Blow Off Event Will Change Financial Universe Forever-Rob Kirby

17By Greg Hunter’s

Macroeconomic analyst Rob Kirby says the U.S. dollar is constantly manipulated by the Treasury. Kirby contends, “I think we are palpably close to major dislocations in the market. . . . China has been selling U.S. securities on an all-out basis. So, the U.S. Treasury market is weak. So, when the Treasury sees this, it runs counter-intuitive to the strong U.S. dollar which has been a rig job from the get go. . . . The strong dollar and swap spreads trading negative are absolutely in opposition to each other. It exposes that something is tragically wrong, and it is something that doesn’t make sense. It’s like shining light on cockroaches.”

Kirby is also an expert on gold and helps attain gold for his ultra-wealthy clients by the ton. Kirby says, “They can’t get enough of precious metals. They scour the earth looking for large amounts of metal. . . . People that I work with represent money so large that they know they’re going to end up in the very end game, that they are going to end up with a whole lot of dollars that are going to be worth nothing. They accept that, but in the meantime, they are going to convert as many of those dollars as they can into things that are tangible and are going to maintain value once the world gets it and realizes the U.S. dollar is tapioca and is worth nothing.”

So, is this why the art market is exploding in value and some paintings are selling for tens of millions of dollars? Kirby says, “That’s exactly what is going on. You know why? Because the artwork market is a market that doesn’t have a futures complex connected to it where price riggers can keep the price of it under control. It’s an unbridled market, and it’s telling what’s coming in the rest of the world for tangible items. Gold has a derivative complex, futures and options connected to it where price discovery is nonexistent. People who have an interest in making the dollar look strong can sell paper contracts and keep the price of real gold suppressed.”

Can the “powers that be” do this indefinitely? Kirby says, “Not a chance in a finite world. You see, to keep the game running, they need an endless supply of physical precious metal which they don’t have. When they run out of physical metal to back up the fraudulent paper exchange, the game runs out.”

How long do we have until the game is up? Kirby predicts, “I’m guessing the window is four or five months. We are certainly working our way to a blow off event that is going to change our financial universe forever. . . . These are end game machinations. This is like going to see David Copperfield and he ends with the biggest illusion of the night. That’s what this is. That’s what we are seeing. The Lear jet is about to disappear.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Rob Kirby of

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview:

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  1. keith

    Hi Greg,
    Do you think Donald Trump’s success is a black swan event? Four years ago, he ran for President, then dropped out early. The man hasn’t changed much in four years, but the American people, obviously, have changed. The American psyche is a barometer to the reality of things, they’ve begun to speak the truth. That truth includes the success of Donald Trump. The MSM and GOP are trying their best to destroy his candidacy, but the people won’t allow it. I personally think it is a black swan event. If he ascends to the Presidency, triggers will be pulled, and I don’t mean ones attached to guns.

    • Shadow of Doubt

      Here’s a “historical given” from a professor who survived the Nazi regime and was mockingly referred to as “the professor who could see tomorrow”.
      “Once a nation realizes it can no longer believe its leaders or depend on what its Government will do–social anarchy and chaos will inevitably follow. So when the mask slips on those in power and you see them for the godless, corrupt, psychopaths that they are; don’t be surprised to see a concerted effort to disarm the people.”
      He assured us that when the truth is ignored or perverted, and not readily remedied, the consequences for a nation are deadly.

      • Calgirl

        If you don’t read a newspaper everyday, you are uninformed. If you do, you are misinformed.” – Mark Twain

        “Wars start because diplomats lie to reporters, then believe what they read in the newspaper.” – Unknown

        The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary. H L Mencken

    • Terry

      If anyone who is honest and sane gains the Whitehouse, look for commie obama and his ilk to pull the plug and scuttle America, blaming it on conservatives. The mainstream commie media will help. It is the only way for them to regain power in 4 years.
      But don’t underestimate the American people. They are getting wiser by the day.

  2. Smaulgld

    I am glad the commentators are moving away from the “fed can never raise rates” stance
    Of course they can! Mr kirby pointed out that the treasury calls the shots
    That is correct- the whold game is about protecting the dollar – that is the Fed’s primary objective.
    Secondary is hooking up their shareholders the too big to fail banks and an afterthought is the economy
    The fed knows without the dollar they cant run their game

    The fed will raise rates to combat dedollarization initiatives and to regain credibility
    The nonesense that the US cant afford higher rates will be shown false as the us pays ALL its debts by issuing new bonds
    Paying higher interest will be done from the prinipal proceeds of newly issued bonds- ponzi 101

    • Paul

      Smaulgld … exactly correct … rates will rise in order to sell the T-bonds necessary to pay for the budget, entitlements and perpetual war … when the crash occurs next year as Rob believes … and economy freeze’s up … the trucks stop rolling … and food is in short supply … we who have prepared well will be of sound mind and optimistic mood … but the masses who will leave the cities will likely be living only on vegetables and plants they can find along the roadways … therefore their mood will be depressed … and their minds may not function well … they may actually begin to turn to cannibalism to make themselves feel better!
      The big moral question that confronts us is … do we really use our supplies of lead to shoot a few of those “out of their mind” people scrounging for food … as doing so will help to feed the other cannibals … and by eating meat they will become “more human” again … like us??

      • Paul

        The government likely wants gun control to prevent us from supplying food to the cannibals … as that will take away “their power” to herd the masses into FEMA camps where “they” can do the cooking and “take care of the people properly” if you know what I mean!

      • Linda

        True, many of us are preparing as much as possible, however the bigger question that I wonder about is will folks have enough coordinated protection to ensure their safety with….say… 25 or so cannibals charging towards ones dwelling all at once. I live approximately 25 miles outside of a major city, but don’t think even with my preparation, that this will be enough unless I’m surrounded by family and good friends when this all blows. If I didn’t have the commitments that I have at the moment (running a business, trying to sell it too), I’d find a cabin somewhere deep in the wilderness and hope that I wouldn’t be preyed upon by hungry m. lions and black bears.

        • Linda

          But I should add that being preyed upon by hungry m. Lions and black bears scares me a lot less than a pack of two legged predators….

        • Williamghtest

          Well, the best and brightest in the Obama administration just want “To Serve Man”.

    • mohammad

      They can never raise the rates…..


      • lastmanstanding

        Absolutely Doc…QE, money printing, whatever keeps the banks in business and the entitled to the life they are accustomed to. Easier to pay their debts and to keep the worthless sheep content.

        The rest of us will just grind it out because it is what we do. We do not recognize the words, quit, succumb, fail…it is not an option.

        I know a better day is coming…the earth is telling me that she has had enough of this shit.

        • Mohammad

          Only when Jesus comes back to earth.
          Those better days you are talking about LMS are coming, but we will have worse ones en-route.


    • Vince Shook

      ……… And if the Fed is the purchaser of the new bonds, for all intensive purposes all the interest charges are kicked back to the US Treasury. This amounts to “Free” newly printed money to fund everything they want. Since they (government) are first users of that newly printed money, they get the biggest benefit before the rest of us have to deal with the inflation caused by such a scheme. The fed will then mask the (official) inflation by manipulating the precious metals market, hedonic adjustments to statistics, etc., etc.

    • Ed

      Isn’t it obvious Trump is a Demoncrat plant to ensure the election of Hillary and the continuation of the Obama agenda. Trump was a Democrat until a couple of years ago and remains good friends with the Clintons.

      • blt

        No it isnt obvious, except to someone who is actually a troll for Hillary. Trump has actually made sense now that more people are being killed for no reason in our backyard. I see it every day in Houston. Believe it or not, this country has already been overran. What will it take for us to be fed up? The status quo politicians are quite content as you seem to be.

        • Terry

          I agree with bit. DT has something no other candidate has. Just the fact that he easily hands the media their ass on a daily basis is enough reason to elect him. Common sense and blunt honesty will be required to fix Americas and the worlds troubles. He is on firm ground legally and morally on his muslim import ban.

          • Terry

            I do actually support Ted Cruz.

      • Linda

        NO , but it has come to my attention that Bernie Sanders may be the plant for Hillary.

        • Linda

          I guess that I should rephrase my response to you by saying that “it is my opinion” that Mr. Sanders could be a plant for HILLARY. It’s clearly evident that Hillary broke the law during the email debacle, yet during their democratic debates when Mr. Sanders had the chance to exposure her and the depth of this disgrace, he was almost consoling etc. etc. I don’t think that a serious contender for the highest office would do this unless he’s been placed in this race so that Hillary has someone to debate platform issues, without being overtly challenged/exposed. However, if she wins the democratic ticket, its also my opinion that TRUMP would rip her to shreds.

  3. Brent

    Hi Greg,

    I know you have had this guy on before, but this is definitely the BEST interview you have ever had with him. In fact, I would add this is the best interview you have ever had. I can tell he taught you and all the rest us new things regarding downgrading banks to prop up the dollar. Hope you have a great Christmas. Although no one is perfect, you Greg are truly the best out there as far as honest media.

    Take care,

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Brent. It was an eye opener with the downgrade analysis of the banks. We must be getting close because the downgrade plan can not work but once.

      • tulip

        Greg, I agree but then I wondered … the banks don’t care about any downgrades… they’re fine…. so.. as usual its all charades.
        The fraud will just continue…

        • Greg Hunter

          Yes, the banks do care about downgrades. In the latest on it increased their borrowing costs and that cuts into profits. They simpoly cannot keep downgrading the banks though, I think they will not do it again. Downgrading them could implode them.

          • vincent_g

            But it will not effect borrowing from the Fed at 0.1 %
            Inter bank lending maybe effected but the Fed is still there.

      • NC Gal


        See Bill Holter’s latest, “Crunch Time” ( to see just how close we are. The COMEX has more people wanting gold delivery than it has gold to deliver.

        Also, apparently Cincinnati, Ohio is raiding the Teamsters pension fund to pay for the banks’ malfeasance. ( It’s not just close — it’s already happening, right now, in real time, and I’m sure false flags will follow to cover it over and serve as the excuse to focus elsewhere.

        • Greg Hunter

          NC Gal,
          Thank you for adding to the content with your comment and links!

  4. patriot 101

    Hi, thanks for all the great insights over a long period of time. The info has high value and I am so fortunate to have gravitated towards this realm of info years ago. Gentleman like yourselves have contributed greatly to making somewhat complicated dynamics more easily understood to modest laymen like myself.
    I must take some exception to one comment that Mr. Kirby made ,that, “the dollar is tapioca and worth nothing”. I declare that a good warm tapioca is worth more than at least two FRNs…. on any cold winter morning.

  5. Dan

    I really like Rob Kirby as he has a great inside view in the credit, derivatives, and gold bullion markets. I’ve always agreed with most of what he had to say in his past interviews.

    But there are a couple of points which I think he didn’t adequately support:

    1) The claim that the US Treasury is more in charge than the Fed doesn’t hold water. First, he mentioned that the Treasury uses the Exchange Stabilization Fund (ESF) has massive amounts of dollars to prop up the dollar market. But if you look at their holdings (SDRs, U.S. Gov’t Securities, Euros, and Yen, as stated on their website) as stated on Wikipedia (“As of October 2009, the fund held assets worth $105 billion, including $58.1 billion in special drawing rights (SDR) from the International Monetary Fund.”), they are miniscule. Okay the figure of $105b from 2009 may be outdated; but if anything, it’s probably smaller. So, $105b will do the job? I don’t think so. And the last time the US Treasury tried to re-take control of the supply of money, President Kennedy got shot.

    Perhaps only the Plunge Protection Team (PPT) from the ‘Working Group on Financial Markets’ has more financial clout. And if you look at the composition of this working group it consists of: The Secretary of the Treasury (not the Treasury itself), the Fed’s Chair, the SEC’s Chair, and the CFTC’s Chair. So let’s get real, we know the Fed (i.e., the large private banks) is fully in charge in this camp. And as long as the dollar is propped high, they can inflate the equity markets, and suppress gold with naked shorts. It won’t stop until the punch bowl is taken away by the international markets.

    2) He mentioned earlier in the interview that the tonnage in GLD went from 1700 to 600 (approx. figures as I forget the precise amounts he mentioned) but he later said that he had strong doubts as to whether the GLD fund actually had any physical. So which is it? I think absent of the facts, he and we shouldn’t speculate.

    Greg also asked about a possible Fed rate hike, but we didn’t get a clear take on this. So, I’ll give my own thoughts and would love to hear from other USAWatchdoggers what they think (hike or no hike?).

    CASE 1 – Fed Doesn’t Hike
    This is what I anticipate they will do. Here, I would expect the Chinese to (like they did with the last Sept. non-hike) massively accelerate the unloading of its US Treasurys which will spook other countries into also doing so. The Chinese got pissed last time they didn’t hike. And a no-go again will CONFIRM the worthlessness of U.S. Bonds and the dollar. The YSD-CNY exchange rate is now up to 6.43 (it was at 6.18 a year ago!) and that means the Chinese are also forced to print a lot – which they do not like! Think about it, the Yuan just got accepted into the SDR last week and just a few days later they devalued and debased it. What does that tell us? If the USD/JPY/EUR/GBP gets debased/printed, so does the Yuan.

    But, China does have a Plan B or Wildcard the others don’t – gold which it has accumulated and, according to official data from the last 5 years, should be well over 15,000 tonnes. So China could either: 1) Disclose its official gold reserves and launch the SGE International Gold Yuan Fix; 2) choose to back the Yuan with gold; or 3) spearhead a gold-backed BRICS currency.

    CASE 2 – Fed Hikes
    (I estimate this at about a 5% chance.) Expect a major sell off (or meltdown) in US and European equities, followed by junk bonds, corporate bonds, sovereign bonds). Then, within 2-3 months, expect a new and improved MASSIVE QE Program ($100b/month or more) which will force the PPP out of the gold suppression scheme. Gold & Silver would then short squeeze high and fast.

    Either way, the dollar will have to devalue by at least 30-40% in a matter of months, if not weeks.

    Hike or no hike?

    P.S.: Greg, sorry my post is so long. I hope you can still post it.

    • Greg Hunter

      I am going to go with what Kirby thinks. He has deep experience and outrageously wealthy connections.

    • Smaulgld

      “And the last time the US Treasury tried to re-take control of the supply of money, President Kennedy got shot.”

      The JFK/Treasury trying to take control from the Fed is 100% urban myth that doesnt die

      • Dan

        Yep sure and Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny exist. You’re quite naive. Can you explain why the JFK investigation papers were sealed for 75 years? Can you explain why these US Notes were almost immediately taken out of circulation? Oh, and explain to me why the Treasury would let the Fed issue the currency at huge interest cost (and 6% annual dividend to its private bank owners) when they can do it themselves at NO COST, not to mention they are the only entity who are legally and constitutionally allowed to do so? Is that a conspiracy also? The link to this bogus article you supplied is a lot of lala land fairly tale.

      • Jim

        Just like his “Secret Oaths, Secret Societies” speech.

        In the start (the part everyone (i.e. the CIA and their helpers) posts on the net) he says how secrecy is an anathema to a free and open society.

        If you find a full version and listen a bit longer he says “but” in the middle.

        If you listen to the whole thing, the end consists of him telling the audience of reporters how the US is going to have a massive increase in secrecy, for “national security, you understand”.

        JFK was just one of “them”, and probably faked his own death anyway. You can’t trust any of them. He was no hero. His family was a bunch of gangsters.

    • Terry

      JFK got shot by a commie moron who wanted to impress his wife. Simple as that.

      • Greg Hunter

        Then let’s unseal all the records and release all the photos, including the JFK autopsy photos–all of them. This is the only president to be shot in the head since Lincoln–they got them.

        • Terry

          Greg, All should be shown. I agree. Maybe there is more to it. But, I have never seen anything that leads me to conclude that JFKs murder was anything other than exactly what it appears to be. All of the theories have a “bigfoot sighting” feel to them. JMO

          • Silence is Golden

            You see what you want to see.
            Are you aware of how many times JFK was shot ?
            What parts of the body?
            Whether that style of killing is in accordance with any special religion or rite ?
            Not coincidence. Planned execution.
            JFK was a non-conformist. He was a threat. He thought he was bigger and held more power than the collective sum. He forgot how he got into the position and who got him there.

      • Jim

        In order to not look like a troll, try adding some thought to your comment next time.
        Yeah its all on film, just like you say. The media was all over the place with cameras. Dealey plaza was the best viewing spot, the most open and comfortable area with a nice grassy hill for the public to crowd onto (all 10 of them) and a great place for the media to film all the people waving at the president. Everyone was there with their cameras.

        What? They’ve only got Parkinson’s disease Zapruder and his shaky camera with its doctored film? I guess they wanted to be really convincing right? Maybe his little home movie showed a little too much, so that’s why its so hard to find the original in its unedited form on the net even now in 2015?

  6. Oracle 911

    Hi Greg
    Just 3 things:
    1st Big regional /world war=end of civilization because somebody will use sooner rather than later nuclear weapons.
    2nd IMHO Obama was HIRED to destroy America.
    3rd The riots and revolts WILL happen either the police don’t get paid or the living conditions will go terrible overnight.
    My 2 cents
    Oracle 911

  7. Faith

    I absolutely agree that the drummers for war grow louder with each passing day. It is like being on a beach and you see the water disappear into the distance and you know, it is time to run for high ground, because the next wave will be a tidal wave.

    Chilling interview. Oh and I heard that interview with Dr. Pichenick (sp). Excellent.

  8. patriot 101

    Since Trump has had such great success in a short period of time that has impacted the U.S. political status quo,I believe it could be called an american black swan. If he becomes president and is somehow courageously effective and successful in his policies as he is currently confident then it could be a international black swan.
    Also, four years ago he did not put in time on the Alex Jones show. That is a milestone for him and kind of blackswanish.
    Earlier I heard said that one thing sets him apart from years of mediocre press v. candidates “banter” is that Trump knows how “wrangle” with em’. …n just get back in thier face.

  9. Tod Mills

    One thing that doesn’t seem to quite fit into this message of urgency is the part about disarmament. I really don’t think it is that high on our rulers’ list of priorities. Not that they wouldn’t love to do it, because they clearly would. But! The thing is, they still have such a long way to go to accomplish that that it is unlikely to be completed before the economy descends into major depression with the associated considerable risk of social unrest. Plus, there is the stated goal of population reduction (Georgia Guidestones). Chaos on the streets could easily result in a lot of deaths, helping them achieve their goal with no effort on their part. All they have to do is hunker down and come out when the dust settles.

    • Jerry

      The elites are planning for a large death toll in the coming collapse. That is why we have been given no warning, and why they have purchased millions of FEMA coffins and hollow point bullets. The UN will come in and cleanup the mess after its all over, and whoever survives will embrace them as hero’s in the NWO. Mission complete.

      • Calgirl

        Are the FEMA camps for us or for them? Their “armies” (an the families of their “armies”) will need to be housed and protected. The coffins are for us, but me thinks the FEMA camps are for them!

      • Paul

        The Turkish downing of the Russian Su-24M fighter jet was likely a move “designed by the elites” to begin WWIII … in the olden days this downing of a Russian jet by Turkey “would have” precipitated a war … but Russia didn’t fall for the bait … instead … Russia responded in an asymmetrical way resorting to economic sanctions to retaliate …

        • Greg Hunter

          Press TV is the Propaganda arm totally funded by Iran. Be careful quoting these sources. Everybody and I mean everybody is in the propaganda game these days.

          • Casey

            Was that just a self disclosure moment…?

            • Greg Hunter

              This from a guy/girl that post with an anonymous name “Casey.”

  10. Dwain Decell

    Lets follow this through. When the dollar fails the economy comes to a halt. When the economy falls people rush to the grocery store and in short order shelves are emptied. 10s of millions with little savings cannot pay bills. Officials try to enforce payment but to no avail. This has a snowball effect and even those with savings decline paying. Financial institutions fail and utilities are cut off.

    Transportation comes to a halt since gas is unavailable. People hunker down in their homes scared to venture into the streets surviving on what food they have. As time passes, more and more get desperate. Suicides rise and people begin looting and murdering for food. Gangs form and rampage homesteads in search of sustenance. Violence increases and government resources are inadequate to stop it. Mass murder occurs and over time, begins to subside to the point that a semblance order can be maintained by police states. Government takes control of all means of production and services with the goal of providing sustenance to those remaining.

    In this scenario, I don’t think PMs are going to do much good. Food, water, lead, Ham radios, generators and stored fuel will be king.

    • Terry

      Dwain, There will be unrest and chaos to be sure. But remember, this is America. Most are good people and Christians and will conduct themselves as such, no matter the hardships. And we will help each other. And for those who don’t want to play nice, we are the most well armed army on earth. I reject the zombie horde scenarios.

  11. Ross

    Rob Kirby never disappoints. He nearly always has a new insight we don’t know about. I too don’t think we have much time with war warming up in Syria, and the present economic debacle.
    They need the return of the Glass Steagle Act and money issued by the US Treasury debt free via infrastructure projects.
    With the present leaders, the West is headed for disaster. Thanks Greg , just love to hear Kirby.

    • LongTimeListener

      I like your insights, and I think you may be correct on the general progression of events. But there will be many shades of grey, including the have and have-nots. Gold will likely play a part.

  12. David

    One of your best interviews ever! Very sobering….. A tangled web that has been spun of our own doing. Intellectually, I know it’s coming, I just don’t know what the final “act” will be, or what it will look like when the curtains come down. Why? Because human behavior is nearly impossible to gauge. Just how will people react? I guess you have to anticipate the worst, and hope for the best. Not a very good strategy. Thank you Greg for producing these programs.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you David for your comment and support.

  13. Jeff B

    Rob Kirby is one of your best guests! Greg- you are excellent at interviewing people. I can’t tell you how many times I am listening saying to myself ask this question and you do! I listen to other hosts of major news/talk show hosts who don’t ask the obvious questions. My compliments to you. Keep up the fine work. Merry Christmas.
    Regards, Jeff

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Jeff B.

  14. Steve

    Why can I still buy as much gold and silver as I can afford? Why does the paper market have any control over the price of the physical market? Who in their right minds would be selling physical gold? What am I missing?

    • Terry

      Steve, people who are in their right mind, but are BROKE, are the ones selling gold. The rest? I don’t know.

  15. opalboy

    Wow, did he put it together!

  16. Jallen

    Without a doubt, your interview with Rob Kirby is the most compelling to date.
    This man is very compassionate about what he believes and projects the aura of
    truth when he speaks. To all who read this site, it is time to protect your loved ones,
    without further delay!!! It is high time the citizens of the United States demand
    congress to impeach and remove the worst President the USA has ever had, Obama
    the fraud! I have never felt the need for a gun until recently knowing Obama is after
    Americas guns, it is high time for all law abiding Americans to own a gun(s).
    It is the poison of today’s so called liberalism and neocons along with the idiotic and unpatriotic television news and press who are leading America down the road of total destruction. Keep in mind, when these fools attack Christianity, they are attacking our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, the only begotten son of the Almighty God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, who lived in the flesh. Woe unto them when our Lord returns for their time is short and there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth!!!

  17. Jerry

    Simply superb interview. Rob lays it out like no other. The Gold inflection point occurred last month in November when the Chinese purchased what was left of the remaining Gold on the open market. According to one of my sources, the Chinese are currently finalizing a deal (that will be placed in the BRICS bank) with a private party that holds several thousand tons of Gold in a secure vault in Indonesia. Once this deal is done, I think they will most likely do a Gold Price Fix sometime in December and make Shanghai the main trading hub for the world. Once this takes place, you will know that the end of the fiat system has arrived, and you have literally days to make final preparations.

    Greg, I have tried for months to find out more information about the Chinese Gold Price Fix, and there is simply nothing out there. That tells me that the TPTB are setting the stage NOW behind the curtain for the final act. I am convinced that when the time comes, they will spring this on us suddenly, and deliberately, without any warning. I would follow Robs advice about making preparations.

    • WD


      Two things I have noticed:

      1) I went to JC Penny’s last night at our mall ( big mall). I got a parking spot nearly right in front of the store. There was a lot merchandise still there. Was not crowded at all, mall was about 20% full…..during Christmas?!?!?!

      2) I have noticed that foreclosure rates are clicking up again, my local area has seen a spike in foreclosures from multiple price ranged homes…

      Getting a bad feeling about this…

    • Jerry

      BIG NEWS! According to this article the Chinese have delayed the Gold Price Fix until April of 2016.

      Considering all that’s happening right now, this could be misinformation used to catch the central banks by surprise. I’m not buying it.

      • JMiller

        Thanks for the article which supports what I said a few days ago about the Gold Price Fix probably being delayed until next year.

    • Occasnltrvlr

      A repricing of gold higher relative to all major, or, all, currencies is already, publicly, foreshadowed. SGE seems to be the most probable mechanism. The relative revaluations aren’t news. However, the timing is exceedingly tricky, and hints on timing ARE news.

      P.S. Barring a grand aggregation of currencies (which is now unlikely), the Yuan will not be pegged to gold.

  18. Don


    Great interview Rob Kirby is the man!

  19. Jim Bolskar

    Thank you , For the excellent inter view with Rob Kirby, Jim Bolskar

  20. Harry

    * the US dollar level is made in relation mainly to the Euro which is 57% of the USD…Euro down makes USD up! Duh, these pundits talk all around the really basic important stuff…typical American inability to confront reality….

    Jap. Yen is 13.6% of USD

  21. tulip

    Greg, Kirbys been saying this for 2 years or more….why can’t he and others simply say ..they do not know the timing….

    • Sandy Beach

      They DID say that they couldn’t predict the timing. Listen!

    • Grafique

      I’ve heard plenty of USWD interviewees, including Rob Kirby, say that they can’t predict exact dates, but that it’s obvious trouble’s on the way. Many times.

  22. Larry

    Obama does need to be removed ASAP. He appears to be detached from reality based on his own comments about the Russians, ISIS, gun owners, etc. Mental illness? Drug abuse? I don’t know, but considering his ability to start a nuclear war, something needs to be done now. I suspect his behavior will get worse has he continues to get marginalized running up to the election. He tends to act before thinking, so when his back is against the wall… Will he retreat? Will he snap? We go on and on about not letting the North Koreans and Iranians have nukes because they are so unpredictable… but we continue to let Obama control them? Maybe we’re the crazy ones?

    Most people don’t realize that in a short time we’ll have a carrier group toe to toe with the Russian navy in the eastern Med. One of our allies ambushed a Russian jet. We have F-15s and F-22s (for shooting down other airplanes) in Turkey and other places nearby. The Russians just placed a deadly S-400 missile battery in Syria that effectively makes a good part of Turkey and western Syria a no fly zone if the Russians choose. And I suspect the Russians may have nukes in theater now. We haven’t been this close to a nuclear war since the Cuban Missile Crisis or maybe Able Archer. What happens when the Russians and Americans end up in an egagement? What will Obama do? We all know the WH is making the military decisions. They own the Pentagon through appointments and purges, so would anybody stand up to Obama? I don’t know.

    Like the man Kirby mentioned, I have a background in intel. And I’m scared! The intel community tends to screw a lot of things up, but we do have a pretty darn good view behind the scenes in many nations. And what I’m seeing today in the US looks like an country about ready to implode. That’s why I’m trying to get out of dodge!!

    • Linda louin

      I don’t think that this POTUS is as you say “detached” at all. Rather he’s a dangerous viper of a man with a every specific agenda, and that’s to destroy the basic fabric of what once made America great in all quadrants of our society, by any means possible. Remember that according to Islam, it’s permissible to deceive others in order to further
      the Islamic quest for dominance, and this POTUS is an accomplished deceiver.

    • Faith

      Hello Larry, your comment got my attention. I am former Signal Corps. Just a low-level techie, nothing important, but given my real-life experience I absolutely respect your opinion and point of view.

      It may be time for a military coup in the US and early elections.

    • Jerry

      Larry, Faith, Linda.
      You may want to listen to this clip from V the guerilla economist. I couldn’t sleep for days after I understood how it tied into Jade Helm 15 and what’s coming. He talks about a coop also, but says most of the purged generals are running for the hills.

    • Williamghtest

      >>>Obama…. appears to be detached from reality based on his own comments about the Russians, ISIS, gun owners, etc. Mental illness? Drug abuse?
      In all seriousness, Obama’s personal difficulties are very likely due to:
      1) Bad parenting, and
      2) Affirmative action.
      I strongly suspect that, way deep down, he knows that his life and “achievements” are all a complete sham; he NEEDS to be detached from reality.

  23. Russ

    Thanks Greg, great interview. I always like Rob Kirby’s interviews here becaue he doesn’t pull his punches and calls a spade a shovel.

    …end game machinations… Yup. Notice how the US Dollar index has recently been pushed above 100, then four days back it fell off a cliff; yesterday it was almost back up to 99 and as I type it’s below 98. On what planet does the reserve currency – which should be a stable benchmark – move multiple percentages in short periods of time. The only reason DXY is up is because the Euro and Yen have been pushed down by printing.

    Gold, guns and a getaway plan — Celente’s thoughts are consistent with what Kirby is saying. Thanks again.

  24. john duffy

    I see the financial, political,religion and secular world unraveling. The only part of my world that seems normal is my home and neighborhood. I wonder when that starts to unravel.

  25. J C Davis

    Greg I can see how there would be a tonnage short in easy to order for gold. My question is if I were a elite with billions to buy gold why not buy up the gold stores across the USA. For that matter India has tons of gold in the peoples hand, and in the stores / shops for sale. I find no real shortage of gold if you got billions to buy it with.
    If people are buying art at 4 times the price why not buy gold at 4 times the price if there is a shortage. I feel blessed to be able to hear these interviews. Thanks.

    • JC Davis

      Can someone shine some light on my question ? What am I missing ? I would not sell my gold or silver at double the price, but I am sure there are millions that would sell. Where is the shortage ?

      • Occasnltrvlr

        Mr. Davis,
        Ms. Fitts did shine light on your question by asking if gold is a “closed system.” Yamashita and Hudes shine light on your question by asking if we really know how much gold has been unearthed.

        But, to me, “shortage” isn’t the question. All fiat currencies return to their intrinsic values (including those “pronounced” electronically), eventually.

        The issue (or question) isn’t shortage. It’s sustainability, regardless of circumstances.

  26. Greg

    Another great interview Greg. Always like Mr. Kirby because he never pulls any punches and he is from Canada eh, just like me. One thing has always puzzled me though. His interview and quite frankly the majority of your interviews seem to point all of the problems at American elites, politicians, institutions etc. No mention, especially in this interview, that other countries share in the blame. Also Mr. Kirby was quite blunt that he believes there will be blood in the streets of America. What about my country. Never seem to get a perspective on other countries, especially mine, on how we will be impacted. We are closely associated with America so no doubt it will be bad but to what level as compared to America. I know in your last interview that Mr. Celente says he will head to Canada when it blows up in the US. Does that mean America is going to be hit the hardest.

    • Rezo

      J.C Davis I trade in gold in SE Asia among other things and I can guarantee to you or anyone who is willing to prove they have the funds to complete a transaction .I can supply up to 2 Thousand Tons of gold at a discount of up to 11% of the market price .This is held in private vaults I can also confirm that I can purchase as many 99.99% Kilo bars across the counter as you can carry .Further I can guarantee to you sales of gold EX mine in 100 Kilo lots initially at up to 10 % discount .I simply do not believe the availability is so low.

      • Rezo

        I can further attest that the buyers and sellers will remain anonymous they act through intermediaries of which I am one The general discount is 11% and the intermediaries take 3 % (1.5 % per side ) On a recent transaction of 90 tons the commission my side was circa USD 30 million so go figure .Rob must be an incredibly wealthy man .This equates to a net discount at point of transaction to the buyer of 8% on the second fix of the London gold exchange on the day .

        • JC Davis

          Thank you REZO

  27. Leah from Seattle

    Hi Greg,
    I live in a suburb east of Seattle. On the way in to work this morning, I looked all around at the new construction going on. Most of it this new construction business centered (non-tech industry) and there seemed to be a lot of it. The thought entered my head “Dont they know what is coming?”. Everyday I go through the same routine looking for hints on the web for the snowflake event that may cause the avalanche. That is… I go to your site, then zerohedge, sputnik, rt, before its news, etc… I know the general population has “normalcy bias” but dont these folks responsible for deciding to undergo big building projects have to be smart people too? I just dont understand why they cant see the writing on the wall. I really enjoyed Rob Kirby’s interview. He got me fired up again 🙂

    • Greg Hunter

      The money is cheap and that is the real reason for the building.

      • Mary Casey

        Hello Greg, Same type of construction going on here in OKC and I believe your assessment is correct… money (zero interest rates). Maybe better to have their money in building investments than cash in the bank (negative interest rates).

    • lastmanstanding

      Leah…lots of money on the east side of Seattle…LOTS… Bellevue, Redmond, Issaquah, Mercer Island, Fall City…all the way to North Bend. I worked in the Seattle area just after 911 for several years. One of the wealthiest areas in the US.

      Real Estate has never taken a hit there so investors don’t worry. They view it as a win/win tangible asset. They build to sell it as long as there are buyers.

    • Occasnltrvlr

      “Make hay while the sun shines,” even if it is really just a sunlamp.

    • brian

      Leah, most people are going to go along with this nonsense and buy into this scam until they simply cannot; its not their fault really, its just that they do not even think to see any other option…….just quietly pray for them and pray for yourself, don’t let it get to you and don’t burn yourself out and alienate yourself butting heads with the herd…don’t end up like Jonah or Samson, learn to be a steady shepherd from the original Shepherd instead.

  28. Chip

    Hope Rob is wrong, fear he’s not. Think about what is going on. They are pitching Paris and California as if this is a world-wide CRISIS! Really? I’m not afraid of ISIS at all! I’m afraid of the US Government. The Main stream media and the Governments around the world are blowing this completely out of proportion. What are you more likely to die from? The CDC’s top ten causes of death in the US…
    • Heart disease: 611,105
    • Cancer: 584,881
    • Chronic lower respiratory diseases: 149,205
    • Accidents (unintentional injuries): 130,557
    • Stroke (cerebrovascular diseases): 128,978
    • Alzheimer’s disease: 84,767
    • Diabetes: 75,578
    • Influenza and Pneumonia: 56,979
    • Nephritis, nephrotic syndrome, and nephrosis: 47,112
    • Intentional self-harm (suicide): 41,149
    I don’t see ISIS or jihad on there anywhere do you? Your chances of getting killed by a terrorist attack are less than getting struck by lightning. Wake up America!

    • Laura

      I think the Paris and CA attacks are the distraction too.

    • Terry

      Chip, In all the possible instances you list there are monumental efforts being made to reduce these dangers and risks. I wouldn’t take your “risk factor” list to San Bernadino any time soon.

  29. tulip

    The IMF Just Entered The Cold War – Forgives Ukraine’s Debt To Russia
    Submitted by Tyler Durden on 12/09/2015 – 10:29
    The IMF has now been drawn into the U.S. Cold War orbit. On Tuesday it made a radical decision to dismantle the condition that had integrated the global financial system for the past half century… By doing so, it announced its new policy: “We only enforce debts owed in US dollars to US allies.”
    zero hedge

  30. NC Gal

    Rob Kirby has been one of my two favorite speakers as USAWD, the other one being Bill Holter. This time, however, I am at a loss to understand exactly what he is saying, particularly with regard to his reference to that Alex Jones interview with Steve Pieczenik on Dec. 7. I listened to the interview and Pieczenik said TWICE that this country has less than a year left, but Jones kept interrupting him and he never got to say what he was basing that on.

    Kirby sees the train wreck as already happening and I strongly agree with that. In Bill Holter’s Dec. 7 article (, he concludes:

    “The way I see this, the U.S. now has very big problems on the credibility front. You can add to the above monetary fix we are in with a multitude of other U.S. “pictures” just not adding up. U.S. “policy” is now being found out geopolitically thanks to Mr. Putin dropping a few “truth bombs”. The domestic economy is already in recession and Christmas (the politically correct term is now “holiday”) sales will be a disaster. “Truth” is beginning to slip out from behind several different curtains. I hate to say it but a giant false flag will have to come out very soon in order to keep cover and divert attention from the truth. I do not see any other options left, the reality MUST remain hidden or attention diverted, …or the unravelling comes.”

    When he says “very soon,” I don’t think that means even to the end of the first quarter of 2016, but I haven’t asked him about that. Maybe you could have him back to talk about that part of it. I think we are going to see a massive false flag (perhaps more than one location) on US soil pretty soon, because all the other plates are spinning already and that’s the one needed now to bring it all to a head here in order to institute the controls the elites want put into place.

    Thank you for having Rob on again! I do worry about his blood pressure because he seems to be so angry every time I hear him speak. I took particular note when he referred to his ultra-wealthy clients having already accepted that they will be holding worthless currency at the end if they don’t convert it to tangible items now. The currency holdings of the rest of us will be worthless then, too.

  31. Mr. Lee

    Great interview, one of the best this last year Mr. Hunter.

    The USD is the premier financial instrument that the establishment has based its hegemony and authority on. From foreign government pay offs to settlement of account in global trade and exchange, the US can not afford to let the USD slide into oblivion. If this were to happen, the US hegemony would cease to exist.
    In my opinion Yellen will raise interest rates to increase the perceived value of the USD while simultaneously print dollars to offset the effect of the increase and adding liquidity to the financial markets. So the two purposes are then served, 1.) USD preservation and reserve currency status, 2.) preservation of the financial markets.
    This will work for awhile longer until that inflection point Mr. Kirby spoke of will be realized and this is how many dollars can be created, despite interest rate increases, that are of value in a dollar debased environment.


  32. matt

    Breaking News. IMF declares any debts owed by nations outside the dollar, will not be paid. So the debt owed to Russia via IMF loans to Ukraine is a no go for Russia getting payed. This is getting serious.

  33. Sylvia

    All of your guests and interviews are so outstanding I just can’t
    pick out a favorite. Every interview is great, and covers the situation from a
    different view point. I hope everyone on your mailing list donates
    so that you have funds to continue . Wishing you a Merry Christmas.
    The TRUTH will make us free……

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Sylvia for the comment and Kind words. Merry Christmas!!!

  34. Jerry

    As we celebrate Christmas with the spirit of giving, etc. etc. here’s a rather sobering thought. According to our governments policy, there’s no room in the Inn for Christians. Muslims Only.

  35. Rock

    Thank you Greg…. Rob “Rubber Meets the Road” Kirby is one of my favorite guests. Please have him back as soon as you can. He knows exactly what is going on, and also knows about the shadow people that are controlling events. He could easily expand into areas that you do not usually cover, or provide greater insight into what is to come from the vantage point of the global elite.
    Your site is a light in the night.

  36. Paul

    Very interesting … what the Farook family lawyer is saying … “that Farook and his wife were in handcuffs and already shot dead in the back of the van when police said they were being fired upon from inside the vehicle” … photo at end of clip shows the van had the driver side window “up” at the time of the incident??? …

    • Paul

      The footage from live news cameras on the scene (at the 5:00 mark) shows the driver side window was not rolled down … … so from what window were the police taking fire???

      • Linda louin

        Do you believe that government operatives were responsible for killing all those people in San Bernardino? Is this your theory?

        • Paul

          Linda … I really don’t know … I don’t want to believe these two people were set up because it reflects badly on our side … but a few things just don’t add up … from what the Farook lawyer was saying “they were both dead and handcuffed in the back of the van before police shot it up” … so who was firing at the police? … the driver side window was up when it was shot out … and Farooks wife was not dressed in body armor (she was in shorts, blouse and high heels) … what I still can’t figure is how the car was driven if no one was in the drivers seat? … but I think all cars and vans later then 2003 have chips embedded that allow remote control operation … could this be another set up (false flag) to have an excuse to take away our guns? … if so … how desperate are they to get our guns … and why??

          • Paul

            It could be Farook and his wife were planning something very bad and therefore were used as expendable pawns to create a false flag as suggested below:

            • Greg Hunter

              It could also be disinformation and propaganda by Iran.

              • Terry

                Greg, Yes.

          • Linda

            Since the details are so shady as you point out, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if a GROUP of Muslims were recruited by someone within the layers of government to kill these poor people, with all the weapons/armory also being supplied (ultimately) to the killers by their handler/s. After the shooting spree, some of the recruited may have disappeared, finding safety and for regrouping/next assignment, with the Muslim couple being disposed of for obvious reasons. This is just one scenario, but who knows….anything is possible now.

      • sk


      • JMiller

        Since the police were pursing them from behind, they probably shot out from the back window. That would be the easiest way. If I remember correctly one of them was located in the back seat, dead.

      • Sandy Beach

        The really weird detail was how the police let the media stomp into the private home of the dead suspects. HUH???????
        That says it all.

      • Mary Casey

        Paul, the reporter @4:55 states, “there is not a window that was not shot out”; so, if he is correct, then all the windows were rolled up as you remarked.

    • Greg Hunter

      Maybe the conspiracy is cover up the fact that there were other folks in the Muslim community helping out he shooters?

      • Tod Mills

        No doubt a whole lot of muslims are upset with the West, after all, we’ve been interfering in their affairs for decades now, even before the CIA overthrew Iran’s democratically elected leader in ’53 and installed the shah.

        A fleet of brand new Toyota pick up trucks, all sorts of arms from the US. A lot of news sources use the word “unintentional”, but I don’t think it is. I think the CIA, with Mossad’s help is intentionally setting up the scene to take down Syria to help prop up the petrodollar.

        It is no mistake that there have not been any major attacks on Israel by ISIS; only enough to make it seem as though they are a real threat, allowing the Israeli government to continue its police state with impunity. Same way our government uses the threat of terrorism, complete with a few examples to lend credibility and con the populace into clamoring for “security”. We may not know the details about 9/11, but it is apparent to anyone who does some objective research and critical thinking that the official story is NOT the truth.

        Pearl Harbor Day just passed, and we now know for a fact that FDR knew in advance that the attack was coming and refused to warn the military in Hawaii. All for the purposes of gaining support for entering WWII.

        Operation Northwoods is another example of planning that shows just how evil is our government.

        Government leaders worldwide – ours included – are complete psychopaths that have no qualms about sacrificing however many lives they feel they need to accomplish their goals.

        Are there groups of muslims that hate “America”? Of course, and our government is fueling that hate and using it for their own nefarious ends.

        Great show, keep up the good work!

        • Greg Hunter

          So are we all supposed to allow them to kill us for our sins and if we mention Islamic terror be justly called Islamophobic? How many Islamic terror groups are there 10? 15? How many Catholic terror groups can you name? How many Hindu terror groups can you name? Howe many Jewish terror groups can you name? There are sins committed by the U.S. but we have a problem with Islamic terror and that is simply a fact. You points are well taken and I am only adding mine. Thank you for your comment.

  37. NC Yankee

    Hi Greg
    Thanks for the wonderful interview with Rob Kirby. It raises more questions than it answers. If there was a way where you could hold an interview on Monday and allow your viewers to submit questions relating to the interview and have the same guest answer the submitted questions with discussion on Wednesday, I think it would yield a spectacular and helpful interactive discourse to your site. I would start with John Williams, David Stockman, Greg Mannarino, James Turk or Rob Kirby, again.

    The burning questions that are raised by Rob Kirby’s interview. Assuming everything he says is correct and comes to pass what will replace the dollar system, surely it cant be pure gold and silver specie system. Will it be a fiat or electronic bit system based upon the precious metals or some other form of value issued by some Authority national or international that has credibility? If it comes to war, what will the “winner” of the war gain if the world’s economic system collapses and lapses into a great world wide depression of unrivaled proportions?

    Lastly, his foreboding advice to stock up on 3 months worth of food, lead and a means to deliver it, seems to be a cheap form of insurance if the worst comes to pass.

    NC Yankee

    • Greg Hunter

      NC Yankee,
      Become a subscriber to and he will give answer your questions. It’s not much money for a year’s subscription. (I get zero compensation for suggesting this.)

      • NC Yankee

        Thanks Greg
        Good Idea
        NC Yankee

  38. dell

    I Must respectfully disagree. Other than physical metal everything are digital entries. Everyone is trying to apply real word principals to a virtual world. In the virtual word this thing could go on for a long time. Sorry everyone looking forward to the end.

    • jim c.

      We are not looking forward to the end , just know it has to happen. I personally would like to get the show on the road so I can make sure my kids , family , and friends get through all that is coming. They are all blind , like so many others. 1- FOOD, 2-WATER, 3- GUNS, 4-PM`S.

    • Occasnltrvlr

      You are right: “In the virtual word this thing could go on for a long time.”

      This is also true: In the virtual world, everything could end, immediately.

      Hedge accordingly.

  39. al hall

    Greg: As you probably know and Rob estimated – time for the collapse is nearing. A major sign to look for is when the banksters and elected officials start disappearing to the underground cities or to countries in far southern South America. The Bush’s have their hide away down there. And W has told me as president’s both Bush’s can take 3000(total 6000) military with them for their personal protection. see this –

    Bush Family Paraguay Hideaway Update

  40. Really Confused

    Please somebody explain to me how we are going to go from what is clearly a deflationary economy ( Since 70% of GDP is consumer spending and wages are not increasing ) to hyperinflation in just 4-5 months ? I don’t think someone needs an advanced degree in economics to understand something that is that obvious . Also why did this man change his forecast for collapse in September from “weeks away” to now 4-5 months away ? Thank you

  41. jon

    Hi Greg
    Thats the most powerful interview you have ever conducted . Awesome . Hat tip to you both.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Jon. Kirby broke new ground giving the behind the scenes reason for the big U.S. banks being downgraded. We must be getting close. They can’t keep downgrading them without an all-out implosion.

  42. al hall

    Greg/viewers- this is the interview Roy Kirby talked about with Dr. Steve Pieczenik – a real spy’s spy who told us also that Bin laden was dead 9 years before 9/11. He know the inside stuff. The Dr. comes on the show at 1hr and 8 minutes in. You should listen to the whole show- informative as always, Alex fight for the truth like Greg Hunter!!

    • JC David

      Al Hall. Thanks for the link, and listing the start time. I am still not fully persuaded it was a false flag. Truth is I don’t know what to think anymore. First info from fox was it was 3 shooters. Strange how no one in MSM wants to talk about the eye witness accounts.

  43. Linda louin

    Hi GREG:
    Interesting interview…thank you. On a different note, I’m noticing that the daily main stream news is ALL about the San Bernardino incident, almost to a nauseating, constant degree. I know that it was horrible, and it demonstrates to our citizens that the invaders are here, armed, and ready to begin the carnage. However not hearing much about anything else going on around the world (serious stuff). I understand that main stream news has sold out to the power players a long time ago, but I’m wondering if the consuming bombardment with this news is being done to desensitize the awareness of what’s occurring on the international scene (Putin, Turkey, oil transfers etc., war). Do they really think that we’re this stupid, or are they just desperate?

  44. Sam Banbury

    that was epic Greg thanks. May I ask that in one of your future interviews you discuss confiscation?

  45. Brian Lauzon

    I am disappointed daily as I watch world events unfold while overhead the endless spraying of chemicals goes on day and night. With everything going on it makes me wonder how nobody seems aware of any of it. I often watch CNN not as a spectator but playing in the background while I do other things because it represents such a horrible disconnect from reality. CNN is the heartbeat of the lying media agenda keeping everyone in the dark. As CNN enters its’ second day of trying to make Trump look like a bad choice , and failing miserably by the way , their media blitz against him over blocking muslims getting into the US is backfiring yet again and making him more popular. What I have noticed with Trump is his delivery and manner of presenting information on his positions seems to be made on the spur of the moment outbursts. That is just his personality. It makes his comments appear to be outrageous because none of the mainstream media like CNN , NBC , ABC , FOX and so on has reported on what he is claiming happened in the past. It is as if the news media knows nothing of truth and is surprised when what Trump says is not the lies they try to say it is. It is his presentation that comes across as blurting out information that is wrong just to make a point – dramatic overstatement if you will. However , the mentioned mainstream media jumps all over it as perverted lies and the demonization of Trump begins again for another 24 hours: UNTIL it is proven that what he said was in fact true. The claim that he saw muslims celebrating the 9/11 attacks , dancing with joy as he put it , was proven to have happened. Yet the TV news seems oblivious to that reality as if they didn’t exist during 9/11 and they are hearing it for the first time. There is enough of these dumbass faux pas by the media you could make a list. The list is coming at us almost daily now as Trump in his blunt manner tells us things that actually happened yet the media says is a lie until it is proven true. You would think that a new organization like CNN and the rest would know the facts before jumping all over Trump only to be proven wrong time and again. Trump is a loudmouth who needs to dominate the conversation so his statements seem to be picked out of thin air and thus not believable. The trouble is he isn’t as stupid as he may sound and it is getting those around him that don’t want him to win in deeper credibility trouble. It makes the media appear desperate to get him out of the race but it only makes it worse. Of course they are indeed desperate. However popular Trump is today I fear his days could be numbered as reports are starting to appear calling for Trump to be killed. Trump is a juggernaut racing to the White House and that can’t happen in the underworld of the controlled media and government. Just like false flags there is often media chatter warning of events just before one happens and now I see media chatter about eliminating Trump. At his current status he can’t be stopped leaving “them” only one other option.

  46. RT Rider

    Negative swap rates on US Treasuries also puts into doubt pricing of financial securities which, in general, is done using variations of the CAPM (capital asset pricing model) and other models. Treasuries are, as described in the theory, considered riskless, and form the basis of most risky security pricing.

    This would be of particular importance for bond arbitrage models, such as those run by the infamous LTCM.

    • Mike Gleason

      You got that right. Trump is going to have “engine trouble” at 3000ft in his private helicopter.

  47. Laura

    Thank-you once again for bringing us new insights.
    I would like to encourage WDoggers to share this video or another of Greg’s videos from the past week. Let’s help get the word out!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Laura for the viral promotion!!

  48. James Sullivan

    Darnation Greg! LOL i believe i will one day tell my grandchildren that i participated in the struggle before the great crash ….by commenting on greghunterswatchdog….
    SELFY !

    (excellent,scary interview.)

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you James. I will be long forgotten after the dust settees. I am just hoping I can wake a few people up before we go over the cliff.

  49. James Sullivan

    ….and a fellow CANUCK!

  50. James Sullivan

    …….and winter is coming.

  51. USAF Airman Rich Treadway

    The United States Military Services can handle any such blow off event that occurs. We have the manpower and the hardware to shut down any country of terrorist group that tries to tango with us. I am looking forward to the next major conflict cause I really miss all the good work we did in Iraq and Libya and will do again once we get a commander in chief that has some balls and understands that the haters of freedom and the denigrators of democracy must be stopped and put down.

    • Paul

      If there was ever a reason to take away our guns … you are it!

      • Paul

        What the Fed could not do by lowing interest rates … the CIA has done with manufacturing a war in the Middle East by creating ISIS … the US arms industry is now striving to keep up with demand for weapons and ammunition for use in the instigated Middle East conflicts … US arms manufacturers are increasing shifts and are now hiring extra workers … Lockheed Martin has added a third shift (and is at “maximum capacity”) and is now contemplating “expanding facilities” around the country that produce 100 lb Hellfire, 2,000 lb air -to-ground missiles, F-35 fighter jets, etc. … Raytheon and Boeing are also ramping up production of their precision munitions … and also looking to add new capacity … but because it will take years for these firms to add new capacity and make necessary expansions … a “lingering war” in the Middle East that will last a decade or more should be expected … and the Russians must be persuaded somehow not to kill ISIS off to quickly … as the plan was probably designed to drag this war on for years … things may have to be expanded over a wider region “with more players” to achieve objectives … coalition forces are now getting involved more aggressively … launching airstrikes and depleting their inventory that will also need to be replaced … so the Military/Industrial complex will be doing its best to help get the US economy rolling again … something the Fed could not do alone (without CIA help) … as for the cost in lives lost (to boost the American economy) … it seems people like USAF Airman Rich Treadway are not counting … as money and the economy always takes precedence over crimes against humanity!

        • Greg Hunter

          Obama and his administration is in charge of the CIA.

    • Diane D-

      Today’s US military is doing Satan’s work. The ‘supreme crime’ of international law is the Crime of Aggression. America is the greatest international criminal in the world. How did America become so blood thirsty? What happened to the America that believed in the ‘Golden Rule’? (Matthew 7:12) America now has a generation that knows of nothing but perpetual war. America abandoned God. And we wonder why America is bleeding out?

      • Greg Hunter

        This is a bit one-sided Diane D. Nobody is all bad or all good.

        • tulip

          after the false flag of 9/11 our (coup detat)and the recent film below Im not so sure of ‘not all bad’

          This new historic documentary, entitled September 11 – The New Pearl Harbor,
          was made by the award-winning Italian filmmaker Massimo Mazzucco —
          called “The Ken Burns of Italy”.

          In five hours of film, Mazzucco depicts the perspectives and arguments
          of both those who believe the conventional story and those who do not.

          Come with an open mind and dare to re-examine the national event that
          radically changed the course of our country.
          Learn why many now are calling for a new investigation.

          • Greg Hunter

            I have had never believed the “official” story and have had thois link on my site for years:

      • brian

        Other than to put people off with obnoxiously prosaic lambasting of the most generic kind, have you done anything meaningful to improve the situation? I am just curious, as I suspect that instead you are an example of what happens when all one has to go on is righteous indignation, sketchy info and disillusionment borne impotence.

        Go out and do something to improve somebodies life and stop worrying about crap you cannot fix. What is done is done.

    • brian

      love your dry humor and manifest sarcasm “airman”, keep it coming!

  52. Evan J

    Hi Greg,

    Great interview as usual. For fellow WDs, up here in Canada, the governor of the Bank of Canada, Steven Poloz (Yellen’s counterpart) announced yesterday afternoon that negative interest rates are now on the table as a policy option in this country. Some reports stated that the bank needed to “add to its toolkit” in order to deal with issues that “may arise”. Yeah, right. Just in case. Here’s one of many possible links. It was all over the MSM.

  53. tim

    This is along the same lines as someone else has asked. If it’s really true that those with huge quantities of dollars are scouring the earth buying whatever they can, why wouldn’t they just approach all of the mining companies and offer them say $2000/oz for all of their production? If their dollars will be worthless anyway, it doesn’t matter what cost they pay. However, this doesn’t appear to be happening by looking at the mining companies’ balance sheets. This doesn’t add up according to what you are saying. Just doing some logical thinking here. I know Jim Sinclair has stated that his company isn’t selling their production until prices move up. Well, once again, why wouldn’t some wealthy individual just offer the company $2000/oz? Some of what you say doesn’t pass the “smell” test.

    • Greg Hunter

      And you are? And your experience is what?

    • asmith

      My take exactly. People like Eric Sprott could buy out the Comex, but they don’t and podcast monthly about how tight supplies are. I get emails every week from Apmex about specials from $340 for 20 silver eagles, no shipping nor credit card charges to ~$20 over spot for gold eagles. If American eagles aren’t available, then Canadian or Austrian offers show up in my inbox. I’m a believer in PM, have been since 2001, but there is so much disinformation broadcast on the interwebs, you really have to your BS meter set to 11. As I’ve written every time I post, James Corbett dots his i’s and cross’s his t’s….

      And don’t get me started on Putin. He’s a gangster, taking a cut on everything that comes in/out of Russia. That makes him one of the richest people on the planet. That he’s not connected w/our Fabian overlords is what they call controlled opposition.

    • mohammad


      The rub is ….: THERE IS NO LIQUIDITY.
      All that printed money we hear about is nothing but zeros in the computers.
      In reality there is no cash around to buy any thing of magnitude.
      The illusion of massive money printing will meet the reality of “CASH IS KING” at a certain point.
      All those zeros will go poof once the kill switch of internet is hit. Then cash is king.
      I subscribe to the wisdom of having cash in dollars or any other currency.
      Simply not many people who are completely on a credit life rope have cash and just imagine if you have gold or silver and take it to your neighbor to buy a loaf of bread? how the valuation of stuff will be? cash is still something people are familiar with even if it is a liability. Better off coins minted by our beloved gov. Heck…the nickel in it is worth more than its face value.


      • Paul

        Metal cash like nickels has “intrinsic commodity value” … while paper cash has very little intrinsic value unless burned for heat … so when talking about “Cash is King” … I believe we should clearly define that cash … as being of the “metal kind” (copper, nickel, silver and gold)!

        • mohammad

          Any cash will be king.
          THERE IS NO LIQUIDITY anywhere around. It is:
          Computers/internet on———–>Inflationary Depression.
          Computers/Internet off———–>DEFLATIONARY depression.
          I strongly think it will be the latter.
          Once those zeros go poof when the internet kill switch is turned off, then the paper cash will have as much value as it can get with any gold/silver coins.
          CASH IS KING even in papers then.


          • Silence is Golden

            I don’t subscribe to your POV.
            Just ask the Germans who lived through the Weimar Republic whether their so called Paper Cash was KING!!
            The US is on the same road to ruin. You are misinforming people with your nonsense, double-dutch speak and ill formed logic. How bad would things have to be for the internet to go off ? All those zero’s are meaningless. As for paper…it has no intrinsic value whatsoever. In factuality….more are required to buy less every single day. This only escalates from here….meaning purchasing power is lost more dramatically. It would be wise to change your perspective while you still can.

  54. Benjamin F

    Saudi Arabia is going to be a mess. They are spending away the countries reserves. They too will have nothing to show from the petrodollar era. No Pyramids. At least the US is educated, even if poorly executed.
    We should just annex them as a territory and nationalize their oil fields. Let Europe buy Iranian, Iraqi, or Saudi Arabian, Russia or whoever else oil they can legitimately pay for. Let the US government run Saudi Arabian oil production and leave homeland oil production in private hands.
    Let Saudi Arabia build education systems locally, competitively with local education from every other Saudi Arabian town.

  55. George Lenz

    As always, Rob Kirby brings a lot to the table. You really need to get Steve Pieczenik on your show. He brings another wide view of the machinations that are happening on a geopolitical basis. Nice interview, Greg!

  56. freebreezer

    Greg – Out of pure curiosity, it would be interesting and maybe informative to see some of the blogs that you have to discard because of trolls, racists, extremists, fanatics, indoctrinated, etc. Maybe an addendum per a separate page or something just once in while. I do enjoy the speakers and subsequent blog/discussions which are very informative, but I am curios to what is on the ‘dark side’. And do have a Merry Christmas … the clock is ticking very close towards financial blow off … after that it is any ones guess.

    • Greg Hunter

      The biggest thing I do is vet and try to source stories. I am sure there are some very well meaning folks out there but it is a common problem for someone to state analysis and opinion as proven fact. Also I think there is a global PR job to use propaganda to discredit and harm the U.S. image on the global stage. Yes, some is well deserved criticism a other times is is not. Iran, through Press TV, and Russia Today are used as propaganda tools. Nobody is all bad or all good. It is always a mix. Trying to figure that out is time consuming.

  57. Donna

    I fear Gov gun confiscation will be used to take peoples gold and silver at gun point for bankers and politicians personal loot.Hope Patriots stand up to the thieves

    • dbcooper

      Donna, Our thought is that this is not 1933 and the US public is unlikely to hand over guns/gold or anything else Heir Obama decrees should be rendered. Greg… good interview and as pointed out by others Rob “pulls no punches”. Perhaps you can interview James Wesley Rawles for a picture of what the average Joe on the street can expect with the Great Reset . Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB.

    • Cry Me a Ruble

      Your fears are warranted but needless. It is not that simple. The majority of the populace now view the politicians or at least most of them as the parasites feeding on the republic. I feel that the death spiral is winding down too fast for them to make a public grab at anything except their own asses. For amusement I have always liked this clip from the classic film Casablanca where Bogart talks to the Nazi Major about New York City. Bogart was right and is still right about New York and America especially Middle America from foreign and domestic. Backbone is still part of America. It is what made us and it will be what saves us. View the clip.

    • JC Davis

      Donna I have thought a lot on this, and came to this conclusion. If the elites drive a country to desperation they could buy or trade food and water for gold. There would be no need for confiscation. Just what I think is there plan. I have no basis for it other then human judgment is weakened when depleted of nutrient’s.

    • Diane D.

      Donna, it would take much time and resources for any physical confiscation (unlike digital dollars). I think civility in the US will fail long before physical confiscation can be implemented.

      Chaos (at least in cities) is coming and probably soon. Pockets of Patriots who WILL RESIST evil tyranny DO EXIST. Many of us are retired military and LE who joined Oath Keepers. My advice is to join these folks NOW.

    • Silence is Golden

      Gun control is about removing the threat of the World’s Largest Private Army.
      Remove that and the rest is child’s play.

  58. mohammad


    To answer the question about how long Comex will keep up the game:

    Feds bid large contracts GLD (by proxies) ————–>gold goes down.
    Feds goes to Comex to take delivery(when contract matures)———>cash settlement.
    Feds prints the cash settlements (zeros added)———->reconciled contract.
    Feds allows some real gold delivery for the few, the chosen.
    Price goes up again.
    Feds bid large contracts GLD (by proxies) ————–>gold goes down.
    Feds goes to Comex to take delivery(when contract matures)———>cash settlement.
    Feds prints the cash settlements (zeros added)———->reconciled contract.
    Feds allows some real gold delivery for the few, the chosen.

  59. John M.

    Rob Kirby knows what is really going on. From what I understand, Goldman Sachs runs the Federal Reserve and JP Morgan runs the US Treasury. Both are criminal banking syndicates along with the other big banks that are making the majority of their positive returns these days from the global drug trade, much of which is largely masked in military logistical operations thru the Middle East, Turkey, Arabia, and Eastern Europe. Some money is made through the carry trade by keeping interest rates at zero. I don’t think the Fed will raise interest rates, but at this terminal stage, it really doesn’t matter what they do.
    Make no mistake, we are going to a world war as it is the easiest choice for the elite, as they need to escape and deflect blame away from their treasonous activities to ruin the dollar and put America into a police state. Notice how they are trying to disarm Americans while preparing for us with a really hot war with Russia. Luckily for us, Putin seems to be the only sensible leader on the world stage as some reports are circulating around that shows that Russia can beat America in many war game simulations. Actually, like I’ve always said, I think it is the intention of American leaders and their puppet-masters to destroy the economy and the military capabilities of the US to rebuild their new world order from all the chaos and destruction, rubble and ashes.
    Regarding the US dollar, I believe like Jim Willie, that the dollar will rise and rise like a balloon before it pops and dies suddenly. I think the current dollar will be replaced with some contrived evil substitute that will only be another lie and fake form of money. Will we have the freedom to exercise our free speech against this tyranny from within?

  60. Sammy

    Thanks for inviting Rob Kirby to your interview. He is second to none! Looking forward to hearing him more often on your site, especially during this critical times.

  61. Coal Burner

    Greetings Greg and Rob Kirby and fellow Doggers;
    Holter/Sinclair posted an interview today aobut the banks and government beginning to raid the Teamsters pension funds. That is real Black Swan stuff. Their pension. checks according to a letter sent out to retirees will be cut more than half. This signals the raiding of all the funds and likely civil unrest by those stolen from by elitist bogshots. Will the Fed start printing to hold that breaking dam back for a little while?
    I have to say I am still not as concerned about nuclear war as I am abotu a worldwide Depression with all the awful that Paul describes above. Note to me: order more ammo and food.

    • Silence is Golden

      There’s a new book out….its titled….”A funny thing Happened on the way to a Revolution”.
      The US (and the rest of the World) are ripe for one. The slow deterioration being witnessed across all economies of the globe (and in some parts.. violent), is reminiscent of early 1900’s in Soviet Russia.
      In essence if the people are pushed hard and far enough…with dry baron summers, cold winters combined with food shortages, poor transport, inadequate and expensive fuel, propaganda, strikes, civil unrest, foreign wars and TERROR …they will react. This is the greatest fear that Central Planners and the Political class possess….an uprising to overthrow the so called elected leaders.
      We are all witnesses to what is forming and what eventually will transpire. Our modern day writers are the beholden to the demands of their owners and those that write the checks. Deviation from the norm…exposing the truth…is tantamount to joining the ranks of the unemployed.

  62. red

    Greg really hope you have a great Christmas also Rob too, worry bout’ your blood pressure sometimes Rob. I get angry too, but Rob you really wear your heart on your sleeve, anyway truly hope all watchdog fans have a great christmas break. I know Greg you get on the ‘collateral’ concept which is one of my big peeve’s too, the only reason I see that they won’t collateralise the system with gold is it would finally give little guy’s like you and I both a political and commercial voice(which is why they probably put it off as long as possible) Also be great for the Millenial’s to get on a really up vibe guest , because sometimes’ I think when the narrative is always’ gloomy the PTB have got us anxious just where they want us. Anyway merry christmas all again, i think Jesus would love to see us spreading more love.

    • susan

      red, love and joy to you. It is what we must do.

  63. Chris M.

    I like these interviews, but I disagree with the way Kirby is trying to connect the strength of the dollar to the precious metals market. It’s been completely disconnected for years, and will remain so. I used to think PMs would be very heavily influenced by the dollar and vice versa, but the market masters have – in my opinion – successfully divorced the two. If the Comex defaulted tomorrow, or we experienced some sort of other “cataclysmic” event in the PM markets, I don’t think it’s going to be the earthquake everyone is predicting. Such news would have to be combined with other economic or geopolitical events to crash the dollar. Hell, we’ve seen the vaults almost completely depleted of gold, yet no movement in the PM prices. I can no longer fully attribute that to manipulation keeping the price low. Some of it is apathy – the world is no longer willing to link gold to currency performance. That said, eventually the market will be instructed to allow PMs to rise. I’m still in for that reason, as well as insurance.

    Overall, great interview. Very good work.

  64. red

    My last comment was not a critique of Rob I love Rob and his passion, but just re read my comment don’t want to create wrong meaning. Also the comment on billionaires’ and why none move on metal. Because they follow the flow(trend) just like all the other gamblers’ but they are smart enough to know if one moves’ it would be game over because there just isn’t enough gold to sustain most of these billionaires consumptive lifestyles’. But don’t worry one is gonna panic and that is about all it will take, when the move out of stocks and bonds’ comes it will be a stampede , I reckon it will start in Europe or Asia (Japan) but don’t worry it is coming.

  65. wesley

    Dear Mr Hunter,

    I do enjoy most of your guests you interview but I wish you would only ask them ONE simple question relating to the dollar.

    When someone like Mr. Kirby in this instance talks about a dollar collapse so epic that people will lose their pensions I just wish you would flesh that out with a simple question. Here it is:

    So if you see a dollar collapse where will the money fleeing the dollar go? A collapse in any currency must be viewed relative to other currencies and assets.

    That is my simple suggestion to ask your guests about the dollar if they see a dramatic decline if not collapse. There is not enough gold to go around to absorb even a trillion dollars in flight so I surmise that the money must go into other currencies.

    That would mean the yen or the euro primarily. Yet they are currently in QE of their own kind and we are not.

    Ok that is my comment. I hope you can ask them that simple question I mentioned.


  66. Sayonara

    Love Rob Kirby! This guy is to the point. And what a point he made about the down grading of the US banks. Rob Kirby is old school Canadian and gets to the point concisely. I am half Canadian and he reminds me in his mannerisms and pointed conversation like my Canadian grandfather which is an ultimate compliment.
    We are in deep “S#!T” and their is no way out. I cannot believe the stupidity of our economic and political leadership – it is frankly suicidal.
    I am great full that you are able to present so many clairvoyant minds on a consistent basis. I don’t think anybody is going to be prepared for what is about to go down because it has never happened in history. We are living in astonishing times.
    Fear Not!

  67. vincent_g

    The current events and those events looking forward surpass, no, far surpass being called a horror show.

    When the celebrating is over and everyone has sobered up after the holidays we without a doubt have a major problem we are facing.

    The problem is we are heading to war and fast.
    Turkey and Russia is a flash point.

    So on one hand the monetary system is falling apart and on the other Nuclear war is only a few months away.

    If you live near a military base or a major financial / communication center I don’t think you need worry about the dollar becoming worthless.
    You will not be alive to worry about it.

    Trump to the rescue?

    Assuming Donald was in another city when New York was nuked would he still want to be president if New York City is gone?

    If all our major cities are gone what’s left to rescue?

    Will Putin use a Nuke?
    The answer is yes he will.
    The reason is he is not being taken serious as of yet and using a Nuke will get everyone’s attention real fast!

    Europe doesn’t care about the people in the Middle East as to them they are nothing more than an inconvenience.

    So the question is what will Europe do when that Nuke goes off?
    Will they break with the USA or march into Nuclear War?

    I leave you with this:
    A strange news story caught my eye about a Squirrel attacking a elderly husband and wife. Both had to be admitted to the hospital with serious injuries.

    I’m not one that leans towards superstition but it is odd.

  68. Keyboard Kommando

    Look, the reserve currency only changes ownership after a hot war. Expecting a peaceful transition to the next world reserve currency, good luck on that one. Next year China will be apart of the SDR, right there is telling me the Yuan won’t be a reserve currency: into the short to medium run. The Petro-Dollar will only be toasted, if America’s enemies target Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. On a side note, if the West were to economically collapse, because of debt, the system would have crashed a long time ago. And the Bank of England is 300+ years old. To cite Catherine Austin-Fitts, the survival of the Dollar, requires military solution.

    A major but, people shouldn’t expect an overnight collapse. Yet people should prepare for job layoffs, and government cutbacks, so stock up on food, and pay down debt. I can’t see into the future, but gold and silver may help you to transition into the next system. Let history be your guide. To make sense of the world, actions speak louder than words. Pray to be at the right place at the right time.

  69. Everett

    Greetings Mr. Hunter
    I always appreciate you bringing Mr. Kirby to the table, very straight forward and hard hitting. I remember reading from Paul Craig Roberts in ’08, he said; “I don’t know when this all comes apart, it should have already, but when it does, it will make the great depression look like a walk in the park. This is the greatest financial catastrophe the world has ever seen.” I have never forgotten Mr. Roberts words, and as I always research from a Biblical perspective, I look to what Jesus said concerning the time of the end. “For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be.” Obviously, it makes since that the greatest financial catastrophe the world has ever seen, would bring the greatest tribulation the world has ever seen. I am not the sharpest horse in the hitch, but, even I get that one. Mr. Kirby- “We are certainly working our way to a blow off event that is going to change our financial universe forever….” Tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick.

  70. William

    I follow people like Dr Paul Craig Roberts, John Rubino, Jim Rogers, the Golden Jackass,
    Mike Maloney, Dr Marc Faber, Eric Sprott, and others, BUT, I most like to view interviews with Rob Kirby. I am sure he is quite busy, but you should try to get him on your show at least every 6-8 weeks. thanks

    • Greg Hunter

      All the folks you named are very good. I would add, Kirby’s connections are some of the best in the world. Add that to him being very experienced and smart and how can you go wrong? I thank you on Rob’s behalf.

  71. WD

    The Death-Spiral of American Entrepreneurism

    Its my belief that the slow steady decline of new business/self-employed/entrepreneurism is the the foundational sign that the whole US/world is in decline.

    I really feel this one trend is not only the canary in the coal mine but a Las Vegas like neon sign blinking rapidly to all of us that are willing to see. This is a tremendously informing article. Please read.

    The Death-Spiral of American Entrepreneurism

  72. Blake Mann

    It looks like pension funds are already being cut for the teamsters. Here is a link to the video explaining it.

    • Greg Hunter

      That could be dangerous for the people doing the cutting. I hope I am wrong.

    • Faith

      I apologize I missed this link and reposted a link to just the video, below. I think this may be the tip of the iceberg. For people on Social Security that have Medicare there was no COLA this year. Zero. Of course the cost for Medicare went up so basically everyone on Social Security had their income go negative. Do any other USAWD readers know if this is the first time? Between having their SS checks reduced and the impact of inflation in the cost of food and medical care and prescriptions along with little to no interest on savings this is going to be a rough year for seniors and savers.

  73. Don

    Greg, an article on called global reset has begun, is worth reading. Its what I thought was going on all the time. The global economic system through the IMF drawing rights will in fact be used to bring the economic and political sovereignty of the nations into the hands of the Rothschild dynasty. Also, it is my position that the geo-political shuffling of the middle east is to bring Syria under the power of the newly formed Mediterranean treaty, to create the biblical revised roman empire of the last days. King Abdulah of Gordon that was elected as the head was to unite those nations around the Mediterranean has resigned his position. If things go the way I suspect, as soon as the economic system is finalized and into the IMF hands, Russia will deliver Syria into the hands of whoever is to reign over both the combined area of EU and Mediterranean nations. Russia though part of the bricks is playing a key role of the NWO. The bricks will play their role in the new global financial system. Libya, who wouldn’t submit under kadafi , has been brought into submission, and now Syria. If Assad doesn’t submit to being part of the Mediterranean treaty as a member, he will be replaced. The final planned collapse is coming after the interest rate hike by the Fed. Its my view, the anti-Christ will arise as a combined EU and Mediterranean leader once Syria is dealt with he will appear on world seen. Good job on the wrap-up my friend, your always a blessing

  74. WD

    The IMF forgives Ukraine’s debt to Russia

    Greg, what a stupid move by the IMF. Russia and all BRICS nation must, for their survival must abandon and reject the dollar completely.

    I really cant comprehend the stupidity behind this move. The consequences will be dire.

    • Greg Hunter

      It is a big move and it will have consequences–bad ones.

      • tulip

        isn’t it more political theatre than actual reality…the IMF doesn’t have that power…

        • WD

          It does if it can wipe out some country’s debt to another…

  75. Faith

    This is how the PBOC is advertising the Renminbi:

    Brief quote from the above article: “means that China is literally advertising its currency overseas, and it’s making sure that everyone landing at one of the world’s busiest airports sees it. They know that the future belongs to them and they’re flaunting it.

    And it’s true. The renminbi’s importance in global trade and as a reserve currency is increasing exponentially, with renminbi trading hubs popping up all over the world, from Singapore to London to Geneva to Frankfurt to Toronto.

    Multinational companies such as McDonald’s are now issuing bonds in renminbi, and even sovereign governments are issuing debt denominated in renminbi, including the UK.”

    When I saw that McDonalds is issuing bonds in renminbi I was very surprised. Stunned actually.

    I have a question for USAWD readers: does anyone have a strategy on how to take advantage of the cheap cost of the RMB? Is their an easy way to trade the USD and convert to RMB? Thanks!

  76. Faith

    Just read this article. Gating seems to be a fancy word which means you cannot redeem your investment.

  77. Craig Michael

    Hi Greg,
    I thought Tim earlier on raised some interesting questions. It is good to think outside the box (though he could have left off the last sentence with the “smell test”).

    Why couldn’t the very wealthy approach the mining companies and offer $ 2000 oz or more for the gold? Or even buy what mining companies they could? I suppose things don’t work that way. I imagine these people want to remain in the background. Something like that could probably constitute a “Black Swan Event.”

    A question like this might be a good one for Mr. Kirby. I plan to subscribe to his newsletter.

  78. your fan in Japan

    FWIW, someone had mentioned some comment by a Dr. Kaoru Yamaguchi. That name is Japanese and as I live in Japan, I was curious. I did some checking. This prof, has proposed a new monetary system, trumpeted in the US by Kucinich, for example.
    Anyway, for watchdoggers, he has made another interesting comment. See the link below and go to the 31 minute mark.

  79. Robert B

    What a great presentation by Rob Kirby! Although I’ve been making some preparations for what may come and have completed substantial goals, Mr. Kirby got me motivated to finish my tasks! Somehow the phrase “before Christmas” put a sense of urgency to the matter! Thanks again, Greg. Great work. Just don’t see this stuff very much elsewhere.

  80. Noel

    I have the feeling that all of these manipulations, disinformation, and propaganda exposed logically by your many guests, notably Ron Kirby, have an over-arching agenda behind them – merely to control the timing of what is to come.

    Obviously, the US debt cannot be paid, so I conclude that there is no intention to pay it. There is obviously no recovery, the US economy and all those other economies attached to it are mortally wounded.

    So what, then, is that over-arching agenda?

    I find myself connecting dots as the conditioning patterns established through the mainstream media followed up by governmental response keep me vigilant. These conditionings start out small, and blossom over time. For example, I took note of a small story issued with respect to a globally-scalable identity database service announced by Accenture, coincidentally juxtaposed with pronouncements from the UN that what is needed is better identity assertion for refugees. Is it surprising then that we are now seeing ‘news’ releases that ISIS ‘may’ have passport printing facilities (from whom???), and that duplicate passports have been found amongst refugees. I see how this works – first, use the ISIS infiltration in Europe as a backdrop such that the US population is dutifully alarmed when an ISIS agency goes on a rampage in California. Oh no! We can’t trust our governmental identify infrastructure anymore! Waiting in the wings is the UN and Accenture with the solution to the problem.

    Note as well the rollout of near field capabilities in bricks and mortar retail. Rolling out a new payment technology is logistically difficult, it typically is vexed with the classic chicken and egg problem. Is there any demand for near-field cards if there are no near-field pinpad devices? Payment service providers and retailers are rolling these out now, and issuers are issuing near-field capable cards. This can be done simultaneously and under the guise of chip-and-pin, which the banks tell us is for our protection – a thin distortion of the truth. Chip-and-pin shifts risk from the merchant to the consumer. That is the purpose – to manage risk and shift it away from the bank and its customer to the consumer.

    Before long, every card in the US will be near-field capable. The technology requires RFID capability on the cards. In the retail setting, consumers agreeably take and use the cards and the underlying technology because they are told it is for their protection. RFID technology of identity assertion is thus underway.

    The next step is have the population accept RFID assertion of identity in settings other than retail, and this is where the effort to undermine trust in the secure identity document comes into play. Accepting RFID identity conditioning is underway with the refugee/rampage kabuki theatre we are witnessing.

    The step beyond that is to shift the identity authority from banks/sovereigns to the UN – remembering that Accenture is ready to go with the global database. I opine that an implosion of the banking system is required in order to force that shift.

    The final step is to condition the public that simply bearing an identity instrument is not foolproof – these can be stolen and/or misused. Implanting the RFID element is a workaround for that problem.

    I also note RFID and biometrics injected into the public sphere through Obamacare. Another channel to public acceptance of relinquishing biometrics in the sacred name of efficiency and protection from fraud.

    All the pieces on the chessboard for shifting identity from sovereigns/banking to the UN are being set in place. The technology is available, being rolled out, and conditioning is underway.

    Collapsing America by collapsing its banking system creates the conditions necessary for the UN in the role of saviour to step into the frey with solution at hand, and out of the ashes rises a new authoritarian, unelected and unaccountable regime that exerts tremendous power over person on earth by controlling identity and its use in movement of people, and their banking.

    As I said in my preamble to this comment, the manipulations and obfuscation are cover for the movement of pieces on the board.

    I have concluded that the destruction of the American empire is willful, calculated, and being staged in such a manner to keep the population unaware and unalarmed – at least while they are still enjoying their second amendment rights. For those that wake up too early and make trouble, there is also an outright assault on first and fourth amendment rights – all of which represent significant foundations of resistance.

    Consider also the convenient ‘war on cash’, and how that can play into this overall scheme.

    If this be the plan, then it must be resisted now, before it is too late. Of course, I mean political resistance, meaning we shout back and denounce politicians that are taking part (most of them). Not hard to understand why Trump’s political character is receiving adulation from the public, much to the ire of the ruling political class and its subservient mainstream media.

    Kirby’s interview radiates with drawing awareness to the paradoxes inherent in the current state of affairs. As the outer skin of lies and dissembling decay and flake away, we garner glimpses of the underlying truth.

    I feel that the truth is that these paradoxes will become more apparent and grow in number and nature, and the measures taken to control timing will become more outlandish while the public conditioning through the media completes its job. Once the public is sufficiently begging for a ‘solution’, one push of a button on a keyboard will bring the whole mess down.

    Personally, I have elected to lean in on my faith with all my heart, to fear not, but to put my trust in the Lord. I will never accept a UN RFID-based identity plan, even unto death.

    • mohammad

      “I will never accept a UN RFID-based identity plan, even unto death.”

      I guess you are accepting it each time you go to your doctor and your info are in the EMR.


      • Silence is Golden

        “Accepting”…. is a state of mind.
        Like it or not…you …like everyone else….belong to them. You are an asset and are controlled/monitored like one. You generate income and have maintenance costs. You are and have been programmed since birth. You depreciate with age.
        Get the picture !!

        • Mohammad

          Is that answer to me?
          I know that, it is better directed to original poster who may think otherwise.
          I was explaining to him just that.


  81. tulip

    from zero hedge

    FT Shocker: EU Unveils Standing Border Force That Will Act “Even If A Government Objects”
    Submitted by Tyler Durden on 12/10/2015 – 20:24
    “The move would arguably represent the biggest transfer of sovereignty since the creation of the single currency.”

    • Faith

      I read that article too, Tulip. Here is a brief quote from the article that I found interesting: “We added that the deployment of additional officers will begin next week, and noted that as our friends at Keep Talking Greece wrote:

      “the masks have fallen. Hand in hand, the European Union and the Frontex want to cancel national sovereignty and take over border controls in the pretext of “safeguarding the Schengen borders”. With controversial claims, they use the case of Greece to create an example that could soon happen “in the border area near you.” And the plan is all German.”
      Finally, we asked whether this was merely Paranoia…”

      Here is a link to the full article:

      Frontex? Who or what is Frontex? I have never heard of this group, company, EVER. I read the news every day. This is the first time I have ever heard of this group and the idea that a mercenary corps or hired guns will be the police / border patrol in Europe makes me very nervous.

    • mohammad


      Russia will invade Turkey, they are moving troops to counteract any incursion to east Europe more than what already happened, Russia will take Greece after Turkey to get back Hagia Sophia (used to be Greek before Turks took it) and the Greeks will cheer that since they despise what the banks lead by Germany has done to them. Germany is on the defensive and they are moving to an offensive position now. JMHO


  82. Faith

    I found this article about a union that was run? by Goldman Sachs which has lost billions of dollars. Retirees are having their pensions cut in half. This is the tip of the iceberg. I was not familiar with the Pete Santilli show but this interview was heartbreaking.

  83. Anna

    Mr. Hunter: I enjoy listening to Rob Kirby and most of your other guests. He dodged your insistent questions to pinpoint when the collapse would occur. I do believe that most of your guests prefer not to “Harvey Organ” themselves by time-setting events that subsequently fail to come to pass. And then there is Jonathan Cahn as well. We know the collapse is imminent, even past due; however, repeatedly asking “when, when, when?” is making your guests and some of us uncomfortable. The signs are there, the stage is set, we’re almost at the edge of the cliff; your guests know this but, for their own protection and against future embarrassment, will refuse to set a definite date for the big event. Thanks.

  84. Diana Dee Jarvis

    It was mentioned that people invest in art because the price isn’t rigged the way it is with metals, but it was promptly dropped again. Why does art not get discussed much in this regard? I would like to see more attention to this please.

    • JMiller


      The main problem with investing in art is liquidity. Art is not liquid. You are very limited in the number of buyers if you try to sell. However gold and silver are very liquid. If there is a severe financial crisis, art is are not going to be of much value especially when compared to gold and silver.

      • Diana Dee Jarvis

        Problems with liquidity doesn’t change the fact that Kirby’s clients are investing in art as well as gold. Jim Rickards has also mentioned in passing that the art market is not manipulated like gold’s. In the past art has been used as a refuge just like metals, yet it’s not discussed in depth. Are people reluctant because art requires more specialized knowledge? They don’t want to encourage the plebes to think about it?

        • JMiller

          Well Diana, Kirby’s clients are most likely rich so they can afford to put some of their money in expensive art. Most people do not have the money to invest in art. So why “waste” time discussing investing in art when very few people can afford to do it? However they can afford to buy gold and silver which is real money and would be more valuable than art in any financial crisis.

  85. boris chikvashvili

    While, clear that $ is flawed currency ( which one is not (:-),
    the Dollar Demise, wished and projected for 8 years not is wrong.

    Well, one ought to know , if he was not on that bandwagon for last 8 years and that is myself ( read all of my articles on Dollar since 2007 at ).
    I am not going to waste any of yours time. Record is clear, I was more bullish on Dollar last 8 years , than even the king of forecasting Martin Armstrong himself.

    So, what do i see. I see Dollar Making one more swing higher into January/February period and then correction lasting multiple months / weeks. I say correction., because I do not see Dollar top till around 2017!
    I hope i made myself clear, and I do not need to look into too much information to do these predictions. GOD WORKS IN CYCLES, that is it. And time has not come yet to dethrone the Dollar. If you like to sell it in coming January be my guest, but do not overdo it. From what I said, you can almost invert the EURO info and almost invert GOLD info / trading.
    For real details::
    Please see FREE / ANONYMOUS updates of all markets( multiple daily updates too on stocks) on markets at
    Thank you Dear Greg

  86. boris chikvashvili

    CORRECTION: for 8 years not is wrong.
    MUST READ : for 8 years is wrong

  87. Mike from the North

    In time they will all realize that the Fiat Ponzi scheme has been nothing but an extended Monopoly Game. The game has been played with currency that in reality has as much value as the bills in a Parker Brothers Monopoly Game.

    When the World removed itself from a Gold backed Fiat system history was written.

    That decision to remove gold from the backing of Fiat was a decision that fooled us all and that in time could only take us to where we are today.

    On the eve of the Greatest Wealth Transfer in Human History.

    To believe that civil chaos is not in our future is just plain fiction and or denial.

    I doubt that the 2016 USA election will occur as scheduled.

  88. ED

    For what it’s worth I would like to say there is another Ed on here. I had no knowledge of this other “Ed” when I listed my screen name as ED, which is spelled in caps, not like the other “Ed”. However, I’m seeing other folks on here replying to the other “Ed” spelling it as ED. So I reckon I need to modify my screen name a little. Greg, can you please help me on this?

    Now to the real meat and potatoes. As some have contended, it appears as though the physical gold is about to dry up, at least here in the USA. Therefore, does anyone out there know what else would be good assets to have (other than silver and precious stones) for when the financial walls come tumbling down? Surely there must be something that will be valuable during such awful times?

    God Speed.

    • Greg Hunter

      ED, use “ED1” and we will get it.

  89. ED

    Got it. ED1

    Thank you, Greg.

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