Deep State Never Wants 9/11 Truth to be Revealed – Kevin Shipp (Pt #2)

By Greg Hunter’s (Click Here for Pt #1)

There is a new engineering analysis and investigation done by the University of Alaska that says on 9/11/2001, building #7 was a controlled demolition and did not fall because fire melted the beams. This new report totally contradicts the official story and reveals a gigantic lie the public has been told for the past 18 years. The mainstream media (MSM) is largely ignoring this ground breaking report. Why? Former CIA Officer Kevin Shipp, who is an expert on counter-intelligence, says, “This is shocking . . . . As always, they call everyone who looks into this a conspiracy theorist.  These 3,000 structural engineers who took part in this study are engineers and architects, are high level people, and many have PhD’s . . . and it was conclusively proven. I would urge people to read the University of Alaska study and also watch the video of tower #7 collapsing. I met with a structural engineer, and he said there was no way that building just collapsed. There was a freefall, and no way was that a fire on one of the floors. That was a controlled demolition.”

Shipp goes on to say, “Why are they (MSM) not covering it, I think, is the big question. . . . In one of my lectures, I show how the news media is controlled by the Shadow Government and the Deep State. The owners of these media companies are all connected to globalism. They do not want the true story of 9/11 coming out because of what it could mean. It could mean it was not terrorists on a plane and that it was an inside job from someone who planted explosives clearly in tower #7 and very possibly in the other two towers. They don’t want that coming out. Why? It could involve officials and parties within the United States. A lot of people cannot cross that psychological barrier because of what it means. I think it’s up at the University of Alaska because they were the only ones that would do it. The other universities are covering this up. They would not even let them come to their university, and I am talking Harvard and others. So, they went to University of Alaska, and they said yeah, let’s do it.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with former CIA Officer and whistleblower Kevin Shipp.

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  1. Doug C.

    There was video evidence of someone outside of building 7 in the afternoon (just before it fell), telling people to get back because they were going to “Pull it”….referring to a controlled demolition of building number 7 (it takes days to set explosives…ie: pre-meditated murder). The whole 9-11 official story is a joke. I remember watching on TV the morning of Sept 11 2001 and saying….this can’t be real. Buildings like that (1 and 2) don’t just fall and turn into dust. Something must be up. And now….finally…..a University is brave enough to admit exactly that. Thank you Greg for being brave enough to talk about this travesty that was committed on your own people by your own Government (Chaney….etal?).

    • paul ...

      Doug … We should all be talking about the 9-11 attack on America “by traitors within and enemies without” to cripple the Deep State Shadow Government (DSSG) … for without an effective propaganda machine the evil people behind the DSSG empire “cannot rule effectively” … Trump knows this very well … and continually attacks “the fake news” establishment propaganda “News Organizations” which are controlled by the DSSG … once we cripple public trust in the DSSG’s “fake news propaganda machine” and counter the trolls who come on truth sites like USAWatchdog to try to persuade us “to accept lies” … it will be easier to take down the DSSG … and it should be us truthers foremost priority to debunk all their lies!!!

  2. Ronnie

    Building 7 …the plane was delayed by American hero’s who took on the hijackers and the plane crashed.
    Sooooo they (?) just pressed the red button and the pre installed explosives took the building 7 out.
    They (?) rely on Bull Shit Baffles Brains………. to cover it up.
    Nothing is going to happen…. America is no longer the America, the world knew in 1945.
    It’s over. The USA is already lower than a soiled bowler hat full of English pollies.
    FBI gets off Scott free ! and laughs all the way to their CNN retirement gig.
    Unless the pitch forks hunt them down, that is.

    • Freebrezer

      R– come on man … every one knows that any building containing large amounts of covert CIA cost and expense records along with military expenditures have a pre ordained and high likely hood of spontaneous destruction! This is engineering 101 … Okaloma FBI building, building #7, the facility in New Orleans that burnt to the ground during the hurricane Katrina … etc,.

      • Ronnie

        So you agree with me?
        The American constitution is in free fall, the cancer within has taken control. America has become too big to survive. Rome took 400 years to die because nothing happened year in year out.
        But The USSR imploded before our eyes. America is going down like Building 7……for no apparent reason, it just collapses. It’s the reign of bloody terror that follows that wii make it unique.
        All my study at Uni , all those years ago, for what? Memories of what was, what could of been, what’s never gonna happen.
        I am too old to learn an Asian language. Hell I struggle with what I’ve got.
        Greg’s sign off words of wisdom, are all anyone who cares, has got left.

  3. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    Great report, you guys are spot on again with everything. AE for Truth 9/11 is right on the money. Judicial Watch is right on the money. Those steel and concrete super structures did not collapse because of airplanes, they collapsed by engineered detonation, an inside job. The original basic cover story from Officialdom is that the United States Government is so weak and continued to be weak all throughout the entire day and afterwards on 9/11 and can not protect the territorial United States and that is how 9/11 was so successful. Laughable Official Story to say the least.

  4. Earache

    Greg: I don’t want you to post this but it needs to be said. You have remarkable guests but you need to stop interjecting and let them speak. Frankly, it’s obnoxious as hell to the listener and rude to your guests. As you know there are medications for hyperactivity. I don’t watch these interviews to listen to your opinions; rather I want to hear the opinions of your guests. Exercise a little self control for pete’s sake.

    • Greg Hunter

      I am so sorry my free site is not up to your high standards. I guess it is worth exactly what you paid for the content. Please start your own site and show us all how it is done. I do the interviews live with very little editing. I switch the scenes while I am asking questions, so what you see is what happened, interruptions and all. This needed to be said too!!

      • Doug

        Nice response about “start your own site”. I am sure it isn’t easy every few days giving us readers and watchers interesting content. You are doing a great job and also, when you are not in the same room to read body language, it is hard to know when to break in with a new question. Keep up the great work.

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you Doug. I want people to air their views and I let a lot pass I don’t agree with but I don’t need the accusations that I have “been fooled” when putting up content that in most cases you cannot get anywhere else. Took me a long time to gain Shipp’s trust and vis versa. Shipp is providing insight and analysis that you cannot get anywhere else. Both he and I are taking because of the content we post, but it’s worth it to get the word out to patriots.

          • uncommon sense

            Good work Greg. You have our full support.

            • Greg Hunter

              Thank you “Un”!

    • iwitness02

      It is an interview, after all.
      Gregs questions guide the direction of the conversation.
      There are points to be covered, and the questions and answers is the method for navigating/covering the material/points that they wish to share with us.

    • anthony bona, m.d.

      you are a headache, not an earache.

  5. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter,
    As nerve-racking as all of this is for us, it’s got to be even worse for the deep-state, global fascists.

    • paul ...

      Right William … It is the duty of all us Patriots who love freedom and our Constitutional Republic … to keep hammering the trolls and debunk the lies of the “Main Stream Deep State Shadow Government Controlled News Media” … to keep these Deep State Global Fascists on the defensive!!

  6. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Mr Shipp.Sadly the truth of the attack on the USA in 2001 will never be confronted honestly,there is obviously an agenda not to explore the real truth which would both horrify and enrage the people of the USA even more.Those who perpetrated this heinous act have got away whilst their stooges died along with the innocent victims.History repeats itself and bigger lies are accepted as truth.
    Truth seekers such as yourself,Mr Hunter,have a platform and few are willing to listen comfortable in their inaction.Mr Karl Denninger has christened us unwilling to act against such atrocity as “boobs”indeed we are.We have not withheld monies,via trade or taxation that feeds the beast of the deep state,which has been bought by China for the glory of China and the enrichment of a few in DC to sell out the USA.Thousands of lives lost and a screen of lies and the people of the USA are silent,no wonder the elite know they will remove guns from the people with impunity.Prepare to endure complaints in the ensuing cattle truck journey.
    Here in the UK is no better and the shining hope that was the USA now seems so dimmed by corrupt democracy and political elite.Here in the UK when we have a royal wedding of import the nasty people get an invite,all those who have done the dirty on us the people.

    • Truth be told

      How is allowing Saudi Arabia and Israel to dictate US foreign policy making America great again? Mind officially boggled. America needs to get off its knees and become strong and independent again.

  7. paul ...

    Why are “commies” atheists?? … because they want to be gods!! … and they don’t want any God before them!!!

    • paul ...

      The MSM are worshipers of these “commie” gods … and toe the line like religious fanatics … and the atheistic religious leaders church is “The Deep State Shadow Government” … and if the worshipers of men as gods are told “black is white” … they don’t use their God given brains to say black is not white … they simply spout the official “commie dogma” and say black is white … bldg 7 fell because “fire melted the beams” … the Earth is flat … there is no Hell … killing babies and selling their organs is “normal” … paper and electronic currency is money … and all those who do not believe in their “commie religion” that says “black is white” is a conspiracy theorist … for as their high priestess Hillary says: “Thou Shall Not Have A False God Before Me” … and the Demon-rats obey her every word … and that 9-11 was not an inside job … and everyone should ingest the “aluminum host” that is being sprayed on them daily to enhance their atheistic belief that man is god … the “commie chem-trails” makes it much easier for all to believe that black is white … that Satan is God … and that we need to go to war with Iran!!

      • paul ...

        And just when I thought Trump had come to his senses by getting rid of Bolton … he appoints “lunatic Kupperman” who argued years ago that it was possible to win a nuclear war against Russia … and that the potential death of millions of American would be worth it “because the US would be able to fairly quickly rebuild itself after an all-out conflict with the Soviet Union” … I keep hoping and hoping Trump is the one “who will change things” … and we keep getting the same old warmongering neocons appointed to the highest positions of the US Government!!! …

        • Keith wilson

          Charles Kupperman. Call me a conspiracy nut job but I have a good idea who Kupperman really really works for in the Whitehouse. Who he answers too and which country in the middle east he has dual citizenship with and a second passport with . Who controls him and why has he been picked out for this top job.

          • Greg Hunter

            So you hate Israel and Iran is your hero? This is why you are losing you country to a Muslim terror invasion that has been destroying your country. So you are good with this and it’s the evil Jews doing the damage? You are stupid. It’s not the Jew stabbing and raping people in the UK.

            • Keith wilson

              Greg. I listened to David Icke. In 2001 months before and after the 9\11 attacks over 200 Israeli passport holders where arrested in America by the FBI for spying. The 5 mossad dancing Israelis who where arrested for filming the twin towers attack where held for over 71 days. All these people where never charged all released by your government. In America today your President Trump is having a hard time achieving what he promised during the 2016 election. Most people who listen to your site understand what is going on in America today.Your country has been taken over by an elite group of cabal criminals who are all hiding behind Judaism and will stop at nothing to achieve there agenda. They are using America’s treasure, America’s blood, and you don’t want to except the truth. They have most of America’s government in there back pockets and the whole world knows it except American voters. As for your guest he also understands who we are talking about and who was behind the attacks that day and who gained from America invasion of Iraq. Who gains when the cabal gets President Trump to attack Iran. It won’t be the little man in America. As for me hating Jews you are wrong. 99% of the Jewish people don’t understand what’s going on . The cabal criminals do not work for them .They are cannon fodder when the war begins with Iran. Kupperman is mossad just like Kissinger working for the Rothschild , Rockerfella, Soros cabal. Greg. You know yourself I am telling you as it is.

  8. paul ...

    McCabe is screwed because he “signed” the FISA applications requesting surveillance of American citizens (namely Trump’s team) …”his signature” was his affirmation that the information in it based largely on the Steele dossier (paid for by Hillary and the DNC) and compiled from Russian sources by a British agent “was accurate and verified” … and because the FISA warrant “he signed” was a fraud committed upon the court … he is now in serious trouble … if he was smart like the Iranians “he would have not signed the fraudulent paperwork” … as we can see with Iran they “never signed the nuclear deal” … so McCabe’s big mistake “was signing” … unlike Iran who couldn’t be held legally accountable for any violations or be bombed “for not abiding by a signed fraudulent deal”!!

    • Freebrezer

      From Hillary and Bill Clinton: “We want to express our deepest condolences and prayers to the MaCabe family over Andrews upcoming suicide”

  9. Tom

    OMG!!!!!!! We are in really deep trouble! Thank you Kevin Shipp!! God Bless you and God Bless you too Greg for geting the word out about so many issues

  10. Jerry

    I might want to remind your readers that the groundwork to takedown the deep state and their global puppeteers has already been laid by this executive order.

    While I am not certain why President Trump has delayed military tribunals, I know for a fact from my sources, that arrest on lower level operatives have been taking place over the past twelve months. Where this is all headed is anyone’s guess, but according to some people, mass arrest are on the way when the FISA report comes out this week. We”ll see? We are truly living in uncertain times, and anything is possible.

  11. Jack Hayman

    11.30 (Greg) A component of the (global) deep state is …. FREEMASONARY

  12. al

    Mr. Schipp is a true Patriot!
    NAZIs were called Progressives back in the day. Today’s “progressives” are no different. The face of Hitler’s 4th Reich is here and very easy to spot and I’m here to tell you, the majority is not following this globalist BS and they are increasing in numbers, not only in the US but everywhere else. They are outnumbered!

    The ever diminishing minority with their big mouth Enemy Media (including Fox in the hen house news) are toast so they are lashing out by exposing themselves.

    There was a time not too long ago that if you said you were a communist sympathizer the FBI (pre-Comey) would give you hell, then place you in prison.
    I would love to see that again.


  13. Leo

    I just finished a book called “The beginning of the end” by Michael Snyder (excellent read) The main character in the book Tom sounds just like the life of kevin Shipp. Yikes!! I hardly know what to believe anymore. These nefarious beings have flanked us on all sides.

    • paul ...

      As Thomas Paine once effectively said: “Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom … should be prepared to undergo some pain for supporting it” … however to alleviate the huge burden off the shoulders of the patriotic few … the many should step up and do their fair share to carry the load!!

  14. Rob

    The reason Fox news does not cover the real truth on subjects like 9/11 is because they are “controlled opposition”:

    The mystery of lawlessness runs very deep in these last days:

  15. Marvin

    As far as I am concerned there is overwhelming evidence that all three buildings which collapsed on 9/11 did so as a result of controlled demolition. The fact that this evidence is even remotely controversial all these years after the fact strongly suggests that there is a covert hand at work ensuring that a new and independent investigation can not take place, irrespective of public demands to do so. The media should be all over this new report and leading he charge toward bringing forward the truth. Why is this not being done is a potent question one must ask. In my opinion the unvarnished truth of the matter may upend the country in a fashion which is fully unpredictable. Given divisions which already exist the truth about 9/11 may indeed be the spark which lights a bonfire. Could then the republic be at risk? I think the answer is yes and everyone knows it. No media executive, no matter their political leaning wants to be the one to light that fire.

    • Greg Hunter

      I agree Marvin, but this new study is slam dunk proof it was a controlled demolition.

      • Diane

        I agree also, Marvin and Greg, but fear most of the clueless , brain washed people don’t.

  16. David


    Nobody in MSM wants to touch the Epstein case either?????
    Epstein is Intelligence. Maxwells are Intelligence. Christine, Isabell and Ghislein.
    All the girls are proteges of their father Robert. All are working off the Promise software which was obtained through the Justice department initially and has morphed into international NSA intelligence software.
    This is contained at
    All things seem to lead back to Israel. This represents Intelligence assets.
    This is the United States of America not Israel.
    What the heck!

  17. jon

    UA Flt 93 was supposed to have been the third airplane to crash into WTC7. But instead was downed in Pennsylvania. They had no choice but to implode WTC7 because the explosives would have been found.

  18. H. Craig Bradley


    President Obama’s conduct is a clue as to what is in store for America if we fail to repent and a subsequent ‘revival’ does not occur. Rabbi Jonathan Cahn has warned his viewers and readers that “the ball has already started to roll downhill “. He advises every believer to “get your house in order while you can”. No delays, no excuses .

    Restored Greatness can not happen without meeting both stated preconditions. If not, the next Democratic President will further nullify the Second amendment, in-practice, raise your taxes, further regulate your life and control what you do and how you do through additional rules and laws. Freedom of Speech for critics will result in audits and harassment and maybe even imprisonment (political crimes ). They will bleed you out or wear you down year after year, as in the past. You won’t be able to escape by living in Idaho or anywhere else either.

    President Trump is, as Jonathan Cahn has said, is a period of respite, not a change in trend. We must all first do our part. So far, that is not really happening. The Jury is still out, as they say. So, our future is probably going to be hard on most all of us. We still have choice. We determine our own collective or national future, not President Obama or anyone like him for that matter. Personalities don’t matter, choices do.

  19. Mike

    The CIA looks like a massive criminal organization involved in human trafficking, mind control, illegal drug running, weapons smuggling, war profiteering, and every other kind of evil. Maybe Kevin Shipp will talk about the seven silos of the CIA and what they really do. The organization is big enough to hide criminal activity behind legitimate foreign operations. The criminals answer to the globalist cabal and not the CIA director.

    • Jodyp

      This Kevin Shipp will only talk about what he is allowed to talk about. Once C.I.A…

      • Greg Hunter

        You do not know what you are talking about Jodyp!! By the way, that is a disrespectful cut on me too as if I am going to knowingly spread disinformation. If you don’t like or trust this FREE site then don’t read it. Go over to FOX or CNN.

        • Jodyp

          No, not knowingly. We all get fooled sometimes. I get the same feeling from this guy as I did with Janda. Sorry for making a statement that some don’t wanna hear. I’ll go stand in the corner now. And I don’t do fox or cnn.

          • Greg Hunter

            You were disrespectful and you DO NOT know what you are talking about. I did NOT get “fooled.” The only ungrateful fool here is you “Jodyp”!! You are ignorant of the fact the Shipp’s entire family (including Shipp) was poisoned by the CIA. He documents this in his book, which by the way, the CIA hates and it heavily redacted some parts of it. I don’t give a crap about your “feelings.” I deal in facts. I get enough grief and don’t need anymore from anonymous commenters on a totally free site. Both videos were demonetized by You Tube and I just got monetization for one of them. So, I am probably going to make less than minimum wage for the effort that you cannot find on FOX or CNN or most other outlets and did I tell you I delivered this for free? Maybe I should start a pay wall and weed out the weasels? You are free to go somewhere else and why not start today!! I would hate to get your “feelings” all messed up digesting free material.

        • H. Craig Bradley

          THE RAT PATROL

          I once met a former CIA employee at a dinner party held at my parent’s house in the late sixties. I was just a kid back then but here is what he said to me:’ No ex-CIA employee is allowed to discuss the “company” with anyone’.

          I vividly recall after many decades how fearful he was of what could happen to him if he talked. My guess is fear they might lose their pension or even their life, as CIA has a long reach to snuff-out Gadflies. Ditto with KGB. Who do you think the “Deep State” is anyway? In effect, lawless.

          A more sinister view would be they could black ops you and ruin your reputation behind your back ( After all, that is what the moniker “Spook House” may refer to ). Regardless, if you double cross the CIA they WILL hold a grudge against your, as do most other Federal Agencies regarding whistle blowers. Believe me, they can and do blackball individuals and there is no recourse. So, If you feel strongly, then speak-out but consider the reality of consequences. Be prepared to suffer them too.

          However, most of them are whimps and “company men” for life and keep quiet, at least in my view. Kevin Shipp appears to be the exception and to have decided he does not care what the do to him and full steam ahead- damn the torpedoes. I salute you.

          • Greg Hunter

            Thank you H!

    • H. Craig Bradley

      We have our own version of a Russian Doll at Langley, Virginia

  20. paul ...

    Interesting … Pompeo may have “unwittingly” provided us with the proof that the attack on the Saudi’s oil infrastructure may have been a “false flag” (perpetrated by the Saudi’s themselves) to not only get the oil price higher but to have the US attack Iran for them … as US Secretary of State Pompeo tweeted at 4pm on Saturday: “that contrary to earlier reports there is no evidence the attacks came from Yemen”!! … (now isn’t that interesting clearly stating “there is no evidence” Yemen had nothing to do with the Saudi attack!!!) … then Pompeo went on to say “Iran launched the unprecedented attack on the world’s energy supply” (without providing evidence … like when Bush went to war in Iraq without any evidence of weapons of mass destruction) … and notice how Pompeo worded his accusation against Iran … he did not say Iran attacked the Saudi’s … he said Iran attacked “the worlds oil supply” to give justification for a US response against an attack on the criminal Saudi regime who is committing genocide upon the Yemeni people!! …

    • paul ...

      Iran denies Pompeo’s accusations … calling them bald faced lies and that it is ready for a “full-fledged war” with the US if that is what they want … so that’s it folks … the Deep State gets their war by doing a 9-14 false flag this time … and American boys now have to die “defending a criminal Saudi regime that is currently committing genocide on the Yemeni people” with the added benefit that Trump will not be elected in 2020 because he got us into “another war” and has not even yet got us out of the 18 year old war in Afghanistan!!! …

      • paul ...

        I bet this likely Saudi false flag attack was planned for 9-11 … just like the Deep State planned the US attack for 9-11 … but some how they must have gotten delayed!! … what is it with the numbers 9 and 11 that the Shadow Government loves so much??? … is Fits sure the money the Deep State stole was 21 Trillion and not 20 Trillion?? … because 9 +11 =20

        • Eric

          Satanic #’s Paul. This is, after all a spiritual battle. If you try to fight it any other way you lose.
          If you rest in Trump’s efforts (man) you lose.
          If you seek God and His strength with all your heart and mind you win.
          All these distractions, whether political, economic, or whatever are designed to keep your mind focused on the world (by Satan).
          Even your silver will make you trust in the world’s view of security instead of Him. I have silver myself but there comes a point in our spiritual lives when we either completely surrender and trust in Him or not.
          Gold, guns, and butter is still the mantra of the world.
          I have prepared accordingly but now acknowledge it was nothing Jesus taught.

  21. Paul Smith

    911 was declared as a war zone … the whole event belonged now to the dept of defense … department of justice, fbi won’t investigate casualties in a war zone , no evidence had been collected for analysis …there was no investigation ….

  22. iwitness02

    The manipulated power of government.
    The manipulated power of the media.
    The manipulated masses.
    What a potent witches brew.
    Where is the antidote?
    Both truth, and justice are MIA in the public forum.
    I have never experienced such frustration.
    Great job Greg and Kevin. The still small voice in the wilderness.
    I will pray for you both and the work that you are doing.

  23. FreeOregon


  24. Gina M Mancarella

    Greg, Dying is part of life and also right now there are just too damn many people on this earth right now so it wouldn’t be a catastrophe if a couple billion people died because this would help arrest global warming and climate change. Population control must take front and center stage right now so a war in the middle east would do a lot of good not to mention the morale of our troops !

    • Greg Hunter

      Can you and your ilk go to the 10th floor of the closet building and step off and show us all how it is done?? You all are using too many resources. Please take Bernie and the rest of the Marxist/communists, globalists with you. Have a nice trip. Hey, it’s not that long fall that kills you, but that quick stop, and make sure you pray to the black hole of nothingness you worship. I am sure good things await you on the other side.


      • eddiemd

        Bernie and Warren are collectivists/socialists.

        Ask the Ukrainians how that worked out in 1932-33 when Stalin starved 7 million to death when he collectivized the farmers of Ukraine. It was the Holodomor.

        It can and will happen again. Beware of Bernie, Sanders, and the democrat supporters like Gina.

        Collectivism is a political theory associated with communism. More broadly, it is the idea that people should prioritize the good of society over the welfare of the individual. Collectivism — so closely related to the word collection — has to do with political theories that put the group before the individual.

      • David

        Greg, we better make that 15 floors… no, no, 20 floors just to be on the safe side. By the way, I still believe that Hillary is masquerading at Gina.

        • Greg Hunter

          You may be right on all counts.

    • Mike G

      Thanks for highlighting the stupidity of the climate alarmists, it makes it easier for us to understand the gullibility of too many in our society.

  25. chuck

    Every attack against the US Constitution and Bill of Rights has cited the 14th Amendment as their justification. The chapters in this link give an excellent summary of how it all came to fruition –

  26. eddiemd

    The Pentagon was the bigger fraud on 911. No aircraft debris. No video of one of the most secure buildings in the USA. Total cover up.

    You would think that military people would speak up about the Pentagon. Did not happen.

    It is really amazing how they were able to cover up the whole 911 incident. I believe Trump knows the truth. Perhaps he will release it soon.

    Everything seems to be coming to an end. Financial, geopolitical, domestic, religious…

    Turkey, Russia, Iran getting lined up for the end time war.

    • paul ...

      Trump, Turkey, Russia, Iran, China, Syria, Iraq, etc., etc. are lining up for the end time war against the Deep State Shadow Government!!

      • paul ...

        eddiemd … ever wonder why the highly advanced cameras in very important secure zones “never work” when the Deep State is doing their “dirty work” on Epstein and the Pentagon?? … but if I drive 30 mi per hour in a 25 mi per hr school zone “less advanced camera’s work perfectly” to automatically send me out a speeding ticket!!

    • Keith wilson

      Eighty five cameras where in operation around the Pentagon building that morning. All working. Hours after the attack the security service took all pictures of attack and have never been seen. Also the relatives who called there families from flight 93 where flying at 34000 feet. You can not use a cellphone at 34000 feet it can not work. Some relatives where receiving cellphone calls 15 minutes after flight 93 had crashed. David Icke. The 9\11 plane phone calls were fake.

      • paul jr.

        Flight 93 descended to 20,000 feet and then below 10,000 feet by the hijackers. So the calls by cell phone were not made at 34,000 feet. The first calls that passengers made were by Airfone.

        • paul ...

          Jr. … You don’t understand what cellphone technology was like at that time … successful calls even at an altitude of only 2000 feet were possible “but unlikely” … between 2000 and 8000 feet “highly unlikely” … and above 8000 feet “essentially impossible”!!!

          • paul jr.

            I believe that some if not most cellphone calls made on 9/11 could very well have been possible depending on how close to a cell tower they were and what type of cellphone they were using. Obviously the New York and Washington D.C. area had plenty of cellphone towers when compared to the average place in the U.S. Also some older cellphones actually had better transmitters than the cellphones of today. I talked to someone today from work who has made about 50 plane trips in his life. He said that 4 or 5 years after 9/11 he accidentally left his cell phone on and got a call when the plane was at cruising altitude (30-35,000 feet). I told him what you said about the technology back on 9/11 and he said that is not completely true. In the late 1990’s he was taking about 10 plane trips a year and sometimes he would leave his pager on. He would get messages when the plane was around 30,000 feet. So it would not be surprising that when the planes descended to altitudes of 5 or 10 thousand feet that calls could have been made.

        • Keith wilson

          Paul. Did you listen to David icke. Airfone was taken out of these aircraft months before 9\11. There was no Airfone available on these type of aircraft. Please listen to the interview before you comment and rubbish the information. Thanks.

          • paul jr.

            Hey Keith,

            How can I listen to what David Icke said in some interview about Airfones if you don’t post it? If it is like all the other 9/11 supposed evidence that I heard over the last 12 years I will have no problem putting some holes in it.

            • paul jr.


              I found what you are talking about. David Icke provided no evidence. He just made claims without proof. He made reference to a 757 manual where it said that the online phones were dismantled or taken out before 9/11. Where is this manual at? Is he referring to this one?


              If so, this document is not reliable.

  27. Jerry H

    My disgust with the “official” 9/11 conclusions goes all the way back to the President Kennedy assassination. At the time of the Kennedy assassination, I was a student majoring in mathematics. My very early life experience included handling a high powered Mauser rifle. As the assassination news was released, my immediate calculations concluded “no way is this narrative probable”. I have been incensed ever since.

    The same conclusions apply to the official 9/11 narrative. There is no way that the “official” narrative is mathematically/physically possible.

    Aircraft have previously crashed into other city towers. These crashes did not in any way generate results similar to the building collapse events of 9/11. Here are some references to a plane crashing into a NYC office tower. The building did not fall.

    July 28, 1945



    • paul jr.

      Why would you think that similar results should happen? Big difference between the slower moving smaller plane that crashed into the Empire State building and the jets that flew into the Twin Towers.

      • paul ...

        The collapse had nothing to due with the speed of the planes Jr. … both the Empire State Bldg and WTC buildings survived the impact … the reason the Empire State Bldg didn’t come down is because it wasn’t fitted with shape charges and explosives for it’s complete demolition and the turning its bricks, concrete, etc. “into a fine powder” which planes do not do!!

        • paul ...

          Jr. … You need to read this summary of 9-11 by Paul Craig Roberts …

          • paul jr.

            No thanks. Looks like BS.

          • William Stanley

            paul …,
            I read Dr. Wood’s book concerning her theory that Directed Energy Weapons were used on 9/11. At first I found it fascinating. However, upon reflection, I began to question her credibility on this point because the “nano-thermite” explanation seems to better fit the evidence.

        • paul jr.


          They both survived the impact initially. But the amount of damage to the structure of each building has something to do with the amount of force of the impact which includes the speed of the planes. Obviously a large, heavy aircraft flying at over 400 m.p.h. loaded with fuel would cause much more damage to the structure of the Twin Towers than that much smaller B-25 did when it hit the Empire State building at about 200 m.p.h.

          And there is no doubt that planes flew into the Twin Towers. I do not know why some believed and still believe that no planes ever struck the Towers and are stupid enough to say that it was just a computer image on the videos and that they were hit with cruise missiles. After all everyone saw and heard the second plane approach and hit the Towers live or saw independent videos of it. I saw numerous individual footage and that sure was a plane and not some little cruise missile. Now whether or not there were explosives previously planted to help bring down the buildings I do not know. It would have taken a long time to plant them.

      • William Stanley

        paul jr.,
        Kieth was talking about American Airlines flight #77 — the one that supposedly hit the Pentagon, not United Flight 93, which went down in Pennsylvania.
        Moreover, it seems highly doubtful that any Airfone calls were made from AA 77 because that plane was a Boeing 757 and — the evidence is pretty strong on this point — such planes did NOT have such types of passenger (or crew) available phones of any brand whatsoever installed in September of 2001.
        See, e.g.,

        • William Stanley

          Sorry paul, jr.,
          I misspoke. Keith mentioned both flights. It’s the controversy concerning calls from AA 77 to which I have cited.

        • paul jr.

          OK. So that means the people who claimed to receive calls from their loved ones were all lying since there was no way for the victims to call them. And no, I do not believe that the calls were faked by some stranger.

          • William Stanley

            paul jr.,
            RE: “And no, I do not believe that the calls were faked by some stranger.”
            There is an even more nefarious alternative.

        • paul jr.

          The evidence given still does not come close to proving that the Boeing 757 did not have online phones available on 9/11.

          Question – Why are these people trying so hard to prove the that online phones were not available on the 757s when all they have to do is talk to at least several flight attendants who flew on those planes back then to found out? If they did that, then we would know without a doubt. Instead they go though all this nonsense which still proves nothing.

          • William Stanley

            Actually, the “proof” I’ve offered is pretty strong and, along with much other evidence that is available to people who look, tends to cast further doubt on the entirety of the official narrative. I see that you’re also resisting the validity of the recent study that indicates that Building#7 did NOT collapse in the manner indicated by the official narrative.

            • paul jr.

              First I said nothing about building 7 at all. Any comments about buildings have been about the WTC Towers. And no, the proof is not as strong as you think in determining whether or not any 757s still had on-board phones. Why don’t the 9/11 conspiracy theorist just contact a some of the flight attendants who where on 757s in 2001 to find out? That surely would be less work than getting info from debatable sources.

              • paul jr.

                Sorry. I did make a comment about building 7 which was done only to correct an erroneous statement by someone that building 7 was completely undamaged when the fact was it had some damage which may have been considered to be moderate.

              • William Stanley

                paul jr.,
                (1) RE: “First I said nothing about building 7 at all.”
                Not quite. Here is your response on 09/16/2019 to Sam:
                “Building 7 was not undamaged as the pictures I saw showed that.”
                Your making of that statement in the context in which it was offered indicates some investment in the idea that the University of Alaska Fairbanks study concerning Bldg. 7 is inadequate and that, at least, fire plus some structural damage was the cause of the collapse of Bldg. 7 — which is contrary to both the official version (fire-caused heat caused the structural damage that caused the collapse) and the University of Alaska Fairbanks study (which indicated that it would have taken near simultaneous failure of all the support columns to cause the collapse and that fire was not the cause of such a failure).
                (2) RE: “debatable sources”
                Memories from flight attendants strike me as much more debatable than the evidence I offered you. In any event I’m unaware of any statements from flight attendants concerning the issue. Do you have such evidence?
                (3) RE: ” Why don’t the 9/11 conspiracy theorist just contact a some of the flight attendants who where on 757s in 2001 to find out?”
                The official government version of events is a “conspiracy theory.” It’s just not a very good one.

                • paul jr.

                  Yes, may be today the memories of those flight attendants might not be reliable but why did guys like Rowland Morgan and Ian Henshall not ask flight attendants about the availability of onboard telephones on 757s when they were doing their investigation in 2004? That seems like it would have been a good way to have found out.

            • paul jr.


              I believe that building 7 was intentional brought down, which was perhaps necessary if the building had enough damage.

              Back when I first starting reading about 9/11 on conspiracy websites about 12 years ago, the conspiracy theorist said that the government admitted to “pulling the building” due to the risk of it collapsing or something like that. Some conspiracy theorist said that building 7 had very little damage (which they seemed to be wrong about) so they said it really did not need to be pulled. I have no idea how it got to where it is officially reported that it fell on it’s own. Back then I saw video of a fireman telling people to stay away from the area because they were gone pull the building. At least that is what I think he said. Also I saw a video where John Kerry stated that building 7 was brought down in a controlled fashion. Of course Larry Silverstein also stated that building 7 was “pulled”. So I do not agree that it fell on it’s own if someone in the government is claiming that. It had a little bit of help.

              I would like to know what the official narrative actual says. There may be some misunderstanding. The fires did have something to do with the decision to pull the building from what I read.

              • Greg Hunter

                Read this Paul jr. : It is the latest scientific proof that #7 was a controlled demolition. It debunks the NIST report.

              • William Stanley

                paul jr.,
                RE: “I would like to know what the official narrative actual says.”
                Yes, that would be a good place for you to start. (Hint: the NIST report IS the official narrative).

                • paul jr.

                  The reason I wanted to see the actual report was just so that I knew they were not being misrepresented. I already knew that building 7 was pulled meaning controlled demolition and now I know that it was for all the right reasons. No disagree with us on that.

                  • William Stanley

                    The “right” reasons?
                    Well, paul jr., thanks for making it clear that you are an enemy of America.

                • paul jr.

                  The right reason for pulling the building would be for the safety of the firefighters. Have you not read the conversation between the fire department commander and Larry Silverstein where the fire department commander recommended pulling the building instead of risking the lives of more firefighters? Or would you like to see more innocent people dead?

                  • William Stanley

                    paul jr.,
                    Once again your argument is nonsense. Indeed, regarding the twin towers you acknowledged to paul … on 9/18 that: “It would have taken [A LONG] time to plant them [the explosives].” And this would all have been done ahead of time … before there was any damage and major fires.
                    Now, concerning Bldg. 7, you want us to believe that explosives experts would rush into a damaged and burning building and, without extensive preparation and planning, precisely set explosives in a VERY SHORT period of time. Moreover, you suggest that such would be ordered and done in order to save the lives of firefighters — lives that would NOT have been at risk in any event if the firefighters’ plan were to stand back and let the building be destroyed.

                  • paul jr.

                    Once again your statement is nonsense. It is obvious that you do not even know what I am referring to about the conversation between Siverstein and the fire department commander. Go do your homework Billy.

                  • paul jr.


                    I do not believe that it would take explosives experts a lot of planning and time to set explosives on the first floor in the front part of the building. This video shows different views of building 7 collapsing and several of them clearly show the front corner collapsing first followed about 6 seconds later by the rest of the building. The rest of the building had no evidence of explosions. It fell on it’s own after the front part of the building fell.


                    I have seen other videos of demolitions where explosives were set on the lower floor of the building but the whole building fell. Sometimes explosives were set off just at one corner.

                    Also when building 7 fell it did not actually fall straight down. Parts of it severely damaged two other nearby buildings. One of the buildings had to be demolished because of that. Usually in a control demolition that does not happen.

  28. Sylvia Sterling

    Thanks for putting Mr. Shipp on. My only suggestion for him is to watch his back. Too much truth can be dangerous for your health.

  29. Russ F

    Greg and Kevin, let’s also remember that there were huge put options on the airlines in advance of the attack. Someone knew something was going to happen.
    My question is: WHY was this done. We always talk about how, but I really wonder why? Especially if the deep state was involved; why would they murder so many people?
    Please give me your opinion as to WHY. Thank you.

    • Greg Hunter

      I forgot about that and yes you are correct. This was never investigated by the toothless/corrupt SEC!!

    • Coalburner

      Why would they kill all those innocent people? ???? “What difference does it make?” Now you know how ruthless and uncaring Globalists are, who would be tyrant Kings and Queens. We have been sheltered too long in the USA , largely by lies and just a few dying because of politics along the way. The ways of the world outside the USA are very different. If not western Europe the “more vulnerable and more gullible than us” would not be dying right now, before our eyes. While the long abused Hungarians, Poles, and Romanians are resisting enough to survive. The ruling is still out on Italy and England although it looks really bad for England. The point is there are many ruthless tyrants around the world and they are planning to subjugate us. Our only guy is Trump and they want to get him out of office any way they can. Sure the Comey’s , Obama’s and McCabe’s are piss-ant players but that is who the real tyrants use. I am sure they are trying to murder our President everyday and getting more disparate to do that everyday. WE have to let them know we are coming after the top tyrants is they do that. that is why I love Hellfire missiles. We got people in the country smart enough to, lets say, borrow them for a while. Trump should arrange for Iran to do that before the Deep State gets him. Have you notices how quiet things have become for his children and family? We have lots of enemies and we do not yet know who they are.

    • NC Gal

      To Russ F:

      I can tell you WHY this was done. It was the next step in a planned process whose intention was to gut our Constitution/Bill of Rights and pave the way to where we would have no rights at all, under a totalitarian global government, but it had to be done in steps. The first step in gutting the Constitution was the faked bombing of the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City. I did the production work on the late Bill Cooper’s book on the subject, “Oklahoma City:Day One.” The book had 300 pages of narrative, followed by 300 pages of evidence to support it, including the published text of the first version of the Patriot Act, which took the first steps toward eliminating our habeas corpus protections.

      The evidence in the book included transcripts of radio broadcasts as things unfolded that day BEFORE the Feds arrived and took control of the narrative. There were seismographs that showed TWO explosions took place, 10 seconds apart. One was the ANFO bomb in McVeigh’s Ryder truck; the second was the controlled demolition from the plastique explosives placed on the columns on the third level of the building. General Partin contributed a detailed analysis of exactly where the explosives had been placed and there were also witnesses who saw people entering and leaving the building that could have been the ones who put the explosives in place.

      We had another protection done away with in the Los Angeles riots, when the National Guard was called in but was not issued any ammunition by the local armory. Cooper said it was a test to see if people would accept a military presence in a domestic setting, which would be a violation of the Posse Comitatus provision of our Constitutional rights. When they perceived their lives and property were threatened, the people gladly welcomed the military who were sent in when the National Guard was stymied.

      The occurrences of 9/11 resulted in the passage of the SECOND Patriot Act, which were stalled in Congress, but were passed within a week of 9/11. However, even before then, during Carter’s administration, Carter was convinced to sign the first “emergency powers” acts into law. I am sure he was convinced it was best for the country, because his actions after his term in office have shown that he is a true humanitarian. Kissinger was a major player in carrying that to fruition and as recently as when John McCain was running for President and named Sarah Palin as his running mate, Kissinger took Palin aside and vetted her.

      All of these things are happening because the globalists are executing a plan that began back when the Rothschild banking empire was created. Others joined them and we are heading straight toward a time of tyranny and you don’t have to look any further than the Bible to know this was all planned to occur “before the foundation of the world.” It has all already happened outside of time, and we have ringside seats to see it all play out. It’s all part of the Divine design and all of the players are playing the roles they were born to play. However, these ARE the “end times” or “the last days” of our current Creation cycle and out of the ashes of this world a new world will emerge where none of these things can happen (Rev. 21:1).

      In the meantime, these times are rich with opportunities to question nearly everything one hears or reads. Mark Twain counseled us to “Believe nothing you hear and only half of what you read,” but I think that doesn’t hold up across the board. It all depends on what SOURCES you are listening to and reading. They are not all equally valid.

    • Diane

      They wanted to start a war, Russ
      They are meglamaniacs.

  30. Brooklyn

    Thank you, Greg Hunter and Kevin Shipp for these two fabulous ongoing interviews. As a former NYPD law enforcement officer, I can fully appreciate how the media coverage of a large percent of the crimes committed are reported by politically biased journalists.

    On September 11, 2001, as I watched on television, the total ‘vaporizing’ or explosive dust-cloud as the north and then south towers fell, I got this strange gut feeling that the fires from the plane(s) did not cause these catastrophic building collapses.

    The most significant concern I see for the Trump Administration is that there are literally hundreds of people, not just the top government leaders, but the covert-electrician (or phony workmen) who had to ‘plant’ all of the devices in the ceilings of the WTC towers AND building 7, plus the software engineers who had to program the actual timing of the sequence of detonations to make the collapse(s) all ‘appear’ to be based on structural failures due to fire. Many know. None will tell. And, as for the American people, many will not cross that psychological barrier either because it would be at the cost of their total faith and trust in their government. Which unfortunately is a bridge too far…

    • paul ...

      Blyn … It is the total denial and ignoring of the truth … that makes people loose total faith and trust in their government … only by facing up to the whole truth with the help of God can we bring faith and trust back to our government!!

    • paul jr.

      “fires from the plane(s) did not cause these catastrophic building collapses”?

      Of course it was not fire. You are forgetting that there was significant structural damage to the building and intense heat from the fire weaken the damaged support columns.

      • Greg Hunter

        Paul Jr.
        Please read this and try not to look so uninformed:

        • paul jr.


          I am not uninformed and I am talking about the Twin Towers, not building 7.

  31. Coalburner

    Greg; I pose that “they” want Biden is to be elected as Dem nominee. The surprise will be the selection of his Vice President. It is obvious that Biden is finished and is not mentally capable of doing the job so he will quickly be retired just after he is sworn into office and the new President will take over. Will it be Hillery? Or who? It will not be one of these lunatics that are running along with Biden for the nomination. They are just marking time to get closer to the election.

    • MCasey

      Been thinking the same thing….Biden is just to get their foot in the door….the Vice President selection will tell the tale….

      • paul ...

        If Hillary is chosen as Biden’s VP … you know the game is over … and we will need to get out our guns … march on Washington and the Fed and forcibly arrest the Drug and Bankster Cabal (the same way our Founding Fathers stood up to the King of England) … and the same way the French held trials in the streets to get rid of their King and Queen … we gave GITMO and the supposed military tribunals a chance (but it could all have been “a delaying action” so they could get Hillary in to cancel the Constitution)!!

        • paul ...

          But don’t dispare … even if Hillary gets in and signs an Executive Order to cancel the Constitution “she can’t take away our God given rights” … the right to life (self defense), liberty (the freedom to think) and the pursuit of happiness (a Constitutional Government where the laws are the same for everyone) is something “God gives to all human beings” and no Marxist “commie” can ever take that away from us by signing an Executive Order … atheistic “commie” men (and women) only think they are god’s because they can “kill” (they kill babies, they kill women and they kill men through abortion and continual wars) … but killing is not power … the giving of life is true power … let’s see these “commies” save the bees and humanity by launching silver coated Mylar shields into space to reflect the heat and light from the Sun back into outer space and begin regulating Earth’s temperature like “a true God would do”!!

  32. Justn Observer

    Needed, a Story board or large white wall, a few hundred shades of yarn, a hearty speculative attitude and aptitude, a scissor and bucket of white glue, ability to ‘hold that thought’, a love of history, and strong desire to learn the truth, and an ability to not just face it, but do something about it. Illusions are like market bubbles…and eventually they do pop… hopefully the former happens first, acceptance sets in – in time to prepare for the latter. Yes, the ‘they’ for various reasons ride the lift to the top, usually of self-interests and greed, for the fun ride down the slopes of Aspen or Davos and a life living the high times as they fly over those ‘they’ call ‘the deplorables’ when it is actually ‘they’ who are.
    Lets give Kevin Shipp his due…but while asking…where is the beef, specifics please. If the CIA actually wanted him dead…why isn’t he?… the trail of dead bodies shows they obviously have the ability and talent -right? Or, why is he not working for POTUS -as he seems to be able to out even NSA as to the where of him he his lair? Must be God’s protection for sure.
    Enter the green door, the land of speculative meta data, and where very few real journalists dare go these days…least since Henry Luce came to the U.S. from China, and with a partner/fellow bonesman headed up the ‘mockingbird’ media as did those of wealth from the days of the opium wars and their clipper ships with that idea and need for the control of information along with the ability to launder their money while standing tall and respectable thru their revisionist history of their success and the scrubbing of ever lacking footnotes?
    So, if it was Obama who gave the orders to spy on POTUS Trump, who ordered him to give that order? Elections are just the re-arrangement of the deck chairs of the ‘elected’ executive branch, as ship captains come and go while the ship changes direction ever so slowly, and the crew (SES) and ‘their’ agencies change little albeit via the (revolving door) between gov’t and the federal bridge of linked corporations.
    A couple more healthy swings at the truth piñata? =
    Pow Pow Pientka’s Meeting With Flynn and Gaeta On Inauguration Eve=
    The truth is out there to hear if we choose to accept it….and how it ends, as suggested is really up to the people… either they ‘let’ the MSM bury it all and move on or the people have the tenacity to push and keep demanding justice and not ‘let’ the MSM do so…. a familiar strategy unto itself…there is a need to share links and information without fear of being called ‘a conspiracy theroist’ , a racist, an anti-Semite, a white privileged nationalist etc…just the usual Sal Alinski attacks to shut down the conversation and deflect, or ‘kill the messenger’ of the message they do not what out.
    At a minimum…as the ‘deep state’ proceeds along…one can follow them and the meta data …and roll with it to make some investments to help pay off some debt = prepare for what seems to surely be coming and inevitable? One could be IN…quite a few that are far outrunning the market in general… cyclical in patterns one might not call seasonal…more a revolving maybe to not be so obvious…like when some ‘health insurance companies’ just after the ACA had a hockey stick so massive it was so embarrassing they changed their stock symbol – LOL
    Of course there are the rules of not spending is as important as learning to make money, and their are times when preserving accumulated wealth even at a less rate then the general depletion – is still saving = the goal to retain more than the others lose, selling when others are buying, dumping non-performing assets for income cash in flow ones … and of course there is ‘their’ causing’ such world events so as to create the ‘needs’ which many are being WOK to….since that appears what is behind their fears of exposure = desire for gun control and squashing of alternative media or the infiltration of it to deflect , or leave everyone mired in non-specifics and faceless persona if not to shut down or shadow ban such sites ..
    Many thanks Greg and his many guests , contributors and followers and their links.
    Watching this mornings offerings in the news….seem ‘a justification’ for citizens to ‘apply’ for ‘permission’ to have a 2nd Amendment right is being pushed…which is of course purely the creation of a gun ownership which they can then use algo’s to develop a friends and enemies list! Once made does POTUS Trump think it will be on flash paper that will suddenly go away when he leaves office? lol And this is by people that think it is offense to have a ‘citizenship’ question on the census and has been caught attempting a coup of the President? hmmm What is wrong with that picture?
    And while at this…can someone point me to the part of the constitution where it says the ‘parties’ get to pick the electors? If so….why is there so little interest in a 3rd party…where if 34% of the state elected are 3rd party – they get to pick the electors for that state…why always just the ‘establishment GOP/DNC get to? Actually, as some states pointed out…the state ‘electors’ can ‘ignore’ the voting public in their state and vote for their ‘more popular national party runner to ensure a win. hmmm – so apparently voting really does not matter as much as who and what the ideology of the electors is? So – then either make sure the 3rd party wins and they pick electors or at the least force a split of the state electors by party percentage and not a winner take all approach? And of course a repeal and going back to the States picking their federal senators as a means to an ability to have senators who are not carpetbaggers but put their States interests for and center…with fear of recall ever present.
    As for the question last interview about who might have ties to Forest Service Management in Oregon per GW video as to planes and helicopters used by them – as it turns out Gov. Kate Brown (husband?) does …whether he is involved in any of such I can not say…but a history of GIS for many national forests in NW states …
    Graduating from Colorado State University, Dan Little joined the US Forestry Management. As a natural resource biologist, he moved from Colorado to Oregon in the 1980s and held the position until his retirement in 2015.
    During this long-term experience, Dan Little was able to develop a Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Possessing huge experiences, competencies, and dynamicity, Dan Little was promoted to the Forest Service National Headquarters from the US Forestry Management. As project manager of a new work, he helped develop a computer-based system in order to check several aspects of natural resources.
    -Maybe not Dan Little, but his wife Kate Brown is strictly against Donald Trump. She reportedly called for a formation of a volunteer group to resist Trump administration. In an email, Brown said, “Now, more than ever, we must bring communities together to resist in a divided nation.”
    Moreover, Kate even criticized President Trump for not equally treating women governors. She said, “I’ve been there before. I think people forget that there are female governors in the world.” Likewise, in early February, Kate brought out a new executive order to prohibit Oregon executive officials from helping federal agents to track illegal immigrants.
    as per comment in previous post in Weekly new wrap = @ 1:18 in @ 1:18

    • Greg Hunter


      • Justn Observer

        Sorry Greg, Frustrated and didn’t back scroll in the little white window to check before sending…mea culpa 🙁

        • Greg Hunter

          “J O,” You are OK!!

    • Justn Observer

      TruthLeaks‏ @GeorgWebb · 22h22 hours ago
      Project Evergreen with ZBig Brezinski and Dick Armitage buying CIA drug planes from US Forest Service. Jeff Epstein got stick time here BEFORE Iran Contra. Time will show this to be true. Program started 40 years ago at Evergreen Aviation in McMinnville, OR.

  33. paul ...

    Hey Stan … this is how much they expect oil to rise Monday morning due to short covering … … I’ve been buying precious metal over this weekend as I’m also expecting short covering in gold and silver Monday morning … will you be covering???

    • paul ...

      Stan … Look at the following chart to see how silver responds to a rising oil price … … we all know events in one commodity can drive demand in another … for example, if lumber demand is up due to huge numbers of new homes being built … you can bet copper demand isn’t far behind … one of the most well known commodity interrelationship exists between oil and gold … if oil is up gold has a high probability of following sooner or later … contrarians have been profiting from such inter-relationships for many years now!!

      • paul ...

        Stan … Brent opened for trading moments ago and oil has exploded 19 % higher … the biggest jump in 28 years!! …

        • paul ...

          Be aware this is no “flash in the pan” rise in oil (nor will it be a flash in the pan rise for gold and silver) … declassified satellite images reveal it is going to take “many months” to fix the Saudi oil facilities … and this is assuming no further damage results when Pompeo declares war on Iran (to get rid of Trump)!! …

          • paul ...

            You know … even though gold and silver will now rise … this is “not the way” (by going to war) I want it accomplished … I would much rather have had a lower price for gold and silver and Stan getting his Bentley … rather then this “Bankster/Deep State plot” to go to war (and kill people) to raise the gold price and bail them out of their horrendous debt problems!!

      • Greg Hunter

        I think Stan got stopped out of his short or he got killed in the markets.

        • Incredulous

          Come on Greg you don’t believe all that crap about Stan being a player in the market do you?

          • Greg Hunter

            Who knows, but it makes for some interesting back and forth.

    • Stan

      Hey Paul: By the end of the week Gold & Silver will be lower than Friday’s close. The Saudi news is trivial – and of no consequence. I’ll even wager you 25k that Gold & Silver will be lower on Friday than the 09/13/2019 close.

      • Greg Hunter

        We all know you have gotten spanked with your gold shorts. Who are you trying to kid here? DB is still at $8.45 and I give you credit for that.

      • paul ...

        Stan … I’m not going to take even more money from you … you talk about things being different in 7 days … look at the difference in what it takes in Federal Reserve Notes to buy an ounce of gold today compared to 7 days ago … … on Sept 9th 2019 it took 6,629 Fed IOU’s to buy an ounce of gold … today on Sept 16th 2019 it now takes 6,953 Fed IOU’s to buy an ounce of gold … so in just the last 7 days it takes 324 extra Fed IOU dollars to buy one ounce of gold … as for silver … in the last 7 days it has gone from 804 to 843 Fed IOU’s to buy an ounce of silver … up over 39 Fed dollars in just 7 days!!!

        • paul ...

          Stan … you and your bankster buddies will try to put silver down in 7 days (like Ahab and his crew tried to put down Moby Dick) … try as you may … you will not succeed!!

      • Jerry

        Cut the bull. Look at how gold has performed the last 100 years.

        Paper? It became confetti several times thanks to the bankers. Guess what? When that happened they wanted gold to.

      • Mark James

        Doesn’t Stan owe Paul $25,000? Gold Closed at $24.90 higher today vs. 9/13.

        Just saying….

        • Mark James

          Silver is up 2.6% too!

  34. paul ...

    So GM goes to China to produce auto’s cheaper and save themselves $2 Billion dollars … which “aggravates” US workers … who call a strike that will make GM lose $2 Billion dollars … God has a way of balancing things out wouldn’t you say?? …

  35. paul ...

    You know … the Deep State Neocons and the Banksters are like “birds of prey” and are indicating by their actions a big rise in silver (Moby Dick) … I bought more precious metal over the weekend anticipating a big rise … it is now early evening in NY (8 PM) and silver is already rising overseas … … all I can say is “in after him” … “strike” … hope Stan is not like Ahab (trying to kill the white whale by shorting even more precious metal) … because this time “as Trump goes to war with Iran” … the shorts will have the same fate as the Pequad!!

  36. SAM

    “…they ate their meals on stacks of gold bars.”
    What if 911 was a heist? WHAT IF THE PERPS WERE AFTER SOMETHING? Building 7 was pulled last. Timing. Timing.
    Aug. 26, 2011 New York Magazine/ Gold, Recovery of By Geoffrey Gray
    Earlier in the morning, before the attack, an ­armored truck had made its way through an underground tunnel below the World Trade Center. Inside the truck was millions of dollars’ worth of bullion. Through a maze of underground tunnels, the truck had just left a vault in which Comex, the commodities exchange, kept thousands of gold [G2] and silver bars stacked on pallets, a warehouse of megariches beneath the city surface.
    The armored truck and the bullion inside were found in the first couple of days of the recovery effort, crushed along with other cars in the subbasement by falling steel; the driver had evidently escaped before the collapse. People thought the gold in the vault might be accessible to looters. But it turned out that the most difficult problem was bringing in electricity to rewire the vault doors. Soon, under the watch of dozens of armed guards, thousands of bars of gold and silver were hauled out of the bi-level 6,000-square-foot vault. All told, there were 379,036 ounces of gold, stacked in 30-pound ingots. There was much more silver, in bars as big as bread loaves, weighing 70 pounds per loaf. Eventually, workers hauled out all 29,942,619 ounces.
    All the precious metal under the Towers was accounted for. At one point, as workers were hauling out the treasure, they broke for lunch. There were no tables or chairs. Instead, they ate their meals on stacks of gold bars.
    Building 7: Very little fire, no discernable cause of damage until cracks appear followed by straight downward collapse. An Undamaged building was destroyed.
    A sentient human being watching the extensive vidios of Building 7 collapse would conclude they are watching a controlled demolition. If reported otherwise it is dis information – a lie.
    Also, Building 7 was the Comex Commodities Exchange, of the World Trade Center.
    Tenants included: Standard Chartered Bank, Department of Defense, Central Intelligence Agency, Salomon Smith Barney, NYC Office of Emergency Management, Federal Home Loan Bank, Securities & Exchange Commission, U.S. Secret Service, Standard Chartered Bank, American Express .

    You can see Building 7 in the 1983 movie Trading Places.

    • paul jr.

      Building 7 was not undamaged as the pictures I saw showed that.

      • Greg Hunter

        Let’s all agree it was not hit by an airplane and it certainly not damaged enough to knock it flat inside it’s own footprint just like a controlled demolition.

  37. Dave

    FOX too is controlled media. Michael Savage is not allowed on FOX because of things he says that are critical of Trump. Though he is a Trump supporter. Laura Ingham is a friend and she promised Savage she would have him on her new (at the time) show. Never happened. Michael Savage was banned in Britain more than a decade ago – not a peep from FOX or the talk radio “conglomerate” as he calls them. The big guys in conservative radio are represented by one person, are given virtual talking points each day. If you listen to one it is usually the same as the other. Same talking points and same “correct” conservative interpretation is dictated to the audience. Savage would call this out on FOX and FOX knows it and he is, as such, never seen there. The establishment media on the right and left are used to agitate the base, to keep them on the reservation – don’t ever dare think of voting independent or third party at election time. No surprise that FOX, CNN and the others don’t cover this and have gone silent on Epstein.

  38. Brad Skiles

    Great interview, Greg. Thanks for exposing a Fox News as just another water boy for the deep state. Thanks for digging deep into building 7.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Brad,
      The site is being demonetized and the trolls are punishing us here and on YouTube. Thank you for noticing this comes at a cost to the people providing the information.

  39. MCasey

    Guess the U.S. doesn’t need to be too concerned now about Saudi Arabia ditching the dollar and threatening to sell oil in currencies other than the dollar if Saudi Arabia has no oil to sell. Convenient. Lesson learned.

  40. Jerry

    I think there’s a lot more to oil field attacks in Saudi Arabia than is being reported. If you recall the Saudis just made a deal with the Chinese a few months ago, on a joint venture with Aramco.

    As I have been posting the past few years the Chinese long range plan is to decouple from the dollar and take the vast number of worlds economies with it. In my mind they were one step away from killing the petrodollar with the Saudis, and this was nothing more than a covert military operation to stop it. At some point the truth about 9/11 will come out, and you will find the Saudis in the middle of it. They are not our friends, and the truth be told, they were the ones who benefit the most from the destruction of Iraq, Libya, and now Iran by monopolizing on the worlds oil supply. The petrodollar is hanging by a thread, and along with it our nation. The best way to kill a dangerous animal, is by cutting off its food supply. In this case, that would be our financial money tree. Oil.

    • paul ...

      Spot on Jerry … Let’s keep in mind that the genocidal war on Yemen launched by the crazed Saudi “clown prince” Mohammad bin Salman in 2015 … is now costing Saudi Arabia several billion dollars per month … the Saudi “budget deficit” is going through the roof .. and the “clown prince” needs fresh money or much higher oil prices … Salman is raising fresh money by selling a share of his state owned oil conglomerate Aramco … but it is not nearly enough … the clown prince needs to raise the price of oil … and now reports are surfacing that the drones that destroyed the Saudi oil complex were actually launched from inside Saudi Arabia!! …

    • Jerry

      I’m not saying I agree with Bix, but oil derivatives must be considered when you examine the role of the petrodollar in the global financial game.

      I find it a bit to coincidental that a drone attack just happened at about the same time president Trump was considering talks with the Iranians and John Bolton gets the ax. The question must be asked, who gains from oil prices going up? And who gains ….should a war break out with Iran? The deep state is opening their playbook in Middle East once again. Only this time you have the Chinese smack dab in the middle of it. What could go wrong?

    • Jerry

      I just went back to your 2015 December interview with Rob Kirby and found some interesting parallels, and then one of my post about this.

      We are being played again.

  41. Diane

    Best Armstrong arrivals today September 16th.

  42. Robert E. Salt

    How could explosives slice a building (WTC-4) in half with the south half missing and the north half left untouched? How could explosives hollow out a building (WTC-6) leaving the exterior standing? Could it be that a new weapon, none of us have ever seen before, was used (DEW)? There is overwhelming evidence that the Towers did not collapse. Richard Gage was paid to create Architects and Engineers to create a distraction. Morgan Reynolds has a 9 second closeup video of Building 7 sinking. The thunderous roar of a 47 story building collapsing was missing. It sounded like sand being poured. I lost friends and coworkers that day. I feel that it’s my duty to speak out.

  43. Justn Observer

    Greg, Bad Justice still in play…slow ball so the people fall back asleep =
    Pientka is key? and more = MSM wrong, was not one coup …a series of 25 attempts and still counting…highjack of the U.S. since JFK and what has followed…
    Once POTUS Trump took the oath…everyone was working for the President…so if they were having ‘secret meeting’ against him IN THE WHITEHOUSE.. that not ‘TREASON?

  44. Shawn Kalin

    I’ve come to the conclusion that the obviously false stories are intentional!

    Very few people will speak out publically for fear of losing their jobs and friendships.

    Yet, privately … most know it has to be riddled with lies!

    Cognitive Dissonance and Control of Perceptions have been achieved with 911.

  45. Not So Free

    I would like to see the pictures that were shown on TV on 9/11 showing a hole in the Pentagon approximately 12 feet in diameter. They were shown early on, but disappeared very soon afterward. (Never to be seen again)
    Someone has to have recorded this, and probably still has it. Whatever happened to all of the security video from surrounding cameras that was snagged by TPTB. (Also never to be seen again)

  46. paul ...

    Keep up the good work Patriots … debunk all the lies of the trolls and the Main Stream News Media … we are putting the Deep State Shadow Government on the defensive!!!

    • paul ...

      The more trolls like Gina, Stan, etc. that get through on this “truth site” the more we know we are over the target and hurting the Deep State Shadow Government!!

  47. Bill Wyler

    I must have missed the “why” would someone blow up building #7. What was the reason? What was being hidden in that building? Any ideas?

    • Justn Observer

      IT IS SAID =
      Citigroup says some information that the committee is seeking [about WorldCom] was destroyed in the Sept. 11 terror attack on the World Trade Center. Salomon had offices in 7 World Trade Center, one of the buildings that collapsed in the aftermath of the attack. The bank says that back-up tapes of corporate emails from September 1998 through December 2000 were stored at the building and destroyed in the attack. [TheStreet]
      Inside [WTC 7 was] the US Secret Service’s largest field office with more than 200 employees. …”All the evidence that we stored at 7 World Trade, in all our cases, went down with the building,” according to US Secret Service Special Agent David Curran. [TechTV]

      “Regardless of what the regulators say, they lost a ton of files,” says Bill Singer, a New York securities lawyer, who says one case he had pending before the SEC quickly settled because so many of the original documents were destroyed. “In my opinion it was a wholesale loss of documents.” [TheStreet]

      • Russ F

        Interesting dialogue as to not how but why. Maybe Greg can bring on a guest to dig deeper and understand the motives.

    • paul ...

      Bill … WTC 7 housed Secret Service and CIA offices … most likely the radio frequency controlled detonating equipment and red buttons that were pushed to bring down the WTC Twin Towers was located in Bldg 7 (and could not be allowed to be found) … the plane that went down in Pennsylvania was supposed to crash into Bldg 7 (but things didn’t go according to plan) … the plane that crashed in Pennsylvania was supposed to hit Bldg 7 (and then the Deep State was going to “pull it down” with explosives) … since the plane never hit they were forced to bring it down anyway to cover up the evidence!!

  48. Justn Observer

    NYT trying to regain some cred admitting the ‘assault weapon hoax’ ? Hope this makes the pro – anti-gun GOP who have stuck their necks out so they can lose their elections cringe! Caught on the wrong side again or just going along with the globalist plan = disarm the U.S. via forcing (1 step) friends-foe ownership list, (2 step) confiscation

    • Justn Observer

      Do love the articles to show the hypocrisy and flip flop/ manipulation of memes from election to election. Interesting that now even Pollack who lost his daughter has back off on his ‘anti-gun’ rhetoric so is now on FOX…and not a voice for CNN?
      We do live in a land of HOAX and illusion now…and even FOX is un-trustworthy…so guess ‘they’ have achieved one goal ….=
      William Casey (CIA Director) , “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”=attribute =Barbara Honegger, studied at Stanford University,
      I am the source for this quote, which was indeed said by CIA Director William Casey at an early February 1981 meeting of the newly elected President Reagan with his new cabinet secretaries to report to him on what they had learned about their agencies in the first couple of weeks of the administration.
      The meeting was in the Roosevelt Room in the West Wing of the White House, not far from the Cabinet Room. I was present at the meeting as Assistant to the chief domestic policy adviser to the President. Casey first told Reagan that he had been astonished to discover that over 80 percent of the ‘intelligence’ that the analysis side of the CIA produced was based on open public sources like newspapers and magazines.
      As he did to all the other secretaries of their departments and agencies, Reagan asked what he saw as his goal as director for the CIA, to which
      he replied with this quote, which I recorded in my notes of the meeting
      as he said it. Shortly thereafter I told Senior White House correspondent Sarah McClendon, who was a close friend and colleague, who in turn made it public.

      • Justn Observer

        Correlation between Harvcst Moon’s and AR15’s ?
        Trump derangement system or maybe just another breed of Lunartics?
        Clearly – AOC would not get it- More fences might help but one knows what ‘they’ think about using fences to minimize threats -right? lol

  49. paul ...

    Get ready for gold to fly … the Fed is opening the Repo valves … next step is to flood the banking system with QE …

    • paul ...

      You know … we have a massive drone attack knocking out half of the Saudi oil supply, we have a massive strike at the big GM automaker … we have the Fed massively opening the QE money supply valves … we have Pompeo pushing Trump into a massive war with Iran … and Stan massively selling gold short … anything seem wrong with this picture??? … the Saudi’s trying to raise the oil price is normal … GM screwing its workers is normal … Pompeo pushing for a new war is normal … that leaves Stan shorting gold in the face of Oil price inflation, Economic collapse, Fed monetary inflation and the start of World War III … and betting an extra $25,000 on the side that gold will be lower seven days from now!!!

  50. paul ...

    After the Deep State goes through all the trouble of creating a new Pearl Harbor-type surprise attack on the Saudis’ crucial oil production facilities to create the conditions “requiring retaliation on Iran by the United States for this act of war” … the damn Houthis (whose country has been attacked by the Saudis for over four years) claims responsibility for the attack … and under the rules of war are entitled to launch counter-attacks on the country attacking them … this presents “a big problem” to the Deep State … now they have to prove the drone and rocket debris “belongs to Iran” and not the Houthis … tough problem … this is like trying to prove the fuel in the planes on 9-11 melted the beams in the WTC causing it to collapse!!

    • paul ...

      Finally … we may be on the verge of “less conflict in the Middle East” … … now all Trump has to do is demand “concrete evidence” that the Houthis did not do it!!

      • paul ...

        I hope Trump can hold Pompeo and the Deep State Shadow Government back from initiating World War III with Iran (who has nuclear allies Russia and China) … looks like “lunatic Kupperman” is out of the running for National Security Advisor … he would have probably been arguing to Trump that it is possible to win a nuclear war against Iran, Russia and China “as American casualties in the millions will be acceptable” … for the Deep State to get into a massive Nuclear World War with Iran, Russia and China they are going to require a lot of public support and backing … if they simply proceed to war like a bunch of “Commie/Fascists” (against the will of the American people) … they will no longer be able to engender “the illusion of freedom and democracy” in America they are so good at … the American people will lose all trust in a “lunatic” Government that will willingly kill millions of Americans in order to “win a war” for the evil Saudi conspirators who did 9-11!! … and the Fake News Propaganda Media will find it difficult to turn American minds from seeing clearly that the government is being run by “a bunch of lunatics” … the lies and propaganda won’t work any longer … and the “evil” Deep State Shadow Government “will collapse in upon itself” … swept out of power by a moral force given to all decent Americans by God Almighty!! …

  51. Justn Observer

    Greg, Talk about EXPLOSIVE…what if true….NUCLEAR WEAPONS went missing…maybe ones’ Sen. Graham talked about hearing might be detonated of coast of his state? Whistleblower shot to cover it up worked at the base they went missing? So when/why did the 302 go missing…probably a good thing the new POTUS should know if someone/some group was stealing nuclear warheads?
    Pientka-Flynn Mystery Solved ?
    Wonder if Kevin Shipp can confirm…he must know if Strok and Pientka were CIA -right?

  52. Thomas Turk

    Here is the BIG DEAL Bob. After OBL shut down the 1/2T$ US air defenses with his laptop from an Afghan cave, while reported dying in a Kuwait cave of kidney failure. his L pilot who couldn’t solo a Cessna 172 with 600 logged hours, took command of a 120 ton jet, the 1st time in that cockpit, flew to the secret US/Canadian border area that has no radar cover, switched off the transponder. Then by magic found the Twins.. and descended to the right height without the needed continuous radar talk down. He sliced through the massive box steel girder tower at an acute angle at 500mph.. like a hot knife into butter.

    The job so well done that the rubble could be removed over night in 4 hours instead of taking 4 years.

    Yep, somebody sure did something, as Oma sed, this maybe.

  53. regaleagle

    The Nightmare on Main Street USA…….is coming to living rooms in every town and city in the USA…….whether we like it or not. There are thousands of Freddy Kruegers in our government…….what will John Q. American Patriot do……sit on the couch and watch???

  54. Scott

    I was very disappointed to see that Karl Denninger of all people is now onboard with the “fires brought down the world trade center” and “arab terrorists are responsible” narrative, gaslighting and banning anyone who dares speak or think outside the box. I never would have expected this from him, and I’ve lost all respect for him. It’s like he’s lost his mind.

    • Greg Hunter Lots of info here I’ve had posted on USAW that said the fires didn’t cause the problem.

      • Scott

        Just as with the truth about the covid vaccine, you were – and are – out in front with the truth on 9/11. In these dark times we’re living in, I am grateful that there’s still one professional journalist willing to break away from the crowd and speak the truth. You’re a voice in the wilderness, truly, Greg. May the Lord our God bless you, bless your family, and bless your work for your faithfulness and for His glory.

        • Greg Hunter

          Thanks Scott!!

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