Current Global Financial System is Toast-John Rubino

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.comJohn Rubino pic 

Financial writer John Rubino says don’t be fooled by the phony economy propped up by central banks. Rubino co-wrote a book a few years ago called “The Money Bubble.” It could have been written this week because almost everything he predicted then is coming to a head now.  Rubino contends, “The money bubble is basically the big bubble that all previous bubbles have been built on.  All the previous bubbles have come and gone, and “The Money Bubble” is about money, government debt and financial instruments, in general.  So, it’s a global bubble that is bigger than anything that has come before.  Part of the reason it has gone on so long is everybody is participating.  Every central bank has a printing press, and that allows them to fool people . . . . It fools people into thinking that the world is basically normal, and it’s not normal. . . . We are creating the conditions for the Mother-of-All financial crises.  It is taking longer to happen than was thought of a few years ago, but it is starting to happen now.  The QE (money printing) programs of the past few years, which were wildly experimental and really shocking to economists and everybody else, turn out not to work. . . . Either the system is getting ready to break down shortly or go on to a new level of experiments that are going to be even more dangerous . . . either way, the current system is toast.”

Rubino, who was also a Wall Street analyst for 10 years, says negative interest rates will be good for gold and silver. Rubino explains, “It used to be that if you were going to buy gold and store it in a vault, you would have to pay maybe 1% a year.  You wouldn’t generate any cash flow from it.  Meanwhile, a portfolio of Treasury bonds might yield you 6% a year.  So, there was a big gap in cash flow between financial assets and real assets. That’s gone now in a world of negative interest rates.  It actually costs you money to own Japanese or German bonds, whereas gold is still what it always was.  It sits there and retains its value while your bond portfolio actually loses value.  You pay rather than receive interest.  So, this is a phenomenally good environment for precious metals, and that ought to play out over time.  In other words, money ought to flow into those sectors, gold and silver, as the next few years progress.  They are tiny little sectors compared to financial assets, in general.  If just 1% of investable assets flowed into precious metals, it would send them through the roof.  There is so much more paper out there than gold and silver.”

Rubino also points out the chaos in the world is not good for investing in paper assets. Rubino says, “When France wants to leave the EU, which is the next big thing we might see.  If they had the election today, it (leaving the EU) would win.  They would pull out of the EU . . . and that would basically collapse the European project.  Spread ideas like that around the world and you get chaotic political headlines every single day, which feeds back into the financial chaos.  When politics are unsettled, that makes you more nervous about your money. . . . You are going to be very nervous about the stock market if you are nervous about your political system.  So, it’s a feedback loop that is self-reinforcing.  I think 2017 is when we see this thing kick into high gear.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with John Rubino, co-author of “The Money Bubble” and founder of

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview.

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  1. James

    I enjoyed the interview with John Rubino, but he made the same error as almost every economics expert. At 23:30 of the interview he said, ”Since that time, debt at every level of every major society has soared.” He avoided explaining that Russia is not part of that group.
    In an August 30 interview with ( Bill Holter stated at the 14:00 minute mark that he thinks there will emerge 4 or 5 block currencies around the world and then specifically states that the Russian ruble will survive on its own. He is the first analyst I’ve heard that has caught on to the strength of the ruble.
    According to Putin’s economics advisor Dr. Sergey Glazyev, “The ruble is the most gold-backed currency in the world, and our currency reserves are excessive — twice as much as our monetary base. As the most undervalued currency in the world, the ruble is five times undervalued in terms of purchasing power parity.” This is completely opposite to all the debt ridden countries with grossly overvalued currencies sloshing around the world.
    I think Bill Holter may be just the first to catch on about Russia and other analysts will slowly see through the anti-Russian western media haze distorting the truth. It would be an eye-opening experience for your viewers to hear from someone with great knowledge about what is really happening in the Russian economy

    • Charles H

      Russia has ben insulating itself from the “race to the bottom” the Dollar has obligated most all other currencies. I believe China has hidden it’s hand in this also, by voluntarily devaluating the Yuan periodically. Everyone tied to the West, meaning the Dollar, will be sucked down with it. Good observation, James.

      • frederick

        The Euro is also “the West” isnt it but I see your point about the dollar system being destroyed

    • allen ols

      good stuff, think on mina brudder.

      • allen ols

        trump visited mexico and I sense the HUGE WALL GETTIN BIGGER, is shrinking even more, and the little wall will not require mexico to pay for it, so I guess his golden exterior is just gold plated lead.
        Kicking out all the illegals in mass, will shrink to them walking across the bridge at el paso mexico border, sign papers and walk back a us citizen.
        trump is sounding more like Rubio,jeb, and ted.

        • frederick

          Maybe the globalists got to him and made him an offer he couldnt refuse allen

          • allen ols

            I listened to a guy named david ike on coast to coast and it was really good.
            He spoke of bush really in charge during Reagan yrs and bush/cliton/Obama all in it together controlled by an entity/few, and I think he referred they are going to get to trump. I was at work at 3 am ups and didn’t hear all. tks

            • frederick

              Ive seen some of his videos and he does seem to border on crazy occasionally but I think he is very intelligent and is correct about The Bush crime family and how they are involved with not only Obama but the Clintons as well As George Carlin said its a big club If Trump is sincere I have no doubt they will get to him one way or another Its what they do

          • grassroot

            Note too that Trump had visited, privately, that old big time Globalist Henry Kissinger last summer.
            Who has since endorsed his run for the Presidency.
            I would like to have been listening in on the conversation they had. It may be Trump is an agent for these and wouldn’t have made it without their approval.

            • Greg Hunter

              And it “may” not. Everyone was against trump and yet he became President. You cannot do that unless you have some strategy.

  2. MCasey

    John Kerry: “Perhaps the media would do us all a service if they didn’t cover it [terrorism] quite as much. People wouldn’t know what’s going on.”

    Willful blindness works well for Obama so why shouldn’t it work just as well for the American people; so Kerry is encouraging the media to just not tell us about terrorist attacks.

    And if the media doesn’t fall in line (like the MSM always does), then we’ll just stop listening or reading about terrorism! It never happened!

    Problem solved! Why didn’t we think of that?

    And that’s not all, Kerry blames Americans for terrorism because it’s our job to keep those young, innocent minds entertained.

    Kerry said, “…if we have too many young people who can’t go to school, or too many young people who are frustrated, or they can’t find a job – if we leave those minds out there for extremists to recruit, then it will continue, and none of us would be doing our jobs if we allowed that to happen.”



  3. Lolla Brigida

    Reuters: Donald Trump Closes 12-Point Gap with Hillary Clinton, Now Tied
    by Breitbart News 30 Aug 2016

    The real reason speechwriter Gina Mac-arena is running scared!

    Donald Trump closed a 12-point polling gap with Hillary Clinton in five days, leaving them half a percent apart during the next two-day period, according to new polling data from Reuters.

    On August 22, Clinton led Trump by 12 points, 44.8 percent to 32.8 percent. By Aug. 27, the two candidates were neck and neck, according to Reuters.

    By Aug. 29, Trump had nudged up again to 39.1 percent, while she was at 39.7 percent. He gained 6.7 points, while she lost 5.1 points during the entire seven-day period.

    Twenty percent of the respondents declined to pick either of the two leaders in the poll of 1,397 likely voters, which was concluded Aug .29.

    Trump’s support among Republicans climbed from 71 percent up to 78.3 percent. Clinton’s support among Democrats dipped slightly from 81.6 percent to 78.5 percent.

    The poll reflects a general trend, in which Trump has managed to close much of the gap that Clinton opened in early August.

    You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you cant fool all of the people all of the time.Abraham Lincoln, (attributed) 16th president of US (1809 – 1865) Which leads to. . .

    In July, Reuters sharply changed how it presented polling data, political strategist Pat Caddell told Breitbart Radio. “It is, beyond doubt, the most outrageous thing,” he declared.

    Caddell cited two examples to Breitbart News.

    “On July 25, they originally reported: Trump 40.3 percent and Clinton 37.2 percent, which was a Trump margin of 2.8,” he said. “They have recalculated that now–which I have never heard of–they changed that data, to be: Clinton 40.9 and Trump 38.4, which is a 2.5 margin for Clinton.”

    The July 25 Reuters poll now shows a result that reflects a 5.3 percentage point flip from the previously published results, he said.

    “Now look at July 26,” he said. “On July 26 they had Trump at 41.5 percent and Hillary at 36.3. That was a 5.2 Trump margin. Then, in the new calculation, they claim that Clinton was 41.1 percent, Trump was 37.5, and the margin was 3.6 for Clinton. Same poll. Two different results. Recalculated, after you’ve announced the other results.”

    “What you get is an 8.8 percentage point margin change, almost nine points swinging from one candidate, based on some phony, some bizarre allocation theory that you claim you know where these people are or you are just leaving them out,” he said. “I actually believe they are allocating them because they are claiming they are really Clinton voters and they are using something to move them to Clinton.”

    “This comes as close as I have ever seen to cooking the results,” said the legendary pollster and political consultant. “I suppose you can get away with it in polling because there are no laws. But, if this was accounting, they would put them in jail.” See Chart;
    The DNC does Mac-arena!

    • WD


      The poll # are lies…..

    • Paul ...

      The MSM polls are part of their “mind control” efforts … Mr. Hugo Salinas Price makes an interesting point in a recent talk … stating: “The central problem of our times is that official economists (neocons, MSM, etc.) attempt to apply the “Scientific Method” when designing economic policies (war policies, mind control policies, etc.) for governments and this method is not applicable to human activity. The “Scientific Method” cannot be applied to social concerns, because physical matter and human beings behave in totally different ways. Matter cannot choose (but) human beings do choose their behavior. So, while action applied to matter produces predictable results, action applied to human beings must consider the fact that human being(s) do choose, they do have options (like voting for Good over Evil), and thus (the neocons, MSM, etc. can’t predict human) behavior successfully. (Humans are not robots and thus) cannot be quantified nor expressed correctly in equations. The world’s economists, (neocons and Main Stream Media, etc.) ignore this fundamental fact, and (by doing) so they formulate economic plans (war plans, mind control plans, etc.) for the State that always turn out counter-productive, (and) their plans (instead) produce results that (usually turn out to be) quite the opposite of what they expected!”
      Democratic “robots” will vote for Hillary! … “thinking human beings” will vote for Trump!

  4. Nesta Hempstead

    Pentagon Official Once Told Morley Safer That Reporters Who Believe the Government Are “Stupid”

    ___Same Old, Same Old; Except now it’s on the other, left foot! Hillary’s! LOL!

    Morley Safer, who was a correspondent on CBS’s 60 Minutes from 1970 until just last May and died that same month at age 84.

    There will be hundreds of obituaries about Safer, but at least so far there’s been no mention of what I think was one of the most important stories he ever told.

    In 1965, Safer was sent to Vietnam by CBS to cover the escalating U.S. war there. That August he filed a famous report

    showing American soldiers burning down a Vietnamese village with Zippo lighters and flamethrowers as children and elderly women and men cowered nearby.

    The next year he wrote a newspaper column about a visit to Saigon by Arthur Sylvester, the assistant secretary of defense

    for public affairs — i.e., the head of all the U.S. military’s PR.

    Sylvester had arranged to speak with reporters for U.S. outlets, including Safer. Here’s how Safer described it:

    There had been some annoying moments in previous weeks that had directly involved Sylvester’s own office. In the first B-52 raids, Pentagon releases were in direct contradiction to what had actually happened on the ground in Viet Nam.

    There was general opening banter, which Sylvester quickly brushed aside. He seemed anxious to take a stand — to say something that would jar us. He said:

    “I can’t understand how you fellows can write what you do while American boys are dying out here,” he began. Then he went on to the effect that American correspondents had a patriotic duty to disseminate only information that made the United States look good.

    A network television correspondent said, “Surely, Arthur, you don’t expect the American press to be the handmaidens of government.”

    “That’s exactly what I expect,” came the reply.

    An agency man raised the problem that had preoccupied Ambassador Maxwell Taylor and [U.S. spokesman] Barry Zorthian — about the credibility of American officials. Responded the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs: “Look, if you think any American official is going to tell you the truth, then you’re stupid. Did you hear that? — stupid.”

    One of the most respected of all the newsmen in Vietnam — a veteran of World War II, the Indochina War and Korea — suggested that Sylvester was being deliberately provocative. Sylvester replied:

    “Look, I don’t even have to talk to you people. I know how to deal with you through your editors and publishers back in the States.”

    At this point, the Hon. Arthur Sylvester put his thumbs in his ears, bulged his eyes, stuck out his tongue and wiggled his fingers.

    Vance Hartke, a Democratic senator from Indiana, entered Safer’s article into the Congressional Record, and Durward Hall,

    a Republican representative from Missouri, called for Sylvester to resign. For its part, the Pentagon told CBS executives

    “Unless you get Safer out of there, he’s liable to end up with a bullet in his back.”

    For the rest of the story;

    • Paul ...

      Look at Satan’s big “open mouth” smile on Hillary’s face as she and the military neocons plan to bring us WWIII!×357-C4a.jpg

      • frederick

        No doubt shes in bed with the devil Paul No good person could laugh in obvious joy over another human being being savagely Murdered regardless of how much you disagree with them IMO

      • Green Rock

        The US is already in WW3…..and losing it. They just deny that fact. US is losing in Syria. Lost in Turkey. Lost in Egypt. Losing in Philippines. Losing with TPP. US is losing the “keep the dollar the lead reserve currency” war.

  5. Nesta Hempstead

    Seymour Hersh Says Hillary Approved Sending Libya’s Sarin To Syrian Rebels

    Authored by Eric Zuesse via, The great investigative journalist Seymour Hersh, in two previous articles in the London Review of Books (“Whose Sarin?” and “The Red Line and the Rat Line”) has reported that the Obama Administration falsely blamed the government of Syria’s Bashar al-Assad for the sarin gas attack that Obama was trying to use as an … Continue reading

    Can Americans Overthrow The Evil That Rules Them?
    August 30, Guest Post by Paul Craig Roberts

    Paul Wolfowitz and the lies that he told in the high government positions that he held are responsible for a massive number of deaths and massive destruction in seven countries. Wolfowitz has announced his vote for Hillary Clinton. Does this make you feel reassured? ~ Greg please take note, you could be right but as this article points out, Trump could win, but lose!

    • frederick

      Nesta ,Wolfowitz along with plenty of others including Tony Blair and John McCain are warmongering criminals in my opinion

    • Paul ...

      … Hillary can gas women and children as good as you … and smile about it! …

      • Paul ...

        Our Non-Main Stream Media investigative reporter John Q. Public happened to get an interview with Batman (otherwise known as Trump): JQP asked: why the name Bat Man?
        Batman: Because I’m going to bat the crooked crony class out of Gotham.
        JQP: Strange name for a city Gotham don’t you think?
        Batman: A few letters are the same … it was previously called Gomorrah!
        Just then the Joker arrived saying: “Batman is not qualified to clean up my city!”
        JQP: Joker why do you want to bring the world to Armageddon in a world wide nuclear war and why did you provide (saran gas) to kill innocent women and children?
        Joker: My partner has AIDS, I can hardly walk, they want to lock up my daughter for fraud … so … What Difference Does It Make Anyway!

  6. terry44

    Thanks. The best interview this year!

  7. andyb

    Greg: I, like you, read the Dollar Collapse every day, and John’s comments are always quite illuminating; thanks for having him on.
    Well, well, well, and hmmm, hmmm, hmmm. It appears that this once great Republic has gone full dictatorial retard, with a new Drudge headline that “Homeland Security to Take Charge of Elections”. If this comes to pass, Hillary will be the next President, count on it. It is becoming more obvious that Trump could win in a landslide; can’t have that, now can we. So the Establishment wants to slip a high fast one by us to “control the process” to prevent hacking. In the past, the voter fraud was a minimum of 5%, no biggie to accomplish. But now they may have to overcome 10-15%, which is impossible without being so, so obvious. It may be time for pitchforks and guillotines, folks.

  8. frederick

    Of course what Rubino is saying about negative interest rates and precious metals makes perfectly good sense Sadly very little in todays financial world makes any sense whatesoever Hopefully reality will prevail soon the wait is killing me

  9. mark branham

    There is third option, offload the debt to the IMF thru a swap for SDR bonds.

    Over the next few years the IMF’s SDR will replace the dollar as the world’s reserve currency. This will free the dollar from the responsibility and privileges that attend upon reserve currency status. For the average debt serf that means the rich will get richer and everyone else will continue to fund them.

    The world is catching on to the scam that is debt-money… so influence peddlers the world over are speaking out to distracted the masses from what’s really happening.

    There will be no crash… though there should be.

    • Angelo

      I happen to agree with you. Everyone including some of the guests her are forecasting about a collapse. This is with sound mathematical fundamentals of course. But the context at which the forecasts are rendered is in the logical realm. I don’t need to remind you that TPTB ar fueled by greed and truthiness. So my point here is to study their every move and prepare accordingly.

  10. Jerry

    This is how China views the world economy.

    Americans not only live in a debt bubble, they live inside a denial bubble supported by self righteous hubris and pride. The problem is the rest of the world does not coexist inside the bubble with us, and does not support our need for self gratification.

    As I have posted the last few months, September is a critical month for the world economy, and for the future of the dollar. You have the G20 meeting the 4th and 5th of this month, followed by the Yuan going into the IMF basket of currencies on October 1. What is most critical is the IMF’s decision to allow the Yuan to be used for trade internationally in place of the dollar. With that you can cross China and Russia off the list of countries using the dollar as reserve currency for trade, soon to be followed by a host of countries who have signed on to the AIIB. In essence ” the Bretton Wood’s barn door has been left open and the cash cows are about to escape”.

    What that means to our economy is anybody’s guess, but my hunch is with 24 straight months of negative GDP, its not going to go down well if the dollar should loose 30% of its value. That doesn’t even take into consideration the fact that Deutsche Bank is about to go under and dump 125 trillion dollars in derivative debt into the world bank.

    If you would like to go down the rabbit hole further, I would suggest reading Kens piece (see next link) over at Rogue Money. Ken is master at laying out the truth.

      • Jerry

        Please note the G20 Fiancé Ministers meeting Oct. 5th in Washington. You can draw your own conclusions.

        • Greg Hunter

          Something very big is up for late September and early October and they are basically giving the world a big warning for those that care to hear it. Thank you for all you links and posts!!!!!

          • Jerry

            I’m stunned every time I read this information in a foreign newspaper. We are truly living is a news blackout in the U.S. No mention anywhere .

            • allen ols

              sie, stunning

            • frederick

              All part of the plan to turn US citizens into ignorant sheeple Thank god for sites like this where you can get some truth

          • al H.

            Greg:; You build this guy up to big- he didn’t mention the coming derivatives collapse- or even the banks doing bail -ins. The US government has written laws to protect the banksters- and screw the people! You know that’s how they work- they take care of their own. Greg- you know I’m in deep on these subjects.- Collapse(the bubble) is coming, but John seems to think the fed won’t necessarily take care of the banks- so wrong- they are always protected- government is in bed with them- As Gerald Celente says- this is fascism!

      • Robert Lykens

        30 days, Jerry.
        Maybe the dollar will be deposed. Maybe it won’t.
        Either way, what does it say about our once-great nation that we might be only 30 days from disaster?

        • Paul ...

          30 days … 60 days … 90 days … getting the timing right is not what matters … what matters is that the Fed must create inflation to bail out the bankers … having the dollar strengthen only creates deflation … so the Fed “must weaken” the dollar to create the inflation the banksters need to get themselves out of the jam they are in … now even if the dollar is not completely deposed … the Fed must weaken it … and that will drive gold and silver higher … it’s a slam dunk!

        • Jerry

          I agree. We don’t know how this is going to play out. Al H is correct though. Whatever happens, in the end the derivatives will have the final say.

      • WD


        So glad you discovered Ken..Rogue Money is a V creation…..the best stuff.

        • Jerry

          I personally like Wolf Gray, but you can’t deny Kens talents.

          • WD


            Wolf Gray… I will check him out!!


      • Truth_Seeker

        Great info, Jerry, appreciate the heads up. This explains so much of what’s going on in geopolitics, and I would not have known this info had it not been for your very informative comment. Mainstream news black-out, in America, indeed – sad, but true.

        Appreciate your contribution and this website. This will now be my go-to site for staying aware, as we are truly entering an important time. Any person of prayer would recognize, it’s time to start, serioiusly, paying attention.

  11. Darnell Coles

    All I can say is that black reparations needs to gets paid. That the bubble that going to set us to ill.

    • Greg Hunter

      You are a paid troll and you are not “black.” Beat it troll.

      • Charles H

        Probing – to find an audience; or just have ‘a voice’. It’s going to happen more and more.

      • Paul Anthony

        You are a paid troll and you are not “black.” Beat it troll.

        hahahaha .. I spit my coffee out reading the comments on this one

    • Deanna Clark

      I definitely think the Government of Great Britain should pay reparations to the descendants of those displaced by the Highland Clearances (me) and the Irish Potato Famine. Then Uncle Sam can reimburse all the land swiped from the American indigenous peoples…including Darnell Coles house. But most yummie of all…the Ivy League universities should be responsible for reparations to the black American descendants of those brought here on the slave ships, whose vast fortunes were the endowments of those schools.
      Or we could pool the minds and wills of this great republic to find answers to the problems of today… grown ups with resilience and common sense!!! So There!!

      • Bart

        Regarding slavery, its time to lay off whitey and go after some Jews.
        They owned nearly all the slave ships and controlled most of the markets.

        Spielberg lied big time in Amistad.

    • Paul ...

      Hey Darnell … blacks are killing blacks … don’t black lives matter?
      Abortionists are killing blacks … don’t black lives matter?
      Hillary and Obama’s healthcare and job policies are killing blacks … don’t black lives matter?
      The military is killing blacks … don’t black lives matter?
      The reparations that must be paid … must be paid by those killing the blacks! … not us ordinary folks!

    • Jerry

      I’m native American. The way I see it is that you owe me since you’re on my land. What a lame excuse of victimology.

  12. Paul ...

    The bankers are suffering not being able to make loans (at a decent profit) to people at current low interest rates … they are telling the Fed to raise rates … but the Wall Street gang doesn’t want to see the stock market crash … so they are telling the Fed to keep rates low … the schizophrenic Fed talks both books (negative rates and higher rates) to keep both the banksters and brokers happy until they get Hillary into office … once Hillary is (s)elected President in with her history of supporting the last five(5) wars … WWIII is a shoo in … then the banks can make massive war loans to the government at a hefty profit and the brokers will be able to sell war related Military/Industrial stocks … the warmongering military dropping bombs on civilians and infrastructure should help boost the funeral and commodities industries … etc., etc. … with all the above people voting for “Hillary and War” … it will take every one us (who don’t want to send our kids to war) to get out and vote for “Trump and Peace” … our choice is clear … do we vote for Hillary to create jobs (by killing people in a massive war) … or do we vote for Trump who will create jobs by imposing high tariffs on the international corporations?

    • Paul ...

      The question becomes … will Americans choose to create jobs by killing more women and children in yet another war … or will Americans choose to create jobs by forcing the evil corporations that abandoned America to bring our jobs back home?
      The election this November is the eternal struggle between Good and Evil … God prays for us to be good … but Satan’s wide open mouth (money hungry) smile on Hillary’s face may just be too powerful for Americans to resist!

    • Tin foil hat

      When the dollar is no longer the global reserve currency, the dollar will easily loose 30-50% of its value. When that happen, jobs will come back without imposing high tariffs on the international corporations.

      • Paul ...

        Tin … even better … as it will keep prices down on foreign made products!

  13. Jack-G

    Fantastic interview! Thanks Greg.

  14. Jallen

    Greg and Watchdogs,
    John Rubino did an excellent job of “Cause and Effect” between Politics and the Economy.
    John’s presentation of a most difficult situation was simple and straight forward, certainly a sign of High Intelligence. Greg, you did fine job of letting John “run with the ball”.

  15. Chip

    “kick out all minorities” in apparent reference to Donald Trump. He NEVER said any such thing. Building a wall and enforcing immigration laws, vetting Muslims from US hating countries, does not equate to “kick out all minorities” or being bigoted… Otherwise very good interview… Chip

  16. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, I wonder what the financial outcome and or financial repercussions if any of the “money bubble” and the markets will be if Trump is elected President. Would a Trump Presidency fast forward a “money bubble” burst? Frankly, I hope so, its time to bring back financial transparency as well as government transparency. The people of this nation deserve their money to be based upon real value instead of smoke and mirrors, fraud and deceit; the U.S. Government needs to do the same, Comey and company, the Clinton’s, Obama and your basic American politician should get ready to be undressed and shown to be the traitors they are. Their outing is near we can only pray. Trump!

    • Tin foil hat

      Arthur Barnes,
      I think if Trump were elected president, he would cooperate with the IMF and allow the SDR to take over the reserve currency status. Dollar will loose 30 to 40% of its value but it’s not going to be the end of the world. The British Pound lost about 40% of its value since 2008 and the British didn’t go Madmax.
      If Hillary were elected, I believe the banksters will do anything and everything to prolong the dollar’s reserve status.

      • frederick

        The British arent the Americans Big difference Tin

  17. Papa J

    Well Greg, you were right two times here when you said people are loving this interview and that it was too long since you’ve had him on. This is the 1st time I’ve heard of him. I’ll look back into your archives. I have been wondering what else they could do to hold on to this economy and John gave me a bit more insight. A debt jubilee is something I will need to look into more. Could that be their next hail Mary? Although I love my life and don’t want anything to change that, I just know this “event” will happen in my lifetime. Something says I want it to happen while I am just old and not very old.
    Have John back soon!
    Thank you,
    Papa J

  18. Fatcat

    Fantastic interview Greg!One of the best seen lately! Mr. Rubino is a great communicator.

    Everyone stay safe during the holiday and God bless…

  19. MCasey

    The “false flag” is ‘the Russians are attacking America’s election machines’; Obama’s response is, ‘to take control (DHS) of the electronic voting machines and the counting process’. Riots are next. Make your final preparations.

    • Charles H

      I’m not believing the ‘blame the Russians’ narrative either. Anything goes…

      • frederick

        Blame the Russians blame the Muslims blame the Chinese See the pattern?

        • Charles H

          Too broad categorization here. There IS a trend to draw those off who can be drawn. But there is a very big issue to judge every one and every organization upon their own merits. Every country, and every culture does NOT have the same history – or operates from the same perspective of experience. Neither do all these operate from the same ideological motivations.
          Liberal Bias is a Blame-based black-balling approach to everything but itself – it’s the nature and operation of the beast. This is just smoke-screen, one has to look past.

  20. Jack

    Don’t get me wrong: I agree with John Rubino’ assessment. However, gold (and especially) silver prices (on manipulated commodity exchanged, admittedly) remain in a band of historically low prices when compared to their prices even only five years ago. Silver, particularly has gone BACKWARDS as it has only ever reached $50 – in 1980 and 2011. Now, what do you think 1 1980 US$ would be worth (i.e. purchase) today: $10, 20, 30? let’s say $1 1980 dollar is worth the equivalent of $20 2016 dollars. So, the silver price of $18.70 should really be 20x$18.70 which is $374! Yes, that sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it, but how many ‘things’ or ‘services’ that you buy today cost the same as they did in 1980? Name one – I dare you. This is why what ‘they’ do is called ‘Managemant of Perceptions Economics’ (MOPE for short). Yes, it really exists. Google it and be amazed (unless you already knew, in which case, give yourself a pat on the back and wear a smug expression).
    As to why they keep the silver price at historically unheard of levels – work it out for yourself! Although it’s not hard to do (even I managed it), there isn’t one silver or gold pundit who has hit the bulls-eye, not one. And that is not a boast – it’s actually quite sad.

  21. John Kiesler

    Mr. Hunter- Peace and once again thank you for the fine work which you do to educate the public on economic issues. I, by no means savvy in business, have learned much and am very grateful. With no disrespect to your other guests I found the interview with John Rubino to be outstanding and one of the best. Keep up the good work and God bless you. John Kiesler,ofm

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you John!!

  22. diane s.

    Someone Just Dumped Almost $5 Billion Notional Gold Into The Futures Market | Zero Hedge

  23. Jerry

    Here’s a summation of Gina’s next post in Readers Digest form.
    The economy is great. Hilary will lead us into an era of new prosperity, so keep your money in the bank and trust the government. RIGHT.

    • WD


      This is a very big deal!!!!!

    • Mike R

      There’s a better than 50% chance, that Hillary will have to step down before the end of this month. A lot going on behind the scenes, and pressure is coming from all angles, including foreign entities. The clinton criminal foundations donors are deathly afraid of being ‘exposed’ for what their donations actually represented, so Hillary is going to have to step down. The whole medical stuff going on, is actually being leaked from democratic insiders, as the ‘fall back’ (red herring -so they can actually blame the GOP for the lead, or right wing conspiracy) while they are positioning for the excuse that will be needed. There’s a reason she’s not even showing up on anyone’s radar right now, barely any public appearances, while Trump is out there front and center, and its because she is being held back. She can’t any longer appear except for very minimal and controlled situations. When she has appeared in recent months, they can barely generate a crowd, and Dem operatives know this and are in panic mode. Hillary is cooked beyond belief. Probably why Gina emotionally blew a fuse in the prior interview, which in of itself is a sign things are not going well for the democratic nominee. It’s either Kaine as the fall back, or Biden. Even the web-bots run by the Alta report, are picking up on the lexicon and many internet dialogues that none of us can ‘see’, that Hillary is going to be taken out of the picture.

      • Greg Hunter

        Mike R,
        my prediction when Hillary entered the race and she was favored to beat any and all challengers I said she “Would not be elected president.” She would be a criminal disaster and I hope you are correct.

        • Mike R

          That could turn out to be a rather good prediction. Personally, I think Obama’s in on it, and the entire party elite is trying to figure out what to do. $194 million she supposedly raked in, during August, so you have to wonder if they are banking that for a new candidate, as I don’t see where any money is being spent doing any campaigning or even barely any TV AD’s. This has got to be the lowest profile campaigning ever done, that’s going on now in the Democrat party. Its very curious. I remember in 2008, there were Obama yard signs all over creation. I have yet to see any for Hillary anywhere in the midwest states that I travel by car. IL, IA, WI, MI, and IN.

          • Greg Hunter

            Thank you Mike R for your comment.

  24. OutLookingIn

    Speaking of money –

    Real money that is – GOLD.
    “Someone” dumped $4.7 billion of notional gold onto the market this morning, resulting in a smash down of the spot price of gold. This has gone beyond the ridiculous to the asinine!
    When a paper gold derivative is allowed to set the spot value of the physical metal.

    There is only one reason for doing this. To cap and force down the spot price of gold, ahead of tomorrows OTC LBMA expiry and the weekly/end of month heavily massaged BLS jobs report. Also on tap is the upcoming G 20 meeting in China, which is being viewed as China’s coming out party, since it has just issued 500 million yuan bonds denominated in SDR’s. Ahead of the yuan’s inclusion in the SDR basket of currencies in one months time.

    The global financial powers that be are losing control of the world financial Ponzi monster of their creation. Their reactions to the unforeseen consequences of their previous actions, speak louder than words. Each reaction becomes more ridiculous than the previous one. Myriad QE’s to infinity, ZIRP, NIRP, government bond buying, corporate bond buying, corporate equity buying, etc. etc. etc.

    The Ponzi monster has gotten so big that it’s due to fall over soon. Those in it’s path will be crushed, whilst holding their worthless paper wealth. Get the real thing.

    • Just'n Observer


      • Charles H

        Expect to go beyond the “asinine”.

  25. diane s.

    Another good interview Greg

  26. Greg Hunter

    Best-selling author and financial expert/insider Jim Rickards totally disagree with you. What are you credentials?

  27. Nick-Dog

    That was an absolutely brilliant interview. I very much enjoyed and appreciated John Rubino’s clarity of thought and analysis. Thanks for having him on!

  28. Frederick

    Gold booger stuff? What does that even mean? Your name sounds impressive but your comments are absurd sir

  29. Gregory Mannarino

    EXCELLENT! Greg here is even more proof that the “money” bubble is going to explode. Check this out. RIGHT NOW! We Exist In The Largest Housing Bubble EVER. Click here:

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Gregory for adding to this post and backing Rubino up!!

  30. Scarlett

    Great interview, Greg.

    Could you interview Antal Fekete before he dies, please? Max Keiser did, so can you.

    Thank you.

  31. DLC

    Lolla Brigida (too funny!): Viewed your Macarena download. Shocking how much Hillary has deteriorated in just 20 years. I am about 3 years younger than her and I’m out cycling every 4 a.m.

    Bill and Hillary both look like propped up death.

    I noticed a pattern with Dem candidates. The Clintons and Obamas were virtually unknown to Americans before their candidacies. Tim Kaine is an unknown even to me.

    The Dems do their most damage to the country with these dark horses. I think Hillary is being helped along to get her installed — and then change horses to Mr. Unknown.

    • Bill

      DLC; The neocons will have someone to run the country from behind the scene, just like Valerie jarrett is doing right now.

  32. Anthony Australia

    Most appreciated Greg!

    The mainstream media are now writing articles about the increasing risk of a Stock Market crash.

    Perhaps they are clearing their conscience.

  33. oldbones youngmind


    John Rubino should be a regular guest. He is rational, logical and thinks on a big-picture scale. I have followed his work for several years, mostly through his frequent conversations with Dr. Chris Martenson on the Peak Prosperity website. Thank you very much for all the outstanding guests and the truly hard work you do to help people prepare for the coming major phase transition.

  34. DLC

    AZ, say it ain’t so.

    As predicted, McCain won his primary against Dr. Ward. There are between 4-5 mil people in Phoenix alone. I did not see any official percentage on turnout. I voted at noon, was the only person at the polling place.

    I’m guessing John’s votes come from crossovers. I am officially registered as “No Party” which means I can ask for any party ballot I want. John’s base here hates him, and he knows it.

    Tons of money went into this election, tons more to come. I see he is already campaigning on You-Tube, playing his “aw shucks” act and looking like someone just shot his dog.

    He is 80 years old. This croaker just beat out a 47-year-old, highly competent, conservative woman doctor. An uninformed, apathetic public just gave this guy one last cartridge to fire — like in “Flight of the Phoenix.”

    He portrayed Dr. Ward as unhinged and dangerous. Sound familiar? I think he took advantage of the pictures we see of Hillary and subliminally morphed Dr. Ward with Hillary in the voters’ minds.

    In America, everything is how it looks. No issues were discussed. It was pure smear and it worked. Now what we are left with is an AZ general election between 2 progressives.

  35. DLC

    “Flight of the Phoenix.” Will McCain make it to the oasis? Bad outcome either way. His Dem opponent is a Hillary wannabe.

    • frederick

      Bomb bomb John called someone else unhinged? Thats hysterical isnt it?

    • Paul ...

      When McCain rose from the ashes of Vietnam he flew to Phoenix to tout more death and destruction … and bring to ashes the lives of Christian men, women and children who have had their heads chopped off because of him! … and what is so evil about him is that Lucerferian smirk on his face (Hillary uses the open mouth technique) when posing for pictures with the ISIS terrorists!

  36. Westcoaster

    RED ALERT! Greg-wanted to be sure you SAW THIS!!

    • Greg Hunter

      That is big but you got the credit for knowing what’s pivotal and posting it.

    • Paul ...

      Whether it is a failure to deliver, or a bail in, or an income tax, or a wealth tax, or making cash illegal, etc., etc. their objective is clear … “they” want to steal our money!
      We can screw the crooks by buying and holding physical gold and silver coins … “they hate you” for making it hard for “them” to rob your money … so they manipulate the precious metal market creating an “artificial” price for gold and silver … and the MSM prints this “artificial price” in all the financial sections of their newspapers! … however the “real time debt clock” shows exactly what price of gold ($8000 +) and silver ($800 +) is!!

  37. Sayonara

    Phenomenal interview! I have never seen anyone articulate with such clairvoyance the current state of finance, economics and politics – PERIOD! Not only is John Rubino articulate and clairvoyant, he is absolutely intellectually honest in his assessment of where we are right now. Many of your brilliant guests state that economic implosion is in progress and moments away with time frames in a matter of months. This has proven be to not be true – not that they are wrong or going to be wrong- it is the issue of timing. All of us who have studied economics and finance through a course of decades believe that it should have happened already. It has not due to the trickery by economic elites. So, does it implode now or later? We do not know. But one of these times, instead of pulling a rabbit out of the hat, it will be a ferocious lion like in cartoons back in the day. Message received = Prepare right now or brutally suffer later.

  38. Robert Lykens

    HCB, do you believe that the US dollar will remain the world’s reserve currency? If the dollar is deposed, do you believe gold will remain unaffected? You do realize that the US dollar index is near 15-year highs?

  39. frederick

    Wow Greg your Charles Ortel interview sure got under Ginas skin Guess the truth is truly kryptonite to the Clintonbots

  40. Andrew L.

    Greg… I’m tired of all your guests calling a collapse here and calling a collapse there. When will the collapse happen?? Can you please give us an exact date? Maybe we will all die waiting. Do you think I should just go back to stocks? I feel like I’m taking crazy pills. I’m so tired of believing and waiting for something that won’t happen. I really do not know what to think anymore. Maybe we’re all insane? Your viewers (including me) and your guests. Maybe there will be no collapse and the mainstream is right about us.

    • FC

      A smoker is also tired of listening to Doctors, telling them that if you continue smoking your risk of Lung Cancer is greater………..asking them for an exact date, so one can stop smoking the day before Cancer sets in, is not only ridiculous, but impossible…….No different for a financial advisor.
      My advise to you sir, is to go with your gut instinct………..smoke if one believes Cancer won’t happen to them and buy Stocks if one believes it will continue to rise, but don’t stop living, because of fear of the unknown……………but always remember the saying, You’ve Made Your Bed, Now Lie In It.

    • Tracy Welborn

      The collapse is happening right now. It’s not being reported and you still have money, food and shelter – so you don’t recognize it. I am one of his regular viewers and NO, I’m not crazy. You’ve got to do what yo think is right. Do your own research and make up your own mind. This is a like a house filing with smoke. It’s on fire and it WILL burn to the ground. Exactly when it will be a full blaze – who knows. Also, I wouldn’t be “hoping” for the collapse of the western society as we know it. It’s gonna be nasty. Enjoy each day you have with family and friends knowing that it won’t be like this forever.

    • sunshine

      A bit of advice: If you’re tired of believing it , then stop believing it.If you feel like you’re taking crazy pills, stop taking them. Make a cup of tea, go outside and sit in luxurious silence under a big, old tree. Turn on the radio and listen to some Bach or Mahler – their music is transcendent. Read a great novel or play. Every single thing happening in our political world today was identified and dissected brilliantly by Shakespeare 500 years ago – he wrote about kings, queens, heroes, villains, jesters and most relevant to today, FOOLS!
      The only certain thing about life is that it is uncertain – every minute, every day. Enjoy the ride.

      • sunshine

        Dear Greg,

        I realized I made a dumb mistake in my note above. When I referred to fools, I was thinking of Shakespeare – his understanding that all humans are fools [me, too!] at times for a myriad of reasons. And certainly this political season has a lot of that. But when I re-read my comment, I saw that it could be read as a criticism of this site, or you, or your readers. And I didn’t intend that. So, if you decide to publish my first note, please include this also as my apology to the site. And if you don’t publish it, please accept this as my personal apology to you. All the best, sunshine

        • MCasey

          Sunshine….your comment read just fine…..

          “Worrying is like paying a debt you don’t owe.”
          — Mark Twain

        • Hatemail

          It’s Ok.
          We may all become fools in the end.

    • Robert Lykens

      It’s very difficult to tell the future. That’s why I look to the one source that has a 100% accuracy record of telling the future – the Bible.

      The Bible predicts an economic collapse unlike anything anyone has ever seen. It’s described in Revelation 6. It follows the beginning of worldwide war.
      That period – war, economic collapse, disease – is so bad the Bible says 1/4 of earth’s population will die.
      When you see Russia/Iran/Turkey “and many others” about to invade Israel from the north, look out! It’s imminent!

      By the way, that group of nations is now on Israel’s northern border as allies, for the first time in history.

    • frederick

      Study history and realize that these criminals have refined their techniques over the decades Andrew If I remember correctly dont they refer to the pre 1929 crash years as the rooaring twenties and werent alot of investors taken completely by surprise back then as well(remember the stories of bankers jumping out office windows) so patience is a huge virtue sometimes I agree sometimes I have doubts so Im hedged just in case

  41. Just'n Observer


  42. Vernon Lock "Cookie"

    The Poison of
    Government Corruption

    Government corruption has been defined as the
    abuse of public power for private gain. Such
    abuse has a long history. For example, the Bible
    includes a law prohibiting bribery in judicial
    cases, showing that the practice was already
    well-known over 3,500 years ago. (Exodus 23:8)
    Of course, corruption involves more than just
    accepting bribes. Corrupt public officials sometimes
    appropriate goods, take advantage of services
    to which they are not entitled, or even steal
    funds outright. They may also use their position
    to favor their friends and relatives unfairly.
    While corruption can exist in any human organization,
    it seems that corruption in government
    is the worst. The Global Corruption Barometer,
    published by Transparency International, reported
    that people worldwide have the perception
    that the five most corrupt institutions are
    political parties, the police, public officials, the
    legislature, and the judiciary.

    “The extent of the problem [corruption
    in Europe] is breathtaking,” according to
    European Commission Home Affairs Commissioner
    Cecilia Malmstr ¨
    om. She added that “the
    political commitment to really root out corruption
    seems to be missing.”
    Government corruption has deep roots. Professor
    Susan Rose-Ackerman, an expert on the
    subject of anticorruption, wrote that reform
    would require “fundamental changes in the way
    government does business.” While the situation
    might seem to be hopeless, the Bible shows that
    even greater changes are not only possible but
    also certain to happen.

    Unlike imperfect humans, Jesus
    Christ, whom God has selected to be Ruler of the
    Kingdom, cannot be tempted into doing what is
    wrong. Jesus showed this by rejecting the most
    massive bribe ever offered—“all the kingdoms of
    the world and their glory.” Jesus was promised
    this in exchange for one act of false worship to the
    ruler of the world, the Devil. (Matthew 4:8-10;
    John 14:30) Even when Jesus was being tortured
    to death, he was so determined to maintain his
    integrity that he refused a drug that would have
    dulled the pain but might also have left him without
    full command of his senses. (Matthew 27:34)
    Raised back to heavenly life, Jesus
    has proved that he is fully qualified to rule over
    the Kingdom.—Philippians 2:8-11.

    THE SOLUTION: God’s Kingdom removes the possibility
    of campaign or electoral fraud by being
    a stable, permanent rulership. (Daniel 7:13, 14)
    Since its Ruler is chosen by God, the Kingdom
    is neither validated by elections nor subject to
    overthrow. Its stability helps to ensure that the
    actions it takes are always in the best long-term
    interests of its people.

    • Charles H

      So… this ‘Jesus Christ who God has “selected” to the Ruler of the Kingdom – is He God the Son Jehovah; or some created being on the order of arch-angels or Cherubim? or another, lesser god? I write this because the God of the Bible, Who is a triune God of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit – never “selected” anyone to be Ruler over the Kingdom. This smacks of Jehovah’s Witness material. If it isn’t – then tell us. Again and again – another screen-name and “kingdom” promotion of the same letter in another envelope. Jehovah God the Son, Jesus Christ the Lord: was ORDAINED before the foundation of the world to be “the Lamb of God”, the Savior – Who WILL rule and reign during the Millennium. But forget this ‘soft sell’ of ‘a godly kingdom’ by someone ” who has proved he is fully qualified”. God NEVER has had to qualify Himself. What is presented here is a false Christ.

      • Spacely's Sprockets

        Chuck, chill out man;

        John 3:16King James Version (KJV)

        16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

        That includes you me and that goofball!

        • Charles H

          S S,

          Something is not judged by how it begins; but how it turns out. Many VERY sincere, but WRONG (doctrinally) people begin by casting out bait, which is attractive. Once hooked – then the reeling-in begins. JWs do this very thing, all pretty and friendly-d up: but later switch teachings to other source materials. The “come-on” is presenting a better, if not idealistic representation of their Eschatology: but WHO they teach Jesus Christ is makes the difference between eternal life and eternal damnation. I stated that IF their post was not a Jehovah’s Witness representation – then they could declare so. Even Greg Hunter himself has rebuked them – because they are NOT Christian; and their Jesus Christ is not THE true and only God.
          This is better verse: “Therefore seeing we have received this ministry, as we have received mercy, we faint not; But have renounced the hidden things of dishonesty, not walking in craftiness, nor handling the word of God deceitfully; but by manifestation of the truth commending ourselves to every man’s conscience in the sight of God.” 2 Corinthians 4: 1,2. In this present, evil world: the truth is to be contended for.

    • Robert Lykens

      10-4, Cookie.

      Ecclesiastes 5:8 –
      “If thou seest the oppression of the poor, and violent perverting of judgment and justice in a province, marvel not at the matter: for he that is higher than the highest regardeth; and there be higher than they.”

      Sometimes this verse is all that makes me able to stomach the rottenness.

  43. Spurr

    Hitlery was not indicted… and you speculated why Comey did not… !

    Here is another great article from Dr. Steven Pieczenik.

    Dishonorable FBI/Department of Justice! From the very beginning of FBI history, there has been a terrible stench of corruption, cowardliness, and treason. J Edgar Hoover, the obsessive cross dresser and American Rasputin, was so severely compromised by the Jewish/Italian mob that he had to routinely pay off his racetrack…

  44. k-in-maryland

    Excellent, mature, calm analysis of our current situation given in the context of historical precedence of similar situations. EXCELLENT interview. Thank you for getting Mr. Rubino on. I have read his book twice – I HIGHLY recommend it.

  45. jim c.

    Hay, H Craig Bradley, How much more proof do you anti- gold people need? In Dec. of 2014 there was a collar put on silver and gold, (it sure was not implemented to protect the price from dropping to fast). Deutsche bank admitted to manipulating the price down along with other banks. Proof they still hammer the gold price every week with unbelievable amounts of shorts( that can not be a true investor). And the physical sales of PM`s is still going through the roof ,while paper price is still low(Which is not possible if manipulation was not present ). And finally , china , russia , and india have been buying it like it`s going out of style ,(do you think they just like the color of it). So do you need someone to hit you up side the head with a $5000 per ounce gold bar to get the picture?

  46. Frank

    Excellent interview Mr. Hunter.
    Mr. Rubino’s two options of going negative and increasing rates I believe is already been decided. We see this with the various bail in provisions set up around the world. Here in Canada the 2013 Federal Budget contains a “bail in” clause where depositors can be converted into equity holders. Although the bank’s concerns about the effects of low-negative interest may be sound, they have nothing to worry about as they will be bailed in and most likely bailed out as well.

    • JMiller


      More specifically when it comes to depositors, only uninsured depositors could be part of a bail-in according to the bail-in laws.

      And I agree that bailouts are still probably going to happen.

  47. WD


    This is news from Russian Times:

    Deutsche Bank refuses clients’ demand for physical gold…..

    And so it begins!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for posting this.

  48. Tom

    Deutsche Bank CANNOT DELIVER physical gold to their customers!


    Only the beginning?

  49. Stan the Man with the SHTF Plan

    My personal favorite take from Lawrence Welk. Circa 1971 – obviously Welk had NO idea what the word ‘toke’ meant.

  50. Dr Darryl Jewett

    Thanks for your great interview of John Rubino. I’ve been reading his site Dollar Collapse since 2008.

  51. Aussie Al

    Greg really, really, great interview. Everyone who iz able should share this mans intelligence.!! I will be! I was captivated like yourself, from the moment he started talking.
    God Bless you. AL.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you A A. Rubino is very smart and knows his stuff!!!

  52. zap

    Are you guys CRAZY, they are going to ELECT. the BIBLE

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