Bitcoin & Gold Form Two Front War with Central Banks – Andy Hoffman

By Greg Hunter’s

Financial analyst Andy Hoffman contends Bitcoin and other crypto currencies are the new threat to central banks’ power over fiat money. Hoffman explains, “Now, the powers that be are facing a new threat.  It’s a threat.  I think even a bigger threat to their monetary hegemony than gold and silver, and that is Bitcoin.  Now, there is a decentralized monetary system that is in its early stages.  People say it can never be money, but it’s only been around for nine years, and it’s already taking on those properties.  Bitcoin is going to take the pressure off of gold as the primary threat to the cartel.  It’s always been a one front war against gold, which they have handled in the paper markets to the point where they have almost destroyed themselves.  They are running on fumes.  Now, it’s a two front war because the physical gold and silver markets are as tight as ever, and now they have a decentralized crypto currency markets, particularly Bitcoin to fight.  I have a feeling once Bitcoin gets bigger, and the market cap is $50 billion, they will realize this is our day to day transactional enemy.”

Hoffman goes on to say, “I don’t think anything has destroyed humanity more than fiat currency. This is the time when technology has been created that is going to be able to get around that and beat the governments.  At the same time, it is going to be able to liberate gold and silver to do what they have always done best, not be day to day money, but to be monetary value.  Decentralization is the monetary value of the future.  Gold is decentralized just like Bitcoin.  Gold is best used as a store of value.  When it is unleashed, it is going to have a parabolic surge just like Bitcoin.  It’s going to become scarce just like Bitcoin.  It’s going to be in the news just like Bitcoin, but it is going to have a completely different use, and that is to store value for generations.”  Hoffman adds that silver is also “dramatically undervalued.”

Hoffman contends debt is the main problem with the economy. Hoffman says, “There is so much debt in it that even a tiny bit of interest rate increase is killing it further.  Yes, they have had the stock market go up, but what have they created?  They have created Dotcom valuations in an increasingly Great Depression era, which, by the way, are only being enjoyed by 1% of the population.  The largest most destructive Ponzi scheme is at its end.  You can’t do anymore.  They can’t anymore say the economy is getting better. . . . All the market manipulation and money printing is dying.  All that’s going to be left is hyperinflation.”

In closing, Hoffman gives a warning about crypto currencies and says, “You can compare it to the Dotcom bubble. You will have barely any winners, but some of those winners could be some of the biggest winners of all-time.  You are going to have a tremendous amount of losers because a lot of them are scams, and a lot of them are just attracting hot money.  So, you better do your research. . . . The only one I have any faith in is Bitcoin because it is the only one that can be a game changer for the world and for the gold and silver market.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Andy Hoffman of Miles Franklin Precious Metals.

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview: 

Hoffman says for people who do not understand, or do not want to take the risk of investing in crypto currencies, the safest way to diversify away from the U.S. dollar is to buy gold and silver coins and hold them as a core asset. Gold and silver will go up in value as the U.S dollar devalues.  Hoffman is a prolific writer, and you can follow his work by clicking here.  There is free information and analysis you can find by going to the home page of


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  1. al

    If I was a bankster I’d look at Cryptos right now and start defecating myself. The next logical step is to CREATE COMPETITION using Gold and Silver. Meaning. Take the manipulative hand out and get people back to something they semi-regulate, meaning Precious Metals will overtake Cryptos.
    Just my take.

    • Frederick

      Al Hope you’re right

  2. (Rev) Andrew de Berry

    As you said Greg Andy Hoffman knocked it out of the park today. Whilst a few cryptos – Bitcoin especially are here to stay they now provide a crucial diversion to bullion, thereby allowing gold and silver to shine like the sun as reminders of God’s timeless, incorruptible store of value.
    Thank you as always.

  3. John woodhead

    Quality interview,silver for me is the one to buy,where’s the risk?

    • Greg Hunter

      That’s a good question and the answer is very little with a very big upside of wealth protection.

      • andyb

        The key is the scarcity of silver, both in stockpiles or left to mine on the planet. We could be out of easily mined silver within a decade. To be sure, miners will develop properties at even one gram/ton, but the cost will be off the charts. Given the strategically critical nature of the industrial uses of silver, the GSR, eventually, will be 1:1 (or less). After all, we can live without gold in our daily techno lives, but not without silver. Even if silver hits $500/oz, it still will be the most undervalued asset out there.

    • Frederick

      I believe the only risk is short term like in 2009 If you are going to hold it awhile you should be fine Silver dropped when the chaos erupted but regrouped and rallied strong shortly thereafter That scenario could possibly be repeated shortly

      • Eric

        Frederick I hear where you’re coming from. I also believed we would see the ’08 scenario again.
        But this time gold (silver) have ALREADY corrected. This time when the market falls gold will rise as the ONLY safe asset. It is already happening today. Gold has been inversely correlated to the market for some time.
        Think of it this way. The market is not going to fall (Central banks) unless we get a black swan event. Any unexpected event will be gold positive.
        ’08 was a Goldman Sacks induced event where they controlled (and started) the events that started the waterfall event of traders stops hitting. Thus selling begat more selling.
        I also believe oil is in the opposite situation as in ’08. I believe oil is being crushed (now) only to see it rocket higher with gold.
        Oil is in the same position as gold. It will go down (as gold) a little more before they push the button and let them rise. Remember, gold and oil trade inversely to the dollar. We will get a double punch with multiple black swans happening as the dollar drops. jmho

    • ross

      Yes the bankers like JP Morgan have now bought into Ethereum and can now manipulate it from the inside. So why not pump it up and collapse it ? Bankers can make money here too because infinite money acting in unison will know when prices will change. They don’t have to manipulate them all just a few like Bitcoin and Ethereal and the rest will follow. I think they will create a crisis in cryptos and use this as an excuse to regulate them. Lagarde of the IMF hints at controlling cryptos. It is going to be a wild ride and people have to know with bankers involved it will be like the casino share market. So don’t gamble more than you can afford.

  4. Andrew

    Excellent rational and analytical approach to the current financial fiasco. Andy Hoffman is head and shoulders above most other ‘analysts’ in this space and his daily writings are a must- read. More of this please and less of the pseudo-scientific brigade from the likes of Mr High…and I use the word ‘scientific’ loosely.

  5. Shadow of Doubt

    Get Out of The System:
    In Puerto Rico, a number of people are just realizing-what you have in paper wealth is often very difficult to extract from a system that is both underfunded and corrupt.
    Yesterday in, Grant Williams highlighted in an eight minutes video why you should get out of equities before more Boomers look to retire.
    Why? Most retiring will not experience their twilight years as”golden”(many will have 9k or less to live on per year) and the fix for underfunded pensions and/or little or no saving by the rest of the grey panthers will have a lasting and regrettable outcome for all future US generations.

    • JMiller


      I watched the Grant Williams video and that $9,000 a year income is just from the investments that boomers have according to him. It does not count Social Security. He also mistakenly said that when you turn 70 1/2 that you are required to take a minimum distribution which means you are forced to sell 5% of your IRAs or 401ks. Just so there is no confusion, the required minimum distribution, which does begin after age 70 1/2, is based on your life expectancy and not some set percentage. So for someone turning 70 1/2 it would be less than 4%. Having said that I do agree that the average person approaching retirement should at least reduce the percentage that they have in stocks, especially with the way things are today.

      • SOD

        Thanks for your insights. Perhaps you can set the record straight on what I’m hearing from many of those retirees collecting pensions in our little coffee group. One gentleman from Illinois who once worked for a major trucking union states his pension has already been slashed by a little over 40% . He claims union officials are still trying to recoup their losses due to the fact local politicians adopted legal language which requires the tax payers to make the fund whole even if the State goes belly up . Another state employee from California claims he was also about to have his pension reduced before his state decided to pony up 6 billion( Yes, that’s a b) dollars to augment estimated short falls in CALpers. The most celebrated case of our group is a Dallas Police Officer that had his lump sum retirement pay out clawed back. A military buddy I know in Puerto Rico, told me that his wife came home in tears when she heard her teacher’s retirement might very well be pennies on the dollar. All I can say “J” is the pension situation looks bleak, and those depending on them could be soon be in a world of hurt.

        • JMiller


          I am not real knowledgeable about pensions but I have read about pension payouts being cut because some pension plans are way underfunded. While Corporate pensions are only 82% funded, public pensions are even worse. Some are only 35 to 40% funded from what I have read. And some pensions have some very risky investments that are illiquid such as private equity. And of course there is little chance that most pensions can get the return on their fixed income portion as they planned in this low interest rate environment without taking more risk.

          There is the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC) which insures certain defined benefit pension plans offered by private-sector employers but they are underfunded also. So I doubt that the most people with a pension will get their full amount promised unless they are over age 70 and collecting. I had read that when some of these pension payouts were cut that the pension payout was not reduced for older retirees.

          I just turned 55 and took a lump sum payout from two pensions from previous employers even though they both pension plans were almost 100% funded because if stocks and bonds crash that 100% funded could end up being only 60 or 70% funded.

          • Shadow of Doubt

            That was a shrewd move, getting a lump sum pay out! I looked into that possibility, upon my retirement and was told, “you have a pay out for life-with no options for a lump sum distribution”. Coming from a State Retirement System that touts itself as the third or fifth healthiest in the nation–but was recently shown to be the among the 20 worst pension plan in the US, this was my ah-ha moment.

      • Charles H


        $7200.00 out of $12,000.00 IS Social Security! So some of us have literally next to nothing – no 401k, no residual annuity or retirement: nothing. The only saving grace is living in the Third-world and owning everything outright.
        Families will have to pool their resources, and labors, just to make ends meet. Only old homesteads that have a buried stash of PMs will have a future.

        • Frederick

          Charles You don’t have to live in the third world to live much better than in the USA I live on the SW coast of Turkey with my wife and just started collecting SS We are building a small bed and breakfast for more income and I bought an extra lot for olive almond avocado and fig trees ask well as to raise vegetables and fowl I also own an apartment in Warsaw that nets me a thousand dollars a month To be honest if my wife wasn’t zTurkish I would seriously consider living there as the life quality is good and it’s inexpensive

          They have a great system for helping the poor with meals It’s a food bar where women cook great hearty foods is subsidized by the city govt and is very affordable The homeless elderly and students all eat there so nobody starves The US system of EBT cards is made to be exploited and it is
          The US has a lot to learn from these so-called ” poor” countries believe me

          • Charles H


            What you say is true. Due to my upbringing, I enjoy an orientation to discipline – which skimps on meat; endulges in fruit; and centers on a varied specrum of vegetables. We have to clean and sterilize the local produce; but we eat VERY healthily. Even better than most n the US.
            Many cultures actually exceed American values. Conversely, there are cultures more akin to a feeding frenzy – to which you are judged a fool, to the amount of advantage you allow over you in their dealings.
            I once sat down with about five youths in Chechoslavakia – to drink, under some trees. We didn’t speak much; but they were a handsome and civil mixed group. Poland would be about the same – except they are repulsively reacting to muslim immigration lately.

  6. Shadow Maddow Gov'ment New World Disorder

    _ Between Left And Right

    Civil War Is Waging, Even In The Shadow Maddowe Deep Do Do State

    It’s no secret that George Soros is using his billions of dollars to prop up leftist groups across the globe. The real mystery is why American taxpayers are being forced to fund his cronies And their criminal schemes of continued corruption without interruption!
    A recent Judicial Watch investigation revealed that the leftest Obama administration helped use our hard earned American tax dollars to support Soros’ thug’s and Rich Welfare State Corrupt Crony Capitalist Cheats and mocking bird brained media. Millions of dollars were funneled through Soros’ Open Society Foundation to support left wing organizations from 2012 to 2016, with millions more planned in the future.
    Why our tax dollars are going to this billionaire’s political mob organization is worse than the Clinton family Crime foundation slush fund receiving bribes from our enemies and then ripping us off. That’s why have filed lawsuits against the State Department and USAID to get answers on the dealings of Soros’ organized crime operations in Europe as the leftest takeover of our intell operations and media propaganda takeover of the now unpopular corp rat media by the aforementioned Clinton criminal foundation, as well as the COMCAST takover of NBC and Jeff Bezos Washington Post buy out- influence of our elections to stop any possible breakup of AMAZON, thus leading a fascist media usurping of the rights of the American people of a free press and the right of the American people to chose a government of the people, for the people and by golly, by the sheeple !
    We must NOW stop George Soros, Bill Clinton, Jeff Bezos and Comcast’s grand scheme of a fascist takeover of the United States and old world Europe into their new world disorder wet dream!
    Support your local Sheriff, support any and all investigations into these gunslingers devious mischievous activities in and around our town and country.
    They Gun For The Donald, Who Loses?!
    I grew up watching this show and had a normal childhood. My psychiatrist says so. :))

    • Jenny J. Bullocks

      Just what has the president walked into? A SWAMP that has permeated both Washington and London. Our whole of western civilization threatened! The fate of the dual-world Anglo-American super power hangs in the balance. But there’s a new Sheriff in town, will good or evil triumph? That is the question!
      There is an answer in this 30 minute morality play as to what has so suddenly overtaken us.
      Chuck Connors, Dennis Hopper, Johnny Crawford lief Erickson and Canada’s own Red Green!

      New Living Translation;
      Three things will last forever–faith, h o p e, and love–and the greatest of these is love. ◄ 1 Corinthians 13:13 ►

      • Frederick

        Jenny This hasn’t ” suddenly” overtaken us Actually it’s been going on since 1913 when they established the UnFederal Reserve

  7. stonewall

    It’s been a long time coming but I believe we now are at the cusp of major
    lift off for gold and silver thanks to crypto currencies. I believe Andy
    explains the situation very well, when he says governments consider
    cryptos a much greater threat to their abilities to continue to manipulate
    the systems than they consider gold a threat to their fiat paper. Another
    excellent interview Greg.

    • Kevin

      Hollow points……

  8. Chuck

    Andy Hoffman is one of the best guests that you could have. I have talked with Andy a few times over the phone and I can assure your audience that he is one of the smartest individuals that I have ever encountered. One would be wise to take heart of what he says!

  9. Matt In Pa

    They will sabotage Crypto, period.

  10. Tinfoil hat Canuck

    My cynicism centres on the fact that with revelations like the vault 7 releases, we have learned the overwhelming cybermight of the NSA ( and to a lessor extent other state cyber warriors) . Think about it. Not only can they infiltrate and manipulate cyber systems to their Deep State agenda, they can leave data clues fingering any other country they wish. Combine this with their owning of mainstream media the world over, and their power is scary.

    My hunch is they already have the ways and means to control this currency, and are just waiting for the opportune time to exercise their nefarious agenda.

    • Frederick

      No doubt they do

  11. Dan

    The way that I see it is that people who hold the physical are in the drivers seat. They have the best of both worlds ! Their metal worth and value is rock solid and they can wait for the day when they will be able to buy 1 Bitcoin for 1 ounce of phys. silver rather than playing catch up by chasing the price and forking over more paper currency on a daily basis. It will simply take a little patience.

  12. francis m reps

    Bitcoin is a manifestation of people’s disgust with our existing Keyenesian ; debt based ….fractional reserve..government sponsored banking system. Donald Trump { warts and all } is similar manifestation of people’s disgust with the existing political establishment. During the ending years of world war two ; Hitler similarly tried to employ some “Wonder Weapons.”…The Japanese used “Kamikazis”. Both to no avail. The obvious and inherent flaw in Bitcoin is the fact that it has no real tangible substance…unlike precious metals which represent scarcity..labor, and fungibility. Other then the fact that Bitcoin is NOT { at this time } a part of the government/banking establishment ; What is the difference from it and government sponsored fiat ?. Hope springs eternal…Bitcoin is just another “winded horse” that a few desperate people are trying to ride. Does anyone remember the RENTENMARK..or the ASSINGNIAT { spell? } ?. Ask Hugo Salinas Price to explain this latest fad.

    • Beligarant

      In other words you missed the Bitcoin train? LOL

      Hugo Price easily has enough wealth to bust the COMEX of its silver stockpile and free the world of the constant bankster manipulation. If he was truly a friend of the gold & silver stackers he’d get a handful of his fellow billionaires together and would end this manipulation tomorrow. Instead we hear crickets. Believe what you want but I do not put much trust into Hugo as he talks the talk but won’t walk the walk. “By My Deeds Ye Shall Know Me.”

      I do believe Andy Hoffman could be correct. The reason is people which became overnight crypto millionaires will eventually start looking for safer assets. Most likely that basket of goods will contain shiny metals!

  13. john duffy

    Andy may be a expert on finance, but he is misinformed about the crusades. If it wasn’t for the crusades Europe would have been overrun by Islam and under sharia law.

    • Frederick

      John What Sharia law That’s just hype I live in Turkey and there is no such thing

  14. diane

    The EU central bank is worried

  15. Russ

    Great interview Greg. Andy Hoffman has a very balanced view on Bitcoin; I really like the perspective that PM’s and Bitcoin are not really in competition. The two — one very physical and other very virtual — share a common competitor in fiat currency and as the old saying goes, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Thanks again.

  16. Hatemail

    For the past several years the trend has been to smash gold when it is in the 1280 range. It then drops between 1220 to 1150 and then ever so slowly rises again to 1280. The last time gold approached 1300 it was 1299 and it got massively whacked.
    I doubt if gold will break 1300 this time either. Another smack down must be coming.
    Then the gold traders will say, “back up the truck, this is a huge buying opportunity”
    Investors have been corralled into the slaughter pens of RE and Equities.
    When SHTF people are going to be walking around in a daze carrying their balls in a paper sack.

  17. Jerry

    I am told by my sources that block chain technology has already been installed into most of the major banks via HSBC, and that a major launch window is set for this weekend.
    What kind of impact it will have on the dollar as reserve currency is unclear, but I would say judging by the response thus far, ( especially with gold backed ZenGold
    crypto ) that once the bugs are worked out, you will see a mass exodus from the dollar. Crypto currency has opened the door for the emerging nations to trade in their own currencies outside the influence of the dollar.

    • Hugo

      Hi Jerry,

      I work for a regional energy grid operator in a country in Europe. We distribute natural gas to around 2 million customers and electricty to 2.5 million customers. Within a week a company wide presentation will be given why we joined this initiative;
      This is just another front against the petro dollar. What most Americans dont know or dont want to understand is that the Euro was created to cut out the Dollar middleman from intra European trade. As far as Iam concerned the watershead moment was when Treasury Secretary John Connally told Europe The dollar is our currency, but it’s your problem.

      Well, it took a long time and there was the EUro. No need anymore for the Dollar settlement for intra European trade and thus big costs and instability to society. As the ultimate fail safe was introduced that the ECB marks its assests to market. According to its own balance sheet gold was as low as 15% and as high as 80ish% of its assets. The membership central bank gold holdings are also very high. Central banks of Italy and Portugal are notable high % gold holders.

      Almost all central banks on the Eurrasian continent plus the the rest of the BRICS do mark their gold to market. China even opening up a physical gold exchange the SGE. So all can settle their excess Remnibi in physical gold if they did not trust whatever in China.

      Still, that did not break the neck of the petrodollar. So now the blockchain technology is being reserearched very seriously to replace the dollar euro and whatever for the energy production. consumption and trade.

      Oh and then we have the just approved Shaira law compliant financial products based on gold. Sure a coincidence that OPEC/oil PPT is crashing is crashing down now….

      Hope to given you some food for thought Jerry.

      Anyway, my two cents and thanks for the great interview.


      • Jerry

        I think you are spot on. I have a family member who is very high up in Wells Fargo. She has told me that block chain patchwork has been installed through Wells Fargo’s computer network. Crypto currency is the ultimate Trojan horse being used by the Chinese. They are literally converting us to a new world currency from the inside out. I fully expect to go to the mailbox one day and find a new digital credit card, and be told by letter that all former forms of payment will no longer be accepted. What I can do? Nothing. If they eliminate cash you’re pretty much at the mercy of the bank. Just try buying something over the internet without a credit card and see what happens. I personally have resorted to stocking up on food, and buying locally with cash. As far as silver? It may come in handy following full conversion to a gold backed crypto currency system. You have to give to the Chinese, they’ve whipped us at every turn.

  18. Rob

    Hi Andy and Greg!

    I am not buying this idea that bitcoin is as decentralizing as all these financial analysts proclaim. Unlike cash or precious metals, bitcoin must have the internet to make a transaction.

    Father has already proven in His Word that in the last half of the tribulation when TPTB are fully in control as a beast empire that they will control who will be buying and selling:

    Revelation 13:16-17 And he causeth all, the small and the great, and the rich and the poor, and the free and the bond, that there be given them a mark on their right hand, or upon their forehead; (17) and that no man should be able to buy or to sell, save he that hath the mark, even the name of the beast or the number of his name.

    What better way to accomplish this end goal than to introduce bitcoin in October 31st, 2008 during the last crash and let it take off as an alternative to their fiat currencies over the next 8 to 10 years and then crash the fiat system after they have pillaged as much as they can.

    The masses are already treating their iPhones like a god that they would never think of leaving their home without. There is already an app that gives us the ability to “mark” our identity as a thumb print(hand) or retina(forehead) into an iPhone.

    TPTB simply cause enough duress in the current fiat system through HFT that the masses willingly march to this global pied piper who phases out fiat as they phase in a global agreed upon electronic currency backed by gold and require all purchases will eventually be made through their iPhones they are also required to be “marked” in to for of course more secure transactions than passwords :o)

    Meanwhile TPTB monitor the gates which is the cell phone number used as an IP address to access the internet by iPhones. All transactions of course will be levied with a “small” tax on each transaction that passes through each iPhone that will now also be the bank that holds each users balance sheet of credits and debits.

    He who controls the gates controls the buyer and the seller!

    Love in CHRIST! Rob

    • Felicia

      Rob, I’ll add to your comment about trust and crypto currencies. My 2 cents has more to do with Cliff High and who his source is. This is the tie in for how to approach trusting what someone does or tells you. Cliff does not believe in the God. He doesn’t necessarily hide his true belief but but he won’t directly say it in interviews where it’s known the site creator is a believer. But he does mention that “universe” leads/directs life events. This should tip off believers to who is really behind his work. That and his interest in Eastern marshal arts. Its a form of pantheism. It’s all part of Satan’s perversion of God’s truth about there only being one way to the One God. Yes, Cliff is highly intelligent, intelligence is a gift God gave him. But God given gifts are like radar if you are not plugged into God’s satellite, you’re getting your messages from an evil satellite source.

  19. Chris

    Greg, any future shows planned on what is going on in Antarctica???

    • Greg Hunter


  20. jodyp

    I like this guy, Andy.Dealing in facts and not metal price predictions.If the “almighty” dollar is on its way out,why get excited about dollar price forecasts. And nothing against the crypto people out there,but i’ll stick with my shiny stuff.

  21. DaDiz

    Yes, the Federal Reserve Note is a con, but has a semblance of privacy(freedom).
    While the cryptos presently provide an alternative to the con,
    they lack privacy and the assurance of maintaining an absolute standard of value.
    Consequently; the reliability of cryptos is dubious.
    Right, some are backed by gold; and maintained by a government. Yep, shades of Orwell drawn upon the use of cryptos.
    Privacy is preferred by this one.

  22. Linda L.

    I agree with Rob believing that bitcoin may not be as decentralized as so many seem to be saying. Scriptures indicates that the globalists will have total control over the ability to buy or sell, which would indicate some type of crypto currency that will be used universally with many back doors within the system for monitoring every fiscal transaction. And in reality isn’t this what the bankers really want…..a cashless society?

  23. Flattop

    REG: 245 responses to Clifs comments, is that a record??

  24. sam

    Political Forecasting – $35 The Impeachment of Trump
    We have so many readers who are not market traders asking about the political future we have decided to provide a very special report that goes through the legal and illegal way they can move against Trump for Impeachment. This is the most comprehensive report perhaps written on this subject with no political slant – just the history of impeachment and how Congress has routinely never obeyed the law.

    I have approached this subject from simply a question of law and to prove there is no bias in this as to commentary being pro-Trump or anti-Trump, I have taken each impeachment on the fact alone. Indeed, I have shown that even the impeachment of Bill Clinton was illegal. Impeachment is a political tool, and there is no rule of law.
    Since Ronald Reagan, there have been an impeachment filing against absolutely every president. We are moving into a period of a bull market in impeachment proceedings because this is simple the culmination of a trend how government disintegrates from within.

  25. Flattop

    Andy Hoffman speaks of Canadian safe deposit boxes, are those safe deposit boxes real or virtual??

    • Greg Hunter

      I think they are real but you should contact Miles Franklin.

  26. pat the rat

    What makes Andy Hoffman think the government won’t just come to his vault and take the gold and silver when they become desperate enough ? Big private stores of PM is there backup plan too.

    • JMiller

      pat the rat,

      I agree. If there is government confiscation of precious metals, those precious metals storage facilities as well as precious metals dealers will be the first places to get hit. And if a “mad max” scenario does happen and there is no real law, what makes any one think that the owners or guards of those precious metals facilities will not just steal it. Now I can see may be putting some of your precious metals in a storage facility or vault but only if they own a large amount, say over $100,000 worth.

  27. Tracy Welborn

    I just can’t believe that the NSA, CIA, Bank of America, Federal Reserve, ECB, Democratic Party, Republican Party, US Chamber of Commerce, Citibank, Mark Zuckerberg, Google, Dick Cheney and the City of London have been totally blindsided by cryptocurrencies and can do absolutely nothing about it. I just don’t believe it. Maybe I’m just old and wrong.

    • Greg Hunter

      No Tracy I think those people are not that stupid. Safest play it to own you stuff and own your assets under your direct control. That includes a house title and car title.

  28. JimH

    Greg Hunter !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank You JimH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. zteve.0

    good call coinbase is shut down

    • zteve.0

      that is to say my wallet was disabled so it no longer will send coins – maybe a trezor or some other storage unit? but in my opinion if they can just disable the mobile app it isn’t really a liquid asset – if you don’t hold it you don’t own it

      • Andy Moore

        Just checked my coinbase wallet after reading your comment. I don’t see a problem with mine and clearly, it is not shut down.
        I am hoping you don’t have a problem retrieving your funds. Keep us informed. God bless you.

  30. Flattop

    GREG: Got a bad feeling about this Comey hearing. I believe this is the beginning of impeachment proceeding. If GOD doesn’t intervene, this thing is going to get ugly real fast. Mark Warner from Virginia is leading the charge.

    • Greg Hunter

      No way Flattop Comey’s written testimony shows there is nothing there.

      • Purely

        I doubt that “God” gives a hoot about American politics.

        • Greg Hunter

          You would be wrong. God is the King maker and has raised up and brought down many Kings. You can start with King David in the Bible.

    • JCD

      Flattop and Greg. This is nothing but a wrench being thrown into the mechine trump is trying to build. Who would want to work with Trump seeing they may have to end up in court. After this one they will start another investigation. The establishment is not going to let him guide the country in a direction they don’t approve of .
      My question for the MSM is how much money and time has been spent on this investigation with not one scrap of evidence. Jail Hillary !!!

      • Greg Hunter

        Don’t believe the hype. Bad guys are getting their heads handed to them.

  31. Paul

    Many thanks for an excellent commentary …perfectly timed after Cliff High who has an amazing understanding of the fundamentals behind crypto currencies … this is a brilliant analysis of the positive relationship between them and pm’s.

  32. Dee Garmon

    Absolutely incredible, very well said.

  33. Thomas

    Great post! Have nice day ! 🙂 rmmnc

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