Biden EU Disaster Trip, Vax Updates, Fed Stokes Inflation

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 485 6.18.21)

Vice President Biden went to Europe this week for the G-7 and a big meeting with the person Biden called a “killer” aka Vladimir Putin, President of Russia.  The G-7 meetings the public was allowed to see showed a weak and mentally lacking Biden.  He had cheat sheets to remind him to blame Trump for everything.  (I kid you not.  There are photos.) His handlers shouted down reporters asking off-script questions, and Biden even started calling President Putin by the name Trump and caught himself mid-word.  Biden was exposed as the incompetent and illegitimate imposter, and America suffered for it.  President Putin stuck it to Biden in an interview where he called Trump “talented” and “extraordinary” unlike “career man” Biden.  Ouch!!!!  In short, VP Biden’s trip was an unmitigated disaster for “We the People.”

There is more news about the CV19 vaccinations that the mainstream media and RINO’s like Ohio Governor Mike DeWine say are safe.  DeWine wants to mandate them and force the experimental jabs on people.  He’s the idiot with a lottery to bribe people to get the experimental Jab.  The Vax is anything but safe, and the death and injury numbers prove it.  That’s not stopping Vax makers from arm twisting to get the Vax totally approved by the FDA.  It’s being fought by medical people who have still not been bought off by Big Pharma.

The Fed wants its cake and eat it too.  It says inflation is rising, but it will be “transitory.”  The Fed says it will start fighting inflation by the end of 2023.  Say what?  We have inflation, but we will starting fighting it in 2 years???  Meanwhile, the Fed is going to keep pumping out $120 billion a month propping up the repo market.  That’s $1.2 trillion of money printing per year just for that alone.  This is like telling a drunk you have to stop drinking in two years, and then asking where do you want me to put this case of whiskey?

Join Greg Hunter of as he talks about these stories and others in the Weekly News Wrap-Up 6.18.21.

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After the Wrap-Up:

Renowned geopolitical and economic cycle expert Charles Nenner will be the guest for the Saturday Night Post.  He will share his cycles for gold, silver, Bitcoin and many other commodities and markets.

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  1. regaleagle

    How long are WE THE PEOPLE of the United States of America going to turn our backs to the liars, cheats, and sinister evildoers in power and do absolutely nothing to stand up against them, Huh? The next question is even more important: How long is God Almighty going to allow this kind of shenanigans to continue before he has to step in and punish our nation……including the totally innocent by default……just to get our attention?
    Greg, you are doing such an outstanding service for all true Americans tirelessly and without the support of funding that this site really deserves and should have. You really need to get a little rest this weekend……try to get some rest Greg. I know it’s tough to sleep with everything that’s happening daily…….I pray for you and for our nation.

    • David Gordon Dunne

      I agree 100% as God is not going to just sit there while his children are being torn apart.
      God Bless you Greg.

      • travis moss

        He(God) did in 1st century Rome. Christians were executed for there faith because they would not bow to Ceasar (666). Jesus(the eternal Son of the Most High) did not come to save us from the Romans. He came to save us from sin.

        • Paul ...

          And to save us from sin … Jesus assumed we would have the intelligence “to follow his example” and overturn the tables on the banksters (like Klaus and the Rothschild’s, etc.) and whip the eugenicists (like Gates and Fauci, etc.)!!

          • John

            If you notice, Yesuha did that at the end of His ministry just before His crucifiction.
            There is a time for everything.

    • Sandra Sullivan

      We the people are going to become unfrozen from the helplessness of National news and become warriors in our home town, county and state. We can say, “Not in our town are trashy evil mandates going to win. Our schools, city, counties, and states belong to us. We pay the taxes. Any organizations that think they have the power to run over us will meet with hard headed opposition. Any body that has been hired to fill a position and abuses it, can be fired eg. principal, teacher, union worker, mayor, commissioner, sheriff, judge and any other position.

    • ron martin

      Of course, I don’t know how long God will allow this evil to continue but perhaps we can use Noah as an example. He gave Noah 120 years to preach to the millions or billions while he constructed the ark. After 120 years not a single one had been converted so God destroyed all living things outside of the ark. Many today think that surely we are near the end because things couldn’t get much worse. We’ll see. As for me, there is no human solution so I will depend only on Jehovah/Yahweh and His Son to clean up this mess we have created and allowed to fester.

      • MCasey

        Hello Ron. Noah did NOT preach 120 years trying to “save” people from the flood. That makes for a good sermon, but it’s a lie; nothing in the Bible supports it. God had no intention of saving anyone but Noah and his family. “Noah was found to be perfect in his generations”. Noah had the only pure blood line; the only uncontaminated DNA.

        In this same chapter, “…. the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose.” And contaminated human DNA.

        “But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.” Jesus’ blood sacrifice was for “humans”. There is no blood sacrifice for “non-human hybrids” ……DO NOT TAKE THE VACCINE.

      • Clare Baxter

        I agree Ron, we have been too passive and our churches didn’t resist at all when GOD was taken out of school and when abortion passed into law, now look at us! This spiritual battle is between Jesus and Satan and we will need divine intervention to win this battle, the criminal Communists have totally infiltrated our governments. Man can’t govern themselves without GOD, we are too greedy and lust for money and power. Unthinkable sin is going on right now with the murder of our unborn babies, just born babies and children being trafficked for perverted sex and their blood for the Communists/Satanists/elites in the form of adrenochrome to help them stay young. These are disgusting pigs and GOD will be purging them to the pit for 1000 years with their god Satan while we’re live in peace and prosperity for 1000 years. I can’t wait until these demons are gone!!! The Democrat leaders and fake news are pure evil!

    • Robert Hill

      Greg is a National Treasure!!!! May God continue to use you mightily. His Truth is marching on through you!

      • Greg Hunter

        Thanks Robert!

    • Bill

      God helps those, who help themselves. God helped the American Peopl by installing Trump, to show us what could what could happen, with one man making a difference. Now, it seems, God is telling us, that the People are the Real Power. All Real Americans must rise up and fight for their Country by inundating the Congressmen with Complaints on how this Country should be run! If the Majority of the People rise up and keep demanding the American Way of life, then the Deep State/Communists will eventually bow down to the Power of the American People!

      • Greg Anweiler


        Your wrong. God helps those who help others.

        Making a statement like God helps those who help themselves infers an attribute of self-centeredness.

  2. Fred Engel

    Let’s hear it for $#!* show Joe.

  3. Scott

    The United States of America does not have a President.

    It has a potato.

  4. Chris

    See how quick these drug companies would stop the killer shots if they had accountability?

    • Trinacria

      Scott: I think her is worst than a “potato” as a potato would do no harm. I am hoping and waiting that what Bo Polny says about all these evil clowns being exposed soon and running for cover comes true soon as he shared a few weeks ago on the interview with Greg.

  5. Gary York


    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Gary for the very kind words!

      • david calkins

        please watch this on brand new tube … Government told to stop the jabs because they are toxic…Andy Wright Talking Really Uncut
        18 Jun 2021

      • Mark Sansone

        “I don’t trust any of the intelligence agencies, I’m sorry,” says Greg Hunter. And you have acknowledged the FBI is corrupt. One by one, you’re seeing it. Good!

        But the bad part is: These untrustworthy agencies operate entirely under the cover of the barriers to evidence and have virtually NO oversight or accountability, while they take away our rights (Patriot Act, NDAA) and watch us like lawless, covert hawks, then; they subordinate the Constitution to their egos — acting as the very symbols of America itself — and demand more reverence than the Word. What does that say about the aspirations of our self-declared 911’s, whether generally or by proxy, or both? It’s bad.

      • Hannah Loveanna

        DITTO for Greg Hunter of USA Watchdog! Copy & paste his links & share, share, share everywhere : D
        Check out the pharmacist who quit her job rather than give the jab. She shared one of the best whistleblowing testimonies on the web. You can find her on BitChute. Wish I could share the link, but hopefully you’ll find it.

  6. William Glaser

    Greg, you should interview Dr. Carrie Madej

    • Brian

      I second this !!

  7. JC

    Wow, quite a Wrap-Up! Everything is nuts! At some point I may have disconnect from all this by taking out my Honeymooners “Classic 39” Episodes DVD Box Set and watching them to escape from reality.

    • JC

      Ralph: What’s going on here?

      Trixie: Nothing Ralph, Carlos was teaching us to do the mambo!

      Ralph: Oh… Carlos was teaching you to do the mambo! That puts a different light on everything! For a minute there, when I walked in, I didn’t know what you were doing. Now I know, Carlos was teaching you to do the mambo! That makes a world of difference. Everybody out!

      • ron martin

        JC, keep setting aside time each day to escape the sick reality we find surrounding us. My wife and I never fail to watch some stupid movie each night that is devoid of politics and doom. We all need a break before we again tackle reality.

  8. Nancy Burwash

    Kim Jong Un admits North Korea is facing ‘tense food situation’
    By Yoonjung Seo, Gawon Bae and Ivana Kottasová, CNN
    Thu June 17, 2021

  9. pbd

    The Supreme Court Case Decision yesterday (06.17.2021) refusing to hear a Texas case based on “standing” is yet another brick-in-the-wall of judicial fiat that the Court has been building recently that will be a barrier in the future to States and individuals being granted redress in the highest court in the land – of other important grievances related to election fraud, encroachment on States rights, and illegal and unconstitutional activity of the U.S. Federal Government related to the same.

    In anticipation that the U.S. Supreme Court potentially itself is part of the problem – it is therefore important for States (and citizens therein) that are not prepared to go-along-to-get-along with the obvious open corporatist-statist U.S. Federal Government authoritarian agenda – to declare “Sovereignty” under the 10th Amendment, provide notice of the same and related encroachment to the U.S. Federal Government – to lay the basis (in the court of public opinion) for a foreseeable morally justified soft-secession from the Union – until such encroachments are rectified in accordance with the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights and related appropriate universal general principles and rights grounded in natural law.

    The Supreme Court acting as a “kangaroo” court does not have the power or authority to destroy, vitiate, or allow others to encroach on individual and States rights embodied in the Constitution the Bill of Rights or otherwise override the same in contravention of natural law and universal self-evident human rights.
    Best of luck all!

    • Sandra Sullivan

      “Honor will be the last frontier.” Gloria Copeland, Teacher

    • ron martin

      I just assume we have no constitution, no laws and no judicial system as a starting point. Also, the FBI and all government agencies are corrupt from top to bottom. You alone are responsible for your fate.

      • susan

        ron, I will not complain about weeding, watering and taking care of my garden. I thank God for giving me the ability to have a garden to take care of my family’s and town’s needs.

  10. Mark

    Mr. Greg Hunter I have to correct you on one thing “Vice President” Biden doesn’t say; I like turtles, he says; I got hairy legs!!😮😮

  11. Kevin Tatanka

    Once again, Greg: “During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.” ~ George Orwell

  12. barsoom43

    This country was lost in Nov 2012.. If you cann0t accept that and get prepared for what is coming, you will be lost.
    Trump just gave some of us more time to get ready. The Dims/Marxists are going to inflate us into Venezuela..
    I told my family that there will be a major assassination in Spring, 2022.. They will go after the guns as a result.
    I don’t worry about any of this because it’s out of my hands or control. I’m watching and waiting and keeping my eyes on Jesus who has everything under control.

  13. Self Exiled

    The extent of the organizational skill to project this so completely and thoroughly around the world is mind numbing.
    My Philippine friend swore not going to take the shot. His mother did and all the household relatives, now he is pale, eyes swollen, doesn’t feel good. They keep bushing him, see you need to take the shot. Perpetual self propagating strategy.

    • JC

      Self, it really is mind numbing. Free chickens… what next?

      Police launched the free chicken program last month in collaboration with the sub-district government and local health centers.
      Before the program was initiated, only 25 in 200 residents were willing to get the vaccine, Galih said — but “now, we have 250 people per day who are willing to get vaccinated.”

      • sc0tty

        If you want to know who what when and why about everything going on right now watch ‘the fall of the cabal’ (2020) and ‘the sequel to the fall of the cabal’ (2021) by Janet Ossebaard and Cyntha Koeter.

      • Paul ...

        JC … They are also handing out “free” Lotto tickets to get the jab … those who lose (simply die with a frown on their faces) … but the happy winner (although he dies too … goes out with a big smile on his face) … how about we offering evil Fauci, Gates, Schwab, Soros, etc., etc., etc. something for free also (like a free ticket to Antarctica .. where we will freeze their bodies within the ice of some deep cavern at no cost to them …the way God the Father did to the Demons trying to take over his Kingdom years ago) … they should be happy about accepting such an offer … as there is always the possibility that one day they could be released (probably by Nazi’s looking to set up a 6th or 66th or 666thReich!!

  14. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    Right on the money USAWatchdog.

  15. Maria+das+Santos

    Thank you Mr Hunter for deconstructing the lying MSM which we have in abundance here in the UK.
    More fraud and lies,

  16. Robert Olin

    Putin and Russia are NOT our enemy. The enemy of our enemy just might be our friend.

    • andyb

      You are absolutely correct Robert. I’m tired of the demonizing of Putin so that the MIC has a boogeyman to justify making and selling oodles of weapons and to fill the off shore bank accounts held by the Congress and perhaps even SCOTUS. Putin is a Christian and a supreme nationalist. His policies are aimed at, and result in, strengthening Russion sovereignty and the Russian economy. He is definitely anti-war and will not be provoked into WWlll unless absolutely necessary to defend his homeland. In overall outlook he is very similar to Trump. But unlike Trump he has a central bank unbeholden to the bankster cartel and has eliminated Soros influence in his country. We should be so fortunate.

      • bill

        The Deep State/Communists keep on blaming Putin, because they want to see the USA have a war with Russia. In other words, one Christian Country fights another Chistian Country! That way, they destroy 2 birds with one stone( one big Lie).

    • Jr Jon

      yes Putin is our friend as he consistently stands up for what is right against the cabal and now stands up for american patriots unlawfully rotting in the new “american gulogs” – he protects Christians in his own country and correctly identifies the satanic nwo in public speeches- offers white s. african farmers who are being genocided to come to russia – and now blacks openly advocate killing whites in the usa… maybe he will offer white christian americans a place to live as the cabal now has a race war started here with blacks attacking whites everywhere …

      • Paul ...

        JJ … Instead of going to the Ecuadorian Embassy for protection against prosecution (for revealing the truth about the “spirit cooking” going on by the DNC’s witch Hillary) Assange should have simply gone to Russia … like Snowden did!!

        • regaleagle

          I guarantee ya it’s mighty cold up there in Russia. I’d opt for somewhere warm like Costa Rica first……just hide out with the natives. I’d rather sweat than freeze, and besides…’s healthy for ya.

  17. Sylvia Sires

    Dr Carrie Madej was on Free & Brave Part 2-Session 6 explains Trans Gene and Transhumanism. Covid “injection” is the gateway to Transhumanism, they want to change us from being human. A philosophy favoring the use of Science and technology, especially neurotechnology, Biotechnology & nanotechnology to overcome human limitations and improve the human condition. Also Dr Sherri Tenpenny Part 2-Session 3 is Excellent!

  18. allen ols

    Spot lumber prices hit a record high of nearly $1200 per thousand board feet on Tuesday. The record mark comes after a historic run for lumber in 2020 and the beginning of 2021. Prices have soared more than 250% in the past year and roughly 348% from March 30, 2020 five-year lows.

    • Paul ...

      ao … Look at what the Fed banksters have done to the purchasing power of the US dollar … … and now they are currently trying to scare people into selling their Tier 1 asset (gold) to them for fiat paper dollars (so these banksters can cover their gold short positions before the BIS deadline) … and these printed fiat paper IOU’s (Stan calls “strong dollars”) does not promise to pay you back with gold or silver as was done before 1970 … but will only pay you back with another “printed up out of thin air” fiat paper IOU!!

      • Paul ...

        Stan … You say you want to be enlightened with my latest Gold forecast … simply look at the chart above … to understand why Gold should be selling much higher … as to why it would go down temporarily in the face of such data … is a question you should be asking your bankster buddies … all I know is … the fact that you “just cashed out with mountains of money” … means to me gold has bottomed … “ass you just covered your gold short positions” (so you could buy a 5 bedroom vacation Villa in St Maarten and a Bentley to keep in its garage) … using this data you have graciously provided … along with all my other technical chart and fundamental analysis … tells me … “gold is now testing a significant bottom” … and from here at its current price of $1750 … it is most likely to jump “by at least 20%” … which should put gold well above its all time high (by year end)!!

        • Stan

          Paul: You cannot admit you are wrong. You need to have the ability to abandon a trade if it goes against you otherwise you will be in the poor house. Sell all your Gold now! Don’t continue to be a fool.

          • Greg Hunter

            That’s rich from someone shorting gold since $1,200 per ounce!!

          • Paul ...

            Stan … How old are you? … seems you and your bankster buddies are “like little children playing with paper dolls and paper money” … you paper dollar-bugs are most likely so out of tune with reality (just like the crypto-bugs) because you never received an education as to the “true value of gold” as explained in the Bible (and in other historical ancient documents) … begin by listening to this brief tutorial to educate and begin the process of awakening of your mind as to the true worth of gold …

            • Paul ...

              Just in case you are confused as to what Moses meant by “burning” gold … he did not mean you put it into a flame of fire … what he meant was … you douse it in H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide) after soaking it for weeks in an acid (like vinegar)!!

              • Paul ...

                Seems … the reason why gold has been considered to have great value to humans over the centuries … is because it has “many unique properties” (from it protecting our DNA for an increased life span , etc., etc., etc. to it’s anti-gravity properties) … if you look at gold’s atomic structure you find that gold’s orbital electrons travel very close to the nucleus … meaning these electrons are spinning around the nucleus at close to the speed of light (and as you remember Einstein said: “The closer something gets to the speed of light … the more massive it gets … and time slows down” … so it seems likely that it’s those relativistic electrons spinning almost at the speed of light around the nucleus that accounts for much of the weight we feel upon holding a gold coin in our hand … however … gold “loses weight” when in its single atom “mon-atomic” powder form … thus suggesting that these relativistic electrons must slowing down when in powder form … meaning time speeds up … and that somehow “produces an anti-gravity effect” … so don’t let the banksters tell you gold is simply another commodity … it has some really “very special and valuable properties” when compared to the intrinsic value of a piece of fiat paper (or a crypto “prime number” token)!!

                • Paul ...

                  You know … I was thinking … why would our “alien brothers” have to come all the way to Planet Earth to mine gold? … was it because they ate all the gold on their home planet that gave them very long lives? … just hope all our gold is still at Fort Knox … as the Military Industrial Complex neocons may have already traded it to our” alien brothers” … for high technology … and what ever gold is left … is probably only enough to keep 500,000 people living for thousands of years … so having your own private hoard of physical gold would make a lot of sense!!

  19. Robert Coleman

    Keep up the excellent reporting Greg, enjoy your unbiased reporting of the truth.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Robert for all your support!

  20. Cus D'Amato

    Reverse Repo Blowout, the story no one wants you to know…
    Large Banks are begging the Fed to “Taper” because the Federal Reserve’s $8 TRILLION balance sheet holds the only pristine collateral that has not been hyper-hypothecated (think selling the same car 10x). Banksters and the MSM keep telling us the system is awash with cash and they don’t know what to do with all those $’s but that’s bovine scatology. What’s really happening is this: Interest rates are virtually zero yielding debt instruments out to 2 years and the Treasury has been issuing literal truckloads of short-term notes since Covid forced closures crippled ‘non-essential’ businesses. What’s a TBTF bank to do when almost no basis points (interest) exist? Simple, use the same Treasury up to 20 times as collateral for interest rate swap trades with all your Bankster Buds and presto, Mo Money! Mo Money! Here’s the problem…When trading desks get greedy and use that same Treasury collateral with non TBTF (Primary Dealers) and start including hedge funds and retirement plans to wring out a few more basis points of “profit”, trouble starts. Each night, at the close of business, these Primary Dealers and Commercial Banks need to square their books to remain in compliance. Their Risk Management Departments’ (they still exist, lol) alarms go off. The Fed knows this is going on so they offer overnight interest on those trillions of cash sitting on the TBTF Bank balance sheets in exchange for balance sheet dyke plugging Bonds. Now with hedge funds like Archegos blowing up from too many concentrated and super-leveraged directional bets, the Risk Managers must discount those basis trades (Both the Derivative Swaps AND the underlying Bonds) with non TBTF entities leaving gaping holes in their balance sheets. This causes the scramble for the only non-hypothecated pristine collateral, enter the Federal Reserve’s $8 Trillion balance sheet to the rescue. Once the Repo facility starts getting used it is like a shark alarm at a crowded beach and no one will answer the trading desk phone until they figure out which Bank or Hedge Fund has blown up. Immediately EVERYONE goes running to the Fed until the shark is spotted and dealt with (bailed out). Perhaps this time it’s a school of sharks who are in trouble with too much leverage and not enough collateral to cover the necessary capital buffers. It looks like we’ll soon find out because last night the Reverse Repo market took up 59 counterparties for over $750 Billion! Someone big is on the ropes and now everybody wants to buy collision insurance on the car, even if it’s been sold to 10 different buyers…

    • Paul ...

      CD’A … Do these banksters think they can scare people out of their Tier 1 asset (gold) by simply manipulating the price down a mere $150 dollars?? … don’t they realize we gold-bugs are as strong emotionally as the Bit-conned crypto investors (who think nothing of seeing Bitcoin move down by $20,000 dollars)!! … if they manipulated gold down $20,000 dollars (like they just did to Bitcoin to minus -$18,000 dollars) we gold-bugs would be jumping into gold just as the crypto people are jumping into Bitcoin now … and I bet … the crypto-bugs would still rather buy an invisible electron inside a computer for $38,000 dollars … rather then real physical gold coin (a recognized Tier 1 asset) at a minus -$18,000 dollar price!!!

      • Shawn Brown

        I think you’re right, it appears to be a last ditch effort before Basel 3 is implemented. The internet and information like Greg presents each week serve to shine light on their criminal activity. Slamming gold and silver each morning using futures totaling nearly a year’s mining production only stretches the rubber band to breaking point. They’ve got two more weeks until Basel 3 eliminates this type of speculation, unless of course it is postponed. “May He live in interesting times” – Ancient Chinese Curse

  21. Jerry5

    Thanks for discussing the cyber attacks. I find it interesting that the Russians are talking about it to.

    Cyber polygon is the next big tool to come out of the globalist tool box. Jerry’s prediction? The moment that the Arizona audit comes out, the grid is coming down. Use that as your benchmark. The globalist are following a fifty year plan. They cannot afford to take a detour. Period.

  22. dlc

    JC: Our sundowner president when he isn’t reading notes around world leaders.

    “But can he core a apple?” — Chef of the Future, my personal favorite.


    You Greg have touched on one thing that Ive been seeing more and more.
    America is in a “ethical dilemma” People just dont seem to have a sense of right or wrong. I recently have an old friend literally bury a bone in my hind parts, and when I spoke out, the response was “I dont see anything wrong with making a little money. What would you call that ? Is that a FLAW IN ONES CHARACTER?. Seems to be rampant in America today. Nobody seems to stand for nothing except a “second helping” on their plate.
    The other thing you mentioned was Kamalas mindless cackling. Anyone notice the facial expression? CLASSIC HILLARY CLINTON . Remember?
    June day what ever? Great another holiday the working people of this country will have to pay for. Gotta love it.
    We deserve the government we get. The people who knew better sat back for years and let it slide. Well its time to pay the piper. I hope there is a country to have an election in, come 2024. We will own nothing and like it?

  24. Mike Johnson

    Putin actually speaks English better than a lot of Americans. There is an extent to which the translator is mostly for show and possibly to catch the one in a thousand or so chance that Putin might have misunderstood something. Besides, if people think Putin can’t speak English that well they might slip up and say something where he can hear it that they shouldn’t have said.

    • AndrewB

      Hi Mike,
      Using a translator also gives Putin time to think – before – giving a carefully considered response. Given the mass compliance to the plandemic, thinking appears to be a lost art.

  25. Nancy Henriksen

    Dearest Greg, Always a pleasure seeing your handsome face and hearing you speak from your heart…hard truths with a little humor..Thank you for hanging in for us.nancy.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Nancy for your kind words & support.

  26. A+Jones

    A note of optimism: I went with my wife furniture shopping a couple of weeks ago. It was one of those consignment joints in Greg’s hometown. Having no interest in furniture I was browsing and found a six-volume set of Carl Sandburg’s books on Lincoln. I just finished volume 1 and I can report to you that there is nothing new under the sun. Voter fraud, corrupt politicians, fake news, political intrigue, exploitation of the race issue, you name it. What we are seeing right now is just history repeating itself. Did you know that the election of 1840, I think was the year, the Democrats committed mass voter fraud by paying the Irish immigrant workers who were building the Erie Canals and swung the election to their guy? It is always about race and voter fraud is always present. I remember some years ago reading in a northern Virginia newspaper a quote from Virginia’s first black governor Douglas Wilder. Wilder stated that voter fraud was a tradition in the black community.
    Based on history, I predict that sometime soon a person will rise up and stand this country on its head. Reading Lincoln’s speeches and seeing the reaction and public opinion jelling you can just see it coming. I think the days of the central Federal government are numbered and we are heading for a totally new paradigm. Race is the driving force so just stand back and watch events unfold. The next event will be a new political alignment then a savior will some how assume power and all hell will break loose just like the last time. I see a future of city states, colonies of like-minded people, and no so called public entities like schools and colleges. Yes, they even considered that during Lincoln’s time. A minister tried to start a Christian community in the Mississippi valley. The Mississippi Value concept is where we are headed.

  27. David L Showers

    The last thing we need is another federal holiday – we already have 12 of them. With the latest, that makes 13. This is one additional day on which federal employees will not have to work – this is a direct hit to productivity. But these knuckleheads in Washington DC do not think about this. We are rewarding and encouraging laziness.

    • Paul ...

      No David … it is more productive “not to have them at work” … when they are home … they “are working around the house” and they are out buying things … which boosts the economy … we should think of giving them more days off ( a 3-day work week will really boost the economy)!!

      • Paul ...

        Their salary won’t increase … but it should be a boon to the economy to have these people at home spending money … rather then sitting on their asses at work doing nothing .. perhaps we should give them a 2 day work week!!

        • Paul ...

          Well why not … lets go all the way and tell Government workers they don’t have to work at all … they still get their full salary but are out spending 7 days a week … and just think of the additional savings to our National Budget Deficit as millions of gallons of gasoline won’t have to burned up each day going to and from work by car just to sit around doing nothing!!

  28. DUGE


    • Jay A.

      Schumer’s a clown, mad Max is a witch, Nancy’s a drunk,

    • Paul ...



  29. Da Yooper

    Folks get prepped for next winter. Is all I can say.

  30. Dean Backer

    I was watching Matt Couch yesterday 5-17-21 he was interviewing an auditor from Maricopa County AZ .
    The auditor said results are good to be earth shattering.

  31. Dean Backer

    I’ve printed out the Solari form and have been handing them out. Thank you Greg for pointing it out last week.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Dean for handing these out to people & for all your support!

  32. Del

    I hope I never need a blood transfusion. I’m not a medical person but wouldn’t it be possible to pick up some spike protein if it landed in the blood doners blood from getting the kill shot.

    • Greg Hunter

      Good question.

  33. Rober K

    Heels Up harris is in Georgia today…

    Promoting the EUA poison jabs since Georgia “only” has a 36% jab rate. They are holding 300. Yes, THREE HUNDRED events in the state today thru July 3rd, in an effort to get the state of Georgia to 70% vaccinated for “heard immunity” by the 4th of July…. When is enough, enough???

    These people are the face of evil and I will keep praying God steps in for Divine intervention. They just seem to keep doubling down, despite overwhelming, tangible evidence that people should not take this poison. Every single time the REAL NEWS about the scam and hoax comes to light, they come up with some other jackass plan and go about implementing it at break neck speeds “for the greater good”.

    • ron martin

      The “dynamic duo” here in Georgia is Kemp and fat Stacy. Together they may just get their 70%. Even here in the north Georgia mountains there are diaper-wearing idiots slithering around with magnetic arms avoiding non-vaxxed folks like me. Slither away cause I will accept death before the jab.

      • Robert K

        AMEN brother!

  34. Scott

    FBI infiltration of reactionary groups is nothing new. Neither is their using infiltration of such groups to agitate for illegal actions hoping to illicit shifts in public sentiment. in the late 1960’s informers were placed in the Weather underground and other peripheral anti war groups. In particular my parents knew a family whose son was a FBI informant operating on the University of Wisconsin campus. He was very active during the period of campus unrest that lead up to the Sterling Hall bombing in 1970. Interestingly he disappeared after the bombing. For those unacquainted with the event, three of the four bombers were caught but the forth, Leo Burt, has never been seen since. It is suspected that Mr Burt was the FBI informant. After the bombing, public sentiment shifted strongly against the anti-war movement. In the years following it was suggested the FBI knew of the bombing in advance but did not act to stop it anticipating the swing in public sentiment caused by the attack.

  35. Louis


    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Louis!

  36. Felix A Renteria

    Vaccines are the war against GODs children,they have been praised since the day they were invented in the 1800’s.How about sv 40 a cancer virus that was in the polio vaccine from 1955 to 1961 if I am correct.When you vaccinate people with man made garbage and viruses you have a sick care patient for life in the money making,no cure sick care system.These evil people that control the sick care system could care less if you are healthy.The people that go into health are good people that want to help others,but the whole sick care system stinks,you have to keep yourself healthy because they will never do it.How about Kissinger depopulation statements about vaccines,do some research.

  37. Stan

    Paul: What happened? What went wrong? I was reviewing all the technical and fundamental analysis you posted pointing to much higher Gold prices. Why would Gold crash in the face of all your data? Please enlighten us with your latest Gold forecast. Oh, and by the way, this week’s Gold crash made me mountains of money. Remember you laughed at me for shorting Gold above $1900? Well, I was right. With my profits I’m buying a nice little 5 bedroom vacation villa in St Maarten and a Bentley to keep in its garage. And I’ll have money left over! Have a nice day, Paul.

    • Lady Au Stackers United

      C’mon Mr Stan, really now! Gold is a long, long-term hold hedge against USD purchasing power. Your short-term paper Gold and silver shares are just that: Short-lived albeit the paper contracts do affect the Commodity exchange market price of physical Gold and Silver too but only in the short term, not long term. I dabbled with Gold shares and iShares Silver and exited those PDQ. For those of us who have been stacking the real deal for over 10 years and me personally since 1995, I can honestly say the value of my hoard has substantially increased. It’s like a slow drip Savings Account. And now that the market price is under a correction then what I will tell to all Gold and Silver Bugs is, “Time to Buy again, it’s a Fireside Sale!”

    • Ray

      Whilst you are out purchasing things Stan, see if you can pick up a Rainbow Unicorn or two to keep your new “Bentley” company.
      Fair Dinkum!
      The World Of Stanley…… uproarious new comedy about a basement dwelling key board warrior and his mushroom fuelled fantasies of fabulous wealth creation………coming to a cinema near you this summer!
      Ray, Canberra, Lapdoglia.

      • Ray

        Mushroom Fuelled Stanley, Field Donkey Bentley & Rainbow Unicorn action figures sold separately!!!!

    • sk

      You keep Bentley in the GARAGE??? Horse abuse! A meadow is what he needs! For shame!

  38. TJZ

    Thank you very much for directing us to the Vax Site/forms. I have forwarded that info to family members faced with both employer/schools demanding the VAX. God bless you!

    • Greg Hunter

      So glad this could be of help. People just don’t have the information & refuse to do any research.

  39. Bruce E. Sanborn

    Great information Greg, I ignore most of the Intel. during the week because I am confident your weekly wrap-up will set the record straight with your reporting! Much appreciated, Maranatha, Greetings from Tampa Florida 😎

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Bruce!

  40. Paula C

    God bless you and your family Mr. Hunter.
    Of interest and possible future guests?
    Dr. Brett Weinstein interviewed Dr. Robert Malone (inventor of mRNA technology) & Steve Kirsch. The original three hour interview has been removed by ytube for violating their policies.
    Prior to ytube censorship, I listened twice and took notes. Dr. Malone revealed that he had contacted FDA and submitted data that the spike protein and s1 sub-unit is toxic. The vaccine encodes spike protein that is biologically active and destructive. FDA rejected his submittal as “limited data”.

    Dr. Bret Weinstein is now posting smaller snippets.
    Spike protein is very dangerous, it’s cytotoxic:

    S. Kirsh references his article on Trial Site News

    Also of interest:
    Dr. Jonathan Cooley Ph.D. podcast
    Around 51 minute mark Dr. Couey mentions that it is difficult to dose mRNA!
    He discusses other issues related to where it goes in the biosystem and how it expresses. This may shed some light on why we see such a wide variance in vaccination response.

    Dr. Joseph P. Farrell
    Cites an article from Katherine Austin Fitts re: Legislation in US & French Assembly.
    Human-animal hybrids: Senate approves billions of dollars for their chilling creation

    God’s blessings,
    Paula C.
    Though I walk in the midst of trouble, you preserve my life; you stretch out your hand against the wrath of my enemies, and your right hand delivers me. Psalm 138:

  41. Jim Hebert

    The elites have said that they consider the vax to be an IQ test. If you fall for it you deserve what you get.

  42. Harvey Ackermann

    I find it odd that for the last two years we have not experienced a “regular flu” epidemic. What happened? Maybe they didn’t get the patent on it in time.

  43. Donna t

    The irony of it all …
    Thank you for your informative updates on today’s lunacy.
    I shake my head, I laugh and then want to throw up with these buffoons that are sending our country into the toilet.
    Covid shots cause monsterism in some see if you can find anything on that disasters!

  44. Greg S.

    Hey Greg could you leave a link where to get the liability form that employees can use to protect themselves.

  45. Jerry5

    Here is more information on cyber polygon.

    I find it interesting that other nations are involved with this exercise. Specifically Russia. Security issues don’t seem to be a priority, especially considering that Biden gave access to our power grid within days of taking office. If this event follows the same track that event 201 did, this fall, might be when America does fall. It also coincides with the trajectory of when the vaccine side effects rear their heads. What better time to launch an attack than when the power grid is down, and the hospitals are overrun with vaccine fatalities?

    • Jerry5

      Got water?

      If you’re depending on city water in a survival scenario you’re a fool.
      The globalist know the water systems are at the top of the list for maximum impact in a cyber attack. Why? Read any survival manual and you will find out that human beings can only last three days without water. In my town I ask the city engineer who is a friend of mine, how long the water would last in our city tower if the power went off? His reply. Three days. What will you do? Most human beings consume at least three gallons of water a day. And that doesn’t even include water for bathing or cooking. The answer to the question depends where you live. There are multiple scenarios to consider. Whatever plan you have, you might want to review it now, since water is clearly a target.

      • JC


        It’s just a matter of time… technology, a blessing and a curse.

        “NBC News reported on Thursday that an unidentified hacker carried out the attack on an unspecified water treatment plant on January 15 in the San Francisco Bay Area by using the username and password of a former employee at the facility.”

        “The hacker managed to access the former staff member’s TeamViewer account, which allows employees to remotely use their computers, according to a report compiled by the Northern California Regional Intelligence Center in February that was obtained by NBC.”

  46. Diana Brown

    Wow – Greg, I cant get this Rumble site to load …..

    • Greg Hunter

      My guys say it is a big tech suppression issue. They suggest to unplug your modem and rest it.

      • Diana Brown

        Got it now Greg! Thanks!
        Its worth working through it !
        Thanks for your never ending truth. I appreciate your efforts!

  47. Sue Patterson

    Thanks for another truth bomb, Greg. It went well with Friday morning coffee.
    I have a request. Would you consider posting your Saturday release earlier in the evening? How about 7 or 8 pm EST? I’m off to bed before it’s available so I never see it until Sunday.

  48. Greg S.

    Here is the link for the exemption form.

  49. Rodster

    “That’s not stopping Vax makers from arm twisting to get the Vax totally approved by the FDA.”

    Can we call it the Government – Sickcare Complex”? Because just like the Media and Military, it seems everyone is in bed with the US Government. What’s different this time is that the Vaxx makers have received indemnity. So if you are injured or murdered by using taking these bullsh*t experimental drugs posing as vaccines, too bad. The drug makers are off the hook.

    So not only is Big Pharma a real winner but the hospitals who have to deal with your injuries because YOU are now on the hook for both the hospital and any future medical bills.

    Kunstler wrote a nice piece about this very same thing:

    “The leading government policy just now is to hector, browbeat, and coerce Americans to get vaxed-up with vaccines that appear to be pretty hazardous. The Moderna, AstraZeneca, and Johnson & Johnson vaccines so far (which is not very far) have produced more deaths and adverse events than all the other vaccines for all other diseases developed in the past thirty years, and we have no idea what the long-term effects will be of a spike protein that likes to damage blood vessels, brains, and reproductive organs. That’s another thing the news and social media don’t want the public to inform themselves about, not to mention the scientifically-based opinion that vaccinating a populace in the middle of an epidemic is pretty certain to provoke the evolution of new and more dangerous variants of the disease agent.”

    • JC


      Early in the pandemic, I had been furiously writing articles about lockdowns. My phone rang with a call from a man named Dr. Rajeev Venkayya. He is the head of a vaccine company but introduced himself as former head of pandemic policy for the Gates Foundation.

      Now I was listening.

      I did not know it then, but I’ve since learned from Michael Lewis’s (mostly terrible) book The Premonition that Venkayya was, in fact, the founding father of lockdowns. While working for George W. Bush’s White House in 2005, he headed a bioterrorism study group. From his perch of influence – serving an apocalyptic president — he was the driving force for a dramatic change in U.S. policy during pandemics.

      He literally unleashed hell.

  50. Frank & Stein

    Thank You!

    • Greg Hunter

      You are most welcome!

  51. ron martin

    Thanks Greg. You, your guests, Mike Adams and a very few others are our sources for news. We’re next door in the north Georgia mountains if you need to escape.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Ron, you are most kind.

  52. Rick Hayle

    Thank you once again for your hard work & willingness to make yourself a target for these monsters . I ( we ) are able to TRUST your stories on everything that’s important . That has truly become a precious commodity for people who are sick & tired of being lied to . I was 9 years old when Mr. Kennedy was murdered about 25 miles from here in downtown Dallas . The lies have done nothing but become more numerous & more sophisticated since then . JESUS said when asked about HIS 2nd advent & the END of this AGE to ” Take heed that no man deceive you . ” HE knew that the tongues of men would be in league with the ” father of lies ,” the devil . HE knew that everything would be a lie like it is now . It’s SO DISGUSTING ! My wife has been living in a new house 4 miles away from a house I bought in 1975 when I was 20 & so to keep the vandals out I have stayed here in it . She went out & got the shot (s) without me knowing . I still cannot believe it . She was worried about the children she watches over at the church so she ” got some protection.” I want to stomp people who have lied to make all this work . The ” people ” who have done this deserve such a harsh punishment that I believe GOD alone is able to mete it out . Revelation 14 : 11 ; ” And the smoke of their torment ascends forever and ever; and they have no rest day or night…”

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Rick for all your comments & for sharing. I pray that your wife will be okay.

  53. The Ogs

    Another great show. Crazy times, Greg – I thought the gig was up once the spike protein was definitively identified as a toxic pathogen, back in May!
    And I can see you did too. I am in complete disbelief that this has been suppressed and mark my words, history shall judge our Canadian Health Ministers most harshly.
    Crazy world! Everyone still mostly masked here (in cities) in Canada. Canadians are wringing their hands as we speak and lining up early, in the rain, to be injected. Apparently they are terrified they will become infected by something called “delta” unless they receive these injections.
    Anyway I mention this because I still wear my mask when I’m out & about, and if anyone asks, it is to protect me from the ‘vaccinated’. Therefore I must be a crazy person, and people stop talking.
    Canadians in general, a fat, pale, sickly, coddled people typically never exposed to collusion or graft, are so screwed…

  54. travis moss

    you should interview christopher james from or at least check him out on He talks about common law and the trespass that has happened across the world. People talk about taking there country back, but we need to take back the living man /woman because these courts do not see us as
    John H. Doe( lawful man) . They see us as JOHN H. DOE ( LEGAL PERSON/ CORPORATION). Atleast check him out. This might be the rabbit trail that we need to follow.

  55. wallstone

    One correction Greg, Canada’s PM justin trudeau is both evil land stupid.

  56. Donald Mcleod

    Looks like the only way we the people will get our Republic back is a military coup, let’s face it if Military Intelligence has it all and I mean everything, then what’s the problem? The military swore an oath to defend the Constitution and they have everything they need to do it. The Supreme Court proved they are corrupt and the whole world knows the CCP rigged the election for the Cabal’s choice Biden. I would say don’t count on GOD because he’s likely to just flood the whole planet again. Why you say, because the Evil and corruption on this planet is off the charts, there no saving it in my opinion. If you could only kill off the evil.

  57. George (Bill) Heuschele

    I keep looking but I can’t find a better news reporter than Greg. God bless you for all you do.

    • Greg Hunter

      Wow, Bill, thank you so much for your blessings & support. I need them.

  58. Cathy

    Since someone questioned Gods timeframe for destroying evil such as we have now….I hate to tell you but Gods time is very different:a thousand years human time is but a DAY for The Creator.
    The depressing fact that America is on the course of destruction. We seem to be heading toward inevitable loss of wealth, freedom of speech, from fear, from want and freedom of religion…..maybe our time as a republic with the majority ruling and the idea of liberty and justice for all is indeed over.
    The very reason most of white European immigrants (who truly made the world elevated by ingenuity and drive) came to the United States was precisely because of the PROMISE. The promise is/was real. My life has become something my ancestral family worked hard for and dreamed of and could only be realized in this country. I am now livings that dream with my husband and son and know its possible to rise above your “place” in Europes class system, which is still alive and thriving in Europe or China.
    The overwhelming anxiety of losing it all would be reason enough to go back to my husband and my family’s countries of origin….Russia, Italy, or Ireland.

    It seems as though all those countries would be fine if we could speak the language and have a lot of money purchasing FU dollars. (or whatever currency) and play the game there. Beautiful sunny Italy with great food and history is really wonderful place if you can retire with enough money for instance and live till you die.
    But my heart belongs to America and what is was founded on. I simply refuse to give up yet. I am praying that God turns back to the country founded on HIS values : The United States of America.
    Simply put, without God’s favor and protection, American dreams and accomplishments are truly lost forever.

    • Coal Burner

      Great statement!

  59. Russ 2

    Thanks Greg, good wrap-up to another week that has convinced me I made the right decision to not take the jab. More and more we hear about people dying from the vaccine and the numbers indicate that it’s possible — but probably impossible to prove — that if you survive the jab you would have had a high probability of surviving Covid. Look at the % numbers of deaths from Covid vaccines versus deaths of those who died from (not with) Covid. The numbers seem comparable considering my limited access to verifiable numbers.

    The problem is that those all are short term effects. Dying from or surviving with the vaccination is still a short term study — this is after all a large scale human drug trial. So what happens over the medium and long term? Don’t know, it’s possible that nobody really knows. How will the “antibodies” from the jab react to cold or flu viruses? Some scientists have speculated that during the next cold or flu season, vaccinated people may suffer a cytokine storm which could be fatal to many of them.

    There is a reason that so many in the health care industry are refusing the vaccine. They know it is mostly untested and that this is a drug trial. Unfortunately far too many of my friends and relatives have received the vaccine — fear, go along to get along, or just wanting to get back to “normal” — why they stood in line for the jab doesn’t really matter. They did it, it’s done.

    I’ve made a decision to not discuss Covid or vaccines with people who have been vaxx’d. What good does it do to tell someone they won’t survive the next flu season? They either survive (in which case they’ll consider me a fear-monger) or they die and think I’m gloating when I say my goodbyes. Those who predict the death of folks who took the jab will be like Cassandra — a disregarded prophet of disaster.

    Considering the funerals I may be attending, I need a new suit.

  60. Dave

    I agree, and I’d love to meet you in person. Come visit Alaska.

  61. RTW

    Tatoo that sign on Joes hairy legs and replace it with one that simply says “Kick Me”. As tough talking as he wants to be, his real persona is “George McFly”. I have no doubt that, when he was allowed to play, he was always the first one “to go out” in dodge ball.

  62. Jon Vaughn

    “…transitory.” As in “transiting” across the River Styx, or the valley of the shadow of death?
    Uh, it’s what’s on the other side thereof that’s the issue, Mr. Powell. “Transitory,” my……well, you know.

  63. john+duffy

    Canadian MP and doctors blow the whistle on covid-19

    • AndrewB

      Thank you so much for this link which I will be forwarding . . .

  64. Russ 2

    Gold and silver were also mentioned with regard to their respective prices falling. Remember that those prices are for paper gold and silver. June 28th Basel 3 goes into effect and you don’t want to be holding paper gold or silver. Just my novice opinion, but it looks like investors holding paper gold/silver — futures or unallocated PM accounts — are getting out and the liquidating of those positions is causing the price to fall.

    So who is buying up the paper gold & silver??? Dunno.

  65. Rod M. Brumley, Sr.

    I watched Biden embarrass himself over and over again. What a despicable pos this Traitor is – he proves he has severe dementia every single time he speaks. President Trump said it best when he said Russia did very well during the G7 summit – he made Biden look like a complete Buffoon throughout. Intelligence agency is totally Deep State – trust them No Way!!!!! Greg thanks for what you do – we fellow Patriots appreciate you!!!

  66. Tim

    Another great Friday wrap-up report . You made me laugh (needed to laugh) with your sound effects of the machine to make paper dollars into change ( excellent impression).

    Have a great weekend


  67. Robert Stewart Henderson

    Eric clapton the musician has had adverse reactions to the covid vaccine you should contact him he is quite outspoken about it now

  68. Bible Reader

    COVID, Ivermectin and the Crime of the Century
    Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola
    June 16, 2021

    Bret Weinstein Ph.D., interviews Dr. Pierre Kory about Ivermectin.

    Important points I heard. Ivermectin helps in Covid: prevention, treatment, long Covid, and Covid vaccination illnesses. It does this by being anti-viral (coating the spike protein) and anti-inflammatory.

  69. Rich

    Greg, thanks for all the great info you garner and pass along.
    Sorry to say I see all institutions acting authoritarian commie, even in my slow semi rural area in central NY. The ruling class have been wasting (stealing) and grafting like there is not tomorrow, and I have read this happens at the end of Empire.
    I see people risking their children’s lives for a lottery to save a few bucks on in state college. If you try to explain anything, or suggest a workaround, (such as the Covid responsibility forms you have informed us of(, you are looked at like an “agitator”. Seems the truth has been stood on it’s head. Those that were afraid to die are afraid to live. Seems most just want to “get by”, not at all caring where that is going.
    I don’t know anyone who walks the walk as I do, and those that just talk the talk I cannot continue interest in I smile, because I love nature and believe in some strong intervention happening in the not too far future.
    I hope you find frequent joy in family, and those you can call friends and be proud to walk, if necessary, through one more Winter.
    Meanwhile, speaking of inflation, a six pack of toilet paper that was 1.99 three months ago is now 2.29. a 15 percent jump (I haven’t counted the sheets)! Where’s the Real President?? Can Putin do a little overtime temporarily? Couldn’t be worse~!

  70. iwitness02

    I can remember reading a quote that stated the people, or the country, get the government they deserve. (Something to that effect.)
    I take issue with that statement because it implies that our vote counts. I am at a point in my life where I wonder if our vote ever counted.
    What we have here is a grim state of affairs.
    I would certainly welcome divine intervention.
    I know that there is a “Due Time” but I don’t know when it is.
    We are rapidly reaching a point where no flesh will survive if these days are not cut short.

  71. C'mon Man

    I was thinking how relaxed Putin looked sitting next to Biden. Zero intimidation or respect. Now Putin is praising Biden – why? Because he’s got him right where he wants him and doesn’t want him to go anywhere!

  72. bill

    I noticed today, the Supreme Court had a vote on ObamaCare. It passed with Amy Comey Barret and Kavanaugh(both Trump appointees), voting for it! Barret and Kavanaugh are morphing into RINO’s!

    • Greg Hunter

      It’s “Commie” Barret.

      • Paul from Indiana

        Ain’t it just! What a bill of goods we were sold AND then consumed! Makes me wonder what all the commie-dem fuss was about at the time. Best always. PM

    • Mike+G

      Just Like Trump, Barrett and Kavanaugh were the lesser of evils. Now that voting has become a complete joke, we can stop voting for the lessers, and we won’t even notice the difference.

  73. David Bowling

    I love listening to your channel Greg, it’s a breath of fresh air to listen to someone that genuinely cares for people and the world. Thanks for what you do…

  74. Greg

    Our MSM is nothing but a lying propaganda machine! Trump told us for four years they are fake news!
    I thank God your not fake news! Thank you for standing on the truth!

  75. Jerry5

    Here’s the BOOM! And no it’s not from Q.

    The lockdown word spilled out of sloppy Joes mouth. They will use variant to push harder for the jab. Bet on it.

    • JC


      “I believe that we’re under the application of a form of bioterrorism that’s worldwide, that appears to have been many years in the planning. The first wave of the bioterrorism was a respiratory virus that spread across the world and affected relatively few people, but generated great fear. … The entire programme as this bioterrorism Phase 1 was rolled out, was really all about keeping the population in fear and in isolation and preparing them to accept the vaccine, which appears to be Phase 2 of a bioterrorism operation.”

  76. Mike

    Jim Carrey does an excellent job of making bye done look really out of touch ! Enjoy the show

  77. Mike

    A Is Canada , www. is Alaska =.
    Why don’t you interview her????

  78. Merry Piper

    Greg: I never miss your weekly wrap-up. Words cannot describe my gratitude. I am in the middle of a creepy lawsuit and when it’s settled, I hope to somehow transfer to you some support “money”. God bless.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Merry for the very kind words, and if it happens, I’ll be happy, but if not, we are cool too!!

  79. Greg Hunter

    Enough, we all know you don’t like Warp Speed and Trump. You had your say many times. It gets old. You are not coming on and insulting my Christian guests either. It’s rude and you pay nothing for the use of free information and a global platform for your thoughts.

  80. Dennis Terwilliger

    Greg look up British Airways pilots. Who were required to get the shot. 85 percent have received it. Now they are dying and getting Ill..

  81. Gerald Benton

    In the air conditioning and heating and refrigeration business, refrigerants went up 40% this week. Equipment went up 6%. We are being told that equipment probably will not be available for sale. So please call ahead, before you quote a job. Some equipment the manufacturers will not quote a price to the wholesalers. When the equipment reaches the wholesales docks, than a price will be quoted. These rumors were told to us in May, the price increases and shortages started in June, and if this continues into July I will be out of business. It is the speed that hyperinflation and shortages came upon us that has astonished me.

  82. James LaGarde


  83. Lord Nasdaq

    Another great Weekly News Wrap-Up, brother Greg. You nailed it at 29:30. I’ve said this to my PayMeFund (PMF) founders in very intense global bond study, the FOMC had already said around Biden “election victory” they would not raise the federal funds rate until 2023. This week and July’s meetings will warn about restrictive policy (hawkish) coming, but true investors know the Biden Put will not last.
    Down on Saturday’s purchase of silver by $2.00 per ounce, but was only investor buying in March 2020 when day/options security traders sold metals to cover long call security positions when silver hit low teens into $12.00 briefly and markets were tanking. Like AQUA during March 2020 and BX in 2008/2009 and Euro crises in 2011 and 2012, pick your targets outside the crises. No CSCO or Lucent for example in 2002/03 but DIS, DUK for example. No WB or DHI in 2008/2009 government-backed housing bubble – water securities then (and in March 2020) but not banks or home builders. Silver is a gift now. Load up on water equities, have little debt, and always but not last, trust in Jesus.
    God bless you and

  84. Wade Greg look at this video starting at the 16:13 mark. They say Biden’s actors are Jim Carey and James Woods. I’m told Biden was executed in 2019. Is this the greatest show on earth and not Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey circus? Are the White Hats using these actors as buffoons to help wake America up?

  85. tim mcgraw

    I’m 13 minutes into the video. Why is it America’s business if Russia builds a gas pipeline to Germany? Better that the two countries trade than go to war again. Trump should have mentioned the Keystone Pipeline IN AMERICA that Biden cancelled killing over 10,000 good union jobs and now the Canadian company is pulling out of the project with a $1.4 billion loss. One guy, Uncle Joe did that.

  86. tim mcgraw

    Thanks Greg for another great NWW. I’ve got a case of the shingles. Am taking Ivermectin. Will let you know if it works.
    105+ here in Sonoma County past few days. Washed the cars two hours ago (against water police rules). Cars now covered with dust or pollen or whatever they are spraying in the skies.
    Mask edicts at local stores finally gone. People are pretty much mask free here. Vax hype continues on MSM. Gov. Newsom giving out money trying to buy votes to avoid recall.
    I think, as do others smarter than me; that the vaccines are a culling device. They kill the old and make the young infertile. The elites just want us to die. Remember Prince Phillip said he’d like to come back as a deadly virus to kill most of humanity. Gotta love the Royals.

  87. Donald Wilson

    Keep up the great work Greg. The material you present is phenomenal.

  88. Riaan Kloppers

    Hi Greg

    Love all your shows.
    We stopped using google a long time ago.
    If you want to find anything useful, use duck-duck go.
    Up till recently at least, the search results were mostly unbiased.

    Regards from South Africa


  89. Bright Star

    Yes, Biden is elderly, but give him a break. Intellectually, he still runs circles around Blowhard Trump, who actually paid a classmate to take his SATs for him. He knew his own scores couldn’t have gotten him into a decent university.
    But, frankly, it’s about character. Can you not tell a good person from a bad person, Greg? Most people can. That is exactly why Biden won.

    • Greg Hunter

      I am only putting this up because it’s so stupid and delusional only a paid troll could write this crap. I am flattered I have my own paid trolls on USAW.

    • RTW

      Hunter is that you??

      • Greg Hunter


  90. lightning

    Thread allegedly showing “Fed” agent provocateur organizing and encouraging Jan 6th storming of Capital (at rally the night before). Photo in thread also shows him next to ANTIFA leader John Sullivan. Do your own due diligence, but it connects Federal law enforcement (FBI ?) agencies to organizing the Jan 6th violence and potentially connects them to ANTIFA .

    Do you think any Republican Congress people will ask Christopher Wray the following:

    “Was there any pre-knowledge of and/or did any federal agency directly or indirectly have informants, agents, contractors or agent provacateurs inserted into any group associated later with the Jan 6th events”?

    “Did any informants, agents, contractors or agent provacateurs participate, lead or instruct any of the currently jailed Jan 6th participants either during or before the Jan 6th events? ”

    “If so, can you provide all tangible proof of actions and steps taken , directly or indirectly, by Federal law enforcement to protect the capital, protect the congress, protect innocent citizens involved in the legitimate Trump rally and to diffuse the situation to the maximum extent within these organizations powers?”

    “Will you release all tapes, videos, emails, texts, communications of any sort etc. from all persons involved in the Jan 6th events, whether they are participants or government employee, contractor, informant, participant or agent provacateur, so the American public can review and have confidence in the actions taken that evening and in the following days after the Jan 6th event.?”

    ” will all communications related to the events of or around Jan 6th to congress members and their associated staffs and confidants be released for the American people to understand what information members of Congress had concerning the January 6th event before , during and after the Jan 6th event”

    I note that nearly all the questioning of FBI director Wray and others are softball questions. Nearly all of the Republican congress people are Lawyers so they understand the value of direct, comprehensive and specific language when asking questions. Equally, they understand that softball questions are easily sidestepped.

    I am all for law and order and only want to understand the truth of Jan 6th given the import that so many in Congress have publicly ascribed to it.

  91. Jeff Robbins

    Really looking forward to Nenner interview. the waves of inflation and deflation are going to be like swells on the ocean in my opinion. Like when there’s a large storm just off the horizon.

  92. RTW

    I love the statement “Too Stupid to be Stupid”. A perfect example of this is regarding the jab. A lot of people listened to the pill pushers, totally ignoring what was actually taking place before their very eyes, and dutifully exposed their arms to strangers. They tossed out common sense as they rushed to receive what is being touted as the greatest breakthrough, in modern medicine, since the polio vaccine only to find out that they received the “wrong jab”. AstraZeneca recipients are being denied entry into a concert in the “Big Apple”. Talk about a cold slap in the face. Who knew? The majority of us, that’s who.
    If I were Trump, I’d stop touting his participation in Operation Warp Speed. I believe his people convinced him that it would ensure him an easy victory without figuring in the deviousness of the party led by Satan. Joe has his own “Warp Speed” going on, thinking he has already been in office for 15 months so let him own it. The way this is being pushed should make anyone suspicious. It could be nothing more than a huge money grab for Big Pharma and their toadies in congress, but I doubt it. I think it’s a lot more sinister than that, given what our ersatz government has pulled in the past. Nothing is off the table when they want something. So why would you trust your life to professional liars? The correct answer is, you shouldn’t. I also don’t believe that any of the Dems took the shot. They are morons but they’re not that stupid.

  93. Claude

    One thing I started to do to diversify a little is each month instead of only buying silver, trying to by 1 to 3 grams of gold as well.

    Thanks for the report.

  94. Cyclone Steve

    I listened to the end twice and I still can’t find the show where there is a link to the two “waivers” to make a school or business sign if they try to make you take the shot.

    Any help?

  95. Sarah

    The world is watching Greg. Please don’t shoot the msger I’m an Ozzie admirorer who also loves liberty n justice n knows if America falls so too does my homeland Australia.
    There are conservatives calling out ppl who are on the right and I’m seeing that some ppl are so not willing to Qs other conservatives in fear of being seen as unpatriotic.
    Charles ortell and others r Q? the legitimacy of ppl like Mike Lidell and the others leaders in the conseritive group that don’t seem to want to answer Qs. Grifters on the left and right.
    Please Greg and others please look into this .

  96. Pat

    Hi Greg,

    I’d love to hear you interview Dr. Shiva!

  97. James C Rattenborg

    Dr. Fauci is in the process of being indicted by a citizen’s grand jury. To learn more about the real number of corona deaths and the latest on the indictment trial go to

  98. MacGuy

    Not sure if anybody here has seen the Pet Goat 2 video on the internet, but the section where the little girl is holding the apple in here lap and then it drops to the floor and appears to roll about 10 times before hitting a shoe then splitting open to a blooming flower. That flower is a lotus and take a guess what the name Kamala means: Kamala itself is a name that means “lotus” or “pale red” . Predictive programing folks they always have to tell you what is about to happen.

  99. Dan Hawkins

    Thanks Greg. I sent the Solari-Covid form to all my fam.–Pls thank Catherine next time you have her on!

    • Greg Hunter

      That’s great, and Hats off to Catherine and for putting this together!!!

  100. Randy Best

    I am still waiting for Bo Polny’s biblical event. Eventually it will happen, but when?

    • Greg Hunter

      Don’t be a block head. Polny said that the market would begin to sell off. They have sold off 10 trading days in a row since he predicted that. Give him some credit.

  101. Terri

    Thank you Mr Hunter for your weekly wrap up! And all your weekly guests. I just love your common sense analysis. We’ve let our country go to the dogs. And we the people will need to step up and get it back.

    • Greg Hunter

      I agree Terri. Thanks for the support and very kind words too!

  102. Gary Hornbuckle

    I believe that the supposed varients that Luke is stating will happen this fall and winter (as a result of mass vaccination) will just be used as a cover for the (major) issues actually occuring, those being caused by the vaccine itself. Just my suspecions.

  103. Dan

    Great work Greg.
    Bo Polny is on target. Some of your other econ commenters are 80% correct. The Federal Reserves QE program is cancer and is eating up all the Bonds. The Hedge Funds are buying up residential housing with cash. With 20% above market. Repackaging into MBS and selling to Federal Reserve. The Hedge Funds need cash. The Reverse REPO is because the Commercial Banks don’t have enough collateral to cover cash deposits. The Reddit group has the Hedge Funds trapped in Options Market Put hell.

  104. Roy

    I enjoy your work. Keep it up.

  105. Michael

    Greg, i have been folowing you for years now.
    I know what you are going on about and each of us can only do so much.
    Please take a rest you deserve it eaven if you go of air for a week or so
    All the best to you
    And the commentators

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