Bigger Financial Meltdown Starts Before End of Year-Doug Casey

17Greg Hunter’s  (Early Sunday Release)

Best-selling author and economic expert Doug Casey says another financial meltdown worse than the last one is coming soon. Casey says, “I was saying in 2007 that we were going into a gigantic financial hurricane. It hit in 2008 and 2009. For the last few years, we have been in the eye of the storm of this gigantic hurricane. Now, as we speak, we are entering the trailing edge of this hurricane, and it’s going to be much worse and much longer lasting and much different than what we saw in 2008 and 2009, and that was ugly.”

Why will it be much worse than last time? Casey contends, “All these central bankers are doing the same stupid things. . . . The American central bank, the Europeans, Japanese and the Chinese have all printed trillions of new currency units and, yes, they are doing this in concert.   They don’t want to see the markets collapse, but they are going to collapse, and the nature of this collapse is going to be different because they have created trillions and trillions of new currency units, and that has created bubbles all over the world economy.”

On why it has taken so long for the next crash to be created, Casey says, “Everything looks good until all of a sudden it looks terribly bad. It’s like when you jump off the Empire State Building. Everything is fine as you pass the 50th floor, but it all happens at once when you hit the sidewalk.   I think that’s what we’re looking at, and we’re going to start hitting the sidewalk before the end of the year. This is very serious. This is the most serious thing since the 1930’s, and this may be the most serious since the industrial revolution overturned the previous basis of life.”

On the new U.S. debt and budget deal, Casey says, “The only people who are happy about it are the top dogs and running dogs in and around government. When central banks create more money, some people get it before other people. The people who are hooked up in the deep state get it first. Eventually, it trickles down to people in Middle America, but there is not much left at that point. This is why the rich are getting richer. The rich guys get that money that is created first.”

On troubled banks, Casey says, “These banks think they have trillions of dollars of assets, but if people don’t pay the loans, the depositors in the banks could be very unhappy. Then the government is going to bail them out by creating trillions of new dollars, and the dollar is going to lose all value. I don’t see any way out. We are either going to have a catastrophic deflation where all these loans are defaulted on and banks have to close and the stock market crashes and that’s ugly and it’s a 1929 style depression, or we the government reacts and prints so much money we end up with a 1923 style German hyperinflation. So, we are caught between a rock and a hard place. . . . Maybe they can wrench one more artificial boom out of this cycle, but I don’t think so.”

Casey also says, “I think the depression has already started, and I call it the Greater Depression because it’s going to dwarf what happened between 1929 and 1946. It’s already started. We are just in the eye of the storm, but we are leaving that now. What should the average person do right now? You’ve got to liquidate right now, while it’s still possible. You should get rid of things that you don’t need . . . have a yard sale and get rid of stuff you don’t need and generate cash for it. That’s number one. The average guy should buy gold. Don’t keep your savings in a bank. Store it in gold coins . . . or silver coins . . . Silver is volatile but has a much bigger upside than gold.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Doug Casey of

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview:

Doug Casey has some free articles and information at  Casey predicts his site will grow at least three fold in the coming years because people will be scared and will not be able to find reliable information in the mainstream financial press. Casey says people are going to be searching for different and better information.


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  1. James Southall

    Doug, Greg,

    Money as, Credit / fiat money / currency / quantitative easing etc etc, ad infinitum !!! And all things that are not of equivalent and intrinsic value to the goods and services exchanged through them.

    Why not call this confidence trick for what it is, THE COUNTERFEITING OF MONEY and this emperor has no clothes.

    No monopoly is protected with greater certainty or vigor, with whole armies bought and paid for, so easily by this fraud and the media controlled public begging for more,

    What a cruel , destructive and outrageous privilege.

    • paul

      Exactly why we all need gold, silver and nickels under our mattress!

    • Grafique

      Very well said, James.

  2. Calgirl

    I know you say Obama will never allow the Hildebeast to become president but she is holding all the cards as the FBI will consider her TBTF or they will be threatened into compliance. And the 50% of Americans on welfare will do the rest.

    A government which robs Peter to pay Paul can always depend on the support of Paul George Bernard Shaw

    • WD


      Be aware that the Clintons have tons of enemies. They rolled over people at will. Her enemies come from the democratic party not the republicans.

      I knew someone who was a CBS intern years ago and worked with a crew that interviewed her( he was just a gopher). He told me she was pure evil. If she gets in she will inflict revenge on all who “damaged” her. I would bet even Bill fears her.

      She us hated and feared, her word means nothing. Those that fear may do what they can to stop her.

      • Charles H


        If Khillery gets in – I would take it as a sign of America being turned-over to the evil it wants. Evil leaders are an indication of a reprobate people.

        • frederick

          @Charles that already happened on 911 and the country CANNOT recover until the truth is revealed and those entities responsible are punished God will not allow anything else

  3. Southern Girl


    Thanks for having on Doug Casey. He sounds like he knows what is going to happen. I too am a little more worried about the end of this year. I am going to start getting my SS check in January. Gad Zooks! I wonder how long it will be worth anything. I noticed that good old Wally World is going to have a sale from now until the end of November..Huh??? I think it will be one continuous sale after another. The numbers for what consumers are spending are pitiful. I am sure they have cooked those number also.

    2 years ago Gerald Celente said this would be the last Christmas that we know…commercial wise. He is going to be correct. I bought things on sale 50% off last year for the Christmas dirty Santa gifts this year. I suggest everyone buy what you need after Christmas because it will be dirt cheap. Like when Dillard’s has their sale Jan. 1st with at least 50% off. Then people realize how much they jacked up the merchandise. I use to work for them when they started in the early 1970’s…then they were jacking up merchandise 200%. Now I figure 400%.

    Am going to have some chili I canned a couple of years ago for din din. I am as ready as I can get. Our gas here in the south will be almost 20% cheaper this year. Already got 3 ricks of wood to burn. Need to rotate my canned goods…cleaned out the freezer to get rid of old things.

    • W K Swanson

      Great quotes, Calgirl, yours and Shaw’s. I’m going to use them both.

    • Charles H

      Southern Girl,

      I’m in the same boat… supposed to get 1st SS check in December. There are so many applications to fill now for Baby Boomers: I haven’t had approval, yet. I wonder if it will be worth anything too.

      • Southern Girl

        Charles H.,

        I filled my SS info. online. I had originally gone down to one of the places, but a helper said to do it just online. So I have and already filled and received a print out of what I will be receiving. There is a place when you are filling out the info. to receive a check or have direct deposit. They will ask you to provide all the info. from the routing # on your account. It takes about 10 minutes….it’s worth the 10 minutes.

        I say get what ever we can, because at some point in time is will be worthless. At least now buy what you need with the extra money, whether it is food, gold, and silver, etc.

        It is not a entitlement we paid into the system. I know they are just handing out money that was made out of thin air, but for now it spends like money.

        • Charles H

          Souther Girl,

          I ALSO did my application on-line. But living outside the country, I had do do initial processing through a Foreign Benefits Unit, in the nearest consulate. I think that shuffled me back in line some. Also, I have declined to do the on-line ‘my account’ because they disclaim any liability if identity theft occurs – so I will wait for the printed and mailed letter. I’ve called several times, trying to on top of things – and the last person I talked to basically said that they are working mostly on those who must get their checks soon; which suggests that they are so hard-pressed to process, that they are JUST keeping up with workload, barely. Everything is in order; it’s supposedly just a matter of getting to it.
          And BIG YES – it IS OUR money, and duly owed to us. I doubt we will get the principle back – let alone interest!

          • Southern Girl

            Charles H.,

            Didn’t know you were out of the country. I have traveled extensively except for going to Asia. Always look forward to coming home especially for our food. Although I have been to Italy about 15 times…love,love,love their food, but they don’t serve it like USA does. Here we order spaghetti and get a salad, bread, extra cheese. In Italy you order spaghetti that is what you get…pay for water and pan (bread).

            Hope you get your SS resolved. Hope you can get your US$ exchanged for local currency so you can but gold and silver.

            • Charles H

              Brindisi, Palermo, Naples – yeah, ports-o-call: but treasures of experience.
              My PM’s are in-hand, and all else is tapped-out. Thanks.
              What I really enjoyed was the fresh cooked ‘French Fries’ wedgie-style, served in paper cones and salted to taste from the street carts!

  4. Southern Girl

    Another thought….I am wondering if I might be able to get a 4 Runner cheaper after the SHTF. Mine has 196,000 miles and nothing is wrong with it. If everyone cannot pay back their loans to the bank how will that effect the car loans. Most people now have 0% financing. When they cannot make their mortgage payment..what happens? In the 1930’s they left in their cars going on the road and finding places to camp. Well if you don’t own your own car what are you suppose to do????Cross state lines in the car looking to keep it from being repossessed? There will be TOO many cars and houses to repossess. How is that all going to work out??? Lindsey Williams says the banks will just rent you back your houses. Well if the dollar tanks it won’t help.

    • Calgirl

      My guess, and it is only that, is that the banks, if they are open and not in receivership, will be so busy trying to save their own skins that they will not be repossessing cars and homes. They have millions of repoed homes on their books already and no market for them. As far as repossessing cars, first the bank will have to find some repo guy who is willing to get shot at to do the actual repossession! Like Celente’ says, “When the money stops flowing down to the man in the street, the blood starts flowing in the streets.” I would think there will be several months without any repo action. Incidentally, I have a 4-runner which is paid for but you couldn’t pry it out of my hands. It’s been a great, trouble free SUV.

      • Southern Girl


        I hear you about the 4 Runner. Mine has been paid for and I have put on new tires. The thing is it is 16 years old. BUT with the old ones no one can track your vehicle with GPS and there are not so many new technologies on it that when it breaks down will cost you an arm, leg and hand.

        I have hauled more stuff for my back yard garden, sod to the ceiling, plants, etc. Don’t think I could ever go back to a regular car…sits too low.

      • vance

        sell your car and get out of debt. Your focus should be financial independence, not what the bank will do with your loan. Leave the big cities. Join a small rural community and live a simple life. Build a greenhouse and grow your own food. Think about others.

  5. Jerry

    I totally agree with Doug Casey. We will not see the end of the year financially intact.
    Before your snipers line up to take a shot at me, they might want to read this warning put out by the IMF.

    I find it interesting that they put this statement out in advance of the G20 meeting on the 15th. Talk about CYA? From the information I have gathered I think we will see something happen before the 15th of November. I have began to realize from the information I have, that the elite are going to take the economic system down in stages, and not “one” culminating event. I think beginning this week between 11/3 -11/5 you will see the Stock Market begin a steady downward decline culminating in a crash the first of December.

    I’m still puzzled by what will culminate in the EU before the G20 meeting on the 15th of November? Whatever it is, it will involve the derivative market in Europe based on some of the memo’s I have seen from the Financial Security Board.

    Also. I am very interested as to why the IMF moved up their timetable to grant reserve currency status to the Chinese. To me that sends a clear message that they know something is coming. The RMB and AIIB represent much more than SDR drawing rights. They represent and economic lifeboat for members of the G20 who want to get out of the dollar exchange system before it explodes. To me, by the sheer fact that China and the BRIC nations have bought so much gold sends a clear message they intend to peg their new system to gold. So the question is, where will that leave us when the SHTF moment comes?

    I tend to agree with Jim Willie. There is no way out of this without at least a 40% reduction in currency value. But like Doug Casey said, there’s so many moving parts to this, its almost impossible to predict an exact date.

    In junction with this decline I

    • paul

      Jerry … you say: “I am very interested as to why the IMF moved up their timetable to grant reserve currency status to the Chinese. To me that sends a clear message that they know something is coming. The RMB and AIIB represent much more than SDR drawing rights. They represent and economic lifeboat for members of the G20 who want to get out of the dollar exchange system before it explodes.”

      I think it could mean the Chinese are about to back their Yuan Bonds with gold!

      • Jerry

        They have set December as the timetable for the “Gold Price Fix”. I agree with the Economic Silverback. The western cabal have no plans to change anything. They will continue to print money until this thing implodes, and sends the whole system into the Gold Backed Yuan Reserve. I can see it coming, as sure as Christmas.

        • Occasnltrvlr

          Not gonna happen. Merry Christmas!

        • paul

          Jerry … you say: They have set December as the timetable for the “Gold Price Fix”

          Well … it looks like the Fed has now set December as the time to pay more interest on Treasury Bonds … obviously … they will be trying to make their Treasury Bonds “more attractive” then Yuan Bonds “backed by gold”! …

          • Jerry

            Paul. Good Stuff!
            Right now I’m leaning toward the idea that China and the BRICS may break away totally from the IMF the BIS and their minions. I think they’ve had enough of market manipulation.

    • Calgirl

      I think the BIS will fight like hell to have the SDR become the new reserve currency. Otherwise they will lose control and this NWO thingy will go down the drain. If the Chinese do peg to gold it will indicate a move TOWARD more honest banking, IMO. Now if we only could get Glass Steagall back here in the USA, that would be a real kick in the backside for the criminal bankers and politicians who support them! I think China’s rush to fill their gold vault has more to do with a counterbalance to their almost worthless Treasury Bill holdings though.

      • Jerry

        I agree with the first part. The elite are herding the western banks into the Yuan Reserve system in order to save themselves. It is evident with the numbers of countries that signed onto the AIIB and set currency swap agreements with the Chinese that panic is beginning to set in.

        I defy anyone to explain to me why the Chinese would go to the trouble to set up the CIPS system in place of the SWIFT system, if they where not planning on a major economic shift? I have done business with the Chinese for years. They never do anything without real purpose and objective. Forget about the so called economic plight of the Chinese. That’s western MSM propaganda paid for by the cabal.

        Name the last time the United States has made a deal with anyone? The TPP doesn’t count because no one knows what is in it.

        • Occasnltrvlr

          Jerry, I already did. The primary reason is to eliminate the political leverage of sanctions.

      • Jerry

        Calgirl. I think you might be right. Right now the BIS seems a little stressed so something is up.

      • Keith

        Return of Glass Steagall would be a start, but there is no evidence that the FBI/DOJ/SEC would lift a finger to enforce any laws against financial crimes. They haven’t done so in going on 10 years.

        • Engineer

          And how many Bankers are in jail now, over the 2008 meltdown?

    • Jerry

      I’m beginning to see why the economic meltdown will begin in the ECB. With Deutsche Bank firing 15,000 people, and Greece about to default (AGAIN) on its loan according to this article. Its a ticking time bomb.

      The G20 meeting is only 13 days away, so whatever is going to happen, may happen before then based on the Financial Security Board letters I’ve seen. But like I said before, this is stage #1. For the sake of argument, lets just say what 2008 really was. A “Temporary Financial Patch”. The real bleeding is about to start.

      For the doubting Thomas’s out there, I have a question for you. What is the difference between Quantitative Easing and Counterfeiting? How do you know the Federal Reserve Bank actually has the financial backstops to conjure money out of thin air since they will not allow an audit?

      • WD


        Thanks for the posts, they are spot on most of the time. I do have some minimal disagreements with you. ( too small to mention).

        I have thought for a long time that the EU is dying and nearly dead. It was dead to begin with. This is why I don’t give so much credit to the TPTB.

        Egon von Greyerz put it perfectly when he said it never really began.

        The EU has become a botched abortion that even Planned Parenthood would not try to harvest.

        Even with my doubts about CLS, I think the collapse begins in Europe.

        Take care

  6. al hall

    Greg: As usual You both are smack on target. Great interview. Like most of your guest-
    they are all thinking in the same direction. Iceberg ahead- prepare the lifeboats. Others unaware will rearrange the deck chairs.

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes Al I agree and that was a good crisp summation my friend!!

  7. James Hastings

    Enjoyed it.

  8. Howie

    Our charts show USD is poised for a quick run to 110, as the euro retests 1.05 and fails to below 1.00 before 2/1/2016; this will mark the final top, also Gordon T. Long expects one more top before all heck comes. Wall Street up 20-30%, metals down 20-30%.

    20% chance of rate hike in December, but Wall Street/CNBC already has the Santa Claus rally shows already in the can.

    There is no debt ceiling. As long as immigrants come in and get $100k worth of entitlements each person, every year, the fiat ponzai will continue until the invasion ends. When growth from entitlement spending begins to decrease, then the panic will begin. When Walmart and McDonalds announces mass store closures.

    • paul

      Not too sure about a quick run to 110 for the USD … according to Morris Hubbartt massive distribution is now taking place in the USD … after its recent “death cross”! …

    • Jerry

      You may want to rethink that theory. Here is the Money Velocity Chart from two days ago.

    • CLB

      Jerry, you should be interviewed by Gregg, many think you are spot on. I think this is a very accurate statement “There is no debt ceiling. As long as immigrants come in and get $100k worth of entitlements each person, every year, the fiat ponzai will continue until the invasion ends. When growth from entitlement spending begins to decrease, then the panic will begin. When Walmart and McDonalds announces mass store closures”, really makes one think. Stay sharp my friends, we are headed for a bumpy ride.

      • Greg Hunter

        Jerry adds much to the site!! I appreciate him.

      • Jerry

        I’m an observer like everyone else. This is history in the making. Unfortunately the wrong kind. I thought about writing a journal, and then I realized, there might not be anybody to read it once this is over. Global economic collapse has never happened before…..that is unless you want to count the Roman Empire.

  9. Jim Taylor

    Nice interview Greg. I have come to the same conclusions myself. We will have massive inflation or massive deflation. Possibly both at the same time as you say or one before the other. I highly doubt things will stay as they have the last 7 years. Anyone that knows which comes first is lying. No way to know even the government doesn’t know for sure. But I like his frameing of the situation. So we do need to be prepared for it. He offered good things to do that help. But the thing that is elusive for me is the investments. I think he is right some will do real well, but I fear most will do poorly. How will we know what to do and when? Buy more real estate now before hyperinflation, or wait for a massive crash to buy for pennies on the dollar. Waiting is tough knowing that inflation will be large in the future, but the massive gains could come from picking up assetts after a deep deflation prior to a monetary inflation. Keep up the good work. You rock!

    • Greg Hunter

      I know this sounds strange but I think we will get them both at the same time depending on the sector.

      • WD


        That is correct. “The Coming Deflation” explains this concept ( both Inf and Def) succinctly!

      • JC

        Greg I am waiting for someone to admit we are getting both of them now. Water bill base went up 8 dollars 3 months ago in Nashville TN. No one noticed it. The fact is we have been devalued by the lack of quality materials in every aspect of our lives. Inflated by the reduction in income by obamacare. The list is long.

        • JC

          Cars that break down within 5 years because of the electronics to run them. How much will one spend on a water heater today compared to 2010 ?=50% more. People are blinded by the lower gas bill, and 1 dollar old bread.

        • Greg Hunter

          I will. We really have inflation and deflation going on at the same time. Wait until this comes unwond, then you will really see it as the powers bailout some and let many more go under.

      • Michael

        You’re right Greg,

        If you denominate goods and services in Federal Reserve Notes there will be hyper-inflation. If you denominate goods and services in Gold and Silver (real money), there will be hyper-deflation. By the way, that Black Swan you’re always talking about is going to show up before the end of November.

      • andyb

        I agree. The good news is that within 2 years the values of houses and autos will decline by 2/3; the bad news is that it will take 10X the amount of “new ” dollars to buy them.

        • JC

          Right Andy. What will the tax rate be for those who have a home paid in full ? Double no doubt.
          Cheaper to rent then own because of taxes.

      • Jim Taylor

        That makes sense I just wish people would know which ones are which.

        For instance for inflation: Hold Gold, even in deflation should be okay

        For Deflation: Cash hard commodities and assets

        Not sure: Real Estate? Stocks? If inflation yes, but if deflation absolutely not.

  10. Mr F

    I just wanted to say that you’re awesome.

    Also, speaking of bringing people back…

    Where has Jim Willie been? I miss his angry fire. I googled him today, and it appeared that his website was down. Is he no longer doing public analysis?

    Mr. F

    • Thaddeus Thurston Thistlethwaite III

      There are lots of recent Jim Willie interviews on If the sight was down it was only temporary.


    • Jeff L

      Jim Taylor All I can add is in the 70’s you could buy a house with a bag of 90% silver. So if you’re looking for an investment (or place to put your money) consider history….. Since this is going to be so much worse AND we’ve been printing Trillions instead of Millions (those were the days) I suspect the outcome will be multiples of that.

  11. Darren

    Great interview Greg. Hit it out of the park. I’m starting to really feel bad for folks. Just talked to a friend at church who is retiring in Jan 1st, 2016. $4000. a month from his pension and roughly $2500 a month from Social Security. Aside from that he has about $600k in his 401k. I didn’t have the heart to tell him what lies ahead. This is going to be bad, real bad. God bless.. 🙂

    • Greg Hunter

      He is going to lose most if not all of that paper wealth and income stream. Thank you for posting this. It was and instructive real world example of how people are going too be blindsided when they discover they have nothing and have been robbed.

      • BetterChetter

        I don’t believe it will happen this quickly.
        What might C. A. Fitts have to say on this ?

        • Greg Hunter

          Better Chetter,
          In am going to try to get her on soon. What would you ask her?

          • Occasnltrvlr

            Mr. Hunter, the issue I would like to hear her comment on is default by the US Treasury.
            What does she think the likelihood is?
            What would be the signs preceding it?
            What might be the more likely mechanism (i.e., extending maturities, delays of redemption, what maturities, etc)?
            Might it already be planned, and, if so, would this be a transition to other currencies, or a complete “reset” or “meltdown”?

            • Greg Hunter


          • David Clumpner

            Ask her to cover as many ‘Black Swans’ as she can possibly see on the horizon, including the prospects of the Uber Elites planning the BIG One.
            I still consider the possibility of the
            IMF/BIS/FR/BRICS boys colluding to come up with a globalized QE, perhaps utilizing hundreds trillions in long term bonds &/or carbon taxes.

          • BetterChetter

            (Thanks, Greg)
            Ask, “if Japan can have a lost decade of economic resuscitation, how many decades can the money-printing USA have available to it?” – or words to that affect.
            She said the money was transferred out of the economy since the 90’s, to corporations, so it can go slowly over time, or take bigger leaps. It may still take decades more – in my opinion. Its only been 20 yrs. since her HUD discovery & 50 since silver came out of coinage.
            Keep up the good work.

            • Charles H

              If you take Japan as the fore-runner of the same system: then it’s not a matter of ‘catch-up’; but blow-up. In a chain – the weakest link; a balloon, the weakest surface pint.

          • Contrarian Investor


            I would ask CA FITTS about her slow burn theory in how it relates to Martin Armstrong’g timetable of sovereign debt defaults, and does she believe her theory holds strong given a geopolitical crisis i.e. Syrian.

    • smaulgld

      Sounds like the current income stream should allow some savings which can be shielded.

      • Robert

        Please explain.

        • Smaulgld

          Was responding to to Darren’s friend’s situation he has “$4000. a month from his pension and roughly $2500 a month from Social Security. Aside from that he has about $600k in his 401k. ”
          Sounds like he is not in dire straights and could set his financial affairs properly if he wished

    • Faith

      @Darren: I have seen commercials that talk about owning precious metals within the structure of a 401K. By owning I mean actual physical possession of the metals. I cannot imagine having all of my retirement in a 401K and being able to sleep at night if I did not physically control those assets. If you are a good friend, you ought to be straight up and talk to this person. Why not give them information about this website so they can do their own research? What they choose to do with the information you provide is up to them but, personally speaking, I would have a hard time living with myself later on if I failed to give someone information that could have saved them from finanical destruction.

      • Laura

        Cornerstone Metal Assets is a company that takes care of precious metal IRAs. This could be an option for those who just can’t cash out their IRAs.

        Rick Wiles, from Trunews, interviewed Terry Sacka from CMA. Listen here:
        and a second one here:

        • Laura

          Oops…that would be Cornerstone Asset Metals.

        • Faith

          @Laura: thank you kindly for the links. This is the type of product I have heard advertised. It makes sense if you are tied into the 401K system to use it to your advantage.

          I would advise anyone to use due diligince prior to investing in any financial product.

      • Linda louin

        So true. I’ve warned my entire family so that I don’t have to carry those feelings of regret for not speaking up when there was time. My immediate family (daughter/kids) have made a few provisions, however for the most part they seem content to bury their heads in the sand, pretending that these impending disasters couldn’t possibly happen to them (almost like a spirit of blindness). I just hope that my own preparations will be sufficient enough to sustain them all with adequate survival necessities when the time comes.

      • Darren

        Faith….Thanks for the response. The sad truth is I have spoken to him before on the issue’s we are concerned about on this site. The reality is though, like many , he has his head buried in the sand so far its poking up in Saudi Arabia! Just honestly doesn’t believe it will be as bad as I have told him in times past. I’ve run across a lot of folks like this and its tough dealing with them, especially family members. For them, only the brutality of a total collapse will wake them up. 🙂

        • Faith

          @Darren: I understand. Thank you for saying that you have been hones and forthright with this person. As I said it is up to them as to how they choose to act on the information you provide.

          My family has disgregarded any information I have given to them. It is beyond heartbreaking. This forum is my family. This is where I have my heart restored and where my faith in my fellow human beings is rekindled. It is good to know I am not alone.

    • Keith

      How can you have the heart NOT to tell him?

  12. Russ

    Excellent interview Greg, Doug Casey has a lot of insight. Love the hurricane metaphor, the picture of a financial hurricane hitting us in 2008 and then us sitting in the eye for 7 years waiting for the back side of the storm to hit is perfect. In that time the hurricane has built up energy and when the back side hits us… there will be hell to pay.

    My thinking is that there will be a deflationary period first followed by a hyper-inflationary period; we’re in something of a deflationary period now. When Doug Casey speaks of everything being fine until you hit the sidewalk, the time-line for Cyprus was months of negotiating and talks, and then it all came apart over a weekend with no notice, that was the sidewalk. There is a timeline for what happened in Cyprus at:

    The FED knows how bad it is and they know what they need to do, but they need cover.

    There is a saying by Herbert Stein (Ben Stein’s father), “If something cannot go on forever, it will stop” (Herbert Stein’s Law). Debt must be repaid or defaulted, it cannot go on forever. We cannot repay because the means/money is not there, leaving us only one recourse. Not good.

    • Greg Hunter

      I agree Russ, loved the hurricane metaphor too.

    • Russ

      Greg -There is a good article by one of your past guest Egon von Greyerz at: It is well worth reading. Nothing we haven’t heard/read before, but it dovetails nicely with what Doug Casey is saying.
      Deflation (now) — Weimar Germany’s hyper-inflation briefly is coming to save the world financial institutions (not us, just the banks) — then a Deflationary implosion.

      It’s that whipsaw that destroys wealth. Deflation- Inflation – Deflation — even big entities get wiped out.

      • WD


        Egon von Greyerz is one of my favorite guest. He has said the EU is a fraud and will collapse. His sole job is to protect peoples wealth. He walks his talk.

  13. Smaulgld

    Great interview Greg. Always like to hear Mr. Casey

    There are No Currency Wars

    There are no currency wars – just coordinated central bank manipulations.

    Central Banks are in a coordinated relay race to debase with each central bank taking turns debasing their currencies.

    “Currency Wars” is an often repeated urban meme.

    • paul

      You are right … currency wars are simply wars of monetary inflation … all the trees would be gone by now if computers were not invented to make fiat “digital money” … there will “never be deflation” as every Central Bank on planet Earth is in Zimbabwe mode … Japan, EU, US, etc. are all printing fiat “like water” … the only reason we don’t see the inflation (in the oil price, or gold price, etc.) is because the prices of commodities are under “manipulative control” … but there is a limits to the manipulation … because price suppression “leads to shortages” … and shortages “leads to higher prices” no matter what the manipulators do!

      • Occasnltrvlr

        Keep in mind that central banks have balance sheets. The currencies they wantonly print are liabilities against debt s they hold as assets. Central banks can print only to the extent that entities can issue debt. (Which, between the profligate spending by sovereigns, and asset bubbles, hasn’t been a problem, so far.)

        If debt issuance is stalled for any reason, central banks have no more debts to buy, and then are circumvented from further currency inflation.

        Worse yet, if debts held by central banks are formally recognized as having been defaulted upon, the offsetting liability (the circulating currency) contracts.

        This is why I anticipate a deflationary implosion. (Which does not, by the way, necessarily mean drops in pricing of goods and services, as many folks seem to believe.)

        • Smaulgld

          “Central banks can print only to the extent that entities can issue debt. ”

          True except that gov’ts can find endless stimulus and/or other reasons to borrow and issue debt – ie issue more debt to pay existing debts and obligations. Their central banks can then simply print currency to buy the newy issued debt

      • smaulgld

        The Fed has huge assists (probably at their direction) now from the ECB and other European banks and the bank of japan. Those banks now have massive stimulus and negative interest rates, thus protecting the dollar’s status as the “strong reserve currency”
        The only reason the Fed would ever raise rates would be to protect that status. If they can get their allies to debase ahead of them then the Fed doesn’t have to raise rates, other than for credibility.
        So I don’t rule out a Dec rate hike- but not because I believe there is any sort of recovery.

        • paul

          A rate hike … has “nothing to do” with the economy … a rate hike is necessary because the Fed will soon need to compete with a “gold backed” Yuan! … and raising rates … although dropping the “principle value” of the T-bonds … will help to make the T-bonds more attractive … but the best part is … the big banks will make a fortune … as all the big banks have tens of trillions of “undelivered” Treasuries “naked short”!

        • seeker

          Helicopter Money with Charles Hugh Smith and Gordon T. Long

    • Keith

      “We have always been at war with Eurasia.” George Orwell – 1984

  14. Smaulgld

    US Debt is massive:

    Government Debt
    US Gov’t Deficit
    $19.2 trillion
    Agency Debt of Government Sponsored Entities: Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Sally Mae $2 trillion
    US Unfunded Liabilities -Social security, Medicare etc
    $150-$250 trillion

    State Debt
    $1.2 trillion.

    Consumer Debt
    Total Consumer Debt: $3.3 Trillion
    Student Loans: $1.355 Trillion
    Auto Loans: $972.4 billion
    Credit Card Debt: $889.4 billion
    Stock Account Margin Debt: $476 billion

    Home Mortgage Debt: $8.2 Trillion
    Home Equity Lines of Credit: $265 Billon
    Size of the Federal Reserve Balance Sheet: $4.23 Trillion

    • Freebreezer

      That puts it front and center that there is no way in hell that even a small fraction gets paid back! thanks for the info! Mortgage and consumer debt over 15 trillion … WOW. I couple that with the slaughter happening in the oil patch and batten down the hatches! Oil development was a big driver of the economy from 2008 to now … Firings and lay offs – Schlumberger 20,000; Halliburton -4000 with more to come; Caterpillar -10,000; 3M – 1500; Cummins (producer of diesel engines) – 2000; BP plans to lay off 4000; the other big Oils with announcements late this yr or early next yr. And this does no even account for all the wildcatters that are going broke or are broke and couple that with all the junk bonds that will not be able to pay the coupon … With all these high paying jobs gone, the rip through the economy could start with black Friday!

      • Freebreezer

        Greg – it would be very informative to have some one in this field on your program to discuss and give analysis ( I wish I could give recommendations) . According to the Carlyle Group – between 2009 and 2014 the energy sector accounted for 70% of US industrial fixed investment … That is Huge (w/ a capital H) and the ramifications of this is all so huge.

        • Greg Hunter

          Good observation Freebreezer. I wonder if the crash in this sector was to further weaken America.

  15. Mike Huff

    I’m a big fan of your site and your guest interviews. I’m curious to hear your opinions on the what’s coming in the financial market.


    • Greg Hunter

      I think Casey’s views are similar to mine. I also interview people with credentials and track records and every single one without exception thinks the U.S. and the world is going to hit the mother-of-all financial meltdowns that disrupt civilization as we know it for a while.

  16. David B.

    Well over a year since the last Doug Casey interview on USAW.

    I subscribe to his newsletters, and always curious to hear his thinking.

    I should probably be living in Argentina or New Zealand (he has homes in both countries), but that is my future.

    I look around America, and all I see is a banana republic.

    • Jeff L

      David I often wonder if he realizes when SHTF his development (in Argentina) will be over run with hordes or ? The rich will be #1 target.

  17. Cryptic Little Sister

    Europe is finished. Many visions are about a coming collapse in Germany. So many bad things coming.

    • paul

      Can someone answer this question … why do Muslims move to the land of the infidels (for a better life) … and why do Mexicans move to the land of the gringos (for a better life) … it’s like a bunch of American moving to Borneo to live among head hunters (for a better life) … when you finally get there … shouldn’t you try to integrate into the society you chose to make life better for your children? … shouldn’t you try to learn the language? … learn how to use a blow gun and eat human flesh the way the local population you chose to live with do? … otherwise what is the purpose of moving to infidel land or gringo land? … to simply form ghettos with the same exact culture you were trying to get away from? … wasn’t the original purpose of the move to integrate into the new society that you thought was going to provide you with a better (not the same old) life??

      • Cryptic Little Sister

        Perhaps they do not come here for a better life. Perhaps they have come for a darker reason.

        American Intelligence funds and controls these groups. Just as it did with the feminist groups in the fifties.

        • WD


          “American Intelligence funds and controls these groups. Just as it did with the feminist groups in the fifties.”

          This is so true, I will give you credit when its due, very few people realize that movement was grass-rooted….Nice call

          The destruction of the family is the basis of the communistic movement- MArx

      • Cryptic Little Sister

        If you are interested in the CIA and their connection to media and private foundations, the following is a good synopsis:

        Udo Ulfkotte also has come forward and written about all of this:

      • Shadow of Doubt

        One has only to look at Hungary’s reaction to the Muslim invasion for a hint at your answer. Hungary still remembers living under the yoke of the Ottoman Empire as late as the 19th century. So while some cultures come for their version of economic opportunity; others come in the name of stealth jihad. Many today prefer the rose colored lens of “political correctness” and want to view all “migration” as the same. You therefore may want to look at two books to formulate your own answer, While Europe Slept and The Clash of Civilizations.

      • Art Barnes

        The Muslim are going to spread their religion to the world, its mandated for them to do so, all the while they are considered good Muslims if they lie, cheat, & and steal from their infidel hosts. After they kill the host they will have another Muslim country to call their own. Remember, and please don’t forget, a Muslim is mandated to help bring about their religion to the world without regard to an infidel’s welfare, its the dirty little secret they hold so close to their vest.

      • smaulgld

        Free stuff

      • Silence is Golden

        To understand the “move”…look at the pieces of the bigger picture.
        Why are there wars…..control of sovereign land….removal of Gold hoardes….displacing populations……control of supply channels!!!!
        The unsettling of the ME countries would always come with intended consequences. The masterminds of this evil plan had devised and desired unlawful immigration to flourish. The war is already lost in this regard. Europe is changed forever.
        Importantly the mixing of Islam with Christianity brings about a greater war….one which leads to civil unrest, police intervention, Military intervention then State Control…then later One World Control. That is where Europe is headed. This is a pre-cursor for the entire west. It is clear that the Islamisation of Christian societies is in full court press. There will be loud voices (of the agents of the Elite)…spreading propaganda and inciting violence against the unwelcome intruders. There will be reaction. Then there will be a solution.
        That is the MO of the evil of this world. Time and time again.
        They cannot have their NWO without the assistance of the eternal battle of religions. There will then come a time when all those with faith…will be left desolate.

        • paul

          SIG … Could it be that the EU and the Euro pose too much of a threat to the US dollar and therefore the refugee problem was deliberately created by the US to destabilize Europe? … and thus make the US dollar better able to compete with the upcoming gold backed Yuan??

      • Keith

        I know many illegal Mexicans who have come here for a better life, and so that their children are not the targets of the cartel’s militias. They work very hard for little pay trying to make a good life for their children. It is hard for them to assimilate into American life and culture, because they are exhausted working 12-16 hours a day. But their children do well once they are in school and overcome the first generation’s language barrier(s).

        • Greg Hunter

          They don’t have the right to come here illegally. I cannot go to Mexico illegally and collect benefits from taxpayers there. They don’t have a right to come here and make me pay for their dreams. I don’t care how hard they work. We have a border and we have immigration laws.

    • WD


      I agree. I too believe the EU is doomed and has been from the start. This socialistic project has failed again. I also think the collapse starts in Europe.
      Their economies are far worse off than they are letting on….50% unemployment in a majority of these countries.

      Egon von Greyerz calls the EU a fraud on a death spiral. I consider him an absolute expert on this matter… Europe will entering the dark ages again…

    • Calgirl

      Agreed, The EU is on critical life support. The problem is that the coming internal wars with the “unhappy immigrants”. How will the police hold back the destruction with their batons and tear gas? In the video you linked to in one of your previous posts, the “unhappies” are throwing rocks and fire bombs……….soon to be bullets. This is a similar problem we will have soon when the gravy train stops, but our police/military will use bullets. We have an additional problem now that Obama is letting all the felons out of prison. Obama’s aim to destabilize the US is certainly working. I shudder to think what additional destruction of our culture he will initiate with his remaining year in office.

    • seeker

      An urban legend…
      A NEW investigation into the Titanic tragedy has uncovered evidence suggesting its sister ship Olympic is the one that sank amid an insurance scam and Government-sanctioned cover-up.

      YOUTUBE VIDEO I FOUND – TITANIC IS THE OLYMPIC..! – Why They Sunk The Titanic ( Olympic ) – Part 1 –
      Why They Sunk The Titanic ( Olympic ) – Part 2 –
      Why They Sunk The Titanic ( Olympic ) – Part 3 –
      Why They Sunk The Titanic ( Olympic ) – Part 4 –
      Why They Sunk The Titanic (Olympic) Part 5 –

      • Keith

        A story that Neil Bush and Larry Silverstein would just love..

  18. Cryptic Little Sister

    Europe is on a knife’s edge. Much darkness is about to be unleashed. Watch the Bundesbank in Germany. That will collapse soon.

    • Grafique

      Define “darkness about to be unleashed”.
      Define “collapse”.
      Define “soon”.

      • Cryptic Little Sister

        Darkness as in darkness, black smoke, killing.

        Collapse as in collapse.

        Soon as in not in the next few weeks.

    • matt

      Merkel should hang along with other European leaders. But the people slept and allowed it to magnify. Same will happen in U.S. eventually. Never give up your self protection, never.

      • brian

        Matt, just to be clear, self protection requires much more than the ability to effectively bear arms…you have gotta have people on your side and at your back, otherwise you are dead.

    • Jerry

      I second that motion.

      The EU is getting ready to collapse. The financial information coming out of Deutsche Bank confirms that. The bigger question is, who is bringing in all these refugee’s?
      They didn’t just hitchhike. This in nothing more than a Cloward and Piven Strategy to overload a system.

      • Greg Hunter

        I think y0u are correct Jerry. and you can put George Soros at the top of the mastermind list. Soros think European borders and an “obstacle” to the flood of migrants.

        • Linda louin

          I wonder where George S. intends to hide when the blank hits the fan? As he creeps away after his mission is completed, maybe we should all be there to greet him…

  19. Ron

    I bought Doug’s International Man book many years ago. Now he’s an old man like me. He’s always had a broad worldview and a keen understanding of cultures. Greg, I think your point on Deutsche Bank is foretelling. The banks are scaling back quickly for a reason and the decisions are made by the internationalists. It’ s not just financial. The US has antagonized the world with these foolish wars, they’ve thrown the world financial system into a death spiral, and now, as Casey warns, they’re threatening Russia and China. They’re either very stupid or they’re religious zealots hoping to incite the ‘big war’, the rapture and the return of Christ triumphant. This is not going to have a happy ending for most of us.

  20. paul

    Assuming 1/3 of Americans survive the coming disaster (like 1/3 of the people on the Titanic survived) then they likely survive by having a place on a life boat (gold) … 1/3 of Americans is roughly 100,000,000 … all the great ship USS America holds aboard (in gold lifeboats) is 8000 tons (assuming it is still there at Fort Knox) … this means for the 100,000,000 Americans that survive they must get an equal piece of that 8000 tons of gold … when you do the math it comes out that each survivor should own 2.56 ounces of gold … now if everything (stocks, bonds, etc., etc.), goes down and to the bottom of the ocean … only those with a life raft of 2.56 ounces of gold will “survive” (Jim Sinclair says one ounce of gold will be worth $50,000 dollars) … therefore each “survivor” will have a net worth of $128,000 dollars … not much … but when the entire USS America sinks to the bottom of the Atlantic … and you are alone … stranded in dark icy cold waters with sharks biting at your oars … $128,000 dollars will be a life saver … now if the captain of the USS America does not have life boats (gold) to hand out to the people as it begins to sink below the waves (because the Fed and the bankers whisked it all away for themselves) … then those who wish to survive “the sinking of the USS America” better buy their 2.56 ounces now … in the open market … while they still have a chance!

    • frederick

      @Paul Thats quite an assumption Paul because if that 8K tons was there then why do they not allow an independant audit to prove it and why can Germany not get its gold back that is supposedly held in the states İ smell a rat

    • Beligarant

      I tend to disagree. What we are experiencing is a new coming of dark ages similar to the 4th and 5th centuries when Rome started to fall. We’re going back to the days when there was a small group of rulers that was incredibly rich while the other 99.99% of the population was nothing but poor expendable servants.
      Now for comparison look at the massive concentration of wealth into the hands of a few as Doug Casey points out in the U.S. Also, this wealth concentration is directly correlated to the government picking the winners or new “Kings, Princes, Lords and Masters” plus giving them massive amount so money while doing virtually nothing to help out the average working peasant.
      There’s no way the government doesn’t realize what is happening yet they continue to do this. No one can be this dumb plus allow this very small group to do everything from rig the stock and commodity markets, LIBOR, Derivatives Fraud and Robo Signing with no serious investigation or jail time. It seems obvious at this point what is going on and its all about transferring wealth to the 0.01% chosen few. Welcome to the Dark Ages!

  21. aps

    Revelation 6:6
    And I heard something like a voice in the center of the four living creatures saying, “A quart of wheat for a denarius, and three quarts of barley for a denarius; and do not damage the oil and the wine.”

    Some bible scholars believe this bible verse explains that it will take a days wage (a denarius was the equivalent of a day’s wages) to purchase a loaf of bread (basic food) while the oil and wine represents luxuries. Thus you can see inflation on life’s needs while deflation on luxuries.

    Better to buy your food & water now while it is cheap.

    • paul

      aps … You say according to the Bible: “a denaris was the equivalent of a day’s wages” …
      The denaris was the standard silver coin of the first and second centuries AD … and it contained one-tenth ounce of silver … if 1/10th ounce of silver was a days wage … and assuming the “average” yearly salary for a worker is about $30,000 dollars today (or about $115 dollars per day) … then an ounce of silver should be selling for $1150 dollars per ounce right now!

      • paul

        Of course looking at the flip side … the manipulating bankers “doing God’s work” are projecting for Americans a daily wage of $1.55 which is one tenth of silvers current price of about $15.50 an ounce … that’s a weekly salary of $7.75 … which gives us a yearly average salary of $403 dollars! … so this yearly salary of $403 dollars is what bankers reading the Bible and doing God’s work have determined will be our yearly living wage (and the reason they have manipulated the price of silver down to only $15.50 per ounce)!

        • paul

          Guess the bankers have in mind taking Americans down to third world status … as it is a known fact that more than a third of the world’s population lives on less than $2 a day … and that is exactly where the bankers have manipulated the silver price.

          However by this reasoning “it would seem” that silver is now at a bottom … unless … unless the bankers want to take Americans down to a level “below” the bottom 1/3 of the world’s population!

  22. Calgirl

    Us and Israel I wonder what the story behind this is………..

    IDF warns soldiers: Beware of CIA recruitment

    Attached to the warning was an article from Israeli daily Yediot Aharonot chronicling a phenomenon circa 2012 in which post-army youngsters, upon arrival in the United States, were taken in for extensive questioning by American authorities in an attempt to recruit their services.

  23. paul

    This is interesting … almost exactly at same time the USS Lassen was conducting a sail-by “inside the 12 nautical mile limit” of reefs claimed by China …two  Russian  Tupolev Tu-142 Bear jets swooped down to 500 feet and within a mile of the aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan and buzzed it … suggesting possible “military coordination” between China and Russia … if you recall back in April a Russian SU-24 jet menaced the USS Donald Cook operating in the Black Sea a total of 12 times conducting low-altitude passes over the vessel and knocking out the ships computers using electronic warfare … could “the same threat have been implied” by the Russian buzzing of the USS Ronald Reagan??

    US Navy officials said: “they have no objection to Russia, or any other nation, flying or sailing wherever international law allows” … “we are advocates of any country being able to operate within international norms” … “and all of these operations need to be conducted in accordance with the rights and regulations of other countries” … however … Navy officials made no mention of the USS Lassen that was sailing “within the 12 nautical mile limit” of reefs claimed by China!

    • paul

      But this buzzing by the Russians was nothing compared to what sailors on the USS Ronald Reagan suffered a few years back off the coast of Japan …

      • andyb

        Just like the psychos in charge know that all North Americans are being incrementally exposed to life threatening cancers from Fukushima radiation; not to mention the chemtrails, fluoride, vaccines, et al. There is a reason a CIA paper predicts a US population of ONLY 68 million by 2025.

        • Charles H

          322 million-64 million = 258 million to lose in only ten years; or 25 million per year. That’s about the size of the State of Texas, each year. In total it’s a reduction to about one-fifth the current population? That ought to allow China to suck America dry of resources. Pig-farmers for China (Smithfield Pork) and Great Lakes water. I like Nike shoes; but don’t want to start making them. (I can’t stand the solvent ethers anymore.) It’s not a pretty picture – such a forecast.

  24. paul

    Soon massive US taxpayer-provided funding will stream into the global-warming “Ponzi Scheme” as the U.S. government prepares to approve the UN Climate Treaty at the upcoming United Nations Summit in Paris … however some get in their last licks and throw wrenches …

    • Calgirl

      I don’t think it matters much what the populace thinks about global warming. The elites will enact their new rules and laws and the rest of us must comply or be “eradicated” just like the French weatherman who lost his job (and pulpit). The elites will continue on their path…..just like Bill Gates…..and the masses will have to take their polluted vaccines, eat their GMO’s, breathe their chemtrails, and succumb to their dictates or else. There is only one way to stop them. Now they are talking about a DNA bank of all citizens and an eye scan to access your bank. They already have fingerprints. All these databases will create a great way for them to cull the herd. A worldwide deep depression will slow them down, but I fear we are at a tremendous disadvantage.

    • paul

      A new UN Tribunal is being proposed to judge each nations “climate debt” payable to the “criminal elites” in charge!

      It is tucked away on page 19 of a 34-page Draft of the Climate Treaty (Article 11, Option 2) and calls for establishing an “International Tribunal of Climate Justice” … that can impose carbon tax fines on US … for supposed global warming that is raising sea levels!

  25. paul

    Hum! … the “elite controlled” main stream media is helping Romney smear Hillary?? … this seems very odd?? … what could Hillary be doing that would upset “the elites” ?? … the few statements in the link below sound good to me and just might upset them …
    I’m no Hillary lover … but I do like what she is saying … now could this smearing be some sort of “reverse psychology” by the elites to get me to vote for Hillary? … and then once she is in … she does an about face … and supports the elite agenda??

  26. Calgirl

    I thought this interview was very instructive, but to me it seems that Mr. Casey was speaking to people who are in the upper middle class and above. He says you can make good returns on the stock market due to the volatility but you first have to have the disposable income and second you must be very knowledgeable about business finance. With all the corruption and price to market, it is impossible to know the real condition of any company, IMO. And you have to remember that you are betting against the government! As has been said numerous times……..THERE IS NO MARKET. It is a casino and you risk everything just as in Vegas.
    The derivatives are going to explode and many, many companies will go bankrupt. The derivative bust will take a long time to play out too, and it has already started, IMO. How would anyone other than Jamie Diamon know the true state of a company? My plan is to amass as much gold/silver as possible and invest as we start to come out of this disaster, that is if I live long enough! I have a paid for 4-bdrm rental property which I have toyed with selling, but I don’t want to sell to the Chinese and by holding it, I may be able to maintain some income from it. But I worry about the property taxes and so I’m still in a quandary as what I should do. Tomorrow I will call my real estate agent and get her opinion. I’ll probably sell it if I can and buy G/S.

    I don’t know where Mr. Casey lives but his statement that there is “no excuse to be unemployed” doesn’t seem to be accurate to me. He said that he thinks this will be worse than the Great Depression. There will be no money coming from DC to the states, cities, etc. Everything will be in duress…….everything. No SS, pensions, bank savings leading to hunger, starvation, criminality. And it will be worldwide.

  27. Anderson

    Doug Casey is generally pointing in the right direction and understands the big picture (to some extent anyway).
    Get him back on again for sure…
    …But next time Greg, why don’t you ask him a few questions about the manipulation of the gold market (he’s an out and out denier – for reasons that have no basis in logic).
    Then get Bill Holter on for the next interview to demolish the flimsy responses that Mr Casey will give to you.

  28. RichM

    Casey is a brilliant man in his own right but I lost “some” not all, of my respect for him 3-4 years ago. He went on many talk shows in 2011-2012 stating that it was all but useless to even vote any more….. to vote for Romney that is. I don’t know how many people listened to him and in turn did not vote but if any did not, well congratulations.. we got Obama again for another 4 years due to this kind of thinking. I would have at least liked to have seen Romney given a shot. He would have perhaps slowed the reckless spending down? I would have at least liked to have seen ANYONE else elected but Obama. So now, here we are again people…. please please please…. lets make sure we vote in ANYONE else but Hillary or Saunders.
    Many of you may know I am a major Trump fan and Mitt does not even like him. But the point is… we have to prevent electing another Obama. Casey telling people not to vote was lubricious IMHO. We somehow are still here, no economic collapse even yet… 3 years later into Obama’s 2nd term. Things are even worse now and personally I do not even think Trump or anyone will be able to fix it. Yet we HAVE to have faith in something.
    So, my point is, such fatalistic thinking as to not even vote and tell people not to vote in 2012 due to the fact we were “already doomed” gets us where we are now…. still around waiting for that collapse.
    Scriptural thinking, remember Lot from the Old Testament, He was told to leave as destruction and enslavement was coming due to the wickedness of the people…. So Lot asked the Lord, if I can find 1,000, 100, 10, or even 1 righteous man, will Thou save the city. He found none. I do not see that as our fate today. There are MANY good people left in this country. The Lord loves us. God will not desert us and/or will protect us and make us strong if we seek Him out in our hearts.

    Remember, we, like the people of old, are a covenant people, The Lord promised he would preserve the seed of Abraham if we repent and are righteous. The Lord will never break His end of the covenant. If you think of the old Testament times and the book of Judges…. That I think was a 600 – 1,200 year period of time… where HIS same covenant people would become prideful, fall away, and then become faced with imminent disaster… sound Familiar???? It was usually famines and some sort of invading army. Yet, the Lord would hear the prayers of those who were suffering, humbled, and repented… and he brought forth Judges… who were basically deliverers, almost like super hero’s… unlikely heroes… to deliver and prevent their ultimate destruction or enslavement. Think Gideon, Sampson, Ruth and I think another 10 or so of them.?.?.
    I am not saying that Mitt Romney or Donald Trump would have been one of those Judges/deliverers…. but the Lord has provided us with the most “unlikely” characters before in all of history.
    My point is, we have to pray and we have to stand up against what we know is ungodly and evil. We cannot just throw up our arms and not have faith that the Lord will hear our prayers and protect this country He has given to us as a “free” land. Even now, after another 4 years of Obama, I actually still do think we have hope. God will bless his faithful. We are worse off NOT having Romney instead of Obama though. let us learn from our mistakes and make sure we at least elect someone who is not an “ungodly” man/woman.

    Sorry if I got preachy and forgive me if I did not quote things perfectly…. but I hope I made my point.

    • Occasnltrvlr

      Have either of the major parties failed to support the relentless march of globalism?

      • Jeff L

        The conservative party after taking control again have done absolutely nothing……..What kind of coattails do you think Casey has ? Voter fraud would over come any #’s needed……. I’ve been stating there will be no election in 2016 for 6 years. It will come to pass.

    • RichM

      Actually, I think I was wrong as Ruth was from a different time and not one of the Judges. There was a prophetess named Deborah who was one of the judges. Here is the list of Judges just in case anyone is interested. They were all called by the Lord to become “Deliverers” to the Israelite’s every 150 years or so when times became tough do to wickedness and then people would repent and call out to the Lord. Some of the judges we do not know much about.
      Below is a list of the Judges. There are 15 Judges.
      Othniel Judges 1:11-13; 3:7-11
      Ehud Judges 3:12-30
      Shamgar Judges 3:31;5:6
      Deborah Judges 4-5
      Gideon Judges 6-8
      Abimelech Judges 8:33-9:57
      Tola Judges 10:1-2
      Jair Judges 10:3-5
      Jephthah Judges 11:1-12:7
      Ibzan Judges 12:8-10
      Elon Judges 12:11-12
      Abdon Judges 12:13-15
      Samson Judges 13-16
      Eli 1 Samuel 1:1-4:1
      Samuel 1 Samuel 4:1-7:17

  29. CAK

    One critical difference now than either the Great Depression of the 20s and 30s or Germany under hyperinflation is: the state of our society. One thing missing from all these guests’ responses as to what to do, how to react, what it will be like is: how will society (and hence goverment) react now versus then, specifically in controlling the masses? The US government will have no recourse except to implement martial law, and does anyone living in the modern day United States (or even Europe) have any idea what that means?

    Remember the state of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. Did you see masses of people working immediately hand in hand to help others? No, you saw mass chaos, confusion, and rioting ensue. Stores were ransacked … what happened to people’s morals, if they had any to begin with? How quickly does fear change one’s perspective.

    As to Europe, remember the difference between West Berlin and East Berlin, before the fall of the Wall. Images in the 80s would routinely show evenings in West Berlin, lights, parties, people going outside, enjoying themselves … whereas East Berlin was dark at night, under curfew, no one was walking about, the State having imposed strict controls.

    It is even worse now. But the goals of the elite have stayed the same, namely, population control, and a new world order, headed by their chosen messiah. There will be no election next year in the US; there cannot be. The elite already have their perfect Manchurian President in Obama, and they will discard him after he finishes destroying the last remnants of the America into which we were born.

    I lived in Washington DC on 9/11. I know the feeling of helplessness, isolation, and uncertainty that ensued in the immediate aftermath. Now living elsewhere, I am amazed (but not surprised) by what others experienced on 9/11 … basically, hearing the news, maybe even having a television set up in one’s office space, but essentially, the day continued for them as any other, work continued, and all that tragedy was afar, somewhere else, and so, in the end, does it really matter to me?

    This time it will, and it will affect everyone, everywhere. There will be no place to hide, no safe refuge. And this is when you will have to draw upon your faith, your character, what really does make you tick? Is it just to get ahead, step on the other guy to ensure your success first and foremost, or is it to sacrifice yourself for another (potentially), to be aware that if they come for your neighbor today, they may likely be coming for you tomorrow?

    I don’t see anyway out of this apart from faith, believing in something (Someone) greater than oneself. Someone even more powerful than the elite of this world, who want to see (and their goal has remained unchanged since the eugenics movement of the past) a 95% reduction in world population. For me, my faith is Christian, and I am preparing for the return of Christ. If your faith is different, okay then, but the question remains the same: what are you preparing for?

    The PTB got us into this mess, and you are preparing for them to get us out, safe and secure? That will hardly happen. Are you preparing to have to restart society from the ground up, like the pilgrims landing on Plymouth Rock, in a total wilderness, a total unknown? Well then, expect suffering, and much of it. Your Social Security, your 401K, your gold, your silver, will be little more than an afterthought.

    Jesus’ admonition remains the same: what does it profit a man to gain the whole world, but lose his soul? Your soul, and your eternity, is worth far more than this temporary existence. For what time is left, prepare to help others, for those you help today, may in turn be helping you tomorrow. Stay close to family and friends, and know that the greatest sacrifice you make, may be with your very life. When you stare death in the face, and emerge on the other side, that is when you know that you are finally HOME.

  30. Doug

    Another great interview Greg. There certainly seems to be a synthesis among most of the guests and I am in the same camp that everyone else is in. Frankly I’m beyond amazed that they’ve managed to pull it off as long as they have and I do believe that they are trying to get us in a good war with someone….anyone so that they can use that to place the blame on.

    They’ll say ‘We were in a recovery and things were going great, who could of seen war with X, Y or Z happening’? The last thing the .gov and banking/financial establishment wants are people coming after them with the pitchforks and blaming them for the problems.

    As far as timing I have a saying that I like to use. ‘When ‘it’ happens, it happens. Until ‘it’ happens it hasn’t happened yet.’ And I also think that when the bottom does drop out like as Casey said it will hit fast and furious. Best advice is to stay close to God, do what you can with what you’ve got in order to prepare and rest in the knowledge that God has everything under complete control and these days were appointed for us to walk through before the creation of the earth. Keeps everything balanced for me.

    And since you do take requests….about time for Rob Kirby again, eh??

  31. Daniel G.


    This article has left me scared and I do not scare easily. I had plans of opening a business and signed and paid for a lease already. Does this mean I should jump ship and catch the next flight out of the USA with my family? I do not have very much saved (50k) but I think that might be enough to start a life somewhere. What would you do? Or better yet, what are you doing to prepare for this disaster? Any advise will help.

    • Greg Hunter

      I would not leave the country. I would prepare here for the shock that will be global in nature.

      • frederick

        Greg İ respectfully disagree İ never thought about EVER leaving the states but the last 10 years or so changed my mind. The standard of living with the high property taxes and costs of food and insurance as well as the US govts promotion of GMO foods convinced me it was time to go. The other thing that really got to me and the last straw for me was losing my job to a couple mexican guys who were working off the books for 12 dollars an hour. i just couldnt afford to stay sadly God bless what you do

    • VShook

      Rarely do the extremes talked about here, or on any other site, ever happen in real life. Business is booming or good in most places I visit. There are few signs of financial stress that most on this site seem to betting on — and timing of any major bad financial event is most likely decades into the future. Just notice how many have predicted (timing of) armageddon here and elsewhere — and that it has not happened. Will there be some hard times in our future? Sure. Always have been and always will be. Don’t let those here seeking a confirmation of their own biases for disaster deter you from making your business decision. Make that one on your capital reserve assets, analysis of the market, pricing and your ability to provide value to your customers. Much better than betting all you have on an event the central banks and governments around the world are dead set on preventing, and most likely will prevent, for many more years.

    • Cryptic Little Sister

      Make a vow to God saying what you will do with the resources you have.

    • Jerry

      If I told you, you had a fire smoldering in one of the rooms of your house what would you do? You may not even see the flames yet, or even smell the smoke, and of course the fire department could come and put the fire out before something could happen. But then again, it could escalate into a roaring fire and burn your house down. Its your call. Just because something hasn’t happened yet, doesn’t mean it won’t. And just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean its not real.

    • Keith

      Just my opinion, but I would not count on being able to access your savings in a bank account once the dam breaks. Think power outage, EMP, ‘computer hack’ on the banking system, etc. Then more than ever, cash [in hand] is king.

  32. Casey

    What a coincidence to mention Catherine Austin Fitts. I spent some time this weekend trying to understand her thoughts and need to spend a lot more as she is a deep thinker with complex analyses. For one, she is very critical of “fear porn” and assigns only a tiny 1% chance of the collapse and cleansing of the financial and monetary systems that many others predict because TPTB can keep the system going much, much longer. But then she goes on to talk about UFO’s, aliens, mind control and breakaway civilizations. I don’t know what to make of her yet but I don’t think that she is to be taken lightly.

    If I had the chance to ask her a question it would be this: assuming she’s right and that these corrupt, fraudulent and immoral monetary and economic systems will not collapse but instead go on and on, what should the “man in the street” do to not just survive but prosper within those systems? Doomsday prepping won’t cut it if the system can go on and on, so what does a prudent person do?

    Thanks Greg for all your excellent work.

    • Greg Hunter

      The “Fear Porn” here come with some devastating facts that back it up. If you think widespread crime by government and its bankers has a calming effect on the economy then you might want to look a little deeper on what can go wrong and figure out how to protect yourself. Here is an ugly fact that Ms. Fitts shys away from addressing and that is tens of millions are not going to make the transition from the 2.0 to the 3.0 economy. If you are going to make it then no problem but many need to prepare for not making it. You going to make it. You know what it means if you don’t? Is that “Fear Porn”? Thank you for your comment and support.

      • Casey

        Greg I didn’t in any way mean to suggest you do “fear porn,” that was CAF’s term, not mine, and she wasn’t talking about you, either.

        I became persuaded by the case for collapse about three years ago and continue to prepare accordingly. I would just like to understand her reasoning a little better as to why there won’t be a collapse when the signs seem to indicate otherwise, including all the facts you bring out on your site with your excellent guest interviews.

        • Greg Hunter

          Yes Casey no problem. I was just offering a perspective after interviewing her several times. Ms. Fitts is also very scared of a derivative meltdown which is yet another way a black swan can cause a meltdown of the system. Don’t get me wrong, Ms. Fitts is very smart and I really like her but there is a real downside for the financial system and many experts including Fitts knows this. My suggestion to all is get yourself in a state of readiness and stay ready. When this come down nobody is going to blow a trumpet and warn you to get to safety–that’s not how this works. We are good and your points were well made and well taken.

      • Casey

        Greg your remark about the millions of people who aren’t going to make it reminded me of my wife and my trip to Sam’s Club yesterday morning to get some “monster boxes” of TP (just one of the preps :)). It was absolutely mobbed, worse than I’ve ever seen it even though this is a small town in a county with only 100k people in it and even though it was during church hours when we time our trips.

        What the heck is going on, I wondered, and then it hit me – yesterday was the first of the month aka EBT card fill up day. I told my wife we had just waited in our first soup line.

        I feel horribly for these people because they are not going to make it. They’re not even making it now.

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you for the reporting from the real world Casey.

        • PaulRon

          Casey, We did exactly as you did. Sunday, Nov 1st, we went to Sam’s about 11, as that is one of the least busy times at Sam’s because of the church folks not being there. We live in a Florida town of about 100,000 also. We did not think about it being the first of the month. We drove up, and the parking lot was packed….like Thanksgiving Eve. Started to go in, and we my mate said…..”oh, its the first of the month, and all the cards are reloaded”…..sure enough. It was not the most affluent crown (which I am very blessed to not be a part of……and I do feel for them, even though so many are in that position because of their life choices). I see decay all around. And, Florida is one state that usually looks like utopia, if one has driven around many parts of the country recently. I always enjoy reading your site Greg, and the comments. I don’t feel as isolated in my thoughts with your column. I sure cannot, and do not, talk with family and friends any longer, as most still believe the USA gov’t is great, the best on the world, and they all believe we should keep on fighting the terrorists. Thanks again Greg for your work.

      • Old Dog

        The question is, Greg, who are the ones that are going to make that transition from the 2.0 to 3.0 economy? I have listened to a few of CAF’s commentary and I am impressed that only those who have special high-tech (look to the future) skills are going to be “needed” in this new economy.
        Where does that leave the Baby Boomers, retirees, elderly and a lot of good working people that today are just scraping by?
        If one don’t make the transition, what happens to him?
        Where do “country folk” who live modest lives, close to the land, fit into this scenario?
        If you have CAF on again, please ask her some very tough questions. She appears to not want to address the ugly reality for those left behind in 2.0? She alludes to that ugliness. Maybe you can get her to specific about what “ugly” looks like.

        On the street reporting, young families are feeling the pain big time as the health insurance premiums are going UP!!!!! We just learned of one family who got “the letter” telling them their family insurance cost was going to $1900/month. This is small town America. That is almost as much as people here make for a monthly salary.

        Another young family of four told me there insurance premium was going from $860/month to $1340/month in January.
        They cannot afford it. They lamented: What do we do? If we drop it, we get penalized by the IRS. $1340 is nearly half of what we earn a month. The dad works full-time; the mom works part-time.
        They are being “forced” to go to Obamacare, the mom said.
        Then she asked the question, Is this intentional?
        My honest reply: Yes, I believe it is. Government will get its socialized medicine by hook or by crook.

        • Calgirl

          Old Dog
          Obamacare will fail, IMO. There is no way the insurance companies can pay out when they have so little coming in. Some of the insurance companies are already folding. Problem is, will the government (IRS) be stopped from penalizing those without O’care? Certainly half of America will be unable to pay the IRS if they can’t pay for O’care.
          To wit:
          Obamacare Enters a Downward Spiral as Co-ops Fail and Enrollment Slows

        • Charles H

          Old Dog,

          I expect doctors to be outlawed from treating people outside of government sanctioned institutions in the future. There will be NO where to go, but to The Man. (Over 2000 pages nobody read.)

          • Old Dog

            I agree.
            That is the intention.

    • JC

      Casey. Good question for her. Email her and let me know her response. I have asked myself the same question. What will the 70% unacceptable do ?

      • JC

        With 1/5 of America working that must mean not a lot of people can be there own banker.
        Good question.

  33. Unemployed American

    Just one thing. I disagree wholeheartedly with Casey’s assertion “there is no excuse to be unemployed or partially employed.”

    I wish you had followed up with him on that a bit. Do you agree with Casey? I certainly do not. I know too many people struggling, and they’re all good people. Veterans, college graduates, homeless.

    Also, the “working poor” is one of the largest new classes of people. Lots of these corporations subject their workers to on call part time hours. I read a great article about a single mom working for Starbucks, who is constantly subjected to periods of getting no hours, and expected to work at the drop of a hat whenever she is called in. What does Doug have to say to her? Work harder?

    Anyway, the rest of the interview was excellent and I respect Casey. I am just a little bit inclined to take his advice with a grain of salt when he makes such an assertion. It either shows insensitivity, lack of understanding, or both.

    Perhaps he could have worded it better, and said that while the economy may be in a very tough spot, there are still opportunities for work. That’s what I would say.

  34. Rich

    My estimation of Mr. Casey went up when he pronounced,
    scylla and charybdis correctly.

    • Mike Gleason

      The best part is when he said to have a rummage sale and use the money to buy gold coins.

  35. tulip

    you’ve had these pundits state calamity for how long..???

    • Greg Hunter

      Go back to sleep tulip and watch CNBC. Everything is going to be alright and buy stocks for the long term.

      • Art Barnes

        Hey Greg, I don’t know if you saw CNBC this morning but they had a segment on gold price; it was stated by a CNBC regular host that gold was like “owing and old mule”, in other words tired and can’t pull the plow analogy, they believe its going to go lower. CNBC host are all FED lovers, all except the lone wolf Rick Santelli as he is pretty cool and tells it like it is at times. But I must add that today was the last day I will ever watch it, they have showed their bias butts to long and too many times, they still are even discussing if the FED is going to raise interest rates rise next month, in the Christmas shopping season, give me a break. Oh, CNBC, if your reading this my middle right hand finger is pointing straight ahead for you all.

        • Greg Hunter

          OMG printed money and phone accounting and fraud is the way to go CNBC!!!! Thank you Art.

  36. Calgirl

    May be a way out of Obamacare….
    October 31, 2015
    Colorado Pushes for Universal Health Care
    by Nathan Schneider
    Reprinted from

    First pot, now health. In November 2012, Colorado voters approved a ballot initiative that made recreational use of marijuana legal, despite a federal ban. In November of next year, the state will have the opportunity to lead the way again–this time, by opting out of Obamacare and replacing it with ColoradoCare, a universal health care system governed by those who rely on it. Proponents presented far more than the requisite 99,000 signatures required to put the initiative on the 2016 ballot in Denver today, though they must be verified in the coming weeks.

  37. Jim Fallstar

    “Top dogs and running dogs running around in government”… Calling these people dogs is insulting to dogs, and attributing qualities to these people that they do not possess.

    • Greg Hunter

      You made me laugh but it is a valid point. I’d like to compare these people to pond scum but pond scum is useful.

  38. Max Meister

    Another so called expert who thinks he can time the market. I would not be surprised to see this year going by without a major market calamity taking place. If so, he would just be one more of those guys who totally failed with his prediction. Yes yes i know, we are in uncharted territories but if so, why these guys allways need to make predictions. Haven’t we heard 2015.75 predictions more than enough from a whole bunch of experts and they were all wrong, not with the matter as such but with the timing. Sometimes i’m not so sure what motivation these guys really have when they make these kind of statements. Certainly they need to make money in one way or another. They are not working to make everybody happy but to bring foreward their business in the first place. This is totally normal and i totally understand it but keeping that in mind, we should not expect to allways hear the truth and nothing else than the truth from them. Everybody not being totally ingnorant knows, we are in trouble in a number of matters and we should be in even deeper trouble than we actually are today. The fact that we aren’t is proof enough that the things often take much longer to unfold than it appears. By the way, a market crash will need a trigger and there are a awful lot of potential triggers around. Just pure logic should tell us that nobody is able to know what exactly will trigger the collapse.
    Eventhough i like this channel and i very much respect the work you do Greg, i have to say that with every failed prediction, your channel suffers credibility and that is probably not only happening to me. That is a petty because i recognize your efforts and good intention of helping people to get the right info.

    • Alex

      I agree with you. I personally always read the predictions of these experts with some dose of scepticism, especially when they pretend to know the timing of the forthcoming economic collapse. I believe they are right that there will be a collapse but it is not very probable for it to happen until the end of the year. I wouldn’t be too surprised if the economy keeps the same course for the next few years.

    • St. John

      Totally agree with you. I respect Doug Casey on his research and philosophy. Love the way he lives his life abroad freely out of the U.S. system. However, his coming “Great Depression” prediction was wrong. In 1980, he predicted the “Great Depression” with his NY Times best selling book “Crisis Investing” and it never came. He predicted that gold will go up to $3,500 and McDonald will go bankrupt as no ones will have money to eat there during the depression. It was supposed to be a horrible, worser than the 1930 depression. Fast forward 35 years to today and that depression never come. You can literally take his prediction and speech during that interview with Phil Donahue in 1980 and apply it to today for another “Great Depression” warning, and it will work perfectly fine. I’m sure he will be right at some time in the future as his vision is correct, but the timing is wrong. It’s a slow burn and will take many more years to collapse this system as it has taken 35 years from his first prediction. Continue to prepare for the collapse, but live your life as well. Search for that video clip on YouTube or click the link below to watch that interview.

  39. Diane D

    Another excellent interview. Thank you Doug and Greg. Others may claim to be The Storm Center, but WatchDogs know better.

    The PTB have basically two tools to get what they want, the printing press and the US military. I see no end to more printing and more wars. Socialists and Neocons are classic useful idiots.

    Are we not witnesses to the cultural death of Western Europe? Wouldn’t the PTB love to see North America overrun next year? Picture tankers arriving at our ports. The numbers would dwarf those crossing what was once our southern border.

    God emphasized that it is ‘not for us to know’. But to this poor soul, the emerging global recipe for chaos sure feels as though scriptures may play out.

  40. James

    Russia isn’t doing the stupid things that the rest of the world is doing, yet there’s rarely any comment that financially they’re in much better shape. ZIRP or NIRP is non-existent. Russian savers get 6- 10% on their bank deposits and the Russian government has a minuscule 17% debt to equity. Then there’s the international reserves which, since March, have grown $20 billion to $377 billion. That’s enough to pay their bills for years. A million ounces of gold bullion was added to those reserves in October to continue the steady buildup of bullion.

    Sanctions are causing problems in Russia but those same sanctions are crushing European business. Today, there’s little stomach to continue them past January 2016.

    There’s a good chance that Russia may be the last man standing when the dust settles from this madness.

  41. Ross

    To co-inside with a financial collapse they’ll probably try to have a ” limited war” with Russia and China to bring more draconian laws on us. The intent is population reduction and total control under the guise of saving the planet.

    We have never had democracy under this debt money creation system because a few have had such enormous power.

    So in order to save the planet they first have to destroy it. Orwell would love their logic.

  42. Craig Michael

    Hi Greg,
    People would be well advised to act upon what they are hearing from you and Mr. Casey and most of your other guests.

    I also strongly disagree with Mr. Casey’s comment that there is no excuse for being unemployed or underemployed.

    Also, that we need to learn to become speculators and that there are still fortunes to be made? With time so short, the many markets rigged, fiat currency at the end of its run?

    I would love to take that class to learn how.

    Thanks again for your site Greg.

    • Greg Hunter

      Craig Michael,
      Your point is well made and well taken. I think Casey is really saying you need to do all you can now to raise cash and get prepared. I have never heard a timing call to be this short and this overt. He clearl;y said by the end of the year we begin to hit the sidewalk. If you look at the Baltic Dry Index you can make a good case for it. Peter Schiff and Casey are on the same page when Schiff says it’s “going to be a horrible Christmas.” I’ll be shocked it the global economy is not in head on implosion by spring of 2016 (if not earlier) no matter how much money they print.
      Thank you for your kind words and support.

  43. JC

    It is a sad thing to look your loved ones in the eye and tell them what they have worked for 45 years may not happen. With tears in her eyes I explained it to my sister. Today she has picked up the cross of prepping.

  44. tulip

    I haven’t had a TV in 10 yrs. Im anything but asleep..
    I think many of your guests aren’t on target in regards to
    timing…..actually Im on their side..for the most part…
    Sinclair supported gold all the way down from the top..
    who will believe him now..???

    • Charles H


      The issue is not that Jim Sinclair presided over the drop in from the top; but that the market is a mangy tail wagging the dying dog. It is always darkest before the dawn.
      Almost ALL of his facts, figures, and reasoning are sound; only timing is the mystery.
      One doesn’t discount 90% right only to justify seeing the 10% wrong.

  45. Southern Girl

    I know some on this site follow Lindsey Williams so I just happen to find a interview mid-October…

    • BetterChetter

      Pastor Wms. was predicting collapse after the 2012 elections – due to his sources, from being on the oil well rigs:

      Now it will be this year, again, according to his sources.
      We all know the scam being perpetrated on US citizens holding fiat currency.
      We all want to see the truth reveal itself. We want it to happen, to have some measure of certainty in our lives.
      Maybe it will, but maybe it won’t.

    • Cryptic LIttle Sister

      Yes, this man is telling you the truth. This is what I was referring to when I said that events from now on will be more political than financial or economic. The economic changes have already led to a new system of global currency and finance. Recall, China will have gold, Chicago will control silver.

  46. xyz

    One thing he said does not make sense to me. He said: To prepare for the big financial melt down, the ordinary people should liquidate themselves , selling things they “don’t need”, empty their garage and basement, and turn them into cash. Well, since he expect that the us dollar is going to loss all value during the next financial crisis due to all money printing by the Fed Reserve, isn’t cash going to be the most useless thing? Shouldn’t ordinary people instead of getting rid of the “real assets” , should get rid of cash, and turn them into the real assets, filling their garage and basement with the things they don’t need now, but might need in the future, such as tools, soup, toilet paper, food, even alcohols? So to me, Casey really did not know what he was talking about. If anyone think my argument was wrong, please correct me.

    • paul

      Your exactly right xyz … only the things you know “can’t be bartered easily” should be sold and the “cash” held as nickels, silver or gold … all the rest should “not be liquidated” if you think you are going to need them … why spend your precious metals to obtain these thing later!

      • xyz

        Thanks Paul, for the kind response and the clarification!

    • Calgirl

      As I posted earlier and re-iterate now, Mr Casey is speaking to his class of the elite rich.
      While we appreciate his perspective, we little people don’t have disposable income to invest in his market timing scenario. And we don’t have the insider info as to which companies are rigging their numbers and will probably fail. He thinks there are plenty of jobs for us all and we should sell everything for cash that will be useless in the long run. I believe I am correct that he has denied that the market is rigged. He’s talking his book! We should be upgrading our skill-set for use after the collapse. We should be stocking up on absolute necessities. We should buy as much G/S as we can afford. We should be looking at how to safeguard ourselves and our families. We should solidify our spiritual commitments.
      We should do some hard thinking about exactly who we can trust and who are questionable as far as discussing our preparations…..etc, etc. And above all:
      “So live that you wouldn’t be ashamed to sell the family parrot to the town gossip. ” Will Rogers

  47. Davis in Charlotte

    Like so many other leftists, while our economy collapses around our ears, Bernie Sanders has embarked on the claim that America should become more European like and institute even more social welfare programs. As they always do, they hold up Sweden as some sort of shining example of how the modern socialist state should work.

    The problems is, like with so many other leftist arguments, this one is superficial and shallow in its accounting of the historical realities behind modern Sweden. In short the argument is rife with the lies of omission.

    In that period when the American colonists were just begining their long struggle against King George III, Sweden was still under the domination of the usual types of self-entitled nobility and opressive trade guilds that had been the social model since the middle ages. Most of the population lived in the poverty of a feudal economic system. They were quite simply serfs. By the begining of the 19th century the same type of enlightened classical liberalism that had inspired the American Revolution began to take root in Sweden. The nation was transformed from an economic system of Royal licences and trade guilds into a model of laze fair economics.

    The transformation was so complete that in the period between the middle of the 19th century and the middle of the 20th century Sweden’s population doubled and personal income grew nearly 1000%. Sweden became the 4th wealthiest nation in the world. Sweden’s industry and population became one of the most moder and innovative in the world. This, coupled with sound banking policy allowed them to accumulate massive capital reserves.

    There was so much properity and wealth that the Swedish left ehich had been, if not dormant, unable to make much headway against it. They then chsnged tactics snd began insisting that all tose teserves should be spent on providing the usual litany of “free stuff” for the population at large. By the year 2000 many programs were in place from health care to subsidized housing etc. and Sweden still held its place as number 4 in national wealth. But then all those capital reserves built up over a century of hard work and frugality began to run out and Sweden quickly slipped from number 4 to number 14 on the list of national wealth. Additionally since the social welfare era Sweden’s economic growth has stagnated and real job creation has fsllen to near zero and corporste innovation has all but disappeared as major corporations survive primarily on government contracts and no longer have to compete.

    As Sweden continues to deteriorate economically so it also deterioates socially snd evrn serms to be unable to defend themselves or their culture from sn invading horde of Muslimd who hsve no interest in assimilating into Sweden but rather seek to parasitically destroy it from the inside. Wotking against this trend Sweden has begun to cut back on its social welfare system and privatize large sectors of the economy that had become state controlled.

    The idea that the US can impliment a Swedish style socialistic system on a nation of nearly 325 million without destroying labor mobility, taxing captial generation and innovation out of existance just when it is needed most is purely delusional. The Swedes are begining to rreturn to their productive capitalistc roots. We should be doing the same.

    • Calgirl

      Davis Great post! Thanks for the lesson.

  48. Beano

    OK, so now what?

  49. Faith

    I enjoyed this interview. I liked what Mr. Casey said about clearing out your old stuff to raise cash. Again another person that recommends gold, and silver, for the regular person. I like silver because it is affordable. People understand me when I ask them this question: “When SHTF would you rather have a $20 bill or one-ounce of silver that you bought for $20?” Furthermore, I agree with Mr. Casey in that we take a lot for granted. There are no guarantees that the grocery store shelves will remain stocked with food. There are no guarantees that your debit / credit card will work tomorrow. There are no guarantees that the internet is going to function or that you will wake up and the electricity will function. A good practical experiment is to turn off the electricity to your home for 48 hours. Do this experiment in the summer and the winter so that you know what to expect. Can you boil water? How? Boiling water means you can make coffee or tea and prepare basics like a can of soup. Boiling water on a camping stove in the garage with no power is quite different from pushing a button on a Keurig.

    I grew up during the Cold War and remember photos and video footage of Russians standing in long lines for bread at stores with empty shelves.

    I think the CEO of Overstock will be proven, in time, to have been prescient with regard to the preparations he has made for his employees.

    Another poster, Jim Taylor, asked the question about timing with regard to buying land and real estate and other investments. Silver is affordable for everyone. About land, I am stocking up on silver but I hope to be able to use that silver to purchase farmland after the collapse. I think people ought to consider their suburban back yard a resource for growing food and raising protein. Dmitry Orlov talks about this as a strategy used by folks in Russia which enbled them to survive those empty shelves.

    Cutting back on one’s expenses and not incurring new one’s in order to save is critical. Do you really need that new thing or new service?

    I am an ordinary person. I don’t have any special skills and I am not wealthy. The skills I have are in the area of critical thinking and observation. That is all. I hope my comments are useful to others.

    • WD


      I like Orlov and believe he has useful info, but be careful he is still a communist at heart.

      He is adamant about gun confiscation ( not just gun control) but out right gun confiscation. He is always a driven climate change nazi. I stopped reading his post about 3 months ago because of the gun control issue.

    • xyz

      ” I liked what Mr. Casey said about clearing out your old stuff to raise cash.”
      ” I think people ought to consider their suburban back yard a resource for growing food and raising protein. Dmitry Orlov talks about this as a strategy used by folks in Russia which enbled them to survive those empty shelves.”

      If you have empty shelves and have to use your back yard for growing food, what good is your cash? You “old stuff” might be the tools you think you do not need when you sell them to raise cash, and end up being instrumental for you to till the ground, while the cash you raised turn out to be just worthless.

    • Southern Girl

      I agree with what you wrote in preparations. I have been preparing for 5 years now. I learned to grow vegetables, where the roses were in my garden. I learned to can what I grow or what was local that was fresh. I then learned to dehydrate…I mean everything from blueberries, peaches, potatoes, meat, etc. Put the dehydrated foods in canning jars with an O2 packet an wallah! Good for 30 years. I learned how to make wine with grape juice. I learned how to re-blossom an egg so I keep about 12 dozen eggs in the refrigerator for up to a year. I learned how to make butter from fresh milk.

      I also have a generator with extra gas to run. I have a fireplace inside and out. A have a grill with extra propane. I even have cooked with a solar oven…made bread. One of the best ideas I got was getting oil lamps with lamp oil from good old Wally world. They are so cheap that you can have tons around and the oil burns for a long time. I have 3 ricks of wood plus another one if needed. Frig inside and out full and separate freezer full. Got my PM’s and $200 worth of nickels…they are off site but accessible.

      My front room is my store. I have 3, 6’x4′ shelving with food stocked. I think I am ready. Will start my seeds for spring in Dec/Jan. I can even grow inside my house as the windows allow the sun in during the winter.

      You might also consider buying silver is portable and you can still buy it cheap…check out ebay!

      I am also with you on cutting expenses. I dry my clothes outside on a clothes line. Put in the new light bulbs to save money. Turned the water heater down in the summer. I really want to get rid of Uverse TV. Not much on but I do watch the oldies. It cost me about $80 for the AT&T Uverse. Would like to just go antenna and play my old dvd’s. I wash my dishes by hand most of the time. I try not to waste water when I am waiting for the hot water in the kitchen. I collect the water in a pitcher to use outside. If you have some more ideas I am all ears.

      • Faith

        @ Southern Girl: you remind me of my grandparents. In the modern era we live better than royalty did 200 years ago and we take so much for granted. Growing food and having a small garden are not rocket science.

        It sounds to me like you could probably start teaching what you know to other folks in your area and make some extra money! I would offer to teach a class at your local community center or to have offer a tour or advetise at your local college or university for interns interested in learning. Wow, you sound like you are ready.

        Oh my gosh I love keeping some old oil lamps on my fireplace! They are better than candles, and safer. You can buy replacement wicks and get lamp oil that is basically smokeless. When the power goes out I have a headlamp and flashlights but it is my oil lamps that I can turn on for hours and it feels like home, bright and cheery! I like keeping a deck of cards, a cribbage board, a paperback copy of Hoyle’s Rules for Games.

        We take electronic entertainment for granted. If the power is out for an extended period of time, figuring out how to survive the boredom is critical.

        Good luck and thank you so much for the positive feedback! You are an inspiration.

  50. RadarNJ

    Hello Greg! You listen so well to your guests and your spot on questions reflect that. I have made my way thanks be to God in my small company for 36 years now. Not a lot of money but a mountain of satisfaction. Like you I love my job! Your question what does the little guy do rang loud. Mr Casey’s answer was without thinking on his part. One liquidate. Two consolidate. Three generate. Four speculate. We can do the first three no problemo however Greg you really help with number four … speculate. God bless you and loved ones!

  51. Benjamin F

    Greg, a future lies in “the face book of news” whatever that is. Kind of like what LinkedIn should have been. Not quite disques. Uses can create an account and post stories, blogs, photos, ideas, links etc. A place where people can get the news from people they know. I try to tell people via face book what is going on but nobody cares

    • Greg Hunter

      Thay will Benjamin, they will. Greg

  52. Cryptic Little Sister

    To all Christians reading this: Do not be afraid to curse Israel. It is heresy not to recognize the crimes of that state. Do not be cowed by a few voices telling you to worship at the altar of a state. Do not be so timid. God has decreed severe punishment for their crimes.

    It will come.

    • Greg Hunter

      You are a false profit. EVS Bible : Genesis 12:2-3. God is speaking to Abraham. “I will make you into a great nation and I will bless you; I will make your name great, and you will be a blessing. I will bless those who bless you,and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you.” There are many Bible verses about blessing and protecting Israel There is not one that says what you say. You are done here.

      • matt

        Greg, you need to understand that NO nation is infallible. If someone does not agree with a particular nations policy or conduct, one can profess that. And biblical interpretation of what is considered Israel is open for interpretation,even among followers. Some consider Israel as spiritual,not a geographic location.

        • Greg Hunter

          They are wrong.

      • Doug Krause

        Well hallelujah Greg…I was wondering when cls would push the right buttons on your spiritiul man….good riddance,cheers Doug

        • Greg Hunter

          I let it go on because I do took a chance on CLS having some real inside information for folks here. I was hoping it would help them. It did not work out and there will be no more from her (or him.)

      • Faith

        Thank you Mr. Hunter for drawing a line with regard to CLS. You were more than fair to this person and were far more patient than I could ever be with regard to some of the posts this person made.

        I agree with you, that cursing Israel was unacceptable.

        Israel is not my enemy and never shall be. Ever.

    • eddiemd

      That is always good advice.

      “Curse Israel”

      Although they may commit crimes against their neighbors, I would leave the cursing and judgment up to their God.
      False prophet. Already knew it previously. Is this someone else posting under the title CLS?

      • Greg Hunter

        CLS is finished here. Thank you for your comment.

    • Linda louin

      As with any country, there’s dirty politics as usual. HOWEVER, in the grander scheme, the land of Israel and the descendents of Abraham are the Apple of GOD’s eye. Therefore, we’re to stand by/support/pray for this great country. I guess your sources have misinformed you.

    • Charles H


      You are wrong on this. NOTHING has ever supplanted Israel, not even the Church. Israel is one thing; Christianity is another – parallel, as both go through time: they are two concurrent economies. The race of Jews – God chose. The Redeemed of Jesus Christ can be anyone in the world; and still reflects choice of opportunity. Only TECHNICALLY are you correct: it is not heresy to curse Israel: but it is a Fool’s sowing to reap the curse of God. This is leading astray in a spiritual sense, and falsity at it’s worst.

    • Faith

      @CLS: Curse Israel? Wow you really showed your true colors with that comment. I have already said that I don’t think anything you say is of interest after you said you stare at the ceiling. You are seriously insane. On top of that you are an anti-semite. I don’t know what God you worship but it is not the same God that I honor and respect. I will pray for you.

  53. Harrie

    A songtekst I wrote some time ago on Bankslavery…

    dont mind the singing or the music… the words count.

    • frank

      That reminds me of the old proverb: “There are none so blind as those who will not see”.
      Can you prove that the Bible contains the word of God, and not the word of jewish high priests justifying and corroborating their claim to power ?

      • Greg Hunter

        Almost all books in the Bible were written my Jews. This includes the New Testament.

      • eddiemd

        The current jewish belief lies more with the Talmud than the Hebrew Bible. There is a difference.
        The Talmud originates sometime around 800AD.

    • JC

      Harrie. can I use the idea you have in this song to write a blues song. Not the same words but the idea.

  54. paul

    Get this … Russian planes get in close to Turkey’s air space … and NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg says, “It’s unacceptable to violate the airspace of another country.” however the NATO chief is strangely quiet as US drones and fighter jets fly multiple missions over Syria??

    Then a Russian passenger plane is purposely blown up …  Russia must damn well know the Neo-con backed ISIS terrorists blew it up … and Russia has now reacted … announcing that “absolutely no foreign troops” would be allowed in Syria without Assad’s consent … so now Russia will likely be going after American boots on the ground … and because of Neo-con stupidity American boys will be needlessly “aborted” at age 18 … why are loony tunes running and ruining our once proud military? …

    • paul

      John Kerry says:”Russia is attacking all regime opponents … not just ISIS” …

    • Calgirl

      Right on Paul
      NATO has repeatedly violated the treaty signed by Reagan and placed missile sites very close to the Russian border trying to cower Putin. But Putin has not reacted as our Neocons had envisioned, but has beefed up his military in defense, bought gold to back his country’s currency, gone a long way to stabilizing his country, and responded intelligently. Fortunately the warmongers of NATO, US, and their puppets are currently losing face and being abandoned.

  55. Ross

    Thanks Greg, I really enjoyed Doug’ s analysis. If Andrew McGuire is right the time is nigh.

    • Iona Laundramat

      Thanks for this link. Fascinating. Scary, too.

    • paul

      Ross … good post … McGuire is on the inside and sees a split in the gold cabals ranks … with JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs on one side and the bullion banks on the other … seems JP Morgan is cornering the physical silver market and GS the physical gold market … they know as we do that “physical trumps paper” … GS has a long history of giving false trading advice to customers … so when GS says “sell gold” we should do the opposite and buy …

  56. paul

    A man supporting a family (wife and 3 kids) working full-time at Walmart earning $10 an hour all year (with two weeks off) makes approximately $20,000 a year … the federal poverty level for a family of five is $28,410 … and 38 percent of all American workers make less than $20,000 a year … gee I wonder why people are not buying new homes? … why are car sales so low? … why is the economy doing so bad? … perhaps we should build a fleet of new bombers at $550 million apiece because we need a strong military to protect this “great economy” we have in the US producing such a wonderful life for its people … I know … only 40% of the population is below the poverty level … the other 60% are making more … yes, in fact 71 % of all American workers are making about $50,000 a year … they can buy a home for $150,000 dollars … but the interest and principle payment to the bank is about $10,000 a year, federal taxes $5,000, school taxes $4,000 and town taxes $2500 … so now these people “who bought a home” are now living at the poverty level with the 38 percent who could not afford to buy a home … however a home needs repair … living in the suburbs requires you own a car and buy gas for it … then you have electric and heating bills to pay … this all likely requires an additional $20,000 to keep you at the poverty level … well … you may say why not have the wife work full time at Walmart to bring in an additional $20,000 … yes, that can be done … but now you have to hire someone to take care of the three kids and what about food? … food and child care can take up all the wife’s additional earnings … so your family is still living in poverty making $70,000 per year with you and your wife working full time … however what happens if you or the kids get sick? … well, that’s simple … we have Obama Care which forces businesses to reduce working hours for you and your wife down to 29 hours a week instead of 40 hours … this results in about a 25% pay cut for the family putting you right back under the poverty level again … so a normal decent wage just to live slightly above the poverty level is probably about $100,000 per year … now how many Americans are making $100,000 per year? … the answer is about 11.5 million out of a total population of 320 million or about 3.5% of the American population is above the poverty level … I have an idea … lets make a “secret trade deal” to move those high paying $100,000 dollar jobs overseas … we can tell them about it 4 years from now when they join the other 96.5% of American’s living in poverty … we know that when 100 percent of the American people are living in poverty Walmart will begin closing down stores … what do the working poor do without a Walmart job? … what do think about this idea … let’s give a “zero” increase in Social Security to senior citizens in retirement this year … we can just “cook the books” to show no inflation … and besides … we can use their money to start more wars and help out the ISIS terrorists! …

  57. Charles

    Great info and many good comments. Aside from stocking up on beans, band-aids, and bullets, Greg, what to you see as a baseline regarding gold holdings (i.e. how many ounces would be sufficient to get the average Joe thru the initial crisis, say 6 months to a year) and silver holdings? Thanks for your work and labor to wake folks up!!

    • Greg Hunter

      I have no idea anyone else like to make an educated guess? Please do.

      • paul

        In the Bible it was shown that having a reserve of 7 years was very prudent … so to survive for seven years “at the poverty level” of $50,000 dollars per year in an economic calamity … and assuming Jim Sinclair is right about gold going to $50,000 per ounce … prudence of Biblical proportions suggests one should own a minimum of 7 ounces of gold!

        • paul

          On further consideration … we can’t expect gold to jump to $50,000 dollars per ounce “immediately” … it will likely rise over a number of years … lets do a hypothetical time-phase analysis and say gold goes up to $2000 the 1st year (and assuming you can survive at the $20,000 dollars poverty level … then you will need [10 ounces] of gold the first year) … say the second year gold rises to $5000 (you will need [4 ounces]) … the third year gold goes to $10,000 (you will need [2 ounces]) … the forth year gold goes to $20,000 (you will need [1 ounce]) … and say for the 5th , 6th and 7th year (one ounce for each of them) … this “time-phased analysis” suggests you will need a minimum of 20 ounces of gold to survive at the poverty level!

        • Greg Hunter

          Very good Paul. You would sell one ounce per year if you are not raptured.

      • JC

        100 oz. silver 5 oz. gold. All in small amounts to be used if there is any trade. I personally believe when it gets that bad there will be no trade with metal. Beans ,water, guns, and knowledge will be the best life preserver. The electric grid will be shut down as a distraction from the truth.
        They will blame any and all except themselves.

        • Greg Hunter

          You are probably correct JC.

  58. James Sullivan

    Hello Greg;
    Another great interview.
    Its normal for people to ask / predict the coming of the great reset….we all have much to lose and fear for our loved ones. For those who early on decided the financial crisis would one day come, there is the emotional drain that accompanies the long term affect of stress. I see it often in the comments such as ‘Bring it on!’ etc …..even when the commentor knows the human misery that will ensue. I have followed / studied the alternate media’s reporting for 3-4 years now and I have had to force myself to remain dispassionate if only to keep positive energy in my day to day.
    I will say this: We know a hurricane is approaching by the clouds and wind. We can also guess how imminent by the rising intensity…..but we don’t wait for the storm to hit before we begin preparations..
    Our good sense tells us the size of the world’s debt precludes it will ever be repaid. That is our first sign. Our good sense tells us that fraud and cronyism rules the world. That is our second sign. Our good sense should be trusted in that there is a great storm approaching. We may not know when it will make landfall , but we prepare now because we have good sense. There is little difference if the storm hit this evening or tomorrow …as long as we have prepared. Fear not!

  59. Diane D

    Re. rejection of CLS or anyone based on their interpretation of the Bible.

    Greg, please allow other opinions about this vital matter. The Biblical interpretation that it is America’s duty to protect Israel at all costs has led to 28 years of continuous wars. This has resulted in death and suffering of hundreds of thousands of people. Many if not most were surely innocent. What if that interpretation is wrong? What if it provides cover for evil?

    To reject other opinions would be to reject the arguments of Christian leaders such Pastor Chuck Baldwin. He is one of few true Biblical scholars and historians of today. Baldwin is a nationally recognized freedom fighter. He is the national Chaplain for Oath Keepers. Baldwin proudly wears the badge of honor for making the ‘Top 10 Patriot Hit List’ of the evil SPLC. Baldwin was the Constitution Party’s presidential candidate in 2008 and endorsed by Senator Ron Paul. James Wesley Rawles, founder of Survival Blog wrote of Pastor Chuck Baldwin, “He has done yeoman service in promoting the American Redoubt movement.” Joel Skousen, founder of World Affairs Brief and staunch Constitutionalist wrote, “Pastor Chuck Baldwin is the greatest religious champion for liberty in America!”

    Baldwin is crying to out to Christians to stop this shedding of innocent blood with continuous unjust wars; wars justified by misinterpretation of Genesis 12. His video messages are available to all who seek the truth. In a nutshell, his message is that Christians should treat the United Nations-created Israel no different than any other nation. Christians’ only duty to Israel is to bring the message of salvation through Jesus Christ. Baldwin is quick to remind Christians, that is also their duty to Muslims!

    To dismiss Baldwin’s messages of Israel would be akin to dismissing Building 7 relative to 9/11. God is the source of all truth. And truth will reveal all evil. Seeking truth is what USAWatchdog does best.

    • Greg Hunter

      Sorry Diane D.,
      All the above mentioned can do whatever they want on their property–not on mine. We are talking about the specific encouragement from CLS for “Christians to criticize Israel.” This is someone who will not reveal themselves. This is different from Building 7 and Oath Keepers and all the rest. By the way, I like many of the people and groups you mentioned and have nothing at all against them.

      • mark

        And just to set the record straight Greg, CLS wrote that Christians should not be afraid to “curse” Israel because it is “heresy” to not recognize the crimes of that state.

      • aps

        Greg, thank you for standing with the Jewish people (Israel).

        I do not ALWAYS agree with what Israel does but for the most part 95% + of the time they do the right thing. Compare them with their neighbors and whose values do you want to reflect?

        People need to know that the world is going to go up against Israel. You people need to determine which side you are going to be on, either with Israel or against them. Either you are with God with Israel or with Satan against Israel. Your choice people.

        As Abraham Lincoln once said, “It is not whether God is on our side but are we on God’s side.”

        God bless you Greg.

        • Greg Hunter

          Amen on that.

      • Silence is Golden

        Fair call Greg.
        May I make a suggestion given this incident.
        Many internet/blog sites have defined rules and policies with regard comments.
        If everyone who participates understands the rules from the outset then there is clear lines in the sand. Cross the boundaries then your privilege is removed.
        To date you seem to have either not allowed comments through your software moderation, others are accepted then warned or locked out, after comments have been posted.
        How did CLS get his comment through in the first place ? I understand the time constraints you have (especially the review process for all comments before they are allowed) but it seems CLS made a comment only to be excluded from any further participation.
        In hindsight I wonder if CLS would have posted such a statement if he/she knew the consequence? Was there an ulterior motive or was it posted without due care ? Its of no consequence now I guess.

        Most come to this site because they believe in finding out the truth which is a rarity/non-existent in the MSM. Others (you, your guests and some commenters) are attempting to provide it. There are however, more than 1 “false prophets” IMHO who make contributions to this site.
        What exactly is off-limits? (That is something I am not personally looking for an answer for…but others should be persuaded not to cross the line…. before they do ). Or should they ? How does that then influence what people really want to say if they are dissuaded from saying it. Then the question is …..are we getting the whole picture if the important/relevant/critical portions are edited/screened out….then leading to what MSM has become …state controlled propaganda. I moved away from that intentionally….but with EYES WIDE OPEN.
        Are we any better off …do we lose another voice. Are we not capable of deciphering the good from the bad….trustworthy from the illegitimate…..inciting hatred /violence from mature rational debate?

        You do a great service Greg.

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you for your comment and perspective. I don’t want to set rules on speech. I just do the comments as I go.

  60. Farmer Dave

    Any ideas why bitcoin is going through the roof? 420ish today, was in the low 200s a couple weeks ago.

    • paul

      Farmer Dave … there are a number of theories as to why …
      In my opinion “the most plausible explanation” for Bit Coins rise is that a High European Court just ruled that Bit Coin should be treated “just like cash” and therefore not subject to the Vat Tax!

    • frederick

      @farmer Dave İve been noticing that too Crazy huh?

    • Faith

      @Farmer Dave: There has been speculation that bit coin has gone higher due to it being bought by Chinese that are trying to preserve their financial resources. Zero Hedge had an article on this yesterday (Tuesday, 11/3/2015).

  61. JC

    Allen Ols wanted me to post this for him. His computer is messed up.
    Greg this is a German news reporter exposing truth in MSM.

  62. don

    Hey Greg, how come you or your guests never take shots at Putin when his bombers invade US and Nato airspace? You don’t think China does the same thing? Remember when one of their fighters rammed a US patrol plane back in 2001. Why paint the US as the aggressor? Did you criticize Putin when his forces shot down an airliner killing hundreds? There’s a strange anti-Americanism on your site at times that is very troubling. We have our problems but joining arms with nuts like Putin does not do you credit.

    • Greg Hunter

      I try to report the news and sort through the junk. Maybe you missed me saying in recent Weekly News Wrap-Up that Putin was working with his own terrorists–Hezbollah.

    • eddiemd

      The US is and has been the aggressor. There is not an anti-American bias; juts a reality based perspective.
      Is Putin really a nut? Maybe in the eyes of the neocons and propaganda outlets such as NBCCBSABCCNNFOX.
      Who created the chaos in the middle east? Which country went into Iraq under false pretense? Which country has disrupted countries such as Libya and Syria? Which country enters the airspace of Syria without expressed permission of the duly elected government?
      Russia was invited into Syria. Russia has done more damage to IS in 5 weeks than the US did in over 12 months.
      Why did Nuland and the US government meddle in Ukraine?

      Wake up. The US is no longer a government for the people. by the people. It has been taken over by bankers, the MIC, foreign interests, psychopaths, and subversives intent on robbing the wealth and resources. The US government is the enemy of the people of both the American citizen and the world. Washington is setting the table to unleash a war on its own people. They have been preparing since 2001.

  63. vincent_g

    Have they no shame?

    What next? Santa will not visit us anymore?

    Does it not end with these people?
    Or are we forever going to hear how climate change ( Global Warming ) will ruin our lives and wreck our world.

  64. WD


    I love the comment about the central banks are populated by the same type of bureaucrats that run the national post office they just went to better schools and wear more expensive suits….

    I have always felt that this was the limit of their “true abilities”…

    Fantastic interview and really understood the way he put things in perspective!!

  65. rahrog

    guns & ammo, shelter, food & water. Enjoy the simple life!

  66. George

    Greg, I got to disagree with Doug. The Depression has not happened, yet. The middle class is still pretty much level. The stock market has already drop serious points just like 2008 and now recession. Right now, I really don’t think anyone can predict how far we can go. It will be like hitting a brick wall over night when it happens. First and foremost, the government knows about past events, they wont let that happen again. The name of the game is keep the bubble going. Remember, the uppers don’t like to loose…. When it does hit, it will come overnight like you have said. Think of it this way, if it doesn’t happen quick how much anarchy will be in the public, when banks are open but we end up like Greece with limits. Then again here is a very radical way to think. What if our money is already “worthless” do we hit a wall ?? Do we just keep raising the debt ceiling?? I’m pretty sure this has happened. So, what will be the event that stops the music? Right now it is almost impossible to tell. We can speculate all we want. my prediction is when silver starts a serious upward trend that’s the time to worry. Silver is way under valued and most likely when it goes up, that means that gold is almost all gone. There will be underlying signs. I think the signs that are public are to obvious. This is a radical Idea, if we are gonna print money just let the government buy the junk debt/binds and find a way to lesson the financial impact to main street america.

  67. Brewmaster

    The imminent blow up of the system has been imminent for the last 10 years according to many analysts and websites. My question is what makes it more imminent now than previously. Doug Casey has been saying for multiple years that we are in the eye of the hurricane and about to come out of it. Japan is probably a decade ahead of us or more on the debt situation, so this can obviously go on for many more years. I do agree that some day the crap will hit the fan, but I have no way of knowing that it is imminent. Many live in paralysis of what is coming, due to all the fearmongering. To me it appears sub 1000 gold is soon upon us.

  68. dee garmon

    Yes Greg, I am also one of the very many who are asking him to be back!

  69. ddd

    What about IRA’s and SEP accounts? I have to start taking distributions in about a year and a half, and I’m concerned because about 50% is in stock funds. I’ve thought about buying silver inside my SEP, but I’m not sure how to accomplish that….

  70. John Locke

    Well its a year and a half later Doug, and there’s no collapse in sight. In fact, those who took your advice missed a 25% stock market rally. Time for an update?

  71. Dennis J. Germaske

    I read all of the posts in the year 2015 commenting in regard to the big downturn at year end.
    It didn’t happen but I agree it will. The sooner Trump gets the economy moving upward consistently interest rates will rise. Then the bubble bursts.
    CATCH 22.

  72. Dennis J. Germaske

    I forgot to say why. Interrupted by a phone call.

    When the Fed Fund rate increases 500 basis points ( to the average rate between 1950 and 2000) the increase in annual debt service will ~ equal 100% of the annual defense budget due to a $20 trillion national debt. Default time.
    CATCH 22

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