectum (England) … lets keep it that way … humans are not single cell parasitic amebas !! …

  18. Charles Turner

    This is no longer just about Trump. All the Republican party need to wake up and realize that the Democrats have tried to destroy two spotless heavyweights with impeccable careers: First was Judge Kavanagh and second William Barr. If they can do that to these two heavyweights they can do anything. They would make mincemeat of lightweights like Marco Rubio. Trump is a godsend to the Republicans, his brusque manner and ability to fire back can galvanize his supporters. Another Republican president would be childs play in this all out assault on democracy. All Republicans need to realize that this vehemence is now bigger than Trump. The aim of the Democrats is not to help the American people it is about dismantling the Republican party a reinstating the deep state. They do not care if the country rots in the meantime

  19. Bob

    I’ve been a big fan of USA Watchdog and you, Greg, for many years now. Am 77 years old and a solid conservative. Have never heard of the Poynter organization even though they’ve been in play for over 30 years longer than you. I wouldn’t even give them the satisfaction of commenting on them any more. They don’t deserve any more publicity! Any true conservative would take one look at that list and immediately know they are “fake news.” I know how frustrating it must be, however. Just keep up the good work you are doing. There’s a lot of folks out here who really admire you and what you have accomplished over the past 10 years or so. As you say after each episode, “Fear Not…….!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Bob!!!

  20. paul ...

    Crypto’s temporarily gain … but it will eventually become apparent that the public’s enthusiasm for Bitcoin and the “alt-coins” is simply foolish insanity … and will one day be recorded as one of history’s great speculative manias!! …

  21. JanB

    Greg, Do play the victim with the UnNews. Turn this piece upside down and thank the fake news for outlining great sites for the people to visit. I myself will be visiting more of these sites now because of the lack of vision of the fake news. More people, more subscriptions. I do not see this as a negative and not everyone will. It was a list I have been looking for. And I do not need the tube anymore. 🙂

  22. Sandra McIntosh

    Greg, this is the tweet I sent to Poynter: Thank you for your list. I will go through it and be certain to go to those sights from now on. You have done a great service for me.
    Great Job…..I will also forward it to all I know and tell them to start using these sights.

    Isn’t it amazing how they (the crazies) have come out of the shadows to show us who and what they are.

    • Greg Hunter

      Good on you Sandra!! Thank you!!

  23. francis m reps

    Poynter is an absolute fraud when it claims that Greg Hunter’s website is biased. Spokesmen of many varied and different views are guests on USA Watchdog. I may not agree with some of the guests on Mr. Hunter’s website ; but his openness to many points of view cannot be disputed. Soro’s sponsorship of Poynter tells all. Keep in mind that Soros is a Hungarian Jew ; who as a teenager in Nazi occupied Hungary back in the forties …..pretended to be a Christian and then ” assisted ” the Nazis in confiscating property from Hungarian Jews. The ” Picture of Dorian Grey ” comes to mind when looking at a picture of Soros.

  24. Larry G Carter

    Greg, I sent you a story on Pointer and I fully understand your anger and frustration with
    the lies and misrepresentations that all left leaning organizations with George Soros as their benefactor think they are given the right to petal as factual information. Their days
    of endless lies and distortions will come crashing down on them. Keep a stiff upper lip and don’t let the bast—- ware you down.

  25. Roger Good

    Go get ’em Greg!

  26. Russ

    For those in need of a review of the Russia Investigation, there is a very good synopsis at:
    “Russia Investigation Timeline – What Really Happened”

    It’s also available on YouTube at:

    Keywords: Russia, DNC Server, Hillary emails, Seth Rich, Thumbdrive, WikiLeaks, FBI, ham-fisted … Russia, Russia, Russia…

  27. OutLookingIn

    Let the Truth Be Known

    The far left ‘Whack-a-doodles’ embodied by the “Antifa” movement, are in fact fascists.

    Antifa are fascists masquerading as being anti fascist.

  28. Highnail

    Neurons rubbing together, Ouch! I feel a Friction Headache coming on.

  29. Justn Observer

    Greg, Good reporting as usual ! Wonderful to see you made the list and are in good company with those in pursuit to TRUTH !… Consider it a good thing!
    More great news about the ‘hack’ attack on the DNC…Binney said it was an ‘inside’ thumb drive one…likely not Seth Rich… clue as to who the two were…is in the MUELLER REPORT….and looks like PELOSI is in big trouble?
    also as you have reported….MSM in big rating trouble as reported in zerohedge…Any wonder they want all the ‘truthers’ defunded? LOL only way up is if they pull the others telling the truth…down… lol
    Fox News may likely be next as people smell at rat there also? fe fi foe fum…anyone smell a globalist /cfr racked commentary save a very few?

    • susan

      Fox News is fake news also. They have a Few people telling the truth to keep the conservatives coming, but it is a smokescreen. They are as bad as the rest.

      • Cole

        I keep telling my parents this.

  30. Mohammad


    Now this is the real deal and that is what will get the impeachment ball rolling, hearing it from the horse’s mouth directly:


    • Greg Hunter

      Mueller report no collusion and no obstruction. Please stop and let go of this fraud and hoax.

      • Mohammad

        I can stop Greg, but will the Dems controlling the congress stop?
        No, they won’t.
        The road map is laid out by Mueller and the trap is set.


  31. john duffy

    Catholic leaders want pope removed from office.

    • Linda


      If you can’t get there yourself listen to this very smart legal mind ,Joseph diGenova, interviewed by Robert Ringer, totally worthwhile.

      • Mohammad


        This is a campaign lead by powerful team to refute and counteract Mueller’s road map.
        From now on you will see a crescendo in the house of representatives that will lead to an official impeachment proceedings towards the 2020 elections, and on the opposite side you will see a crescendo of the same of the youtube vid you linked to in order to push back.
        I sense the purpose of that is to corner the president into one outlet ….WAR….!
        President Trump is a man of deals and commerce, those are opposite to the nature of war, he does not like wars, he may waive the stick but he does not hit with it, rather he gets the deal he wants, the hidden hands that have an interest in shaping M.E. to their liking and eventually the wold are the opposite from this, THEY WANT AN ALL OUT WAR that will reshape and forever the M.E. and eventually the world to their planning, they do not have the resources to do that, they need the US men and arms and power, Trump gave them some when he moved the embassy to Jerusalem and annexed the Golan Heights, but THEY WANT MORE…
        This will escalate and pressure will build up in D.C. up until he finds himself so cornered that he will cave in to their wish and ignite the big wars, what you see in Venezuela is the attempt to have the insurance policy for energy to keep the oil flow to US when the gulf is shut off when wars ignite .
        This is an observation and I am describing here and I am not subscribing, please keep this in mind and take what I say with a big grain of salt.


        • Greg Hunter

          Israel has had the Golan since Syria and all the other Arab nations attacked in 1967. You don’t start a war (twice – 1973) and expect to get your stuff back.

          • Mohammad


            I am describing the big picture here, depicting what is coming down the pike, there will be historic events that will unfold and been talked about thousands of years back.
            Does not matter which side we are on, it WILL HAPPEN and the kingdom of Israel will emerge on the ruins of the US/West and the east.
            You are seeing the precursors of it in D.C. politics.
            We are in a major shift in the humanity timeline.
            I am again describing here and not subscribing.


  32. Da Yooper

    Greg great wrap up

    How does the American public get justice from a system that is corrupt beyond words. Thousands of people need to be sent to prison & hung for treason I just dont see it happening. The government would have to be shut down to deal with this properly.

    Ok lets say many go to prison …….only to be pardoned the next time a democrat wins the presidency. The only permanent justice is swinging from a rope & I doubt that will happen.

    “Now it seems that Poynter has taken down the entire list of 515 “unreliable” news websites, also known as “UnNews” websites.”

    Funny how the so-called ‘free speech’ crowd wants to shut down free speech. God how I despise socialists – communists deport everyone of them to a socialist country of their choosing. Do it for the children.

  33. Russ F


    Unbelievable how fast the numbers are moving.

    Trump wants lower rates, as the government wants (needs) to pay lower rates of interest on all the debt it has. Very simple……they would rather pay 1% than 2% (actually they would rather have it at 0%).

  34. MK

    Greg: Remember the famous quote, “There’s no justice. There’s just us.” You know how they operate. You must be some kind of a “saint” to watch these charades and report your analysis. I couldn’t do that. I go to your website for some truth. Thank you for another outstanding news wrap- up.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you MK!!

  35. paul ...

    Good … this is how it is supposed to work … the teachers bear arms to protect our children during school hours … and we parents bear arms to protect our children when they are at home … simple … and Constitutional!! …

  36. paul ...

    Now with Mueller and the Deep State neocons is disarray (because they lack a hammer over the head of Trump) … Trump is now moving to discuss (and hopefully peacefully resolve) critical world issues …

  37. Paul in oz

    Trump and Kudlow calling for an interest rate cut when things are relatively good, may very well be done to control the narrative in the event the economy slumps prior to the election. At that time, Trump can simply say if the fed had listened to us … the economy would have boomed like we said … he is positioning the blame go to the fed … so that he can later audit the fed for the negative impacts they are having on the economy when employment levels are high, inflation is low (they think too low) and take back the feds for we the people … Trump will go down as the modern Lincoln.

  38. Freebrezer

    Greg – in your opening you ask why the Dems are so nasty to Barr … Simple – They are just plain, nasty people!

    • Freebrezer

      On these nasty souls going to prison … Not so sure? Maybe just a few lower level ones. It all comes down to how deep the rot has permeated the government, and how much raw power these dark souls hold. The rot at the top had four contractors that mined the NSA and the FBI records (and for how many years?) … what do the have and how will they parley this illegal info to leverage and hold hostage the politicians that go against them?

      • Freebrezer

        And judges?

        • K. Wayne

          The whole system is fractured and corrupted at every level.
          That is a given. Trust me on this.

  39. Gina M Mancarella

    Greg, I wouldnt get bent out of shape about the Un News Index.

    You may want to curtail some of your outrageous claims if you want to not be deemed an idiot in Fareed’s take. Fareed thinks you are a total bullshitter.

    • Greg Hunter

      Get me booked on Fareed’s show and we will see who is BS-ing who. Hey Fareed may get some real ratings instead of the crap he’s getting now lying to the public.

      • Gina M Mancarella

        Fareed has real exposure ! Not like you with this second rate sideshow you are running in order to procure mercy popcorn money ! Fareed gets paid ! Now ! Who’s the doctor ?????

        • Greg Hunter

          Have you checked the ratings for CNN lately?? I wonder how much of those low ratings are the airport screens CNN buys that few look at while traveling? Fareed is scared to have me on even though I used to work there.

      • Jallen

        Why have you barred me from your site?
        You have not barred Gina or Mohammad.


        • Greg Hunter

          What do you have to say?

        • Keith wilson

          Jallen. Do not get upset if Greg does not publish your comment. Over the years Greg has withheld comments from me on a number of occasions. I understand it’s Greg’s site and the situation regarding the alternative news outlets. Greg’s site will be monitored and the powers of the deep state will have a list of sites they will shutdown after they have carried out there next 9\11. It’s Greg’s site and he has the final say. Live with it. Except the situation Greg is in . Be thankful they have not closed him down. Be thankful we have journalists who have not yet sold there soul to the devil.

  40. Pray for salvation

    Pointer Institute is also supported by Charles Koch.

    Trump is calling for 1% rate cut to grow GDP, stimulate housing, devalue dollar and increase inflation. It’s about winning a second term. The economy will certainly crash and gold will skyrocket, if he is re-elected.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank makes sense “Salvation”!!!

  41. paul ...

    Trump has to move fast and talk to Putin about defusing “the Iranian war” (that his neocons “have already started” using sanctions and declaring the Iranian military a terrorist target of attack for the US military) … because … if things escalate between the US and Iran to the point where the Strait of Hormuz is blocked … oil will spike to many hundreds of dollars a barrel … crashing the world economy … and likely destroying Trump’s chances of getting elected in 2020 … it’s an “open secret” inside the Pentagon that the US Navy can’t keep the Strait of Hormuz open … because Iran has Russian SS-NX-26 Mach 2.9 Yakhont missiles lined up all along the Iranian northern shore of the Strait of Hormuz (likely protected by S400 missiles) … there is no way US aircraft carriers can defend against a barrage of Yakhont missiles … and then in addition there are Iran’s extremely mobile SS-N-22 Sunburn supersonic anti-ship missiles that fly low to the surface at 1,500 miles an hour “with dodging capabilities” that were specifically designed to defeat the US Aegis radar defense system … so as this war with Iran gets out of control (as the Deep State obviously wants) the price of oil will spike and the world economy will crash … making way for Demon-rat Biden to ride to victory in 2020 … likely using the “no more wars” rhetoric Trump used to great success to get elected in 2016!!!

    • paul ...

      Thank you Bolton and Pompeo … already things are escalating into a full fledged global war … previously Iran only declared all US troops in the Middle East as “terrorists” … now the Iranian Parliament has overwhelmingly approved declaring “the entire US military everywhere in the world” as being terrorists!!! …

      • paul ...

        You know … anyone listening to Trump carefully before the 2016 election would have been justified in concluding that he would reverse America’s post-Cold War foreign policy (of continual non-stop wars and regime changes) as practiced by George W. Bush and Barack Obama … now look where we are today … Bolton and Pompeo represent just about everything Trump ran against during his 2016 presidential campaign … he ran against the country’s foreign policy establishments rush to war in Iraq … he was against support of NATO’s provocative eastward expansion … he was against the abiding hostility toward Russia … he was against destabilization of the Middle East through ill-conceived and ill-fated activities (like in Iraq, Libya, Syria and now Iran) … he was against the still ongoing and seemingly endless war in Afghanistan … and although Trump said he was against the neocons enthusiasm for regime change and nation-building around the world … he then puts Bolton and Pompeo who represent precisely those kinds of policies in charge at the White House???

  42. WD

    Greg, Thought you should see this…this “Pope” is a sick f*ck. He is but a puppet master’s tool to NWO slavery. As a Catholic I can say he is “Not my pope”!!!

    “Pope Francis calls for new ‘supranational’ authorities to enforce UN goals”

    “ROME, May 2, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) — Pope Francis made a strong new push for globalism on Thursday, calling for a supranational, legally constituted body to enforce United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals and implement “climate change” policies. ”

    • Uncommon sense

      This is what happens when Catholics tolerate evil and sick paedophilia for decades. You don’t get a good outcome.

      • john duffy

        Catholics don’t tolerate evil any more than US citizens tolerate evil by the deep state. Both these entities were infiltrated over 60 years ago. Not that it is any solace to Catholics, but the rate of sex abuse in the public school system is is over 10 times the rate in the church. By the way over 85% of sex crimes in the church are perpetrated by homosexuals on teenagers and young men. The media doesn’t like to tell you that fact. By the way this is a big problem in all churches and synagogues, boy scouts etc.

    • K. Wayne

      Well…. Well…. Well…..
      Yes the RCC is a corrupt organization. That is not my opinion.
      The unfortunate issue is that a large amount of power rests in the hands of the Pope. More so, than almost anyone can imagine.
      Out of the 3 Heads (of the Serpent) …….this is the one that should be feared the most.
      True Evil pervades inside.

  43. James Hastings

    Thanks Greg. Sorry, I find myself stepping on your toe’s…..again. The system is cancerous. God will not reward killer’s of babies and the progressive society. There will be a few lower level crucifixions of pions…..But the leaders will slide off
    into the sunset…..BUT…..I’M a man, if you are right….I will humbly admit…..I WAS WRONG….Keep moving forward Brother…)

  44. Bob from Mo.

    Dam Greg, You are the MAN!!!

  45. Klaus Schmid

    The Iran nuclear deal has been signed by all parties. It is UN Resolution 2231. Your claim that no deal has been signed is false !

  46. Thomas McLaughlin

    What an incredible rant about Poynter, I vented my indignation vicariously through you as I watched, so good on you! I caught the tail end of a piece, Lou Dobbs on Fox News, which he said that Poynter had got bombarded with calls and issued an apology.
    Greg you are great, are in my prayers, and may God bless us with more men like you.

  47. Mark James

    Is Tucker Carlson watching USA Watchdog??

  48. Coalburner

    Greg: I was cackling by the time you furnished with the Weasels at Poynter. At first I thought you would do them like a normal pack if idiot weasels. When you kept going, I caught on quickly and it got funnier as it git funnier until I was having my laugh of the day. But you know how most of us feel about Soros money. I keep waiting for him take a Hellfire Missile up his blow hole. IT would be worth the wait if he could be arrested, his money confiscated and he be sent to GITMO for appropriate R & R at Club GITMO and never be heard of a gain. If we are lucky his in inlaw Pencil Neck will go visit and never return either. But I figure PN will be so scared he will never voluntarily go near the place.
    Payback is going to be sweet.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks CB. It was not payback but exposing the public to the truth!!

  49. Coalburner

    I know I should be asking God to forgive these demons but I find that very difficult no matter how hard I try. It takes a while after proper justice is delivered.

  50. Coalburner

    Gina, LOL! Fareed is a balless twit LOL! Yes I can say it because I am old not PC. In fact he has tiny er balls than you!

  51. Coalburner

    I loved it Greg, needed that report.

  52. Victor

    Like what POTUS said to Nick Sandmann, “Go get them Greg!”

  53. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    Great report Greg. The Southern Poverty Law Center is used heavily by the various bar associations, various federal public defenders and courts to paint a picture of their political enemies. They hate good and lawful Christians and paint a picture of those good and lawful Christians as villains as well as real conservatives, the Southern Poverty Law Center is a weaponized political tool against conservatives. True story, I can testify to that fact.

  54. Tom Wigand

    Greg; Sometimes it’s hard to avoid a feeling of hopelessness as we seem to endure ever-more assaults and usurpations from the Left / Progressives, which appear to have erected an innumerable number of organizations and allies during their Gramsci-inspired “long march through the institutions.”

    But we must remember that Poynter (and Facebook, Twitter, et als.) are confirming that they cannot confront us on the merits of our positions and ideals. If they thought they could win hearts and minds, they’d do so. (Not to be confused with the indoctrination of the naive young, and the churning out of useful idiots from our education system. Indoctrinating the young and naive is neither education or winning hearts and minds in an “informed consent” manner.)

    As you say when you conclude your broadcasts, HE is in control. Our role is to be resolute and unbowed in standing with Him.

    • Greg Hunter

      Good Point Tom!!!
      Thank you for making it here.

  55. paul ...

    Well … here we go folks … it’s WAR again!!! … the US neocons just kept escalating sanctions … … on Russia, on China and on Iran … and the exact response these neocons wanted … has now been given …

    • paul ...

      It now seems very clear that Trump can’t do it alone … he needs the help of the American people … if protesting in the streets of France is getting results … perhaps we too should be putting on our yellow vests to protest against another “God Damned” WAR and do as Jesus wanted us to behave (to seek peace)!!!

      • paul ...

        The American people must do what the people in the UK have done … get rid of the One Party “commie system” we are presently living under (the Republican/Demon-rat Party) and vote a New (anti-war) Party into power in America!! …

        • paul ...

          Ever wonder why Christians are under attack by the One Party Deep State? … what do Christians fight against? … things like abortion … things that promote the “right to life” (which is anti-war) … this is in direct opposition to the One Party Deep States goal of “continual war” and the “taking of lives” … Christian’s are the “natural enemy” of the One Party Deep State that promotes war and kills and takes the lives of hundreds of thousands of children worldwide … to build their One World Empire … a “New Political Party is needed in America” and the seeds for building such a New Party can be found in the anti-abortion movements in the United States, the Roman Catholic people, the Christian right, the Lutherans and Evangelicals, Eastern Orthodox and other believers in Jesus Christ!! … this is why the One Party Deep State sends terrorists to bomb and shoot the people who hold life to be dear in our Churches, Mosques and Temples!!!

  56. paul ...

    (This is Greg Hunter and I cut your comment. DO NOT put the anonymous Jew Hating Russian propaganda of the “Saker” on this site.)

  57. Justn Observer

    It appears there is a ‘damage control’ going on hoping to keep the totality of what has been occurring for decades from being revealed…One wonders if after listening to this the depth and gravity of what they have just listened to…how big the illusion that has been imposed !

    • Justn Observer

      breaking but available to all news agencies if they bothered to read and due deep dive into the Mueller report… what is Fox News taking and reporting such a myopic view of a much wider deeper story?

  58. paul ...

    Trump should sign an Executive Order creating a US Sovereign Wealth Fund … then distribute quarterly dividend checks of $16,000 dollars to every US citizen every 3 months … and watch how the US economy takes off!! …

  59. paul ...

    More likely the Chinese are setting up an “Arctic Underwater Ballistic Missile Shield” to defend against a neocon Nuclear First Strike against Mainland China … rather then the likely “fake” Arctic Silk Road story!! …

    • paul ...

      Actually the US should be using the Northwest Passage across the top of the world for shipping “our goods” from the Atlantic (off Greenland) to the Bering Sea (off Alaska) or from Alaska to the Atlantic … which allows the US to bypass “the Chinese owned” Panama Canal!!

      • paul ...

        Using the Northwest passage will lower the US cost of transporting goods from the Pacific to the Atlantic … but it doesn’t solve the big financial war being waged by America against China and Russia … as China’s silk road will draw capital flows toward China (rather then capital flowing into Treasuries to support the US Government’s budget deficit) … now with Trump trying to lower interest rates paid on Treasuries by 1% … even less capital will flow toward America … which means QE and inflation … which will drive gold prices higher … add in a War with Iran and gold should do even better … but screw the profits that can be made by going to war … Jesus did not take Satan’s offer of “untold riches” if he would only “go along with” Satan’s evil plans for our world!!

        • paul ...

          While gold continues to struggle in the near term … the recent lows (and any upcoming pull backs) represent “decent entry points” … as the potential for massive QE … and the potential for escalation to “hot” War … remains very strong!!

  60. Donald

    “Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has even accused Barr of lying”

    This tells you how badly the system is broken. When psychopaths are allowed to represent large numbers of people, you know the system has failed completely. This also tells you much about the people who voted for her since they approved of her. So where do you go as a nation when you have so many outright stupid people out there??? What do you do with nutcases that refuse to be reasoned with???

  61. paul ...

    The “commie” Marxists in the California school system want to erase a George Washington mural off a school wall … as they feel it traumatizes students “even more then the Deep State” who simply send shooters into our schools to kill kids dead (so their parents will vote along with Hillary against the 2nd Amendment)!! …

  62. James McCumiskey

    Remind me not to annoy you Greg!

    • Greg Hunter

      Don’t annoy me — done.

  63. Hairy Herry

    Not Southern, except where their headquarters are located.
    Not concerned at all about Poverty. They apparently do little more than griping endlessly like those annoying little toy chihuahua dogs.
    Certainly not Legal.

  64. Joe

    Dang, Greg, you only made 476. We gotta help you get higher up that list!

    Anything bad from the Soviet Poverty Law Center is a badge of honor!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Joe!

  65. Diane

    Maybe CNN could survive if the fired all the top anchors first?

    • Greg Hunter

      They need to fire management who allowed and pushed this crazy-time fake news in the first place.

  66. Steve

    Hi Greg,
    I listen to you interviewing your guests when I have an hour or so to focus on their dialog. You ask many of the same questions I would ask and your interests are the same as mine, and you pose many more questions I wouldn’t think of to ask.

    You mentioned the 515 sights that the Poynter Institute has black listed. The X22 report also did a piece on it as well. I went to the Poynter website looking for that list and failed to find it. Please tell me where I can find that list. I would truly appreciate your help.

    Thank You

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