Charles Biderman-What else is there besides gold?

By Greg Hunter’s 

Charles Biderman, CEO of Trim Tabs Investment Research, says, “If Europe, the U.S and Japan are all printing money to pay bills, what else is there besides gold?”  Everone should be holding physical gold in their portfolio.  Biderman thinks Europe is a mess, and tax revenue is “nowhere near enough to pay government expenses.” So, he thinks, “Europe has to implode!”  The U.S. will follow Europe.   Will the banking system survive?  Biderman says, “Probably the big guys won’t, but so what!”  In America, Biderman says, “The U.S. government is printing $100 billion a month, and it’s not generating growth.” He expects “stocks to go down by 50%.”  Join Greg Hunter as he, once again, goes One-on-One with Charles Biderman

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  1. Mickey

    Another great interview. You learn more in the 17 minutes on this site than spending all day chasing stories by the MSM.

    Armstrong came out again today with a piece ” Governments is in Desperate Need of Cash”. There are many gold bugs who are pushing to a return of a gold standard. Armstrong is against this & also he talks about Bond Holders & more. After all we know governments are looking to pick your pockets any way they can.

    I would like to hear more imput from those in the know about this subject. With some of congress with no economic experence & lacking common sense, I would hate to see those who have done the right things, put away insurance have it all took away by our out of control politicans & their banker buddies!

    Greg, thanks again. I hope we will get some good imput about “The Gold Standard” & the best path forward for all of us savers!

    • Greg

      I am sure Armstrong is against this but that doesn’t mean gold does not make it into the financial system. There is talk that gold will become a tire one asset (same as cash) by 2015. I don’t know if there is going to be a gold standard but gold will be fully valued on the books of banks and that tells you the direction it is going. Thank you for this comment and the link.

      • DRS

        Last I read, it (gold as Tier 1) was Jan. 2013. Did I miss something? Anyway, look for Big Bank Manipulation to the upside, when this happens. This appears to me to be how they intend to save themselves.

  2. tavoli

    Biderman is awesome, as usual tnx. Greetings from Russia

    • Greg

      Thank you Tavoli for the comment from beautiful and BIG Russia. I think you guys have 11 time zones. Am I right?

  3. jay

    LOL im still laughing about silver being to bulky…Lets face the facts. when the paper (fake money) fails, (everyone) will trade in silver,but not everyone will trade in gold. Mr. biderman can just donate his silver to this junk collector…lol. My three favorite words are ILL TAKE IT.

    • Greg

      Thank you for the comment. I like your “three favorite words.”

  4. art barnes

    Slow growth in salaries is telling as he explains, brilliant understanding of where the market is going. Frankly, it really is about employment isn’t it? Jobs creates spending, which creates wealth, which creates a middle class, which makes rich asses richer. Mr. Biderman understands there is currently no growth and that a jobless recovery is not possible even with the FED pumping iron or fiat paper into the system. Best interview you ever did in my mind, brilliant man and he was as frank as he could be to the public, love to talk to him off camera, now that would be an eye opener with what he knows about how this economic system operates.

  5. justin


    let’s forget for a moment the tinderbox of existence we live in.
    let us stop with opinions of what may or may not come.
    Endless speculations.
    Let us find solace in speaking to the four directions, father sky, and mother earth and rest our troubled minds and souls. If only for the briefest of moments.

    let us not forget we are stupid…intellectualized buffoons trying to rationalize a world that has reached its mark of absolute loonacy.

    LETS praise your wonderful skill in journalism and tireless efforts.
    Top Notch in informative review, to be sure.

    BUT, but can you work on your editing and skype connections, please?

    I don’t know Greg,there’s just something about that inevitable freeze frame that rests(more times than not) at the end of your interviews makes me think…this is what he looks like on the toilet after dining on some spicy ethnic food.
    …maybe he’s lactose intolerance…

    With that said, the saying goes, ‘cream rises to the top’, and
    Brother you float!
    Almost levitate…I don’t want to aid a Jesus complex onto you.

    But let us ALL remember to laugh.

    Our journey has just begun.


    • Greg

      Thank you Justin. I am always trying to improve.

  6. Joe

    A friend of mine asked how much the canned bacon I like cost… I went to check the price, it has gone up 25%/case since I bought one six months ago… what’s the logical conclusion for this trend in food costs? (Rhetorical question)

  7. Mitch Bupp

    HA HA HA I know why they just won’t use the other data.. It all boils down to bureaucracies and how they act and gain power. If they use the other data it will take away some of the power on controlling something that is the only reason why they exist. Also the more people involved and employed by bureaucracies the more money and funds they get and the more important they are…

    I hope my rambling made a point?

    Thank You, Greg another topnotch interview!

    • Greg

      Your point was well made!

  8. Rockville Homes

    I agree with Art Barnes. He is right. And GOLD is oldest currency i think.

  9. Phil

    Excellent interview, like the way you people cut through the rubbish and get down to the real facts. Charles Biderman is really on the ball.
    I do not listen to MSM, or anything that any Government may care to lie about, tells a much different story. Greetings from Germany

  10. frederick

    Greg Hunter has great guests that tell it prtty much like it is like my all time favorite Dr. Paul Craig Roberts Just listen to what he is saying and act accordingly I mean really listen

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