Biden Still at 9% OR Less, Left Kills X, Economic Warning Signs

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 610 12.01.23)

Joe Biden, and other top swamp creatures in the loop, knows full well his real approval numbers are 9% or less.  Biden can’t make anyone happy on the economy, Ukraine, Hamas/Israel war, the southern border, the CV19 vax and just about any other issue with “We the People.”  The elite and Barack Obama love the dumbed down, meat puppet they installed, and they love what is going on.  Bidenomics and disaster political policies make them richer and might give them more control. 

There is some hope, and that comes in the form of the Deep State controllers are clearly losing control of the narrative.  They are so desperate to kill free speech that counters their destructive narrative they are trying to frame Elon Musk as a Jew-hating anti-Semite.  That is yet another total lie told by the Left.  This lie is being propelled by the Lying Legacy Media (LLM) in hopes of destroying the advertising dollars going into X, and therefore, they are hoping to kill the company.  This is why Elon Musk told advertisers trying to blackmail him to go “F##k” themselves.  It’s all part of the plan to stop the flow of money going to X and destroy a huge free speech platform the evil Deep State globalists no longer control.  This action reveals how weak the Deep State and the Obama/Biden Administration really are.  It’s going to be a rough 2024 for everyone including the Deep State.

The economic warning signs keep flashing bright red.  Two big warning signs on the road to financial perdition are China and other central banks continuing to buy physical gold at record amounts.  The other big warning sign comes in the form of countries shunning US Treasury debt.  This makes it very difficult, if not impossible, to finance our exploding debt.  What could go wrong?

There is much more in the 41-minute newscast.

Join Greg Hunter of as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up for 12.01.23.

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After the Wrap-Up:

Journalist/author Alex Newman will be the guest for the Saturday Night Post.  Newman is an expert on the evil Deep State and has written a new book on the education system that wants to control and kill your kids.

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  1. Katy Bar

    Deep State controllers are clearly losing control of the narrative – so they are resorting to murdering their opponents just like they murdered 20 million of us!!

    • Shirl

      Remember the TeeVee Deep State Cheerleaders told us that O’Briben won by the biggest margin ever in the best and most accurate Presidential Elections of Elections ever recoded in the USA’s History with a total of (just passing over President Trump’s acknowledged real votes at the same time…mmmm) of 82 Million Votes dead, alive, and or a combined of made up ballot box computer glitched water line leaked stuffed voters that took weeks to count them all 🙂

      You can’t make this stuff up folks

  2. Andrew Hockings

    Nothing to do with today’s post, (at least in the above synopsis), but …

    Ask Bo Polny if the death of Henry Kissinger, the architect of the ‘petrodollar’ , has any current prophetic significance.

    • Greg Hunter

      Polny told me on the phone Yesterday it is significant.

      • D. Woh

        Very significant and I am looking forward to your interview with Polny.

        • Mike

          What a great show Greg. Thank God that He is control of the chess pieces. So thankful we get truth on your station. Love you Brother.


        Everything goes back to the TRUTH the plum line, LORD JESUS CHRIST is TRUTH. LORD JESUS said the LOVE OF MONEY is the ROOT of ALL EVIL 😭 Every evil is about money 💰 My son Daniel and I were offered a LOT of money for a house and carriage house we bought and have been fixing up for years as it is 120 yrs old and needed a lot of work( from Blackstone). The first thing I thought was WOW we could sell the house and help 3 family’s pay there homes off because what would we do with so much money. The deal is still up on the air. Then I thought about what I wanted to do with the money 💰 and that I don’t know another person alive who would do the same. That’s sad. A man named Kevin Zadai died and went to Heaven and one of the things Lord Jesus told Kevin was my people are SELFISH. That’s what LORD JESUS CHRIST who gave everything HE had said about his FAMILY, THEIR SELFISH.

      • Judy

        Knew it.

        • LINDA J CREAN

          Judy 🙏 a Christian site and crickets. 😢 What did Lord Jesus say to the rich young ruler? Sell everything you have and give the money to the poor and follow me. But he had SO much he wouldn’t do it and walked away from LORD JESUS CHRIST. He’d rather have the money than Jesus. How about the man who had SO much he was going to build another barn to keep it all in Lord Jesus said ” how do you know if your soul/life will be gone this night” (Linda version). We take a lot for granted we don’t even know if we have tomorrow. 🙏

      • Mike R

        He was 100. It was due any day. Let’s see if we can get Soros, Gates, pelosi, Biden, Comey, Fauci, Klaus, and a few hundred others to keel over this month. Then we are talking significant. The list of evil elite is just too long, to make any difference for improvement in this world for the rest of us peons. The market is in melt up mode, and the only one hurting is Stan who is short gold when it’s at $2090.

  3. Festus Barlow

    Now The Resident UK. Genius, along with royal slow & low accent in tack!
    62,736 views 9 hr’s ago DON’T FALL ASLEEP!😴
    Inside Info, from the Russian front! Rus Enters Bogdanovka, Sinkovka; Ukr Army Undermanned, Exhausted; Zelensky Fears Zaluzhny Party, US-India Relations Worsening…..

    The Saddest Video Of Ukrainian Soldiers You’ll Ever See! Jimmy Dore Shoe
    Video shows a woman walking up and down an aisle of a theater singing to Ukrainian soldiers who filled the seats. Except the solders all appear to be 50 years old or even older and were paying virtually no attention to the awful songstress. Sad, but it’s a hoot!

  4. Dave Musso

    Greg, I still support you, I always will. I don’t know if you have heard of Dr. Jan Halper Hayes, a well-known business psychologist, who takes the US population temperature. As to the awareness of US Military’s peaceful transition control with DJT as Commander -in- chief. Dr. Jan has been a guest on many of the better channels I like to follow, like Nino’s Corner, which can be found on website Also to make your audience absolutely clear that DJT is in control , you must interview Derek Johnson, a 14 year military veteran, who will school you and your followers on the military laws and the Law of War Resolution of 1973. you can find him on too. neither one will disappoint. Both will make you and your followers very Happy!


      Dave both Dr Jan and Derek Johnson are excellent I’ve been watching them both on Elijah Stream on Rumble since they both were exposed to the Christian platforms. Everyday I look to see what information they have. Dr Jan worked for Pres Trump and Derek Johnson’s brain is so amazing I have to listen to what he’s saying at least a few times then go back and listen again. Derek is a true patriot and so is Dr Jan.

      • Dave Musso

        Linda, so glad that you replied to my post. It makes me feel better to know
        that you are wide awake and you are not under the nasty spell of the “deep state” and their controlling MATRIX. Seems like you have bailed out from
        MATRIX? Congratulations! Besides Ed Dowd and Steve Kirsch find Dr.
        Bryan Ardis on #BUYSILVER Aloha!

        • LINDA J CREAN

          Hi Dave, Yes, sadly my eyes began to be opened when The Deep State killed Pres John F Kennedy on my 13th birthday. Even that young I thought if our government can’t protect our president who’s safe, I didn’t know then that THEY had killed him/RIP.😞 What evil. 🎄🌨️ ⛱️ to 🏖️🌴🌊
          Merry Christmas!

  5. Kiss of Death?

    Scott Ritter: “Russia makes Ukraine a meat grinder, revenge for another top
    general dead”Nov 30, 2023

    • Peter

      When will the Russia military put zelensky into the grinder?

      • Shiloh1

        MacGregor speculated yesterday that it may be like Mussolini: Z hanged with piano wire by Ukrainians. Where is Boris Johnson hiding out with his bloody fright wig these days?

        • sk

          Ah, yes, the disheveled blond genius, where?

        • LINDA J CREAN

          Shiloh 1, American Intelligence Media did a deep dive on Blondie man what a crazy mess he his wives and girlfriends and family and from no way he got to that position without evil help. American Intelligence Media has done so many deep dives on all the evil players both sides of the Atlantic with the help of people on both sides of the pond with the help of what they call “The Miners”. Nothing/no one is perfect except Lord Jesus Christ 🙏 but they have dug up a LOT of TRUTH.

      • Keith

        According to the real news media. Over the last 18 months Putin and the Russian army have destroyed the frontline fighting strength of the Ukrainian army of up to 600,000 men. Plus most of there 2000 tanks and air force have been destroyed. To put that into perspective that is the complete size of the British,German,French,and Italian armies all combined. Plus Zelensky has had 300 billion of ammunition and equipment supplied by the West to help him defeat Russia. The defeat of Ukraine in the war against Russia is greater than the German defeat at Stalingrad in 1943. The news media fail to mention this on a daily basis.

  6. Edward Haskell

    Psalm 46:9 in the American Standard Version (ASV) of the Bible reads:
    > He maketh wars to cease unto the end of the earth; He breaketh the bow, and cutteth the spear in sunder; He burneth the chariots in the fire.
    Some interpretations of Psalm 46:9 include:
    God will defeat all his enemies and destroy their weapons.
    God is at war with the violence that turns people into enemies.
    God will be given proper respect among the peoples of earth.
    God causes threatening wars to come to an end.
    The Hebrew word shabat, which is translated as “cease” in Psalm 46:9, can also mean “Sabbath”.
    What does it mean that God is our refuge and strength?
    What does it mean to make wars cease?
    So what is the meaning of the Hebrew word “shabat”?

    “Psalm 46 says, God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. The reality is that there will be difficult times, but God promises to be our refuge. When buildings crumbling and our world is shaken. God has not failed us. He has promised to do something about it and will be with us in the middle of tragedy.”

  7. PersonaNonGrata

    Why do Republican politicians defend Democrat policies?
    Listen and learn . . .

  8. Roger Winkelman

    ‘Beg You Please’: Zelensky Pleads Ukrainian Army Not To Lose War Against Russia Hindustan Times 20.944 5 hours ago

  9. Collette Lefebvre


    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Collette.

  10. Roger Stamper

    tks greg

  11. Steve Bice

    This is a big deal. Legal discovery under the power of subpoena will shine light on the data that Pfizer was trying to hide for 75 years.

    In my view, the use of relative risk reduction to establish efficacy was intentionally and broadly misleading. The courts will determine if it was also fraudulent.

    Fraud will vitiate the broader immunity protections for vaccine development and open the door to lawsuits for damages. At that point, it is game on…

  12. mike

    We want these politicians to have a short trial, jailed and hung.

  13. Bob Bigaouette

    Hey Greg,
    Great work as always. Thank you for doing the weekly news wrap up, I really look forward to these. I disagree with your view…..I think the Biden admin does not care if they lose voters or divide the dem party. I believe that is their goal. The system is so corrupt and compromised that they believe they will stay in power no matter how much of their deeds and graft are exposed. I guess we will find out. Have a good weekend.

  14. Peter

    It’s becoming more obvious every day that the FBI and other intelligence agencies are nothing less than totalitarian control operations. Gestapo, Stasi, KGB, etc. After all this practice overseas, it looks like Operation Condor is being implemented here. Sadly, the US has been used by the international central banker cartel and their demonic underlings to enforce their quest for world domination while propagandizing us via corporate control media, TV, government schools, movies and now social media that US foreign aid is helping to spread democracy to the world.

  15. Norman Byler

    I have a Question: First I Do Not support Hamas, Never did, Never will, but if Israel controls Gaza, Land, Air, & Sea nothing goes into Gaza or out of Gaza without Israel’s approval, then tell me how Hamas is getting Semi Loads of Guns & Ammo, Semi loads of 6″ x 6′ pipes to make Rockets, high tech engines to fire the Rockets, this has been going on now for years? Tunnel maybe? get real tunnel lead to nowhere, they are Death trap for the Hamas Army. My Opinion: Israel has been allowing ship loads of Guns Ammo, etc Funding Hamas operation so the Zionist support Killing Innocent children, 6100 and counting! Bibi 4 famous words (Christians are Useful IDIOTS). If you back Israel (Ashkenazi & Chabad org so called Jews you are standing with Lucifer! Sephardic Jews are Gods chosen people, 80% reject God only 20% who except Jesus, and the American Christians need to get away from their TV News, & Football and start reading the Bible! Revelations 2:9, 3:9. Please Greg Don’t YouTube me! I support your sponsors!

    • Greg Hunter

      You never heard of the tunnel system Hamas built under Gaza??? Or you just don’t want to admit that??? Like you do not want to admit it conducts war from civilian areas like HOSPITALS??? Did you see the tunnels under the hospital??? I really wish Hamas could get tanks and armored vehicles in those tunnels, so Hamas could meet the IDF on the battlefield not surrounded by women and children.

      • Theo

        Greg, if you’re rationalizing the bombing of hospitals and defenseless women and children stuck in refugee camps…you may have lost the plot…

        • Greg Hunter

          Tell you Hamas terrorist buddies to stop conducting war around highly populated civilian areas. And stop conducting war operations around hospitals and schools and refugee camps. This is a Hamas standard operating procedure to get a high civilian body count to garner sympathy and to isolate Israel around the world. It is extremely dishonest of you not to admit this fact that Hamas has confirmed is true. Facts are a terrible thing, and can destroy a political Jew hating narrative. Oh, and by the way that hospital explosion a few weeks back that was blames on Jew-hating weasels like you has been proven to be an explosion cause by HAMAS!!!! :

        • Samuel

          Listen moron. 44..5 % of the Jordanian Arabs in Gaza who illegally are occupying Israel AKA “Palestinians” voted for Hamas. The cornerstone of Hamas is to slaughter, massacre and torture innocent civilians and destroy Israel. That’s roughly a million people (that’s according to their numbers so it’s like a lot higher). Voting for that hardly makes them innocent. They are doing the “rationalizing” by voting and supporting Hamas you blithering idiot.

      • Travis

        Greg, buddy, I’ve lost track of how many times you’ve repeated this talking point about how Hamas should “meet the IDF on the battlefield”.

        Would you describe more clearly what this means?

        Should they all mass together in parade formation and march on foot to some predetermined location (where btw?) and then form into Civil War era battle lines and then wait for…what exactly?

        Will the IDF do same in your hypothetical scenario?

        Is this how the Jews trapped in the Warsaw Ghetto fought against the Nazis?

        Greg, if you’re going to continue parroting this nonsensical talking point at least have the willingness to back it up with some details please…

        • Greg Hunter

          Hey Idiot “Travis,” It’s simple. Hamas should stop fighting around highly populated civilian areas. They do this to get a big body count. They have stated this and it is fact. It was just proven that that hospital blast a few weeks ago was caused by Hamas: You don’t see the IDF surrounding themselves with their women and children or conducting counter strikes out of hospitals do you? Don’t come back terrorist loving moron.

          • Greg is on the right side


            Hamas does that because they are Chicken Shits!

            You are a 100% correct!

        • Samuel

          Listen moron. 44..5 % of the Jordanian Arabs in Gaza who illegally are occupying Israel AKA “Palestinians” voted for Hamas. The cornerstone of Hamas is to slaughter, massacre and torture innocent civilians and destroy Israel. That’s roughly a million people (that’s according to their numbers so it’s like a lot higher). Voting for that hardly makes them innocent. To compare these rats to people in a death camp is totally ignorant absurd and stupid.

      • Norman Byler

        Greg you didn’t answer my question! How does all this military Equipment get into Gaza? (This is Greg Hunter. I did answer you stupid question and you did not like my answer. Why don’t you stop shilling for the coward terrorists Hamas? Please do not come back)

        • Samuel

          Idiot. Easily under and through the Rafah crossing in Egypt. That’s the home to the Muslim brotherhood where Hamas was born. Put 2 and 2 together you dumb creep.

    • Perry

      Norman. How long have you hated the Jewish People and especially Israel?

    • RTW

      Perhaps you forgot about a little skirmish that took place 48 years ago in Southeast Asia. The local denizens there made very good use of huge tunnel systems which helped their cause significantly. My guess is that hamas took that page from the playbook and is trying to capitalize on it. As far as where are all the weapons and ammo coming from. That can be answered in one word. Iran!

      • Greg Hunter

        Accept on very big thing. They did not surround themselves with their women and children. This is what F ing cowards Hamas does to drive up the body count. Liying delusional dopes that cannot admit to the facts are the Jew hating Morons!!!! Yet another out of context stupid Jew hating intellect.

        • RTW

          Correction. The VC did surround themselves with civilians, even their own family members thinking that we wouldn’t fight them there. They were wrong!!
          My earlier post to Norman was to clear up his confusion about the use of tunnels by hamas, that’s it. It shouldn’t be taken that somehow I support hamas. Far from it. I believe they should be eradicated quickly. Stop with the cease fire BS and get it done, plain and simple.

  16. rwmctrofholz

    Looks like they are working hard to keep gold under 2070. “Gold hits all time high” would not be a good headline for the globalists. We break 2070, we’re off to the races and the 1 handle is a thing of the past.

    • Richard Longacre

      Gold closed at $2,083 spot and silver is at $25.67 spot. Let’s see how bad the Deep State criminals smash it down Sunday night or Monday morning. Maybe this time they have lost control and it will continue upward. Gold is at its all-time high (in USD). Silver is at 50% of its 1980 high and people still don’t believe this market is being manipulated.

      • Richard Longacre

        Silver got smashed down $0.55 and gold $22 on Sunday night. Looks like the criminal bankers are still in control of the markets.

  17. Galaxy 500

    Another great wrap up.
    I know the Principalities of Power and Evil are arrayed against you. Fear Not.
    For YHWH is with you, therefore who can stand against you. The Gates of Hell shall not prevail.
    I was telling someone that these are dark times and they said, oh, nothing like in the Old Testament where Herod or Pharoh had all the babies killed…
    I asked if he had missed the genocide by the Covid Bioweapon? They just looked dumbfounded…
    Him and his entire family are “up to date” on their shots. Good for them… On less minion I am going to have to worry about when the SHTF.
    I don’t know if these are the end times, but they are indeed dark times. We are at an inflection point where we either survive as free men or sit on our asses and allow ourselves to return to serfdom.
    The high minions have moved into the light thinking that it is either now or never… They are right.
    Defense is not enough… Boycott the Minions and their products. DO prepare to be able to protect yourself. DO prepare food, water…

    • Da Yooper

      ” Boycott the Minions and their products”

      Galaxy & Greg & everyone you may find this info useful in that endeavor.

      Complete List of Woke Companies (UPDATED November 2023)

    • Richard Longacre

      Galaxy 500, I agree. Jesus told us to persevere until He returns and to occupy. No matter what your views are of the end times timing of His return our job given to us by Jesus Himself is to persevere until He does return and hold to the testimony of Jesus.

      The tricky part is when John warned us in revelation that if we accept the Mark of the Beast (MOTB) then we are hopelessly lost and will suffer the wrath of God in Hell. Is the AI Technology inside this DNA altering bioweapon technology the Mark? It makes your body transmit a MAC address picked up by cell phones so there is no reason for a chip implant that so many people are waiting for.

      Obviously we will have an economic portion of the MOTB. Are the Deep State planned CBDCs, digital IDs, vaccine passports, digital ration cards for food and fuel what will be made “mandatory to use” or we will not be able to buy or sell? Either way, these things are part of these demons evil plan using asymmetric warfare and we need to “just say no”. “DO NOT COMPLY” whether you think it is the MOTB or not the fact that these evil creatures are using these things (including AI technology devices being injected) to subjugate and enslave all of humanity is enough for me to fight back and refuse to comply.

  18. Nick Leddy

    This Weekly News Rcap should be titled “Greg Hunter On Fire”.
    Thank You for being a truth teller !

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Nick for all your support of the site!!

    • Linda

      Greg’s always on fire…love the man.

  19. Katy Bar

    The Government and Bankers have been keeping inflation under control for many years now by selling Treasury Bonds “to take free cash out of the peoples hands” (that would have otherwise been spent fueling inflation) – but people around the world are now avoiding the purchase of Treasuries (even with higher rates) because they realize looking at this chart ( that the Government has ZERO intention of ever paying off the debt they have been borrowing from us since 1913 “with the same dollar purchasing power we initially gave to them” – and so – the financial system is currently collapsing as they run out of buyers because they must still print fiat to attack Russia, provide money to Zelinsky, fund all the Illegal Aliens and the Military Industrial Complex – their plan is to default on their debt (by paying it back with worthless dollars) and this is exactly what Klaus Schwab at the WEF has been telling us “you will own nothing and be happy you got totally worthless dollars back” from a financially bankrupt and collapsing Government. We have a Commie WEF Captured Government that is out to take away our freedoms and eventually do away with our elections altogether and install WEF Dictators in every nation on Earth – the WEF believes “people on this planet are far too stupid to understand what is really going on” and Klaus Schwab is making his move to make himself into “a self proclaimed god” and has already ordered that all people on Earth “will only be allowed to eat bugs.” When Trump came to power in 2016 the WEF Globalists were thrown into shock (they already had their puppet Hillary on the front cover of Time Magazine as “Madam President” – and they vowed to never allow a non-career non-WEF politician to ever take power out of their hands – even someone from their own Controlled Demon-ratic Party (as they now attack RFK Jr.). We the common people of planet Earth need to vote and work against this Corrupt WEF Establishment in such over powering numbers “that they won’t have enough dead people to fix elections” (even with the 20 million they just killed with their Covid-19 jabs). What the people of the world need to understand is that these evil immoral WEF people think nothing of killing us and will assassinate all resistors to their One World Order (like they did to JFK) – so Trump needs to be very careful and do everything possible to protect himself. This Evil Agenda the Globalists have put into play is designed to attain for them Ultimate Power and World Domination and a big part of their WEF agenda is to not allow anyone to buy or sell without CBDC (and you will even need their permission to use their CBDC’s based upon your willingness to follow orders). To these Evil WEF Globalist Commies “There is no God” and just like Carl Marx they will endeavor to shut down all religions and tell you that Jesus was an alien. This is the Evil we face going into the 2024 election. So we must make damn sure “They Will Fail” and bring Freedom back to America – it will likely require massive civil protests (like those being created to support Hamas around the World) against the Evil WEF Globalists who have already killed Twenty(20) million of us to build up the dead voter roles (so they can fix the next election) – ultimately – if the WEF Globalists succeed in producing enough Covid- 19 dead people in the US and use new additional bio-lab viruses they probably figure (along with the illegal aliens given the right to vote) that they create enough dead voters (along with bringing in enough illegal aliens across our US border) to beat Trump in 2024 – if the WEF succeeds in establishing dictatorial puppets in every government of the world from Canada to Australia and from Brazil to the US, etc., etc. “Only Revolutions Worldwide” will become our Last Option “to take away the WEF’s power” – assuming people don’t turn in their guns when their children are murdered by the Globalists in our schools (like they are now being murdered with deadly vaccine jabs by paid off doctors)!!!

  20. Scott

    CDC should know all about disease X, they made it!
    “When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of people in society over time they build for themselves a legal system that justifies it, and a moral code that glorifies it.”
    Frederic Bastiat

  21. John Barry

    Stay calm.
    Elijah has been here preparing the way for Christ. This is Elijah’s first fulfilled prophecy with much more to come soon not long;
    Much Love, Elijah

  22. Jeffrobbins

    I am sorry about how Youtube ran you out, but in the long run they have done you a favor. I believe you are a forerunner of the future of journalism with this platform. I have even thought if there would be some way for audience members to connect in some meaningful way?- the opposite of division spun by our global masters. Seems like everything political, economic, value oriented is being pushed into only binary choices. Oh, you didn’t agree with me, so you must be violently against me- a criminal and of coarse I am righteous.
    One more thing, at this point even if Trump gets back in the White House, I’m seriously considering cashing out of everything i can and build out our home and land (How did Noah get all those supplies to build that ark?). We really have to puzzle over the covid vax still being pushed. The EUA has to be passed, there was no long term testing, and the data is bad- even if ‘they’ wanted to use that. Just heard an ad in Albertsons (grocery store); “Get your flu and covid vax shots here and get them together.”

    • Shirl

      Hi Jeffrobbins,

      My local grocery chain spans at least two states that I know of, Ohio and Pennsylvania… They just announced a whopping 10 dollar credit toward your next grocery purchase if you get jabbed similarly. At today’s Bribenomics with the rapidly decreasing value of the dollar and the resulting hyperinflation, that amounts to roughly a bag of potato chips here.

      Not knowing how many are lined up for the insanity has me speculating, praying and shaking my head.

  23. Linda

    Well, Greg, the WEF is “predicting” a giant cyber attack before/by 2025 so they’ve planned a table top rehearsal—-Cyber Polygon—-in preparation for the coming “cyber-pandemic”. Will wonders never cease? These people know everything in advance…hmmmmm…makes you wonder. It’ll be good cover for collapsing the banking system so the jerks in charge can escapse the blame.
    Have you spoken about this? I won’t remember, if you did.

  24. Ed Continued

    For centuries, men and nations have spoken about peace, have debated peace, have signed hundreds of peace treaties. What has been the result? More hate and more violence! In the last century and this 21st., there has virtually never been a moment when some nation or group has not been at war. Clearly, peace has eluded mankind. So the question is, Why have all man’s efforts to establish international peace failed, and why is man incapable of bringing about true peace that will endure?
    The simple answer is that mankind has not turned to the right source for true peace. Under the influence of the outcast Satan the Devil, men have created organizations that fall victim to their own weaknesses and vices—their greed and ambition, their lust for UN-bridaled sex, power, drugs and prominence. They have gone to institutions of higher learning and have established foundations and think tanks, which have only thought out more means of oppression and destruction. What source have humans been directed? Where have they looked?
    Back in 1919 the nations put their trust in the League of Nations to establish permanent peace. That hope was shattered by Mussolini’s invasion of Ethiopia in 1935 and the civil war in Spain beginning in 1936. The League sank into oblivion with the outbreak of World War II in 1939. The so-called peace had not even lasted 20 years.
    What about the United Nations? Has it provided any real hope of lasting peace earth wide? Hardly. Over 155 wars and armed conflicts have been fought since its inception in 1945! It is no wonder that Gwynne Dyer, a Canadian student of war and its origins, described the UN as “an association of poachers turned gamekeepers, not an assembly of saints,” and “a largely powerless talking-shop.”—Compare Jeremiah 6:14; 8:15.
    Despite their talk of peace, the nations continue to invent and manufacture arms. The countries that sponsor peace conferences are often the very ones that lead in the manufacturing of weapons. Powerful commercial interests in these countries promote the production of death-dealing armaments, including diabolic land mines and hidden cluster bomb-lets, that every year kill or maim some 26,000 civilian adults and children. Greed and corruption are motivating forces. Bribes and kickbacks are part and parcel of the international arms trade. Some politicians enrich themselves from this source.
    In December 1995, Polish physicist and winner of the Nobel Prize for Peace Joseph Rotblat called on the nations to end the arms race. He said: “The only way to prevent [a new arms race] is to abolish war altogether.” Do you think that this is likely to happen? From 1928 onward, 62 nations ratified the Kellogg-Briand Pact, renouncing war as a way of settling differences. World War II clearly demonstrated that the pact was not worth the paper it was written on.
    Undeniably, war has been a constant stumbling stone on mankind’s pathway of history. As Gwynne Dyer wrote, “war is a central institution in human civilization, and it has a history precisely as long as civilization.” Yes, virtually every civilization and empire has had its revered military heroes, its standing armies, its famous battles, its sacrosanct military academies, and its stockpile of weapons. However, our so called greatest generation has been marked by war more than any other in the worlds history, both in destructiveness and in loss of life. Sadly it looks as if they’re really going to out with a BANG!
    It is obvious that the world’s leaders have ignored the basic wisdom of Jeremiah 10:23: “I well know, O Jehovah, that to earthling man his way does not belong. It does not belong to man who is walking even to direct his own steps.” Without God in the picture, there can be no true peace. Does all of this mean, then, that war is inevitable in a nu-civilized society such as ours? Does it mean that peace—true peace—is an impossible dream?
    To answer those questions, we need to understand the causes of war. The Bible clearly states that the rebellious angel Satan is the original “man-slayer” and “liar” and that “the whole world is lying in the power of the wicked one.” (John 8:44; 1 John 5:19) What has he done to further his designs? We read at 2 Corinthians 4:3, 4: “If, now, the good news we declare is in fact veiled, it is veiled among those who are perishing, among whom the god of this present age has blinded the minds of the [snookered] unbelievers, that the illumination of the glorious good news about the Christ, who is the image of God, might not shine through.” Satan does everything possible to turn mankind’s attention away from God’s Kingdom as the solution to the world’s problems. He blinds and sidetracks people with divisive social, political, and religious issues, so that these seem to be more important than God’s rulership. The recent worldwide surge of nationalism is a case in point.
    Satan the Devil promotes nationalism and tribalism, the belief in the superiority of one nation, race, or tribe over others. Deep-seated hatreds that have been repressed for centuries are being revived to fuel more wars and conflicts. Federico Mayor, former director-general of UNESCO, warned of this tendency: “Even where tolerance used to be the order of the day, a shift towards xenophobia is becoming more evident, and chauvinist or racist utterances that had seemed to be a thing of the past are heard more and more often.” What has been the result? The gruesome massacres in the former Yugoslavia and the tribal bloodbath in Rwanda are but two such developments that have made it to the headlines, just before the turn of the last century to continue on in this century with with Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and now Gaza and the never ending NATO proxy war with Russia at its border threatening the world with Hyper-sonic nuclear weapons that cannot be stopped, the west has no defense of?
    Folks, you can’t make this stuff up and people find it hard to believe the Bibles promise of a peaceful and secure future, thy kingdom cometh?
    How does Revelation 6:4 portray war and its effect in our time? STAY TUNED!

    • S. Revere

      Ed, oh you are so right. Mankind is actually a big flop IMO.
      They cant seem to just go ”get a life” of their own, and go live
      it. Nations always have to one-up each other, and try to best
      each other by means of war. And then people as individuals
      are not much better, always seeming to have to outdo each
      other. ”My house is better than theirs; my car is newer than
      yours; I got a big GMC, you got that little ole Ford and ha ha
      ha. We got our kid a car to drive to school, we see your kid
      has to walk. Im the best kid the smartest kid in our family,
      oh, your kid is working at wally world; our kid is going to
      Hahhvard, ta ta.”
      What kind of sickness is all this? What kind of life is it, if
      you have to fight to live? What kind of life is your life if you
      are spending it (wasting it) protesting, arguing, preparing
      for the wiles of the devils all the time? When do y’all wake
      up here and notice something is very wrong with all that?
      What does it take for y’all to realize none of that is working
      and that things just get worse and worse after all your
      ”voting” . Like someone has said ”how do you expect a
      different outcome when you keep doing the same things.”

  25. Marie Joy

    When the grid goes down, expect horrific crime.
    I have the usual 2 doors into my house. When TSHTF, we will remove the stairs to one of the doors so it will be difficult for anyone to get through that door.
    Ammo up.
    There seems to be another illness they’re hyping. It’s from the country across the sea and it is speading to Europe, America (OH and MA) and around the world. Stock up, again, if you can.
    Democide = Genocide by government (Thank you CAF)
    I think hospitals, doctors and some nurses are paid Big Bucks to reduce the population.
    Recently, a bill passed that gives control of our illnesses to WHO.
    It’s possible we’ll see blue hats. (Hide your women and children).
    People are going to have to decide what we’re willing to accept and how far we’re willing to go.
    Decent people will have to change their mindset to survive.

    • Susan R

      Marie, I agree with your comments which are practical and address reality, one of the biggest obstacles that keeps people from admitting it’s coming. There is a consensus with many that we are where we are with no return tickets. I wish you and yours well and God Bless.

  26. Jeff Gerst

    We watch because it’s truth. “You know truth when you hear it”

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Jeff!!

  27. Stan

    Greg, is there a reason why I am being censored?

    • Greg Hunter

      What are you talking about? Is this the Stan that drove his Bently and blew it up at the Canadian border recently?? Or, is this the Stan shorting gold which is at new all-time highs at $2066?

      • Tolstoy

        I think it’s the guy you can’t Stan

      • Mike R

        That’s good humor. Blew the Bentley up at the Canadian border. Poor Stan. Can’t catch a break. lol.

    • Katy Bar

      Forget Stan and remember what Captain Ahab said: “Watch the Birds” – “”SHE RISES””!!! – the Great White Whale (Silver) now breaching the surface will reach $86 before a slight correction – then – it will sink that Pea Pod running the criminal operation in White House!!!

  28. C.L. Fred

    At 22:49, you said,

    “Trump has 9% approval rating or less, and probably less.”

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes CL. That is clearly wrong, and I made a mistake. I meant to say Biden has a 9% approval rating as I said when In started the newscast. I have no teleprompter and I am doing the newscast with some notes I hold up. I wing the rest. Thanks for the correction. I know you really are listening!! 🙂


  29. John Duffy

    Zelensky Insider Blows Whistle on Massive Elite Pedophile Ring in Ukraine

  30. Jeffrobbins

    This is a bit off topic, but related to prepping and securing our own residences. I’ve been crunching the numbers on selling some stuff and the capital gains taxes are about as criminal as you can get. Figure this- if i built a rental or bought for the build price for say 250k and then ten years go by and want to do something else-sell it—- lets assume that the new cost of the same thing to build is 350k and that is about where the market price is. How much tax is owed? Even if there had not been any depreciation taken, you are selling the exact same thing you bought and it’s the devaluation of the money that changed the price. However, the IRS will want tax on that extra 100k. In fact the only way it works at all is if you have financing in place and the back of the loan is paid with cheap money or you find a great deal and make your profit on the buy side. There should be a deflator in the tax code for compounded inflation on any long term gains. God hates dishonest scales and weights.

    • Shiloh1

      Not a tax guy/advice, but clue may be to be owner occupied 2+ years out of the last 5 years you owned it as a safe harbor for residential home cap gain treatment (with exemption levels) as opposed to investment property cap gain.

  31. John Maskell

    Greg , I have some serious disturbing news that relates to these murderous bio weapon shots . A 13 yr old girl who attended my daughter’s grammar school has died . She passed away last Tuesday in her mother’s arms . Two days before , she was playing rugby for her local girls team . As the game progressed , the young girl suddenly collapsed and the paramedics quickly came to help . She was rushed to hospital but passed away 48 hours later . It’s an all girls school where she studied and a special team has been called in to comfort teachers and students. Just 30 miles away from this tragic incident our local online newspaper said ” a 9yr old boy had collapsed and died while playing football ( soccer ). ” This happened on Wednesday and nothing was reported on our local news channel . This is so disturbing and not natural . It really hurts . These people who promoted this toxin are evil , murdering xxxxx. I won’t swear on your comment section Greg but my God, what place is this ( hell) and I won’t mention the girls name as respect for her family . My heart really goes out to her loved ones . She was a fit and healthy teenager with no health issues . What a waste of life ! I’m commenting from Kent, England .

    • Greg Hunter

      So sorry John. Unfortunately, we are just getting started and I really hope I am wrong.

      • Mike R

        The next thing is this vicious pneumonia variant. Sounds worse than cv 19, so expect lockdowns to occur right around early 2024 so they can once again rig the elections. Hospitalizations for it will explode higher same timing as cv 19. Bet money on it. Mask up and new mandated shots. Our country’s government corrupted by Biden and dems sucks the big one.

    • S. Revere

      John, oh I feel your anguish and sorrow and
      your very righteous indignation. You have
      every right to be furious with such murderers.
      But rest assured, John, those who have done
      these things, WILL get ‘justice”. None will
      get away with any of this stuff; it is just a
      matter of time.

  32. Edward Ulysses Cate

    Where’s Stan? Just curious at what point did he exit his gold shorts.

    • Greg Hunter

      Gold at $2066.00 new all-time high. Keep shorting gold and keep voting Democrat.

      • Shiloh1

        Greg, glad you mentioned Mike Maloney during your Bill Holter interview. One of the commentators a week ago on your USAWD WNWU thread posted a link of Mike presentation with about a half dozen easy to follow charts with data on how far of the rails various measures and ratios are for financials in the country and personal finance.

  33. Pam

    X is not a free speech platform. I was banned shortly after Musk bought Twitter because they said I was abusive. I spoke truth about Islam.

  34. Stan Lee

    Silver – Get in after him – he rises – Strike!!! –

    • Katy Bar

      Stan – Captain Ahab (Jerome Powell) will do everything in his power to kill the rise of Silver (Moby Dick) – as he knows the Rise of Silver (Real Money) will be the Death of the Fed and its fraudulent fiat monetary system – Powell will spit his last breath trying to harpoon and kill “real money” that he knows will eventually lead to the final demolishing and destruction of the Fed (the Pequod) which is a “wailing ship” built in 1913 that has consistently destroyed the lives of so many and their purchasing power by debauching Real Money to its current state of worthlessness (by printing it into oblivion) as seen in the following chart!! –

      • Stan Lee

        Katy – I see from your chart that by 1963 the Globalists had taken out the head of our first President (Washington) and the head of JFK – a double whammy for the Globalists!!!

  35. Robert

    Thank you for another great show. I appreciate your commitment to the truth and that is why I am asking you to view this video showing the Hamas rockets going away from
    the Al Ali hospital as the parking area was bombed. There is commentary before and after
    the actual video starts at minute 39.

  36. Robin Sassman

    I don’t know about anyone else, but I think you are the most honest, christian man around. I love that you stand up for everything you believe in. I wish you well and may God bless you and his angels are always there to watch over you.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you, Robin. I am a sinner like us all but believe in Jesus.

      • S. Revere

        Greg, born again christians are Ex-sinners and the Apostle Paul addressed his congregations as Saints, no longer sinners.
        If one is born again, it means they have ”crossed over” from
        sinner TO saint. One can not be both a sinner And a saint.
        If true christians are true christians, they should address
        themselves as saint, as in ”a saint of God” There can be no
        sin ”in Christ” so if christians are still sinners, then they are
        not ”in Christ”.
        Yes, we begin our ”sainthood” by the Lord honing us, reshaping
        us, remolding us, and making us a ”New creature IN Christ”. We
        proceed to be a ”work in progress” and our new focus should be on
        living up to our new status, aiming toward being blameless. But
        we are no longer sinners living the same way and of the same mind
        set as before. All things become new, and it is in the ”here and now”.
        As the word says, ”we are still IN the world, but we are no longer OF this World”.

  37. Rich Kocis

    Wife just got jab #6 and Im ( unvaced) the crazy one ?

    • Greg Hunter

      You are getting vaxed by shedding from your wife. This is scientific fact. You need treatment with Ivermectin and Nattokinase everyday at the very least. You should not have unprotected sex. Your wife has f ed herself and you too.

    • S. Revere

      Rich, you are juat as bad off as your wife is.
      Did you not hear us talk about shedding from
      those who got vaxxed, right here on this channel??
      Dont you and your wife talk things over together
      before taking any kind of action??
      Sheesh, covid is nothing more than a bad flu.
      I lived thru it a year ago for 3 weeks, no shots
      and never even get a flu shot, still dont, and I
      survived even tho Im in my very older years.
      That was really my own fault tho, as I had
      ivermectin on hand but wasnt taking it. Dum,
      dum, dum.

  38. Dawn

    Hey Greg , Ck out this New Zealand data administrator that stepped forward on vax data !

  39. Tx

    New Zealand’s Data Analyst Goes Public.

    When you talk about the human tragedy of the Covid Vacs campaign led my our government stooges, it is not hyperbole.

    Watch the video at the end of this link.

    Learn about the unique data coming out of New Zealand, we can clearly see what has been done to us globally.

    An undeclared war has been launched on innocent and unsuspecting people. People that were made to fear and trusted the cowards and criminals that were elected to protect us.
    It’s time to eradicate them.

  40. Tammie Curtis

    inflation impact:

    no goods arriving at US ports

    this is like what happened with Covid plandemic

  41. R Patrick

    I Love It when you blow your stack! The thing about Yuma to Tucson is 100% spot on! I would know because I spent my life working a sector or two right there!

    It’s a design in the 10s of millions here and going forward until it doesn’t!

  42. Coal Burner

    I loved Disney! Now, well, I will make every effort to make sure I give them not one stinking cent. They are bunch of AntiAmeican puke!
    Pfizer is two bit crap, too!

    • Justn Observer

      Coal Burner, since all the ‘revelations’ of Disney has surfaced over the years as to their hidden symbolism etc… many are destroying their provided content…putting their stuff in the trash so as not to help advance ‘their brand’. One can see their movies are failing …and if people just ignore and destroy their items, movies, trips to their sites over time Disney may be relegated to the dust bin of history.
      Like the current destruction of U.S. statutes and history…going on in the streets…maybe the people can effect some change with a bit of ‘ cancel culture’ themselves and hold some burn barrel parties as a symbolic gesture as to what is NO LONGER acceptable viewing material especially for indoctrination of children?
      So much does go on within the realm of subliminal messaging. and once exposed…like they say…it is hard to UN-REMEMBER or UNHEAR or UNSEE.
      These NOT all necessarily directly at Disney but does get the use of subliminal and attempts to ‘normalize’ point across –

  43. Bill

    “Redacted News” says a New group of 4 million more immigrants are headed towards the United States.

  44. William Mitchell

    ?? Who will be your Saturday night guest?

    • Greg Hunter

      Alex Newman, the anti-Deep State warrior. He’s on fire in this interview.

      • CatherineCronin

        love Alex Newman…so smart… articulate…

  45. gDNA

    Clif High, socialists and Satan are on the same team. They all hate the Rosary.

  46. Justn Observer

    Greg, appears ‘they’ are pushing forward…’their’ agenda…to all those still willing to be duped.

  47. Robert Dziok

    Just posted 12/1/2023 report by says seems NO FREIGHT is coming into the country! Says “If you need anything you’d better get it now”. US Ports Traffic Cleared – Out; NO Ships Waiting – NO Freight Moving – NO Goods Coming In.

  48. Justn Observer

    Greg, sustainability is genocide, a reset, Kissinger, Dulles brothers and Eleanor too, and much more.? –
    History of the American System and John F. Kennedy’s Fight to Stop WW3 and America’s Tragic Slide into Empire
    John F. Kennedy’s Fight to Stop WW3 and America’s Tragic Slide into Empire=

  49. Dwight Branson

    Here is an explanation for the 12 million “immigrants” residing within our borders:

    And there went out another horse that was red: and power was given to him that sat thereon to take peace from the earth, and that they should kill one another: and there was given unto him a great sword. Revelation 6:4

  50. Angie

    I bought CarryiOns for each of my children plus two units for me. LOVE them! My daughter (a germaphobe) says that her room just smells and feel cleaner. My daughter-in-law noticed that she was sleeping better and no more headaches in the mornings. I have noticed a “cleaner smell” in both rooms that I have them it. I had an issue with a second order dealing with accessories that was quickly resolved by a phone call by the owner, Weston himself! Nice guy – great products, well worth the money. My adult children like them so much that they are trying to decide if they want to buy just another small one or the big one. It is a must where you sleep and in the kitchen not to mention where you entertain. I just had to pass this along.

    BTW, I have used ozone machines in the past so this type of technology is not new to me. I love my ozone machine but this can be used around people to actually help people unlike the ozone which is toxic to breath in. The right technology for our trying times.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks, Angie, for the unsolicited positive reporting on the patented CarryiOn tech.

  51. Scott


    Anyone who is minimally informed and honest about Gaza knows that it is one of the most densely populated areas on Earth . . .(This is Greg Hunter and I cut off this anonymous propaganda. Look on Google earth and you will see lots of wide-open spaces in and around Gaza for the cowards of Hamas to conduct military operations and not have women and children in harm’s way. Look:

    Look at all the wide-open spaces around the cities and on the 1949 Armistice border between Gaza and Israel.

    So bull crap on your “densely populated area” apology for the genocidal Hamas!!!!!! Plenty of room for war, but the Hamas cowards want women and children dead for PR reasons.)

  52. Miles

    Thank You for your work and
    God Bless You!!

  53. Armed_Strong

    I think Binden is not at 9%, it is maybe 1% or near 0%. This time the cheating has to be so in your face that people will notice. I believe their Ace in the Hole is a major event to cancel elections.

    X or Twatter is a dead dude walking. I bet, Elon works for the deep state. All his enterprises are tied to some Gov program. It is one of those “Civilian” front men like Zuckerberg, Dorsey, Schmit, Cook… Search for Obama meeting with the tech giants back in 08 to 16.

  54. Lisa Mooney

    Greg, Dr Carrie Madej has a video on Bitchute about her Medical School days, about Mycoplasma being another probable DARPA gain of function Frankenstein. Boots on the ground, way less people are getting the booster, but most big health care organizations, including sadly my employer, are following CDC recommendations to give pregnant women COVID booster, Flu, RSV and TdAP shots. We are swamped with respiratory illnesses currently.

  55. Sammy

    When I opposed US involvement in the Russian-Ukraine war, Libidiots called me a “Putin puppet”.

    Now that I’m opposing US involvement in the Israel-Palestinian war Conservative Idiots are calling me a “Hamas terrorism sympathizer”.

    What a childishly stupid population we have here in Duh’merica!!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Nobody here is calling you that.

  56. Lora

    Do any of your contacts have the latest information on the pneumonia epidemic coming from China? Heard that it is spreading to several Countries, including the US. What’s your take on this?

    • Greg Hunter

      They want to lock us down and kill us–especially the vaxed. Thier immune systems are totally damaged by the CV19 vax injections. I have no new information.

  57. Bruce McLaird

    Hey, Greg!

    What are the odds that the fatal respiratory illness that dogs are experiencing is the spike protein that their vaxxed owners are shedding? That’s the first thing that went through my mind when I read this…

    Might want to ask one of your doctor experts about it. It would also be interesting to hear from a vet that’s a respiratory disease expert, too.

    Keep up the great work!

    • Greg Hunter

      Shedding is proven scientific fact and if it can make unvaxed humans sick it can make unvaxed dogs sick.

  58. Martin Thorne

    I was in Vietnam Dec ’65-Nov ’66. We were ORDERED to take HCQ regularly, as an anti-Malarial. I didn’t get Malaria.

  59. Herielle Timonio

    And this too …
    from 18:40 and 21:00

    • Greg Hunter

      Herielle/anonymous AI troll and Jew hating liar,
      I call BS on your sourcing. Anyone who is using the Financial Times and New York Times and any other global Lying Legacy Media (LLM) as a source is out of their minds. These are the same people who reported that the Hunter Biden Laptop was Russian disinformation and did so for a few years. The same lies also went on for years from these weasels at the LLM about President Trump being a Russian spy. They are still lying about the CV19 bioweapon vax being safe and effective when this bioweapon vax continues to disable and murder in huge and growing numbers!!!!! They are still telling us that Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine are dangerous and do not work which is yet another huge ongoing LIE. These are the same people who ignore the massive damage geoengineering is doing to the planet, while gaslighting the public into thinking that too much CO2 from cars, trucks and cow dung is the real problem. This is just a short list of past and ongoing LIES from the LLM sources you are using. I call Bull Crap on your sourcing. I don’t believe a single word from the LLM because they LIE AND CONTINUE TO DO SO.

      Oh yeah, and President Biden is in perfect health and is not in mental decline–NOT!! Biden has a 40% job approval rating–NOT. (9% at best) There was no voter fraud in 2020-NOT.

      You want me to believe that PM Netanyahu conducted/allowed a mass murder on his own people using Lying Legacy Media sourcing. There is an old legal saying, and it rings true here: “Untruthful in one, untruthful in all.” Not buying the sourcing and never will from the LLM ever again.

      Now, go play in the street anonymous moron. Don’t come back.


  60. Randy

    The world stage is set.

    The remnant church of believers will soon be departing this world and going to the place prepared for us by Jesus. We will be meeting up along the way with everyone who died believing in Jesus. From that point, we will forever be with Jesus, and we will be given eternal bodies like His. Bodies that will never get sick, never die, and will not be tempted by sin (1 Thessalonians 4:17).
    After the wrath of God is poured out in the seven-year Tribulation to put an end to all of the evil in this world and those that perpetuate that evil, Jesus will come back to Earth and establish 1,000 years of true peace.
    The remnant church and the dead in Christ who rise at the Rapture and are given eternal bodies will help Jesus in all manner of ways during this seventh day of God’s “Week of Creation” (Revelation 20:1-6).
    We are in the times that are like the times of Noah, right before the flood (Matthew 24:37).
    Also, like the times of Lot, right before the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. We are in the time of the “birth pains” described by Jesus in Matthew 24:8. The contractions from those birth pains are drawing very close together, and the crowning could take place any day now.

    The world stage is set.

  61. Randy

    A Greg did you hear that 4 million are massing on the border ready to cross??

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