Biggest Move in History Coming Soon for Gold & Silver – Bill Murphy

By Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release)

Bill Murphy, Chairman of the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee (GATA), says don’t worry about the recent price drop forced on the markets by the gold cartel with naked short selling. It’s not going to keep prices down for long. Murphy contends, “We have been trying to expose what this gold cartel has been doing. The bullion banks, the Fed, the Treasury, the Bank for International Settlement (BIS) and what they have done is to suppress the price. What has happened after all these years is the gold cartels have run out of enough physical gold to do what they have done. They are lost. They have blown up really. They can act in the paper market, but since May, gold has made one new high after another. . . . They are panicking to get out, and to do that, they are panicking speculators to get out of the gold and silver markets and collapsing the prices.”

Murphy says physical gold and silver metal is being bought up at a fast pace with the artificially cheaper prices. Murphy says, “This is another example to how close we are getting to the gold market blowing up. I am talking about $100 per ounce up days will become common . . . because there won’t be any physical gold to meet the demand. It’s going to go bonkers all over the world. They can’t stop it. . . . All I can say right now is they (gold cartel) are panicking the paper speculators out of the gold and silver market so they can cover their massive short positions. It’s absolutely staggering what’s been going on in the past couple of days. They have created a panic in the paper market, but it’s not happening in the physical market. The U.S. Mint just stopped selling Silver Eagles because they ran out.”

Murphy contends, “Gold and silver prices right now are artificially low because of these (gold cartel) people. This is what’s going to cause the biggest move in history. It’s now coming down to the short strokes, and it’s been a long time coming. I can’t wait for it to happen. Then our (GATA) story will be told, but our story is not as important as getting the truth out to the people so they can take advantage of what’s going on.”

In closing, Murphy says, “The gold cartel has done this (price suppression) year after year after year, and now they have hit the wall. Some of us thought a ‘black swan’ would do this, and it has. It’s a horrible black swan. It’s a black plague, and it’s changing the American way of life for a long time to come.”

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with Bill Murphy, Chairman of GATA.

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After the Interview: is a free website where you can get lots of information about what is going on in the precious metals world. Bill Murphy also has a website called with some free information.  There is also a subscription service and the first two weeks are free.

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  1. Anthony Australia

    Thanks Greg,

    A voice of reason in amongst all of the fear and propaganda you the MSM.
    Not too much left on the alternative media, the platform has been hijacked.
    Permission to post a link Greg;

    • Paul in Oz

      great share Anthony, thanks to both you for sharing and Greg for allowing it!

    • AndrewB

      Anthony, thank you for the link. Great interview with Robert David Steele. Not sure about the ‘Age of Truth’ logo – incorporating a pyramid – but perhaps I’m becoming paranoid. IMHO, interview is well worth listening to in full. Thanks.

    • Chas

      3/16/2020 630AM

      Gold down 17.50

      Silver down 1.70

      platinum down 195.00

    • Chas

      When will this gold and silver move begin?

      • Anthony Australia

        Nearly cracked $2,700AUD

        It’s movung alright, like Bill Holter said, $100 swings a day,

    • eddiemd

      Your money is safe. Don’t worry. So says CNN.

      Trust me, I work for the government. Just ask a native American.

    • Bobby Fisher

      Mate, queues for Australian Bullion Company in Sydney going out on the street 100 people. Highly unusual.

      • Anthony Australia


  2. Mike R

    Yep. Bill is right about gold. (havent seen the video yet, but just reading Greg’s text) Think of what happened this past Thursday.
    On Thursday, March 12th, the Federal Reserve, the single most important central bank in the world, announced a $1.5 TRILLION repo operation as well as a new QE program… and stocks only rallied for FIVE minutes, before closing on the LOWS. FIVE FREAKING MINUTES. And then stocks fell to new lows. Down 2000 points.

    That was the worst day since the 1987 Crash. THAT, is THE story of this week. Not the corona virus. Not Trumps speech. Not that the market continued down from everything before, or rallied big at the end of the day on Friday.

    When the FED does something that massive, and the market doesn’t hold up for 5 minutes, then you know something pretty darn UGLY is going on behind the scenes, that none of us know about.

    We’re talking about something far worse than Lehman Brothers. Some VERY LARGE institution (probably Deutsche Bank, UBS, or something of that size) is in MAJOR trouble. And they are connected to every major bank in the US, with massive derivative exposure for every single one. Cascading defaults so large, no amount of QE could ever cover. the $1.5 trillion was probably just a superficial injection to keep some other bans from quickly going under, and its likely due to the very sharp decline in bond yields, and then the very rapid onset collapse in price, sending yields UP. (i.e. translation, interest rate whipsaw.)

    So Bonds actually COLLAPSED Thursday despite the Fed announcing this $1.5 trillion program. If bonds cannot find a floor when the Fed announces QE 5 as well as $1.5 trillion in repos, then we have a problem that is far, far greater than anything the world has ever seen.

    The sell off in gold, all things considered, was actually quite mild, when you think about the implications of what happened thursday in the bond market. There is a MAJOR MAJOR dislocation, and its likely irreversible. Actually I believe the dislocation occurred far earlier, and the $1.5 trillion is a highly delayed reaction. I think the dislocation is what put Dimon in the hospital (march 5th), and thats how bad it was. One or more of our 5 big US banks, is going belly up. Thats what eventually led to this bond debacle. They are probably trying to figure out how to keep at least 3 of them solvent. Dimon’s bank may end up being one of the ‘sacrificial lambs’ given up to the global banking cabal ‘gods’, similar to the way Lehman was sacrificed. Obviously major EU banks are going under and there is just no way to save them. But if its DB, then certainly at least one and likely two major of the big 5 US banks here are getting wiped out, as in cease to exist completely. stay tuned…

    • Keith

      Here’s the problem with these so called experts. Nobody knows what the price will be in one day or six months. People charging out and paying big premiums for eagles or any other silver or gold, should get some sound investment advice. Paying 20 to 30 or even 50% above a assets market price, is not wise. The same situation occurred in 2008. Wait a month or so and you can buy all you want. People act like you won’t be able to find silver and if they do the price will be through the roof. Don’t play the panick game like what’s occurring with the virus. Silver will likely keep going lower over the next few months. Just stay on the sidelines and the market will come to investors, it always does. Don’t be stupid and chase prices, you will regret that.

      • JohnGalt

        Completely agree, but there is another investment vehicle that you can use for very large gains. There are long-term options on some of the better gold stocks like KL, AG, AEM, which do not expire until January 2022. When the stocks got hammered, I basically doubled down on my options, but at a much cheaper price. In my investing opinion, there is no way that gold and silver stocks will do anything but go crazy, and most likely long before January ’22. In essence, I am investing in agreement with Bill Murphy.

    • paul ...

      Mike … you get it … but most people (like Stan) don’t realize that Central Banks are on the verge of accelerating money printing (and will become the only buyer of their own worthless debt) … the “end of the financial system is guaranteed” and its demise “imminent” … the bond market is in the biggest danger globally … use of derivatives and the artificial manipulation of interest rates might keep the system afloat for a few months longer … but then again the market (bonds and stocks) could collapse tomorrow … as there is so much junk and bad debt already in the system … the amount of money printing that is coming “will be endless” and of “unimaginable quantities” as Trump bails out the airlines , the luxury cruise lines, the shale oil producers, etc., etc., etc. … it will start with handing out “trillions” … but as the banking system comes under pressure it will grow to “tens of trillions” … and when Deutsche Bank (with 50 trillion in derivatives) fails the Bundesbank and ECB will have to print “hundreds of trillions” to bail it out … but counterparties will fail simultaneously (JP Morgan has around 50 trillion in derivatives) putting at least “$1.5 quadrillion at risk” and the Central Bankers will need to bail out all counter parties that fail … and people like Stan are worried about gold falling temporarily (by perhaps $100 dollars to $1450 per ounce)? … they need to get their heads straight and screw in the loose bolts … gold is at “the very beginning of an extremely strong and long-term uptrend” … gold will surge to levels “only a few can imagine” … you don’t trade the metals (like Stan) … “you hold the metals” … and you don’t just hold 10% (or sell this insurance policy when a raging money printing fire is about to engulf your home … “that is 100% guaranteed to burn your house to the ground”) … everyone should have at least 50% or more of their wealth in gold and silver!!! …

    • Jon P

      Physical silver practically laughed at the paper spot price today. Many dealers experienced heavy volume. Premiums were well over spot price.

    • dadiz

      Can’t envision Chase going under as it is a member of the Federal Reserve. Think Chase began the repo crunch in September selling off their mortgage paper.

  3. Rachel

    Awesome report Greg, I think one was the most important one you have ever done. And thank you to Bill for all his hard work.

    • Greg Hunter

      You are very kind to say this Rachel. Murphy is the star on this one.

      • The world's greatest trader

        Hey Greg,

        More excellent guests.
        You’re the best.

  4. chip2

    It’s fun to watch Bill Murphy and Greg talk about this. They are men who love truth and hate wickedness. If this all unfolds as Bill thinks, it’s going to be awesome!

  5. Papa Randy

    Bill Murphy has been fighting the good fight a long time, and has hung on to the end. I have been encouraged by him many times . I am sure many others have as well. Greg you and Bill were put here for times such as these. Thank you !

  6. JC

    Bill says they are running out of physical gold to carry on. It seems G.A. Stewart’s “pending” prediction based on a Nostradamus quatrain will soon be confirmed.


    Nostradamus Quatrain III-5
    Pres, loing defaut de deux grands luminaires
    Qui suruiendra entre l’Auril & Mars.
    O quel cherté! mais deux grands debonaires
    Par terre & mer secourront toutes pars.

    Nostradamus Quatrain III-5
    Shortly after the default of the great luminaries [gold and silver]
    Which will occur between April and March.
    What loss! But two great debonair ones
    By land and sea bring relief [to] all parts.

  7. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter:
    IMO, it’s not “the banks,” per se, who are now manipulating the prices of PMs. Rather, it’s the Fed and the other central banks who are trying to protect the banks as their PM scam blows up. It must be the Fed/Treasury (or their surrogates) who are taking the short positions; the banks can’t make up for the losses by printing money.
    This can’t long continue because in this panicked environment who in their right mind would take a long position in the paper PM market (especially when the metal will not be delivered if demanded)?
    With hyperinflation on the horizon, the same holds true for the debt market. “The system,” in its entirety, is in the process of blowing up. Martial law is beginning to be prepared. Blood will soon be accompanying the panic and the pandemic. Take all precautions, and be prepared to defend your loved ones and yourself.

  8. quigly up yonder

    It may feel like 2008 all over again, but here’s how the coronavirus crisis is different
    Paul Davidson, Nathan Bomey and Jessica Menton 3 days ago
    The cause
    The Great Recession. The bruising downturn was set off by an overheated housing market. Banks and other lenders and senatores like one Barry Obama approved mortgages – including many to buyers who weren’t qualified, driving up home prices to stratospheric levels

    • paul ...

      The only good thing about the Corona Virus is that it is “non-discriminatory” … it attacks Republicans, Demon-rats, the Military/Industrial /Bankster Complex, the Deep State, Congress and House members, etc., etc. … all the people responsible for funding the creation of such lethal bio-weapons to begin with … serves them right!!

  9. SilverHawk

    Now lets call a bottom. Pretend trade, SLV (13.69) 15.00 CALL 4/17exp – 75 @ .31 = $2,325.00. Never play SILVER options in real life. Just don’t.

    • lancelot

      Why are the premiums going through the roof ?

      • Greg Hunter

        Real physical supply is shrinking.

    • SilverHawk

      You bet supply is vanishing. Spot is below miners breakeven. Good time to shut them all down. We’re in the basement here, temporarily. JPM isn’t spending a nice chunk of change to store 800 million physical troy ounces of silver for no $13.00 silver, mind you. They see its value more to what the debt clock says. $1150 an ounce now! 3000 point down day. LOL. Love to know what all my old friends are saying about me now. 🙂 Now to this trade. The CALL lost $1,275, and the insurance PUT made $1,210. So for Monday, we’re down 65 bucks, on $3,375 invested. Come on boxcars….. (took 4 days before the DIA PUT started to skyrocket. That why I always go 30 days out on exp.)

  10. Mike R

    Its late in the night. 3 am. This week coming up will be worse than the last. I think we are now looking at a 30 day quarantine, minimum here in US, where all workers that go to offices, will be required to stay home (not asked). I think it will go a lot further, but some factories that are critical will stay open, but do 3 shifts with limited staff on each shift. I think we will see nearly every store required to be closed except for places like CVS, Walmart, Walgreens, Target, and certain other grocers. I think we will see forms of martial law unlike we have ever seen, where national guards are all called in to help with regulating traffic, for the times when people need to go to get ‘supplies’ from those stores. It will be highly regulated and you will need to have PPE to go do that. Banks will be closed, as will wallstreet.

    Remember what you saw and who you saw with Trump in his speech Friday. The CEO’s of those aforementioned firms. They were not there for ‘poses’ to show they will help facilitate drive through ‘testing.’ It will go WELL BEYOND THAT.

    I went around to 4 places tonight that are normally 24 hour STOREs. They were all closed. They had signs on them like ‘closed at 10 pm’ starting 3/14 and on. Or they had signs that said ‘temporarily closed for system update.’ These were key 24 hour groceries and pharmacies. Folks this has been a series of escalating steps toward a full lockdown.

    They are trying to do it in a way that doesn’t panic people. People are panicking though as evidenced by the 1000 to 2000 people deep lines the past days at places like Costco. The lines are getting worse, not better. Notably, these stores that should be open, and the ones that typically aren’t should and would be “STOCKING” over night. That ain’t happening. There is nothing obviously left to stock. That is why these places are closed now that normally would have been open. It means our supplies and inventories are dwindling fast. If you got it already, and its enough for 30 days, (at least), then maybe you are lucky. Your normal freedoms are about to be stripped away, far worse than after 9/11.

    Dont take my word for it. Im just a peon. But my eyes are wide open.

    Read the series of tweets this guy (Andy Slavitt) sent out, and it will become crystal clear to you whats about to happen.

    Remember, that our entire distribution system is now built on JIT. Just in time. With JIT there is next to no inventory. Its continuous flow of immediately used goods right after they are produced. This is for your food, medicines, and everything you need daily to live. Who is going to operate all of this, if they are going to full lockdown ? Every state in the country sent notices to all schools, they are closed until end of month. This is going longer than end of month. Colleges have done all the same, but extended into April, mid April in many cases. They tell students dont plan on coming back until certain date. That will likely be extended as we get to end of March. Whats the stock market going to do from here with this coming ? Well they have to close it. Whether its this week or next, it aint staying open, bc the entire US economy is going on lockdown. Period. End of story.

    • paul ...

      Mike … you are right … looks like travel bans will be imposed (how will food get to markets???) … and Marshal Law will be necessary to enforce it … Alex Jones has some exclusive info …

      • paul ...

        Stan … Sunday afternoon March 15, 2020 the Fed said that it was bringing interest rates to within a target range of 0% to 0.25% … so that puts the final nail in your “short gold” coffin … it is now obvious to everyone that physical gold is the only asset to own … gold will likely spike up by about $100 dollars Monday morning when the markets open in New York!!

  11. Rev Andrew de Berry

    A brilliant interview. Thanks to both of you.

  12. MCasey

    And Friday, Bill Gates baled.

    “….January 2020 set a record for the most CEO departures in the US in one month — 219 departures. In 2019, a reported 1,480 CEOs departed; most in the latter part of the year. Chief executives of top U.S. companies are leaving their posts at a pace not seen in nearly two decades.”

    Wow, it’s as if they saw this coronavirus and the resulting market collapse coming. Maybe they are all headed for their underground bunkers. Take the money and run.

    • paul ...

      And how do you spend your money in an underground bunker???

      • paul ...

        So with all his money … Bill Gates needs to confine himself to an underground bunker … in order to hide from the viruses (he likely develops so he can make vaccines against them) … all to make “even more fiat money” he can’t use in his underground bunker!!

  13. Ray

    They took out John F Kennedy………
    They took out Robert F Kennedy……
    They took out Martin Luther King…….
    They took out John Lennon…..
    They tried to take out Reagan……
    They took out Seth Rich……
    They jailed Chelsea Manning…..
    They jailed Assange…….
    They released a virus to cover up a global economic collapse…….
    Here’s an idea……….
    How about we get together and TAKE OUT one of them?
    Just so they KNOW we won’t take this up the arse anymore……and NEVER MORE.
    Fair’s fair, right?
    How about WE GET TOGETHER and TAKE OUT………
    A Gates…..
    A Clinton……
    A Buffet……..
    A Murdoch……..
    A Rothschild……….
    Let’s all throw in $5.00 each, on a global scale, and gather in at least $100 Million for the FIRST BRAVE HUMAN PATRIOT to bring in the HEAD of one of these BASTARD ASSWIPES on a silver…..nay…..GOLD platter.
    Who’s for it?
    How much longer will we stand for an assault on our lives without stabbing the head of the snake directly?
    Humanity…….RISE UP.
    Lets’s stand together and demand jail or death for these bastards.
    The ONLY THING they understand is violence…….then……. we have only ONE COURSE available to us…….
    To quote a VERY famous political catch cry from Australia in 1972……..IT’S TIME.

    Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation.

    • paul ...

      Ray … We don’t have to stab or shoot them … when we know we have the virus … just shake hands with them and pat them on the back and congratulate them for doing such a good job!!

      • Ray

        Nice Paul 😉
        Keep throwing out the left jab mate.
        Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation

        • paul ...

          Do you think the politicians (seeing what they have wrought with their insane biological weapons programs) will now hold a world conference where all Nations agree to end their biological warfare programs??? … likely to insane an idea for the murdering psychopaths to even comprehend!!!

      • AndrewB

        paul. . .
        Great thought, but it won’t work – ‘they’ already had the vaccine before they released the virus . . .

        • paul ...

          Probably why gun shops are running out of inventory like the coin dealers … only Marshal Law will keep the people with their guns at home (to protect the psychopathic bio-weapon scientists and politicians who funded them)!!!

    • Frank D2

      I agree with you, Ray. NOTHING will change until people rise up and fight back….hard….and for keeps.

    • Anthony Australia

      Rock on Ray!

  14. Matties

    Now this is a timely interview Greg !

    Gold and silver prices will go up to represent the value of the world market. But the world production will go down a lot.

    But let me warn people for the prices of food. They are going to rise as production is going down. Best thing is to learn to grow it.

    Thanks for all the work you have done to warn people.

    • Ray

      Upon reflection……
      Getting violent is not the answer here, and I take back my call for violence.
      For violence only brings us down to pathetic level that these awful beings have stooped to.
      Stay together……remember the teachings of The Most High……and see the other person in yourself.
      I will give that my best try.
      Here it is then……The Collapse.
      Wishing all Watchdoggers all the very best, and to Greg Hunter, a very special thank you and heartfelt congratulations on the standard he has maintained in his approach to his craft.
      I don’t always agree with him, but would defend him right to the end.
      Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation.

    • roy madison

      no , let the wheels of justice prevail. God is in control.

  15. Adam Giessler

    Timely interview. Thanks!
    Here is an article authored by to back-up your interview with Mr. Murphy:
    Price Of Physical Gold Decouples From Paper Gold

    • paul ...

      The time to speculate with gold stocks is after physical gold makes all time highs and is going straight up … and when 90 percent of the public believe gold can never go down (like they recently believed the stock market would never go down)!! … for now … stick to physical gold bullion coins … not gold stocks … and not any other “paper gold” proxies like ETF’s!!

      • paul ...

        The manipulated price of gold and silver needs to be pushed down by those who want to show that all the inflated money they are generating (for bailouts “for everyone”) has some value … all the money printing shows me gold is worth at least the $9422 fiat dollars the Debt Clock says it is worth … so ignore the manipulate price … yesterday I bought a physical one ounce gold maple leaf for $1615 fiat dollars while the manipulated price was pushed down to $1490 … a steep premium … but that’s the cost of getting ones hands on some “real money” in limited supply (a bargain in my eyes considering its current worth is $9422 fiat debt dollars per ounce)!!

  16. Jerry

    More paper pumping.

    The corona virus is being used by the globalist to collapse the global fiat economic system and replace it with a blockchain digital currency system, while completing the first phase of agenda 21 and the genocide of thousands of people world wide. This is going to end one of two ways. Either we return to rule of law and the gold standard, or we will hand over control of the entire corporate system to the central bankers, and with it our individual rights.

    The second amendment is at the heart of this struggle, because the globalist know the only thing between them and accomplishing their goal is an armed American citizen. They tried the backdoor approach in Virginia and that didn’t work, so now they’re trying to sneak it in under the disguise of the corona virus and medical martial law.

    FYI I don’t know how this will work out, but in my world I can only
    control what happens inside my ten foot circle, so I prepare
    accordingly. I want to believe that President Trump has a master plan, but until I see these clowns in orange jump suits, I will continue to prepare for the worst. Either way I will not, I repeat not, be a part of agenda 21 and live under global tyranny. My family motto under our coat of arms is “sans fuer”.Which in French means “ without fear”. I live by that creed, and they will not intimidate me what so ever.

    • Linda

      I think you are right about a digital currency and system, all the signs are there, they have been preparing for years, I have been watching and you won’t see it unless you have been watching the cryptocurrency videos, news, the big banks and IMF hints, its all there, they know the debt will never be paid back, they know there will be a global reset. There are a few crypto’s that have use cases and I am not talking about bitcoin, that is like Napster compared to the sophisticated streaming services for music today. Trump keeps talking about a magic want, well, that is it, a digital means of liquidity. And its so much more than that, the blockchain is a way to see and keep track of everything. All these financial guys and gals who talk about fiat and precious metals, never go to digital talk, well, some of them actually do now, but the crypto world has been watching intently and all the signs are there, its only a matter of time.

      • paul ...

        Linda … Bitcoin obviously needs to test the 3,000 to 4,000 level … if it doesn’t hold that level … it’s curtains for all crypto’s!! …

        • Linda

          It has nothing to do with Bitcoin. It is xrp. And xlm will be a player, they changed their logo to same one on 1980’s, forget which year, Economic Magazine of a phoenix standing on a pile of burning paper dollars, with new xlm token/coin symbol on its chest.

    • Errol Flynn

      Holding Gold makes sense in physical form as it is a great hedge with no counter party risk.
      BUT in would not be so quick to believe the narrative that physical gold is in short supply.
      99 percent of gold ever mined is secured in someones piggy bank/vault.Once the price discovery platform becomes grounded in reality then there will be plenty of physical supply.The issue moving forward will be affordability.Will Joe Six pack drowning in debt and dubious job security be in a position to buy Gold.Probably not.

      So knowing the false Gold pricing narrative and the inevitable pricing reset in the near future then now is arguably the time to buy even if you have to assume some additional leverage.In all likelihood the coming price reset will more than balance the extra leverage.All things being equal borrowing to speculate by the average person is very high risk but these are not normal times and absurdly low metal prices(gold and especially silver) will not and cannot last much longer .You can get away with manipulating in the short term but in the long term the laws of nature in the markets always win out in the end.At some point very very soon a reversion to the norm is in the cards.

      • Greg Hunter

        Then let’s just say for sale at $1,700 per ounce.

  17. Stan

    I disagree with Murphy. The recent massive decline in Gold is akin to the 2013 Gold crash. Also QE-4 has begun and QE has always been very Gold negative. Look what QE-3 did to Gold. $1233 is next stop for Gold.

    • paul ...

      Stan … When central banks eventually exit from real quantitative easing and zero policy interest rates … real rates will rise … and that is when conditions will become negative for gold … the time to buy gold is when “real returns” on cash and bonds are negative and falling … “as it is now” … the QE3 and QE4 of 2012 – 2013 “acted as a depressant upon the global economy” as the major part of creating all that paper fiat back then was to “remove collateral in the process” which effectively transformed a repo-based system back to traditional banking) … but this time around … the Fed is not doing QE … but is sticking to repo’s to provide global liquidity … and their plan is to stay almost purely repo “so as to make real rates fall” … and that is bullish for gold!!

    • Mike R

      Gold disagrees with you Stan. Its going up as we speak. Adios !

    • Errol Flynn

      The current situation is not a replay of 2008.
      Current global debt levels ..consumer private and Government are thru the proverbial roof.
      Global debt has gone from 14 trillion to 265 trillion.
      The printing presses were turned on in 2008 TARP 700 billion usd
      In the last month the Fed alone has created over when 9 trillion with its sitmulus and bailout bills(most of the funds/tax breaks of course being allocated to corporations.the balance to the sheep which wont go too far in terms of sustained relief)
      The current round of counterfeiting is just the start as trillions fake money is soon to follow.
      Do you really believe that the precious metals will not benefit from all this inflation inducing money.
      If you do you are either in a state of denial,delusional,financially uneducated or a troll of some sort advancing the status quo narrative that Gold/silver is just a rock and not a good hedge against all the Fed created asset bubbles that will ALL end in pain for the majority of mainstream investors.

  18. Norlin Gutz

    I went to buy gold/silver from my supplier and he was out of both and did not know when he would be getting his next supply.

    • Greg Hunter

      As Murphy said the U.S. Mint sold out last week.

    • Auntie Seize

      Price Of Physical Gold Decouples From Paper Gold

      The “money” manipulators cannot keep the inflating beach ball submerged forever.
      Someday it will escape their grasp and break free and go into low earth orbit. Like a Poseidon missile coming out of its tube.

  19. GVB

    Gold (and silver) have always been the achilles heel of evereything fake.

    • paul ...

      And Greenspan knows it well … … he tells us it’s the older investors who are looking for hard assets that they know will have value in 20 or 30 years … and wouldn’t you know it … the Banksters “just so happen to get very lucky” and have a virus to come along “that kills off all the old people who want to own gold and silver”!!!

      • paul ...

        Will the government do anything to the bankers if they are found responsible for releasing the Corona Virus? … no way … “as killing off the old people” helps to make Social Security more viable!!

        • GVB

          Though, never thought they would mix up both resets as it now appears so.

        • AndrewB

          Yes Paul, I agree. With all the pension schemes hopelessly under water, how convenient that a (man-made) virus is set to significantly reduce the pensioner population. And a younger demographic will inherit earlier than usual – and young people consume more (!!!) – and if you’re one of the corporate oligarchy, ‘what’s not to like’ . . . .?

          It couldn’t be part of a plan, could it?


  20. Foot in the Forest

    In Colorado Springs the premium silver eagles is $4.25 per coin and are limited to 20 coins {1} tube per person a day. Gold American coins are not available. This is due to the MASSIVE increase for physical metals. I bought junk silver at 12x face. Foot

  21. Chuck

    Absolutely, positively, 100%, without question the best and most informative and encouraging interview that I have heard in quite a while. Thank you Greg!

  22. DanielSong39

    I have a feeling the biggest move in history might be coming but there’s a chance that it will be straight down.

    The paradigm is changing and people just aren’t used to seeing gold and silver as money anymore. It’s been decades since gold and silver were used in common currency, heck even copper was phased out. Even paper cash is scarce now, it’s the electronic debit and EBT cards that are now seen as money.

    So if there is a currency reset I think it will be a new plastic card that is accepted by the chip reader. As long as the card works people will be satisfied and go about their business.

    • Stan

      DanielSong39: You make some great points. I predict the Dollar will flourish and will be adopted by many countries. Look at the benefits – countries that adopt the Dollar will be protected by the US Military. You can’t beat that deal.

      • Ray

        How does the US Military obtain its funding?
        I’ll give you 300 words to wriggle out of that one without using the words “eternally rolled over debt, based on financial fraud”.
        After that, we can talk about whether what the US Military does around the world is good for humanity or whether it isn’t.
        You’re up for a fair and just world……free from the Military Jackboot of tyranny…….aren’t you Stan?
        Or are you a “Planet America” kind of guy?
        I’d be interested to know mate.
        Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation.

    • paul ...

      DS39 … the dollar will move straight down … until you need a wheel barrel full of them to buy a gallon of milk … and if you use a credit card you will be billed $50,000 dollars for the purchase … and people will be satisfied and go about their business???

      • DanielSong39

        Think of how Germany handled the 1922 hyperinflation. They just simply declared a new currency and revalued everything. The new currency was stable. I think the USA may do something similar – as long as the plastic cards work and the prices remain stable in the new currency people will accept it.

        • paul ...

          DS39 … The Fed is now doing what some call “Weimar-Lite” … effectively buying everything … and bailing out everyone … with printed money … “out of thin air” … that is manipulated on the FOREX markets to show it is increasing in value … while selling unbacked gold contracts to artificially push the price of gold downward (while their fiat IOU debt paper is intentionally made more and more worthless)!!!

  23. Russ

    Good morning and thank you for the timely interview. The reset term is a bit over-used and so often that folks think GATA is crying wolf. But eventually the wolf showed up.

    Speaking of timely —
    “Legend Pierre Lassonde Discusses The Panic In The Gold Sector” — King World News

    The original Rothschild said something about buying “when there is blood in the streets” — and he made a killing… There’s blood in the streets.

    • Jim1a

      I don’t want it to be mine catching a falling knife.

  24. SB

    Hi Greg,
    You have the Golden Rolodex, would you kindly consider the following: Allow the audience to know, in advance who the Guest is going to be and allow a brief window to submit questions? For example it would be great to ask Bill Murphy what are the implications of Basel III recognition of gold as Tier 1 asset to CB balance sheets? When/if gold goes parabolic, how do you suggest the holder of precious metals cash in? Should they try to find a farmer to trade his land for precious? Trade Elon Musk for his Tesla factory? How do the winners monetize the long awaited victory?
    Thanks for another great interview!

    • Greg Hunter

      Only a few guest come back on to answer questions. No set up to do that live.

      • SB

        Do you know who your guest is going to be on Wednesday? Asking if you would let the viewers know who is booked for the next show so we could submit questions ahead of time Sorry for the confusion.

        • Greg Hunter

          SB may not be a guest. Got some tech work to do.

    • paul ...

      Only if the real estate generates enough income (to pay the taxes, etc. on it)!!

  25. Chip

    40% premium on silver eagles at APMEX. Silver just under $15 an ounce and it will cost you $21 to purchase a silver eagle using a credit card or pay pal… Chip

    • paul ...

      And when gold gets down to $1233 as Stan predicts it will cost you $1800 to buy a one ounce coin from a dealer!!

    • Auntie Seize

      The time to buy is/was “yesterday”.

    • Mike R

      So its really $36/ounce. I would not part with my silver until it reaches at least $200/ ounce.

    • Chip

      Update: 3/18/20, Silver at $12.60 an ounce.
      APMEX price for a silver eagle using credit card or pay pal $25.60!!!
      SOOOOO… the price of the silver eagle went UP while the price for silver went down!!!!
      Now 87% premium over spot!

  26. Jerry

    I don’t mean to preach, but in the coming days if you don’t have the gift of the Holy Ghost in your home through daily scripture study and prayer, and a firm conversion and testimony that Jesus is the Christ, it is very unlikely you will survive, no matter how much gold you have, or food you have put away. Like the night of Passover in Egypt, without the lambs blood ( blood of Christ ) above your door, the destroying angel of death will not pass you by. I know you’re a believer, so this message is for your readers, who have not yet got right with God. Fear not.

    • eddiemd

      Right on.

      Take heed, Pray always, Watch.

      Pray for discernment, wisdom, knowledge.

      Jesus Christ in you. The hope of glory. Glory to the Almighty God.

      Jesus Christ of Nazareth. King of kings. Lord of lords. Lion of the Tribe of Judah. Root of Jesse. Root of David. Captain of the Host. Wonderful, Counselor, Almighty God. Prince of Peace. Emmanuel. Messiah. Redeemer. True and faithful Witness. First Born from the dead. Alpha and Omega. The Lamb of God.

      Ephesians 1:17-19 New King James Version (NKJV)
      17 that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory, may give to you the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Him, 18 the eyes of your understanding being enlightened; that you may know what is the hope of His calling, what are the riches of the glory of His inheritance in the saints, 19 and what is the exceeding greatness of His power toward us who believe, according to the working of His mighty power

      • Greg Hunter

        Loved this comment Eddie!!

  27. Wim

    Hi Greg, always love to listen to Bill Murphy. Since 2007 I went all in to hard assets. Never regretted to have missed out on Stock profits in this absurd system. As from 2010/2011 I awaited the Big Bang. By 2014/2015 I began to figure they can hold it up for a undetermined time. As long QE gets frozen in paper average Joe doesn’t walk around with suitcases of correct to buy Essentials. Covid 19 could be the Black Swan. On the other hand it could go on for a timeline. Time will Tiel.

  28. Wim

    Walking around with suitcases of currency

  29. tomnchrist

    Most likely replacement for all Currency will be a debit/credit system implemented by the anti-Christ. Gold and Silver will be the black market alternative for those who refuse to take the mark.

  30. paul ...

    Warning … Let’s say Stan talked to his bankster buddies and they confided in him and told him that “it was guaranteed” they were going to manipulate the price of silver back down to $5 dollars per ounce (so they could get out of their huge short positions with a profit) … should you sell your silver coins now at $15 dollars and buy them back at $5 dollars and triple your holdings? … anyone contemplating such a move better think twice … trying to trade these totally manipulated markets is simply playing into a massive bankster’s con job … because if you sell your entire core silver coin position at $15 dollars per coin … there is likely going to be little chance of buying them back at $5 per coin … as an enormous increase in demand by savvy investors is currently straining world silver supply chains … most major refineries, mints and wholesalers around the world are now running out of inventory … the large wholesalers in the US are saying they are completely sold out of ALL gold and ALL silver coins and are not able to replenish … and the US Mint announced just this last Thursday that their American Silver Eagle coins are completely sold out … what should you do? … “hold on for dear life to your core silver coin position” … and hope that you are lucky enough to perhaps add to your position if someone short the stock market needs to sell some of his coins to cover margin calls !!!

    • Stan

      Paul: When the smoke clears you’ll be lucky to get $5.00 for your silver.

      • paul ...

        I don’t trade the metals Stan … I hold them!!! … and if I’m lucky … I’ll get to buy $5 dollar silver … but I don’t believe I will have such luck with Trump bailing out everyone and the Fed “printing what ever it takes” to do it!!

        • lancelot

          I can’t wait till I get my $ 1000.00 cash from the government. I am going to spend it wisely. How good a hooker can I get for the $ 1000.00

          • paul ...

            Lancelot … Fifty(50) ounces of silver will more likely give you much longer lasting pleasure!!!

      • john

        and when the smoke clears are we at DOW 5000?

  31. Stuart Englert

    Glad to hear an update from Bill Murphy on the gold and silver market. I’ve followed the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee (GATA) for more than a decade. In fact, I cite more than a dozen documents gathered by GATA in my new book, “Rigged: Exposing the Largest Financial Fraud in History,” which chronicles decades of precious metals manipulation and price suppression. I also donate 10% of the book’s sales proceeds to the organization. By the way Greg, I mailed you a copy; I hope you received it. Here’s a link to the book:

  32. BDS

    Thank you Greg for your job informing your audience of what is happening over the years. You have had the finger on the pulse of society and for those who watched and listened should fair well into the future. Since I started watching your program, I have followed you along with many of your guests with fervor.
    I have to say, thank you, thank, thank you!! My prayers for a safe economic transition!

  33. Mungo

    So how do I “cash in” any of my gold once the prices spike. We’ll need to do that to buy everyday essentials. Granted I could stay home for many months based on our stores. But what good is my gold if I can’t “cash it in” long term.

    • Greg Hunter

      I don’t think you are grasping the situation we are in.

    • Unwanted

      I will answer it. Mungo. Chances are your gold could end up worthless. However if a currency replaces the dollar as money you can sell it under new organization’s. They call that insurance. Not likely to get that bad.

      • Greg Hunter

        Really??? Well it hasn’t happened in the last 5,000 years!!

        • Unwanted

          Greg gold can in no way become a currency unless the population is cut more then half. Even then could not service the debt like fait has. So gold will always be controlled as a commodity not money.

          • Greg Hunter

            Either can a share of stock or a futures contract for corn. Gold is not a commodity, it is a Tier 1 assets held at every central bank in the world. The CB’s say you are dead wrong.

        • Unwanted

          We never had this many people in so much debt. The past can not be compared because of lower population and debt.

        • Unwanted

          Yes it is worthless. They came up with a word for things that are worth less. = worthless

  34. John

    A solid decade of “imminent” silver explosion.

    • Greg Hunter

      You do know the cartel has bee suppressing the price? Stay in stocks man I am sure this will work for another 10 years.

      • John

        I watched the interview. It wouldn’t surprise me if there was price manipulation but the gold and silver experts have stated the reserves are “empty” for years and yet here we are, sitting on cheap silver.

        • paul ...

          Remember John … you are dealing with banksters who have “unlimited greed” genes … they will keep silver cheap for as long as they can … and continue to accumulate it cheap (like JP Morgan Chase has been doing) for as long as they can … once the public realizes that a chocolate bar “is not more valuable then a 1 oz silver coin” silver will begin to advance in spite of the banksters manipulations !!

  35. SB

    Hi Greg,
    It is beginning to feel like a short squeeze on the US $ is imminent, maybe as soon as next week. Why? The Fed will certainly lower the Fed Funds Rate by at least 75 bps and further narrow the spread between US bonds and the rest of DM economies. It was only a couple of weeks ago the carry trade still have ~3% spread, next week it could be sub 1%. We still don’t really know the fallout from this magnitude of a move, literally unprecedented. Watching DXY and other $ currency pairs like $/Rupee, $/Real, $/Looney, which like Gold are already at all time highs. Every sovereign owes debt in US$ and we might be seeing the scramble for King Dollar begin in earnest next week. Thanks for all you do, awesome work!

    • Keith wilson

      Well it’s looking like we are living in a lunatic asylum. The FED cut interest rates and the gold and silver market are about to take off. The Dow and equity markets are looking to crash when we begin trading this week. The whole of the western world is going Coronavirus shopping and the shelves are empty.The prediction tool for how many Americans could be dead of sickness by August stood at 47 million. Before the powers that be took it down and censored it. President Trump advice is to calm down and Do not panic. It will blow over shortly. Be back to normal in no time. Over in Italy where 350 died in one day and there health service is about to collapse all people aged 80plus wIll not be given any support in fighting Coronavirus to preserve what little medical supplies they have left. Thanks for having Bill Murphy on Greg and giving the people the latest on the gold and silver markets. I am going shopping to get some supplies before the SHTF come Monday morning.

    • Allen Starr

      Last week was a real roller coaster ride for the Ruble here in Russia. The week before I had finished accumulating a fairly large chunk of Dollars and wanted to get rid of them. On Monday the Ruble was at 77 but the “Valutas” in the banks were only offering a max of 72 so I decided to see what the next day would bring. The Ruble fell like a rock so I decided to see what would happen on Wednesday. It was as low as 70 in the banks that morning. I was offered 71.2 that late afternoon and took it. I got a half million Rubles more than I thought I would get this year so I took my annual screwing and am as happy as I can be to have gotten rid of the Dollars. The Ruble is quoted at 72.5 this morning but haven’t gone to the banks to see what they will pay. The Russians aren’t chasing Dollars anymore. So loaded with all these extra Rubles, the wife took me shopping to buy everything she wanted for the Dacha. So now my garage if full of minerals and things for the next five years and I have 20,000 less Rubles. Hopefully we can now survive this coming catastrophe as it is near.

      • Greg Hunter

        Thanks for the street reporting from Russia. Russia has zero or a very little amount of debt.

        • Allen Starr

          The Ruble got as low as 61 the beginning of March and rose as high as 77.1 before dropping back to where it is now. All of this is because of the drop in oil to just above $30 per barrel now. Probably the price of oil will be around $60 per barrel by the end of the year and the Ruble will be back to just under the 60’s. We invested money at 12% which also guarantees me the ability to invest more money over the next 5 years at 12%. I was just lucky and couldn’t have hit this timing any better. All of this is because Trump pissed off Putin over the sanction of the Nord Stream II pipeline project which will be completed by the end of this year anyway. You have no idea how badly this is going to effect the US economy from the oil and NG markets. It’s common knowledge in Russia for months now that Russia has installed a S-400 battery along with cruise missiles in Cuba with more (probably there now) cruise missiles on the way. This is in retaliation for putting missiles in Romania and Poland on Russia’s border. My contacts in the US say there isn’t a peep about this from the US Government.

          • Coalburner

            Allen, first I heard about Cuba! Happy to hear from you after the winter. Also appreciate your report!

  36. JC

    This is insane.

    “Never underestimate the stupidity of government. An example of their lack of competence can be seen at the 16 US airports approved to handle Americans returning to the country. At these airports, unimaginable long lines of people crowd together for hours and hours without masks. This is also playing out in other airports, a passenger arriving at JFK confirmed that they were told to share pens and there was no hand sanitizer. “So if we didn’t have the virus before, we have a great chance of getting it now!” one passenger stated.”

  37. regaleagle

    Not germane to this topic, but after watching Mike Wallace’s segment on Sunday’s Fox News Special Panel discussing the Covid 19 issues, I felt like throwing up listening to his questions posed toward the Administration and President Trump. He’s obviously a “fence-sitter” playing both sides of the political aisle…….fence-sitters are abhorred by God’s Holy Word. If we had someone like you Greg leading the questions with pertinent questions for all of the American public to view, then this country would be a more informed public and feel less politically assaulted. That’s just my personal opinion……thanks for all you do that represents what is considered righteous for the overwhelming majority of concerned Americans. May God bring condemnation upon those in this country that continue to spread their evil agendas upon those they govern over. Amen.

  38. quigly up yonder

    Mexico holds big music festival despite coronavirus concerns
    By BERENICE BAUTISTA, Associated Press
    12 hrs ago

  39. regaleagle

    Meant to say “leading the interviews with pertinent questions…….please fix it for me.

  40. James Brown

    As always, I love you Man!!!
    Hey, there is a banking crisis in Europe.
    Institutions are losing money, one hedge fund reportedly lost $32 billion in one day.
    So what do you do when your fund is losing money???
    You sell your gold, real estate, stocks, etc.
    The derivatives finally hit the wrong way – just like 2008/2009.
    This will calm down in a bit.

  41. JC

    Tomorrow should be interesting….. will gold get smacked down?

    “In an emergency move Sunday, the Federal Reserve announced it is dropping its benchmark interest rate to zero and launching a new round of quantitative easing.”

  42. DJW

    It’s hard to imagine that this isn’t the black swan event that you and your guests have been warning about for so many years. So glad I’ve been listening…and preparing. It’s painful to watch the people around me panicking(as they’re being prodded into doing by the msm)…and the virus isn’t even the real monster…the economic fallout is.
    Wishing the best for everyone,

  43. Mike R

    Illinois governor just announced total closure of all restaurants and bars in the State. Is he going to cover all those businesses paychecks ????

    Also state parks were closed. The one place where people who are barred from other places, where you could actually maintain ‘social distance.’

    Its now inevitable this is going to full lockdown of the US. First it was travel bans. Then very much later it was very local travel restrictions in hot spots. Then the national events like sports. Then it was schools closing. Then it was less formal and ad hoc businesses telling employees to stay home. Now its restaurants and bars, officially barred from being open. Next they will restrict travel to all businesses, and then officially they will only allow infrequent travel to get food and medicine, and quarantine of everyone to stay home. Basically martial law is being implemented. Soon you will see more and more troops monitoring cities, towns, highways, roads, and larger businesses.

    We go from underwhelming reaction to total panic and over reaction. So no earnings for anyone, and businesses will be going belly up one by one. unemployment will skyrocket, and then markets will REALLY have reason to tank. Then people lose their 401ks, that go to 101k’s, and the retirees stop spending, and the economy tanks further. Probably will then need a massive dollar reset since QE will be trillions per month, to prop banks and only large corporations who have been lining the pockets of politicians for their dose of free and cheap QE. QE flooding to prop markets is the worst of all scenarios when businesses cant sell anything, and people cannot work. It just becomes straight cash burning, that goes only to the 1%, and keeps those dopes flush, while the 99% gets crushed.

    • Chip

      Spot on Mike R. Your predictions are exactly what I’ve been thinking… Chip

  44. Merry Piper

    Greg, thank you for this interview. Your guest is a legend. Thank you also for giving so many people connecting via the courage to face the truth. You are appreciated and loved by many. How do I know this? I read the comments!!

  45. mike peterson

    Greg, Fed rate is 0% today next is negitive.

    • Greg Hunter

      That is signaling deep economic problems.

      • Diane


  46. Mike R

    FED fired its BIGGEST QE BAZOOKA ever, and the result was a resounding THUD. Nothing. Stocks keep cratering to limit down. Markets will definitely be forced to close this week. Munchkin was only jawboning when he said they would do everything possible to keep markets open. Well they just did everything possible, and it didn’t work. I doubt stock markets will open tomorrow. Next comes bank closures and ‘holidays.’

  47. Rick G

    This entire Covid 19 stupidity is just another horse the left is using to ride against Trump. It may be their last deperate chance to bash him. While the threat of COVID19 is real keep in mind what Rahm Emanuel said. He said, “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” The left leaning news media is pumping fear daily into the American public. Obama ignored the H1N1 and the death rate was terrible. Not one peep out of the media on the left at the time. This virus under Trump is akin to Armageddon.
    The Progressives will and always will use anything to further their agenda to steal this country and the world from God fearing freedom believing people. They want to enslave people and empower themselves. The sick joke is some of the American people are voting for this to happen. A vote for the DNC is a vote against the constitution.

  48. Dave

    The economic ramifications are huge for the country and the world. Trump finally broke from his hoax mentality when his economic advisors said that recession possibility had increased to 37%. Killing his re-election chances or severely damaging them. Suddenly Kudlow and Trump backed away from saying the virus was contained and it was business as usual. Interesting is that Fox’s Tucker Carlson – who broke with Hannity and Rush’s “lies” about the virus – convinced Trump the situation is very serious. Early in the week Michael Savage had a long call with Trump which he can’t reveal the details of but presumably concerned the criticality of the situation, Savage tore into Rush and Hannity last week for their criminal negligence in downplaying the health threat. The political danger to Trump and the GOP is huge and a blue wave in the fall coupled with Americans wanting the government to do something could lead to huge governance changes should the Dems take it all in the fall.

  49. John Vilven

    How many small businesses with 10 employees or less can survive 12 to 14 weeks
    of paid leave if their employees abuse this democrat instigated policy. Even if the government pays the wages, where there is no workers there are no goods made or services rendered. Many company’s can’t use short term temps because of the training needed, so I cannot see how mandatory 3 month leave would work. They say they do not want to hurt small businesses; however, that is exactly what it will do. Is anybody thinking out there. There must be another way of protecting employees without destroying very small businesses.


    • Hilde

      Yes there is another way. Sweden is doing it differently. The experts totally disagree . Whereas Norway and Denmark and many other countries in Europe are forcing just about everybody to bankruptcy, closing schools and forbidding all gatherings over a certain amount, Sweden has a totally different approach. So far. But as we know changes have happened overnight.
      In Sweden the argument for not closing schools and kindergarten is that there is scientific evidence that children seldom get the virus, and are not contagious for adults.
      The argument for keeping the schools open are that kids need a place to go , and that when the children are home it ties up one of the parents, and which is worse, people working in hospitals who we need more than ever. Sweden has also not closed their boarders. Yet. The health department in Sweden argue that closing the boarders doesn’t hinder the virus from spreading. If you read up on Sweden’s approach, it’s very different.

  50. ken

    We’re being scammed, bigtime with all this hype. While they’re screaming “Look! A baby deer!” They’re up to something else and it’s not good.

    They are using this virus as a scapegoat for everything they screwed up.

    Just saying…..

    • Hilde

      I agree, Ken . What’s happening in Europe now is completely insane. Have you heard about France? The whole country has curfew. The politicians in Europe are sitting in their ivory tower, forcing their people to bankruptcy. The politicians are getting their pay anyway. As with everybody working for the state. All others are totally screwed. They say we should work from home. They think all people sit behind a computer the whole day. That restaurant owner or shoemaker is not going to be able to work from home. They are forcing families with perhaps 4-5 children , living in small apartments in or outside Paris, to stay home all day.
      And of course, this is crashing the economy completely. I’m assuming the plan worked better than even whoever is behind thought it would.
      When Rothschild-Macron stays at home, he walks around in a humongous apartment.
      Parisians mostly walk around in a shoebox when at home. Which is of course why their cafeterias are vital to them. But going to a cafe in Paris is forbidden now, also meeting friends, also visiting your old mother and father. And if you break the curfew, you are not “solidaric with your fellow countrymen. That’s the new argument. So you are reminded that you may cause someone to get the virus and maybe this person will die, if you step outside.
      Is that suppression or what?
      And the death toll statistics from the virus are totally lying. Because it can be like a mild cold. Probably just a very little percentage is tested. They get of course the very sickest to the hospitals. And often they are sent to the hospital for other severe reasons. But then a flu finally gets them, like it normally does, and this time the corona virus. But the cause of death is then said to be by corona, also when they were admitted to the hospital for other life- threatening reasons.

  51. Country Codger

    Shalom Greg,
    Heard from a reliable source, military source in Wash., D.C., after just getting out of a two hour briefing it looks possible that the Stafford Act will be invoked along with a national quarantine within the next 24-72 hours. Personally, I always believed it would be a Monday morning in order to keep confusion to a minimum.
    Hope like heck they are wrong. ((Leviticus 26:21-22))
    Lo Iyrah!!

  52. iwitness02

    Today I talked with a friend who lives in France. He said everything around him is closed except pharmacies and groceries. The game is afoot around the globe. I would love to know the whole story.

  53. Jay Jordan Cardone

    Military up and down I-75! Michigan to Florida! Somethings up! The reset is on! Don’t ferget to turn out the lights, the party’s over!
    Patriot Operation In Full View,The 16 Year Plan Being Reversed, It’s Happening

  54. Jay Jordan Cardone

    It’s not the Virus I’m afraid of but the vaccine!
    Catherine Austin Fitts
    I’s not the virus or vaccine I’m afraid of, but the deep states deliberate shut down of the economy of the United States! We’ll stop the pandemic, but lose the economy?
    Let’s create the farewell party, not republican or Demonrat and end this crazy farewell party!
    Wake me up when it’s over, or the fat lady sings!

  55. Jay Jordan Cardone

    Don’t worry about us old folks. Don’t destroy what we built!

  56. paul ...

    Important: … Records from the 1918 Spanish Flu Pandemic suggest one technique for dealing with the current Corona Virus Pandemic (that is little-known today) … is to simply allow the light of the Sun of God to envelope your body … it was effective back in 1918 (and should be as effective today) because the Sun of God generates large quantities of vitamin D in the body (which is a potent anti-viral agent)!! …

  57. paul ...

    First China did it … now Russia … could we see Trump in office until 2036??? … Trump probably needs this much the extra time to clean the swamp!! …

  58. JC


    “The Sunday afternoon surprise announcement comes on top of the mother of all money-printing repo-market and Everything-Bubble surprise shock-and-awe bailouts that it had announced and kicked off on Thursday during afternoon trading hours: A series of $500-billion term repos at least through April 13, amounting to $4.0 trillion in new money over the four-week period. Of this, it offered $500 on Thursday, and two $500 billion repo operations on Friday, for a total offer of $1.5 trillion. But hardly anyone showed up to get this repo cash.”

    • paul ...

      USA = A Weimar (Zimbabwe) Republic!!! … I’m buying gold now (while it still only takes $1615 fiat “funny money” dollars to get my hands on a physical one ounce gold coin)!!!

  59. Jerry

    Here is an update. Apparently the next phase of medical martial law will be the lockdown of interstate travel between the states. Here is a hint from the CDC.

    My son who attended a funeral in California reported seeing road blocks on his return trip to Phoenix. He reported mainly seeing truckers past the roadblocks. This is the next logical phase to prevent overwhelming medical facilities and food distribution centers as resources begin to dry up in certain areas. Just know that in several medical facilities where I live, that they will not allow you to enter without being tested. The noose is beginning to tighten.

    • Jerry

      Well folks here we go.
      – phase one of an economic collapse = denial ( where we are now)
      The restaurants were full yesterday. People for the most part think covid19 is B.S.

      – phase two of an economic collapse = optimistic delusion. This is only going to last a few weeks. The experts know what they’re doing.

      – phase three of an economic collapse = frustration. Why aren’t things getting better?

      – phase four of an economic collapse = acceptance. I’m tired of waiting for something to happen.

      – phase five of an economic collapse = anger. Frustration boils over to all out rage. This is where you pray for Devine intervention and where you find out, what it is you really believe.

      FYI – there are no atheist in foxholes.

  60. JC

    Bob Moriarty says….

    “We have sailed off the map of the known world into totally uncharted waters. No one, including me, knows exactly where we are or where we are headed.”

    • paul ...

      JC … Columbus had a compass (and so was not afraid) … we have our gold compass to take away our fear!!

  61. Self Exiled

    Here no school so the internet cafes are packed, kids playing games. Old people sitting around talking in groups, coughing, relaxing under shade trees. Bingo Parlors closed. Social distancing for me no problemo. I’m white and don’t speak the language. In fact; has not been a problem sense the Kennedy assassination and the Vietnam war, my focus on political and social issues seemed to of helped a lot. Never got kicked out of a bar for praying but asked never to comment again in my home church because I said the Bible could be interpreted literally. Maybe this is why I have only One Friend. Psalm 16:8 I have set the Lord continually before me; because He is at my right hand, I shall not be moved. Oh and at one of the checkpoints asked why they were not checking temperatures. “Out Of batteries.”

  62. paul ...

    WOW!!! … Gold and silver prices are trading sharply down in a panic this morning … gold prices hit a three-month low ($1430) and silver futures prices dropped to an 11-year low (12.70) … went to purchase more silver and my coin dealer’s site was down … US stock index futures are locked at un-tradeable locked-limit-down openings … so it seems people are “selling what they can” (gold and silver) in this panic environment!!! … well Stan has gotten his dream market … but I bet he still doesn’t cover his short position (as it may put upward pressure on gold)!! … when my coin dealer comes back online I’ll be putting upward pressure on silver!!!

  63. Tommy

    Gold and silver are making a big move today.

  64. Stan

    Well Paul, I warned & warned & warned you for months. Did you heed my warnings? Or did you laugh?

    • Greg Hunter

      You cannot be this stupid Stan. DB stock is now $5.48. It was 11:02 a FEW WEEKS AGO. It was down 8% today. Coin dealers are laughing at the CRIMEX spot price.

    • paul ...

      Stan … if I listened to your warnings and sold my silver at $18 … and tried to buy it back today at $14 … I would have found my coin dealer site down … I “couldn’t buy any silver today at $14 -$15” … and when my coin dealers site came back up (no silver coins were available for purchase at any price) … and when I found a silver coin “was available” it had a $4 dollar premium attached … so I would have sold at $18 and bought back at $18 … not a good trade … and why I don’t trade silver … when the public gets fully involved in the silver market (likely over $50 dollars per ounce) it will be a different story!!

      • Stan

        Paul: Keep dreaming

  65. AndrewB

    Champagne, Illinois mayor assumes dictatorial powers via ‘Executive Order’. How is this remotely possible in a ‘free and democratic’ society?

  66. JC

    ‘The New York Fed adds a second overnight repo operation of $500 billion Monday’

    Another half trillion…. chump change.

    • paul ...

      JC … And whether its “Zimbabwe type” change or “Weimar type” change being handed out to the chumps … it matters little!!

  67. JC

    Martin Armstrong says…

    “The Fed on Sunday slashed interest rates by a full percentage point to zero and said it would buy $700 billion in Treasury securities in a massive emergency move to protect the U.S. economy from the pandemic. President Trump said on Sunday that investors should be “very thrilled” by the move. This has revealed that Trump is too old school like Ray Dalio who at the World Economic Forum and on the turn of the Economic Confidence Model on January 18, 2020, proclaimed that “cash is trash” for which he will now be remembered in history (his interview was Jan 21, 2020). ”

  68. RichM

    Perhaps I missed it, but can anyone enlighten me as to why silver is getting hammered so badly? I understand that people are selling to cover margin calls but this seems much more extensive? Is it a short squeeze? What other reasons may there be?

    Any insight would be much appreciated?

    Do we expect silver to catch a bid this week? Or week? Or months from now? I am trying to hold on here.

    Please advice….


    • paul ...

      Hold on Rich (and you will be rich) … when silver begins making new highs (over $683.22 /oz) the millennials will then begin buying their first coins and they will want to double their money … so they will drive the silver price into the thousands of dollars per ounce … the “old high” for silver ($683.22/oz) is based upon a John Williams at Shadow Stats calculation … where “the true high for silver is based upon the 1980 CPI” (that old high price is beyond most peoples wildest dreams because they don’t realize $50 dollars back then was worth $683.22 in today’s dollars)!! … … so the reasons for silver being so cheap now (whatever they are) are not as important as the fantastic opportunity we are being given to load up cheap Rich (the way JP Morgan is doing)!!!

      • paul ...

        And gold is also dramatically undervalued … … gold needs to get to $11,253 just to get even with its old high!!! … shorting or selling gold here at $1,500 is insane!!

        • RichM

          Thanks Paul…

        • paul ...

          We must use our “funny money” while it is still being accepted by coin dealers for their precious metals … when these coin dealers wake up … they will shut down their sites … and simply not accept monopoly money for their real money (unless they get a huge premium) and irrespective of the banksters manipulated price!!!

  69. JC

    Greg Hunter: I think people have finally stopped laughing about Nenner’s 5,000 DOW call.

    Greg at the rate it’s going, its not going to take long!

  70. JC

    A friend of mine sent me an email about his cousin John that lives in Phoenix….

    “Woman in front of John in Butcher bought 9 pounds of chicken cutlet, 3 pounds turkey breast, 3 pounds of cheese and asked for worker to carry out two full cases of Vittoria jarred tomato sauce.”

    Another friend of mine that lives in Long Beach, a coastal area of Long Island NY went to a supermarket yesterday and the shelves were virtually empty.

  71. JN

    Hi Greg,
    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for all of your hard work and excellence in bringing information to the world that we cannot get elsewhere. After I listened to the interview with Charles Nenner, I thought about it for a while, then decided to act. I am one of those that has just been stuck in a holding pattern concerning my 403(b) simply because I didn’t know what to do. Thanks to you, I called the company that handles the group contract for my IRA. Just before the big market plunge that began in late February, I moved all of my money into a conservative account in which I would not lose the principle. So, as you see, thanks to you, your wonderful website and our precious Lord, my retirement money seems to be safe (at least for now).

    • Greg Hunter

      You still have two very big risks . One is the brokerage you are in. Think MFGlobal (Google it) The second it currency depreciation. You got to get some of it into metal and please do not worry about the stupid taxes. Get some of that money to =safety under your direct control. I sell nothing. Thank you for your kind words.

      • JN

        Thank you Greg! The company is TIAA-CREF and the only account I could move it into was a money market under my contract. Yes, I am aware of the circumstances around MFGlobal. Yikes! I hadn’t thought about currency depreciation affecting my buying power later. Since I have been on your site for years, I already have about 20% of my nest egg in physical gold and silver for which I have possession. Have also been a prepper for years (as my sweet little millennial children would ask me if the Apocalypse is tomorrow or the next day). My eldest is not laughing now as I just sent him N95 masks and goggles that he cannot get and he is a surgeon in another state!

        • Greg Hunter

          You are smart JN. In my family no laughing anymore, just crickets.

  72. Hilde

    Basic human rights are taken away from people overnight, with the argument that breaking the new rules laid out might cause the emergency rooms to fill up too quickly due to the Corona virus, that there’s not enough resources to handle a large inflow of patients. People are told on a daily basis that they don’t show solidarity with their fellow man if they dare to stretch their legs in a park, or take the baby out for a stroll or visit mama or papa (France, Italy , Spain), because someone might die from the corona virus you didn’t know you had.

    But nobody is questioning the new restrictions laid out. Only a few voices in Norway have dared to ask the question: why doesn’t Sweden close their schools and kindergartens? Why aren’t they closing the borders?
    Companies and businesses owners are going bankrupt en masse.
    This hysteria created is a superb example of how you can control whole nations.
    And only very few voices are questioning the death tolls. There are many specialists out there who have an entirely different calculation of the death toll. It’s now known that you can’t trust the statistics, because most people aren’t tested anyway. And even more didn’t even know that it was corona they had. In many countries you don’t even get the offer to get tested, unless you are hospitalised.
    20.000 people died this season in the US alone, by seasonable flu. Why do people die of the flu? Most of the time there’s underlying medical reasons for it.
    If you were hospitalised for heart failure or seizure, and then get the flu, and pass away, your death cause is counted as the flu death cause.

    • JN

      I was thinking about the flu vaccine. So there are many, many people dying from the flu yet we have a vaccine. Yes, I know it can mutate and the vaccine is produced based on last year’s strains BUT if the current vaccine may only be 10% effective and EVERYONE IS ENCOURAGED TO GET A FLU SHOT, who is the big winner here?? It is the Pharmaceutical manufacturers that provide the vaccine IMHO. I have never seen any studies that prove that the flu vaccine lessens the duration because then you have to presume that know what the duration would have been and that is different for each person based on many factors. Here is a list from WHO.

  73. wondering

    Great show Greg,

    There is a good link posted by Anthony Australia at the top in case anyone didn’t watch it.

    You’re right about gold and silver shortages. I checked in Rapid City SD today and the shop had no Gold or Silver eagles for sale.

    I goofed on a post a couple days ago. I said that the Nasdaq was going to be closed on Monday but I meant to say the CME. And it wasn’t closed, the computers were on, there just weren’t any floor traders. I thought that would affect the Nasdaq and DOW and boy did it ever.

  74. Mike R

    Given what’s happened in Italy, Im surprised the US is not yet on total lockdown. Thus, expect it to happen before the end of this week. We doing ‘baby-steps’ to psychologically prepare everyone for this next big step.

    Dr. Chris Martenson is saying, you should be over-reacting, and if you feel you are, you are likely doing the right thing. Afterwards, you will feel like you under-reacted, and were too late.

    Have you gotten your 3 to 4 weeks of food supplies yet ?

    2 week lockdown, if we are lucky. It’ll seem like forever while its happening.

    • Dave

      The Administration’s response has been lacking and only in the past several days has it ramped up. The Bay Area is now under lockdown. NY State may be next. Ironically, it is progressive leaders such as Mayor Breed who are out front in reacting to this. The point of the lockdown is to flatten the curve of news cases and manage the limited critical care equipment in the US. A lockdown is coming and as Armstrong and Getty said today better to do it now rather than in two weeks. It is better to err on the side of extreme caution.

    • paul ...

      You know … all the executives of the companies (like Boeing, etc., etc., etc.) asking for bailouts … should be required “to first return all the money they siphoned out of their companies” (that could have been used during these hard times) that was instead foolishly used to buy back shares so as to put huge sums of money in these executives pockets … if they don’t comply … they don’t get a penny in bailout money!! … let them declare bankruptcy!!! …

  75. JC

    paul… Millennials Collect Sneakers not Gold?

    Millennials (ages 23 to 38) will become the largest generation, surpassing the Baby Boomers, in 2020. But Millennials do not have the same passion for gold. Even their fathers and mothers may not remember the gold standard and Bretton Woods.

  76. JC

    Greg, regarding your advice to “take some risk off the table” I sold a Global Equity Income mutual fund I had a couple of weeks ago just as the market started turning down, but before the carnage got really going. I was told “it’s not a good time to sell.” I said to myself bullshit, it’s a great time to sell, and I made a small profit. As of today that fund is down 35%. I will be making another donation to USA Watchdog in the near future. Thanks.

  77. JC

    And poof, it’s gone!

    Stock market erases all gains of 2019

    • paul ...

      Stock Market has erased in three weeks all the gains it made since Trump was elected 3 years ago!!!

  78. tim mcgraw

    Dear Greg, I know you have to do your interviews a few days ahead of time. Please put up an interview with someone who can talk about the virus hoax/police state that we now live in. Who cares about gold and silver if you can’t leave your house? You are missing the bigger picture, but then things are moving fast. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

  79. Paul Harvey

    Greg, another fantastic interview. Bill Murphy has been one of the lone voices in the precious metals wilderness screaming of manipulation and he will be proved right again. Chairman Powell said on Sunday that he made a decision last Thursday to have the emergency FOMC meeting changed to Sunday. In essence he let the Bullion Banks know ahead of time. And what happened Thurs and Friday to Gold and Silver. The Bank Commercial Shorts used this opportunity to smash Gold and Silver to get out of their shorts!!!! Meanwhile the little investor got creamed both days. Criminal!!! Anyway, Andy Schectman of Miles Franklin said Monday in 30 years he has not seen as busy of a day for Silver Coins. All Mints will soon be OUT OF SILVER. Would love to have Bo Polny on as a guest or ANDREW MAGUIRE. God is using you to provide a GREAT service! We need you during these trying time! God Bless.

  80. The Druid

    Tried to buy some Silver yesterday, Silver Gold Bull in Calgary and Kitco in Montreal were both sold out, Price of Silver was $13.00 US price to purchase was Approx. $23.00 Canadian. Listened to London Paul yesterday he was saying British bullion dealers “Sold Out” When the true collapse comes if you do not own PM’s you will be out of luck.

  81. Country Codger

    Hi Greg,
    I guess you heard about the government wanting to give us money. That is what Jimmy Carter did in 1976 and it heated up the economy and caused gold and silver to go through the roof until Dec. 1979. Below is the Update on the past cycle and the next one coming. You mentioned something that Bo talked about happening on April 21st the Super Cycle begins April 23.

  82. Gary

    Upside-Down World of Negative Rates Is Coming for U.S. Savers

    • paul ...

      Yeah … we will pay to put our money in the bank … so the banksters can then lend it out at 15% !!

  83. Red

    Bill is brilliant Greg, I have to say buddy, pretty much everything is back order at anything close to spot here in OZ the FIZ has gone crazy ,anyone selling FIZ in this market (including producers ) is a fool ..we could see 10k gold here in a month 😨 I’ve missed out here but I dont care something has to bring markets back to reality. We’re probably days away from martial law world wide..and all the fools that created this GLOBAL MARKET problem in the first place , will be the loons in charge😟😬😞

  84. Coalburner

    Greg, one of my coin seller friends has a red line up on his site. Not selling Gold or silver until he gets a wholesale shipment. He is an honest and reliable guy and out of stock !

    You have some great interviews lately. I just got caught up!

  85. Jerry

    More proof that the covid19 attack is a coverup for global economic collapse and population reduction.. See who was getting money for research.

    • GaryC

      Hospital Lock Down In Alberta: I went in for a IV treatment small rural hospital, main entrance closed, nurse at the door, even though I had a appointment, had a thermometer pointed at my head, had to give name phone no before I got to the registration desk.
      People showed up at the Emergency, were turned away if they were complaining of flu symptoms , colds told to go home self isolate and call a central number for testing.
      No visitors allowed period. the only people that would be admitted were heart attack, or extreme cases, life or death situation, hospitals will not test for Virus, as they. would be overwhelmed.
      The government has put out a EMERGENCY call for retired Doctors, Nurses, to come back to work immediately, Our whole province is on lockdown, and the nurses were freaked out, tired , these people are incredible and putting their lives on the line.

    • paul ...

      Anyone who would develop bio-weapons just so he can sell his vaccines … has to have a micro soft brain!!!

    • JC

      Jwrry, thanks. I just tried to email this to a friend and got this message.

      Reason: This is the mail system at host smtp-16.iol.local.I am sorry to have to inform you that your message could not be delivered to ******* The message is attached below.The remote mail system said: 554 Message not allowed – [PH01] Email not accepted for policy reasons. Please visit [120]

      Email not accepted for “policy” reasons?!?!

  86. Jon P

    Check out JM Bullion when you get a chance. All their standard Silver bullion American eagles and maple leafs are out of stock. APMEX has nothing under $20. Most of their standard bullion is out as well.
    Just shows what a joke the paper spot price is!

  87. Mike Bierlein

    Gregg, please help and pass along. Stop/suspend all mortgage and rent payments through Whitehouse.ggov If you mention people will respond and homes will be saved

  88. Patrick Henry

    After what happened today, I would suppose your still Trumps media whore?

  89. Pete M

    The U.S Federal Deficit this year would have been $4,000 per person without the Corona Virus ($1.4 Trillion /330 million U.S citizens), but now the U.S federal government needs to bail out the Boeing Corporation, all the airlines, travel companies, the shale producers, small businesses, and many more sectors and give $1000 to each citizen., and on top of all this, a recession normally doubles a deficit anyway, so the deficit per person could easily be $8 to $10,000 per person in one year alone, on top of the rest of the historic debt. Nobody cares, because they all have their hands out. Not to be a pessimist, but things don’t look good. No physical silver or gold to be found in any real quantity anywhere at this time despite a low listed price. Since the vast majority of people, and many companies are up to their eyeballs in debt, starting all over increasingly looks good, as they have nothing to lose, and in the end, the status quo has become the corrupt equilibrium that we all find ourselves in.. Greg, I have heard many of your experts say there is always someone on the other side of the trade, and although this is true, they have increasingly become the minority at the other end of having a total debt reset. All currency produced out of thin air, eventually meets its maker, returning to zero. Too bad most students were never taught this in our left wing teacher led schools, but they get to start all over again, and those working hard all their lives had better have purchased a few hard assets, because the future doesn’t look that good. I do hope that I’m wrong. Time to pray.

  90. Red

    GSR does’ anyone else get the feeling the”Silver shorts” are about to get the biggest punch in the mouth (Tyson analogy) in economic history?

  91. Keith

    Well over in the Uk. Gold is up 14% in the last 3 months. The stock market is down 30%. The rigged and manipulated silver price is down but every billion dealer in Europe has sold out of most every item. The dealers are saying they will be no deliveries for months due to coronavirus and the mints having difficulties obtaining silver from the mine companies.

  92. Mike R

    Deutsche Bank has lost more than 95% of its market value since 2007.
    It has lost 50% of its value just since Feb 17th.
    All of the EU banks have been slaughtered. They are all zombies. They cannot be ‘bailed out).
    The Stoxx 600 Banks index has plunged in a straight line down, 45% since Feb 17th. It slower now than the LOWEST point of the 08/09 financial crisis. Anyone ‘long’ any of these banks, has mud for brains. There is no V bounce coming for any of them.

    The ECB was out of ammo years ago. They have been using duct tape to keep the dam from completely imploding. The rest will happen this year. A LOT of US banks will go down with them. As will many others in the world.

  93. Jerry

    I’m going to post this one last time.

    The reason why zero percent interest rates and 1 trillion dollar injections by the Fed are not working, is because liquidity inside the banks has already bottomed out. When the next quarterly report comes out at the end of April, you will see that the system has already seized up. The corona virus is nothing but a scapegoat being used by the globalist to reset the global financial system using digital quantum technology. What better way to position the population, than to put it under lockdown using a pandemic? Is the virus real? Yes, but so is economic collapse. Will we be going to a gold standard when the reset comes? That’s yet to be determined, but if the Chinese have anything to say about it, I would say yes, seeing the amount of gold they’ve purchased over the past few years. FYI why gold has been crashing? It’s been a paper sell off because physical gold is not being delivered. Thirty days from now the truth will come out. Are you ready?

    • Jerry

      What further proof do you need that I’m right on this one?

      The problem? Cash will become worthless, and gold and silver will continue to be manipulated by the central banking cabal, until they have it all. The only thing left is physical assets that you can control, like land, homes, and tangible goods, and of course food.

      • Justn Observer

        Land and Real Estate is controlled by taxes and if you are not free and clear….compulsory insurance premium per purchasing loan….Freedom now is public awareness and voting out corporations of city, counties and states…. delegates to reform the union and Constituion…while NOT voting in the coming election to get hopefully under 50% and deny a CONSENSUS of the people = force the military to defend sovereignty and borders, label the FED a terrorist org.= overrun it…confiscate it’s assets – which it is buying up $TRILLIONS of U.S. now…return it to the U.S. Treasury… arrest all the collobrators and coup participants …and proceed with reforming the country under The Constitution for the United States of America …as intended. Good Luck with that = LOL

  94. JC

    Food for thought.

    “There are no safe havens any longer, though gold is looking safer than anything, but just remember central banks own a lot of it to protect their currencies because they know people like it as a safe haven when they want to run from CB currencies. So, they own it as ballast to throw off if their own currency starts sinking — as a way to suppress the price and appeal of gold.”

  95. N. B.

    seems to be a big disconnect between spot price of silver and physical price……..

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