Biden Still At 9.5%, Middle East Boiling, More Vax Murders

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 605 10.27.23)

9.5% Biden approval rating is the number behind most of what you see going on.  Yes, the Lying Legacy Media says Biden’s approval ratings are much higher, but why do you think I call them the Lying Legacy Media (LLM)?  My sources say everybody knows Biden sucks, and this was before the Hamas/Israel conflict and before Ukraine was decimated.  When you have poll numbers this low, you prosecute your political enemies, let new illegal voters into the country by the millions, cover up vax deaths and injuries by the millions and start a huge war.  Any of this sound familiar?  Again, 9.5% actual rating.

Specking of war, things are heating up in the Hamas/Israel conflict and the Middle East in general.  The USA is bombing multiple Iranian proxy military locations in Syria.  Meanwhile, Israel is bombing Hamas locations in Gaza.  Israel released footage of the Hamas monsters in action murdering unarmed people.  (Warning: This graphic violence.)  This is what started the current fighting.  Iran is threatening war against the U.S., and Russia looks like it has already won in Ukraine.  None of this is going to be over anytime soon.  Brace for some big market news to the downside.

Every week we have new deaths and injuries from the CV19 bioweapon vax.  This week, a 16 year-old runner in top shape died at the finish line after running his best time in his short career.  Again, nobody knows what happened, but we who are awake know this was nothing more than another CV19 vax murder.  The CV19 vax did not help a single person, according to many top doctors.  It continues to disable and kill all the while we are told lies by the LLM to cover up the crimes.

Join Greg Hunter of as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up for 10.27.23.

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After the Interview:

Dr. Michael Palmer is out with a new book outlining the evils of mRNA vaccines.  He is warning mRNA is going to be in all vaccines in the not-so-distant future, and they must be stopped.

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  1. carol

    Saw this being reported in several places.

    • Tim

      The only reason obiden has 9.5% rating is those bureaucrats who exist on the teat of our traitor and foreign take over corrupt government.

  2. erick

    FlightRadar24 and ads right now on the coast of mexico strato tankers/dc10s and hercules never seen so many in one area here near the base ……

    • Jerry

      Last week either Thursday or Friday, four C-5 Galaxies’ took off from NAS JRB. Literally one after another. Very interesting!

  3. Bill

    We had a good golf group. We’d play Tues, Thurs, & Sat. Always had at least 2 foursomes, sometimes more. I am the only one left. All died except me after the vaccines started, over about a 2.5 year period. I’m 81, only 2 were older than me. The rest were younger, I’d guess the average was probably about early 70s. Who would ever believe something like this could happen.

    • Greg Hunter

      So sorry Bill for the loss of your friends. Please take Ivermectin on a regular basis along with Nattokinase according to many doctors on USAW.

      • john lance

        I just read that an eight year old boy , in Israel , died of a heart attack . He was the poster child for covid shots . He was really a good looking young man . So sad .

        • Check

          Yet the Government loves them, not!
          Imagine how many were jabbed up and them they claim to be bombing Gazza for their crimes against them 😂

        • Jerry

          If I am not mistaken was is not Israel second to Australia that jabbed it populous more than any other country???

          • sk


      • Jim L

        You are a great guy Greg. Great American and true patriot. Thanks for all your efforts to save America!

    • Paul from Indiana

      There are so many possible dimensions to the COVID/mRNA caper:

      a) desire on the part of government to see the degree of civil obedience in an “emergency” (“Can we get away with this?”);
      b) effects of mRNA platform on a mass-inoculation scale ;
      c) promotion/enrichment of “big” pharma with kickbacks to government;
      d) “controlled” and “invisible” population reduction (no Medicare/Social Security “expense” to “government” on dead people).

      If any/all of the above were true, “government” should be congratulating itself on a stellar success on all fronts. If, of course, any of the above were true…

      Best always. PM

  4. Neil

    Meanwhile in New Zealand, excess deaths soaring.

  5. MJ Quinn

    Excellent WNW !

    In the absence of a reliable assay for spike protein. (Ryan Cole would know how to do that !) Is marked rouleaux formation (clumping of red blood cells) the best indication for prophylaxis/treatment with the iRecover protocol (IVM, natto, bromelan, vit C, D3 etc ? (Pierre Kory may know the answer).


  6. Sylvia Sires

    The GREAT DELUSION sent BY JESUS “I AM” is HERE! Written in 2 Thessalonians 2:11

  7. PersonaNonGrata

    Re Jan 6th: at 19:20 “What it was, was a real set-up”. Greg Hunter.
    IMHO, more accurate to say, ‘What it was, was a STING operation – carried out by the FBI and other establishment agencies acting in concert. The ‘three letter’ agencies INFILTRATED the crowd of rightly indignant protestors. They INCITED the crowd to enter the Capitol building. They STOOD DOWN the Capitol police to facilitate entry. ‘We the people’ – the MARKS – entered the Capitol and ambled around, completely oblivious to the STING. It cost those who entered their freedom. It cost ‘we the people’ our belief in fair play, our belief in freedom of speech, our belief in freedom of association, our faith in the Constitution, our pride in our nation*.

    *I am not a US citizen. I make the comment that J6 cost ‘our pride in our nation’ based on, among other things, the demoralising effect the unjust persecution of ‘we the people’ has had on everyone living in a ‘Western democracy’. The J6 Star Chamber injustice system has revealed ‘the home of the brave and the land of the free’ to be a myth. The STING was not aimed at those unfortunate enough to have taken part. The STING was directed to suppress dissent, to plant fear in the hearts and minds of ‘we the people’ everywhere. To keep us in line!

  8. Brent

    Yesterday here in Lewiston Maine an armed man killed 18 people in an bowling ally…they still have not found the guy
    the world is going freakin crazy
    God help us all.

    Maine use to be called the safest place in the union…not anymore.

    • Greg Hunter

      Law enforcement in Main knew the guy was mental and they did nothing.

      • Paul from Indiana

        It seems this is a common theme/refrain from the last 30 years. Funny how government’s hands are tied…until they don’t want them to be. Best always. PM

    • Mike G

      one mental defective does not make Maine an unsafe place to be, compared with east and west coast, but never fail the politicians are all ready to make ME unsafer. Governor Janet Mill, btw, was a complete tyrant during the covid lock down, the Queen of Maine to go with our blue King senator and the gypsy moth Susan Collins. Also let’s not forget our Golden boy 2nd district representative.

      Maine unfortunately has filled up quickly with Biden voters, I wonder how they feel now with voting for another George Bush looking for WMD in Iran. Probably all of our DC critters will be supporting senile Mitch getting ready for war against the new Axis of Evil

  9. Nick Leddy

    The vaccine killed more people then the “virus” that has never
    been isolated. To reiterate what all of the guests on U.S.A.
    Watchdog have said repeatedly, this is a “BIO WEAPON”.

  10. Robert Dziok

    It’s hard to believe his approval rating is as high as 9.5%

    • sam

      Robert…9.5% is about right….it coincides Perfectly with my Theory that about 10% of any given Population is so mentally defunct and Schizophrenic. they cant comprehend what is bei9ng done to them…

  11. SJ

    I think the whole Israeli/Hamas situation is another smokescreen and was deliberately allowed to happen to whip up support for war. It was their 9/11 moment. I don’t believe anything the MSM reports on it.

    I wouldn’t even put it past the evil globalists to have stage acted out and made up some or all of those videos. Remember the fake Chinese videos of people dropping dead at beginning of corona? The planned demolition of the twin towers where the dynamite flashes can be seen? Fake school shooting in Nashville or Vegas?

    In no way does this pass the smell test. No, I’m not pro or against either side…. America needs to stay home and fix our own problems not meddle in the Middle East.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Yes. I can’t prove it was “deliberately allowed”, but I have no problem believing it. I said the same thing about the rigged/fixed “election” in 2020. Best always. PM

    • Tin foil hat

      Yes, America needs to stay home and fix our own problems and not meddle in the Middle East.
      However, that means OPEC++ (Russia and Iran) in the near future.

    • Wanda

      Genocide is being played out right before our eyes, and many ppl tried to warn us this was coming. The WEF has been planning this for a long time, and O Bama is their poster child, Biden is Obamas mouth puppet. They want nuclear war, or at best people being bombed in several countries including our own. Iran warned the US after they bombed Syria today, the man speaking listed 4 countries that face their wrath should they continue their evil deeds there, at a large meeting at the United Nations. About the region, Syria and others there, he ended by saying “This is our Home, and we will not tolerate any more senseless killings,” Get right with the Lord if you haven’t yet. The WEF wants millions killed on this Earth. O Bama said once, there will be no one allowed to live within 40 miles? of any coastline here in the US. Well have you heard whats happening in a small coastal city in LA? The gulf /ocean water has moved up in the Mississippi so far, this city has had all its wells and drinking water contaminated. Toxins. Jesse at BP Earthwatch covered this today, and he shows a woman living there washing her dishes with purified bottles of drinking water. Its all happening as they promised it would. I have followed people on YT for years now. (Preppers for the most part, some ranchers and farmers) I told my two Sons over 12 years ago, or longer, one day you will pay $20 for gallon of milk. They scoffed and laughed.

      • sk

        Toxins? Or salt? Or both? One would think the river is more contaminated with toxins than the ocean.

    • Earth Angel

      AMEN!! I have called my House representative (? Does he really represent my conservative views; I can’t see it.) Dr. Rich McCormick and expressed the VERY same sentiments to our local district office in Georgia. This guy ran as a conservative republican.. but shortly after going to the district of criminals (DC) I received an e-mail from his office expressing his loyal support for o’biden/NATO’s war against Russia by continuing to send money and arms to Ukraine. I called and expressed my vehement objection to America getting entangled into BOTH of these conflicts, the most recent middle eastern muddle included, neither of which is OUR conflict. I was informed by an intern in the office that McCormick was now also on some committee to the UN?!! as well.. another dangerous organization which the united States should have exited decades ago. Does anyone else besides me remember the bumper stickers in the 70’s/ 80’s stating ‘Get US OUT of the UN’? Please tell me how someone who runs as a conservative republican end up within 6 mos. of going to washington taking these type of positions? This is in no way representation of the people of our district who sent him there. There’s no accountability whatsoever in the govt. bannana republic crock of sh*t.

      • Paula

        when you call your HR & get such replies, remind them that they work for you not their own self interests. Our small group routinely call our HR with the “reminder” & it does make a difference in their voting positions. We pride ourselves in being the “squeaky wheels.”

  12. Don W.

    Thank you again Greg for covering this. I lost my oldest son due to the shots. Then I lost some old friends from the days that he was a pilot in the USMC with me and his wife was a good friend of my wife. They are both gone because of the shots. In the Senior Care place where we live now, a lot of the people are getting wise and NOT taking them. We have NOT taken any here but did take the very first three. This place is giving the Covid and Flu shots on Nov 1, and we are only getting the flu and from what you said in your article, maybe we should not take that.
    Blessings to you Greg for ALL that you do.

  13. Ron

    UK MP Esther McVey gave an amazing speech in the UK House of Commons showing how false the “Safe and Effective” Vax slogan was and still is.

    Well worth a watch:

    • Paul

      Do NOT take any more injections of any type. They are finding Graphene Oxide in all injections.

    • Mary Renaud

      Please do NOT take a flu vaccine or any jab whatsoever. It is entirely possible that mRNA ingredients are already in many standard viral vaccines with NO NOTIFICATION to any of us. Flu jabs are quite ineffective to prevent flu, particularly in the elderly. They are very good at reducing immunity to disease. Read the book: Turtles All the way down, truth about vaccines.

  14. Roger Stamper

    tks greg

  15. James Hall

    Mike Johnson might work out, he’s an election denier.


      Amen James and Greg and a few of us finally giving the man Mike Johnson a chance to get his sea legs. Right away people on both sides attacking him. I watched how Mike got in Matt Gaetz explained that McCarthy and his Rino buddies tried to steal it back. Why can’t the conservatives give him a chance pray for the man and HOPE for the best he’s a Christian, married 5 children give him a chance the guy before him was a paid hand of SOROS. 🙏 Pray

      • Greg Hunter

        Johnson was far better that the Soros jerk they wanted to put in.

        • LINDA J CREAN

          Greg I KNOW that’s why I thanked you and the man James for saying good things about Mike Johnson

  16. Michael

    Respectfully, if you took offense to the secretary general comments on Gaza and Israel you must not have listened to what he said. He was about as evenhanded as anybody could be. He completely condemned atrocities on both sides. They were not hang gliders they were parachutes. Go look at the video. I should point out that Hamas doesn’t have a single aircraft and that Gaza does not have a working airport. I’m not justifying what Hamas did because it was horrible but you pretend that those people haven’t been mistreated for the past four generations is a mistake.It is always wrong to hurt the innocent. It is wrong when you’re Palestinian and you do it. It is wrong when you’re in Israeli and you do it. It is wrong when you’re an American and you do it.

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes you ARE “justifying what Hamas did.” You are splitting hairs over the motorize glider attack. They attacked and shot p[eople on the ground as they were flying in. There were many other ways Hamas attacked. Here, watch this video and tell me about Poor Hamas!!!

    • Tin foil hat

      Forget about right or wrong when you’re Palestinian, Israeli or American and do whatever. I’d love to know who is the puppet master behind the Oct 07 attack.

      Hamas basically committed suicide just to get Israel to commit suicide. If Israel refrained from an all out ground force invasion, then Russia is the puppet master – Israel would be wise to punish Hamas by blowing up the water and electric supplies to Gaza like the Nord Stream II. The Arab states can then pick up all the humanitarian aides without any interference or support from Israel. I’m pretty sure the Arab states will start fighting among themselves after a few months without any instigation from Israel.

      If the Deep State were the puppet master, then Israel will have no choice but to attack and let the world burn.

    • S. Revere

      Michael, oh so its good to be ”evenhanded”?? Just blame both sides and you call that Right to do?? Do you even know what the difference is between right and wrong?
      Go take another good look, get a good grip on just what Justice is all about and get your head on straight. Get a backbone and quit being a wimp.

    • Perry

      The so called “Palestinians” are Arabs who were kicked out of Jordan because they could not behave and now are being used to destroy Israel. The oil rich Arab Countries could easily absorb them and there would be peace but they would rather use them as a tool to destroy Israel. These Arab Nations do not want the “Palestinians”.

      Some of the “Palestinians” have joined Hamas to destroy Israel.

      Everyone I know supports the Jews fundamentally because of Genesis 12:3, “..I will bless them that bless thee and curse them that curse thee, and in thee shall all families in the earth be blessed”. Ultimately, hatred of God’s people is hatred of God.
      And those who hate the Jews, not only hate God, but hate themselves.

      • Ray

        I say this with great respect.
        Jewish people, American people, Irish people, Palestinian people, Calathumpian people……ALL people are ‘’God’s people”.
        For God created all people.
        We are His children.
        In my view, problems begin when one group claims to be “God’s people” whilst also claiming that other people are not “God’s people”
        It’s certainly something to ponder, in these dark days as we see people slaughtering each other across the world.
        Wishing you and yours all the very best Perry.
        Ray, Canberra, Australia.

        • LINDA J CREAN

          Ray. Read the Bible it doesn’t matter what you think It’s what Almighty God says.
          We are not ALL God’s children Father God made man in His IMAGE and Likeness BUT Abram (later changed to Abraham) reached out to God so God chose Abram to go into a blood Covenant with and make a Nation, Israel . Abraham had Ismael ( the Arabs not the child of Promise from God the child of doing things your own way not with your wife) Issac The child of Promise through Sarah Abraham’d wife. Issac who had twin sons the younger Jacob who God changed his name to Israel . Jacob had 12 sons and one daughter the 12 sons became the twelve tribes of Israel. Lord Jesus came from the forth son of Jacob his name is Judah. Judah married out of Covenant not an Israelite had 3 sons first 2 evil and died so Judah wouldn’t give his 3rd son to the widow thought that son might die. The widow with no children dressed up like a harlot had sex with Judah got pregnant with twin boys and kept the family line going who eventually had King David then eventually Lord Jesus Christ. SO – RAY- THE JEWISH PEOPLE ARE THE PEOPLE OF PROMISE GODS CHOSEN PEOPLE AND WHOSOEVER believes in the LORD JESUS CHRIST 👑 AND IS SAVED BORN AGAIN ARE THE CHILDREN OF GOD. Father God does not call anyone else His children the rest are men/women mankind but they can become children of God by accepting God’s SON LORD JESUS CHRIST 👑 🙏 it’s a choice free will. ‘Choose you this day who you will serve, choose LIFE that you and your seed may live”. It doesn’t matter what anyone thinks about this this is what Father God Almighty God says. Read a Bible old and new Testament and you’ll see know the TRUTH and THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE.
          👑KING OF KINGS JESUS Lord Jesus is the Way 🙏

          • Ray

            Hey Linda,
            Thanks for your considered reply.
            I always enjoy your posts and will keep looking out for them.
            This time, I respectfully disagree with your viewpoint.
            Take care……my best wishes be with you and yours.
            Ray, Canberra, Australia

            • LINDA J CREAN

              Hi Ray like I said it’s not my view point it’s Almighty God choice. God will not let sin in Heaven so He can only let His children into Heaven those who accept Lord Jesus Christ and do Gods will. So it’s Father God your disagreeing with not me I’m just stating what Almighty God’s Word says maybe you better reconsider I wouldn’t want to be at odds with the Creator of the Universe. Father owns everything so He gets to make the rules. If I weren’t a Christian I’d be going to Hell no matter what I thought thought or how good I thought I was ” ALL HAVE SINNED AND HAVE FALLEN SHORT OF THE GLORY OF GOD” that’s why Almighty God says “Choose you this day whom you will serve choose LIFE (JESUS) so that you and your seed may live”. If it didn’t matter who you served God or the Devil why would we be praying for people continuely to get born again for their eyes to be opened we pray these prayers because we don’t want humanity to go to Hell. Do you really think all people are God’s children? If all people are God’s children why are some murdering others? There’s a difference to Almighty God of murder and killing one of the 10 commandment says though shall not kill but it was translated wrong in war there are people who die so there is killing God said thou shall not MURDER. What the Palestinians Hamas did was MURDERED innocent people not doing anything to them there NOT ALMIGHTY GOD’S CHILDREN do you really think these people are going to Heaven? NO! When I woke up this morning I had a word in my spirit Holy Spirit does this when He wants to tell me something today I heard “SAVAGE” I said “yes Lord”. Holy Spirit said “this is what these people are and have done” their savages. What does savage mean? EXTREMELY CRUEL, UNCIVILIZED, BRUTAL, ATTACK FEROCUOUSLY, UNTAMED, BARBARIC, DEVIL, NAZI, VIOLENT, WICKED, USED TO BRING FEAR, HOPELESSNESS, DISTRESS, TERROR, HELPLESSNESS, Despair. THEIR NOT GODS PEOPLE they don’t even act like humans their Demons in a human body. There’s a difference in humans it’s ITS a ❤️ HEART problem. God looks on the heart of a man JESUS is love and without love savage people happen. Did you see what the Muslims did in Russia they swarmed the air plane like 🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝 bees trying to get to the Jewish people to kill them their not human. I had a beautiful Golden retriever named SYDNEY that died on Palm Sunday 2 years ago that’s a dog 🐕 If you had 15 Goldens what would you have “LOVE &KISSES” if I had 15 Putbulls what would you most probably have? Murder/ DEATH. Have a great day, week, month, year, life mate. 🌅 What happened to our wonderful LORD JESUS CHRIST? Did those people go to Heaven as God’s children no, not unless they repented and cried out to GOD.
              Savagery & hate. 🕊️

              • Ray

                Hi Linda,
                Thanks again for your considered reply 🙂
                But please……do not speak for me….nor please speak over me….when I come here with my take on God and His children.
                You have the right to claim what is right for you, and I do not correct you, and same goes for you with your treatment of me and all others.
                I am not in any disagreement with God as you allude to…..none whatsoever
                Recall……God did not write the Bible…..humans wrote the Bible, on his behalf, and that is a fact.
                Some 19 years ago, I found out my truth about what God is.
                I was at a terribly low point in my life….the details are not important to list here….but what is important to convey to you is that God Himself came to me… in my room, and showed me exactly how much He loved me.
                The only way to describe is to say that God called every single living being in the Universe and said “I command you all to give Ray a hug”. Then he said to me…..”Raymond……I love you, and everything will be OK”.
                I am no “second class citizen” in His eyes Linda, I can tell you.
                The idea that God puts Jewish people ahead of His other creations, in my view (not yours) is incorrect.
                As stated above, I have been in the very presence of God Himself when I needed Him.
                HE LOVES ME.
                When I die, I KNOW that I will be with Him (as you will be too Linda).
                Please…….let’s leave our discussion at this point.
                I will not be swayed by arguments that say “the Bible says, so you are wrong”.
                Take care Linda.
                Thank you for the lovely comments you make at USAWATCHDOG, and my best wishes be with you always.


                Ray, Canberra, Australia

                • LINDA J CREAN

                  Hi RAY , I ment no disrespect to you or others I didn’t think I was arguing with you I thought I was having a discussion on how the Bible explaines people and nations I didn’t know you don’t believe the Bible is the inspired WORD of God. I being a Christian believe in the Bible being the inspired Word of God of my Lord Jesus Christ and coming from this point I was talking to you not arguing. I too have been to the deepest state of dispar many times starting 51 years ago with me loosening 5 babies then two of the 3
                  I do have have a chronic disease and while pregnant with my youngest and loosing him Lord Jesus healed me and my baby but because I decided to walk with Jesus and go to a little A of God Church my husband left us 4 six weeks after the baby was born and my in-laws disowned us because we were no longer going to a Catholic Church. I never felt I was second class because I’m not Jewish or Catholic I’m just happy to be in the family of God that’s why I call God Father. I won’t talk to you about this anymore. I ment no harm I just love Lord Jesus Christ so much and wanted to speak of His goodness and Love and healing. I suppose I am over joyed over the top but I can’t help it and the Word says “out of the abundance of the heart a man speaketh”. Have a great life Ray. I apologize again 🙏♥️🕊️🙏

                  • Ray

                    My Sister Linda,
                    You owe me no apology…..none whatsoever 🙂
                    You are a good person, and have faced more than your fair share of adversity throughout your life.
                    You are loved greatly….as you love others greatly, and your place at Jehovah’s Table has been prepared.
                    May your days be bright and filled with blessings.
                    Your Brother, Raymond x

  17. Katy Bar

    Bill Gates (from Hell) will not prevail against us!! – if we have the courage to force our Government “Of the People” and “For the People” to begin taking strong legal action against Bill Gates and his latest company (now releasing mosquitoes “probably infected with malaria” into the United States of America) the State of Florida is currently under Gates’ direct attack!! – – but all those living in the Southern United States need to prepare “now” – and need to have “bug zapping machines” capable of working 24/7 – because when the Terrorists (Biden is now bringing across our southern border) are given their marching orders to target our electrical power grid – “The Gates of Hell Will Open” – because with our electrical infrastructure and power grid down people will begin to be “silently killed” (with “Jabs” from Malaria infected mosquitoes) just like our healthy long distance runners are now being “silently killed” with Bill Gates’ previously promoted Covid “Jabs” – those well prepared (to see in the dark with night vision equipment, have stored years worth of food along with water/air and communication equipment) “Now Also Need to Defend Their Families against Bill Gates’ Latest Evil Plot” – this very evil cunning psychopathic lunatic is a Demon Rat who enjoys washing his hands in our blood (like a modern day Pontius Pilate) smiling and giggling with blood dripping from his hands as he opens up the “Gates of Hell” against us – “To Crucify Us” (even those of us who thought we were well prepared) – Martin Armstrong in Florida recently bought a Bug Zapper – we all need to do the same! – however be sure your Bug Zapper’s “is Solar Powered”!!!

  18. Paula

    We voted we’ve prayed for divine intervention. Is there any other way out of this debacle?


      Paula if you voted and prayed then Lord Jesus Christ says trust in the Lord with ALL your heart lean NOT on your own understanding but in all thy ways acknowledge HIM and HE will bring it to pass. Trust in the Lord and do good and HE will bring it to pass. Trust Father God is working it out. TRUST 💖

  19. A Day

    Greg, you are one of the last telling us the truth. Most are being lulled into a state of stupor with glazed-over eyes regarding the actual events of the day. I don’t think the current administration falls too far away from some of the most dispicable despots in history. God (Jehovah) please save us. Your followers are being decimated. Decline of the nation our forefathers faught for is on-going. Failing on so many fronts that comprehension is difficult.

  20. johnny sic

    “They”, make money giving loans to build war factories and buy weapons.
    “They” sell to both sides of a conflict.
    “They” need billions more to die why not make money doing so.

    Find “they” , hang all of them. You know their family names, we all know their names.

  21. Pete+only

    Greg, you mentioned the possibility of terrorist actions on the utilities and infrastructure; well about a year or more ago, there were about 100 attacks on such things as power stations, and other utilities.
    I believe these were dry runs in order to know what responses would follow by local authorities responding to them, giving them something to build on for the real thing, which could soon be coming.
    These evil entities want to accelerate their killing of society, especially since only 2% of people took the newer vaccines, and yes they want to put mRNA poison into every other vaccine out there. Perhaps even into even dental offices, and such things as Botox.
    Many thanks Greg for all that you do.
    God help us in our times of need.

  22. Joseph Boudreau

    Covid shots are pure evil… I never took it either. So much for the booster shots, eh?
    Buy silver!!!
    God bless you and your family, Greg.

  23. Brianroy

    Joel 3:19, Egypt and Edom (Jordan) are found to be those that will support and enable HaMaS.
    I take this to mean that even with a Zephaniah 2:4 removal of that organization there, and a clear Gaza Strip, HAMAS will relocate to Egypt and Jordan (and probably the West Bank area) and conduct terror operations. Hamas will increase in popularity and influence so that the worst violence imaginable (which is what the word HaMaS means in the Hebrew, used over 50 times and about a dozen relating to prophecy of this group in the Last Days also) that the passage of Obadiah needs to be brought up along with the verses that Jesus speaks of with fleeing to the wilderness and not even stopping to pick up one’s coat when the man of sin says “Anochi Elohim” at the Temple.
    The commentaries of Rashi specify that the man of sin will be of the tribe of Dan, that he will be like a most poisonous snake and a deceiver, but as ONE, Israel will accept him as if he were Messiah of the tribe of Judah, even though he by nature is a cowardly ambusher, or words of interpreting Rashi (by me) to that effect. I suggest you re-interview Jonathan Cahn relating what I say above. Since he knows Hebrew and Scripture, it will be easy for him to both affirm and expound more on what I have so stated to be so.
    Zephaniah 2:4 says Gaza WILL be forsaken and
    GOD will save Israel .
    “When the enemy shall come in like a flood,
    the Spirit of the LORD will cause him to* flee* / to* vanish* away*.”
    Isaiah 59:19b (Literal Translation from Hebrew, mine)
    However, there is MORE to come, and MORE to yet be revealed the closer we come to the actual Tribulation and the actual timeline beginning with a 7 Year Peace Treaty that AVERTS World Nuclear War that takes the USA out (which is what we here are generally really only concerned about as a whole group, but not entirely among a small percentage of us).

  24. James

    Another great WNW, Greg. I’m seeing some reports that Dr. Reiner Fuellmich was arrested on Germany. Do you know if that’s true? Also, what ever happend to Gonzo Lira?? Strange times

    God Bless.

    • Earth Angel

      Gosh, I hope thats not true. Fuellmich’s early groundbreaking work on outing the covid crimes through the Corona Investigative Committee and subsequent Peoples Grand Jury Court Hearings has been exemplary. Another truly great and courageous truth teller Reiner Fuellmich. Yes, A man who should be getting an award for his work will probably be arrested in these truly back-assward times we are living through.

  25. Ralph

    I work with a guy at my job that is a Jew and you can be sure he will pull the lever for Joe Biden (or whoever) in 2024 Even with everything that has gone on the last 3 years
    It is truly baffling !!!!

    • Paul from Indiana

      What’s baffling is the idea of voting as a means to correct/improve things. It clearly doesn’t work for the reason you cite. It’s there as a means to keeping the “people” in line. Best always. PM

      • S. Revere

        Paul, you can say that again !! It just floors me to still see so many folks counting on some election to rescue them, after the handwriting on the wall should be very very clear by NOW. Elections are a joke on ‘the people” to make them think they have a say in matters. NOT.
        I even Unregistered from the ‘elephant clan” I wouldnt even vote for dogcatcher. Nada
        And for all you die-hard blind trumpsters, you need to wake up. He is not gonna save you from anything. There is only One answer to everything.

        • LINDA J CREAN

          S Revere , Elections are not a JOKE men might not tally up our votes properly but don’t be fooled Almighty God is keeping count and sees who everyone is standing up for and you’ll have to give an account for your choices. So choose wisely. Choose you this day whom you will serve, choose LIFE that you and your seed (family) may live. 🙏

          • S. Revere

            Linda, I do not serve any politician and I sure dont ”vote” to try to help them get a guaranteed big fat paycheck for the next xxxxx years. They can just go get a real job and do some actual Work.
            You wanna fall for that nonsense, then please be my guest. I have no duty to vote. God? Well, He already knows I think they are all a pack of rats….lol.

    • Perry

      I work and know many Jewish People who turned from the so called Democrat Party (which has been taken over) to be Republicans. There are many Jewish Americans who love America and are very conservative.

      • Greg Hunter

        Amen to that.

  26. Steven Allen Pool

    even if trump does win the presidency the most it is going to do is slow down the fall of america for 4 years and once he is gone in 2028 it will back to business as usual. the powers to be just don’t want to wait for that four years to pass

    as far as Hamas it was created and financed by the u.s. and isreal and sent to palistine to compete for the government from the plo. the u.s. had jimmy carter go over in 2006 to palistine to certifiy the elections and had said it was legit and done well. so with hamas being the government this is their army that is attacking israel for the condition that their country is in.

  27. Astraea

    Bill, Just to say that I feel so sorry to hear of your great loss of so many friends. It must be hard to bear losing so many important in one’s life.

    • Bill

      Thank you Astraea. Yes, it is difficult to all of a sudden have such a void in your life.

  28. Derwood Corby

    The War Against Barbarism!
    _________WAR is MESSY! SUCK I’T UP BROTHER!
    This Will Make Your Head Explode – White House Spokesman Just Admits It!
    The Jimmy Dore Show 67,265 views Oct 26, 2023
    White House Spokesman John Kirby made a stunning admission during a recent press conference while discussing the Israeli assault on Gaza. Kirby admitted that it’s “not right” that Palestinian civilians will be killed, but that, hey, war is messy and that’s just what’s going to happen. In other conflicts a White House official like Kirby would never have been so cavalier about civilian casualties, so… draw your own conclusions.

  29. Charles

    Good Morning Greg,

    I hope and pray everything is well with you and your Family.

    As a Brother in Christ and a lover of TRUTH, just like yourself, I have to ask you a question. When the Lying Legacy Media, which I love your reference to them, all read from the same script spewing the same propaganda on every channel about Covid, Bio weapon shots, Ukraine, Biden’s Poll Numbers, and the elections you are able to see through their deception, but when it comes to what is happening in Israel you are not seeing the propaganda. We both know when the talking heads all join up and read word for word from a script on every fake media channel something is not right and we are being propagandized.

    I’m asking you to take a step back and really think about is being said and why.
    More often then not, what appears to be on the surface, in reality is not true.

    • Greg Hunter

      You mean like the fake “Israel bombed the hospital” story? So, I ask you the same question? Watch this video of the terror attack: and then ask yourself what the hell did you think would happen?? Could you imagine Canada or Mexico doing this to the USA??
      Your Brother with the hard truth. You may want to brush up on Gensis 12:3–Brother.

    • sk

      I have been wondering about that as well. Charles and Greg. An open ind is a great blessing.

      • sk

        mind…..apologies for skipping the m

  30. Damien

    America is over as it is. Divide & Conquer has worked again! We have been undone from within and our enemies are inside the country and waiting for orders. Of course once the chaos and attacks happen the parasite class (government) will offer all kinds of dystopian solutions that a country full of people, who curled up in the fetal position over a cold will readily accept. They’re going to finish the border wall too, but it’s not going to be for keeping out infiltrators, it’s going to be for keeping Americans in. “Now’s YOOZ can’t leave!”
    Biometric Id’s, travel papers, even more onerous financial controls, information suppression on a whole new level, even more surveillance, and of course martial law with perpatual soldiers & checkpoints……youknow, to keep us SAFE!
    Isn’t it something Greg, to have to be swept along by the maniacs and useful idiot, dummies of history? Good luck, and keep your powder dry!

    • sam

      Damien…the beginning of the end started with the end of the North/South conflict circa 1865…when the captive slaves should have been relocated and returned(like they wanted ) to their own Motherland to be reunited with their Tribe of Brothers, Sisters, and Relatives Letting them Free in the first place was a recipe for disaster some 100 years later…and after some 150 years it is pure evil after giving them Power over large sections of America(The Devastation is seen in CONgress on any given day) …..leaving the door open from their captivity to roam around the country and settling in every major city with out the capacity to integrate with the Caucasian Society….is as shameful as it is Harmful.

      • Damien

        Jefferson said; “Should the black race ever be equally, free upon the land, that we would not be able to ever live together peacefully.”

        • Greg Hunter

          I’d like to see a source for that quote. If true, I think Jefferson would be wrong.

  31. Richard Gould

    What is really going on? Preparation for the end of this system of things which is coming quickly. Middle East Headed for War, Economy Headed for Total Collapse The world is inching slowly closer and closer to nuclear war, and Almighty Jehovah God (Psalms 83:18) WILL NOT permit that to happen. He created this earth to exist forever AND to be inhabited by us, His children; the Bible specifically details these facts for us. We are told, in the Bible, that the end of this ‘system of things’ (which is demonic), will come because if He did not act then life would no longer be possible on our earth. Think on this; there are now nuclear shells that will burn right thru a tank. The contamination from the shell will make the area contaminated by its use uninhabitable for 4,000 years. What do you think a nuclear war would do WORLD WIDE? The faithful slave appointed by Jesus (our NOW ruling king) has told us that the end is very close. If you have read this far, now you know why that is so. If you have questions, please ask, or email me at [email protected] OR [email protected]. I can also give you directions to a FREE online Bible study course that you can use when it is convenient to you. If you have questions about the Bible, I can answer them. Any help I can provide is always freely given as is commanded in the Bible.

  32. Justn Observer

    Greg, approval of Biden numbers most likely correct…IMO, the fake numbers for polling helps the MSM make it ‘appear’ to be a close race = to inspire more ADS by contestants, and more donations to them from people that think it is a close race. IF the real numbers were admitted, who’d buy any more ad time? And why donate to a candidate with NO CHANCE. Then again, they need to make it appear close enough so the rig will look plausible as well…But sometimes some numbers just can’t be denied =

    and just when current events show the reality that being armed and having the ability to defend oneself and family , ie shooting in Maine, and unarmed citizens in Israel, especially now in cities that have DEFUNDED their police, and have historical slow numbers of police on the beat and able to respond , which means….the event has already occurred….now the DEM idiots are pushing harder for more gun control?
    Doubt that will be a winning stragety heading into election.
    Everywhere, the go WOK go BROKE…is increasingly coming true…
    Would be nice if Gaetz remarks were true about ‘Swamp is on the run.’
    IN a panic maybe….but the forces behind them are formidable. …The WRM…never gone away, it is real and MARXISM will use all and any useless idiots and causes to grow their numbers and advance their agenda…from killing with fentanyl, jabs, dumping down the youth, entrainment and indoctrination, collapsing the economy CLOWER AND PIVEN, to make the ‘village ‘ dependent and compliant little comrades. using the enemy of my enemy is my friend…they have a collation of anti-US and its Constitution and freedoms aligned. All ‘their’ tools of division are being employed. Class, religion, race, gender, entwined with their chaos of ‘social’ issues simultaneously, And those divisions are division…which is ‘their’ cover to hide within. So, for those ‘blaming’ some groups, do not forget many of the atrocities committed against some were actually done by them by their own.
    Especially, in ‘religious’ sects and cults, by those of opposition of view, or by those that are agnostic or outright atheists. But at the top is, the ultra-wealthy or want to be the ultra wealthy and at the reins of power and control. Only using the above so ‘they’ can replace those at the pinnacle to with themselves. and at such a time, they will turn on the useless idiots who helped get them there…to eliminate that core of trained street provocateurs, agents, and community organizers that might decide to replace them. ie. POL POT
    Once they have exposed themselves by singling out groups that is a clear sign of what is ahead. Those ‘deplorables’, those JEWS, that MAGA cult….are those they hope to turn the rest against, to blame, for what ‘they’ know they have planned is coming, to dis-enfranchise, and make ‘social’ change…IE EQUITY…to steal from the affluent middle-class with strong work ethics and that through merit, achieved and attained their savings and wealthy…that ‘THEY’ now need to pay for all the ‘FREE STUFF’ to help their comrades marching, as they say…. FORWARD !
    Probably, most and certainly the GenZ likely never heard or read the book MEGATRENDS…which was an early push for the advancement of radical centrist policy, and the employment of cronyism and hive minded, group think to promote a philosophy that both the right and left of many counties picked up and ran with…and now evolved into…this current polarization in the U.S employing THIRD WAY, and other views
    as well as in nations that also took up the radial centrist ideology =
    leading the whole world to now struggle with communitarian goals like ESG AND WEF policy.
    All ripe to then be consumed by marxist socialism and strong wills that hope to topple countries by attempts to replace the traditional notions of liberalism and conservatism. older values and social norms.

  33. JP'Madeoff

    Get a load of this Shiite
    “Beat a Bully Without Using Your Fists”
    Where do these northerners get off telling us how to live!
    WHHI Television: Your Hyperlocal South Carolina Television Station Serving the Lowcountry!
    Hilton Head Island, SC | Bluffton, SC | Beaufort, SC | Pooler, GA
    Beaufort County | Jasper County | Hampton County

  34. Richard Westwell

    The U.S. is ILLEGALLY OCCUPYING Syria. They have no right to be there. They, the U.S. are STEALING Syrian oil.

    • Greg Hunter

      I agree.

      • Paul from Indiana

        Double interesting. Best always. PM

    • Paul from Indiana

      Interesting. Best always. PM

    • sam

      Dick,as long as the United States of American Citizen….gets fuel to go to WORK EVERYDAY…and the Semi Trucks criss/crossing our Country Everyday using Diesel Fuel to supply them so everybody in this Country can get all the Life Saving Goods Required…I got no problem…How else will they get fuel to us INNOCENT AMERICAN CITIZENS?….it is the CORRUPT SCUMBAGS in Charge of us is my concern……
      ok Richard…whats your solution?…bet it a doozie…

  35. Susan R

    I thought I fixed the interruptions playing your broadcasts, but no and today I dove deep for my level of computer savvy and it’s better. I will always be a fan to the end. It is clear that the dark forces are powerful, but our divine light is our greatest refuge.

  36. Carrie

    I think why people refer to Gaza as an open air prison is because it’s like a “15 minute city” the New World Order wants to implement everywhere. These people were “placed” there. A large open city that you stuff a bunch of people into, and lock down the borders where it’s difficult to get out of, and they can shut off food deliveries, water, and energy at will (just like they did in Gaza). Even in regular prisons they have activities, work details, and learning available on a smaller scale of course. 🙏

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes, Carrie an open-air prison on the most pristine 25 miles of coastline in the Mediterranean where you elect you Terror government and you have guns and rockets and Go-Pro cameras to video your terror attack. Yeah right, you get to this in “prison”

    • S. Revere

      Carrie, go take a drive down through some of the old southern states coal country and see just how those people are left to live, and cannot get out. If you cant drive, then go to the Net and pull up ”the worst towns in the u.s.” and take a good long look. Or the old dilapidated streets of Detroit, the gross ruins of that city’s worst side, the deserted factories even churches.
      Compare that with pictures of Gaza and tell us then that we should have a big pity party for poor gazans ”who have been so mistreated” – – and like Greg said ‘with their long stretch of pristine beach front ”prison”.
      Plain and simple, hamas wants all of Israel and for the jews to just all get out.

      • sam

        good post, goo0d retort….S.

  37. Richard Gould

    Who rules the earth? Luke 4:5 So he (Satan) brought him (Jesus) up and showed him all the kingdoms of the inhabited earth in an instant of time. 6 Then the Devil said to him: “I will give you all this authority and their glory, because it has been handed over to me, and I give it to whomever I wish. 7 If you, therefore, do an act of worship before me, it will all be yours.” 8 In reply Jesus said to him: “It is written, ‘It is Jehovah your God you must worship, and it is to him alone you must render sacred service.’” (The name ‘Jesus’ translates to ‘Jehovah is salvation’, which is why the angel told Joseph to name the baby ‘Jesus’. If you have questions, please ask, or, email me at [email protected] or [email protected]. Please carefully note this; Stop being in anxious suspense.—Luke 12:29. >>>> Some may be anxious about their material needs. They may live in a country with poor economic conditions. It may be difficult for them to earn enough money to care for their family. Or the breadwinner in the family may have died, leaving the rest of the family without financial support. We will benefit from replacing anxiety with confidence. Remember that Jehovah guarantees that he will care for our material needs if we put spiritual things first. (Matt. 6:32, 33) He has a perfect record of fulfilling that promise. (Deut. 8:4, 15, 16; Ps. 37:25) If Jehovah provides for the birds and the flowers, surely we do not have to be anxious about what we will eat or wear! (Matt. 6:26-30; Phil. 4:6, 7) Just as love impels caring parents to provide materially for their children, love motivates our heavenly Father to care for the material needs of His people. w21.12 17 ¶4-5; 18 ¶ Please be very careful as to how you think of ‘His people.’ There are very good reasons why the churches will be destroyed at the very beginning of the Great Tribulation.

    • Carol A.

      Galatians 3:24-29 . . . .
      Verse 28 “ There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free man,
      there is neither male nor female; for you are all one in Christ Jesus.”
      Galatians 4:1-6 . . . .
      God redeemed those born under the Law, that we might all have adoption
      as sons . . . “God has sent forth the Spirit of His Son into our hearts, crying,
      “ABBA! FATHER!”
      Under the New Covenant (Testament) because of Jesus finished work on the cross,
      we now call Almighty God, our Father. Our ABBA FATHER. Abba means, “daddy!”
      Wow. What an honor!!!!
      Through our salvation in Jesus, we can now call Almighty God, “DADDY!”

      • Syd 'Spike' Hayling

        America’s daddy!
        Was HUGH BEAUMONT “WARD CLEAVER” the same kind of dad in REAL LIFE as he was on LEAVE IT TO BEAVER? YUP and could you imagine him in the CIA planning to kill innocent woman and children because it just so happens they have some kind of asso’cia’tion with a scoundrel. NEVER, only a LGBQRST spook could!

      • Spiker Hayling

        Dear Carol A., The Beaver and America’s family!
        Leave It To Beaver – Beaver Gets ‘Spelled’
        First three of 15 Comments
        @wisecampmotorcycles8258 1 month ago
        I used to love this show as a kid, watched it from Australia. Now I’ll be watching all the seasons again. Thanks for sharing these episodes.
        @andrewtomlinson18 2 weeks ago
        The writing is absolutely wonderful
        @BackSeatHump 1 month ago
        Beaver’s childhood and mine

  38. Peter Waroblak

    Greg, We debated a couple of years ago about Obama running the show, I still believe that Barry was installed by the CIA. I think that the Globalist are manipulating the demise of America

  39. Gloria Quintana

    I appreciate your understanding of the world we are presently living in. God bless you and your family Greg.❤️

  40. AkD

    The new house speaker is wanting to send more money to Ukraine. The rest are just details. I don’t see any real victory having this guy in there. We’ll see. God will handle it.

    • Paul from Indiana

      It was definitely a “real victory”, just not as most people would understand. Now you know why he was acceptable in the position and was installed. Best always. PM

    • Shiloh1

      Poor Gaetz and the 7 others were played.

      • Greg Hunter

        Better that the Soros boot licker.

  41. Stan

    Shorted more Gold today.

    • Carl

      Stan – What if the world population gets cut in half due to war and the “jabs” – the US dollars already created won’t disappear when these people die – so there will be more dollars per capita in the world and all these dollars will be available to buy even less goods (as half the people manufacturing things will be dead) – more dollars seeking less goods is a recipe for price inflation and on top of it all the US Fed will need to print even more US dollars to support the War Effort (Janet Yellen is saying the Fed will have no problem creating enough new money to fight two(2) Wars – and you are shorting Gold (now above $2,000 dollars per ounce)??

    • sk

      All OK as long as you don’t short Bentley’s oats! And apples!

  42. Marie Joy

    The FBI has had factions all my long life and they have done everything they could to get rid of employees who were Patriots. Today, most FBI employees are traitors.
    Mike Johnson is pro Ukrainian War. Genocides R Us.
    I think tptb make war a demand or they (politicians) will be destroyed.
    I am anti war until we are attacked but I believe the Second and the First are necessary.
    IF Mike Johnson IS anti Social Security and gets his way, many will starve. But isn’t that the long term intent? Democides R Us.
    Would it be so hard to plant perrenials in your back yard? How about sunchokes/Jerusalem artichokes? That’s long term food.
    How about an herb garden? A windowsill garden? An attic garden? Basement garden? We are limited by our own imaginations.
    Youtube has instructionals on just about everything about gardens.
    We were speaking of stockpiling Progresso Soups but they have soy (Part of CAF’s “The Great Poisoning”). Now we’ve decided to make and can our non soy, non GMO soups.
    Maybe we’ll do both, just in case.
    We are way past protesting.
    Stand or bend over. Which will it be?
    I cannot get on my phone.

  43. Justn Observer

    Greg, at some point would like to hear Rabbi Johnathan Chan’s take on this Rabbi’s Yisroel Dovid Weiss claim =

    AND then there is the pursuers of wealth and power elite banker/merchant class that seems he is at odds with?

    Seems to be exactly the dilemma…and if one like speaks out against Zionism, the ADL and other’s screan ANTI-SEMATIC which as he claims keeps the falsehood hidden. So, which IS the correct reading of the Torah? and is this why some like Soros had no problem rounding up fellow Jews and stealing ‘their’ wealth and turning them over to the NAZI, of which many, like in Russia were themselves JEWS? and here we are again, funding Ukraine that is shutting down Christian Orthodox Christian observances, while Putin embraces the Russian Orthodox Church, and the more Zionist nation state of Israel, while many Jews there oppose what is going on there?
    It would seem the Jews first and foremost need to flesh out ‘their’ own religious beliefs and to make their views and beliefs clear …before many who are not Jewish take sides when not understanding who is really on the right side. People thinking, they ARE HELPING the JEWS, may actually be helping cause the destruction of their religion and biblical beliefs?

  44. Tony

    If one believes J6 was faked and the election was stolen and the deep state injected poison into billions of people world wide and the collapse of the Economy is being covered up world wide and chelmtrails being dumped one the us daily then why would one believe that Israel is really under attack by Hamas. The same is assholes who have done it all are faking this crap in Israel to so they can drag the US into a war simple because it’s a good way to blame all of the above on a war just like they always do. Remember when all else fails create a war.

    • louis Blasiotti

      Is this their Pearl Harbor?

    • Jerry

      THANK YOU, Tony! It’s amazing to see folks taking mainstream reporting as gospel truth suddenly. The atrocity propaganda reeks of “incubators” and “corpse factories.” How quickly we forget.

  45. Betty Friedann

    irregular market conditions

    Many guests and commenters anticipate and plan for this or that price to happen. What they so often fail to consider is the condition known as irregular. You may get six hundred dollar silver soon, but guess what, the banks are shot so and there’s nothing at the store to buy anyway. . . . In which case, you won the battle but not the war.

    In 1999 gold shot up fast in a couple days. Many regular people held call options on the NY Mercantile Exchange. They were up huge. But guess what, the bankers shut down the market for a day or two and when they reopened, the people got nothing like what they should have.

    We have already been having DTCC failures in USA and Japan recently. What this presages for the stock and bond markets is unpleasant. And bank branches are shuttering nationwide.

    Probably a good idea to begin to think like a barter trader. What do you have around the house that can be used as barter money. Do you have bottled whiskey or rum? Do you have tobacco/nicotine-gum? Do you have coffee? The ability to bake shortbread cookies? Do you have extra toiletries? & etc. . . . You want some thing to trade so that you do not have to trade your body; for that is how it is in MadMax world. And nowadays, post Obama, males can no longer be considered excluded from the oldest profession.

    Precious metals are probably, except for special circumstances, going to be more useful if/when we come out on the other side–that is, when we have a new system of society in place in the future. But in the meanwhile have some things you can trade hand to hand

    (Rick Ackerman’s most recent USAWD appearance title was, barter economy coming).

  46. Ben Golan

    They blocked Jim Jordan but allowed Mike Johnson to be speaker? But he’s a Christian you say? I’m sorry, but Mike Pence was touted as Christian as well. Something smells bad here. If the RINO establishment voted for or allowed Mike Johnson as speaker then he is suspect.

  47. Stan

    Only a fool would buy Gold at these levels.

    • Greg Hunter

      You bragged about shorting gold, and it shot up above $2,000 an ounce. Give me a break with your shorting strategy, It cannot be working.

      • sam

        Mr Hunter, This guy Stan Brags WAY TOO MUCH to even be taken Seriously…..even Me with More Ag than most people in this country…
        don’t brag that much….only a little do I tell Anyone here that will listen about me moving to that “Bungalow on the Beach” when Ag hits 100….now all I need is Ag to hit 75 then I’m “Good to Go”!….forget about “Shorting”…it takes Hard Work and Patience… accumulate the Hundreds of pounds of Ag one has buried in a secret place only to partially retrieve at 75 for that “Bungalow on the Beach”…and maby even a 35 to 40′ Motor Sailer…

        • Ray

          Well said Sam.
          Old mate Stan does brag on WAY too much to be taken seriously.
          Ray, Canberra, Australia

  48. Heinrich

    A new study on the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine

    Treatment of COVID-19 using a combination of hydroxychloroquine plus azithromycin was safe and was associated with a statistically significant mortality benefit in the treatment of COVID-19 infection in hospitalized patients. Our findings do not support the current negative recommendations regarding this treatment.“

  49. douglas martens

    …and, here in canaduh people are lining up for their “flu shots” unmindful that they are likely nothing more than the booster some wisely refused.
    it doesn’t even cross their minds that the same government braying endlessly about keeping us safe, also wants to expand their suicide program to include the mentally ill.
    and they see nothing alarming or strange about that amazing coincidink.

  50. Jeffrobbins

    One thing i can’t figure out is how is it the migrants coming across the border haven’t been required to get any vaccinations including the killer one. It seems that population reduction would include them too. It looks like the same thing applies to the Muslim immigrants in Europe. That leads me to think ‘they’ are going to be ‘used’ in some diabolical way.

  51. Louis Blasiotti

    The Controlled Demolition of the American Empire
    by Jeff Berwick , Charlie Robinson, et al. | Oct 27, 2020

  52. The Seer

    Think bigger. Go beyond prepping and survival. I.E. prepare but prepare with this in mind- the naturally healthy and well prepared good souls will survive to create, design and develop the “new world”. Get your ham radios up and working for the interim period. Build your communities now – who can be trusted and those with skills.

  53. Wanda

    My heart is heavy tonight reading so much sadness and despair. The elderly Gentleman losing his friends and now he is the only one left of their get togethers to play golf. God bless him and sustain him. Has any one else noticed the change in people close to you? I have. Its like standing on the precipice, and wondering when its all going to come crashing down on us. When I feel this trying to effect me, I pray, I say Bible verses. “Fear not, for thou art with me, thy rod and thy staff will protect thee!” Always keep your faith, it will be difficult, and pray for peace. Greg, I meant to say, living in Wi, for two days now, there has been alot of military planes going over here headed West. I know their sound well. I only take our little old Pug out back in the yard like every 2 hours or so, and each time I did I could hear them fly over. Too much junk in the sky to see any thing. Its a bit nerve racking, as I am well aware of the Bunkers built under that Airport, Colorado and elsewhere.

    • S. Revere

      Wanda, well can I give you some heavenly testimony of what God has been doing in our lives? Would that be uplifting to you? He has been
      busy here:
      Last November we received $600 in prepaid gasoline master Cards. Then in Dec. I was suddenly and unexpectedly stricken out of the blue with what ‘they” determined was Covid at 4:30 or so on a saturday morning. The rescue squad was here in about 5 minutes and decided to take me to the more high tech hospital we have ”out of an abundance of caution” they said.
      As an octagenarian and having known better than to get any of the shots, I was there for an entire week, having lost use of my legs and got double vision. Later, some damage to my vocal chords.
      From there I had to go to a rehabilitation nursing home for two weeks. The food was so bad, and was 20 plus miles from home, across the city. So my son made food for me every day and drove it to me …using the free gasoline cards- 50 miles round trip each day.
      After 3 weeks I was sent home to have home therapy treatment, but then did not need any, vision cleared, and I just began walking fine. Appetite was better than ever. Im as good as new, I won,and the devil lost LOL.
      Each time we need something, it is always on sale, and often at unheard of bargain prices, yet top quality. We save a ton of money, that we dont have.
      An elderly neighbor we’ve known for over 20 years did not like the Toyota she bought that only had under 20 thousand miles on it, so she decided we should have it, so she gave it to us. Value was just under 20 Grand.
      When I was suddenly taken ill, my son said I looked like death warmed over. He prayed, and went back to bed and had that peace of God that surpasses all understanding. Rested, and came to visit me.
      We have an all electric apartment and electric heat of course; highest bill last winter was $300 but at present our bill is paid up in advance by almost $4000.
      My son had been wanting a nice jean jacket with sherpa lining. Couldnt find any for several years, and when he did they were well over $100. Way over our bidget. Last fall he suddenly decided to go into a store we never shop at, and there was a few Levi ones marked at $65. Very Very nice color and only one size M,his size. It was perfect in every way, took it to the checkout and it rang up at just $48. How amazing was that !
      We are in need of nothing. Everything is up to date, cars ready for winter, no car payments and as Farag always says …..”if we are still here. ”
      These are just a small sample of the multitude of blessings that have been going on at our house, something every week or so. Not in outright cash, but blessings that you dont have to file tax on, Lol.
      Otherwise, we’d dump a stack on Greg.
      So Wanda, I hope this perks up your day. Staying true and faithful, and maintaining an attitude of gratitude for every little blessing is one of the keys.

  54. Mohammad


    I do not know if this post will make it or will it be nuked but I will say this:

    What is happening now in Gaza is far beyond a military operation to root out Hamas, I am not here saying this side or that side is right or wrong, I am describing current event, what is happening is a massacre and a systematic killing of the Palestinians in Gaza that went way beyond any military operation and well beyond any “collateral” damage, this is a systematic KILLING of kids, women , elderlies , helpless Palestinians in thousands ( official numbers are very conservative because a lot of people “evaporated to dust” with the new unheard of before weapons Israel got from US, 7000 half of them kids, numbers for sure much higher, just look at the leveled towers where each is at least 14 stories each has 3 flats in each 2 or 3 families of 2-5 after they went from northern Gaza to south) , that does not make Israel any better morally than Hamas who killed civilians, the difference is Hamas is a militia and Israel is a state, so when terrorism is practiced by a state it needs to be pointed to with the finger. YOU CANNOT OMIT ISRAEL CRIMES THE SAME WAY YOU CLEARLY AND LOUDLY SCREAM HAMAS CRIMES, both are in the same league and civilians on both sides are the victims.


    • Greg Hunter

      What do you think was going to happen with the kind of terror attack Hamas pulled off? Hamas is telling its citizens NOT to evacuate and not a word about this. Hamas has in its charter a stated goal to kill all the Jews, and not a word about this. Hamas sets up in and near hospitals and schools. So, when they are counterattacked, they have a high civilian body count, and again, not a word. This is a well-established pattern over many years. How about Hamas get out of their tunnels and out of the schools and hospitals and meet the Israelis head on just like the terror attack on October 7th, only this time both sides will be armed. Let’s urge Hamas to get out in front, with their civilian population behind them, and conduct their war. But Hell no!!! they want a civilian body count, as usual, so people like you can call it a War Crime. Don’t take my word for Hamas not caring for its citizens, listen to this former high ranking Hamas operative:

      The only crime being committed is by Hamas who, again, does not give a crap about its citizens. This, by the way, is an Hamas government elected by 70% of the people of Gaza. Hamas started a war, and when Israel goes to war over a massive terror attack, somehow, to you, it is a crime. There is a lot of sin to go around, but Hamas, whose goal it is to “kill all the Jews,” (It’s written in their charter, and again, not a word about this crazy crap) has let the war genie out of the bottle and there is no putting it back in anytime soon. Did Hamas drop leaflets and warn the Israelis before it attacked on October 7th? Hell no, it did not, but they did film it all with Go-Pro cameras strapped to their heads. Israel warns civilians all the time about attacks in war, and Hamas tells its citizens to ignore the warnings:

      Every single person in Hamas should be tried for mass murder for the 10/7/23 attack. Hamas could simply give up and turn themselves over to the IDF to stop this, but they won’t because they want a high civilian body count. You don’t see the IDF put its citizens in front and hide in Israeli schools and Hospitals, do you???

      So enough of the poor Hamas. They could have spent their massive foreign aid on productive assets, but instead, they spent money on tunnels and guns to “KILL ALL THE JEWS.”



      • Mohammad

        For heaven’s sake Greg, where do 2.5 million civilians go? where?
        Hamas took them as human shield , we know that, does that mean they should be killed? should be displaced from their homes? should choose to die either from thirst , hunger, or missiles dropped on their heads every day, do you know what Israel dropped on Gaza equals the nuclear bomb dropped on Japan?


        • Greg Hunter

          The answer is for Hamas go and meet the IDF on the battlefield and stop hiding behind women and children. Hamas should Go to war just like they did in their October terror attack. This time, both sides will be armed. HAMAS IS RESPONSIBLE!!!! Go to the battlefield with your civilian population behind you and have it out.

          NO MORE ON THIS!


          • LINDA J CREAN

            THANK YOU Greg Amen. Greg. 🙏 Mo should go watch the movie ❤️
            “BRAVEHEART ” when “US” the Scottish were going to battle the MEN faced the men we didn’t hide behind women and children. This is another reason why I love President Donald John Trump he a MAN and he stands in front and defends the USA and he’s half Scottish our country needs strong men not obnoxious women big mouths like Hillary, Elizabeth Warren, Nicki Haley, Jane Fonda, Machell O, The View,The Squid (on purpose) Rasheda, & the one with the Turban who is married to her brother we don’t do that in our country. The Democratic ticket is a ticket of death and they start with killing little tiny babies in their mother’s wombs. Hay Mo how about the one pregnant mother who was murdered and her baby cut out of her and that little child murdered also these people who do such horrendous crimes are demon possessed they can’t be rehabilitated their monsters, After the Romans invaded Israel and the Jewish people were disburses the Romans named that area Palestine to degrade the Jews it was named this to remind the Jewish people of their arc enemy the Philistines this is all like right out of the Old Testament.
            GO to the end of the 📖 BOOK Mo , THE BIBLE Word of GOD says that the WORD
            The Lord of Hosts the King of Kings The Lord Jesus Christ says ‘I WON’, JESUS 👑 and I own the World 🌎🌍 SO I’ll take it back now and go home 🏡 In my Father’s House are many mansions if it we’re not so I would have told you I go to prepare a place for you and will come again for you, JESUS.
            Like my Dad used to say”they just don’t get it”. FEAR NOT. 🙏 ❤️ Remember (family)
            “to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord Jesus Christ “and God is our Father and we are God’s children who believe in Lord Jesus Father’s first beloved Son. 🛑 Also you don’t get 50 virgins in Heaven because there’s no sex in Heaven.

          • RTW

            The reason these COWARDS won’t crawl out from behind their human shields is because when they do and meet someone who’s armed, they get their asses handed to them. There was a report that 100 of these vermin encountered 12 female idf and were sent to hell by them. That’s a good start.

            • LINDA J CREAN

              RTW, To the IDF women “You go girls”. Could you imagine Hillary, Elizabeth Warren, Michelle, Racheda. Turban Top,AOC standing up for our(their?) country. LOL No way they’d run for the Border for 🌮 Taco Bell then be afraid of the border to messy
              “I broke a nail get me out of here and back to my million dollar house where is my Secret Services detail “.

              • RTW

                Maybe “Big Mike” if she/he was so inclined to defend the country. As for the rest of them… way, no how.

      • S. Revere

        Greg, you have thoroughly capsulated this entire war.
        Those who cant see it have a huge problem with their sense of right and wrong. We are living among people who have a whole lot of mental defects. Scary.

    • Justn Observer

      Evil is Evil, no doubt. as pointed out, there are layers of proxies being used to affect what those at the top of the world pyramid of power use for their machinations to control the masses for world domination. Only, when the people stop pointing at each other and understand that, will anything change.
      Currently, the goal is a WEF for global control, borderless, and in the end, a single ‘STATE’ top-down control, first regional, then if they get it their way, a one world gov’t… Of course, first is a bottoms up, to divide and let the many groups, religions, races, classes, fight to a weakened state of dependence, exhausted, they will accept less nationalist policy to stop the madness. Their countries now over-ridden with mass immigrations, will further weaken culture, and each countries social norms, and historical values, with many groups unwilling to assimilate, will further divide and make homogenious living less likely. How do nations have adequate school resources to education in how many various languages, and deal with such a ‘tribal’ environment? This will then lead to what we see, at least here in the U.S., teaching to a lesser common denominator, = dumbing down to a base level all can understand Equally! And with each ‘nations’ masses now reduced to seeking equity, to pander to each groups needs, they all become dependent which makes for a top down, share the wealth and resources, and supply chains of rationing, so all the little pigges/deplorables are equal, those that work, don’t care to work alike. All the way from the bottom up, to ALMOST the top – where SOME of the piggies are just more equal than the others. Sound familiar. The fighting is just in those countries that are struggling NOT to be harnessed under regional control. of a TRI-LATERAL system. Which if people had not scoffed at as a ‘conspiracy’ would better understand. Then, people scoffed at Global Governess 2000, AGENDA 21, 2030, 2050 as but ‘conspiricy theory’ ! Yet, here we are, with WEF, a WHO health system of ‘soylent green’ , and a bifurcation of currency systems on its way to a one world digital surveillance, rationing, social attitude and compulsory scoring system. All being pounded out across the world in the streets, bombs dropping, religions being suppressed, and cultural norms and morals be damn, until UNITY and EQUITY is established for TPTB to end up with the ultimate power and control = World domination. THE ONE EYE you believe is what we are looking for MIGHT be, the ALL-SEEING EYE, that are STAKEHOLDERS, those that think they wold be our god, with its single government run thru a single matrix of compliance. IF only nations spent as much time forwarding their ‘religious’ views and less on equipment for their ‘terror’ proxies?
      interesting that when the puppets are deposed and replaced by clerics, the weapons factory’s and secret police are not – eh?
      THE TAIL WAGS THE DOG…D rugs, O il, G uns.
      and it is the Stakeholders who own and control those!
      and the PROFITS are their PHOPHETS. as they slide ‘their’ finger just left or right of center of the balance of power of ‘their’ age old tetter totter.
      Babylon never went away it evolved. as is the Babylonian Money Magik!
      Sadly, Gaza was the place chosen for the HAMAS proxie mosquito bite..which ‘they’ knew would cause a swat of a tail, or large hand slap. Will a Madeline Albright type come forward at some point and say, Yes- ‘we/TPTB’ think it was worth it? Hillary had to ‘bleach’ how many thousands of emails with foreign gov’t PAY TO PLAY er? The top of the pyramid is MUCH older than the U.S.!

      • Ray

        Hi J.O,
        Thanks for your very thoughtful post.
        There is much wisdom contained within.
        Hope all is well with you and yours.
        Ray, Canberra, Australia.

  55. MAD VAX

    Very Bad News For Pro Vaxx Narrative -New Study
    The Jimmy Dore Show 5,o20 views Oct 27, 2023
    Since the COVID vaccine was made available to the general public, anyone reluctant to get the jab was widely derided as selfish and unconcerned about the health of their fellow citizens. But it turns out, as nursing instructor Dr. John Campbell pointed out in a recent video, a new study out of Chicago suggests that being vaccinated does little to nothing to prevent an infected person from transmitting the virus.
    Jimmy and Americans’ Comedian Kurt Metzger discuss this stunning revelation and the apparent fact that it will make no difference in the public discourse about COVID and the vaccine.

  56. Evil Personified Smorgasporge

    “Woe for the earth . . . because the Devil has come down to you.”​—Revelation 12:12…. Now, however, he has been evicted from God’s presence and, along with other wicked spirit creatures, is confined to the vicinity of the earth.​—Revelation 12:12.
    Spiritism, is contact with demons, wicked angels who rebelled against God.​—Revelation 12:9, 12…. ◼ Who promotes spiritism?​—2 Corinthians 2:11; 11:14; Revelation 12:9, 12. Satan the Devil—Personification or a Person?
    Revelation chapter twelve explains: “War broke out in heaven” between the enthroned Christ Jesus and Satan. (Rev. 12:7) … The unprecedented woes of this generation testify to the truthfulness of this prophecy.​—Rev. 12:9, 12.
    Christ’s Return—Will You See It?
    As a result of what humans see and hear on earth, they will perceive that the events taking place are because Jesus Christ is taking a personal hand in the affairs of mankind.​—Rev. 11:15; 12:10-12…. As a result, “Woe for the earth and for the sea,” says the Bible, “because the Devil has come down to you, having great anger, knowing he has a short period of time.”​—Rev. 11:15; 12:7-12; John 12:31.
    … All of this is part of the “woe for the earth” clearly marking our period since early 1900’s as the “time of the end” for this present corrupt system of things.​—Rev. 12:12.
    Why So Much Anger?
    Those disobedient angels, known as demons or wicked spirits, are confined to the vicinity of the earth. (Revelation 12:9, 10, 12)
    Blunders That Led to World War
    Satan’s sinister influence has contributed to many of mankind’s woes, no doubt including the disastrous events that led to World War I.​—Revelation 12:9-12.
    Are Your Problems a Punishment From God?
    Furthermore, it identifies Satan as the chief source of our problems today when it states: “Woe for the earth and for the sea, because the Devil has come down to you, having great anger, knowing he has a short period of time.” (Revelation 12:12)
    The Last Days—When?
    Woe for the earth and for the sea, because the Devil has come down to you, having great anger, knowing he has a short period of time.”​—Revelation 12:7-9, 12.
    Can Marriage Withstand the Storm?
    Indeed, he is bent on causing as much “woe,” or trouble, as possible, and the divine institution of marriage is just one object of Satan’s malicious anger.​—Revelation 12:9, 12. Will Diplomacy Bring World Peace?
    Because of the wicked influence of Satan the Devil, men would not be “open to any agreement” but would be “fierce, without love of goodness, betrayers, headstrong, puffed up with pride.” (2 Timothy 3:3, 4; Revelation 12:12)
    “A Monument to the Devil Himself”
    Likewise, few people today realize that Satan is the invisible source of many of the world’s problems. (Revelation 12:12) Dabbling in the Occult—What’s the Harm?
    Satan and his demons have “great anger” over their impending destruction. (Revelation 12:9-12) Drug Abuse—There Is an Answer!
    He is acting with great anger because he knows that “he has a short period of time.”—Revelation 12:12. Fathering Children—Does It Make One a Man?
    However, the Bible indicates that they are now confined to the vicinity of the earth. (Revelation 12:9-12)What Does It All Mean?
    It says that during the last days, he has come down to the earth, “having great anger, knowing he has a short period of time.”—Revelation 12:9, 12.
    Ruinous trouble Ahead. He was amazed to learn from the Bible that Satan, and not God, is the source of pain and death. (Psalm 100:3; James 1:13, 17; Revelation 12:9, 12)
    Are Demons Real? They operate in the vicinity of the earth and are very angry with God and with those who serve him.—Revelation 12:12. A Crime-free World Coming Soon!
    And since Satan the Devil has been ousted from heaven, he is making greater efforts than ever to cause trouble.—Revelation 12:7-12.
    When the Whole Earth Will Be a Sanctuary
    With these he has ‘misled the entire inhabited earth’ and turned humans—earth’s intended custodians—into its most ruthless predators, in effect, disciples of ancient Nimrod, “a mighty hunter in opposition to GOD.”—Revelation 12:9, 12; Genesis 1:28; 10:9.Why Does Organized Crime Prosper?
    He is the foremost reason why crime and criminal organizations thrive today.—Revelation 12:9-12. Our Best Friend Is in the Spirit Realm
    I explained that human suffering was instigated by Satan and his demons and that soon God would put an end to all such suffering.—Revelation 12:12.
    At Last—A Government That Will End Crime
    These critical times are caused by Satan the Devil, the greatest criminal of all, who has “great anger, knowing he has a short period of time.”—2 Timothy 3:1; Revelation 12:12. Take Control of Your Life Now!
    It also tells us that even in the days of the apostle John, the whole world was lying in the power of the wicked one. (1 John 5:19; Revelation 12:9, 12)
    Can You Trust God’s Promises? Before he would put these wicked spirit persons out of existence, the Bible says, they would cause a great deal of trouble on the earth for “a short period of time.”​—Revelation 12:7-12.
    When Will the Tragedy End?
    However, the influence of Satan and his demons is soon to end. (Revelation 12:12)
    The Days of Satanism Are Numbered The Bible book of Revelation, however, paints an entirely different picture at Re chapter 12, verses 7-9, 12
    How the World Will Be United
    Human rulers, no matter how well-meaning, cannot do so.​—1 John 3:8; Revelation 12:7-12.
    He detailed the rampant self-love, the love of pleasure, and the disintegration of natural family love that overrun modern society and added: “Wicked men and impostors will advance from bad to worse.” (2 Timothy 3:1-5, 13; Revelation 12:7-12)
    My Thirst for God Satisfied
    He had me read Revelation 12:12, which says: “But for you, earth and sea, trouble is coming​—because the devil has gone down to you in a rage, knowing that his days are numbered.” Wickedness—Who Is to Blame?
    Re 12 Verse 12 of the same chapter continues: “Woe for the earth and for the sea, because the Devil has come down to you, having great anger, knowing he has a short period of time.” A Long Way From Home, I Promised to Serve God
    What a thrill it was to learn that the Kingdom of God had already gone into action​—that it had ousted Satan and his demons from the heavens and that soon, during the great tribulation, the earth will be cleansed of all wickedness!​—Matthew 6:9, 10; Revelation 12:12. The Dream of European Unity
    Since World War I, the words from the Bible apply: “Woe for the earth and for the sea, because the Devil has come down to you, having great anger, knowing he has a short period of time.”​—Revelation 12:12.
    When Old Wounds Are Healed However, his impatience only reflects his having great anger, “knowing he has a short period of time.” (Revelation 12:12)
    “Our Mission Was Suicide” Revelation 12:7-9, 12 had foretold it: “And war broke out in heaven: Michael and his angels battled with the dragon, and the dragon and its angels battled but it did not prevail, neither was a place found for them any longer in heaven.

  57. Marie Joy

    Steve on The Poplar Report on Youtube says the fact that ONLY turkeys are being culled for bird flu, just before Thanksgiving, is “highly suspicious”.

  58. Marie Joy

    Constant genocides/democides all over the planet. Everyone has their excuse but the intent is worldwide depopulation. I expect, one way or another, they will amp up the killing.

  59. Dash

    It was reported Owen is in 4 days solitary for quarantine purposes. Your rant claiming 60 days solitary certainly causes some loss in your integrity.

    • Greg Hunter

      Give me a link to this please. You do realize Owen was put in jail for words he said??? Is that not the BIGGER problem.

  60. Shiloh1

    Denninger podcast-

    I’ve followed Kunstler for more than a decade, including the Monday and Friday 9 am CT time like-clockwork posts. Usually read comments about day later. This time there are more that 500 around 24 hrs later, well more than double the norm. Seems like he struck a nerve, one way the or the other, like a dentist, “…is it THIS one…?

    Back to Denninger, who mentions an old doc which has the line, “…it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such government…”.

    What else this weekend? Collum, Berletic, Ritter, McGregor vids from this past week.

    • sam

      Not very fond of Denninger….he is a thin skinned crybaby that blocked me forever from his blog because……I had the audacity to question his intelligence for eating PORK (bacon) as in biblically unclean food …..BANNED…he is a hypersensitive crying spoiled immature Braggart!

    • Steve Bice

      This has long been a KD staple. He has always “shamed” others for not standing up to the machine.

      He was more circumspect in this video, and willing to include himself with those who bear the blame for allowing governmental overreach in all its manifestations. Perhaps the scotch brought him a little closer to the truth.

      Missing in this longstanding position is the remedy. Both the framers and Karl issue the challenge…but only the framers did not walk away. (This is not a criticism of KD as you will see.)

      It raises the question of how a collective will morphs into a resistance…and what forces cause it to coalesce into an actionable force capable of taking on established power centers.

      My observation is that it generally in not an act of will for me, you…or even Karl. It is an output of government overreach. Can a champion arise to lead the movement? Perhaps.

      But it seems the times choose the man, rather than the man choosing the times.

      The common denominator seems to be collective desperation that envelops and motivates the masses. Perhaps Celente was on to something more when he said “When people have nothing left to lose, they lose it.”

      I suspect that is more profound than even he realizes.

      What Karl asks of people as individuals is not possible or workable. Pointing the finger at the population is a rhetorical exercise that accomplishes nothing, absent a unifying structure or methodology.

      The system provides its own solution, but only at the extremes…and not without considerable pain. When a collective will emerges, a leader necessarily arises.

      The world has seemingly reached a nexus…a critical mass…where desperation has necessarily led to emergence of a collective will in populations across the world. They are varied and they are at odds. The defining characteristic of the period of emergence is chaos.

      When those views mature and collide, there is war. In my view, these forces are now colliding, and no individual is responsible, nor can they stop it. Government always becomes a beast.

      The beast is here.

  61. Mike

    The bought off leaders of Israel deliberately let the Hamas attack happen to justify ethnic cleansing in Gaza. The civilians on both sides are victims of the globalist elites playing on the global chess board.

  62. Angela

    The satalite phone store has fantastic customer service and products!!!! (But if you buy an everflow… again, satalite phone store is fantastic and will take care of everything – but Everflow has the worse service I’ve ever seen. The worst! Satalight phone store will get you your ever flow.

  63. Garth

    New Speaker of the House, same old America-last agenda:

    More and more it’s looking like I’m going to skip voting in 2024…

    • Greg Hunter

      That’s what evil wants. Don’t do it.

  64. Coal Burner

    Greg: You made me go to my cynical laugh and say, ” can you imagine the stench”? I have said if I were Trump I would sell everything I had on NY as fast as I could. With the Crash in values of office buildings just sell anything below actual value and the whole city will go into the dumper. Trump should sell first before someone else brings the value of NYC property by 90%. That is a good way to let Letitia’s employers know the real result of what she is doing.

  65. jon

    If you want to wake up somebody. Show them this quote:

    “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.” – William J. Casey, CIA Director (1981)

  66. Dave Scrimshaw

    Matthew 6:31-33
    31 Therefore take no thought, saying, What shall we eat? or, What shall we drink? or, Wherewithal shall we be clothed?
    32 (For after all these things do the Gentiles seek:) for your heavenly Father knoweth that ye have need of all these things.
    33 But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.

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