China Now in Dollar Bear Trap – Catherine Austin Fitts

By Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release) 

Investment advisor and former Assistant Secretary of Housing Catherine Austin Fitts says she is less worried about the coronavirus and more worried about what happens to China’s economy. Fitts explains, “Whatever is going on, it is going to slow down the Chinese economy. If China slows down a lot, it is going to put them in a dollar bear trap. The thing that kept the global economy going after the bailouts were the Chinese, and the Chinese did that by levering. A lot of that debt is dollar based. So, now if their income shrinks, especially after the trade war with the U.S. administration, they are going to be in a dollar trap. That means it’s (dollar) going to be stronger than if this would not have happened.”  In short, China will need dollars to pay debt, supporting the dollar.

Fitts goes on to say, “From everything I have heard so far . . . the virus is not my concern for the Western world. My concern is the vaccine. So, I am extremely concerned about Nano technology and vaccine injury. The process to push for vaccine mandates has been very extreme. . . . Why are we seeing such a heavy push for heavy schedules of vaccines and mandates for vaccines, which is in violation of the Nuremberg code and the U.S. Constitution?”

Fitts thinks that big tech and big government are seeking tighter and tighter control through technology and cloud computing. Fitts says, “You are going to have Microsoft, Amazon and the New York Fed banks operating and controlling a huge amount of data for the U.S. government. That means you can re-engineer the entire federal government at a very high speed. Imagine getting your Social Security check getting deposited into your Amazon account where you are restricted on what you can and cannot buy. . . . We are putting into place the technology where the control that can be done is beyond the imagination of most people.”

Fitts goes on to say, “In the meantime, there is no mention of the fact that they just took the United States government dark (because of accounting rule FASAB 56 recently instated that basically makes everything a national security secret in U.S. federal budgets) and it is a contradiction of every standard of responsible financial management we have ever known in the history of the entire Republic.”

Fitts thinks, “The Deep State is winning big time,” and the end goal is to “Take the land but you have to take the guns first.”

Fitts says things in the global economy are out of balance and progress is not happening. Fitts says, “The other way to get back into balance is with war. . . . We have had lots of covert wars going on, and my concern now is we are going to have more overt war.”

Fitts says people need to get ready for dramatic challenges coming, and she says the theme for common citizens is “to become less dependent and more resilient.”

Fitts also like gold as an investment because inflation is already here and is not going away anytime soon.

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Catherine Austin Fitts, publisher of “The Solari Report.”

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After the Interview:

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  1. Hockey Puck

    Extraordinary interview, Greg! Shocking!

    You deserve the Pulitzer Prize for this kind of journalism. Seriously! Who else has the courage to shine the light on this stuff?

    Oops! I forgot. The Pulitzer Prize is only awarded to Fake News Journalists. My mistake!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks H P!!

      • susan

        Catherine Austin Fitts is the only person I trust implicitly. Thank you so much for this enlightening interview. I will have to listen more than once.

        • Greg Hunter

          There is a lot to take in. Love having her on.

          • Danton Pace

            Un permitted invasion of your body,your lungs your brain,your blood is RAPE!!!!!!

      • Hockey Puck

        P.S. I took a day to read all of the comments that follow, quite a few critical of your new interface (i.e. ads). So, I want to make a few important points: 1) I, and I suspect thousands like me, really value what you offer. It’s unique. I don’t always like what I hear. Sometimes, it’s very upsetting, like this recent interview with CAF. But it’s honest. And that’s what I appreciate most. 2) What you offer is true journalism. You give us many different points of view. That’s very valuable. Let’s face it: the world is a very complex place. So having multiple points of view is how we become educated. 3) You have to do what you have to do, Greg, to make your website a viable enterprise. I’ve been concerned about you for a long time and Christmas was a wake -up call for me (i.e. the time you took off). What do we in this Forum expect? For you to burn yourself out? No, that’s not a solution. 4) I therefore encourage you to go in whatever direction you think is necessary to build a viable organization long term. So far, to me, it looks like you are a one-man show. That can’t go on forever. You need time off like we all do. It’s only healthy. 5) I would therefore support a strategy like Google is pursuing: “You don’t like the ads? Fine! $40 per year membership fee and the ads go away”. You deserve it, Greg… BUT! Not only you, the American people deserve it. How can you have a functional republic if “We, The People” are uneducated. Short answer? There is no republic if The People are uneducated.

        So go to it. I support you 100%.

        • Greg Hunter

          Thanks H P!!

      • Will

        Hello Greg
        I can never get an answer about gold. Why do people who have gold want to sell it and take in return paper money? We hear in many places that paper money is not as good as gold. If that is true then the people selling gold for paper would be stupid beyond belief. Why would anyone with gold sell it if it going to increase in value and paper money value is going to go down?

        • BetterChetter

          PMs are rigged and not priced fairly. Thus, you trade gold as any asset – buy low, sell high. – and that can occur many times before gold hits its peak. CAF notes the greatest gains are made in the weeks leading up to the peak.
          Not everyone can do a buy and hold (for full term of gold bull mkt), as most only invest in equities, and fewer invest in real estate. Those are the 3 main asset classes, besides staple goods for the home – which may be all the ordinary man on the street can invest in, to prepare for the coming crises.

    • Traci

      Thank you Greg for another excellent interview. Once your video loaded up it played flawlessly. Seems some people had issues and I wanted to give you my experience.
      Was wondering if you were interested in discussing how the constitution provides the remedy for the outright criminality we are witnessing at this time. Please let me know, the time to take legal and lawful action is past due, but still can be done.

      Thank you for continuing to provide this info to those who can not afford to pay. I pray those that can will do so. You are a worthy recipient and we all need to support and care about each other, then the beast system can never happen.

      • Greg Hunter

        Thank you for your feedback and comment. I am happy the Daily Motion player worked for you but it did not work for some. I have stopped uploading on Daily Motion. My test had concluded. I have returned to embedding videos from YouTube that I still upload on the Greg Hunter channel.

  2. tim mcgraw

    Always good to see a “Caffie” interview. I read the intro. I’ll watch the video later. How does one become “resilient” in this interconnected world? My wife and I watched “Dr. Zhivago” tonight. Could we live in a cabin with a small garden and survive today? What about our teeth and eyes? What about. disease and injury?
    I do NOT want to go back to the Feudal Era.
    There has to be a way out of this.

    • Anthony Australia

      Might be a way out. I’ve never seen hand sanitizers and face masks sell out.

  3. AndrewB

    Hi Greg,
    IMHO, novel coronavirus is far more dangerous than many are forecasting. Chinese official coronavirus statistics (yes, one can be justifiably cynical about the veracity of Chinese official numbers – just as one should be cynical about US official numbers) the death rate is circa 50% of those diagnosed with the virus!!!

    The numbers published change daily (hourly even) and as of early 2nd February, the number reported as infected in China is 19544 – but more alarmingly, the number of resultant deaths is reported as 304 and the number of those who have contracted the virus and recovered is ONLY 328. In other words, according to this source, the survival rate is only 50%! No one appears to be disseminating this. Instead, we are being told that the fatality rate of this disease is (only) circa 3%. Me thinks the 3% number is deduced by comparing the number infected with the number who have died – but this calculation neglects that those still infected have yet to either succumb or survive.

    Hence the seemingly ‘draconian’ measures being employed by governments worldwide to quarantine this virus.

    You can access the latest numbers yourself at:

    • Carol Smith

      I just turned it off. Too hard to listen and scary.
      Believe I will just trust the Lord.
      He promised to take care of whoever wants Him no matter what
      My need to know is lessening. Especially since I watched the video
      about Kavanaugh really being Christine Blasey Ford.

      • Chris D

        As of April 4th 2020 about half of the world population is self vaccinated by getting the corona into their system. They are now carriers. At any given time 3% of the flu population have corona and of that 3%, 3.6% will die from it. At this very moment it may be a little higher because of the wet weather we are having. Corona rides shipping fever in animals and transport fever in humans. Amazon facilities are a natural breeding ground for the corona virus because every package is handled by humans many times each day. Delivery drivers on average deliver 150 to 200 packages a day. Every one of those packages has been touched by countless employees. Corona can survive on carton for 17 days. Corona was discovered in 1930 because many people died from it.

        Most of the above came from the Merck Veterinary Manual I used when I was a herdsman for a large dairy in the state of Washington in the 1980’s. The Amazon part came from an Amazon employee who became sick recently working for Amazon.

    • Freebrezer

      Andrew: Here is a link to one very smart dude that I listen too (Karl Denninger) … He is drawing a different conclusion, though he is still waiting for more information. This specific virus might be a third world disease in that it might be heavily linked to fecal matter as a transit vector (Yuk! maybe a double YUK!!). The cases are just not appearing to explode in the western society with modern sanitary practices that have bathrooms with running water! … i.e. wash your hands afterwards! Well worth peoples time to listen to: … The facts sometimes are not pleasant when he describes the how in third world countries!

    • AndrewB

      Update 6:10 a.m. Feb 4 (not sure what time zone):

      “Hubei Province reported 2340 new cases (in last 24 hrs – sic) of novel coronavirus, with 64 new deaths and 101 recovered on Feb 3; total number of the province rose to 13,522 with 396 recovered and 414 dead.”

    • Bob Lamb

      Just means the ones that didn’t die or recover are still sick.

  4. AndrewB

    Re earlier post – coronavirus link – see update 08:35 a.m. 2 Feb.

  5. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter,
    Credible forecasters are predicting that this pandemic has the potential to cause deaths in the tens of millions within a few months. That possibility has to be the focus of any discussion of the economy.

    Obviously, the Chinese are concerned enough to essentially shut down a large part of their economy; they seem willing to quarantine and, perhaps, sacrifice tens of millions of their citizens in a desperate attempt to save the remainder. We should probably institute major quarantines as well. Certainly, IMO, schools should be closed for several months, air travel should be highly curtailed, and all large gatherings of people should be strongly discouraged.

    Taking the necessary measures will entail enormous cost and suffering in its own right. Still, IMO based on the best and most credible information I have seen, the alternative is so catastrophic that taking strong preventive measures now is the only prudent course of action. Even that may fail. Then Mad Max will seem like a lighthearted comedy.

    • AndrewB

      William Stanley
      I fear your assessment is ‘spot on’ as per usual. I wish it wasn’t so. See my comment above – and link to “Interesting article on zerohedge”.

      While one needs to be vigilant, cautious, and to use one’s own judgement when reviewing all establishment AND alternative media articles, if the “creator-bioweapons-act” (per above link) is the genuine article, then what he has to say supports your comment.

      P.S. Just for preparedness, I purchased two “anti-viral, N95” masks from e-Bay. Arrived yesterday and, guess what, the instructions specifically state that the masks are NOT anti-bacterial or anti-viral. Too expensive to just use for DIY woodwork, so I guess they will be returning to vendor.

      • William Stanley

        The bio-weapons link is pretty shocking. Thanks, we all needed that.
        As for the masks, I’d keep them: someday they might be the ticket you’ll need to be allowed out in public in order to minimize your contagiousness to others.
        I’m also keeping hand-sanitizer and nitrile gloves in my truck in order to minimize contact with things like gas pumps and their keypads. I figure that the gloves might work. Not so sure about the hand-sanitizer.

  6. tim mcgraw

    Why is the CAT feed in such bad shape visually? Why are those crazy ads that aren’t ads at the beginning of the video? And later non ads show up, too? What is going on?
    Who wants to live in this world?

    • AndrewB

      Tim McGraw
      Unless it’s a tech related glitch – it’s a deliberate method to put people off watching / listening to any alternative to the establishment (fake news) narrative. A form of covert censorship.

      Pure speculation on my part, but IMO, relatively easy to schedule ads to USAW (there’s a change!!!) to interrupt the flow, and then make them blank.

      Greg, I guess you won’t be receiving any ad-click revenue!

  7. PCP

    Chinese are displaying how quickly effortlessly and effectively they can introduce totalitarian lock down.
    It’s a strength, an advantage.
    Everyone is suddenly on the same team.
    Attempt this in the West and watch chaos unfold.
    Great speech CAF.

  8. tim mcgraw

    Bots? Who needs all this ? The Amish were right.

  9. Robi D

    I believe the use of conservation easements are a real danger to the take over of our lands. I would love to see you secure some experts on this subject. Hundreds of thousands of ac., in the U.S., has been out on the shelf . You can see JP Morgan and their series H Securitities. The IRS has been unsuccessful at shutting the scam down.

  10. JC

    Wow Greg, heavy stuff here, many thanks, very enlightening.

    A little feedback regarding the video, there were many 15 seconds ads, after an ad, when the video resumes, quality is poor for a while, hard to describe, it is distorted.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks JC!

  11. Revd Andrew de Berry

    Greg cannot connect – this is for the third time or so of late.

  12. Edward Prowse

    Your video tonight was a DISASTER. All the stops for NOTHING. Ads? None. Tonight’s performance is going to cost you viewers. Me included. PERIOD.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for your feedback and support Ed.

      • markp

        Greg, I use Brave for my browser. It works fine, and you get no ads. markp

        • Greg Hunter

          I am happy for you Mark but the adds is how I keep it free.

    • JC

      Edward Prowse, regular and loyal viewers of USA Watchdog have been aware that Greg is exploring alternatives and why. For now, there are still some bugs that have to be worked out, but he has explained many times in his response to comments in the last two weeks that the videos are also available on youtube if you are having a problem.

  13. JC

    Regarding food quality, Catherine says she stopped by supermarket hamburgers as she feels the quality is questionable. Back in the 80’s I worked for a big corporation that sold food processing equipment. One day I had to go check an equipment problem at a supermarket. While there, I observed a butcher putting meat in a big commercial grinder. While the meat was being ground, he was pouring a red liquid from a plastic gallon jug into the hopper of the machine. After seeing that, no more supermarket hamburgers or chop meat for me.

  14. regaleagle

    The US population is roughly 350 million… where are those 350 thousand to one million patriots that have the wealth, power, clout, means, and position to step up to the plate for the rest of Americans to thwart this total theft and evil that has permeated our Republic at the highest levels of government? It will require a consensus and coalition of these people and organizations to lead the fight for the rest of us to join. Otherwise……I might as well get my gear and head to Costa Rica or Mexico and forget it!! Do you think I’m the only one that thinks and feels this way???

    • Self Exiled

      I did, but not to those countries. It’s been very interesting. I heard Chuck Colson {Watergate] on the radio once say he had to go to a third world country about 3 to 4 times a year to renew his faith. I now what he meant.

      • Self Exiled

        Sorry: I now know what he meant.

        • Self Exiled

          Also I would not recommend a different country at this stage , time. Stay in the territory you know, people you understand. Stock up with life support items for at least 3 months as Greg recommends. Hide, wait for the hot heads, the bullies to kill each other off. Then the more self controlled, orderly will appear, if survival is your goal.

          • regaleagle

            That’s what I’ve got……about 3-4 mos. supply and some ammo too…….just in case. I hope it never comes to that…….but the Bible says different. It says to flee to the mountains…….which means “getting out of Dodge” before the SHTF.

            • regaleagle

              Been to Mexico on both coasts 5-6 different times, and to Costa Rica a couple. Pura Vida is the motto of Costa Rica…..Pure Life. Mexico is not what I would classify as 3rd World, but probably Costa Rica still is. At least no GMO’s, military, and tracking systems, not to mention a gazillion other things wrong with the USA now…..just sayin’.

  15. paul ...

    Greg … what ever you are doing has cut me off from being able to view your interview with CAF??? … all I get is your written summary of the interview!!

    • Greg Hunter


      Change your browser and stop using Internet Explorer. Or you can get it here: I am experimenting with a new embedded video platform from Daily Motion. I am trying to diversify away from YouTube and also trying to keep it free and open to the public.


  16. paul ...

    This shows exactly how our corrupt politicians operate … we Americans should also file criminal complaints (and not leave it up to foreigners to show some moral courage)!! …

  17. paul ...

    Seems the Rand report on Russia has the same goal in mind for Russia that the Demon-rats have in mind for the American people … their aim … take away any ability for people to defend themselves from outside aggression!! …

  18. paul ...

    Chinese woman lashes out at the Demon-rats in her country the way we should be lashing out at the Demons in both parties here in America this coming November … vote out of office “everyone” who has shown us even a “hint of corruption” in their past actions … vote in new blood that’s not “on the take” and have a previous history of moral behavior!! …

    • Self Exiled

      To late; I think that’s what Trump is trying to tell us. His appointment of Barr was a peace offering. I have listen to Barr’s speeches sense his appointment to certain groups. He says what they most want to hear. Barr’s interviews are also very telling, watch his eyes, his hesitant moments. I think Trump now knows the extent of the corruption and is aware that the presidential powers are insufficient to effect such a large scale corporate world wide behemoth. What can the righteous do when the foundations are broken.

  19. uncommon sense

    Great interview Greg, thanks.
    Whether we would prefer to live in America or Russia/China is nothing to do with criticism of America’s neo colonial foreign policy. The victims are people that live OUTSIDE America and don’t get to vote in its elections (so whether America is a democracy or not is irrelevant).
    That being said keep up the good work. Sundays would not be the same without your interviews.

  20. Dean Thomas

    White House ‘confident’ Trump will be acquitted: ‘The facts are on our side’
    349,248 views•Jan 30, 2020

  21. Ray Gunston

    Hannity: Impeachment is a temper-tantrum from Democrats
    463,336 views•Jan 30, 2020
    keep on keeping on!

  22. Roger Foulmoth
    Cruz praises Dershowitz’s ‘powerful and compelling’ argument

    • Greg Hunter

      I agree Dershowitz was amazing!!

  23. Jerry

    I’m going to post this one more time. Last night I posted this on Facebook to as many people as I could. Guess what? No one is paying attention. The impeachment trial and the corona virus is one great big distraction from the fact that money bring exchanged inside the banking system is going to come to a complete halt within a matter of months, even with the Fed repos.

    With the corona virus ravaging China, it could even speed up the process should the Chinese banks take a hit, from a slowing economy as millions are being confined to their homes. My biggest concern is that the globalist could introduce the virus into Mexico, and then its Katy bar the door, as millions rush the border for safety in the United States. Prepare accordingly.

    • Jerry

      More money pumping. Only this time it’s China,

      My question still remains. If debt doesn’t matter, why am I still working and paying taxes? Why can’t I get a bailout for my businesses when things don’t go right? Better yet why should they?
      To big to fail. How big is that? Trillions or quadrillions of debt? Or maybe money doesn’t matter either at that point. And then what?
      Hello gold, my old friend.

      • Jim

        Because if you are good you likely want to be relevant. To be that you must be active in doing the best you can for all people of our nation. When good men do nothing evil rules as the dark side is always there. Check out some world history.

    • eddiemd

      Yes, a different virus is coming from the south. Perhaps coronavirus will follow.

      Enterovirus D68 received muted media attention after it was noted in the illegal immigrant populations crossing into the USA. Children in particular were carriers.

      How simple would it be for coronavirus or another bioweaponized virus to be moved across the borders of the USA by person, foodstuff, or other vector/fomite? Quite easy I would say.

      I spoke to a wealthy Chinese man here on Friday night and he says that China is shut down right now. Everything. People are in a panic. We are not being told the truth of what is occurring. I believe that even our own government is not telling us here in the USA the magnitude of the problem. Hopefully I am wrong.

  24. Steve

    9 min into video and 5 ads interrupt me!

  25. Rob

    Everyone on the earth will be forced to prove their loyalty by the end of this decade:

  26. al

    I liken this scenario to a small ship with a limited amount of fuel in a wicked storm trying to navigate around rogue waves and the occasional waterspout, where the fuel is time and the ship is the monetary system. At some point that ship is doomed, it’s only a matter of the fuel supply (time).

    The Fed is unconstitutional and is the scourge of this monetary mayhem along with the global central banking system. Now they want to move to a centralized form of cryptocurrency so that they can track and log every transaction.

    This monetary experiment has gone rogue for far too long, the distortions are these missing Trillions and monetary shenanigans with FASB rules and so forth. I totally agree with KAF, it’s all an illusion, trying to invest or capitalize on an illusion is fiscal suicide.

    What is the answer? I keep some crypto and gold as a monetary hedge, I have a house, yet according to KAF what’s the point? If the boat takes on water we will be at war.
    I heard no solutions except to hold real assets… I guess it doesn’t matter how astute you are, no one has a crystal ball but remember this, HISTORY RHYMES, it may not repeat but it sure looks the same at the end.

    As for nano tech in vaccines, this “pandemic” which pales in comparison to the amount of deaths caused by the common flu every year, is definitely a distraction. Notice they never tell you what physical condition of the “victims” of this contra virus are in.
    Are they immune deficient in some way? How old are they? What does their diet consist of? What medicines do they take? What is the condition of their vital organs such as lung / heart / etc…? I can go on but you see where I’m going here. It’s another scare mongering tactic to keep your eyes off the real problem. Man made or not, if you have a good immune system and can fight off a virus then this is just another flu strain (albeit weaponized).

    The nano tech portion of this conversation really scares me. I code on the side and write phone apps. I KNOW what 5G can do and nano particles excited under a flood of 5G radiation can cause havoc in a biological system. As I code I sometimes find “undocumented features” on the hardware accepting my app. There is a lot going on in the background we are not told of, but of this I am certain, the information gathering machine is on overdrive and big tech and big pharma are at the center of it.
    Trust no one!

    I feel like I’m in a techno-horror movie !

    I close with this. BREXIT is yet another nail in the coffin for the collectivists, at some point the financial system as well as this out of control big tech industry will be dealt with in the same manner. Let’s just hope they don’t get so big where they can cause trouble like the Schiff Show that’s going on in Congress.

    • eddiemd

      Perhaps the prayers of the Wesley brothers, Spurgeon, and Whitfield have been heard and stored up for this day of Brexit. An opportunity for the British people to repent before the wrath of God descends.

      • Self Exiled

        We all need to do that [repent]: living in the consciousness of God’s companionship. “Though a sinner does evil a hundred times and his days seemingly are prolonged in his wickedness, yet surely I know it will be well with those who reverently fear God, who revere and worship Him, realizing His continual presence.” Ecclesiastes 8:12

  27. Arrowflinger

    Great is thy faithfullness, Lord unto me.
    All else is false.

  28. Country Codger

    Brava! Ms. Fitts, Brava!

    If you use BRAVE browser this video has no ads.
    Lo Iyrah!

  29. Sue Patterson

    Normally I wouldn’t post such a long passage of Scripture, but as Catherine was speaking I saw how this ability to control the populations of the world, through technology, is a significant aspect of the last days of the world system which currently governs the earth. The only upshot here is that the system does eventually end, however the path to that end, according to the Bible, is, indeed, unpleasant. Greg, your repeated admonition is astute: Prepare yourself mentally, physically, and above all spiritually…
    Revelation 13
    11 And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth; and he had two horns like a lamb, and he spake as a dragon.
    12 And he exerciseth all the power of the first beast before him, and causeth the earth and them which dwell therein to worship the first beast, whose deadly wound was healed.
    13 And he doeth great wonders, so that he maketh fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men,
    14 And deceiveth them that dwell on the earth by the means of those miracles which he had power to do in the sight of the beast; saying to them that dwell on the earth, that they should make an image to the beast, which had the wound by a sword, and did live.
    15 And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed.
    16 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:
    17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

  30. Crugar Tuttle

    New streaming service sucks – keep dropping out – eventually stopped completely … 🙁

  31. mark mccrite

    Greg your new video player is trash. I’ve
    been unable to watch your program since you started using it.

  32. jjadams

    Horrible ….way too many ads of the same damn thing
    has caused your video to be of poor quality….complex answers cut short out of the blue.
    Please find another way ….this way stinks
    Is Fitts ready to die for our side???? I don’t think so
    I thinks will write reports until the cows come home.
    What she said in the last 5 minutes was the crux of the matter. Maybe you should interview her again re: the real time Cluster Fook going on.
    Unfortunately, Katherine has been boiled alive in her own Cortisol. and is at risk for dementia, oh yes the other side of the autism pandemic, not a bad squeeze eh?
    I think you should have on some preppier types who can talk about what to do
    to become resilient. But chopping up your video is quite BAD.

    • Greg Hunter


      How about this: Or how about I just turn USAW into a subscription site??? How about that???


      • Trish Fosdick

        I listened to this again tonight. No commercials. No complaints from me. Thank you, we need your good information.

    • Stan

      JJADAMS: What is the big deal about watching a few advertisements? Greg needs to make revenue to support this site. I don’t always agree with what Greg says, but he puts out several good videos each month and provides a forum to discuss the issues. If you support this site you’ll watch a few advertisements.

      • Freebrezer

        Stan – I always make a point of letting on or two ads run all the way through! Agree 100%. The skin care add that was showing for Greg site … well given that I am an old codger and couldn’t give a damn about my skin looking pretty, plus I am never going to have skin like some 17 year old girl … well, let the add run while I go get a snack.

  33. Stan

    The flu has a much higher death rate than the corona virus. The corona virus is being hyped by the same doomsters who have been telling you for the past 30 years that the Dollar will collapse.

    • Mike R

      You are SOOOOO Wrong. Geez Stan you keep on being wrong. Obviously you are trolling for a reaction, so I’m going to bury you on your troll with a serious counter that has data that is REAL !!!

      Corona virus has far worse death rate.

      Dispute this Stan – someone who has a PHD in pathology, including data from Chinese scientists and medical experts.

      Stan- trolls like you spouting such baloney, is what has made the response to the Wuhan virus so miserable around the world.

      How is that WRONG headed gold short Stan ? Feeling any financial pain yet Stan ?

      • Freebrezer

        Mike – I am on Stan’s page! Where are the cases in America! If this was an exponential virus transmitted by airborne droplets, The USA should start seeing an explosion. Where is it? the last two weeks the USA has gone from 5 to 6 cases. The bug is present in fecal matter (Yuk, yuk, YUK!!). Most of china has very poor or NO (!) sanitation … and if you can not wash your hands afterward … you do the connection. Well worth the listen to … Some of the worst diseases are from fecal matter (No Sanitation i.e. western bathrooms with clean running water!) example: cholera. I think this virus could be bad for 3rd world countries, but western sanitation might just stop it cold. Though Leftist strong holds like San Francisco, Seattle could get real ugly! Sanitary practices are back to third world practices … just poop where ever … disgusting what the left is doing! The big question is this on purpose?

  34. Gary Lingle

    Hi Greg- I have been watching you regularly for years but what has been going on since last Friday on your watchdog site is going to make me give it up. On Friday’s wrap up and todays interview, the videos have been stopped about every two or three minutes by a black screen with two empty advertisement windows on it. You then have to go up to the top and click on “skip” to restart your video. This is more than annoying. Your are a great guy so keep up the good work (less the total blackouts).

    • Greg Hunter

      I am testing a new player from Daily Motion. I am trying to diversify away from YouTube and keep the videos free and open to the public.

  35. Mike

    The deep state is winning big time? The deep state has a plan to establish a global technocracy where the elites have total control over the “useless eaters”. There is also a global rebellion of “useless eaters” against the elites who keep them divided and distracted. The deep state will lose if they are exposed for their crimes against humanity because they are the few and “useless eaters” are the many. There is a patriot global plan in action to expose those elites as the real enemy where the only real war to be waged is destruction of the elites. We live in a time where history will need to be rewritten.

  36. H. Craig Bradley


    Recall recent guest, economist Martin A. Armstrong talking about the virtues of gold. “It used to be you could grab some gold and just get on a plane and take it with you. Not anymore, at least in Europe. Tax authorities, at least in Europe, are hunting down money.

    So, if you have any gold, you must declare it at the border or on the plane. Any amount over 1 troy oz. is likely to be seized or any undeclared money or gold. Gold is not “portable” anymore unless you smuggle it in or out. NWO stuff. The nose is tightening, as are the work-arounds.

    • Diane

      Bradley, I think you’re an investor…
      Are 3 month T-bills a good investment right now?
      I see the pay the same interest the 10yr.
      Good play or not?

  37. The Seer

    Thank you for providing continuous updates on important issues. If guests can give some action steps the public can take may help contribute to create the desired outcomes.
    There are better places to live. Greenville SC
    is great for one. Not flat and far from hurricanes with
    great water supply. It is booming there!

  38. Jim

    Dr. Paul Cottrell talking about the coronavirus. Bioengineered and contains HIV. People can know HOW to do a thing without knowing WHAT they are doing!

  39. H. Craig Bradley


    Apparently, Greg has sponsors on USA Watchdog nowadays. There is a commercial interruption about every 12 minutes on this video. Apparently, advertising has become both a necessity and a reality for online videos. It used to be only YouTube did this if you view directly through

    Now, its everybody who sponsors a online video. Commercials are ubiquitous on Cable T.V. and Network T.V. alike. started out as a free service and later converted to subscription format. Only subscription viewing as Bill O’Reilly does can avoid these distracting video ads.

    • Greg Hunter

      I am testing a new player from Daily Motion. I am trying to diversify away from YouTube and keep the videos free and open to the public.

      • H. Craig Bradley


        That’s fine Greg, but in the end, is it really “diversification” in today’s concentrated (crony capitalistic) economy ? Seems Gerald Clenente (TRENDS JOURNAL) is right: “the big keep getting bigger”. In fact, I suggest you reach out to Gerald Clenente in Kingston, NY and invite him on your show. You would like him. Gerald is a classic, feisty Italian. He calls B.S. wherever he sees it and he sees lots of B.S. at-large today.

        • JC

          H.Craig Bradley, FYI, Gerald Celente is a regular guest on USA Watchdog, last time was just before Christmas. If you did a search on the site you would have known that before making your suggestion.

          • H. Craig Bradley

            READ MY LIPS

            Media concentration on and off-line. You are unlikely to find a good online service alternative for playing your videos. If you listened to your Guest Gerald Celente and “read between the lines”, then I would not have to bring it to your attention. Just saying.

  40. Michael Woolsey

    Your latest interview with Catherine Austin Fitts was excellent, but the video source your using has adds interrupting the interview every 5 minutes.
    I would like to send a link to friends and clients but won’t because of the interruptions.
    Are you going to have all your interviews broadcast this way in the future?
    Thanks, Michael

  41. Teri Reich

    any suggestion as to how I can download interviews to listen to in my car?

  42. Grosse Pointe

    I believe she is dead wrong about the way gold will react if there is a collapse. The price will skyrocket on a barter basis for sure real estate will collapse (you need to sell before you can recoup your money if had a gun or rifle but no ammo what you trade for ). People that have something of valve will trade (food Water Etc.) will take Gold or silver in trade especially as supplies start to diminish.
    Everybody talks about God well he says if is going to get much worse before it gets better. The rule of law was lost in 2005 when the Real Estate market collapsed and the bankers never went to jail. Now with the present coup and attempted rigging of the US Election if those guilty are not brought to Justice regardless of high up the chain this goes we are done as a country. Sad to say!

  43. Matthias

    I guess Catherine Austin Fitts is right,

    they will never allow gold to go to 60.000$! Before this happens they will start the next big war and that’s it. They got away with the staging of 9/11 for almost 20 years now

    (see Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth:
    “9/11: Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out (Free 1-hour version)”

    and )

    so they can apparently do whatever they want. Better brace yourselves and get the new tires.

  44. Julia

    Great interview. In addition to the information Ms. Austin Fitts offered I heard on John Moore Show this tidbit: the people who are intelligent and leaders are not having children. The people who are on welfare and not capable of not caring for themselves are having children. Not a happy thought.

  45. Thomas Blow

    Why is it the UK people get to draw a line in the sand on Brexit but US people cannot. We know the corruption. Why can’t we have a Justice Day by which the Arrests must be made or those who should be doing it are guilty of covering for them (accessory)?
    Seriously. Put on your Nigel Farrage cap and ask yourself, if a line in the sand needs to be drawn, what is the best way of trying this?
    I would like your opinion and I would like you to ask your guests.

  46. Merry Piper

    Thank you Greg Hunter for having your guest on once again. She is one amazing person. “In for a very high tech medieval period”. I have felt that for sure, however she worded it absolutely. As one of “the little people”, I will continue to strap on my old awesome sounding Martin D-28 guitar and sing out, I’ll fly away.

  47. JC

    Bruce Wild is correct when he says at some point, all bets are off.

    “It is impossible to predict what lays ahead! The coronavirus outbreak could be a nothing burger or become a watershed event. A mountain of debt has formed over the years and whether countries and central banks can hurl enough resources at this crisis to calm a growing fear remains to be seen. It is fear versus more promises of stimulus and at some point, all bets are off.”

  48. greg moe

    I have been watching your reporting for years .
    I love them.

    I have to say brother in the Lord, watching 52 minutes of a show with a ad every 3 minutes is a little much. I know you need and deserve the income. But WOW !

    • Greg Hunter

      I agree and I have stopped using Daily Motion as a test player. The test faild and I am back to embedding YouTube videos on USAW. Thank you for your feedback.

  49. Mike R

    Speaking of China – since everyone and their brother knows they are suppressing the real information of how many Wuhan virus cases there actually are, and number of fatalities, there is now no way for experts to determine yet an appropriate response to what may be a pandemic – or may not. China is now compromising the entire planet by lying and withholding crucial information.
    Too many inconsistencies in their stories to believe its only 13000 to 14000 cases, and not over 70,000 cases. Number of deaths at only 300 is also likely to be very low, given all the other data that scientists are evaluating.

    They did the same damn thing with Sars, and it was to make it look like they had everything under control. Then they get mad at the world, when the world decides to cut off all air travel and commerce from China. Come on China – fess up, or the world cuts you off !!!! Economically, AND, medically.

  50. Eric

    Greg: Perhaps a modest paywall is the answer. It works for other sites, Dr. Janda, Turd Ferguson, Ed Steer, and others, all quality shows. Keeps the trolls at bay too! Great Interview, I love CAF.

    • Greg Hunter

      Don’t want to do that Eric. It kills traffic. I want to keep it free and open to the public.

      • The Seer

        How about putting up a money drive bar showing how much is being donated to meet your expenses? Viewers have no way of knowing how much you are falling short. Makes it real. The color of the bar rises as more money comes in so we can tell if we are reaching the goal monthly.

        • Greg Hunter

          The Seer,
          I want people to give when they can give and if they cannot that’s OK too. I don’t want to press them and guilt them. I am doing OK and I thank you for your suggestion, concern and support.

      • Self Exiled

        Thank You Greg. Keep Praying. ” Behold, the Lord’s hand is not shortened at all, that it can not save, nor His ear dull with deafness, that it can not hear.” Isaiah 59:1 All of us who pray must help Greg with this.

        • Greg Hunter

          Thanks “Exiled.” I am OK and solvent. I am very thrifty and my staff is small (1 = me)

  51. Addison Libby

    It’s frightening and the little guy is dead. There’s no chance for the little guy to survive. This is all informative, every guest is outlining a similar scenario, or at least a bleak outcome, but weak on solutions, especially for the average Joe.

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes there is a change for the little guy. Don’t give up. Prepare and pray!!

  52. Doug

    I’ve argued for years about the level of corruption with my fellow man, but to no avail ! How can you unite a people who live in fantasy land. I’ve been called negative for many decades but I’m positively-negative now. There’s no turning back.

  53. Noel

    I appreciate your efforts to make UWD widely available. Being in the IT industry affords me an insight into how much work goes on behind the scenes to produce content such as yours.

    Another feature I highly respect is the diversity of opinion and insight presented herein as we all attempt to swirl the pan for nuggets of truth. Considering the forces of obfuscation and misinformation allied against us, UWD has persistently demonstrated that if it is agenda-driven, that agenda is our collective well-being.

    Be encouraged in your work, Greg. In this case, it is well received, fairly weighed, and tremendously valued. God bless you and watch over you.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Noel for your experienced words and support!

  54. Alfy

    the virus is looking to be highly contagious and with concerning death rate for people 50 years and older. sooner than later, perhaps would be good to interview a person who is knowledgeable about this subject.

  55. jim

    Hi greg, I listen every post you have, I know you are a busy man, but could you give me 5 minutes of you time and give me a call. There is something that you constantly express to everyone the I just don’t understand at all. I hate typing and texting so could you call me at 440-429-0170 any time thank you jim chudzinski .

  56. john duffy

    Greg, I have no problems with receiving your videos. I also have not seen one ad. My computer savvy son installed ad blockers so I don’t get ads anymore.

    • Greg Hunter

      Well John the adds do help me when I can get them to play. Thanks for the feedback.

  57. Fredrick Getzschman

    Great report.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank Frederick for your loyal support of USAW!!!! I appreciate it.

  58. Rachel

    Hi Greg, Such a good interview. Catherine Austin Fitts is really intelligent. I had to listen to that twice to grasp everything that she covered. Thank you for a bringing her on.

  59. Justn Observer

    Greg, More on virus…don’t know what exactly to make of it…above my pay grade and medical knowledge … New stuff on the parameters put into it sounds like… Does not sound good if this is correct.. If this ends up a joke/hoax or faked event like Russia Russia Russia…someone needs to go to jail!

  60. Jack

    We are up against such incredible odds. I think this is a weaponised virus along with African Swine flu and a new virus now attacking China’s poultry. China’s banking system is independent of ours and China is ignoring the US $ in trade but still hold a lot of US Treasuries. The regime is China is oppressive probably to keep the country unified. There is no doubt in my mind that the Deep State want most of us gone. With robotics less and less of our labour is needed, so we are not even good debt slaves any more. Even if the other countries who want to depose the US $ are successful, the new currency will be again fiat and debt based. No country to my knowledge creates debt free money for their citizens. It is the ultimate tool of enslavement. I think we are reaching the end game and not enough people have the awareness to combat it. Thanks Catherine and Greg. You both are always informative.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Jack for the very kind words.

    • Keith wilson

      Weaponised virus. Did the deep state create a virus to destroy America’s enemies without going to war. If you could create a virus that kills billions of people on earth but people’s of Germanic Anglo-Saxon decent have a special immune system that stops Coronavirus from making them sick and wiping them out ? Does this seem unbelievable and totally unthinkable ? Doing research into David Paulides missing 411 . Many people have disappeared in American national parks over the years. Most of them have never been found . Most of them had one thing in common. German ancestry . Have the deep state been taking people and using them as Guinea Pigs to create a virus in which Germanic people’s DNA is immune to the sickness ? Could this be the globalist plan to reduce the world population back to 500 million ?

    • Mike R

      I think the more plausible explanation is a Chinese lab experiment, gone terribly wrong. There are many very curious traits (wicked ones) showing up, besides the high spread rate (R naught of over 4.o), no symptoms showing for 5 to 14 days and the infected can be spreading it unknowingly during that entire time, and the higher death rates than other similar viruses.

      Scientists are now reporting, that samples of sputum from patients who had the corona virus, got sick, then recovered, and finally their symptoms were over, continued to have millions of virus spores. They dont know yet if those are also contagious, but early indications are that, this stuff is not leaving the bodies of the infected and ‘recovered.’

      Does that not sound like HIV characteristic to you, but now in the form of a flu-like virus that spreads super easily ???

      Now imagine trying to avoid getting infected ???????????????????

      How long can you cease human contact, and is it even long enough or at the right time window, to prevent from getting infected ??? Without any vaccine to arrest this crap, possibly for months, or even a year, what will happen to you, your loved ones, your friends, and ultimately the economy ???

    • Mike R

      now over 19000 cases, and 426 deaths. Quarantined another 30 million in China on top of the already 50,000,000.
      CDC is saying to not wear masks. Unbelievable. This sounds like a ‘red herring’ to distract US people from buying them, so that those now being made can be instead sent to China. Lets just all wait to buy them 9 months from now. sheesh.

  61. Jerry

    What lyes beneath, will destroy the deep state when the net is finally pulled up. Epstein was the tip of the iceberg.

    The operation I described a few months ago in the Kansas City area, has expanded to Phoenix and culminated with the signing of child trafficking laws signed by President Trump last week. Keep an eye on this one.

  62. Loren Hunt

    Hi, Greg,
    Thank you for all that you do for us. I tend to listen to and read information from people who have a long track record of being right a lot. Your guests are most all in this category. Now that Zero Hedge has also been censored, I fear that any voices of real non-censored information will ultimately be suppressed by progressive growth and power of the corporate news networks. I don’t have an answer for this but I hope you keep up the fight as long as we can still benefit from your hard work.

    • Greg Hunter

      “Fear Not” Loren! The truth always finds a way to get out there.

  63. Diane

    Good information, War Monger

  64. helot

    What if… Big one: Origin story of China epidemic falls apart completely Feb 3 by Jon Rappoport

    “The coronavirus could have existed for a long time in humans—causing no damage or harm whatsoever.

    The entire “origin story” of the “coronavirus epidemic” is riddled with exaggerations and fabrications.

    Finding traces of the virus in humans and then calling these people “infected” and “carriers” and “spreaders” and “epidemic cases” is ridiculous.

    Claiming the virus has spread out from Wuhan across the world is typical nonsense. The virus could have ALREADY been present in MANY different places. It didn’t spread. It was THERE.” …

  65. Justn Observer

    Greg, Oregon moving toward mandatory gun lock order…
    Thanks leftist liberals and mini-Mike Bloomberg?

  66. Old person

    I have not seen any children with the coronavirus or even being tested for
    the virus. Are they just using the virus to kill off us old people?

  67. Justn Observer

    Greg, Is Shify Schiff going to re-engage with an amended Impeachment claim using the same crew? Seems there might be a chance that is in the cards…
    Too much behind the revisit of the Megatons to Megawatts and what the background ‘history’ of it really is …the the U.S. public was not shown…and was left out of MSM… One of the biggest stories never heard over the last 50 years…and the 50 years leading up to it ! Apparently Schiff and crew are going to go vertical…and the metadata is waiting for they above the hard deck… 3 years worth… The desire to call Hunter and Joe for testimony stopped that…maybe the G will be Gonter and B was shipped over… Joseph Cofer Black? and how did Romney’s son get overlooked, along with Kerry’s clan, as with Whitney Bulger’s along with Pelosi’s nephew Paul? along with Hunter Biden? All the leaders kids had the encrypted phones? One wonders if Hillary’s daughter did to? GW promises things about to go ballistic when Shifty Schiff shows he cards… maybe GW will go with ALL IN at that point ? The ‘perfect storm’ is bring a huge wave of truth!

  68. Jerry

    It looks like CAF was right on the money.

    China is in trouble. Why should you care? As I have detailed over the years on your site, for all intents and purposes, the central banks are all lashed together by a complex network of exchanges. Where one goes, they all go. So what we have now, is a global liquidity pumping scheme to keep the central banks alive. It should send shivers up your spine to know that the narrative being peddled by the MSM is that the corona virus is the culprit for the problem. Is it?

  69. Stan

    Paul? I’d like to hear your spin on the massive decline in Gold today.

  70. Stan

    I tried to warn you Paul…..but you laughed at me

  71. Mike

    The Dem Iowa caucus was a total disaster.
    Wow. So This is Stan and Gina’s party.
    And Hillary’s, and Pelosi’ and Schiff’s and Schumers and AOC’s Party.
    They can’t even get an App to run correctly, which Pete paid for, and was created by a former Hillary operative.
    This cluster of a party is so unbelievably pathetic, you could not even intentionally make up a movie with this many blunders. It would look too ridiculous. Russian Collusion hoax – fail. Mueller probe- fail. Ukrainian collusion – fail. Shampeachment – fail. Iowa simple caucus app – fail.

    Everything they try – fail. Yet this is REAL life for the dems.

    It’d be far too embarrassing to be a member of that ‘party.’

    In tribute to the Iowa clustermess…

  72. Mike R

    Understatement of the Century…
    Trump’s current 49% approval puts him ahead of where his predecessor — Barack Obama — was at this same time in his first term. (Obama was at 46% approval.) Which is absolutely remarkable, given the first 3+ years of Trump’s presidency and the fact that he became just the third president in American history to be impeached by the House last month.

    Trump has been lambasted by the media non-stop for 3 plus years, punished by the Dems accusing him of all sorts of fake things. Yet he is polling higher than Obama (at the same time in his term) who was absolutely WORSHIPPED and FAWNED on by the media.

    This is a GALLUP poll mind you. GALLUP always heavily favors Dems, in the way they poll. always. And its an article by CNN, who is a rabid anti_trump outlet.

    The dems should just keep on impeaching him all the way to his victory in November. He’ll have a 79% poll favorability rating by then.

  73. GVB

    I would subscribe if you would make it a pay only site..

    • Greg Hunter

      You are very Kind GVB, But I don’t want to do that and want to keep it open and free so I can reach the most people.

  74. Jack

    Here in Ireland Greg we are about to have the first European post Brexit national elections and the far left communist party has just topped the pre election polls. Nobody mentions a country with 4.6 million people and a national debt of 200 billion euro. You and CAF and your other guests are the light in the tunnel. All profligate western “democracy’s” are financially ruined. Martin Armstrong is right. It’s like the fall of the Roman Empire. Rome went from a prosperous city with 1.1 million citizens to 15,000 and grazing sheep in the coliseum! Keep up the good work !
    J in Ireland

    • Greg Hunter

      Don’t give up Jack!!

  75. Alert Eye

    Please note that ALL of this is going on during the THIRD year of a Republican President. So don’t tell me this “Deep State” stuff is the fault of Democrats! Frankly, the impoverishment of America is the result of collusive, criminal activity between corrupt Oligarchs and their minions in Congress! American Empire is falling due to greedy politicians and mobsters from all over tge world coming together tondrain the assets away from America – it’s that simple!

    • Greg Hunter

      You saw what happened when Trump wanted to investigate the Dem/Biden kickback scheme in Ukraine? Impeachment. You Got to start somewhere.

  76. Stan

    Gold is in full blown crash mode – there is no escape now

    • Greg Hunter


  77. wondering

    Hi Greg,

    I watched the video twice with no problems at all. I’m using a 12 year old HP. People having problems may want to clear out their cache, search history, etc. ( and maybe turn off the porn channel, the football channel, and just use one live feed at a time).

    Great interview. She nailed it when she stated the obvious: The military has been raiding countries for thousand of years and raping and robbing and killing. It is endless. It is always a lie about a false flag or religious belief or what ever. But they take the gold and treasures for sure.

    The missing trillions are always the military. They’re building underground bases and cities nonstop. When people get smart enough to corner the evil doers, they will just release massive amounts of deadly strains of viruses to kill us all, while they are safe in their underground cities.

    Climate change is real, but it’s a bioweapon used by our military that’s causing it using chemtrails and HARRP towers and cell towers. It isn’t pollution from Mopeds in India and Pakistan. When 5G is installed they will be able to fry us like insects.

    Stay safe

  78. Will

    Gold has gone up only because of terror and or virus. It is not as important as it is pushed by gold sellers. Think about it. Paper money is no good. Gold is good, according to the pushers. Hmmmm then why do the gold pushers who say paper money is no good, sell what is good and take in return what they say is not as good. Common sense if applied gives you the real answer.

    • Greg Hunter

      Ray Dalio just said at Davos to “buy gold”! I know he’s both smarter and richer than you. (Dalio runs the biggest hedge fund in the world called Bridgewater).

      • Will

        Greg, my question still remains . Mr. Dalio may very well be right, but if he is, then even he must admit that the seller of the gold must be stupid to depart with it. I just ask, is the seller of an item that experts say to hold on to stupid? Common sense dictates , yes. Right?

        P.S. I enjoy your wrap ups. Keeps me up to date being I dont have time to keep up during the week.

        • Greg Hunter


          Miners sell gold for profit as a product. Dealers do the same thing just like a car dealer for profit and then they go and buy more inventory.

      • Will

        Greg, just a quick tip of advise for you, if your pride will let you take it.
        As a Christian man your comments about your listeners at times are very demeaning and uncalled for. I’ve seen it on many occasion. You commented to me that Ray Dalio is smarter and richer than me. How do you know that? And why even say it. Remember this, God does not judge success the way the world does. Also understand in the big picture of things everything here means nothing. The only thing that matters is salvation. Now I know you, and your reaction will be one motivated by your pride and ego, but instead stop and think. Take care , Will

        • Greg Hunter

          Brother Will,
          We are adults here. I did not say anything that was untrue. Dalio runs the biggest hedge fund in the world with $160 billion under management. I am sure you are not managing that kind of money. I am not judging you, but this is my analysis. And if you really wanted to do the Christian thing you should read Matthew 18:15 by brother: “Moreover if thy brother shall trespass against thee, go and tell him his fault between thee and him alone: if he shall hear thee, thou hast gained thy brother.” I agree salvation is the most important thing which is the reason I close my newscast every week the way I do.
          Brother Greg

  79. Kenneth Baughman

    I have been able to understand what she is talking about.

  80. Adam Luke

    The things are getting back to normal especially after the vaccine arrival. Till now I don’t think that china is under any pressure. they are working smoothly quietly. the pandemic is not over yet and the world’s economy has not recovered yet.

  81. Tabassum

    I don’t know, whether we have enough research on new variant omicron of corona virus.

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