Chauvin Appeal, 2020 Election Audits, Masks Don’t Work

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 476 4.22.2021)  (Updated and corrected)

It looks like Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin will get an appeal on the murder conviction of George Floyd.  You can thank VP Biden and Maxine Waters for that.  They made negative and violent public statements that affected the jury voting to convict Chauvin even though the evidence showed no crime was committed.  It’s textbook jury tampering on a huge scale.  Famed Law Professor Alan Dershowitz said, “They didn’t put a thumb on the scale against Chauvin, they put an elbow on it.”  It’s not over.

Looks like the 2020 Election is finally going to be hand audited in Arizona after a very long and difficult legal battle.  Georgia is not far behind, and there is another audit coming soon in New Hampshire.  What happens if the Arizona audit uncovers massive fraudulent ballots for Democrats?  Biden may still be in the White House, but does freshman Senator Mike Kelly get to keep his seat if election and voter fraud got him in?  The audit will take 30 days or less, and then we will know.  It’s already been shown that fraud was rampant across the country, especially in key states like Arizona.

Face masks to fight CV19 don’t work.  Don’t take my word for it.  (Before I said this was a Stanford study and it was not.  The source I used was wrong.  Here’s more on the correction and clarification.)  It is an opinion from Baruch Vainshelboim, PhD who wrote what is called a “Medical Hypotheses” about mask effectiveness stopping CV19 and the harm masks may do.  According to his report, not only do face masks not work to stop the spread of the virus, but wearing face masks can also cause health problems, and in some cases, even death according to the report.  (The CDC seems to back this up in an article published in 2020.)  This is yet another Covid lie perpetrated on the public for more than a year according to Baruch Vainshelboim, PhD .  You can add it to the list of Covid lies to scare and control the public.

Join Greg Hunter of as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up for 4.23.2021.

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Renowned cycle analyst Martin Armstrong, founder of will be the guest for the Saturday Night Post.

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  1. Ben Green

    Russia suddenly says it’s pulling back troops from Ukraine’s borders after weeks of tensions and fears of an invasion
    [email protected] (John Haltiwanger) 35 mins ago
    The buildup of roughly 100,000 Russian troops along Ukraine’s borders sparked fears of an invasion.
    Russia on Thursday abruptly announced it’s pulling troops back from Ukraine’s borders, just one day after President Vladimir Putin warned that anyone who threatens Russia’s security will “regret” it.
    [Hear That Obomber!!!]⚰📆⏳🌍🌪
    “Sometimes I Wonder Which Side, God’s On?”_John Wayne🗽
    The Longest Day,”This will be the longest day.”[POSTPONED!]

    U.S. sees significant drop in vaccinations over past week
    Dan Keating, Fenit Nirappil, Isaac Stanley-Becker 5 hrs ago
    Daily coronavirus vaccinations have slowed significantly for the first time since February, a sign that demand is slipping even though every American adult is now eligible for the shots.
    What We Have Here, “Is A Failure To Communicate!” CNN!
    Eat your heart out Brian Selter!
    The Stoicism of Cool Hand Luke

    China’s soft power has ‘collapsed globally’ due to ‘anger and hysteria’
    •Apr 22, 2021 SkyOz

    • Robert F

      Catherine Austin Fitts also said she doesnt believe the claims on # of vaccines administered.

      I would say at worst/best the # of adults is somewhere around half give or take a few percentages. I dont think its as high as 60/40, more like 55/45.

      Its a split, a dividing of humanity, as it was intended to be, and the vaccines are surely meant for more than just wiping out more people. they are also creating a two teir society for the sheeple, whereby those promoting the vaccines are going to be given special priveleges above those who dont. Also, it is highly likely, as admittd by moderna themselves, that they are using the vaccines as experiments to try to tap into the human genome through injectionable technology…

      • Robert

        I spoke to a guy a few weeks back who told me how surprised he was at the few people in line to get the vaccine. He said the large number of cars in the parking lot didn’t match the few people getting the jab.

    • Robert F

      Alsol the cabal has bought up ancestry and people submitted their dna willingly, now they are dojgn the next step of the plan using mrna vaccine technology to alter the human genome, then to next implant injectionable nano tech…dont believ me, ask a Rothschild

      Funny, there was an old thread called ” I am rofschild ax me a question”
      on the infamous gods forum, this was around 2010-2012…on this post Mr. Rothschild states that what is going to occur in thw world, and specifically the US, is like the popular game/movie resident evil.

      He specifically responded with this in several posts saying what is going to happen in America and the world will be like resident evil…

      Not to mention, we had several movies with similar premises talking about engineered viruses, much like we had many movies predicted or depicting terrorist attacks….sort of like Hollywood was showing us what was to come,…..and yet people thought movies were just fun and games…those in the know understand the elite love hide in plain sight, what they plan to do to the sheep…its actually a sort of principle they follow where you must show your victim what you are going to do before you do it…

      • Felix A Renteria

        Robert you are absolutely correct,I say the same thing to the people I speak with all the time .Sadly some people you will never change their mind,no mater what you do.They have been brain washed by the lying news rags for decades.

      • Warren B.

        Speaking of “What is going to happen – based on projections through Hollywood movies”
        do you recall the 2nd Instalment of Mission Impossible (Tom Cruise) movie ?
        A quick synopsis …
        Ethan Hunt, a member of the Impossible Missions Force, is dispatched to Sydney to stop a terrorist organization from laying their hands on a GENETICALLY- ENGINEERED VIRUS CREATED IN A LAB. Thankfully Ethan (Cruise) saves the World (in the Movie).
        Fast forward 19 years and what have we got?
        WTF !!! That’s what we’re dealing with here people. That’s more than coincidence. Criminal bastards the lot of them.

      • Libby

        On point and the sheeple think we’re all crazy as we can see beyond the veil or read between the lines. Their code of ethics, if one can call that ethical, is to tell them what you’re going to do and if they’re too stupid to understand it’s not our fault.
        Add to the movies their main Avenue for dissemination of their plans and culling of the public, Television in the guise of entertainment – to enter, hold the mind. They’ve done an excellent job especially thru MSM which they own and from whom they all get their talking points at 4 AM each day.
        This rabbit hole goes even deeper as they also own all media outlets – movies, television, radio, magazines,and newspapers.
        Here we’re now wearing a face cover because the CDC (owned and funded by the cabal -George Soros & Bill Gates) told us we had to. Refusing to revert to the ancient practice of slavery I’ve never worn one. Next came the so call vaccine that the sheeple who listen to MSM and live in fear ran out and lined up for their jab.
        And that brings me to my main point – They’re now SHEDDING and causing to all those around them. Don’t take my word for it, check out Dr Henpenny and Judy Mokivts – NIH researcher for 30 years. put the word “shedding” in the search bar.
        Please pass it on.

    • Gary

      What about the FRAUD of the Birth certificate.Check out “A Warrior Calls .com” for the evidence and share.

  2. JC

    Martin Armstrong for the Saturday Night Post!


  3. tim+mcgraw

    Hi Greg, Of course Derek Chauvin will get a new trial and will be acquitted. But that’s months away and Chauvin will stay in jail until his new trial. Same old “Justice” system that is imprisoning Trump supporters from Jan. 6th protest.
    The jurors could have declared a mistrial saying that they feared for their lives. The Judge should have instructed the jury that this option was available. The Judge failed in this case.
    The election will be overturned. Biden didn’t win. 50% of Americans believe the election was crooked. The Biden administration has no consent from the governed.
    The US Military is ready to move…. soon. Biden does NOT control the military.

    • Clare Baxter

      That judge was terrible, I listened to his wishy-washy comments about telling the jurors to not watch the news. He failed to say fake news by the way. He is one of them and should be impeached, particularly if he did not offer the retrial if they felt that their lives were in harm’s way. Typical demon Democrats, they have one agenda, the New World Order which they have renamed as The Great Reset just to throw you off their scent. They are of the devil, deception all day long.

  4. Allen Freeman

    “Luke I’m your father” LOL!!!

    I’m addicted to your weekly reports Greg.

    They are fabulous. Thanks for all you do.

    • Eagle61

      Unfortunately, there will be a “hit” put out for Chauvin while he is imprisoned.

      If you have ever been in a prison, you’ll understand that prisons are segregated by race and age. That’s just the way it naturally occurs. You either join ‘your kind’ or you face constant harassment and beatings.

      I was not imprisoned yet I played out in the ‘yard’ with a band in an outreach program for a federal prison located outside of Austin. It is an understatement to say it is a racially charged nightmare.

      We had two black musicians, two white musicians and one Hispanic (mestizo) player.
      The black men lined up on one side of the stage, the Hispanic men on the other and both groups were stratified by age.

      The only white men I saw were furiously pumping iron….and then there were the five long haired devil-tatooed white guys who sat alone. Nobody came within 50 yards of them. The guard said they were mass murders.

      Weirdest day of my musical career.

      • Warren B.

        “Unfortunately, there will be a “hit” put out for Chauvin while he is imprisoned.”
        Do you mean his death will be FAKED and he will have a new life under a protection program (new identity, relocation etc) ?

    • Paul ...

      And how Lucky for us … Bill Gates is our Fuehrer (bringing us to the Satanic Dark Side)!!

    • PB

      I wouldn’t under-estimate the possibility of Chauvin getting bumped off in jail while waiting on appeal.

      • Clare Baxter

        That is really sad. We should pray for his protection, he was given that sentence because of the juror’s fear for their own lives as well as their families. You can’t blame them, they would have been martyrs too. He shouldn’t have to be a martyr for that druggy thug Floyd. This are unreal times that we live in, we have a mighty military yet this crap is going on in our streets and courts, not to mention our White House. GOD is going to take care of the situation soon, by August, according to Bo Polny.

      • Lady Au Stackers United

        Re: “Check this out; blast from the past! “. Limited mintage Restrike Morgan Silver Dollar and Peace Dollar! Very Cool!! PMs bug here…

  5. Marie+Joy

    Please have Christian, from on. Thank you. It’s worse than you think it is.

    • Tom Cunningham

      I agree. Christian has a lot of great information.

    • charles michael johnson

      No one would have predicted the outcome of the elections. No one. But after the election, lo and behold, a miracle. Some believed that it was the work of God himself, but it was a pharmaceutical company controlled by certain party members made them all obscenely rich. But the true genius of the plan was the fear. A year later, several extremists are tried, found guilty, and executed while a memorial is built to canonize their victims. Fear became the ultimate tool of this government.

    • Patricia McGee

      I agree, he would be a great guest.

    • H.G. Barnes

      I’ll echo that!

  6. tim+mcgraw

    What if the people who run the military and other agencies, put up that fence around the Congress and White House to keep the criminals inside it?
    What if the people who run the military and other agencies are waking up Americans by letting the bad guys do their crazy shit (vaccines, lockdowns, masks, BLM, Antifa, Chauvin trial, etc). The people who really run America are setting a trap.
    What if the collateral damage done and will be done; masked kids, lost education, dead elderly, lost liberties for 400 days plus; is the price we pay for overthrowing Satan’s latest plan?
    Fear not!

    • GenEarly

      “What If” Lee had taken that ridge on the 3rd day at Gettysburg??? We must have Hope for the Future, bur cold analysis for the Present. Mixing the 2 is disastrous.
      No One, Trump or Q is coming to save us. Trump is attacking those who are critical of the Covid-vax, while promising to have legit elections in 2022, when he Failed to have legit elections in 2020.
      CYA, no one else is going to do what We must do for ourselves individually. imo.

      • Paul ...

        Trump like “a Father” is telling us to come over and take the “experimental vaccine” of the Dark Side … and like Luke … we are saying No … No way in Hell will we go over to the Dark Side!!

      • FC

        Exactly correct, no one is coming to save us.

        Jesus was sacrificed for our sins, now he wants to know what we are going to sacrifice to save ourselves?

        • Greg Hunter

          Not how it works FC

        • David ben Jesse

          Jesus did not come to save us from the Romans. He came to save us from sin

      • tim+mcgraw

        I did not mention Trump or Q.

    • Warren B.

      You are almost there Tim.
      The protection afforded the criminals inside the gated/fortified community that is Congress / White House in Washington DC is not so obvious…but it should be.
      DC is a unique Nation State. Even their own Law Enforcement have impunity. Take for example the DC Officer who shot and killed Ashli Babbitt (Air Force Veteran) during the Capitol Riot. He was not charged (apparently there was insufficient evidence to support a criminal prosecution).
      DC (including the people who reside/work there) has protection from the Laws that Govern the rest of the country. No different to the Vatican City in Rome and the City of London in the UK.
      The Ruling Elite knew well in Advance that they had to Engineer their own Enclaves to segregate themselves from the cattle class.
      This puts a different context to how DC should be seen – especially those Elected Officials who reside there – making the Rules for the population that live outside the imaginary walls.

    • marek

      idk , sounds too hollywoody

  7. barsoom43

    The only way this will be resolved, one way or the other, is by blood.. The Left knows this and that’s why they’re pushing so much gun control.. They know Mao’s theory that political power flows from the barrel of a gun.. Our cultural Marxist elites want to create Panem with them in the Capital and armed Peace Keepers to control the serfs in the Districts. Invest in lead.


      YOU GOT IT

    • Russ McMeans

      Russia, Germany, China, Cuba, Venezuela, countries on all continents have disarmed their citizens before committing genocide. Same game plan every time.

  8. Neville

    JUSTICE DELAYED IS JUSTICE DENIED……..AAcrime is run by snakes masquerading as judges/politicians/doctors and the like.
    So-called judge Roberts,the felon that broke into the white house stole the presidency
    joe binden ,a cretinous gangster pretending to be doctor who swore an oath TO DO NO HARM ,the one and only crouchy fauci the murderous bar steward !!!
    All the precedents have just about been met paving the way for the return of our
    Are you listening,Roberts ,Binden ,Fauci and millions of others?????
    Basically what the likes of the above have done for Honest Websites such as USA Watchdog ,Com and others it has turned them all into CRIME REPORT sites

    Thank you Greg for all you do bringing THE TRUTH to all of us.

  9. Paul in OZ

    Expect BLM and Antifa to invade Maricopa county over the next 3 weeks! Maybe a sacrificial shooting to go along with it.

    • Vincent johnson

      Greeting from NSW

      • Robert K

        If they did not have anything to hide, why do they feel the need to sue to block this from happening? Rhetorical questions, we all KNOW why….

    • Robert K

      Be wary of more mass shootings to push the gun control narrative and their restrictions and the continued war on the 2nd Amendment, further chastising of responsible gun owning Americans and labeling us as “gun nuts”, more rioting/looting/arson/destruction via blm/antifa under the guise of “peaceful protesting” , (They already tried this, by attempting to have a mistrial for the Chauvin trial, which in their minds, would have justified burning and looting the city for a second time in less than a year), the covid hoax being perpetuated even more via scare tactics and doom and gloom, or some other new strain of virus created in a lab that requires more shutdowns and government control. Mandates beget more mandates. Don’t think this will happen? Just look at the year that was 2020… All of it happened, and then some.

      These people are the true epitome of evil, nothing, and I mean ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, is beneath them. The Deep State/cabal/NWO/China, whoever is pulling the strings behind the scenes, are the spawn of satan, and they want us all to perish, no matter the cost.

      We all need to keep praying, stick together, and continue to fight. God WILL prevail, and this injustice will not stand. I pray the fraud is exposed and reversed, and we can put this nightmare to bed… (After the traitors and those involved in treason are strung up and hung, that is)

      FEAR NOT!

      • Robert K

        I hope I am wrong, but I would expect just as the election fraud evidence in Arizona, Georgia and other states are about to be released and made public, or possibly even reversed in favor of President Trump, we will see big distractions that I mentioned to detract from the findings in the form of false flags taking place.

      • PB

        You would think they’d want to boast from the rooftops.

  10. Robert Olin

    Out in the country where I live there’s a shortage of carpenters, electricians, plumbers etc etc. Police are highly regarded. I work in the On Site Sewage industry and recently offered a service call for no charge when I found out the home owner was a sheriff. He refused but I lowered the charge and thanked him for his service. There is still a good America out here and my advice is leave the city and the suburbs and repopulate the heartland. Let these people police themselves. They have been weaponized by the Deep State and it will get worse. Global Government is probably the plan, but as long as almost 1/2 of the population allows themselves to be mind controlled all you can do is get out of the way.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for the street reporting Robert!!

    • Felix A Renteria

      You are correct robert there are still a lot of wonderful GOD loving americans and are worried for the future of our children and grand children but we do not live in fear .Yes move out of the cities and leave the knuckleheads annihilate themselves.Take care and stay safe all GOD loving americans and help your fellow man.

      • Robert Feco

        Its never over, at least it seems this battle has been going on since the fall of man, and there have always been periods of darkness and then revival, both in nature itself through seasons and cycles, and through the creatures of the earth. All of these things teach us that if you try to bend universal laws to your will, you will get crushed by Nature/God in the end. We are simply witnessing a 21st century rendetion of Babylon and the war against the people of Shem

        Nothing new under the sun, just new ways of accomplishing the same old goals, new world order is really just old world order, same as when Jesus was walking this earth…and when the Jews were held in captivity by several nations…meaning the people of God, the true people of God, were subjugated to all these external forces and empires. yet they remained….and I am not referring to Rothschild ashkeNAZI Jews, I am talking about the true people of shem, the ones scattered and lost once gain under evil empires, but as before the empires are poised to fall….By their deeds you shall know them.

        Think about it…if the evil had already won we wouldnt know the things we do know, we wouldnt know Jesus, we wouldnt know love, compassion, free will, humility, and so on, if evil had its way and was in charge then all these stories would have never taken place, they wouldnt have had a reason to be written about as evil certainly would not have wasted any time allowing people to have hope in the first place. Evil would try to take full control and fail….as it will ultimately again.

        Evil cannot win, if it did then it would be the end of mankind, does anyone truly want that?
        I think what is occuring is much deeper and more complex, the elite actually think they are doing humanity a service, they think they can play god in a way by trying to balance all the equations themselves, thus preventing an ultimate cataclysim. Yet in doing so, they plunge humanity into whatever backwards agenda to keep people from understanding they are simply part of a gunea pig experiment….going round and round on the wheel.

        They are playing the roles of good and evil, masters of perception/projection, creating order out of chaos…Indeed this quote from West world is an eye opener…

        The main protagonist or Antagonist of the story, Anthony Hopkins, character states “You cannot play God without being associated with the devil”

        This show was highly coded and used some pretty advanced tech for a tv show…def an illuminati reveal


    Where is the FBI /DOJ ? They are corrupt and helped fix the election by ignoring the machine fraud . America if were honest is lost.

  12. tim+mcgraw

    What if the Pentagon and the CIA and the FBI are worried that the collapse of the US economy by the Biden administration is a threat to their income stream (taxes)?
    What if the Pentagon, CIA, and FBI decide to do something about it? (Remember JFK?)
    What if Americans reach that 60-70% awakening about the Covid hoax, Middle East wars hoax, election theft, etc.?
    What if Americans question the 9/11 Commission Report? (Oh, btw, the same liar who ran the 9/11 cover up report is being put in charge of the Covid Commission Report (cover up)). You can look that up.
    Fear not.

    • JC

      tim mcgraw,

      And Allen Dulles, CIA Director, fired by JFK, was part of the Warren Commission.

      • Warren B.

        Are you suggesting something fishy with the Warren Commission ?
        Coverup ?
        Whenever the CIA and Warren Commission are used in the same sentence you can bet the Truth is not even on the Radar.

      • tim+mcgraw

        Yes, JC. JFK fired Allen Dulles, but he wouldn’t stay fired. He set up a shadow CIA office and directed the assassination imo, and certainly the cover up. It’s appropriate that the airport for DC is named “Dulles” for you are truly flying into Mordor.

    • Paul ...

      Perhaps Bribe’n will put Trump in as head of Covid Commission Report (to cover things up in a way that will make it be believed by his supporters)!!

      • tim+mcgraw

        The liar’s name is Philip Zellikow. He’s an old neo-con insider from way back. He will head the Covid Commission and lie just like he did with the 9/11 Commission Report. Watch the latest report on the weekly news at The Corbett Report.

  13. JC


    You ask a lot of good questions around the 6:00 mark, and regarding answers, I wonder what role Obama and Hillary are playing in all this, behind the scenes.

    • JC

      George Ure: Rolled out for the sheep like it matters…

      Teleprompter Joe – reading from Obama flash cards: “Biden administration cozies up to controversial UN agency for Palestinian refugees.” If you’re an American, have we got a plan for you! (Replacement!) Voter dilution is in play. God, what a scam and still the MSM can’t bring themselves to report on the takedown of America or the death of merit-based behavior…Sink the Values! Change all Rules. Laws are anti-democratic…blah, blah, blah.) Defund Biden and Congress, not police.

    • JC

      Obama’s ISIS Returns – Christian Executed On Video

  14. Vincent johnson

    Today the air flight bubble constructed between Australia and New Zealand was rocked by the news that a NZ airplane cleaner came down with covid on only the second day of its operation but here is the kicker he/she had been vaccinated but still acquired the virus and he/she has been fully vaccinated for quite some time

  15. Self Exiled

    To regaleagle Posted twice, didn’t want you to miss my response

    Thank You for your come back. I respect your temperance of comment. Also I agree that you and I both have clarity of vision because of our Redeemer. Yes my perspective is skewed but I see everybody’s as skewed and changing with age and experiences. I do feel sorry for the woke generation who have been so deceived and who promote and will whole hardheartedly follow their destruction by their masters. My hope is that the pain to come will bring many to the Knowledge we both share. Look forward to your posted comments on Greg’s Gift

    • regaleagle

      No worries…….we are cut from the same blood-stained cloth of Jesus Christ and therefore of the same spirit and heart……albeit we are separated by great distance and different surroundings. There is much work to be done by those that are willing to give of themselves in these last days to help inform and educate the lost and misinformed. Greg is a leader in this fight……you can count Me as one who supports the efforts of USAWatchdog, and all of those that come here to share our beliefs, ideals, experiences, and knowledge in these end times with those who have ears to hear. We are all imperfect, but can become so much more if we can come together in agreement to stand against the evils that are being openly perpetrated against good in every fabric of life that God has ordained. Righteousness shall prevail over Evil in the end, regardless of the costs to mankind.

      • Self Exiled

        Beautifully and well said: ”can become so much more if we can come together in agreement” absolutely; looking forward to it and the Holy Spirit being poured out in the last days. Your Faith statements are well appreciated, ”Righteousness shall prevail over Evil in the end, regardless of the costs to mankind”. What we are called to is beyond imagination —I’m asking God for strength and the sense of purpose in Him to do His will. I have this image of us, we his people standing on the hill side with the banner of Love flying over us, watching as I know the battle is the Lords. Thank You.

  16. Mel

    Thanks Greg for being one of my TRUSTED sources for my own videos. I have NO Monitisation whatsoever. The only “reward” I’m after is from God the Father. There are other sources that I trust, and I aggregate all of those in my videos. Not surprisingly I keep getting blocked by Google but not on Brighteon Please check it out!!

  17. JC

    Trump is scaring me…

    “I’m all in favor of the vaccine,” Trump said Thursday. “It’s one of the great achievements, a true miracle, and not only for the United States. We’re saving tens of millions of lives throughout the world. We’re saving entire countries.”

    “If we didn’t have a vaccine, it would have been just like the 1918 Spanish flu,” Trump said of the pandemic that took as many 100 million lives around the world.

    • Greg Hunter

      I totally disagree with President Trump on this “experimental” so-called vaccine. I’ll bet Barron will never get this!!

      • Bruno Falvo

        Superb weekly news roundup as always Greg, thank you and we thank God for you. With regard to the vaccine, it’s my belief that the fact that it came out as quickly as it did, put a major monkey wrench into the deep state plans. Although I’m not a believer in vaccines, and will do what it takes for me personally to avoid getting it, Trump always made it clear that it is a choice and will not be made mandatory under his administration. The wacko demon-rats have gone the other way trying to push for mandatory vaccinations and they will have the corporations do the dirty work for them (ie: “No vaccine? Sorry you can’t board the plane”). By the way, we in Ontario, Canada appear to now be the most locked down people in North America, for no good reason. The social outcasting of non-vaccinated people has started and is in full swing here. I hope and pray for something, anything that wakes up the population here, enough to put pressure on our government to stop this insanity. Otherwise “we the people” will deliver this evil agenda, by ourselves, on a silver platter. That’s my biggest fear right now. Be well.

      • Ernest Stephens

        TRUMP is a PATRIOT , a misinformed patriot. Such a busy man can’t stay up on everything. His heart is in the right place, just needs better advisers.

        • Warren B.

          You really are clueless or a Bad Liar.

      • luis

        Well, does he have a choice if he says he’s against it then MSM will be all over it?

    • Stan Sylvester

      I ‘m quite sure Donald knows what really happened with the “Spanish” flu. It wasn’t from Spain and it wasn’t the flu. He’s a great actor. When one does research, we find the familiar name Rockefellar again rearing it’s ugly head. Decades later, another billionaire has a fetish for vaccines. It is possible that more soldiers died from the vaccine than bullets and bombs in WW1. Please do research. Donald is the pied piper for millions of would be patriots.

      • Paul ...

        SS … Only rats would follow a Pied Piper playing the tune “Warp Speed” to the American people!!

    • Bob

      If the vaccine wipes out liberals, what’s the problem?

      It’s the only issue the left and right can agree on: both sides believe anti-vaxxers belong at the back of the vaccine queue and liberals belong at the front.

      No president before Trump has ever brought people together like this.

      • Self Exiled

        Also Greg Hunter, Ernest Stephens, Warren B., ————–What I see is God Working, every person is an undertaking/enterprise, instrument of His Will to accomplish His Goals/Desire [even the Pharaoh of Egypt]. As I have said here before: I don’t see Trump as highly intelligent/3d chess player, I have watched for him in the news sense and during the Vietnam war and have seen him to to be open and making observational assessments. His openness has been used by dishonest people against him; but this quality is highly effective in and appreciated in like minded business people who’s goals are the accomplishment for betterment even if it is only a building. Something some/most politicians would disdain and look at as naive due to their manipulations to fulfill addictions. Again God Working.

  18. Joseph

    Antifa and BLM are both terrorist groups and should be rounded up and sent on a trip to Guantanamo Bag. In my state, especially where I live, no one would allow any of what those terrorists do other places to ever take place here.

    • Thomas Surguine

      The Phillipines would “take it even farther! ANY GROUP LOOTING, BURNING, DESTROYING would be SHOT DEAD INSTAMENTE! These folks have worked like dogs putting this country “Back Together” after the HORRID RAVAGES OF WW2! Any group, 4 whatever totally STUPID REASON who wishes 2 protest anything has perfectly legal venues 4 their particular point of view, BUT!!! There are highly, highly trained, armed 2 the teeth, security guards @ EVERY shop ctr,,bank, hi rise condos 24/7/365, a la D.C. White House, who will shoot 2 KILL ANYONE EVEN ATTEMPTING 2 DESTROY VALUABLE PRIVATE OR GOV’T PROPERTY!!!! No divorce law here either. IMPOSSIBLE 2 describe the incredible feeling of the reverence 4 law & order in this country. The U.S. “A”, “A” “standing 4 “A”BOMINATION (Chavin farce intimidated jury) totally affirms the fact that we will NEVER live in that “gang run” cesspool of a country again! Expat tom

  19. James C Rattenborg

    When George Floyd stopped moving the officer should have checked his pulse and Immediately started CPR while waiting for the Ambulance. If he would have begun CPR this trial probably would have never taken place………….

    • JC

      Nancy Pelosi thanked George Floyd for “sacrificing” his life.
      Does that make him a martyr?
      Any chance he will be proposed for sainthood?

  20. Yancy Yates

    If they ‘sought to impeach Trump’ for incitement, ‘how about Maxine Waters and Joe Biden’
    51,846 views•Apr 22, 2021 Sky News Australia
    Sky News host Alan Jones says the tone of the Administration under US President Joe Biden and Kamala Harris is “at best, disturbing”, stating “if they sought to impeach Donald Trump for inciting riots, where do Maxine Waters and Joe Biden fit”.

    • Self Exiled

      His breath is like an overflowing river,
      Which reaches to the neck,
      To sift the nations back and forth in a sieve [of disaster],
      And to put in the jaws of the peoples the bridle which leads to ruin. Isaiah 30:28

      The bit of the bridle is in their mouths, and by their own decision making/choices they have chosen their path.

  21. YancyYates

    The ‘spite, bullying and evil’ of China is on ‘full display again’: Bolt
    39,120 views•Apr 22, 2021 Sky News Australia

    • Self Exiled

      Babylon has been a golden cup in the LORD’S hand,
      Intoxicating all the earth.
      The nations drank her wine;
      Therefore the nations have gone mad. Jeremiah 51:7

  22. Steve Polon

    Hi Greg, did you know that DC is empty? The congress for example is operating out of Fort McPherson in Georgia. How about covering that? Better yet how about interviewing William Mount? He can provide more pieces of the puzzle that you do not cover. Thanks!

  23. Maria+das+Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter for digging the stories that are dramatically hidden and for your bravery sir for standing up for people who are being poisoned.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Maria for your continued support!



  25. Jan Van Campenhout

    People like Maxine Waters belong in jail. What the heck is happening in the US? I hope it doesn’t spread to other Western countries, although BLM is already present in Europe. Why? And why the HECK are people going along with this fascist movementl?

  26. Jan Van Campenhout

    Vaccine sounds like Maxine: it is BAD! You are right, don’t get the jab EVER. It is NOT worth the risk. Perfectly healthy people may end up with life long disabilities. DON’T TAKE IT! Early treatment is POSSSIBLE! Get informed and start with surfing to AAPS the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons. Do you understand why people ate DYING in India and other countries when early Covid treatment is AVAILABLE and cheaper than “vaccines” and genuinly effective unlike the “vaccines”. Variants are showing up and the “vaccines” we have now do NOT even provide protection, do you believe they’ll protect you from the variants that will keep coming ???? (They can stretch this as long as they want, as long as they keep everybody scared enough on a dailh basis 24/7. )
    Please, please focus on your personal health RIGHT NOW. Make sure your immune system is in top shape. Start eating right. GET INFORMED. There are plenty very qualified people world wide who can and WANT to help you. Investing in your health is THE most important thing everybody should be doing TODAY.

    • Warren B.

      Unfortunately your advice might not be as effective as it would appear on face value (avoiding the Jab).
      There is increased belief that those who have received any of the mRNA Experimental Gene Therapies are already shedding particles through their skin and exhaled gas from their lungs / fluids from their nose/mouth which has gene altered cells. Those cells potentially are being absorbed by those unvaccinated people and are therefore receiving a modified portion of the original poison/mRNA – previously inserted into the bodies of those Vaccinated people.
      Said differently mRNA Vaccinated people may be aiding and abetting the fraudulent BIG Pharma unwittingly, by being the carriers/spreaders of an unpopular Vaccine Program – known to be human genome altering and deadly. Like the Virus can be spread by close contact – so too can the Vaccine. Vaccinated Humans will become live transmitters/ inoculators of mRNA.
      This then poses the question about Quarantine. Should those (140 Million Americans who have taken the Jab to date – be forced into self isolation) to protect the rest of the population in America / The Human race globally?
      I sense we are soon to witness (if time frames are correct) a very large percentage of the Population suffering from debilitating adverse reactions/deaths on a magnitude never before seen . My first instinct is that Females are being targeted directly – sterilized.
      Ultimately they achieve 100% vaccination saturation. The more people who receive the jab and are not segregated ( hence the urgency in opening up of the Economy – to allow for spread)…the more the unvaccinated are indirectly vaccinated through contact with the mRNA human guinea pigs. The agenda is two fold – to coerce those into having the mRNA therapy so that they can work in conjunction with the administration of Vaccines to the wider community. It is not about protecting the masses from the Virus. It is to ensure the Gene Altering mRNA is inserted into the human genome permanently.
      Crimes against Humanity doesn’t even describe what this all means.
      Genocide and Depopulation are most definitely a greater part of this diabolical scheme.
      Lucifer couldn’t have written a better script.
      The Virus was the decoy. Their ultimate plan was much Darker and Sinister.
      Just MHO – connecting a few more Dots to allow for better interrogation/understanding. We know they lie – but its not too late to stop this.

      • regaleagle

        In His infinite wisdom beyond the understanding of imperfect man…….God Almighty uses circumstances of Evil and poor choices to bring about his master plan of redemption and Good over Evil. WE in our imperfect state on this earth may not be able to comprehend all that is happening at any given time that God uses to bring about His plan of Good over Evil. WE must humble ourselves and seek wisdom, guidance, strength, and faith thru prayer and repentance to be found worthy in these end times. All is never what it appears to be……so we must ask for wisdom, guidance, strength, and faith to arrive at the place where we have God’s umbrella of protection over us and His power within us.

  27. ivan

    Wisconsin Mom & Patriot Testifies Against “Convention of States” Scheme Dangers of an Article V Constitutional Convention with KrisAnne Hall & Peter Boyce

  28. ivan

    Aggressive New Scheme Exposes Article V Convention Lobby

  29. Jerry5

    Get ready. The lawsuits are coming.

    If you’re an employer, you need to think twice about making vaccinations mandatory. The drug manufactures may be exempt, but you are not. People are dying, and there will be long term repercussions for taking a biological agent that changes your DNA.

    Greg I can’t believe how naive people are. The history of drugs:
    Don’t eat that herb, take this potion.
    Don’t drink that potion take this pill.
    Don’t take that pill take this shot.
    Don’t take that shot eat this herb. etc. etc. etc. etc.

  30. Robert Coleman

    Keep up the Good Fight Greg, appreciate your steadfastness in reporting the TRUTH.
    Everyone pounces on the so-called 3 million deaths due to COVID World Wide up to now.
    Over 42 Million Children had their lives terminated by Abortion in 2019 – that is a Real PANDEMIC. Only Military Grade Full Face Masks or Chem-Bio Hoods that cover that entire head from the neck up will actually protect you from COVID19 – NOT Paper Masks.

  31. Robert Coleman

    Human Rights Attorney, Leigh Dundas, holds the Orange County California Board of Education to account for pushing experimental shots on Innocent Children. Reminds them of NAZI Dr. Josef Mengele, also known as the Angel of Death who last experimented on Children and what they are doing is against the Nuremberg CODE 1946 and International Law. Also that the mRNA testing that was done on Ferrets that all ( 100% ) of ALL Ferrets Died from the mRNA Testing and that is why it was banned under Obama. Fauci ( Nazi Mengele ) has revived the Boys from Brazil and now wanting all Children and even Babies to get the COVID Shot. See for yourself –

  32. George (Bill) Heuschele

    We are in the fight of our lives. How sad so many have yet to really wake up. Thanks Greg for your efforts in opening our eyes.

  33. Jerry5

    This is what’s next.

    We have the mRNA vaccines loading hydrogel into peoples brains making them into biological receivers . ( that’s what m stands for. Messaging ) All we need now is the cloud for the download. The planners will roll government, banking, medicine, communications, and virtually all industry’s into a single format. Here is your one world government on steroids.

  34. Steve Carter

    Deep State Plan. To whip up the violence was put down. Waters was one of the last efforts to create violence. Chauvin will win on appeal and be released. Arizona audit will start the reversal. Joe Biden and his deep state Satanist buddies will all be hung for Treason. Oh,,,,,,
    ……….Donald Trump is still the President.



    And how about the head of BLM who received millions of dollars from big companies like coca cola gave her 90 million dollars and she is on a spending spree buying multi million dollars houses —-
    four or more, no investigation on there 501 3 C?

  36. Scott

    Greg, once Floyd lost consciousness th police were responsible for recognizing the medical emergency. This is no different than if you passed out in my office. Failure to address the emergency exposes the officer to a charge of negligent negligent homicide. Ellison overcharged the case with the expectation of inciting violence.

    • Greg Hunter

      Floyd did not simply “lost “consciousness.” Floyd died of a triple fatale overdose of fentanyl. That’s a fact that was not refuted at trial. Let’s start there, and if we do, your hole argument dies.

    • Charles H

      NO, Scott,

      Are the police responsible for having x-ray vision, in order to know when or whether a person has OD’ed themselves when making a stop? And also you go too far in your assertion that ‘ once someone passes out, they are responsible for initiating medical response’. Because, again, you operate from a wrong assumption. Floyd did NOT pass-out as a result of pressure on his neck: it was on his shoulder. He died as a result of a drug overdose: which could have not been predicted – or even stopped. At the point of Floyd passing-out: nothing could have saved his life – not NARCAN, not EMT, not even a ventilator and an artificial heart. He ingested THREE TIMES THE LETHAL DOSE. In order to avoid being caught with the drugs – he killed himself stupidly and ignoring the risks.

  37. Rich

    Hey Greg
    Something major is going on in the silver market.
    It started with the meme stocks and the wall st bets crowd. They bought game stop and amc. Then they moved into silver late January/early February. And bullion dealers sold out over the weekend. On February 3rd the ishares silver trust (slv) changed their prospectus at like 3 am. What they did was they removed the section about slv being 100% backed by silver to it may be backed by silver depending on market conditions. We also saw 110 million oz of silver added to slv in a 3 day period. Which industry insiders say would be impossible.
    March came along and we had the 2nd largest comex delivery month for silver (at just under 59 million oz). Supply was still really tight. We started hearing reports from the Perth mint about how their allocated pool silver went from 10 days to 3 month fabrication time. Perth mint changed their paperwork to reflect the new 3 month delivery window. And a few other dealers did as well
    In April we’re seeing the Perth mint shipping Chinese bars to customers (which may or may not be unusual) and charging $1,000 for “fabrication”
    We also saw open interest for comex delivery go from 400 million oz to 360-365 million oz. then it jumped to 375 million oz within the past few days. That has never happened before.
    If you would like to talk/email more about it. Let me know
    Wishing you all the best

  38. Louis

    Another Great Report !
    Keep Up The Good Work !
    We Will Win In The End ! – !

  39. Caroline

    Trump was put between a rock and a hard place. No vaccine, total resets. Vaccine, no control of ingredients.
    The attention to the police and made events results in negative outcomes. The police quitting their jobs in these cities will be welcomed by cities that want the blue, leaving them to destroy themselves…. which is what they want. Maxine….UBNXT.
    The ballot ballet investigations, more waste of money. The biggest money went to buy the fake administration “friends in lower places”. If the original election chess game was double queened then this aftermath checker game will not produce much change.
    If you want to join the bulletless fight then get rid of your television, facelook, tweeterville, amazon, and stop giving attention to leftist companies shading the swamp.
    Your money is actually their money and they are coming after it, better get some diversity that saves half your livelihood or wind up with nothing under their control; remember the survival truths- food, water, shelter, clothing and a sense of security. On the outside mother nature is taking a HUGE unseen toll on the first two, fake admin is taxing the third and and fifth, and if you can’t sew better learn or be caught naked. <– metaphor.
    Either stand for your Freedom, or sit in free-dominance. Death comes anyway, so keep G-d in your life, your flag flagging, stand your ground, do not despair and hold your head up!
    Thank you Greg, your unrelenting Patriotism which is a beacon of light for those who need uplifting moments. I have appreciated you for all these years!

  40. Jim Ledyard

    What’s very strange… Chauvin knew George Floyd. They worked together at the same night club doing security. Even more strange, is the background story of the woman who owned the night club where they worked.

  41. karl underhill

    The Hegelian Dialectic
    – problem, reaction, solution
    I think we can agree that the Kung-Flu Hoax was a deliberate diversion to control the narrative of a predetermined global deflationary event. (The Great Reset)

    Which had everything to do with a collapsing global fiat system, and if left to
    decompose naturally, whole governments around the world would have been toppled.

    This is a False Flag providing cover for the collapse of the global fiat system.
    Yes, the virus is real (the annual flu) with a 99% survival rate. BUT yet the ill-informed are submitting to an experimental injection, multi-national organizations leading lambs to the slaughter… Those same multi-nationals that own the media & our politicians coordinate the message to over hype the reality of its effects; it is no more than a ploy… PLEASE open your eyes!!!

    This is a simple fear porn story being played out for the public’s benefit…

    What they don’t know will not hurt them, so let them bicker amongst themselves while
    the plantation masters build an even more impressive jail to keep and train the

    I am pretty sure this was the plan from the beginning… fiat has only ever run
    for 45 years, and we are at the end of this ride…


    Topic #1

    Topic #2

  42. James Hastings

    We understand the election was corrupt.

    Hillary’s emails were never investigated. No perp walks.
    Nobody important was prosecuted for “Russian collusion”. No perp walks.
    Nothing will change for the 2020 elections. No perp walks.

    God has turned His back on America. We are totally perverted as a nation.

    We are going to collapse.

    I don’t believe much…no mask, no shot, I shake hands.

    Thank you for the hard work.

  43. David W Leonard

    “Woketards” LOL!!! I love it. Sorry Greg, I’m going to use it and use it a lot. I can’t wait to use it. Sadly, probably won’t be too long of a wait. Thanks Greg!!!

  44. eddiemd

    If Kelly is run out by fraud, does that mean that all legislation passed over the past 3 months is invalid?

  45. Greg

    If I were to get into Bitcoin today I would do “Dollar Cost Averaging”. Physical gold and silver should be a good investment, but the big money is holding it down with shorting and naked shorting. They can not do naked shorting in Bitcoin, but they can buy a bunch and dump it repeatedly which causes volatility. Gold and silver should break out one of these days when they can not deliver physical that is demanded.

    Gold and silver attributes:
    Recognized as money by many people.
    Long history of being “Money”.
    Hard to properly denominate.
    Hard to make long distance purchases
    Hard to take across borders.
    Can be used without power or the internet.

    Bitcoin attributes:
    Recognized as money by less people (but more each day).
    Only a short history as money.
    Easy to denominate. (Can be broken down to less than a penny.)
    Very hard to confiscate.
    Easy to purchase anywhere in the world.
    Easy to take across borders.
    Can not be used without power or the internet.

    Perhaps having precious metals and Bitcoin is wise.
    First having food, water, & security is best.

    • Jim Hall

      You are correct about gold and silver. Rhodium is $27,000 per ounce because they can’t rig it with the futures market like gold and silver. Rhodium is only traded in the cash market.

  46. Mario P Caserta

    Yes, the King is in control. So do not worry about being locked out of the public domain because you did not participate or bow down. The Key is not to participate in the first place. Do not turn on their channel, or give heed to their propaganda. The controlled media is coordinated in one voice in order to give the impression it is the common agreed upon American belief . Well they have been caught now pushing their own political narrative so much that they are currently failing in that mission.
    Our Over all American system, although under attack, is a very strong webbed net work that is very hard to control. Please note that State Legislatures are drafting laws to subvert Federal edicts. It is not a perfect system, but it is a very Robust system that in the long run will prove itself viable. A perfect example is in the recent trial where the man convicted on all counts will find true resolve as his case CONTINUES. His recent verdict did not condemn him for life. He has reprieve within the system to protest and continue his fight.
    I am so grateful to Greg Hunter for reminding me always that God is ultimate in control. He has won the Victory already so do not hold on to Fear in your hearts. I know God loves this country as I see it in His works and in His people. Look around – the majority of the people you see believe the same as you and me. Those societal narrative about Freedom and Governance are very hard to change over night.
    Ok, I need to stop my rant. God Bless everybody

    • Robert Feco

      Spot on. My parents taught me well, I feel the same as you and Greg.
      They also happened to be marines, and God fearing people. That helps.

      Evil is not going to win. It simply cannot, the world, the universe, simply wouldny exist if evil was ruling. If that were the case then the universe would have consumed itself and burnt out long ago…instead the creator is in control, hence why wr have life in the first place.

  47. Stephen

    What has happened to us?

    • Robert Feco

      Isnt it obvious?

      I mean, you really have to ask?

      Sure. its not totally simple, its a simplex situation with comlex variables, but the pattern is rather repetitive.

      I am surprised at the low rate of humans who actyally see through it all.

      Seems either I overestimated humanity, over I am underestimating my own abilities. It would seem to me like its right in front if your face everyday…

      Idk anymore, I spend my days learning news skills, spending time with those I love, and apprecaiting Gods gifts…
      I dont give a rats ass about the rest of the world anymore, its simply out of my control, and its going to hell anyways, not gonna stick my butt on the line for a diseased culture.

      See what has to change is our culture, our very ways of live..We cannot continue supporting the evil expecting it to change or go away,

      those days are gone, its now or never, either give up go bow down to satan take your jab and plead for normaly, lol you aint gonna get it….or you dig down deep and you push the opposite direction.

      I am going as far in opposite directioj from Babylon as I can

  48. Russ 2

    Thanks Greg, good wrap-up. It’s evident to any rational thinking person (unfortunately there are far too many who aren’t) that Chauvin was wrongly convicted. The grounds for appeal are solid and maybe by then cooler heads will prevail. But it seems that these days certain groups are looking for any excuse to burn out city centers and wage war on law enforcement.

    We’ve known masks and lockdowns don’t work, but it’s good to see studies finally reporting the truth. The MSM and social media will probably discount those studies though since isolation seems to be part of the control they are using to keep us in a “not normal” state.

    I know a few folks who have had the jab and I feel for them. Two have ongoing health concerns and regularly see their doctors so they went ahead and got the jab because it was recommended by someone they trust. A couple are retired nurses who trust the medical establishment — interesting that so many active nurses are not taking the jab. I won’t judge their motivations, the propaganda has been relentless and some folks need normal.

    Me? I don’t like being played and have had a suspicious side since a major event in 2001. The news I heard was that masks don’t work and the people at risk are folks in nursing homes (ie., already sick or dying), smokers and people with underlying health conditions. We did what we could to beef up our own immune systems and then I trusted my immune system to recognize a coronavirus for what it was. Too many came out very early talking about the need for a vaccine which in my mind seemed “off”. Since when had there been a vaccine for this type of pathogen? Never, they mutate and render the vaccine worthless. Why have I not received a flu shot in a quarter century… ??? … skip ahead …

    When the mRNA vaccines were announced I was like wow, high tech vaccines. How does that work? After looking into it — no fracking was I’m going to allow my DNA to be altered by Moderna or Pfizer. I’ll take hydroxychloroquine or some other treatment of which there are many long before I trust my life to an untested vaccine. I like my DNA just like it is thank you very much. 99.7+% survival rate and they want to alter my DNA? No fracking way once again. I’ll take my immune system up against any virus with 99.7% survival rate. Take care of your immune system and then trust it. If I die, I die, everybody does.

    There’s going to be a second Nuremberg trial. Folks hoisting these untested vaccines while safe treatments that have been shown to work will be front and center.

  49. Sue Patterson

    Your WNWs are top of my list to enjoy with coffee on Friday mornings.
    Bitcoin thoughts:
    “Satoshi Nakamoto is the name used by the presumed pseudonymous person or persons who developed bitcoin, authored the bitcoin white paper, and created and deployed bitcoin’s original reference implementation. As part of the implementation, Nakamoto also devised the first blockchain database.” wikipedia
    “Bitcoin mining is performed by high-powered computers that solve complex computational math problems; these problems are so complex that they cannot be solved by hand and are complicated enough to tax even incredibly powerful computers.” investopedia
    Bitcoin is a series of 0s and 1s, computer language, created by a person, Nakamoto, who doesn’t exist, currently selling for $50K each. Bitcoin seems to be the COVID 19 of the financial world, hyped to the hilt to make the masses accept its existence. Catherine Austin Fitts, speaking on your show, was someone who told the truth about Bitcoin. It’s created to make the uninformed masses willingly accept cryptocurrency.

  50. Albert Dziennik

    Greg, Chauvin may get another trial, but where’s he going to get a fair set of judges?

    • Warren B.

      If you haven’t worked it out yet, the TRIAL was FAKE.
      My they have put on a good show. The BOYZ out at the 3 letter agency HQ’d in VA were very lazy though. Lots of loose ends.

  51. Bruce E. Sanborn

    Greg,I believe, concerning the economy and money supply, the bullet has left the barrel and there is no,NO WAY it’s going back in. I’m pretty confident ,using scripture as a guide,that this is being engineered which will not only bring America to the level of a third world nation but also render America feckless globally!Maranatha, Greetings from Tampa Florida 😎

  52. Mario P Caserta

    Here is my rant about – TEXIT …….. I believe that Texas is going to far with its all in or out response. I think we need to also consider ” Standard Affiliation”. Standard Affiliation is the Base Line structure of affiliation that a State needs to support in order to participate and remain in the Union of the United States. This is the most basic participating standards in order to continue to belong to Union. So you have to pay your taxes, support Defense, Foreign Commerce, etc. OK, we got that …… but Obama Care ? not so fast. If the Federal Govt passes such a bill the States have the right to opt in or out of such participation. AND….. if they opt out ….. those State Citizens do not have to PAY for those projects. In other words their Federal tax burden would reflect their total States participation in None Standard affiliated Fed projects like Obama Care.
    Yes, you could argue that our system already promotes such (with out the pay structure). However, I would contend that States are Forced to participate because Legislatures are naturally pressured to Maximize their citizens benefits. So when such laws and programs are passed Legislatures respond naturally to participate in order to maximize their citizens Federal tax dollars. For this argument this would also include dilution of the currency through the printing press. ……………….. That is why we need to consider – Standard Affiliation. In this manner if the States do not want to participate they can opt out with the option of opting in at a later time if the program proves worthy in other States.
    Key issue – The Citizens of States that opt out of none essential fed programs CAN NOT be Tax for such Programs. AND those Federal programs need to be self funded ( PERIOD). None – Standard Affiliated programs need to be Self Funded and not supported by the General fund where by indefinite printing press can cover ill-advised programs. How else would we know if a program was successful or not. If you get 100% participation – Yes you can throw it into the “Standard Affiliation” lot as it would prove coherent to our National culture and thus Affiliation. And – Yes, all programs that fall under Standard Affiliation could be paid for under our current flawed system including the unrestricted printing press problem.
    In this way the Federal Government can have its cake and promote its objectives while allowing the 50 States to continue their Right to self governing by limiting the amount of Governance populist are willing to accept. This “One Pill fits All” approach needs to STOP. A push for “Standard Affiliation” would allow State Governments to individualize and reflect – Their America – while at the same time holding to affirm truths we hold together in and effort to form our Union. Please consider “Standard Affiliation” in future discussions to be considered as a resolve to some of the current political issues now confronting us – like Texit and Sanctuary (States & Cities). We are a Young Country and are still moving through our leaning and Growing Pains. Standard Affiliation would resolve much of the current factions currently in place as they would be resolve Locally and not waiting for a National response. Citizens would find they have more power and influence at the local level thus improving Citizen participation. It would allow State Governments to re-assemble properly to reflect the full Governing manifestation of its populist thus reflecting Their self expression of American Experience. Please consider with your audience.

  53. Steve Kloppers

    JDFaraq very aptly said: The virus was created for the vaccine.
    Mat 24:12 And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.
    2Th 2:10 ….. because they received not the love of the truth (Jesus Christ), that they might be saved.
    2Th 2:11 And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:

  54. JC

    Is he/she a case of demonic possession?
    There is an ominous trend of “weirdness,” tightening it’s grip on America.

    Caitlyn Jenner officially running for CA gov…

  55. J. Loughran

    Since Dec, beans have almost doubled, plugged canals, burning refineries, and announced rumors of war keep oil buoyed, and now no one moves from the couch for less than 12, 15, 20 … dollars per hour. Public schools advertise with lawn signs, “Hiring now…” Remember the protest movie called, “A Day without a …” No matter. Look around. Today is the Day without Viable Small Business Model. Given all small business is soon to be a front of some global corp., I am considering a new partnership with the 0.000…1 percenter class. Since my little league days are well behind me, instead of throwing in to participate in the peaceful demonstration/ development planned movement, I figure to pitch an informational signage campaign signing each small business that has succumb with the lettering, “Net Zero Achieved”. Watch the clip from the Grapes of Wrath, the conversation between the mortgaged farmer and bank employed bulldozer operator.

  56. Bogdan Tatarsky

    Greg, does it matter what killed G Floyd . ANTIFA and BLM is winning. They hold “moral ground” over the rest of US citizens. They are attacking and you are defending. They take you one by one vandalizing your homes and businesses.
    Left wing infiltration of most North American educational institutions produced new generation of guilt feeling people. Instead of patriots you have apologists. No more George Washingtons only Floyds.

  57. iwitness02

    LIES. The bane of our existence.
    The one thing we can count on from government: more lies.
    Never ending lies.
    God said that the soul that sins shall surely die.
    The devil says thou shalt not die. (book of Genesis)
    The water has been muddy ever since.

    Thoroughly enjoyed today’s report.
    Thank you, Greg.

  58. rich "Pillow"

    Hello again Greg,
    I would like to post this if it won’t get in the way of anything you might cover, thanks!!

    In this exclusive interview with The New American magazine’s Senior Editor Alex Newman, world-renown German-Thai-American microbiologist Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi warns that the COVID hysteria is based on lies and that the COVID “vaccines” are set to cause a global catastrophe and a decimation of the human population.

  59. david brownallen

    We’re in the midst of a famous or infamous Bo Polny prediction re April 23-26, 2021.
    If this prediction has any legs, I’ll assume next week might be more fortuitous.

    • The Canuck

      It was described as a “Red Sea Moment”

  60. Kangaroo Courts

    As a legal professional, this is why I no longer believe in a trail by jury. Plus it’s almost impossible to overturn a jury verdicts as the Appellate Courts have written in many decisions a jury’s decision is considered “sacred” and is not to be easily overturned.

    Knowing what I learned over the past 20 years, I would rather have a trial by a judge (bench trial), where the judge knows and is trained in law.

    If the judge makes a political or irrational decision that is contrary to law (such as beyond a reasonable doubt – Chauvin), the judge’s decision can more easily be overturned because the judge committed a reversible error.

    • george White

      I do not know what planet you have been a law professional on, but in a murder case with the jury’s verdict of the death penalty, it has been overturned many times.
      All it takes to overturn the jury’s verdict is time , after a certain amount time passes that the victim has been forgotten, then the court brings in a old retired senile judge, that overturns the death penalty and gives the murderer life in prison with out any new evidence presented. I have witnessed this with my own eyes and ears.
      This is why I will never sit on any jury, it is a waist of my time.
      The justice system in this country is a joke and has been in the 64 years of my life span.
      If you want to win in this justice system, all you have to do is hire a dam good lying attorney that plays golf at the country club with the judge.
      You sure did not learn much in your 20 years stating that a judge is trained and knows the laws.
      The judges do not know the laws as you stated because they are off playing golf at the country club with the lying attorney while a law student is researching the law for the judge.
      I know how this works, my nephew was one of the many law students that has worked for the judges.
      You make the statement if a judge makes a wrong decision it is easy to overturn, again you have not learned much in your twenty years.
      What I have seen in my 64 years in this world, very few times does a higher court judge over turn a lower court judges decision.
      You know as attorneys always have said to me, you know nothing is black or white (and that is not about race) there is only gray in the court system.
      All thought I do agree with on one thing, from my experience with the court system, they are all Kangaroo Courts.

  61. Gordon

    Thanks, Greg. Why would they fight the audit if everything is OK? The fraud will be revealed in my opinion. Then the not-so-nice show begins. How bad will it get? Thanks for all you do. Stay strong and be well.

  62. Anthonie den Boef

    The claim “Face masks to fight CV19 don’t work. Don’t take my word for it. This is according to a new study by Stanford University and released by the National Institute for Health (NIH)” is inaccurate. Both Forbes and Stanford dispute the claim. (Apr 22, 2021) has stated: “Some on social media are claiming that a “Stanford” or “NIH” study has shown that face masks are ineffective against the Covid-19 coronavirus and even harmful. There’s one problem with that claim though. It’s not really a Stanford study or a National Institutes of Health (NIH) study.” Moreover, “Study disputing efficacy of face masks is not a ‘Stanford study,’ School of Medicine says” source: (April 22, 2021). Julie Greicius, a spokesperson for Stanford Health Care and the university’s School of Medicine, told [] in an email that “the author’s [Baruch Vainshelboim] affiliation is inaccurately attributed to Stanford, and we have requested a correction” from the author and the journal.  Source:

    • Greg Hunter

      Correction noted but the people who say the mask’s work to fight CV19 need to show us the science. Where is it. There is lots of science that says the masks do not work. If you read the box that dispenses the masks it will say something like this mask will not stop the spread ff infectious disease. As far as the harm it causes, that was the subject of a CDC report: The title is “The Physiological Burden of Prolonged PPE Use on Healthcare Workers during Long Shifts.”
      You are not going to tell us all this crap works when it does not. The CDC and NIH have lied about everything with the entire Plandemic of CV19. Not a reliable sources either.

    • Robert Feco

      Who is a reliable source?

      Seems the reliable ones falied us…how do you explain that?

      This full adherence to medical monopoly over our entire lives now is totally against any free individual.

      You are insane if you think masks have any realy effect in stopping a virus that spread across thw world as fast as rona did. Masks stood zero chance of “curving” the cases.

      All that was nonsensical unproven science of lockdowns and extreme draconian measures have beem historically noted as having a negative response to a pandemic.

      Same with many vaccines, they have been known to cause serious side effects for a long time…again only being ingored by the big medical monopolies for obvious reasons.

      Data going back to polio vaccines actually showed similar events, where the cases were going down until vaccines were administered the cases started going up again.

      Vaccines also create viral shedding.

      They are not a wonder cure, and do not do the job better then out own immune systems.

      Instead they. are a product of bunk science created by an industry of disease creators..people who benefit for keeping humans sick and needing drugs.

      All of this is plainly obvious.

      so obvious doctors gave been a top cause of death for some time

      Go bow down to your over,ords, you worship the medical monopolies way too much

    • Robert Feco

      Is that why number of flu cases are near nothing…yet thats because of what again?

      You morons pretend like you are using logic and science, when you are not.

      You are using unproven claims, assumptions, bunk science, and outright fraud,

      None of this is backed by logic and actually effectual measures.

      and many of those masks have partivles of chemicals you dont want to be breathng in…namely the blue industrial masks….also the cloth masks do nothing but get socked wet with your own spit and become sponges for bacteria lol

      also no data has ever been shown to prove the efficacy of masks in curving a large ourbreak/pandemic

      Yeah facts pal, not on your side.

      Again, why so many woke morons come to this channel..

      Take your jab and go away, ae dont want you here, just as you dont want us near you,

      You freak show

  63. Zack1776

    I think people would be surprised at how large the figure is of those not working due to the on-the-job mask requirement. Even though my health is excellent, wearing a mask makes me dizzy within minutes and vision stars blurring soon after that. I grew up believing that idleness is a sin, that it’s the devil’s workshop. Not working because of this forced masking on the job has been absolute torture. And over time you can feel an atrophy taking its toll of your mind and social skills. You have time read up on the latest data on masks, how Dr Scott Atlas pointed out they bypassed tons of the best science WORLD-WIDE to push their own flawed narrative! I share my own experience once in a while not to say “poor me, poor me,” but to let others know we are out here, the many who have fallen through the cracks. I have a CDC chart highlighting their mask studies over the years — you can go down the “OUTCOME & FINDING” column and notice that in every single study the conclusion was “no significant reduction” of the virus OR masks made “no significant difference.” “In pooled analysis, (of every study from 1946 – 2018) we found no significant reduction in influenza transmission with the use of face masks” — yet they don’t mind putting us through this hell so they can stay relevant.

    • Robert Feco

      Same here. i just graduated year ago for engineering, couldnt find work, refuse to work at retail crap job wearing masks. but for last year opportunities in engineering entry level are slim. Been out of work since graduating. Not gonna go back to retail, and certainly not gonna accept any job that requires me to get the jab or wear mask all day.

      I dont care if I die broke and homeless, I am not accpeting this evil, i simpy cannot do it.

      Me and many others I guess are set to be removed in the new world order.

      Lets stick together and help others like us out,

      My sister is allergice and cannot get most vaccines, she cannot get this vaccinr and i dont think she wants to either.

      My parents and my brother are not getting it either. I know many who refuse to get it.

      We are gonna stick together. Dont worry, as the world tears itself apart we will stick togethet knowing we are NOT on the side of evil

  64. Edward J. Sorrentino

    Greg, You’re right. There are stupid people in this world. People just don’t want to hear the truth. People who voted for Biden and who took the vaccine will find out soon enough how stupid they were. They will Reap what they Sow!

    • Robert Feco

      Sadly they will

      but we will as well, unless we start seperating ourselves from their nastiness.

      It all comes back around as you said, and houses built on sand always fall…

      Best we can do is help those of us who do see what is coming and forget about the sheep. we cannot help them anymore…those days are past.

      The only way a sheep gets help is if sheep comes asking for help, then I will offer a hand. But they dont want out help, instead they despise us and look down on us like we are yhe bad guys.

      We cannt reason with those who refuse to see they are under the influence of evil,

      They are under demonic like control, honestly, i dont see a way out unless they fully give themselves over to Jesus Christ and repent all their false idols.

      Until thay happens, these people are spiritually dead inside, there isnt much hope for them. Its sad, i even know some of these people.

  65. JC

    CDC “Looking At” Whether Masks Are Still Needed Outdoors…
    “…we will be looking at the outdoor masking question but it’s also in the context of the fact that we still have people who are dying…”

    Wow, we still have people that are dying? Doesn’t everybody die from one thing or another?

    If so many people are dying, there should be less traffic, food prices should drop due to low demand, cemeteries should be maxed out, stock market should crash due to no growth… also real estate, but what do I know…

  66. al

    Make sure you copyright that term… LOL

    My Wife and I were invited to a party in a few weeks. One “woke-tard” (c) asked if everyone was vaccinated…. yada yada yada… we’re not going. I’m allergic to woke-tards and experimental drugs not fully approved by the FDA.

    Mike Maloney (you should have him on) has a great video about helicopter money. Hidden Secrets of Money episode 7
    He tells what to expect next after the helicopter money phase.
    I was getting worried under Trump, he was against this helicopter money phase and was starting to do something about it but it’s necessary to bring the system down and start over. Watch Maloney’s video, you’ll see what I mean.

    In respects to the economy If I was Trump I would stand aside until the system implodes which is fast coming. I want Trump in so bad but I wouldn’t want him facing an economic disaster promulgated by the prime Oval Office Seat Warmer Buffoon Extraordinaire.

    I follow a lot of people, especially after THE GREAT DEPLATFORMING. People from all walks of life and yes, color. I noticed a very interesting systematic trend towards Jesus and Christianity. I never saw so many TRULY AWAKE commentators quoting the Bible. It’s definitely a new day in America, for the good.

    God Bless and keep saying Fear Not… that’s uplifting. Thank you

  67. Jeff Richardson

    Way to go Greg, you are blowing them out of the water with facts and truth. At the
    close of the show today, I called down a blessing from God, that He would prosper
    your efforts and expand your coverage. He hears your prayers and comforts your
    soul. We share in the comfort that the Holy Spirit provides. Victory is ours, as I
    read The Book, and we win! We will keep wining…wining…wining. Just a little
    Donald J. Trump lingo there, via RUSH, the Maha Rushi.
    Your Bro. in Christ…Jeff

  68. John Nordstrom

    Please do a story on the Deagel ( population prediction forecast that predicts an 80% drop in US population by 2025. Deagel recently removed the 2025 forecast from their website – probably due to public awareness of what the Globalists are up to. The Deagel data ties in nicely with a 75% vaccination rate and an 80% mortality rate . I have the actual vs forecast data in spreadsheet form for your reference.

    • Jim Hall

      John, the Deagel report is very intriguing. I have wondered why it didn’t receive more attention. I find it incredible that things like this are not more controversial. There is an abundance of evidence in plain sight what their intentions are. How much more obvious would you have to be than the Georgia guidestones. Carved into granite thirty feet tall in eight languages. These people are not recalcitrant to speak their intentions. I guess people either just don’t know or they can’t believe it. Just wanted to let you know I agree about your concerns on the Deagel report. God bless.

  69. Elias Andrinopoulos

    Thank you, Greg, for all that you do!

    Quick story, my family is in the Deli business, our store is located in the center of a quiet town in a suburb of Boston. It’s a community place I see at least 1k people a week.

    Have to say, I am shocked really at the number of customers, elderly especially lining up for this jab.
    I had a customer (woman in her 60’s), who was so sick from it she couldn’t get out of bed! Her friend had to call up and say “Louise isn’t coming in to pick up her order, she’s too sick from her first dose of the vaccine.” Not sure if she took the moderna or Pfizer, I don’t think it was J&J b 4 they recalled it.

    Anyway, when I saw her about a month afterwards, what do you think the first thing she said to me was? 😂😂😂😂
    “Did you get your shot?? Did you get your shot???”

    When I told her, “No way,” she tells me, “Why not?? You need to research it more” 🤦🏼‍♂️

    I’m like, “It made you sick, Louise!” That’s inversion right there, where people think something which makes them sick is actually good for them. Inversion is satanic…!

    Greg, I hear it all day. Lmao 😂 these people are seriously either brainwashed, or they’re getting bad information. Too bad, a lot of people are going to be hurt by this.

    These companies bribing people into taking it by giving them donuts 🍩 or threatening to fire them (which is illegal!) are absolutely violating the Nuremberg Laws, like you mentioned. That’s rich, considering they spent the last 4 yrs calling Trump a Nazi!

    At any rate, keep up the great work! God Bless you and your family! ☦️😊☦️👏🏻

    • Mike R

      These people getting the JAB, simply do NOT know any better, and are reacting out of total FEAR. The FEAR that your government has put into, aided by a criminal media.

      Pretty much, the worst decisions you will ever make, are those based on fear. Because that starts at your amygdala, which is primal and instinct for ‘survival’ based, (i.e. flight or fight).

      This decision to accept getting a VAX, or JAB, is littered with so much fraud, and mis-leading information, that its impossible to make an educated decision based on ‘science’ because LITERALLY there is none. These have not been researched or vetted for years, usually 10 years, as traditional vaccines are vetted.

      So these people getting the VAX and then telling others to do the same, are REALLY just trying to re-affirm their own RATHER VERY POOR DECISION, and subconsciously, are really acting out their fear of having taken it, so its a way to make themselves ‘feel batter’. (you know, misery loves company). So they are just hoping beyond hope they haven’t made an AWFUL mistake (which they really have, and it will cost them their life likely far sooner than had they not accepted the JAB), and by ‘urging others’ they are ameliorating and soothing themselves with (always stupid) group think.

      Do NOT let these morons who got the JAB convince or persuade you to get it, or allow them to GUILT you into getting it. Even if its an insanely stupid family member (who thinks they are way smarter than you). And similarly, don’t try to stop any family member, as it will be futile. Let them take the poison pill, its their life, their decision to be stupid, as they have succumbed to literal fear based mass brain washing.

      While I pray members of my own family don’t die, who have accepted this JAB, I really don’t hold out hope that they will survive it. I’ve accepted it, and moved on mentally and emotionally. Its truly in God’s hands.

      If they do die, I will likely move away from this country, and start anew. It’s no longer a habitable country, and the wrong people are in power, and outside of Trump, I dont see anyone else stopping these very evil demoncrats, unless somehow God finds a way to deal with them.

      • Elias Andrinopoulos

        It’s true, Mike, we cannot make other people’s decisions for them. The most we can do is tell them but, if they’re still going through with it afterwards, we just have to detach from it and pray for them.

        Like I mentioned I see a lot of folks and some, when I tell them I’m not taking it, get a look in their eye like, “How did you do that?” Lmao. Hope it doesn’t sound like I’m bragging, Bc I’m not. But I think you’re right, subconsciously, they are looking for reassurance for their poor decision.

  70. tim+mcgraw

    Hi Greg, Your “Lie” rant at around 28:00 is fantastic! I’ve watched it three times.

    Very well done!

    • Diane

      Yes! It was a classic Rant!!!!!!!
      Loved it!

  71. Curtis McCoy

    Information that should be shared

  72. James Quagraine

    As Hunter Biden says “these are times that try men’s souls”.

  73. David Jones

    CLIF HIGH addresses the depopulation plan that Dr. Yeadon mentions in his last 3 videos on Bitchute. Women are having severe menstral problems and this will get worse in the next few weeks. You might want to contact Cliff and have him on USAWATCHDOG. You are the best Greg Hunter, you are doing Gods work.

  74. Coalburner

    You know FOX has their orders and apparently they are more frightened of the threats than the losses of people watching FOX news. For years I watch FOX everyday, now only some days and only Varny and his crew. .

    So what is behind the fbi and DOJ going along with destroying the country? They still live here and have families don’t they? How are these Senators and Congress people going to survive in this country once it is degenerated to tribes and gangs. When the National Guard and the police go home to protect their own families, who is going to protect these people who are going to take the blame for destroying our country. These rotten people identified above.
    What do they think?

    • Jim Hall

      Coalburner I ask myself this question every day. I took my wife to a mall and waited outside for her. While waiting I watched a jet make a tic tak toe in the sky above me. There is no logical explanation for a plane flying this configuration. These are not contrails they are chem trails. Their primary constituents are aluminum, barium and strontium. They are among the most toxic substances on earth to all life forms. I showed one of my sons and explained what they were. He said that’s not possible because no one would do such a thing because they could have children. I had no answer because I had thought the same thing and could never come to a conclusion. So I emphasize fully with your excellent statement. A very salient question but hard to come to a satisfactory answer.

  75. Carolyn Ely

    What do you know about there having been a Hillary tribunal.?

    • Self Exiled

      As a fellow posters advice to me: To good to be true.

  76. Darcy

    Rumble has either removed or lost my account. Wish you’d post to bitchute. Friday means the weekly news wrap up. TY, eh!

    • Greg Hunter

      View the material on USAW.

  77. Skip Havely


  78. Heinrich

    This channel has lost all its credibility. A good example of how alternative media destroy themselves by false and radical claims and exaggerations which turn into lies or emerge as unbacked fiction, eventually.
    Greg, you and your followers have painted yourselves into a corner; no exit, no escape. I feel really sorry for you.
    Pls, bring con-man Polny back to the show. He has a lot of things to explain to your disciples.
    BtwTrump, the great Messiah, want everybody vaccinated quickly. How do you reconcile this with your view of the world ?

    Of course, you will censor my post, because you do not have the guts to take any criticism. Much worse than the MSM !

    • Mike R

      So Heinrich, just like you were totally WRONG about Greg, and he allowed your scumbag post, you are totally wrong in every other word you wrote about Greg not having credibility. Greg’s got more cred in his pinky finger, than you do in your entire body. now go somewhere else, to spew your useless rhetoric.

    • Robert Feco

      You are a worthless troll. Run along

    • Heinrich

      Thanks Greg,
      your are a good man ! Catherine A. Fitts gave a couple of brilliant interviews recently and made it pretty clear where we are and where society is heading. The situation is very dramatic, but not entirely hopeless. But neither Trump nor Polny nor any other false prophet will save us. We, the people, have to stand up and fight fascim and tyrany !
      I have to appologize for my previous post, but it frustrates me deeply when charlatans and liars abuse the plight for financial gain whilst decent but gullible people keep on offering them the floor.

  79. Lord Nasdaq

    Great show as always, brother Greg. A lot of my family has taken “the medicine” by the gov’t propaganda machine and had vaccinations. Not me, ever! RNA replicates itself. Why not this much hype regarding, I don’t know, Asian Bird Flu or H1N1, etc.

    Look forward to hearing Armstrong. Ask him about his ideas on shorting the transportation sector (like IYT an ETF) due to the new cycle regarding summer riots. This will be a new norm. Also regarding transportation and rioting, his thoughts on oil/gas prices since shipping oil via train caused the price per barrel to go up $10.00 due to regulations, costs, etc. vs. pipeline. I’m seeing $4.00 a gallon prices for 93 octane fuel in the Triad with oil per barrel (U.S. dollar – for now!) at $61.00. Last time the asses (short for masses) bitched up a storm regarding $4.00 gas prices, was under George Bush in 2008 summer. Then oil per barrel was $140.00 before (not ironically) oil hit $27.00 per barrel after B.O. victory in late 2008.
    But now, in low $60’s, yikes, the consumer looking forward to going to FUN already being hyped to $60.00 to $70.00 per share, had better have a barrel full of money! Get it, oil and money, ha ha.
    That just looks like an ideal sector to short with all-time highs across the board.

    Much love from Davidson County. Be back this weekend.

  80. Jim Furr

    EXCELLENT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Another Great
    by Greg Hunter : ) : ) : )

  81. Bruce Bell

    Floyd died from Fentanyl-icide. No one helped . No help needed. Just ingest and die.

  82. Ken Landon

    This is the video where Biden admits to putting together the most inclusive and extensive voter fraud in American politics. He also mentions “they” did it for he and Obama.

  83. Frank & Stein

    Protesters swinging these bottles of Gasoline with a burning rag wanting to toss them to a building>>>> might want to think that someone in there could have a shotgun and knows how to use it / will blow their hand off and spray the whole damn bunch with burning Flames>>> Need a BandAid? Have a Cocktell — News at 10

  84. David Russell

    VERY GOOD videos of Dr. Paul Craig Roberts an today and all the last couple of weeks are very good.

  85. Edgar

    Hi Greg,

    Me and my wife are looking into buying our first house. Interest rates for house loans are low right now but the housing prices have gone up. Do you think it is a good time or should we wait?

    Thank you,


    • Greg Hunter


      The rates are low and that means prices are up. People live on the idea of “What are the payments? That is the dumbest financial question you can ever ask. When rates are low payments are lower and prices can rise. When rates go up prices can and will fall to maintain a payment people can afford. My only advice is if you buy a house, do not look at it as an investment. It is a place to live and you should be prepared to live in the house you buy for a very long time. This way the ups and downs of housing prices will not matter. It’s a place to live.

      • JC

        Listen to Wolf Richter.

        THE WOLF STREET REPORT: It’s a Perfect Time to Sell a Home (to FOMO-Addled Buyers)

      • Edgar

        Thank you very much Greg. You were the first Youtube video I saw when I was getting red pilled on all the corruption that was happening in our government (with Hillary) about 5 years ago. Before that I was Hispanic that was brainwashed by the corrupt fake media. I would want to shake your hand one day. You have helped me become a wiser person.

  86. Randy Best

    George Floyd is a sick joke on America. His funeral was like that of a king’s.

  87. tim+mcgraw

    I ordered Ivermectin from Canada. 10 3mg pills with shipping were $62, but they did throw in four free pills. Will let you know if I get the pills.

  88. Craig Carmichael

    The curious and open-minded may find “The Life and Teachings of Jesus”, part 4 of “The Urantia Book”, to be of great interest. A fabulous retelling that sheds light on the people, the times, the context of some of the things Jesus said, and on the whole life of “the Son of Man” himself.

  89. Randy Best

    We are now entering Bo Polny’s April 23-27 timeline, yet nothing of significance is occurring at this point in time.


    Viral or any mRNA vaccines do not enter the nucleus of the cell in the body. So, it cannot change your DNA. This is an established biological science fact.

  91. Cathbad

    Russia has NOT backed off. Don’t fall for it! Ukraine wants war. It has been promised support from NATO and the US. There will be war… Do your homework!

  92. Donna t


  93. Ernie

    Thanks, Greg! Another fine program and Martin Armstrong coming up!

    I’m seeing rational thinking in the local libtards over the Columbus incident!

    Looks like many are aware of the dangers of the “vaccine” –

  94. The Ogs

    Headline (on Zero Hedge)
    “Entire B-1B Bomber Fleet Grounded For Potential Fuel Leak”
    Nobody (not a soul) seems to be catching on to this… How remarkable. LoL
    America wishes to begin war with Russia BUT it’s very important for appearances that (for whatever reason) Russia strikes first.
    This is bait, I’m tellin’ ya – and Russia and China still might just take it too…

  95. Jim Hall

    No Greg, you’re wrong, it’s not just your opinion that they stole the election. There is proof beyond any doubt. When the probabilities go beyond the number of atoms in the universe it’s no longer opinion. This would make me going to Las Vegas with a quarter and winning all the casinos there in a week look like a sure thing. Our entire government is corrupt beyond repair. It’s useless to expect any government agency to do the right thing. They are all bought and paid for and can only be expected to act as the criminals they are. If you found one that wasn’t they would be an anomaly and be ostracized. As a child I worried every night that there would be a nuclear war during the night for my entire childhood. I told the other children in school that we were in the proximity of Carswell Air Force Base and we would be lucky not to be in the crater. I knew that the planes we heard taking off and landing were armed with hydrogen bombs. I was told to never tell the other children again. I’m more afraid now than I ever was then. I think about the last time that you had Jim Sinclair on and he said that he was scared to death. I’m 66 years old and now I’m afraid for my children and grandchildren. I do believe ultimately that this is a battle between good and evil. I would die before I take a vaccine. We all die, I don’t know anyone regardless of their station in life that doesn’t. I believe that we are perilously close to the Tribulation. I laugh at the so called elite thinking they can live forever predicted on being silicon based life form. As if silicon doesn’t denigrate when you are speaking of eternity. This is such hubris that it’s hard to comprehend. Well enough of my ranting, I enjoy your program and read Martin Armstrong’s comments daily. Later, God bless you and your family.

    • Self Exiled

      You weren’t ranting. Logical, conclusive, spiritually sound and prudent judgment based on a simple perception of the situation. Thank You.

    • Rick Hayle

      Hey Jim . I know a fellow TEXAN when I hear one. I’m 66 also & know exactly what it is you’re talking about . I grew up about 3 or 4 miles from Amon Carter Field which became Greater Southwest Airport which later became DFW Airport . We had DC-3’s constantly flying over our house from the American Airlines training doing take-offs & landings over & over . I miss the sound of those radial engines ! Any way , you said a mouthful & all of it TRUE ! GOD bless you sir !

  96. Virginia

    Greg, Great Newscast one again!
    We need to be concerned about the sub-lingual messages we are receiving daily. People walking down the street with masks on, advertising news, etc,! it appears so mild and unobtrusive, yet, it is there, We fight not for fame or value but rightness and freedom of Humankind made in the image and likeness of God. Can a bird chirping in a tree alert dismay YES !!!!!!! ! There is a consciousness that can not be denied.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Virginia!

  97. Patricia Hough

    I am planning to take ivermectin as a prophylactic. I went through to get a prescription. Has anyone here taken it as a prophylactic?

    • Elias Andrinopoulos

      No, but that sounds like a good idea (I am not a doctor) All the best to you, Patricia!

  98. Greg Hunter

    How many cases of Covid did you have? The track record for the flu vaccine is poor at best: So is the Flu vaccine 100% effective now? Or is the corrupt lying medical community counting everything as Covid?

    Can you admit here that the Vaccine is not a vaccine at all but, in fact, an “experiential” treatment approved for “emergency” use? Are you telling your patients this? You know the drug companies have no liability, but the people administering the shots sure do. Are you giving them information that gives them true informed consent? You know, telling them that the so-called vaccines are using mRNA to edit your DNA permanently? Also, aree you telling them because this is “experimental” that you have no idea what the effects will be? Are you telling them that people who have been “vaccinated” are still getting Covid?
    If doctors are not truly informing people about what they are getting and measures they can do such as Ivermectin HCQ, Zinc and Vitamin D, then I hope they burn in hell.

    The effects on states that locked down the hardest vs. the States that did not is striking. Look at Texas and Florida as opposed to New York and California. Even Fauci sees it.

    George, you need to take a long look in the mirror and ask yourself if are you giving your patients ALL the information for informed consent? If you are not doing this, you are at least an uninformed quack, and at worst, a rotten compromised doctor.

    Oh, and I don’t have to be a Doctor to read and understand data.


  99. Mark Brewer

    In your segment you mention Look Ahead America and yes this is huge!
    Today Look Ahead America released the long-awaited Georgia Report documenting the illegal ballots cast in that state’s 2020 General Election.
    There is also a pdf downloadable for the public.

    Off to the site you go!

  100. Tory Allan

    This was important enough to listen to twice! Thanks Greg!!

  101. Donna Wilson

    Hello, George. I have a few questions for you. 1) How many COVID patients did you see? 2) Did you test any of them for flu? 3) How likely do you think it is that you could see no flu patients at all this season, yet COVID is running out of control? Would the measures that eradicated flu not also work for other viruses, like regular colds and COVID-19? If not, why not? Thank you.

    p.s. If this comes out as a wall of italics, apologies! Don’t know why it happened and don’t know how, exactly, to turn them off.

  102. wayne hardin

    The only thing Bruse Jenner

    • wayne hardin

      The only thing Bruce Jenner qualifies for is a Lunatic asylum or a exorcism .
      And anybody that agrees with him needs to join and make it a group appointment .

  103. Mike R

    This former police officer is SPOT ON !

    Former Arizona police officer-turned conservative political commentator Brandon Tatum unloaded on President Biden and the press for politicizing the Derek Chauvin trial, and insists that so-called ‘systemic racism’ is simply manufactured by politicians and the media to earn votes and make money.

    “I think we’re living in the twilight zone,” Tatum said of the Chauvin trial. “This conviction, in my personal opinion, did nothing for our country. People are living a lie.”
    “So you reject President Biden’s comment about systemic racism and it being a stain on the whole nation?” the host replied.

    “Yes, President Biden is an IDIOT in my personal opinion, and he’s just talkin’ because he’s a politician.

    ” I mean if you look at Joe Biden himself, he spoke at a Klu Klux Klan-member’s funeral and did the eulogy of Robert Byrd … We don’t have a problem with racism in our country… we have a problem with people not following the law. ”

    “We also have a problem with politicians making up things so they can get re-elected. And that’s exactly what has been happening. That’s why you never see anything change. They’re lying to us.”

    Truer words have never been spoken. I support the police, and especially endorse this former police officer’s ‘indictment’ of Joe Biden and his (mostly democrat) ‘co-horts in crime’ polluting up the Whitehouse, and stinking up our country with their ‘racism’ blasphemy.

  104. eddiemd


    So we finally developed a influenza vaccine that works after 25+ years? Amazing! I guess the influenza virus has been eradicated and last year’s flu vaccine for this years mutated strain works.

    As a physician you are telling us that the masks work for influenza? And for coronavirus? Amazing again! Who would have known that the cure for the flu was social distancing, a vaccine, and a non 95 mask. They should have thought about that 25 years ago. We could have been masking and social distancing for the past 25 years and forced to take flu vaccine.

    How many influenza tests were done by your practice? Probably none because coronavirus paid better.

    Even better. Since coronavirus was well known to cause up to 50% of the common cold, we should have been masking and social distancing for the past 40 years.

    They ran the MERS and SARS as test runs for the current coronavirus. They had to tune it up in the lab before the current release. This coronavirus is a bioweapon. Starting from this point, the mRNA poison experiment will lead to many people having regrets…

    • Self Exiled

      Thank You Eddy for pointing out contradiction of illogical conclusions. I just read about a doctor who delivers babies who now separates her clients in two waiting rooms. The vaccinated from the non-vaccinated. Doesn’t look good.

      • Warren B.

        I would be interested to hear the logic behind the separation of the two groups.

    • JC

      Thanks eddiemd,

      You help keep me focused. No joke.

  105. Allen Sachetti

    When the obvious ELECTION FRAUD is documented by the States every one of the Fraudulently elected political criminals in the Senate, Congress and White House MUST BE REMOVED and every piece of legislation and executive orders made by these Fraudulently elected persons MUST BE RETRACTED AND DISSOLVED as they are illegal and not the will of the American People. TRUTH

  106. Allen Sachetti

    Greg you are not wrong to call what is Stupid, STUPID. Only TRUTH sets people free. As for the person who’s “feelings” were hurt because you used this word STUPID, I say WAKE UP!!

    Greg is using the right word for what is being discussed and if you feel bad for being stupid, it is NOT personal. Take your thumb out of your mouth and grow the hell up!!

    There are bad things coming against you and us all that are indeed STUPID. So stop being led by childish feelings and instead EXAMINE why the word was used.

    You better toughen up because there is a lot worse coming against us than your silly exaggeration of feelings.

  107. Rick Hayle

    With all that these bastards have done so far , I believe there could be a ” Night of the Long Knives ” moment coming where top enemies are eliminated in their beds so people would REALLY be scared. They are making moves to have a complete takeover . They’ve been following the NAZI playbook , Stalin playbook , Sol Alinsky playbook… oh yea , & Mao . Can’t leave him out . There’s no telling how many he murdered. I keep hoping for the good guys to appear & stop this madness but so far …

  108. Phil

    Hello Greg keep up the good work! Have you heard this yet?

  109. Brian

    Thank you for the “Luke, I am your father”. That made my night. I laughed out loud.

  110. jim

    The claims in Vainshelboim’s article about face masks were debunked by a number of fact checking organizations, including AFP Fact Check, the Associated Press, Snopes and PolitiFact.

    Fact checked by Snopes who works for Soros is pro masks ?

    The standford daily is not to be trusted

    Logical thinking says breathing oxygen is the way the human body is built
    wearing a mask breathing your own carbon dioxide is not healthy

  111. Karen Halpenny

    The Rothchilds and their ilk need to be put down like the rabid dogs that they are.
    Truly truly evil. I have faith that God will see to that,

  112. Richard Ide


    Greg, I enjoy all your videos. But the colored PROGRESS BAR at the bottom of
    your RUMBLE videos has NOT BEEN WORKING PROPERLY. (If you halt the video
    and try to go back to that spot, or ANY NEW SPOT, the sound terminates and the picture freezes in prior position.) In today’s Friday video: the PROGRESS BAR IS WORKING CORRECTLY for THE FIRST TIME EVER!!

    ALL YOUR RUMBLE VIDEOS prior to today’s have this PROGRESS BAR FAILURE.

    Please have techies repair the “ABSOLUTE INTERFERENCE” video. The PROGRESS BAR on it is totally USELESS and DESTROYS the ease and vital understanding of the critical points made by Lindell and his excellent presenters.

    No need to put these comments up on your site; this is the only way I’ve found to
    communicate my concern about this problem.

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