Cabal Freaking Out Because of Trump – Wayne Jett

By Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release)

Legal and financial expert Wayne Jett says, “No one in history has ever stood up to the secret cabal running America the way President Trump has.” Signs abound in the mainstream media they are freaking out.   Jett says, “They are freaking out because the noose is slipping over the heads of some of them in terms of the prospects of their being tried for treason or for some other heinous crime. There are many of them. The network, I am sorry to say, goes far and deep throughout our society. . . . Many of them are doing all they can to make sure this comes to an end as soon as possible. We have a President who is actually a declared enemy of the forces that have put our Presidents in office or killed them generation after generation well back into the 19th century.”

Jett calls this a “fight to the death” between team Trump and the cabal. Jett says, “This is a death match no question about it, and I am encouraged. Compared to today and where we were in 2012 and 2016. . . . I had considerable confidence that President Trump was going to prevail. I didn’t care what the polls said. . . . There are too just too many indications that our press lies to us in whatever ways are necessary to support the ruling elite because they, in fact, are instruments of the ruling elite. . . . I can’t see how you could have a worse candidate than Hillary Clinton, but Joe Biden may be it. . . . I am optimistic.”

Jett is also an expert on the Federal Reserve. He wrote the popular book called “The Fruits of Graft,” about the Great Depression, that he says was engineered by the cabal on purpose. Jett says they will do it again because the Fed owes way more than it can ever repay. That means the dollar, at some point in the not-so-distant future, will be worthless. Jett explains, “It’s not even on the same meter. It (the Fed) is completely a sham operation, and just like every other fiat currency in history, the dollar as presently designed, is designed to fail. It’s designed to go to zero, and that’s what’s coming. What I think the President is doing is putting that off as much as he can, keeping the Fed from doing that and keeping it rolling until he can get this current account deficit down so we can come out with a gold backed currency. As soon as we get current account deficit more or less in balance, we can have a reset to a gold backed currency that is actually stable and actually designed to deliver value into the pockets of the people.”

So, how does the little guy play this? Jett says, “The key to your financial stability between this side of the chasm and the other side of the chasm is owning metals, owning gold and silver. These are most likely the types of things that will hold their real value. Therefore, on the other side of the chaos of this chasm, when you declare the present currency system has ended . . .I think the President is trying to make the period of uncertainty as short as possible between the time when the old currency dies and the new currency is in place.”

When is this going to happen? Is it before or after the 2020 Election? Jett predicts, “I think it is before the 2020 Election. I don’t think we can make it that long, especially with the global cabal trying to start a world war or trying to have a currency failure right now.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Wayne Jett.

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  1. paul ...

    Excellent guest Greg … Wayne Jett says: “No one in history has ever stood up to the … (not so secret Drug Cabal that has been running America) … the way President Trump has” … Donald Trump is a businessman (not a Drug Lord like Bush or Clinton) … so things “are” changing for the better (as long as the Drug Cabal can’t remove Trump by devious means!! … Jett also says: “The key to our financial stability between this side (of the US dollar and the other side of the re-set US dollar) is owning precious metals (i.e. gold and silver) … and silver is simply a screaming buy at current price levels below $15 dollars per ounce … it is really a gift to us from God the Father and his Son Jesus Christ (to lessen our burden and troubles when the economic collapse finally unfolds)!!

    • Rob

      Please understand that the “reset” is for the sum purpose of destroying “faith” in all fiat currencies so the masses willing “enroll” in blockchain with it’s complete control of everything a citizen, of any country, needs to function:

      Every country with a central bank is playing their part in conditioning their masses to fully comply with this global “mystery Babylon” as the city of Babylon plays hardball with Iran and North Korea till they put the neck uner the yoke of Babylon:

      Jeremiah 27:5-11 I have made the earth, the men and the beasts that are upon the face of the earth, by my great power and by my outstretched arm; and I give it unto whom it seemeth right unto me. (6) And now have I given all these lands into the hand of Nebuchadnezzar the king of Babylon, my servant; and the beasts of the field also have I given him to serve him. (7) And all the nations shall serve him, and his son, and his son’s son, until the time of his own land come: and then many nations and great kings shall make him their bondman. (8) And it shall come to pass, that the nation and the kingdom which will not serve the same Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon, and that will not put their neck under the yoke of the king of Babylon, that nation will I punish, saith Jehovah, with the sword, and with the famine, and with the pestilence, until I have consumed them by his hand. (9) But as for you, hearken ye not to your prophets, nor to your diviners, nor to your dreams, nor to your soothsayers, nor to your sorcerers, that speak unto you, saying, Ye shall not serve the king of Babylon: (10) for they prophesy a lie unto you, to remove you far from your land, and that I should drive you out, and ye should perish. (11) But the nation that shall bring their neck under the yoke of the king of Babylon, and serve him, that nation will I let remain in their own land, saith Jehovah; and they shall till it, and dwell therein.

      Our Father repeats His-story(history) first physically and then spiritually:

      1 Corinthians 15:46 Howbeit that is not first which is spiritual, but that which is natural; then that which is spiritual.

      Ecclesiastes 1:9-10 That which hath been is that which shall be; and that which hath been done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun. (10) Is there a thing whereof it may be said, See, this is new? it hath been long ago, in the ages which were before us.

      Ecclesiastes 3:15 That which is hath been long ago; and that which is to be hath long ago been: and God seeketh again that which is passed away.

      The final harvest takes place AFTER this last great alliance of the beast is finished and the separation is complete:

      • Galaxy 500

        Dude, a dollar is something you can hold in your hand. People are not going to buy into something that can be hacked and needs a government controlled internet to work.
        Maybe you will but the rest of us wont

        • Rob

          Yea and exactly what are you going to do if during the next crisis the governments of the world agree to takes away all fiat and tells you to accept their electronic currency if you want to get paid by your employer who is probably already direct depositing your check?

          History has already proven that if 50% of a country jumps on board with a policy the majority of the rest will follow just like the good little sheep they are.

          If you think the majority of this country won’t swallow an electronic currency hook, line, and sinker you are not paying much attention to how most people pay for all their stuff at Walmart :o)

        • Uncommon sense

          Partially true, but remember that most dollars are digital ergo hackable

        • paul ...

          Billionaires who own a lot of paper assets are running scared … and buying gold to protect their wealth… poor people who own a lot of debt are mot buying gold but are running hopeful that a re-set will eliminate their debt! … who should the ordinary people (who own some assets) be following? … the poor people in debt who own nothing or the billionaires who need to protect their wealth?? …

          • paul ...

            Here we are on the verge of the the Biggest Gold Bull Market in World History … and the banksters are telling people “not to buy” … is there any better buy signal then that!!! …

            • paul ...

              Perhaps people need a more “reputable bank” like Chase to tell them “not to buy silver” at any price under $50 dollars per ounce … so “they” can accumulate tons of it cheap without competition from the public driving it’s price to high … remember when the banksters tell you to buy “it is just about time to sell”!!

  2. mike

    Greg, Donald Trump has ignored most of the big promises he made in his election campaign and which won him the first office. His supporters excuse his failures by saying the deep state is bigger than we thought, and he needs more time. No, Donald Trump is like all politicians: big on promises and small on action!

    • Greg Hunter

      Your a stupid Trump Hater Mike. Off the top of my head, Trump has gotten us out of the TPP, Paris Climate Accord and the fraudulent Iran Nuclear Deal. I could go on, but you would not listen and voted for the criminal Hillary anyway.

      • Derek Sinclair

        Greg, you are right. I think most of us on the outside (incl. Trump before he was elected) have no idea how big and how international the Cabal is. We only see some of the battles he is fighting while a full scale war is happening behind the scenes. Your other guests like Dave Janda and Kevin Shipp have made this perfectly clear.

      • raymond jones

        then why dont we have the wall he does just enough to nshut every body up and then does NOTHING untill he needs to look good again….as i sais before the elction he is the most popular flase choice the american voter has ever been given and he even fooled me for a year or so… will know them by their fruits………..

        • Greg Hunter

          You can thank Paul Ryan for NO WALL. You know the weasel who was in charge of the House for the first two years of the trump Administration. The little weasel that helped flip the House to the Democrats. The little weasel Paul Ryan that worked for the Koch Brothers. The same Koch Brothers that are helping the Democrats. Don’t use the Bible to make an uninformed point.

          • Charles

            Paul Ryan was almost as bad as Pelosi.

            • Mimi

              He was WORSE that she is as he stopped of most of Pres. Trump wanted and wants to do so therefor he is a traitor to the GOP and the American people who voted Pres. Trump. And now FOX News made him one of their board members. Some at FOX News are good people but when the owners of FOX—the Murdocks…who are globalists…hire that a$$hole just shows you that you can’t trust anybody. But at least Nervous Nancy says who she is. MAGA—GO TRUMP IN 2020!!!!

        • Benevolent Dictator

          Raymond, there are 3 branches of government and Trump is but 1 of the 3. Then add in the democrat states that will block the building of the wall with court challenges on everything from zoning and planning to environmental concerns. In addition to your Bible knowledge I think you need to also learn the US Constitution and the reasoning used by its authors. With your new enlightenment, you will understand the game being played to preserve your sovereignty.

      • Jose Sanchez Gallardo

        Why hasn’t Trump repealed the income tax, why hasn’t he stopped the social media censorship, why has he not passed tax cuts that benefit the struggling lower and middle class? Tax cuts for the wealthy that do nothing for us everyday people.

        Trump is not a saint, so why do his supporters defend him like one?

        • Greg Hunter

          Why are you going out to do something to help instead of bitching on USAW????

          • Jose Sanchez Gallardo

            I am doing everything I can to help, I am a minister I run the website :
            I was not a coder and had no experience on making websites or doing any kind of programming until now, I am self taught and I went through lots of trial and error to make this website, I was not satisfied with doing drag and drop only, I needed it to be unique and fulfill its purpose, so I had to use lots of code, I am spending big money on this website and I am building it all by myself.

        • Chris in Arkansas

          I got a tax cut. Then my republican state governor gave us another 1% on top of that. When did Trump ever promise to eliminate the income tax? On the topic of social media censorship, these are private companies. We simply need to take our traffic that drives money into their coffers elsewhere.

        • Galaxy 500

          To dumb to respond too…

          • Uncommon sense

            And yet…

          • Zebedee

            You got to and too the wrong way round.

          • Frederick

            “Too” dumb but you know what Forest Gump said right?

        • Benevolent Dictator

          Jose…learn the US Constitution and the reasoning used by its authors. Trump is only 1 branch of 3; the 3 branches of government exist to diversify power to prevent a dictatorship.
          All 3 branch members have sworn to uphold the US Constitution and it is up to the citizenry to hold them accountable. Unfortunately a majority of the citizenry is derelict operating from a basis of ignorance on how to manage the government in order to preserve the liberty and rights of the citizen.
          Good luck with your new goal in wanting to preserve your rights and liberty.

      • Rscott

        You have too much faith, although Trump was better than our other choice. Gold std will never happen and your guest is wrong as well as you. You are selling hopeium and I really wish I could buy it but proof is in actions and I have not seen action that would give me true hope! By the way Greg I voted for trump but he is not the savior of the middle class. Who has been arrested???? No One not one!!!

        • Greg Hunter

          We will have to agree to disagree. You cannot have too much faith. This ios like saying you can have too much God the Father, or too much Jesus.

        • Galaxy 500

          You are the kind of person that gives up very easily and has no understanding of complexity.
          Damn, did you think Trump could issue a Royal edict?

        • uncommon sense

          The ‘intelligence’ that they relied on to nail Iran is a laughing stock. Look at this on Twitter from a Pentagon correspondent and read the comments underneath.

          Best comment: “Who wears fluorescent lifewests on a covert mission?”

          No Trump is talking about 9/11 as a distraction from this farce.

          • Greg Hunter

            What color of the life vest is not an issue in this question.

            • Uncommon sense

              Seeing as the vessels are Japanese and Norwegian should we not have the courtesy to ask them their opinion before we embark on a crusade on their behalf.

              • Greg Hunter


          • Frederick

            Uncommon Seems to me I remember a similar tactic used to promote the war in Iraq

            • Uncommon sense

              Can you remind Galaxy 500 as this entity is struggling to understand our skepticism.

              • Frederick

                Oh I’m sure he remembers ,He’s just trying hard to forget

      • smith

        Remember this about his obstruction venture, You CANNOT obstruct injustice. The whole thing is fruit of the poison tree if the FISA warrant was illegally obtained with tainted info.

      • Mike R

        This Mike R. Not to be confused with the above stupid Mike.

        Trump is easily the greatest President in modern history, taking on so many critical challenges, that a good portion of the country refuses to believe even exist. On top of that, Trump is being FALSELY accused by the most envious and incompetent politicians that have ever disgraced the congressional chambers with their presence. And the highly corrupt MSM, is aiding and abetting these false premises and accusations. Trump is GETTING THOSE IMPORTANT THINGS done for the good of our country, at a very crucial time, when we very easily could have slipped into literal 3rd world social chaos. (had Hillary been illegally put in office).

        When that didn’t happen, it was the most momentous year of my 57 years on the planet. It was generational, and a lot of terror and horror was erased from our lives. Thankfully, we wont face that scene, but the really hard work is being executed by Trump under unprecedented conditions. No President ever, has had to work under an on-going coup attempt, that just won’t stop, until Trump manages to put these traitors in prison. This WILL be one for the history books, once we are able to PURGE our highly liberal colleges of most of the current fake professors who keep lying to our children and young adults.

        • Amber


    • paul ...

      Mike … Donald Trump’s achievements are unmatched by any other leader in American history … he “is not” ignoring the big promises … these trade negotiations are designed to “balance our trade deficit” so he can bring in a gold backed US dollar … the Drug Cabal want a re-set “before we achieve balancing our trade deficit” so that we “can not” go to a gold backed currency and will keep the power in their hands by forcing us “to keep” the un-backed promissory IOU’s the Fed currently prints up out of thin air … so contrary to what you say about Trump ignoring his promises … he is fulfilling his promise to make America a healthy and strong Nation economically once again!!

      • paul ...

        And do you think the CIA controlled fake news media won’t try “to help get a war started” in every way they can … so our trade balance “can’t never be cut to zero” and therefore making sure Trump can never put America on a gold standard!! …

        • paul ...

          The Deep State controlled Main Stream Media has been talking up a potential war between China and the US for over a year now … but consider the fact that “both” China and Trump want a gold backed dollar … China knows the US “must balance it’s trade deficit with them” to go to a gold backed dollar … so it is more likely in China’s best interest “not to go to war with the US” that will explode our deficit and thus prevent “their goal” of a US gold backed dollar … so it seems Trump “has some extra leverage going for him” in the current tariff dispute with China!!

    • Freebrezer

      Mike – Yish! do you not follow the news? Take the big ticket item the wall. Trump has had everything in the book thrown at him to stop the wall. Paul Ryan’s duplicitous turn coat actions of stalling; Every elite, globalist (PIG) lawyer filing with fed judges to stop it; the MSM crying that it is a crime against humanity … etc, etc.

  3. Anthony Australia

    Thanks Greg, what an informative interview. I’d never heard of Wayne Jett before, tell you what, I’ve got plenty of reading to do this evening.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you AA!!

  4. Tom Wigand

    I’ve never heard of Mr. Jett until this interview, so cannot comment on his book or the premises he asserts.

    That said, my impression is that his book covers much of the same ground as Carroll Quigley’s “Tragedy & Hope,” and G. Edward Griffin’s “The Creature from Jekyll Island.” I cite those other books not as a slap at Mr. Jett’s book, but rather a reason that he may be on to something compelling, and his work may add material not covered in those others, or fresh analysis that complements those other works.

    I would be interested to know if anyone else has read his book, and their opinions of it.

  5. AndrewB

    Hi Greg
    Great guest – I will be buying his book. I guess his book, together with, ‘The Creature From Jekyll Island’ by G. Edward Griffin, should be sent to all ‘blue-pilled’ relatives and friends.
    Wayne mentioned a ‘small’ book written by H G Wells which sets out the plan for a neo-feudalist (my terminology) world. Could you respond with the name of the book? I would like to read it.
    Many thanks.

  6. paul ...

    You know while Demon-rats like Biden plagiarize … it takes a true “commie” like Bernie Sanders to plagiarize Joseph Stalin’s 1936 Soviet Constitution … Bernie “stole Stalin’s entire agenda” …

  7. allen ols

    greg How it impacts you depends on how far in advance you see it coming.
    What are the three specific elements of the new perfect storm I see coming for markets? Read on.
    Jim Rickards
    for The Daily Reckoning 1. The first storm is impeachment.
    2. The second storm is the 2020 election. 3. But the third storm is the most dangerous and unpredictable storm of all: Spygate. It involves accountability for those involved in an attempted coup d’état aimed at President Trump.

    • Southern Girl

      allen ols,
      Thanks for the read. Jim Rickards is a very intelligent and knowledgeable man.

  8. James

    Hi Greg,
    What was the HG Wells book your guest referred to?

  9. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter,
    Thanks for bringing on Mr. Jett.
    The discussion of the nature and history of this monstrosity that Mr. Jett calls the “cabal” has to begin somewhere. Unfortunately, Mr. Jett “begins” everywhere. I felt that he only alluded to many ugly facts that need to be believed in order for someone to believe his general thesis. Still, I don’t know how to do it better in such a short timeframe. No doubt, he does a more thorough job in his book.
    Although, IMO, Mr. Jett is correct in general outline, there is a critical mass of detail that has to be convincingly explained before the essential truth of the nature of the cabal can become widely believed. That is, I think, because so much of the truth is contrary to the narrative and mythology in which we have been immersed for much more than a century. Getting red-pilled is a sometimes painful experience.
    As an aside, I do not think it necessary that all of his assertions be correct in order to establish the essential truth of his account of modern history.

    • K.Wayne

      Even a solitary Book would not be adequate to sufficiently explain the detail that you and many others may require to “believe”. It would require multiple Volumes and copious amount of time. The many ugly facts the Jett alluded to are researchable. I can attest to many of them as being factual. I don’t necessarily agree with everything he said (for the record) but the main thrust is true.
      I sense that you already are supportive of his thesis in general, but qualify that with an unnecessary request for expansion of the detail….. so that the masses can comprehend and believe. Are you a academic/scholar of sort?
      The masses have no time, resource or inclination to acquire the required knowledge of history.
      Concurrently our education system is bereft of any modicum of real history….certainly nothing of any value which would negate all that is taught previously. The thought shaping by TPTB of the masses is abundantly amplified as it is perverse.

      • William Stanley

        Hi, K.,
        I think I garbled the point(s) I wanted to make. Indeed, I didn’t even touch on the main point I had in mind. Let me try again.
        It seems to me that many of us need to really see and believe at a gut level a few of the dots before we are willing to see and connect more of them. Although I have been vaguely aware for decades of many examples of “the cabal’s” work, I wasn’t sure of myself and didn’t tightly connect the dots. Sure, the lead up to WW II, Vietnam, JFK’s assassination, 9/11, US foreign policy generally, the continuing massive US trade and budget deficits, and the handling of “The Great Recession” were all highly suspicious to me, even suggestive of common roots. Still, I didn’t meaningfully connect the dots. To do so would require belief that many of our institutions and “leaders,” including the press, were evil. I would be labeled “paranoid.”
        Then I saw some of the news reporting concerning the “incident” at Sandy Hook. My gut instincts rebelled. Only then was I motivated enough to go back and study and reassess — with more attention to more of the details — so many other things.
        So it was emotion and gut instinct about a single highly-debated “incident” that opened my mind. I assume others may have to start from a similar place.
        I find it fascinating that many here cite some phenomena which I think are entirely erroneous to support more general conclusions with which I entirely concur. How ironic it would be if my gut instincts were wrong about the incident that opened my intellect to the possibility of the overall multiplicity of dots and connections which — in general form — seem so apparent in hindsight.

        • K.Wayne

          I’m glad that you made the point about connecting the dots.
          I have spent countless hours, days, weeks, months….. on end, over numerous years, wading, sifting through endless accounts of historical events and facts. Piecing together the puzzle.
          In my mind only a small minority are willing or capable of this process. Most will stop at the gut level reaction after having made a connection of a few dots and remain comfortable there although maybe slightly agitated. The element of being “labelled” comes with knowing just a little too much and this dissuades any further study or investigation.
          An inquisitive mind however derives motivation….which is a necessity to uncovering, drawing back the curtains and opening many doors – to this underworld of crime and what I label as a betrayal of the human race.
          To me this quest or thirst for knowledge of the real history is not dissimilar to discovering the Tomb of the young Egyptian King Tutankhamun. Unfortunately there is no road map detailing every point of reference. It’s a riddle / poem that can have many interpretations and lead you in many different directions.
          In essence you must possess the ability to question what has been forcefully taught and trained and continually reinforced by those that seek to create false history. Once you open that door you will discover an entirely different world. Perhaps this is not directed to you but others who may be reading this.
          To this day I have not completed the puzzle. I have an unquenchable thirst, so my quest continues.
          I ask you this question ….Why did you state “lead up to WWII ” as a reference point. Is that the beginning of your journey?

          • William Stanley

            As a boy I was interested in military flying and came across the story of the Flying Tigers. Even as a child, I found that situation pretty strange.

            • K. Wayne

              Thanks for that response.
              Your first encounter with distorted reality gave you the impetus to interrogate matters that “in your gut” didn’t seem quite right. Bravo.
              Allow yourself to travel back a little bit further in time/history…perhaps a review of events in the history of the planet that transpired in the 20,000-3,000 BC period.
              A cursory glance at the Ancient Sumerian/ Babylonian and Egyptian civilisations. Something in there may pique your interest. All is not lost and buried or forgotten. Some things not so obvious and yet are standing in plain sight. Mathematics has always intrigued me.
              With many dark forces controlling the people of planet Earth, is it any wonder that what we have been educated to accept, may not be true.

        • paul ...

          William … here is a map with some dots on it … showing how many people the Demon-rats have killed to accomplish their agenda (change the nation’s gun laws) … … the Republican neocons kill us on a much bigger scale (9-11) to accomplish their agenda (bring us to war)!!

  10. paul ...

    It’s not just the CIA Deep State neocons “trying to extinguish humanity” by selling suitcase nukes to terrorists … but in the past 250 years nearly 600 plant species have gone extinct do to the actions of man (according to a study published Monday in Nature Ecology & Evolution) … scientists found that the extinction rate of plants is 500 times faster than what would be expected to occur naturally without human intervention … so with suitcase nuclear weapons now being given to terrorists by the CIA … I think we can finally say we have reached “peak insanity”!!

    • paul ...

      Whom God the Father and his Son Jesus Christ would destroy … they will first make mad … and the mad (insane) neocons are “trying everything” they can to start a war … so out budget will explode and Trump won’t be able to bring the trade deficit down … therefore … stopping the US from going on a gold standard (that will take away the power of the banksters)!! …

    • iwitness02

      And here I am praying for peak righteousness. I better drink water and march on. The journey is not over. We can hope together, that we have reached peak insanity, as a nation and as a world. Keeping in mind we are up against a ruthless adversary. There is some sort of scientific theory, that suggest the act of observation can change the out come of a given activity. Well here’s looking at you kid. (the glow bull cab bull, and all their boo sht.) Humility is not their strong suit.

  11. Anthony Australia

    There was an old man who I met in Asia decades ago, nearly all of the seaside village called him a loon. He once mentioned to me, on an early morning walk, that the Rothschild banks controlled everything. For some reason it always stuck in my mind, I can still picture his face today.

    • iwitness02

      I had a similar experience in the early 80s. I was delivering groceries from the warehouse to the supermarket for a large grocery chain. I got to know an elderly homeless man that was a regular dumpster diver at this particular store. He was far more intelligent and better informed than I was. I still remember such a man of peculiar circumstance. I would bring him stuff like a small sewing kit or clothes. Then one day he wasn’t there anymore.

      • iwitness02

        Emil. I couldn’t remember his name. Then it came to me. Emil.

  12. mal

    Hi Greg,
    Back in 1933 Roosevelt issued his famous executive order banning private ownership of gold. People turned in their gold and were compensated with dollars deemed to be worth about 1/21th of an ounce of gold. As soon as the government got all the gold Roosevelt issued another executive order. “Oh, by the way America, you know all those 1/21th of an ounce dollars we just paid you for your gold? Well now they’re only worth 1/35th of an ounce”. Then the government paid the fed to print up a whole bunch of new dollars to compensate for the devaluation and within a matter of a few months they had all the gold and stole back 40% of the dollars they had just paid for it. In 1971 the fed ordered Nixon to “temporarily” close the gold window. There was perhaps 5 times the amount of currency in circulation that adherence to the 1/35th of an ounce gold standard would have allowed.In a short time the 1/35 of an ounce dollars were reset to about 1/200th of an ounce of gold. The money creation has continued and exploded under QE. The current 1/1300th of an ounce dollar will necessarily be reset to , oh say, 1/5000th of an ounce. In 1933 the money printing followed the devaluation. In 1971 the money printing preceded the devaluation. It appears that the money printing has preceded the devaluation again.

    • Greg Hunter

      In 1986 President Reagan started the gold (and silver) Eagle program. This means private citizens could own physical gold ever since.

  13. Uncommon sense

    Don’t think so. If that were the case he would have been JFK’d a while ago. Why has he employed all those NeoCons and why are we following a NeoCon agenda the? Agree with him on Biden. Cannot believe Democrats put up such a weak candidate as Biden. Doesn’t matter the elite will get their war anyway.

    • uncommon sense

      As the vessels that were attacked are Japanese and Norwegian would it not be appropriate to wait for the conclusions from those governments first, before the American and British have their say?

  14. (Rev) Andrew de Berry

    This is another brilliant interview Greg. I love your guest and what’s more I love his optimism which reminds us all that God the Father is firmly in charge!
    Continued blessings, Andrew UK

  15. H. Craig Bradley


    I am sure a number of Federal Government Insiders (a.k.a. “Deep State”) are indeed worried about their careers or future as long as President Trump is on-board. The “weak hands” like investors when the market goes way down, will no doubt bolt for the door or exit and depart. That is good. However, a larger number of these insiders will just scurry about like rats when the lights are turned on. Those are the big rats and they have been around a long time through many administrations. Keep in-mind the biggest rats did not get big being stupid either.

    Proving treason or arresting them is theoretically what should happen if in fact what they did was a statuary criminal offense and can be proven in a court of law at trial. We know few cases actually go to trial and of course, the government could lose their case. Its happened before with alleged insider trading. Hard to prove.

    The other matter of concern is the apparent possibility we no longer have Rule of Law, at least at the very top of government. The political elites are immune to prosecution or consequences and get to remain free (keep their money and perks). So, if this be the case, we are now a government of men, not of law when only one side obeys the laws of the land. This is where we are as a nation. Two sets of rules: one for the one percent and one for all the rest of us. This is inherently unstable and may lead to a dictator or strongman as President, possibly even a president for life.

    • uncommon sense

      Why won’t you respond to me Jimmy – I have feelings!!!

  16. al

    What I got out of this is the following:
    The Global elite’s time is up. Whether Trump or by bloody revolt, they are being dismembered and obliterated. I believe it’s an inevitable and natural response to a tyrannical power structure.
    They almost got taken out in the 1700s when there was a Worldwide revolt against the ruling class, so they went in to hiding and changed their tactics.
    The Internet, the Trojan horse to the elite, will not allow them to hide this time, and as for their tactics, they will be divulged and fought against until they are all extinguished.


  17. Ivan

    Communism Versus Freedom: The Strategy for Taking Over the Democratic Party
    The Brains Behind AOC Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

    • Southern Girl

      Thanks for the links was truly informative!

  18. Jack Kelly

    Great guest Greg,
    Here in Europe we have similar issues. Only a small number of people can see through the fog but it’s beginning to clear.
    I wondered for a while about President Trumps attitude to Venezuela as it’s clear the cabal want to get its hands on the oil and Maduro is in the way. Interesting that its all gone quiet there at the moment and the US military has backed off. When President Trumps children toured the West of Ireland last week, they received a massive welcome – I think the ordinary people suspect he’s on their side despite the propaganda against him. Well done again. Keep up the good work.
    J in Ireland

  19. Edo, Slovensko

    I hope that exist good will, maybe also in prezident Trump.

  20. Joe Messineo

    Greg, you will not be able to post this comment on your site. It will contain too much truth. But it is important that you hear it. . . . (This is Greg Hunter, and I cut off this comment. Hey joe, your “Truth” is nothing more that total Jew Hating. You equate Rothchild bankers to being the same as all Jews. They are NOT, but you are the same as every other Jew hater who wants to hide his hate as truth. Don’t comment here. Got it?

  21. Andrew Maggard

    The Key expressed within this interview relies upon President Trump continuing to fulfill his term as President of the United States. An assassination attempt or an outright assassination will bring about a reaction from the public that neither the deep state or the Washington political establishment has yet to grasp. The Washington insiders are out of touch with the general sentiment felt and expressed by the majority of the Trump Supporters and have yet to comprehend the growing groundswell prompted by the recognition by the people of the corruption within the Washington Establishment.
    The establishment would be well advised to pray for the safety of the President and his immediate family.

  22. Rachel

    Thank you Greg for interviewing people with the courage and knowledge to be able to give us such a profound understanding of the true nature of the motives behind the mechanisms that control our economies of the world. Bless you.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Rachel for your comment and kind words of support for USAW!!!

  23. Da Yooper

    Wow ……..Greg ……I have watched & listened to you from the beginning & this has to be the most important interview you have EVER done …….Bravo …..Outstanding….. Good job.

    Please have Wayne back maybe in the fall ???

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Yooper!

  24. Jerry

    The cabal takedown is ongoing.

    My contact has confirmed to me that this is the tip of the iceberg, and that there are many more arrest fourthcoming. It is no surprise that the Luciferians are involved with child traficing and pedophilia. You know your scriptures. Who did Jesus the Christ say are the elite in heaven? I suspect that the cabal is intertwined with not only filth on this level, but banks as well. Do you remember the money changers driven out of the temple by Christ? Who do you think they worked for? What better way to control the world than by through money? As far as a new world order? That has been Lucifer’s dream since the beginning. To reign on this earth as sovereign king, and to have the masses bow down before him.

    But guess what? You know how this movie ends. In the end, just like Judas, he is laying the groundwork to finish our lords work. Lucifer can play all the games he wants, but at the end he is toast. Literally!
    Make sure you have your fire insurance paid up, by going to church and paying your tithing.

    God bless Greg. This is your best interview. I say that, and then you turn around and raise the bar again.

    • Mike R

      Since the Clinton foundation was heavily involved in the child trafficking, for horrific reasons that will be obvious later after their trials, none of us can rest, until the indictments of the Clintons actually occur. They will occur, of that I have no doubt.

    • Stan

      I just shorted more gold

      • Greg Hunter

        And you are killing it with DB stock up to $7.08. Killing it!!!

        • K. Wayne

          Greg….Stop it…… the laughing is starting to hurt. 😉

  25. paul ...

    Ever wonder why the banksters who get almost free money from the Fed … won’t lend it out to Americans … but will lend it out to Canadians (creating a massive real estate bubble up north)? … the reason the banksters would rather lend money out to Canadians “is because they are better debt slaves” then Americans … from the chart below it shows (unlike Canadians) Americans will more readily default on their credit card debts, home and car loans and/or claim bankruptcy (then the Canadians do)!! …

  26. andyb

    Greg: Wayne is an excellent researcher and he raised many important issues in your conversation. As to the eventual backing of gold for the USD. I wonder where the supply to back the gold will come from. There are many top financial analysts that claim our 8000 tons is long gone, stolen by Clinton and Rubin, leased never to return, or hypothecated to a fare-thee-well. If that is indeed true, then the gold that the FED claims to hold on its balance sheet must be the proven reserves, yet unmined, of the gold located on federal lands, such as in Nevada or Idaho.

    “oh what a tangled web we weave…………”

    h/t Wm Shakespeare

    • Mike R

      Nixon wrongly took us off gold, and unleashed unprecedented currency debasement. We have a VERY false US stock market because of this. If Trump can somehow get us back on some form of a standard, it will be a miracle. Quite painful initially, but truly a miracle.

    • William Stanley

      No matter how small, the supply of gold does not present a hinderance to going on a gold standard IF the government really wants to. It just has to set a fair price for gold in terms of dollars.
      For example, say the Treasury has only 1,000,000 ounces of gold and there are 20 trillion dollars of money supply (not to be confused with US government debt) outstanding. Then (assuming away the Fed) if the Treasury were willing to buy and sell gold at, say, $20 million per ounce there would be plenty of gold to fully “back” the money supply . . . at least for awhile (actually forever, if the fiscal and “trade” deficits were eliminated and more dollars were not created).
      I know that I would be willing to exchange at least half my gold right now if I were offered $20 million per ounce. Once hyperinflation really gets going, I might get more cautious.

      • K. Wayne

        Is it any wonder why the Gold Cartel and the MSM do not want the Public to own Gold?
        Price gets reset only after the CB’s have achieved their quotas and totally decimated the PM interest. That way only the Banks get the benefit of the increase.
        Re-visiting the last gold -dollar revaluation – the Public were required to hand over their gold BEFORE a Revaluation occurred.
        This time around that wont happen because they have convinced the public /investors at large, to avoid buying it.
        Relatively straight forward tactic.

  27. Liberty

    Thank you very much Greg. This was an amazing interview. I never heard about Wayne Jett. This man explain very well, your questions as always were perfect.

    Could you explain if it’s possible this reset effect?
    I am a little confuse concerning the debt effect.
    Example: The person or states having debts, will those be wipe out? The value of their debt will be less since the currency will be reset or they still be owing the debt amount but the currency value to pay back the debt will be worth less so the person or states will need more “money” to pay it back, is this the correct way to understand it?
    Ex: Person having 100,000$ of debt
    When the reset occur, this debt will still be $100,000 but in order to pay back this debt with real currency the person will need a lot more since the value of the dollar will have been decrease. Is this correct?

    I listen to all your interview on this with Bill Holter , Jim Sinclair but never quite clearly understand the mechanism behind it.

    Best Regards

    • William Stanley

      Here’s my take: we don’t know exactly what form a “reset” might take.
      Nevertheless, I think it safe to assume that — at worst — any debts that you owe will be repayable with the present type of money, e.g., dollars. So, no, you will not have to repay your debt with more valuable money. Indeed, you may find that “old” money (present dollars) will be very easy to obtain at a very low price in exchange for the “new type” of money. Then you could use the “new type” of money to buy the “old type” (dollars) and pay off your dollar-denominated debt with it. You will like that. They guy to whom you owe the debt will get hurt, not you.
      However, to the extent that “old money” (dollars) is/are owed to you — say via a pension or social security — you won’t be able to buy very much with it. That’s how you will get slammed.

      • William Stanley

        A similar type of reset could involve exchanging all present dollars for the “new” dollars at an exchange rate that leaves you less well off. At the same time all “debt” would, by decree, be reduced by a stated percentage — including social security payments and pensions. People who are owed money payments will become poorer.

  28. Daniel H Benson

    This guy is a plant or the globalists or he is in lala land
    They are not freaking out.
    They want war.
    They want chaos.
    They want a financial collapse.
    They want civil war.
    All of this is playing out as they planned decades ago

    • Greg Hunter

      And you know you are right how?

      • Micheal

        And your right that God exists how? Can you show me a picture? He made man in his image correct? Please show me that image… thanks

        • Greg Hunter

          Read the Bible. I don’t have a “Dick and Jane” explanation for you with pictures. What, are you 5 years old?

          • Frederick

            And how do we know for sure that the Bible is anything but a creation of some people to placate the Christian masses I for one an not convinced Not an atheist but not a believer in organized religion of any denomination

            • Greg Hunter

              How do you know it’s not God’s word?

              • Frederick

                Greg, I don’t know one way or the other I’m just questioning it

    • NC Gal

      “They are not freaking out.
      They want war.
      They want chaos.
      They want a financial collapse.
      They want civil war.
      All of this is playing out as they planned decades ago.”

      I agree on those points. I am still not sure about Trump and where he fits in all of this. I am waiting to see actions on his part that will convince me that he really IS going to “drain the swamp.” So far, nada.

      • paul ...

        NC Gal … It’s difficult for Trump to “drain the swamp” and rid the government of all the swamp strongmen placed in powerful positions by the “Drug Crime Lords” who took over and had control of the Presidency of the United States of America (i.e. Bush Sr., Bush Jr., and Clinton) for a combined total of about twenty years (and gave us 9-11, the Afghan war, Iraq war, Libya, Syria, Ukraine, etc., etc., etc.) … Trump is probably going to need a little more time … he has a very very big mess to clean up!!

  29. Chip

    Great interview Greg! Chip

    • Chip

      The rabbit hole is indeed MUCH deeper than any of us realize… Chip

  30. gregd

    A great guest and a great interview. It renews my thoughts that what needs to be done will be done. My trust in Trump is back. Happy fathers day!

  31. Cole Davis

    Awesome! I am greatly encouraged. The truth matters. After listening to Mr. Jett, I am reminded of this video of President Trump – everyone should watch this regularly to remind themselves of what we must pray for:
    We are in a battle between evil and truth. Jesus said, “And this is the judgment, that the light has come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than the light; for their deeds were evil. For everyone does evil hates the light, and does not want to come to the light, lest his deeds should be exposed. But he who PRACTICES THE TRUTH comes to the light, that his deeds may be manifested as having been wrought in God.” John 3:19-21
    Greg, thank you for loving the Spirit of Truth…

  32. Jay

    On the evening of President Trumps inauguration alone he probably did more good for America than all of the other Presidents in my half century plus lifetime put together just undoing Obama executive orders. And he appears to have done more good than other presidents of this century and last by far. Possibly even Reagan.
    Is he perfect? No.
    Are we set up for the grandest of all delusions thinking of him a as deliverer? Possibly.
    Does America with all of its feminists, babykillers and homosexuals have a chance? Probably not.
    Should we pray for our President as God commanded? Absolutely.

  33. Robert E. Salt

    You heard what he said about Andrew Jackson. Abraham Lincoln was selected by the cabal to destroy state sovereignty. He destroyed much more than that with the Civil war. John Wilkes Booth came on the scene much too late. This demonstrates how perverted our history is.

    Civilizations come in cycles, and technology has a lifespan. Native Americans and the Chinese had healthy lifestyles. The British built a railroad from Shanghai to Peking. The Chinese disassembled it and let it rust because it didn’t agree with their lifestyle. They were eventually forced to accept technology in order to compete with the West. Technology brings about centralization. Centralization puts control into the hands of a select few (same is true of socialism as opposed to a free market system). The few become very powerful. Power corrupts and the corruption spreads like a cancer destroying everything. Survivors will run around with spears and loin cloths to restart the cycle. We’ve reached a point in the cycle where everything is beginning to be destroyed. Certain world leaders have been cracking down on the corruption in order to extend the cycle. Whether it can be extended two generations or many more remains to be seen. Native Americans never developed technology. They were overwhelmed with immigration.

  34. Neil B

    Greg, I think I just found my summer book. This interview resonates too loudly and, in my view, extends wholly to Canada too. Is there a Canadian Trump cousin? We need one in October. Thanks for the does of real news.

    • Greg Hunter


      It’s a good one and Jett says the Fed is going to try to pull a repeat of the Great Depression –again!!!!


      • Glen

        “Jett says….. repeat of depression”
        Gosh, is it not as clear as an HD color video with surround sound?
        I recommend for background a short (approx 50 page0 PDF) or the 6 buck Amazon book “Billions for the Bankers, Debts for the people” by Sheldon Emory, for a succinct explanation of our debt slavery and the end game track we are on.

  35. L. Carter

    This was one of the most revealing and eye opening interviews you have ever done, Greg.
    So many questions that I have held for so long were cleared up by Wayne Jett. The
    panic displayed by the Dems is the panic the Cabal feels. You will have many followup
    interviews to make clear what is happening and why.
    Thanks, Larry

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Larry!

  36. Sylvia Sterling

    Wayne Jett is telling so much truth, it just boggles my mind. Everything I have ever
    heard about the Global Cabal from Andrew Jackson on down to today has been covered.
    I plan on buying his book for reference.
    Thanks so much for having him on USA Watchdog.

  37. tim ziegler


    I could not agree more with what your guest has said. Clear, concise and to the point so that everyone can understand and what needs to be done. Thank you Greg.

  38. Justn Observer

    Greg, Great to see Mr. Jett,,, big fan …love is books especially Fruits of Graft and his offerings on Sarah Westall … Thanks Greg and Mr. Jett !

  39. NC Gal

    Once again, we have an otherwise intelligent analyst saying that the cabal is “scared,” and that Trump is fighting the cabal “like no other President in history.”

    I’m sorry, but when I see Trump coming out in support of making war with Iran over yet another false flag (remember how we got into Vietnam over the alleged Gulf of Tonkin incident, which was much later admitted to be false?), I have to agree that Trump is playing both sides and is what Brandon Smith referred to as “controlled opposition.”

    I don’t think the cabal is scared (nor does Smith). I think everything is proceeding according to their long-term plans, at least for now, except for the messiness of the current scattered (but not organized) opposition to what they want to do. I suggest reading Smith’s analysis at before concluding that Trump is really opposing the cabal.

    I agree that Hillary would have been terrible and a great victory for the cabal, but I also agree with those who understand that our alleged two-party system is in reality only one party, funded and run on both sides by that same cabal and those in their employ.

    I will remain skeptical until I see actual evidence to the contrary. IF I ever see the likes of the Clintons, Bushes, and the Obamas brought to justice for their treasonous and criminal acts, then and ONLY THEN will I be convinced that Donald Trump is actually DOING anything about the cabal.

    I am not a Trump hater. I just don’t believe he is the warrior or savior that some people seem to think he is. He squarely backs the military’s position regarding the recent tanker incident, even though there are strong reasons to suggest it was yet another engineered event (false flag) designed to continue to implement the US regime change policies that began to be carried out under the Bushes and Clintons and are still being carried out now, under Trump.

    And I am not convinced that, once the cabal gains total control through THEIR engineered reset, anyone will be able to cash in their precious metals without being severely penalized except through some kind of black market. Once the cabal succeeds in putting a single, global cyber-currency in place, that will be the only means of exchange that will be possible and legal. Everything else will be outlawed under that means of control.

    Trump’s window for action is NOW. If he does not fully prosecute these criminals NOW, he will never prosecute them. The clock is ticking on Agenda 2030, and 2020 is a key benchmark in that process. 2020 is going to be an interesting and tumultuous ride. I do agree with Jarret that this is a battle to the death between those who would rule and those who do not want to be ruled, but I am highly skeptical that Trump is going to do anything that will effectively stop the cabal from gaining total control, at least for a while.

    There is a higher power at work here, and one of the fruits of these times is that people everywhere will have many opportunities to consider their values and priorities. I am on the sidelines, watching it all play out, because I don’t have the personal resources to do anything else. I expect there to be a lot of death and dying and I shudder when I think of those innocent young men and women about to be sacrificed in various wars, in order for those in power to preserve their agenda, but there it is. I will be very surprised if Trump brings in anything but more chaos, and I think his backing of the military is his biggest “tell” (to use a poke term) as to where he is really aligned.

    • Greg Hunter

      How do you know it was a false flag? Granted, it might be, but how do you know it was in fact a false? Fact is you don’t know this for a fact, and either does anybody else. It’s Always America’s fault first? No other evil in the world?

      • NC Gal


        What I actually said was “… there are strong reasons to SUGGEST it was yet another engineered event (false flag) designed to continue to implement the US regime change policies that began to be carried out under the Bushes and Clintons and are still being carried out now, under Trump.” However, since Iran is one of the last on the list for regime change and how this tanker event was part of an ongoing process of rattling sabers at Iran (there were at least 3-4 days of anti-Iran rhetoric coming forth from members of the current administration BEFORE the tanker incident took place), it goes back to the saying, “If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, etc. … then it probably IS a duck.”

        What Brandon Smith said about the plans of the elite/cabal fits with what I have learned about them and how they operate. Trump talked a lot about pulling out of Afghanistan, didn’t he? And when push came to shove, he backed down and the CIA still has their poppy source intact.

        Actions speak louder than words ever can. I would LIKE it very much if Trump actually took these criminals out of action and hung the traitors for treason. Prison is too good for them and we would have to pay for their room and board, to add insult to injury. However, what Brandon Smith said in that article fits what is happening before our eyes. I learned a long time ago to base my beliefs on evidence, not projections of what I would like to see, and right now, I see that Trump is playing the war card, which says to me he is part of and working for the aims of the cabal.

        Remember how many times Gerald Celente said, “When everything else in the economy fails, they take you to war”? Well, the real economy is failing, the debt is unpayable, and now Trump is dancing to the military’s tune and trying to take us into war with Iran.

        The world is very unstable right now and there are lots of dominoes ready to fall. When one tips over, it will pull down the next, and so it will go. All of this has been predicted and it’s coming to pass before our eyes. Remember that Tribulation has to PRECEDE the “second coming” and we are standing on the threshold now. If prophecy is to be fulfilled, then Trump is playing HIS part in creating the conditions that will fulfill it.

        • Greg Hunter

          President Trump has gotten the USA out of the TTP, Paris Climate Accord and the Iran Nuke (Total unsigned fraud) Deal. These were all top projects of the NWO Deep State. Give him a break as he’s been under constant attack from the beginning. What are you doing to help? Complaining on USAW???

          • NC Gal

            Yes, I agree with all of that, which is why I remain skeptical regarding Trump, rather than just dismiss him as a pawn or associate of the cabal, like I did with the Bushes, Clintons, and Obama. He has done SOME THINGS that I feel shows he is working against what the cabal wants to happen, but it’s his actions regarding the wars that the elites/cabal want to take place that makes me question where he is really coming from.

            John Rubino (a guest on your site) just posted an article on zerohedge with HIS thinking about this tanker incident being a probable false flag (

            This is what puzzles me most about Trump. On the one hand he seems to be opposing the elites’ “New World Order” plans and yet he was so quick to jump on the bandwagon about war against Iran (one of countries that were identified for regime change back in the Bush era by no less than General Wesley Clark ( that I have to be skeptical about his true motives and his strange relationship with our military.

            I am not complaining at all. I am just voicing my skepticism about the Fed being “scared,” “petrified” and other words that many on this site have used in their analyses, and along with that, I am skeptical that Trump will be the savior of this country that many on this site also seem to believe.

            I applaud everything you are doing to educate people about the truth of our current situation as a country and as a planet (e.g. Dane Wiggington). It’s just that I felt I had to insert my own views (and those of Smith in his article) because that’s how I understand the elites/cabal operate.

            FWIW, I did the book production for the late William Cooper on his last published book (“Oklahoma City: Day One”) about what really happened in Oklahoma City (which was the first false flag event to attack our habeas corpus provisions in the Constitution, the second being 9/11) and Cooper knew more about how the elites operated than anyone else at the time. Before he was killed in a sting operation, he correctly predicted what would later happen in the Los Angeles riots and I learned a lot from him.

            I also was the editor for the FIRST edition of David Icke’s “… and the truth shall set you free,” which was Icke’s first attempt to expose who was who in the elites’ zoo, including Al Gore, who later became the poster child for the fake climate change agenda. I was living in New Mexico at the time and was aware of the experiments being conducted in Albuquerque in an attempt to develop the chip that Nick Rockefeller had told Aaron Russo about, so I have been watching this unfold for many years, much longer than you have been running this site.

            It is precisely because I have had so much information come to me personally that I recognize the value of what you are doing here. I just feel that Trump is a puzzle and one that may not be easily figured out. However, what I think or believe will only be validated or not through the passage of time, so we will all have to wait to see how this plays out over a longer time period.

            At the moment, MY expectations are that we will soon be at war, possibly in more than one location, and that a financial collapse will follow, as has been suggested by Bill Holter, among others. And further, that the financial collapse will provide the environment for the elites/cabal to step forward to provide their “solution” to the “problem” that they created (the Hegelian dialectic), which will take the form of their having total control and will probably be through their implementation of some kind of cryptocurrency that gives that total control over nearly everything.

            • Steve Bice

              Remember, we are also operating under extraordinary measures since we hit the debt ceiling on March 1st. It is appalling that something so important can fall completely off the radar. Politicians of all stripes have abdicated their responsibilities…and the media is complicit for not holding them accountable. When the debt ceiling is inevitably raised, there will be a surge in the debt to cover the unfunded period from March to September. Your dollars are being eviscerated. It happens slowly…until it doesn’t. Not good…


              The article vastly understates the problem in my view. If a) confidence fails…since the dollar is backed by nothing other than taxing authority and debt; or b) China dumps treasuries; or c) war breaks out, nothing the congress is currently obsessing over will matter. We are Nero…

              Congressional benefits should be tied to a balanced budget. No budget, no benefits.

          • Uncommon sense

            He has gotton you out of those things and into world war III

        • Galaxy 500

          Hi Fellow NC resident,
          Should he say that we won’t do anything to the World’s Largest State Sponsor of Terror?
          Tell them that everything is off the table and they can try to take what they want in the Middle East?
          Because that appears to be what you are saying. It is better for Trump to keep them guess just like Reagan did. The Soviets bankrupted themselves at a faster rate doing Starwars related research and entering Afganistan.
          PS If you checked you can find that the Iranians did this. There is video of them removing unexploded ordnance in broad daylight. So I hope you have rethought the false flag BS.
          I agree with you 100% that if Trump does not bring these people to justice soon, it may not happen at all.
          If 5% of the crap people call false flags were, the world would be over a few decades ago. Just ask the Wingnut Alex Jones that kept on about Sandy Hook being actors. People that lost children and love ones didn’t take too kindly to that. And they sued and won. That is the first point for the wingnut to concede is that there are plenty of witness and records that call Horse Hockey on the actors pretending. If it was actors, Jones could have proved it in court

          • paul ...

            So Galaxy 500 … we have The World’s Largest State Sponsor of Terror in a wrestling match with the World’s Largest State Sponsor of Drugs … we the American people are doing our part to rid ourselves of the Drug King Pins who were ruling America for the last 20 years (we elected Trump) … now it is up to the Iranian people to do their part to rid themselves of their Terrorist King Pins … it is up to the good people in America and the good people in Iran to rid the world of both Drugs and Terrorism … we need to realize that there are “evil neocons” in all governments of the world looking for ways to make a profit off the killing od women and children … this is not “a simple black and white” thing (Good Nation against Bad Nation) … such stereotyping is how wars are started … we must all try to be a little more sophisticated in our political analysis and know that bad people exist everywhere (and so do good people)!!

          • Uncommon sense

            That is too stupid to be stupid Sherlock. Did it ever occur to you that the Iranians might be responding to a distress call?

          • Mickleback

            Yes, you are right, of course. US ‘intelligence’ is never wrong and we should rush into a war without stopping to verify it – just like last time!

      • Frederick

        Greg I love America as much as anyone butgiven our lousy track record it would seem that it’s a real possibility I wish we could get back to the fundamentals spelled out in the constitution That would be great for future generations of Americans because the path were on is unsustainable for sure

  40. Keith

    Greg have listen to you for awhile now. I have made mention of this in the past. Perhaps you could get Ted Butler on to talk about the manipulation in the gold and silver market one day.

  41. George

    Great interview Greg. It’s so frustrating to me that most Americans are not aware that the Federal Reserve is not part of the Federal government and that it is working at cross purposes to the American people. I’m Canadian, and unfortunately we are just as ignorant about how our currency is issued. I can only hope that sites like USAWATCHDOG will eventually get the word out to the masses.

  42. Montana Guy

    A new Gold Standard! Yes!… But but but, what about ‘The Wall’. … And ‘Draining the Swamp’? Silly me. Yes! MAGA! What a great country.

  43. Merry

    Greg: WOW, this was a mighty powerful “Sunday Sermon”! I am hoping that this interview speeds across the earth lightning fast. Thank you and your guest for your tenacious drive to tell the truth. Wayne Jett’s book is a must-read for me.

  44. Kerry

    What a wonderful show today Greg…I personally believe the greatest weapon Trump supporters can project is prayer! Yes, I know many laugh at this but The Lord hates Satan and earnest prayers are a sweet smell to our Lord Jesus Christ. We should all be offering up prayers daily, multiple times a day. Pray for salvation for those not saved from the Trump family if any, the patriots and all those who protect POTUS and his family. Then physical safety for the same. Bless them all! There is no greater weapon, none! We are thankful for Mr. Wayne Jett and his willingness to share his intellect with us all. I am hopeful that we begin to see some legal action against these evil despots by the end of the summer as people have been hearing about this for over two years now and I’m sure some are beginning to question the validity of it all.
    Blessings Greg

  45. iwitness02

    This was kind of like a Mark Taylor interview in as much as it left me feeling encouraged. A little encouragement goes a long ways. Wayne used terms that I am familiar with. The storm. The plan. Support from certain military factions. Justice for criminals. Even though we live in two different socioeconomic worlds, there is a certain commonalty that I found to be very engaging. Great Early Sunday Release.
    Explaining about the importance of settling the account balance of the U. S. with other nations was helpful. I can better understand why this is taking more time to accomplish than I would like. When things make sense to me, then I can deal with them much better.

  46. Country Codger

    Mr. Jett,
    That was a very informative interview and I do hope that you are correct idea that this could all take place before the 2020 election. Thank you sir.

    Great interview. Hope he’s right.
    Lo Iyrah!

  47. Brian Marsh

    Wow, I have been enjoying Mr. Jett’s website. He is encyclopedic and the things he says really make sense of the world. On the other hand, I think we have been Polnyed again!

    Thanks for all you do.

  48. Gregg

    Excellent guest and interview Greg. Mr. Jett seems to have put all the evidence together in a master “plan”, as opposed to one theory for “financial”, one theory for “globalism”, one theory for “assassinations”, etc. etc.
    I’ve also started to buy in to the thought/theory that many in the cabal really do want to go back to master/slave, or king/peasant days. I’ve never really bought that, but Mr. Jett tied it all together in a way that everything makes sense.
    Just ordered the book he wrote.

    • K. Wayne

      ….”go back to”……
      Master / Slave or King / Peasant = Feudalism.
      Has the world really changed. No…we have just evolved.
      The same Kings, Papal Rome and the International Bankers (Money Changers) continue to rule. Most of the global citizens are borne into slavery….they just don’t realize it.

  49. Lee

    It’s all part of the plan. People need to chill and trust God and President Trump.
    God always WINS! Trust the PLAN! This has been planned for a long time, we will have the victory over all. We’re so used to broken promises and the like from past politicos we expect the worst.. President Trump has risked all to MAGA.. With so many enemies against him, he has kept most of his promises, with more to come, keep the faith and if you’re inclined PRAY!

  50. Jimmy Carter

    CONSPIRACY THEORIES OR FACT? . . . . In the end, Greg must, of course, DELETE this comment. That tells you he is weak and intolerant or at least, his justifications (not argument) are weak. . . . (This is Greg Hunter and I did cut this comment all to heck. Hey “Jimmy,” I told you that you could comment if you used a verifiable name. NOT “Jimmy Carter” you idiot!!! Got that troll boy? Verifiable name and I’ll let you comment.

    • Troll Dude

      Alter Egos

      Well Greg, like James Bond, I have a desk droor full of passports. So, I can use any I.D. that suits me here in la-la-land. Conspiracy of Trolls (shadow men) are actually behind the Global Banking Cabals, after all.

    • Uncommon sense

      This is H. Craig Bradley

  51. regaleagle

    ‘Thank you so much Greg for this interview with Wayne Jett. He is obviously a highly educated researcher of our nation’s financial history dating back to even before the onset of the Great Depression and yet another confirming and influential voice touting President Trump as a leader for the American working class……and NOT as a part of the evil cabal that has set its actions for decades to wreck this nation, its freedoms, and its people. He spoke of removing the middle class in America as the primary goal of the cabal……by any and all means possible…….to turn this last bastion which stands for freedom in the world into a caste system of the ruling class vs the masses that will become indentured slaves. ALL AMERICANS that value “supporting their own lifestyle and freedoms” should support President Trump in this greatest fight in history against the evil and tyrannical actions represented in our highest echelons of government by those if office that are already indentured to the cabal’s devious webs of decieit and evil……and there are many. I’m certain the list includes high ranking members from both parties, but a very high percentage of demonrats throughout the government found in every state of our nation. May God Almighty give us the protection and resolve to strike down this evil against the very foundations of human civility.

  52. Fran

    Dear Greg, I am grateful you are trying to warn people about the future and get prepared. My husband and I have followed a lot of your advice. As a believer, I would like you to include guests that not only help us to survive but throw out ideas on how we can band together and help others. Maybe there is someone out there that is already positioning themselves to be a blessing to others during the bad times? Is there a group that is already working on this? Any info would be appreciated. We are so glad you are on the right side of all this. God had a plan for you!

    • susan

      Fran, so glad you asked. I have been collecting children’s clothing from newborn to about size 10. I have been buying from garage sales, second hand stores and getting some free giveaways. I will give to people through the church. For every piece of clothing they give they get a coupon for a piece they can take. Children outgrow everything. Of course there can be exceptions. Be creative, you will think of things that will help.

  53. neville

    The Cabal / Deepstate = THE UNDERWORLD ,who have been running america or if you are into anagrams then it is AACRIME , which it certainly is a double “A” in creating havoc world wide . Yes their time will come and as your elected president said in his
    election campaign that he would be going after them in his exercise which he dubbed Draining The Swamp .
    If you know your history about the Mafia then you will immediately see that the manifesto adopted by the Underworld is exactly same except with a modern diabolical twist to it.
    Gun Running,Drugs,Counterfeiting (or Cyber Cash creating) Racketeering,Fraud,Theft and and and and a menu of criminal activities as long as your arm.
    It is no wonder that they knives are out for him especially wanting to Impeach him on the most spurious of accusations. England was dubbed by the French Perfidious Albion well that tag fits america today.

    Then we have the latest lies told about Iran and the trouble making in Hong Kong both of them can trace their roots back to Underworld Connections in the criminal organisations such as the fbi/cia/ nsa etc
    Good luck to you that have to put up with this.

  54. Jerry Snyder

    Greg, I have a question about PM’s and their future use after the reset. Will the PM’s we have gathered and stored be converted to a new currency? Or will we barter it after the reset for hard assets? If anyone has a clue, I would love to learn more.

    Thanks for all you do

    • Greg Hunter

      Probably both.

    • William Stanley

      I agree with Greg.
      I think you should view your PMs as an asset like real property, a car, or anything of value that you might sell or trade. The advantage of PMs is that, after a short time period, their exchange value in terms of other things of value will become widely known and accepted. A lot of value can be lugged around with relatively little weight, and many traders will be willing to give you the new currency in exchange for some specified weight of gold or other PMs. Moreover, many merchants may be willing to directly sell you stuff in exchange for some specified weight of your PM.
      At first, different traders and merchants may offer different prices for PMs. In fairly short order, however, the “market,” i.e., supply and demand, will ultimately determine a stable exchange value for PMs.

  55. Justn Observer

    Greg, Things moving right along it seems…
    TruthLeaks‏ @GeorgWebb · 4h4 hours ago
    If a Whistleblower from Ukrainian Embassy (Teleshenko) tells the President that Chalupa is bringing in 68 Ukrainian “investigative journalists” to do illegal deep dives through the State Department on his family’s travel schedule ( Leshenko/Nellie Ohr), and he should not listen?
    TruthLeaks‏ @GeorgWebb · 2h2 hours ago
    We don’t know if Bannon spied on Trump (or if Flynn was swept into it), but Khordokovsky gave him $7M. Flynn met with Sergun in June 2013 in Moscow at GRU. Sergun had the two GRU teams of twelve each. Was Bannon going to use Flynn as the VP or NSA for whoever won the nomination?
    TruthLeaks‏ @GeorgWebb · 1h1 hour ago
    Oops, Interior Minister Of Iceland now agrees with me that Assange was entrapped in Iceland.
    TruthLeaks‏ @GeorgWebb · 1h1 hour ago
    Chalupa’s 68 “investigative journalists” from Ukraine which she brings in the US to spy and compromise on the Trump inner circle came to the US on the Library Of Congress OpenWorld Program.
    TruthLeaks‏ @GeorgWebb · 55m55 minutes ago
    Are we sure Luke’s, Yukos, and GazProm are in a joint venture in Cyprus that Carter Page has been working since ……..2000? Oops.

  56. Rock

    Thank you Greg, it was a great and informative interview. A great new guest. He is a bit more optimistic about what the President is doing, even though he is many more light years better than what Hillary would have done. God forbid. I ran across an article by Brandon Smith this week that seems to take a 30 thousand foot look at the current state of affairs. Here is the article which is not too long that I found interesting and perhaps accurate:

  57. bill

    Ive watched all your interviews over the years Greg and you sure get great guests and good info out them,but,and its a tiny but lol,this time the info was flowing and you kept interrupting him.If you get him on again turn him loose and let him educate us instead of stopping the flow.And remember,im not a interviewer with any skills that you possess and hold you in high regard.Keep up the great work and bringing the truth to the people.

    • Greg Hunter

      You are welcome to do it your way on your site. Oh, and please do it for free. Thank you for your support.

      • Anthony Australia

        I loved it, you showed uncontrollable passion.

        “Communists”, “Democrats”


  58. K. Wayne

    As far as the FED fabricating another Great Depression – well I actually believe we are already in one now.
    Unemployment alone is at depression levels (according to Shadow Stats).
    GDP has been sub – par for extended qtrs. (when factoring in real inflation).
    The Social Safety Net /Welfare programs demonstrate that Food Stamps, Subsidized Housing, Welfare payments are at extreme levels. SNAP supplied approx. 40 mln. Americans alone.
    Bread Lines and Soup Kitchens from the Historical account of the Depression are not as evident but moreover present in the form of the Food Stamp program.
    County, State and Federal Budgets live on deficits.
    Pension Funds are underfunded.
    The FED in support of the Government have constantly re-shaped the reality that we see.
    Mr Jett is a very Astute man. I concur with most of what he has put forward.

  59. Anthony Australia

    I think the whole political system is whacked and they all play ‘good cop, bad cop’.

  60. Paul in oz

    Splendid interview. Mr Jett is RIGHT ON! I still believe that Trump who is waking up the lemings by getting the dems to be outraged about everything that has gone on that they are blaming him for saying he would do. Trump is controlling and building the narrative at an accelerated pace. We shall see … I really believe the POTUS requires a second term to take down the cabal/fed. If he doesn’t succeed the future of Americans is complete toast … Nothing would make me sadder. Everyone’s job is to enlighten the lemings … help them understand what is really going on .. and of course encourage them to make preparations for the very difficult time that you and so many of your guests have alluded. Great job Greg!

  61. Joe Lalonde


    The Democrats have now wised up to constitutional law and are stripping President Trump of his executive privileges.
    They do not have to inform him on any actions that they do in the House and President Trumps powers are of his office and any orders that he decrees can and will be ignored.

  62. Jerry

    It’s like throwing passengers out of a plane that’s getting ready to crash.

    What a joke? How can you transfer toxic assets to a bad bank, when the whole structure is rotten to the core? The central banks are running out of places to hide their debt. The end of July is the date they’ve set to trigger this so called brilliant plan. Just like cancer. They’re cutting off one leg at a time.

    • K. Wayne

      Bad Bank spinoff or SPE or Ring Fencing…call it what they want.
      DB fails on Solvency Tests…it shouldn’t be opening its doors.
      There are Laws for Wrongful/Insolvent trading……that are being conveniently overlooked.
      This example follows what UBS did with non-performing assets.
      Agreed…they are still rotten to the core.

    • Jerry

      It’s like watching a train wreck in slow motion.

      The rats are fleeing the sinking ship. Can you say world wide economic collapse? This is a forced reset, and the end of the fiat currency system.

  63. Christopher Brown

    The “Cabal” is not one homogeneous group. There are various factions. One such faction (or rather, it’s underlings) has been targeted by the faction(s) behind Trump. They want us to think that once purged there will be no more cabal, no dark state. It’s nothing but Kabuki theater. We live in a cryptocracy. The real leaders do not have their names appear in newspapers. If this plays out, only the secondary, tertiary and even lower players will suffer. No member of the cryptocracy will be harmed and their secondary and tertiary pawns, who remain on the board with burnished reputations, will step up their game.

    • Tin foil hat

      I concur 100%. It’s like Catholic vs. Protestant, Sunni vs Shiite and Proud Boys vs. Antifa. I believe the factions are squabbling over the matter of the global reserve currency. One faction doesn’t want to give up the dollar’s reserve status, another faction wants to take over or take back control with a new global reserve currency – Both factions have been working together since 1913 but “The City of London” faction was unseated in 1944.

      Presently, the dollar faction needs to eliminate the border to nullify the issue of Triffin Dilemma. The other faction’s problem is the American dollar exceptionalism.

  64. Gerald

    We are being rolled over an over.

  65. Bradley

    I never usually watch an interview twice. This one I did and was fantastic both times. A third time could be in the cards. Shared it also. Great Job Greg with this interview. Wayne Jett’s life work is for this day here and now. Just Great!! Everyone has to listen to this.

  66. john duffy

    $33million of justice meted out:

  67. Keith wilson

    Greg. Breaking news. President Trump claims he knows who carried out world trade center attacks on 9\11. Trump must be watching your site. Also reading our comments. Probably gets most of his intelligence information from reading our comments and listening to your guests. We probably no more than what the new world order FBI and CIA, tell him on a daily brief. Welcome Mr Trump ?

  68. Jk

    Nothing is as insightful as usawatchdog but Martin Armstrong’s site – Armstrong economics – is a good second. His posting of an interview with George popadopalous is the best follow up to Greg’s interview above. Well done again Greg ! You’re popular in Europe too and a real star !

  69. R. Patrick

    Greg your terrific. Have you ever considered reaching out to Jason Burrick@wallstreetfor mainstreet. He is a very good source of information and I believe would really gel with you! Thanks… R.

  70. rick schaffer

    greg it wasn’t readen that allowed citizens to own gold again…it was pres ford-

    The limitation on gold ownership in the U.S. was repealed after President Gerald Ford signed a bill to “permit United States citizens to purchase, hold, sell, or otherwise deal with gold in the United States or abroad” with an act of Congress codified in Pub.L. 93–373, which went into effect December 31, 1974.

    • Greg Hunter

      OK, Reagan started the Eagle program in 1986.

  71. Justn Observer

    Greg, Pictures = a thousand words? =
    TruthLeaks‏ @GeorgWebb · 12h12 hours ago
    Can we stop the Evergreen Machine? We are talking hundreds of billions folks. Operation Cassandra and Bruce Ohr just one example out of many. Biggest mistake of my life reporting on a Evergreen in Oregon years ago. Reprisals
    TruthLeaks‏ @GeorgWebb · 32m32 minutes ago
    How Cameco Sipped Uranium One Yellowcake To UAE, which then smuggled it to Iran. Cameco Fuel Cycle – Conversion via @YouTube
    TruthLeaks‏ @GeorgWebb · 30m30 minutes ago
    Cameo shipped to Urenco. Urenco diverted UF6 to Iran which made its way to Isfahan. That’s how Iran quadrupled LEU and MEU production.
    * So disheartening to see what IS NOT in the news, AND even on Fox!
    One wonders if Trump really does know all the long connections all the ‘players’ have.
    Now a push for ‘action’ against Iran for what? Getting ready to ‘over produce’ to much uranium? Uranium they apparently ‘received’ from the ‘great satan…their ”””enemy””?
    Nice of an ””’enemy”” to provide material for their own destruction? LOL
    IF – above is true…then the oil tanker story IS likely a false flag !

    • Justn Observer

      Summary and dovetail of events and characters involved in $100 Billion Iranian deal?
      Makes Pompeo’s and Fox News reporting wanting for …ah…transparency?
      A U.S./Russia/ Iran deal gone sour? or a double cross or?
      Certainly ””seems”” Fox News has gone ‘fake news’ along with the rest?

      • Greg Hunter

        J O, Scroll down and read for yourselves that the Iran deal was an unsigned fraud straight from the John Kerry/Obama Administration State Department.

        • Justn Observer

          Greg, I am aware of that…and agree with it being a no – deal – deal…of corruption… my calling it a ‘deal’ is sarcasm! You reported that long ago…and I believed it because I know you check your sources…and that what you say has a high percentage of being correct…
          I use the ‘?’ in posts on ‘working theory’ as it builds as the dots and co-incidence align and the ‘facts’ finally are revealed via emails or court records or obvious court ‘oddities’ that keep a veil over the obvious…
          Much of what I post here…I email to many at FOX and Sate and Federal legislators to push for comment or hope they ‘ask the right questions’… Sadly, they keep up their ignorance and omissions…so I know they have the info, some theory for sure – but still never even ask or push for clarity, or demand answers…many while ‘claiming’ they are ‘over the target’ while they in reality have not taken off yet, or are over the wrong terrority ! lol It is clear that Carter and Lisa Page and the Ohr’s have worked together for decades..,and many of these other’s know each other and worked together on many of these ‘suspect’ programs , that involve weapons, drugs, unfortunately children etc…and transfers of U.S. resources and tech. etc…
          It is also clear that many ‘chose’ to leave office, or not run again because they felt the heat rising or fear their compromise might become know…
          I know Trump must know more on his team can not be trusted…and that he in some respects has to go along with some of the BS just to advance the ball…and hopefully if he wins – he can lay waste to the chaff, and get on with it… That said, I hope Wilbur Ross and Pence, Bolton and a few more are part of that mix…before they pull the rug out from under him = get us into a war, or sink the economy.
          Be well…hope the weather clears and the ground dries up sufficient to get some decent crops in that can make it to harvest… My heart is with the farmers and ranchers who have to roll the dice based on ‘reality’ every year regardless of the politics, toxins spewed into the eco-system, and what the greater solar system and cycles present. God is good, as is Jesus message…as is HIS the spirit …my the people use their ‘free will’ wisely and accept HIS LOVE as unconditionally as it is given…and share it widely.

  72. Christian

    this was a great interview. I’d like to hear him again. He obviously has a lot to say. Maybe just give him a subject and let him go!

    I will be reading his book.

  73. Dan

    Week after week

    Month after month

    Year after year.

    The SAME bullshit.

    Oh yes…SOMEDAY…all your moron “guests” will be proven correct.



    We can all go back to watching reruns of HEE HAW now.

  74. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    I could not agree more. Thanks. Another great report.

  75. Bruce W Vetter

    Mr. Hunter: I ordered and received Wayne Jett’s book today from his linked site and am reading it now. I normally order books from Amazon but it was $60 and would not ship for 2-3 weeks or so which shocked me.

    Check your US mail please. I sent you a letter.

    • Greg Hunter

      I will and thank you for the information Bruce. Wayne Jett told me he was swamped with book orders after the interview. It took Jett 5 years to write his book.(According to Mr. Jett.)

  76. Amber


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