Christmas Message 2018 from Greg Hunter

The cartoon refers to Congressman Adam Schiff.

By Greg Hunter’s

Christmas only comes once a year, and what a joyous time it is to celebrate the Birth of Christ.  I am giving you my Christmas message, but first, I will talk about the two huge problems in the world, and that is unpayable debt and massive crime.  These two reasons are why everything looks so crazy right now.

Merry Christmas and please remember to “Fear Not”!!

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After the Wrap-Up:

I am taking some time off this week.  So there will be no Wednesday video and no Weekly News Wrap-Up on Friday.  Next video, and the last one of 2018 will be the Early Sunday Release in 12/30/18.

Lots of love to you, and Merry Christmas to one and all!!



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  1. Mark James


    • paul ...

      A fallen “Angel” (Merkel) delivers her X-mas (or Satan-mas message) before she is permanently thrown down to a place from (the witch shall never return) stating: “All Nations Must Give Up Their Sovereignty To A Commie/Satanist/Fascist New World Order” … … however millions of people across Europe are sending their own “Christ-mas message” by voting with their feet and donning yellow vests … calling for a change to the current evil political, immoral and jumbled up cultural order being imposed upon the world by Demons … Satan’s Demons are intent on seizing the wealth of “all” Nations by subjugating all the people of planet Earth to a life” without the rule of law” … by methodically destroying every Nation State with a Constitution (that protects people’s “God’s Given Rights”)!!

      • paul ...

        Once these radical Islamist’s get more political power then they have now (currently you can get 4 years in prison for showing photo’s of the beheading of two teenage girls by radicalized Islamist’s ) … … remember one thing … it won’t always be knives they use to kill their enemy … one day very soon they will have their hands on Europe’s nuclear weapons … think about what nation comes to mind to these radicalized Islamic’s that believes in a God not in keeping with the Islam faith? … it could be Russia … it could be the US … but I would think Israel would be the first one on these radical Islamist’s nuclear target list … then we have Bibi and his neocons radicalizing the Palestinians, the Syrians, etc., etc., and people’s all over the Middle East are now being driven out of their homeland (forcing most of them to migrate to Europe) … for those who want to really save Israel we better start thinking long term (and perhaps it may not be so long) … for there could be nuclear hell to pay for not immediately settling the Palestinian issue that has been dragging on all these years radicalizing millions of people … as of now it looks like the radical Islamist’s already have a lot of political power (four years in prison if someone shows photos or makes mention of two girls being beheaded) … so it can be fairly soon these radicalized Islamic’s get there hands on Europe’s nuclear weapons!!

  2. Liz

    Thanks for the inspiring Christmas message Greg and for always reminding us to Fear Not! Wishing you many blessings.

    • Greg Hunter

      Merry Christ Mas Liz and to all on USAW!!!!

      • Chip

        Your friend Mannarino was quoted on this Market Watch article…


        • paul ...

          So I guess “we out of work” American workers should listen to Trump and take our food money to buy stock in General Motors (who was already given hundreds of millions in US taxpayer dollars by Obama to build plants in Mexico and close their plants in the US) in order to increase their corporate earnings and their stock price? … come on Trump … you know better (because you don’t own any stocks yourself) … it is obviously a bad idea “to reward corporations” that are closing their factories in the US … and you want us to buy the stock of these corporations that are moving out of the US?? … what we should be doing is selling their stock and boycotting all their products!!

          • paul ...

            Hey Trump … why not promote buying precious metals the way you promote stocks of corporations that are globalists? … in the last month gold has risen by 4% and silver by 8% … those who took their money out of stocks and put their money in Treasuries got only 0.25% this last month!!

            • paul ...

              Seems gold and silver are now being manipulated upward by the Plunge Protection Team at the same time they are manipulating the stock market up and manipulating the dollar up!! … will this Trump re-set (pushing everything up) designed to hold off the criminal IMF re-set?? … perhaps Trump figures it will be difficult for the globalist IMF banksters to crash a system being manipulated higher!! highera

  3. Mark Langston

    Greg, you mentioned that FDR’s bank holiday came in early March. That’s because in 1933 the Presidential inauguration didn’t take place until March 4th which was on a Saturday. The bank holiday period started two days afterward on Monday March 6th, the very first working day of his first term. The change to January 20th didn’t take place until 1937. I don’t know that there will be another bank holiday anytime soon unless it is part of a national emergency declaration, but if you think there will be a bank holiday, don’t bet on it being held off until March, especially with a President that is already in office.

    • Greg Hunter

      So it could happen much earlier. Thank you for this historical fact!! Merry Christ Mas!!

      • Mohammad


        Aside from the lack of confidence (if Powell is fired by arrogant Trump) that may threatens the thrown of the greenback, EU/China/Russia are very happy with the feds policy for two reasons:
        1- Tightening is strong dollar positive which will screw up our export in the trade war with China ( the latter is very happy)
        2- Tightening is going to give the Euro, Yen, Yuan…. a room to breath from their easing and negative interest rate, as long as they are pegging their currency to undercut the dollar and keep the latter the carry trade.


        • ConcAmDad

          …….and the Dow surges this morning after Trumpe urges to”Buy the Dip!” and expresses confidence in Mnuchin and Powell. …….. just more of the manic Kabuki theatre…….if he was really going to try and put a wrench into their machine he would have simply stuck with the truth …… would have been easier to wake people up.

          • Mohammad

            Same as what Karen Hudes always says:

            ALL ARE IN CAHOOT..!!


          • Jim Weeber

            I think even the those who have been making the bad decisions. Winding the watch spring tighter all the time. Realize the consequences of the spring breaking and the system becoming nonfunctional on almost any level are too dire to risk. Consequently they will run this horse till it won’t run anymore. I think a slow decompression of all that is wrong becomes more difficult to manage with each passing day.

          • paul ...

            For equity traders who think the worst is over now that Trump said “buy stocks” … take a look at the collapse taking place in the leveraged loan market … liquidation has been furious as investors continue to pull money out in spite of the recent violent move up in the S&P …

        • TSI

          Trump has crossed the line telling ordinary folks to “buy the dip”. Unforgivable.

          • Greg Hunter

            “Unforgivable”??? Really? How about flying C-130’s full of cash to Iran in a phony deal that WAS NOT SIGNED BY ANYONE? How about that? Is that “unforgivable”? People have free will and telling people to “But the it” is not exactly what I call an “unforgivable” sin. The market did rally nearly 1,100 points the day Trump said that. Is “Buy the dip” at this point in time bad advice and wishful thinking–maybe.

        • Jallen

          You are lost in the woods, too many trees for you to see through. It all begins with honest money and you can bet your last FIAT dollar THE FEDERAL RESERVE IS NOT HONEST MONEY nor is the Euro, Yen and Yuan etc. If you want to know what is coming read the BOOK OF REVELATION in the Christian Bible.
          It is all about credit and the price of credit, as there are very few paper dollars compared to electronic dollars. Now you know how the masses are controlled. Think about this Mohammad, if the grid comes down (electronic failure), how much money is available for trade? now you know how the Federal Reserve and all its counterparts can be defeated. A country can be defeated not by regular bombs but by EMP bombs as they will be brought to their knees with the infrastructure still intact.
          This is all setting up for THE MARK OF THE BEAST mentioned in the Biblical book of REVELATION.
          Don’t get me wrong Mohammad, you are a very bright
          person. With inflation, even paper dollars will become the enemy of the Federal Reserve as they could not print the amount required, keep in mind the only denominations that circulate are $1, $5, $10, $20, $50 and $100 and the powers that be want to get rid of the $50 and $100 denominations, to keep the inflation game going it will eventually become all electronic money.


          • Mohammad


            Why do you think our market rallied ~1100 points on the heel of the Chinese market rallying to the same magnitude after both were nose diving…??????

            I will leave you with this question to ponder on…!!


            • Jallen

              The Market is manipulated. When you can put a number in a computer and call it money, you can even manipulate stock markets! Mohammad, have you not heard of the plunge protection team? Don’t worry Mohammad it is that part of the cycle to fleece stock investors.
              Do you not think the same players control both the Chinese and American stock markets etc.
              To convince you, study the housing market, i.e. a 160,000 dollar home is worth 370,000 dollars twenty years later with little to no upgrades.
              Mohammad, it is all about inflation, that is how you steal money from the nations savers, investors etc. In closing,
              I will give you one technique on stock market manipulation; look into GE and the purchasing of its own stock on borrowed money (credit) and what it did to their stock price. Many companies did the same thing. Boom, the Fed raises interest rates and the stock plunges. Keep digging Mohammad you will eventually GET IT.


              • Mohammad


                Could it be the maverick sitting in the WH who hinted to “buy the dips” in one day already funded his wall….



              • Dr Darryl Jewett

                “…a 160,000 dollar home is worth 370,000 dollars twenty years later…?” – try five yrs

    • Mohammad

      All depends on wether he will fire Powell or not.
      If he does, Greg will block sooner than he plans to.


      • Mohammad

        “Greg will BLOG sooner than he plans to”

    • paul ...

      Mark … if you are right and the bank holiday is imposed a few days after Jan 20, 2019 … people better get their hands on some cash, gold and silver real fast … because when “all the markets” are shut down … people won’t be able sell anything (i.e. stocks, bonds, bitcoins, etc.) banks will close (and ATM’s and credit cards won’t work) … so people better make sure they are in a secure position now (where they don’t have to sell anything to get money) … cash, gold and silver in hand will be the only money during a holiday shutdown … so everyone better prepare now … listen to Jim Rickards as he gives a complete explanation of how the bankster Cabal intends to steal our wealth (and make the US dollar as worth less as a Mexican peso)!! …

    • Beverly Kingsford

      Columbus Day is a Bank holiday and it is also not a very recognized holiday. Hmmm.

      • ConcAmDad

        Trump said it wasa bubble/ now he takes credit and tells people to buy into it…… the fact that prople still give him credibility is as baffling as how the flopping Fed mouthpieces have any credibilty after yhe last decade if BS and lies.

        • Tin foil hat

          When BS and lies are the only things that are keeping the system afloat, truth becomes not just an inconvience but the thin line between Venuezuela and us.
          Americans are not ready for the truth. If BS were alcohol, we would likely die from DT or BS withdrawal.
          The Deep State wants the BS to go on forever, Trump is preparing us to wean off the BS. That is the difference.

  4. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and a very MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and all.A saviour has been born who is CHRIST THE LORD.God has crashed through time and space to suffer and die for OUR sins.

  5. Anthony Australia

    Merry Christmas

  6. Tim McGraw

    You are right, Greg, “Debt and crime.” We need a debt jubilee. All private debts are forgiven. Jesus talks about this. The Assyrians, Jews, and Egyptians, as well as Einstein, knew that compound interest on debt was the strongest force in the universe.
    Our ancestors knew that debt would always outrun productivity so once in awhile all private debts had to be forgiven and the economy would recover… along with civilization.
    Merry Christmas.

    • FC

      My initial thought in the forgiveness on private debt is, what about the ones amongst us who have been responsible and living within our means…….are we punished?
      While the irresponsible ones are rewarded in a debt free asset they couldn’t afford in the first place.
      If so it appears Greed is Good, Gordon Gekko

      • Crybabe

        True, but irresponsible lenders should also be punished now and again as well.

        • FC

          And they will Crybabe, when the asset is sold under the borrowed amount.

      • Dr Darryl Jewett

        good question, FC. and to expand on your observation, Tim wrote about private debt. but what about us who spent all our lives subsisting within our means and then had the gov’t impose against us an illegal court-order (which courts administer as debts – and I’m thinking particularly of child-support but there are other similar court-orders administered similarly). and so there’s no “debt jubilee” for us. we’re the ones who were screwed the most. again, no matter what the solution to this problem, it’ll amount to the gov’t picking who wins and loses and who lives and dies. that’s why I’ve said before that there’s no gov’t solution to these problems created by gov’t. debt jubilee or anything. the solution is to remove gov’t imposition from all private and gov’t contracts, labor or otherwise. no debts. no child support. no anything. get rid of it all. but most of all, get rid of these huge gov’t bureaucracies that have imposed themselves in the first place. IRS, Fed Office of Child Support, etc… you can’t pick and choose. it’s either all or nothing. the whole problem in the past is gov’t picking and choosing. that can’t be the solution this time.

        • FC

          If that’s the case Dr, I go back to what my mother has always said me and I live by it……….you’ve made your bed, now lie in it.

          • Dr Darryl Jewett

            hmmm… don’t know what that means… you mean someone else made my bed?

      • Tim McGraw

        What the Assyrians, Israelites, Egyptians, and Einstein knew is that compound interest is the strongest force in the universe. The interest payments on the debts grow faster than the economy. They are like a leech that must be removed every once in awhile.
        Is it fair to savers? Of course not. Are 0% interest rates fare to savers?
        Is life fair?
        Look, if you want to get rid of this problem; outlaw usury. Bring back sound money.

        • DB Cooper

          OK, Tim, Do really fly a round engine?? DB

    • Beverly Kingsford

      We do need a debt jubilee, but that isn’t going to happen. The bankers and China and other countries who have suffered while America prospered so much because of the dollar being the reserve currency, are not going to forgive this debt so easily. And, the international bankers of the world have it as their goal to enslave the world population.
      So, there is going to be a fight and a big one.

  7. Tim McGraw

    ‘Something bad is coming.” Well, yeah. The only thing that we really own is our body and mind. Take care of that. The rest will fall into place.

    • paul ...

      Some don’t own their mind until they get out of military service … as USMC General Smedley Butlerandall said: “like most members of the military profession I never had an original thought until I left the service”
      … then … when it’s too late … these military men likely ask themselves “why did I go half way around the world blindly following orders to shoot and kill women and children”???”

  8. Tim McGraw

    Greg, we don’t “Need a savior.” We have to save our own souls. No cop outs allowed. As Gandhi said, “You want to change the world, well, start with yourself.”
    Now, don’t get me wrong. I believe in JC and how Christianity brought about Western Civilization and all of the wonders; refrigerators, cars, hot showers, flush toilets, anti-biotics……but here we are. Wars are as violent as ever though tens of millions don’t die like they did in WWI and WWII.
    We have to change ourselves. Jesus showed us the way, but He can’t save us.
    We have to save ourselves.

  9. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter,
    Thanks, and have a wonderful Christ Mas!

    • Crybabe

      William, I have taken the liberty to reply to you on the current thread in order to keep the discussion current.

      You posted to me:
      Would it matter to you if the money that was supposed to go into the pension fund was stolen and given to support programs that you voted for or of which you were the beneficiary?”

      No, because I believe that there are several reasons why pensions funds are underfunded (see my other posts). Government theft is only one cause. The whole concept of livable pensions is an unsustainable socialist experiment (and that has been with a century long bull market in financial assets. Can you imagine what will happen to pension funds if the predicted deflation hits?). And as most people on this site are against socialism I was just trying to offer a few helpful pointers.
      One of the misapprehensions people are labouring under is that it is the natural order for succeeding generations to pay for the retired generations’ pension pay outs. As I have outlined this is not how the pension system is supposed to work. This misunderstanding (societies misunderstanding not yours personally) has to be corrected before an informative discussion can take place on pensions.

      • William Stanley

        The deal was “you give me your labor now and we/government pay you later part of what we owe you.” The people that gave their labor acted in detrimental reliance on that promise, i.e., many of them could have made a higher salary working in private industry (and, yes, many of them couldn’t). In any event, they upheld their part of the bargain.
        There are lots of things that we can’t afford to pay for now. However, refusing to pay for something that someone else labored in good faith to give us is not morally the same as cutting funding on programs that give stuff to people who didn’t first labor to give us value. It seems to me that you are obfuscating that fundamental moral difference.
        I don’t think that you are guilty of this, but I sense that many people have a sort of cargo-cult mentality, i.e., that the stuff that people get is not produced by sacrifice and labor, that it is just out there waiting to be distributed and that everyone has the same moral right to receive it regardless of how much they have produced and saved.
        Worse, some people really understand the concept that some people actually produce, or have produced, more and saved more than others and have accrued more right to the stuff, even that which is produced by present labor. Unfortunately, some of those people want to blur that moral fact in order to justify obtaining more of the stuff for themselves, even though they didn’t make the sacrifice necessary in the first place.
        Of course, the reality is more complicated. Some people acquired wealth though theft and deception and yes, some pensions fall into that category. So do lots of other things.
        It’s not about taking care of the otherwise indigent out of charity. It’s about honoring a contract. In other words, IMO, focusing on pensions is subterfuge, especially because most of those pensions were earned fair and square for value given via labor provided.
        I understand that we/government have, or are reaching, the point where we cannot meet all of our obligations, i.e., I understand that we/government can’t get blood out of a stone. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean that we/government don’t morally owe retired government employees payment for what they sacrificed to provide. So rather than looking to them first when we renege on our obligations, we need to look lots of other places first.

  10. Nick in UK

    Merry Christmas Greg.
    Thank you for everything you do.
    You are a modern day disciple, shining light into the darkness and spreading the truth.

  11. Paul Clinton

    Wow! Merry ChristMas! To you too! This has been the best presentation/reporting that you have ever done! Better than all your guests combined since I have been following here for a few years! A heartfelt thank you for sticking up for Christ and for doing your best to keep us informed and not misinformed!

  12. Russell

    God bless you, Mr. Hunter. I wish you, your family, and all USAWatchdogs a very Merry Christmas!

  13. TSI

    As I suspected the great crash was supposed to take place under Trump’s watch in order to discredit nationalism and conservatism. It is a necessary step in order to further the globalist new world order.

    • TSI

      Watch the Simpsons episode with president Lisa succeeding president Trump. They were setting Trump up many years ago.

      • Beverly Kingsford

        If they take Trump out, and there is already a collapse in place, then nobody will be willing to BE president. This has been prophesied.

  14. Roger Hagen

    Take the time off, you are incredible hard working, americans best quality.

  15. offgrid7

    Great Christmas message Greg.Thank you.

  16. TSI

    This correction/crash should be a good test of Martin Armstrong’s Dow 40,000 prediction. He gets a lot of hero worship on here so want to find out if he is the real deal.

    • William Stanley

      LOL, at first I read “real deal” as “raw deal.”

      • TSI

        I suspect his subscribers (if he offers this service) will get a “raw deal” if his prediction doesn’t come off. ho ho ho…

  17. (Rev) Andrew de Berry

    Remain as strong as always Greg. Much joy to you and the world today, Andrew UK

  18. Pat Jehl

    Thank you greg hunter, God bless you!!! Speak the Truth in love. Pat Jehl, Fort Wayne, Indiana

  19. Roger D

    Merry Christmas Greg and all WatchDogs

  20. Yolanda Bower

    Rosenstein and HerrMueller Block IG Horowitz
    There Closing In

  21. Liette McManaman

    Merry Christmas to you and yours. Thanks for all you do.

  22. Jerrold Rahm

    Merry Christmas Greg!

  23. Yolanda Bower

    Excuse me, should have read;
    “Their Closing In!”
    Be careful Mr. President_Jehovah is with you, sir. You will, deliver his people.

    • Frank D2

      YB, you mean “they’re” closing in….as in “they are”…..

  24. tim ziegler


    Merry Christmas to you and your family. You are the BEST!

  25. al

    Some or my sources say that Trump put Powell there to make the Fed look bad and that it’s all a game. Well, I disagree, the Fed had to lose control at some point and Trump is truly angry.
    As Rob Kirby says, “it works until it doesn’t” and we are at the “it doesn’t” phase. Hallelujah!!!
    This is a tremendous Christ mas present to the World where truth and justice and financial honesty returns once again. The best present of all is that the Fed lost credibility along with the enemy media.
    2018 exited with a bang!
    Thank you and Merry Christ-mas to you too Craig, and a Happy New Year!
    The same goes for our beloved President and his beautiful Family.

  26. Chip


    • Chip

      WOW Greg very inspirational message. Thank You! Chip

    • Crybabe

      Chip, just as a follow-up regarding the previous discussion: most pensions are underfunded (think Chicago) due to 1) governments stealing pension contributions, 2) assets bought with pension contributions underperforming due to artificial suppression of interest rates and 3) an underestimation of the required pension contributions. Any collapse in asset prices will further exacerbate this issue. On retirement a person’s pension should be paid out from their pension contributions (and government add ons) over the course of their working life. If this is insufficient, for one of the above reasons, that is between you and the government. The present situation is that the pension contributions made by people currently working are being used to cover the shortfall. In other words, people in employment are directly funding pension payments to other people who are currently retired. In effect, MY pension contributions are paying for YOUR retirement when MY pension contributions should be going into a fund for MY future retirement. Anything else is a Ponzi scheme. Many people on here claim to be against socialism yet seem to think that it is ok for the labour of younger generations to make good on the ridiculous pension promises of previous governments; in effect a bail out. Is it not bad enough that the younger generation is overloaded with intergenerational debt without having their pension contributions sucked into a black hole?

      • Crybabe

        It is often noted that the pension system is heading for a disaster due to demographic factors. To elaborate, baby boomers were numerically superior to the previous generation so could afford to support their pension payments. In contrast, baby boomers will be too numerous and live too long to be supported in retirement by younger generations. However, this is only true if the pension contributions of the babyboomers are insufficient or non-existent. There should theoretically be no need for pension contributions from a younger generation to pay the pensions of older generations.

        • Chip

          The fact is that people are getting SS benefits that never paid into the system. THAT is the problem… Chip

          • Chip

            AND, if I die before getting out what I paid in, the Government keeps the money. That should help keep it solvent if others who paid in nothing were not receiving benefits… Chip

            • Crybabe

              Why are all the pension schemes underfunded then?

              • William Stanley

                They’re underfunded because people don’t want to pay what they owe. They would rather rob Peter to pay Paul than pay Peter what they owe him.

          • Crybabe

            That is correct but that doesn’t take away from the fact that pensions = socialism.

            • William Stanley

              Re: “pensions = socialism.”
              No, pensions equal deferred payment for services rendered. They’re just provisions in good ole free-market contracts.

              • Dr Darryl Jewett

                no they are not… where do you come up with this stuff??

          • Dr Darryl Jewett

            I don’t know how anyone gets SS benefits if they didn’t pay into the system. maybe illegal immigrants can. I dunno. but I do know that many people are getting benefits many orders of magnitude greater than that what they invested. meaning that before most even started collecting SS, their benefits already ran out. the average SS beneficiary (real domestic legal citizen) receives way more benefits than they were anticipated or supposed to receive. because the gov’t kept increasing the amount relative to GDP or inflation year over year. gave them more benefits than intended in exchange for votes and absolute power. and when the gov’t ran out of SS benefits that were invested by those who were receiving them, the gov’t went after all the money that had been and was still being invested by those who are still working. and now the gov’t has run out of those too. so it’s invented a bunch of other mechanisms to tax those still working as an excuse to steal the proceeds of labor and give to those who never earned those proceeds. in exchange for votes and absolute power. for instance, part of your gov’t retirement is paid with subsidies attached to child support and gov’t instituted child trafficking. the government literally has created a massive system and bureaucracy to promote the kidnapping and trafficking of children. almost exclusively from fathers, forcing them into slavery to pay the ransom and the cost of trafficking. in 50 yrs, I don’t know anyone who receives benefits who’ve never paid into the system. perhaps illegal immigrants. maybe some women. I dunno. obviously you have some thoughts. but i don’t know anyone. and you’d think that with all my research and experience, i’d have encountered at least one. I don’t even know if it’s possible. but it wouldn’t surprise me. that being written, I am familiar with more than one-hundred-million people presently who are receiving benefits in great excess (orders of magnitude) to what they invested. THAT’s the real problem. it’s massively large. and real. and easily documented, cross-referenced and verified. every single man and woman from the greatest and baby-boom generations who are receiving SS, are receiving the investments and proceeds of the labor from later generations. the investments of the greatest and boomer gens ran out decades ago. where do you think all your money comes from?? THAT’s the big problem. not the very small proportion (if any – as I explained, I don’t know anyone) of people who might be receiving benefits but didn’t pay into the system. the only people who are receiving benefits on a massive scale who are the problem, paid into the system, but received already in great excess to what they paid in plus all the interest and are now completely dependent upon the slave labor of later generations. THAT’s why our economy is Ponzi scheme. maybe you’ve heard people refer to it that way. well…. that’s what they’re talking about. people like you who’s benefits already expired decades ago, but you still keep getting them and don’t know where they came from. they came from me. you’re welcome. oh I forgot, you didn’t thank me because you’re an ungrateful narcissist. and a stupid communist who doesn’t know who pays your bills because you think that you pay them. becaus you think you’re a libertarian or a conservative republican. what a joke.

            • William Stanley

              I don’t know if it surprises you, but many present retirees paid into pension funds and didn’t stay employed there long enough to “vest,” i.e., get to receive any pension at all. Not only has that happened to me a couple of times, I also don’t get as large a SS check as I would if I had been in prison for the last forty years instead of working for most of that time. Some strange rules out there.
              BTW, DDJ, I have no doubt that you’ve been treated unfairly by the divorce courts. It really is a scandal how frequently men are treated unfairly there.

        • William Stanley

          Agreed, but that would assume responsible citizens and responsible governments actually provide the necessary funds to meet their promises.

          • paul ...

            Lets make the companies that use robots pay both Social Security taxes and pension payments for every robot that use … it’s a win win for humans … as these robots will never collect Social Security or a pension and we don’t have to become commies printing money to cover these payments!!

            • Tin foil hat

              paul …
              ” as these robots will never collect Social Security or a pension and we don’t have to become commies printing money to cover these payments!!”
              We have done that already in the past 30 plus years; the robots are mainly Japanese and Chinese with the petrol as a lubricator.
              Their labour support the dollar or enable the printing of money to support not only our pensions, S.S. and likely Crybabe’s tuition, but also our military.

      • SOD

        As a Boomer who most assuredly won’t see much of that fat comfortable pension he was promised, I agree with you, this boondoggle shouldn’t be placed on the backs of our up and coming generations. I do wonder, however, just how many of our younger generations won’t jump at the chance to have their college loans forgiven by our conniving political elite when this is offered up to them? Will this be considered a bail out or a just solution for being– another victim of a questionable promise? SOD

        • Dr Darryl Jewett

          a better question for you SOD – how many of our younger generations were smart enough not to take out a college loan? especially when you consider (at least for a man in the US with a degree in STEM – the only real degree – a degree in middle management or business accounting or God forbid public school teaching are not real degrees) that for decades such degrees (STEM – fundamental to any civilization) yielded no returns (on average – meaning that for some there were returns but for most there weren’t and in many cases, a degree actually didn’t just not help a graduate financially but actually hurt them) on the investment or worse: cost more than they are worth.

          • SOD

            A STEM degree is the only real degree?? I certainly find that assertion rich. I know a lot of judges, investment speculators, antique specialists and CEO’s that command the needed expertise that allows them to do quite nicely even without a STEM designation. While I probably wouldn’t select a major in gender studies, social justice or even that of a vaunted community organizer–I suspect you’d be spot on that these particular degrees would probably cost much more than they are worth to most students. As to how many students are smart enough to avoid college loans? I would say with the cost of higher education it would be only the select few that could swing college today without a loan or help of some kind. SOD

      • William Stanley

        Re: “If this is insufficient, for one of the above reasons, that is between you and the government.”
        Wouldn’t the same argument apply to your generation’s forthcoming shortfall: when, for whatever reason, the government fails to provide the funds to cover what it is promising its employees? That one shortfall happened to go to present retirees is little different morally from when money that should have gone to provide funding for present retirees went somewhere else (including employees who retired before them). Why isn’t that also just a problem between you/present government workers and the government? (which apparently you conceive as some entity different from “we the people”). Yes, many present employees will not make out a well as present government retirees, but present employees also know the present deal. Some of them are not offering their services subject to the same promises that present retirees did. Their detrimental reliance is different. Yet, no doubt, the generation following you will make the same argument as to who they should first stiff on the promises their government made to your generation’s government workers.

  27. Jerry

    Yes they do exist, and right now two are headed to Cuba.

    Each barge holds approximately 800 prisoners, so that tells me the expanded facilities at Gitmo are not completely operational. Propreations for expansion began when? In March 2018 when the EO for Court Martial revision was done.

  28. vincent_g

    Merry Christmas to all

  29. Charles Turner

    Merry Christmas Greg.
    A message to those that think Trump is being rude and letting down your allies.
    Germany, the 4th largest economy in the world spends 1.2% of its GDP on NATO.(Plus they have the distinction for instigating the last two world wars). The USA spends 3.57% of GDP. That is 2.37% more than Germany. Or 459 billion a year more in percentage terms. Yet your politicians are squabbling over a few billion over a wall and are concerned about how Trump speaks to your allies ( fair weather friends). . There are very, very few politicians in Washington or your media that are putting America first, otherwise they would be applauding Trump for exposing the elephants in the room.

    • Dr Darryl Jewett

      @ Charles – I don’t disagree with the sentiment of your comment…

      BUT Germany didn’t start the last two World Wars… the central banks did. Germany was defending herself against them and the countries that allowed themselves to be hosts of the central banks. the general behavior of the other countries and what the allied forces did to Germany before and particularly after WWI is unconscionable. WWII was an inevitable outcome after WWI. for which Germany is absolved entirely of responsibility.

      Germany may or may not be contributing its fair share to NATO (I argue that it’s not but for different reasons), but the US represents five-percent of the world’s population (Germany 1.25), we (the US) are the epicenter of the world’s economic problems (we didn’t invent usury but we did invent many loony and unconscionable mechanisms for implementing it and exported them to the rest of the world), and we believe (wrongly) that we have the moral authority to be the policeman to the world. We do not.

      I don’t think the question is whether or not Germany or the US are investng the proper amount in NATO but why any of us are investing anything at all. our forefathers warned us about and discouraged endless foreign entanglements for a reason. your argument that Germany isn’t contributing enough misses the point that none of us should be involved in foreign entanglements and shouldn’t be contributing anything at all to an arrangement like NATO and its endless foreign entanglements. Just my two cents….

      • Tin foil hat

        If we didn’t have the moral authority to be the policeman to the world, then we don’t have the moral obligation to be the foster parents to the world – withdraw our troops and build the wall.

      • paul ...

        Good point DJ … the US should not be involved in foreign entanglements and should not be contributing to any alliances … let every country defend themselves!!

      • Jallen

        Dr. Darryl Jewett,

        It takes big money to go to war. The ultimate question is; who financed Hitler’s war machine and why. This much I can tell you, a lot of gold left the United States and found its way to Germany. Keep in mind Germany was broke after WORLD WAR 1 and was paying war reparations.
        Oh those evil central banks and their owners!!!!


        • William Stanley

          Great question!
          The investment firm, Brown Brothers Harriman was home to a lot of powerful US money. Its management included Grandad (Prescott) Bush.
          Allen Dulles, later of OSS and CIA fame, and his brother, John Foster Dulles who worked for Sullivan & Cromwell (the law firm entwined with Brown Brothers Harriman) and who later become Secretary of State, were were also closely associated. The lot of them were connected with German financial interests.
          Of course, the son of Grandad Bush, the late George H.W. Bush, became CIA Director and then, later, President.
          There is a picture of Queen Elizabeth giving the Nazi salute as a child and, no doubt, the Windsor family had some financial interests in Germany as well.

          • William Stanley

            I suppose it would be naive to not suspect that, given the foregoing, that the Rothschilds didn’t also have financial interests in Germany at the time.

  30. Da Yooper

    Merry Christmas Greg & the USA Watchdog family.

    Do you know which bank the clintons used to conduct their foundation fraud? That would be interesting to know which wall street banker they used.

  31. Neil

    Merry Christmas Greg. I am thankful for having you in my life and I appreciate you.

  32. paul ...

    Greg … If three wise guys showed up at the manger where Christ was born and offered him “paper money” … God the Father would have shot a microwave death ray at them from orbit and turned them into Christmas “cinders of coal” (that even Obama wouldn’t want to use) … yet we have wise guys today promoting the virtues of paper money (i.e. like that Plunge Protection Team “munchkin” the other day) stating “as much paper can be created out of thin air as necessary to avoid a liquidity problem” … but paper money’s “ostensible virtue” is known (even to the Wall Street sinners) as being devastating to economic prosperity … but … will wise guys ever repent their sins? … Never … banksters (like holier then thou charlatan preachers) won’t stop their debauchery of God’s children (in every pedophile way possible) and will curse with visceral revulsion any mention of that horrid four letter word … “Gold”!! … [Just my simple way of shouting out CHRISTmas Cheers to you and yours]!!

    • paul ...

      The haters of gold within the Deep State have now changed our beautiful Christmas song “The 12 Days of Christmas” to exclude all mention of giving “gold rings” now all they want us to give is candy canes … also … in keeping with the Deep States tradition of knowing when we are sleeping, knowing when we are awake, knowing if we have been naughty or nice … they have incitiously planted spy equipment in everyone’s home and cars (i.e. in all our refrigerators, in our TV’s, in our light switches, in our cell phones, in our computers and in our car GPS navigation equipment , etc., etc. … to “betray us” like this … is not the official function of Our Government … we the People created Our Government to “Protect our Constitutional Rights” … and when such a Government “overtly begins to take away our Constitutional Rights” we the People have the Constitutional Right to “abolish it” … this is why we elected Trump … to remove all the Deep State swamp creatures who have “betrayed us” (i.e. like the former CIA Director David Petraeus) …

  33. Mike M.

    I would be interested in documenting something written about Jesus Christ whilr he was aliveo or during the 15 years after his reported death. No portion of the Bible qualifies as what we have in the King James Version was written ( extant fragments) much later. Anyone, please give me a citation I can pursue.

    • Tin foil hat

      MIKE M.,
      You should focus more on the 17 missing years of Jesus.

      • Thaddeus Thurston Thistlethwaite III

        Indeed. There is some evidence that he spent time in India and Tibet. After showing such intellectual promise in the temple as a 12 year old, I’m sure he didn’t spend the next 18 years of his life building condos with his father.

  34. iwitness02

    Thank you Greg for an uplifting message on this special day.
    On another note: Crime and Debt. It would be so gratifying to see an end to it all. I am so tired of having life hijacked by these monsters. They steal everything and get away with it, century after century. Oddly, I still have hope. Because for the first time we are seeing something being done about it. Plus we are talking about it. The wicked can only endure so much light and truth before it destroys them. Death by a thousand rays of light. May our freedom come quickly. This can only occur during our Lords presence. So in my mind our Lord is here, or very close. There is a lot of shaking going on. Long live Freedom!

  35. john duffy

    Merry Christmas to you Greg and all your watchdogs.

  36. Mohammad

    Merry Christmas Greg and all.

    I bet you there will be a cascade of financial events in the market that will prompt a sooner appearance on the blog than you planed.


  37. Tad

    Questions about what comes first:

    1) A presidential announcement regarding widespread debt default or re equity and debt market sustained hits.

    2) The tantalizing announcement of initial indictments before the first military tribunals.

  38. Riggy

    Merry Christmas to you and yours….

  39. Major Payne

    Thanks for your service to all of us. You even have your “resident Muslim” wishing you a Merry Christmas. You are making headway!

    Merry Christmas, Greg. And carry on, sir!

  40. polly huggins

    Merry Christmas, Greg. I am happy you are taking a much needed break to spend with your family, BECAUSE next week I think or should I say I hope the door to open corruption will be shut with Trump releasing sealed documents. I believe this will happen after Jan. 1st when several of his presidential mandates become active. I hope he moves quickly or else I fear it will be too late! Happy New Year and God’s blessing on you and your family!

  41. Not So Free

    Merry Christmas, Greg.
    Thanks for all you do.

  42. Jerry

    The curtain is coming down.

    As you’ve said, this is a replay of 2008. Only this time it’s global and there won’t be any bailouts. I would advise those willing to listen to lay in as much food as you can, while you still you can, before hyper inflation hits the grocery stores. Once liquidity begins to seize up in the banks, the markets will react very rapidly driving up prices to cover their loses.

    • Jerry

      More proof?
      The largest selloff in history followed by the biggest purchase in history. ://

      These are not normal market movements. These are plunge protection buys used to stall the coming carnage. They can’t stop the momentum. The debt is to large.

      • Dr Darryl Jewett

        it’s not a market… it’s a gov’t-operated scam… a Ponzi, Bernie Madoff, Enron styled scam… it’s not real… the gov’t can make it do whatever it wants, deciding who lives and dies… it has plenty of slave labor to manipulate for these ends

    • Jerry

      As you reported Greg,
      The plunge protection team was called to the White House.

      Fear mongering? I think not. It can’t be fear mongering if it’s real. This is as real as it gets when you call in all the Major Bank heads for a closed door session. My take? Reset is on the way.

      • paul ...

        You got it Jerry … reset is on the way … lets hope it is a Trump reset (rather then an IMF reset)!!

  43. Bob

    Merry Christmas and enjoy your time off, you have definitely earned it! Thank you for all that you do to keep us informed and aware.

  44. Wendy Bryan

    Merry Christmas
    How wonderful to realize that Nothing can break the power of Christ’s shed blood on the Cross. Praise His Holy Name

  45. iwitness02

    Forgot to mention the Christmas cheer that I got from the cartoon that you chose today. Good call on that one. Actually, I have enjoyed them all. Humor seems to be on the endangered list, due to loss of habitat.

  46. Elusive Joseph

    An essential message everyone should hear. Thanks, Greg. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  47. Russ McMeans

    A most wonderful end of the year broadcast Greg. Merry Christ-mas to the greatest little news website in America!

  48. Connie Packerd
    Rosenstein and Mueller Block IG Horowitz
    “They’re closing in!”
    S. O. S., save our republic! SAVE IT NOW!

  49. Peter Morton

    Thank you Greg for your work.
    Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  50. Brent

    Hi Greg,

    I am hoping you will read this. A while back (2014), you had a guest on named Brandon Smith who I have been following ever since at his blog I had never heard of him before, and actually found out about him from you. Since then, he has been the most accurate forecaster out of all the people I follow by far. He correctly predicted Trump would win which I even thought was crazy. He posted this below on 12/24/ on his blog, and I will put a link to it under it.

    “Trump is part of the agenda; a pied piper. He is surrounded by banking elites in the White House, and his own commerce secretary is a Rothschild agent who bailed him out of his debts in his Taj Mahal casino in the 1990’s.

    The Q stuff is clearly a psyop to distract everyone away from these facts and lure liberty activists into supporting Trump blindly while he engages in a WWF wrestling match with the Fed. They will wrap the entire crash not only around the image of Trump as a “populist” but they will also blame conservative ideals in general.

    Trump’s job is to play the role of the bumbling populist villain who took credit for the stock bull market for two years, then crashed everything, and then tried to blame “innocent” central bankers who were only attempting to “normalize” the economy. I do not support puppet politicians, which is why I don’t recommend anyone buy into Trump. If Trump attempts to initiate martial law in the wake of this crisis, I will fight him just as hard as I will fight the globalists.” (scroll down to comments to find quote)

    I think this sums it up perfectly what is going on and is going to happen. I was initially fooled by Trump myself, but I have since seen the light. So many conservatives in the liberty movement are being duped by Trump, so I am also trying to wake people up about it myself. Maybe you could have Brandon Smith back on as a guest? I think that would be awesome.


    • Greg Hunter

      I am not sure he’s correct Brent. This is a huge problem to clean up and it is deeply ingrained in America and is complicated and difficult to clean up. You and Brandon didn’t think this was going to be easy and cleaned up in a couple of years did you? If you ask me Brandon is falling for the operation to divide and concur Trumps base. Oh and here’s my favorite part, Trump donates his salary and get’s $1 per year. Brandon left that part of the “scam” out. He’s wrong.

    • Rich

      I do agree with you that brandon smith hands down has been the most accurate forecaster. We’ll see if that continues?

    • FC

      I agree with you Brent, whether Brandon is right or wrong his analysis makes a lot sense to me.

    • William Stanley

      For what it’s worth, I also follow Mr. Smith’s blog. However, like Greg, I found the article that you’ve cited as unconvincing, despite the factors you point to. It doesn’t account for all the Russiagate malarkey or all the never-Trump BS. Clearly, the deep state, including the Fed, never wanted Trump to be President. So he couldn’t have been part some ongoing deep-state plan.
      I did find the pre-market gyrations the night of Trump’s election victory to be highly suspicious. Why did the pre-markets first fall some thousand points when the tide turned against Hillary and toward Trump, and then that same night, within hours, completely unwind and reverse, and then go into a two year “Trump” rally? That sudden reversal seemed to me — at the time and since — to be clear evidence of market tampering by the Plunge Protection Team, which was then still under control of Obama/Hillary/Deep State. Why didn’t they just push that crash right along and blame its cause as stemming from market fear and lack of confidence in Trump? There was no need to delay things. Indeed, it seems to me that the delay has furthered the destruction of the credibility of the mass media, as well as a major unmasking of the Deep State. That seems an unlikely aspect of any plan in which Trump would have been playing any part. To me, the more likely explanation is that they were surprised and panicked by Trump’s victory, and in disarray. So they decided to temporarily stabilize the situation until Obama left office while they withdrew and reorganized their attack on Trump.

      • FC

        William Stanley, firstly I’d like to say I enjoy reading your comments but on this one I disagree somewhat.
        I’ve always said Trump would be President for the very reason that the Deep State and the Fed wanted him there as he is not cut from the same cloth and he would make the perfect escape goat for when the economic collapses.
        Ross Perot’s timing in 1992 didn’t suit the Globalists back then because he could hear the giant sucking sound going South and the fact the economy was repairable.
        But now they know this is irreparable and the Globalists can not been seen as the villains.
        Admittedly when Hillary announced her intention to run I immediately thought she was going to be the first female President but that was short lived when I started to consider that the economy will inevitably collapse and will not see out another 8 years of stimulus and the last thing they wanted was the first female Globalist President at the helm when the collapse of this magnitude occurs, can you imagine the outrage from all the Feminists alone not to mention the Soy Boys…………….but alas, along comes Trump.

  51. Ivan

    Famous quote by
    Charles August Lindbergh
    This Act (the Federal Reserve Act, Dec. 23rd 1913) establishes the most gigantic trust on earth. When the President signs this bill, the invisible government by the Monetary Power will be legalized. The people may not know it immediately, but the day of reckoning is only a few years removed. The trusts will soon realize that they have gone too far even for their own good. The people must make a declaration of independence to relieve themselves from the Monetary Power. This they will be able to do by taking control of Congress. Wall Streeters could not cheat us if you Senators and Representatives did not make a humbug of Congress… The greatest crime of Congress is its currency system. The worst legislative crime of the ages is perpetrated by this banking bill. The caucus and the party bosses have again operated and prevented the people from getting the benefit of their own government.

    • William Stanley

      Thanks, that really is a great quote.

  52. Eye of Horus

    Wow! Following the Warmbier trial, if every victim of torture is worth 500 million dollars the USA is going to be in real trouble.

    • Greg Hunter

      Is this a Deep State ploy to destroy the denuclearization of North Korea?

      • William Stanley

        Mr. Hunter,
        Great question!
        It’s really hard to find the right answers if you don’t ask the right questions.

  53. Tad

    Nothing has changed since the Obama years.

    • Beverly Kingsford

      You are wrong. There have been changes made. There are a heck of a lot more people who are aware of the banking conspiracy in the world that is trying to destroy the whole world. Trump knows about it and is trying to do something about it. I believe we are going to go through a hell of a time to pay for our sins as a nation. But, this nation will be preserved according to God’s plan. Lots of people are going to have to fight for that freedom though. It’s not going to be just handed back to us. Men will have to fight and die for their children who will live on. This scenario has happened all throughout the scriptures.

  54. truthseeker

    Many blessings to you and to all!!!

  55. Freebrezer

    Merry Christmas Greg – Interesting take from a science site and it involves the missing 21 trillion. it looks like the topic is starting to bubble up

  56. Norm

    Maybe Trump is bringing troops home to help squash any riots and such that would break out from “mass arrests” or “financial collapse”?
    Just a thought.

  57. susan

    Greg, I hope you had a wonderful Christ-mas. We sang (our band) at church a song called “It’s About the Cross”. It really tells the message. God bless you and your family throughout 2019,

  58. Tad

    Third or fourth page shows estimated Middle East troop levels by country.

  59. Boris Badenough
    URGENT 🔴President Trump gives UNBELIEVABLE Speech to Military troops

  60. coalburner

    Greg: Merry Christ mas to you!

    I just listened to Alex N again. He is getting everything he said correct. I think the Trump withdrawal from Syria is also a threat to the Deep State for not giving him his Wall. He threatened to take the troops from Afghanistan too. That will be much more upsetting to them. He said today, if I heard correctly that the troops would stay in Iraq for the time being. So he has a standing threat to the Deep State on Afghanistan. Their Opium trade is at stake. He wants them to give him the Wall. One big problem is that several government agencies are still filled with traitors, State Dept, CIA, FBI, Justice and maybe a few in the Pentagon. State is filled with them! If he doesn’t take the criminals down with tribunals we are in big trouble.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you CB!!

  61. Boris Badenough

    S IT HAPPENING?? Dem Russian Bots, AIR FORCE One, Tweet Crumbs

  62. DavidC

    Just to add my thanks and best wishes along with all the other commenters here. You do a great job, it’s fantastic that there is one presenter who wants to find truth. My very best wishes to you and your family for 2019.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you David C!

  63. Brother Rice

    MSM Fell For It, Everything Is Going As Planned, Timing Is Everything

  64. Brother Ricester

    We Know Robert Mueller Has Spent Over $25 Million In His Probe That’s Turned Up Nothing – But How Much Did He Spend On His Security Detail?
    Government watchdog Judicial Watch is concerned that he has spent an enormous amount of the people’s money on his security detail.
    Tim Brown — December 27, 2018
    Just what are we protecting HerrMueller from, fellow Nazi’s?
    A million Herr a Million There, before you know it, it’s add’s up to real moola, la!

  65. Country Codger

    Hi Greg,
    Please remember, when I told you to watch from Dec. 21 through Jan. 2 it was because of the actual volume of the stock market during that period of time and that it coincided with a Super Cycle but, don’t forget that the cycle runs until almost the end of February so what we are seeing now could just be the beginning, or it could be very limited and end next week.

    I think that the fact that the next lunar eclipse (2/20-2/21) will be a blood moon will add a lot of drama but will have no effect upon the length or intensity of the cycle itself.
    Lo Iyrah!

    • Country Codger

      Sorry Greg,
      I didn’t realize I put down the wrong date for the eclipse. It is the night of January 20th and the early morning hours of January 21 and will be visible across the Americas.
      ((I typed out the month so I could be sure I got it right.))

  66. Boris, it's BadEnough!

    Two Mules for Sister Yates?
    Bruce OR Mule Mueller? YOU BE THE JUDGE
    THE Demonetization Amortization OF THE US. Deep State
    NO MORE Clarence For Clearances!
    Apathetic Leadership VonRyan’s Express?

    White Water, Travel Gate, Benghazi, Private email to hide her dirty deeds. She knew what she was doing and did not care and 👀/WHAT DIFFERENCE Does It Make?

  67. Fusion_ Gyped You, YES!

    The Non- Elected Selected THEM
    ________The Never Had a RealJob Millionaire’s
    THE 666GANG?
    Divine Accident by Footage
    Part 3: The Mysterious Bush-Clinton-Obama-Trump Envelope Saga !

  68. Tan Me Hide

    US Air Force’s Air University Warns Of Devastating Attack On National Power Grid That Could Collapse US Society
    This is not hysteria or exaggeration.
    Pamela Geller December 28, 2018

  69. A Bird In The Hand Is Better Than Two In The Bush

    He Loved Cigars & Whiskey: Our Oldest Military Veteran Passes Away At 112
    Written by Wes Walker on December 28, 2018
    Contemporary English Version
    I can promise you that some of the people of this generation will still be alive when all this happens.
    ◄ Matthew 24:34 ►

  70. Archie Leach

    Did George W Bush Pass “IT” to Laura Before She Showed Jeb?
    Evidence of Treason
    Obama, Gore Get Strange Envelopes Too? – ALL Envelopes From Bush 41 State Funeral! Watch The Wives!
    I don’t know how Trumpster does it, but I really admire his strength and determination for putting up with this psychotic circus.

  71. Archie Leach

    Dear CNN: Illegal Immigrant Kills Cop On Christmas Day – Is That ‘News?’
    Written by Wes Walker on December 28, 2018
    A legal immigrant spent Christmas day apart from his wife and kid, to serve and protect… only to be gunned down by an illegal immigrant.

  72. Vike

    Merry ChristMas Greg,
    In your message you mentioned the JFK assassination. If you dive deep enough into two events like 911 and JFK’s murder it is possible to produce ties that suggest both events were carried out by the same folks. For as my mentor, Dr Stan Monteith, used to begin every program on his radioliberty .com site with this; “Reality is usually scoffed at, illusion is usually king. But in the battle for survival of western civilization it is going to be reality, not illusion or delusion that will determine what the future will bring”. More on this later but first back to JFK.
    You mentioned your doubts regarding Lee Harvey bin Laden, er I mean Oswald. That is a good start. Did you know Lee Harvey was CIA? Did you know he had an alias ALex Hidell? Did you know his best friend in Dallas was a man named George De Mohrenschildt? It was De Mohrenschildt(CIA), who through a common friend, set Lee Harvey up with the job at the Texas School Book Depository. The common friend was a woman named Ruth Paine. Once Oswald began working at the Depository he and his wife moved out of their apartment with Lee renting a room close to the depository and his wife Marina, moving in with Ruth Paine. The Oswalds moved all their belongings into Ruths garage. Of course the rifle that was found on the sixth floor of the School Book Depository was in that garage.
    Here is my ChristMas gift to you, a one hour blast from the past! Dr Stan died in 2014 at 84 years old. Dr Stan followed a path similar to a source you hold in high esteem as he began as an orthopedic surgeon. I believe it was in the 1960s when he shifted his focus onto for lack of a better term, the new world order conspiracy.
    The link I have provided at the end is of Dr Stan interviewing a man named Bruce Adamson. After Adamson won a large medical settlement he spent his time and money investigating De Mohrenschildt which is covered in this interview. As with Dr Stan’s interview he interjects relative info so listen carefully. You should find this interview amazing.
    After you hear this consider that I listened to this man 3 or 4 hours every day from the time I retired in 2000 until Dr Stan died. His info tied with lots of other research and mu own life’s experiences have given me a fairly deep and wide knowledge base so I strongly encourage you to take the time to listen.
    PS I slide past the commercials as I do with every program.

  73. Robert

    Hi Greg,
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Great work, I visit your site regularly.
    Just ran across this story. I think you’ll get a kick out of it. A quick background: this site is put up by Russians, working in and reporting news in the USA. Mueller has charged that this group was connected with the Russians who were indicted for the bots that allegedly affected the last election. Once you read the story, you see why Mueller and his crew were so down on these guys. Whose side do these Russians appear to be on? You tell me.

  74. Constance Ford

    Who Gave Congress Delegated Authority to These Subversive Organizations to Operate in America? The People Didn’t and they cant plausibly Deny this one!
    These organizations, and the useful idiots that operate within them, continue as if to suggest that this is somehow a game to be played when it comes to America’s blood-bought freedoms (Revelations 1:5), freedoms which were paid for through the men that sacrificed themselves to give them the freedoms that they now mean to trample underfoot.
    Bradlee Dean — December 28, 2018

  75. Archie Leach

  76. John M.

    My wife and I listened to your Christmas message on my smart phone, driving up north Christmas day to see her dad in Chico. Good stuff!
    We diverted and drove thru the town of Paradise first, and that place was obviously burned badly (cars and homes) but I was expecting it much worse in the landscape.

    The Newman CA cop killer suspect was just apprehended in Bakersfield this morning, and they are hauling him back up to Modesto. Our Stanislaus County Sheriff Adam Christianson gave the most remarkable press conference at noon (Dec. 28) KCRA 3. I never heard such an outstanding press conference, and the slain Officer Singh’s brother was sobbing unceasing which would make any viewer ball with tears. I cannot attach the link, but definitely worth watching as the Sheriff contrasted the legal citizen Officer Singh to the suspect who was an illegal gang member with a DUI record. Apparently was being pulled over for drunk driving on early morning after Christmas.
    Newman is a rural small town 9 miles to my south as I pass through there often. Helicopters and police were all around here the morning of the shooting, and the suspect abandoned his vehicle at rural trailer park about a mile from a friend of mine. In fact, my wife works at Macy’s in Modesto and she had helped assist the slain officer and his wife at Christmas last year — she said they were the nicest young couple (and they just had a newborn months ago this Christmas.)
    May Officer Singh’s soul rest in God’s arms, and may God bless his family and new child.
    The WALL is sure looking better all the time, and SANCTUARY anything is purely wrong and criminal!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for the street reporting John!!

  77. oneno

    Recommend Robert David Steele for Secretary of State for the Trump Administration.

    His vision could bring the world a better future!

  78. Fusion_ Gyped You, YES!

    WHAT’S HAPPENED!! Latest Bongino!
    Gowdy fits well in the Washington D.C. swamp, he likes to play both sides depending on the direction of the wind that day.

    LEVIN 12/28/2018 FULL SHOW // Dan Bongino fills in // This is why people support this President!

  79. Peter

    Paul – President Trump never told anyone to buy car stocks to my knowledge. After the market had dropped he hinted it was a good time to buy(time will tell). Trump also told GM he wasn’t happy about the recent plans to close plants. Trump persuaded US car companies to invest in the US. If you recall, Obama gave GM money to build plants in Mexico, which was not in the US workers best interest. Trump stands up for US worker while Obama did just the opposite.

  80. oneno

    Did you see the Moroccan beheading of Swedish girls? A link is posted at this site. This is a real beheading that the Swedish Government is trying to cover-up. This behavior is unacceptable – both the beheading and the Swedish Government response.

    • Greg Hunter

      I had to turn it off. It is gross and horrible. The Swedish government is comprised of traitors to their own people.

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