Charities get Christmas Gift from “Anonymous”

By Greg Hunter’s

It looks like charities such as the Red Cross, CARE and Save the Children got some much needed money this Christmas, but it came from the Internet hacking group know as “Anonymous.”  It is being reported Anonymous broke into a reporting and security firm called Stratfor.  It stole thousands of client credit card numbers and donated money from those individuals to charity.  The cardholders are probably not on the hook for the money, but the banks that issued the cards are.  It is being reported the donations are around $1 million total.  I feel bad for the company because Stratfor is a legit security information company.  I have used them as a source for information, but I am a bit surprised their security was breached.  Stratfor has many clients that pay for analysis that include the U.S. military and big city police departments.  You have not heard the end of this story.  More information is going to be revealed as Anonymous has gotten more than just credit card information from Stratfor clients.   (For more on the story from the Associated Press Click here.)

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  1. jay

    Stealing is stealing. The reasons, and excuses for it is irrelavent.
    if the oligarch,s were willing to prosecute there own i could feel some need to go after anonyoums..
    I venture to say if the people had to pay for this stealing,There would hardly be a investagation.
    the laws of the land only apply to those without lots of money.

    • Greg

      You are correct, and if the folks at Anonymous are prosecuted so should the bankers with all the fraud that melted the system down.

  2. Fnpmitchreturms

    Yes, and they didn’t even encrypt the credit card files so they had easy access when they got to the info.

    Computers are full of holes and the security is only as good as the poorest user on the network… so we are all at risk.

    What we need to do is develop a Sunday talk show to compete against the MSM BS Sunday morning talk shows. Interested? email me

    • jay


  3. g.johnson

    gotta say i am skeptical about this one greg. sounds more like an agent provocateur false flag op to discredit anonymous to me. this is not a typical anonymous type operation. look for them to refute.

    or….could just be that strafor is not the bunch of swell people you seem to think them to be.

    hard to tell the good guys from the bad guys these days.

    • Greg

      Who knows what is going on these days. Your doubts are valid. Let’s see what other information is released.

    • masterluke

      and even if it was a provocateur false flag look for anonymous to have members charged because in the eyes of the public a conviction is better than no conviction.

  4. Jim H

    Oh come on! Everyone loves Robin Hood. As long as for profit remains our religion on this planet the Christ message regarding the common good remains mute. I see a day when we do things because they are naturally the right thing to do. Might not be here for it but I still see it.

  5. Art Barnes

    Greg, you haven’t heard the end of a lot of stories. First the spin, then a little more spin, then slowly, ever so slowly, the real facts (news) comes to light or emerges. Seems that is where we are these days on most news stories. How about the realtors who by their simple error find that they over stated home sales by 3 million; that took 3 years to find the real facts which home sales are probably still way overstated. Simply stated, what we hear is just a little bit of the story with spin, then a little more, then when the story is so old it makes little difference the real story appears. The old saying you can’t believe anything you hear and only half of what you read is alive and well in modern day America.

  6. Denarius

    “The cardholders are probably not on the hook for
    the money but the banks that issued the cards are.”

    = an IDEA whose Time has Come

    = Robin Hood goes cyber.

    = G I A B O

    Terrorism? Financial Terrorism? We don’t got no
    steenkin’ “terrorism” / what we got here is some

    Next targets may be Goldman ”Sacks”, J P Morgan-
    Chase, HSBC, Citigroup, BAC, … and even the FRB,
    but I repeat myself.

  7. Herman Gerbils

    Ah yes Stratfor, the good folks who always know where the fleet is. My problem about the whole anonymous thing is it could be anybody, mischievous teenagers,crack NSA or Israeli programmers,how many false flag cyber attacks could be credited to these guys? Perish the thought the new cyber commands might “prime the pump” for funding by a few well placed vulgar displays of power.

  8. George Too

    The cartoon says it all! Merry Christmas

  9. M SMITH

    Greg, I don’t like the fact that Anon or any other entity can hack web sites at will. It also makes me lerry about these leaks, we do not know who is really behind these break ins, all we may know this could the bankers/gov doing this to fast track SOPA, that would not surprize me one bit. What comes out about GS, MF Global may be stuff that’s already know by many.

    I also would like to hear what Armstrong has to say about this, he said se could better serve the people by keeping a foot on both sides of the curtain when he was asked to run for office, if so I hope he post to his site soon about this matter.

    As you said, you even use the site to pass on reports. If the banks who blew up the system use it too, I would like to see what they use it for, when they have a open door to the White House to gain any sort of info they want that Straford may not have access to! I still have a fear that this be more to push SOPA more than anything else now NDAA is close to being law! There was piece on where Bill Clinton called a return of the 3 big news outlets to give out all the news Americans get, why would call for just 3 news outlets? I don’t like what I am hearing & seeing every day coming out of the pie holes of all of these Progressives who have held high political posistions pushing for silencing all but 3 net works to put out news to all Americans, sounds more like what Hitler would do befor he turned Germans against Germans & attacked Poland!

    This link led me to another link that left me readying way into the night. http:/ From the comments section lead to this link. The amount of stuff coming from these folks leaves me seeking more info about the claims made they make. I hope others may know more info about & paot it here.

    What a end to 2011 as we move into 2012, a year we all will be living on pins & neddles as the world changes right in front all of us. Thanks So Much. M.Smith

    • kcramone

      I’m reading the link in your comment with fascination. I have heard some of these stories before but certainly not all…eg the Titanic. Thanks for posting it and Happy New Year.
      kc ramone

  10. Arius

    It looks like my credit card number stolen from Stratfor. Someone attempted to purchase items from Bed Bath & Beyond with it but fortunately the order was denied. It is surprising that Stratfor, a security firm, was hacked. As to the so-called Anonymous: may they rot in jail, or hell, take your choice.

  11. Chuck Allen

    Hi Greg,

    This is a good example of the reason I will not bank online or do any financial activity online. I keep telling my family the internet is not secure. Do you remember the story a couple of years back about a Russian stealing; I think it was over 250,000 Visa accounts by hacking into the Visa computers? He did that from Russia.

    Oh sure, the internet is secure against the average person because they have no programming skills. However, after forty years of working with every computer system ever built; believe me when I say the internet is not secure. Even government systems that use very sophisticated security systems become vulnerable. Then the security measures have to be changed to keep the systems secure.

    As far as the theft itself goes, at least some good came out of it through the anonymous donations. Any other information obtained may present problems for the people to whom it applies. Just remember, any computer connected to a phone line is accessible. In some cases, with the right equipment, information can be obtained without connection.


    • Greg

      I do not bank online either and this is why. Thank you and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours as well.

  12. L Jackson

    I set up a debit card through Wells Fargo for online purchases. I keep $25 in the account and when I make a purchase I transfer funds from my computer to that account. If anything goes wrong, I’m not out much money.

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