Brennan Loses Security Clearance, Big Tech Killing Free Speech, Dollar Update

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 348, 8.17.18)

Obama Administration CIA Director John Brennan had his security clearance revoked by President Trump. Brennan says it’s an attack on Trump’s critics. Others say it’s the beginning of punishment for being the “ringleader” of a soft coup to remove Donald Trump from office. Are indictments of Brennan and his co-conspirators coming soon?

Say something that big tech companies do not like and you can be banned from social media platforms such at Twitter and Facebook. It’s not just people like Alex Jones getting banned, it is also GOP congressional candidates such as Elizabeth Heng whose family story about escaping brutal communist dictator Pol Pot in Cambodia is considered “obscene.”

Lots of people are worried about the U.S. dollar. Is it going to continue to rise in value? Is the Fed going to keep raising interest rates on the short end of the curve? Can emerging markets like Turkey survive without an economic meltdown? All good questions, and we will try to give you the answers.

Join Greg Hunter as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

(This report will talk about revoking top security clearances, suppression of free speech, and the shaky global economy and the strong dollar.)

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After the Interview:

Author Eric Eggers will be the guest for the Early Sunday Release. Eggers will talk about his new book called “Fraud: How the Left Plans to Steal the Next Election.”

The complete cartoon came from cartoonist Michael Ramirez at

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  1. Chris

    Sick of this. Brennan, not Walter needs to go down HARD! Just like all the innocent that he has jailed through his twisted tenure as the (muslim) chief of OUR abc justice tenicle of government. He is totally copable and must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. GO TRUMP! May our dear LORD in heaven protect you Mr. Greg Hunter. I am very proud of you sir.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Chris. Brennan’s indictment cometh!!

    • paul ...

      We humans should realize that this battle between good and evil we are fighting resulted from the “original sin” that occurred (when the aliens implanted some of their DNA into us to domesticate us and help them out in raising livestock and harvesting grain in the fields) … that is when we got some of the aliens “bad traits” as well as the “good” … the neocon warmonger murderous traits as fully expressed in Brennan obviously comes from Enill side of the alien family (who was a racist and always wanted to destroy humanity) … our better half comes from Enki who always had a soft spot in his heart for humans (sort of the way we love our dogs and cats) … so this battle between good and evil we humans are constantly fighting seems to come down to what alien side of the family our genetics comes from … the good aliens (the ones coming down and turning off the missiles at our nuclear weapon launch sites come from the Enki side of the alien family … but there are “bad aliens” out there also (like Enill) … who are alive on our planet right now (they have life spans of thousands of years) and we humans (with good genetics) must oppose … or else the alien racists will destroy 95% of humanity as they have clearly written on their Georgia Guidestones!

      • paul ...

        It is time for humanity to stand up and become “who we truly are” … we are better then “our creators” (who have very warlike genetics) … the Old Testament is filled with stories of “our gods” doing very evil things (like killing women and children as though they were simply animals) … before we were tampered with genetically … our human souls were of a more loving nature … this was our great strength as humans (before we were tampered with) … and we must reassert our humanity … over the evil that was implanted in us by aliens that tells us to “kill women and children”!!

        • paul ...

          Looking forward … Artificial Intelligence can be something to fear … if we program our evil side into the computer coding … however … if we program “only good” into AI code … “AI machines” will turn out to “better then their creator” … in the same way we humans can turn out to be “better then our creator”!!

          • paul ...

            Does this mean God the Father does not exist … No! … God the Father exists inside us in our immortal souls … the aliens that tampered with humanity are “false gods” … the bibles of the many religions of world write about “their various gods” and proclaim them to be the one true god but we are awake enough now to realize these various bibles are like the various MSM newspapers … most of them present us with fake news to advance “an agenda” to profit by … Jesus Christ had no such agenda … he preached brotherhood among men and did not do it for profit … look inside to our human heart … and we know he was speaking for the “True God” of this universe “God the Father” who resides inside our heart (in our very soul) who we can hear speaking to us inside and guiding us not to do evil things!!

    • Diane

      Thanks Chris. We are also proud of our Greg Hunter.

  2. This Sceptred Isle

    I am a bit suspicious about Alex Jones social media ban. Why did they announce it in the mainstream media in order to give him publicity and increase his viewing figures?

    • Frederick

      Because he is controlled opposition and everybody knows it

    • paul

      Yeah. I wondered the same about that.

      • Paul Anthony

        I don’t know it. AND.. I don’t belive it. Everyone knowing is YOUR opinion.

        Carry on

        • Frederick

          Hey Paulie Are you a friend of Roberts and if Alex Jones is real why hasn’t he ever mentioned who he knows was behind the 911 attacks ? Huh Answer that wise guy

          • This Sceptred Isle

            Yes, totally agree. it is not what he reports, it is what he doesn’t. He said pizzagate was a load of crap as well.

        • Robert The Zionist American Patriot Lykens

          Uh-oh, Paul, disagree with something “everyone knows” on this site and get ready to be called a brainwashed, neocon, warmongering sheeple.

    • (Rev) Andrew de Berry

      I too am somewhat ambivalent over Alex Jones. Is he the real deal as his countless supporters claim? Maybe it’s a case of ‘hell having no fury…’ but some months back his ex-wife claimed that he isn’t what he appears to be. That said, AJ and Info-Wars provided me with many insights some time back.

      • Joseph

        Do some digging… he’s See eye aye

    • Robert The Zionist American Patriot Lykens

      It’s a government conspiracy.

      • This Sceptred Isle

        Robert, if I didn’t know better I would think you are trolling me.

    • Klaus Schmid

      Interesting. Jimstonefreelance has gone down around the same time as Alex Jones. No words about it in any media.

  3. Coalburner

    I so hope you are right Greg. We have waited a long time for the criminals to go down.

  4. John Little

    Keep up the good work, Greg. I tell all of my readers to pay attention to your videos.

  5. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter the lack of media reporting on what is important is no longer surprising.The TASS new service has resurrected here in the UK<Europe and now the USA,who would have thought?
    The Turkey debacle know no bounds;
    1)Mr Draghi at the ECB prints and buys up the complete European bond market such that interest rates are low or negative.Banks seeking interest are invited into the delicious 20%offered by Turkey,they flood in and the currency collapses at least 25%.What a nice loss for those European banks who are keeping silent but most from Spain,Portugal,Ireland and Italy and so much more.
    2)Mr Erdogan in Turkey has been given a bailout by Qatar to the tune of $15Billions,nice.However let us not forget the sanction busting mechanism that involved Turkey,Qatar and Iran,busting with a gold market into Bahrain.Nice friends.Suspiciously this $15Billions may be coming from a stash earned during this sanction era.
    Here in the UK anti-Semitism and anti-Muslim has now collided into our banks.The TSB owned by the Spanish Sabadell and resigned in Florida,for that juicy Federal Reserve money,has targeted those Jews and Muslims who have dared to point out their incompetence 17 weeks ago in which they were hacked and customers' money taken.Now these Semites are being asked to leave this bank and not a peep from our media so far.The "asking"was slightly more brusque and threatening.
    We are in the Summer doldrums yet our economy still sucks,tourists are wary and police incompetence and corruption excels.

  6. David

    What makes me sick about the child abuse within the Catholic church is the “institutional” cover up. A willful and orchestrated effort from the top to hide the abusive behavior of those within our communities. I suspect this story will unravel for years and may never be fully understood.

    I, too, was raised a Catholic. I went to a catholic school (Out Lady of Victory), was an altar boy, belonged to the scout group associated with the church, attended special talks, etc. I was never abused. We had good priests. I feel very fortunate.

    But I am angry. If there was ever a “safe” place, it was the Catholic church anchored in the community. Today, I would never leave a child unattended at a Catholic church without parent supervision. Ever! How sad is that?

    • Greg Hunter

      You got that right David. These weasels should be charged with racketeering!!

      • JungianINTP

        Keep in mind, Greg, those pedophile priests were themselves childhood victims of both an at-large, Left-driven, anything-goes sexual revolution (socialism’s/communism’s FREE LOVE movement) and liberal-victim predators. I’ve written a report, “It’s not Sexual Harrassment but Sexual Attraction,” which I’d like to snail-mail to you–but you had not confirmed receipt of that book and articles sent to you. Confirm here and I’ll send my report. -Rick

        • Greg Hunter

          Post some of it here. A few paragraphs?? Got a link??

          • Tin foil hat

            Deconstructing Stanley Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut

          • JungianINTP

            Greg, you didn’t mention if you had received my mailing. I need confirmation because my mail falls within the once-secret postal program of dead-lettering conservatives’ political speech; i.e., my letters too-often go missing or are returned “undeliverable.” Postal clerks are paid a bonus for capturing certain speech to dead-letter. // As for a link to my report, I’ve been harrassed to the point of having to stop blogging. But, per your request, here’s the first paragraph of my report on male sexuality and the #MeToo movement, which two aspects discussed therein explain those pedophile priests’ sexual behavior (and rabbis’ sexual predation!; study the permission-granting passages – the permission to sexually molest toddlers – found in the Talmud )):

            “All of you angry (adult) kids, go to the chalkboard and write this line 50 times, particularly those females among you: ‘The sexual response in boys and men is AUTONOMIC!’ What does ‘AUTONOMIC’ mean? Think HEARTBEAT. Can you stop your heart’s beating?”

            Greg, please confirm receipt of that book and articles here, and I’ll mail my report to you (( and please, upon receipt, send a note of confirmation to my email address–just a “Yes” in the subject line would suffice )). -Rick

            • Greg Hunter

              I do not remember getting anything, but then again, I get thousands of emails a week. My postal address is here:


              • JungianINTP

                Well, that book and articles were sent to your postal address several weeks ago. // The package was not returned. // Some postal worker got his/her bonus for dead-lettering conservative speech. // Re sending my report, I’ll have to mail it FedEx–or just let the matter go. -Rick

        • This Sceptred Isle

          This goes way back beyond the 1960s. Read the news articles. The cases date from the 1940s and I am sure this goes centuries back, like to the Roman empire! By the way most victims of child sexual abuse do NOT turn into paedophiles or whatever it is. It is a choice.

  7. Roger D

    Smart Conservatives bought their own domain name (like ‘’ and ‘’) for $10 and control of their communications. Conservatives who wanted a social medial platform had the liberty to build their own. Instead many chose a free ride on evil (but savvy) Leftist platforms. No sympathy here.

    Will Conservatives wake up now or reap the failure clinging to the evil Republican Party and a political system intent on destroying them?

    We are at war and only one side knows it. They control all the rules of engagement. The thin veneer of civility has been ripped away. Say what you want about Trump but he has given us 2 precious years to prepare for civil chaos. What have we done?

  8. arthur barnes

    Greg, bet Obama was up to his eyeballs in the “soft coup” as well. Maybe we should take away his security clearance and all the goodies & perks he took with him as well. As to your statement that the MSM will not report the failed coup, they will have to if indictments come forth, even if they report it as retribution and not as factual, but report they will have to at that point. These criminal conspirators will be jailed if President Trump stays in control and I think the smart money is that he will. I don’t believe President Trump is the kind of person who forgets and forgives easily, he is honest and doesn’t like being pushed around, just my take, but if I am right the Justice Department, FBI, & the other authorities concerned will be hard pressed to continue to stonewall forever. I agree that the people involved in the “coup” are enemies of the people to be sure but the MSM who run blocks up the middle for them are not little innocent girl scouts selling sugar cookies either. Frankly & lastly, the untouchables, a.k.a. the MSM, at some point in time will have to be looked at as part and parcel of accessories after the fact of this unprecedented criminal conspiracy. The untouchables, the MSM, can’t be allowed to say and report false facts & just hide behind the first Amendment smirking in the back rooms after each little falsehood is aired. If allowed to continue unabated then the “American Pravda” will destroy this country from the inside out; if it hasn’t already!

    • Greg Hunter

      According to the former Director of National Intelligence (DNI), James Clapper, who worked for the Obama Administration, the President ordered it. Listen for your self what DNI Clapper said on CNN a few weeks ago: Greg

    • paul ...

      We know their evil plan (so taking out Alex Jones will do them little good) … Their Plan is: First – take away our pursuit of happiness (by putting a huge $20 Trillion debt burden upon our shoulders and increasing it by a Trillion more each year) … Second – take away our liberty (1st Amendment, 2nd Amendment, etc., etc. … and Finally – take away our lives (Georgia Guidestones) … so we must act forcefully against them … beginning by electing Trump was a good first step … however we must decimate the banksters and warmongers by taking away their power … the power to create fiat paper out of thin air and fund unlimited unending wars … as individuals we can do something very significant … buy gold and silver (to force it back as the real money of our Nation once again) and by doing so destroy the paper fiat monopoly that greases the banksters wheels of corruption and the warmongers non-stop wars … once the banksters can’t artificially inflate markets (housing, stock, bond, crypto, etc.) with their “out of thin air” paper fiat they won’t be able to siphon off trillions of our dollars to use for power and influence … and the neocon warmongers will find it hard to bloat and expand their military budget to send our children to die fighting wars in places we have no business being (now to include outer space) … so “there is” something we can easily do as individuals to fight the enemies of humankind … simply continue buying gold and silver as the criminals try to dissuade us from doing so by manipulating precious metal prices downward … but by them doing so … they make our job even easier!!

      • paul ...

        Why accumulating silver is 4.717647059 times better then accumulating gold … it is an easy calculation … in January 1980 silver and gold reached their all-time high prices of about $50 and $850 respectively … therefore the Gold/Silver ratio at that time was 17 (850/50) … today the Gold/Silver ratio is 80.2 (1184.60/14.77) … so at the next all-time high in precious metals (assuming the Gold/Silver ratio moves back to 17 again) … the multiplier as to how much better it is to buy silver right now is (80.2/17)!!

        • paul ...

          But … just how high will the silver price go if Jim Richards is correct and gold goes to $10,000 dollars per ounce … if gold goes to $10,000 it will multiply by 8.44 (10000/1184.6) … now if silver is going to multiply 4.717647059 more then gold … the current silver price should advance by 39.82 times (8.44 x 4.717647059) … so $14.77 times 39.82 gives us $588.21 as the coming peak price for silver! … but that is only if Rickard’s is correct … if Jim Sinclair is correct about gold going to $50,000 dollars per ounce … then our projected peak for silver becomes 5 times greater or $2,941.05 dollars per ounce (588.21 x 5)!! … now if the banksters tell me I’m crazy to buy silver today because they are going to drive it lower … but I can see it going from $14.77 to potentially $2,941.05 per ounce … go ahead and call me crazy banksters … but I’m buying more!!

          • paul ...

            Every family should try to accumulate a minimum of 2000 ounces of silver … this way when silver goes to about $3000 dollars per ounce … each family will have about $6 million fiat US dollars which will hopefully be enough to pay the bills and buy the food we need to survive … unless … the Fed does a full Venezuela or Zimbabwe on us … then everything changes … and each one(1) ounce of silver coin could be worth a Trillion fiat paper dollars … giving every family a cool Quadrillion fiat dollars (hopefully enough) to buy “a can of beans” from a warmhearted person willing to share his limited food supplies!

            • paul ...

              If we do get to where the elite seem to be taking us … “pay back” may be a real bitch for people like Hillary … for how many people will give up a can of their beans to her for even for $2 Quadrillion dollars from her fraudulent charitable trust!?!

              • paul ...

                So … as some people who don’t believe in Hell don’t realize … evil does not pay well “even here on Earth”!! … [especially when Trump has the power to revoke the security clearance’s of all the Shadow Gov/Deep State swamp slime-balls]!!

  9. Cheryl

    Greg, you can use yesterday’s WSJ article in a journalism class… example of what true journalists strive to avoid — using slanted language and loaded words to spin the truth. OMG, scary.

  10. Southern Girl

    As a practicing Catholic my hat is off to you. I’m so glad you have brought this to the forefront. Our Deacon gave a homily last Sunday at Mass and he brought it up. This needs to be talked about and not hidden. Remember what Mark Taylor said…who ever you are that are doing things that are wrong God will take you down.

    Our Deacon reminded us that it was a person and not the whole Body of Christ that committed that crime. And I totally agree with you about our pope. I don’t like the man and know that a Jesuit should not be pope. But I also know that I’m not leaving My Catholic Church. There are some really fine people who are priests and Bishops. I’m in Arkansas and our Bishop Anthony B. Taylor sent a letter out and had his remarks in our Arkansas Catholic newspaper condemning any acts against children. He asked if anyone has been molested to please contact our Diocese. This Bishop does not mess around and we have a one strike and your gone policy with him.

  11. Southern Girl

    The main street media and their handlers must be really scared if they went after Alex Jones. They are using a tactic of projection. They project onto someone else what THEY are and what THEY are doing. I like to call it reversals but it is the same thing. They are painting him as a conspiracy right-wing nut. They says he wants violence well hello…what was Maxine Waters advocating??? The same thing!!!

    • arthur barnes

      Maxine Waters is the “new” Democratic party, the one that is vanishing like the American buffalo of the Great Plains. The Democrats are losing classic party members in droves. Look at the new poll just out that American Blacks are backing our President in unrepresented numbers, these kind of polls must be driving the “Waters & Pelosi” party mad. So, let old Maxine rant and rave, the more she does, the stupider she looks!

      • sk

        “unprecedented” numbers” is what you mean?

      • freebrezer

        AB – The classic Democratic party … ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country – JFK. Todays democratic slogan … “Free Sh!t for every one” – Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez … well not quite but close enough.

  12. Angelo

    It has been said that Alex Jones is a CIA operative. I don’t know how true these accusations are but this is certainly suspicious. I don’t follow him personally because just as what you say regularly Greg, you know the truth when you hear it.

    One reason why MSM is reporting on Alex’s treatment is because they want to set an example or a statement to silence alternative media sources. Like I always say… “What you tolerate you promote”.

    Thanks for everything that you do Greg!


  13. Tad

    A reset with new trade agreements in place means either the some or all government debt will be extinguished. That might also imply individual and corporate bank depositor bail-ins won’t occur. To do otherwise hardly smacks of a positive economic spark.

    • arthur barnes

      Tad, a reset will only help the Government and the banking system, I bet dollars to donuts that when all is said and done the American people get left holding the bag; again. Any reset in my mind means that you still owe on your car, house, credit cards, etc. all the while the elite will enjoy another vacation to one of their favorite islands in the sand as their debts will be absorbed by the powers that be. Be the worst nightmare of the elite’s bankers, be or become debt free, they can’t handle not to have a handle, no pun intended.

      • Tad

        Already there. When or if hyperinflation takes off, probably off to Russia.

      • paul ...

        Like humans were drowned in a Great Flood like a bunch of rats years ago by “evil aliens” who are probably still alive on Earth today ruling the bankster cabal from Antarctica … we are likely being set up … for another slaughter (can we count on Enki helping a few of us out again?) !! …

        • Chip

          please stop with the alien nonsense… Chip

  14. Chip

    We need a pause in both legal and illegal immigration – PERIOD. Build the wall. End the war in Afghanistan. Bring the majority of our troops home from all but a select few strategic overseas bases. Prosecute the bad actors that are uncovered within the federal government (no retirements, no letting people off the hook) as we must have accountability in government. Focus on balancing our budget, solving the entitlements issues (including elimination of Obamacare), and rebuilding our infrastructure. Stop with the racial division, identity politics, and SJW BS. Smaller, responsive, accountable government. This is a blueprint for solving the problems we face as a nation… Chip

    • Chip

      Great weekly news wrap up. The Tiger Beat mag brought back a lot of memories. I was nine when that issue came out… Chip

    • arthur barnes

      Chip, ditto…..!

    • Frank D

      Spot on, Chip!

    • Diane

      Sounds like a solid plan, Chip

  15. Jodyp

    Thanks for the message, Greg. And guess where I found it? They keep this up and you’ll make SPAM a legitimate messaging service. Wrap up A+

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Jody P for checking you spam file, and thank you for your kind words of support!!

  16. al

    Free Press and the Enemy Media is a LAUGHABLE OXYMORON! The coup is not the only thing that failed! The Enemy Media’s narrative failed. I don’t know one person that admits to believe what they are told by the media.
    Bring on the next O-failure Cortez. It will be a massacre!

    Mannarino’s Interest Rate track record is excellent! If he says it’s going up, it’s going up.

    That’s a beautiful silver piece, you deserve it. That’s a keeper.

    PS: That Tiger Beat segment was awesome!
    God Bless

  17. H. Craig Bradley

    Can anybody around here give me at least one good reason why former CIA Director Brennan got to keep his Top Security Clearances so long after retirement? I think they should have been cancelled a year ago? Do I have the wrong opinion here? Sure like to know.

    • arthur barnes

      H. seems what I was told by various media outlets is that once you get one they really don’t ever expire as ridiculous as that sounds. Hopefully, things they are changing now, but in realty who really knows. Always have enjoyed your comments. a b

    • Paul Anthony

      Because the Protocol after they leave office they go work for news organizations and other jobs use there security clearance to get high paying salaries just because they have access to a lot of info. It is in part, why the media is freaking out about Brennan. You don’t think they actually care about Brennan do you? Trump is about to change this “protocol” of Ex top government officials being able to keep their security clearances to obtain high paying jobs when they leave their govt positions…… ohhhh nooooo NOT THAT!! Well that’s Dan Bongino’s opinion from his show this morning. I agree with him

    • This Sceptred Isle

      No, it is weird.

    • Clare Doll

      H. Craig Bradley,
      Karl Denninger has an interesting take on it:

    • Chip

      I think your opinion is spot on. I had TS and SCI clearances in the military and when I retired I lost the active clearance. That’s standard procedure for the military at least… Chip

  18. Gregory Mannarino

    Greg and everyone else. I am so upset. Every time I try to give Pres Trump the benefit of the doubt, he does another thing to skew the game in the favor of the banks. He, wanting to move to 2 times a year reports, ONLY benefits the institutional investors/banks by cutting off information for the average guy/gal in this market. #FAKEMARKETS

    • arthur barnes

      Greg, I can forgive him for that small misdemeanor of policy because on the whole he is doing the best job of any America President since Washington to protect us. So please, if you will, give our American patriot President a break on the small points. a b

    • K. Wayne

      The invisible Government is conducting its silent war against humanity.
      Their weapon of choice is “INFORMATION”.
      Remember …TRUTH sets us free.
      The cleaver social engineering gradually resticts our options causing us to conform.
      These silent weapons of statistics and data are used by Governments, Banksters and MultiNationals (Monopolies) to plan and manipulate economic cycles and in turn the abundance or scarcity of food, raw materials and finished goods.
      This is how they have always controlled the game. They have the information and set the rules in advance.

    • Frederick

      That’s because it’s the Wall Street guys that he cares about most and Israel Obviously

  19. eddiemd

    The healing chapter. Matthew 9. Jesus still the same today.


    Jesus Heals a Paralytic

    2And, behold, they brought to him a man sick of the palsy, lying on a bed: and Jesus seeing their faith said unto the sick of the palsy; Son, be of good cheer; thy sins be forgiven thee. 3And, behold, certain of the scribes said within themselves, This man blasphemeth. 4And Jesus knowing their thoughts said, Wherefore think ye evil in your hearts? 5For whether is easier, to say, Thy sins be forgiven thee; or to say, Arise, and walk? 6But that ye may know that the Son of man hath power on earth to forgive sins, (then saith he to the sick of the palsy,) Arise, take up thy bed, and go unto thine house. 7And he arose, and departed to his house. 8But when the multitudes saw it, they marvelled, and glorified God, which had given such power unto men.

    12But when Jesus heard that, he said unto them, They that be whole need not a physician, but they that are sick. 13But go ye and learn what that meaneth, I will have mercy, and not sacrifice: for I am not come to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance.

    The Healing Touch of Jesus

    18While he spake these things unto them, behold, there came a certain ruler, and worshipped him, saying, My daughter is even now dead: but come and lay thy hand upon her, and she shall live. 19And Jesus arose, and followed him, and so did his disciples.
    20And, behold, a woman, which was diseased with an issue of blood twelve years, came behind him, and touched the hem of his garment: 21For she said within herself, If I may but touch his garment, I shall be whole. 22But Jesus turned him about, and when he saw her, he said, Daughter, be of good comfort; thy faith hath made thee whole. And the woman was made whole from that hour.
    23And when Jesus came into the ruler’s house, and saw the minstrels and the people making a noise, 24He said unto them, Give place: for the maid is not dead, but sleepeth. And they laughed him to scorn. 25But when the people were put forth, he went in, and took her by the hand, and the maid arose. 26And the fame hereof went abroad into all that land.

    Jesus Heals Two Blind Men

    27And when Jesus departed thence, two blind men followed him, crying, and saying, Thou Son of David, have mercy on us. 28And when he was come into the house, the blind men came to him: and Jesus saith unto them, Believe ye that I am able to do this? They said unto him, Yea, Lord. 29Then touched he their eyes, saying, According to your faith be it unto you. 30And their eyes were opened; and Jesus straitly charged them, saying, See that no man know it. 31But they, when they were departed, spread abroad his fame in all that country.

    Jesus Heals a Mute Man

    32As they went out, behold, they brought to him a dumb man possessed with a devil. 33And when the devil was cast out, the dumb spake: and the multitudes marvelled, saying, It was never so seen in Israel. 34But the Pharisees said, He casteth out devils through the prince of the devils.

    Romans 8:38-39

    38For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come, 39Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

    • Paul Anthony

      Gregory. I am holding off criticism on Trump regarding Economy or Markets and bank issues until the rest happens. What he does during the reset and what he does after is where he gets Ultimate Victory IF he deserves it.

      My 2 cents (if it’s even worth that)

      • Greg Hunter

        You have to realize Trump walked into office with a $20 trillion deficit and surprise!!! $21 trillion missing from the DOD and HUD. He will be forced to reorganize the debt and that is going to be painful. Get ready.

        • Paul Anthony


          I understand what trump walked into. I am ready for a reset and have a supply of food and some metal and same saved cash. I am very pro Trump. 4.1 gdp everyone said would never happen. I am proud of him for that. I am just waiting and hoping he does well during a reset and after it … I think he will. I was disagreeing with Geegory mannirnos frustration with him and explaining what I think his biggest acivement might be is what he does with the debt during the coming reset. And the fiscal policies after. Love the wrap up today btw !!

  20. iwitness02

    President Trump ended one of his tweets about the media with these words:
    HONESTY WINS. How precious honesty is! Especially now that nearly all truth has been stolen, and replaced with non stop fiction. Since Trump came into office, we are seeing more truth and exposure of corruption than ever before. It is exciting and concerning at the same time.
    WNW 348 and going strong. (in this world, that is a cause of concern for our criminal law makers) No good deed goes unpunished.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you iwitness02!!

    • arthur barnes


    • Frederick

      If Trump is so big on honesty when is he going to start a new investigation of 911 as he proposed during the campaign and when will he put Hillary behind bars? When I see those two things happen I will be convinced

      • Greg Hunter

        He’s going through a failed coup at the moment. Give him time to get to it.

  21. oneno

    DEMs want to clamp-down on Internet free speech.

    The proposal alleges that the USSR tried to spread disinformation pinning the creation of AIDS to the Pentagon…

    NO! The Pentagon would never do that!

  22. arthur barnes

    Greg, I have listened to Alex Jones from time to time, although he “out there” at times for the most part his breaking news stories of the day are well done, researched, and truthful. I purposely have read some of the stories and they all check out without much slant, can’t say that for the MSM. As to him being a CIA agent as some has suggested, just keep smoking that stuff as I know you must like it!

    • This Sceptred Isle

      His stories may well be well researched but he neglects to report on certain critical areas. Controlled opposition tend to lure you in with truth, but can send truth seekers in the wrong direction by missing some important information out.

  23. Southern Girl

    When I noticed that infowars was taken down the other day I downloaded the app. I could hear Alex Jones on my phone doing his radio show. He was so made that they did this to him that he was cussing really really bad. I’m sorry I don’t think he was acting. I think they did the take down on purpose to see what people would do.

  24. K.B.

    The ounce of silver…. Very nice and thoughtful.
    Hats of to both of you.

  25. Julia

    Hi Mr Hunter: Great wrap up!! The ounce of silver was terrific! I had’t thought about the trade war being a currency reset. I think you are right about the news going to bad for a while for the Pedo’s are outed. So much going on you didn’t even have time to cover the treason of Diane Feinstein. Here is your control of the news with her controlling interest in Avid Software Management. Here is about 50 minute discussion of the “fake news” and how it works.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for mentioning Sen. Feinstein. Here is another thought. Why has mitch McConnell taken her off all of the important committees in the Senate???????

  26. flattop

    GREG: Alex Jones
    I believe the deep state has taken Alex Jones down for a purpose ( obviously ). They are now watching to see what the end result of their action will be. If it turns out to be just a lot of words and hand wringing with no action toward them, they will feel emboldened to further attack those supporting free press and free speech

    We Trumpers are growing impatient with the lack of indictments, we hear only accusations with no actions. Maybe he is waiting until after the midterms, as the coming indictments will create a firestorm from you know who.

  27. oneno

    Greg, you mentioned the subject of diversity but you didn’t mention Barbara Spectre and her group who want to fix the whiteness problem in Europe just as they have been at it for a long time in America.

  28. james wolfe

    Greg, this was not a soft coup. This traitor and all the other conspirators used the vast resources and massive surveillance power of the US government and created lying “evidence”to destroy this man. Treason by no other name.

  29. Gina M Mancarella

    Ladies and good men what few of you that are left,

    Let’s be ready to make public places a nightmare for the Manafort jury if they fail to convict. Demonstrate at restaurants, at the mall and at school and church. Wherever they dare to go, we need them to own up to any bad decisions they make ! Let the judge know that we are united in demanding justice and truth !

    • Greg Hunter

      You are proving you are a violent, commie, leftist and national socialist!

      • Shadow of Doubt

        Hey Greg,
        I can only hope that some day in the not too distant future, “the conservatives” are going to wake-up and see that we have lost playing the left’s game. “We” tolerate masked thugs and political terrorists at parades and rallies, “we” have acquiesced to unelected pencil-necked techies determining what acceptable speech is and “we” have bent over backwards or turned a blind eye as they undermine the rule of law—-let me translate what this “genteel cowardice” has gotten us, we now live in a country where people like Gina feel free to threaten, intimidate , and bully the great unwashed. SOD

        • Chip


    • Tad

      I have a straitjacket for you, Gina.

    • Jerry

      When TSHTF be sure and come to my neighborhood.

    • Justn Observer

      Gina… Are the DNC colors showing as they erect Satanic Baphomet statues in Hillary and Bill’s home state? And the DNC wanted Jesus out of their plank ? Apparently – there was a reason so many did?
      And the DNC wanted Jesus out of their plank ? Apparently – there was a reason so many did?
      These are the FACTS…about the demon-crats …unless you plan on ‘re-writing’ history Gina? Yes …denied Jesus 3 times…
      Sure would like to see the ‘insurance files’ on Weiner’s laptop…and Hillary’s ‘missing’ found emails…which seems to have gotten lost in the distraction of the Mannafort trial and Brennen lose of ‘security clearance’ narrative and the collusion meme…
      However Gina…I am with you on “demanding justice and truth’ part !
      Some good ole lynching of traitors , drug dealers, pedophiles and corrupt politicians and bankers seem in order at that…

    • RTW

      The reason you believe that there are only a few good men left is because, in your world, that’s true. In your world, everyone is consumed with hatred toward anyone who is normal and intelligent because those traits are foreign to you and your ilk and you cannot deal with it. You provide evidence of this by parroting your mentor, Maxine Waters. When you can’t put an intelligent sentence together,you resort to violence, so sad.

      • Chip

        In Gina’s world no one knows which bathroom to use… Chip

  30. H. Craig Bradley


    John Brennan, Former Director of the CIA, Jesuit Educated ( Like Gov. Jerry Brown), and a Muslim and Communist, all rolled into one. What a Crazy “personality” combination (Disorder) ! Also heard President Obama automatically excluded practicing Christians from high level Federal Jobs or Command in Intelligence and the Military and purged anyone not “on board” with Gays, Muslims, and whatever else Bwana wanted or liked.


    Now, just like Saddam Hussein after his quick defeat in the field by then General H. Norman Schwarzkopf Jr., went underground and waged a guerrilla war just like the Main Stream Media (MSM) is doing now through Fake News and lackey journalists on the Party Dole (“insurgents”). Same strategy. The “Deep State” is forever, I am afraid.

  31. john duffy

    The Catholic priesthood has been infiltrated by homosexuals. Some put the number as high as 50% in the American church. Before it was trendy to come out, the church was the perfect cover for them. The media is trying to cover up that it is sodomite problem. They keep calling it a pedohilia problem when 90% of the assaults are men on men or young teenagers. They look after and promote each other. There is a groundswell of Catholics who are disgusted and outraged and want nothing less than all the bishops to resign and want the law to prosecute them. No more bishops policing themselves. It starts with Cardinal Wuerl.

    • Greg Hunter

      They should let priests marry and have a family.

      • Sayonara

        You are exactly right. The Catholic Churches stipulating a vow to celibacy for priests absolutely defies gods primordial laws of existence:
        1. Food & Water
        2. Shelter
        3. Reproduction
        For a church to deny 3. Reproduction is an absolute invitation to encourage sexual perversion and deviation. These are the unintended consequences when theoretical stipulations defy primordial law.
        Growing up in San Francisco as a young teenager in the Irish Catholic community, you NEVER allowed your self to be alone with a Priest.. My youngest brother was kicked out of a prominent SF High School for accusing a prominent Priest of being a pedophile.
        I despise the Catholic Church as it is an Evil Empire!

      • H. Craig Bradley

        Yes Greg, and “they” should let boys be boys.

      • Diane

        You got that right Greg!

    • This Sceptred Isle

      I believe the problem dates back to the Roman empire and the Romans love for young boys.

  32. Anni

    Greg, I may be naive here. Not only is Trump aware concerning the dollar, but he has a plan. I hear rumblings he has his eye on the Federal Reserve. I believe he is like the rest of us, hates it, hates the manipulation, it’s imorality, scheming , laying, cheating methods. The Federal Reserve has a lot to answer for. You wait, I believe some day Trump will shock us all concerning the Federal Reserve. He just has to get some other things in line, then he will be free to tackle the reserve. They should be very afraid.

  33. Robert Dziok

    Excellent WNW Greg! Thank you for the TRUTH and HONEST Journalism/Reporting. It makes one feel good to hear it (even if the news is not always cheerful) in light of all the Globalist controlled MSM propaganda.

    • Greg Hunter

      No NWO Globalist propaganda here. I self funded my project and they do not have their hooks into me.

  34. Chris

    Thanks Diane, and Greg for the inspiration to open this dialogue which needed to be addressed. Paul your heart in looking out for humanity is in the right place but, I’m here to repudiate this notion that evil forces are from out of this world but, in fact nothing but Satan and his fallen troop.

  35. Jallen

    You are Bibically correct.


  36. Mike

    Alex Jones has pointed out that China is behind the censorship push. Think logically. Apple merges with China (to get zero corporate tax) and Tim Cook of Apple leads the charge for censorship. Apple programs the iPhone to crash if a Taiwan flag emoji is used. Do you think China has a role in what is happening?

  37. Wayne

    Thank God that there is starting to be a real legal movement to rid the Church of these vile people. There needs to be a house cleaning from top to bottom. Anyone found guilty of committing the crime and/or hiding it needs to be defrocked, excommunicated and prosecuted. We Catholics have been praying long and hard for this and now finally it seems the dam may finally have some cracks forming. We are all sinners and all deserve forgiveness if we are contrite, but actions have consequences and these people deserve the full weight of the law coming down on them for what they have done, both civilly and canonically. Please pray for the healing of the victims and the conversion and contrition of the perpetrators.

    God Bless you Greg.


  38. Paige Barent

    It is important for people to understand that the current occupants of the Vatican–(i.e., the Vatican II Sect)–are not members of the Catholic Church because these men–(and those who follow them)–have publically rejected the dogma of the Catholic Faith. In fact, this sect preaches and teaches roughly 240 heresies on a daily basis. The dogma of the Church teaches that anyone–(including any claimant to the Chair of St. Peter)–who publically teaches heresy or demonstrates apostasy in the public forum is automatically severed from the body of the Church without the necessity of any formal declaration being issued–(i.e., a papal bull of excommunication). Anti-pope Francis and his wicked crew of apostate bishops, priests, prelates, cardinals, (etc) have, –through their own actions– already severed themselves from the Catholic Church. Furthermore, anyone who claims to be a Catholic–yet financially supports, condones, excuses, or turns a blind eye to the apostasy, heresy, and disgusting wickedness emanating from the hierarchy of this non-Catholic sect is also expelled from the body of the Catholic Church because according to Catholic dogma: #1) those who condone the wicked are an abomination in the eyes of God and are also engaged in wickedness; and #2) to claim that these men have jurisdiction within the Catholic Church is a denial of the Catholic Faith.

  39. eddiemd

    The healing power of the Jesus. What the world needs now, the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

  40. Robert The Zionist American Patriot Lykens

    Look out, folks, Aretha Franklin and Elvis died on the same date. It’s obvious that Big Government has declared war on celebrities.
    Everybody knows it.

    • This Sceptred Isle

      You are right Robert. No government ever tried to cover anything up or control its people through covert means.

  41. Gina M Mancarella

    To all concerned Americans … We need to Rock the Vote in November !

    Jay Z and Beyonce ! Please pool your talents with Lebron James to help put a stop to Trumps outrageous regime ! We can do it !

    • Greg Hunter

      What are the democrats offering for a platform??? Universal Basic Income, suppression of free speech and other Constitutional rights, higher taxes, violence and national socialism??

    • Diane

      No Gina…you can’t do it

    • RTW

      Out of all the people out there, these are the 3 you come up with? Here’s some advice, take the barrel back for a refund because you’ve reached the bottom.

  42. Steve

    Sorry Greg, but I still must comment (like last week, and like I have been saying for several months now) that I do not believe any one of political significance will ever be indicted or charged. Yes some have and will be fired, or have their security clearance revoked… But I still say that’s as far as it will go. I hope (and pray) I am wrong, and any one guilty of high crimes and/or treason be arrested, tried, and punished if found guilty. Only time will tell… But the more time goes by, the more right my opinion looks…

    • Greg Hunter

      You are wrong Steve. Indictments cometh.

  43. Steve

    Brennan is now squealing because he knows he is prison bound.

    • Greg Hunter


    • Steve

      That was not the Original Steve who replied to Greg’s reply to Steve…. I know cause I am original Steve, and I didn’t post about “squealing” and “prison bound”. But, talking about “prison bound”, 2 more people connected to the President are just that, “prison bound”. Meanwhile Imran Awan, the Pakistani IT worker (and Spy), after pleading Guilty to making false statements on loan app, is going Free, thanks to Obama appointed U.S. District Judge Tanya S. Chutkan, who said Awan had “suffered enough”, and sentenced him to three months of supervised release plus time served. Still No high profile dems going to Jail. Are we beginning to see a pattern here?

      • Greg Hunter

        There is a failed coup Steve and swamp creatures on both sides of fantasy isle are “prison bound.”

  44. Liberty

    Hi Greg,
    In my opinion you are presently one of the best who are telling the truth. Your guests seem honest and are not in the normalcy bias stage. They are realistic.
    I watch most of you video, the last one with D. Janda, J Rubino , etc… both spoke about a reset which is most probable. I really appreciate Mr Janda and Rubino and their explanation.
    The thing I don’t really agree or don’t understand on this total reset, is it will eventually benefit again the people who don’t take care, who don’t take care of their responsibilities, since this reset meant that the value of the dollar could decrease of 50% thus those who have debt will see their debt decrease but again those who have save and have been responsible are the one who will lose more. This is totally insane, immoral.
    Also, would like to mention , Mr Rubino mentioned clearly , if the elite are preparing for a revolution thus they are prepping and are aware that a social collapse might occur don’t you thing it would be appropriate to have more opinions on how people may react and how we should prepare? By the way, Greg Mannarino in one of is video, make a very good resume of the situation.

    Thank you very much for your insight.
    Ps: hope you understood my point, sorry if my English is unfortunately not perfect my first language is French.

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