CV19 – A Propaganda Masterpiece – Mark Crispin Miller

By Greg Hunter’s (Saturday Night Post)

Professor Mark Crispin Miller teaches media studies at New York University (NYU) and is an expert in propaganda. Dr. Miller says just about everything concerning Covid was simply an elaborate exercise in propaganda. Dr. Miller explains, “The propaganda dimension is crucial to our understanding of what went down. Some people like to say this is a result of a number of ‘blunders’ by the health authorities and the government. ‘Blunders.’ No, these are not ‘blunders.’ When everything they recommend is deleterious and destructive of people’s health . . . . When they suppress the truth about life saving remedies in furtherance of this so-called ‘vaccination program,’ and when the so-called ‘vaccines’ have abysmal records for safety and effectiveness and those records are all hidden, we cannot reasonably conclude this is all the result of ‘blunders.’ I have called the period from 2020 through the present a ‘Propaganda Masterpiece.’ . . . . Covid and every aspect of that whole crisis was engineered with extreme brilliance and sophistication of a propaganda operation. This was followed by the George Floyd moment. This served a number of purposes quite in line with the Covid crisis, which is to shut down society, cripple the economy and destroy the middle class. . . . Also, another important aspect of this whole propaganda epic has been to divide the American people. . . . No matter what side of the struggle we are on, what matters is the struggle took place at all. It is deeply divisive. . . .

Dr, Miller goes on to say, “I know a lot about propaganda, and this is unprecedented in the history of mass persuasion. There has never been anything like this because this is global. This has never happened before. We had Stalin’s crimes. . . .We had Hitler’s aggression and the Holocaust. We had 911 and the ‘War on Terror.’ None of those actually begin to compare to what we have now because what we have now is planetary. It’s worldwide.”

Dr. Miller does not call the CV19 bioweapon/vax a genocide. He says it is really a global democide. Meaning everyone and anyone is being murdered with the CV19 bioweapon/vax. Dr. Miller says, “My Substack is called ‘Died Suddenly.’ I started it in February of 2022 when I noticed many, many people were dying suddenly for no given reason. In the history of obituaries, certainly in the United States, that is unprecedented. Obituaries always tell you why somebody died. Even if the person is very, very old, you have a cause of death. Now, all kinds of people are dropping dead for no reason and often very young. . . . We do a weekly overview with as many pictures of these people as possible. This is the point. There are many statistical claims of the numbers of people who are dying. . . . But as Stalin said, ‘One death is a tragedy, a million deaths is a statistic.’ This is brutal, cynical wisdom, and he was absolutely right. If you read 1 million people starved in Ukraine, you say that’s too bad. If you look at page after page after page of people’s faces and names with the names of their survivors, it’s not so easy to shrug off.”

During the so-called “Covid Pandemic” (October 2020), Dr. Miller was teaching a propaganda class at NYU, and one of the subjects covered was the science around wearing masks that show they were ineffective for stopping Covid. We now know wearing masks was more propaganda than any sort of protection from the CV19 infection. More than 2 dozen professors wanted Professor Miller fired for going against the official narrative or propaganda. According to Dr. Miller, they said all sorts of things that are not true. Dr. Miller says, “They made me out to be a monster.” Dr. Miller sued, and so far, the suit has been dismissed by two New York courts. In the last dismissal, the court ruled the lies told about Dr. Miller are simply an opinion. Dr. Miller is appealing and says, “From now on, the have nots, the dissidents who have good reason and solid ground for suing for liable and those who defame us won’t be able to do it anymore because anything that is said about us . . .can be defended on the grounds that it is just an opinion, and opinion is protected by the First Amendment. This second decision is catastrophic for free speech. The people who have the power and the money will still sue for libel, and they will sue people like us. They will sue people who contradict prevailing narratives.” will be following this important appeal.

There is much more in the 1-hour and 7-minute interview.

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with NYU Professor and propaganda expert Dr. Mark Crispin Miller for 6.10.23.

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After the Interview:

There is lots of free information on Dr. Miller’s Substack, including his popular “Died Suddenly” reports. The data is collected every week from the U.S. and more than 2 dozen countries around the world.

You can support Dr. Miller by becoming a subscriber to his Substack.

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  1. Anthony Australia

    Ripper interview Greg, the best thus far for 2023.
    The analysis of this propaganda agenda delivered by these psychopaths was A Grade+.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks “AA”!!

      • BILL

        What happened to all those black coffins Obama ordered…. expecting the pandemic?

        • J.

          Rec’d a mailed flyer for CVS Clinical Trial Services and sponsored (again by Pfizer) concerning another health scare with the covid scamdemic. Offering the protocal endorsed by the criminals at pfizer. Go here and read this trash propaganda

        • Rick

          All those Black Coffins can hold about 10 small children each – necessary for when the Globalists bring out their Marburg Virus (to kill all our kids and thus help to shut down the 2024 election) – the Demonrats ordering all those Black Coffins prepared well (probably because they know two(2) men (like Obama and Mike) can also have kids!!

      • Martin Coombs

        What a straight talking ,truth telling gentleman ( he must of gone through a lot of stress standing on his own, & proving the lies entwined in the so called science ( propaganda) & still going daily through trials , God.bless this man .thank you Greg , the truth hunter . I forward his emails with names & faces , he is correct in his analysis ( cognitive dissidence) they seem to not want to know ( or really do not understand the truth mixed in either lie) a little leven ? & it must be less painful to swallow the mixture than siv out the truth. All The glory to God , in Jesus name , amen ❤️🕊

      • Anthony Australia

        Absolutely brilliant Greg that people are starting to find their voice.

        ‘American Citizens Before Migrants!’ AOC Hammered at Town Hall on Illegal Immigration, Debt Ceiling & War in Ukraine

      • Todd

        Another great/awesome interview! Thanks for all you do Greg.

      • Jim Voytilla

        I’ve been watching you show for about three years. I look forward to weekly wrap up every Friday and dont miss a show. I would like to recommend a person to interview. Christopher Keys. “Vaccine Police “. I believe that he will fit in very well on your show. I’ve seen him on stew Peters and other places. He’s not just a truth teller. He’s putting action to the truth. Fighting for our kids about grooming and masks and lots of evil things in the world. I believe you kept me from being vaccinated. After my brother was he found one of your shows and now is so angry with himself. He’s having heart problems now. God bless you and your work.


        Greg and all USAWD , I just saw Edward Dowd “Cause Unknown”on Daniela Cambone Standberry Research telling what’s happening in finance he’s says get cash like Warren Buffett the rich are doing. CBDC is total control Ed Dowd is great. God bless him in Jesus name

      • Anthony Australia

        In this episode we interview Collin from California. He shares his message of faith, and he talks about how he came across the The Brazen Sea while reading the description of Solomons Temple in the New King James Bible, and why he believes it is very possible that The Lord has given it to us as a model of the earth.

      • Ivan

        Greg, you have to watch this! It’s extremely important in Biblical terms:

      • Russ McMeans

        Oh my God Sir Greg! This interview was amazing!! I shared it with everyone I know and will post to Facebook also. Btw: remember to keep bringing up the fact that that lab in Wuhan is still operating and being fully funded by our government and some other institutions and probably other countries.

        • Roc

          G’day Greg from Oz, great interview with MCM, he has a calmness & determination that cannot be stopped. You are both doing great things & more importantly, keeping a record for future generations. If the USA goes down, we’re all stuffed like a cheap mattress.👍🇦🇺

    • Gordon

      I would love to go through his course!
      What a great help it would be to see these word traps much better.

      • jomer

        I was thinking the same thing. If he did an online course, I would consider taking it.

        Then again, I have not been to his website yet. Maybe he already has something there.

        On a side note, I made the prediction long ago that the phrase “dollar to donuts” will have to be flipped because a donut will be worth more than a dollar.

    • Anthony Australia

      Insanity: White House Brings Back Face Masks, Social Distancing for Unvaccinated

    • Steve B

      This is one of the best interview I’ve seen. This Dr. is right up there with Catherine A. Fitts!

      • John Murray

        Agreed Steve but also appreciate Alex Newman and hope he has him on soon to dicscus theULC which intends to force Gov’ follow a Uniform code.Real Dictator ships.

    • Porter

      Who is the leader of the cabal, the legion of propagandists? The father of lies of course.

  2. Anthony Australia

    This is when it all began for me and I realised how demonic these Lucifer followers are, I mean you really have to follow through with these practices.

    Fritz Springmeier The Illuminati Formula Used To Create An Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave Springmeier & Wheeler ( 1996)

    • Rick

      As Miller says – we are immersed in a worldwide propaganda program “to effect Satanic Demoncide upon us all!! – we Americans in the “First” American Revolution between 1773 and 1776 beat back the British “for simply imposing a tax on our tea” – again in the “Second” American Revolution between 1812 and 1815 we beat back the British “for simply setting our White House Capital on fire” – but now they are cutting off the sexual organs of our children – and these Demons beat us from winning the “Third” American Revolution in 1913 when their Demonic plans to take over our Monetary System was pushed through Congress in “a midnight vote” – the Americans in opposition to the creation of the Fed were basically all out of town (or plain dead when the Titanic was sabotaged) and so the Globalist Fed was able proceeded to destroy the purchasing power of our American dollar – – now – we are in the mist of a “Fourth” American Revolution where “German mercenaries” (like Klaus Schwab, etc.) are once again being used by the Globalists to bring America down – Free Men must once again stand up to protect our homeland and our children by rejecting the destruction of America by foreign Globalist’s (in control of puppet Biden) and their plans for worldwide famine, plague and nuclear war – or we will be forever breathing in their toxic smoke and chemicals in our air while being Brainwashed with Media Lies (to continue to take their Clot Shots which are putting us in the grave) – it is hard to even see through the thick smoke and pollution in the dawn’s early light (as the Globalists now brazenly burn down Canada’s forests) – what we so proudly hail’d in the twilight of previous days (Our American Flag) can hardly be seen in broad daylight now – as we are engaged in a perilous fight with Very Evil Demonic Globalist Cult – intent on not only exterminating all the people in the United States but are determined to kill (or castrate) every Child on Planet Earth!! – many are unsure of the outcome of this battle – but – If We Put Our Trust in God and Fight this Evil Demonic Cult – we won’t see the UN Flag flying over our homeland – we have no choice – We Must Be Victorious – if we ever want to Regain our Freedoms (from the Tyranny of the Fed and the Globalists Demonic Cult of Human Genocide) – we need to overcome the havoc they continually create – with their propaganda, innumerable wars, the depreciation of our currency to nothingness, the incessant Main Stream Media lies to confuse our thinking and their plagues and famines, etc., etc. that they want to inflict upon us!! – only brave Patriots taking concerted action in a “Fourth American Revolution” against these Demonic Perverted Psycho Globalist Terrorists will restore our Nation – our choice is clear – succumb like sheep to the UN and WHO and lower the American Flag to no longer live in a Land of the Free – or – have the balls to once more made our Nation – the “Home of the Brave”!!

      • Rick

        Where did it say? – “Whenever Freemen Stand Up between their Loved Home and the War’s Desolation – they would be Blessed with Victory and Peace? – and will give Praise to the Power that hath made and Preserved us as a Nation?? – you got it – it is right in our National Anthem – so lets “Conquer Over Evil” – for “Our Cause is Just” – and let This Be Our Motto – “In God – is Our Trust”!! – and Let our Star-Spangled Banner “in Triumph Still Wave” – Over the Land of the Free – and The Home of the Brave!!
        You know with the Globalists now setting multiple fires in Canada it may be hard to see by the dawn’s early light what so proudly we hail’d at the twilight’s last gleaming – those Broad Stripes and Bright Stars that Give Proof that “Our Flag” (and not the UN Flag) is still waving here – Over the Land of the Free – and the Home of the Brave!!!

      • Lyon Barbara

        Well said!

      • Andrew

        Great interview and a great comment.
        However, please allow an IMHO necessary addendum:
        Propaganda has been at the forefront to hide the layers of the onion. It is noble to peel these layers away and name them for what/who they are. Nevertheless, the core of the onion is hardly ever discerned. It is the core of who owns the world. This core has been in the making since approximately 270 years, when the Rothschild imperium started to concentrate not only wealth but the allegiance of ‘politicians (feudals at that time). Then they accumulated the media and created central banks.
        To tackle that overwhelming, globally operating , propaganda spreading syndicate is to expose it and name it for what it is: the run-away train wreck of a megalomanic cabal, using religion-based zionism and family blood ties to construct their ‘mafia’. Read the Thora and you you read the horrid propaganda recipe book of this core of the onion.
        Call them Illuminati, call them 0.1%, call them the Committee of 300, call them the owners of Vanguard and Blackrock, owning via affiliates or directly, the world -literally!
        This festering core is responsible for virtually all modern wars, suffering and destitution of the peoples. They have amassed all wealth and all production facilities, have bribed via central banks all governments, and now they realize their disgusting lifes will even be easier, if a few billion less cattle is there to herd.
        Once you see this, it cannot be unseen.
        And if this is not the central core of all discerning discussions about wealth, war, propaganda and peoples’ struggle to live a decent life, then the core of the onion is left out and obfuscated by politically correct history, which in itself is propaganda. It is the core of all modern propaganda since the inception of the Rothschild imperium.

        • PersonaNonGrata

          Hi Andrew,
          Your commentary strikes at the core of what ails humanity. G. Edward Griffin exposed the corrupting influence of the dynastic central banking families in his financial best seller, ‘The Creature From Jekyll Island’. IMHO, this book should be compulsory reading in ‘Economics 101’, but sadly – and to our collective cost – the truth about who really rules the world is obscured.

  3. Frank Copper

    US couple struggle to bank huge haul of pennies
    By Max Matza BBC News10 June 2023

    • Wayne

      This is a good example of why you should not stack copper.

      • richard s

        no copper in pennies since 1984, same with no silver in dimes and quarters (maybe a trace), just shiny and pretty zinc. talk about debasing a currency. worse than Rome.

        • paul A

          Wrong- 1982 was the last year for 90% copper cents– it was a split year– the first half had 90% copper cents, and then the mint introduced the copper-plated zinc cent we still use today.

        • Rick

          Copper, Silver and Gold “are too precious” and soon Zinc will also be too valuable for the US Treasury to use as money – they will likely make their new Pennies and other Coins of the Realm “out of Plastic” – until that becomes “too precious to use” (a plastic bottle is already given a 5 cent valuation)!! – as for the Fed – they are now on the verge of giving us “an electronic statement inside a computer” (instead of physical paper IOU’s) to use as cash!!!

      • Paul from Indiana

        Too late! Best always. PM

  4. Terry Hoffman

    speaking of propaganda, beware Clif High’s propaganda about the Churh and Bible.

    Clif High has been saying the same thing about the Bible as is now being said by the WEF. Clif has made lots of videos and audios attacking the Roman Catholic Church and the Bible it presented to the world.

    • Wilson Stubbles

      First, great interview, Greg. Maybe one of your recent best, though many are solid.

      Terry, Cliff has a thing about Jesus Christ. He attacks and attacks and he’s way off. I used to listen to Clif but he’s really off in his views. What he says adds up to zilch. I personally am not impressed.

      The Holy Trinity is the only way. is my favorite Christian site. Following along. Digging it, really. Looks like weekly publications so far. It just got started. You can catch up and see what it’s about. I wrote to the person doing the Substack. I think it’s a female but don’t really know. Can’t tell.

      • Catherine

        I agree. Clif high has jumped off the proverbial cliff. He has lost his mind.

    • Brian Schulz

      I agree with these concerns about Mr. High. He was completely spot on about the Covid situation and often, about the crowd psychology that is emerging as a result of the main stream cybernetics programs. I have noticed that he pushes Gnosticism constantly, in the form of Aliens as our creators. That does not mean that his other information is incorrect. He could be misinformed. However, we do need to be aware of this as Christians. Gnosticism has been present as a THE major threat to “Orthodox Christianity”, since the beginning of its existence. The most famous work about this was by Irenaus of Lyon, Against Heresies . This was written in the Second century AD. He was the Bishop of Lyon France. Another is The five books Against Marcion, By Tertullian . He was one of the early church fathers in the second and third century in Carthage, in Northern Africa.

      I am including a search to a two part lecture by the great and posthumous Bible scholar and ancient language scholar, Dr Michaael Heiser PHD. He gives a relatively short and succinct lecture on the subject matter, if you are interested.

      Search for the following

      Michael Heiser – The Post-Christian Future (Pts 1 & 2)

      I did not include a direct link to avoid technical difficulties and any problems for Greg for direct links, for legal purposes. Importantly, it is in the public Domain.

      • Greg Hunter

        Satan is pure evil and is NOT in good standing with God the Father and Jesus. Heiser, in my opinion, is misleading people. I don’t know why he would do this, but nobody should think Satan is doing any good or any bidding for God–period. Satan is against God and Jesus, and he is against God’s creation too. That’s us. God the Father did not “so love the world” he offered us Satan! God so loved the world that he gave us his Son, The Lamb of God, to take away the sins of the world. Satan is pure sin and pure evil, and in the end, Jesus will take him away too. It’s in Revelation. Please Do not post the ideas of Heiser or recommend his work here.

        Here’s more of what I found:


        • Julia

          Greg, thank you for the warning regarding Heiser. I use to listen to him but stopped. So glad I did. He does mislead people.

          • Greg Hunter

            Good move! Focus on Jesus. Here is what I wrote Steve about “Censoring” Heiser:

            “Heiser has written that Satan is in good stead with God and Satan is doing God the Fathers biding. This could not be more false. If that were the case, why would Jesus have Armageddon (Against Satan and his forces of evil) and then lock Satan away at the end. We should focus on Jesus and NOT Satan. Jesus said, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” Time is short and there is no time to be misled and then return. You might not get back in time. I think Heiser is peddling Biblically academic bull crap. I don’t want people pushing JW doctrine or Muslim doctrine either. I want the “truth” and Jesus is the truth NOT Satan and NOT Heiser!!! I stand by what I said.”


        • Steve Twitchell

          Hi Greg
          Rather than censor and slam Dr. Heiser you might want to read and learn more from him NOT just what someone else says. ie. Lamestream reports about Trump do not really reveal who Trump is. Same with Heiser. If you can have Steve Quayle or Clif High on then Heiser is not too far out. His views may be an interesting extension of thought regarding the miraculous power of God. Too bad you cannot interview him as Heiser has passed away but he is certainly not anti-Christian as you imply in your censorship of anything having to do with him. Honest discussion has been the hallmark of your website but it seems of late that this is eroding. Please reconsider and consider this a soft answer as in “a soft answer turns away wrath.”

          • Greg Hunter


            Heiser has written that Satan is in good stead with God and Satan is doing God the Fathers biding. This could not be more false. If that were the case, why would Jesus have Armageddon (Against Satan and his forces of evil) and then lock Satan away at the end. We should focus on Jesus and NOT Satan. Jesus said, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” Time is short and there is no time to be misled and then return. You might not get back in time. I think Heiser is peddling Biblically academic bull crap. I don’t want people pushing JW doctrine or Muslim doctrine either. I want the “truth” and Jesus is the truth NOT Satan and NOT Heiser!!! I stand by what I said.


            • Linda J Crean

              Thank you Greg Dr Miller was great. When Dr Miller said that 28 signed the letter to get him investigated and eventually fired I thought of the 51 government frauds who signed the letter that the laptop was nothing but Russian disinformation nothing to see here. Notice how they gang up on people one way or the other.

        • Brian Schulz

          Thanks for the input Greg. I am aware of this the relative controversy on doctrine. It is a complicated subject that really would require hours of dialogue to parse; but point taken. The Good News is that the work of Christ on the cross is ultimately all that is required for our salvation. Small differences will not hinder our glorification in the end.



    • Julia

      Terry, this is actually spoken of in the bible, that there would be an end time bible and it is called Wormwood. I learned something this week concerning bible publication. The King James Bible is the only bible which has a Kings copyright. That means it can be freely printed and distributed. There were 6 companies of 8 Scholars each. The Scholars were proficient in the Greek or Hebrew, spoke it and wrote it. They were also men who spent time in prayer. Once the Scholars were done with their translation they sent to translations around to leading teachers in England for review. Contrast that with the modern bibles . The translation boards have unbelievers and a corporate copyright which is owned by the Pope and makes a profit for the Church. All modern versions had verses removed or words changed to begin this movement toward this end time bible the article speaks about. I had not intended my comments to be so long but here is a short 9 minute video highlighting the changes

      If anyone wants detailed information the book While Men Slept a Biblical and Historical Account of the new Universal Christianity by Kerby Fannin. Available from Amazon.

      Terry, thank you for the link!

    • Dave

      High is a modern day gnostic. Gnosticism was an early Christian heresy appearing by the end of the first century. Gnostics had “secret” knowledge they believed was only revealed to the elite. John warns about them in 1 John 4: 1-3. Many early church Fathers wrote against the heresy including Ignatius who was bishop of Antioch and died a martyr. Men like Ignatius knew/were taught by the apostles. Too many Chrisitan are unfamiliar with the Fathers. It would benefit them to read these men who were taught by the apostles or the first-generation disciples of the apostles.

      High is nothing new. Gnosticism has reappeared again and again throughout the history of the church. The New Age movement is a modern-day version. High criticizes the Bible and Christianity which is fine – he is not a Christian. It is interesting though that he aims his fire at mostly Christianity and not Islam or the other world religions.


      Terry , The way Cliff High speaks about Lord Jesus Christ is disgraceful, one day Cliff is going to stand before Almighty God and explain why he spoke so disparagingly about Almighty God’s first born Son. Then Cliff will go to Hell with Charlie Ward lookalikes for eternity and the aliens he speaks of. Repent Cliff turn or burn you won’t get any fresh 🍞 bread down there. The End.

      • Major Payne

        Oh, Linda…. Honestly!!!

        • LINDA J CREAN

          Major Payne,
          Yes, honestly.” By our words we will be justified and by our words we will be condemned”. It will be a major pain for Clif.

  5. Robert Coleman

    Crucial Informative Interview – thank you Greg

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Robert!

      • Tom C.

        One of your best interviews, ever. As always, thank you very much, Greg. God bless you.

  6. BDS

    Great Interview! I wish all the schools taught a propaganda class so they would not take everything as the truth all the time, at least verify so not to be easily manipulated/pushover!
    Kudos to both of you!

    • Wayne

      And I wish all schools taught finance.

    • Rick

      All schools should teach that Government only exists “To Protect God Given Rights”!! – World Government under the UN is instead proclaiming “Satanic Rights by Legalizing Pedophilia”!! – the American people and other peoples in the world will no longer be propagandized by the Lying Legacy Media and some countries are already calling for the immediate arrest of Bill Gates – the US needs to begin the process of getting completely out of the UN and the WHO!! – For Only Under God Do We Have Inalienable Rights – Under Satan we have no rights (and will be happy to eat bugs)!! –

      • Andrew

        Schools have become tools of governments, and governments are tools of those who own the world (see my comment above), and if you think that any of those “protect your God-given rights” you are totally mistaken.

  7. Crewton Ramone


  8. Sylvia Sires

    I posted about the World Secret Religion that controls the whole world for centuries. 2 Thessalonians chapter 2;9-12 They perish because they refused to love the truth and so be saved. For this reason God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie and so that all will be condemned who have not believed the truth but have delighted in wickedness. 1 John 2:15 Do not love the world or anything in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him.

  9. Joseph Aiello

    One of the best interviews.

    • Jane Hill

      Yes. Excellent..

  10. neil

    More content like this please Greg.

  11. Valerie

    The persecution of Dr. Miller is disturbing and alarming!!!
    I appreciate his documentation of those people who have “died suddenly”!!! What a terrible period in our history! I pray those responsible will be held accountable! God help us all!

    • Greg Hunter

      I agree, Valerie, and thanks for weighing in here!

    • Don W.

      My oldest son was one of them. He took his second booster shot and on the fifth day after, he had a blood clot in his brain that was one of those worm type things that people got, and he died shortly after. My wife and I have NOT taken any shots since. We seam to be real healthy and walk every day and I will be 90 next year.

      • Diana

        I am sorry for your loss Don W. I hope you continue to be well.


    It is enlightening to hear from such an informed and distinguished individual such as Mr. Miller. Thankfully there are a few University professors that are truly teaching students how to think and instilling wisdom and logic in their minds.

    Propaganda has been conforming society into a mass hypnosis for generations on end. The truth is truly stranger than fiction. Even WWII was nowhere near what the history books tell. Help free your mind:

    Keep up the good work Greg!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks “End”!!

  13. Mike

    I understand that anything the CDC and FDA said regarding Covid and the shots, mask , were lies. However , If I were in charge of a college and a teacher was teaching anti Anti-American views, that teacher would be reprimanded , period! I believe that this man felt as
    We do in regards of Covid, but, a school has a right to watch curriculum. Sad to say, insanity rules today, I do not believe this man has a case as stated. I do not believe the school has infringed his rights. I am looking beyond the Covid issues. If he wishes to base his case on the school promoting Covid and the censorship of it being taught in class, he needs to change his case to this agenda.

    • Lyon Barbara

      What purpose does it serve to allow universities to censor information?

      • Rick

        Universities today are Halls “Devoid of Knowledge” – instead their Halls are filled with Gay Pride Transgender Perverts seeking out immoral doctors (who will gladly cut off their unwanted sexual organs and provide young women with testosterone and young men with estrogen)!!

        • Rick

          Target lost $10 billion in market valuation as the popular retailer faced a backlash over its Pride-themed clothing line for children (market cap losses have continued to swell to $15 billion as its shares drop again amid consumer backlash)!! – Anyone owning shares in companies supporting the Pride Movement better be prepared to take their losses!!!

  14. HotTub

    Can’t say I’m surprised at how Dr. Miller is being treated legally… he’s in that democrat hellhole called New York, home to the reprehensible governor Kathy Hochel and the other reprehensible former governor Andrew Cuomo.

    Why anyone would stay in a democrat-controlled state in this country is beyond me.

  15. Poochiwoo


  16. John

    Dr. Miller

    How dare you say the emperor has no clothes.
    Now you have a bigger classroom because you
    are a fighter.

  17. charlie303

    Awesome show! Keep up the good work.

  18. John


    You hit it out of the park again.


    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for supporting USAW, John!

  19. Harvey Ackermann

    Fantastic interview Greg.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Harvey!

      • Tim K



        Didn’t you say that Mark Millers died suddenly US data has not increased from 30 people a week to 150 a week? Is it still increasing?

        God bless you and Mark.


        • Greg Hunter

          It varies but it’s higher highs and higher lows in deaths he compiles.

  20. Shane

    Brilliant interview, this guy should be on the Highwire.

  21. Debbie Francis

    Mr. Greg Hunter, you are absolutely correct – Dr. Mark Crispin Miller is MAGNIFICENT!

  22. elle

    Totally agree . Interesting how some knew right away the M juice was not good. I am glad he is out there doing his work. I wish more would go into the extent of the vax like the fact it goes to your weakest body points. People are dying of all sorts of stuff or getting illnesses that were not in a family gene that will end life early for them. Thank Greg.

  23. Stefan

    Another mind blowing interview w one of your great guests, so much appreciated!
    We’ll be passing this on to the ones whose minds and personalities haven’t been permanently altered already, or those brave enough to open their minds, closed to truth.

  24. barsoom43

    The idea of overpopulation has been around a long time.. Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol, 1843, “If they would rather die,” said Scrooge, “they had better do it, and decrease the surplus population.” He wrote that 180 years ago.. Art reflecting life..
    God said in Genesis 1:28, “And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it.. ”
    These efforts to kill off the population by any means are Satanic and those who participate in these activities are of their father, the devil.. The road to hell is wide and smooth and those who travel it are many..

    • Prospector

      Overpopulation fears has driven US foreign & domestic policy since 1970.
      Exact same time ” Limits To Growth ” was published for the Club Of Rome think tank.

      Office of Population Affairs , State Department , was created by Al Haig and Henry Kissinger. If they can’t reduce developing nations populations by ” clean ” methods like birth control , we resort to starting civil wars to kill people off.

      Now, the VAXX is global and we are all the target. ( Because WE outnumber them )

  25. Country Codger

    This interview is amazing!!! Dr. Miller is a professional educator. He gave you and us, a 1 hour and 7 minute interview and in that time he gave us a semester’s worth of how to recognize propaganda. People need to pay for this college level course’s tuition. LOL>>>>
    Lo Iyrah!!!
    Shalom CC

  26. Ed Hill

    In the culmination of Jesus’ words to the religious and intellectual elites of His day, He said,”You are of your father the devil, and your will is to do your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks out of his own character, for he is a liar and the father of lies. But because I tell the truth, you do not believe me. Which one of you convicts me of sin? If I tell the truth, why do you not believe me? Whoever is of God hears the words of God. The reason why you do not hear them is that you are not of God.” Propaganda originates with the father of lies.

  27. Bill

    “And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him”. John Of Patmos

    I used to listen to Bill Cooper and he used this quote. I learned from one the greatest theologians and astro theologians Jordan Maxwell. He saved my life by teaching me how to pray properly and it changed my life for ever!

    Each day I wake up pray and meditate in the morning sunlight to bring God’s energy and life through his only sun and I send love and prayers to all, good and bad. I am watching this death and disease in real time all around me. Thank Jesus and my all mighty creator my lovely wife obeyed me when I asked her to promise not to take the genocide jab. I can’t imagine life without her!

    Each day I become stricken with grief and weep and cry uncontrollably.

    Godspeed Greg the Hunter! You are legend! Your future self will that you for your relentless dedication to truth and never giving up!

    • Catherine

      Prayers for you and your family. God promises to protect those who keep the connection to Him and choose to follow and know Him. Now is the time of judgement.

    • Rick

      Matthew 13:38-43 – It is we (the Sons of Men who will tread down the wicked Matthew 17:3) and work to separate the wheat from the tares, the homos from the sapiens, the immoral (Esau) Globalists from the moral People – the Bible clearly says “we humans” will remove evil from our world!! – how will we do it? – Simple (just as written in Maliki 4:1) “put them on a (Space X Rocket) journey to the Sun” – “A day will come when Evil (the Globalists) will be set ablaze and burn as in an oven (the Sun) where their feet and hands (root and branch) will be turned to ashes (stubble)” – removing the stumbling block (Matthew 13:22) “the evil ones” – “who only desire wealth” and perform debauchery upon our children (these perverted ones “are like seeds who have fallen among the thorns”) they have forgotten the word of God (to be fruitful and multiply) and instead “want humanity to bear no fruit” by tuning us all into transgender queers or by injecting us with their m-RNA sterilizing spike protein bio-weapon!!

  28. RM

    Wow! One of your best. I appreciated the fact that you gave this man the time and space to express his thoughts. He was excellent…did not ramble and laid everything out clearly. Excellent job by both of you gentleman! Just fantastic!

    • crystalquartz

      Wow Bill, what a beautiful comment from you.Thank you for sharing your experience!

    • Greg


  29. Catherine

    Thanks for having Mr Miller on. I have been reading his Substack ever since you mentioned him a while ago. He is a very interesting man and as quiet as he sounds he is also brave enough to pursue this travesty with conviction. I have a lot of respect for what he is pointing out. What we all awake people cannot understand how many cannot see what we see. But it take people like you and Mr Miller who can awaken more people and that might be our only hope for survival. There are no heroes to come to our rescue, no country that fights for destroying evil. We are alone in this struggle and your voices ring loud and clear warning us to resist.

  30. Kerry Burns

    Great interview. Let’s hope he wins and also gets huge compensation. One point: towards end he mentions the 1976 bird flu. I think he meant swine flu. The bird flu was 2009. There was a vaccine developed for both and both did great damage. After no-one fell for the bird flu hoax, tptb put together in 2010 their lock-step paper to work out the best scenario for how to pull off the next scamdemic. And it worked even better than they could ever have dreamt due to increasing political and media corruption, the capturing of health agencies, judiciary etc. not to mention the increasing stupidity, ignorance and docility of so many citizens, in particular the young ones like the student who attacked MCM and led to this affair.

  31. Mick Goldman

    Unfortunately there is a much bigger picture which needs to be addressed which would explain human behavior that has been experienced despite Dr. Miller clearly operating under what seems a responsible position based upon our US Constitution. Sadly this planet is controlled by a very small group which has infiltrated all key government positions to have humans serve said small controlling group objectives. The battle for freedom of humanity comes down to a fight of Good v. Evil – only the awakening of a sufficient percentage of humanity will bring about the changes. While I appreciated Dr. Miller and his battle – it is being fought in the wrong arena. There is sufficient info on the public media to understand said battlefield on which the fight must occur to resolve the issues like Dr. Miller is addressing.

    • Earl Thornburg

      Dr. Miller is a masterpiece. Excellent interview of a well informed well educated professor.

  32. Roy madison

    The” normies” those who swallowed the covid lie , those who pressured family and friends to take the jab are nothing but Lemmings in a mass movement going over the cliff and drowning in the sea. They are their own “population control”. I told a good friend and work associate (during a heated discussion) that he unknowingly volunteed to be one of the first ones out.

  33. A Day

    Propaganda is part of the greater whole called, ‘mind-control’. The government developed mind control for military use in war. It was turned inward shortly afterward. Ins don’t want to be outs. Simple as that.

  34. Prospector

    The Canadian forest did not kill itself.

  35. Anne

    Great interview, Greg!! Thanks for all you do.

  36. Robert p

    I was interested at the time of cv to find out who were the groups most susceptible to the narrative …I call them bapers – bureaucrats, academics and professionals – all very privileged groups but also EXTREMELY conformist and especially so when it comes to the allopathic industrial complex. Doubtless we could include future members such as the students who complained about Mr Miller. Bastions of the democrat party and equally naive about proposed solutions to ‘climate issues’. The sad irony is that Mr Miller is teaching about forms of manipulation without realizing that he is slap bang in the middle of one of the cleverest and dangerous in history. He says that he wanted his students to realize that WE are not exempt from manipulation… without really seeing this himself. The allopathic model is potentially very manipulative..that ‘disease’ is random and attacks regardless of health or immune protection, and that our only salvation is through paying large tributes to THE science.. In fact it is better than anything Goebells contrived (although Hitler convinced the Germans that ‘the. Jews’ were ‘diseased’. Mr Miller, circumstances have contrived to teach your class very effectively the message you sought to convey! From personal experience, academia IS repressive, and especially today. I wish you well, but would hope that you truly see this -ideally extending your syllabus to include the countless subtle forms of control. Dr Tom Cowan has done some great work. Perhaps study the pre-Reformation church for a similar model …Hus and Wycliffe were burnt at the stake for making similar comments to yours. Today, we feed you to your colleagues… Best wishes.

  37. R. Patrick

    Welcome to the Banana Republic of the Galactically ignorant system in which we dwell! It is truly sad! My grandchildren will go to Trade School before I will pay for college! Greg is spot on correct.


  38. Marie Joy

    This is the way communists operate. Up is down and wrong is right.
    In the 20th century, it is estimated communists killed 250 million people. In the 21st century, with the bioweapon, communists have easily passed that number. I’ll guess, worldwide they are approaching a billion dead people but that’s just a guess. We will never know for sure because everything is a lie.
    The long term goal of communism is worldwide genocide/democide.
    CAF calls this time in our history ‘The Great Poisoning”. Super smart lady.
    The term “junk food” means poisoned food.
    You are safer if you eat and drink organic.
    PLEASE, become involved in politics.
    Democide… Intentional Death by government
    For Americans, this may be a Holodomor… Death by Hunger made possible by the “leaders” we (may have) elected. Most people prefer to be led. It’s easier than thinking for yourself.
    We deserve the government we tolerate.
    99% of doctors undertreat Lyme Disease.
    Lyme is much, much worse than most think it is.
    My cousin, long dead, was one of them and he wanted everyone and everything dead. They want us, all, dead.

  39. Charles lape

    Greg sometimes you don’t get the point. Sorry.

    • Greg Hunter

      Oh, I get it. You just don’t like my answer.

  40. Anti-atomist

    Beware of the yeast of the Pharisees and Saducees/Big Pharma and Agrochemical Giants:

    The Nazi military eugenicists rounded up Holocaust victims into concentration camp shower rooms that “legally” pumped in Bayer-Monsanto Zyklon B, commonly known as hydrogen cyanide (HCN): “FREI GIFTGAS!” Was Hitler a triple agent???

    The neo-Nazi military eugenicists frightened and tricked SARS-CoV-2 bioweapon propaganda victims into administering deadly Remdesivir with trimethylsilyl cyanide (TMSCN) and free, experimental mRNA vaccines pumped in to their bloodstream with toxic residues from Monsanto RoundUp-finished cereals and NutraSweet on top. Isn’t that “Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World” 2.0?

    “Khellthcare” with a smirk seems to be the operative, neo-Nazi/nephilim code word in James Corbett’s epic documentary “Who Is Bill Gates?”

  41. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Professor Miller. Quite interesting to hear of an university and its “academics” who have exposed this “academics” to the light of the world. Their academics
    at New York University are truly “interesting” and the academic freedom of a tenured professor are to be handcuffed by the so called university itself. Again quite astounding. Amazing that students are flocking to such fredom seeking academics and are churned out into a world that needs free thinkers .No wonder our economy and society are collapsing.Of course this is just a microcosm of what university has descended into across the west. LIES ARE JUST OPINION! The father of the lie is jumping with joy.
    How any employer would employ a graduate of this academic institution is beyond belief.
    Here in the UK our “academic” institutions are NYU writ large where propaganda as long as its there propaganda is wonderful. Now we have NYU as a poster child of our “academics” . Well done .
    Students are paying a lot of money for the pleasure of these “academics” who are making Pol Pot look good particularly here in the UK.
    Prof Miller’s student should be thanked for her imbecility. No doubt first class material.
    Brilliant interview where Mr Hunter light the fuse and stepped back and the explosion was truly magnificent.

  42. Lorraine Sherman

    The “it’s just opinion” defense is usually applied to personalities like Rachel Madow, who was sued for slander, but the case was dismissed because, the court reasoned, ‘everybody knows her show is just her opinion; it’s not the news!’ Even though she presents her crapola like it’s the news.

    I don’t see the similarities in this case. Let’s hope and pray Mr. Crispin wins on appeal.

  43. Lorraine H Sherman

    Thank you Mr. Crispin for your weekly tribute to the fallen. I make myself read it pretty much every week so I don’t forget.

    Time to give up the donkey/elephant paradigm. Time to vote for Integrity. Vote for Honesty. Vote for Character. Time to give up the Party Loyalty.

    The American Covid experience was controlled, conducted and planned by our very own Department of Defense and yes, this is a global coup.

    I highly recommend listening to Dr. Dunegan’s recollections of a lecture given by Dr. Day in spring 1968. Dr. Day was a Eugenicist’s Eugenicist. Day graduated from Harvard Medical School in the 1920’s when Eugenics was the rage in science. Every little detail has been Planned out and it is grossly unethical and destructive. Give a listen or two. It is a massive Plan and oh yes! Mr. Crispin it is a Plan that has been in play for decades.

    We can take heart they are 30 years behind schedule, ergo, the big 2030 reset push.

  44. Bruce E. Sanborn

    😳😖🤯,nothing else to say other than someone should be tried and executed!
    Maranatha, Greetings from Tampa Florida 😎

  45. Marie Joy

    Redundant redundancy. One is none. Two is one.
    The grid has to go down and it will take the internet with it.
    “The next one will get their attention.” Bill Gates
    Find other means of communication like CB radio, satellite phone, etc.
    Growing food is the difference between life and death. Organic is best. Canning is easy.
    Get growing supplies and learn how to grow. Grow lights, fertilizer. Youtube shows how.
    Everyone on this list knows they should be out of the cities and as far away from others, as possible.
    Illegal drugs are one form of genocide. Druggies are dropping like flies. I’m old and live out in the sticks but, even, I have seen ODs.
    Ivermectin. 9 mg per 100 pounds of body weight per day. Get it now while you can.
    Ebola and Marburg are viruses not found in America unless Obama brings Ebola patients to Atlanta, GA to be treated.
    Bird flu, H5N1, is a virus and the current public health risk is low because, according to the CDC, there is no person-to-person spread. I think that will change.
    They want more plandemics and bioweapons. Bioweapons are very effective.
    Believing in your politicians has been fatal for many.
    Putting doctors on a pedestal has been fatal for many.

    • I Dig Au

      If Ebola ever makes it to America, a common dog dewormer (Fenbendazole) is the treatment for it. Available everywhere without a prescription and very inexpensive.

  46. KDAWG48

    Dear Mr. Hunter,

    What an outstanding interview Greg you are a man of men. As a half German raised in the Metro East St. Louis aera I feel compelled to “like” and leave a comment. Left the Left in 2012, but LOVE the idea of an RFK for President … What do you think of Judge Andrew Napolitano as Vice President like Gerald Celente is trending?

    Warmest regards,
    Kevo from Daytona Beach, FL

    • Greg Hunter

      As Gerald says, “I am a political Atheist.” I just want a real, accurate and fair election. I do lean right because I believe in Jesus, but both parties take turns ripping off “We the People.”

    • Mary W.

      I live in a very nice neighborhood and some girl nearly died of an overdose on my front lawn!! The police saved her. My formerly quiet, friendly town is being replaced by evil strangers who could care less about anybody but them!!!!!!

    • stanley skrzypek

      “Andrew Napolitano as Vice President”……….NEVER HAPPEN……His Private Life would destroy his Run before it started…….and his Piasano, Jerry is a Self Professed Draft Dodger…

  47. Marie Joy

    When the grid goes down…
    Wood stoves
    With a lot of wood.
    Hide your wood in attics, basements, porches, etc.
    We can live without lights but we cannot live without heat.
    If you have light, hide it. It’s an advertisement that you have stuff worth taking.
    Smoke is an advertisement you have heat and probably food.
    Smake cannot be seen at night.
    Lights can be seen at night.

    • Marie Joy


      • Ray

        There you go again.
        There are no Spelling Police.
        As I mentioned weeks ago, Marie Joy is one of the most respected commenters here, over many years.
        You certainly are not.
        You’re all tip and no iceberg son.
        Ray, Canberra, Australia.

      • Ray

        Sam has been specifically asked by you to “Knock it off”.
        Yet he continues on about so called “Foreigners”
        You made mention in comments to me yesterday that you would be looking to delete such.
        You are a very busy man, and I imagine that this one has slipped through your net.
        The commentary of this Jibberer lowers the bar at your fine website, where there is a tradition of intelligent discussion of ideas among people from all nations, and I respectfully suggest you give him the Kibosh ASAP.
        Ray, Canberra, Australia.

  48. Jing PingSue

    China Declares Support for Massive BRICS Expansion As Countries Push to Challenge US Dollar

    China Declares Support for Massive BRICS Expansion As Countries Push to Challenge US Dollar
    By Daily Hodl Staff
    China Declares Support for Massive BRICS Expan
    China Declares Support for Massive BRICS Expansion As Countries Push to Challenge US Dollar 6/10/23

  49. PersonaNonGrata

    Hi Greg,
    I note a higher proportion of comments than usual of a congratunatory nature regarding your interview with Mark Crispin Miller, to which I would add – Brilliant!
    You have expert guests on USAW who can speak to decades of study and ‘frontline’ experience. Many thanks.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks P N G!

  50. Larry Hansen

    Outstanding interview!!!!!
    Dr. Miller’s LEGAL BATTLE DOES BRING UP A FIGHT OF BIBLICAL PROPORTIONS. Clearly Good vs. Evil, and David vs. Goliath.

  51. Denise Naylor

    The academic world can produce behaviour in educators that is mean, narrow-minded and vicious toward colleagues, in my experience. I have seen it first hand. It is essentially a ‘political’ environment and tenure doesn’t always protect. What Dr Miller describes is a good example of propaganda towards and about an unpopular colleague. Very best wishes to Dr Miller for success in his fight to stay in post and to be allowed to teach his course again

  52. agnes

    Thank you, Greg. I was on the edge of my seat through the whole interview, and I stopped the video several times to absorb what was said. This interview was a journalistic masterpiece.

    We’ve lived through an inexpressible horror. Now we have to live with it. But I feel less alone now. Thank you.

    • Greg Hunter

      You are never alone. His Father said, “I Will Never Leave You Nor Forsake You.” Jesus said, “I am with you always even to the end of the age.” Hang on to Jesus because he will hang on to you.

      • agnes

        True, Greg. But we need each other, too. And some of us are here.

  53. crystlquartz

    You are so right Greg manifesting your passion of the gravity of this situation . Really great interview with the very wise and informative Dr.Miller.
    Would loved to have had the privilege to attend his Propaganda Course.
    The liars don’t like the Truth.
    This is the battle we are given breath be in , equipped by The Almighty Father Creator .
    Thank you Greg and Dr.Miller.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Crystlquarts,
      CV19 bioweapon/vax = Mass Murder!!!!!

  54. NH Watcher

    Very important interview, indeed. Propaganda affects both sides of politics: the left and the right. I enjoy seeing the propaganda of the left exposed as much as anyone here, but sadly, there is propaganda of the right too. Hitler and Mussolini were both from the right, whereas Stalin and Pol Pot were both from the left. As I was taught in college, politics is a circle in the end. The same extremist views may infect both sides.

    As Dr. Miller accurately pointed out, Trump was needed to foster this divisiveness in our culture, something that HRC was incapable of, because her “hate” was much too obvious (her infamous “deplorables” comment). And yet, now Trump seems to revel in his own hate, which is sadly unfortunate. His ego simply will not allow for any humility. Mistakes in his administration? “None; everything I did was perfect.” (My paraphrase.) The vaccines? “Perfect; they are a beautiful thing.” And by forcefully opposing mandates, Trump is basically saying to all of us vaccinated, your problems since are your own fault.

    And the theological propaganda of both the left and the right plays into our state of affairs now. Yes, we are in the End Times, and yes, the return of our Lord Jesus Christ is soon. The world elite have worshiped Lucifer for millennia (no, they do not call him Satan). Lucifer’s greatest weapon is in portraying his evil as good, or beautiful, and evil can do seemingly “beautiful” things: evil can heal bodies, etc., but evil cannot DIRECTLY take life. That limitation to Satan’s power was shown in the book of Job clearly. To take life, Satan needs to tempt someone else (or a legion of someone elses) to do it.

    Christians must now prepare for Christ’s return, but His return is not dependent on any single world entity or country apart from Israel. Sadly, indeed, I have had to conclude over the years of studying religion and theology that the United States in its current form is simply not part of the Tribulation. Israel, in the end, is protected by God Himself, even while she is duped by the Antichrist first, along with the rest of the world. Satan’s rebellion against God must have its culmination, and to that end, the United States empire will end same as the Roman empire ended.

    Our hope must remain in Jesus Christ alone. And His forgiveness, which is the only antidote to Satan’s evil and deception. Just as Satan cannot DIRECTLY kill anyone, so Christ (apart from children below the age of spiritual maturity) does not DIRECTLY save anyone; salvation requires a willing heart to repent. That is the agreement between God and Satan since the foundation of the world and the fall of man. Which will culminate in Christ’s physical return. And the eventual advent of the new Heaven and new Earth.

  55. Nick de la Gaume

    That’s a MAN!!!!!! A Human! Impressed!

    Well done Greg

  56. Neville

    Whilst AAcrime are the main exporters of outright B/S from their Hollywood styled media outlets the rest of the world have for the most part followed suit and hence the ease with which AAcrime was able to spread the lies about their virus C19,This time using the treacherous DOD to do the dirty work as the object being spread fell under their department namely the BIO WEAPON code named Injection to Infection.
    Well done Dr Miller and our Ace Watchdog who will Sanctified one of these days for services to mankind The One and Only Greg Hunter

  57. Scott

    Higher education and its long round trip back to the dark ages.

  58. Da Yooper

    Bravo Greg & Dr Miller …………well done.

  59. Mark

    My wife is from the Philippines. As of now 22 friends , relatives and co_workers have died in the past 9 months from strokes heart attacks and accelerted cancer. The government refuses to give her mother her pension because she refused to be vaxxed. 3 more have cancer failing kidneys and stomach problems. They are now having, rallies and protests holding banners saying you’ve killed my family. I told my wife do not tell anyone you are a Duterte.

    • Greg Hunter

      I am so sorry these murders happened but thank you for sharing your important information. Fantastic street reporting the public needs to hear.

  60. Michael Scott

    We are in a war in this country at this time, it is a spiritual war, a conflict of the mind and soul that is blantently being thrust upon us that seek truth and light. This interview is but another example that provides proof of this statement. We are in a true 4ht turning in the country/world that may or not be the the start of the prophetic times spoken about in revelation. We, as Christians should be glad that we are the generation to live in these times, because we know how it ends…..take up the full armor of God, and shine your light wherever you can to fight back this evil.

  61. Carrie

    Spectacular interview! I commend Dr Miller for this difficult task he has taken on. Sadly, this topic should be taught in all high schools, along with other essential topics to navigate adulthood. I grew up with my grandparents, who lived through the Great Depression, and one of the best things they ever told me was to Never believe everything I hear, especially from the media and politicians/officials👍 Thanks Greg!

  62. Chris

    This man is another of the heroes of our Orwellian times, who hasn’t become a part of the mass psychosis, and has been prepared to suffer for placing the truth in front of the psychotic mass. More power to him and I hope he comes through this trial in good health and vindicated and recompensed financially, at least, for the injustices he’s endured. We need to hear more about how the military-industrial-espionage complex is instrumental in the planning and execution of the whole operation as he, and other guests, seem to be saying. This appears to be global. If so, they are killing their own people. How does this happen and why is there no apparent (certainly no open) dissent within that complex globally? It’s like a program of the diabolical elite to exterminate their “untermenschen” i.e. the bulk of humanity.

  63. Freedom-4-All

    Great interview. professional educator covering a subject we all know exists but spend very little time on or receive very education on.
    New topic.
    New expert.
    Well taught.
    Trifecta! Love it. Will listen again this week.

  64. CJ

    1 Thessalonians 5:1-11

  65. Elder Son

    It read like a script… because it was a script. PsyOps 101.

  66. Jeff

    We need to pray for this world and the lost people in it. They are hoodwinked by the death vaccine and being lead towards nuclear annihilation. Only God and Jesus can put an end to the corruption. However, none of this is a surprise as Jesus said right before His return that it would be like the Days of Noah. At that time the Niphilim were here altering DNA and creating strange off spring. Now with Mrna we are doing same thing.

    • Rick

      Military’s around the world are trying to create “Super Soldiers” (by for instance mixing bear and dog DNA into their recruits) creating a strange “Werewolf Type of Human” – problem is – these 8 to 9 foot tall “alien” creatures do not take orders readily – this is hearsay but supposedly some of these creatures have escaped and are now procreating in our National Forests (that are now being burned down)?? – Dr. Helen O’Neill (a molecular geneticist from University College London) said: “The question is more about whether scientists (like Fauci for instance) would be prepared to use this technology, rather than whether it was possible” – gene editing (changing the DNA of embryos) would offer one of the more plausible routes to a “Super Soldier”!! – so now we are at the stage where “we can play God”!! – like Yuval Noah Harari explains here –

      “The technologies – of genome editing and its combination with assisted reproduction – are becoming routine practices in transgenics and agriculture, it’s just the combination of the two for human use that is seen as unethical at the moment.”

  67. Conservative Thought

    Thanks for this important topic about CV-19 propaganda and how Mark Crispin Miller’s plight against the globalist agenda and fighting against their false narrative

    Follow the science and you conclude masks don’t work – Source: Fauci / WHO

    Follow the science and you realize natural immunity is all one needs for a disease with a survival rate > 99% Source: CDC

    Follow the science and you realize early antiviral treatment ivermectin are very safe and effective Source: FDA

    Follow the science and you realize MRNA gene altering therapy are not effective and to date killed over 32,000 Americans Source: CDC VAERS
    Mandatory experimental gene modifying injections without informed consent is a crime against humanity Source: US Constitution & Nuremburg trials

    Be Educated / Be informed / Beware

  68. tibor

    thanks Greg..excellant..but my wife and I knew.. our gut ..told us long ago..its a real shame people are so foolish { even many family members}in believing the scam…we are poor blood.
    trump won 2020.

    • Greg Hunter

      I agree Trump won but disagree you are poor. You are rich in Christ!

    • Diana

      You have discernment the most important thing needed moving forward. Hardly poor.

  69. Galaxy 500

    Great interview Greg.
    Dr Miller’s commentary was eye opening.

  70. Craig Simonson

    Greg, please get the following information about Lyme disease to Mark. It could be very helpful.
    At Linden Botanicals check out “The Linden Botanical Story” and his 8 steps back to health.

  71. Mike Shriver

    Good interview on how the educational institutions government, corporations and media all conspire to suppress truth and knowledge to forward their evil agenda.

  72. LondonCenter

    RFK Jr SCARES Democratic Establishment With SKYROCKETING Popularity: Report The Hill 139K views 2 days ago
    Jessica Burbank and Robby Soave discuss Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s visit to the southern border.

    World at War: Russia’s new War Satellite exposes all western weapons in Ukraine WION 213K views 21 hours ago
    Iran unveils its first indigenous hypersonic missile

    • Rick

      The Ukraine’s much hyped “full-fledged Counteroffensive” was tantamount to Suicide – in just 3 days – the losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine amounted to: 3715 military personnel, 52 tanks (including Tiger, Leopard’s and Bradly’s), 207 armored vehicles, 134 cars, 5 aircraft (F-16’s?) and 2 helicopters.

      • Rick

        And that’s not all – as the smoke cleared on the battlefield the world witnessed what an unprecedented disaster was inflicted by the Russians upon NATO’s most advanced tanks and armor (left in smoking ruins) – shockingly – battlefield closeups revealed that many of the Leopards destroyed were the newer 2A6’s (one of the most advanced tanks in the world) along with upgraded M2A2 ODS-SA Bradleys (which also laid in ruin)!! – It Is Time – Time to get out of this “Unconstitutional War” imposed upon the American and European people by Biden and his gang of Deep State Demonrats (a war never legally ratified by the US Congress) – and it must be done before the Thermonuclear Weapons Russia has are used to devastating effect upon the innocent people of Europe and America!!!

  73. Thomas Wigand

    Dear Greg:

    I’m nearly speechless – easily one of your best interviews ever. Than you for introducing me to Professor Miller* … a truth-teller from within the (academic corner) of the belly of the beast. Particularly impressed about how he “gets it,” tying the “art” of propaganda to the global evil now on the march.

    *Right after watching, I became a paid subscriber to his Substack.

    Your comments in the last few minutes of the interview – about how his fellow academics are probably sick (or about to be) – and what will happen once they realize they’ve been bioweaponed.

    It reminded me of one of my Substacks not too long ago – a two part post – in which compared the 1970’s movie Network and its TV anchor, to today, in which in the near future we may see some media figures suddenly go rogue and start spilling the beans … after they realize that they themselves were bioweaponed. These two are a couple of my personal faves. Here are the links, if anyone is interested:

  74. Percy Sledgehammer

    Introducing The Real President of These dis-United States!
    T H E Puppet M a s t e r himselfie::::::::
    Succession: George Soros Hands Son Alex Control of His $25 Billion Empire
    by Breitbart June 11th 2023, 9:50 am
    “I’m more political,” he says, adding he wants to involve himself in the day-to-day political affairs of the nation ahead of the 2024 election.
    Billionaire left-wing Democrat donor George Soros is handing control of his $25 billion financial empire to his younger son Alex who has vowed to pursue even more ultra-liberal causes.
    The newly crowned 37-year-old heir told the Wall Street Journal he will broaden his father’s famously woke interests to include issues like voting and abortion rights as well as “gender equality.”

  75. Lady Au Stackers United

    I’m not vaxxed (-). I have friends and family vaxxed (+). I have never been sick since this psyop fiasco began. Like all here who read Greg Hunter’s website interviews, we are informed to better engage in critical thinking outside the box and to always be skeptical. Friends and family have come down with Covid (+) several times after taking the jab. Unfortunately they continue to drink the koolaid of propaganda. One (+) Vaxxed friend who happened to had been sick many times with Covid positive tests this past winter says to me that I’m Lucky. I’m Lucky for not getting sick at all with Covid??? Go figure on that kind of narrow minded thinking!!!

  76. Sonya

    This interview is a MUST WATCH! Once you have the basis of understanding propaganda, everything else comes together. This was AMAZING! I immediately went and followed Dr. Millers substack because i want to hear everything he says. What a valuable asset to us all. Please have him on again. Praying for victory in his court case. God Bless Dr. Miller.

    • Greg Hunter

      I agree Sonya. It took me months to nail down a booking. (Dr. Miller is in demand.)
      It was worth the wait!!

  77. Klaus Meyer

    STEREOLETO (Stereo Summer) 2023 Music Festival. Antoha MC and Basta. Petersburg, Russia. Baklykov. live 5,099 views Streamed 2 hours ago
    Live stream from Day 1 of Stereoleto, one of the largest music festivals in St Petersburg, Russia performing since 2002. Starting from 2019, Stereoleto performs on a territory of SevCable Port (Northern Cable Port), right in the confluence of Neva River and The Gulf of Finland. On three various stages in Day 1 will perform 16 music artists. But in this live we will mostly focus on the headliners Antoha MC and Basta.
    RUSSIAN SUMMER & FREE AIR Conditioning! From the Cool North

  78. Paul Richards

    Absolutely stunning interview. Thank you Dr. Miller. Thank you Greg for having him on. My support follows.

  79. Russ 2

    Thanks Greg — excellent interview.

    Over the past decades, I’ve had a few courses on propaganda, military deception and maskirovka (Russian/Soviet military deception) and find the subject very interesting. I would love to have taken Dr. Miller’s course if it had been anywhere other than NYU. Regardless, the idea that his legal issue began with a perceived “thought crime” in the context of a course in propaganda simply boggles the mind. Wow.

    When Covid first came on the scene with deaths in nursing homes, I looked at the early demographical statistics on who was dying, and then at the 99.9x% survival rate. Those numbers alone combined with knowledge that the “vaccine” had not been tested made up the bulk of input that went into my decision to not be vaccinated. The odds of surviving Covid were favorable for me and the unknowns of an untested new technology vaxx were not favorable over any term.

    Then the video’s and studies by independent scientists & doctors regarding what was in the vaccines. Look up the work of “la quinta columna” regarding the vaccine vial content.

    I was vocal about my decision to not be vaxx’d to anyone (everyone was talking about it) who wanted to know — don’t do it. Later it was, “okay, you got the vaxx, just don’t get any boosters, they’re worse”. Most of those folks caved to pressure and were vaxx’d and boosted. Sad.

    I didn’t see the propaganda aspect of the Covid scare for years. I saw it as a misinformed scare campaign by well intentioned bureaucrats. I kick myself now for not seeing the propaganda campaign for what it was. Now, looking back with 20/20 hindsight, it was so obvious. Propaganda masterpiece indeed.

  80. Rick Wendel

    Good find Greg. Prof Miller is an excellent guest. He sees the issues at the 35K altitude (macro) level but also analyzes down to the detailed or micro level. The perfect antidote to today’s omnipresent propaganda and mindless bias environment.
    As a graduate of the military industrial complex (Active Duty, Civil Service and Contracor/Consultant, I can tell he stands out.

  81. Susan R

    Mark needs to call in his warrior spirit not just in defense of his current fight but aside that, his life. He is on the right side and I hope his case will be heard, but this is his tribe abolishing him forever. I’m sure he has the support of family, friends and colleagues but his fight is to save his soul, as I can imagine this is like being chained up against a tree left to the weather. God bless him and I hope he feels all of us who send our healing energy and want to see him triumphant and strong NO matter what!

  82. Russ 2

    Germane to the Covid topic:
    “Doctors Who Poisoned Themselves and Their Families, Including Small Children, with COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines – Global ResearchGlobal Research – Centre for Research on Globalization”
    A bit of guilt mixed with cognitive dissonance. Then there’s the old Mark Twain adage that it’s easier to fool someone than to convince them they’ve been fooled.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Russ,
      Very interesting – thanks for the link.

    • Rick

      The only good thing I can say about all these sad incidents is that at least all the badly brainwashed “incompetent doctors” (who definitely were not critical thinkers) had to close their practices and retire because they had a heart attack or stroke or neurological injury – and therefore (they can’t practice bad medicine anymore) – every day a bad doctor (trying to convince his patients to get the Clot Shot) suddenly dies – is a good day for humanity (as it increases the probability that the “unvaccinated” human race will survive)!!

  83. Louis Lutz

    Miller has some good things to say but don’t hold him out as the beacon of truth. He moderated “The Christianist Infiltration of America’s Public Schools”

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks, Louis, for the information.

    • Rick Wendel

      Watch the video. Just like WOKE/CRT/LGBTQ*** , religious affiliation should not be promoted in PUBLIC schools. That should be obvious. Prof Miller helped make that point.

    • CatherineCronin

      Louis you’re right. Miller has strong opinions. these opinions have gotten him into trouble mostly because he actually trusted his friends even though he was unawere they became his enemies. He has lots of opinions about lots of things, and some are offensive to Christians. He is currently a part of the world of judgement. His life and his actions during his life, just like the rest of us is now being judged measure for measure. Some more, some less, but nevertheless less we are all at judgments door. Keep close to God and pray, and always ask for forgiveness because it’s the humble heart that is pure. Humility is paramount since to be very honest we are not even a speck of dirt in the grand scheme of creation. God however made us in His own image therefore the sacred gift of life with a soul means something. It’s important to be aware of a persons leanings in life but judgement is only in Gods hands.

  84. Sheila

    Hi Greg,

    Wow, what an outstanding interview with Dr. Miller!

    I felt compelled to pray for you and Dr. Miller. I pray for God to guide you to truth, to protect you and to bless you.

    Listening to Dr. Miller talk about propaganda made me think about how all the liars try to compete against the Way, the Truth and the Life. I’m so glad Christ gave us those words so that we can trust in Him when everyone in earthly leadership positions lie to and then lie more to cover up yet more lies. John 4:16 has resonated with me more than ever in these last three years.


    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for the prayers. We need all we can get!! Pure evil in this world today.

  85. Nick Reynolds

    Excellent interview and an excellent guest. I hope he has a bitcoin donation address or button on his site. I’m pretty sure this is an AI plan. We are up against tremendous wealth, the latest technology, and half the population that simply does not think for themselves. Trump sowed a lot of division; that was part of his job. Hatred of Trump led to so many, especially Democrats, taking Biden’s jab. Now they live in a bubble of lies and will never question authority or its propaganda mouthpieces.

  86. Alan

    Not just a great interview, but to quote the words
    of a great investigative journalist, MAGNIFICENT!

  87. Kat Kerr

    Are Coming to Take You Away!
    Video Shows EXTREME Discrimination Against The Unvaxxed!
    The Jimmy Dore Show 161,517 views Jun 10, 2023
    Even though it’s already being memory-holed, the treatment of the unvaccinated for the past 2+ years has been nothing short of scandalous. Denied access to transportation, dining and recreation, dismissed from work and scapegoated for the continued pandemic, the unvaccinated have suffered immeasurably.
    Jimmy shares a video depicting just some of the indignities the unvaxxed have faced and wonders what ever happened to the “My body, my choice” ethos? In da Crapper!

    “Putin Has Got All He Wants…” Seymour Hersh On Russia-Ukraine War & What Could Happen Next CRUX 115,503 views Streamed 2 hours ago CRUX Exchange
    Is US President Joe Biden’s support for Ukraine against Russia a political necessity? Why is Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky not willing to end the war or even settle for a ceasefire when the odds still seem to be stacked in Russia’s favor owing to its military might? Will Putin choose to pull out Russia’s nukes if he sees himself losing the war? Or does he already have what he wants? US investigative journalist, Seymour Hersh, speaks on a number of raging issues around Russia’s standoff with the US-led West and the war in Ukraine. Watch;

    BREAKING FOX NEWS Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo
    June 11, 2023 YagizLOL 5.4K views 2 hours ago

    Joe Rogan SLAMS Corporate Media, Predicts Censorship Of RFK JR
    The Hill 9,679 views Premiered 2 hours ago
    Briahna Joy Gray and Robby Soave discuss Joe Rogan’s reaction to RFK Jr’s stance on covid-19 vaccines.

    “We Were Duped” – Doctors Angry About CDC & WHO’s COVID Lies
    The Jimmy Dore Show Download 4,338 views Jun 11, 2023
    More and more, doctors across the United States have begun questioning the COVID narrative relating to vaccines, masks, lockdowns and alternative treatments and they’re speaking out. Dr. Kat Lindley has co-founded the Global Health Project to amplify those voices and ensure that the kind of mass hysteria and misinformation peddled by elite institutions never happens again.
    Jimmy speaks with Dr. Lindley about her program and the Global Health Project’s efforts to encourage physicians to raise their voices and restore faith in medical professionals.

  88. Mary W.

    I could listen to him all day long. Fantastic interview.

  89. Jane Hill

    This is the email address NY Court of Appeal
    [email protected]
    Please contact them to support this case being heard,

  90. lara bell

    YOU know what a sign is, don’t you?— You read about the sign God gave that he would never again destroy the world by a flood. Also, the apostles asked for a sign so that they could know when Jesus had returned and when the end of the world, or system of things, was near.—Matthew 24:3.
    Since Jesus would be invisible in heaven, a sign that people could see was needed to show that he had begun ruling. So Jesus told about things his disciples should watch for here on earth. When these things happened, it would mean that he had returned and had begun ruling in heaven as King.
    To teach his disciples the importance of keeping on the watch, Jesus told them: “Note the fig tree and all the other trees: When they are already in the bud, by observing it you know for yourselves that now the summer is near.” Like now in the U.S., you know how to tell when summer is near, the 21st. and you can tell when Armageddon is near when you see the things happening that Jesus spoke about.—Luke 21:29, 30.
    We can see, today. The things that Jesus said would be part of the sign that the Kingdom of God is near and he said, when all these things occur, God’s Kingdom with Christ as Ruler will crush all other governments, on the late great planet earth.
    At Matthew 24:6-14 and Luke 21:9-11, you can read about what you see going on. Yes you see the many parts of the sign that Jesus gave are being fulfilled today.
    Jesus said: “You are going to hear of wars and reports of wars; . . . nation will rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom.” Have you heard reports about wars?— The first world war was fought from 1914 to 1918, and then there was World War II, from 1939 to 1945. Never before had there been world wars! Now there are wars all over the world. It seems that every day on TV, on the radio, and in the newspaper, we hear or read about the worlds wars.
    Jesus also said: “There will be food shortages . . . in one place after another.” As you may know, not everyone has enough food to eat. Every day thousands of people die because they do not have enough food and big food shortages are incoming, because of war in the breadbasket of Europe!
    Jesus added: ‘In one place after another there will be pestilences.’ Do you know what a pestilence is?— It is a sickness, or disease, that kills many people. One great pestilence called the Spanish flu killed about 20 million people within just a year or so. In our day more people than that will probably die from the clot shot and there are cancer, heart disease, and other sicknesses that kill many thousands of people every year, getting worser!.
    Jesus gave another part of the sign, saying: “There will be . . . earthquakes in one place after another.” Do you know what an earthquake is?— Earthquakes make the ground shake under your feet. Houses fall down, and people often get killed. Since that first world war, there have been many earthquakes every year. Have you heard about earthquakes?—Ever hear about Yellowstone, or a New Madrid?
    Jesus said that another part of the sign would be ‘more and more badness.’ That is why there is so much stealing and violence. People everywhere are afraid that someone might try to break into their homes. Never before has there been as much crime and violence in all parts of the world as there is now. Support your local Sheriff!
    Jesus gave a very important part of the sign when he said: “This good news of the kingdom will be preached in all the inhabited earth for a witness to all the nations; and then the end will come.” (Matthew 24:14) If you believe “this good news,” then you should talk about it to others. In that way you can share in fulfilling this part of the sign.
    Some people may say that the things Jesus foretold have always happened. But never before have such things all happened in so many parts of the world and at the same time. So do you understand what the sign means?— It means that when we see all these things happening, this wicked world will soon be replaced by God’s new world.
    When Jesus gave this sign, he also spoke of a special season of the year. He said: “Keep praying that your flight may not occur in wintertime.” (Matthew 24:20) What do you think he meant by that?—
    Well, if a person has to escape some disaster during the winter, when the weather makes it very hard or even dangerous to travel, what could happen?— If he escaped at all, it would be with great difficulty. Wouldn’t it be sad for someone to die in a winter storm just because he was too busy doing other things to start his journey earlier?—
    When Jesus spoke of trying to escape during wintertime, what lesson was he teaching?

    Do you see the point Jesus was making by talking about not waiting until wintertime to flee?— He was telling us that since we know that Armageddon is near, we do not want to delay in taking action to prove we love God by serving him. If we delay, it may be too late for us. So we would be just like those at the time of the great Flood who heard Noah but did not get inside the ark. Don’t Panic as Greg says!

  91. Robert

    Greg , once again a masterpiece of an interview!
    As more and more truth and common sense surfaces, the Vaxxed and boosted at some point are going to have a complete mental breakdown and go crazy. This is when we see them pick up an axe or a gun etc and carry out their role of useful idiot and “reduce the population.” As the doctor already mentioned we are already seeing increased levels of altercations, more and more violent, across the world. Pay attention to your surroundings and the behavior of people around you.

  92. Claudia

    Another great gatekeeping operation, Greg.
    The most important narrative remains intact, no true history is being revealed, and the real culprits, the people pulling the strings, remain unnamed.
    Well done!

    • Greg Hunter

      Like you Claudia, with your anonymous cowardly comment. Applause to the coward!!! That’s you not me.

      • Claudia

        Anonymous?! Where?!! I’m right here.

        • Greg Hunter

          Are you this stupid? Claudia what is your full verifiable name?

  93. Patrick Michael Alaggio

    Professor Miller,

    Brother in arms, warrior FOR the people, humanitarian and righteous leader to us all, thank you.


    Patrick Michael Alaggio

  94. Linda

    Miller should have sued every single one of the 25 professors and left no one out, junior or not. NO EXCUSES!

  95. Carol

    Hi Greg, You are hitting it out of the ballpark with all of your guests. I can’t wait for your shows to air and recommend you to friends and family. Thank You!

    You do not need to publish this, I just wondered if you could ask one of your financial experts who you have on, every so often, if they think they are going to make our Soc Sec, pensions and medicare contingent on taking the vax, the digital ID, the chip all the satanic tools, or we don’t have access? I just had a chilling feeling that may be the direction and people like me who did not save but have a good income from those sources will be devastated. Or do you think that they will not touch Soc Sec because the boomers would rise up? I can hear you saying “Fear Not” and I always take great comfort in that. Thank you for all you do for us. A true Freedom Fighter! -Carol

  96. Jeffrobbins

    He got removed because he’s over the target. This guy is doing a great service with the ‘died suddenly’ . And we won’t be sending any of our kids to a university. Trade schools are the only way to go.

  97. Felix

    Another great interview greg,just donated to Dr. miller’s website.We are in the battle of our lives,we need to stand our ground and not relent. The truth destroys these luciferians.We will be persecuted in the saviors name,so don’t live in fear I know it gets stressful but keep pushing foward.These ideologies will keep coming faster and faster.Satan uses the same tactics against truth with propaganda and blatant lies,its sad that people cannot distinguish the truth.Their is more jesus lovers then their are of them so keep spreading the word of the savior.The light over comes the darkness.GODSPEED

  98. Jeffrobbins

    We have a close friend that came over a couple months ago in tears. He was scared because of a numbness that had started in his arm where he got the J&J shot (little over a year and half ago). I gave him a tube of horse paste and told him to take so much every two days. The numbness had/has spread into his chest and when he went to a doctor, they diagnosed it as internal shingles. He felt better after taking some steroids, but so would anyone. The numbness never left and that was when he came over here. We had talked about the shots in the past and i told him very clearly not to get them, and why they were bad news, but his job wanted it so he rolled over.
    At the time i gave him the paste, we prayed and i explained that he needed the medication ongoing for ‘maintenance’. So about a month ago i asked how he felt; He said he felt a good bit better. So then i asked if he got more of the paste and he said ‘no, i feel better and anyway, we prayed’. This leads me to this- Hope is a terrible strategy. Many things are conditional in this world and also with the Lord. Take some action to fortify yourselves, food, water, income source, etc.- look for the high ground. It’s like this, if you believe in a pre-trib rapture, it is much wiser to prepare for a post-trib rapture.

    • Greg Hunter

      Don’t let the traditional quack doctors treat your friend. Get him an appointment with Dr. Kory ASAP!!! Dr. Kory is on the cutting edge of vax injury treatment.


  99. Carol

    I thought I understood the National Anthem until I saw this short video. Now I play it every July 4th as a reminder of what it truly means. Must watch! -Carol

  100. Jeffersonian

    Brilliant Mark Crispen Miller simply brilliant! This is what I took away from your presentation:

    1. Your were targeted by NYU for teaching the truth, not perpetuating the false covid narrative and helping stop expansion of NYU to preserve the local neighborhood. Stand tall and shame on them.
    2. The greatest most evil democide ever—created, planned and executed by the Rockefeller and Gates foundations to cull the herd—the plandemic. Depopulation end of story. Not a vaccine but a gene altering technology designed to kill you.

    3. Create distraction after another so the sheeples stay asleep never realizing they’ve been poisoned with a bio weapon designed to kill or injure them or both. Look here not there-kumbuki theater.

    4. You’re seeking to enlighten your students by equipping them with both knowledge and critical thinking skills—antithetical to what tptb want. Eyes wide shut. How dare you.

    5. Anyone that opposes or dares to question the official narrative is marginalized, ostracized and defamed all in the name of so called “science.” Criminal.

    Keep up the good fight. Obviously you can see the forest from the trees and have mastered propaganda. You are an asset to humanity.

    Ps: for you haters: we are all hypocrites in our own ways but remember not to throw the baby out with bath water. What he says resonates with truth.

    Perhaps your best interview thus far Mr Hunter—keep them coming. Like to hear from Dane, Dowd and Dr Peter Mcullough just to name a few.

    Thanks for your website.

  101. Jeffersonian

    Ps. I’d have to agree with Miller the Trumpster was a perfect foil character that helped tptb further divide the herd and carry out their agenda to jab us all. Wouldn’t of worked with Hitlery not enough hatred from the wokesters. He played his part well indeed. Pro homosexual, pro jab, pro lower interest rates so rich leverage the middle class and increased the deficit just like the other president puppets.

    And remember he authorized the National emergency act that allowed the lockdowns to occur and in his own words warp sped the (bio weapon) so called vaccine and called it safe and effective and saved millions of lives.

    Really now!

  102. Tom T Holler

    The Chosen tv series is having a live stream in < 1 hr (8pm NYC time) to explain the Sodom propaganda that has occurred on the set and also via some of the cast members social media.

    the future of Christian broadcasting is at stake

  103. Anita

    Excellent guest. I learned some new things and got a broader view of things I already knew. Thank you both.

  104. William T Westenberger

    I believe that Satan is required by God to inform his victims when he will try to destroy them, thus the reason for the erection (and later, the destruction) of the Georgia Guidestones. I believe they were destroyed to signal the start of Satan’s plans but we’re still waiting for the start of God’s plan. It’s got to start soon…

  105. Agent P

    Does anyone here remember an interview Greg did with G. Edward Griffin some years back…? It relates to something Professor Miller mentioned within the first few opening minutes of this interview.

    It was 10 minutes or so into the interview with Mr. Griffin, wherein he stated the following (paraphrasing):

    ‘Perhaps the most difficult thing I had to overcome in my journey of finding the truth, was coming to grips with the fact that nearly everything I had been taught in school or through propaganda from media with regard to history, war, finance, etc., was False…’

  106. Shiloh1

    Greg, great show with Dr. Miller.

    Dave Collum has linked your show on his twitter.

    Professor Collum was attacked by the imbecile woke Cornell student newspaper and administrators in the summer of 2020, specifically about the old man agent provocateur fake injury at the Buffalo NY riots.

    • Trinacria

      I am a retired professor from a college on the West Coast. Dave Collum is a great person; I have heard several of his interviews. Mark Crispin Miller has now been added to my list of great people. Thanks to you Greg, I will now follow his work on Substack. Moreover, I can tell you what Miller reports about the behavior of the pencil neck geek/kiss butt professors in this institutions is 100% correct. It was like reliving my own parallel experience over 20 years ago. Hearing it almost gave me PTSD. I will pray for Collum and Miller that justice somehow will be served.

  107. Tom Bonn

    It was springtime when I first became aware of the Covid eruption, and I was in excellent health. Immediately I resolved to never take what I considered a Bill Gates sewer slime shot. I figured inevitably I would contract the Covid, and figured the sooner the better, while both my health and the weather were most favorable to fight it off. So I consistently engaged in every behavior condemned by Fauci and his cohorts. I NEVER wore a mask. I touched as many doorknobs as possible at places where there was much public traffic, afterwards refraining from washing my hands. Whenever possible, I would get amidst groups of people. Month after month, that determined effort was all in vain, with no Covid contraction but plenty of fiery glares and didactic admonitions from woke self-appointed enforcers. Finally, in December I finally caught the Covid from two mask-wearing schoolteachers who came to visit. It lasted about 10 days, and was like a mild bout of flu. I’ll be 80 years old in July.

  108. Frank S.

    Greg, Mark Crispin Miller was everything you’d touted, and more. Very informative!
    Did I hear correctly that his attorney for the NYU lawsuit was Michael Sussmann?
    Isn’t he the same Michael Sussmann who worked for Perkins-Coie, was Hillary Clinton’s lawyer, and was hip-deep in the Steele Dossier Russia Hoax? Just wondering.

  109. Pete

    Thanks Greg, another milestone interview. Dr Miller is what academia is all about. Universities have dropped the ball a long way from Plato’s Academy. No doubt we are in a very dark period of world history. It is like since covid everything has gone full on satanic. I have watched the aggregation of the media, the congruent opinions, the demonization of free speech. The lies remind me of the Nazi era, the demonization of opposition groups, the perversion of “science”, the loss of freedoms, the demolition of the middle class and small business. It is like Revelation is the roadmap if you can read behind the symbology.

  110. Eli

    Remember when BLM protests were ok, but Politico reported that Trump rallies spread the coof..? Lmao! What a clown world we live in.

  111. Diana

    Proff Miller, should have expected this reaction. The left are insecure, self absorbed, evil people and are hypocrites. Add NY to that and if you have any discernment and logic you are fighting delusional hacks. It is a no win situation and why we the people who believe in the Constitution have to crush these people. Waiting for them to have a flicker of light about the truth must be put behind us. It really is true “you can’t fix stupid”.

    I’m assuming the university is running cover for their Covid policies and they are trying to squash questions. Anytime someone throws down too hard on anything, ignore them they are lying and attempting to control the moment. I expect the commies to act emotionally and to follow orders, I expect everyone else to stop , think and dig. Thank you Greg for your hard work and truth.

  112. Lucas Doolin

    A Karen started all of his problems.
    I find it highly ironic that a teacher and expert on propaganda was not listened to when he warned people of the propaganda he saw unfolding.

  113. Marie Joy

    Garth Brooks is woke and calls people, who boycott Bud Light, a**holes.

    • Greg Hunter

      Garth just showed you who he really is.

      • Trinacria

        Absolutely…as by their deeds you shall know them (Matthew 7:16). We need to continue much alacrity the building of a parallel society and networks. Woke companies need to be boycotted and we must not let up…we must give the left a taste of their own medicine 10 fold. Also, I pray that the eastern half of Oregon will be successful in uniting with Idaho. What is going on worldwide as Miller says, is diabolical (from the Greek meaning to tear apart). It was excessive pride that turned angels in demons. Never forget that!

      • Joan Jamison

        ONE of Jesus’ Kingdom illustrations describes a farmer who sows fine seed of wheat and an enemy who sows weeds among the fine seed. The weeds overgrow the wheat, but the farmer orders his slaves to “let both grow together until the harvest.” During harvest season, the weeds are destroyed and the wheat is gathered. Jesus himself explained the illustration. (Read Matthew 13:24-30, 37-43.) What does this parable reveal about old Garthier?
        The parable relates how servants eager to pull up weeds were warned that in so doing they would root out the wheat as well and were told to let both grow together until the harvest12. Later in Matthew, the weeds are identified with “the children of the evil one “, the wheat with “the children of the Kingdom “, and the harvest with “the end of the age”1. The parable points out that not all those who claim outwardly to accept the principles of the kingdom of heaven are surrendered to God inwardly4.
        Are you interested in seeing the end of the present wicked system? You should be, you all will be affected personally by the outcome of this harvesting work and in entering the great resetting tribulation. Will you find yourself too, brooken, busted and disgusted as lord Garth? Just remember, if we don’t hang together, we will most assuredly hang seperate; Benjamin Franklin!

  114. Lois Douglas

    Dr Miller needs to teach this course online. I would gladly pay to attend his class.

    • Ann

      Great idea.

  115. Putanacana TheRest IsHistory

    Another Bombshell Soon Incoming?
    In the modern day, it is hard to find someone in power with the qualities and honor, like those found in Grant and Lincoln. Thank you for such a great video.

  116. John Maskell

    Awesome Greg . Top notch interview ! I have subscribed to Dr Miller ‘ s substack after watching this show . These died suddenly cases are horrifying . I was well prepared but couldn’t believe how many celebrities fell for this bio weapon . Looks like Clif High was right when he said Hollywood will be hit with big vax deaths ! Getting back to Dr Miller’s appeal case, I really feel disgusted how the university and woke brigade have treated this man. Truth always hurts and that is what they fear the most ! Greg , you’re a honest man and so are your guests . We will win, truth always pulls through .

  117. Lada Aston Holden

    Monday EMERGENCY BROADCAST: Desperate Deep State Moves to Arrest Political Opponents, Kidnap America’s Children, & Launch Nuclear War – Watch LIVE The Alex Jones Show

  118. Led Skelton

    We are witnessing in real life the remake the 1975 movie Rollerball,
    this time FOX (representing the MSM, the world controlling evil corporation)
    vs. Tucker Carlson (playing the role of Jonathan E).

  119. Donna s

    Haven’t posted in some time but wanted to tell you that I loved the interview with Dr. Miller !! You both did a fantastic job !! He is awesome and would have loved to have had a few professors like him !
    Thank you both
    Donna s

  120. Sore end Soros

    Ukrainian Troops Blown to Smithereens in Russian Guided Missile Strike in Zaporizhzhia | Hindustan Times 37,966 views Jun 12, 2023
    A Russian Attack helicopter blew up an armoured fighting vehicle of Ukrainian forces along with the crew, Moscow has said. The Russian defence ministry said that the armoured fighting vehicle was annihilated in Zaporizhzhia direction. It said that the KA-52 reconnaissance attack helicopter detected the Ukrainian armour vehicle and attacked it with a guided missile. Watch;

    Russia Bombed ‘Mighty’ Leopards Using This Weapon | All About Putin’s ‘Game-Changer’ Drone Hindustan Times 68,756 views Jun 12, 2023
    Russia’s small weapon, the Lancet drone, has become a big headache for Ukraine. Russia is using these drones to hunt down and destroy Kyiv’s weapons, like the Leopard main battle tanks. According to reports, all the German Leopard tanks were bombed using Lancet drones. Not just the “mighty” Leopards, but U.S.-supplied Bradley fighting vehicles and French AMX-10RC units were wiped out on the battlefield with Russian Lancet drones. This intensification in drone usage marks a shift in the Russian Army’s tactics. Russia’s focus has been shifted to the neutralisation of Kyiv’s modern armoured units. The Russians are hunting and destroying these western weapons due to their advanced capabilities. The destruction of these advanced western weapons proves that Kyiv is ill-prepared. While Russia’s wargame under Vladimir Putin is unmatched at the moment.

  121. DP Insider

    Trump indicted…the Obama Plan to promote Trump is proceeding nicely.

    Trump will never face any actual persecution, he is far too valuable an Obama asset to waste…Michelle is going to be the first woman potus after she trounces Trump in 2024…

  122. S.O.S

    WAR IS HELL You cannot qualify war in harsher terms than I will. War is cruelty, and you cannot refine it. Those who brought war into our country deserve all the curses and maledictions a people can pour out. William Tecumseh Sherman; To West Point graduates. (8 February 1820 – 14 February 1891)

    “Entire Regiments Wiped Out” | Ukraine’s Zaporizhzhia Assault | Russian Judge Dies In Mystery Fall+CRUX 143,952 views Jun 9, 2023
    A substantial Ukrainian force was pushing an assault against Russian positions in the south on June 8, the Guardian reported. The combat effort against Russian positions south of Zaporizhzhia included western tanks and armoured vehicles. There were reports of intense fighting outside the town of Tokmak, a key Russian logistical hub. Local Russian commander Alexander Romanchuk said Kyiv lost 30 tanks, including 3 Leopard tanks, in the region on June 8. Russian military bloggers also confirmed that hard fighting was going around Orihiv in the Zaporizhzhia region. Russian troops fighting against anti-Russia militia in Belgorod claim that “entire regiments” are being wiped out. A federal judge in Russia was found dead after falling 12 stories from his apartment window, local reports say. Watch this video to know what’s latest in the Ukraine-Russia conflict.

  123. Nick

    Greg please share this with Mark Miller. Great interview and at the end he said he has Lymes disease. Please send him this info. This Doctor cured himself with these below remedies.

    Sarsaparilla (Smilax glabra), which has strong evidence for suppressing microbes and restoring gut function. This antimicrobial herb also binds up “endotoxins”,
    which are pieces of dead bacteria that cause immune reactions, systemic inflammation, pain, and fatigue (this is called a Herxheimer reaction). Herxheimer reactions tend to be much less intense with herbal therapy, especially when sarsaparilla is included as a key ingredient. By binding up endotoxins, sarsaparilla helps to relieve symptoms of inflammation and pain in the joints, tissues, and gut.
    Recommended dose: 1-3 capsules (400–500mg each) of sarsaparilla root extract twice daily.
    Another ingredient I added was Allisure garlic extract, which showed remarkable protection against a wide range of bacteria, viruses, and yeast (including many of the microbes associated with Lyme disease). This is a patented form of garlic in which the active “allicins” have been potentiated to 100%, as compared to the 1-2% found in fresh or aged garlic products.
    Recommended dose: 180–360mg Allisure garlic extract 2–3 times daily.
    An excellent herb I found for strengthening immune function and reducing symptoms is Reishi mushroom (Ganoderma lucidum). Reishi is a potent adaptogen with exceptional immune modulating and antiviral properties; reishi reduces inflammatory cytokines (which are the underlying cause of most Lyme symptoms) and improves the response against threatening microbes and mutated cancer cells.
    Reishi is also calming and improves sleep. Anti-fatigue properties are related to restoration of normal adrenal-cortical function. A number of studies also suggest that it may increase oxygenation of tissues, which is important because many stealth microbes thrive in a low oxygen environment. Reishi is also protective of liver function.
    Recommended dose: 1000–2000mg standardized extract (10%–14% polysaccharides) twice daily. 4000mg is recommended .

  124. y. Sckeptic

    Biden admin quietly confirms dangerous secret spy base
    Maria Barteromo 5 hours ago

    Maddow’s STUNNING Admission: Biden DOJ Could BLACKMAIL Trump, Drop Charges If He Quits 2024 Race
    The Hill 13K views 3 hours ago WASHINGTON
    Maddow thinks she can prevent Civil War, by begging Trump to please don’t be a Martyr. Take the bait! Nobody want’s to hang separate!

    LET ME FINISH’: EXPLOSIVE ABC News Interview DERAILS When Graham’s Defense Of Trump Stuns Host The Hill
    5.4K views 2 hours ago WASHINGTON
    Briahna Joy Gray and Robby Soave discuss Sen. Lindsey Graham’s (R-S.C.) recent appearance on ABC News.
    The why? Lindsey’s worst nightmare is RFK president! NO MORE WAR AND RUSSIA FOR THE RUSSIANS.
    Maybe if were nice Lind, they’ll let us keep Alaska!
    Deep Ukraine Dive

  125. SKEP

    Maddow’s STUNNING Admission: Biden DOJ Could BLACKMAIL Trump, Drop Charges If He Quits 2024 Race

  126. Eli

    This really was a wonderful interview and Prof. Miller is a brilliant man. Thank you so much Greg for your tireless hard work! These discussions don’t happen by themselves! God Bless you both!


  127. Led Skeletor

    CDC has now hired a 9 year old ‘tool’ as head of the CDC.

    It is reported that Mandy Cohen can’t complete a single sentence without using the word ‘LIKE’, proving she doesn’t know what the hell she is talking about. She clearly shows, through her endless giggling *like* Kameltoe Hairless, she belongs in a remedial class at a California women’s penitentiary.

  128. Kim Rouge

    Elon Musk REVEALED Proofs Of Joe Biden & Barack Obama’s CORRUPTION! Elon Musk Today 22K views 3 days ago
    Next he’ll say, “I’m Not a Crook! No he’s a bomber!

  129. Kurt Knispel

    Astonishing how this gentleman works at NYU.

    He is a classic intellectual , so rare these days.

    Greg, thank you very much for your important work. I send blessings.

  130. Anne

    I believe every word that Greg and Dr. Miller stated in this video! I thought more people would have awakened from their slumber before the days of the covid craze and the rat poison fake solutions. It doesn’t take me by surprise that people are still believing the lies about everything. John 10:10 makes it clear that an enemy will kill, steal and destroy. Not only is the devil the enemy of God and man. So are people who carry out the devil’s wicked works. I can’t fathom why that’s so hard for anyone to grasp. Except for those who hate the truth.


    “We will retake Crimea” – Zelensky starts offensive, Putin responds | Redacted with Clayton Morris 50,680 views Jun 12, 2023
    Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has officially confirmed that a Ukrainian counteroffensive has commenced against Russian forces, marking a significant turning point in the conflict. Zelensky declared that the final goal is to retake Crimea and former Eastern Ukraine, now officially Russian territory. The President’s announcement comes after months of diplomatic efforts and international pressure to de-escalate tensions.

    “They’re on the run!” – Russian forces launch artillery attack on Ukraine | Redacted Special Report 113,521 views Jun 12, 2023
    War correspondent Patrick Lancaster filed a special report from the front lines. In this video Lancaster follows Russian artillery forces in the Belograde region attacking Ukranian positions.

    Jim Jordan: It looks like there are audio recordings of the Biden family business dealings_Fox News 115,580 views Jun 12, 2023
    ‘The Ingraham Angle’ panelists discuss Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, revealing that the Burisma executive who allegedly bribed Joe Biden and Hunter Biden kept 17 audio recordings of their conversations.

    How BlackRock Is FORCING Phony Woke Culture On You
    The Jimmy Dore Show 107K views 10 hours ago

  132. G. Winston Hammerud

    Greg, I listen to you every week, every chance I get. I recommend getting Billy Crone on. I just listened to a Prophecy Watchers interview with him entitled “”Klaus Schwab’s Dirty Past, and the Rise of Techno Communism.” It was on Podcast Player RSSRadio. Anyway, if you are looking for really interesting interviews, as was this one with Dr. Miller, I think you might grab onto this one. God bless you Greg for being a person of truth, a lover of God.

  133. Christina Holman

    Russia Responds to NATO’s Air Drill Dare; Displays Firepower in Sea of Japan | Hindustan Times 19,634 views Jun 13, 2023
    The temperatures in the air and the sea are high amid the Russia-NATO faceoff. After NATO’s air drill dare, the Russian Navy roared into the sea to deter its “enemies.” Russia’s Pacific Fleet displayed its firepower with over 60 warships and support vessels. 35 naval aviation aircraft and more than 11,000 military personnel were also part of the drills. Reactive depth bombs were used to strike the area where the simulated submarine was located. The video of mega drills in the Sea of Japan and the Sea of Okhotsk was released by the Russian Defence Ministry. Russian drills in the Sea of Japan took place as Tokyo joined NATO at ‘Air Defender 23.’ Russia’s reaction to the NATO drill in the Sea of Japan has current as well as historical reasons. Watch;

    Germany Sounds Alarm Over Russian Gas Supply Halt Amid Ukraine War, Warns Of Industry Shutdown_Hindustan Times 22,497 views Jun 13, 2023
    German Economy Minister Robert Habeck raised concerns about the possibility of Russia’s natural gas supply halt. The Minister said that Germany will have to scale back or even shut down its industrial capacity. Russia’s energy supply to Germany has significantly reduced since the start of the Ukraine war. Watch;

  134. Mort Missal

    Assie’s video available here;

  135. M.Missal

    Assie’s video available here;

  136. Akoben Adinkrahene

    Thank you Mark Crispin Miller! When you stand up for yourself, you help us all!

  137. Kyle W. Elsbernd

    Hi Greg,

    Thank you for your courageous work.

    May I suggest the “The Urantia Book” as a topic for an upcoming podcast? Remarkable book with eternal resonance. You will be impressed!


    Kyle E.
    Wisconsin USA

  138. Mark Sztelle

    What a great interview Greg. Dr. Miller really has been lynched in the public square.
    Whatever has happened to freedom of speech? The origin of university education was the ability to openly discuss ideas.

  139. Hinder Cinder

    Putin Lists “Catastrophic” Ukraine Losses, Claims HIMARS Destroyed Dam; “Top Russian General Killed” CRUX 10,788 views Jun 13, 2023
    The Ukrainian military claims to have advanced 6.5 km and regained 90 sq km of land amid an ongoing counteroffensive. Deputy Defense Minister Hanna Maliar said Ukraine had liberated 7 settlements over the past week. Russia’s overnight missile attacks on Kryvyi Rih reportedly killed 10 people in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast. An oil refinery in Russia’s Krasnodar region caught fire on June 13 reportedly due to technical fault, as per RIA Novosti state news agency.
    Meanwhile, a top Russian general leading troops in southern Ukraine has been killed in a missile strike, as per pro-Russian military bloggers. Russian President Putin said Ukraine has lost 25 to 30% of west-supplied military vehicles since the start of its counteroffensive. The Russian President claimed that Ukraine’s human losses are 10 times higher than Russia’s. He claims Ukrainian losses “are approaching a level that could be described as catastrophic.” The US is expected to provide depleted-uranium rounds to Ukraine to equip the Abrams tanks that Washington will send Ukraine.
    It Won’t Be Long Folks,
    before the gloves come off and the US. and mother Ruska, Nuke it off?
    PRAY FOR PEACE ON EARTH! Pray for our real president, ALEX SOROS!

    NATO Begins Largest-Ever Air Force Drill: How will Russia Respond? | Vantage with Palki Sharma_Firstpost 5,436 views Jun 13, 2023
    NATO Begins Largest-Ever Air Force Drill: How will Russia Respond? |
    NATO has begun its largest-ever air force drills over the skies of Europe. Around 250 aircraft and thousands of soldiers are gaming their response to a Russian aerial attack. Are these drills too little, too late? How will Russia respond? Palki Sharma tells you.
    There were no atheists’ in foxholes, of WWI!
    Are there any believers in the foxholes now, of Ukraine? Is this WWIII?

    BOMBSHELL TAPES In Biden Bribery SCANDAL: Burisma Boss Has DAMNING AUDIO With Hunter, Joe, Per GOP
    The Hill 22K views 4 hours ago WASHINGTON
    Briahna Joy Gray and Robby Soave discuss Sen. Chuck Grassley’s (R-Iowa) revelation that a foreign national has recording implicating President Biden and son Hunter Biden in an alleged bribery scheme.

    Putin Humiliates NATO; Russia Parades Captured German Tanks, U.S. Bradleys In Ukraine | Hindustan Times 54,448 views Jun 13, 2023
    The Russian Defence Ministry released a video of its troops capturing German-made Leopard tanks and U.S.-made Bradley Fighting Vehicles. In a statement, the Russian MoD said, “These are our trophies.” On June 11, Russian forces attacked an advancing Ukrainian unit using NATO-supplied armoury. Russia destroyed Germany’s ‘mighty’ leopard tanks and US Bradleys. Watch;

  140. Mahatma Gondola

    Soros family. Clinton family, Biden family, Obama family, Hugh Hewitt. . .
    It Makes no Sense!
    “Peace for All Time”: JFK’s Historic 1963 Call for Peace Helped Lead to Nuke Treaty with Moscow-Democracy Now! 1.46M subscribers
    “Peace for All Time”: JFK’s Historic 1963 Call for Peace Helped Lead to Nuke Treaty with Moscow_Democracy Now! 11,168 views Jun 13, 2023
    President John F. Kennedy’s “peace speech” at American University 60 years ago was a searing critique of Cold War politics and laid out a hopeful vision for a world built on cooperation and empathy, even among rival countries. Kennedy called for “not merely peace for Americans, but peace for all men and women — not merely peace in our time, but peace for all time.” We feature an extended excerpt of Kennedy’s remarks and speak with The Nation publisher Katrina vanden Heuvel about how the speech remains relevant today. The Biden administration “could certainly take a page” from Kennedy’s policies, she says, urging the U.S. to avoid needless escalation during this time of renewed hostility between the United States and Russia over the war in Ukraine.

  141. Utter B. Chaos

    Alien Threats A Facade to Justify Spending Bonanza warns Edward Dowd
    Stansberry Research 79,379 views Jun 12, 2023
    “An alien threat is a government spending bonanza,” claims Edward Dowd, founding partner of Phinance Technologies. He also warns that central bank digital currencies could give the government more control over people’s money and freedom, adding more economic chaos to today’s bear market. And as economic conditions worsen, the U.S. dollar is “at an endgame” and the government would need to introduce a new financial system, he explains. In order to survive this ongoing turmoil, Dowd advises investors to seek opportunities in cash. “People at the maximum amount of fear will want to sell everything. You have to fight that fear,” he claims. Finally, he says that de-dollarization is unlikely to happen given the dollar’s dominance in global trade. “So the dollar system, if it fails, will fail up, meaning it will destroy the rest of the globe before it destroys us,” he concludes.

  142. Herman Boring

    Meet Alexander Soros, Controversial Billionaire George Soros’ Successor | Vantage with Palki Sharma_Firstpost 18,971 views Jun 12, 2023
    Meet Alexander Soros, Controversial Billionaire George Soros’ Successor| Vantage with Palki Sharma
    Controversial billionaire George Soros has decided to retire at the age of 92. His Open Society Foundations, or OSF, will now be under his son, Alexander “Alex” Soros. Who is the 37-year-old Alex Soros? What does he plan to do with the $25 Billion Empire? Palki Sharma explains

  143. Brad Skiles

    Interesting that Dr. Miller has an expert grasp on the COVID propaganda. Does he think 9-11 Building 7 demolition is the beginning of this Deep State strategy…or is it the fact JFK was shot from the front and not the back. Which propaganda gave the Deep State the confidence and skill for this COVID event?

  144. Brad Skiles

    Great interview Greg!

  145. Ann Ragosta

    I have listened to many dozens of interviews relating to our current situation. This has to be one of the best interviews, if not THE BEST.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Ann!!

  146. James Charles

    If ‘it’ is a ‘bioweapon’ at whom is it aimed?

    • Greg Hunter

      676m million injections in USA alone.

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