Collapsing Narratives Continue in CV19, Vote Fraud & Fed Fueled Economy

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 513 1.21.22)

At the end of last year, I predicted that the narratives in three big areas of total fraud and lies would be unraveling in 2022.  I did not think the CV19 narrative would unravel this fast.  The first big Western country to throw in the towel on the CV19 virus and vax fraud fest is Britain.  Out of the blue and without warning, Prime Minister (PM) Boris Johnson stopped masks, injection mandates and work restrictions.  Why the about-face?  Is it as simple as the jig is up and PM Johnson is running for cover?  How far behind are the U.S. and other Western nations?

The vote fraud story is the energizer bunny of stories.  It keeps “going and going and going.”  The mainstream media (MSM) does not report on it, but alt media does and it is far from over.  Investigations are in several states, and the entire “Biden won fair and square” narrative is crumbling.  Even two Dem Senators would not allow the Senate to kill the Filibuster, and that stopped so-called “voting rights” legislation in its tracks.  It should be called what it really is, and that is a federalization of the cheating that took place in 2020.  Dems need to cheat in 2022, and it looks like this way has been blocked.

Big warnings are coming from big money investors about how shaky the economy is and how the Fed is going to try to snuff out inflation, which is running as a painful 7% a year.  One big name money manager is predicting the biggest wealth destruction in U.S. history.  If he’s half right, you may want to lighten up on the risk.

Join Greg Hunter as he talks about these stories and more in the weekly News Wrap-Up for 1.21.22.

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After the Interview: 

Internet data analyst extraordinaire Clif High is the guest for the Saturday Night Post.  He has big predictions for the economy and the vax.


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  1. fortiori

    Just to give some idea at the scope of the criminality with regard to alternative treatments:

    Ivermectin is vouched for by a large number of doctors to be both safe and extraordinarily effective in treating COVID-19. It is also very cheap.

    The entire edifice of authority from the media, to the pharmaceutical industry, to the government, to the NGOs, want to kill and bury Ivermectin as deep as possible under mountains of propaganda as a verifiable cure. And they are willing to destroy the reputation of anyone who gets in their way to achieve that.

    This despite the fact that it’s been on the WHO’s Essential Medicines List for decades:

    Follow the money. The CDC (as just ONE example) receives direct funding from the industry the are supposed to be regulating:

    In early January 2020, just as the plandemic was getting underway, France inexplicably banned HCQ labeling it as a poisonous substance. Up until that day, it had been as easy to get in France as Tylenol is in America – over the counter:

    If there is a treatment for a disease the FDA cannot grant an EUA for a competing treatment, in COVID’s case, the vaccine. Put on your detective shoes and think critically about this for a minute.

    Here is the truth about the flim-flam-demic that covers the entire fraud from every angle:

    • William Richard James Nicholson

      Thanks for your efforts to inform the beings on Earth that have thus far allowed themselves to be manipulated like puppets on strings ! I have also tried my best & can only encourage you since I have been widely banned & censored ever since I hung the phone up on an ngry BHO . He called 40 seconds after I posted on my now defunct account at twitter ( NavyBlueSmoke ) & I had posted that I thought he was a traitor. He was P.O.’d that killiary wasn’t elected & he knew the following I had , had started & maintained a large influence against killiary . I listened to his angry diatribe a few seconds as he packed to leave The White House , and then I hung up the phone on him rather than listen to his blather. Please keep up your efforts & get all your allies to be reminded to redouble their efforts Everyday ! If you can do this , we will leave this world in better shape than we found it. Thx Again , Cordially Nick , NavyBlueSmoke

    • Sight Unseen

      Your website (i assume it is yours) is straight up incredible, bravo bravo bravo!!! Thank you for sharing it, ive already sent it to five people.

      The ‘Terminal Delusion’ article and the two articles linked inside are all freaking outstanding and right on the money, thank you thank you!

      Carry on and keep making more content, you’re among the better creators out there!! Keep it coming and let’s send the bastard globalists back to the hell they spawned from!

    • Judith

      So Trump was right from the start, I think it was planned and now that they relize we are not as STUPID (most of us) as they thought they are backtracking.

    • Tim

      I used to work for the fda (fraud and Death Administration) could not take it anymore and quit with a six figure income.

    • Warren B.

      BRAVO Greg,
      SLAM DUNK on this WNW – the COVID Narrative is on FIRE.
      Just look at the EVIDENCE now starting to gather momentum.
      Biden’s Clot Shot Mandates = FAIL
      Ireland now unwinding its COVID BS Policies
      This will be like a driverless freight train with no brakes – its going to get ugly very quickly….especially if we see Russia, Italy or Germany following suit.
      The Power of the People will WIN.

    • Hannah Loveanna

      It’s way more than just medication disinfo. People are dying in US hospitals unnecessarily. Follow the money. Whistleblowers are coming forward far & wide to expose just how horrible things are. Do you think China is the only country that harvests human organs? Think again. Check out Stew Peters & America’s Frontline Nurses.

    • Brian Klug

      You are 100% correct, however it is even worse than that, because it will eventually come out that Ivermectin and HCQ along with a good bioavailable zinc supplement will cure ANY viral infection since they all work the same way as Covid. Big Pharma will lose billions in flu shots and cold treatments that only mask symptoms if this ever comes out. That’s the main reason why they are so adamant about concealing these drugs from doctors and the public.

  2. Moneycircus

    England only relaxed the outward appearance of compliance with the security state. The tyranny hasn’t gone away – nor the seizure of freedom or new powers or surveillance.

    What’s the real purpose: maybe to soften us up for the next blow. Don’t take Britain’s prime minister at face value – His father Stanley is/was a Rockefeller man, and campaigner for depopulation and eugenics, just like Gates Sr. Interesting how these families use the next generation — and how that generation is lifted to the heights by hands unseen.

    Crisis Update – Britain eases pandemic rules but financial reality drives The Great Reset

    • Rodster

      Martin Armstrong also voiced his concern that this could just be temporary. BoJo’s public opinion is pretty low and it didn’t help matters that the British Press accused him of “Rules For Thee And Not For Me” when he was accused of having parties without masks while the Country was in lockdown.

      • IIG

        Yes, we must maintain our guard – this relaxation of the rules could be A TRAP designed to bring in the release of a much more powerful bio-weapon (that Bill Gates keeps telling us is about to be released) – and the Globalists want us to be “unmasked” – so it will look like “it was our fault” that this new virus spread so rapidly – so they can then more easily “double down on their population control” – we need to maintain huge pressure on these evil Globalist criminals by rapidly bringing them to justice “and hanging a few” to disrupt their evil minions plans to release the new Bill Gates bio-weapon upon us – while at the same time keeping our immune systems strong by taking zinc (which kills “all Corona virus strains”) along with quercetin that gets the zinc into our cells!!

        • Warren B.

          One way to ensure they cannot continue is to remove their power ….. in the UK the PM will be removed from Office. This is a trend that will continue. The People are speaking.
          I understand your point and cynicism toward their motives – but what I am seeing is a collective breakdown in the Narrative across the spectrum….whether its the Pharma CEO’s or the CDC or NIH or any Politician on either side of the fence …even the MSM – they are slowly but surely bringing forward the TRUTH….its inescapable ….they want to be on the right side when this PLANDEMIC unwinds.

        • Laura McDonough

          IIG: Hemorraghiac fever and/or smallpox, @90% death rate planned before the reset.

          • IIG

            Yes Laura … As explained in your post: “The Democrats are finally being exposed for the evil and treasonous party that they are. It has taken the destruction of the nation to bring the truth to light, however, the destruction is just beginning.” – What we will get in the end is Hemorraghiac fever (where our blood oozes out from our brains) – all compliments of Bill Gates and his henchmen (like Fauci and our Big Pharma bribed politicians)!!

            • Laura McDonough

              Isn’t this about same thing as Ebola? I don’t know if the ’70’s smallpox shots still work. I am a retiree and don’t even take flu shots in thirty years. Smallpox shots may have antibodies lifelong. Will ask Dr. next month. Steve Quayle’s website has some articles (posts info from various sites) w/ daily updates. The elite will keep on pushing their agendas full throttle now, they are psychopaths and ruled by satanic forces.
              Even some leaders in the E.U. incl Israel are dropping these crazy mandates. Ireland incl. not sure about the middle east leaders since their news is suppressed.

    • fortiori

      Take an hour and read the link to tritorch’s work in my OP
      It will be worth every minute spent

  3. Lars Christiansen

    Well, look at the bright side. Soon you will be able to buy your entire area cheap. The owners and even their heirs will be gone soon.
    Another bright spot is that the majority of ones who will be gone are stupid, aka useless eaters as Ted Turner called them. Others call them NPC’s and I tend to agree.

    • Dwight Branson

      I don’t recall Jesus ever referring to anyone as a useless eater, but, He did say something about the first being last and the last being first in the Kingdom of Heaven. Also, something about “what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and loose his own soul?”
      I’m just praying that every USAW watcher/commenter knows the Lord Jesus Christ as their LORD and Savior. It’s most important in these perilous times ahead.

    • Wendy R

      Yeah, a kindly meant caution – Jesus condemned to hell any who would call his brother “fool”.

  4. spencer haddon

    Your standing for righteousness and Christ. Keep up the great work , in Western Australia we have a moronic governor totally mandating us worst in the world but hes about to look like an absolute idiot as God exposes all of them. Love your show many thanks

    • Anthony Australia


      Fox News

    • Laura McDonough

      Spencer: The Aussie men need to grow backbones and fight against medical facism and for your families (kids, g’kids, sisters, cousins and all young people’s futures)
      Do they want another prison colony? It seems so. Organize like minded in your community and stop being pushed around. The gov. there and in the E.U., Canada, New Z, incl China, are violating people’s civil rights.

  5. Don

    Sound judgment on your part Greg. There may be one more melt up by stocks, before a big break down occurs. I personally believe the Fed. is misleading markets. If he lets the market collapse to far to fast, US treasuries, which already have been in a sell off for two or three years, could see a collapse of confidence, and a full scale sell off, and collapse of monetary system could happen quickly. I believe, when a digital currency is available, the Fed. will throw in the towel. Its a planned collapse, or they wouldn’t have accumulated hundreds or thousands of tons of gold over the last few years. Read Jim Sinclair’s HOW A RESET WILL OCCUR article. Interesting history and deep understanding of derivative market, and their intended purpose. Jim forecast years ago how this would unfold. Also, read Gold money-insights, the anatomy of a currency collapse. Thanks again friend for staying abreast of true news. Don

  6. Lars Christiansen

    Check your facts, the major part of polio since the 60ties have been vaccine induced polio.
    Even the inventor of the polio vaccine, Jonas Salk testified in court to this back in the 70ties.

    The polio vaccine was introduced at the end of the polio pandemic back in the 50ties and Polio was actually disappearing along with the phasing out of DDT. Everything indicates that polio was a result of the extended use DDT


    • William Cilldhaire, DC (USA)

      I’m afraid my opinion is that all vaccines are fraudulent with the purpose of making you sicker all the days of your life. In 1998 I had a lung removed due to a tumor from polio vaccine as a child. I refuse all vaccines. The only days off work in 25 years was lung removal, three knee surgeries including knee replacement and worn out elbow surgery. My patients were sick with flu even tho vaccinated. colds, gastro , and the rest.
      My children were never vaccinated. My daughter was born at home and had her first visit with a medical doctor age 18 and 1/2. A cold, a flu, measles, chicken pox.

      Other diseases had fallen 96% when they came out with a vaccine, ex. Diphtheria. After 42 years experience with GP’s I can tell you they believe what they are told and do what they are told. Life is sweet for them as long as they travel between the lines.

      William Cilldhaire

      • helot

        “they believe what they are told and do what they are told. Life is sweet for them as long as they travel between the lines.”

        Well put.

      • helot

        I should add, that’s not just doctors, it’s many many people in all walks of life.

    • Cassie

      Very true, Lars. But there’s more. ALL VACCINES are useless and have always been USELESS. True science shows that viruses are actually exosomes that our own bodies make to deal with the toxicity in our bodies. they are not the enemy…. but poisons in the air, water, food, and VACCINES are the enemy. Research the work of Dr. Thomas Cowan.

      • Ulysse Kerry

        Vaccines are simply a pharmaceutical marketing plot. And it is the only industry that has immunity from liability

  7. Gabe Mas plese Greg take a look at this video

  8. SteveUK

    Worth a quick read – New Zealand, a country that hasn’t been ravaged by Covid, but they show a graph with correlated excess deaths versus vaccine doses.

  9. Mandy

    Always a voice of reason Gregg. I always check my email hoping to see your next interview come up. You are an oasis in the desert. Blessings from New Zealand 🙏

  10. John Mahoney

    here’s i think a good question, do all the other governments, have the same type of immunity for the pharmaceutical’s co. there r a lot of countries in the world.

  11. Graham Leadbeatter

    They thought that the Titanic was “the technology that would defeat God”.

  12. Lucious

    Boris reason for backtracking?………

    UK Team File Complaint of Crimes Against Humanity With The International Criminal Court

    A complaint has been filed with the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court on December 6th, 2021 by a team from the UK on behalf of the people alleging crimes committed by UK government officials and international world leaders of various violations of the Nuremberg Code, crimes against humanity, war crimes and crimes of aggression…

    Follow The Exposé
    Join The Exposé Chat Group

    • Wendy R

      Can we do that here? Lawyers? Save the USA!

  13. Marie Joy

    Regardless of Boris Johnson’s apparent change of heart, the genocide is still on.

  14. spirit

    Greg, I like how you can switch from general concepts to particular ones. This helps others to better understand the width and specifics of “The News.” It seems you were born to be of value to humanity. Thank you and thank God!

  15. Robin

    There is a social media app that is about ready for rollout as it is in beta being tested by those who were invited to do so called Hop-on Inc. their ticker symbol is HPNN and can be found on twitter @HPNN. They believe in free speech and are a huge fan of content creators in many fields including music to be paid well instead of being ripped off. They want to make sure their app is running perfectly before release and are about to release it. They say it is miles ahead of other social media platforms in many ways technically.

  16. Tory

    Two more elderly died this week in my neighborhood all fully vaxed. They both went to the hospital and got worse there. When they stop pushing the genocidal vax it’s because the bombs and bullets are on their way. War is the next step.



  18. Robin

    There is a social media app that is in Beta being tested right now so when they release it it will be running smoothly and the release of the app should be very soon. Technically speaking they are light years ahead of other social media apps . They are huge fans of freedom of speech and making sure they’re content creators are paid well. Their name is hop-on Inc. their ticker symbol is HPNN. They are on Twitter @HPNN

  19. Robin

    Sorry for posting that twice as it acted like the first time it did not post

  20. Matthias

    Actually, things aren’t looking that good in Europe. The Austrian parliament just passed a law to introduce the first general mandatory COVID vaccination scheme in the EU.

    Those who do not comply will have to pay fines of up to 3600€ every 3 months! (Apparently the Austrian parliament has forgotten about the existence of the Nuremberg Code of 1947 that prohibits to force people to take experimental shots.)


    Austria’s vaccine mandate to apply from February 1

    “The law takes effect on February 1 but police checks won’t be carried out until March 15. Unvaccinated people then face a penalty of around €600 and up to €3,600, Der Standard reported.

    … In total, those not complying with the mandate can be fined up to four times a year. A fine will be dropped if the recipient gets vaccinated within two weeks of receiving the penalty notice.”

    • andyb

      Austria: must be something in the water. Adolph’s birthplace.

  21. AMids

    Hi Greg
    in UK, yes its been relatively relaxed, well I think UK has a strong yob element that won’t do as they are told, disrespect authority, however perfectly able to decide for themselves what is decent and fair
    However, UK Gov still intends to sack 100,000 unvaxxed health workers, so big marches this Saturday across UK.

  22. Dr. Joseph

    For change to manifest the many must come together then they are invincible, they’re one.

  23. Jerry

    Everything you’ve said about the pandemic is spot on. This has been planned from the very beginning, and our government has been involved with it.

    The truth is this is not going to end, until we make it end. Our government has been high jacked by a global criminal organization that is being run out of Davos through The World Economic Forum. Thousands of corporations and global governments are involved with them, as well as DARPA that is pulling the strings on Biden. I believe if we don’t have a red wave in November in the midterms it’s over, and the next stage will be a violent civil pushback that the military is training for.
    It’s all coming to head one way or another and there is no turning back.

    As for me, I want justice for the death of my son, and many personal friends who’ve died because of this medical tyranny. One way or another these people will be held responsible for their crimes either by international criminal courts here on earth, or by celestial courts when our lord Jesus Christ returns. The only thing that keeps me going each day is knowing that the darkest hour of the night is just before sunrise.
    Keep the faith Greg. Don’t ever give up. Your courage is being recorded
    in the lords book of life and will serve you well on the day of judgement.
    God bless you for courage, and most importantly your testimony of our lord Jesus Christ.

    • Jerry

      The wanted posters get longer everyday.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Jerry for your kind words.

      • Hannah Loveanna

        Thank you Greg for all your work reporting to the masses. I especially enjoyed your sermon at the end this week. Very inspiring. Keep up the great work, God bless you special, & get well soon!

      • R D B

        Great work, my brother in Christ, thank your closing comments for salvation.
        Please consider opening a ROKU CHANNEL & charging a small amount like $4 or $5 per month membership. Many others are doing this to financially support their presentation. I certainly would join & pay to watch u every day.
        You are a true blessing & refreshing breath of truth. Keep up the good work & consider the ROKU Channel.
        Much love from a Texas Patriot.

  24. Terry

    Greg… Thanks for the great insights and reports. I don’t trust any of them… I hope I’m wrong, but I’m thinking there will be a surge of vax deaths that they will blame on the batflu and the unvaxxed . They will double down and be rounding up the unvaxxed and dissidents to their camps… Like I said, I hope I’m wrong but I’m trying to prepare for the worst.
    Health Canada sent my order of IVM back to a supplier in India after holding it in customs for over 60 days, just so they could tell me it is no longer allowed in Canada. Fortunately the supplier send a second order for free through Hong Kong that got through to me. Now they want to ban NAC which I was able to get some just in case.
    Both my adult sons came down with a cold, were sent home from work and of coarse they both tested positive. The test actually said the test indicates they “LIKELY” have covid,,, They were feeling better after one day and had to miss 2 weeks of work for an omicron COLD… I sent them some IVR and NAC just in case.
    Imicron gave them the antibodies… even better. Monoclonal antibodies are not the solution… they are nasty…
    God Bless you Greg…

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Terry for the street reporting & the Blessings!

  25. Art Maciariello

    Hey Greg, Always enjoy your videos. Just an FYI, Dr.Shiva is analyzing the pfiser vaccine ingreidents and here is his video I thought you’d like to review,
    Consider having him as a guest, an interesting guy.
    All the best,

  26. David Brownallen

    The 10 Downing Street party fiasco was a sudden political revelation for Boris Johnson. Almost Machiavellian.

  27. pbd

    Here is what appears on its face to be the latest most lame MSM propaganda fear mongering to keep the Covid vaxxer-zombies on their thought plantation a little longer as the Covid/shot narrative continues to disintegrate (Singer dies after deliberately catching COVID-19 ( Most unvaxxed for Covid are going to see through this BS. Millions of unvaxxed people who have gotten recently the very, very benign omicron Covid variant have had zero problem. But wait here is a Caitlin O’Kane with a story that appears to be just a parroting derivative work off of a NYT article (Czech Singer Dies After Celebrating Her Own Covid Infection – The New York Times ( or WAPO article (Czech folk singer Hanka Horká dies after deliberately getting covid – The Washington Post) about an unvaxxed person who has died putatively after catching the virus conveniently contemporaneously to the Covid narrative blowing up. The give-away that Caitlin O’Kane’s “reporting” is merely a me-too copy-cat MSM pile-on is that the piece is non-idiomatic and light on coherent facts and looks like a heavy-handed attempt to cherry pick/edited snips of quotes and splice them together with the author’s forced narrative objective. We know that NYT and WAPO are the go-to tag-team running propaganda narratives for the CIA/DS – is there any, any, any reason to believe otherwise and trust this story?
    Best of luck all.

  28. nathan dunning

    What about the Financial collapse going on right now as well? You know this Covid Scandal was all about the Elite Robbing the Middle class of the West and attempting to implement the Communist Chinese Model of Government to the World. Sorry brother but Trump is one of them.

  29. Martin

    Betty White announced on Twitter two days before she died that she got the booster 3rd shot.

  30. jomer

    No clot shot heart attaches from shoveling snow?

    I was expecting to hear about a very high number of heart attacks after this past weekend snowstorm. But I have not seen any reports on it.

    Typically, after the first major snowstorm local news stations do a public service reports warning of the hazard and a warning of the handful of people who suffered heart attacks while shoveling snow. this year I have seen nothing.

    • Pete+only

      Jomer, probably, this is because the snow in the recent snow storm didn’t get shovelled…besides it may take a year or two before the real jab deaths start to appear, but death rates are up 40% over the past year according to life insurance companies, but I guess you only listen to main stream media.
      People like you are the main reason that we have so many problems…I will make you a bet, that if you are around in a few years time and in good health, you can laugh at me, but if you are dead, I will plant a rose on your grave site….

  31. Daniel

    This is a five star article and video Greg Hunter…….. The spirit of our Heavenly Father is kicking satans butt and will continue to do so in the days ahead……..

    Have a wonderful day and again first class presentation Greg…..

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Daniel for all your support.

      • Daniel

        Your welcome Greg,and here is a chapter and verse in the king James bible Isaiah 61:1 to keep you in good spirit….

        “The Spirit of the Lord GOD is upon me; because the LORD hath anointed me to preach good tidings unto the meek; he hath sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, and the opening of the prison to them that are bound;”

        King James Version (KJV)

  32. pbd

    U.S. wants Russia to invade Ukraine . . . because Germany has stated that if Russia invades Ukraine, it will nix the Nord Stream 2 pipeline that would carry Russian gas to Europe. The U.S. has been openly against the Nord Stream 2 pipeline project. The U.S. does not want Europe to potentially have energy independence and access to gas that could potentially by-pass the USD petro-dollar system of control. The U.S. wants Russia to invade Ukraine – and has the motivation to create a false-flag provocation to make it happen . . . the inverted narrative propaganda cover story that is being telegraphed by the puppet pretendency is that Russia is planning a false-flag attack in Ukraine as an excuse to invade . . . as PCR said Russia does not need a lame false-flag excuse to invade Ukraine . . . U.S. provocative aggressive imperialism and potential deployment of missiles in Ukraine is enough.
    Russian Invasion Of Ukraine Could Sink Nord Stream 2 |
    If this potentially manufactured crisis is similar to the (potentially) State sponsored failed false-flag 2019 Aramco Oil Refinery attack, then insiders will be prepositioned in the markets with derivative bets in advance – their cover story for the prepositioning will be that Biden publicly announced that Russia plans to invade and/or that Russia will execute the false-flag attack. Of course, secret back-channeling will confirm to privileged insiders that it WILL HAPPEN. But for this developing crisis there will NOT be the unpredictable Trump that blocked U.S. involvement in an armed conflict re. the Aramco false-flag attack, and caught many insiders on the wrong-side of the trade that perhaps is linked to the concommittant REPO blow-up and the multi-multi trillion dollar secret FED bail-out of select banks/trading houses. Admittedly most of the above is speculative – but plausible (I think).
    Best of luck all.

  33. William Cilldhaire, DC (USA)

    Hey Greg, enjoy your work. I have been in private practice for 42 years. Here in Australia, I have been forced out of practicing as a Chiropractor because I refused to be injected with an experimental gene therapy. Ten years of university transcripts, 1,000’s of hours of post graduate study, 42 years successful practice and I am mandated to not see patients if I don’t have a fraudulent, dangerous, useless injection. The lame stream media tells people it will protect them and it is a vaccination. I was forced to close my doors with no way to support my family.

    I found many patients were so programmed that they could not bear to have a doctor who did not believe in the lies. Other patients were in the emergency room with chest pains three days after injection. Emergency room doctors said one in twenty have this problem.

    I will continue to pursue truth with integrity.

    Dr. William Cilldhaire, DC

    • Greg Hunter

      Dr. Cilldhaire, Thank you so much for sharing. We wish you all the best. Pursuing the truth is hard. Greg

    • Tim

      I have the up most respect for you and you are doing the right thing.

    • helot

      My chiro died in a car crash. You’re still alive. And, appear to be heroic.

      I hope you fare well, down there,… in more Bizarro World than here.

  34. Roger Stamper

    tks for post

  35. Steve

    I heard they were hiding the bill in the NASA bill.

  36. john

    Big pharma and their bought off political chronies are some of the biggest whore prostitutes this world has ever known. It is totally satanic what they have unleashed on this planet for the love of money and power. I pray that Cliff High’s insightful prediction comes to pass sooner rather than later. These covid cultists need to be stripped of their wealth and imprisoned. So many of us are hungering for this nonsense to come to an end . Keep up your great work Greg, I wish we had thousands of investigative journalists like yourself, the country would honestly question these harlots like fauci and biden. You and a few others like R F K Jr sure have opened my eyes and it makes me fume. God bless , Greg.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you john for all your Blessings & support!

  37. Allen Sachetti

    Greg let me compliment you for calling out Trump and DeSantis on Ivermectin and the harmful rna injections.

    Honestly from the evidence I see, it appears that Donald Trump was “controlled resistance”. On thing the Illuminati / Elites will do is if there is rising opposition against their plans, is to put in power a Charasmatic Leader who speaks to the resistance but really works for the Elites.

    Why on Nov. 3rd 2020 did Donald Trump not appoint an Independent Council with full powers to investigate election fraud. Why did Trump not immediately FIRE Bill Barr and get a legitimate AG. Why is Trump Pro Vacciine?

    There is too much that Dobald Trump does thst favors the Global Elites.

    Mike Lindell should be our next President!!

  38. Kent Greenough

    To quote Gerald Celente, “When all else fails, they take you to war.” Guess what comes next, the US is arming Ukraine, and other than a cash cow for the Bidens, what is our interest there? We need to protest the war before it begins for a change. No jab, no war!

  39. Jenny

    Oh Greg you are amazing, You have made my day, I’m old and old fashioned, but you are like a breath of spring, I’ve been badgered by my two sons , who now live in America. Also neighbours to get the jab, the NHS (that’s GB health trust) I just looked at what I wrote, I think the word trust should be removed, we only like the truth the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, So help me GOD, well nhs have been ringing and ringing and writing to me about the jab, I’ve told them .Go and see to the sick I’m ok, your wasting goodNHS money. My kids don’t like me listening to u &nag me, but my skins tougher that that. I told them both I made a promise to MY God I wont take the vaccine at all, I will let the Muslims chop off my head if need be.
    Keep up the GREAT work the truth will always out.
    PS they have just released the truth about the King of England the that is 2 b4 Elizabeth 11. His doctor poisoned him a massive dose of cocaine and something else. See the truth will always out. I feel more sad at that that Phillips death. Even the king of England had no support at his death there was only a young nurse there.

    God bless you and keep you safe. And if we do lose our heads, we will see GOD sooner eh.

    Jenny G Dorset UK. Keep fighting 😉

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Jenny for your Blessings & support. Yes, keep fighting!

  40. Michael Kronk

    Thank you for telling the Truth Greg. Human life comes first. This is the biggest Fraud ever and everyone that has hurt the public needs to be Tried, jailed and many executed. Period

  41. tsuki

    It’s over. BoJo just announced no vax mandates or passports, no masks, get back to work. The number of hospitalizations with covid are actually being treated for other conditions. This is too big for the west to ignore, and even if BoJo is replaced as PM, this action cannot be undone.

  42. Tommy

    On December 21, Biden gave credit to the Trump administration for the development of the Covid-19 vaccine. When he said it I said he’s setting up Trump to take the blame when the wheels fall off the cart. And Trump is running around taking credit for the vaccine, operation warp speed. Who are people going to blame when the fan gets hit, Biden and the Dems, or Trump and the Reps? You betcha. Oh, and I’ve been hearing a PSA on the radio lately saying ask your pharmacist about comirnaty. I’ve thinking about going into Walmart and asking the pharmacist if I can get the comirnaty shot there.

    • R D B

      Tommy dont take the Comarnity shot.
      Try to get a nebulizer or CPAP & put 3 cc of medical grade H2O2 in 1 cup saline solution with one drop of Lugols iodine & inhale for 30 minutes 4 to 6 times a day or until ur symptoms are gone. This should kill many harmful germs but not ur helpful ones. It should knocks COVID out in one day, according to Dr Brownstien. I used it & I never got sick after being exposed to EIGHT ACTIVE COVID CASES. I hope this helps ppl. Just telling u my experience.

  43. Peter Bennett

    Listened to your great, great podcast this morning. It dawned on me, who is left to run the world when we kick everyone here out? Not just one country but pretty much all of them. Perhaps one of your guests can talk about that. Seems I may have contributed a trend before Mr. Celente commented on it!

  44. antoinette dawson

    Greg, you managed to express exactly how so many of us feel. And, yes, Jesus is real. We love you and appreciate you. God bless you and yours with all that you need and more.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Antoinette for all your Blessings & support!

  45. Dusty Dude

    Wow Greg, great Friday report. You’ve got it right. Jesus is real! Thanks for all you do….

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Dusty for all your support!

  46. Phillip Ferreira

    A possible phone conversation we didn’t hear:

    John Neal (CEO Lloyds of London):
    “OK Boris, enough is enough! We are facing 40% excess mortality this year. And we can not cover all these claims. We are not going to commit financial suicide over this nonsense!. Have you seen what is happening in the French courts?”

    BoJo (Boris Johnson):
    “Yes sir. We’ll get on this right away.”

  47. A+Jones

    Cliff High has a recent video out about what he heard happened in Kazakhstan. Cliff said the people revolted and attacked the police. The police that resisted were killed and the rest were arrested and locked in a stadium. They then burned the police headquarters because they would not be used any more. Cliff has been on a roll lately, and this is a good time to get him back on potty mouth and all. I hope he talks about this story when he is on.

  48. william lesieur

    Greg, you should try and get Karl Denninger from ‘Market Ticker’ on. Thanks for all you do.

  49. Miss PC

    Your honest news is very much appreciated here in rural North UK, by me and others.
    Indeed the Truth will most certainly out….

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Miss PC for all your support from North UK!

  50. Miss PC

    Yes, March in Newcastle upon Tyne tomorrow at BBC….

  51. Russ 2

    Thanks Greg. My opinion: All the BS swirling round us is about the debt numbers Egon von Greyerz discusses. Any mass die-off that results from the vaxxines is just collateral damage — the good news is the old folks who die won’t be drawing down their retirement funds or taking SS checks — the FED and Treasury are okay with that.
    War in Ukraine — just Biden trying to externalize his problems and at the same time kill a whole bunch of folks — military and civilian — more collateral damage. These guys have near-term goals (adding to their personal wealth) but they really haven’t thought through the long term ramifications — or maybe they have factored in the carnage and they’re good with it — evil is real.

    That said, other governments worldwide are showing their true colors. That state in India which dropped the vaccines and went to Ivermectin which resulted in the Covid spread coming to a screeching halt; watch for that to spread.

    A friend of mine resides in the …
    “Czech Republic Abolishes Plan To Mandate COVID-19 Vaccines”
    When I saw an older article/story of the previous Czech gov mandating the jab I emailed my friend and he was like, no worries, the new government will cancel that and there it is, canceled (I wonder if that was a campaign promise). He has Ivermectin available if he shows cold/flu symptoms and a local pharmacy will refill if necessary. That’s how it should be everywhere. The reversal we’re seeing seems to be pointing that way. IVM should be OTC. Meanwhile, waiting for state gov here to wake up, not holding my breath.

    Meanwhile, for some of us,
    “25 Federal Agencies Tracking Employees With Religious Exemption Requests”
    1st Amendment anyone…

    Gird: 2. to prepare oneself for action. We should all do that.

  52. ron martin

    Tell you why I value you above most and never miss an episode. Many/most of those who left the Trump train immediately jumped on the DeSantis train although he also says vaccines save lives and supports anticlonal antibodies (contains cells from 293 murdered babies). Like me, you do not exalt any man but instead exalt only the Father and His Son as the truth and savior of mankind. Most people assume surely there is some human leader we can trust with our lives to rescue us from this dystopian mass formation psychosis. There is not. There is no political solution to a spiritual problem. Daily, I see more and more influencers like fighting the good fight but never failing to appeal to our Father through His Son to win the final battle. There is a great division happening right now. Our creator God demands obeisance from his human creation and gives us so very much in return. Wake up people and stop putting faith in mankind when it all should be placed in the only Ones who can save this dying planet.


    The Covid thing, along with the vaccine, was nothing more then a huge RE-DISTRIBUTION OF WEALTH….(and what political ideology would that be?) And the reason none of our elected officials never stood up against this was they would most likely be killed for speaking out against the official narrative. Thats how powerful the banks and big pharma are.

  54. Walter van Gennep

    Remedies & Protocols for victims of CoV-19 vaccine injuries

    A rather extensive collection of hopeful remedies and protocols from doctors, scientists and other sources.

    Would you please share this most valuable and timely information regarding remedies for victims of CoV-19 jabs?

    to our health, well-being and prosperity


  55. Phillip Ferreira

    If think my previous comment is worth posting, you might want tot make the following edit.

    for “John Neal, CEO Lloyds of London” use “Adam Winslow, CEO Aviva”

    Lloyds does not write that much life insurance; Aviva is the UK’s largest life insurer.

  56. Robert K


    You work so tirelessly on our behalf, please get some rest. You sound a little run down, and we, (the world over), need you more than ever. Please take care of yourself. Personally, I am recovering from the flu & pneumonia, so, it goes without saying that we all need to spend some time, take some IVM & HCQ, vitamins and rest.

    Great WNW as always!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Robert K.

  57. proof in da puddin

    people need to give up the ghost fantasy about ALLl politicians who say “the jab is saving lives” and realize they are part if the problem – the politicians and those who are conned by them

  58. Marie Joy

    southernprepper1 on YouTube tells us M & M candies are now woke. I won’t be buying Mars Company candies.

  59. Kerry

    Nice wrap for the week Greg. While I concur this Covid fraud will hit terminal velocity soon it will be due to the massive numbers of children who begin to pass. Parents in a state of rage will explode emotionally at anyone who advised them to infect their children with this poison. Whether this ‘Q’ thing was factual or not, the one truth out of it is “they will not be able to walk down the street”. My reasoning is we are going to see vengeance not by political identification but by grief-stricken families and friends who will have lost loved ones and friends due to this Satanic swindle. I’d like to make one final comment, the murder of millions of unborn must be a great anger to Holy God of the bible. This nation and the world are going to pay dearly for such acts of evil.
    Blessings to you my brother in Christ.

    • Greg Hunter

      Blessings to you also Kerry. Thank you for all your comments & support.

  60. David Gordon Dunne

    I think Boris Johnson and GB are only relaxing them for a short while to make sure they stay in power then BAM, a false flag or some other deadly Fauci created bioweapon will roll out and then as a snake does, will squeeze what life is left in people. These Globalists have been our bosses for hundreds and hundreds of years. They have solidified their power and we, the people have lost. The only way we win is to see the Second coming of Jesus. Until then, we are going to suffer and the suffering has only just began. The real pain and suffering is not long off now. This is not Rod Serling typing here but our future is much sicker and sadder than any Twilight Zone ever was. Watch hour 3 of Alex Jones from yesterday with the military expert on to describe what takes place in the coming 2 months alone.

  61. Marie Joy

    IF you like to watch deer, close up, Brownville’s Food Pantry For Deer on YouTube has a live show, just for relaxation and to get away from your troubles.

  62. Bill

    What about all of these people’s belief in the science, what is that going to do to people? I had a high school friend who tried to prod me into getting the vaccine. He told me he got his vaccine as soon as he could get it. He went on to tell me how glad he was he got it since about 8 months later he got the COVID really bad. He went on to tell me that he he was so glad he had the shot, though he was really sick =, he did not have to go to the hospital and he lived. My thought, didn’t you get the shot so you would not get COVID? He said, well I can say one thing for sure and that is I believe in science!!!!!!! We better hope nothing ever comes around like this again, EVERYONE will be skeptical.

  63. Marie Joy says rocker Meat Loaf is dead. He is 74 yo. No cause of death was given.

  64. Ralph Kenniston

    Greg you’re getting better with age! Just like a fine wine!

  65. Mark Maples

    Just an observation I want to post:

    Despite all the Omnicron babbling, two issues that I think are as much if not more concerning:

    The potential for wealth/401k and property value evicseration and the potential flare up of combat with the Russians in Eastern Europe

    The Russians, Chinese and Iranians are running cooperative naval combat drills

    If something cracks off, this isn’t Iraq or Afghanistan

    If war breaks out, everything changes

    Normalcy bias is a thing

  66. by: travis moss without prejudice
    Are you prepared to die by Charles Spurgeon
    a sermon to listen to; at night when your in bed, or a saturday or sunday early morning with that cup of coffee
    i wonder if the people of england are celebrating, i ask

  67. Nobody N Particular

    Greg, I’ve been a fan of yours since I was living in Greensboro watching you on the local news. You are one of the few trusted news sources I use for truth, the others I use for “proof by contradiction”, showing that what they are reporting is a lie.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you NNP for all your local support, very much appreciated!

  68. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    Great report.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Rick.

  69. Dave

    No Greg Jesus is not God, he is the son of God. Otherwise to whom did Jesus pray? And didn’t Jesus say he was doing his Father’s Will not his will? Jesus was sinless, he was born of a virgin, he was crucified and was raised from the dead and then ascended into heaven, but he wasn’t and isn’t God. Yes when people saw Jesus they did see God, Jesus was absent of ego so God’s Will flowed through him. Jesus is the way not the Destination. Original sin was man wanting to be a god, this will not happen. Jesus did his Father’s Will not his own will, he says this plainly. We are all supposed to be like Jesus, Jesus is what Adam would have been had he not fallen, Adam wasn’t and wouldn’t have been a god. The church has created that doctrine to deceive man.

    • Greg Hunter

      Dave, you don’t know what you’re talking about. Jesus is God. It says so here: “I and my Father are One.” John 10:30 KJV. It also says so here: “In the beginning, was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” John 1:1 KJV. Your opinion is counter to Biblical fact. Greg

      • Tim

        I agree, the father, son and Holy Spirit. It is beyond our human comprehension but is is real through faith.

      • Mark Maples


        Let me preface this by saying you appear to be more knowledgeable than me on biblical content from what I have observed over the years but I do have a question, and I mean no disrespect

        Isn’t there a quote from Jesus at some point in the Bible where he asked his father “please take this cup from me” or something like that?

        That would seem to indicate that he is to one degree or another separate as an entity from the Father?

        To me it appears that both are true:

        Son and Father the same but also different?

        Any clarity you can provide would be appreciated

    • Dwight Branson

      For God so loved the world that He gave His only BEGOTTEN son, that whosoever believes on Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.
      Dogs BEGET dogs.
      Cats BEGET cats,
      What does GOD BEGET?

    • Wendy R

      Pay no attention, folks, this is a classical doctrinal heresy that was refuted by the apostle John and the early church. The satan must be getting so overwhelmed fighting against God and His people on so many levels that he has to dredge up the oldie moldies to increase the chaos.

    • Charles H


      Jesus Christ IS God in the flesh; Immanuel – God with us; God the Son, the second Person of the triune Godhead: God Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. To suggest that He is something less than God Himself: is heresy and condemnation. The earthly ministry of Jesus Christ does manifest subordination and perfect obedience: but in no wise does that prove that that Sinless One is anything less than God. You are both deceived and trying to deceive: but no matter who or how many might join you in this Lie: the Truth does not change; and you are not of it. Do you not realize that this same Jesus, who you make false claims against, will be your Judge?

    • wayne hardin

      What are you hoping to accomplish by questioning Jesus being God ?
      You your self tell what Jesus done while on earth .
      As he said he only said what the father said and only done what the father told him to do.
      God is a spirit and was the spirit that controlled Jesus flesh .
      Jesus was both flesh and God .But no doubt he was God because he didn’t have a fleshly father .
      And as far as him asking the father if the cup he was to drink could be done any other way i under stand . He was flesh also and he knew what laid in store .

      It is the greatest Love story ever told .

      Wayne Hardin





  71. Southern Girl

    Just yesterday morning someone who use to help with the funeral meals at my church just died. Not a thing wrong… exercised on a bike. Helped work at volunteering to feed the hungry every Friday. Just died in his sleep and his poor wife had to find him. Now I know from being around her that they were fully vaxxed and probably boostered. Now the wife who also use to help with the meals is down making funeral arrangements. She and I and another woman who was a school nurse use to get into it over vaccines. I opposed and they were going to get every shot they offered. Well, how did that work out?? Now she has no husband!!
    There have been lots of people at my church pass recently. I don’t attend because they want us to wear a mask. I refuse!! Nothing keeps me from praying every day for God to help us. I used to be in charge of the funeral meals but resigned because I didn’t like someone from, the Parrish telling me that I was going to do it their way or hit the highway. Well, I hit the highway. Maybe it is all a blessing because those people in my Parrish are sheeple. I would have to be around all those vaxxed sheep.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Southern Girl for sharing. Sounds like you made the right decision.

    • Neville

      Realist ,have absolutely No fear about the prosecution of these murderous psychopaths like fauci,binden,gates etc
      Their cards have all been punched and one of these days our Beloved LORD JESUS CHRIST IS COMING BACK SOON TO JUDGE THE LIVING AND THE DEAD ……So,each and everyone living or dead will all get their comeuppances and one of the PUNISHMENTS our LORD GOD ALMIGHTY FAVOURED ,was to have the cretin taken out of the city limits and STONED TO DEATH……..In addition to that these piece of garbage will roast in purgatory for ever.

    • Tabitha Sloan

      Seth Rich?????

  72. Fred Engel

    Trump is doing good be patient 28 congressional democrats are not seeking re election they know what’s coming. Thats a record on average 10 do not seek re election. Get out and vote in the mid terms. If we flood the polls they don’t have opportunity to cheat.

  73. jon

    Hi Greg, You hit it out of the park today! I would suggest the Powers will try to walk back and attempt to reverse the damage they did to the Western Populations. There is great hatred by the population for the Elites and most will not lift a finger to protect or serve the Western Politicians.
    The next move is to get us into either a hot or cold war with Russia. They cannot do it with a population that hates them. So they will try to reverse and flood the system with fiat to con the people out of their non-cooperation. So be cognizant of a disappearance of Plandemic narrative and then an increase in war rhetoric and propaganda.
    Of course they fail at everything they do anyway. Just be prepared.

    • Wendy R

      What percent of the military believes that Biden is a legitimate Commander in Chief, that they would prosecute a war with Russia (+Iran?, +Turkey?, + N. Korea? etc.)? Maybe we have some idea by how many followed the shot mandate, though many of those may have only wanted to protect their livelihood.

  74. rich milford

    Greg, Seems you are the first to bring this truth….so far this morning nothing about Britain dropping mandates on Yahoo, Revolver, Zero Hedge…..should be Number One Headline everywhere! Thanks as always for everything!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Rich for your support.

    • Wendy R

      It was all over Bitchute yesterday.

  75. Kevin Donoghue

    Hi Greg! Please consider getting on Gab! I left facebook due to censorship. Have been on Gab ever since. Gab is one if the last bastions of Free.Speech! They do not censor. All the patriots that left Fakebook are there! Its the place to be for free speech! Forget gettr. I share a link of your shows to gab whenever i can. Love you brother! The truth shall prevail!

  76. GrizzlyMac

    Greg, in Trump’s first conference about the Covid back in Feb-Mar of 2020 he said the take Ivermectin & or Hydroxychloroquine ! He was the first person in the US to say use these 2 therapuetics!

  77. Lightning


    I listed the events I know of that went into this pandemic.

    Banning FDA approved drugs ( ivermectin and HCQ)

    Granting EUA for Pfizer who probably rigged the data

    Skipping of animal trials and reproductive toxicity testing

    Hiding known vaccine injuries especially early when it could have been stopped

    The whole Cominarty / Pfizer Biontech ploy to fraudulently position Pfizer / Biontech as “ FDA approved”. No insert info

    No mention of benefits nor endorsement of taking supplements like Vitamin D ,C and Zinc.

    Early infrastructure bill had provision that would have required a prescription for supplements! It appears to have been dropped but it shows you the intent.

    PCR invalidity as a test

    Lethal Remdesivir/ ventilator protocol incentivized by CDC

    Ignoring / hiding overwhelming ivermectin successes in Uttar Pradesh ( India) , and Japan. Add to this the low rate of covid in Africa. Dr Kory testified of Ivermectin being a miracle drug to the senate to no effect

    Pushing the mRNA shots on kids in order to get blanket immunity for all ages . ( That’s why they want under 5 yr olds)

    Known lies that mRNA stays in your deltoid muscle when early Japanese regulatory tests showed it goes throughout body

    Publicly available emails showing CDC and NIH smeared ivermectin, intimidated state boards and pharmacists.

    Mask mandates when available science had already showed they didn’t work.

    Closing non essential small independent businesses but keeping big corps open ( Walmart, Amazon etc)

    Closing churches but keeping liquor stores and strip bars open.

    CEO of Pfizer admits first two shots did nothing but “reasonable” immunity with booster.

    Financial incentives to hospitals to inflate covid cases and put people on Remdesivir and vents and get money to classify deaths as covid.

    Social media censorship of all counter narrative info.

    Illegal Government vaccine mandates ( but not for Congress or drug companies)

    Faucis lies on funding bioweapon and gain of function research with Chinese military

    Attempted coverup of gain of function funding even after congress had outlawed that research

    Evidence of them working on “ vaccine” before covid had been released

    Substantial evidence of contamination ( metal particles) in Japan causing cessation of injections.

    Substantial evidence of graphene in vaccines

    Substantial evidence of pandemic pre-planning ( patent records, event 201, etc)

    Unheard of VAERS injury levels

    Massive rise in all cause mortalities ( up 40% and climbing) from insurance companies

    How anyone can look at this list and not see RICO level / crimes against humanity level criminality is beyond me.

  78. Jim

    In a public, televised speech to the Board of Governors, Biden said one thing that is absolutely true and constitutional in two sentences when talking about covid. They are:

    “Look, there is no federal solution. This gets solved at a state level.”

    What do you think would happen if even one Governor like Gov. Ron DeSantis or Gov. Glenn Youngkin instructed his State Surgeon General to directly import Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine from India or Japan for sale to the public through his state health channels at cost plus distribution and administrative fees to anyone who wanted them?
    1)He would be hailed as a hero by a majority for giving them a choice of treatments.
    2)He would never win another election.
    1) People would flock to Florida for the right to choose.
    2) People would flock to mandated injection states.
    1) Other states’ governors would follow suit.
    2) Other states’ governors would strengthen their mandates and dictates.


    Heck Greg, if they got 3 or 4 deaths, they would STOP in the old days. I don’t trust the medical community AT ALL now thanks to these clowns. Still the best for trauma, but I’m done taking “drugs” to “heal” when they just want you to stay sick, but alive. Ivermectin is defintely worth it! Everyone should get some – be creative, its out there.

  80. john geis

    Thank you Greg for the tens of thousands you have saved at great cost to yourself! just left the vet and he and all he knows use 1% injectable ivermectin 1 ml per 100lbs of body weight. The missile launchers Ukraine has moved to Don bass can take out an entire city and are not accurate and useful for defense. Putin knows this and he will not permit them to slaughter the Russians there. Putin has ordered drills with the entire Russian fleet and is moving all his amphibious ships to the Black sea. He is going to war within a month!
    Baby Kim now has people writing on the walls calling for his execution because they are starving thus the missiles being fired. he must get food right away or attack.
    PLEASE move out to the farm before it is too late! In Canada the truckers are shutting it down until they dissolve parliament and call new elections. The truckers here are joining them only we can’t dissolve congress. I fear civil war is not far off.

  81. Sara

    “Big Pharma”, they are merely Drug Dealers. We need to treat them like that.

  82. Susan R

    Greg, the shots were formulated to do what your worst nightmare shows you. From the beginning the plan did not include any protection, on the contrary, there are restrictions in place to prevent accessibility to life saving drugs. This is a diabolical humanitarian slaughter. My questions are how could any entity be this evil. The only one is satan, and I will not capitalize that name. Yes, many poor souls will perish out of ignorance. The ultimate goal has to be to destroy earth’s population for a takeover by the darkest forces ever in the history of humankind. This is WAR

  83. Nancy McDaniel

    Thank you for your continued commitment, being a watchman and speaking Truth. Evil will never stop trying to destroy ALL of Yehovah’s creations. Revelation says “He will destroy those who destroy the earth.” I believe the evil sold out to the devil cabal has finalized a different delivery system for poisons i.e. aerosols and pills. They just won’t tell us about what’s in them and try to hide it like they have been doing with the cloud seeding spraying for 40+ years and the “new ivermectin pill.” Beware for the devil prowls about looking for those he can destroy. Yehovah says “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” Knowledge is defined as knowing the difference between good and evil and choosing good and live like Dr Zolenko likes to say!

  84. Andy

    Well, Trump must walk the plank above all. He is personally responsible for the warp speed . Sorry you Trump freaks, he’s going down and deservedly so.

  85. GrizzlyMac

    Greg, you are so wrong about Trump! He never got the real shots like Fauci or Biden! C’mon man the greatest sting operation in world history is about to be revealed so temper you comments and what will be exposed you blow everyone’s Mind!

    • Greg Hunter

      So you’re saying it’s okay for him to lie to we the people to get us to take the deadly shots? Not on my watch. Greg

    • Ray

      Suggest you lay off X22 Report for a while mate.
      Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation

      • eddiemd

        X22 report.

        That was funny.

    • Matthias

      With respect to the “greatest sting operation in world history” QAnon narrative: During a sting operation the FEDs are supposed to arrest the criminals BEFORE they actually commit the crime. Not to watch and stand by while innocents get slaughtered…

      Unless of course the FBI screws it up, like they did with respect to the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. See James Corbett’s latest video documentary “The Secret History of Al Qaeda — Part 2: 9/11”:

      Episode 409 – False Flags: The Secret History of Al Qaeda — Part 2: 9/11

      “As the preparations for the bombing began to take shape, Salem’s role in the FBI sting operation seemed clear: he would lead the cell along, swapping out the explosives for a harmless powder before the bombs were placed. Then, when the cell was ready to strike, the FBI would swoop in and round up the plotters.

      But that is not what happened.”

      So if “the vax” is supposed to be a “5D chess QAnon sting operation” it went equally horribly wrong!

  86. Matt Brinck

    Love You Greg! Thanks for giving us a great show while you are not feeling well. I pray for your speedy recovery! Your best shows are by far every Friday! People soon will realize the Q movement is REAL!!! If not already! Gods hand is already in action but soon it will be the back hand slap followed by 2 Jabs and a Right Hook that ends all evil for good. We live in such exciting times to actually see the 2nd coming. Divine Feminine Mary Magdalene!

  87. Aldous

    Joe Rogan getting 40 million views with Dr. Mac. and another 40 million with Dr. Malone was coffin nails. Joe knows he can’t be canceled of de-monetized, like all the other similar voices.

  88. Honest Weights

    Great interview with Dr. Kory, Greg. Thank you, Dr. Kory.

    Dr. Kory is spot on. These deaths are driven by a money grab. Pfizer, Johnson and Johnson, and Moderna are addicted to obscene profits. I have come to hold this same position after working for a large prescription benefit administer. Please find below a prime, hidden example of Pfizer advancing its commercial interests at the expense of the common good, yet in plain sight of the public and medical profession.

    Pfizer’s pursuit of obscene profits does not stop at pushing their COVID-19 serum. Their corporate ambition expands to creating hidden ecosystems across their broad product line. Thus, their agenda to inoculate the entire human population with their clot-producing COVID-19 serum. Name one company outside of the Federal Reserve that generates obscene profits with absolutely ZERO risk? If you answered Pfizer you would be right.

    Remember how each pharmaceutical conglomerate today that produces a COVID-19 serum operates under the special Emergency Use Authorization? Well, this leaves Pfizer, and the other companies, exempt from all liability. This free pass has taken twenty years to arrive, but it has arrived, and in spades. Indeed, the passage of Medicare Part D in 2003 and Obamacare in 2019 were each precursors of this ever-increasing, unsustainable march to privatizing revenues and socializing costs.

    Today, with the release of the COVID-19 serums, we have reached the brink of socializing costs in healthcare one-hundred percent. And, as if that was not compelling enough, Pfizer then turns around to offer the world their anti-clotting drug, Eliquis, as a remedy for recipients who have gotten blood clots from their serum. This generates even more obscene profits for Pfizer, as Eliquis is multiple times more expensive than their COVID-19 serum.

    Pfizer’s downstream revenues are vastly more profitable to them than their gateway drug, the COVID-19 serum. Pfizer is a master at utilizing obscene “Trojan horse” strategies. Their unmitigated greed warrants investigation. To the extent that our public departments of health and private medical associations are co-opted by the same malfeasance, they need to be investigated inside out, too.

    Keep up the great work, Greg!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Honest Weights for all the great info.

    • Honest Weights

      Oops. Fat finger. Please correct the passages above to be:
      “prescription plan administrator.”
      “Obamacare in 2010…”

  89. Dan S.

    Some Democrat governors are so drunk with power they want to double down on their unconstitutional mandates. Psychopath governor Kate Brown in Oregon wants to make indoor mask mandates permanent. The proposal is in the public comment phase which is probably just window dressing for a decision they have already made. Oregonians and people in other states like Washington and California need to stand up for their rights and practice mass civil disobedience. Mandates don’t work without compliance. Americans need to remember the government only gets it’s power from the CONSENT of the governed.

  90. FreeMpg


    “Dr. Fauci Hopes COVID Vaccine Is Approved Soon for Children Under 5-Years-Old”

  91. Ron

    Several countries, as if on cue, are seemingly scaling back on covid mandates. The elites in power are not giving up. This is nothing more than a strategic move, throwing a bone to the masses to help allay some of the social unrest, but we better believe more tyrannical control is right around the corner.

  92. Lawrence

    DeSantis is in on it just like Trump is. MABs use fetus tissue, chimeric mice cells, and myeloma cells (CANCER cells). Talk about the days of Noah. Trump and DeSantis know exactly what they are doing.

    KJV: “Noah was a just man and perfect in his generations” (Generations = Genealogy)

    If any man defile the temple of God, him shall God destroy; for the temple of God is holy, which temple ye are.

    All vaccines are poison and created for depopulation. Vaccines did not eradicate polio either. Check out when they stopped DDT use. That was another scam ran by the Rockefellers. It’s the same people running the same scam today.

  93. Dwight Branson

    I think that the real reason Boris Johnson Did a 180 on the jab is that he started watching USA Watchdog 😉

    • Greg Hunter

      Very astute observation Dwight! 🙂

  94. FreeMpg

    Greg, you always qualify your comments on Ivermectin “that it works early on”. According to Project Veritas release:

    ““Ivermectin (identified as curative in April 2020) works throughout all phases of illness because it both inhibits viral replication and modulates the immune response.”

  95. Richard J. Johnson

    Gregg, polio peaked in 40s, years before Salk, etc. “invented” the vaccine. Look at the chart of its spread, and all the other alleged pandemics. And when Gates introduced the polio vaccine to India, cases rose dramatically.

  96. Lawrence

    Dr. Marty Makary Tweet:
    The pandemic of the unvaccinated is a misnomer. It’s a pandemic of the non-immune. More precisely, it’s a series of regional outbreaks in select pockets of the country with low population immunity. Same take-home message though: If you’re not immune, get immune by getting vaxed.

  97. Justn Observer

    Greg, Thinking some gave a headnod to the Supreme Court a tad early …not as on board at stopping the jabs as some thought?

  98. Doug C.

    Great start to the weekend. I know you know it Greg but ALL POLITICIANS, and it doesn’t matter the party name they go by, ALL have been compromised. That is why people like Senator Paul puffs his chest and blathers away but NEVER actually do or say anything. The solution is to dismantle the Whole Government make up, of all countries. THEY WORK FOR US…….REMEMBER. We can stop this once and for all by going back to a very small number of Government workers giving ONLY Essential services and checks and balances. The enormous waste is unfathomable. Just like in my Country….I am sure very few Americans have EVER been given the opportunity to VOTE on whether they wanted tax dollars sent around the world as apposed to helping the down trodden in your own country. This has to end and it will ONLY end once Government has been cut to 1/20 the size (at least) and Central Banks and Bankers have been destroyed and NEVER allowed to make slaves out of the people ever again. It will not be easy but it has to be done and all the perpetrators in this hoax need to be strung up…..sad but true and we need to guard against allowing Psychopaths and Sociopaths in power EVER AGAIN. Thank you for what you do Greg. Stay strong. WE ARE IN A WAR and WAR IS A TERRIBLE THING.

  99. Kathleen Brabant Coppola

    What is your address?

  100. Stephen Canup

    Perhaps they should institute “vaccine injury reparations”. Seize the profits of big pharma, gates, fauci, etc and distribute to the MILLIONS who have been harmed and to the families if those killed

  101. Valerie

    Greg, I feel the same regarding girding myself against the heartbreak and grief from the mass injury and death that’s coming!!!!! I freak out too, and pray continuously! Psalm 23:4 has been coming to my mind over and over again recently: “Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me.” I’m a tender-hearted, empathetic person, and members of my own family have taken this EVIL vax! I worry about vax injuries and death, and also the injuries and death from the “Vaccidents” that Cliff High talked about. I’m a retired teacher, but I work part time in Assisted Living, as a receptionist. 95% of the people in the facility are vaxxed. I got a religious exemption. I take horseymectin twice a week. For my job, I recently had to take an online class on Palliative Care. While taking the class, it occurred to me: What are we going to do if half the population, or more, are so vaccine damaged that they need Palliative care? Who is going to do all the 24/7 Palliative Care? For instance, people don’t realize how much care a stroke victim requires! What if the vax injured are more like 70% of the population? Who is going to take care of them 24/7? What would that do to our social structure!?!?! What would that do to our already weakened economy!?!
    Well, I hope the vax pushers and vax mandate enforcers will start abandoning ship! I hope they all face severe consequences!!!!!!! Unfortunately, the damage has already been done! God help us all!
    Thanks for your great reports, Greg. I’m glad to support you with a monthly donation. I’m going to increase mine a little. God bless.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Valerie for all your sharing & support. Greatly appreciated!

    • Dwight Branson

      Horseymectin. I love that description! Horseymectin cured me and my daughter of the big C in very short order. God Bless!

  102. Donald

    Trump campaigned on MAGA…instead he left America far worse off when he left, after having helped Biden commit the worst most blatant election theft in history…

  103. Coal Burner

    Cannot wait to hear from Trump on pulling the vaccines.

    Will we hear a peep from Davos or Gates.

    Greg: We need to pray for grace, to prevent the deaths. We are going to have a lot of kids to raise.

    The Vax advertising lies on TV and radio are sickening.

  104. Coal Burner

    The Democrats never understood conservative people and that is why they missed the idea that they would pile into the vax but conservatives would say , wait a minute, what do you want me to do? The sad part is a lot of good people felt forced to take the VAX to keep their jobs and that is very bad.

  105. Bette Pena

    Nope. They ARE stupid. You are right about that.

  106. Pam

    So where are we going with this mandate thing regarding the jab? What is the disease? It seems as though it’s a legion of illnesses from autoimmune to cancer. All SERIOUS DISEASES beginning when humans began to receive the jab………
    Now we have England stopping dead in their tracks and lifting all vaccine mandates, as if there was no pandemic?
    Did England meet the quota for vaccination? Is phase two, of this science project, sitting back and seeing how many unvaxxed will be affected because of shedding?
    Wouldn’t surprise me…………Nothing surprises me anymore…………If a UFO landed in the backyard, I would invite all aliens in for a cup of tea.
    As far as the politicians go……….Don’t tell me they don’t know what’s going on. There’s so much information out there, one only needs to pick a side. Trump and DeSantis blew it in my book…….
    I guess the good out of ALL this is………….humanity is getting off their ARSES. GO ENGLAND!!

  107. iwitness02

    All the lies swirling around covid and the government mandates concerning lock downs, masks, social distancing, vaccine passports etc. must be causing widespread mental health issues. Some evidence of this is the high sucide rate in the U. S.
    The world is so different now. Trump and Fauci became household names worldwide. Now we have Biden as a laughing stock worldwide. Macron in France and Truedope in Canada are also rising stars in Covid World.
    Jesus wondered out loud; Will I find any faith in the world when I return.
    I’m wondering if He will find any sanity in the world when He returns.

  108. George

    Look like the British must come save the American people for winning the war in 1776☹️

  109. Tom

    Thanks Greg. Good program. I especially enjoyed your final few minutes talking about the hope of Jesus. Amen.

  110. Fred Daake

    Biden’s public perception is irrelevant. It the the price that the deep state is willing and eager to pay in return for creating and leading a lawless country. Too many people are falling into a trap of focusing on Biden and not on the basis of the issue. This can only help the deep state improve their stronghold.

  111. Jerry

    Good wrap up for the week.

    I appreciate your understanding what Noah being perfect in his generations meant. Using biblical truth moves your report up a notch.

    In Matthew 24, Messiah lays out what things will look like in the end times. Matt 24:37 “But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.” So, what were things like in the day of Noah? One attribute is universal violence. Gen 6:11 ” The earth also was corrupt before God, and the earth was filled with violence.” Violence here, according to Strongs concordance defines violence as: violence; wrong; cruelty ; and injustice. We currently have that with the leadership of our country, and other’s, pushing the death shots on their citizens. Of course, there are other crimes they are perpetrating as well. As you have said, you (and I ) believe this shot is changing our DNA. In the Book of Enock, Chap. 15:8-16:1, the fallen angels are given the verdict on what is to happen to their children, the giants, upon their death. They are inelgible for regeneration. Is that because they’re DNA is corrupt (not made in the image G_d)? I think so. So, if we corrupt our DNA, can that stop us from being “saved”? Maybe.

  112. Dino Jenkins

    You can buy both HCQ and Ivermectin from this site. Ivermectin is under anti viral.

  113. al

    We are Pure Bloods. Be proud of that.

    My Pure Blood Wife works from home for a medical company housed in NYC. (the perfect combination for Covid BS)
    Some time ago they asked everyone to divulge their vaccination status (that’s illegal) by Dec 7 2021. I told her to let them ask her for the information, not to comply with the request.

    When they asked she said, NO, I have natural immunity and I’m not exposed to anyone so I’m not vaccinated.

    Right after this narrative started collapsing this week, her Company Emailed everyone in the company that they wanted to give everyone a free Covid test package… FREE… She told them only her Doctor is allowed to check her for certain infections or the like and the PCR tests are not as good as blood tests.
    She denied it because if she was to accept it, they would want the fake results and then a can of worms will be opened.

    They need to keep the narrative going at any cost. Tests cost money, I believe $25 for a package of 4. Now they are free? I wonder how “accurate” these tests are.

    Needless to say, we don’t test, we don’t jab, we’re Pure Bloods.

    Greg you’re a gem and a great resource
    Thank you for all you do and God Bless

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Al for all your Blessings & the info you shared. Stay strong.

  114. Bill

    Thank you, Greg! This is one of your best Friday Weekly News Wrap-up! I’ve been very disappointed in the other new organizations. They won’t hold President Trump accountable for his support of the vax. It is really crazy. Also have seen a report on how these Mono-clonal Antibodies are made…. NOT good! You consider bringing on a guest to talk about this. Also keep an eye on any bills the dems will try to pass that will be damaging to the country. Heard an interview from Jim Richards. He states if you knew you where going to lose control of the House and Senate what would you do? Destroy all that you can as much as you can…. And blame it on the Republicans…..

    Thanks again, have a restful weekend.

  115. Christopher


    Greetings from across the pond in the UK! Thank you for this weekly news wrap-up, I really appreciate that you do these weekly reports as well as your interviews.

    And it is always encouraging how you remind us that hope is only in Jesus, you can never say that too often 🙂 Have you come across the Irreverend podcast, hosted by two/three awake Church of England ministers? It’s well worth a listen

    Here in England, Boris has announced the ending of masks & mandatory vax passports, but he’s still pushing ahead with sacking 100,000+ NHS staff who are vaccine-free, and allowing businesses to choose to use vax passports if they want 🙁 The other parts of the UK (Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) have devolved governments and tougher restrictions, but even they are starting to be less heavy-handed.

    I’m glad to see you’ll be interviewing Clif High, as I always find him very interesting 🙂 When you have him on, please would you mind asking him what happened with his prediction (from your 2nd Oct interview) that the financial system would have collapsed by mid-December, please? Clif’s got so much right, that I’d be interested to know why this didn’t come to pass!

    God bless, and keep up the good work! Christopher

  116. Amelia

    From Portugal….Dear Greg, I am in shock! You are ANGRY as never before and can finally show us that without restraint. For so very long you have kept us all informed of the truth and facts in the best way possible while having to resort to creative ways to a avoid censorship. I commend you for having had the strength to remain so calm up to now. Indeed, a tsunami of anger is coming and also, I suspect, a lot of pitchforks.
    Thank you for your genuine dedication to serving your fellow human beings. You are one of very few true journalists still around. Those of us who take note, will remember you once this is all over!!!! Much respect and gratitude from me!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      “A tsunami of anger is coming” indeed!! Thanks for weighing in here.

    • Tim

      Great response, I concur!!!

  117. Paul murphy

    I do believe it’s going to take the older generations to fight , finance and lead us
    Against the globalist -Davis- crowd.
    40 minus age group is in disbelief
    Not ever having to endure or be taught by depression or war parents and toughness of that era. Not enough young people realize their are evil peoples who want to rule out world.

    What do we have to lose
    It’s a fight for the ages
    A one way road

  118. J. Kimble Allen

    Greg, maybe … we will soon be watching the public trials, for at least the people who were in the most authoritative positions, who ordered the “alleged” mass murder of millions of people and the destruction of millions of lives and livelihoods.

    I would love to be a juror, in at least one of said trials.

    I can assure them will do my duty as a juror, that I will well and truly try the issues joined, and a true verdict render according to the law and the evidence.

    Time will tell.

  119. Roger...

    Plan to “tag” as many people as possible under guise of COVID pandemic revealed; New cryptocurrency system controlled by global elites

    Dr. Zelenko
    “Then I got it,” Zelenko continued. “And by the way, 2026, when everyone’s supposed to be tagged with a digital ID, let’s call it an internal Auschwitz tattoo, is a year before the beginning of the insolvency of Medicare and the beginning of economic collapse. And so, the real agenda has become obvious to me.

    “It’s never been about health. COVID-19 is easy to treat. It was always about using fear and mass psychosis to get 7 billion people to willfully get injected with the technology that would permit them to participate in the new cryptocurrency-based system, the system that the world will use for finance,” he continued.

    “Fiat currency and all the traditional ways of transactions will be gone. The only way that you actually will be able to participate in transactions, of buying bread, let’s say, is having a transmitting sensor of information with your location. It’s the mark of the beast, if you really want to know. With that, you can then buy bread for your family,” he explained.

  120. Sylvia Sires

    one of the biggest treatments to emerge in the last few months is giving patients infusions of monoclonal antibodies. Dr. Carrie Madej recently produced a video warning that these monoclonal antibodies include ingredients derived from HEK293 human embryonic kidney tissue, causing massive cancer in each of her patients years ago.


    England ends vaccine mandates, masks and lockdowns!! And not a word about this on Australian news. Australia is considering a booster mandate.
    If we are all using the same science why are different countries and states doing different things in regard to this plandemic.
    Simple – political decisions are based on poll numbers – and Australia is full of compliant fearful sheep.
    Greg and PCR are correct – THIS IS A SHAM

  122. J. Kimble Allen

    Vote … GREG HUNTER for US Senate!

  123. Merry Piper

    Greg: As someone, me, who has a degree in “Investigative Journalism”, you are leading the way out of this totally darkness of disinformation in the corrupt media. Your courage is lighting up untold people throughout this world. God bless.

    • Greg Hunter

      Merry, that’s very kind of you to say. Thank you so much!

  124. Tim


    Always look forward to your Friday reports. You are like a rock star!!!!

    You are having Cliff on, he is my favorite. He has a unique talent.

    Christ is real!!!!!!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you, Tim. Yes, Christ is real!

  125. Mike R

    Just don’t see anyone being held accountable for the massive voting fraud that put Biden in office as his “Fraudulency” or anything coming of Durham’s investigations, or really any of this covid nonsense stopping anytime soon.

    Republicans taking the House and the Senate at mid terms, wont do anything except maybe thwart Biden enough that the dems find a way to get him out of there. Then we are stuck with Kamela or Nancy, either of which would be worse. Nancy would be worse for all of us than Biden. She’s a proven tyrant and stop at nothing to strip all of us of voting rights, put Christians in FEMA camps, and then find a way to abolish the 2nd amendment.
    Its gonna be a miserable next 3 years, no matter what happens at mid terms. GOP is too weak, and too much out for themselves, which is why they didnt like Trump.

  126. Ulysse Kerry

    I get so sick and tired about the constant mention of hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin as if this whole Covid 19 is real and killing a lot of people. The death rate is similar to the seasonal flu. Why was there no mention of these two treatments before the “Covid” outbreak? It seems like everyone wants to legitimize the Covid 19. It is probably that what is labelled Covid in the last two years is just a new name for the flu. I concur that these two treatments are great but why bring them out for Covid 19.

  127. Computer Guy

    Greg, you had it right the first time it is boris yeltsin.

  128. Edward

    Am sure you know by now that since your broadcast, the singer Meatloaf died at age 74 because of C19 complications and also Louie Anderson, the comedian died at age 68.

    re: the comments about God and Jesus. I heard it best explained by Billy Graham year ago. The Father, The Son and Holy Spirit are akin to Rain, Ice and Snow, all the same elements but in different forms. Hope this helps some people understand.

  129. D

    I believe that this is just an ‘end of a chapter’, to begin a new one. I wish – so very much – that ‘heads would roll’ and there would be accountability as a result. But I fear this will not pan out … at least, yet.

    We need to better understand our enemy. Is our enemy not a snake? Has it not always been? And does a snake (whatever type it is) ever kill it’s prey right away?…

    I tend to look at this as the moves of a python. At first it quickly ensnares its prey by wrapping around it and squeezing to prevent escape easily. The prey struggles, and the snake allows it to do so. The prey wears out, and relaxes – and the snake squeezes tighter. The globalists are doing the very same thing. How so? They have ‘milked’ this pandemic thing as far as they can. There is now too much resistance. They are now moving on to the next phase. Isn’t it interesting how quickly and quietly this decision was made?

    Stock up, patriots. Engineered FS is about to begin. Don’t panic … just quietly stock up. Those are my thoughts – be what they may …

  130. SkeptiSchism

    Just saw this yesterday, there is a bill in the NH congress:

    If HB1022 is passed into law, then credit is due to the sponsors of the Bill, as well as Dr. Paul E. Marik, M.D., FCCM, FCCP. Dr. Marik is a founding member of FLCCC, The Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance.

    He traveled from Virginia to New Hampshire to testify before the House Health, Human Services, and Elderly Affairs Committee to support HB1022 – AN ACT permitting pharmacists to dispense the drug Ivermectin by means of a standing order.

    In simple terms, anyone could go to a pharmacy and get Ivermectin without a doctor’s prescription.

    Might set a precedent for other states.

  131. Doug blair

    Greg i really enjoy your Friday show but please not all of us are spring chickens, which means are hearing is not like it was years ago so when you go into your little whisper it is lost to some of us . we have our volume set for normal talk levels and then a whisper . and if that does not make you realize the problem please remember that Brandon whispers lots also LOL .

  132. Michael Anenberg

    I have taken the horse paste. It’s fine. Worked great.
    Bought it when one could get 2 tubes for 20 14. bucks.
    Not anymore.

  133. Paul murphy

    So much life ahead for the USA
    Judy mikovitz had a front row seat
    With the fraudci. She was the original whistleblower, fortunately at onset, I am sure that influenced many.

    Prior post correction
    Rule OUR world

    Thanks Greg for your fight

  134. Geena Gador

    Good job, Greg. You are my main source of news.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Geena!

  135. Kevin24

    Great show Greg.
    Don’t worry about sponsors with 1.2 million views / month you will be backed, I could see you running CNN if they ever want to be real news.
    Unfortunately, I will probably lose a lot of friends too early in life.
    I hope to pull the handle to drop Trudeau.
    As for that 308 to take out targets I will have to buy that caliper my neighbor wants to sell me with a nice scope, I use a 270 for deer hunting, I am sure it would work too.
    Yesterday was the first time I saw shortages at the grocery store in Canada just outside Toronto, hopefully with the UK coming clean the hoax will be called off across the world.
    Cheers keep up the good work.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Kevin24 for all your support & the street reporting!

    • Wendy R

      Shhhhh! It’s comment like that that fan the flames of paranoia and backlash of rounding up “domestic terrorists”. How many people are you going to provoke “them” into incarcerating?

  136. david

    Thank You for another great video.
    One has to wonder if Trump “was” fooled by all of the trash in Washington during his term then one has to ask, was he really fooled or was he just playing his part? Why did he meet with Kissinger before he announced he was running? And I dont mean any disrespect but the fact that Trump worked for $1.00 a year doesnt hold any water for having character. Im sure he made plenty during his 4 years. Pelosi could say she was working for a dollar a year , that doesnt mean she has character.Throwing everything away he did or didnt do for 4 years, how could anyone and again I say anyone suggest that adults and children should inject experimental chemicals into their body? He has to know that the jabs are killing and injuring people. It was ok for trump to take Ivermectin but he doesnt have the balls to say now that we should have the right to? All he says is that the “vaccines” are doing great! Greg, he can not be that misinformed. If he is that misinformed does America need him another 4 years? If he says now that he was given bad information at first and he made a mistake. A mistake? Millions maybe billions will die due to “His” vaccine. He owns it. If his comment caused just 1 person to decide to take the shot then he is part of the scam. How could anyone support him again? He has betrayed America and Americans. He swore to defend the Constitution. He failed. The deep state wanted Trump in the White House for some reason or he would never been allowed to be there The people attending his rallies now are taking it hook, line and sinker. Again
    Who do we need in Washington now? No one. Send all the crooks home or better yet to the gallows.
    Thank you for your service to America
    Take care of that cold. You certainly dont want to end up having to go to a doctor!

  137. Elias Andrinopoulos

    So shocking these times we are living through. Last week, Boston, Salem and one other city near me, I think Lynn, Massachusetts, all instituted vaxx cards for all shops, bars, workout facilities, etc. so I cannot go to the planet fitness that’s an 8 minute drone away from me, I have to drive 20 minutes away to a PF that has no vaxx requirements, and best of all, no mask mandate either! It’s worth driving every mile to be able to work out maskless. The masks are disgusting and untenable and I think dangerous while huffing wind on a treadmill or at the weight rack. Elite athletes may use them, but, I’m not an elite athlete (I wonder how many elite/professional athletes regret taking the stabbies? I bet, it’s a lot! Those doctors you mentioned who have vaccine injuries but dare not speak up r n are not going to be able to keep their mouths shut forever. Eventually, they will need medical treatment and friends and family will wonder what on earth is wrong with them. By the way, did you see Meatloaf, the singer, died? No cause of death is mentioned in the several news clips I saw televised at the gym. I wonder if it was the vaxx? Maybe we’ll never know (although the truth has a habit of coming out..!).
    God Bless you, Greg! You are a real one! ☦️🙏🏻👏🏻😊👍🏻

    • J. Loughran

      I gave up the gym. Didn’t like huffing and puffing shoulder to SKIP to shoulder in HVAC. Went to working in the yard. Currently clearing out my neighbor’s lot of brush and downed trees. I keep a metal file close. I guess this type of workout is called cross-cut fitness. So far I do not have to make a monthly payment. CAF recently advocated “cold treatment”. I have that going too. Currently a respectable -2F. To mix up work outs there is shoveling, raking, stacking, wheeling. The yard is also without distraction (no expand-x, no 2-dimension screens, no dangling earplugs, no squirt bottles, etc.). I like it even if the membership is low. Enjoy.

    • eddiemd

      I wonder how the folks in Dorchester and Roxbury are doing. I lived in Uphams Corner for 4 years. Right near Columbia Road and Dudley street. I can’t see people in Dorchester or Roxbury going along with this.
      I went to med school at BU in the South End. The homeless shelters around that area must have a big task to keep the masks on.

      Do people have to wear masks on the trains?

  138. Wendy R

    I hear two very scary narratives unfolding (re: fear not).
    The worldly fear: there’s a lethal disease all around us and unless we totally surrender to any and all medical/isolation interventions our benighted government foists upon us, we’re gonna DIE! This is leading to an unprecedented level of tyranny. And/or they kill multitudes.
    The divine fear: 2 Thess 1:5 “This is evidence of the righteous judgment of God, that you may be considered worthy of the kingdom of God, for which you are also suffering–
    6 since indeed God considers it just to repay with affliction those who afflict you,
    7 and to grant relief to you who are afflicted as well as to us, when the Lord Jesus is revealed from heaven with his mighty angels
    8 in flaming fire, inflicting vengeance on those who do not know God and on those who do not obey the gospel of our Lord Jesus.
    9 They will suffer the punishment of eternal destruction, away from the presence of the Lord and from the glory of his might,
    10 when he comes on that day to be glorified in his saints, and to be marveled at among all who have believed…”
    Dustlings control the former. The Supreme Being, Living Creator, Righteous, Good and Wise controls the latter. Sin is the ultimate pandemic which we have all chosen for ourselves.
    Fear God and live. Fear man and die. Ignore God and die too.

  139. Robert Coleman

    It’s enough to make you Angry Greg – and Frustration is boiling over in your tone as all of us who understand the reality of it all feel the same anger and frustration of idiots in power not doing the right thing to clean up all of this mess. As a fellow Missourian from St. Louis – SHOW ME – don’t talk the talk – WALK the WALK.

    as an American Living in China, was considered a VIP at my local
    Minsheng Bank – we knew all of the managers and were treated royally –
    that all changed January 2022 – when all of our contacts either left or
    retired from Minsheng Branch we associated with. Also we saw this story
    on Bloomberg
    and removed all of our investments from this same China Minsheng Bank
    and found out that all of the VIP’s ( Chinese ) including ourselves have
    all left the same branch and closed their accounts, moving Millions of
    currency away from Minsheng Bank. China Minsheng Bank is on borrowed
    time before it closes entirely. We have already seen other Chinese
    Banks and financial institutions close their Branches leaving empty
    buildings or retail space. 4.3 Million Businesses have gone under since
    January 2020 in China. The Titanic is sinking yet the band is still
    playing as if nothing is happening.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Robert. It’s going to be very bad. Unlike anything we have seen before.

  140. CarolAnne Tucker

    Yes, Betty White was Vaxxed.
    So was Bob Saget
    so was Sydney Poitier and all the sports athletes that are dropping like flies!
    In the next two to three years…the depopulation agenda will be a success!

  141. Robert Holmstead

    US’ ‘Big Boost’ To Australia: After ‘Deploying’ F-22 Raptors, B2 Bombers, Pentagon Begins Massive Defense Project In N. Territory
    By EurAsian Times Desk- January 18, 2022

  142. john beasley

    Another home run Greg Hunter!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks John!

  143. Wendy R

    A big question of mine: I don’t remember any talk of myocarditis or pericarditis from Covid before the shots were started… Were there a bunch and I didn’t hear? In other words, were people dying of those 2 posible complications of Covid before shots? Or do only the shot people get those heart problems?

  144. Martin Clark

    Pierre Kory says that HCQ is particularly good, taken early, for Omicron – see updated protocol

  145. Jerry

    I was up late and caught this bit of news. According to Hal Turner radio the U.S. is evacuating the U.S. embassy in Ukraine under an emergency order. There is a lot of chatter on the military channels so something could be up?

    The main reason I’m posting this is because if any of this is true, your readers may want to stock up on last minute provisions while they still can. The supply chains are already strained, so if the government clamps down for security measures, it could only make matters worse. It could be nothing, but then again this could be the beginning of the global reset under an act of war. Just remember Biden is a puppet.

  146. DAVID


    • Greg Hunter

      It’s what happened at Nuremberg.

  147. Ed Mustafo

    Greg, Truth Social ( Trump’s media platform) is coming soon, I think around the third week in February was the last I heard. Anyway I think there will be a way to monetize videos there similar to YouTube. That’s your ticket for $$$. Something to keep in mind, the weeks go by so fast. Good luck and God Bless

  148. DAVID

    TRUMP did say at the beginning,ivermectin quinine wormwood zpac where good to take and ready to go.

    • Greg Hunter

      Why the hell didn’t he keep saying it instead of pushing the unnecessary and unneeded murder vax? We could have just used Ivermectin and HCQ like India did and this would have been over in 4 months, and everyone would have beautiful natural immunity.

  149. Larry Serflaten

    Maybe a little late to the party, but perhaps there should be a groundswell of Christians claiming a National Exemption to the vaccines. Most (if not all) Christians believe God is in control of all He has created. If God wants someone to get sick and die, then wearing masks and getting vaxxed is not going to stop Him. Conversely, if God does not want someone to get sick, then He can instill natural immunity or other barriers for protection. Christians who believe God is in control can claim they trust God to do the right thing for them personally, ahead of any of the remedies proposed by man. When you look at a coin, or any U.S. currency you see the words, ‘In God We Trust’. It is our nation’s motto. Therefore Christians who trust God can carry them through this COVID mess has national backing – a National Exemption. Do remember, Jesus expects some of us to make it to the end (Matt. 10:22) “And ye shall be hated of all men for my name’s sake: but he that endureth to the end shall be saved.”

  150. Gracey Sledgehammer

    Tucker: We’re moving closer to war
    557,255 views Premiered 7 hours ago Fox News
    Tucker Carlson discusses the Russia-Ukraine conflict and how the U.S. is moving closer to a ‘devastating’ war.
    George Soros, Mike Morell, John Brennan, Barrack Obama. Barry get your balls back, call off the attack dog’s. You called em off in Syria and put yourself in opposition to the mad man McCain. Your alive and McCain is dead. Don’t buy the B.S., Putin will remove the missiles, whether these neo-conmen like it or not and innocent people will die and quite possibly the rest of us too! John F. Kennedy had the guts that Putin is displaying and demanded Khrushchev remove his missiles from Cuba, or face an annulation of annihilation. The missiles were removed.
    No matter what you think of J.F.K., he was a man. So grow up you clowns, be men!
    Beijing Biden’s poppet puppet masters, stand back better and remove the threat to Russia, or forever be silenced. It’s not nice to fool the American people and your fears are justified and you were warned!
    Doomsday Clock showing how close we are to annihilation updated today
    For 75 years the clock has given a countdown to the end of mankind
    By Neil Shaw Network Content Editor 20 JAN 2022

  151. Geoff Clyburn

    Forbes Breaking News
    ‘Dr. Fauci Was Warned’: GOP Lawmaker Claims Fauci Was Warned About Wuhan Lab-Leak Theory \404,376 views Jan 21, 2022

    ‘Think About What We’ve Been Told About This Virus That Wasn’t True’: Jim Jordan Slams Biden, Fauci
    457,386 views Jan 20, 2022 Forbes Breaking News

  152. Patrick G. McHenry

    When you talk about the fact they won’t be able to hide the mass death that is already happening and likely to get worse, I see two possibilities:

    1. It did not occur to them that they wouldn’t be able to hide it.
    2. They knew full well before they even started that they can’t hide it.

    They are therefore either monumentally stupid – or they have some plan to continue to keep the public in the dark about it, or to suppress any effective response to it from the public.

    Re-characterize it as something else? Distract from it by initiating something worse? Go full, jack-boot totalitarian? I don’t know.

    Think about that though.

    • Greg Hunter

      It’s not going to work Patrick It is going to be huge. It will be the liberals that realize they are poisoned that will bring it down.

  153. Gary Horn

    Well Greg I guess I could be considered in the anti-vax camp, and I make no apologies for it. In fact, those experts who I trust the most are also anti-vax. They’re not just against the covid-19 Jab but against all vaccines. That outspoken ex-Pfizer VP would be a exception though, he seems quite sincere and trustworthy.
    So when it came to vaccines , even the polio vaccine which I had as a kid (in the early 60s) was pretty much ineffective, with polio not going away until they quit giving the shot a couple of decades ago. Like many other vaccines it actually spread the disease through shedding, according to many experts. Also that polio vaccine made it 30% more likely for me to get cancer as I get older, due to some sort of monkey virus in it. I don’t think there is a single vaccine that can be shown as having been effective, and instead there’s much evidence that each one had some of damaging effects on our health. Watch this video recently posted, from 23 years ago, providing much evidence to that effect:

    The whole vaccine industry in my opinion has been a farce, driven by an even bigger farce which is the existence of viruses as disease-causing pathogens. And I agree with those experts coming out recently supporting this narrative, including doctors Andy Kaufman and David Martin, among others.

  154. Rick

    God Bless You Greg.

  155. Diana Brown

    Thank you once again Greg. I was encouraged to read of UK abandoning CV-19 mandates as well as Ireland soon to follow. Great news. Clearly this nonsense is soon to end. I look to the successful prosectutions of those involved in this attack on humanity. It is far too late in coming for many good people world wide.

    I will look forward to the Cliff High interview tonight.

  156. ken

    Many ask why they are lifting some of the utterly ridiculous ‘rules’. Answer, Because Event 201 was not the exercise,,, the simulation. The last two years was the simulation, only using real people to see what the actual fallout would be.

    They discovered to their immense delight that the People not only went along with it but demanded more which is why they brought out the kill shots. They were then surprised how the People accepted the experimental injections as vaccines without any sort of testing. All they had to do was change the definitions of pandemic, vaccination, infection and case,,, change from monitoring deaths to monitoring ‘cases’. Voila- many rushed themselves and their children to the ‘vaccine’ lines. Easy as stealing candy from a baby,,, except they were stealing lives– and soon, from babies.

    Most accomplished NOT by law but by ‘rules’ or what is defined in US Federal Statutes as “Color of Law”.

    “The color of law is defined as any authority using his or her or their power to willfully deprive a person of his or her rights and privileges protected by the U.S. Constitution. It is designed to protect individuals of their rights. Authority figures including police officers, judges, security guards, mayors, city council members, members of Congress must abide by the color of law. Those who break it are charged with a federal crime. “

    Pretty simple. How easy it would be to stop these people!

    Statute 18 US Code 242

    Whoever, under color of any law, statute, ordinance, regulation, or custom, willfully subjects any person in any State, Territory, Commonwealth, Possession, or District to the deprivation of any rights, privileges, or immunities secured or protected by the Constitution or laws of the United States, or to different punishments, pains, or penalties, on account of such person being an alien, or by reason of his color, or race, than are prescribed for the punishment of citizens, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than one year, or both; and if bodily injury results from the acts committed in violation of this section or if such acts include the use, attempted use, or threatened use of a dangerous weapon, explosives, or fire, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both; and if death results from the acts committed in violation of this section or if such acts include kidnapping or an attempt to kidnap, aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to commit aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to kill, shall be fined under this title, or imprisoned for any term of years or for life, or both, or may be sentenced to death.

    We have laws on the books to charge everyone that are involved which we refuse to use while simultaneously we declare what they have done (are doing) is unconstitutional. (lol) Just about every elected and/or appointed person in the US has abrogated this law.

    So far they have abrogated the following US Statutes without any charges filed. In fact it seems we are content if they simply back off a little. I don’t see how anyone can expect them to follow the rule of law if they get away with the last 2 years.

    US Statutes: 18,242,,,18, 2331 & 802,,, 18, 175,,, 18,1001,,, 18, 2339,,, 18, 2334 15,1-3,,, 15,8,,, 15,19,,, 50, 23-24.

  157. Jeff robbins

    The horse paste works fine, just got over COVID, not to bad. Felt like a bad flu, and had a burning sensation on my chest and got out the backup tube of “dewormer”. We used a lite dose mixed with some jam on toast. Actually, after using it a couple times, i felt so good that it reminded me of using steroids as part of a treatment. I’ll be using it again in the future, as it is an antiviral. The bonus are there are studies that show some promise of it having anti cancer properties.

  158. Skip Havely

    Your Weekly News Wrap Up this week was exceptional.

    THANK YOU for not stopping to tell the TRUTH! I only wish more people in the media had your courage. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your passion and commitment in standing up to the massive corruption and EVIL.


  159. Marie Joy

    The US is shutting the borders of Canada and Mexico to unvaccinated truckers today. As intended, this means food and supplies will be more difficult to find.

  160. Mr. Mojo Ryzen

    US moving tons of military into Ukraine. Next week all non-Ukranians will flee for their lives.

    Will US, UN and/or NAT0 troops be sent in to protect the world bank interests?

    Will Russia shut off the fuel to Europe?

    Will America be forced to borrow trillions more and send much of our energy and food supplies to save Europe? How many months of this before all out WWIII?

    Biden is guaranteed to totally fcuk this all up. Head for the hills when Russia cuts off Europe, you especially won’t want to be within 150 miles of any city with 10,000 or more EBT moochers.

    • Gary C

      MOJO, Will Russia cut off the 700,000 barrels per day of oil that it ships to the
      USA? After it gets hit with more sanctions. Poke the Bear hard enough and it
      will bite back at your gas tank.

  161. Elias Andrinopoulos

    The tide is indeed turning. The latest from the Bill Maher show. A lib -progressive woman was sounding like a Freedom-loving conservative lol…! Saying all the same things we’ve been saying for 2 yrs! Sorry I cannot pin it here, maybe twitter doesn’t work on Rumble..?

  162. Frank Stiles

    Greg, I believe most of us have had thoughts of “going ballistic” on the Globalists and their Deep State minions. In my decades-long ‘walk with God’ I’ve learned some hard truths:
    Everyone was given free will to choose which steps to take, and which path to follow
    Sinners gotta sin to be sinners
    Sometimes the righteous (by God’s Plan) become their victims.
    Life is for a moment. Judgement is for Eternity.
    That’s why I “Let God Be God”, giving our Heavenly Coach my best ‘every down’.

    • Greg Hunter

      Good advise Frank.

  163. Steve R

    Hi Greg,

    My theory is that the Deep State is doing a pivot on COVID-19 and the vaccines as they prepare to roll out a small pox pandemic just as the XXIV Winter Olympic Games in Beijing, China during February 4 – 20. Then they are going to miraculously roll out a small pox vaccines (Probably by one of Bill Gates’ sick companies) in record time that will make these COVID-19 vaccines look innocent. Then they will attempt to enforce mandatory small pox vaccinations all over the world to ‘save mankind’. I hope I am wrong by this would not surprise me in the least.

  164. John M.

    This Sunday (Jan. 23), there is an Anti-Vaxx Mandate rally planned for Washington DC.
    It’s sponsored by Robert Kennedy Jr. and his Children Health Defense organization. Notables said to be there are Robert Malone, Peter McCullough, and other prominent physicians, as well as actors, recording artists, athletes, and thought leaders.
    We must pray that there is not yet another false-flag in store for us. We don’t need good Americans who care about life (and truth) to become scapegoated as violent insurgents, just as pro-Trumpers” were one year ago. (The Pro-Life rally in DC on Friday seemed to have gone well with great speakers and enthusiastic crowds.)
    We know the desperate weasels are capable of doing anything, such as mass genocide and possibly even starting a global nuclear war.

  165. Lisa Stahl

    Excellent segment. Thank you for all you say & do. God Bless. God Speed. Stand the Breech.

  166. wayne hardin

    Clue .
    Here in lie’s the problem .
    11 Because sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily, therefore the heart of the sons of men is fully set in them to do evil.
    until we hold people accountable for the wrong they do no matter who they are things will remain the same .
    The preferential treatment has to stop wrong is wrong .
    But as Gods word word says not many know the difference between right and wrong.
    It seems everything is about the money to most .
    Or the lust for power /
    They say it is a big club and you ain’t in it .
    Anybody with a brain doesn’t want to be a part of that club because they know where it ends .
    But there sure are a lot doing everything they can to join .
    Brain dead i would say .

    Wayne Hardin .

  167. Russell

    Greg, one of your greatest weekly wrap ups ever! Excellent work! This coming week, I have to do an interview for the company I’ve been employed with for over 31 years, over why I am unwilling to take the clot shot. This has gotten way out of hand!

  168. Cindy W

    I guess you missed it when President Trump said he didn’t take their shot … his two shots were hydroxcholiquine (sp incorrect)… Cindy

    • Greg Hunter

      I heard Trump say on stage with Bill O’Reily they he has had two Pfizer clot shots and that he was boosted too. I heard him say it.

  169. Teresa

    Was Blessed listening to your latest report. So happy you are getting well. All your words are true. Thank you for being my voice in this crazy world.

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