Biden True Approval 12%, Trump Raid Backfire, Inflation Down Not Out

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 542 8.12.22)

If you really want to understand the crazy and desperate actions of the Biden/Obama Administration, you have to know the real numbers.  Not the numbers of the latest poll that shows President Biden with a 40% approval rating.  The real numbers that the public never gets to see, because it’s secret behind the scenes research, is Bidens true approval rating.  Biden’s true approval numbers are somewhere between 11% and 12%, according to my confidential source and Martin Armstrong’s “Socrates” data mining computer.  If Biden’s real approval rating is not more than 12%, you can see why the Democrat party is panicked and in deep trouble.  They must do something to look stronger than they really are because they cannot even begin to cheat their way to victory in the midterms and beyond.  12% approval means most of the Democrats will not even vote for Biden or any other Democrats, and the economy is not going to give them or anyone else a reason to do so anytime soon.

The raid on the Florida home of President Donald Trump is backfiring bigtime on the Biden/Obama administration.  His poll numbers have shot up even higher, and he’s breaking records for campaign donations when he’s not even announced he’s running—yet.  This is just another fake made up case like the so-called “Russian Collusion” brought to you by fake FISA warrants, spying by the FBI and a fake dossier paid for by Hillary Clinton.  The public see’s this tor the political attack it is and not a legit law enforcement action by a corrupt Deep State that includes RINO Republicans and commie Democrats.

Inflation backed off a bit this month and went down to 8.5% year over year.  President Biden was so desperate for good economic news he spun this to mean 0% inflation month over month.  Of course, this is preposterous and not the way inflation is counted even with the gimmicks to make it look better than it is.  John Williams of says the real inflation as it was counted before all the gimmicks is around 17%.  Gasoline prices have come down a bit, but they are going back up as the supply of gasoline is down to lows not seen since the early 1990’s.  Enjoy the lower gas prices while they last.  So, inflation is down a bit for now, but not out.

There is much more in the 53-minute newscast.

Join Greg Hunter of as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up for 8.12.22.

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After the Wrap-Up:

Lt. Col. Theresa Long will be the guest for the Saturday Night Post.  Lt. Col. Long is a medical doctor who is blowing the whistle on the forced vaccines destroying the military readiness.  Dr. Long says all CV19 injections should have stopped long ago.  Is the U.S. military ready for a conflict with Russia and China?  Dr. Long will tell us.

Sad but entertaining CV19 death video, click here.


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  1. Marie Joy

    Whatever Garland and the Deep State say about the Mar A Lago raid will be a lie.
    Like minded people need to come together as brothers and sisters.

    • Paul

      Brotherhood and cooperation is the price and condition of a species survival.
      … the answer to criminal aggression must be retaliation

      Paul from arkansas

      • Marie Joy

        Paul, It’s a trap.

      • cousin vinny

        Paul has a very good point
        Greg try and get Mark Taylor on and let us see what info he may have on Trump.
        Remember he said Trump would have two terms!
        Thanks for all you do!

        • Beverly

          Mark Taylor is not a prophet, that I know of anyway. I don’t believe we will have a federal government by the time our next Pres. election rolls around. Trump will not have another 4 years according to Gerald Celente, who’s pretty darn sharp.

  2. Bob Stack

    John this depositor lost his confidence in his bank long ago……………………..
    WORLD NEWS: Hostage confrontation in Bank of Beirut ends with the arrest of the gunman
    Published 3 hours ago on August 11, 2022 By admin
    Spread the love
    BEIRUT – A gunman demanding a bank in Beirut withdraw his savings, held it up to pay his father’s medical bills. Held up to 10 people hostage, in a seven-hour standoff on Thursday, before the bank surrendered what the family’s lawyer said was $35,000 of his own money!
    Bassam Sheikh Hussein, a 42-year-old food delivery driver, was arrested on the spot and taken by police as he was leaving the bank. No one is hurt.
    Standing outside, Hussain’s wife Maryam Shahadi told reporters that her husband “did what he had to do”.
    The hostage drama in the city’s bustling Hamra district was the latest painful episode in Lebanon’s economic downturn, now in its third year. Cash-strapped banks since 2019 have imposed strict limits on foreign-currency asset withdrawals, tying up the savings of millions of people.
    Dozens of protesters gathered outside during the confrontation, chanting slogans against the Lebanese government and banks, hoping the gunman would get his money. Some passers-by praised him as a hero.
    Authorities said Hussain entered the bank with a rifle and a can of petrol, fired three warning shots, held himself with his hostages, and threatened to set himself on fire unless he was allowed to get his money out.
    Hussain had stuck in the Federal Bank $210,000 and was struggling to withdraw his money to pay his father’s medical bills and other expenses, according to the family and others involved in the negotiations.
    “My brother is not a scoundrel. He is a decent man. He takes what he has out of his pocket to give to others,” said Hussain’s brother Atif, who was standing outside the bank during the confrontation.
    Sign of future times for our world? You-betcha!

    The big winners in the Mar-a-Lago raid? Donald Trump…and Joe Biden

    6 hours ago

    August 11, 2022

    Spread the love
    Written by Philip Wegmann for RealClearPolitics

    The political landscape has changed this week.

    A black hole opened in Mar-a-Lago and began to swallow the whole country the moment FBI agents raided the president’s home in Florida, searching for secret documents that the former president improperly took with him from the White House.

    Of course, that was unprecedented. Such a memorandum has not been submitted to a former president before. That was unexpected. Trump was in Manhattan when the federal agents arrived. The White House later told reporters that President Biden knew of the raid as well as the rest of the country. That is, from the news media. But mostly, and perhaps ironically, this was good news For both men.
    The big winners in the Mar-a-Lago raid? Donald Trump…and Joe Biden.

    The biggest loser. The Bureau itself, with the two winners pummeling it’s corpus into the mid-terms. Shocking, simply shocking!

    Lara Trump reacts to Merrick Garland signing off on Mar-a-Lago raid
    122,196 views Aug 11, 2022, FoxNews
    Fox News contributor and daughter-in-law of former President Trump reacts to Attorney General Merrick Garland announcing he signed off on the FBI’s raid of Mar-a-Lago Monday on ‘The Story.’
    Craig Munson 15 minutes ago
    My one-word response to AG Garland’s statement on the search warrant – “Obama.”
    [George of a Soros, jungle of a son’s_ puppet!]🗽

    Tulsi Gabbard: FBI raid should concern every American
    519,132 views Aug 9, 2022, Fox News
    Former Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, D-Hawaii, joined ‘Jesse Watters Primetime’ to weigh in on the FBI’s raid of former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence and why it is unprecedented.

    Montana’s Gary Cooper is famous for his portrayal of the Marshall who stands alone against corruption in the movie classic High Noon.
    Trump pretty much stood alone when he rode down the golden escalator with Melania. Not now! Whoever has a gun in wrays back, sure goffed!

    • David Bagley

      Has Trump or any politician condemned the jab yet… Trump knows what it doing to Americans

      • Janet

        Looking back into history “every commie/fascist government that comes into power has exterminated large numbers of its people” – Trump must come out against the “jab” that is projected to exterminate millions of people over the years – otherwise we are forced to consider him part of the problem!! –

        • Beverly

          I agree

      • Shirl

        DAVID BAGLEY is still whining about President Trump I see. What kind of person demands others to make decisions for them? Are they not capable of thinking for themselves? Many people including doctors and politicians including President Trump have encouraged alternatives from the start >>>Safe & Effective alternatives were offered in Ivermectin, HCQ, Vitamins & Minerals & Natural Herbs C, D, Zinc, and Most Of ALL encouragement to USE your Own Brain for making your own decisions…why is it always only the WEAK MINDED who refuse to think for themselves and demand others make decisions for them? Are they NOT capable? Do they wear masks in the car by themselves – we’ve all seen them 🙂
        Good Grief, Don’t be that Idiot who keeps crying for others to take care of them & to tell them what to do.
        Use your brain if you have one & man up.

    • James Foley Journalist/operative

      Bob, WERE ALL DONALD TRUMP NOW_Even Biden?
      President Biden, the White House later told reporters, learned of the raid like the rest of the country. That is, from the news media. But mostly, and perhaps paradoxically, it was very good news for both men.
      That’s because Trump and Biden very much want to run against one another again. The raid, which both say they played no hand in, makes that possibility seem much more likely.
      Outside of the possible legal ramifications, the raid was an unqualified success for the former president. Trump was transformed, overnight, from liability to martyr. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, a staunch ally, went first when he warned Attorney General Merrick Garland to “preserve your documents and clear your calendar.” And then, one-by-one, potential 2024 competitors rallied to Trump’s defense. MUCH MORE;

    • eddiemd

      Is this another troll bot? AI produced?

      When you see all these variations on names and the same content, more than likely they are troll bots. They exist. They endlessly post around the internet. Same stuff.

      • Jim

        I’m not a bot.

    • Gunny HiWay

      If YOU have something to say, say it.
      Don’t post walls of text written by another.

      • Jim Foley

        I second that emotion Gunny!

  3. Flashman

    How much can the American people take of the deep state?

    • Rodster

      “When people lose everything and have nothing else to lose, THEY LOSE IT”

      – Gerald Celente

  4. Timothy McCrory

    The link is to a book I wrote in 2005 that lays out the fraud of the United States federal income tax. If people would just read it.

  5. Thomsen

    Greg, The number one challenge facing all humanity is the electronic vote switching process. Unless this is fully eliminated, not one thing else matters.

  6. Robert Spray

    I call it the O’Biden administration.

    • Rodster

      I prefer to call it the “Bidet” Administration.

      • Janet

        How about the Bribe’n Administration.

  7. eddiemd

    IRS and Obamacare.

    Big insurance, Big pharma (Pfizer, Moderna, Bayer, J&J, etc), and the IRS. They are all tied together.
    The 7 new army division sized IRS employees are being hired to enforce digital currency, confiscate gold/silver, and enforce vaccine mandates.

    They have complete access to EHR (electronic healthcare records). They also have access to all banking records.

    It is not limited to the USA. FATCA. They have access to banking records all around the world. This is the antichrist system.

    They have the “mark” ready to go. A chip or a tattoo. Or perhaps a new vaccine. Some type of contaminate that will cause painful skin lesions spoken about in Revelation.

    The cloud systems are already in place for electronic monitoring and control.

    The third world…they are expendable. They will die by pestilence and famine. In the first world there will also be pestilence, war, and famine. All three woven together. They feed on each other.

    Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Keep focused on Him. He holds the keys and is above everything. He is the Truth so you can trust in Him. He will never fail you.

    There will be false teachers, false doctrine and even someone who is going to deceive many because he will make fire come down from heaven. The deception is here already. Many are already given over to delusions to include churchgoers and pew warmers.

    Read your Bible. It is your insurance document.

    • Johnny Cool

      Yes, it’s all tied together.

      Remember ‘Monster’ by Steffenwolf?

      There’s a monster on the loose
      It’s got our heads into a noose
      And it just sits there watching

      • sk

        Hermann Hesse “StePPenwolf” 1927

    • Don Wohlers

      I prefer calling it the ONE WORLD GOV. The guy in the white house is just a puppettt.

    • eddiemd

      Facebook, google, and linkedin are authentication services connected to the cloud services providers Amazon Web Services, Microsoft/Azure, google, Oracle, and IBM. These are the key players. They are connected to banks, healthcare, pharma…and the IRS.
      The trail leads back to WEF and BIS.

      There is a cabal of satan worshippers at the top which includes the vatican. Religion is tied into it but is trying to keep hidden.

    • Laura McDonough

      People must refuse to let them inside, ask them to leave -do not engage in conversation further. talk thru opened window, don’t open door. Keep loaded pistol handy for anyone trying to break in for any reason.

    • Earth Angel

      Everyone should look at the GOLDBACK’s that have been developed! I see this as a way forward (and BACK!!) to a true VALUE based currency. Avoid digital slavery- See the website at 3 States have ALREADY DONE this- Utah, Nevada & New Hampshire. I hope many more will soon join ranks. I am working to get my state of Georgia on board ASAP! If you live in Ga. I could use some additional help. If you live in another state- get busy working for YOUR state too. Goldbacks can be obtained from; I’ve seen them also advertised elsewhere. The artwork is BEAUTIFUL and they are breathtaking in the sunlight. They seem to glow and they make you smile just seeing them.. : ) Please check this out!

    • Beverly

      Unfortunately, not only the Catholic Church, but the protestants in general, have supported the COVID injection. If they aren’t now, then they did. Any of these churches, and that’s all of them that I know of, have a tax exempt status. That means they are under the control of the Deep State. The Deep State owns the IRS and they are traitors to freedom and America. So, all of these different religions, tax exempt, cannot be loyal to what they KNOW to be true, when they have the deep state telling them they must do this or that if they want to maintain their tax exempt status. Tax exempt is not good if you are being controlled and told what you can and cannot say. Every person that visits this site regularly, needs to help regulate their church. They need to keep their church leaders in line with the GOSPEL, because church leaders will do what they are told, if they want to keep their jobs. Christians are being mislead by their religious leaders about the whole Covid jab! Millions will die because of it.

      • Marie Joy

        And this pope is a communist/globalist/traitor to everything good and holy.

      • eddiemd

        Very true. 99+% of churches in the USA are state controlled by the IRS. Just like China and the USSR and all communist countries. A very large majority got Covid bailouts and they don’t pay taxes.
        A donation at the church is a tax exemption. If was truly a donation, you would give anonymously.

        If you speak the Truth to a pastor, they will show you the door. They have to keep the tax racket alive. They are controlled.

  8. Bob

    The Big Winners of Mar-a-Lago Raid? Donald Trump and Joe Biden
    Sorry, half asleep😴💤

  9. Derek Sinclair

    Get rid of the IRS and the tax code and get back to the half page of taxes the founders wanted.

    • Won Witness

      the founders funded the Government from tariffs and fees. Not Income taxes.
      The united states had no income tax or private “federal reserve” until 1913.
      The Idea that ones labors should be taxable would be unthinkable to them.

  10. Rodney

    Greg thanks again for helping us get through this lunacy trying to make sense of everything with your accurate, truthful reporting week in and week out. Stay well and in God’s grace.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks, Brother Rodney.
      Brother Greg

      • David Brownallen

        I suspect Biden’s popularity will be down to 5 percent or less by election day.
        It’s hoped that number will be widely publicized as I’m hoping Democrats outside of Washington will come to their senses when voting.

        • regaleagle

          I suspect a huge number of Christian believers will be outta here by election day… longer present on this Earth to vote. I further suspect Biden and many DC Harlot puppets will be feeling the stings released from the bottomless pit by then also……regardless of anything else. Only the seal of the Holy Spirit could save them……and I seriously doubt that will happen. Perhaps a handful might turn after getting a taste of what eternal torment really feels like, Huh? Nah!! Their hearts have already been turned against God.

      • Kate

        FBI Director has an automatic 10 year term. So Wray’s term is up 2027?

  11. David Royce

    WHAT AN AMAZING PROSPECT! Our Creator has promised to give us everlasting life, right here on earth reupholstered. Or some think, completely new, if the old one is totaled. Many, however, find it all difficult to believe. ‘Everyone has to die sometime,’ they say. ‘It is part of a natural cycle of life and death.’ Others feel that living forever is possible, but not here on an earth. They say that everlasting life is attained only after you die and go to heaven. What do you think, die and go hot or heaven, then back to earth?
    Before you decide, why not consider the Bible’s simple answer to these three questions: What does the way man was made show us how long he was meant to live? What was God’s original purpose for the earth and for mankind and how on earth did death come upon the human family?
    ___Of all the forms of life that God has created on earth, humans are truly unique. How? The Bible says that humans alone were created in God’s “image” and “likeness.” (Genesis 1:26, 27) What does that mean? It means that humankind was given characteristics and qualities that mirrored God’s own, such as love and a sense of justice.
    In addition, humans were endowed with thinking and reasoning abilities, coupled with moral and spiritual capacities. That is why we can appreciate the grandeur of the universe and the wonders of nature, as well as art, music, and poetry. Above all, mankind has the unique capacity to worship the Creator. Such attributes put an immeasurable gulf between humans and all other living creatures on earth.
    Consider: Would God have given humans such remarkable qualities, along with a seemingly limitless potential to develop and enhance them, if he meant for us to live only a few short years? The truth is that God gave humans these unique qualities and abilities so that we could enjoy life right here on an earth forever.
    Some say, however, right here on That God never meant for humans to live on earth forever. They maintain that the earth was designed to be a temporary home, a testing ground to see which members of the human family deserve to go to heaven and live eternally with God. But if that were true, would it not, in effect, make God responsible for all the evil and badness that fill the earth? That would be in direct contradiction to the very nature of God. About him, the Bible says: “For all his ways are justice. A God of faithfulness who is never unjust; righteous and upright is he.”​—Deuteronomy 32:4.

    The Bible clearly reveals God’s original purpose for the earth in these words: “As for the heavens, they belong to the LORD, but the earth he has given to the sons of men.” (Psalm 115:16) Yes, God created the earth to be a beautiful, permanent home for mankind, and he filled it with everything we need to enjoy meaningful, endless life.​—Genesis 2:8, 9.
    “As for the heavens, they belong to the LORD, but the earth he has given to the sons of men.”​—Psalm 115:16

    • Jet Blake

      FROM ST LOUIS I agree with David Royce.
      Living forever on a restored Paradise Earth is possible when you have a non corruptible government based in Heaven and the elimination of corruption on earth

    • eddiemd

      This is JW doctrine.

      I do not see the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth even mentioned once. It is all about you being a god. It is false and misleading. You twist the Scriptures to fit your JW doctrine.

      Then “Jet Blake”, the same person who wrote it, comes along and agrees with it.

      Are you even a real person or some type of bot?

      Seek the things that are above, not the things on the earth.

      • wayne hardin

        Deceived people don’t know they are deceived .
        Tell them where they are deceived .
        And when people are going through what they thought they wouldn’t be here to go through remember everybody is deceived in one way or the other .
        Nobody knows everything but God himself .

        God said when these things began to happen don’t be surprised .
        I don’t see a if anywhere in that .
        The word does say IF we do what he says we will be blessed .
        It also says IF we do what he said don’t do look for a curse .
        With out repentance game over .

        Carry On

        Wayne Hardin

    • Beverly

      The earth will go through the millenial period for 1000 years, then the people will get wicked again, and the earth will die after that. Our solar system has many dead planets and live ones too. Even the planets go through death and resurrection. At least that’s what I believe. It just takes a long time.

  12. Robert says no

    Why did Trump continuously pick people who stabbed him in the back? Why did he continually trust his advisors?

    • George

      It’s up to the man or woman to RISE TO THE OCCASION to HONORABLY Serve the Country if given the opportunity to do so….don’t know about CONFUSED Cross Dressing TRANNY’S like Treasonous General Milley…. he could just be an outright sell out to the Chinese Communists? but I digress, I suspect it’s true too that several folded from intimidation or threats, were paid off with book deals, paid off with TeeVee Positions, Paid off with Private Sector Corp Jobs paying much more, etc. Blaming any person other than the Limp Wristed Backstabbers themselves for their own Shirking & Failures where they themselves have Folded on their own is not being very bright.

    • Tomdeplorable

      He didn’t have many qualified people to choose from. He kept the rhinos(also enemies) close to expose them. I don’t trust Flynn Pompeo. Or many of them. Maybe trust that Defense Intelligence guy who said the elections were rigged

    • Paul from Indiana

      The charitable answer is that he was either unprepared for what he was facing or that he is not the great executive he has been (self)portrayed to be. There is no doubt that he is a fighter, but he took too long to get going. And when he did, they dumped the plandemic on him. It is unreasonable to expect one lone man to right this terribly wrong situation. Best always. PM

    • Laura McDonough

      Trump did not do what he promised, have Clintons and others arrested for various crimes/treason. Draining the swamp didn’t happen, yet appointed more swamp people while in office. Never trust any politician local, state or national. Voting anyway is useless since we have been conquered by the globalists and our gov. takes orders from globalist’s hq overseas.

      • Paul

        Prosecuting the clintons would of been prosecuting the esf and other off book money takers. The clintons made so much money in mena, ar it fed their appetite. If the Clinton’s go down, the whole show does too.
        Their untouchable and trump knew it.

        Paul from arkansas

      • Lori McNeil

        How do you drain the swamp when everyone is in on it? The DOJ, the Supreme Court? 3 plane loads of evidence from the Clinton Foundation and NO ONE prosecuted. I heard Trump say at a rally that the swamp is way deeper and bigger then even he expected.

  13. tim mcgraw

    I just checked. Regular gasoline in Healdsburg, CA is $5.80/gallon. Covid deaths, according to the Sonoma County website, remain at 500 since 1/1/2020. There are about 500,000 people in Sonoma County. I rarely see masks anymore except on the elderly, especially the old women shoppers. The kids seem to have ditched the masks. Though some Mexicans are hanging onto them.
    My liberal friends on social media are hanging onto the Covid Dream pretty tight. They won’t let go.
    I haven’t seen a Biden/Harris sticker or sign in ultra-Democratic (83%) Healdsburg in months.

  14. PersonaNonGrata

    Hi Greg,
    At 41:15 you talk about 30,000,000 people dying from the shots over the next five years (per Karen Kingston) and you point out, this ‘beats’ burning the Jews in the ovens by 500%! I take your point, but it is understated. The baseline 30,000,000 additional deaths pertain only to the US. The US constitutes only 5% of world population and the kill shots have been deployed worldwide! Given the ‘Jews in the ovens’ metric is a constant, this kill shot horror is 50,000% times worse* than the Holocaust! Many who suffer debilitating ‘side’ effects will wish they were dead. Meanwhile, the perpetrators – who are beyond evil – are still ‘flying in to Davos’ in their private jets. Unlike the dire ending to George Orwell’s ‘Nineteen Eighty-Four’, something tells me that justice will prevail.
    * Rough math.

    P.S. Looking forward to Lt Col Theresa Long interview.

    • J. Loughran

      Hasn’t the USA evolved into a financed utopia that is now not only free of history, but now free of politics. A garden? A web?

    • Don Wohlers

      I TOTALLY AGREE with you as my 63 year old son got the second buster shoot 4 months ago and five days later was in the shower and blacked out totally. He busted up his left shoulder and arm, hit his head so hard that it has hurt ALL this time. Been in and out of the hospital, now four times and now in again and still with so much pain that he CAN NOT TAKE it any more and wants to call it QUITS. Yes QUITS.
      But they will probably NOT count his death from the shots as it will be he just gave up and wanted to die. Sure.

      • Greg Hunter

        Thank you Don for sharing about your son. We just said a prayer for you both. Don’t give up.

        • Don Wohlers

          Thank you Greg for the Prayers. I will never give up as I am a Marine and he is my son that the Lord gave to me and we have had a wonderful time through all the years. He designed the thrust management system for the 757 and 767, which I flew, and then the secret Bomber of the US. He is a bright son and love him very much as I do my other one as well.

      • J. Loughran

        I pray that the hospital that is caring for your son has at least normalized to the point that he can be visited by clergy. God Bless You Both.

  15. David Gordon Dunne

    One comment Martin Armstrong made that was very upsetting is he gives us a 50% chance only of taking back Congress. This is our last chance and then it is Civil War if that fails. The 11-12% Biden Approval Rating then shows a big gap that cheating and allowing illegals to vote to make up. Most people are shown and believe the fake polls of 40% Approval Rating. I think they will jail Trump or kill him. I have said this for well over a year now. I can only pray and praying to God is GREAT. In the end, God and Christians will the game that counts.

    • Laura McDonough

      D. Dunne: civil war is only option now anyway, (since we are under globalist’s control now) here are things to watch for in communities, as war will start in communities and spread. The recent hirings for the IRS will be the “gestapo” for the crack down on dissidents. They will be armed.

      • Earth Angel

        I’d just like to know who are the 70,000+ creeps that would take a job with the IRS?! They really should have a mass walk out from that organization. You are absolutely right, they are naught but the ‘gestapo’ for the federal crime syndicate. Disgusting occupation. Its sad these people can’t find something more worthwhile to do with the time they are given while here on earth!

        • RTW

          That’s exactly the question that should be asked. What kind of people are going to apply if in fact they need to apply at all. These clowns may have already selected “people” who are on board with carrying weapons and using them against their neighbors if necessary. I don’t want to meet them.

  16. tim mcgraw

    Hi Greg, I always enjoy the WNW. This was a very good one. I am looking forward to the Lt. Colonel Theresa Long interview.
    Two weeks ago I finished reading “They Were Soldiers” by Ann Jones. She was in her 70’s when she was embedded with a medical unit that flew to Bagram Airbase in Afghanistan and then flew back to Germany with the dead and wounded US “warriors”. They aren’t called “soldiers”. They are called “warriors”.
    Ann Jones was surprised by how many quadruple amputees there were. She also wrote that 1/3 of American female soldiers are raped by their fellow soldiers and 1/10 of American male soldiers are raped by their fellow soldiers. Often it is a commanding officer.
    I was hoping that your next guest could illuminate the truth on this issue, but since she is still in the military, I doubt if she can.

    • Greg Hunter

      so am I Tim. Thanks!

  17. tim mcgraw

    Luke Chapter 12: 4 And I say unto you my friends, Be not afraid of them that kill the body, and after that have no more that they can do.

    Fear not!

  18. Robert Dziok

    Excellent WNW Greg! Why the raid raid on President Trump’s Mar-a -Lago home? President Trump invoked the Insurrection Act of 1807 before leaving January 2021. This gave the Military additional power and authority over America. One result being the Military arrests, tribunals and executions that have been going on for over a year now. President Trump remains Commander-In-Chief (Clif High has even noted such in interview with Greg). Before leaving President Trump had several tens of thousands of sealed indictments done. These were not left behind upon leaving but kept and transferred to the Military for prosecution via OMC (Office of Military Commissions). There is also the irrefutable evidence of the 2020 stolen election. The FOOLS at the FBI, DOJ and Desperate Dems including Fake Biden in Fake White House thought they would find them there. That way they could get a possible heads up on what is coming their way and who is to be arrested next by Military warrant. They are way beyond desperate now and well into severe panic mode. RRN ( covers all of this in recent and past reports.

  19. barsoom43

    Never speak to a Federal LEO- FBI, ATF, DHS- or else you could be “Gen. Flynned.”
    If they approach you, ask, “Do you have a warrant? No? Am I under arrest? No? Am I being detained? No? Then have a nice day special agent” and close your door or turn you back on them and walk away..
    Federal LEO’s are now the American Gestapo.. They work for the people pulling the levers behind the Green Curtain.. They are scum just like their handlers.. The FBI is a criminal organization of liars, murderers and thieves.

    • eddiemd

      Since the majority of people have an iPhone, they should immediately turn the recorder on without telling whoever is asking the questions. Record every encounter secretly with federal and state agents.
      I secretly recorded every conversation with Army commanders back in the 90s when I was a physician in Special Forces. They were all dirty. I was enlisted for 7 years before going off to medical school. Down on the team level you could trust your friends and teammates, on the battalion staff and above they were “yes” men and politicians. Not all but most of them.
      I don’t own an iPhone. I use an old school Trac phone with no wifi connection and a removable battery.

  20. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter. A depressing analysis of the corruption of not just the USA but the West as a whole. Civil wars across the west are coming particularly here in the UK and Europe in particularly.
    The WEF at Davos and the UN at Geneva want us plebs dead and that little nugget is couched so well that so many of us are oblivious to their intent along with the teams at BlackRock,Vanguard and so many banks all using ESG regulations across the West against us as we try to earn a living. Mao’s ethos of revolution is now entrenched amongst us plebs, for no matter how we try to engage with these elite gargoyles their response is always death to us.
    There is no civil response to deadly attacks no matter how subtle. These hell hound gargoyles just want to destroy Christians and Christianity and Western civilisation

    • Paul from Indiana

      I am not arguing for civil war on a mass scale, or any scale; rather I am merely extrapolating from your supposition that “civil wars are coming”. If the goal of the globalist elites is depopulation as so many claim, what better way to bring that about than to have “civil war” everywhere? Best always. PM

      • RTW

        I believe that “thinning the herd” is one, if not THE intended consequence from their actions. I also believe that there is a group of “them” sitting around wringing their hands bemoaning the fact that nothing, they’ve concocted, has worked yet. They are unmistakably doing these things on purpose and have got to be beside themselves that a civil war hasn’t broken out yet, as the clock is ticking, so to speak. The conundrum for them has to be “What the hell is it going to take to get these people to start shooting each other?

        • Janet

          Like in Brazil? – most likely taking away our food will do the trick!!

          • Janet

            If that doesn’t work the Deep State will have to bite the bullet and remove the fluoride from the American peoples drinking water to get them out of their comatose state!!

  21. J. Loughran

    Some nurses and docs “left” (mandated out) prescribed careers in the hope of finding (creating) another way to serve. I believe many will find careers helping us all stay out of the IRS Affordable Care System. Likewise perhaps some agents will leave the FBI to find careers assisting families and small businesses stay clear of entrapment by the IRS Deflationary Squads. Refurbish Back Better?
    And it goes with out saying, “It takes Mom and Dad to raise the next idiot proof society.

  22. PersonaNonGrata

    Latest from Edward Dowd / ChildrensHealthDefence, 08-11-22:
    ‘Wall Street colleagues agree, there will be no elections in November – and if there are, they will be by mail-in ballots only due to ‘Monket Pox’ lockdowns . . .’ paraphrase, Edward Dowd.

  23. Jack

    Trump sought remedy for Corona Virus from Dr Zelenko that excluded the toxic vax. Why does Trump still promote this poison when the truth is emerging ?

    • Shirl

      Hello Jack…gotta a link to that claim currently?

      Now, we all know he did promote “WARP SPEED” which was supposed to be a safe & effective vaccine to save MILLIONS Of LIVES but, like many others who have succumbed to the CLOT-SHOT and BOOSTAS poisons push, have received instead what is becoming more widely known currently as a BIO-WEAPON. I don’t know for sure what the latest status that President Trump has on it but, send a CURRENT link without the empty speculation…

  24. PersonaNonGrata

    The IRS is not a government agency. It was formed in 1914, the year after the Federal Reserve Act was passed into law, to collect the interest from ‘we the people’ on the national debt owed to the privately owned and controlled Federal Reserve central bank. Interest on loans of currency created out of thin air – NOT from any privately owned reserves. It’s ALL smoke and mirrors! Now, the privately owned and controlled IRS – granted quasi-governmental status – advertises for 87,000 additional tax collection investigators, and only candidates prepared to use lethal force are to be considered!!!!
    A psychopathic goon army is being assembled right before our eyes.

  25. Brian Vaci

    0% Inflation?

    • Shirl

      Brian, I know right!?
      The Xiden Regime also is celebrating (for the uninformed to swallow) that gasoline prices are lowering to 4 bucks a gallon…YIPPEE…as they drain the Emergency Energy Reserves (very ignorant & dangerous & not designed for that purpose) to pull that scam and where too the current price is STILL over 100% higher than where it was under President Trump who had achieved Energy Independence for America all with FULL Emergency Reserves keeping America Strong Independent and Free from the INFLUENCE of the Foreign Price Cartel. . .wonder who or what the Xiden Regime w/Dementia Riddled Quid Pro Joe works for anyway? mmmm…..

  26. Dan Gowin

    Greg for those of us that have served in Military and law enforcement there is a side of this that most are not realizing that the Federal Judiciary will. “A magistrate with conflicts of interest approved a FBI warrant to RAID a facility that is guarded by the Secret Service.” Lets break this down in lawyer speak. A law enforcement agency is accusing another law enforcement agency of being complicit in a crime. Unguarded classified documents? Documents of a previous President of the United States that has a lifetime top secret security clearance and has the legal authority, by the Constitution, to declassify anything. In a facility with security cameras and a secret service detail only surpassed by the White House. The legal system will have a field day with this one. And that is not even injecting Donald Trump into this event. The director of the Secret Service is livid. The Secret Service, if not challenged, will be responding legally to this, because they have to. Otherwise the Secret Service will be accused by members of Congress of being involved. (Ted Cruz, Rand Paul)
    Prediction. This is a black hole that will suck the U.S. Government into with Joe Biden in the middle. Watergate was child’s play. We the people only need to sit back and Watch the physics of the Black Hole destroy itself.

  27. Tommy

    A soap opera star has just figured out where Trump has hidden the documents. She’s asking the FBI to dig up Ivana Trump’s casket; that’s where they are.

  28. Roger Stamper

    tks greg

  29. Earl Thornburg

    Greg, This review of the news is a good example of an integrated news report. You are able to take evidence from various credible sources and integrate them together with logical reasoning and discuss how these separate events work together. This is a talent that is lacking in mainstream media and deficit with many independent media. I commend you on your work and always look forward to your next interview or report.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Earl!

  30. Ed Sorrentino

    I have heard repeatedly and continue to hear that a gut punch is coming and the raid on trump is just the start. Many people think that was it but not so. The gut punch will be when they arrest or indict Trump. This summer has been hot and only going to get much hotter thru the fall. I’m not saying the arrest will hold, but that is their plan. To take him out so that he can never run for office again. Right now, Trump is in the way, but their future plans and evil agenda are for all of us. We ALL need to stand in solidarity, put the armor of God on and start pushing back, otherwise we won’t have a country anymore. It starting to look like a Mad Max scenario.

  31. Kerry Funk

    This is not an American government. The US government was overthrown November 3rd 2020 by people behind the curtain and foreign countries. The regime that was placed into power, does not, and will not follow the Constitution or the rule of law. There after We The People. As far as the raid, it was done to rile up the Trump base to become violent so they can start there riots blame Trump supporters, bring in the NG to try to stop them, which the NG wont be able to, call it civil unrest and suspend the midterms.

  32. Paul

    The battle tested Greg, thanks
    We know.
    Merrick Garland set trumps raid up.

    Also known Merricks family name of Garfinkel was changed to Garland, and his grandparents and ancestors are from Pale of Settlement, western Ukraine area.
    All makes sense with Biden, Kerry’s and others interests never being challenged by the DOJ. More than name stealers.

    Paul from arkansas

    Your fear is completely dependent on you for its survival.

  33. William T

    During the Trump raid on Monday my first thought was the democrats want the nuclear codes. Just after November 2020 the White Hats locked themselves in Cheyenne Mountain and have not opened the doors since. Funny how yesterday CNN says the FBI was after something about “nuclear”.

  34. Craig Michael

    Hi Greg,
    I live in Washington, DC. They are mandating the Covid shot for returning students, “ no shot, no school.”
    They are having a “ vaccination” clinic at the school before the new school year starts.
    I will have to homeschool our daughter.

    • Greg Hunter

      Good move. You will have grandchildren.


      I live in an almost rural area of eastern Washington and talked with my kids school super about this very thing last year and his kids are the same age as mine. If that decision is kept local there will be no mandate, if it is state level, then most likely there will be- i am on the left coast. And i too will take my kids out of school. I have warned them not to get any “free” or “safe” shots at the school. EVERYONE NEEDS TO HAVE THAT TALK WITH THIER KIDS- i would guess that “healthcare” about one’s self is legal at anywhere from 13 years old and up in different states.

    • eddiemd

      That is crazy. For the public schools I assume?

      The children of the elite DC insiders will never see a shot. They know better. I wonder if Fauci and Birx would allow their grandchildren to be injected. I doubt it.

  35. Mark

    Hi Greg, I’m listening to various sources on the jabs and I notice that the real doc’s (and you) are talking about the spikes problem. But very few are mentioning the nano bot side of the jabs. These jabs are a two fer in that there are at least 2 main methods of injury. But the nano bots have just fallen off the discussion radar. And vitamins, supplements, good sleep aren’t going to cure the nano bot kill vector. So just a little prod to keep this in mind when discussing the jabs. Those blockages that embalmer Hirschman (and others) are pulling out of people (the white, rubbery, stringy things blocking veins and arteries) are being caused by something, probably the nano bots. But the analysis and reports on this are coming out very slowly. Mike Adams (as far as I know) still hasn’t released a chemical analysis of this material nor has anyone else that I am aware of.

    So this second kill vector is still active and needs to be mentioned in the jab discussion.

    Prayers and God Bless

    • Janet

      The all-cause morbidity and mortality data (whether caused by the spikes or nano-bots) shows that the COVID ‘vaccine’ is the “Final Solution” Bill Gates was calling for two years ago – which is an evil diabolical and deliberate program (vastly more destructive then the Holocaust against the Jews) that targets “all of Humanity for Death” – and should be Stopped Immediately!! –

    • Alice Wright

      Mark & Watchdog tribe, those nano particles are not just in the “JABS”.
      The chemical spraying also contains Nano particles that are self assembling.
      My personal choice is Bentonite Clay 2-3 times per day as a detoxification.
      We are being attacked from all angles. Please arm yourself and stay safe.

    • eddiemd

      I was a third year medical student in Boston back in the early 90s. I did my psychiatry clerkship at the VA hospital in Jamaica Plain.

      There were two lock-up floors at the VA. There was a young man there with schizophrenia who was interviewed by staff. I sat in on it to observe.
      The kid stated that there was a “wire” inside his body that was transmitting and receiving signals from sources outside his body and telling him to do things. It was perhaps a prophecy of what is here now.
      I am surprised that no one has done electron microscopy of a vial of “vaccine” or examined blood samples of people who have taken injection. This would be the only way to possible see evidence of nanoparticles. There are nanoparticles in the injections. The exact details of the specific type are not known. It is a nanoparticle vaccine, that is well known. We have been discussing this here at USAWD since the beginning.

      In 2014 I got licensed to teach high school. We had to design a website for students to learn about us. They told me that mine was not acceptable because it was biased. Whatever that means…

    • JS

      Greg, Loved your comment around the 6:12 mark when you stated 40% of 10 people. That’s probably much closer to the truth than Martys poll!

      • Janet

        We can look at the numbers all day – but all we need to remember is what Bill Gates said: “The ‘Final Solution’ is the Vaccine”!!!!!

    • Tyler

      Another thing that is never mentioned, is that the jabbed are emitting UNREGISTERED MAC ADDRESSES OVER BLUETOOTH. The nano-bots include routers and transmitters, etc.

      MAC Addresses are a unique hexadecimal number that is given to uniquely identify an electronic device, such as a cell phone, Bluetooth headset, etc.

      If you have an Android phone, you can change the settings to show only UNREGISTERED MAC ADDRESSES and verify this yourself. These are NOT cell phones or other devices (which have ONLY REGISTERED MAC ADDRESSES). The jabbed have been hooked up to the Internet of Bodies now, same as shown in the diagram of the Microsoft patent 2020 060606 (666) and are constantly broadcasting their Bluetooth signals. You can scan their MAC Addresses with your Android phone. The only part of the picture that has not been completed is the implementation of the forced use of his digital currency (Cryptocurrency).

      I challenge you, and all who read this to go verify for yourselves. And NO, this has NOT been debunked, regardless of what the fake fact checkers or trolls may say.

      You can verify these MAC Addresses that people are emitting, unlike cell phones have NO manufacturer’s name or address, by entering them in a MAC Address verification site such as:

  36. alfy

    To my view, this was the top Weekly News Wrap-Up you have done to date.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you alfy for your very kind words of support!

  37. Bill

    Greg, I read this many years ago and just reread it recently. The most terrifying force of death, comes from the hands of men who wanted to be left Alone. They try, so hard to mind their own business and provide for themselves and those they love. They resist every impulse to fight back, knowing the forced and permanent change of life that will come from it. They know the moment they fight back, their lives as they have lived them are over. The moment the men that wanted to be left alone are forced to fight back, it is a form of suicide. They are literally forced to murder who they used to be. Which is why, then forced to take up violence, these men who wanted to be left alone fight with unholy vengeance against those who made them murder their former lives. They fight with raw hate, and drive that cannot be fathomed by those who are merely play acting at politics and terror. True terror will arrive at these people’s door, and they will cry, scream, and beg for mercy. But it will fall upon deaf ears of the men who just wanted to be left alone. Author unknown. God grant us peace!

  38. Scott

    Entertain for the moment that it may be Trump who is playing Biden‘s DOJ and not the other way around. knowing that the Biden people are pervated with TDS, Trump sets the stage by cooperating with DOJ in the archivist. Then sets up the FBI with his own “informant“ knowing that the fools in DC will jump at anything that looks like red meat. The DC crowd goes for the trap and Trump gets a massive boost in popularity and donations all the while making Bidens people look like the idiots they truly are. When it becomes apparent that it was a set up their options are to swallow it or admit that Trump played them for fools. Set, game, match!

    • Self Exiled

      I wish Trump was that intelligent.

  39. Nsncy

    I’m not fearful I’ve past to apathy. You are the 1st to publicly name and shame FBI, DOJ GARLAND.SEC OF STATE. SALUTE TO YOU!!! FINALLY. THANK U

  40. Tom

    Remember when Trump was gonna “Lock her up”…?

    Ironic that he may end up getting locked up!

    If Republicans do end up re-taking one or both chambers of Congress does anyone really believe they’ll do anything other than cave-in to Progressivism like they always have?

    They’ll have a built-in excuse as to why they can’t do anything—Biden’s veto power.

  41. GERRY

    Do you Americans not realize how you look to the rest of the world. Every thing we see that Hitler and Stalin did, you are doing!

  42. SerfingUSA

    Greg you are the best interviewer with the most timely guests. Thank you for your selfless dedication to America.

    I heard something that may shock even you. I live in Cleveland, Ohio, Cuyahoga County. A rep from a company that does focus groups, who has used me prior, contacted me for a potential participant in a client’s research. This was the conversation:

    Do you still live in Cuyahoga county?
    Yes ma’am.
    In the 2020 election who did you vote for? Trump or Biden
    I voted for Trump.
    I see, I’m looking for people who voted for biden.
    Well good luck there. I haven’t found anybody who actually voted for him. How many have you found so far?
    I’ve found two.
    Two??? You’ve only found two people. [Thinking to myself maybe I’m one of her first calls I asked: How many have you called so far?
    ‘Hundreds’ she says. I pressed her and heard paper rustling as she seemed to be looking at a sheet.
    Well really 125 so far.

    So here, shes searching strictly within Cuyahoga co, the capital of the democratic base in Ohio and she’s strugling to find three people that voted biden.

    Greg that works out to 1.6% 1 . 6 % !!!!!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you SerfingUSA for your very supportive comment. Also, thank you for the street reporting from Cleveland re: the poll taker. Very interesting!

  43. Michael Lee Shirey

    Brother Greg you , Bigtree and Stew Peters are my Human Spirit Animals. These final days are supposed to be painful for Christians. Satan is prepping for his arival. Let’s go!


    The hiring of that many armed IRS agents, with police powers, can only mean the begaining of a Federal Police Force.
    Is this going to used against Rogue states like Florida? Will this be used for political oppression? Will this be used to go after people for their ” social credit score”.
    What ever the real reason you can count on one thing, The deprivation of the freedom for the American people.

  45. Neville

    AAcrime is run on the exact lines as the Mafia was in 1900’s only exception is that
    this mob have infiltrated every sphere of government and social services.
    They are also the dei facto bosses of all the worlds organizations like the UN,WB,BIS etc etc.They also control the NYSE and the FED and everything under their control IS NOT SUBJECT TO ANY AUDITING whatsoever!!!
    Their control of the FDA,CDC<NIH and all the drug companies has given them a free hand and murdering the worlds population for gain of function.What about justice well they have the judiciary in their pockets as well as the FI,CIA,sectret service etc andthe cop pushing beat is in all likelihood under their evil admin.

    So what do we have left a country ripe for melt down when OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST RETURNS , HE WILL SET THE RECORD STRAIGHT

  46. Jerry

    Are we witnessing “ Project Blackjack “ in real time ?
    According to MSNBC the FBI were looking for nuclear launch codes in the
    FBI raid on Donald Trumps compound. Not that I believe a leftest rag like MSNBC but I have to admit it does peak my curiosity. According to the theory of Project Blackjack, Donald Trump uncovered a plan that Barack Obama hatched while he was in office to acquire nuclear devices
    to be used in the planning of a up and coming false flag event to launch a war with Russia, While it does seem a bit far fetched I can’t help but think there may be some truth in it, seeing how New York City has been handing out advice on how to survive a nuclear attack to its citizens. Why
    would they do that when people are dealing with a recession and thousand other challenges to make ends meet including exploding crime rates? Besides I was under the impression that all of those codes were turned over to the incoming administration after the election? This is very curious to me, so I’m open for anyone else’s opinion.

    • Jerry

      Well Greg,
      It looks like I was right. Project blackjack was definitely in the works.
      Look how fast the propaganda media spun the information claiming Trump was lying.

      How do they know? What they took the word from the FBI? You know the ones that helped spin the Steele documents? More importantly what is going to be they’re next move now. Folks we are in deep trouble. Sometime between now and the midterms the deep state is going to launch a false flag attack. Since they’ve been exposed, they may use something else besides project blackjack. I don’t know. But I have a timeline from one of my sources that intrigues me. I can’t be specific but, it appears to be sometime between September 15th through November 1st
      that the deep state will make their move. Donald Trump is clearly in the crosshairs. Please keep him in your prayers as these people are under the impression that they can do anything they want without a response from the American people. Assassination is not out of the question. They’ve done it before with JFK.

  47. Justn Observer

    Greg, The poll number is really not shocking when one sees/hears what is being said in the bars and restaurants in town and so much different than what MSM reports –
    Truth is, what does the gov’t OR MSM say/report that IS TRUE anymore? ie.
    I do not own one but there certainly are many law-abiding citizens that do…so it appears the gov’t agents will busy bees soon enough kicking in doors for one reason or another…as the WEF, WHO, AND NWO crew move to impose their will.
    Per you views on China’s situation…that appears correct as well for a foreign point of view which might be coming soon enough to the U.S. even if the U.S. is to be the last to fall as Martin Armstrong said, but he did not say it would NOT fail right? =
    A previous comment to you was about the dent in the corn and harvest time…and I hope the crop there does do well….but the extreme shfits in weather temps and humidity and scalding radiation and fluctuations between droughts and atmospheric rains is have extreme effects on a world view of expectations as to harvest… There too, the democrat lies about global warming for decades and their denial of the truth – GSM along with their mis-guided use of geo-engineering has but not just the U.S. but the world at risk. Clearly, Putin knows the UKRAINE is the California of Russia, and why Catherine the Great’s statue is where it is! and why he states that the giving up of that area was such a stupid idea and he is adamant to get at least some of it back as we approach the ‘real’ dark winters…
    As people are forced to confront the UPHEAVEL…as forewarned by John L. Casey in his book of the same name… their preparation for it is being hampered by the dumb legislation now as was the Obama not so affordable AFFORDABLE HEALTHCARE ACT that is stripping the wealth needed to prepare from the most frugal and industrious/work ethic oriented to pad ‘their’ wallets and bank accounts as they push the middle class into deeper levels of dependency and servitude as the levels of famine and access to energy resources are curtailed. YES, it will be a hunger driven and cold dark winter for many it does appear.
    So, if what is happening elsewhere is destined to be coming here then this is what is on the way to the U.S. soon possibly by the end of the year? =

  48. GM Florino

    Maybe the 87000 new IRS agents is in anticipation of the American people protesting non-violently by not paying their taxes come next April.

  49. frederic w dunn

    My opinion. Starting to look like somebody maybe walked into a honey pot , could Mar a Lago be so so tempting sweat they just could not resist any longer. due to there own panic and fear I think we are seeing one giant sting playing out, so the people can be shown the truth . ” Nevertheless, I take all of these slings and arrows”….. I believe we are very close to devolution triggered

  50. rv

    C-DAY’ “BIDEN BUCKS”/ Central Bank Digital Currency: (CBDC) Executive Order 14067. Dec. 13, 2022. get to trade the metals for Biden Bucks.
    Jim Rickards calls it “the tip of the fascist iceberg.”
    China’s Warning ENTIRE Economy Will Collapse In 34 Days 300 Billion just disappears. Hopefully patriots and truth seeker plan accordingly and win.
    Greg Thanks.

  51. John Geis

    Bolsheviks a tiny minority that they called themselves “majority” The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun. The build back better 2 they called the “deficit reduction act”

  52. Fred Engel

    Great report Greg, here in Wisconsin Michel’s won Republican Governor poll. But what is amazing that Barnes is being projected to defeat Senator Ron Johnson on the mid’s. The final numbers I pulled on Ron was 563k, Barnes 389k. Ron out did Barnes by 173k. So the only way that could be pulled off is to cheat. Milwaukee cannot carry Barnes state wide.
    Greg have a great weekend stay safe.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Fred for your years of continued support!

  53. Doug W

    I have good information that the F.B.I guys spent 9 hours searching the president’s wife under wear draws !!!!!!WHY ? WHY? WHY?…. they are sick puppies !!!!!!!

  54. Marie Joy

    “Stay cool. Don’t take the bait” Wisdom from Greg Hunter

    • Marie Joy

      J6 was a trap. Mar A Lago was a trap. More traps are coming. Don’t fall for them.
      Run for office, no matter how small, in your town. Please.

  55. Sheryl

    Greg, you and many others advise taking Ivermectin. Where can we get it? Other than the horse paste, I know of no source. It would be helpful if listeners knew where to get it.
    Thank you for all you do to inform. And yes, you are correct-fear is their biggest tool. When we are paralyzed with fear -we are the most vulnerable.

  56. Marie Joy

    Can 2000 Mules, committing election fraud, be charged with treason? Why not?

  57. jon

    Judging from the recent news of 14 well educated smart Canadian doctors dying obviously from the vaxxx. And the massive group of Truck Drivers that refuse the obvious dangers of the vaxxx. Next time your child says they want to grow up to be a Truck Driver rather than a Doctor. Praise them!

  58. Patrick Cook

    Sir, the Pharmacy in any Baltimore location draws attention to the over 50 age group. Shingles are now occurring at high rates due to failing immune system, but no mention of that. Just seek help from those who have injured the masses by design with up to 4 jabs.

    • Janet

      Many people like to play games like the national lottery where their chance of winning is about 1 out of 340 million – with the “jab” the chance of winning (just falling over dead or going to sleep and not waking up to see the mourning) is 2 out of 100 – which is a lot better then Russian Roulette (1 out of 6) – so the gamblers will play “the clot shot jab game” because 98 out of 100 will live – but what the 98 fail to take into account (as they go for their 2nd and 3rd boosters) is that over the longer term they may be permanently crippled and/or injured for the rest of their lives!! –

  59. Greg

    I would have to disagree with you at one point, Biden’s approval rating will never go below 12%. I truly believe at that number of 12% that is the number of mentally ill people we have in America.

    • Greg Hunter

      You may be right!

    • Janet

      What is interesting is 26% of voting Americans (ages 18 and older) suffers from a diagnosable mental disorder and yet about half of them are sane enough to disapprove of Biden – so only half the crazy people “are crazy”!! –

    • rich

      I was just thinking that myself, would 12 percent represent the bottom intelligence category who are still allowed to work, (if they do) , drive and vote?

  60. al

    God Bless You Greg,

    You had me riveted when you were talking to the fbi (small case letters).

    THIS is the way Reporting should be done.

  61. jr

    Guess where all the “military age males” crossing our border are going to find employment? On your tax dollar? You betcha … this is what all your “voting & peaceful protests getcha…
    Did David picket & vote against goliath or the jews against hitler?

    • Hugh Betcha

      they already have their invasion army inside America completed and trained and now they “legalize” it by putting them in unconstitutional shirts that read “POLICE -IRS” and with the little known law that allows the IRS to confiscate fire arms in lieu of $ they take your guns… and not a shot will be fired

  62. Da Yooper

    Good wrap up Greg

    Folks I need some help. Now I am not a gardener & nether is my wife . I cant grow grass on a septic field. This spring ( middle of May in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula) we bought a plastic green house for our tiny garden of tomatoes, onions. cucumber , beans & lettuce. Prepped the ground as usual rototilled it in the same place we always had our garden . Set up the green house put the seeds in the ground ……….ok ……….Now I have 6 foot tall tomatoes -cucumbers a foot long & beans & lettuce up the ying yang.

    But my potatoes which were grown out side separate from the green house look burned & stunted. In talking to a number of folks who grew their garden uncovered had burned & stunted plants that they never had before. Is the stunted & burned growth due to ozone issues & the plants under cover were protected from this? Maybe Dane Wigington can comment on this because I have no clue.

    • GERRY

      It’s the sun causing the rays to be more powerful. If the ozone is depleted, then we have less protection

  63. Rich

    Thanks for a great wrapup, and yes, any agents who will not sell their soul for the perks and pension should resign, or be fired on the “rewind” where they might have been rehired. Those who don’t should be fired in the “cleanup”. Not only our so many of our non-representatives “weak and corrupt” but probably many are also Compromised and blackmailable.


    They are going to pin SOMETHING on Trump no matter what! They FEAR him, but they fear the movement even more. They want us all to lay down and be run over by their great reset! I think it will only amplify his support! How could anyone believe what the FBI does at this point? It needs to be gutted and replaced with unbiased patriots who actually love this country.

  65. Janet

    This is a bit off topic (but it is info being made privy to us here on the net but is not known to the general public “yet”) – however the public will eventually need to be made aware of this information – just so they “don’t panic” when they see “another Moon in the night sky” (and see tides rising to twice normal high tide levels) – seems – this asteroid or comet is on course to get here in about 2025-26 – and it will be “Monstrous” (approximately three-quarters 3/4 the size of Planet Earth) – so this is not something the US can simply shoot out of the sky with our anti-matter weapons – hopefully – we won’t need to send the Space Force out to try to push it (with nuclear or anti-matter blasts) to keep it from colliding with Earth (as the EMP generated by such blasts will most likely completely fry the internet and electrical grids here on Earth) – the Vatican is watching these incoming objects with their infra-red telescope so we may actually get a warning from Rome before we get one from Washington – the Pope has already primed the public to the possibility of alien beings living on these incoming space objects now entering our Solar System (calling them our space brothers) – but- something else we need to consider is – do these “space brothers” carry deadly viruses that can infect and kill us all??? –

    • Janet

      One interesting take away I got out of the above “info dump” is that:
      It seems the form of government these supposed alien reptilians live under is a Monarchy (as it was mentioned that a Reptilian “Queen” will be visiting Earth) – is this why in England and Europe home of the WEF we see arising a type of Monarchistic Autocratic World Government (typically associated with hereditary rule) and like where in China and North Korea “an individual rules for life and then passes the crown to an heir” – is it because humans are modeling their governments on some alien race (like the Annunaki rulers of the past)?? – no wonder The United States of America is under attack – where an individual is declared to have inalienable rights “granted by God”!! – that is not something a Monarchy will tolerate very well!!! – and we Americans must be vigilant against some Demon-ratophile just declaring himself “to be King” and simply doing away with these pesky elections they have to constantly rig every two to four years!!!

  66. Ratherbanon

    7 years wtf? Only thing this guy did wrong was apologize to terrorists. F these people. F the ussa. F Schumer. F Pelosi. F Biden. F their illegal occupation.

  67. Howard Bowley Sr.

    EddieMD, Jehovah witnesses believe only 144.00 and one go to heaven. One being Jesus, lol.
    So I don’t get where you think they are only believing in the kingdom oh heaven, doesn’t the bible speak about a 1.000 year reign of Chrirst on the new eart? Hitler thought that was his 1000 year riech [reign, english]. Apparently he was wrong.

  68. Gary Allison

    The 12% is interesting. Several sources have indicated that President Trump actually got 82% of the vote. Took every State, I think. This is why the Deep State/NWO crowd had to go to such extremes to steal the election. We are not really a divided nation. But because they own the MSM, they continually push that narrative to cast doubt and set the stage for more election theft. At any rate, it appears good forces are making their move.

  69. Stefan

    Garland, operating under cover of law, is a NW0rder PLANT, some would say khazarian mafia, like mAny others who have infiltrated our institutions over the decades [listen to JFK’s famous ’62/3 speech and what onctime-KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov warned US about!]. Here’s a telling recent brief interview by Jesse Watters:

  70. Clay Lane

    St Petersburg, Russia on Friday Night! LIVE
    85 watching now Started streaming 3 hours ago
    Baklykov. Live
    Live stream from St Petersburg, the northern capital of Russia – city, people, girls, musicians, atmosphere, ambience and vibe.

  71. rainer baudrexl

    This FBI Raid is absolutely Unconstitutional ; and if Trump was informed about his Constitutional rights ; Trump would have called the Local County Sheriff and had him meet the 30 or so FBI agents with Thirty County Sheriffs Deputies. Only in Cases of Counterfeiting and Invasion by a Foreign country does the Fed trump the Sheriffs absolute authority. With their Constitutionally elected Authority ; The Sheriffs would have demanded a lot more than a senseless Warrant from a corrupt Judge who was instructed by the “Dual Israeli Citizen”. Mr. Garland. The FBI would have had to leave Mr. Trumps place alone. Most Americans ; including most of the sheriffs ; are intimidated by Federal Authority because they are ignorant of their rights. Bribery ; intimidation and habit are reasons so many people; including our duly elected Sheriffs ; succumb to illegal Federal intrusions. The Sheriffs of the over three thousand Sovereign Counties in our Country can thwart any Federal Intrusions on peoples freedoms ; if they simply follow Historical precedent. The Wailing and complaining by uninformed politicians is illustrative of their failure to understand the basic laws of our Land. Time for more of the people to become Deputy Sheriffs. A Sheriff Mack ; who instituted the Constitutional Sheriffs Organization has all the information needed thwart this intrusion on the lives of peaceful Americans.

  72. Howard Bowley

    Folks, we all know God told the first human couple to, fill the earth and subdue it, and have in subjection every living creature that is moving on the earth. (Genesis 1:28) It was a privilege for them and for the future us, to care for and expand their Paradise [Eden] earth wide, not just living a double-wide! The prospect was for Adam and Eve and children to live life forever on garden earth, not just heaven or hell. Some want to go and live forever in heaven, they have that prospect. As for me and my household, give me land lots of land under sunny skies! Under God, indivisible with truth and justice for all!
    The Bible shows that one of God’s spirit creatures, later identified as the rebel Satan the Devil, tried to sabotage God’s arrangements in Eden.
    Satan induced our first parents, Adam and Eve, to join him in rebellion against God. When Satan claimed that God was withholding something good from them​—the right to determine for themselves what is right and what is wrong—​they went along with Satan and turned their backs on God. The result was in time, they croaked, just as God had warned. They lost the prospect of living forever in Paradise on earth.​—Genesis 2:17; 3:1-6; 5:5.
    Of course down to this day we all die. God’s Word says: “Through one man [Adam] sin entered into the world and death through sin, and so death spread to all men.” (Romans 5:12) We die because we inherited sin and death from adam and Eve our original parents, not because of some predetermined, unfathomable ‘plan’ of God.
    The insurrection, [here that term a lot] in Eden did not stop God’s original purpose for mankind and the earth. God’s perfect love and sense of justice moved him to provide a way to free us from the bondage of inherited sin and death. The apostle Paul explained: “The wages sin pays is death, but the gift God gives is everlasting life by Christ Jesus our Lord.” (Romans 6:23) Lovingly, God “gave his only-begotten Son [Jesus Christ], so that everyone exercising faith in him might not be destroyed but have everlasting life.” (John 3:16) By offering himself willingly as a ransom sacrifice, Jesus redeemed all that was lost through Adam.
    It’s sure looking soon, God’s promise of an earthly paradise will become a reality like he wanted from the big inning. This wonderful future can be ours if we take to heart Jesus’ admonition: “Go in through the narrow gate, because broad is the gate and spacious is the road leading off into destruction, and many are going in through it; whereas narrow is the gate and cramped the road leading off into life, and few are finding it.” (Matthew 7:13, 14) Yes, our future is in our own hands. What will you do?
    Armageddon? Arma geddon outa here! Rapture here I is!

    • eddiemd

      Another JW bot. Do you ever give up with the JW doctrine?

      Always the same style of writing under different names. I can see that this time you made an effort to mention Jesus.

  73. Frank S.

    Greg Hunter: Tellin’ it like it is!
    That lecture to the FIB’s rank & file “went there”.

  74. Eli

    Your show is wonderful Greg and I am so blown away by your journalistic chops and your guts to tell it like it is! I bet a lot of rank and file Eff bee eye watch your program & are just beside themselves with what has been going on. There’s got to be many that still have a moral conscience, praying that they do the right thing and those that are deluded wake up! God Bless you, Greg!


  75. Frank D2

    I realize that you can’t advocate violence against the FBI, but I don’t think you should go the other way and advise people not to be violent. What would you do if the FBI came for YOU? With false allegations? Would you peacefully submit and possibly go to jail for YEARS for a false “crime”? Would you let the FBI ruin your family over false charges? Again, like you, I am not “advocating violence”, but the way things are going it looks there will come a time when we will all have to choose. We can’t continue to just sit back and “take it”. How do we take our country back if we continue to let the 11-12% run rough shod over us and all of our inherent rights? How many of us are supposed to be jailed or murdered before we fight back? I am not advocating violence, but I would not be so quick to dismiss it. When people get backed into a corner and have nothing left to lose, their options get narrowed significantly.
    Frank D2

  76. eddiemd

    Friday afternoon in the Phoenix area.

    They arrested three parents who were going to rescue their children.

    Get your children out of public schools.

  77. Marie Joy
    to let our President Trump know you support him.


    Hi Greg.
    I was looking forward to your WNW this week, particularly in light of the FBI raid at Mar-a-Lago on Monday.
    The deep state always has more than one objective that the are trying to achieve with these types of operations .
    I believe their were three objectives in order or priority.
    Firstly Trump said recently that if he won the 2024 election he would fire thousands of deep state bureaucrats. Those in the FBI that organized this raid are exactly the bureaucrats Trump wants to fire. They want to stop Trump before he fires them.
    Secondly, there was too much news about Nancy Pelosi’s son accompanying her to Taiwan. The raid was to distract the masses from her and her sons business dealings.
    And thirdly they wanted to send Trump and his MAGA allies a message, and the message was that “we (and our 78000 IRS thugs) are going to crush all of you”.

    • Manny Sibley

      You nailed it Cliven mate!

  79. Boog Howell III

    We are just months away from the Biden social justice and equality laws. The armed IRS-SS will go door to door at the working middle class and the confiscation of everything above and beyond “your fair share” to redistribute it to all those that refuse to work or are full time unemployable anarchist-sexually confused psychopathic Karen jersey thing victims.

    • Ray

      Ummmm…….I thought Americans were armed to the teeth with guns in PERSONAL POSSESSION.
      There may be 87,000 armed IRS stooges with guns at people’s doors…….
      Methinks that after one or two days of that rubbish, about 10,000 of them will be shot fair in the face by American Patriots who will consider IRS THEIVES at their doors as the absolute last straw.
      The other 77,000 will be looking for refuge in South American nations.
      Biden will already be in Belize.
      There endeth the lesson…….
      Ray, Canberra, Australia

      • Johnny Cool


        Buster Scruggs.
        He’s armed, and he knows how to shoot.

        • Ray

          Such a shame Buster couldn’t be at Taipei Airport last week to teach a few rogues some manners!
          Ray, Canberra, Australia

  80. James

    Pelosi & Taiwan: Did you know Pelosi son was with her and he has ‘business’ in Taiwan?

  81. David

    TOM CLANCY died of mysterious circumstances in 2013…..Why???
    He wrote Rainbow 6 in 1998. It was about the global elite wanting to depopulate by releasing a low grade Bio-weapon at the Olympics. People got the flu and the globalist media blew it out of proportion with constant fear mongering. A few months later they offered a vaccine, which was really a deadly Bio-weapon which would depopulate the earth.
    WHAT DID CLANCY KNOW???? He had incredible contacts in the Pentagon, CIA and Washington D.C. in general. Did someone in CIA pass this theory to him? Or did the Globalists get the idea from the book?
    If he was alive Clancy would have screamed from the rooftops when this all started “Wait a minute! I wrote a book about this!!!”

    • The Seer

      Dr Steve Pieczenik consulted Clancy on many of the books. He worked for alphabet.

    • Justn Observer

      more to the point David =
      Tom Clancy’s The Division: OPERATION DARK WINTER (Predictive Programming)

  82. Justn Observer

    Greg, As our current gov’t whistles past the graveyard…how long until we reach Clif High’s un-obtainium ?
    Even if some farmers make harvest many places are still going up in smoke or closing down here in the U.S. and across the world =

  83. Stephen

    It looks like the Praetorian Guard has gone feral! Better look out Caesar and associates, they can be unpredictable!
    Thanks Greg for the commonsense and REAL NEWS, it is a rare commodity these days. Thanks.

  84. Michael

    The Constitution has been dead for over 150 years. The FBI came when the world had the Gestapo and the Cheka in Germany and Russia. The elite here wanted the same power as the other totalitarians.

  85. Kaci

    No – We don’t want to get rid of the FBI ” and start over”
    We want to get rid of the FBI – Period – The end.
    Not sure the US is even supposed to have federal level police –
    We got along great before that dept was foisted on us –
    We’ll do great again after those punk communist leeches on my wallet,
    are gone.

  86. Pete D.

    Merick Garland can bite The Big D-head !!

  87. Pete D.

    I am glad General Flynn said this about Communist takeover,
    I’m a “nobody” but I have been saying this for 3 years as it just seems so obvious.

  88. Brian Dougan

    “Morning Blow”. Joe Scarborough gives the Democrat faithful their morning snort of fake news.

  89. eddiemd

    Another troll bot. Using mixed up names. Never uses the same name.

    • Greg Hunter

      Mandrake and Loonie are deleted. Thanks!!

      • eddiemd

        AI has the ability to post endlessly. They have developed troll bots. They target certain websites with pseudo disinformation to distract from the topics.

  90. eddiemd

    Troll bot posting under mixed names.

    • Mandrake Sibley

      This summer I searched for answers on whether there was any federal involvement in January 6.
      Ted Cruz grilled a senior FBI official– and she REFUSED to answer key questions.
      Like who is Ray Epps? Was Ray Epps a federal agent or informant?
      Did ANY FBI agents or confidential informants actively participate in the events that day?
      We know the FBI has been misused in the past to target President Trump and the conservative movement and run interference for the Democrats.
      Just look at the Russia Collusion Hoax- James Comey and Peter Strzok…
      …and now AG Merrick Garland won’t answer questions from the press and never real questions from Congress.
      What are they trying to hide now about the events of January 6, 2021 going after Trumps paper’s. Does Trump have the good’s on the Fed’s> It sure looks like it!
      Greg i’m working hard to expose the full truth and shine a light on whether there was any FBI involvement on that day… and tie it into Bile prophecy liberal media and EddieMD can’t stand it!
      He’s counting on YOUR help to KEEP UP THE PRESSURE >>
      On these Bible thumpers
      USAWatchdoggers deserve answers, and I intend to pry them out of the Biden DOJ operation Mockingbird bought and paid for one billion paid out by the Beijing Biden/Obomber administration, that paid out so nobody talked against the fake vax.
      It’s clear that the Democrats want to distract voters from the Biden administration’s failures and their Party’s extreme-left agenda.
      Democrats want to twist the events of January 6 to fit their completely dishonest narrative, with their pals in the liberal media all-in on the scam.
      We can’t let them get away with it.
      I am not a Bot, I don’t even know what a Bot is. I like eddiemd but he sure is showing a bad side of himself lately. Accusing everybody of being a Jw. I had a brother in-law who refused to go to the war and he didn’t go to Canada or Australia like Mel Gibson’s family. He went to jail and did two years. They let him study the bible with the inmates and and instead of door to door went cell to cell. They knew he wouldn’t escape I guess. To tell you the truth I don’t even remember what I posted. But I’m not a Bot and I have no doctrine. But your site has inspired me to read the bible and any all views about it. When I come to the point I’m like eddiemd, I’ll let you know by pointing out everybody’s faults. I’m not there yet. Give me time. Manny.
      PS. I’m not Lonnie

      • eddiemd

        Another false name. Be consistent. How many different names do you use?

        Why do you always use fake mixed names and post the same stuff? And the JW stuff…endless for years. You try to disguise it but the pattern is recognizable. You attempt to lead people astray.

        Greg has told you JWs repeatedly to go somewhere else to post the JW doctrine. You don’t listen.

        • wayne hardin

          Fake Names ??
          There are very few people that use their real name .
          Its like they are scared of something .

          Right EddieMd I guess you have no last name .
          Is eddie your real name ?????

          Get REAL .

          Wayne Hardin

  91. Galaxy 500

    Great broadcast. Used to volunteer to be a poll worker. Then the Plandemic happened. Going to start doing that again. Got to get involved. Make calls for good candidates. Help in other ways. Especially voting. Keep up the great work Greg
    Peace and out

  92. Really Awake

    The FBI is the new Stasi… The IRS is the enforcers of confiscatory taxation. And confiscatory taxation is a euphemism for theft. American elections are not any better than a North Korean election.

    The executive branch is now a totally Orwellian branch of government.

    The judicial branch is in the process of transmorgrifing into an Kafkaesque branch of government wherein no justice is offered to average Americans.

    And the legislative branch is almost a fully fledged collectivist body totally self-centered.

    The mainstream news is a total propaganda outlet. Honest reporting is dead.

    Public education is a Woke Indoctrination Asylum. Kids are “educated” to become little green zombies.

    The CIA, NSA and DoD are all part of The Military Industrial Complex which is not at all interested in America’s defense. It’s all about taking us to WW3… The U.S. Military has become a Borg…. “Be all you can be” has become be part of the Borg.. Be assimilated.

    The AMA, CDC and FDA have all gone to excrement. I’ll never trust them again. Ever. They can take their “science” turn it sideways and shove it up their……

    And take a look at religion. Are the church leaders as good as they used to be? Some are, but many aren’t. Moral relativism is in and moral excellence is out. Not in every chuch, but in many churches it just isn’t the same high standards as it used to be. I can’t just walk into any church on Sunday morning and count on walking out a better man.

    There is more, of course, but my point is the same point that Marty Armstrong has made over and over again; namely, “we must crash and burn first, before we can have a chance to make it better”…. Look around. Doesn’t it look like a crash and burn is coming? It sure looks like it to me that a socioeconomic crash and burn is coming. And the Crazy Creepy Clowns who are out to eat up Trump is just more proof that a political conflagration is coming… Marty Armstrong said he believes that the USA will break apart. I agree. We The People will disunite…… Personally, after this Trump fram up by the Deep State I want a divorce from all of the useful idiots who support this abject corruption…
    A sordid, acrimoniousness divorce between Americans is coming. Prepare accordingly.

  93. Chris

    Whatever reason is put out there to justify the raid on Trump, and whatever “Top Secret”, and therefore “classified”, “evidence” is alleged to have been found, the end result will be this: Trump haters will believe everything and Trump partisans will reject everything. Nil all draw. In other words, back to to square one. It’s hard to see any sense in it. If it was designed to further demonize Trump, it was never going to work. Maybe the idea is to pin criminal charges to make it impossible for him to run again? In fact, it’s likely to lift his chances of a comeback (at the expense of de Santos). Unless, of course, that was the whole idea. Which begs some other questions.

  94. John Clark

    Thank you for all that you do, Greg.

    When I was a kid I heard about J. Egdar Hoover, Mr. there is no cosa nostra, keeping his job for nearly 50 years by collecting files of dirt on everyone in Washington. Did the FBI stand up for freedom for the Branch Davidian women and children or did they help to burn them alive? Please don’t say the FBI was the premier law enforcement agency. They were founded to attack the critics of WWI. I’m in my sixties and have never heard good things about the FBI.

    The Constitutional blueprint for freedom is for self governance. We the people are supposed to be homeland defense and law enforcement. Article 1 Section 8 Clause 15 is the enumerated power of Congress to call forth all able bodied Americans ” to execute the Laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections and repel Invasions” with their personal firearms. There is no mention of law enforcement in the Constitution, for a special class of citizens to lord over the rest of us with special privileges and legal immunity. The state militias are supposed to enforce federal law, not the FBI.

    Christ who came to set us free, founded America, the greatest freedom experiment in history. America’s founding is a freedom revelation for all mankind.

    Here is Constitutional attorney and scholar Dr. Edwin Viera explaining the Constitutional blueprint for our freedom.

  95. Ed Milligan

    If I didn’t know better, I’d think the Dimocrat party was run by the weather underground…

    • Self Exiled

      Have not heard mention of them in years.

  96. Jochen Knaebel Greg you have to lisent to this it’s nlowing your mind, she make a forecast about the Guter, and it’s gits with all the cicle that I study.

  97. Self Exiled

    Whoever believes and has decided to trust in Him [as personal Savior and Lord] is not judged [for this one, there is no judgment, no rejection, no condemnation]; but the one who does not believe [and has decided to reject Him as personal Savior and Lord] is judged already [that one has been convicted and sentenced], because he has not believed and trusted in the name of the [One and] only begotten Son of God [the One who is truly unique, the only One of His kind, the One who alone can save him]. John 3:18 AMP

  98. rick

    Intelligence overrides violence 100% of the time.

    Be intelligent, use your brain not your brawn.

  99. Elmer Fudz

    Inner city blacks have a perfect colloquial expression for a guy like Biden…he’s a stone waste of white!

  100. Bruce Norton

    As always Greg…a great job. Enjoy you and your guests a great deal!!! Greg…you have GOT to have Jim Rickard back AS SOON AS POSSIBLE…..he can see things coming for us financially that can hit before this year is over!!! Really important info for all of us to start planning for. Best wishes Greg and God Bless you and your family.

  101. Coal Burner

    We are not afraid. 250 million patriotic people against a few hundred political criminals in Government, news outfits and paid mules. Look at the farmers in Europe, India and Sir Lanka. You won’t see it on the news. They are not stopping until the green destruction is stopped. It is coming here when people get hungry. People know who is at fault.

  102. Robert Dziok has a 3/10/2022 extensive article by Preston James Ph.D entitled “The Hidden History of the Incredibly Evil Khazarian Mafia”. . . . Greg Hunter here and I deleted most of this comment. This is Jew hating bull crap Robert. Please don’t post anymore of it on the USAW site. Read this please:

    • Robert Dziok

      All I did was post the brief two sentences from it on why the FBI was created. Was the sentence that said “Note that the FBI has no official charter, according to the Library of Congress, and has no right to exist or issue paychecks” incorrect or “Jew hating bull crap”?

  103. James Hall

    Steve Kirsch has really been exposing the death shot, check his Fox News Interview.
    He’s genuinely concerned.

  104. Steve

    Wy primary 2022. Hageman is favored by 21,560 vote over Liz Cheney if votes are not flipped. Votes in 2020 election was flipped by 22,444 in the total state for biden even through Trump won by 77,000. watch the vote and calculate the flip for Liz the pissed off lady.

  105. SJ Buck

    Big Pharma ads = predictive programming

  106. Greg

    Greg your content just gets better with time. You are discussing topics that most people will not touch.
    Thank you.

  107. Bud

    Enjoy your programs.
    Just think, if Trump had not been so quick to fire Gen Flynn, how things might’ve been different. Trump trusted Pence & how did that work out in the end?
    Flynn was put through the meatgrinder.

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