College Scam Distraction, Failed Trump Coup Further Revealed, Economy Teeters

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 375 3.15.19)

The college admissions and bribery scandal is a mess and has already sparked a class action lawsuit against the prestigious colleges involved. Many more lawsuits from aggrieved students and parents will surely follow.

The college scandal is merely a distraction to the biggest political story in U.S. history, and that is the failed Trump coup by the Obama Administration. It involved the FBI, DOJ and CIA and likely went all the way to the top at the White House. We found out this week that the FBI could not investigate the Clinton email scandal properly because it was not allowed access to the emails by the DOJ because of a deal cut with Clinton.

Is the economy worse than we are being told? There is record debt everywhere you look, and it appears that the economy is stalling. Is this why the Fed has done an about face and is stopping with the planned rate hikes?

Join Greg Hunter as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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After the Wrap-Up:

Economist Dr. Marc Faber, Editor and Publisher of The Gloom, Boom & Doom Report, will be the guest for the Early Sunday Release. He’ll explain why he thinks a new recession is already underway.

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  1. Derek Sinclair

    Beta O’Rourke (and I do mean Beta) is the white Obama. What a thought.

    • Robert

      Derek, Obama has better communication and oratory skills than Beto. Obama had an ability to inspire people before he fell in love with himself. I give credit and discredit as its due.

      Beto reminds me of an aging surfer or skater dude. He had a very privileged upbringing. And the only thing Beto has that’s comparable to Bobby Kennedy are the first two letters of their formal names.

  2. Paul in oz

    Just additional evidence that there is a big club and as George Carlin told his audience … “You ain’t in it” …. what has gone on and continues to go right under the noses of the US population, the propaganda and intimidation is as great as any past oppressive its finest. The country will either return to the rule of law and many those educated solely by the MSM will be shocked to see the villains being indicted and punished, or the people will become indentured servants to the most ruthless dictators the world has ever seen. Greg, you said it … time is running out, it is a titanic battle and hopefully Trump is one of us and wins. Long ago, I took out my insurance policy and left the continent … hope to return when the good guys win.

    • Chip

      So right Paul. We are on the precipice between your two scenarios. Which way will we fall? I’m leaning the ruthless dictator route. I am admittedly a glass half full person… Chip

      • Chip

        If the illegal and chain migration continues non-stop, and if the dems regain the presidency and or the senate, we are done as a nation. There will be one single party firmly in charge and that is the socialist democrats. And their “rock stars” are telling us all exactly where we are headed and that is toward a tyrannical all powerful central government that controls every aspect of our lives… Chip

    • Goober Peas

      Paul in oz 03/15/2019 •
      Long ago, I took out my insurance policy and left the continent … hope to return when the good guys win.
      Pablo Ozo,
      Forgive the Latino pun Paul, we seem to have a lot of Paul’s here on!
      What continent do you hail from, making the move down under, from up yonder? North American or the European. I know England is part of the European, but we tend to think of the continent as strictly the mainland European.
      Just wondering Paul, we like your comments from the land of Skippy peanut butter! Say hi to Skip, whenever he passes you on the road and try not to hit him, ouch! We’d never forgive you, mate. Unless you invite us to the Barbi, round trip tickets too! Don’t forget to invite the Mic, Hogan. Great Irishman!

      • Paul in oz

        Hey Goob, I was from the northern part of the U.S. specifically Canada. Sadly that country has a clown globalist for a leader who is so unlike his father. He disgusts me, a small fry who is a joke and a disgrace to his father’s name (who was far from perfect but the complete opposite of his son given he was a man of high principles).
        Strange country to which I moved, leaders are more likely to get removed mid term by their own parties than by the electorate full term. Currently a “conservative” coalition that has 1 one election and given us 3 PM’s. Prior administration was the labours who in 1 term had a man a woman then the same man as leader.
        Hey … at least we won’t freeze if the power is lost for a period of time and the solar panels come in handy with about 300 days of nearly total sunshine, being 900 km’s from a large city with a relatively sane population and a well stocked pantry and abundance of fish in the sea with a 500 m walk to go catch em. Overall a great place to live, but alas the wife misses family … paradise is never perfect!

        • Harley Barr

          Is Fukashima reaching down there?

          • Paul in oz

            Harley no sign of it at this point, I do not believe the prevailing wayer streams point south as much as east towards the USA … The GBR is jsut off coast from me and the fish and wild life continues to thrive … regulations are very strict and well controlled despite whatever the green loons might say.

  3. Anthony Australia

    Divide and conquer, oh well that’s the game and the agenda playing out according to script.
    Hope everyone is okay in Christchurch NZ.

    • Anthony Australia

      CNN saying it might be Trumps fault that this atrocity happened in NZ.

      • Greg Hunter

        CNN = Sick weasels!

        • Anthony Australia

          NZ gun laws are changing now.

          • Tin foil hat

            I’m truly sorry that you folks don’t have the 2nd and 1st amendment t.


          • H. Craig Bradley


            Australia and New Zealand ALREADY have very restrictive regulations governing the possession and use of firearms. Its so tight its almost impossible to have one and you need a permit to even think about it.

            For Example, in Australia only firearms with one round magazine capacity can legally be sold or possessed, even with a license. Still, a bad actor got one anyway and killed people. What is the lesson to all this? Among the many lessons is gun control has practical limitations. You can not outlaw human nature. If you allow too many Muslims to enter your country, then locals may rebel, as occurred in New Zealand. It will happen again too. We are in the era of civil and cultural war. Its now become a shooting war, all because of bad government policies like diversity and immigration quotas. Suffer the fools.

        • TSI

          FFS Greg. Why are you doing this?!!!

          • Greg Hunter

            Have no idea what you are talking about.

            • TSI

              I made a valid criticism of Fox news which you deleted.

              • Greg Hunter

                You sure about that? Just because you think something does not make it a fact. Let’s see it again.

      • William Stanley

        Gun-free zone? Maybe if the worshipers were armed . . .
        I see that Nye County in Nevada (soon to be joined by others) has declared itself a Second Amendment (gun rights) Sanctuary County. Sheriff in agreement and will uphold Second Amendment.

        • Anthony Australia

          Willy, we the citizens, can only defend ourselves by primitive means here. I have a few 3 foot salami in the deep freezer.

          • Tin foil hat

            Anthony Australia,
            You can do better than that. Have your oppressive government outlawed hammer yet? If you don’t like hammer, any knife longer than 4 inches can do the job. Come to think of it, not any knife, you should get one with a sturdy blade and a handle guard. A cheap blade will likely break if it got stuck between the bones and the guard will save your fingers when things get wet. Btw, don’t bother doing any stupid fancy move like X-pattern slashing (don’t waste your money learning from some Ku-Fu master), you should just get close, GRAB and stab the crap out of him until he stop moving.

        • TSI

          William, can you tell Greg not to censor me.

          • Greg Hunter

            You do not have the right to say whatever crazy crap you wish on this platform. Start your own site and say what you wish. Nobody is stopping you.

        • William Stanley

          I see now that one guy at the first mosque chased off the gunman. So he probably saved some lives of his closest friends.

      • Jimmy Carter


        The shooting in Christchurch, New Zealand at a Mosque was evidently push-back against allowing too many foreigners with incompatible cultures, languages, and alliances enter New Zealand. Of course, extremism is to be deplored, but its not surprising. Low Intelligence right- wingers express themselves in the only way they understand: violence. Admittedly, bad acting. Its too bad, but not entirely unpredictable.

  4. paul ...

    Greg notes: “Everywhere you look the economy seems to be stalling” … but last year the Pentagon had $45 Billion dollars to waste on continuing the war in Afghanistan … $45 Billion dollars that could have been used for infrastructure projects here at home to improve our economy … instead we continue to piss our money away helping the drug cartel in Afghanistan (not one penny was used to burn down the poppy fields) … so far US taxpayers have spent over $1 Trillion dollars in Afghanistan since the US went to war over there nearly two decades ago (based upon the 9-11 false flag attack by traitors within our government) to help bring drugs back to America to kill our children … this “endless war” has become more expensive in current dollars than the Marshall Plan which helped the reconstruction of Europe (and rebuild Europe after World War II) … yet not one penny of this $1 Trillion dollars was used to rebuild America (from the ravages of outsourced jobs and the dismantling of our factories and industry out of America) … Trump promised us he would get us out of this Trillion dollar Afghanistan quagmire (which is still sapping the strength out of our economy) … and instead is thinking of opening up a new Military Base in Poland??? … where the money needed to help support “Fort Trump” is going to come out our Social Security checks (money we seniors need to buy food and manufactured products in America to keep our economy going) … talk about AOC having outrageous economic ideas??? …

    • paul ...

      Good Job Trump … guess you figure we need a new war to spend money on to get the economy moving … … seems you are now thinking “like your neocon advisors” that war will get the US economy moving again … but what about the massive casualties that will result in a war with North Korea??? … not only American but the many South Korean and Japanese casualties???? … if you get us out of Afghanistan and Poland we will have all the money we need to get our economy moving again … and we can save all the unnecessary lost lives that will be cruelly sacrificed on Satan’s “Alter of Unending War”!!!

      • paul ...

        Now you neocons are thinking … this is a better war to start … a war with Iran will get more American cities nuked then a war with North Korea … just think of all the jobs it will provide the American people reconstructing all the damage created when Iran’s ally (Russia) responds … no way can we just simply get out of Afghanistan, Iraq, Poland, etc., etc. and then use those funds to boost the American economy!! … No! … that solution is too easy … and besides the Military/Industrial/Bankster/Government Complex doesn’t profit from such a simple solution … nor does it provide “sacrifices” for Satan!! …

    • Free Slave

      $45 billion dollars that could have been left in the hands that earned it, to be spent as they see fit.

    • Free Slave

      What tax payer agreed to spend $1 in Afghanistan? Nobody asked me. I would have said “no”.

      That is not my debt to pay.

    • Free Slave

      The government was never authorized to incur gigantic debt, or any debt at all for that matter. They were supposed to run clean books.

      There is no way you can claim the people of this country are in any way obligated to pay that debt.

  5. paul ...

    As Greg always says: God the Father “is in charge” … and so now God Almighty makes his move … it’s Cuomo turn to get “aborted alive” … just like the evil Demon-rat did passing a law to abort and kill already born infant children!! …

    • paul ...

      You Atheists out there probably think that “God the Father being in charge” is laughable … and that what is happening to Cuomo is just bad luck … well let me give you some “Spiritual Truth” … we are not alone in this Universe … an “entity” from the Heavens indeed seeded man here on Earth “and did so in his own image” … you Atheists likely believe in genetic engineering and aliens so why not in “An Act of God”… it’s just a small step to believe in an “entity” that can manipulate time and space … to purposely foil a Demon-rat … do you think Moses created the Hebrew alphabet? …

  6. paul ...

    What goes around will eventually come around … our evil political neocon “leaders” at the federal level refuse to spend the money that will protect our basic electrical infrastructure … because they need the money for new wars … money to keep their unending wars going … and money to build even more military bases around the world!! …

  7. Jerry

    I’ve been accused of being a carnival barker, so I might as well play the part. Get your programs here! Get your programs here! The shows about to start folks!

    • Jerry

      In case you’re wondering what the link is the government is blocking, it’s the updated manual for court martials for 2019. Why would they have to update the manual? You read it and decide for yourself.

      • Frank D2

        A court-martial is a military court used to determine the guilt of members of the armed forces who are subject to military law. A military tribunal, on the other hand, is designed to try members of enemy forces during wartime. So, sadly, an update for court martials only, does not imply anything of consequence to all the non-military treasonous scum out there (Obama, Clinton, Comey, Lynch, Holder, etc.).

    • Justn Observer

      Trump needs help to expose the ‘Secret team’ = as Gen. Fletcher Prouty tried to do for years. Join the quest =

      • Justn Observer

        • Justn Observer

          Col. Fletcher Prouty = Mr.X = JFK FILM (DON SUTHERLAND)
          If you served/drafted during Korea or Vietnam era…or ever wondered about the who/why or JFK death you might consider this along with above. Same forces trying to take Trump out now for trying/wanting to ‘drain their swamp then as now?

          • Saint Lawrence

            You are right on target:

            CIA activities in Laos started in the 1950s….In 1950, the CIA…August 1950, the Agency secretly purchased the assets of Civil Air Transport (CAT)… CAT would continue to fly commercial routes throughout Asia,… Southeast Asia’s illegal drug trade…the Central Intelligence Agency chartered Air America aircraft and helicopters in northern Laos to transport opium…
            …book The Politics of Heroin in Southeast Asia published by Harper and Row…. the Central Intelligence Agency was knowingly involved in the production of heroin in the Golden Triangle of Burma, Thailand, and Laos….

            CIA was largely responsible for conducting military operations in Laos, but the US Ambassador was the man in charge. The secret war in Laos, author Charles Stevenson has emphasized, “was William Sullivan’s war.” Ambassador from December 1964 …

            In January 1964, the CIA began training Lao and Thai counterinsurgents in Thailand….


            The CIA front Air America was, therefore, the only airline available in northern Laos. “According to several unproven sources, Air America began flying opium from mountain villages…


            Chip Tatum shares his information and experiences on CIA/US Army drug trafficking


          • Saint Lawrence

            First hand in Chicago 1962 – 1963:
            I heard the following…
            “Kennedy is a pacifist and communist sympathiser who is secretly supplying food and supplies to the
            “Kennedy let the n… (blacks) into the whitehouse…”
            Later on second hand info:


  8. Chip

    Great WNW Greg. Agree with you 95% of the time. But the one thing I think you are off on is people going to jail. I don’t see it happening. The courts are beyond corrupt and infiltrated with Marxist/Communists. So is the DOJ and the FBI. I’ll be more than happy to come back and comment that you were right (and I hope you are) but I just don’t see anyone of significance going to jail… Thank you for what you do! Chip

  9. Mohammad


    49 killed in New Zealand while they were praying in a mosque by A TERRORIST, my heart and prayers go to the families and victims affected by this terrorist act, may Allah bless their souls.–abc-news-topstories.html


    • Greg Hunter

      This is pure evil.

      • Mohammad

        Yes indeed Greg, it is pure evil and above that it is AN ACT OF TERRORISM.


      • Diane

        I heard some of the shooters were Australians

    • Boris

      A terrorist acts for the sake of a larger group with a political agenda. This was a lone gunman, certainly mentally ill, who wanted to stir things up. Terrorist doesn’t really fit the profile, unlike the 47 Coptic Christians killed in Egypt by Islamic terrorists.

      • TSI

        You raise an interesting point. When is a terrorist mentally ill and when is a terrorist sane? Related question: is Tony Blair insane or just plain evil?

      • Mohammad

        Would few words of condolences to the slain victims and mourning families would make you look more humane even though you are not?


      • Tin foil hat

        That’s an excellent point!

      • Tin foil hat

        Pierre Thomas, DOJ reporter for ABC News, stated that the guy was in online contact with other white supremacists with his rants, ending with “…this ideology knows no boundaries …”

        Now, when was the last time a news reporter editorialized like that when it comes to Islamic terrorism? Come to think of it, post 911, many Muslims said in sum and substance that they don’t condone the action taken by the terrorists but they understand why.

        I feel bad for the one who almost tackled that killer down before he got shot down. I wish he’d done that and made that idiot really looks like a fool. This douchebag was talking out loud towards the end of the video about not down the mosque and dropping full magazines he refers to it as “DURING THE FIREFIGHT”.

      • Ray

        What planet are you on?
        50 people slaughtered in cold blood, and you think this isn’t an act of terror?
        Shame be upon you.
        Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation.

    • Diane

      I have a family of very good friends in NZ.
      They are heartbroken this would happen in new Zealand.
      New Zealanders are peaceful people.

    • Ray

      A terribly sad event in NZ… Greg says….pure evil.
      It might never have happened either if the Black Hats in the US Government didn’t allow those New York towers to be demolished 18 years ago so they could go on a resource crusade across the Middle East which continues unabated to this very day.
      Terrorism of course, was known to the world prior to then, but it was this one single act, carried out by despicable people within the NWO, that ultimately caused imbeciles like this Australian crocodile who shot up the Mosques in Christchurch yesterday, to flourish.
      One wonders if we will ever be released from the grip of the NWO.
      Sadly, I myself cannot see it…….perhaps this planet is Hell after all.
      Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation.

      • Greg Hunter

        Come on Ray. Every bad event in the world is not America’s fault.

        • Donald

          “Every bad event in the world is not America’s fault.”

          That’s exactly right. It would seem most of the world’s evil is traceable to those in control of the system who in turn have opened themselves to external control via occult practices. This has been ongoing for centuries now. They go out of their way to stir up hatred and violence in order to profit from it.

        • Ray

          Fair comment Greg…..I have been hitting USA pretty hard recently whilst I watch planet Earth go to its’ ruin.
          But I do wish that the truth about September 11 would come to light.
          Too many people think that “crazy Muslims” are trying to bring terror upon the world.
          Mostly, Muslim people are just like you and me…..good people who are peaceful, hard working, and looking forward to life in general.

          • Greg Hunter

            I think 9/11 was an inside job and those involved should hang, including the media for covering it up.

            • Ray

              Here, here…..I am in complete agreement with you their sir.
              And HANG THEY WILL.
              We MUST stay the course and make sure of it.
              Thanks Greg…..take care.

      • Mohammad


        Terrorism does not have a faith nor a color , it is a void in the soul that consumes everything possibly humane to the pleasure of satin that rejoices the human’s demise when pitted against each other defying what the creator intended them to do and that is to love each other.

        It is the extreme right and extreme left of the spectrum that is pitted against each other to burn the vast majority of the middle.

        This game is played over and over and over and it took different shapes and forms but the playbook is the same.

        We as humans need to wake up to it, we need to foil it , we need not to turn into another piece of wood only to be thrown in the inferno set by the satanic babylonians.

        I was looking at Paris Saturday been set on fire, right away I remembered Damascus when it was set on fire 8 years ago, then they were having demonstrations every Friday that clashes with the police and they wanted to sack the regime, same play book same crap in Paris for the last few months , every Saturday they are clashing with the police to sack the regime under a different reason and different cause. And they will reach in Paris the same result Damascus reached, the people will perish and the regime will stay, and do not for a second think it is not coming here to US.

        So sad indeed.

        I will continue on this blog as long as Greg allows me to.


        • Ray

          Keep throwing out the left jab mate.
          Greg keeps a pretty balanced approach here…..lets us vent steam and exchange differences of opinion.
          It is a pretty good site in terms of on line decorum.
          Many of us enjoy your points of view.
          Take care Mohammad….peace be with you mate.

          • Mohammad

            Thank you Ray, and thanks to Greg for allowing contrary points of view to be expressed. I believe firmly the moderation will win and we should keep trying, extremists will burn in their own fires they set themselves.

            We should keep trying Ray and keep stretching hands to each other to cross those troubled waters.


  10. Jallen

    A most excellent weekly news wrap up. It does not look good for the dollar!!!
    Jerome Powell states the President can not fire him, oh contraire ! The Federal Reserve act expired in 2013-2014. Perhaps President Trump can send the US military and remove Mr.Powell from the Federal Reserve and why not put the entire Federal Reserve members in jail for the creating a Fiat Currency backed by nothing. It is high time this scam created by the Bankers is eliminated.
    America wake up, the fiat currency is nothing more than a number in a computer!!!
    Protect yourself, who knows when this scam comes to an end.
    What would you do if the dollar became worthless overnight? The current dollar is worth about two cents compared to the dollar of 1913-1914.
    Forewarned is forearmed.


  11. Mike

    The media used to report widely on spy activity being caught in the US. The biggest spy in US history is Hillary Clinton by an order of magnitude. National security was a complete joke under Obama and it became a cheap excuse to hide massive criminal activity.

  12. Okie Grandpa

    The globalists own the MSM AND most elected officials (both national AND state). There’s only ONE thing standing in the way of the world government and it’s the U.S., (most specifically, the armed population). The reason that the Southern border has been kept wide open AND there’s such resistance to voter ID is so the cabal can finally bring the U.S. down. The reason the globalists infiltrated higher education long ago was to permeate every area of commerce and government with this planet wide socialist ideology. Their agenda is finally nearing fruition. While I don’t have the link, I saw an interview with DJ Trump back in the nineties when he was first toying with the notion of being president. He said that becoming president would be easy. All he’d have to do was gain the trust of the conservative Christian voters. He said that they were stupid and would fall for anything. Time will tell who he’s really in it for. The point I’m making is that there WILL be a world government and it will be handed to the man of sin. God warned that all this was coming. Watch and pray, folks. Thanks for trying, Greg. This is an uphill fight.

    • Greg Hunter

      “Fear Not” Matthew 28:18 The Deep State and globalists worship a guy with horns. They are stupid and not that tough!!!

    • Okie from Oakla'roma

      Okie Grandpa 03/15/2019 •
      He said that they were stupid and would fall for anything.
      Can you prove it Grampe’s? I don’t think so. I can prove this;
      “What did Jesus mean when He said, ‘this generation will not pass’?”

      That’s your generation bud, if you really are a granddaddy?
      Judging from that comment you made, without any proof, your a liar. Do you know what will soon happen to all liar’s, like that Smollett character?

      New Life Version (NLV)
      Do you not know that sinful men will have no place in the holy nation of God?
      Do not be fooled. A person who does sex sins, or who worships false gods, or
      who is not faithful in marriage, or men who act like women, or people who do
      sex sins with their own sex, will have no place in the holy nation of God.
      10Also those who steal, or those who always want to get more of everything, or
      who get drunk, or who say bad things about others, or take things that are
      not theirs, will have no place in the holy nation of God.

      Jesus did say in so many words when he comes back, no more Mr. Nice guy!
      So beware grandpa!

  13. Rich

    Thanks for making me laugh with the “Beta O’Rourke is a rock star”

    • Freebrezer

      Rich – When I watch this light weight ‘Beta’ All that comes to mind is the little old lady driving up to the take out window, looking at the burger and Yowling ‘ Where’s the Beef’? Beta is a nothing burger! I hate to imagine him dealing with Putin … oops been down that road with Obama … sadly I can.

  14. Arthur L Barnes

    Greg, as bad as Benghazi was its saving grace was it helped old Hillary from becoming President. Those brave souls who this Government let down that night didn’t die in vein. Need to build a shrine for theme in D.C. and it should read “Brave & Forgotten by H. Clinton but not by us”. As to the corruption in the country its out of control on all levels & yet you always say “fear not” so that is what I am doing but for the most part I disagree that the only change in the country will be for the worst not the better. I sincerely believe America is being silenced so that it has no fortitude to come to the aid of Israel during the end times, basically prophesy is being fulfilled by this corrupt country, another one or two Obama’s or Clinton types and the official platform will be antisemitic; you can see there is a antisemitic caucus forming in Congress, so, maybe they are helping to bring about prophesy of the end times. Whatever happens I will fear not because He is in control even when we can’t see it. Thanks for all you do Greg, its well appreciated. a b

    • Freebrezer

      AB – in Moses, God hardened pharaohs heart against Israel … Would you expect it to be different today?

    • paul ...

      Art .. Why is worrying about antisemitism so important? … the Jew’s speak the language of God the Father … just love thy neighbor … turn the other cheek … follow God’s Ten Commandments … and the people’s of the world will automatically love “every” Jew … not just Jesus (who followed these principles)!!

      • paul ...

        It goes without saying that people “will hate” all those “who do not follow the path that Jesus showed us” … and it matters not what religion they belong to (Christian, Muslim, Jew, Hindu, etc., etc.)… we will hate all neocons, commies, banksters, abortionists and Demons of every stripe and color if they are immoral child killing pedophile Satanists … and they can’t hide behind the false claim of religious persecution!!

        • paul ...

          God the Father chose to make his Son a Jew “for a reason” … to show the entire world that Jews can be loved “if they are good people” … but no way are we going to love evil Jews like Jeffery Epstein or WTC owner Silverstein, etc., etc. … just like we will not be forced to love Hillary or other evil “non-Jews” … no law passed by a bribed bunch of crooks in Congress can “outlaw our hatred for immorality” nor can hiding behind the “shield of religious persecution” save these evil people!!

  15. Arthur L Barnes

    Greg, as to the economy it is slowing somewhat in major industries, real estate, autos, etc., but the yield curve is alarming, 90 percent of Americans don’t know about and or don’t realize what the yield curve really is. When the one month or one year inverts to about the 10 year treasury that is when you will see mass amounts selling off of treasures, inverted at only the 3 year is more of a nuisance to sell and move to the one month for just a few dollars per thousand, but as it inverts further it become real dollars and selling will take off exponentially. The dollar is in trouble and money printing will start in earnest, its the only trick besides zero interest rates the FED has and is willing to use at first sign of trouble. Look, nobody died and made me a billionaire but I can read a yield curve and the dollar index and see where this is going, just before the next election mind you; merely a coincidence, I don’t think so!

  16. francis m reps

    Your “bemoaning” the situation about inaction by the Justice Deparment regarding it’s failure to prosecute the Clinton Foundation’s criminality seems to overlook the obvious fact that Charles Ortel has compiled all the { verifiable } evidence necessary for an indictment. The Justice Deparment simply needs an order from the potus to move ahead. The Chief Executive Officer of our Country is solely responsible for the “inaction” of our major law enforcement agency. His inaction makes any thinking person start to think ; ” What do they have on him to make him so timid ?”.

    • Tin foil hat

      Exactly, if nobody gets arrested soon, then Trump cannot be trusted. I’ll vote for Rand Paul or Tulsi Gabbard in 2020.

  17. iwitness02

    I despise the main stream media more and more with each passing week. They worshiped the obama administration, and could find no wrong in anything that administration did, or didn’t do. Now they go crazy over the Trump administration, and can’t find anything that doesn’t deserve criticism. The corruption in the media deserves to be prosecuted for treason, just like the O administration. As a nation, we could all use a good shot of truth and justice. And a bigger shot of peace and prosperity. But no. That can’t be monetized to the same degree as unbridled corruption. And heaven forbid that the elite monsters should be anywhere near equal to the masses. (the dark forces of heaven forbid)
    If something doesn’t happen soon to blow the lid off of all the scandals of the last ten years, then I believe that civil war will be the only solution to bring eventual peace to this nation. We are in bad need of some truth and justice.
    The Colorado county that I live in, just this week, passed a resolution that designates our county as a second amendment sanctuary county. We now join about a dozen other Co. counties as second amendment sanctuaries. This is the only good thing to come out the democrats Red Flag law that they are trying to pass. It passed the house, and is now in front of the State Senate. I am proud of our board of county commissioners. It was a unanimous vote, with the full support of our newly elected Sheriff. Due process has been preserved, and the right of the individuals to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. And our right to defend ourselves, and our homes and property are also preserved. That is what I call ‘progress.’ Plus, it is good for morale.
    I hope this second amendment sanctuary movement sweeps the nation.

    • Tin foil hat

      I’m proud of you and your neighbors.

    • Bob

      Also they are blaming Mosque shooting on Trump.
      Shooter said he thinks China has the best form of government and he was a militant greenie. Hardly a magapede at all.
      His main objection was to the white race being replaced by immigrants. A reasonable objection, as that IS happening.


    Over the years, the FAA has implemented new and tougher design requirements for safety, but a derivative gets many of the old obsolete dangerous designs grandfathered in!

    “It is cheaper and easier to do a derivative than a new aircraft,” said Robert Ditchey, an engineer, aviation safety consultant and founder of America West Airlines, which purchased some of the early 737 models. “It is easier to certificate it.”

    But some aspects of the legacy 737 design are vintage headaches, such as the ground clearance designed to allow a staircase that’s now obsolete. “They wanted it close to the ground for boarding,” Ditchey said.

    Andrew Skow, founder of Tiger Century Aircraft, which develops cockpit safety systems, and a former Northrop Grumman chief engineer, said Boeing has had a good record modernizing the 737. But he said, “They may have pushed it too far.”

    To handle a longer fuselage and more passengers, Boeing added larger, more powerful engines, but that required it to reposition them to maintain ground clearance. As a result, the 737 can pitch up under certain circumstances. Software, known as the Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System, was added to counteract that tendency.

    It was that software that is believed to have been involved in a Lion Air crash in Indonesia in October.

    The software erroneously thought the aircraft was at risk of losing lift and stalling – because of a malfunctioning sensor – and ordered the stabilizer at the rear to put it into a series of sharp dives that ultimately caused the plane to crash into the Java Sea.

    What happened on the Ethiopian Airlines flight is less clear, but tracking data show that it also encountered sharp changes in its vertical velocity and at one point in its climb after takeoff lost 400 feet of altitude. The FAA grounded the jetliner Wednesday, saying that new satellite data showed the Ethiopian Airlines flight dynamics were “very close” to those of the Lion Air jet.

    Ethiopia sent “black box” recording devices recovered from the crashed jet to France for analysis, after refusing to hand them over to U.S. authorities. The U.S. National Transportation Safety Board still plans to send investigators to France to help its Bureau of Inquiry and Analysis for Civil Aviation Safety.
    But it appears increasingly likely that Boeing’s software system and the company’s lack of recommendations for pilot training on it may have played an important role in the mishaps.

    The entire need for the software system is fundamental to the jet’s history and safety. MUCH MORE UNBELIEVABLE CRAZINESS TO KEEP THIS PIECE OF JUNK IN THE AIR BELOW;

    Boeing has gotten to fat and sassy for it’s own britches! There will be more crashes of this plane. Of that there is no doubt! The technology to keep the old bird, over 50 years technology in the air is beyond human capabilities! If Boeing doesn’t bit the bullet and bury, this once and for all piece of junk, it’s playing Russian roulette with our lives and the life of the company itself!

    Boeing, wisdom From little Suzie, please take it!
    Take a stand for your man Boeing, CAN THE CAN!!!!

    • Bob

      Witnesses said the Ethiopian plane just fell apart – major structural failure.

      • Greg Hunter

        Do you have a source for that? If so please post it.

        • Bob

          Here’s a source.

          “In the case of the Ethiopian Airlines crash of the 737 Max 8, there are two very different reports. The first is that the loss of control that crashed the plane and killed all onboard was related to the Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System (“MCAS”) system that tragically appears to have caused the Lion Air crash last year. Indeed, early analysis indicates a similar pattern to the Lion crash indicating a struggle between the aircraft and crew.

          Yet the other report is the statements of several witnesses on the ground, as reported by Reuters, who reported loud noises, smoke streaming from the aircraft, as well as clothing and papers escaping from the plane before it crashed.”

          They might be lying about the computer error in this case. Why would they do that?

          Maybe its because this is the component that failed.?They are using it in all Boeing planes now, and using it as much as possible, even sacrificing safety for it. LOL. Boeing won’t last long if they keep this up.

          Just like the bridge that collapsed in less than a week last year. Diversity. At. All. Costs.

          Of course they sent the plane’s black box to France so it can be doctored to protect Boeing’s precious reputation (and diversity).

          “If its a Boeing, I’m not going!”

          • Greg Hunter

            Thank you bob.


    Crazy Pilot “Crashes” Melbourne Air Show

    • DB Cooper

      GSN, Now that was a HOOT … and I hope to never do what he’s doing !! Thanks,
      ” Geriatric Student Pilot ” , DB

  20. Mark

    Dear brother Greg and all who come here to read and post,
    If you will bear with the length of this comment, I believe you will find much encouragement and blessing in the faith and love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord!!
    As always brother Greg,
    the grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be richly with your spirit and that of all who come here to read and post who receive the testimony which God the Father has testified concerning His Son, Jesus Christ our Lord, for “God has not given to us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sober mind” and “great is the mystery of godliness Who was manifested in the flesh,(in the Person of His Son Jesus Christ our Lord) vindicated in the Spirit, seen by angels, preached among the nations, believed on in the world and taken up in glory (when He comes to be glorified in His members) because “Christ in you (us) is the hope of glory, Whom we announce warning every man and teaching every man in all wisdom that we may present every man full-grown in Christ”.
    The account of the thief on the cross provides valuable commentary on Galatians 2:20 in that the thief had, for all practical purposes, considered himself already dead and without any hope in and of himself of doing anything to change the outcome of his situation.
    Having “run out of options”, he simply had no choice but to “look unto Jesus, the Author and Perfecter of His faith”.
    Let us observe then that the “life changing exchange” between the thief and the Lord came about as the result of the cruel mockery which the Lord was being subjected to by those around Him, even by the other thief.
    So while it is very possible that the believing thief had no expectation of receiving anything from the Lord that would change the hopelessness of his situation, he decided he needed to say something on behalf of the Lord in defense of His honor.
    With respect to himself, the believing thief knew he was getting what he deserved and any hope of attaining that righteousness which is by works of law through the efforts of his flesh were now completely beyond the reach of his capability. He was condemned and suffering in his body the righteous judgment for his deeds, but with respect to the Lord, he knew this Man had done nothing amiss and openly stated as much.
    So consider for a moment when we read these words from the apostle Paul, ” I have been crucified with Christ and it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me; and the life which I now live in the flesh, I live in faith, the faith of (or faithfulness of) the Son of God Who loved me and gave Himself for me”, that Paul is seeing himself in the same position and condition as that thief in that while still inhabiting his body of flesh, he has totally lost all confidence in its ability to work out any kind of righteousness which is according to the law because sin dwelling in his members has made him a captive to the law of sin and death and therefore worthy of the same judgment.
    Now while we do understand that in the eyes of the Father, the Lord Jesus was literally taking upon Himself the judgment of the sins of the world and being “made sin” on our behalf that we might become the righteousness of God in Him”, the practical application of His sacrifice in our experience is more clearly seen in the believing thief’s experience because while indeed his sins were being laid upon the Lord Jesus Christ, he was still in his own body of flesh and had already in fact begun to receive the “wages” of his sins which is death.
    However, upon His confession concerning the righteousness of the Lord Jesus Christ and request of Him to simply “be remembered” when He comes into His kingdom, the Lord, without equivocation, and without condition, and without hesitation, immediately declared: “Today you shall be with Me in paradise.”
    Wow!!! Brothers, just consider the grace of the Lord given to that man in that moment. Can you just imagine???? Talk about doing beyond “what we can ask or think”!!!!
    I mean for that man, the worst day of his life just became the best day of his life!!
    And I can just imagine him hanging up there on the cross in his most miserable state thinking and even saying to those around him: “you know, right now I hurt so much in my body, but, did you hear what He just said??? He said “today”!! He said “TODAY, you shall be WITH ME in paradise!!! In my body I hurt so bad, but in my spirit I can hardly contain the joy of hearing such good news !!! Did you hear what He said???? He said “Today you shall be with Me in Paradise!!!!”
    I’m even thinking brothers, that for the guards standing around who had seen more than a few such cruel executions in their time that this is the first time they ever actually saw someone smiling with an expression of joy on their face while enduring the torments of such a horrific punishment.
    Indeed then brothers it is as the apostle Paul has written that not only can nothing separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus, but in all these things we more than conquer through Him Who loves us!!
    And thus we see the fruit of the Spirit manifested when the root of faith which comes through the hearing of the good news of Jesus as the Christ according to the revelation of the mystery with its expectation of glory being Christ in us, takes hold in the soil of good ground made ready to receive the incorruptible seed of the living word of God by means of faith in the Lord’s own faithfulness to fulfill that which He has promised!!
    Let us remember then brothers that it was for the joy set before Him, that He endured the cross despising the shame and has set down forever on the right hand of the Majesty on High so that “My joy” may be “in you and Your joy may be made full.”
    Let us then be assured then that “nothing” can separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus. For as those who have been sanctified to God in Christ Jesus we are now joined one spirit with the Lord and our bodies of flesh, though with sin still in their members, have been made His very members. So while the body is dead because of sin, the spirit is indeed life because of righteousness.
    So then let us not shrink back in unbelief because of any weakness in the members of these “bodies of our humiliation” for these earthly, temporal dwelling places must put on incorruption that what is mortal may be swallowed up by life which hope is based solidly upon His faithfulness to fulfill His promise and complete that good work which He has begun in us!!
    Therefore having such hope then let us not “cast away our boldness which has great reward” and let us “be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that your labor in the Lord is not in vain in the Lord”.
    As always brothers, the grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be richly with your spirits,for “God has not given to us a spirit of cowardice, but of power and of love and of a sober mind” (2Tim.17) and “Great is the mystery of godliness” which mystery is “God manifested in the flesh” with its hope of glory being “Christ in us”.
    Hallelujah!! He has overcome and He brings us the victory! Do not shrink back in unbelief!! Let us look away unto Him Who is the Real Joshua, the Captain of our Salvation! For He is the Author of our faith, and its Perfecter too!! For He Who has promised is faithful!!

    • Geoff Macrackin

      Always look on the bright side of Life Marcus!

    • iwitness02

      USAWatchdog has a surprising number of students on board. It reminds me of something Catherine Austin Fitts said during and interview: No one, is as smart as all of us together.
      This a great community, and I am happy to associated with it.

      • iwitness02

        happy to be……

    • regaleagle

      @Mark Your message as is your name and the name of the apostle in the Bible……right on the mark, Brother Mark. It is obvious to me that your message was heavenly inspired as the words(Jesus stated many times how important words are) rang true in my heart and soul as I read them……like truths unbridled for those that can hear……almost in iambic pentameter and certainly a song sung from heavenly Angelic Hosts for all of us to devour in earnest. Thank you for providing such a wonderful post to this WNW platform for all to read.

    • Seeing Clearly


  21. Goober Peas

    What will be the breaking point for the American people?
    TAX, TAX, TAX The TAX!
    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: Tax Expert

    • Seeing Clearly

      AOC is an idiot, she is toxic for our country, I am sick of her fear mongering about climate change, it’s scaring the kids.

  22. Matties

    Greg, i’m not on topic but hopefully you forgive me.

    Chinese, ancient people possibly to be called Hebrews.

    Sheep and Genesis.

    Index of book to expensive for me. But should prove interesting.

    Funny, compelling and telling video of Church.

    • Matties

      Flavius Josephus
      Antiquities of the Jews – Book I

      Heber begat Joetan and Phaleg: he was called Phaleg, because he was born at the dispersion of the nations to their several countries; for Phaleg among the Hebrews signifies division. Now Joctan, one of the sons of Heber, had these sons, Elmodad, Saleph, Asermoth, Jera, Adoram, Aizel, Decla, Ebal, Abimael, Sabeus, Ophir, Euilat, and Jobab. These inhabited from Cophen, an Indian river, and in part of Asia adjoining to it.

  23. eddiemd

    Days of Noah. FVEY in New Zealand with a huge distraction.

    Another Vegas in the USA?

    Jonathan Cahn in the NYT

  24. Marie Joy

    The White House phone number is 202 456 1414.
    Please call OUR president to let him know how you feel about things.


    Beto’s identity crisis: Is Dem darling a liberal or a moderate?
    This guy’s was born to be in it?
    He couldn’t beat Ted Cruze, in his home state.
    But he’s the new Hillary? To sideline the screaming socialists? Why he’s a new Hillary? Because Hillary couldn’t beat Trump. Hillary couldn’t even beat Bernie! Beto can not beat Trump despite, like Hillery, he’s so loved by the coulda, woulda, shoulda, crowd.
    The Democrat party will bury itself because they can’t face up to the fact, an old white guy is the only thing that can beat an old white guy, in the old White guy House. Is an even older, more experienced old white guy. Uncle Joe lunch bucket, six pack Joe, Biden! Put that in your pipe dream and smoke it Beto. Call Biden and put in for V.P., he did it too and could have been president already, if it weren’t for bullet proof glass ceilings….. Hill!

  26. Tom from VB

    Thanks so much for referring to Greg M again. It’s been quite some time. I was concerned that you two had a “falling out”. I always enjoyed your interviews with him. Hard hitting, respectful, insightful and educational.
    Hope he’ll be on soon.

  27. paul ...

    Trump has surrounded himself with warmongering neocons in his White House “nest” … and is now beginning to sprout “neocon feathers of his own” … Pompeo is an “idiot savant” neocon warmonger … for who “in their right mind” would heap criticism on Congress for seeking to end Washington’s support for US Military efforts to continue the evil genocidal slaughter of the Yemeni people … and say: “Congress does not care about Yememi lives”??? … evil Pompeo must go … along with Bolton and Pence!! …

    • Greg Hunter

      Paul so you want Iran to control the Strait Mandeb??

      • paul ...

        No Greg … I don’t think Iran would even try … with the satellite weapons we have (that can take out all their ships in the Strait the same way the homes in California were disintegrated)! …

        • paul ...

          You know … the warmongering neocons just can’t wait to use their “new microwave weapons” … that’s why they are acting like big bullies around the world … daring Nations to stand up to the US … but it should be the other way around … when you know you have the strength to defeat your enemy … you should become “more restrained” in your actions … when I was a kid my Father taught me how to defend myself … with my ability I didn’t go around looking for fights … in fact when I was provoked I would go out of my way to avoid any physical contact … but there was an instance when a bully was just outright physically aggressive … and he became even more aggressive when I kept standing down to him … as my desire not to fight made him believe he could easily beat me up … but when it came to fists … his friends had to drag him away “crying in tears” and in pain … the same is true with the US vs Iran … we can easily defeat them … but that fact should not make US neocons into “the worlds biggest bully”!! …

  28. Mohammad


    I tend to agree with Rush Limbaugh on the terrorist attack in New Zealand , However I believe that behind the scene there is the hidden hand that is playing both sides (right and left) and pitting them agains each other for a gain (burning the vast middle):


    • Bob

      Well that article can’t even get the first thing right. Sorry.
      The “14 words” is not from Hitler. (And why didn’t they print the 14 words? Are they worried someone might think them reasonable? Surely it would be relevant to explain the killer’s mindset. But I guess you like that sort of rubbish.)

      It’s like that clown Clif High and his “research” saying “the language” points to a price of $1488 for silver. Obviously his stupid program was just reading silver pages with white nationalist posts on them which might have used the 1488 code number. It’s amazing how ignorant people are. He couldn’t even figure that out, and neither could Greg.

      For example, I’ve listened to speeches by Muslims and know people who study muslim activity in NZ and Muslims there are NOT intent on peace at all. They want to take over, just like everywhere else. In fact, Tarrant’s target mosque was known to house radicals. They made videos of speeches and at the start said “This is only for Muslims, do not show to non-Muslims”. Why would that be?

      We have Muslim politicians in NZ too, and I heard one speak recently. The Muslim was 100% anti-white, 100% feminist, and 100% disgusting. The government should be getting rid of them, but no. The government seems to want trouble just like Sweden does.

      No Mohammad you pretend not to notice that all white homelands are being invaded and its not hard to imagine a time when we have nowhere to live. Multiculturalism is genocide. Whites are a target. Muslims are a tool.

      • Mohammad

        You will face it when you stand in front of the creator on the day of judgment you and the killer besides you to go to hell and I will not shed a tear then, oh … by the way, added to you your terrorists ISIS and Al-Qaeda that killed from muslims more than christians. your Langley mercenaries.


        • Bob

          Here is a site with all the terror attacks in the last 3 or so years.

          5,297 attacks, 35,052 fatalities since 1/1/2016.

          Mostly moslim perps of course.

          • Greg Hunter

            You made your point Bob. Enough. Lots of sin to go around.

            • Bob

              Sure Greg, thanks.

            • Keith wilson

              Greg. I want to make a comment on the new Zealand gun attack. This might upset a few people. If you don’t want to put it out , I understand. Brandon Tarrant is an Australian with scottish, irish ,and English family. In Australia they know what’s going on in europe. Our cities are becoming Islamic states. Sharia law, mosques,and Islam is taking over. On one of the ammunition clips. He had wrote Rotherham. Remember Rotherham where thousands of girls where groomed. Abused. Raped. By Pakistani Muslim gangbangers. These sick men are all out of prison and fighting deportation back to pakistan. They are using our tax payers money and our law to fight deportation. Many of those Muslims in New Zealand where refugees from Afghanistan. Somalia.iraq. Bosnia, kosovo.and iran. They have been in New Zealand and have already got 43 mosques and wanting sharia law. Why did they not go to Saudi Arabia or some other Muslim country and start a new life there. Brandon pressed the trigger and killed 50 people. Which I don’t agree with. But who put the hatred into his mind. Who put the bullets into the machine gun. Why do Muslim people want to come to Christian countries and want to take over our western way of life?. Brandon Tarrant will not be the last to press the trigger until Muslims stop trying to turn western countries into Islamic states. Thanks Greg.

              • Mohammad

                If I use your logic then what the hell are your troops doing in Afghanistan/Iraq/Syria/Yemen/Indonesia/Malaysia/Libya…..etc….killing every day muslims, turning their countries to ruin and push their youth to migrate over to your “lovely peaceful christian” countries, why don’t you get the hell out of those above mentioned countries and I WILL BE THE FIRST ONE TO GO BACK HOME.

                Northing but a bullshit hypocrite you are.


                • Mohammad

                  missed text from my post:
                  “Afghanistan/Iraq/Syria/Yemen/Indonesia/Malaysia/Libya…..etc….killing every day muslims,”


                • Tin foil hat

                  I’m surprised you haven’t figured that out yet. Muslims will be the shock troops of the NWO after the borders are erased. The Deep State is recruiting them from all over the world. Islam is the best state religion for the NWO, not Christianity or Buddhism.

                  • Mohammad

                    And you did not realize yet that you are playing in their hand when you alienate muslims and cheer the terrorist in NZ by omission and some here by admission.


                  • Tin foil hat

                    Actually, you are the one who hasn’t realized that we are all being play. In a way, if you paid tax, you had supported our troops in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen ….

                    The Deep State, via the Democratic Party, used the blue collar union workers, the blacks and the Jews as the first wave (storm troops) to soften up this once great nation. They are being neglected or discarded currently to make room for the second wave which will finish the job.

                    After all dissidents are pacified in the NWO, the AntiFa and Muslim radicals will be discarded too just like the union workers, the blacks and the Jews.

                    However, I think Islam will likely become the dominant religion in the new world since the bankersters desire submission and absolute control.

                    Btw, it doesn’t take much to alienate Muslims or campus snowflakes. A simple cartoon portraying Mohammad or a MAGA hat can easily set them off like a Cuckoo.

              • Tin foil hat

                KEITH WILSON,
                ” But who put the hatred into his mind. ”
                What an excellent question, I look up the demograhics of NZ and it’s as follow:
                European – 74%
                Pacific Islander – 15%
                Asian – 12%
                Muslim – 1%

                Why didn’t this idiot attack Chinatown?

                • Mohammad

                  To TERRORIZE muslims, that is why he is a terrorist.


                • Keith wilson

                  According to Australian senator Fraser Anning. He blames terror attack on ever increasing Muslim immigration presence in Australia and New Zealand. Which is something our governments don’t want to talk about and can not be stopped.

                  • Mohammad

                    I was happy for the egg he got on his head this Neo nazi.
                    sad for the teen, though I admire his courage.


                • Tin foil hat

                  Terrorist vs. Idiot

                  Terrorists – ones who follow or answer the call of an organized entity to achieve a goal thru terror.

                  The Jews in Nazi Germany, the Boer farmers in S. Africa and the Syrian government are perfect example of being the targets of such tactic – I don’t know any Muslims are leaving the West due to fear of government turning a blind eye on organized oppression.

                  Idiots – ones who follow or answer the call of no one, acted to get their 15 minutes of fame or non-strategic cheap thrills.

                  I concede Christoper Stevens, H. Bush, McCain, Hillary, Obama, W. Bush, ….. could be classified as terrorists. However, the soldiers and security contractors working for the CIA, like Ty, are not terrorists.

                  • Mohammad


                    How your mind is composed? how can be so twisted and short circuited and you do not realize? Got to be the tin foil hat you are wearing.
                    My old advice to you , REMOVE IT….!


                  • Tin foil hat

                    The fact that I openly acknowledge my tinfoil hat means I express conspiracy theories which I acknowledge are not settled definitive facts.

                    Your problem is that you don’t realize the tinfoil on your head is way bigger than mine. Hence, you think you are always right and have the moral high ground.

                    Btw, why did you apologize for the idiot who killed 3 in Utrecht but not for the terrorists who killed hundreds of Christians in Africa?

                  • Mohammad


                    Read my post on Marc Faber interview. feel free to throw a comment there, I love exchanging comments with you.


        • Freebrezer

          M – I sure do not see any tears being shed for the 140+ Christians killed by Muslims in Nigeria. Nothing to see here … move on … just a few more dead Christians … Nothing to see here … Keep focused only on NZ.

          • Freebrezer

            It seems a one way street … it is horrible that 49 Muslims were slaughtered … It is 2.5 times more horrible that 120+ Christians were slaughtered (120/49 = 2.5) . Again, the MSM (leftist) does not see Christians being murdered as news worthy … does not fit the agenda.

    • Bob

      It turns out some NZers were radicalized at the Al Noor mosque in Christchurch and went to fight overseas. One or two got blown up in drone strikes.

      Are the MSM covering this or book-burning it down the memory hole?

      I know an ex-cop from the UK. He said he quit the force because his job was 99% “going from one Pakistani’s house to another all day and then doing mountains of paperwork about it.” After getting accused of racism for trying to actually do his job, he just quit and then quit the country shortly thereafter. He saw no future for his kids there. How does it feel to see no future for your kids? Is there even a future for white people at all? It’s look less and less like there is.

      Thankfully, with a more diverse police force, the Pakistanis will be left alone and the police will have more time to look for real crimes like online hate and stuff like that. They hire illiterate minorities with criminal records now.

  29. paul ...

    The economy “is worse” then we are being told … confidence in “dollar investments” is collapsing … the end is near …

    • paul ...

      You know … when trust in the US empire’s currency suddenly collapses … the avalanche moment will sweep it all away … too many grandiose unrealistic promises were made for far too long (to the elites and many voter constituencies) … now growth has decayed into stagnation … the only way for the Fed to maintain the status quo is to meet all the political promises with “money created out of thin air” (debauching the currency) … political expediency works for a time … but when people realize their 100 cent dollar is now worth 2 cents … there’s hardly anything left to hold up confidence … derivative trickery … or allusions to past Greatness won’t work anymore to keep people in fiat paper debt any longer … so people are trading out of their paper dollar investments and into precious metals (that have no counter-party risk)!!

  30. Mohammad


    A soul healing and soothing words John Bercow the speaker of the house of commons has offered by 1 minute silence and offering condolences to the victims of the mosque terrorist attack :


    • Boris

      Yes, Christians know how to show compassion. But when Muslims attack Christians or Jews where are the Muslim apologies? Islam is silent and quiet then; indeed, as quiet as a mosque-mouse. Also the word ‘terrorist’ has been too loosely thrown around since 9/11. This man acted alone, it appears, a senseless act of violence. Horrific yes, but terrorism, no.

      • Mohammad

        You are full of it.
        You are not any different (you and the NZ terrorist) from ISIS nor from Al-Qaeda.
        Both are the same, and your loyalty is the same, to the hatred you carry in your heart fueled by Satin, your master.
        Last time I will engage with you in any comment, useless fruitless discussion with you..


        • Robert Dziok

          Your reply is more like childish name calling/tantrum. Maybe you could cite where Muslims demonstrated similar compassion/empathy to Christians, Jews and other non-Muslims who suffered similarly? Seems different sects of Muslim (e,g, Sunni, Shea) have been warring for centuries in the Middle East. Seems Muslim has no tolerance for others religious beliefs which is contrary to the US Constitution.

  31. Eddie Gonazalez

    The main reason I quit FB was due to the executives publicly donating money to Hillary and supporting her. This was way before FB/Russia/DNC collusion “propaganda” months later. As a multi-business owner and investor – you should stay out of politics. Nobody made me vote for Dr. Carson in primary or for President Trump – I cast the ballot on my own free will.

    • Greg Hunter

      Tell us more Eddie!!!!!

  32. Sayonara


    I have to disagree with regarding the ultra corrupt DOJ and FBI. The only people that are going to jail and will be going to jail are the close associates of Donald Trump.
    Given the extreme historical magnitude of the DOJ and FBI corruption and Trump’s inability to reign it in demonstrates clearly beyond a blinding glimpse of the obvious that the DOJ and FBI elite bureaucrats are firmly in charge and those corrupt and treasonous DOJ and FBI elite bureaucrats will suffer no consequences whatsoever. It is clear now this country is nothing more than a banana republic on nuclear steroids.
    In my view we experiencing NAZI Germany in the early-mid 1030s and the worst is imminently yet come.

  33. al

    All I can say is, it’s happening. We are going to see past high officials in jail.
    I am loving this President more and more each day.

    The dumb-o-crats are comedy relief but I hope Beto gets to go against Trump, that will be a landslide for Trump that will hit all records! Couple that with Voter ID and clamping down on voter fraud and you got yourself a killer 2020 !

    Greg, you look great and many blessings to you and your Family

  34. Saint Lawrence

    In my opinion only:
    The dollar is backed up by the military industrial complex, deep state, and shadow government.

    “War Is A Racket” By Maj. Gen. Smedley D. Butler,

    USA gun running and drug running etc. has been going on for centuries.

    BENGHAZI EXPOSED: Charles Woods – Father of Benghazi Hero Ty Woods

    John Perkins Confession of an Economic Hitman

    John Perkins Confessions of an Economic Hit Man Full audiobook

    comments welcome

    • Mohammad

      I do not get it, I just do not get it, I would love for Greg to interview Dr. Janda to explain how 4 guys were killed in Benghazi are “HEROS” when on one of your linked videos:
      @ 2:26
      Dr. Janda explain how those “4 heroes” were FUNNELING arms to ISIS to Syria that decimated my mother land to dust and killed over a million Syrian with more than 10 millions dispersed allover the world????????????????

      I really hope that Dr. Janda on his next interview will explain how funding and funneling arms to ISIS is heroic??????????????????


      • Tin foil hat

        You are partially correct. Christopher Stevens was probably a terrorist but the other three were definitely “HEROES”.
        I assume you understand that not all players know they are serving the same master and they often fight against each other. The Americans thought they were serving the good old America, the terrorists thought they were serving the Muslim Brotherhood (they believe Obama is a brother) but they were unknowingly and/or knowingly on the same side at that moment and time until the Americans disobeyed direct order to standdown.
        Dr. Janda should have delved into the motive behind the firing of the Benghazi heroes when they got to Germany.

        • Saint Lawrence

          good info mr. tin:
          “Wall Street and the Russian Revolution


          by Richard B. Spence

          Wall Street and the Russian Revolution will give readers critical insight into what might be called the “Secret History of the 20th century.” The Russian Revolution, like the war in which it was born, represents the real beginning of the modern world. This book will look not just at the sweep of events, but probe the economic, ideological and personal motivations of the key figures involved, revealing heretofore unknown or misunderstood connections. Was Trotsky, for instance, a political genius, an unprincipled egomaniac, or something of each? Readers should come away with not only a far deeper understanding of what happened in Russia a century ago, but also what happened in America and how that still shapes the relations of the two countries today.”

          Antony C. Sutton – Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution

          Wall Street, Nazis & the Bolshevik Revolution by Prof. Antony C. Sutton

          In my opinion only:
          for centuries, when a war or an opposition is wanted the
          elite create one. They are the most clever people, whether
          good or bad.

      • Tin foil hat

        You should watch CIA/CNN’s “Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown”. This episode was aired 8 months after the attack!! Do you remember how long it took the FBI to show up at the crime scene in Benghazi? Btw, do you know who fianlly rescued the Americans and transported them to the airport?

      • Saint Lawrence

        To clarify:
        Stevens did the selling.
        the other 3 were “victums” trying to protect an ambassidor.

        When you threaten to quit gun running for the USA-CIA_FBI;
        you will be terminated by hirelings of the shadow government.
        (so many accidents, so little time)
        Examples: Breightbart, Hastings, John Wheeler,
        JFK, Barry Seals,
        Brian Ferrie, Sam Giaconno…
        This has been going on for hundreds of years,
        even before there was an
        FBI or CIA or NSC.
        When I was in the military(vietnam)
        – mutiny or insubordination of an
        officer could mean instant death.
        SERE = seveare extermination (code) red enlisted (man)
        SERO – seveare extermination (code) red officer (with prejudice)
        Fragging- friendly fire death
        If you can watch the movie “the international”
        or “3 days of the Condor”

        “Good Morning Vietnam”

        • Saint Lawrence

          Seth Rich tried to quit also

          • Mohammad

            Ty was CIA according to Dr. Janda’s video, right?
            So do not give me the crap he does not know.


            • Saint Lawrence

              feel free to:
              go to Janda or his website;
              put down that keyboard and join

              the American or Syrian military;
              go to Dearboune street in Chicago
              or Langley Virginia CIA exit on interstate95, try it in real life.
              you dont need to troll Mr. Woods.

              • Mohammad

                That does not change the fact that he was CIA operative in an operation that decimated Libya after killing its leader and flooded EU with immigrants where Qaddafi was the gate keeper, can’t you idiot see that?
                So if he was there knowing fully what the operation was about and they were in the end stage of mobilizing arms to decimate Syria so how the hell is he called hero????

                I just seek here some sanity, how funding arming training terrorists to topple a regime is HEROIC????

                What kind of twisted convoluted minds do you guys have?


        • Saint Lawrence

          David Ferrie not the singer

  35. Roger Dodger

    Nunes doubts report that Mueller probe is near conclusion

  36. Stephen Sadd

    Check out the latest DEMAND from the IMF in regards to Australian Government and banks. Sit down for this one!

  37. Tin foil hat

    The first half of the video is a little wacky but starting at 9:30 it gets very interesting.

    The Venetian Black Nobility and Baroque – ROBERT SEPEHR

    • Bob

      Robert Sepehr did a great video on howler monkeys in Central America. It got severely book-burned because it showed that two species of howler monkeys lived in adjacent territories but did not mix. There was a very thin mixing zone in between, but the hybrids were shunned by both of the “racist” communities on either side, and if a howler monkey from either side went into the thin mixing zone they were never allowed back into the general population. If they crossed over to the other pure population they were killed.

      All those howler monkeys were hard core neo nazi fascists but since they all look the same nobody cares. The two species are difficult to tell apart.

      The parallels with human populations and especially xenophobia and mass third world immigration are obvious. If they see a gay rat they tell us how natural being gay is, but the natural world is full of bigoted, racist, neo nazi animals that defend their territory to the death and that sort of information is erased by globo homo, STAT. No, they show our kids Tigons and Ligers and tell us how wonderful diversity will be when we’re all the same.

      Yes, RS make very interesting videos indeed! (And some rubbish ones, but he’s got to keep his subs interested; he can’t let his channel go stale.)

  38. Paige Barent

    The Dave Janda video interview is available on youtube in its entirety. The title of this video is: Benghazi exposed: Charles Woods – Father of Benghazi Hero Ty Woods.

    It is more than slightly ironic that you choose the good thief as an example of justification by faith alone when the good thief gains heaven after he confesses his sins and demonstrates true repentance before God. This biblical passage demonstrates the necessity of works as well as faith. See: James 2:24; Matthew 5:29-30; Matthew 7:21-23; Matthew 7:24-27 “Therefore whosoever hearth these sayings of mine, and doth them, …”; Matthew 10:22; I For 9:24-27; Galatians 5:19-21; 1 For 6:9-11 “Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God?…”; Ephesians 5:5-8 “For this ye know, that no whoremonger, nor unclean person, nor covetous man, who is an idolater, hath any inheritance in the kingdom of Christ and of God. Let no man deceive you with vain words. …”; 2 Peter 2:20-22 “For if after they have escaped the pollutions of the world through the knowledge of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, they are again entailed therein, and overcome, the latter end is worse with them than the beginning. …” Hebrews 5:9 “And being made perfect, he [Jesus] became the author of eternal salvation unto all them that obey him.”‘; Hebrews 6:4-6; Hebrews 12:14 “Follow peace with all men, and holiness, without which no man shall see the Lord.” ; Matthew 13:18-22; Mark 4:17 “…and have no root in themselves, and so endure but for a time: afterward, when affliction or persecution ariseth for the word’s sake, immediately they are offended.”; Luke 8:13-15 “…But that on the good ground are they, which in an honest and good heart, having heard the word, keep it, and bring forth fruit with patience.”; Matthew 25:15-30 The Parable of the Talents: if you do not produce things for God you will be damned.; Matthew 16:27 “For the Son of man shall come in glory of his Father with his angels; and then he shall reward every man according to his works.; Matthew 13:41-42 “The Son of man shall send forth his angels, and they shall gather out of his kingdom all things that offend, and them which do iniquity; and shall cast them into a furnace of fire; these shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth.” ; 2 Car 13:1-2 “Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, and have not charity, I am become as sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal. And though I have the gift of prophecy, and understand all mysteries, and all knowledge; and though I have all faith, so that I could remove mountains, and have not charity, I am nothing.”; James 2:14 “What doth it profit, my brethren, though a man say he hath faith, and have not works? can faith save him?”; James 2:17 “Even so faith, if it hath not works, is dead, being alone.” James 2:18-24 “…Ye see then how that by works a man is justified, and not by faith alone.”



    What happens to your cash if there’s a reset? Does it become toilet paper?

    • Greg Hunter

      Everything cost more in dollars.

    • paul ...

      Here is another way the Government can be useful … “require” every US citizen to own an AK47 … and impose a $10,000 fine and ten year jail sentence for non-compliance … with 150 million Demon-rats in our country (who refuse to own a gun) we can generate $1.5 Trillion dollars in fines (more then enough to pay for our entire Federal budget plus the Wall) … and an additional benefit is … come election time the Demon-rats in jail won’t be able to run around from pole to pole to vote multiple times (for all their dead relatives)!! …

  40. Tommy

    I’m loving the new rock stars in the Democrat party. AOC, the Boston U. honors graduate with a degree in Economics who could only find a job as a bartender till she got elected to Congress, is a total air head. And Beto O’Rourke, the poster boy of white privilege (if there is such a thing), who has a history of eluding prosecution (father was a judge) and saying and writing some incredibly noxious stuff. I’m sure that the record of his past will soon grow exponentially. Can’t wait till people who knew him in high school and college start giving him the Kavanaugh treatment.

  41. Harley Barr

    Is Fukashima reaching down there?

  42. Robert Dziok

    Excellent WNW Greg!

    The Executive Order last year on Military Commissions (Tribunals) for civilians went into effect 1/1/2019. If you look at video (e.g. Youtube reports) of Feinstein’s questioning of the 9th Circuit Court judicial candidate you can clearly see/hear Fear/Nervousness in her. See is desperate to find info on such tribunals (e.g. use of ) and not so much his position on them. Military Tribunals are Swift/Just and not restrictive in how evidence is obtained as long as it pertains to the case. Civilian courts are more prone to corruption and delay tactics that can go on for years.

    The Mueller “Witch Hunt” “investigation” is ending and will show NO Russian collusion by President Trump ( It would long ago have been brought out if so.). Various information and documents can now come out as they cannot “claim” (actually a stall tactic to prevent release of) doing so would “interfere” with the “investigation”. Almost daily more and more new information comes out showing no reason to “investigate” Trump but do give inside details of a coup attempt (that FAILED) to remove duly elected President Trump. Treason/Sedition!

    Many top corrupt FBI/DOJ leadership have been Fired or “Resigned”. Many law abiding judges (including SCOTUS) have been appointed. Politicians and CEO’s have “Resigned” or “Retired”. Really think the little white envelopes top Deep State individuals got at Bush’s funeral service were an invitation to a birthday party? Just look at the Fear/Anger when they read them. There are currently over 90,000 sealed indictments since October 2017.

    The table has been set and public educated for JUSTICE soon to be served. All this was needed to be done prior to the Hammer of Justice coming down. This was not an overnight task.

    The “Wall of Protection” for Clinton, Obama, etc. has been removed. Best the Globalist Controlled Hypocritical Desperate Dems/Socialists/Deep State get themselves a travel brochure for newly expanded/renovated GITMO!

  43. Susan

    Matthew 24:35 -36 –
    Heaven and earth will pass away, but My words will never pass away. 36No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father. 37As it was in the days of Noah, so will it be at the coming of the Son of Man.…

    1 John 5:19 We know that we are children of God, and that the whole world is under the control of the evil one.

  44. Seeing Clearly

    Socialism = social engineering through economic enslavement.

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