Biggest Inflation in the History of History Coming – Bill Holter

By Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release)

Recently, one big name money manager after another is on record telling people to buy hard assets. Why? Financial writer and precious metals expert Bill Holter says they all know what is coming. Holter contends, “They understand that this is going to be the biggest monetary debasement in the history of history. They understand it’s hyperinflation that is on its way. They are late to the game, and they do manage billions and billions of dollars, and I don’t see how people talking about buying gold and buying silver are going to be able to get actual physical silver and physical gold in their hands or in their vaults.”

Holter is warning of a failure to deliver metal because demand is out-running supply. Holter says, “So far, this year . . . for gold, they have already EFP (Exchange for Physical) 4,200 tons just for the first eight months. . . . They don’t have the inventories to deliver. . . . The point being that is 4,200 tons in eight months. The world only produces 3,300 tons (of gold a year) and if you take out Russia and China, which do not export (gold), the whole total for the year is 2,800 tons. So, it looks like we are going to end up with 6,000 tons of gold EFP demand for delivery in a world that is only producing 2,800 tons. In silver, it’s worse. In silver in the first eight months, there has been 1.6 billion ounces EFP. That number is going to end up to about 2.4 billion of silver ounces (EFP) and the world produces less than 800 million ounces a year. The bottom line to what all this means is there is going to be a failure to deliver. Once there is a failure to deliver, only the Lord knows what kind of prices we are going to be looking at for gold and silver.”

Holter says a failure to deliver is not a maybe but a sure thing. Holter says, “Whether it is this year or the first few months of next year, it doesn’t matter. It is going to happen. . . . I can basically guarantee there is going to be a failure to deliver, and that failure to deliver is going to unmask and scare the crap out of the entire fractional reserve banking system and the fractional reserve commodity system. The whole thing is going to come down in a panic because somebody gets a failure to deliver. . . . If you listen to what Trump is saying, he wants a lower dollar. How much of a lower dollar does he want? He’s talking about debasing the currency to make the debt payable. . . . That is the most palatable way for any government to pay debt and that is to debase the currency and pay it off in monkey money.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with precious metals expert Bill Holter of

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  1. Country Codger

    Bill/Greg, Great interview! Top notch.

  2. Derek Sinclair

    Bill Holter is the best.

  3. Anthony Australia

    Thanks Greg, lots of love to you and Bill Holter.
    I’ve just sat down to lunch and this interview prompted me to commence a conversation to query our guests on the state of inflation here.
    The examples of life’s daily essentials was breathtaking, we don’t always shops at the same stores and for the same products, from our collective calculations there’s been an average of 20% increase for food just this year. Clothing and other products have remained stable but the quality is poor and they don’t last like yesteryear.
    The packaging for food has also been adjusted considerably; example, packaged nuts and dried fruits that used to be 1kg or 500g are now 800g and 350g.

    Then there’s articles on the ABC like this;
    ‘The data says that Australians are being more careful with their money than they have for nearly 20 years.’

    • Robert

      If you want the better quality clothing, go to Goodwill and Salvation Army or the equivalents in Australia. Lots of used clothing is still in very good condition and much of what is sold at these resale shops is the older higher quality products and clothing. Go to the stores in the more affluent areas as the rich and nouveau riche, donate the best used items. There’s a reason why these resale organisations have moved to the Super Store model.

      Also go to estate sales as the generations passing on still had the better quality items.

      • Russ McMeans

        Robert is absolutely correct. Thrift stores have really good clothing compared to big box stores. Egyptian cotton shirts for 2-4 bucks! I live in a small retirement town in Sierra foothills, CA. Good stuff here. Always shop thrift stores first.

      • Anthony Australia

        Salvation Army (Salvos) used to be okay but they too are trying to churn a profit.
        There amount of $2 shops here, pound shops in the UK, that sell ‘brick a brack’ that have cropped up is outstanding.
        Is this what it has come to?

    • Rodster

      It’s been that way here in the USA for a long time. Orange Juice (OJ) used to have a standard size of 2 quarts 64 oz and now the standard size is 52 oz. Most ice cream now is 1.5 its instead of 2 its (half gallon). “Product shrinkage = Inflation”. And while the product size decreases, prices still go up.

      In my area summer squash or zucchini used to sell for $1.29 pound. Now it’s $1.99 per pound and recently it was $2.19 pound. That’s within a 1.5 year period.

      • Rodster

        Keyboard, auto correct strikes again.

        “Most ice cream now is 1.5 quarts instead of 2 qts (half gallon).

    • Anthony Australia

      Country is grinding to a halt.

  4. paul ...

    Bill Holter says buy gold as this is going to be “the biggest debasement in the history of history” … Greenspan is effectively saying buy gold “as 20 years from now the US dollar will be just about worthless” … and many other big name money managers are saying “get into gold now” … so everyone (except for Stan) sees gold going higher … now who is right?? … well lets look at the following chart … … notice how gold has already broken through the “light green resistance line” … and currently it is breaking through the “light red resistance line” … now how can I be so sure gold will break through the light red resistance line? … because I see a giant “cup formation” forming … it takes just a little effort to see it … but if you look at the move from Oct 2012 to Oct 2016 you will see “the left wall of the cup” … and the rise taking place now is creating “the right wall of the cup” (meaning Stan is shorting “to early”) … therefore gold will likely continue to advance from it’s Oct 2018 low … straight to the top of the cup (at $1800) … and it looks like gold has the momentum and the backing of big name money managers (with the cash to invest) to push gold to $1800 “as soon as the end of this year” (or early 2020) … at that point “a handle will form” (then Stan … if your not bankrupt by then … you may want to play “a handle correction”)!!

    • paul ...

      So by my reckoning a lowly $1800 gold price by the end of the year “is in the bag” if a re-set does not take place … however … if a re-set takes place … forget about looking at charts … it would take 87,000 Federal Reserve Notes (according to Holter) to buy one ounce of gold “simply by an official decree of the US government” and it will happen “overnight” likely right after some government official says “Gold Will Never Be Re-set Higher” … so if you hear those “magic words” IMMEDIATELY BUY SOME GOLD with any money you have laying around the house!!!

    • Stan

      Paul: It is hard to be a contrarian. I was a contrarian when Gold was over $1900 – was shorting like crazy back then. At the time everyone ridiculed and insulted me for shorting Gold.

      • Go Away

        Who are you?

      • paul ...

        We are both contrarians Stan (at least we have that much in common) … there are some who think I’m crazy for buying gold now … when almost everyone and his brother “knows” gold has to correct it’s recent advance!!

        • paul ...

          You know Stan … I look at the US National Debt Clock and it says today (Sept9, 2019) that it takes 6,629 US Federal Reserve Dollars to purchase an ounce of gold based upon the money debt now in circulation … just eight(8) days ago (Aug 28,2019) the US Debt Clock showed it would take 5,958 US Federal Reserve Dollars to buy an ounce of gold … so in just 8 days the price of gold on the US National Debt Clock increased by $671 dollars due to the massive paper money printing going on depreciating the value of the dollar … yet the “market price of gold” over the last 8 days still sits at under $1550 dollars and has hardly moved at all (when it should be $671 dollars higher) and you are shorting it???

          • paul ...

            Stan … Most people believe the US dollar is strengthening … because “it is higher” then all the other fiat currencies that are being printed into oblivion … but the US National Debt Clock shows us the US dollar is falling right along with the other fiat currencies (but simply at a slower rate … that allows the US politicians to proclaim they have a strong dollar policy) … people like me are now seeing through the fake “strong US dollar lie” and are buying gold … confounding the people like yourself who think that gold should be going down if the US dollar is rising!!!

          • paul ...

            err … I should have said 8 “trading days” ago!!

          • Stan

            Paul: The price of Gold has nothing to do with the Debt Clock or money in circulation. Your US Dollar buys much more Gold now than 9 years ago. This trend will only continue. Gold is crashing right now and the bottom is very far away.

            • paul ...

              Stan … Unfortunately different countries use different definitions of money supply … so there is no unified methodology for calculating different money supply estimates (or monetary aggregates) … which complicates cross-country comparisons … however you are wrong Stan in the long run increased money supply eventually raises the prices of all goods and services “including gold” … but it doesn’t work like the gears in a clock … there is some slippage … look at the gold price in 1980 (it got ahead of the money supply) and remained flat until about 2000 when money supply caught up … then gold kicked back in and is now tracking money supply pretty closely now!! …

            • paul ...

              Stan … think about what you are saying … if the price of gold has nothing to do with money in circulation … then you are effectively telling me that a one-trillion dollar Zimbabwe note (I can now buy for 8 US dollars) should still be able to buy me millions of ounces of gold??

      • Jerry

        You’re right. Gold doesn’t really matter. I guess Deutsche Bank can return it to Venezuela.


        • Stan

          Jerry: Do I need to remind you of all your failed predictions?

  5. Rachel

    Hi Greg,
    Great interview! Thanks for always asking all of those questions to bring out so much extra info. Have any of these guests told you how long this debasement process has left to go? I think we have reached a stage where we really need to know.

    All the best, Rachel

  6. JC

    “Bill Holter is warning of a failure to deliver metal because demand is out-running supply.”

    Does it start with “delays?”

    Gold In Japan Reaches Highest Since 1980 – Surging Demand Results In Delays To Buy Gold

  7. Anthony Australia

    Are things really bad in New Zealand also?

  8. Russ McMeans

    Great interview Greg with our gold & silver guru Mr. Holter! Watching the interview I had a antipathy light bulb revelation, ( antipasto if yer Italian). I figured out how to solve our world wide debt issue using physical natural assets on our politically correct world. ( and this won’t hurt any endangered animals except for possibly the sea turtles in Palm Beach at Rush Limbaugh’s estate and Trump’s Mar’e Lago beauty)… here is the solution: all the world’s banks set a value on seashore sand. Then they monetize it. Then they bag it up in environmentally friendly bags for the unwashed Deplorables to use. Now the central banks will need a lot more than bags of sand so they would use oil drums. Right? Lots & lots of big mean oil company’s oil drums filled with valuable seashore sand. They can run the world on it. Problem solved folks!

  9. Russ McMeans

    Remember that anything at hand can be useful and relevant- even more so than gold & silver. ( G&S are for somewhat well off people) … so here’s me list: new shock absorbers & Costco tires for my truck ( 12 years old) , paper towels/toilet paper and food. Now that’s money in the bank! ( short term but wise). Thanks Mr. Hunter for ANOTHER great interview!

  10. Andrew Maggard

    I have been following Bill Holter since he was with Miles Franklin. It is notable that he has never wavered in his conviction of a coming highly inflationary scenario and his confidence in the ultimate value of precious metals in representing a store of value.
    Of all of his previous articles and interviews, this was likely his most unequivocal. About the only item that Bill expressed any reservations involved the failure of the COMEX as happening in late 2019 or early 2020. Other than that bow to uncertainty, all the rest expressed certainty of coming events.
    I was particularly impressed with his prediction that none of the current crop of Democrat Presidential candidates would be nominated. Additionally Bills comment involving the outcome of gun confiscation schemes resulting in some form of genocide was well taken. His remark that over half of the American populace still possessed common sense and that Trump would be the clear winner was prescient.
    While predicting the coming monetary debasement Bill also offered a method to ease the burden of surviving the coming hyperinflation and monetary collapse, the good sense to prepare using precious metals, however, as he made clear, the time to act is now and before a failure to deliver occurs.
    An excellent interview with both Greg and Bill at their very best.

  11. Jomer

    I hope there is not a failure to deliver based on what happened in the copper market when the there was a failure to deliver.

    How they handled that was they made the shorts pay the longs 2% interest until the contract was filled, with no time limit on the delivery date, or until the contract was cancelled.

    Imagine there was a failure to deliver in the gold market and you had a $100,000 tied up in gold contracts and was told the person who sold you the contracts only has to pay you 2% interest, indefinitely, until they filled the contract. How long would you leave the $100K tied up only collecting 2% interest? In the copper market most everyone cancelled their contracts to get their capital investment money back, which in turn caused the price of copper to crash.

    • Greg Hunter

      Interesting. Not sure you can compare copper to gold with the same outcome. Central banks don ‘t hold copper.

    • paul ...

      Jomer … Not true … copper futures are contracts that specify the delivery of a stated quantity and quality of copper at a future date for a stipulated price … where futures contracts are set up to “normally expire” after a period ranging from one month to several years … upon expiration of a copper futures contract the buyer must “accept delivery and pay” … but if the copper can’t be delivered to the buyer … the buyer “may wait a little” accepting a 2% payment “hoping for delivery” but upon seeing the copper price rise and getting away from him the futures buyer would be a fool to wait around and will likely jump into the open market to buy what he needs!! … think about it … say you tell your broker to sell 5000 lbs of someone else’s copper (short) at $3/lb (raking in $15,000 dollars) thinking the price would fall to $2/lb in the future and you can buy the copper back for only $10,000 dollars to pay back “the real owner” of the copper … however … say the price of copper begins rising instead … and the true owner (say a copper pipe manufacture) needs his 5000 lb’s of copper he had stored with a broker to make pipe (but you can’t deliver because the price has gone up or there is just no freely available copper around) … the copper manufacture (who’s copper has been sold without him knowing about it) will begin law suits against both the brokerage/storage house and the short seller for fraudulently selling his copper without his permission and will immediately have go into the open copper market “which is rising” to buy the copper he needs for his business … actually competing with the short seller who is in the open market trying to cover his short position … “driving the price of copper exponentially higher Jomer” not lower!!!

  12. Angelo

    Catherine Austin Fitts was right about the slow burn. Only those who are paying close attention would see these things. Thanks for a great interview Greg and to Mr. Holter for telling like it is.

  13. Cole Davis

    Praise God for the truth! We are in a battle between lies (evil) and truth (Messiah). Greg, you are being used of God in this battle. That is the truth; do not allow anyone to discourage you. Remain humble and wear the full armor of God. You are in our prayers.

    • ConcAmDad

      Yeah, the problem is- the liars are in complete control. We’ve been hearing this same $#!tt since 2008.

      What happened to all the justice that was coming?
      200000 unsealed indictments. The corrupt Clintons, Meuller, brennan, the lies of 9/11. Where are all the “truth bombs”? I don’t see any.

      Now again with the “suicide “ of Epstein all of that will just go quietly into the ethersphere of forgotten glimmers of hope.

      All of this kabukii theatre with the latest fraud of of a savior, trump ……. what a snake oil salesman he turned out to be….. all that talk of bubbles and fake unemployment numbers…… now he is so full of shit like all his deceiving predesessors.

      The fraud will cont

  14. Earl Thornburg

    Greg, Bill,
    Great interview, informative as always.
    I would like to encourage those watching Greg’s videos that if you skip the advertisement to keep involved with the conversation, to afterwards replay it and this time allow the advertisement to play. You can do this while doing other things; however this will assist Greg in receiving income from the adds that he deserves.
    Sincerely Earl Thornburg

  15. iwitness02

    Thank you Greg and Bill.
    I’m at a loss for words.
    The words “failure to deliver,” are bullying my mind and I can’t think beyond that, and the implications.

  16. Kay

    Greg, you are the watchman on the wall. Thanks.

  17. Stan

    Holter has been saying the same thing for 10 years. I’m more confident than ever in my Gold short positions

    • Go Away


    • paul ...

      Stan … Noah (like Holter) kept saying for ten years “as he was accumulating wood” for his life saving Ark … that there was going to be a calamity coming (a great flood) that will destroy most people … they all laughed … and sold Noah all the wood he needed cheap (like people today are selling Holter all the silver he needs cheap to build a financial arc of safety)!!

    • Jerry

      You really need to stop. You’re making a fool out of yourself.
      Don’t let the facts get in the way chumly

  18. Paul Anthony

    When Greg said he thinks Trump still has something up his sleeve. Possibly a default and he doesn’t see how we pay it back.

    That’s were my mind is at. The financial mess is not the citizens fault and I know typically we pay and the elite don’t default we bail them out. I get it.

    This is not a typical time and I don’t think we can bail them out. We’re (middle class) is not at the same wealth we used to be. I expect a reset and Jubilee of sorts at the same time and as a God fearing Christian I suspend Trump is in there dealing with the mess as appointed by God to save us. After the flood the Lord promised not to wipe out humans again.

    That or we are at the start of end times.

    Either way Greg has it right. Fear not God is in control.

    I am prepping the best I can. remaining calm as i am also preparing to help others when TSHTF.

    God bless you all

    Paul Anthony

  19. Sylvia Sterling

    Years ago when I needed advice, Bill Holter was there to help. What a nice person he is. Truthful, honest, knowledgeable, and right on top of his subject matter. His explanations are understandable for the average person. Thanks for having him on

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for the kind words about Bill.

  20. Steve Twitchell

    The Democrats have only one viable candidate. Tulsi Gabbard. BUT she does not want to keep sending people to die and prop up multinational corporation profits thru war. So . . . you see almost nothing of her. They are giving her the Ron Paul treatment. Amazingly polls are showing Lieawatha as gaining ground on Trump. What are these people thinking? She will be destroyed by Trump once he actually starts responding to her.

    • Chip

      Agreed. Tulsi is the only leftist candidate with any sense what so ever. Apparently she is not under the full control of the socialist puppet masters who are supporting the rest of the marxist communist idiots… Chip

    • dadiz

      Yes, she also was quoted as wanting to end the fed.

    • Jodyp

      ‘What are these people thinking?’ Keeping a viable candidate like Gabbard out shows it’s not about the party. Dem or Rep, it’s about putting their kind of scumbag in the driver’s seat.

  21. Merry Piper

    Thank you for having Bill Holter on again. His laughter always makes me laugh and his “monkey money” comment inspires me to write another song! Outstanding interviewing skills, Greg. You are truly appreciated by many people. Thank you Bill Holter for the math lessons!!

  22. James Brown

    Greg, gold will go to $5,000.00 per ounce(ish). The inflation will be like waiting in line for gas in 1979 (ask me how I know). People have no idea and they will not have the patience to deal with it. Bill seems like a great guy but he is “gold biased”. His reasoning is linear. He’s right about it getting bad but gold won’t get to $15,000.00 (or more) per ounce. I am buying “junk” silver, a “poor man’s” precious metal. I can’t afford gold. It won’t be hyperinflation. Keep up the great work.

    • paul ...

      So James … you really believe that inflation is under control and that there won’t be any hyperinflation??? … you must be a believer in the “chained” CPI which is showing the rise in the cost of living “has decreased” this year to only 1.6% … from the 2.8% increase last year!! …

      • paul ...

        James … Plug one dollar into the Governments own “chained” CPI Calculator … … to see how much it takes in July 2019 to buy what one dollar bought in July 1980 (when gold was nearing $800 dollars and silver nearing $50 dollars) … I get $3.10 … that means if gold and silver approach the old highs they did in 1980 … in today’s dollars … gold would be selling for about $2400 dollars/oz … and silver would be selling for about $150 dollars per ounce … with silver now selling for $18 dollars/oz anyone with half a brain can make more then 8 times their money buying silver now and simply waiting for it to get to it’s old 1980’s high!!

  23. H. Craig Bradley


    The reason some people are currently buying precious metals or paper gold is mainly due to the ongoing trend towards ever lower interest rates (negative interest rates) in the face of low inflation and growth (deflation). So, uncomfortable with central bank’s approach to monetary policy, people are increasingly looking for alternatives such as hard assets. Basically, its a loss of confidence in the monetary authorities and this trend first began in 2015 and has lots more room to go too. Its all about public confidence.

    First, the big money or institutional money smells the problem, next comes the retail investors, and lastly, the majority of people or general public. Only when the least informed individuals figure out there is a real problem will confidence tank. At that time, gold will spike and then, comes The End. Be careful what you hope for. You can not eat gold and its not money or fungible either.

    The Real Issue is the Need for True Political Reform:

  24. Swami Don

    Two questions: Assume Gold went to 10k or 50k tomorrow. The next question is ask is the one never answered or answered, what would the rest of the world look like? And, if you add zero’s to silver it would be $2,000 an oz. That’s a bunch, so same question, what does the rest of the economy/world look like?

    • Chip

      Add a zero to each is what I understood from Bill so $15,000 gold and $185 silver… Chip

    • john


  25. Jerry

    Just in case you missed it, I posted earlier this year information about the creation of a quantum financial exchange system being set up as a replacement to the SWIFT Bretton Wood System. While this is not confirmation of the system in question, it does recognize its existence.
    In my humble opinion, gold will play a very central role in the new exchange system, as we return to the gold standard, allowing the global debt to die a quiet death with the old one that has been corrupted by the central banks.

    • Jerry

      As the trade war deepens the Chinese get in bed with Saudi Aramco

      So what you say? Just remember the dollars reserve currency status is tied to the petrodollar. Should the Saudis work a back room deal with the Chinese, like oil for gold for example, say bye bye to the dollars reserve currency status and hello to the new global gold standard. These negotiations are a thin red line to the balance of trade power in the world.

      • paul ...

        So after the Saudi’s do 9-11 on us (with the help of other traitors) to destroy American infrastructure they now do a deal with China to destroy America’s currency (probably because they own a lot of gold and want to see it rise in price and also because Trump has confiscated about 3 trillion in Saudi money held in American banks) … since the evil Saudi’s are helping gold to rise should we hope for gold to fall like Stan??

        • Jerry

          The Saudis have no choice but to make a deal with China to finance their new projects. According to my sources their wells are bringing up 35% water. Time is not on their side, or ours.

          • john

            water used to increase pressure inside the wells is what I hear – shtf moment coming soon to the energy markets and the economies that need oil. It would be prudent to bridge our differences with Russia before this happens – their resources are huge!

  26. Tom Jelinek

    I chuckle to see someone who’s not shy about price projections. Usually, they’re worried about the next six months not validating their predictions, so they forecast a gain of 10-20%. Then you get Holter predicting $87,000/oz.

    It might eventually get there, but you know that before it comes to that, they’ll try to force the Globo on us, as a new fiat currency, like they’re trying now, with Crypto. But from the beginning, crypto was susceptible to parallel inflation – in other words, no one framework can inflate unrestrained, but there’s no limit to the number of frameworks. The Globo will probably have some crypto features, but I guarantee they’ll reserve the right to inflate it without limit.

    Gold will only reach its extremes once all else fails. How fast or slow that is, I have no idea.

    • paul ...

      Tom … I think Holter is being “very shy” in his price predictions … I think in his heart of hearts he really sees gold going to “a million dollars per ounce” … but he wants to be conservative in his predictions … and is just basing his $87,000 gold price prediction on M1 (instead of using all the debt out there in derivatives, Social Security, Health Care, Welfare, etc., etc.)!!!

  27. Not So Free

    One thing about Bill Holter; He’s definitely in the no BS lane.

  28. Stan

    Greg: Why don’t you have a guest who can state the argument for a strong Dollar, low Gold prices and a strong economy for the next few decades?

  29. Jerry

    To support Bills point, this is what you get when the supply is drying up. Fake gold, to go along with a fake economy.

    Most Americans were not alive, when the last global reset took place. But I can promise you one thing. Go through any estate sales like I have with relatives from that era that have passed over, and you always find one thing. Silver. And lots of it. They learned the hard way, that you cannot trust the central banks promises that are made on paper. When cash became worthless, they grabbed land by calling loans due, or stealing gold fillings out of the mouths of the dead before they were buried. That one I got from my grandpa. He referred to the 193o’s as the dirty thirty’s because people were that desperate. Anyone who buys stock, or invest in paper at this late stage is a fool.

  30. Dave

    The politicians of both parties must know this. And Trump also, yet they passed the largest budget ever – one that will result in trillion dollar deficits going forward. Wuhu do so few speak out on the right? The largest radio host scoffs at the idea the economy is in trouble and says he’s heard a day of reckoning is coming all his life. Yet it hasn’t. Apparently he does not think it is coming so has been silent on the recent budget bill as if to say deficits and spending don’t matter. It’s sad to see so few, and especially on the right, be up front about this.

    As to purchasing silver – this is a novice question – wouldn’t the idea be to use it to barter or such if things got worse or really bad. Not to just stash it away. Of course silver is more practical as a means of exchange than gold would be. Someone told me today to buy simple silver coins. Not “marked” coins – I think that means coins with collectible value. Is there a good recourse for explaining investing in silver/gold that you would recommend?

    • paul ...

      Dave … the most practical as a means of exchange would be to buy low denomination government issued silver coins that have the least “mark-up” (i.e. silver war nickels from 1942 to 1945 would be your best choice)!!

  31. ConcAmDad

    Inue drag on until those who are in fact in complete control decide to finally pull the
    Plug on this giant fraud and a$$ Plowi!n& of the average joe. Until then- if we could all stop bulls#itting ourselves with any false hope-that may be helpful.

    • paul ...

      Yes … just like building 7 … one day they will say “pull it” … the collapse will be so quick everyone needs to get out of fiat before the plug is pulled!!!

  32. Debbie McCue

    Sir I am now retired and buying gold would remove all the cash I keep on hand. Would I do just as well if I buy silver in American Eagles?

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes Debbie but you need some cash some gold and some silver and have everything paid off in good condition. Experts say hold gold and silver like they come out of the ground. For every ounce of gold, hold 10 ounces of silver. Just make sure you can hold your investment as a core asset and are not forced to sell if prices drop. (I do not sell anything by the way.)

      • mike r

        I hold 15 ounces of silver for every ounce of gold. Silver is going to skyrocket like nobody’s business. The gold price to silver price ratio right now is obscene. 79 to 1. Its been higher, but rarely.

        In 1991 it got to 100.
        In 1792 it was 15 to 1. By law.

        You hold gold for buying power preservation, and you invest in silver to make a massive increase in your capital. The problem, as always is about timing. You get one chance in your lifetime to time the sale of silver correctly. For gold, you can sell it any time you really need cash.

        The mean reversion on the ratio, will occur rapidly, and suddenly. Rapidly in that it (the ratio) will change a very large amount in a short period of time, and suddenly, in that the change in direction will catch everyone off guard, and most people will doubt the change in direction as being permanent or of any substance. So they will miss out on the gains. (in silver).

        • Greg Hunter

          You are set and very prudent!!

  33. Ronnie Mauer

    Those who fail to plan, plan to fail.

    Have a water plan. Where is the water supply? Are portable containers available? How far must water be carried? Is it safe to travel? Find a water filter that matches the budget and needs. Three days without clean water then nothing else will be needed.

    Find an emergency cook stove. Carefully consider the fuel source. Wood is usually available but cannot be used indoors without an externally vented chimney. Butane and propane can be used indoors. How will you start a fire?

    Purchase a variety of seasoning to avoid food fatigue. Make the same food taste different.

    Purchase a few extra cans of food and dehydrated food from your local supermarket during each visit.

    Have plans for emergency lighting, clothes washing, self defense, communicating with family members if cell phones do not work. Amateur radio is likely to become the most reliable communication for long and short range communication. Get a license.

    How does one deal with no toilet paper?
    Stock up on soap. Lots of it. Very important and inexpensive.

    Purchase a first aid kit and get training. In a grid down scenario little problems become major problems.

    Have a security plan and a caching plan.

    Have a plan to stay warm in cold weather without electricity. Is a wood stove installed and is fuel available? If propane is available, an alternative is a small portable propane heater that can keep at least one room warm.

  34. Jeannie Ingaran

    I cannot access your on my Apple I-Phone 8 any longer. When I try to either hit the icon on my phone or type in the address I get a pop up that will not leave my phone until I type in another address. I can go to youtube to access it but not your address directly. keep popping up and won’t let me exit to your site. I also had porn pop up on my screen when trying to access the website. I just thought you might be interested in knowing this and wonder if other viewers are having the same difficulty.
    It was frustrating to say the least.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Jeannie for the street reporting about I-Phone and gift cards. I have no popups this it all Google because I run AdSense. I have not real control over them.

  35. Mike R

    while I’d LOVE to see the gold price go up like Holter says it is, the problem with the whole ‘inflation story’ is that there is too much global debt ($260 trillion and counting) which prevents inflation from taking shape in the way Holter anticipates. There will NEVER be enough REAL growth in demand, to cause inflation, and after nearly 20 years of QE from all corners of the planet, including especially Japan, who could not after 20 years create a whiff of inflation through monetary debasement, we have conclusive proof that inflation as we once knew it, simply cannot occur under these global conditions. Wages are barely rising in the US, savings are at an all time low, and Americans are living paycheck to paycheck. If inflation could occur anywhere, it’d be china, who has been dealing with more strongly rising wages than elsewhere. and they should have strong consumer demand. But they too, have more than $29 trillion in debt they have created.
    The real worry is still deflation, caused by so much debt, and every currency falling like a rock, hasn’t caused any inflation in any developed country. You see hyperinflation in places like Argentina or Venezuela, but they had no worthwhile currencies ever to begin with, and no real governments, and were resource dependent on basically ONE resource, which they mis managed.

    Anyway, you can read more here if you want, regarding the perils of too much debt…

    Too much debt causes deflation, not inflation.

    And unfortunately, people personally, have substituted the use of debt, instead of creating savings. Super Low interest rates have engendered this. Its also a vicious circle. The more debt the US creates, the more it needs to lower interest rates, and then the more debt it needs to create to sustain itself. Its a trap that one can never get out of, without a forced liquidation event, or extreme sacrificial scarcity of spending for long periods of time, and FORCED savings. This is true of countries, corporations, all businesses, and personal and family financial situations. Look how the Fed tried to raise rates, and barely was able to go up a paltry 2.5% before stock and bond markets world wide begun to convulse and barf all over the place. They had to back off. They will never be able to re-start raising rates ever again, without a tremendous amount of pain, and stock market crashing, and bond markets imploding.

    Gold will rise on deflation or inflation, but it really rises on loss of confidence in government, and then currencies.

  36. al

    Holter is one of my favorites. We’re all getting old and so is this charade but it will very soon be over.

    As a side note, Comey’s new book entitled “a higher loyalty” is as laughable as Epstein writing a new book called “sexual abstinence” . Just a thought.

    Hurricane fatigued

    • john


      I am in the deflation camp as well – at some point rates will rise because negative rates are “goofy” and everyone knows it – across the globe. Increasing rates will cause MASSIVE deflation – affecting stocks, bonds, housing, cars..and money supply. I see gold perhaps getting back to its old highs – holding its own in a deflationary environment – it will be the best asset still standing. Gold will then enter back into the banking system but only after the debt is purged BECAUSE debt is the problem that will cause markets to seize – it has to be eradicated. Low rates are encouraging more debt – lowered carrying costs for servicing that debt as well – until it no longer works. IMHO – hold the metals and use liquidity month to month to reduce debt but be ready to sell SOME gold to purge the remaining debt when rates start to really rise – I do not see tons of liquidity when this starts to unwind to support extreme valuations in anything – including gold/silver – jobs will be lost and corporations will fail.

  37. Gary K


    Why did you not post my comment on Wayne Jett? You post all kinds of negative crap from socialists. Why was my honest, true criticism rejected? Because it was real?

    I have always respected you as a searcher for truth. I thought it was truth that you were after, now I very much doubt that as Henry George’s book is full of socialist nonsense. For crying out loud he’s talking the seizure of all rents, and Jett thinks this is a very good idea? George is thinking socialism, and wealth redistribution the entire book so that the “grand promise” of socialism can be fulfilled.

    He also makes fundamental errors like all wages come from labor with no capital ever involved. Think about starting a business and you know that is a completely false premise. Even if you pay your employees “in kind” of whatever your business produces someone is going to have to live off of their capital for a while. Whether that is the business owner, or his employees, someone is going to have to do it. If the owner can’t sell enough of his product on a daily basis to pay his employees, and he has far better access to markets because it was his idea and he had to have researched the market before he started his business, how can an employee sell enough to support himself? Start up costs, including labor, must come from capital.

    That is one of George’s main premises, and if even one of his main premises is false so is his conclusion. Basic logic tells us that. It’s garbage in, garbage out. Jett either swallowed the fallacy whole, or ignored it. Either way it is a rather large negative to ignore. And if Jett knowingly swallowed the fallacy it’s a massive problem.

    I’ve watched not only your interview with Jett, but multiple interviews of him on the cause of the great depression. In those areas I find nothing to disagree with him about and I’ve done a lot of reading in that area. It’s the red flag of praising a socialist and the fallacy he promotes in the book that is my cause of distrust of Jett.

  38. Stan

    You Gold Bugs getting a little nervous yet? Still time to get out. I have been warning you. 🙂

    • Greg Hunter

      You are least least $200 underwater on at least some of your shorts. You are not a good market timer.

    • paul jr.


      Gold and silver are in an intermediate term correction as some of the people that I follow warned about when gold was at $1550 and silver was at $19.50. The correction will probably last a few more weeks yet taking the precious metals down another 3-5%. That is unless something happens between Trump and China etc… to stop the sell-off.

    • paul ...

      Stan … Don’t you realize a 10% correction “is normal” in an ongoing bull market!! … we are down 6% already … only another 4% to go before the uptrend resumes!!

  39. JC

    Sad news from one of my favorite gold sites….
    Bob Moriarty
    Sep 9, 2019
    It is with the greatest regret that I say that my darling wife of twenty-nine years, Barbara Moriarty, had a massive heart attack this morning and died. She was the genius of 321gold. She leaves me, her daughters and grandchildren heart broken. All those who knew Barbara loved her. She will be greatly missed.

    • paul ...

      I remember Barbara … very sad to hear of her passing … she was a very nice lady but she sure was “grammar stickler” and didn’t like me using ( … ) in my submitted articles!! … (at least here at Greg’s site I’m free to use ( … ) to my heart’s content)!!

  40. Jodyp

    Plenty of sound advice, Ronnie. And t.p.? Personal toilet cloths for all! Gonna be rough.

  41. paul ...

    I think Israel may have been able to “keep it’s nuclear monopoly” if the Israeli people elected someone other then Netanyahu (with his very aggressive foreign policy stance) which has resulted in both Iran and the Saudi’s “building nuclear power plants” (when they both have enough oil to last them 1000 years)!! …

    • paul ...

      Instead of Trump playing “Bolton hard ball” (imposing sanctions on Iran) a less aggressive approach may have been more beneficial to both Israel and the US … now “a deal between China and Iran” has been signed whereby China will purchase oil and gas from Iran (and also help develop their oil and gas wells) in outright defiance of US sanctions which will likely complicate US-China trade talks (the chances of resolution now probably being even harder to achieve) … and this “deal of the century between China and Iran” secures not only a market for Iranian oil and gas and cheap petrol products for China but at the same time breaks the back of the petrol-dollar … China will now also be stationing military troops inside Iran (to protect their oil and gas investments) … further deterring US or Israeli military strikes against Iran’s energy infrastructure …

  42. paul ...

    The Bankster Cabal is now just about ready to “topple the dollar” by way of the plan Jim Rickards has been outlining and warning us of … the banksters want to eliminate cash so people have no way to take money out of their bank accounts as the banksters impose negative interest rates on their savings … this means people must use cash (that is still available) to buy gold and silver … so they can have their savings out of the banksters system when the banksters say “pull it”!! …

  43. paul ...

    Get this … the evil greedy banksters are raising interest rates on the American public’s credit cards (at the same time they are pushing rates lower to negative for bankster benefit) … perhaps the banksters see people buying gold on their credit cards (seeing as how Chase recently forgave the credit card debt of Canadians) and want to stop Americans from obtaining “real money” for free if Chase does the same in the US!! …

  44. paul ...

    You know … many people won’t invest in silver because they feel they are too old to enjoy any of the benefits when silver eventually skyrockets … well … God has provided the answer … simply take a growth hormone with two diabetic medications and you can become “young again” … and thus be able to enjoy your all silver gains … just be careful not to take advantage of all the young chic’s that will likely be hanging around “a young rich stud” who is also collecting a nice Social Security check (unless the government raises the retirement age to 200)!! …

  45. paul ...

    We definitely need to get some big (silver coated Mylar) satellite shields into orbit to reflect solar heat and radiation back into outer space … if we don’t … we will not only lose our salmon and other fish food sources … but the methane frozen on the bottom of the ocean will begin bubbling up … causing a greenhouse effect on Earth (like that on Venus where surface temperatures are as hot as an oven … or about 800 degrees Fahrenheit) … instead we have idiot politicians telling the military to spray aluminum “chem-trail dust” in Earth’s atmosphere (that is giving everyone Alzheimer’s)!! …

    • paul ...

      Of coarse if the “end times” and the “end of humanity” is the real goal of all this chem-trail spraying … then it must be designed to make health conscious Jews return to Palestine (which according to prophecy is necessary for the fulfillment of the end-times)!!

  46. Stan

    Buffet on Gold: “(Gold) gets dug out of the ground in Africa, or someplace. Then we melt it down, dig another hole, bury it again and pay people to stand around guarding it. It has no utility. Anyone watching from Mars would be scratching their head.”

    • Greg Hunter

      You are following the incompetent investor that required a multi-trillion dollar bail OUT BECAUSE HE IS STUPID.

  47. Diane

    Bolton fired…price of oil drops?

    • paul ...

      Well … finally … Trump gets rid of that warmongering neocon … and just in time … Bolton would have gotten Trump into “a new war” before Trump even got us out of the old war in Afghanistan … in 2020 the Demon-rats would have made “mince meat” out of Trump for not only “not getting us out” of an 18 year war in Afghanistan but for getting us “into a new war” with Iran!! … Trump needs to have people in his administration who are more flexible and less aggressive if he wants to get deals done to make a more peaceful world that can then lower our military budget and thus contribute to easing our balance of payments problems!! …

      • Greg Hunter

        I do understand why Trump had Bolton. He wanted views from all sides even if he disagreed. This firing of Bolton sounds like he was disloyal in some way, maybe undermining President Trump over a policy disagreement? Who knows?? It is a national security issue and we will never know exactly went down.

  48. mike martin

    followed Bill for years and have exchanged emails with him directly numerous times. He is a class act and a gentlemen and has never wavered from his beliefs on the subject.

    Greg thank you for inviting Bill back and his words are very timely now and I never ever miss any of your interviews or Friday summaries.

  49. Open Eyes

    Faithful see miracle in weeping icon of Mary with child Jesus at Greek Orthodox church on Northwest Side


    SEP 09, 2019

    The Rev. Nicholas Jonas says he was in disbelief when he saw tears streaming down the face of a painting of Mary holding the child Jesus in his chapel.

    “When these things happen, I feel like a little kid when first going into a candy factory, and you’re just in awe,” said Jonas, the presiding priest at Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church, 6041 W. Diversey Ave. in the Belmont Central neighborhood….

  50. Open Eyes

    Worshipers flock to mysterious crying Virgin Mary icon, hope miracle saves church from sale

    By Meghan Kluth
    Tuesday, September 10, 2019 5:42AM

    CHICAGO, Illinois — Some worshipers see a sign from God after a caretaker at Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church in Chicago saw what looked like tears pouring from the Virgin Mary’s eyes….

  51. GVB

    My perspective on everything, based on the informative interview. (1) “Late in the game” — Sinclair (before the S & H collaboration) told us to buy physical gold. Many take the stand that he is/was wrong. I sincerely disagree. The honorable man was early and correct. For a purpose. Just think about it. Be patient. (2) “Informing your inner circle” — Be it family, friends, relatives. I could go on. Be it regular people you just came to know. In short … I don’t inform them. Not for the wrong reasons, but for the right reasons. They have to figure things out for themselves. For example, I don’t want them to come knocking on my door after I advised them to be cautious regarding their finances. Just imagine the (paper) metals market goes down something like $50-$100-$200 a day… I would be eager to buy more. But, those that I advised, would be on their way to the hospital for oxygen. (3) “If you can’t take the heat” — Just stay where you are and hope for the best. Nothing we can do. If you’re to be lucky in the future, it’s probably bacause a family member (or a relative) gave up his entire life for the sake of retaining an orderly family. Just think about it.. (4) “Failure to deliver” — It’s coming, but seriously I’m not praying for that. All I ever wanted to do is to retain the purchasing power of the fruits of my labor. I’m not here to dent the system. I’m here for myself. If there’s one thing I learned in my short lifespan, it is to take care of yourself, possibly for you family too. That’s exactly what I did. I’m here for everyone. Not just myself. (5) “Permanent Backwardation” — look it up, I feel this is the way we’re headed for. Don’t blame me. Blame the architects/politicians that sold everything within their reach for the sake of “matching the books”. They did it and there IS a trail. I’m convinced. That’s all I have to say about that (6) Conclusion — Dig into the matter. Don’t waste your time on informing your relatives, do it for them. I don’t do it because of “OH thank you”. I’m just very concerned and feeling rather down/sad. I mean this! (7) TIP for the future — protonmail is a nice venue to go to if you don’t want to be harassed by odd hickups in your email conversations with people of knowledge. Look it up. (8) Bye now. 😉 love GVB

  52. Stan

    and the Gold Crash continues – just as I predicted.

    • Greg Hunter

      You make me laugh.

    • Mike R

      you’re a doorknob stan. Gold reached its very well predicted intermediate cycle top, and now is taking time to refresh, before racing much much higher. its going to bottom not much lower in the next few weeks, and then its off to the races again, toward $2000/ounce by year end. Fools like you lose a LOT of money, by trying to forecast gold selling. I would have thought you were tired losing money on DB, but apparently you want to lose more shorting gold. lol.

      • Greg Hunter

        Let’s be nice to Stan he’s going to be poor soon.

  53. H. Craig Bradley



    • john

      profit taking or rates rising?

  54. Don Conrad

    Mr Hunter, always enjoy your guests.I love Bills thinking. An unrelated question, what ever happened to Clif High?

    • Greg Hunter

      I have been in contact with Clif and trying to book him on USAW again. Clif is a good guy. Very smart and very interesting.

  55. Gator

    Cmon people.. we have heard this before from Holter and so far it hasn’t taken place. He just keeps moving the goal post.

    • Greg Hunter

      You do realize the government printed up an additional $21 trillion in “missing” money on top of the $43 trillion national deficit? Go back to sleep.

      • Gator

        Thank you for your response. Yes I do realize that and so far it has made no difference to the people that actually move the market in precious metals. This always happens when metals make a move up in a short period of time. The same people start in with their reasons why it is going much higher. I’m going back to sleep now.

  56. Coalburner

    Greg and Bill;
    Somehow, I heard about Jim Sinclair around the year 2001. HE has been crazy ever since. So have I because I started buying a little every year, I may have sold a few along the way but only because I was learning. I kept buying along and building my little stash. Then I retired and I use your philosophy of keeping up all the equipment and used vehicles and horses. Mine and my kids. Setting good examples for the Grandkids urging them into Engineering or Med fields. Making sure their educations don’t take any slack time. I thank Jim and Bill and recommend people build their own tribe and never tell anyone much about your stash. “I only have two!” You can use one for teaching because you are also teaching kids about pretty money and to keep quiet and they should be introduced early to the ways of building wealth. You tell them you just got it too show them what you are talking about. Family are the worst blabber ers at times and more likely to get you killed. Even if they stop calling you crazy over the years as what you did and are doing looks more and more like genius than crazy.

    • Greg Hunter

      Sometimes the best thing you can do is identify somebody smart and one that is telling you the truth. Sinclair (and Holter) fit this mold.

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