Comey the Leaker, Trump the Winner, Debt and Stock Market at All-Time High

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 287 6.9.17) 

Fired FBI Director James Comey made a stunning revelation this week in Congressional Hearings about the so-called Russian collusion investigation. Comey outed himself as a leaker of privileged information when he released a personal memo to the New York Times that implied Trump tried to interfere with the investigation into alleged Russian ties to the Trump campaign.  Comey admitted to leaking the memo in order to force a Special Prosecutor to be appointed.  Did Comey break the law?  Donald Trump’s lawyer, Marc Kasowitz, was featured in a headline that said, “President Trump’s Lawyer: ‘Leaker’ Comey ‘Retaliatory’ in ‘Unauthorized Disclosures’ to Press of ‘Privileged Communications with the President.’ ” Also, as part of a very bad week for Comey, he is facing a new lawsuit that claims “FBI Illegally Spied on Government & Trump.”

Meanwhile, Comey claims he was fired because of the Russia investigation, but Comey repeatedly said that Trump was not the target of the investigation. Comey also repeatedly said that Trump did not obstruct the investigation.  You can’t have it both ways.  Comey can’t testify that there was no obstruction, and then leak information to get a Special Prosecutor appointed to look into obstruction.  Now, even the mainstream “Destroy Trump” media is backing off.  Chris Matthews says the so-called Russian/Trump collusion story “came apart” with the James Comey testimony.  Comey should hire a criminal defense lawyer.

We have a record stock market once again at the same time the world has record debt. Most of the debt is simply unpayable.  Maybe this is the reason why multi-billion dollar money manager Paul Singer is “very concerned.”  Singer said on Bloomberg this week, “What we have today is a global financial system that’s just about as leveraged, and in many cases more leveraged, than before 2008.”  You might remember that 2008 was the last time the financial markets had a major meltdown that required the Fed and every central bank in the world to come to the rescue with trillions of dollars in bailout money.  What could go wrong?

Join Greg Hunter of as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

After the Wrap-Up:

Gregory Mannarino founder of will give us his take on the new all-time highs in the stock market while there is all time high debt. Mannarino is the featured guest for the “Early Sunday Release.”


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  1. Michele Simpson

    Another great WNW. Thanks Greg!

  2. Somnolence

    Trump fired Comey to stop the investigation. He admitted it in interview w Holt and to the Russians in oval office. So his confession is documented now. Mueller has expanded investigation by hiring lawyers w experience in financial fraud and in prosecuting the mafia. Sessions, Kushner and Flynn all lied about their contacts with Russians. Then there’s Page, Stone, Manafort, Cohen, Boris. Usually the biggest fish is the last piece of the puzzle. So give it time and Mueller et al will figure it out. Follow the money. Follow the dead Russians. And follow the real estate family that’s up to its eyeballs in dirty money.

    • Flattop

      Somnolence: Your tirade said nothing about the Clinton crime family and all those who have lost their lives when they crossed the Clintons. Go back into the rat hole you climbed out of.

      • cole

        Thank you.

      • Donald

        “Trump fired Comey to stop the investigation.”

        ?? Trump didn’t stop the investigation. Its still ongoing. And the investigation never has been dependent on Comey. Period. Not sure how come so many people can’t grasp this. Its like some kind of mental insanity or mental block. As for the investigation that keeps dragging on, my take on Trump’s comment was to get it over and done with.

  3. Michael

    The Republicans in the House and Senate have given Trump zero support, he needs to call them out like the RINOS the are. Trump has been in office for almost six months, this is ridiculous. You can clearly see who the traitors are.

  4. MAL

    Hi Greg,
    You referred to Comey’s statement “… The thing, and I’m not picking on reporters writing stories about classified information, is that people talking about it often don’t really know what’s going on”. Incredibly he then went on to say ” and those of us who do know what’s going on AREN’T TALKING about it”. He was doing ALL the talking. He was the leaker. Apparently he fancies himself a top notch, reliable leaker who’s even able to leak without talking.

  5. Neil

    Congratulations on 100k subscribers and thank you for your honest and sincere reporting. I am sure you are making a difference in a misdirected world. Fear not!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Neil. That’s my goal. I try to source what I am saying so people can see it and connect the dots themselves.

      • Russ McMeans

        Greg; thanks again for your no frills news reporting. Most excellent! Looking forward to our Italian guru on Sunday.
        Btw: you better check out why your Google reward is kinda heavy….. it might have snooping electronics inside it!

  6. Jim Gilly

    Pretty sad state of affairs. Instead of commenting on how Donald trump is making America great again (not), the main talking points wherever you go is which idiot should go to jail for doing this or that. Some take the side of bozo trump, others Clinton. Really what difference does it make as their both not qualified or deserving of any responsible position in the government. Same story for the clowns you keep electing to the House and Senate.

    By next year, the house of cards collapses and you will be discussing something totally different. How do I survive another day – and many of you won’t .

    • Paul ...

      Jim … Singer talks about how the markets will crash because the debt is too high and un-payable … yet I seem to remember how the Zimbabwe government’s debts were too high and un-payable … and still their stock market just kept going up and up until a gallon of milk cost a trillion Zimbabwe dollars … since a gallon of milk will probably not cost a trillion American dollars “by next year” … perhaps the US stock market will just keep rising and rising and rising to keep pace with all the money the Fed is printing out of thin air!!

    • Russ McMeans

      I got friends that talk like you, I keep my distance now due to their pessimistic view on everything political.
      You may be right, but I don’t think Trump is the problem; the real concern is our pathetic congress- that’s where all the clowns are!
      Listen to Rush Limbaugh, that might help your situation. He stopped Listening to tv news awhile ago and is much happier

  7. Frederick

    Did anybody else notice John McCain? That guy needs to retire

    • MCasey

      Yes, there is something really strange about John McCain…..

  8. Oracle 911

    Greg are you aware of the fact that these Arabian countries covertly called the US supporter of terrorism because the US has a base in Qatar?
    Who needs enemies with allies like that?! Bottom line, the US is bad as enemy but terrible as ally and for example Erdogan learned that the hard way. 🙂

    My 2 cents
    Oracle 911

  9. (Rev) Andrew de Berry

    Firstly Greg many congratulations on passing 100,000 u-tube subscribers. With your former career in the media you are in a unique position for telling us the truth, whilst exposing the MSM’s abandonment of all truth.
    Re our election here in the U.K. for some reason Theresa May ran a very poor campaign. Maybe she knows what’s on the near horizon not just for the global economy but for ours too. For while Jeremy Corbyn’s party is still a long way from being electable, Labour were speaking in terms of spending more and more billions we don’t have. Although Theresa May hinted at this reality, we the British public are now so dumbed down by funny money whereby debts no longer have to be repaid that financial realities have all but disappeared.

    • Greg Hunter

      Same here in America. Dumbed down to debt. Fearless and stupid at the same time.

  10. Corleone

    Something missing here. The cartoon should have showed stacks of counterfeit Federal Reserve Note produced by FBI on the table.

  11. J marty

    Hi Greg,
    Thanks for the coverage of bitcoin. I know it is a very controversial subject, but I think it needs to be covered.

    • Greg Hunter

      I am going to have more people come on and talk about it. There are some big problems with Bitcoin that need to be worked out.

  12. Corleone

    The man on the cartoon does not look like Comey. Comey has goat horns on his head.

  13. Jay

    Good work Greg!

  14. Concerned american dad

    Congratulations Greg! Well deserved. You are always my go-to three times per week. Keep up the great work. Thanks.

  15. Patt Hill

    Congratulations on the award! As usual, another great WNW!

  16. Tad

    “What could go wrong?” Famous last words before the hurricane strikes.
    Trying to find a way to “enjoy” these final halcyon days. Difficult.

    • Greg Hunter

      That’s why I say “Fear Not.”

  17. Tad

    Theresa May was Home Secretary for years. She’s probably considered by most Brits as partially responsible for Manchester and London terror acts.

    While one could consider her calls for new elections unwise, it could be she’s looking to exit the political arena and avoid the limelight and the delayed, harsh criticism coming her way.

  18. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, Comey was appointed by Obama & although his loyalty lies only with truth, law and justice in theory his actual loyalty was with Clinton. I don’t know what the Clinton’s had on him but you can bet it was something as the Clinton’s know where all the bodies are buried in Washington including the ones they buried themselves. In any event, Comey’s taking self serving notes, leaking Presidential information, etc., are criminal acts of highest concern. Maybe he is getting ready to make a book deal, whatever, hopefully he will do so behind bars he loves so much for average citizens, but watch, learn, and listen, I will bet he has been promised cover from the Democrats, and I also bet he discussed his cover prior to his leaking his so-called obstruction theory with P. Trump. This is getting ugly, but Comey had and has a plan, we shall see if it all comes out. Criminals abound in Washington D.C., the laws apply only to the outsiders, that is why I suspect Comey will never see an indictment much less any jail time, remember, besides cover you can bet he has some goodies on most of the big shots in D.C.

    • Flattop

      Arthur Barnes. Regarding Comey, if you think comey will not be prosecuted you don’t know the President. Comey is part of the swamp that will get drained. Only if he sings like a canary about Clinton/Lynch/Podesta will he escape big jail time.

      • Arthur Barnes

        I supported and I think I know the President, I suspect Comey has cover, time will tell, but he wouldn’t have leaked the story in my mind if he didn’t already have a pass from the people you alluded to. a b.

  19. Rick Hester

    Congratulations on your well earned, and well deserved recognition.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Rick! It really belongs to everyone here!!!!!

      • John


        You are bookmarked on my computer – my go to source for the financial news. I have been watching your interviews for several years now – always look forward to Sunday/Monday, Wed. and Friday! You have done a great job keeping people informed. Keep up the good work. Congratulations on the growth of USAWatchdog.

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you for being a long time supporter of USAW!!!!

  20. Russ

    Great news wrap Greg. Comey’s testimony was a target rich environment for setting the record straight on a number of issues and the MSM looked pretty bad. Comey’s revelation that he (through his Columbia law school buddy) was the leaker of info negative to Pres. Trump didn’t really rise to the level of propaganda though, based on how it was leaked I’d call it rumor-mongering.

    But I’m still trying to rationalize why Comey admitted the leak. Was he falling on his sword intentionally for a President he didn’t respect? Unlikely. Or was that a blurt he Doh! couldn’t take back. Did he really think that he owned those notes? Really? A memo to himself written by the Director of the FBI of a personal one-on-one meeting with POTUS and he thinks that James Comey owns those notes? Really??? Right there, his lack of perspective and judgment justifies canning his ass. A guy who thinks like that does not deserve to head the FBI. I wonder how the typical FBI agent on the street is thinking of EX-director Comey today.

    BTW, US Navy 5th Fleet is based in Qatar, so yes, it’s a big deal.

  21. Kent Goins

    Love your excellent show with all great guests. I was listening to Jim Willie the other day describe certain issues with a crypto currency being eventually tied to gold and making some very good points about cryptos. May I suggest you get both Clif High and Jim Willie on a show at the same time to educate everyone as to exactly how the Block Chain Encryption works and the positives and negatives of the crypto currencies and where they are headed. Nobody I know understands what cryptos are based on and Jim Willie expressed he did not fully understand how they are mined and where the true value is other than the Block Chain technique.

    Kent Goins
    Parsons Corporation

    • Paul ...

      Kent … the true value of the Block Chain technique is that it can be recovered when your computer goes down … the problem is … how many people will have the technical knowledge to recover this Block Chain once a massive EMP from the Sun fries all the computers in the world … but most anyone would know how to recover their silver coins if they were roasted in a frying pan!!

  22. Mark Sztelle

    Hello Greg,
    Congratulations on your YouTube award. You have earned it by being a great reporter.
    God Bless You,


    • Greg Hunter

      You are very kind mark and I thank you for your support!!

  23. Jeannette

    Thanks for your analysis of the ‘Dog and Pony Show’ yesterday. You cleared it all up nicely. Also, congratulations on the 100,000 award. You deserve it.

  24. bellyup

    Comey didn’t leak a memo or privileged information! He gave HIS OWN notes to a friend who spoke about them to a newspaper. His notes were unclassified. Trump himself had already spoken about and tweeted about his meetings with Comey so there is no privilege there.

    If Trump has a problem with Comey’s testimony, then he should volunteer to testify under oath himself to refute it.

    I’m more likely to trust and believe someone who testified under oath and took contemporaneous notes, than someone who spent five years lying about the birthplace of his predecessor and can’t even bear to admit the truth about the size of his inaugural crowds.

    • Greg Hunter

      Belly up,
      In a court of laws this would be considered “work product.” You are dead wrong. This was a “privileged” conversation in the White House that only somebody as high up as Comey could get. This was not something he overheard on a on a golf outing or a hunting trip. Those “memos” belong to the government–period. Comey needs to hire a criminal defense attorney. Watch, it will be announced that Comey has lawyered up–watch.

      By the way I have proven on this site it was the MSM that lied about the Inaugural crowd at the D.C. Mall. So you are also dead wrong there too!!!!!

    • Donald

      “Comey didn’t leak a memo or privileged information!”

      Given that the conversation (Comey made notes of) occurred while he was still working for the Government, means that it would still be classified. Had the conversation occurred after he was fired, then it would not be classified. This is fairly standard in any employment contract with a business. Not sure how so many don’t understand that?

      • Greg Hunter

        I totally agree Donald.

  25. Justn Observer

    Greg…. No there there…as you said…right again… Comey – admits insider action to take down the President – when is such conduct not treason? And since he implicated others to help – conspiracy? Why is this ‘leakage’ to damage the PRESIDENCY, to subvert the Constitution and ignore the rule of law not considered what it is. These politicians are not just slandering, or dissing a president…they are collaborating to overthrow a duly elected administration by illegal and corrupt means? How is that not a conspiracy to illegally attempt a coup ? It appears we have returned to the ‘wild west’ …or worse earlier…waiting for an Albert Pike moment and the obvious division/crack in the psyche of the union to manifest into a physical reality? Constitution ignored, currency in question, debt un-serviceable, dis-union abounds = cultural – social, religious, political , racial tensions stretched to the breaking point intentionally by bad actors. What could go wrong? lol

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you J O!!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      The NYT’s know how bad this is for them. The headline should read: “Comey Now Leaker Too!!!” That was the big take away that MSM is waaaaaaaay underselling. I think Comey broke the law. Period–full stop.

  26. charles Turner

    In the UK we have a term, ‘perverting the cause of Justice.’ It would seem to me that Comey who deliberately leaked a memo with the intent that this would mean a Special Prosecutor on the Russian Investigation is guilty of this. His action definately changed the course of justice because without this the investigation would have stayed within the FBI under the jurisdiction of the Justice Department

    • Greg Hunter

      You are correct. Comey can’t have it both ways. In testimony on two occasions under oath Comey said their was no obstruction with Trump or his Administration. Then he leaks a memo because he thought the case needed a special prosecutor because of obstruction??? Comey need a criminal defense lawyer. Comey prosecuted leakers at the FBI and now he is the same as the people he prosecuted. I think the reason why Comey revealed he was the leaker to the NYT’s is it was going to come out anyway. He’s still in very big trouble for this!!!!! Totally justifies why Trump would fire him!!!!

      • Mike R

        Greg – you nailed it ! The MSM does not realize how deep the trouble is for Comey from here on out. Trump’s going to bury him further than anyone anticipates, and so as well with Hillary, Obama, and the deep state, as he is 10 steps ahead of all of them. It’s clear he set Comey up for the fall, and Comey took the bait big time. The ‘tapes’ Trump refers to, are the one’s that Comey KNEW were being recorded, illegally so, by the FBI itself, during each of every one of Comey’s meetings with Trump. Trump of course knew he was being illegally recorded by the FBI. Comey had no ‘memo’s’ other than the ones that were typed up from the illegal recordings. So he in fact lied about immediately taking ‘notes’ as he knew he did not have to, bc of the recorded conversations. So he also lied about his ‘unease’ about Trump because he actually wanted to catch Trump incriminating himself on something, anything, and Comey’s other such mumblings or ‘fears’ were ridiculous faux concerns. Obvious bc he contradicted himself so many times, due to the fact he could not separate between what he recalled from the recordings, and what he supposedly ‘wrote’ in his own memo’s. He had to ‘fake’ that part – the memo’s, which is why he screwed up and could not remain consistent. People are inconsistent ALWAYS when they are lying. Comey was inconsistent big time, as he was trying to cover up the fact that he KNEW the FBI was recording Trump bc they were trying to get dirt on him. But he had to make it out like he made these ‘perfect’ memos. Im in sales, 32 + years, I take copious notes during meetings and immediately after, and I can assure you it is impossible to be perfectly accurate about everything said. That is if you are truly listening to the other person, rather than focused on trying to remember words verbatim. What will eventually come out, is how Comey was protecting Hillary, and that he was complicit in covering up her crimes, and he knows that too. He is not nearly as loyal to his ‘country’ or to his ‘FBI’ employees as many in MSM or on the democratic side of the leanings, are trying to make him out to be. If anything, he was the LEAST independent, and most political FBI head we have seen in the past 40 years, which makes him very unfit to be the head of the FBI, and actually incredibly dangerous to the security of all of us. It wouldn’t surprise me if Comey actually leaked to the Russians on numerous occasions on MANY things throughout his tenure for various illicit reasons. Anyway, Trump is smart enough to know how to deal with Comey, back from way before Comey got involved in the HRC corruption that should have resulted in indictments of Hillary before the election. His faux ‘quesiness’ about Loretta’s changing wording to “matters” couldn’t have been more made up, if it came from a great fiction writer such as Tom Clancy. The arrogance of one Mr. Comey, is beyond the pale, bc he thinks he can get away with playing all of us as fools. Personally, the man strikes me as gutless, if not treasonous.

        • Greg Hunter

          Mike R,
          Watch this week or next when Comey announce he has hired criminal defense lawyers. He is in huge trouble. Comey destroyed himself and now he may be a Deep State target. What he revealed about Loretta Lynch was the tip of the obstruction iceberg.

          • Mike R

            Yep, I think you are spot on. Who knows about timing on it, but both Lynch and Comey are going to have a LOT more explaining to do at some point in the nearer future, than farther away. It’ll be fascinating to see how Sessions handles all of this, and as well what Trump further exposes in the days and weeks dead ahead. Comey unleashed a pandora’s box he probably should never have opened, but I also believe he was trapped and cornered by Trump, and probably was looking to do anything to ‘out’ as many people as he possibly could. In otherwords, he is determined not to be the only one who is hung out to fry. He’s taking a whole bunch of people down with him, if his total lack of courage and integrity is an indication thus far. The swamp is so murky, so full of cretins, and such a tangled mess, I’m pretty sure 4 years of Trump will barely be able to drain a few inches of this nasty wicked and corrupt DC cesspool.

            Also, this commentary by Daniel John Sobieski over at American Thinker ( a freelance writer whose pieces have appeared in Investor’s Business Daily, Human Events, Reason Magazine and the Chicago Sun-Times among other publications), is rather interesting and elaborates further on what you are suggesting about both Lynch and Comey.

  27. francis m reps

    Mr. Hunter, You are TOO KIND to the Mainstream Media. The proper expletives have yet to be created to fully describe the core of the people who are attempting to de legitimize the legally elected president of our country. The MSM is not stupid or careless……they have an agenda to overwhelm the less informed of our fellow citizens with lies and mis representations in order to destroy our republic. Thanks for helping to clarify their activities. This Recent Circus about “Comey” { a real live psychopath; in my opinion } is a case in point.

  28. John M.

    It’s kind of futile to play games with the other side. They keep cheating, lying, changing the rules, moving the field goals, playing dirty, and have the referees all bought off.
    Luckily, God is never fooled but He does have more patience than we do.
    Congrats, you deserve your recognition. Too bad it’s not solid silver, but then again even silver plating might be some kind of good omen for all of us!

    • Donald

      “Mr. Hunter, You are TOO KIND to the Mainstream Media.”

      Yep, there is a real problem with MSM. I am stunned by how many narcissists, sociopaths and psychopaths are in MSM. An easy give-away that this is what they are is that they be-little whoever they report on. Narcissists/psychopaths love to put down others because it makes them feel good, even superior. They are also adept at twisting things. What is also stunning is how many people actually believe them – probably too lazy to investigate for themselves or think things through.

      • Greg Hunter

        I think I am going to start calling it the Propaganda media. It is just spin and lies and I came fro ABC and CNN when and could do real journalism and tell the truth. Very sad.

  29. dachsielady

    I think the host/commentator at
    YouTube channel Destroying the Illusion

    gave spot-on assessment of Comey testimony.


    At 3:25

    “He’s up there basically to lie a bunch and cover his ass.

    Either Comey doesn’t want to die at the hands of Hillary and Deep State crew


    He doesn’t want to get thrown in jail at the hands of Donald Trump.

    It’s one of those.

    Comey is thinking I’d rather get thrown in jail than Seth Riched. ”

    We the people want Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, John and Tony Podesta, Huma and Anthony Weiner put in prison for life NOW. (Comey would be good to jail too but not as a substitute for the biggest fish.) They all have committed many prosecutable crimes (Clinton Foundation, treason, etc.) so just pick one and DO IT NOW. I know none of these people will ever be prosecuted for human trafficking and child abuse and murder but putting these named top people in prison NOW would do more than anything to make the whole “pedogate” house of cards collapse most quickly. Getting frustrated and disgusted with these continual congressional testimony shows where nobody every goes to prison and our attention keeps getting refocused to the bombshell disclosures du jour.

    Christus vincit! Christus regnat! Christus imperat!

  30. Jon Bradley Abrahamson

    Your doing one hell of a job. Keep it up. Get a kick out of the guests you get. I get a real kick out of Cliff. He reminds me of a kid on speed trying to get out all he knows.
    BTW, I lost $12000.00 in my house value last month. I’m no expert, and with the $400.00 drop in property taxes, I think I heard a very loud pop.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Jon for the street reporting. What state is your home in?

    • jc

      Thanks Jon. Here in Nashville TN the property tax has gone up by a great amount. The appraisal of my 134k home went up to 219.500 . I think Martin Armstrong touched on why there is a big shift from big city to smaller towns. around the 18 minute mark. Thanks again.

      • jc

        Nashville is in some kinda cult. It is crazy. Inflation on one hand Deflation on the other. In the middle is nothing less then confusion.. Most believe it will work it self out… So I say HOW IN ….the world is this happening? How to fix It (is )not the moment at hand. My city is being destroyed by fiat currency. They call it prosperity . So goes the world so I think. The worm is not so deep a crow can not find it.

  31. Flattop

    GREG: Interesting that your poll about voting for Trump is still at 90%. Either the numbers are spiked, or our Prez is very popular still. Whats your opinion?

    • Greg Hunter

      Flattop, \I think this is good and this is only people who voted fro him the first time. I’ll bet he has also won a few converts as well.

  32. andyb

    Comey’s resume includes interesting tidbits, including his (and his family’s ) ties to the Clinton Foundation and the revolving door of crony capitalism. Further he was the key prosecutor that allowed the biggest money laundering bank (HSBC) to escape criminal penalties. The fact that the REPUBS rubber stamped his nomination proves how corrupt the whole political system is. It’s one big club and one big party with minor differences to confuse the electorate.

  33. Galaxy 500

    Greg, feel better.
    It has been widely reported that Corbyn reached out to Moslems to vote for him to stop the crack down on terror

    • Frederick

      Ahh there’s 500 and the Muslim crap NICE but expected

      • Greg Hunter

        So what do you have to say about the Islamic terror that has been hitting the UK and killing children. Is that “crap” too?

        • dbcooper

          Greg, Good work on your recognition. Why is it that some folks cannot just read a post and disagree with grace or just pass it by ?? Perhaps it has something to do with an individual being basically crass ??
          Yours with respect, FN, DB.

          • Greg Hunter

            Unfortunately, there are paid trolls who come here to say outrageous things They try to thought shape but we are too smart for that.

            • Shadow of Doubt

              As a new power in the real political and financial news space– is it possible that your website has been targeted and infiltrated by an outside agent that is in essence Turkey’s answer to Tokyo Rose? Just saying that his attempts at squelching dissenting opinions and countering any views unfavorable to the Muslim religion has been second-to-none!(Sarcasm)

            • Frederick

              Greg with all due respect calling me a troll is outrageous and you know it Your “brother” 500 is a Islamophobia and he’s outrageous That’s just how I feel

      • Charles H

        “Muslim crap”. I couldn’t have said it better myself. Thanks Frederick: we all needed your linguistical help on this. Isn’t it your REAL purpose commenting here – to defend Mohammedanism? And it seems you just wait for G5 to make even a benign comment about muslims – to stab at him.

    • Mike Kenney

      I appreciate the work that you do, although I am not always in agreement with you, I do thank you for the guests you have on your show. I don’t believe in the right or the left in America, they are mostly self-serving people with no sense of the wake that they leave behind them.

  34. JimH

    Greg Hunters !!!!!

  35. Paul ...

    Some MSM reporter should ask Hillary: “Did Comey do anything wrong releasing confidential information??” … these singing “birds of a feather” should be put in the same jail cage … and let’s not forget to line their nest with MSM newspaper to soak up all their trash!!

  36. Flattop

    Trunp lawyer will file a complaint over Comey memos.
    The Trump evil empire strikes back. Sic em Donald Trump!!!

  37. jodyp

    As we watched lyin’ Comey actually drop a few truth bombs, its a shame there wasn’t time for more questions on so many subjects.

  38. Paul from Indiana

    The reprobate Comey, stooge of the Left, had the criminal Hillary Clinton dead-to-rights and gave her a pass. And he has the nerve to imply that he did what he did, because he believed President Trump could not be trusted? All this uproar is another media-orchestrated attempt to delegimitize the election and President Trump. If we allow this tar-and-feathering to continue, we are complicit in the downfall of the Republic. Best always. PM

    • Arthur Barnes

      Paul, been awhile since I seen a post from you, always astute as usual, Comey is a lying bag of dog doodoo, hopefully Comey will have to face the same justice he so gave many others in his illustrious career. Take care Paul, keep posting, always enjoy your insights. a b.

  39. Juia

    Congratulations on the award! It is nice to come to one place where you can expect the truth. I look forward to seeing what you and your guests have to say. The comment by the readers are also informative. Well deserved!


    • Greg Hunter

      You are very kind Julia!

      • Arthur Barnes

        Congrats Greg, you deserve the best, God Bless, He works in mysterious ways!

  40. Jerry

    Every week when I see your Weekly Wraps I can only think “what a waste of talent”!
    Instead I have to look at Wolfe Blitzer’s ugly mug on CNN and listen to his boring monotone voice, and cookie cutter reporting. Its as fake as it gets.
    Speaking of fake.
    The first time I saw this site, I thought it was fake, until I looked closer at the coin and compared it to the gold backed crypto currency that was introduced last week.

  41. Linda L.

    Hi Greg
    As a government agent or Director of the FBI, wouldn’t ALL work related notes and correspondence be the property of the US Government? On the day that Director Comey was released from his position, why weren’t ALL his notes, journals, and other recorded resources that contained government data confiscated? And for Comey to have this information in his possession for reference after being fired…..isn’t this unlawful? Comey is guilty of leaking to the media, but also may be in trouble for holding US Government property after his dismissal. Or is my understanding wrong in that Comey shared data at the hearing regarding his entire history of conversations with the POTUS by memory and without references?

    • Bill

      Linda L: If Comeys notes contain no classified information, they are his notes to do with as he pleases. The idea of using a govt pen anf govt paper to put his notes on still doesn’t make the the govts

      • Greg Hunter

        You are wrong. This was a one-on-one meeting at the White House. The conversation was about the this all important investigation with Russia hacking and collusion and elections. By its nature it is classified and at the least privileged. Comey broke a few different laws when he released this, not to mention becoming a leaker. This was work product, and YES, it is the governments, especially when you consider this was the top law enforcement chief. That said, I want to see these “memos.”

  42. Sayonara

    The Comey testimony clearly demonstrates how corrupt and badly broken our political system is. Comey clearly demonstrated by his testimony why he should have been fired. This guy is an narcissistic imbecile. In one testimony he vindicates Trump, incriminates himself and the Lorreta Lynch and spotlights how corrupt and colluded the MSM is with our political system.
    Meanwhile the Trump agenda that would attempt to resolve our economic, healthcare and immigration issues is put in a deep freeze by the corrupt and deplorable Washington politicians on both sides of the aisle.
    Watch what is happening in Venezuela right now because this is our future because the average American puts up with despicable corruption.
    And congratulations to you Greg on the 100,000 viewers. You are the best media site on the web and you will probably hit 1,000,000 viewers quicker than you hit 100,000.

  43. Tim McGraw

    Congratulations on having over 100k subscribers on YouTube. Many of us no longer have YouTube channels nor do we have accounts with Google+ so we watch and comment on your videos in this manner. We no longer trust Google/YouTube.
    Thanks for the Weekly News Wrap Up. Comey, Lynch, and Obama obstructed justice and gave Hillary a Get Out of Jail Free card.

    • Greg Hunter

      You are always welcome here Tim, and thank you for supporting USAW!!!

  44. dlc

    A survivor of socialism. Ironically, this speech was given in California, our most progressive underwater state. What does a survivor know anyway?

    In light of the Brit snap election, where a good percentage of the youth cast their vote for socialism, I found this speech which applies to England and this country. Our youth in the U.S. more and more resemble an adult version of the Hitler youth. I was struck by the similarities between the structure of the Nazi regime and what has been established in this country.

    No point in carping about our RINOs. We, the voters, give them our support every election cycle. The blame lies with us. I expect 2018 will be no different. Our RINOs will drop dead on the congressional floor before they will ever be replaced.

    Hitler was VOTED into office with 98% of the German vote. The Brits sprung for socialism. We will too. The similarities between us and Germany are unnerving, nothing learned from history.

  45. e p

    I only watch episodes via your own website. If subscribing to youtube would increase your fan base ( loyal listeners) , let it be known so the loyal listeners can be counted towards another plaque from youtube , perhaps.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you E P. I want folks to come here first and foremost because I am really just a renter on You Tube. I own USAW and that way I can never get kicked off. That said id people wanted to become a subscriber to You Tube it would help me out.

      • Gary

        Greg, I always come here first, three times a week. If subscribing to You Tube will help you out then so be it.

        Once again thank you for allowing a difference of opinion
        to be voiced on your site.

        Gary Canuck

  46. r.j

    Greg you are always a breath of fresh air. Every week you cut through all the B.S. that the msm spews out ad nauseum on a daily basis. You help keep me centred and on track both in faith and financialy. Never stop using the phrase ” Fear not ” because it is so relevant these days and your weekly news wrap up would not be complete without it. Also i hope the play button on your award is solid silver.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you R.J

  47. Joe

    Mr. Greg,

    Comey is a chameleon. He will change color faster than you would believe in order to save his behind.

    And Mr. Greg, I don’t think you would have shot anyone’s eye out. I think you should have got that bb gun!


    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Joe!!!

  48. Tee

    Trumps at war here. He knows the Russian connection with him is false. He knows Comey is a Clinton crony, and just before he fired Comey, Hillery announced she was coming out of the woods. Trump and the think tank fired Comey to put heat on Hillary! Anyway, that’s what I suspect happened Greg and thank you for all you do for us.

  49. Charles H


    Congratualtions on your 100,000 subcriber milestone. You earned it, my friend. CH

  50. coalburner

    Greg; FIRST AND FOREMOST CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!! on the award!!!

    You are right, Comey is a weasel. He was intentionally either trying to entrap the President, come up with phoney charges, or bend him over to get something on him so he could be controlled. Trump was wary of his treachery and should let his attorney go after him. He was the FBI leaker all along. I believe Comey was dirty already and knew his own vulnerability and that motivated him more than reward. All the crooks are worried about what Trump and Sessions will do to them. I believe this was a Comey plan to bring down the President and Trump smelled it out. He couldn’t be trusted to do his job, tell the truth, or anything that would be real law forcement. I would have fired that big so and so too.

    Trump is still consolidating his power and it is growing while some of these RINOS are asleep at the wheel. Congress best be able to get something done or I am betting on Trump primarying a bunch of them. They never dealt with a guy like Trump before and he has the vote power behind him. These lazy varmits don’t even see it coming. My guess also that Dems are about to realize how deep they are into never getting to the top again in 12 to 16 years.
    Last but most important, the forces of evil got another taste of devine intervention yesterday. They will whine but the air was been taken out of their sails. Everyone, Libtards all, know that killed their nutjob made up hopes to bring Trump down. I find it hard to believe they were that stupid but I the left has no boundary when lying to themselves.

  51. Oxfarmer

    Congrats, Greg, on the award! Can’t think of a news outlet more deserving.

    I have been lurking around the site for some time and all I can say is, I have never seen a mistake, or anything but high quality journalism. I often tell frustrated friends sick of the negativity to try you.

    I hope this is the first crack in the swamp. I believe the Clintons, etc. have something on Comey, and the something might be getting too close to human trafficing in its most horrible forms. For them this CANNOT come out, even if they have to throw Hillary Huma and.Weiner under the bus.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you O F!!

    • Justn Observer

      Oxfarmer…. Don’t have a clue but there are rumors about Comey swirling around…might google and you tube up……. Comey and Howdy Doody ? Either answers your question about Clintons having something, why all the footdragging on the Pizza Gate thing or someone has a sic sense of humor !

  52. W. Cravan

    When does the corruption reach the level of criminal? Line these buffoons up and give an adequate sentence already!

    JIM ROGERS: The worst crash in our lifetime is coming
    Business Insider Jacqui Frank Saturday 6/10/2017

  53. Dr Darryl Jewett

    Congratulations on reaching 100,000, Greg. I don’t subscribe to your YouTube channel and most people I know who listen to your interviews regularly don’t either. So without an actual investigation or formal study, if you have 100,000 subscribers, then I’d estimate that you have an audience that exceeds one-million. Which is impressive considering the power of the MSM. Remember that when absolute truth and absolute power collide, truth always wins. Always.

    Lies are truth. Night is day. Black is white. The US has turned into backwardistan. Economy of the US is fundamentally an egregious form of slavery. One demographic is forced to work as slaves, live in squalor and die prematurely, and the proceeds of their slave labor are taken from them in the same way that a bully steals the lunch money from another kid. Those proceeds are redistributed among other demographics who live like pigs at troughs, pretend that they’re the victims and cast aspersions and make false allegations routinely to satisfy their addiction to power and control. That’s the US economy in a nutshell and it’s not sustainable.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for the well wishes and analysis on the channel.

  54. dlc

    As to the whole Comey/Russia phony plastic banana distraction, I’m tired of following this charade. We’ve been herded like dumb sheep since last November.

    Meanwhile, Barry recently bought an 8 million dollar home, Sanders bought his ?3rd home after the election in the range of 1 mil. This is socialism pure and simple: big bucks for the ruling class, umpteen homes, motorcades, private jets — for the rulers who never produced squat. Us comrades get the miserable crumbs of equality.

    I expect to see another poser president of the Marxist variety to follow Trump, straight from central casting just like the Clintons and the Obamas — unaccomplished, unimpressive, virtual unknowns until they were activated and fobbed off on the gullible.

    Note how Congress sits back watching Trump swing in the wind, taking all the arrows. Assassination would be too suspect after JFK. The elites will just apply 1000 cuts until Trump screams, or we do.

  55. Teeter

    Congrats Greg, Cheers

  56. Tad
    Another fine piece by Steve St. Angelo. Industry is producing only 1.2 grams of gold per
    ton. Around 1900, it was about 32 grams.

    With oil prices at present levels and more companies looking like belly-up material, one can’t help but see only hockey stick charts favoring gold and silver.

  57. Just The Facts

    I thank you every Saturday morning after I listen to your wrap-up. Up here in canuckistan we have our msm news from the likes of CBC, CTV and Global. I watch it every night out of habit and curiosity to see how much spin and BS they are going to come out with. This week after listening to them and before I heard this wrap-up I was left with the impression that Comey had destroyed Trump on the stand and that Trump had lied to everyone and was in fact covering up the Russian connections. Furthermore the road had been cleared to push ahead for the impeachment of Trump. All lies and fake news….. disgusting! One news anchor, Lisa LaFlamme on CTV reported on the night before Comey’s testimony that Trump was considering using ” Presidential Privilege ” to prevent Comey from disclosing personal conversations with the president. Then on the next news report after Comey”s testimony she reported that Trump decided at the last minute not to invoke ” Presidential Privilege ” . Correct me if I am wrong, but I didn’t hear this reported anywhere else. Our Canadian news is riddled with examples like this to the point that Canadians are buying into the globalist, NWO agenda with their eyes wide shut. Anyway Greg, on a happier note, congratulations on your award, it is well deserved.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for reporting on your MSM. The whole global MSM complex is tripling down on the spin and outright lies and will not back track. They are destroying themselves top to bottom.

  58. Kim

    Andrew Maguire predicting an event in 26 days that will influence the PM market. Apparently part of the interview was deleted in regards to this prediction.

    • Greg Hunter

      I have him booked.

      • Macray

        Greg, one word! Wow!
        I so look forward to this one and I hope most or all Watchdoggers will enjoy it as well.
        Hope it is before July 5th!!!

  59. Justn Observer

    Per this.. reports are Jacob Rothschild admits globalist plan on the ropes…orders holdings to buy up as much PM as possible to stabilize their positions… @ 10:53

    and if this is true…maybe U.S. media is not giving the whole story on why PM May did so poorly?

  60. Aussie Clive

    Hi Greg. Congratulation on your subscription milestone. It must be very fulfilling to achieve this success after the years of hard work you have put into USAWATCHDOG.

    I thought your analysis of Comey’s testimony was spot on. This man tries hard to shield the fact that he is a cunning, manipulating and deceptive individual. He plays the part of the victim weasel while cleverly scattering enough crumbs around to lead investigators away from himself, either back to Trump or, to my surprise, Loretta Lynch. Perhaps the rats are finally starting to turn on each other.
    What a pity 911 wasn’t investigated with the same amount of enthusiasm.

    • Aussie Clive

      Oh Greg. I took your words “Comey may be in trouble” after testimony and fed them into Googles search engine. The predominant response from this search was:
      ‘Trump may be in trouble after Comey Testimony’.
      I guess we shouldn’t be surprised by this anymore but it does get annoying having to structure your searches in a way that avoids their biased algorithms.

      • Greg Hunter

        Comey destroyed himself. Trump was the winner. Don’t believe the Google, thought shaping, propaganda lies.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you AC!!

  61. cole

    Congratulatins, Greg, on the 100k mark. I always tell my family and friends about your site.
    I read an interesting article, cant source it, that made the observation of just how many prominent EU globalists leaders were childless, with Macron and Merkel easily remembered, but I cant remember the others’ names. It made an impression on me, and those writing the article, that they have no one to pass anything on to- makes one wonder because none of these leaders seems to worry about changing the cultures of their countries through massive unvetted immigration policies.
    I pray God will continue to bless you and this site and thank you.


    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you the viral promotion.

  62. Alan

    The problem is that the far left democrats running the show now have become obsessed with destroying Trump as far back as the Trump campaign. They thought Trump would never win. When Trump surprised them and won the left went ballistic. The left do not care about anything now except destroying Trump. That is why they invented the fake Russian collusion Story. Now that no proof has been found of any Russian collusion between Trump (Comey’s testimony proved that); the left is now trying to go after Trump about foreign business dealings.
    The Marxist/Socialist left does not want to accept Trump as the legitimate president: just like the Arabs have refused to accept Israel’s right to exist in the Jewish historic homeland. For nearly 70 years the Arabs have tried to destroy Israel; because, Israel beat them fair and square in 1948. The Arabs are obsessed with destroying Israel: that is why they created the Palestinian- Israeli conflict to try and defeat Israel politically using the UN, UNESCO and backing out of every attempt by Israel to make peace. The Palestinians are an invented people (just like the Russian collusion story). There is no historic proof of any civilization known as Palestinian in the history of human civilizations. Israel has been the area for 3000+ years. Israel also defeated the Arabs two other times since 1948: in 1967 and 1973. The still do not want to accept Israel The far left thinks the same way about Trump and, thinks the same way the Arabs have about Israel since their surprise defeat in 1948.

  63. Judith Kay

    Greg, zi’m shaking my head in disbelief right now. ALL of the U.S. intelligence agencies have reported that yes, Russia attempted to interfere in the 2016 Presidential election. The intelliegence agencies of our allies have also confirmed this fact. But Trump has not only NOT denounced Russia for doing this, but he has continued to cozy up to the Russians. Then come the firing of those who might investigate his own connection to Russia. Clearly Trump is guilty of some crime – he acts exacly as a guilty man would. Thanks a lot, Greg, to you and the rest of the deplorables, for voting this man into the office of President, a job he is clearly not suitable for. You are all accessories to treason!

    • Greg Hunter

      “ALL of the U.S. intelligence agencies have reported that yes, Russia attempted to interfere in the 2016 Presidential election.” Really?? How? Please be specific. Multiple Obama Intel officials have said not a single vote was changed by the Russians on election day. Multiple officials both Democrat and Republican have said there is zero evidence of the Trump Team colluding with the Russians. They have questions but zero evidence and this after 10 months of a witch hunt, Oh I mean investigation.” Comey said Trump was “NOT a target of the investigation.” Hacked DNC servers you may ask? The FBI never was allowed to look at the servers. The DNC hired an outside tech firm to investigate. So, please be specific. Tell me in detail how the Russians hacked and influenced our elections in 2016? Be specific and don’t just quote the officials or Senators whom say this happened be specific. How did the Russians influence our elections?

      By the way, YOU are a partisan, gullible, idiot that refuses to accept the properly elected President of the United States.

      • Judith Kay

        Here are the specifics you asked for, you partisan, gullible idiot….

        • Greg Hunter

          You partisan idiot Judith,
          Did you read this? It names the DNC servers and the FBI was not allowed to look at the servers. It is widely reported Podesta fell victim to a phishing scam. Finally Wikipedia is NOT considered a source because it is inaccurate. So, you could not come up with a single specific Russian hack or interference in the 2016 election. You have to be a paid troll to be this stupid!!!! NOLT A SINGLE SPECIFIC (LEGIT) RUSSIAN EXAMPLE. Now go play in the streetsnowflake.

  64. Judith Kay

    Or Esquire magazine as well….

    If you read/watched more than Breitbart, Fox News and the Alex Jones Show, you might actually learn something about what’s going on for real outside of the paranoid, tin foil hat zone…

  65. Judith Kay

    Geez, Greg, You completely distrust everything and everyone in the Fed government , don’t you…perhaps you should be looking for a new country?!?

    • Greg Hunter

      I just distrust lying Nazi/Communist/NWO Democrats that supported a criminal with private servers so she could take treasonous bribes given to her global charity fraud. I am not leaving either.

  66. Judith Kay

    I see. So you think everone who voted for Hilary should’ve voted for the Great Deceiver himself, an obviously evil man, who is currently under investigation for obstruction of justice and worse, who is very likely guilty of treason/trading with the enemy?

    • Greg Hunter

      Repeat after me: Hillary had private servers to cover up the fact she was taking treasonous bribes in the form of “donations” to a global charity fraud that is now shutting down. You and the rest of violent brain dead useful idiots cannot not grasp this simple fact.
      Now, please go back to playing in the street. By the way, this is really “Gina” right?

      • Judy Kay

        Hilary’s crimes are child’s play next to Trump’s. You’re just doubling down on a bad bet now, Greg!

        • Greg Hunter

          You are a biased idiot paid troll. No one can be that stupid. “Too stupid to be stupid.” I’ll say it again for you: Clinton had private servers to cover up the fact she was taking treasonous bribes in the form of “donations” to a global charity fraud that is now reportedly shutting down.

  67. Judith Kay

    Ridiculous. And here is saying that it is, not and that is is false that theClinton foundation is NOT shutting down.
    You’ve been conned, Greg, and your mind is just not letting you admit it. Very sad.

  68. Judith Kay

    Ridiculous. And here is saying that it is not shutting down and that the story saying it was is false.
    You’ve been conned, Greg, and your mind is just not letting you admit it. Very sad. One hundred members of Congress just filed a lawsuit against Trump for violating the Federal law against taking large gifts from foreign governments. One hundred Senators and Representatives. One hundred.

  69. Judith Kay

    Honestly, Greg, who gives a sh*t at this point about Hilary and her so-called crimes?!? We’ve a much, much bigger problem currently sitting in the White House, thanks to you and your fellow deplorables! Stop talking about Clinton – nobody cares. She’s history at this point!

    • Greg Hunter

      Hillary and her criminal buddies are fighting this hard to eject Trump from the WH because they are traitors and they know if he succeeds they ALL go to jail. You simply have to be a paid troll. Nobody is this stupid.

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