Bombshell Testimony of FBI Informant Implicates Many for Treason

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 321 2.9.18)

William Campbell was undercover for the FBI and CIA for six years gathering evidence of a grand Russian scheme to “dominate” the uranium industry. There are charges of espionage, bribery and extortion (just to name a name a few) coming from Russian agents trying to take control of U.S. uranium interests. Who knew? It’s clear the FBI and CIA knew, along with the Department of Justice, the State Department and, most likely, the IRS because, after all, the Clinton Foundation was a global charity fraud. Campbell documents real Russian collusion and treason in the Obama Administration, which has connections right up to President Obama. This story is just getting started. I predict many will be charged with multiple crimes, including treason, before this is all finished. Sometime in March, the DOJ Inspector General, Michael Horowitz, will release his report on the FBI/DOJ handling of the Clinton private email server where Clinton was exonerated behind the scenes months before the FBI investigation was finished. Tsunamis of truth waves are coming, and then arrests and prosecutions.

Join Greg Hunter as he looks at the many aspects of this story and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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After the Wrap-Up:

Renowned financial and geopolitical cycle expert Charles Nenner will be the guest for the Early Sunday Release. He will give you his take on what is coming in 2018 and beyond, and it will be earth shaking.

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  1. allen ols

    “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.” – William Casey, CIA Director 1981

    • JC Davis

    • TruthWins

      Folks, you know this means that we can never allow the democrat party regain power again……..To do so is asking for the end of conservatives/republicans/libertarians…….The democrat party will come after the aforementioned with everything they have (legally and illegally) if ever allowed to regain power again……All of us must remain permanently active in saving the country………This isn’t even about politics anymore…..It is about remaining a free people and about stopping tyranny…… We must stay informed, we must permanently stay active in informing others since most of the media are corrupted propaganda outlets for the democrat party……Inform everyone in your sphere of influence of what is going on and encourage them to do the same to others in their sphere of influence…….Point them to real news outlets like usawatchdogdotcom and breitbartdotcom etc…….

      • Chip

        AMEN!! Chip

    • Karen Rogers

      Go Trump! Back in early December, Trump lifted the gag order on William Campbell, the undercover FBI agent who would testify about the Uranium One deal. Suffering from Leukemia, Campbell wanted to get the truth out before he died.

  2. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter: That was POWERFUL!

    • laura ann

      I really doubt if anyone will be arrested, since gov. corruption is usually ignored or brushed off and diverted to other news.

  3. donna s.

    Each time I hear the latest WNW I think this is your best yet. But this one really hit it out of the park. I will be listening to this one again!
    I do not fear what is coming , like you said it is something we must go through in order to clean up this mess we are in. Like the saying goes,” IF THERE MUST BE WAR , LET IT BE IN MY TIME SO MY CHILDREN MAY KNOW PEACE.” For me that means this war we are in right now to rid this government of all the pure evil that walked and still walks those halls. May God The Father and His Son Jesus Christ be with President Trump and those working with him to bring us back to a Moral and Christian country once again. And may He be with all us to give us strength to face what is coming.

  4. Neil

    Great delivery Greg!
    Yes people themselves need to act for good. Honestly I wouldn’t count on anyone riding in to save the situation. In that regard I still cant find any evidence the Qanon cloak and dagger activities are actually happening. No mass arrests, no gunfights at the OK Coral…
    Beginning my own counter NWO activities soon 😉

  5. Paul ...

    Some tantalizing Q-drop analysis by Deception Bytes … suggesting Chief Justice Scalia was rubbed out so his position could be offered to Loretta on the tarmac (if the DOJ absolved Hillary of her crimes) … and as a bonus further the destruction of the Constitution with gun control legislation (claims Chelsea) …

    • raymond jones

      dont blame you…

  6. Lucy

    I want to see Obama and the Clintons
    doing the perp walk IN CHAINS !
    The treason against the United States that these
    arrogant, hypocritical evil people have committed
    should have a punishment to fit the crime.
    Remember what the U.S. Government imposed
    on the Rosenberg’s.

    • Frederick

      Bush as well Him along with Cheney Rumsfeld and Condilice Rice didn’t exactly have clean hands regarding treason

      • This sceptred Isle

        yep, crossparty

  7. marcus

    wowo wee Greg that was powerful ., you are making me a believer…..let the truth out and set me free.

  8. mal

    Hi Greg,
    Thanks for the slam on the deafening silence from the “hard working vast majority of rang and file FBI/CIA people”. In a previous comment I asked why the Intel Committee hadn’t brought the rubber stamping FISA judges before the committee and asked them flat out under oath if they would have approved those warrants had they known that they were based on a smear campaign paid for by the Clinton Campaign and the DNC. In fact they should call some of those rank and file agents and ask them about the threats to kill the President made by Phillip Mudd and the clear efforts to overturn the election by Strzok and Page and the calls for a coup by Clapper and Brennan. I would like to see a single journalist ask John McCain if he knew who paid for the “dossier” when he turned it over to the so called Justice Department. McCain was running around saying that releasing the memo would threaten national security when he knew what was in it. Now it’s clear that the real threat was from the highest levels of the intelligence and law enforcement agencies that had become criminal and out of control. Leadership of the FBI/CIA/IRS have betrayed the American people..

  9. Charles Turner

    Thank you for your truth telling. Your reporting is from the heart and you also trust in God. So we all know that what you say is true to the best of your knowledge.
    I come from the UK and am very puzzled at how your politicians and lawmakers are acting. I am wondering whether this is a cultural thing or it goes much deeper. In the UK if a politician, businessperson or celebrity does something wrong, initially they may be supported by friends when the facts are murky, but when their wrong doing becomes apparent they are then thrown under the bus. The Clintons are so tainted it begs the question why are the Democrats still supporting them? It goes without saying that Bill Clinton is on the opposite end of the scale to the ‘Me Too’ movement and the facts of how Hillary rigged the primary against Bernie Sanders, would have been reviled by most democratic political parties around the world. They would have pointed the finger at Hillary for losing the election, said we need a new start and started promoting fresh blood to the electorate. Instead everyone has doubled down in protecting her and flinging mud at Trump. They have divided the Deocratic party and become a party of obructionists with many voices. Their animos is so great that they no longer support policies they once promoted if it means supporting Donald Trump or the American people. Why?
    Is it the sheer scale of the conspiracy against Trump that is worrying them to the core. Nancy Pelosi’s body language in the State of the Union wasn’t normal by any stretch of the imagination. It was a body wracked with anger. and maybe anxiety. Adam Schiff seems to no longer care about facts, he is on a full propaganda war against the Republicans with the colluding media. But what is more disturbing is the ex spy chiefs coming out on mass and condemning Nunes. Ex spy chiefs in most societies drift away into anonymity. Their tasks are long completed and they can sit on the sidelines. What is making them so angry? Why are theu so angry that wrong doings are uncovered. Why were they so vocal on the Nunes memo, but silent on the Schiff memo. John Brennon said Nunes abused his office, Leon Panetta said the memo was irresponsible and politically charged, James Clapper said it was a hit job, Unless, of course they think that if the investigation goes deeper, they too will be swept up in the corruption net.

    • Susan

      Charles Turner – one word … Rothschilds.

      • Bob

        ” I am wondering whether this is a cultural thing or it goes much deeper. In the UK if a politician, businessperson or celebrity does something wrong, initially they may be supported by friends when the facts are murky, but when their wrong doing becomes apparent they are then thrown under the bus.”

        So all corruption in the UK is exposed to the light of day? Ha ha ha ha.

        Tony Blair said “we will rub the right’s face in diversity”. He was committing GENOCIDE by immigration on the native Britons and nobody says anything. He is a criminal of the worst kind and you think nobody can get away with anything in the UK? What a joke. Look what he did to Iraq! What bus is he under?

        What about Gordon Brown selling all that gold at the bottom? A mistake? Yet someone promoted him to Chancellor of the Exchequer? He even had a good shot at PM. What bus is he under?

        What about the EU agents in the UK? The EU was established according to the design of Count Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi who said in 1925 “We intend to turn Europe into a mixed race”. The EU is a genocide organisation and Angela Merkel is doing the Kalergi Plan. Obama and Hillary worked with her – they supplied the immigrants from war torn Syria and Libya (and other places) and Merkel helped transfer them to Europe.

        The UK helped. The UK govt is FULL of criminals. They should be in the dock at new Nuremberg trials.
        – Waging agressive war- check
        – Genocide – check
        – Destroying societies – check
        – Treason – check

        The BBC also constantly covers for and promotes these crimes. They are worse than Julius Steicher and his Dur Sturmer newspaper. What bus are they under? The British are being driven to extinction by these people and you think people like Bill Clinton don’t exist in the UK!

        You are so naive. Typically British.

    • wondrouscat

      Remember what Dr. Janda said – that 99% of congress is compromised, that is, blackmailed or bribed. Uncovering wrongdoings is anathema for the guilty. Like someone said – We’re gonna need a bigger drain.

      • Frederick

        Or more rope cat

      • Charles Turner

        One of James Comey’s twitter quotes on the 1st February said. “American history shows that, in the long run, weasels and liars never hold the field, so long as good people stand up”.
        I suspect this is a hidden threat to whistleblowers not to open their mouths.

  10. Al Unfrankin

    Are EarthQuackes Ratteling Earths Plumbing systems?
    Weather Channel Confirms Suspicion of Mysterious Water Disappearances

  11. Nick de la Gaume

    Been looking forwards to this wrap up for the last couple of days.
    You did not disappoint, Greg!
    Personally I realised that The Donald stood a good chance in early 2016.
    Oh how they laughed!!!!
    The Donald is a fine strategist.
    As a political junkie I am enjoying this saga immensely.
    God Bless.

  12. Derick

    Thanks Greg for the informative story. I have 2 questions do you really think charges will be brought against Royalty and is Marshall law on the horizon ? Just a couple of my thoughts.

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes and maybe.

      • Mohammad

        Marshall law already in effect. The EO clearly says it is a declared state of emergency, in all countries allover the world it implicates the military are in charge actively, just because you do not see military patrols nor barricades it does not mean it did not commence, it did.
        This code is universal and we saw it in M.E. before actions start.


        • John

          No, we’re not. You don’t know what martial law is.

          • Alan Wakefield

            “Marshall Law” is not law, it is the ABSENCE of law. Marshall “law” substitutes the bayonet in place of Law. It helps to understand the words of William Blackstone, mentor to America’s Founding Fathers. Blackstone correctly identified Law as follows: “Upon these two foundations, the law of nature and the law of revelation, depend all human laws; that is to say, no human laws should be suffered (allowed or permitted) to contradict these.” 1 Blackstone’s Commentaries on the Laws of England. 40. God is The Author of the Law of Nature and The Revealed Law. Blackstone said further: “No human law is of any validity, if contrary to the law of God.” 1 Blackstone’s Commentaries on the Laws of England. The ONLY truly valid Law is that which is consistent with The Law of God. So much that hides under “the color of law,” is not valid law, for the obvious reason it is contrary to the Law of God. The Income Tax is a good example of such invalid “law” since the IRS steals what God has given His children. Such theft is perfectly “legal” when practiced by unbelievers against unbelievers. Sales tax is another such example, making simple, every day activities, like purchasing a meal at a restaurant or shopping for clothing, a crime which must now be protected from prosecution by one party to that transaction purchasing a “permission” from the state, in the form of a license, in order to “legalize” that theft. How did that loss of our Rights occur? The answer is quite simple. As a nation, as a world, we have turned our back on God and fallen out of His protection. If there are ONLY TWO CHOICES for worship, and NO CHOICE is NOT one of the choices, and the TWO CHOICES are Christ or satan, to whom have the lawless ones of the IRS and the Lawless state pledged their loyalty? Christ or satan? Remember, there IS NO OPT OUT CHOICE! You MUST, and have, made the choice! Here is God’s Word in this matter: “And they worshipped the dragon (satan)…And ALL whose names are not written in the Book of Life of the Lamb (Jesus Christ) worship him (satan).” Holy Bible, New Testament, Book of the Revelation of Jesus Christ, chapter 13, verses 4 & 8(KJV). “You must be born again” to have your name writ into the Book of Life. By His use of the adjective, “ALL,” in Revelation 13:8, Jesus includes everyone who ever lived on planet earth, NO exceptions. And you can easily verify He has identified ONLY TWO CHOICES for worship, born again, a worshiper of Jesus Christ, or satan worshiper. The ONLY TWO CHOICES on life’s menu. There IS NO opt-out choice! If, for example, you had to identify the worship choice of the homosexual couple who forced that Christian Bakery in Kentucky out of business, and, according to God’s Word, you HAD to choose one or the other, would you say God has identified that homosexual couple as Christ worshipers or satan worshipers? Do you see how easy this is, once you identify the “players?” Can you imagine people, identified by God, as satan worshipers, going into a court of law to file suit in which they have to swear to God, in Whom they do not believe, that everything they have said is true? Would it help you to understand the precept, ONLY TWO CHOICES, if you knew satan invented “atheism” and “agnosticism” to hide the fact Christ rejection is satan worship? Would it help if you understood, ONLY TWO CHOICES, is the best-kept secret in Christendom?

      • Alan Wakefield

        Greg, unless one understands the FIRST and SECOND LAWS OF PEDOPHILIA, one will never understand how deep the rabbit hole goes. It certainly helps to be aware of the words of President Putin: All western governments are controlled by satanic PEDOPHILES. Having reiterated that, the FIRST LAW OF PEDOPHILIA is this: PEDOPHILES PROTECT PEDOPHILES! Does that perhaps explain why the MSM NEVER reports on PEDOPHILIA? Are the reporters, owners and publishers exposing themselves as PEDOPHILES by their failure to report PEDOPHILE arrests? For example, why have numerous PEDOPHILE arrests in 2017 gone unreported? Why has Jake Tapper and CNN pooh-poohed the Comet Ping Pong and Pizza story. The Tapper family claims Comet Pizza is their “favorite Restaurant in D.C.” The name Alefantis, owner of Comet Pizza, translates from the French as “I love infants, or I love children.” Why is Alefantis listed as “the 49th most powerful man in D.C politics?” He runs a pizza shop, for crying out loud! It has been said, “knowledge is power.” What knowledge does Alefantis possess that makes him so powerful? The Alefantis story brings us to the SECOND LAW OF PEDOPHILIA: PEDOPHILES PROMOTE PEDOPHILES! Jimmy Saville, British entertainer, and purveyor of children to the rich, powerful and connected, serviced the late Sir Edward Heath, England’s Prime Minister, by transporting young boys to Heath’s yacht moored on the Thames River. That first trip to Heaths’ yacht was the last trip that young boy ever took, anywhere. Saville was “good friends’ with the British royal family. He was almost godfather to one of Prince Charles’ sons. My only dispute with President Putin is he was far too narrow in his claim of PEDOPHILE influence in limiting it to western governments; search PEDOPHILIA in (name any country in the world, Greenland, Iceland, Zanzibar, for example) to gain a greater comprehension of just how widespread this PEDOPHILE cancer is. Having a genuine comprehension of the FIRST AND SECOND LAWS OF PEDOPHILIA helps one truly understand why and how this blight on humanity has survived and corrupted so much of society, all over the world. I liken it to understanding the driving force behind vaccines, “food additives,” and chemtrails, which cannot be properly understood without a knowledge of the Georgia Guidestones, particularly Guide Number 1: “Maintain humanity UNDER 500,000,00 in permanent harmony with nature.” Target date for achieving that 500 million number is 2030, or earlier. That requires the death of some 7 billion people in the next 12 years!

    • Jodyp

      Sure, charges could come. But three outcomes I see. #1- fleeing the country,# 2- pardon so the country can heal, and #3- untimely death. I prefer #3.

    • CD

      Just WHO is “Marshall”?

  13. Jerry

    There’s not going to be any trials. The globalist are preparing to take the system down in March.

    It just so happens that the launch date coincides with the next congressional budget battle in March. Maybe I’m wrong, but putting a hole in the petrodollar at the same time we are borrowing trillions of dollars doesn’t seem to have a positive outcome, especially with the stock market tanking.

  14. Shamus McCorkell

    The Price Of Keeping Our Children Safe

  15. Laz

    The wheels of justice move slow. It’s ok, I’m patient.

  16. Arrows Man

    Sad to say, but there will be no trials.
    The Rule of Law is dead.
    These same evils and frauds exist at the state and local levels, where cronyism permeates to the family level. There it is manifested in people’s hopes for their children and those hopes have become dependent on attaining the highest position possible in the local corrupt hierarchy.
    Cronyism is more powerful than meth addiction.

    • Greg Hunter

      Please go somewhere else to give up. Sad to say you are wrong.

      • Bob the Blessed

        Greg for USA Senate!

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you Bob!!

    • JC Davis

      Arrows Man you made a deep statement concerning cronyism I agree. However the rule of law is more alive then ever for the man on the street, not for those at the top.

  17. H. Craig Bradley


    Nobody I know is paying much attention to the E-Mail Gate Sage. Its right in there with the Daytime Soap Operas. Ditto with FBI corruption and Fraud on the FISA court. Judge just made a mistake. Nobody ( Comey) is going to jail either. Keep wishing. Tough luck. Grow-up.

    Former President Obama took a page from the late Iraqi Leader, Saddam Hussein. When U.S. Troops invaded, he went underground with his loyal Baathists and started a guerrilla war with U.S. Troops. America was forced to leave, ultimately losing the Iraq War. Similarly, former President Obama hired a bunch of Democratic Party Loyalists and placed them deep inside the Federal Bureaucracy. Now, President Trump has to try to find them all and extract them, one by one. Meanwhile, they can stonewall him and wait him out.

  18. Tad

    Let us hope witnesses stay alive long enough to testify. After all, Hillary and Barack are stage center here.

  19. Tommy

    Fantastic wrap-up Greg. Once again we see that those who accuse someone else of something are the ones that are actually guilty. Again our vote for Trump is confirmed. Who else could stand the heat? Others would would have folded their cards before the first hand was played. But the people need to be engaged in all this because those in power and those in the media will continue to recoil, attack and obfuscate. The light shines in the darkness and the darkness did not comprehend it. Keep shining the light.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Tommy. It’s simply outrageous!!

  20. Ron Spoonemore

    No higher ups in the Clinton or Obama administration will ever be charged,much less convicted, for anything. The political system is designed to protect them.

  21. andyb

    If an example isn’t set for the obvious treason, then we are doomed as a Republic and the Rule of Law and Constitution will have no effect. Several, perhaps many, need to face the ultimate penalty of death; 5 year sentences or lifetime probation won’t cut it. Leaks from the NYPD indicate that the Weiner computer had evidence of pedophilia (and worse). If this is exposed, even the Dem spinmeisters will have to accede to the penalties imposed, knowing that their constituents will tar and feather them if they don’t (looking at you Elijah Cummings, Adam Schiff and DWS). Given the Awan brothers scandal, DWS should have been already indicted.

    • Susan

      I am wondering if reopening Gitmo has anything to do with all of this.

    • freebrezer

      Andyb, Per DWS, I prefer blabbermouth … it just seems to fit her. Per the Awan brothers – no a thing in the news. I wonder what is up? Mueller must be sweeping this mess up to, this to put under the rug.

  22. Tad

    Am I to believe that three or four African-American congressmen sat behind Nancy Pelosi’s eight hour “plea” to DACA amnesty because they either support Pelosi, personally, or are showing their support for DACA? Are they figurative handmaidens to her?

    I could see them being opposed in respective primaries.

  23. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, love your “rank & file” comments about 10:45, so true, they need to be coming forth and claiming “I was just taking orders” if you will. If you don’t clean up this mess once and for all the FBI, DOJ, etc. will never regain their credibility. Once it looks like Hillary can’t squirm out of the exposure she will give the liberal’s untouchable god up; Obama. I often wonder what kind of “deal” Hillary & Obama may have had to get the White House on board for the uranium deal. Can’t believe the Obama would have let it go thru if there wasn’t something in it for his future either money or something else. We will just have to wait and see, but one thing is certain this investigation has to carry forth and the snakes need to be taken out of the garden.

  24. linda l

    Another information home run. I’m sending this wrap-up to everyone I know. Thank you and take care.

  25. Jallen

    Great wrapup. I admire your courage to expose the mind blowing corruption within the USA government. However, we need to attack the problem at its source, THE FEDERAL RESERVE MUST BE ELIMINATED!!! You can not have a honest country with dishonest money!!!
    The Central Banks of the world are a far bigger problem than Hillary and Obummer and their minions!!!
    When you can create money by making an electronic entry in a computer, you can control the world!!!
    Central Banks will create a global electronic currency for a World Government that will cretae THE MARK OF THE BEAST and you will not be able to buy or sell without it!!! Now you know how Satan will control the world and rule from the middle east!!!

  26. Southern Girl

    WOW!!!!!!!!!!! You were on fire today. I had no idea how deep this was. Mark Taylor said fasten our seat belts it was going to be years. Thank you God for coming to our rescue against all these evil people who have sold us and our country down the stream.

  27. STFB

    Smokin’ Wrap-up, Greg = Powerful…

  28. Bob the Blessed

    Par excellence Greg!

  29. Chip

    Greg, you keep pointing out that Trump wants us to be the new Saudi Arabia of oil. It’s simply NOT possible. From the EIA government website…

    “In 2016, the United States consumed a total of 7.21 billion barrels of petroleum products, an average of about 19.69 million barrels per day.”

    Currently the US produces about half (10 MBPD) of it’s daily consumption. If we increase production, great, but we’re not going to be supplying the globe with oil… Chip

    • Chip

      BTW, it was a great WNW… Chip

  30. Peter

    The Clintons and Obama should be in jail, not giving speeches. Their crimes were enough to put any normal man behind bars for life. But the US doesn’t seem willing to prosecute corrupt democrat politicians. They always seem to get away with anything. It would be encouraging to see at least one of these crooks get some sort of punishment.

  31. Paul Anthony

    Just a suggestion or a “ping” as you’ve called it. I think you and Dan Bongino would have a great interview. His podcast give a lot of info on how wide spread and intricate the corruption is. I bet you’d have great questions for him!

    I’d like to see that one day.

    Great Wrap up today! Thank you!

    • Greg Hunter

      “Ping” accepted!! Thank you

    • Russ McMeans

      Dan Bongino rocks! He covers for Mark Levin’s Radio show. I wrote him on Twitter ; I think he will will cary the torch after Mark steps down someday. Go to his website or Facebook page. He’s a gem.

  32. Danielle

    Greg Hunter,
    Love your YouTube news casts. Isn’t there anyone else from the mainstream news outlets who has given up on them and gone alternative that you could team up with to awaken those who are still asleep in the world to the real truths that are occurring right before our eyes? I fear major backlash from the public regarding what’s really going on due to the fact that the truth has been hidden from us all for such a long time—-we’ve been fed so many lies over decades upon decades. People will fight the very truths you are exposing unless they can be inundated with them as hard and by as many who have inundated them all with the lies. Keep up the good work.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for your kind words. I am driven to do this and most in the MSM are not that driven.

      • Russ McMeans

        Interview Cheryl Attkisson. She’s actually your sister in good old fashioned journalism. Plus have we ever seen two journalists interviewing each other? Both of you are quite excellent – that’s for sure!

  33. Kerry

    Absolutely sickening that we would have citizens of this country less OBOZO (the Manchurian Candidate) whom enjoy the blessings of living here with all the freedoms as part of this wonderful gift but attempt to destroy it out of the darkness of their own souls. I found a picture of the four conspirators hung for taking part in the Lincoln assignation and hope some of these people involved in all this receive the same final solution. Only military tribunals can resolve to a adequate end what these criminals deserve. Perhaps the rumors of The GITMO uplift including increased military personnel are the beginning stages of this protocol.
    Thanks Greg Hunter

  34. Loren

    Perfect comments, Greg. It’s not just the leadership of the FBI. The “rank and file” were perfectly comfortable doing the dirty work for the leaders. Corrupt leaders could not have done all of this alone. Agencies are full of sycophants who are happy to do dirty work to work their way up.

  35. Kip

    I’m not trying to dog you but if you think the criminal cabal is not in charge of the Trump administration you are being decieved.
    Executive orders are unconstitutional and should be stopped. He promises to protect the criminal cabal that’s enslaving us to a life of indentured servitude or slaughter. Look at history Greg, have we as citizens ever gotten justice for these criminals? Iran contra, fast and furious? Savings and loans scandal? The Federal reserve scandal? Jekyl island? JFK? 9-11?
    Greg the only ones going to prison are the born again believers that stand up against the Whore of Babylon the Vatican and the Beast government on which she rides. That is a fact. I would like a response from you because it looks like you are suppressing my comments on your YouTube channel. I hope I am wrong. May The Lord Bless you because He is The One to stop this corruption when He returns

    • Greg Hunter

      Stop with the JFK crap. Trump knew want he was getting into and JFK did not. Trump is the best protected president ever. You need to shake of f the entrainment of the MS< and NWO. You are like a trained puppy afraid of a whipping. If you are going to give up please go somewhere else and throw in the towel. Nowhere in the Bible that it says Christians are supposed to go to prison. Keep your faith in Christ but never give up--that's what evil wants you to do. Greg

      • Bob the Blessed

        Preacher Greg,

        You’re welcome to preach in my church any time!

  36. john duffy

    National Felons League Okays Glorification of Murder, Promiscuity

    “We’re solemnly assured that the reason these professionals take a knee during the National Anthem is to show solidarity with their brothers suffering from police brutality. Well maybe so, but if they were to adopt a similar attitude of zero tolerance where their fellow NFL players are concerned–especially those beating people up, spitting at police nurses, using drugs and getting themselves arrested all ove