Brace For Impact, mRNA Graphene Poison & Trump’s Trials

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 577 4.14.23)

Don’t let the Jim Cramers (CNBC) of the world tell you everything is great with the economy, and we are headed for new highs.  Just the opposite is coming, according to the IMF.  The International Monetary Fund is warning of a “heavy downside risk” because the banking crisis you were told was over is far from over.  Renowned economist Nouriel Roubini (aka Dr. Doom) says stagflation is a coming “mega-threat” and is warning of big “crashes.”  It’s not just the economy that is going to crash, but the U.S. dollar.  With all the bank bailouts and trillion-dollar spending plans in Congress, there is no way for the dollar to go anywhere but down.

They told us for years that there is no poisonous graphene in the mRNA CV19 bioweapon injections.  They lied—again—surprise!!   Newly released Pfizer documents say there is most definitely graphene in this swill passed off as some life-saving vaccine.  This graphene admission means mRNA based CV19 injections are, in fact, bioweapons, and they did NOT help a single person.  Nuremberg 2.0 here we come.

It’s another week and another Deep State lawsuit to try and stop Donald J. Trump from getting back into the White House.  This week, it was yet another lawsuit from far left  New York Attorney General Letitia James to sue President Trump and his family about the value of their real estate holdings.  Trump was grilled for 7 hours in an attempt to get a $250 million judgment against Trump.  James is on the record several time making threats and promised she was going to get Trump while she was campaigning for her job.

There is much more in the 58-minute newscast.

Join Greg Hunter of as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up for 4.14.23.

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After the Interview: 

Renowned geopolitical and economic cycle expert Martin Armstrong will be the guest for the Saturday Night post.  Spoiler alert:  Things are getting worse and not better on all fronts.  Armstrong will explain.

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  1. tim mcgraw

    “Trump was grilled for 7 hours…” did the Feds use BBQ sauce?
    Seriously, when was the last time an ex-president was grilled for 7 hours on anything?
    I would have liked to be there for that grilling. Did Trump say anything?
    The legal system in the uSA is now at criminal levels.

    • Andrew

      It’s beyond a banana republic s***show .
      Slight correction: It’s a criminal system, using ‘legal levels’. 😉

      • Lora

        Thank you Greg!!

    • Michael Janket

      The scientific community has proved the “vaccines” are genocidal toxins. There is no doubt anymore. Yet, the total failure of our judicial system, thanks to the wretched attorney general, refuses to even consider the impact of these vaccines on humans. Watching Garland aka Garfinkel testify in Congress is a pathetic exercise in futility. He knows nothing, he says little, and it’s all one lie after another. And Congress does nothing. Looks good when they scream at Mayorcas and Garland, it means nothing. It’s just posturing. Our forefathers who crafted this nation made enormous mistakes when they gave organizations like the Supreme Court lifetime tenure. The Constitution is all but dead. We are witnessing the former once greatest nation on earth turn into a 3rd world nightmare. When I watched our state governor go along with insane mandates against our citizens during the initial lockdown phase, I knew he had become our enemy and he’s still our enemy. These ratfinks are just waiting until we turn into a communistic, totalitarian shell of our former greatness. And, rest assured, they could care less. These freakazoids never say one word about CBDC’s, do they? Why not? Because they secretly worship the likes of Klaus Schwab and the rest of the swine that rule over this nation.

      • PersonaNonGrata

        Hi Michael,
        Given your bleak assessment, it pains me to say it, but we’ll said.

        • PersonaNonGrata

          Correction: well said.

      • David Bagley

        Anyone still not condemning the 💉 is complicit.. the greatest crime against humanity in history

        • Dr Fraudci

          Anyone still expecting someone else to tell them what to do instead of using their own brain the Good Lord gave them, is dumber than a stump.

      • David Gordon Dunne

        Michael, Totally spot on. Greg, double spot on. I have not been home to America for over 3.5 years. Finally, my Thai wife can go as the mandates on the Frankenshots is over. I am almost afraid to go now as Thailand is very peaceful. The King’s daughter got the clot shots and has been in a coma for 5 months now. It has all been hushed up. I am sure the Globalists who control all the money used their “LEVERAGE” to keep a lid on it all. I notice very bad driving here. Many got the Frankenshots here but it is all quiet too. Damage has been done. Fuc- them all. I don’t eat pork but Mike Adams said, they are putting it in everything. They are going to kill all of humanity. I don’t see a way out of this now. God is great. He wins in the end, Satan you go up like a puff 0f smoke along with your fallen angels and all those who follow Satan. If I could see 5 years out, I would say only half of the 8BB people on earth are still alive.

      • Coal Burner

        Janket, until you said, he, I thought you were talking about my Governor in New Mexico. Luckily NM is a big state and if you are for enough for the Capitol you can still run your own life. At least 75 miles makes it easier. We still have plenty of mentally ill zombie followers but they don’t go Karen very much if you just stay away.

    • Rose Mont Sellicka

      Did Trump say anything?
      The legal system in the USA is now at criminal levels.

      Don’t Talk to the Police
      Regent University School of Law
      18,388,860 views Mar 20, 2012
      Regent Law Professor James Duane gives viewers startling reasons why you should always exercise your 5th Amendment rights when questioned by government officials.
      Download his article on the topic at….
      His best-selling book on the same subject, You Have the Right to Remain Innocent, can be found at

      • erick

        Have you ever delt in federal court? The rules are very different and the professor is talking about when police or agents come to question you without an attorney. Attorneys to be honest are IDIOTS if i knew Trump i would direct him in another way to get out of this mess. If i had his ear for 20 minutes this whole thing would be turned against the PROSECUTION.

      • tim mcgraw

        Rose Mont Sellicka: I am familiar with your references. I agree. NEVER talk to the police or FBI.

    • Paul from Indiana

      As the Everly Brothers sang in 1960 “so sad to watch good love go bad.” Best always. PM

      • tim mcgraw

        Paul from Indiana: So sad indeed. Good reference.

    • Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

      There is no legal system in the USA. It went out of business decades ago. All that exists is US politicians from the private political war parties of democrats, republicans or independents. All three are the same private political war parties. The U.S. official corruption took down the Union States long ago, we are seeing the result of a fully collapsed Union. I am not aware of any judges that are not taking bribes, that is official corruption. Here is the interesting part, judges, governors, US senators, US Congress do not care that you know they are criminals, they are only concerned with making sure that the American people remain powerless to do anything about it. Catch them at one felony at the courthouse and the crooked judge will recruit ten more public pretenders to commit ten more felonies to make sure the first felony the judge committed doesn’t get any press. Public pretenders multiply like cockroaches to cover up their initial felonies. That case against Donald Trump will be rigged to find him guilty in New York. He will have to appeal that conviction under post conviction relief and spend massive amounts of time and money jacking around with that frame job. The so called legal system is designed to waste your time and money. That is all they are doing with Donald Trump is wasting his time and money. I have witnessed this scam from start to finish. Judges are US politicians first in every case, the people are always at a disadvantage because the people don’t get to see the judges bribery menu, is it cash, is it prostitutes, is it real estate? Without the judicial bribery menu published the American people are at a disadvantage in the so called courts.

  2. Curtis Jones

    “Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.” – Philippians 4:8

    we all need some emotional relief and spiritual elevation from these dire days of 2023. This episode of The Chosen features Jesus and the children. It’s childhood once possible a couple decades ago.

    support wholesome entertainment otherwise all there is is Hollywood

    • Andrew

      “…we all need some emotional relief and spiritual elevation from these dire days of 2023.” You take the words right out of my mouth: THANK YOU BROTHER GREG! And bless HIM who put him there!

  3. Marie Joy

    Expect and prepare for grid down/internet down.
    This may be our last chance to stock up.

    • Sam

      The “end times” isn’t going to be a Food Famine….it is going to be a Famine of our CREATORS Word..the Biblical Truth…it is so distorted now like PASSOVER is called Easter..and the lie about the “rapture”….we are going to “fly away” to save our souls…sad lies they tell us….and sad that most people accept those lies…Satan IS in Control of the Four Dynasties….Financial, Government, Education, AND Religion! honest Research…and not Listen to the so called “men of god”….

      • Greg Hunter

        Satan is not in control of jack s#**. Read Matthew 28:18 and hear it from the mouth of Christ.

        • Saved by Grace.

          Jesus came and told his disciples, ” I have been given complete authority in heaven and on earth. Therefore, go and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Teach these new disciples to obey all the commands I have given you. And be sure of this: I am with you always, even to the end of the ages.”

          Matthew 28, and remember. You are Loved-dje

          The Truth we set us free;
          Truth Church Calvary Chapel

          Also the best on – line church family the Lord has blessed us with :

          And remember going from here, You are Loved! !!!

          Thank you Ambassador Greg Hunter.

        • Rod Ypma

          Amen and Amen!

        • guest

          Way to goooooo, Greg. I’m smiling.

        • Brian Mendenhall

          Do not submit to the Beast system like the cbdc and lose your soul to damnation. Most everything you talk about that is wrong and demented satan is in control of and behind it. Love ya Brother.

        • Mark J

          Greg, see if 1st John 5:19 changes your mind on who’s in control of the word right now.

          • Greg Hunter

            Why would I do that if I can hear it from the mouth of Jesus? Matt 28:18. My mind is not changed. You do not believe Jesus?

        • Lois MacDonald

          We Love you for this comment, thankyou our Blessed Greg

        • Mark

          Greg, you are absolutely right. God is not only in control but he is in complete control. He is involved in our everyday lives more than we understand. The bible says every good gift comes down from the father of lights. That means every good thing that has ever happened to us was in fact a gift from God . To demonstrate his active work ongoing in our daily lives I would point to the name of God. People ask “who is God?”. In the KJV bible the name of God in the old testament is Yahweh. Which is translated as Lord or Jehovah in the KJV about 6,000 times. Now in ancient times the Hebrews and the the Greeks did not have not number symbols like we have today such as 3,5 & 7 etc. That didn’t happen until about 600 years after Christ came to the earth. So the ancient languages used the letters to convey numbers. So Yahweh’s number totals 26. This is called Gematria. Every Hebrew number represents a number also. Hebrew is the world’s first language. English is for all purposes the language of the end times. Pilots all over the world must speak and write english in order to pilot anywhere in the world. Today we have “In God We Trust” on the money of the US. While others point out that some intentions my have not been intended to be referring to the God of the bible, on has to just add up the letters of the english word God. G is the 7th letter of the english letter. O is the 15th letter. D is the 4th letter totaling 26 ! Isaiah 46 9-10 God says that He declares the end from the beginning. From ancient times ! I know that people feel like God is not in control because if all the trials we face on a daily basis. But the Bible tells us that trials are necessary for our purifying or spiritual growth. But as you greg say, God is in control! How else could the Hebrew name of God from 6,000 years ago equal 26 from halfway around the world also equal the number or the english word God (26) today ! God is involved in everyone’s life on a daily basis. The biggest lie the Satan has told was not that he ( Satan ) doesn’t exist but that he lies to us and has convinced many that God is not for us. However, if we just open our eyes we see God has been with each of us the whole time! All, please accept the Lord Jesus Christ while there is still time.

      • rory moore

        it is here now. Most of what is taught around the 501c3 church industry is wrong.

      • David Gordon Dunne

        Sam, That reminds me of Pastor Murray of The Shepherd’s Chapel. I agree with you but Greg is right, we have Free Will. If people just stood up
        and said Fuc- NO and maybe Trump, if he is not killed and gets in can rally us all. God is watching. We are in the times of The Parable of the Fig Tree now. When Israel became a State in 1948, the clock started ticking and it is like a woman in labor now, the contractions come faster and harder. More Prophecies have come true in this time than all of time combined. My faith is strong but if was not so strong, I doubt I would be alive. I have had 9 close calls with death, NINE. I felt God’s hand on me each time. Yes, God is watching. Can anyone look back say 10 years and then think about then and now? This is as Greg says, “Good vs. Evil.” I never now see things getting back to “NORMAL” now. God Bless all of you and God Bless our Leaders and Trump to rally us all Remember this the AntiChrist comes first. He will deceive and trick so many to follow him BUT then Jesus comes and in the end, it will be Heaven on Earth.

    • Marie Joy

      When the grid goes down Social Security electronic money deposits and other entitlements will be gone. Many will starve/freeze. When entitlements are cut off and their food runs out, the starving will come out of the cities looking for food. Things could get ugly.

      • Paul from Indiana

        Believe it or not, that will our turning point. So long as current comfort levels are in place, there will be no pushback. Best always. PM

      • Jerry

        Marie Joy, I believe you to be very accurate. I have tried to convey these very thoughts to so many. It is going to get ugly IMO within days. Think of how many you know that have no supplies what so ever, those that live day by day.

  4. PersonaNonGrata

    Hi Greg,
    WNW 577 – EXCELLENT as per usual.
    Have tuned in to USAW faithfully for many years and – perhaps now that you have your own site AND a working business model – your editing and delivery of true news is, IMHO, gaining ‘gravitas’ by the week!

    P.S. Love that you are exposing the ‘insurrection’ scam. In particular, the plight of the poor souls who remain incarcerated without due process. Trump should be leading the charge to release these people . . .

  5. Mario

    Hey Greg
    I hope all is well!
    Have you seen anything on them putting the vaxx in our food supply?
    Here is one link. There are many talking about it in lettuce, milk, beef!
    Check out this post on Gab

    • Jane

      Thank U..was trying to find out if Soaking Fruits & Veggies in heavy Salt water
      Remove the mRNA vaccine spike protein?

      Greg would U ask Karen Kingston before her coming up video?

  6. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter.
    How “interesting” that police,paid for by the state and supervised by the political class, murder a scientists and no repercussions ,yet! We had this happen here in the UK where a government scientist working on genetically modified materiual was found dead,exsanguinanted, in a field with no weapon or blood beneath the body and seeming committed suicide. Beinga scientist is a really dangerous job particularly when you work for the British government.
    Still our economy is truly awful and we plebs are being sacrificed for the glory of the WEF mob and now a WEF King.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Maria,
      Always read your comments.
      Frivolous, perhaps, but just as Greg refers to Biden as Vice President Biden, shouldn’t we ‘Brits’ continue to call Charles Windsor, ‘Prince’? I simply can’t bring myself to say ‘K*** Charles’!

  7. Tom Moniz

    How about Framing Bureau of INSTIGATION? I think that has a better ring to it and is more accurate for they seem to instigate more than investigate.

  8. Anthony Bulluck

    Greetings to you from Bavaria Germany. Thank you for the precious and outstanding reporting that you’ve been doing over the years Mr. Hunter. Regarding your comments at the 27:09 mark, here is a short link to the events you described when the police broke in to Dr. Noack’s house during the live-stream and took him away.

    With Best Regards,

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Anthony,
      I saw this video many months ago but thanks for the reminder. Formerly free societies are slipping into totalitarianism. Dissent is met with police brutality.
      Long live the memory of Andreas Noack!

      • Harry

        So long as you don’t vote for Trump. DeSantis will make a far superior and competent president than Trump.

        Trump is a pathological liar and lacks the moral character to be president. He tells one lie after another against an American hero, Ron DeSantis.

  9. Don Briois

    Biden is a shoe in for second term, cheaters always win.

    • Greg Hunter

      Not what Armstrong says.

    • Sam

      “cheaters always win”……Not when they get Caught and Convicted.

    • John

      Right you are Don – and what has been done to address the massive cheating in 2020? Nothing!

  10. Linda Puetz

    As always outstanding reporting Greg. Thank you.

  11. Steve Smith

    Vitally important info–the US is forcing mNRA vaccines into the food supply! Go to: and listen to:
    ALERT: Imminent danger of mRNA gene therapy in the food supply
    by: Sara Middleton, staff writer | April 12, 2023
    I tried to email this to Greg but Google says his email is not valid and locked up my laptop so bad I had to clear his address from the email to clear the jam.

    • Don Ho Howe

      mRNA Gene Therapy Is Coming to the Food Supply: What We Can Do About it w/Attorney Tom Renz DailyClout 2,186 views Apr 4, 2023
      “I’ve got documents from the NIH – from 2002 – talking about integrating vaccines into foods,” announced attorney Tom Renz. “They’ve been working on integrating these [gene therapies] into our food supply. They’ve been working on it for at least two decades,” he stated in an eye-opening interview with Dr. Naomi Wolf.
      “Gates, the WHO, a ton of these universities: they’re all talking about including mRNA vaccinations as part of the food. They’re gonna modify the genes of these foods to make them mRNA vaccines,” he warned. More;
      Missouri HB 1169 seeks to counter such an effort. It’s been described as “one of the most controversial bills in history,” but all it is – is a labeling bill. If a food product is a gene therapy product, you have every right to know. So, if this bill gets passed, it’s a major victory not just for our well-being — but also for discovery, too. The full two-page bill is available to read here.
      Share this bill on social media. Call your local legislators. Let them know you will not tolerate gene therapy in the food supply without your fully-informed consent!

  12. Paul Anders

    The Desantis – Trump spat is just a fake distraction and Desantis will not run…they are on the same side. Want to know whos who? Whomever gets attacked by Trump but DOES NOT RETALIATE is working WITH Trump. A true enemy would be attacking at every turn.
    Florida is the model for the New America

  13. Roger Stamper

    tks greg

    • Guest

      Thank you for that info, Paul. I’ve been highly suspicious of nazi Trump.

      • Doah

        “Guest” is that you HELLERY?

  14. Scott manhart

    It may be the DNA plasmid contamination that is causing the extended problems with the synthetic Vax.

    DNA contamination in Pfizer monovalent vaccines
    We utilized previously described boil preps and qPCR to assess the contamination levels in Pfizer’s monovalent vaccines. Contamination levels are as significant as the bivalent vaccines and have reached many more people.
    Sequencing of bivalent Moderna and Pfizer mRNA vaccines reveals nanogram to microgram quantities of expression vector dsDNA per dose
    Kevin McKernan, Yvonne Helbert, Liam T. Kane, Stephen McLaughlin
    Medicinal Genomics, 100 Cummings Center, Suite 406-L, Beverly Mass, 01915
    This preprint can be downloaded here

  15. Ken

    I agree the COVID bioweapons (vaccines) is the most important news, however just as you (Greg) are covering the weather engineering there is also the staged, faked, nobody shot mass shootings. No doubt Department of Homeland Security [in control of FEMA] are rolling out these fake shootings to promote gun control legislation and distraction from all of the real deaths and harms from the COVID bioweapon.

  16. Linda

    Greg, Converso crashed. They had so many people trying to sign up that they could not handle it. I guess they will recover, but my Conversi App is frozen and I am trying to work with customer service.

    • Robert Messina

      Thanks for letting us know and it would be even more thankful if we can be assured that it works when it does work and it works for more than a few weeks. Again, thank you for letting us know

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Linda,
      Shows the reach of USAW.
      Excuse my cynicism (it has served me well of late – unvaxxed) but could Converso’s problems be sabotage? TPTB are obsessed with controlling our every thought. They must hate Converso . . .

  17. Gilda Anderson

    Greg…. !!! MRNA in the pork and soon to be in vegetables… nearly 2 years ago there were videos of people’s magnetic arms after taking the shot…. but… there were videos of magnetic meat from 2 years ago as well… MRNA has been in the food supply for almost 2 years… its not something that just came out…

    I have a 2nd theory… its possible it was only graphic oxide in the previous versions of meat/food, where it cuts up the blood vessels and now MRNA is being introduced which can slide right in these micro holes that have been created.

  18. Ted Field

    Following up on your piece on the mRNA vaccines in beef cattle:

  19. karm

    It’s finally confirmed. Our Executive government is totally full of traitors. The DOJ, FBI, CIA, NIA, Home Land Security, DOD, and on and on. The Big Guy leads the pack. Trump will need a Big Broom and lots of volunteers to help him with the sweeping.

  20. Dachsie

    I think the cartoon is a little misleading. There are several layers of propaganda regarding Trump now. It is not a simple matter of “hate” by the Democrats. That is for the reactive general public, not for people who are able to think. Another interpretation is that “They” are extremely afraid of Trump as he appears to be not in with the way our top insiders network works. He has not only the playbook and he has the basic dirt information of all of his apparent opponents.

    Also, the adenoviral vector vaccines [AstraZeneca and J & J] do not have mRNA technology nor do they have graphene but they are just as deadly. They operate on DNA and cause clotting and thrombocytopenia that is incurable and causes dropping dead.


    “Truly, truly, I say to you, he who receives any one whom I send receives Me; and he who receives Me receives Him who sent Me.”
    —John 13:20

    Only 40 days after His resurrection, Christ ascended into heaven, leaving the apostles with the vital task of communicating the faith.

    • Dave

      Trump may have dirt on everyone but notice how he didn’t use it in his first term? How he did not go after Hillary and the Clinton Foundation after he promised to do so during the campaign. How so many of his top appointees were Deep State (think Wray and Barr and Milley). Ponder that.

      • Shirl

        Hi Dave,
        Have you PONDERED a few facts yourself…the Deep State have all been on a constant and ongoing GET TRUMP attack for ~ 7 YEARS… just for openers. Also, there is the fact that The POTUS isn’t actually a cop, a judge or the jury to enforce criminal prosecution and jailing…what you describe is a dictatorship. Last checked America is a Constitutional Republic. He like any other normal person naturally assumed that those he appointed or to have kept on as in Milley’s case as you mentioned, would stand up and make good on their Sworn Oath of Duties straight on down the line as is expected by normal thinking people. In combination with these facts you might need to “ponder” those same haters/attackers and the paid for lackeys of their same ilk in and out of government to include the Lying Legacy Media where Many of them were known during the 2016 Presidential Campaign and many who were not known and yet they were subsequently outed by themselves – YES – ALL – thanks to President Trump himself that we (you and I) and everyone else too all know now and have identified.

        Now, honestly, can you imagine any other possible better way to tag all of the Turn Coats, Traitors, Anti-American, WEAK, and Stab-In-The-Backs for them to then to have actually outed themselves with President Trump being the catalyst or reason for them to do so? It’s almost as if this is what America and The Entire WORLD I dare say actually needed to happen.

        Further, and Perhaps the biggest disappointment and one that outed himself too was VP Pence… I mean when it came time to do his duty to insist on a pause because of all of the OBVIOUS Cheating Stealing of votes both Domestically and Internationally >>>he folded like a Cheap Suit of ALL of THE Cheap Suits….he outed himself at the most crucial time possible, on January 6th 2021.
        “Ponder that.”

  21. Kyle Dean Dornan

    The good guys win this round. We’re transitioning into a beautiful, abundant world.

  22. felix

    patriots, the powers that be rule the world and they feed us complete nonsense.They play the world like a chess board,just moving pieces around the board.This is all planned,the world is a stage.All these government agencies at this point they are controlled by satan.These politicians sold their souls and they sold their country and their families out.All the alphabet agencies are controlled by satan,corruption is a herd mentality.It makes me sad that these treasonous scumbags meaning the fbi are more crooked than politicians.John Mcarthur says that a society that allows homosexuality and trannies to fluorish is a empire that is dead.The most depravity against mans masculinity is the fall of the empire and the lack of fathers in the home is the fall of society.GOD BLESS all the GOD loving patriots.

  23. Mark

    We have a front row seat to the greatest on earth. Enjoy the ride. It’s gonna be one heck of a ride.

  24. Randy Best

    Passover is now over and Bo Polney’s big event did not happen yet.

    • Greg Hunter

      Chine had Saudia Arabia and Iran (who have been enemies for hundreds of years) came to China to sign a peace deal on April 6th.

    • Diana

      Fear is the control of Satan.

  25. Guest

    Greg and tell this is to all people everywhere (& remind them often).
    ALL of you…………………PRAY FOR YOUR COUNTRY, by NAME OF COUNTRY. Not the entire world, unless you pray for the world separately.
    Jesus said He can’t find people who will pray for their own country BY NAME.
    For example: Pray for America if that’s where you live. DO IT DAILY AND NIGHTLY.
    Do it sincerely and earnestly. Plead with Jesus. It can seriously MITIGATE what is to happen to your own country.

  26. Fred Engel

    The criminal charges are bogus but Trump may face hearing, its with purpose. Former presidents and elected officials will face the same, precedent has to be established.


      In my opinion, the democrats have opened a door, Trump lawsuit, they will be unable to close once Biden leaves office. The obamas, gates, soros and the rest of those criminals will become very unhappy

  27. Guest

    FYI: It’s graphene HYDRoxide. It’s far worse.
    Scientists/Doctors have died for exposing this correction.

  28. Marie Joy

    Do or don’t but don’t threaten. It makes you look like a fool.

  29. John Maskell

    Excellent news coverage Greg ! What a good person you are. The wealth of knowledge you give to us is priceless . People should listen and take the appropriate steps so they can prepare . Time is running out now and I can clearly see the trouble conning . Jesus warned us about these times . My family have listened and we are prepped for what lies ahead . Good people like yourself,
    Clif High , Martin Armstrong and many others have been ahead of the curve which for us little people is a lifeline of awareness . So many are asleep still, which worries me but God did say ” fear not “. Stay safe and well folks.

  30. Matt

    Currency, keurency, kurrency. No matter how you spell it, the paper is all the same. Linguistics matter.

    Currency is not money. The truth tellers have got to be more present when it comes to language especially if you’re a top notch reporter!

    When speaking of Au/Ag, reference money. Everything else is currency.

  31. Craig Michael

    Hi Greg,
    I have been reading more lately about a small bad batch of the vaccine causing most of the bad side effects and deaths,
    I do not believe this. All over the world there is an unprecedented increase in deaths, stillbirths, miscarriages. We all know this.
    This is a bio-weapon attack intent on depopulation.

    • Greg Hunter

      I am with you my friend. They were all bad. More psyop bull crap.

  32. Jane Hill

    Thank U Greg..
    Excellent Information.

  33. Russ 2

    Thank you Greg, solid wrap-up start to finish. Anheuser-Busch management is showing itself to be incompetent. The woman (assuming she’s female) running Bud-Lite running Bud-Lite’s “inclusiveness” campaign will eventually be thrown under the bus and her inclusiveness campaign scrapped. Reaching out to a very small market to the detriment of your base customers and $6Billion in market cap later — it didn’t work, but the damage is done. Many of those former Bud-Lite drinkers will find that other brands are so much better and they’ll never be back. Me — I drink a locally (SDCA) brewed stout or sometimes an amber ale, both are way more interesting than any “lite” beer. Whatever, beer issues are a distraction…

    Karen Kingston’s latest email (yes, I read her sub-stack) discusses plasmid DNA.
    …”April 14, 2023: Recent experts have come forward confirming that plasmid DNA is in Pfizer’s mRNA vials and that plasmid DNA is for purposes of the expression on non-human DNA inside humans through cell transfection.”… What the hell does that mean? Not good, reads like a precursor to transhumanism, but that’s just me thinking out loud.
    In KK’s words:
    “What is Plasmid DNA?
    Plasmid DNA is used for a number of applications including transfection – which is the insertion of genetic materials into your cells. Sequencing. Clones – we know what clones are – they’re clones. Restriction digestion – which is when you cut and paste DNA into different parts of a genetic sequence. And PCR is the polymerase chain reaction- so that is the mapping out a full DNA code and then taking what’s called a codon and copy pasting, copy pasting.”

    A couple years back when the company I work for told me to get the vaxx or an exemption, I chose exemption. I’d read that some researchers (those “conspiracy” theorizing PhD’s that didn’t work in Big Pharma) theorized that DNA editing by the vaxx was possible. I wanted nothing to do with having my DNA messed by Big Pharma to some (then) unknown end.

    So I applied for a religious exemption with words to effect that I had no intention of allowing some unknown manipulation of my DNA — “the DNA God gave me at birth was what I’d take to the grave” — or words to that effect. Corinthians backed me up. Whatever, management at the company approved my religious exemption. Little did we know then that messing with DNA was a primary goal of the vaxx, not mitigating Covid; nothing about the vaxx was inadvertent.

    As for poisoning the food supply — hopefully, the beef producers will require full documentation and safety testing for approval of a bovine mRNA vaccine for cattle — beef eater here. I don’t eat pork (ham, bacon et al) so that hasn’t been an ongoing concern. But I wonder if the pig mRNA vaccine was fully tested and approved?!? Somehow I kinda frackin’ doubt it.

    Folks, they are trying to kill as much of the human population worldwide as possible and it appears they don’t seem to care how much of the Earth they destroy in the process. They’re good with extinction — whales washing up on beaches due to off-shore wind-farms, Pacific Ocean bottom feeders living with nuclear waste from Fukushima (not an accident). So they drive electricity demand higher by outlawing fossil fuels and then the very foreseeable consequences are ecological nightmares. CO2 is a read herring.

    What we are seeing before us today has been building below the surface for decades.

  34. Highnail

    Woketardation hearty guffah

  35. Richard Longacre

    I have been using Chlorine Dioxide/MMS for a little more than a week now and have had some amazing results. Energy levels up. Heart does not race when lifting heavy objects or walking up hill. Brain fog and vertigo almost gone. I was not injected but discovered I had about 70% of the long Covid symptoms (from FLCC web site).

    I had the bioweapon spike protein parasite masquerading as a virus in July 2021 and did not discover Ivermectin until after so I did not get treated during the event. I have been using Ivermectin once a month and more when not feeling well but it was not healing my symptoms.

    Anyone else having similar symptoms or used Chlorine Dioxide? Personally, I believe it is dissolving the synthetic clots in my arteries but I don’t go to doctors at all so I can’t prove it.

    • Greg Hunter

      Love the CD but you have to mix it correctly. I use it too and it works for me too!!!

  36. Jeffrobbins

    Amen,,,, I wonder if there is someone like Mike Lindell will be keeping track of total voter bases in counties all across the country. After an election is over and even with videos of cheating the only thing that will matter is if there are over votes. Apparently, that’s the conclusion because we had videos of cheating here and there. Over votes would be be proof positive of cheating, in totality.
    The odd thing about the bud light issue is when you think about spiritual principles- anyone who drinks a can or bottle with the man/ woman on it literally is swallowing the lies- taking it in. Not that much different from the bread and wine of communion. Maybe they should have some little chant on the can where you renounce Jesus and proclaim a man/ woman as an enlightened new creation. But of course, the best lies come in little steps.
    Start a garden, homestead, micro greens, something.

  37. Rod M. Brumley, Sr - Lt. Colonel USMC (ret.)

    Inflation Rate is probably more like 20.%
    The key is to accumulate Junk silver – pre 1965 US Dimes, Quarters & Halfs – Great for Barter
    In God I Trust

    • Greg Hunter

      You are correct Sir!!! Economist John Williams at will back you up on that.

  38. Steven wayne Farnsworth

    Ironic it would take a lousy tasting beer to wake America up.

  39. Da Yooper

    Well done Greg

    I have posted many times how many folks the wife & I have known have died. But now we are hearing of folks who have lost a hand or a leg due to these clot shots or they have blood clots in the lungs. The injuries – side effects are terrible & yet these folks remain clueless. Just have to keep on keeping on something bigger is coming must prepare while I still have time.

    • Greg Hunter

      Dr. Mark Skidmore has documented that many times in his research they are attacking him for. Good point!!!!! Thank you for posting it here.

      • Da Yooper

        Greg a thought occurred to me???………Just my .02 cents

        The .223 rifle round was adopted primarily because of it’s ability to inflict sever wounds on those struck by it. Wounding a soldier takes more resources to deal with than one who is killed out right.

        I believe we are dealing with a bioweapon that will kill a large number slowly as well as wound a far larger number who will require a great deal of medical care ( resources ) that will be in short supply as more doctors & their staff are affected by these shots.

        • Greg Hunter

          D Y,
          I have no argument for that. You are probably correct! n600 million injections in USA alone means lots of death and even more disabilities coming.

  40. iwitness02

    Politically speaking, I guess we can say that America has fallen. Can America be saved? I can’t help but wonder if too much damage has already occurred. Corruption is so wide spread. Federal, state and local. Government modus operandi appears to be: Lie. Steal. Kill. This is not conducive to life.

  41. BETH

    Hi Gregg,
    thank you for all the work you do.
    I would like to see the 30,000.00 documents Obama took out of office when he left.
    it is not that these people are stupid for ruining these states it is being done knowing what they are doing -breaking down society. breaking us (it won’t work)
    as for the Jab its too late what is done! we who know tried so hard to spead the truth nobody would listen trust me I tried, begged. I am done saying anything. We cant stop what is going to happen now we watch and hope for the best. Most everyone is starting to feel something I notice in my travels but they have no idea why. So Sad.

    I think your coverage on everything is fantastic.
    a true journalist.

  42. jon

    Great video today Greg, I would like to suggest another possibility on the Cattle mass death event. In post mortem technical analysis. We go through a Logic Flow Chart which involves a Decision Tree with most probable reasons. If we look at the Cattle deaths. Is it possible two of the following: Cattle were MRNA vaxxed and they were dying in mass. So they had to disguise the MRNA damage under the guise of a Fire. Or perhaps, the Cattle were MRNA injected and an attack by anti meat vax’d groups decided to take the vax’s cattle out of the food supply?

  43. jon

    In defense of Drunken Sailors. I was active duty Navy in the 1980s. True we love our Liquor, no doubt about that. But most sailors save their money. There were so many CPO’s and E6’s that were very well oiled. Reason; they make a career moving from Navy bases which are usually on the coast. They own a home in each portside city. They rent them out, by the time they retire they have multiple homes in seaside cities. When you are out at sea, most will have no place to spend money, the necessities are free. I and most married would only take 10% of our pay for ourselves and allotment the rest to wives or parents etc. Most wives worked. Most married sailors have free housing and comrats.
    So we do love our liquor but no we do not spend like fools.

  44. Robert Hood

    I think maybe they are putting the Mrna in meat to cull the animals and enhance the coming famine. There’s the possibility that an electromagnetic pulse could excite the
    Graphene Oxide in the vaccines to kill the animals. If that will work on humans they could say its an Alien invasion. I sometimes wish I was as numb as the folks around me .

  45. Justn Observer

    Greg, Nice wrap up ! You are doing a great …can’t wait for your Armstrong interview!
    Yup, thinking its worse than reported by LLC, but of course if ‘they’ are needing to get out…they can’t scare the ‘buyers’ to much right? Hope you can touch on this IMF currency thing and see IF it is really being rolled out in EU…as reported here=

    More sever down trend than is being reported to the public at large via MSM, LLC =
    IF ONE LIKES ‘REAL’ MEAT…expect paying double over the next year. up already 25% storage lockers almost empty…and those feeding and going thru finish and to slaughter at 1966-year levels…

    Orange county Ca. buildings and malls selling at -40% already?

  46. Ace Foot

    [Here We Go Again? Ad Nauseum. When the intell military industrial people with a complex, don’t want you too see it. Believe it!]
    Russia’s prized Spetsnaz commando units have suffered a 95% casualty rate in Ukraine, leaked documents and photos show
    Story by [email protected] (Tom Porter) • 4h ago
    Now the latest leaked US documents, obtained by the Washington Post, [to counter? The recent big pentagon papers, showing true Ukraine fatalities.] Claiming two units suffered 90-95% casualties, show that some units have suffered 95% casualties. How can we ever believe the “project mockingbird,” brained media ever again? A free press is not a shadow government bought press!
    Whom to believe? The Washington Post, Owned by Jeff Bezos? Is that funny? Who owns Jeff?

  47. Clay Lane

    So you don’t think God is ultimately in control!
    We can’t even imagine what would have transpired, if this was allowed to occur!
    Business Insider
    Russian jet almost shot down a British surveillance plane flying near Ukraine, and only failed because the missile malfunctioned: report
    Story by [email protected] (Mia Jankowicz) • Yesterday 9:55 AM
    Two unnamed US defense officials described the incident to the NYT as “really, really scary.”
    In their telling, the Russian fighter jet pilot misheard the radar operator on the ground as conveying permission to fire, locked on to the British aircraft, and only failed because the missile didn’t launch properly. MORE;
    These mishaps have occurred before, threating life on earth as we know it. Like the time a launch of ICBM nuclear tipped missiles, fortunately malfunctioned too. The malfunction blessing

    Inside the $100 Billion Mission to Modernize America’s Aging Nuclear Missiles

  48. Frank Cooper

    Trump: I KNOW Who Blew Up Nord Stream and ‘It Wasn’t Russia’
    The Hill 92,698 views Premiered Apr 12, 2023 WASHINGTON
    Briahna Joy Gray and Robby Soave discuss former President Donald Trump’s first television interview since his arraignment. He sat down with Fox News host Tucker Carlson.

    The Verdict is Out: War between Russia and Ukraine Has a Clear Winner | Vantage with Palki Sharma / Firstpost 5,219 views Apr 14, 2023
    The Verdict is Out: War between Russia and Ukraine Has a Clear Winner | Vantage with Palki Sharma
    When oil prices are high, the people are poor! When oil prices are low, the people get to work, job1!

    Russia burns second Polish Howitzer in two days; Targeted attack on western weapons in Ukraine / Hindustan Times 59,419 views Apr 14, 2023
    Russia continues its targeted attack on western weapons in Ukraine. In the latest development, Moscow’s troops have decimated a Poland-made Krab howitzer. The howitzer was destroyed in a precision strike carried out by Russian UAV crews. The camouflaged Ukrainian self-propelled artillery gun’s position was detected by UAVs, after which the Russian crew launched a strike on it. The Krab Howitzer gun was annihilated with the first shot by the Russian Drone. This was the second Polish Krab Howitzer to be destroyed in Ukraine in two days. WATCH;

    Why is China turning to a bunch of Monkey’s?
    Vantage with Palki Sharma Firstpost 5.8K views 2 hours ago
    Why China Wants Hundreds of Thousands of Sri Lanka’s Monkeys | Vantage with Palki Sharma
    China has placed an order, for over 100,000 Sri Lankan monkeys. As weird as it may sound, Sri Lanka is considering the request. Why does China want Sri Lankan monkeys? Palki Sharma;

    Brazil’s President Lula Declares War on US Dollar, While in China | Vantage with Palki Sharma Firstpost 5,202 views Apr 14, 2023

    Brazil’s President Lula Da Silva is in China. In a speech delivered in Shanghai, Lula launched a scathing attack against the dollar and pushed for a BRICS currency. Will this accelerate the de-dollarisation push? Palki Sharma;

  49. Coop

    Trump: I KNOW Who Blew Up Nord Stream and ‘It Wasn’t Russia’

  50. Gary Burns

    You should get the actuary that says 600,000 people are dying each year from the jab! Josh Stirling


    The Foist Causality of War is the TRUTH. MUST SEE THIS!
    Tucker Carlson: This will make you sick to your stomach
    Fox News 1,637,378 views Apr 13, 2023
    Fox News host Tucker Carlson gives his take on the leak of classified government documents on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.’

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi James,
      Thanks for the ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ link. Yet more evidence that dissent (of the honest whistleblower variety) is being quashed. Reveal your government’s lies / illegal activities and you will be vilified and go to jail. Fear worked to get ‘we the people’ jabbed. Fear is being used to silence dissent. Fear is a Mafia tactic that underpins their ‘protection’ rackets. Kinda puts government and the mafia in the same bag . . .

  52. Daphne Blessen

    6mins runtime

    after you listen to this fascinating discussion of musicology and Egyptian pyramid proportions, then immediately read the Sermon on the Mount ( Matthew 5:1-12 ). You must read it again do not rely upon familiarity.

    Then, you will never again tolerate Clif High trying to dissuade you from the Holy Bible.

    • RoyaltySphinx

      Thanks for posting. We all have our individual paths to the same truth that it is all about love, no limits.

  53. Harold Windsor

    A captured Russian tank from the war in Ukraine mysteriously showed up at a truck stop in Louisiana, report says
    Story by [email protected] (Sophia Ankel) • 4h ago
    Was this an inside the military industrial complex job? A premature, last laugh? We shall see? Hopefully the jokes not on us, paying they’re salaries. By the Amerikan tax payee’s!

    Nazi top brass are seen joking, laughing and receiving flowers while inspecting troops as new book shows how the SS leaders spent their days during World War II
    Pictures show daily life of Hitler’s top servants in Nazi Germany
    Images taken from new book about the leaders of the SS
    They show Hitler, Goebbles and Himmler smiling during tours
    Also sees a number of parades and military inspections

  54. Wayne C. Scott

    Some more validation for Karen Kingston’s facts.
    Watchers/Beast using at least 5 sine waves, and scalar waves, image the following colorful images are all over the skies, sun, stars, moon, firmament, earth, initially to the Beast.
    After all, it is their Mark, they own it:
    5’s, 5G, Crispr=axes and razor blades, GO=for Graphene Oxide, EC for electromagnetism, E’s=EER-watchers,
    mask images, oral swab images, and syringes They use Paleo/Hebrew letters in God’s name (YHVH and T (Tav)) to image the syringes / needles. (Revelations 13 blaspheme His name.) TaV-mark, TaVaH-marks. The Mark of the Beast influence now includes some of Mankind.
    Also, images of hundreds+ guns, big and small, subliminal
    to simple beastly minds, representing shots.
    SHOT GUNS=for getting a real bang out of their lives.

  55. Don Conrad

    Hi Greg,

    Don from Freedom-4-All here. I have a question you may want to ask Dr. Cory, Dr. Eads, or possibly Karen Kingston the next time you interview one of them. Here’s the story so you better understand the question. I am unvaxxed, but last Sept, I either caught some kind of Covid or was shed upon by a newly vaxxed person because one day I felt good, and the next, my chest was very heavy and extremely winded. A few days later, I felt ok but still had no wind. Come Jan 1st, and still feel heavy chested and no wind. It continues to this day.

    I am very much into natural healing and at 60 yrs old, before this incident, was able to run 8 min miles. Now I struggle to run a 13 min mile. 4 yrs ago I used an 8 day cleansing fast to help heal my cancer naturally (successful, thank you). Since Jan., I have now employed fasting for healing my current issue because my understanding, once someone reaches a 72 hour fast, their body creates new stem cells until the fast is broken. These cells repair the worse injury in the body and work from there. Now that you are up on the story, my question is: What do they know/think of long-term fasting to help those injured from the vax.

    Thanks for all you do,

    Don Conrad

  56. Don

    Weekly Wrap Up! Excellent, Excellent, Excellent!

  57. Jo

    And the Anheuser-Busch beer thing isn’t a “mistake”.. It’s ALL part of the plan. And the CHURCH was correct. As soon as that stuff comes out of the privacy of your own home it is a SCANDAL to a Christian society. It should NEVER BE PERMITTED OUTSIDE WHERE IT CAUSES SCANDAL.. That includes making a video of yourself pretending to be a sex that you are not and posting it where ANYONE is able to come across it, whether willingly or unwillingly.

  58. Hindi Cindy

    NATO Special Forces enter Ukraine battlefield; Direct clash with Russia on the cards? | Details Hindustan Times 149,361 views Apr 14, 2023
    NATO Special Forces are already present in Ukraine, leaked Pentagon documents have revealed, raising the fear of direct clash between the Russian forces and the Western military bloc. There is no clarity regarding the exact role of the NATO forces in Ukraine, but Moscow has been repeatedly saying that the military bloc is directly involved in the conflict. Watch

    Russia cuts Bakhmut supply line, Ukrainian troops ‘trapped’ | Moscow claims major gains – report / Hindustan Times 101,971 views Apr 14, 2023
    The battle for Bakhmut has been intensifying in recent weeks. After relentless attacks, Russia claims its troops have surrounded Bakhmut and have cut off Ukrainian units. Kyiv however has countered Russia’s claims and has said that supply lines to Bakhmut are still open. Moscow says Wagner units are also advancing further into Bakhmut. Watch;

    ‘Why are we even fighting?’: Ukrainian troops’ virtual admission of defeat in Bakhmut
    Hindustan Times 97,785 views Apr 14, 2023
    Many Ukrainian soldiers are not convinced that the fight for Bakhmut is worth clinging to. This as Russian forces advance the besieged, eastern Ukrainian city. According to German outlet Bild, the troops are ‘tense and worried’ and wonder why they are still fighting for a city already in ruins. Video;

    Putin’s surprise show of force in Pacific; Russian warships on high alert amid bigger war fear /Hindustan Times 69,842 views Apr 14, 2023
    Russia has put its entire Pacific Fleet on high alert for snap drills that will involve practice missile launches in a massive show of force. The surprise war games come amid tensions with the West over the conflict in Ukraine. Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu said that the goal was to test capability of Russia’s armed forces. Video;

  59. Stinking Bull

    There is a new freshness coating for fruits an vegetable just out.
    If is says Appeal” on the vegetable is in form the bill gates foundation. Don’t eat that fruit.!

  60. elle

    Requesting Clif High as a guest.
    Thank you

  61. tim mcgraw

    Anyone who accepts Brazilian currency is an idiot. Look up the history of the Brazilian currency. There have been 10 or so of them so far. LOL! I’ve seen worthless Brazilian currency blowing down the streets of Belem.
    “Brazil is not a real country.” Charles de Gaulle.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Tim,
      Take your point BUT, maybe China’s preference for payment in Brazilian rials points to the true value of the US dollar . . .

  62. elle

    Grow my own veggis and Chicken for meat , eggs, Pigs . I have a network in my local area I can trade my goods for milk ,cheese , Lamb, meat and so on. Start looking in your area for people like myself who are networking food.

  63. Kenneth

    I truly HOPE to God Bo Pony is right about seeing the DC criminals swing from a Noose on television. I hope Biden, Milley ,Austin among others are on the gallows for crimes against humanity and treason against the US of America.

  64. Haileys

    Joe Rogan is an abomination. Sold his soul to the devil.

  65. PersonaNonGrata

    Hi Greg,
    Just listened to a 4/14/23 video by your erstwhile friend, Gregory Mannerino. He is ‘aghast’ to learn that US retail is booming, along with bank profits. Well, me thinks ‘they’ have to pull out all the stops (lies) to head off the on-going bank run/s. With inflation running at over 6% (officially) and at over 16% actually, retail sales are bound to increase in ‘value’ (debased currency terms). Even if the official numbers are adjusted for inflation, it will be at the official (false) rate. Bank profits may well be increasing due to increased interest rates – they always add to the cost of borrowing more than they add (if anything) to the interest they pay on deposits. BUT, while operating profits may be increasing, banks’ capital values are being decimated. Banks’ core holdings of government bonds have been hit by rising interest rates and their ‘mark to market’ value has fallen considerably. Banks also hold commercial property debt – ouch! Are bank profits making up for declining capital values? I think, NOT. Anyway, the public appear to have been fooled by these ‘finger-in-the-dyke’ stories and bank shares rose, gold price fell. Doh!!!
    P.S. The public may, or may not, have been fooled – equity prices are manipulated at will by the Treasury’s own trading desk (AKA, the plunge protection team), and the gold price by selling naked shorts.

  66. Anthony

    IMF = International Mafia Fund

  67. Rose Mont Sellicka

    Zelensky to lose Ugledar? Ukrainian units go up in smoke as Russia rains hell | Watch
    Hindustan Times /9,156 views Apr 14, 2023
    The battle for Ugledar gets bloodier as a Russian missile storm ravages the region. Russia’s troops have ripped through Ukraine’s resistance, street after street in Ugledar. In the ferocious fusillade, Russia completely wiped out Kyiv’s stronghold in the city. According to the Russian defence ministry, several platoons present at Kyiv’s stronghold in the city of Ugledar were eliminated while some Ukrainian troops escaped in the woods. Watch

    US Left Red Faced as 21-Year-Old Airman Responsible for Intel Leak | Vantage with Palki Sharma Firstpost 22,340 views Apr 14, 2023
    The US has been left embarrassed as the person behind the massive intel leak turns out to be a 21-year-old airman. FBI has arrested Jack Teixeira, a cyber transport systems journeyman. How did highly sensitive intel documents land in the hands of a 21-year-old? Palki Sharma;

    African Diaspora News Channel
    73,395 views Premiered 9 hours ago HOUSTON
    Phillip Scott reports on Joshua Maponga stating that Kamala Harris offered $60M for LGBTQ rights in Zambia. While Russia & China offered military training where they can defend themselves.

    US Can’t Lecture Africa On Democracy, They Deleted Gaddafi, Sponsor Coups & Interfere With Elections
    African Diaspora News Channel

    Gravitas: Macron’s ‘allies not vassals’ remark splits the West
    WION 42,649 views Apr 13, 2023
    French President Emmanuel Macron’s ‘allies not vassals’ remark has split the west. Should European nations chalk their own path & stop following Washington’s instructions? Molly Gambhir reports.

    Macron’s anti-US pitch shakes European Union; French allies fume, counter ‘pro-China narrative’

  68. Brian Perks

    Thanks for mightily cheering me up with your Nimrod comment.

  69. tim mcgraw

    23:00 Three husbands die in their sleep after getting vaxxed. Oh, that’s a tempting offer for an old cripple like me.
    Get the jabs and die in your sleep.
    Promises, promises.

  70. Keith

    Well when Joe Biden visited Ireland this week there was a lot of people in the alternative news that where questioning who the man behind the Joe Biden mask was. Joe Biden is not the same person who ran against Donald Trump . He is a actor playing the part of President of the USA. Where is the real Joe Biden ? That have the deepstate, the CIA, and the military industrial complex done with the real 2020 Joe Biden. Alternative news have reason to believe Joe is no longer with us and passed in late 2021. The deep state have employed an actor to keep the country from collapsing into civil war while they try to contain Russia ,China, Iran , North Korea , and Saudi Arabia from forming an alliance against the collective western NATO alliance . If Joe Biden has sadly departed who is the man behind the curtain pulling all the levers and what is he planning for the USA in the months to come ??????????????

  71. J.Bugaboo

    Politicians know when they control the food, they control the people: Activist
    Fox News 30,743 views Apr 15, 2023
    Political activist Eva Vlaardingerbroek provides insight on why politicians are pushing people to eat bugs on special previewing Season 3 of ‘Tucker Carlson Originals.’

    The Bad Pack (Action) Full Length Movie
    Best Documentary 1,241,456 views Premiered Feb 24, 2023 ÉTATS-UNIS
    A town of Mexican immigrants on the Texas border hire a team of mercenaries to protect them against an underground militia group, who try to claim the town as their own.

  72. Glen Burwash

    War, Peace and Bitcoin with Col. Douglas Macgregor
    Natalie Brunell 47,552 views Apr 13, 2023 Coin Stories Archive
    Douglas Macgregor is a decorated combat veteran, author, and a defense and foreign policy consultant. In 2004, Colonel Macgregor retired from the Army after 28 years of service. In 2020, the President appointed Macgregor to serve as Senior Advisor to the Secretary of Defense, a post he held until President Trump left office. He holds an MA in comparative politics and a PhD in international relations from the University of Virginia.

    Leaker Arrested/ Ukraine Russia War Latest – Col Doug Macgregor
    Judge Napolitano – Judging Freedom 154K views Streamed 1 day ago
    Does Austin believe the poop he’s being fed by Obomber women?

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Glen,
      Thanks for the links.

  73. Semilla de Mostaza

    Meanwhile in Mexico, Narco-terrorist crime families are getting into narco-politics, trafficking extremely dangerous drugs like fentanyl and crystal meth that destroy American lives, and killing more journalists than any other country…

  74. Clay Lane

    Awesome ST PETERSBURG, Russia on Saturday Night. LIVE
    Baklykov. Live 264 watching now Started streaming 20 minutes ago
    Live stream from St Petersburg, the northern capital of Russia on Saturday night (15th of April, 2023).
    The spring in the city – Nevsky Prospekt, streets, people, atmosphere, mood and vibe.
    St Petersburg, Russia is located in 680km northwest from Moscow.
    St.Pete, where else would you want to be on a cold dark Russian spring night! Florida?

  75. Justn Observer

    Greg, as we wait for your interview with Mr. Armstrong, and watch the ‘LLC’ and their narrative change to a ‘crime’ by the young airman for divulging the truths….and NOT the crimes of Heads of State and DoD comitting perjury lying to Congress to get funds for another war unwanted by the public…and the distractions of the banking crisis and lies about ”’all is good”’ with the banks…and ‘their supposed’ attempts to quell INFLATION. Which is BS if one sees the rise in oil, and food, as they war AGAINST ranchers, farmers, oil producers… one can see it is intentional… and is meant to take down and erode the wealth of the savings and deflate assets of the middle-class while ENRICHING the elite of the world and multi-national corps ESG crews… This is only the same playbook use in Germany….and in the last several U.S. grand depressions and recessions MO.. seemingly as noted in WAYNE JETTS book , Fruits of Graft….only that now it is on a world scale hoping to take the U.S. down from where it was, and where Trump wanted to attempt to return to…while ‘they’ hope to make the U.S. a multi-polar power…and one of two caste system of HAVE and HAVE NOTS…
    The parallels of Mr., Jett’s book and another one recently led to = Dying of Money: Lessons of the Great German and
    American Inflations
    by Jens O. Parsson
    is eye-opening as to how ‘they’ used inflation to their advantage financially and all as ‘a reason’ to deflect from their culpability as the ‘reason’ for what happened when it was ‘they’ who created it in the first place…
    Would be nice to hear from Mr. Jett at some point…MIA here for awhile now…

    For a ‘free’ read of Dying of Money: Lessons of the Great German and
    American Inflations by Jens O. Parsson =

    HAPPY ORTHODOX EASTER ALL… may those in Greece, Russia and Ukraine especially find peace these days and weekend especially and prayers to all those familes loss or those injured on both sides of that despicable event!

  76. Nika

    D.S media, promises to give National Guardsman, Jack Teixeria, 30 years in prison for embarrassing the D.S.
    In the past, Senator J.B said, Classified Documents are not a big thing, as he starts to stack them next to his 1965 Corvette. Time moves on, Vice President J.B, saids classified Documents are no big thing, as he continues to stack Classified Documents next to his Corvette. Time moves on, President J.B, still saids Classified Documents are no big thing. As heavily armed, FBI arrest 21 year old Jack Teixeria at his home on Thursday.

  77. Prospector

    It’s stunning how little attention this is getting from so called conservative non woke media.

    The thousands of catch and release illegals that allow themselves to be caught and processed give cover to the ” Got Aways “. These buses are full of fighting age Chinese males. The UN and US orgs. are funding the camps along the way while the Red Cross hands out maps showing route to the U.S. Border. Building an army ?
    Read all about it.

    “Count the number of military-aged Chinese men in this video and reply with the number.

    This video was taken at San Vicente Migrant Camp today at around noon. This is a line of Chinese migrants lining up to catch the next buses to the Costa Rican border. An everyday occurrence.

    Another company of military-aged men headed for the United States.”
    [WHERE IS THE MSM???????!!!!!!!!]


    SILVER is UNOBTAINUM. Thats why No Smart Bombs like Iraq. Lotsa SILVER back then. Do you know how much Holy SILVER is needed for 1 Smart bomb?

  79. Shiloh1

    Karl Denninger, under his Twitter handle Reals Beats Feels, just posted that Trump has been and is a stockholder of Pfizer and J & J.

    Well, that explains a lot.

    Kunstler post yesterday was positive about RFK jr running.

    • Greg Hunter

      So what? He required Pizer to make a safe Vax and the contract proves this. Pfizer lied its ass off. By the way presidents usually put their assets into blind trusts and do NOT pick stocks or investments. Lots of people own Pfizer as it is ranked 46 in the Fortune 500. That said, the shot is proven to be dangerous and deadly, and Trump should renounce it as Pfizer broke every part of the contract he had them sign.

  80. Diana Brown

    Thanks Greg. I do appreciate your weekly perspectives. Also, glad to see new sponsors coming onboard with you. You deserve the support and your posse deserves the opportunity to support businesses that support what you are doing. Win-win all around!

  81. Janice

    Great feedback and commentary on this newscast!! I wanted to celebrate getting to purchase my CarryiOn tonight. I can’t wait to receive it!! Thank you, Mr. Greg Hunter.

    • Greg Hunter

      I love mine and I am buying them and giving them to family members.

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