Biden Impeachment, Increasing War, CV19 Vax Keeps Killing

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 587 6.23.23)

Many House GOP members want to impeach President Biden for taking bribes from foreign countries.  The U.S. Constitution clearly states this is a reason to kick a President out of the White House.    The FBI and DOJ have not been slow walking their investigations into the Biden grifting family, they have been moon walking them backwards.  Speaker Kevin McCarthy is blocking the impeachment of President Biden, but he is in for a fight from his own party on what many say is obvious bribe taking in the millions of dollars for Biden and his clan.

The American public is totally in the dark about how bad the increasing war is in Ukraine.  We are told one lie after another about what is going on, as Washington shovels cash into the black hole called Ukraine.  Putin is warning of a coming nuclear conflict, but his warnings are falling on deaf ears.  Why is the drive for war so great in Washington?  Is it because the dollar system is about to crash with the introduction of the new “BRICS+” currency?  Fed Head Jay Powell is fighting inflation, but is he really raising interest rates to protect the dollar from a massive devaluation after it is no longer the world’s reserve currency?  If the dollar falls, how high will inflation rise?

There is new data out that says 600,000 Americans a year are dying from the CV19bioweapon/vax.  It just keeps killing people.  The CV19 injections are also disabling people at a much higher pace than its kill rate.  People are waking up to this nightmare, and it won’t be long before enough people wake to totally put a stop to the carnage and jail the evil people who pushed this genocide on America and the world.

There is a lot more in the 52-minute newscast.

Join Greg Hunter of as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up for 6.23.23.

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(Tech Note: If you do not see the video, know it is there. Unplug your modem and plug it back in after 30 sec.  This will clear codes that may be blocking you from seeing it.  In addition, try different browsers.  Also, turn off all ad blockers if you have them. All the above is a way Big Tech tries to censor people like

After the Interview:

Dr. Betsy Eads will be the guest for the Saturday Night Post.  There is devastating new data on exploding aggressive cancers, severe disabilities and death caused by the CV19bioweapon/vax.  Dr. Eads breaks it all down and tells you how to combat the CV19bioweapoon/vax.


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  1. Elizabeth

    Hi Greg,
    Nobody I know, knows anything nor do they care when I say anything. I work and live with what I feel like are dead people. Dead personality’s, Dead in their thinking, dead in their actions. Just like living around the living dead.

    Blissful ignorance! its terrible. Maybe its the jab doing its work.

    • Greg Hunter

      Hang in there Elisabeth, You are the smart one.


        Hi Greg, Martin Armstrong has an article on “Armstrong Economics, called ‘Never Again’ ” it’s Doctor’s saying their SORRY they missed it for the last 3 years making people get the SHOTS 💉. Maybe this will start to Wake some more people up./ Also YOUR 1st SHOW with Mark Chrispen Miller( IS) on “American Intelligence Media” Tyla & Douglas Gabriel / they also have an audio show to click on called “Synagogue of Satan” it tells who has been running the SHOW 🌎 for almost 200 years. What!
        😳 👀 😨 😟 👀 🌎 🌍 It’s really l o n g but lots of information. 🙏 We need
        Lord Jesus Christ NOW.
        Boy have we been duped.
        # And yes Elizabeth they’re oblivious they don’t have a clue 🔬 it’s like water of a ducks back. 🌊 🦆💦

        • Greg Hunter

          From the very beginning I told people not to get the CV19 bioweapon/vax shots.

          • LINDA J CREAN

            Greg I know you told people not to get the shots. I wasn’t debating that. What I was trying to say was “NOW” these doctors are saying “OOPS”We
            MISSED IT. Martin said TO LATE the people all ready go 🤕 hurt. NOW their saying their SORRY. To late.

    • Todd


      This is so true. Two days ago, I had some contractors do some work for me. Nice guys. I over-heard them talking about the next job, and trying to figure out what to charge or what their time was worth. So, I asked them if they read “the Creature from Jekyll Island.” They had not. However, they had no interest in doing so and chaffed a bit at me suggesting it (they said that “they don’t like reading”). I left it alone and moved on.

      But I realized two things…

      1) People don’t want to be “saved” they want the world they know to continue no matter how bad it is or how bad it gets and;

      2) They resent being helped, in fact, it risks them getting angry.

      Moving forward, I will offer no help to anyone unless they ask.

      • Tony de Coco

        Mundus vult decipi, ergo decipiatur

      • Tolstoy at the Train Station

        Exactly – remember Jesus said, “if you have the ears to hear – you better listen up.” —- I don’t think he was talking about audiology results – he was talking about the soul within – the bit of God – Christ consciousness that allows you to understand the spirit of the law – the peace that transcends all understanding. (Living in the heart of your soul).

        you are right – let the dead bury their own dead – do not cast pearls before swine – stamp the dust from your feet of those unwilling to hear truth. And don’t even look back (Like Lot’s Wife did)
        Love people without telling them – help people without them knowing – and if leaving them alone is the most pleasing thing you can do around them – so be it – in your heart you can care – but don’t waste your time praying for the dead – they are in place where petitioning the lord with prayer serves no purpose – you can’t ask God to take away someone’s free will – they will have to face their own destiny – while you are moving towards yours.

        • Ray

          Such a beautiful post.
          Thank you T.
          Ray, Canberra, Australia

        • Lisa Mooney

          Beautifully articulated T. Your words washed over my weary and parched being like water in the Mojave … Thank You !

      • Diana Brown

        Smart move Todd.

      • Tin foil hat

        I know this steak doesn’t exist, I know …

    • Jeffrobbins

      My observation is about the same. We have a good friend that I warned not to get the shot. But when his employer required it- he got the J&J one in his left arm. They were late on the mandate as this was a little over a year and a half ago. About 6 weeks ago he came over in tears because after the initial shot he had a numbness at the infection site that never went away. Fast forward and the numbness has spread into his chest. He did go to a doctor and was ‘diagnosed’ (guessed i say) with internal shingles. I gave him a tube of the paste and told him to use it all- at dose every couple days- and we prayed. I also told him this was a long term issue and if he felt better we were on the right path- he needed more ivermectin. A few weeks ago i asked him how it all felt. He said he felt better; so i asked if he got more paste and he said “ no i don’t need it” – ‘why not, this is a long term thing?” “I feel better and we prayed”—- i think we are dealing with some kind of mental condition/ cognitive impairment. Guess I’m just watching to see what happens.
      Also my uncle got cancer after the first booster rolled out and died. To this day my aunt refuses to connect the vax with the cancer. It’s not that people aren’t asking questions- its they Choose not to ask any questions.

    • Dawn

      They’re dead Elizabeth bc they’re too busy being on the Covid gravy train working a 25 hour work week but getting paid for 40.

      There is no way in Hell this is sustainable as things stand right now bc most people only care about the here and now.

    • erick

      No words i can tell you look up a few videos on psychology on how to control the masses how hitler did it after WE did this to the Navajo in arizona. He took that and ran with it. Even the constitution i have seen videos where TRIAL BY JURY can only be used for CIVIL ISSUES. REALLY dont u tubers who post videos read the bloody constitution? I gave family members for xmas a few books on rights and guess what NOT ONE OF THESE KIDS even picked the things up. OLD saying is why the christian king james version collects dust. Ever heard of the statue of our forefathers or the tear drop memorial. YES, we are going to war look at what started vietnam a friend was on a ship all lies a friend was 3 days there after the liberty bell and look at what started cuba with FDR and also WW2 with 2 ships that were sank. People are so bloody un educated. now look at the irs my 80 yr old neighbor christian/concervative is being attacked now after paying taxes and certified mail sent in and over paid what was owed. Want to LOOK SOMETHING UP look up the 20th AMENDMENT then you tube BIDENS sworn into OFFICE it was before NOON 11.37AM. Violated the US CONSTITUTION. I am good with memory and numbers i was an engineer. WHY THE us MARINES did not salute BIDEN because they knew he was illegally put into office i was told by a man who was there.

    • Splish_Splash

      Elizabeth and Todd – wow I agree with you two 100%. Life for me as a senior citizen living rurally with old friends around the country – I am in the middle of a crowd but totally feel ALONE! It is like no one – “get’s it” I think it is purposeful on their part BUT THEY TRULY DO NOT KNOW IT IS PURPOSEFUL! Any time in the past 3 yrs I have tried to educate old friends or family – it explodes. So I no longer try to educate. Most have had the shots and boosters, so actually they are taking themselves out of all of this. I lost an old friend on Good Friday to the explosive cancer thing. The others I just quietly wait for them to pass. I know of a number of things they can take to help them through – but it is not worth the anger and disbelief from them. I don’t know what the Lord may have for me to do before I go to see Him, but I have told Him I WILL DO IT! SELAH!


        Splish Splash, My family too. Jesus said to watch and pray so I’m doing that. Waiting for the other shoe to drop. 🙏

    • Robert Jackson

      Agree! Same here. So many of my friends are clueless and want to stay that way. Disheartening, makes me feel like a brother to Noah.

    • Lisa Mooney

      I feel the same Elizabeth. My best attempts to wake the normies fails time and again. But agree with Greg we must hang in there. We are part of GOD’s plan and must keep on keeping on, things will eventually shift.

      • Greg Hunter

        We are witnesses to the most Biblical and important time in the history of the planet. Stay strong and stay with Jesus.

  2. David Gordon Dunne

    God is with you Greg. Thank you for your encouragement in my fight with cancer. God is my best friend. Your news and the Bible are the two things that light my heart up. There is no doubt in my mind that God is working through you my friend. You are a Truth Teller.

    • Greg Hunter

      Amen Brother David!! Just said a prayer for you.
      Brother Greg

    • Mario

      Father God, I thank You for this day and for Your provision. I lift up Dave to You Father God and pray that any and all cancer cells die in the name of Jesus. We trust in You alone Lord. In Jesus name we pray!

    • Kathy

      Dr Lee Merritt has talked a lot about fenbendazole and cancer.

      There is a protocol for it. Joe Tippins protocol for cancer is the search phrase You can purchase it on Amazon Fenben Lab is the approved one for cancer 222mg. I bought this and am taking it as a cleanse. I do take ivermectin regularly.

  3. Tom Deplorable


    Out of the park as always! And have a great upcoming Fourth of July! That’s a Good day to read the constitution and a declaration. Be humble and accept great challenges always!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Tom! 🙂

    • i: a man; travis

      Just fly the proper flag( american civil peace flag) not the U.S. battle flag

  4. Yahweh OrThe Highway “Oy Vey!”


  5. Roger Stamper

    tks for post greg

  6. Joan Jamison

    “Her life is in DANGER” – Biden accuser Tara Reade in asylum in Russia | Redacted News 46,416 views Jun 22, 2023
    Sexual abuse survivor Tara Reade has asylum in Russia and has sought protection from the United Nations over concerns of her human rights. She has offered to testify before the Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government because she has been hunted since she accused President Joe Biden of sexual assault in 1993. She speaks to us from Russia to tell her story.

    • Diana Brown


  7. Ellis

    Greg thanks for your hard work and great guests. I think the DOJ is protecting Obama ultimately on all this graft and bribery. I think the Bidens are just the bagmen who did the dirty work.

  8. James Hall

    Miller is not considering the fake votes, Clinton probably got a lot less votes than stated.
    Everyone knew years ago the voting machines could be rigged.

  9. Shirl

    @ 3:39 or so minutes in while going over the Biden Inc Treasonous Bribery Crimes committed from Public Offices as Senator to Vice Prescident with his known Classified Documents heists to the Recorded Tapes with witnesses that will attest to these facts, I laughed at the ” BRIBEN” freudian slip of tongue because it is an otherwise ACCURATE name tag, Bravo Greg!!!

  10. Joseph

    The Internal Revenue Service, a Private Corporation


  11. Sue Patterson

    Back in the 80s and 90s I worked for Honeywell Defense Systems. We were developing conventional weapons that were used in the first Gulf War. An up and coming segment of our business then was focusing on projects that fell under the catch-all term “de-mil,” short for demilitarization. When there is a treaty that limits numbers of certain weapons the excess must be demilitarized by all parties. Most never consider that along with being ballistically lethal conventional weapons have components made from highly toxic materials. The quickest and easiest way to de-mil old weapons systems is to destroy them in conflict. CNN reported, “Approximately $7 billion of military equipment the US transferred to the Afghan government over the course of 16 years was left behind in Afghanistan…” Easy de-mil after protracted conflict. Ukraine, among other things, appears to be a massive de-mil project. How many western nations a sending older military equipment to Ukraine only to be deployed and destroyed in this limited geographic location. This may seem highly wasteful to most people, but to the military and defense contractors it is a strategic and intelligent move; create a toxic wasteland on foreign soil rather than returning and storing toxic, useless equipment at home.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Sue. thank you for your valued participation here at Greg’s “Watchdog” site. This revelation is fascinating: it answers, potentially, a whole SLEW of questions, and “outs” the miscreant governments on all sides. Folks, people aren’t the problem; GOVERNMENT is the problem. Allowing Government to grow is merely giving them the rope they need to strangle us. Best always. PM

    • Nat

      Very interesting, Sue! Thank you for your insights in this regard. Certainly could be one aspect of our seemingly perpetual conflict engagements? Anything to continue feeding the MICC beast.

    • sam

      I an sure you Opened alot of eyes….and closed some small minded ones,mate!

  12. Galaxy 500

    Great Broadcast. Prayer for you and yours.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Galaxy 500. Prayers for you too.

    • Nat

      Very interesting, Sue! Thank you for your insights in this regard. Certainly could be one aspect of our seemingly perpetual conflict engagements? Anything to continue feeding the MICC beast.

  13. Justn Observer

    Greg, You pretty much are covering it all well !


    TO ACCOMPLISH IT ALL, @ 7:30 =


    • Tim

      Suggest you don’t capitalize your comments, if you want people to read what you have to say!

  14. Ben

    Trump still claiming his KillShot “saved 100 million lives”.

    He is either in on the plan to kill and maim Americans or he is unimaginably dumb and disconnected from reality.

    This should—but won’t—disqualify him from running for President ever again.

    Shame on all of you who still put him on a pedestal…

    • Les Lee

      people of God deserve an explanation of this from Mark Taylor. It is immoral that he profited from book & moive and came here numerous times and telling us Trump had the hand of God on him.

      If Mark Taylor does not clarify this, then he has committed blasphemy. For he is effectively saying God wills the killshot.

      This is a serious matter and cannot keep getting swept under the rug like some scandal in a Florida Baptist church.

    • Dawn

      This is NOT just about America and Americans .
      I wish people would realize this.
      This IS a worldwide thing in every aspect .

      God will NOT save only America as many imply and F the rest of the planet . He will be saving the whole world should He decide too.

      I know this might be hard for most Americans to believe but it’s the truth.

      • Kevin Tasich

        God has no intention of saving the world. The Revelaton of Jesus clearly explains what His plans for the world are. Everything that is happening now has been foretold. The wrath of God is coming and cannot be stopped. God Bless to everyone.

        • Greg Hunter

          Jesus/God the Father already saved the world.

    • Colin Maxwell

      Very well said Ben!!!… it’s as simple as that… 4 sentences and you explained the entire debacle.

      I always had to skip interviews when the likes of Mark Taylor waxed lyrical about him being anointed by God – it was cringeworthy in the extreme. Trump remains about as Christian as my cat.

      He threw Assange under the bus and would quite happily have let him languish, or even die in jail – in spite of the fact that it was Assange’s work that was the real key to him becoming POTUS by exposing Hillary Clinton’s atrocious behaviour.

      He also did his level best to completely ruin Venezuela and idiotically took it upon himself to try to appoint the utterly gormless Guiado as their replacement puppet President, in the hope that this would allow the US corporations to continue to pillage that country’s resources.

      BTW the Bank of England, true to their disgusting Neoliberal form, backed up Trump and took the opportunity to disgracefully thieve all of Venezuela’s gold reserves too.

      Remember too that Trump’s initial SOS was ex-ExxonMobil asset Rex Tillerson who he subsequently proceeded to sack and replace with the most disgusting warmonger (Mike Pompeo) ever to hold this vitally important cabinet position.

      Trump also signed off as POTUS on the sanctioning of the work on the NS2 pipeline. He did precisely nothing in his 4-year term to stop the escalation of the Ukraine situation and meanwhile surrounded himself with a cabinet full of rabid war hawks and foaming-at-the-mouth evangelical Rapturists.

      Now he claims he could stop this debacle in a jiffy if he regained office – too late – Ukraine has already been eviscerated and he helped set it up for this massive fall.

      In fact, by the time Russia has finished cleaning out this cesspool of Nazis, this completely avoidable war will have basically wiped out 2 generations of Ukrainian menfolk and the state will no longer even exist.

      Trump was also bailed out from bankruptcy on multiple occasions by the big banks – most noticeably Citibank, and on pain of death, he owed these behemoths a payback when he gained office.

      Also, the US economy was already insolvent on Trump’s watch, before any of us had even heard the word covid, when the Repo market (overnight liquidity market) blew up in Aug 2019. The guy remains utterly clueless on economic matters and equates all financial “success” to the rise in the US share market indexes.

      He is also IMO the most blatant Israel groveller ever to hold high office in the US and worked hand in glove with Sheldon Adelson for Israel – precisely why he gained the nickname MIGA (Make Israel Great Again) in stark contrast to his election platform of MAGA.

      I have at least 20 more examples of Trump’s outrageous behaviour that prove how utterly farcical it is to attempt to frame him as a genuine Christian or any kind of saviour for humanity.

      This is not in any way an endorsement of Biden or the Democrats – it is simply an observation that it is a tragic state of affairs that anyone could place their trust in this monumentally confused braggart. IMO he was second in line, to none other than the murderous Fauci, in terms of his massive influence on humanity into taking these shocking toxins.

      As Greg said, the carnage is simply devastating with ~13 billion jabs deployed globally and 676 million in the US alone. The “warp-speed” deployment can be laid directly at the feet of this imbecile who incredibly, still to this day, attempts to take credit for having the entire debacle rushed through before anyone could gauge how potentially lethal these products really were.

    • Tony

      Ben – Trump killed 100 million more Democrats then Republicans with his Kill Shot (probably why the Democrats hate him so much) – and the 100 million Republicans “he saved by not requiring mandates” will be forever grateful!!

  15. Tinfoilhatted Canuck

    Greg, in answer to your question about why the continued war stance, I think history will show that it is what Americans have come to expect. Monroe doctrine anyone? The elite and politicians seem to firmly believe the “ exceptional nation” myth.
    And now the pendulum is swinging back. The empire is slipping. Time to double down. As Eisenhower and Kennedy knew, the MIC was the danger and now IS the controller through their neo-cons ( and neo-libs to be fair ).
    What may be unfolding is the comeuppance of the arrogance and hubris practiced for a century.
    Hopefully mankind will survive .

  16. Marie Joy

    Constant Ukrainian escalation.
    Our so called leaders want genocide any way they can get it.
    Because various countries want our American farmland, I do not think they will nuke us but I have been wrong before. IF there is a nuclear war, wind will likely blow radiation northeast. Another possibility is carpet bombing as was done in Dresden for nuclear information and products.
    In war, there are a lot of starvation and freezing deaths. Woodstoves.
    If I were younger, I would have already built my very deep, self contained, well stocked, ammo up the wazoo, John Conner bunker.
    IF Biden is convicted we will have President Harris.
    Did Deagel know about the Bioweapon mandates?
    My brother gives me daily Canada Smoke Reports for this area.
    We all need to be in better shape.
    Save glass jars and lids.

    • Carol

      Hi Marie Joy,

      My intuition is telling me to save grass jars and lids but I can’t imagine why since I am not a canner or anything like that and yet I feel very bad when I go to throw one out, Now you are saying and maybe it is obvious but can you explain why you said “Save glass jars and lids.”
      Thank you!

      • Marie Joy

        Carol, Jars are free, preppers are saying jars will be needed in great numbers after the SHTF. In my life, I have always needed jars and lids to store or carry. Even now I’m storing a lot of stuff in jars including rice, beans, etc. Just because you’re not a canner now, doesn’t mean that won’t change. You may, one day become a canner or find your food in the forest, or who knows. I only save glass jars because they seem to be safer than plastic jars. Our lives will change drastically after the SHTF and it’s better to have something and not need it than to need it and not have it. After the SHTF, things we used to throw away will become precious. Everything will change. In my gut, I think jars will be needed. It seems like your gut is telling you the same thing.

      • JM

        If the system goes down bigly then the first thing many of us will be doing is finding water, digging irrigation and growing as absolutely much food as possible over the summer with the heirloom seeds that we’re all storing.

        That’s pretty much the priority focus many of us will have. Grow food. Purify / filter drinking water.

        However, many raw foods don’t store very long before turning sour or rotting.

        So the next process is storing / canning / conserving as much of the food that has been grown in the summer for eating during winter. That requires sterile (boiled), sealable jars. Jars, even cheapo ones from the store, can usually be used a few times before they’re bust.

        Bizarrely, having those jars is just as important as growing the food in the first place. Just make sure there’s some jarred food in your storage and use them when or if the time comes.

  17. Robert Maloney silver pulser fixed my clotting blood, no breath and Rouleaux….was transfected several times and dad ordered this pulser that changes the charge in blood makes it separate…. Still using it… We proved it was working with microscope looking at blood and could breath! Walk barefoot and get hands in soil often…. Ground yourself plant/grow something walk more sing more whistle more pray more exercise more eat better food laugh more appreciate more help more and more and more and more….keep going you are NOT Alone in this You have 24/7/365 Protection and real Friends on your side always and forever…God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and our OTHER FRIEND THE USAWATCHDOG GREG HUNTER!

    PS These blood clots are serious Matt Couch (Twitter) is having his leg cut off and has several more clots and people are losing eyes and sight. Some are using cameras that sense temperature to see that people have clots all over….ask that guest who tracks the deaths to look into it… The numbers will surprise you.. Pray for all those who are sick, indigent and in distress!

  18. Joseph Boudreau

    It’s a sad state we’re in, Greg! A Filipino actor died suddenly a few days ago in Toronto:
    This ‘Died Suddenly’ thing can no longer be avoided but it’s more important to talk about an experimental sub missing at Titanic’s wreck site. Now, we learn the U.S. Navy heard the implosion on Sunday just when the sub disappeared. It was used as a distraction away from the Bidens’ improprieties. I wrote about it two days ago. I just knew it was one big distraction and far to obvious. Yet another nail in the MSM’s coffin and they’re hammering that last nail in themselves! So ridiculous!
    My latest post from Wednesday:
    Thanks Greg and thanks to Greg’s supporters!

  19. Fred Engel

    Great report Greg, many are in for rude awakening. Food, supplies should be at the top of evryones list. Thank you, Greg.

  20. Linda

    OK, Greg et al, if the plan is to go to war, maybe that is just an excuse to suspend habeas corpus and declare martial law. This could be the end of the republic. Trump may have been The Last President- lawfully elected. God save him and RFK, Jr. too.

  21. William Glaser

    Albert Bourla the president of Phiser said at the latest WEF meeting that they will meet their goal of reducing world population by 50% by 2025.

    • Mario

      I heard that too but upon further investigation that was a doctored video that was circulating around. He said he wanted to reduce the vaccine cost by 50%.
      Yes I know they want to depopulate.
      Yea I know that it is a bio weapon.
      But there is enough fake news circulating we don’t need to spread more. Jus sayin

  22. Allen

    Greg not only do we need Biden impeached but we need WE THE PEOPLE to organize and institute a National Strike of ALL work until a just court agreea to hear the ELECTION FRAUD CASES and review the MOUNTAINS of evidence and to RULE foe FRAUD which viciates everything.

    More than 80% of Americans today know the 2020 and 22 elections both had MASSIVE FRAUD in them yet the people sit. No marches, strikes or redress of grevience. The people do nothing and these unelected political criminals drop our boarder, use tax dollars to bring in hoards of illegals, destroy our dollar, increase debt, stop our oil, deplete and poison our Military and continually try to force Russia into a Nuclear War. HOW COULD IT BE WORSE FOR AMERICA???

    If America falls know that is was because of the negligence and indifference of too many of it’s people.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Allen,
      “If America falls know that is was because of the negligence and indifference of too many of it’s people.”. Paul Craig Roberts laments the “insouciance”.

  23. Rick

    As the Bible stated 2000 years ago: “We are made in God’s image” (out of the stuff of God’s universe) “MATTER” – and it took nonreligious atheistic scientists over 2000 years to finally prove what the Bible was telling us about the composition of God all along – scientists studying the matter in God’s universe found all these atoms (including the dirt and slim that Adam was made from) are composed of three(3) basic elements – protons, electrons and neutrons (just like God is composed of three(3) elements – Father, Son and Holy Ghost)!! – yet – many people today “Still Have Trouble” thinking that God is composed of “three elements” (as the Bible clearly told us 2000 years ago) – but – have “No Problem” at all believing that the matter (that they are composed of) has three(3) elements – come on people think logically – if we were created (in God’s image) and are composed of three(3) elements (protons , electrons and neutrons) – then – God (we are in the image of) and based upon the nonreligious atheistic scientists own science “must” similarly be composed of three(3) elements – Father, Son and Holy Ghost!! – QED!!!

  24. Linda

    And now Biden and his cohorts have nothing to lose. War is looking inevitable.

  25. john white

    God bless you Greg Hunter and your family and all who are here now . In Jesus Christ name .

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you John for your much appreciated Blessings!

      • Tim K

        Hi Greg,

        I second John Whites comment. 600,000 excess deaths is huge but unfortunately, (according to people like Dr David Martin an d Dr Tenpenny) may be 10 or 20 times that in the next 5 years. pray The disabled people will probably be even more. Let’s pray it does not get that bad and pray humbly that the Holy Spirit protects us.

        Friends in Christ


  26. Slvrwllwn

    Here’s a possibility…maybe if Biden were impeached, Putin would pull the reigns back for any future action of war.

    • Marie Joy

      Biden has nothing to do with foreign policy. He doesn’t even know where he is.

  27. Randy

    Another possible reason for not having a debt ceiling is they know USD is going to tank once BRIC’s gold back currency is released in the Fall. Washington will have to have unlimited amount of money borrowing or the Dems will hold that against the GOP for next election blaming misery on the GOP because they blocked relief.

    • Wayne

      Is the BRIC’s so-called gold-backed currency really gold-backed if it is not redeemable for gold?

  28. V Lee

    Hi Greg,

    Keep up the good work. I thought they would try to save the dollar at all costs since they have most of their assets in dollar denominated assets. I, like most of your followers depend on you & your thoughts so please take care of yourself & depressurize as needed.

  29. PersonaNonGrata

    Hi Greg and thanks for WNW587.

    Haven’t had time to review the comments at time of posting so, ‘sorry’ if this is a repeat, but wondered if everyone had tuned into Tucker Carson’s Tweet #6

    I realise you have been critical of TC in the past – perhaps due to the constraints placed on him by Fox et al – and think he would make a fantastic guest on USAW. The theme of the interview could to explore the ways and means by which TPTB influence LLM presenters to lie for them. How did it affect TC? What personal struggles did he face before deciding to leave Fox? Is Elon Musk genuine (Saul to St Paul on the road to Damascus?) but what about ‘StarLink’?

    I’m confident your audience could / would learn lots about how the levers of power influence the media. Plus, an interview with TC would greatly extend the reach of USAW.

    Just my 2 cwnts . . .

  30. Laurie

    My conspiracy mind at work.
    Has anyone else wondered if the Globalist’s are all in on this together and it has all been orchestrated to bring down the US to enter into the global world order they so desperately want.
    Putin, Xi, The US (whoever is really pulling strings) Trudeau, all of Europe intentionally pulling down their countries using this Ukraine war to de arm/de monetize while simultaneously maiming and killing their citizens with the bio weapon courtesy of the DOD so the supposed free countries cannot fight back when attacked therefore making the Global system easy to establish.


    Whenever you use photo’s or illustrations of Hunter you should show the real Hunter – with his real crack head teeth, not his psyop high dollar choppers.

  32. watcher on the wall on bitchute , friend of the king on rumble

    impeaching joe is a good road to go down , but DO NOT TOUCH HUNTER at this time while joe is in office , even if convicted it would be nothoing more then a presidential pardon and its over with . while joe is in office they are all safe , all could get a pardon , anyone of them could commit murder on national tv and get away with it until joe is out of office …… cut the head off the snake , after that drop the hammer on every one of them , if any go through the court system now and are excused then you will not be able recharge them a second time , they are all above the law and there are no consequences for any while joe is in office . we have up to 7 yrs to put these criminals in prison after joes outta there

    • Valerie

      Thanks. What you said makes sense!

    • sam

      GOOD COMMENT!….Makes Sense

  33. H. L. Haldiman

    FBI CAUGHT Censoring American Journalists For Ukraine!
    The Jimmy Dore Show 24,982 views Jun 19, 2023
    In the latest installment of the blockbuster Twitter Files, journalist Aaron Maté discovered that the FBI, acting on behalf of the Ukrainian intelligence services, requested that Twitter censor accounts deemed to be insufficiently supportive of the Ukrainian war effort. And among the names identified by Ukraine: Aaron Maté.

    The rising is happening! Richard Vobes 47,203 views Jun 19, 2023
    The Great Rising launched yesterday. Some of the best minds working against the tyranny of the globalists met in Stroud, Gloucestershire to unite in pushing back against the unelected one world government dictatorship.

    “We Never Forced Anyone” – HHS Director Lies About Child Mask Mandates
    The Jimmy Dore Show 41,063 views Jun 19, 2023
    Health and Human Services Department head Xavier Becerra recently appeared in front of a Congressional committee to discuss COVID policies. Asked if he had any evidence to support the compulsory masking of two-year-olds, Becerra hemmed and hawed, obfuscated and did everything possible to avoid having to answer the question.

  34. Thomas Wigand


    I believe that the GOP initiating impeachment against Biden is a TRAP.

    Biden isn’t making decisions anyway; that’s (presumably) Obama acting as middle-management for the Globalist-CCP Axis. So removing Biden won’t really accomplish much anyway — Kamala Harris / perhaps Gavin Newsom will just be plugged-in as the new figureheads.

    And if the GOP initiates impeachment, the Dems / media will just portray it as a political move before 2024 elections, and try to paint the Bidens as victims (and perhaps set the stage for an Obama-Harris pardon of the entire crime family). The Dems/media also (now after my Substack piece) try to portray it as mere political payback for the Trump documents indictment.

    We should avoid the trap. Let the Dems own Biden: THEY should be forced to initiate impeachment, or be accessed of supporting the corrupto-treasonous Biden enterprise(s), so as to neutralize any “GOP playing politics” gambit.

    Tom Wigand (“American Discerner” on Substack)

  35. Mark

    We’re in TOTAL war

  36. Lada Aston Holden

    Holocaust Survivor Raises ALARM For America’s Future | Vera Sharav Testimony | Eric Metaxas on TBN
    Eric Metaxas on TBN 496,260 views Jun 6, 2023
    Vera Sharav joins Eric Metaxas to describes her escape from a Nazi concentration camp as a child and immigrating to New York. Sharav opens up about what led her to medical activism and also shares her warning to Americans about the parallels she sees between the U.S. and Nazi Germany. Don’t miss this powerful interview from Eric Metaxas on TBN!

  37. Anti-atomist

    What do you get when Mexico joins BRICS?

    MC RIBS!

    Only 13 grams of sugar to feed your cancer:

    Sugar, Dextrose, Soybean Oil, Wheat Gluten, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Modified Food Starch, Alum, Potassium Sorbate (Preservative), Polysorbate 80, Natural Flavors, Yeast, Enriched Flour (Glyphosate-finished Wheat Flour, Malted Barley Flour, etc.)

    Mc Cancer depopulation food for the zombie apocalypse!

    Would you like a Diet Coke with that?

  38. John Maskell

    Great work Greg . Here in the UK , our lying legacy media the BBC have just launched a new system called “Verify”. It’s an attack on the conspiracy theorists ( us, the truthers ). This new channel is to stop and ridicule the real news ie the vax deaths, Putin winning in the Ukraine , voter fraud etc. The BBC knows that the UK population is slowly waking up and the media are trying to put out stupid systems like ” Verify ” to debunk the truth .

  39. Led Skeletor

    I stripped all of my jerry-rigged coffee-can home-brewing parts from my Titan.

    And yes, I do feel completely safe hiring 50-something white straight males to be in charge, as opposed to a diversity hire 18 year old D-Generation trans activist.

    All that was missing from this debacle was advertising on the Titan sub for Bud-Light and CNN

  40. Wadsworth Binghamton

    Tweet Simon Ateba @simonateba
    Your son makes millions of dollars from foreign entities but does not pay taxes because that would mean disclosing that he is engaged in foreign lobbying. With the millions of dollars and no serious job, he becomes a drug addict and illegally obtains a gun. All he tells them is that he is the son of the US Vice President, and he claims that part of the money will go to the “Big Guy.” He promises them access to his dad and top US officials. They hire him without any qualifications and pay him millions of dollars.

    Eventually, the information comes out, and the Justice Department has to investigate. The investigation drags on for five years, and eventually, they strike a deal with him to plead guilty to two misdemeanors of tax evasion so that the government would not prosecute him for illegally possessing a gun as a drug addict, a serious crime that has sent tens of thousands of Americans to prison for years.

    Imagine being the same father who, as a senator, drafted a draconian anti-drug law that sent tens of thousands of black people and others to prison, confiscated all their belongings, and gave a big speech boasting that the drug addicts should all be taken off the streets. Now that your son is one of them, when you’re asked about his case, you say you’re proud of him and he has done nothing wrong.

    Imagine journalists and commentators like
    justifying it on television, singing your praises when their own child would have been in prison long ago for the same crimes. Imagine the people who believed in the rule of law watching the two-tiered justice system so brazenly displayed.
    America is in crisis. May God help us all!
    Simon Ateba Chief White House Correspondent @TodayNewsAfrica in Washington

  41. WadsworthBinghamtonEsq.

    Simon Ateba @simonateba YOUR REACTION:
    @HillaryClinton and @BillClinton’s daughter @ChelseaClinton
    explodes, blasts COVID-19 vaccine and lockdown skeptics, writes, “Deeply troubled by the online attacks against Dr. @PeterHotez
    Standing in solidarity with Peter & all our public health and medical professionals committed to delivering science-backed health information, particularly about vaccines.”

  42. Wads Binghamton

    SMOKING HOT Simon Ateba@simonateba Giving out the real skinny!
    NO PROJECT MOCKINGBIRD BRAINED Media Talking Head Millionaire here…
    BREAKING: @TuckerCarlson releases powerful new episode of his show: “Bobby Kennedy is winning.”
    See the deep state creeps run for cover! Hide behind Alex Soros’s behind, you Heine’s!

  43. LondonCenter

    NATO’s Storm Shadow, HIMARS Reduced To Ruins; Russia Escalates Fight Russian troops have reportedly concentrated their efforts on offensive operations in Ukraine’s industrial east. The Russian MoD said troops have focused on attacks around Bakhmut, Avdiivka, Marinka and Lyman in the Donetsk province, with 26 combat clashes taking place there.

    ‘China Big Enemy’: Message From U.S. Ahead Of ‘Special Guest’ PM Modi’s Days ahead of PM Narendra Modi’s maiden official US visit, Republican Congressman Mike Collins has described China as the “Big Enemy” of both India and the United States. Collins said both India and the U.S. are combating terrorism as well China. He called PM Narendra Modi a special guest and said that they are waiting for him to address the U.S. Congress. Watch the video for more details.

    Why is the Biden administration afraid of the CCP?: GOP lawmaker
    Rep. Mike Gallagher, R-Wis., discusses U.S.-China relations and his op-ed slamming the Biden administration’s approach to the communist country on ‘Maria Bartiromo’s Wall Street.’

  44. Dale Durbin

    A few weeks ago you had Bill Holder on, He talked about a MASSIVE Silver order he was having trouble filling, turns out it was a Walton buying, Now Wal-Mart has Silver and Gold for sale on line for about $26.00 per Silver ounce.

    Biden, “Justice for Thee not for me”.

  45. John


    Your weekly news summaries and interviews are the very best available anywhere. Thank you. Ukraine is imploding like that Titanic minisub. They lost 7,000 troops in just one day of their failed offensive. They are all but done. However they are or are planning to attack Crimea infrastructure with cruise missiles provided by the UK. We can expect NATO to enter that conflict in a big way during July and for the US to declare war this January maybe sooner to prevent Biden from being impeached. He is exactly what the NEOCONs need in the Office of the President to prosecute WWIII. After Biden and Austin mandated fatally toxic experimental injections of all US troops and then shit canned all those that refused, we can expect little support for sending troops to Ukraine and an even more precipitous decline in voluntary recruitment. We should be in full draft mode of males and females between the ages of 18 and 55 (maybe 60) by this time next year.


    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for the reporting, John.

  46. watcher on the wall on bitchute , friend of the king on rumble

    war is an absolute greg , and as proof of its appraoch the USA government has taken the initishiative to fight the same way islam does and the nazis do , move your military off the bases in the country and put them into civilian surroundings , thats why we see troop movements and equipment moving into san fransisco , new york, even idaho , as well as montreal canada even , war is immenent , and they clearly dont give a darn about the civilian population that they already have pegged for depopulation and kulling anyways with the jab , this will just be a continuation of the genocide that will work in their favor , i hope putton targets blackrock washington dc , brussels, nato HQ etc WEF , WHO HQ

  47. Justn Observer

    Greg, very sobering conversation as to where the U.S. is financially = John Titus, Lawlessness, the Real Causes of the Banking Crisis

  48. Rick

    Proverbs 17:23 New Living Translation
    23 The wicked take secret bribes
    to pervert the course of justice.

    • Tony

      And they purposely started a war with Russia (so Russia would be forced to sell its gold to the wicked “cheap” (in order to buy all the ammo it desperately needs to defend itself)!!

  49. Suzan

    There are medical facilities being built on every other corner all over the Kansas City suburbs. I’m guessing it’s because of so many sick and disabled people due to the jab.

  50. David Albright

    If we are going to War, we most definitely want to impeach him. Do you really want a leader that is known to be compromised as your team captain under such perilous conditions?

  51. Harlyn Baldliersson

    NATO’s secret TERROR armies exposed in newly declassified documents by The Grayzone | Redacted News 139,687 views Jun 21, 2023
    Newly declassified documents obtained by investigative journalist Kit Klarenberg of The Grayzone sheds light on previously undisclosed information about the existence of secret terror armies operated by the British government and NATO. The documents provide evidence of covert operations involving these clandestine forces in various countries. These operations include the recruitment and training of extremist individuals, as well as the orchestration of false flag attacks to manipulate public opinion. Is NATO currently employing these tactics in Ukraine?

    U.S. ‘Hand-In-Glove’ with Kyiv over Crimea-Kherson Bridge bombing; Russia Fumes
    19,325 views Jun 23, 2023
    Russia is fuming at the U.S.’ response to Chongar bridge attack. Ukraine bombed the bridge connecting Crimea and Kherson on June 22 using British-supplied Storm Shadow missiles. The Pentagon has now claimed that Ukraine is free to attack any targets when it comes to war. The bridge was a key supply route for reinforcements for the Russian Army in Southern Ukraine.

    Ukrainian Troops ‘Abandon’ Battleground, Tanks To Avoid Fighting Russia | Reveal By Zelensky’s Men: Hindustan Times 176,871 views Jun 21, 2023
    Ukrainian soldiers have revealed that some Ukrainian tank crews feigned damage to avoid facing the Russian Army, German media has reported. The claims were made by three German-trained Ukrainian soldiers to Spiegel Magazine. The reports come as Ukraine’s long-expected counteroffensive against the Russians is offensive amid heavy battlefield losses.
    THESE BOY’s WANT TO LIVE, Vicky ‘Old-bag’ Nulund! Get married and get fat, like you! MAKE LOVE NOT WAR AND OLD MAIDS!

    • Tony

      The Pentagon has now claimed that “Ukraine is free to attack any targets when it comes to war” – what these means folks is that Russia is now also free to attack “any targets also” – a bridge for a bridge – a pipeline for a pipeline – a Capital building for a Capital building – and ultimately – A nuclear First Strike With A Retaliatory Nuclear Strike!!!

  52. Prospector

    Possible coup in Russia ?
    Wagner Chief Declares Full-On ‘Coup’ Against Russian Defense Ministry

  53. Dina Yando

    Hi Greg,
    Please bring on Eric Metaxas! He wrote a new book ” Letter to the American Church” and “Bonhoeffer” . He’s such an enlightened Christian man. We need some great spiritual food from time to time!!
    Dina Yando

  54. Marius

    Hi Greg,

    I am writing from the cool and wet Cape of Good Hope, South Africa. We just had the winter solstice earlier this week.

    With regard to your coverage on the Covid story – here some articles that would be of interest : – This shows how cheap the officials value people’s suffering – R450 000 is about $24 000 – That after there is very stringent investigations made before people quality for any compensation.

    Then on the other hand this story

    The first mentioned article may explain the “waste” in the latter article since people are not eager to “volunteer” to be harmed, which is a right enshrined in the South African Constitution and bill of rights, people do resist and stand up for their rights to oppose this threat, despite the pressure placed on people to just go along. The majority of people stopped wearing a mask as soon as the regulations were withdrawn by the Government. Nowadays very few people still wear masks in public, it is their free choice to do so.

    You touched on the Brics Summit – for more information this is the South African Website link for the Brics2023 summit to be held in Johannesburg:

    The South African Reserve Bank Deputy Governor made this speech during May 2023 – about the changes implemented in South Africa – Some of your guests touch on these topics but this is information directly from the source.

    The SARB Deputy Governor is frank and direct about this and also explain it well.

    This event was also covered in the local press, please comment on the quality of reporting, –

    “What exactly is this money we control? If you look at the Reserve Bank’s balance sheet, you will find two things that can be called money. One is notes and coin. These are Reserve Bank liabilities which are carried around by the general public. Their total value is about R170 billion currently. Everyone is familiar with these, but they are not very important for monetary policy implementation. We provide notes and coin in whatever amount is demanded by the public, and pay no interest on these, so they are not a lever we use for controlling interest rates. The other is electronic money, which is known as bank reserves or settlement balances.”

    The SARB has issued a new 4th series of currency – South Africans use cash daily. We do not use cheques any longer – ( and transact electronically for larger transactions. But in some situations cash is lower risk than payment by electronic means (smart phone). The simple reason being is that crime is a real problem here and smart phones get robbed or snatched or stolen on a regular basis. So to be parted with say a R100 bill or a Smart Phone places this in perspective, which most local people immediately grasp.

    The implications of this development is huge since South Africa’s Repo Rate is 8,25% per year – the prime lending rate being 11,75% per year and the middle class and ordinary people are struggling with increased debt repayments and people are defaulting on their loans. This move created the ability for the SARB to increase bank reserves, which could increase the creation of bank credit (or backing for over created bank credit) and in turn further inflation with the hope to keep the payment system stable. Only time will tell how this would work out.

    Keep up the good work and may God bless and protect you.

    • Charles Tas Maniac

      Thanks Marius,
      For your incredible insight from South Africa, one of the original BRICS, NATION MEMBER!
      HOT. summer, here and hope your enjoying your cool winter. Were all together here on With Greg, one world, all faiths, alltogether, hurtling through time and space. A journey of a lifetime and as Greg says, free as a breeze of fresh air, he’s trying to keep it that way and so be it!

  55. Led Skeletor

    We don’t want no stinking Impeachment, that is just a slap on the wrist to these criminals!!


    Using Nixon time, Biden will resign in less then six months after the first indictment, poor bastard has “Hoof In His Ass” Disease. This crime family did what ever it pleased, notoriously, in plain sight, knowing the MSM ARE IN FACT WILLFUL ACCOMPLICES.

    It is a great day for a hanging if the justices only had a set of balls.

    • Marie Joy

      IF there is to be justice, it will have to come from you and me because it will never come from the courts.

  56. Justn Observer

    with the help of CAF…Mr. Titus spreadsheets available on her site and here =

  57. erick

    The DHS raided my friend who was speaking out against the vax in 2020 and now they are looking at federal felonies. It was a bogus warrant and their friend who worked for the DHS was fired. now they are coming after them doing bad things to them trying to get them on trumped up charges. DONT YOU PEOPLE SEE WHAT IS GOING ON. A friend in china sent my friend factual videos of GENOCIDE going on in CHINA. 3 months later their place was raided. I can tell you this no way in hell you could find their place with an IP address when their net is shut off all the time. See my friend worked for an over seas contractor made friends through other people in China. What the hell are they trying to cover up. I want them to get online and speak out but it is a death sentence. Right away they were demanding a plea deal their last attorney signed their name and did not tell them of a hearing. US MARSHALLS stormed his property arrested him leg shackles and they were beat up in federal holding after they said it was due to the net when peopel in prison come to the conclusion it had to deal with kids. THIS IS HOW THEY CAN GET ONTO YOUR PROPERTY IN YORU HOME. TO SHUT YOU THE HELL UP. George Carlin… watch out when they use children for their own agenda. Look up GEO GROUP 2018 CEO report on MONIES and look up the CORPORATIONS behind DHS… 93 billion a year goes into this 3 letter agency under the USDA and EPA. Working for govt contractors myself this system is so bloody corrupt you people have no idea. Why one friend moved his family to south america he could not fight the court had 1 month to show up and moved his whole family walking out of his wyoming house. He did not want to be another waco or randy weaver.

    • Wayne

      You state, “I can tell you this no way in hell you could find their place with an IP address”.

      Wrong. An IP address is all the government needs to find you by taking that IP address and then obtaining info from the internet service provider who has records of who used that IP address and of everything you did. Just ask the people that get caught spreading child porn. And it does not matter if you have your internet shut off after you use it.

  58. erick



  59. Rant

    MMM> A>>Ever Heard of the RESTRAINER>Nothing will be done till the He takes His Bride!> MMM> I think you have no understand abot what was threaded!

  60. The Seer

    Hello, Is speaker playing along to get in as 3rd person for Prez?
    Seeing loss of funding for-military. Crypto digital fails- already early signs. Visits to WH laying reality out. U already lost the war.
    Don’t get into fear re next plandemic it will not spread. Keep focusing positive steps.

  61. Prospector

    We know one thing. Fog Of War , all information is questionable …. at best.
    There may or may not be infighting among Russia factions.

    – Yevgeny Prigozhin, leader of Russia’s Wagner group
    – Claims his forces were attacked by Russia’s military
    – Hours after he said Ukraine war is based on lies
    – Russia’s defense ministry denies attacking Wagner
    – Prigozhin: “Not a military coup, it’s a march for justice”
    – “Evil brought by military leadership must be stopped”
    – Claims his forces are crossing into Russian territory
    – Adds: “We’ll destroy anything that gets in the way”
    – So far no confirmation of Wagner troops in Russia
    – Russia opens criminal investigation against Prigozhin
    – FSB calls on Wagner troops to arrest him
    – Top general appeals to Wagner: “I urge you to stop”
    – Security forces in Moscow put on high alert
    – State TV airing special news bulletins overnight
    – Kremlin: Putin receiving round-the-clock updates
    __BNO News___

    We were told in the first Iraq war that C.I.A. called the cell phones of many of Saddam Hussiens men and bribed them to defect or lay down their arms. We’ll never know how true that was, but it is something to keep in mind on current events.

    It should also be considered the breakaway Wagner Group of private Russian Mercenaries might just get played for a ” PATSY “,( Double cross ) and be blamed for as yet unknown events. ( Attack on power plant ? just as an example ? ) Deception is the norm.

  62. Bessy Crabtree

    Here is yet another Trump fruit that is rotten. We are being sold out to Biden by Trump’s Supreme Court hirelings.

    if people would read the Bible, instead of following false prophets, the world would be a much better place. Jesus commanded judge them by their fruits.

  63. Brian Dougan

    Circus Canada: The ringmaster Trudeau gave Bananada’s gold to China–In exchange for a “basket of [worthless] currencies.” This was done unilaterally. No accountability; no checks or balances. Punishment? Singapore does it right. However; a severe caning wouldn’t work. One can’t beat stupidity/malice out of a person. Perhaps “transforming” him into a Chinese court eunuch? (This satanic serpent loves all things “trans.”)

  64. Dave Musso

    Hello Greg, this is Friday, June 23,2023 and I was just watching an independent news blogger, Inside Russia, reporting the beginnings of a Insurrection? a revolt against Putin?
    Actually, he was predicting this, weeks earlier, I think it’s worth investigating. Although he was checking Russian TV news at the Midnite news hour and looking for a Putin response announcement, but heard ” crickets .” Controlled government programing?
    Sorry, that is all I know at this time. I did see one of his previous broadcasts forecasting a civil war between the 40 different military groups in Russia, and he mentioned he only knew of 18, and just recently became aware of 22 additional private militaries.??

  65. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter for a deep analysis of our world.
    Here in London things seem strange. Our streets around our major museums and art galleries have been clogged with very large lorries(trucks) during night hours,they move in convoy at 9:00pm and are on their way again by 3:00 am the next morning.Rather than head for ports they have headed north.The strange is the sheer numbers. But purely anecdotal.
    Still our economy is awful and inflation in food is insane here in the UK.

  66. Sammy Solid

    Hunter often asks the question of his guests, what should people do?

    They always respond to buy food, things you need, things that will be in short supply, gold & silver, tools, farmland, etc.

    They always forget to mention to stock American straight bourbon whiskey — 1 gallon of which requires 8 to 10lbs of corn. And there is a worldwide shortage of corn. Scotch whisky is also good as it is imported and transport likely hindered in the near future. Shelf life of these items is without limit when stored properly.

    the other thing they forget is the word of Jesus.
    pro tip: study Matthew 6:19-21 — help people who can both be a practical help to you in the future, or who reliably would now repeatedly pray to God about you. You want feverent souls testifying to God of your goodness. This is incredible spiritual leverage. It is real power. This is why Roman Catholics call upon the saints and Blessed Mary to pray for them. It is to amplify their prayers. We know from the Transfiguration of Jesus that saints are actively involved in Salvation. We know that during his time on earth, Jesus did not bi-locate, and he could have, but instead leveraged his power through the saints/apostles. It is a community of saints, not a one man show. People who do not grasp this suffer poverty consciousness. They are spiritually ignorant and spirituall poor. Besidese the heavenly saints, there are people that can be helped and they can help you either practically or thru prayer.

  67. Corporal


    You may find this interesting:

    I logged to to verify the rumors about the explosion in caner cases.

    First, I went back in time and fished these statistics:
    Year — total cases/number of deaths
    2019 — 1,762,450 / 606,880
    2020 — 1,806,590 / 606,520
    2021 — 1,898,160 / 608,570
    2022 — 1,918,030 / 609,360

    There was a modest uptick in annual cases, while deaths remained virtually the same.

    Next, I looked up 2023:
    1,958,310 / 609,820

    The first 5 or 6 months of this year already exceeds 2022!
    The culling seems to be picking up steam—regrettably.

    P.S: I won’t be surprised if they start massaging the data, as the CDC has been doing for a long while now.

  68. Robert says no

    Greg, this is off topic. The supplement nattokonaise (sp) is being suggested by Dr Peter McCullough as a blood cleaner to rid the body of the spike protein. It also has a natural ability to control cholesterol and other benefits. He touts a product that’s $65. Nattokonaise is usually much cheaper.

    I’ve discovered most of our supplements are either manufactured in China or many of the ingredients are sourced there.

    If China is working in collusion with the USA DOD and NIH/NIAID in this plandemic and the mRNA vaccine response kill shot, it makes me wonder if the nattokonaise that China supplies many of the ingredients on, may be contaminated with spike protein, thus people who are taking it to remedy their exposure to the spike protein either from taking the vaccine or through shedding, may be actually continuing their exposures to the toxins instead of eliminating them from our bodies. If I were China and I made the product that’s being touted as a remedy for the spike protein that our own government wants in our body, wouldn’t it be logical to put the spike protein technology into the very cure people think they are taking?

    How can we get nattokonaise that isn’t compromised?

  69. Jody

    Greg, you forgot to mention one thing. do you think the American people would be for the war if we had to offer up our children? Great Friday show!

    • Greg Hunter

      Good one Jody, and the MOST important.

  70. Vernon Locke

    Ukraine War – Is Moscow Lying? w / Col Doug Macgregor
    Judge Napolitano – Judging Freedom 196K views Streamed 15 hours ago ___The Fat Lady has Sang!

    West-sent Missiles ‘Gutted’ as Russian Army Smashes Huge Ukrainian Arms Unit Hindustan Times 99,776 views Jun 23, 2023
    Russian military forces launched a missile attack on Ukrainian army storage facilities for foreign-made weapons. The Russian Armed Forces carried out the strike with precision-guided weapons. Russian defence ministry in its press statement mentioned that all the designated targets were achieved. Watch this video to know the scale of destruction the Russian army caused.

    Russia’s ‘Warning Shot’ for Kyiv amid Counteroffensive; ‘Zelensky’s Men Pushed to Suicidal Op’/Hindustan Times 5,676 views Jun 24, 2023
    Russia has accused Ukraine of being ‘self-destructive’ by launching a counteroffensive. Russia’s UN ambassador Vasily Nebenzya labelled Kyiv’s counterstrike plan ‘suicidal.’ He said Kyiv is sending its soldiers to their deaths just to prove to the West that Ukraine can defeat Russia. So far, Ukrainian forces have reportedly made only limited gains on the battleground. Even Ukrainian President Zelensky has said that the operation to retake territories lost to Russia, was going slower than desired.

    “The border INVASION is getting worse by the day” – Michael Yon | Redacted with Clayton Morris 31,861 views Jun 23, 2023
    The disaster at the Southern border is getting worse by the day. Correspondent Michael Yon joins us from the border as we shine a light on the alarming reality that more than 10,000 illegal immigrants are crossing the U.S. border each day, exacerbating an already critical situation.

  71. Marie Joy says there has been a violent attempted coup in Russia. The “Wagner mercenary group” has attempted to take Russia away from Putin. It is ongoing.

  72. Rick

    I have a cousin and his wife who got two shots and a booster each. He has since had a stroke and she became ill about a month ago and passed away last night. I suspect the shots are the cause but can’t be sure. My cousin just thinks it was her time to die. They are both 70ish in age and he could be right but I know several who have died after getting the shot and believe that’s probably the case here.

  73. Marie Joy

    Laura Loomer just posted on Twitter that a DeSantis fundraiser in DC is taking place at the law office of a firm that represents Dominion… Proof enough?

  74. Jim Delray

    Unmasking the Australian spy who sold secrets to Russia | Four Corners
    ABC News In-depth 278,920 views Jun 19, 2023
    For years during the Cold War the KGB’s only access to US and UK secrets was through an Australian spy.
    The ASIO mole handed over highly classified information for wads of cash, but none of his colleagues suspected a thing.
    After the Soviet Union’s collapse, information sourced through Russian KGB defectors sparked the most extensive mole hunt in ASIO’s history.
    Four Corners reveals the identity of the traitor, and the full extent of his betrayal.

  75. Justn Observer

    Greg, Tucker Carlson surmises that Trump’s greatest unforgivable sin by the ‘establishment’ in D.C. was he’s being against ‘their’ endless wars.

  76. tim


  77. Dave

    Are the Deep State and globalists orchestrating a coup against Putin? The Wagner group has shady ties to the globalists and is very secular and friendly with Muslim groups in Africa.

  78. Cheryl

    I am trusting the Lord because the medical system, as you say, is broken. Even those who are not awake to the reasons why, are noticing that the medical system is broken. I have been having some GI symptoms – including stomach symptoms. I know that they could, at worst, be an indication of cancer although in my spirit I do not believe that is what it is. Still, I should be scheduled for an upper endoscope. I am still waiting for the “referral lady” to call me. Based on my symptoms, the nurse practitioner did refer me for a colonoscopy – the colonoscopy is now scheduled in September (my appointment with the nurse practitioner was in May). The nurse practitioner did not refer me for an upper endoscope at the same time as the colonoscopy. He later agreed I should have an upper endoscope, rather than waiting until after the colonoscopy. I am waiting to hear back from the “referral lady”. She apparently called me once and my voicemail was full. I saw that a call had come in from “healthcare” within an hour of the call. I did try to call the number back. I cleared my voicemail. Two weeks later, I received a message from office staff that my voicemail is full and the referral lady could not get a hold of me and had tried to call me multiple times. I don’t know when I will ever hear from her again, in one month? In two? I understand it was my fault that my voicemail was full on the one occasion she called, but in the past such a mistake would not have been a “death sentence”. I say that because, if I did have, for example, stomach cancer, waiting 6 months could indeed be a death sentence. (My husband died of stomach cancer 3 years ago.) I am at peace because I am trusting in the Lord and doing homeopathic remedies, such as parasitic cleansing. However, I feel that the staff doesn’t “like” me. Do they know I didn’t take the jab? I did not tell them that, but maybe they know it. When will I get in for an upper endoscope — 7 months down the road? I’m only 55, but I am prepared to die if that is where all of this leads.

  79. Justn Observer

    Scott Ritter has a very interesting perspective as to who is behind the insurrection in Russia…WAS the new found money by the PENTAGON/CIA used to buy Prigozhin?

  80. Tony Decent

    Trump & Son need to repent for hosting these sodomite freaks at Mar aLago (Dec 2022) and promising to push their cause.

    If you are supporting Trump then you are supporting Sodom.

    • Dave

      Younger evangelicals are being give a green light of sorts about homosexuality from Trump basically supporting it. In my former congregation it’s don’t ask, don’t tell. Sodomy is not preached on but in the vaguest of terms. Rick Grenell was the highest-level appointment by a president to government of an active homosexual. In a long-term “marriage” with his partner, Grenell is welcomed in many evangelical circles without a peep. He is among progressive and younger Christians who believe the church is coming to a new understanding (read acceptance) of homosexuality.

      Christians should remember that at their exit interview the Lord will ask them did you speak truth to power on sodomy? One of the sins that cries out to heaven.

    • Booth, John Willkerson

      Tomy, you catch more fly’s with honey. Compared with Trump, you couldn’t catch a flea! You remind me of the scriapes and pfharaseas, who criticized Jesus for eating and drinking with sinners.
      Tony and your ilk, that have not sinned.
      Cast the first stone, you self righteous prig’s!
      Better you sanctimonious, be cast into the sea with a millstone around your pencil necks, than stumbling those quivers with little faith!

  81. Marie Joy

    It appears the Wagner mercenary group coup in Russia is CIA backed. IF Putin is deposed, his replacement WILL start WWIII. Guaranteed.


    Russian Helicopters ‘Bomb’ Wagner Convoy En-route to Moscow; Prigozhin’s Men Down Ka-52 | Hindustan Times 67,171 views Jun 24, 2023
    The Wagner PMC’s mutiny in Russia has taken an ugly turn with Russian Army clashing directly with Yevgeny Prigozhin’s men. Several videos online show Wagner fighters downing Russian helicopter following which the Russian Army bombed Wagner convoy enroute Moscow. The Russian military helicopters reportedly bombed an oil depot in Voronezh in a bid to stall the advancing Wagner fighters. Loud explosions were also reported in Rostov, currently under Wagner control, that sent residents in panic. Watch this video for more updates.

    Chechen Warlord Vows to Crush Wagner Mutiny, Defend Putin; Kyiv Mocks Russia ‘Chaos’ Hindustan Times 51,805 views Jun 24, 2023
    Chechen warlord and Russian President Vladimir Putin’s close ally, Ramzan Kadyrov, has said that his forces will help crush down the Wagner Mutiny. He warned Wagner fighters of tough response as they took over two cities in Russia and are cruising towards Moscow. Meanwhile, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has mocked the ‘chaos in Russia.’ Watch this video for more details.

  83. Coup De Tat

    Civil War in Russia? Wagner Troops Rebellion – SCOTT RITTER
    Judge Napolitano – Judging Freedom 34,156 views Streamed live 3 hours ago

    • Greg Hunter

      Putin is going to win this one.

  84. Good Punk?

    DeNiro Joins RFK Jr. In Questioning Vaxx Side Effects
    The Jimmy Dore Show 126,591 views Jun 21, 2023
    In 2016 actor Robert DeNiro was actively promoting a documentary called “Vaxxed,” which alleged a connection between vaccines and autism. He even went on the Today show to encourage viewers to watch the film and consider its message. Then, practically overnight, DeNiro suddenly stopped talking about the movie and clammed up about vaccines and autism. But why?

  85. Prospector

    A ” Deal ” may have been reached. Many sources say this.

    Negotiations continued throughout the day. As a result, they came to agreements on the inadmissibility of unleashing a bloody massacre on the territory of Russia. Yevgeny Prigozhin accepted the proposal of President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko to stop the movement of armed persons of the Wagner company in Russia and take further steps to de-escalate tensions. – @WarMonitors , twitter channel.

    Time will tell, not buying it yet, Wagner Mercs. will be retaliated against for being ‘ uppity ‘

  86. Neil

    Greg, do you hear from Jim Sinclair anymore?
    Jim was among the first to speak about derivatives and QE and political moves that were too stupid to be stupid. His words still resonate well.

  87. Prospector

    It just ” Fell In ” just like that , huh ?

    Currently A large emergency response is underway after a freight train fell into the Yellowstone River near Laurel, Montana. The train was crossing a bridge over the river when it collapsed, causing 8 rail cars to plunge into the water below. There’s a concern that dangerous materials might be leaking into the river, so officials are urging residents living near by the river to reduce their water usage immediately. @rawsalerts

  88. francisco

    I remembered the info that Mark Taylor told in one of his blogs years ago that due to the compromised congress, senate and DOJ, justice would have to be administered by a military tribunal. He indicated that all the retired generals and those that were fired by obama were asked if they would sit on a military tribunal court, if one was put in place . the answers were yes. these generals were actual military soldiers, not rubber stamped military leaders that never earned their stripes etc.

  89. Marie Joy

    I would like to know what Putin gave Prigozhin to end the coup. Bet it was no small sum. So, the question is… Was that the plan all along? Stopping the coup just outside of Moscow is odd. So very odd because they were winning. What will Putin do to stop another CIA funded coup?
    First Prigozhin betrayed Russia and Putin with the attempted coup and then he betrayed his men in the Wagner Group when he ended the coup just outside of Moscow. These are not people who take betrayal lightly. What are the odds Prigo will live another year?

  90. Rodster

    Greg, could you bring on Martin Armstrong as a mid-week guest to discuss the unsuccessful coup to oust Putin that took place in Russia and does this escalate WWIII?

  91. edwin meyer

    You should also be telling people to stock up on batteries, Lighters and fuel for their portable stoves. I have enough Lithium power banks to keep myself in lighting, phone/laptop charging even if there was no sun for solar charging for a minimum of 4 months. There are even AC power banks that can be used for your desktop computers/televisions and 110v items that are low wattage users. I can run my desktop 1 hour a day for 4 months without needing solar charging. There are many other things that I could add, but these are the ones that will be very important when the time comes, not only for simple survival purposes, but also for morale purposes.

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