CV19 AI Bioweapon from Infection to Injection -Karen Kingston

By Greg Hunter’s

Karen Kingston is a biotech analyst and former Pfizer employee who has researched and written about many aspects of Covid 19 and the so-called vaccines.  Her long-standing position is the entire CV19 plandemic was, in fact, a manmade bioweapon from infection to injection.  Kingston has now found all the patents to prove that the CV19 vaccines are made to destroy humanity.  Kinston is back again with a mind-blowing update on extremely advanced medical technology that has already been injected 600 million times alone into unsuspecting Americans.  Kingston explains, “This is an AI (artificial intelligence) bioweapon.  It is part technology and part biology.  It is designed to hijack the human genome.  It can be used to experiment on humans, and it can also be used to exterminate them. We are walking around calling it a vaccine, and this needs to stop immediately. . . . There is an advanced technology called Qdot and lipid nanoparticles that is in these injections.  Under EUA law (Emergency Use Authorization) . . .under premarket application, the user, inventor or applicant does not have to disclose the technology if it is not of public purview.  This patent for Qdot was made a trade secret . . . and it was a trade secret, and that means they did not have to disclose it.  Once that FDA approval happened on August 23, (for Comirnaty) they had two weeks to disclose it, and somehow or another all of America and the globe were convinced that it really didn’t happen.  Read my Substack.  It absolutely happened, all the documentation is there. . . . So, what is going on with the children is nothing more than aggravated assault, murder and experimentation.  It’s way worse than what happened in the camps in Nazi Germany, and I am not being hyperbolic.  It’s time we stop being deceived by these lies.”

Kingston says the CV19 injections are not just extremely deadly and dangerous, but demonic technology.  Kingston says, “The former head of infectious disease at Moderna states ‘The devil is absolutely in the details’ as far as lipid nanoparticles are concerned.  He’s telling us they are working with demonic technology.  The takeaway of this article (posted on Kingston’s Substack)   is that mRNA molecules are so fragile that they can’t get into cells on their own.  They need lipid nanoparticles.  That means the SARS‑CoV‑2 virus . . . could never get into your body on its own.  It needs this technology. . . . They took biology and they merged it with technology. . . .This technology is infecting us with trillions of spike proteins, which are part biology and part technology.  What they are calling spike proteins is a lipid nanoparticle bioweapon backed by artificial intelligence. . . .It’s alive and cognitive, and it is functioning with Quantum dot.  This is basically parasitic in nature.  That’s what people are shedding, it is this AI bioweapon.  When people are removing blood clots, those are bio-synthetic structure parasites. . . .When embalmers remove them, they can continue to develop without the host.  They don’t need the human anymore.”

Another mind-blowing fact is the AI bioweapons injected into the body are activated by light and also 5G frequencies.  Kingston explains, “When you look at the patents (also on Kingston’s Substack) it’s based on optics.  It’s based on photons or light particles.  Quantum dots are in   LED lights.  It is what gives LEDs their bright colors.  It gives your TV bright colors too, and it is in these injections per the patent you can find on Moderna’s website.  Good thing I saved a copy of it last year because now they turned it into a trade secret. . . .Before we had 5G, this technology was useless.  It was powerless.  It cannot be activated without the 5G towers.  If fiber optics and 5G technology disappears, so does this demonic AI technology. . . . this can be used for tag, track and trace, and they can be used for more than that.  They can be used for control. . . . We are at war, and we are being deceived.  We are loving the technology that is going to end up exterminating us.  The U.S. military just put up 80 . . . towers with AT&T over the last six months.  They are flying up Starlink up into the sky, and this is where all this data goes to.  We are being told it is for our military operations and our defense.  No.  When they activate this stuff ,it will execute our military.  It is to execute the American people.  There is no good in evil. . . . God’s people can take this stuff down, and if we don’t, God will.  That’s the way out of this.  This is all activated with optics. . . . Why do we have 5G?  It does not benefit us.  It is to kill us and spawn this new technology out of our bodies. . . .This technology is the most infectious technology this planet has ever seen.  We have all been affected.  If we take these stupid LED lights and 5G down, it deactivates the technology.  It doesn’t mean you are going to be cured, but it stops it in its tracks.”

There is much more in the 1-hour and 1-minute interview.

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with biotech analyst Karen Kingston as she gives a mind-blowing update on the bioweapon injections for 10.25.22.

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After the Interview:

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  1. Anthony Australia

    Brave interview Greg, thanks so much, lots of evidence out there now.


    Embalmer: COVID Vax Has Changed Human Blood

    Did Katy Perry Have A Vaccine Side Effect During One Of Her Concerts?

    The List of Vaccine Heart Attack Deaths Gets Longer Every Day

    Died Suddenly: Number Of High-Profile Deaths Is Becoming Impossible To Ignore

    • Anthony Australia

      New Boston virus………This should be totally forbidden, it’s playing with fire.

      Dr Richard Ebright, Rutgers University, New Brunswick

      The research is a clear example of gain of function research.

    • Robert says no

      Interview? Where’s the video?

      • Greg Hunter

        Unplug your modem and plug it back in after 30 sec to reset it. Also try a different browser. The video is there. So sorry you are having trouble with Big Tech censorship.

        • Ak

          So am I. It’s not there

          • Greg Hunter

            Unplug your modem for 30 sec to reset it. This will clear the codes your ISP puts in. Also, try a different browser. This is just another way big tech censors. The Video is there I just looked at it. So sorry you are having trouble.

            • Ak

              Found it, took THREE tries! I hope and pray she missed something and she’s just totally wrong. My heart and gut says she’s not. God is not going to tolerate this. Thanks Karen and Greg. Love you guys.

              • Susan

                What about the babies that are 2 yrs and under that are in the hospital with RSV right now? Wouldn’t they be the babies of the pregnant mothers that were coerced to get vaxxed? The mothers immune system was compromised by the injection nanotechnology, which caused any babies that made it to full term to become ill eventually, because their own immune system was stripped. They’re too weak to fight back they need to be hospitalized.

                • Steve Bice

                  Good comment, Susan, and something many of us suspect. As you know, they are already using the hospitalizations to call for even more Flu and Covid vaccines…which has nothing to do with RSV.

                  (Never let a good crisis go to waste, right?)

            • Edward

              You may want to add this doctor to your show, Dr Andreas Kalcker at He promotes a cure for the deadly covid shot spike proteins.

          • MARY DOUBRAVA

            The video is there, Ak. I have watched it and shared it to many.

            • Ak

              Took many tries, but I found it. Someone doesn’t want it seen. Hmmmmm

        • Don Warren

          Greg Karen started to say something about Ivermection at 46.30 where she said we can talk about that later… I am wondering what she has to say about Ivermectin… I sent you a donation today too.. I look forward to your posts all the time

          • Greg Hunter

            Thanks Don. I’ll have to ask her next time.

            • Maureen

              I would like to know as well. Great information. Thank you!

          • Brett Hall

            Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin are not cures for a fake virus that has never been isolated or exists.
            Both these drugs are very effective at killing hydrogel crystal growth both in the swabs which are hydrogel vaccination and the vaccines , it is not a cure but greatly inhibits the growth , which grows through your brain after a swab like an ice sheet.
            They are also both anti parasite drugs , they will kill the hydra linnaus present in the vaccines , its a prion or parasite

        • Barb

          Greg you need to tell Karen Kingston to try to talk to a lawyer named Robert Barnes. He does videos with viva frei on utube and rumble. Robert was talking about suing Pfizer out of existence and his ghost coming back to do it if he died. Maybe he is the lawyer that would listen to Karen since she was saying none of them would take them on. She does have a lot of documents and evidence that can help him . Some case to do Pfizer is going on now if I understand him right on their rumble video . I tried to find a way to contact Karen on her website and couldn’t find any so l thought of tell you about this so you can pass it on to her .

    • Ian Anderson

      Fascinating interview . Such dramatic assertions apparently backed up by voluminous paperwork incl patents I’m still agog. Always believed the whole Covid business wasn’t just a $ scheme to enrich those in the know but a more fiendish agenda . As wild as anyone could imagine Could it be that the truth is soon to be revealed ? Will it be to late. As both Greg and the interviewee state , have faith in Jesus Christ and the father . Irrelevant about biblical or Aramaic names just get your thinking right . You are gonna need it real soon..The Angels are around us. It’s just advanced physics not hocus pocus . From a friend in Qld Australia .

    • Elinor Saunders

      This woman is my hero! Wow…thee is so much here. Is she saying that the bioweapon doesn’t die after someone dies–it just starts feeding off of anything around it…and that can be activated/increased by 5 G?????

      • Steve Bice

        Sounds like The Blob (with Steve McQueen).

    • Warren B.

      I like Karen and thank God she’s on our side. She’s knowledgeable, highly informed and trustworthy….. as a credbile source in this world of deception, lies and fabrication.
      I fully am on board with her 5G comments and its impact on the Vaccinated.
      In fact I just came across this very informative 10 min presentation that will provide greater clarity on the contents of the COVID Kill shots and its mechanism. Very well researched and presented in a deliberate and unbiased fashion. It ticks many boxes and IMHO is right on target. Please have a listen and share it if it concurs with your opinions.—Here-is-What-Really-is-in-the-Vaccines:d

      • Warren B.

        A very credible hypothesis as to the sudden deaths in early 2020 (Italy)….from FLU INJECTIONS (note PNG and FreeB and Steve Brice).
        Yes G500… is …..all in the FREQUENCY.

    • Willy

      20 high density metropolitan areas are planned for 5-g smart-grid cities
      You will have to be wired successfully live there

    • Pete+only

      Anthony, I agree and respect your view point, but please call them “Sheeple”…not people…

  2. Anthony Australia

    Uncensored: Prof. Dolores Cahill – We’re in the Mass Killing Phase of Agenda 21 & What People Can Do

    Uncensored: Dr. Robert Malone – Shifting Narrative, CCP & Nanotech in the COVID Injections!

    Dr. Kelly Victory & Dr. Pierre Kory – Overwhelming Vaxx Deaths, Treatment for the Vaccine-Injured, & More!

    • Roy madison

      I just read through the text summary of the interview ..Wow, and this is all continuing to be pushed by our leaders. Authority gone bad. If one speaks to loud he’s branded a nutcase. We are living a horror show, one that doesn’t end well. 2023 the year from hell coming up.

      • Anthony Australia


        Ray, Pauly & Boz, this is an outrage.

        ATAGI didn’t know about heightened risk of myocarditis in young men until five months after Pfizer, Moderna approval.

        • Sam

          What is truly disgusting is our kids are being programmed to be apathetic to their own extermination and now simply accept child and infant death as the new normal.

          • Sam

            The Globalists know these kids will eventually grow into adults (who will be apathetic to their own extermination)!!

      • Paul

        As more of the masses wake to the great reset pushed by broke international bankers, resulting in death and destruction of societies, the volcanoes
        Of resistance will result in new mountains of patriots , that will cover this evil with fire.

        Paul from arkansas

      • Eric Thorp

        Don’t be anxious about tomorrow, we haven’t got through 2022. November is going to be an interesting month.

        • Sam

          As we go to the polls in November we better vote out all the people supporting the “death cult” intent on exterminating humans – and also put in place people with some financial sense who will eliminate the $600 Trillion derivatives “death cult” now exterminating our currency!

    • Robert says no

      I was on bitchute and I saw a video of a doctor, wearing a mask, saying how there’s two forms of myocarditis. One is from the virus and very harmful and the other from the vaccine can be treated with an OTC pain reliever. So, big pharma is covering their arses. I don’t even think it was a real doctor. There was no need to wear a mask.

    • Steve Bice

      Thanks for all the links AA. Fascinating and scary…

    • MichaelBanks

      So are the unvaccinated equally at risk of being taken over by this bioweapon?

      • Greg Hunter

        No Michael, not equally at risk between the vaxed and unvaxed. The vaxed are way more at risk, but the unvaxed are at risk depending on exposure.

        • George

          Powerful show plus she is good on the eyes

  3. elle

    Thats why I started having body issues over the past month. im not vaxxed but obviously according to Karen im contaminated anyways. i take ivermectin regularly but last month my internet provider did a update they actually came out to my house. i am shutting it off. ………… We all need to stay as far away from 5G . Im on 5 acres in country so i need to control my surroundings. This is BAD NEWS to say the least. I wish she had more protection info. OBAMA banned light bulbs and switched us over REMEMBER? I keep buying the old bulbs from garage sales. JESUS Protects us in his own ways.

    • Baregil de Gomçesval

      Not a single virus sequence has ever been purified and isolated. Viruses are exosomes regularly produced by cells to exchange information between them and instructions.
      Exosomes are structured as a language and as the linguistic sign of Saussure are composed of a Signifier and a signified, with a form and substance of the Signifier and a form and substance of the Signified. The chains of nucleotids constitute the phrases of that language and are formed with only 4 letters: A-T-G-C (Adenine, Thymine, Guanine & Cytosine).
      The chain of nucleotides that compose the different viruses are hypothetical computer generated constructs.
      Exosomes are always present, ‘reporting’ what’s going on in the organism; they don’t cause disease or sickness, just inform about them, being as they are ‘non guilty by-standers’.
      Exosomes do not ‘exist’ outside of the organism that produces them and are ephimeral; as soon as they fulfill their tasks they cease to exist.

      • PersonaNonGrata

        Hi Baregil et al, above . . .
        Karen spoke about being rejected by many ‘in the movement’ over disagreements concerning ‘10%’ of her analysis / perspective. For months now I have listened and read, with dismay, many ‘in the movement’ decrying like-minded truth seekers over one pithy issue after another. Meanwhile, those who seek to kill and maim us must be roaring with laughter at our misdirected sniping. Getting buried in the minutiae is self-defeating. WTFU!

        • Joyce Bennett

          I had the same feeling PersonaNonGrata. It’s like some Mensa members told me years ago … many of them get so technical that they can’t see the forest for the trees. Though she may not be expressing the details precisely in trying to present answers that most of us can understand, I think she’s done a marvelous job. At least my eyeballs didn’t cross as I went into a trance while she expounded ad nauseam on some technical point. Some of these techno-purists would throw the baby out with the bath water!

          • robert f

            Mensa? lol IQ is meaningless in the long run.

            Dont give any credence to that nonsense.

            My father got the highest IQ in his company in the marines, he tested high 130s. Yet he never created or invented anything lol

            Again IQ is meaningless in the long run, what matters is wisdom more than anything.

            What you are explaining is compartmentalization of intelligence, which is what colleges are designed to do. The issue is there is no unified science, its all in seperated like particle physics. None of it makes any logical sense in the long run,

            Quantum by itself is meaningless, quanta just means to count.

            What she is describing is photonics, which is the study of optics along specific frequencies using elements at the nanoscale. I am an electrical engineer, I actually have some insight into this. my senior project was on biosensors and photonics

    • Mr Bickles

      Learn about Quantum Dots. That is what she is referring to. Quantum Dot technology.

    • Earth Angel

      I have long been telling people we should be DISMANTLING cell towers- NOT building more of them! Karen’s research just gives us one more good reason to start tearing them down ASAP! Electricians and others who are working in the telecom industries & power companies must be the ones to begin this process. As Karen says; we have no time to waste. Please try and convince our brain dead legislators in both state & federal positions to take action on this right away to save theirs, ours, and their children’s futures. It’s a tough challenge but we’ve GOT to do it.

      • Earth Angel

        PS- Arthur Firstenberg (at and his International Appeal to Halt 5G) has been sounding the alarm for YEARS about the harm wireless radiation is doing to Earth’s Life forms. Please visit his site and support him. He authored the book: “The Invisible Rainbow” A History of Electricity and Life; which has been featured by Catherine Austin Fitts on her website as a best read. Perhaps we can connect he and Karen Kingston in this vital fight for life. Greg, see if you can get these two together. Also attorney Reiner Fuellmich, Viviane Fischer & team have decided to do a deep dive into the synthetic biology/ nanobot technology /dod involvement into all of this. Sofia Smallstorm has done much research into this dark biology tampering. Look up some of her talks if you haven’t heard her. All of these people could benefit from one another’s research and work. Let’s try and connect them if they haven’t already. I couldn’t agree with Karen more. We can’t just let this kind of diabolical, satanic evil slide- We HAVE TO DO something about it!

  4. PersonaNonGrata

    Hi Greg,
    Looking foreword to listening to Karen Kingston – respect!

    I hope you will allow a re-post . . . PersonaNonGrata 10/25/2022 •
    Latest analysis on Ukrainian conflict – Judge Napolitano and Col Douglas MacGregor

    My 2 cents. There is no talk of peace, only talk of escalation, because the Central Banking Cartel desperately need a cover story for the global economic collapse that they have engineered.

    • Kwv

      Elle, your protection info as you seek is on your computer. Karen used cds/mms, do your homework on those subjects

    • Linda Majors


      Below is a link to a report that provides a bit of hope for peace. Since the Flag Officers (Generals and Admirals, Flag Officers 4 have petitioned the politicians in DC to do something about our “weak” military caused by CRT, Marxism, and Wokeness being forced in our troops. The warmongers in DC may decide to make peace. (Recently our branches of military except for the Marines were ranked “weak,” and the U.S. “cannot win a war.” Regardless of the World Banks wanting cover for their fraudulent activities, the corrupt politicians may decide that peace is a better option. Let’s hope.)


      Russ(ia, USA Are Suddenly Talking Behind Ukraine’s Back | End of Russia-Ukraine War on the Horizon? – YouTube

    • Anthony Australia

      100% agreed. Wheels have been put into motion long ago PNG.

    • stanley skrzypek

      Judge Napolitano…..didn’t he get Fired from Fox news for being a pervert?…..I am just asking what I have read……I do know he Attacked our President Trump because he got passed over to be a Supreme Court Judge ……and he is Pals with that Draft Dodging (no we don’t forget)American coward jerry celente…..who also Attacked our President Trump….for reasons I can only guess…anyway….

    • PersonaNonGrata

      “Neapolitans is old news. He needs to get that mole on his face checked out by derm. I would remove it and biopsy it. It looks like an early malignant melanoma.”
      What has a mole on someone’s face have to do with their character or their point of view? Not worthy of you . . .

      Also, with reference to my comment above about highlighting issues that divide us. Whatever the merits, or otherwise, of Judge Neapolitano, he is providing air-time to Col. Macgregor. Is this, or is it not, in the interests of ‘we the people’?

      • Robert F

        I dislike Judge as well, but I dont get why you gotta make it about his health,

        Dont be like that, we are better than them. Dont lower yourself to their level of pettiness.

        Judge is a jackass because he continually held a personal grudge against trump that echoed a lot or the msm attacks. He even believes trump took classified documents illegally. He is a clown for those reasons alone. The fact that he is also good friends with gerald celente is not really a concern, but I do NOT trust Alex Jones or Gerald, or any of the people associated within that psyop crowd

    • Warren B.

      What is remarkable about this FAKE War…is that during WWII, the Red Army fought off 6-7mln German soldiers. They killed 3.5-4mln of them. With the scale of Ukraine / armed forces….one would have to conclude very quickly…that Russia is taking its time. With advancement in technology…they (Russia) should have captured KIEV, the day after the WAR started…..and yet all we seem to have is rhetoric from both sides…..funds sloshing in and around Ukraine like its the next Monte Carlo. Its a Hollywood Production…a Show to do what you describe and more. One would also have to conclude that Russia is participating willingly.

  5. elle

    PS. What happened to your rumble account everything is deleted?

  6. elle


    • Greg Hunter

      Rumble apparently was offline and is back now.

  7. elle

    Please elaborate. So she is wrong? About what?

  8. Glen

    What an amazing woman…I truly hope she has hired 3 or 4 body guards…these people play for keeps and for a lot less than she is exposing. ( I once had someone aiming down the barrel of a shotgun at me. What was my egregious offense? I had parked a little too close to the back door of the CIA. It’s just off of George Washington Parkway as you head north, parallel to the Potomac River – an unmarked exit. I was about 3o yards away and had stopped there to make a quick phone call to my wife.) Actually it’s pretty close to Ft. Marcy too…cival war earth works, and what was that guy’s name? Vince Foster I think.

  9. Kenny Pogue

    Hello Greg, my name is Kenny Pogue. I’ve been following you for years now I guess. Thank you so much for your work!
    I’ve told many many people about you and U.S.A. watch dog.Com.
    I was wondering what your thoughts are.
    when the economy hits the fan big time and we go into whatever is ahead of us. I assume information may be
    Controls and not much of it… I really don’t know.
    But how will we know what our silver will be worth?
    I can’t afford gold. I don’t have a satellite phone and I think possibly the cell phones my quit. Depending on the severity of the crash. If it’s an all out mad max it may not matter you can’t eat silver.
    Jesus is my Lord and Savior, I do not fear what is ahead.
    But I’ve never heard any comments about this particular scenario.
    Thanks again for how you serve this country and God!
    I tell all who will listen!
    God bless You and your family!

    • Greg Hunter

      Brother Kenny,
      The short answer is get as self-sustaining as you can get and that includes food and water. Get your car running well. If you need tires I suggest run-flat tires. Firestone calls them Drive Guards. They seem to be the best bang for the buck and will go 50 miles without air at least.) Cash will work for a short period of time too. Holter says a few weeks. Others say a few months maybe 6 months. Your silver will price itself in real goods that you can trade for. Thanks for your kind words and God bless.
      Brother Greg

  10. Lucy

    This lady is telling the absolute truth. I have tried to tell people about her work. They don’t care. They don’t want to know the truth. They call me a conspiracy theorist and roll their eyes. STILL. Even after the hundreds of thousands of deaths and disabilities due to the shot, they REFUSE to admit the truth. I agree we are running out of time. I don’t know what to do anymore except pray to God for intervention. But these people don’t believe in God. If they ever did believe, one of the first things the jab does is attack the VMAT2 gene which destroys their spiritual connection to God. This is truly the most diabolical and horrible thing that has ever been done. Worst crime against humanity EVER committed.

    • Olive Oil N.Z.

      Dear Lucy,
      I might make some here upset, but you have a marvelous Future!
      Jesus will hurl Satan into the abyss, very soon and Satan and the demons will be put out of action! You have my word on it and my word is the word of God, the lord J.C.! It’s very sad so many are offended when I say his name nowadays.
      Satan and his demons will not deceive offended mankind much longer. God the father has already thrown the scoundrels out of heaven. (Revelation 12:9) Like I said, in the very near future, God will act against Satan and his demons. In a vision from God, the apostle John said: “And I saw an angel coming down out of heaven with the key of the abyss and a great chain in his hand. And he seized the dragon, the original serpent, who is the Devil and Satan, and bound him for a thousand years. And he hurled him into the abyss and shut it and sealed it over him, that he might not mislead the nations anymore until the thousand years were over.” (Revelation 20:1-3) Later, the Devil and his demons will be destroyed.—Revelation 20:10.
      Bad people on earth will also be done away with.—Psalm 37:9, 10; Luke 13:5.
      After Satan and the demons are out of the way, God will bring many blessings to mankind. Jesus compared death to sleep—a deep sleep without dreams. (John 11:11-14) He did that because he knew the time would come when those asleep in death, would be woke up! To life. He said: “Do not be amazed at this, for the hour is coming when all who are in their graves will hear His voice 29 and come out—those who have done good to the resurrection of life, and those who have done evil to the resurrection of judgment.…”—John 5:28, 29;
      Berean Standard Bible ·
      Compare ◄ Acts 24:15 ►
      They will be brought back to a resurrection of life. Instead of announcements that people have died, joyful reports will tell of those who have been brought back to life! What a joy it will be to welcome loved ones back from the grave!
      Of course there will be those whom will love to remain in heaven, I’m sure. But for us, that even haven’t about, to have lived. What a wonderful prospect!
      Yes even an old lady, like 50’s me, who never got married yet and never been anywhere, at least the places I’ve dreamed about.
      To think, I might even see a person I chose to, denied life. Maybe even raise a family.
      So whomever chop’s my head of, I’ll live again! But don’t be surprised to meet me again, if your the wicked one doing the chop, chop, given another chance to praise the lord, in the thousand years. Yup, I think I’ll forgive you to Because, I’ve been forgiven and who cares about holding a grudge in paradise, God’s new world.

  11. Kev

    Good to hear karen mention chlorine dioxide/cds , it works by eliminating the “parasite” from your system. Please be careful when introducing yourself to this as it is extremely powerful. A half drop in water is a massive amount at the start, any more and you will definately make yourself sick, which is the body trying to elimate foreign, dead, material too quickly. Surprisingly that small amount will do you wonders, dont be too quick to increase the dose

    • Neville

      Hi KEV,
      Very GOOD ADVICE……We have been on this protocol for about 10 months and can positively say we are in a different league to the rest of mankind.Very fortunate enough to get the original advice from a friend who put us onto the originator.
      I have cleared up tinnitus, working on the floaters in the eyes, and a few others .
      So in maybe another 6 months should be in great shape.

      GOD BLESS YOU and all others that are using this MMS cure!!!

      • Annie

        Nenille, we suffer from tinnitus with my husband. Did MMS seriously help you with that?? Must get hold of that asap…that would be a miracle since there is ”no cure”. 🙏

        • Neville

          Hi Annie I have been taking the following , One drop of MMS diluted with 125 ml of Distilled water ,with a dropper ,6 drops into the affected ear.
          Make sure that you know how to mix the Sodium Chlorite and the 50% Citric Acid ( food Grade)
          Go to to confirm the above

          Good luck and Good Health

          • Annie

            Much appreciated, Neville, thank you very much for your kind advice <3 good health to you too!

  12. Baregil de Gomçesval

    KK is a most knowledgeable and articulate woman.

  13. Mike R

    I find this hard to believe. None of it makes sense, and I am a degreed mechanical engineer, with an IQ over 150.

    • stanley skrzypek

      Mike R… IQ over 150! that’s one hundred fifty?…, IMPRESSIVE…….. and a DEGREE in engineering to boot!….to me and most smart people reading you’re comment…..probably think finding whats “Hard to Believe” … that you are a genius… are actually a Goof-Ball parading to be something you are NOT!……bragging about imaginary IQ is actually Boring….

    • robert f

      This guy is an obvious troll.

      I already posted about why IQ is meaningless on another comment.

      I have a high IQ, my father tested in the 130s, and I am also an electrical engineer,

      BUT I do not think IQ or a DEGREE means anything regarding facts. So why even bring it up?

      Typcial bots and trolls

      Take this for example

      Go look up Surface Plasmon Resonance + BioSensor + corona

      When you search that, click on the Science Journals that provide links

      Corona is what they describe in the images that result from LNPs reacting with cells. Its the same images that are seen when scientists inject a cell culture with all sorts of fetal, calf serums, a bunch of enzimes, chemicals etc withiut the introduction of ANY viral elements,

      proving the corona is a result of chemcials and technology not a virus

      End of story

      bionsensors like surface plasmon sensors are desinged to detect the drug delivery systems inside thenbody

      this technology is 100% real

      I did my senior project on surface plasmon resonance biosensors

  14. Sasol Vogel

    Eddiemd, Karen is not a doctor or virologist. She is a codist. She helps doctors to decipher code and she has deciphered the Moderna code. She can see whets in the vax and what it does. She does not have to get into the weeds. The devils’ in the details and she’s proved it! Hook up with her eddiemd. A match made in he day of the LORD?

    • Mesquite

      Thank you for explaining this in a way I can understand it. Thank you for your Faith and including this in your message.
      In your opinion, is everyone that took these injections going to die from them? Do you have a timeline? Some seem to be doing fine for now with them.
      Thank you for having the heart of a teacher.

      • Alex

        You answer’s in Mark 16:

        16 He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned.

        17 And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues;

        18 They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover.

    • Rebecca

      Amen amen amen!

  15. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    Nazi Germany II right in North America.

  16. PersonaNonGrata

    Wow! What a gift – to have such intellectual capacity. Mix that with integrity and sincerity, and you get Karen Kingston. This is not hyperbole. I wish her initiative/s every success.

    And thank you Greg. You have been on point re the ‘Covid’ scam from the get go. This is far and away the most significant NEWS story and your journalism is uncovering the truth week after week. I hope those able to understand and ACT, will access Karen’s on-line patent information and use it for the greater good. Thank you, Karen, for all you are doing.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks PNG!

  17. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    Great report. Nazi Germany II in North America.

  18. Larry Serflaten

    I am almost afraid of getting an answer, but with all this talk of shedding being detrimental, I am left wondering; Is there a chance their bio weapon has been aerosolized to be sprayed from the sky, or worse yet, can they slip it into our drinking water or food chain to infect everyone with their ‘vaccine’ ? I have not heard mention of dangers of ingesting their toxin, but I wonder how long it will take them to crass that threshold.

    • don

      australian cows are already being vaxed with mRNA killing 18% of the cows

  19. stanley skrzypek

    What comes to my mind when I see and hear this extraordinarily Gifted Speaker and Journalist against the evil takeover of our America….is a modern day Paul Revere…….warning us of this demonic invasion and attack…….. Karen and Greg will go down in History as the Loyal American Patriots that they are…… they will be Rewarded if not here….then there…..

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Stanly!

    • Greg Hunter

      Good one Dennis. Thanks for posting it. More treason!!

  20. Michael Kenney

    At this point the writing is on the wall, the time is very near to “saddle up” and live out the words of Patrick Henry. We are going to be gone anyway!

  21. Jeanette C Jennings

    Thanks, Greg for another great show. Karen Kingston always blows me away. Another brave woman trying to fight this evil is Naomie Wolf on Steve Bannon’s War Room. She has a bunch of volunteers going over the Pfizer papers and reporting on them. Perhaps these two warriors could share resources.

  22. Nick

    Dynamite-blowing away the lies
    I knew 5G would be involved somehow!
    Thanks Greg/Karen. I look on a 5G map
    And see 5G is on my road. I think they have
    Put it under the road/pavement.

  23. Steve T

    At 46:40, Kingston says, ” Ban and recall … Ivermectin.” Greg, why did you not follow up on that statement?

    • Richard Longacre

      Yes Greg, Please contact Karen and follow up with why Ivermectin should be banned and recalled. Is the stuff we have now contaminated with the LNP bioweapons? Are we damaging ourselves in an attempt to protect ourselves?

      I know that all flu shots and pretty much all shots are now containing the LNP DNA altering mRNA. This can only mean that the medical community is 100% guilty of genocide and working with big pharma. Yet they took these same shots. All aboard the Crazy Train!

    • Laurie Pusateri

      Yes, I heard that as well. So the implication is Ivermectin is contaminated with the parasites also. It is coming for us from all directions.

  24. jomer

    Off topic:

    Silver Eagles now have a 100%+ premium at the big bullion dealerships for orders less than 100 ounces. Orders of 500 ounces have a 95%+ premium.

    • mike w

      Good catch Steve T/// We need to know it all.

  25. Peter Erikson

    We are in a Twilight Zone Nightmare But its Real and happening right now in 2022.

    WE Somehow need to Create A Third or Forth Political Party with Normal People in Charge.
    I don’t really care what we call it but we better get together and get it done. The Creep Lawyers we have in Congress have been Disrespecting us and screwing things up for too long.
    We must start Producing Oil and Diesel. Lowering food prices and getting civilian oversight over the Corrupt abc agencies in this dysfunctional Government.

  26. Motto

    There is interesting theory circulating in russian infospace – it is not 5G for control, it’s 900 Mhz . Old technology , but it present in every tower.
    5G is misdirection. 5G is in spotlight recently, but Globalist like shadows.
    Nanotech in injections has been discussed in russian infospace since the beginning of scamdemic. There is a video where one personality presents Qdots in vax to generals in 90s. That person suspeciuosly looks like bill hates.

  27. tim mcgraw

    Great! Rumble is finally up and running again.

  28. tim mcgraw

    Well hell, the government has been trying to kill me since the Vietnam War Draft Lottery. I got a high number and lucked out. I’m not surprised that the government is trying to kill us with this “vaccine”. The folks in DC and NYC just seem to like killing us from time to time. I suppose they make blood money off of our deaths and misery.
    It’s really sad. The brotherhood of man appears to be a myth.
    It’s really sad. I still like people, though in my town 85% or more are double or triple or more injected. I still hold out hope for the Pod People of Santa Mira.
    I’m the cock-eyed optimist from Nebraska.

    • stanley skrzypek

      Vietnam War Draft Lottery…….I also got a HIGH Number…..But I Joined, because it was the RIGHT THING to do….the Patriotic way of living in America when Americans Loved their Country and the WW2 vets were our Fathers…..Serving ones Country in the Military back then was Honorable and Patriotic…….today its the draft dodgers and freeloaders who helped Destroy this Failed Republic…..remember…..Bill Clinton didn’t “serve his country either…..ring a bell?

      • tim mcgraw

        stanley skrzypek: Don’t compare me to Bill Clinton. I did not avoid the draft, but I sure as hell wasn’t going to volunteer for that stupid illegal war.
        If you think your joining that war was the RIGHT THING to do… well, that’s just like your opinion man. And you have a right to your opinion.

        • shawn

          All wars are banker’s wars, and we the public are duped into fighting them. We’re bamboozled into believing that strangers we’ve never met before from places we’ve never been are our enemies, and that it is our duty to go there and kill them. And those people are made to believe the same.

          Even this vax is a war, and once again we are killing each other. Why? So their hands can remain relatively clean, at least in their own eyes. They may have bankrolled it, but men developed the vax, men mandated the vax, men injected others with the vax. And all of them did it for money. Man’s inhumanity to man, and for what? The almighty dollar.

          My eyes have definitely been opened during this event. So many average, work-a-day people willing to tow the line for a paycheck — docs, nurses, pharmacists, cops, scientists, journalists (other than the saint that runs this site).

          Before this, I could never fathom how the nazis got away with it all. I assumed it was just passive compliance, but now I see there is active, enthusiastic collaboration in many forms from large percentages of the public.

          So, while I certainly don’t want to see it happen, I don’t think wiping out humanity would be much of a loss.

      • Chris

        “My country, right or wrong” eh, Stanley. Same idea the SS had in the 30s and 40s before they went exterminating. Same idea every fascist dictator and military-industrial-espionage complex – right or left, totalitarian or pseudo-democratic – has indoctrinated their gullible citizens with for centuries. Same justification these maniacs with their injections, farm closures and fossil fuel shut downs, who want you and the rest of us “useless eaters” and “deplorables” dead, are using to justify their atrocities. Maybe time for a rethink.

  29. Maria Das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Ms Kingston so brave of you both to stand up to the tyrrany.

  30. Joe

    Enough of the screen sharing mishaps. Gosh! Sorry, but I got super annoyed with her caffeine fueled rant.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      “I got super annoyed with her caffeine fueled rant.”
      Wow! I guess more Watchdoggers are fully vaxxed than I imagined!

      • Anita


  31. Sara

    So how can I find out if 5G is in my area? I live in the boonies and have an older cell phone but now I’m not so sure….

  32. Gary Horn

    I really do like Karen Kingston and think her investigative efforts are helping to inform and wake many up, thereby saving lives while (hopefully) freeing humanity from the global, satanic cabal.
    That being said, there are some other things I wish she would address, one being the particles some researchers have discovered in the jab. She mentions quantum dot technology contained within lipid encapsulated spike proteins and utilizing graphene oxide that is sensitive to and energized by electromagnetic frequencies. That may be true according to the patents she presents, but it still doesn’t explain the forms of graphene oxide others have seen in the blood of the vaccinated, not in the form of spike proteins but instead much larger and appearing to be circuitry self-assembling outside the cells. There have also been many recent findings of NO mRNA contained in the vaccines, only the metal contaminants and graphene oxide. Plus, what Karen is presenting here simply builds upon what the jab was theoretically supposed to do, while altering cell DNA with nano-tech. Couldn’t the truth simply be that there is NO mRNA in the shots, as has been recently discovered, and perhaps just the graphene oxide? Sorry, but I’m always suspicious these days when anyone presents anything that may even hint of viral- caused disease (vaccine promotion).
    She may be taking us farther than Dr Malone’s 90 percent toward a truthful answer, but if she still supports viral theory we’ll never be presented with the full truth, IMO, and Big Pharma will eventually get to utilize all their deadly vaccines already in the pipeline as a result…

  33. Mike S

    Some people have “MD” or “PHD” after their names. But RARE is the person who is an MSP !

    Thank you.
    Karen Kingston, MSP!

    May God Bless and protect Greg and all his guests and their families.

  34. Cathy

    And now for some Good News!

  35. regaleagle

    Where oh where are all of the Christian strongholds to fight this fight for Good vs Evil. Where is TBN and Daystar……these corporations are absolutely loaded and highly capable to send out the message that needs to be heard. It’s a travesty against God Almighty and the travesty of all travesties EVER for those that are empowered to sit idly by and do nothing. You cannot tell me that Karen Kingston’s name and work are not known in Christian circles of influence. If we know her……they know her. Do not give another cent to these “Christian” organizations until they stand up and do something to aid in this spiritual fight to annihilate humanity. Like how about some air time and a campaign for funding Karen Kingston…..just for starters!!

  36. jason

    Maybe no placebo jabs, but some of the jab types degrade very easily if not kept at right temp.

  37. Biochemist at large

    If the vaccine is parasitic in nature it seems imperative that we all should be on anti parasitischem. This is evil taken to the next level, it almost sounds like a horror movie. Did sliver and night of the living dead have a kid?

  38. Michael

    Eddiemd – yes, she was a little sloppy in her terminology, and the virus is composed of RNA. The code for the spike protein alone purported to be encapsulated in LNPs is mRNA. I personally don’t think that this slip-up in terminology is very significant or detracts from her main points. This type of slip up sometimes happens when someone is trying to give a condensed summary of technical material for a non technical audience. I still believe the original outbreak was caused by an engineered RNA coronavirus but the virus was not capable of causing any significant loss of life (just as Kingston said Ralph Baric had indicated) and was just used as a mechanism for introducing these shots. My wife and I got Covid in March 2020 and it – and the treatment we pursued – was like being ill with other viral diseases. We didn’t experience any significant health impacts until exposed to shedding from vaccinated individuals in March 2021.

    • Agent P

      Michael —

      How did you know that you & your wife actually had ‘Covid’ —- and not the seasonal cold or flu…? It has been stated previously that Covid tests are inaccurate, save for finding particle residue of who-knows-what common respiratory viruses, so I am quite curious.

      And by the way – for anyone/everyone out there; what happened to the common seasonal cold and/or flu viruses…? Did they get run outta town on a rail by the new Sheriff named ‘Covid’…?

      • PersonaNonGrata

        Agent P,
        I agree. The ‘all cause mortality’ in 2020 – the year the world was experiencing a calamitous pandemic – all cause mortality was less than the average over the previous five years. So much for ‘Covid’. Also, deaths from Influenza were – according to the official records – almost nonexistent in 2020. Me thinks, virtually all deaths in 2020 associated with pulmonary illness were recorded as ‘died with Covid’ to generate fear. All cause mortality only started to rise significantly AFTER the introduction of the so-called CV-19 vaccinations.

      • K8Matrix

        YES! Thank you for bringing this up!! If the CV tests are not accurate, and they had ADMITTED they are not accurate, why are they being used as a measure of people HAVING COVID? Even people who are warning against the vax somehow still unintentionally keep spreading that falsehood! “I felt sick and so I got tested for COVID and tested positive….” AND? That’s supposedly not an accurate measure? SO MUCH CONFUSION STILL

      • Michael

        Agent P – The symptoms we had were nothing like the seasonal flu: the main symptom was great difficulty taking enough oxygen when breathing. This was accompanied by a mild, intermittent fever. I never took a Covid test (they weren’t available at the time but besides I didn’t trust them), but the symptoms were characteristic of what you’d expect given the gain-of-function research we know was conducted on this virus. There are people who claim there was no virus, but that doesn’t fit my experience. I came down with this when traveling, and my wife got sick about a week after me (suggesting transmission). It is my belief that the virus was real and used a cover for introducing the shots. Because the virus was not very lethal (the only treatment we used was oregano oil, which by the really did a fantastic job of alleviating symptoms), I believe the hospital protocols with Remdesivir, morphine, etc. were introduced to kill Covid-positive patients in order to elevate fear levels and convince people to take the shots. I also suspect that some or all of the shots may very well have mRNA in them in addition to the nanotech AI; even if the nanotech is the primary objective of the shots, including the mRNA is necessary for maintaining the official narrative. I know some researchers have failed to detect mRNA in vials, but that is not true of all researchers – others have reported finding it but that it is often damaged and not full-length. As Kingston said, RNA and mRNA are very fragile and notoriously hard to work with in the laboratory, and failure to detect does not mean it was not present. Kingston’s explanation of a parasitic nanotech is the best explanation of the shots I have heard to-date, as it explains the crazy clots that aren’t made of blood that are being found by embalmers, the shedding, the hydras that have been found when the CV19 jab fluids are incubated at room temp, the fluorescent colors emitted by the CV19 jab fluids when exposed to light for extended periods, and finally it explains the ferocious war on anti-parasite medicines.

    • TaxDonkey

      Hi Eddi, thanks for the useful comments. The shot strikes me as a Old Skool transfection reagent. It would be interesting to hear you weigh in on the bigger picture. That is, what about the idea that the hydrogel material is magnetic and the goal is to essentially give you an IP address for tracking purposes.

    • Steve Bice

      Thanks Michael for trying to play peacemaker. I agree that the mole hill that was “mRNA virus” did not need to be made a mountain.

      I got up this morning to suggest (similar to what you did above) that Karen’s use of “mRNA virus” was perhaps a simple shorthand for “mRNA induced viral production”.

      Instead, I witnessed a volcano of emotion that served no one. Again, thank you for trying…

    • Steve Bice

      P.S. Heh. Don’t want to start another “row”. Meant to say “mRNA induced viral component production.” Whew…

  39. Roger Stamper

    tks karen greg

  40. Brian

    Hi Greg & Karen,

    Not sure if anyone remembers but Trump did a warp speed type push on 5g & 6G a few years ago. The Lord recently reminded me of this. I remember when this happened. I worked in Microwave Communications and Radar for 25 yrs…. this is a weapon. I have been warning my family of this for years and they totally ignore it even though they know my work history with Military Communications and Electronic Warfare systems. Its like most of the world is under a hypnotic technology spell…. its so difficult to deal with…

    I do not believe this is a coincidence, both the Spirit and my experience tell me so… Praying people come out of the Trump Transe and connect the dots here….

    Trump 5G and Trump Injections…

    God Bless –

  41. James PTY

    The argument made in this interview appear inconsistent with previous commentary Ms Kingston has made: Patents exist for Sars1 Mers Sars2 and the technologies involved with the injections. To claim all facets of the last three years has been an AI bio-weapon comes across as an obtuse argument/declaration. There appears to be multiple vectors of exposure: The spike protein is no longer a toxicity concern whether introduced by viral infection, delivered/absorbed through some form of consumption, or programmed to be produced after injection? The injection technology patents seems to be an entirely separate issue. Assuming either is possible, 5G frequency powering a system composed of nano-particles is not comparable to photons/light. There are multiple facets being exposed, none of them good, but I struggle with the way the dots were connected in the interview as they do not appear consistent with the way events have been unfolding from late 2019.

    • robert f

      “Entirely diff issue”

      How so?

      No virus is isolated and mrna by itself is nothing, it cannot harm you

      How can this possibly be anything but technology or chemical agent?

      There is no proof that mrna or aby virus by itself is responsible for any deaths

  42. Dan

    Wow! So you have this Nano-tech/human tissue “parasite” that can operate on it’s own off of a quantum dot that works off of the “Borg” frequency??!
    How’s that for some Predictive programming on all the Star Trek “Borg” shows? !

    Did the “Borg” race start off as an infection from some Nano=tech parasite??? Wow!!!!

    • KRELL427

      I was in the hi-fi store on the weekend, my friend the manager was showing me Sony’s new flagship display and funny enough he was calling it new Quantum Dot technology.
      I’m wondering if the tv frequency can affect the vaccinated people watching?
      Also I was buying the latest technology car wax a few years ago and it contained graphene.
      Then I hear that they were putting in the vaccines.
      I dont think we know the whole picture yet of how diabolical this plot really is.
      Thanks Greg for informing us with your interviews.

  43. Robert Hood

    So if the Cabal want to postpone the election they can fake a false flag dirty bomb attack by exploding a small bomb at night in a city and then use 5G to kill a few thousand vaccinated folks. That gives them an excuse to declare Martial Law and suspend the election. Blame it on Putin….

    • Richard Longacre

      And neither 5G nor the injection will ever even be considered as the culprit. Their response will be of course be to give up all of our freedoms, accept the use of the total life control CBDC system, and take another DNA altering mRNA injection to protect us from the “contamination” or the new “Plandemic”. And of course, 5G will be made mandatory to use and we will all be forced to carry a 5G phone with us at all times to prove we are protected with the most recent DNA altering bioweapon injection. China is our example of what they have planned for the entire world.

      Be sure to add Iodine to your preppers medicine list.

      • Sam

        Can’t even open a bank account without “them” demanding you have a 4G or 5G phone (land line phones are not acceptable) – “they” probably want everyone to own a 5G phone so when the Boston Virus is released they can target particular individuals with 90% certainty the 5G signal they send out to activate the virus “will kill the target”!! –

  44. J. Loughran

    “Love of money and Lysenkoism American Style”
    What could go wrong with Nanotech developed from AI, and “Deep Learning” from datasets amassed from decades of NIH grant funded research?

  45. jason

    With the global take over, they need all militaries to be made impotent. The military is their only threat to prevent them taking complete control. With a collapse they don’t want military personal coming home to no incomes or jobs. They don’t want military tribunals. Don’t want patriots.
    1, Mass depopulation.
    2, Neuter all militaries of the World. Leave only enough personal (UN Forces) to keep order and keep the elites safe.
    3, Increase G5 EMF Radiation power to activate graphene oxide to reduce population where and when as required.

  46. Scott

    The mother of a co-worker of mine died very suddenly last Friday. She had just had a THIRD booster shot a few days prior. Lost blood pressure at home with her daughter present and blacked out. 911 was called and the ambulance came, but she died in the ER.

    My co-worker himself – just two weeks prior to losing his mom – had to have a pacemaker installed after a series of seizures and blackouts. The cardiologist told him and his wife “we are having to do a lot of pacemaker procedures since the vaccine was rolled out.”

    His mother-in-law has had three embolisms: one in her leg and two in her lungs. Blood thinners are NOT resolving them.

    All three people from just ONE family that we know very well. They ALL took the vaccine AND the boosters DESPITE our continuous pleading and begging them NOT to do so. They just wouldn’t listen! To their credit, they now openly and freely admit “the vaccine is killing us.”

    The good news is that they all accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, long ago, so they are saved. BUT what drives me crazy, is this: as Bible-believing Christians, we KNOW the entire Covid regime is maliciously anti-human and is being pushed by Satanists like Bill Gates. The same, sick people trying to pave the road to a One World Government under Antichrist are the same monsters pushing this bioweapon. WHY do so many Christians believe otherwise? Even my former Pastor stood in the pulpit last f year and told the congregation he’d been vaccinated and twice boosted, and said, “if you are over 50, you should get it, too.” It’s insanity!

    2 Timothy 1:7 (KJV) reads, “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.”

    Why are Christians NOT using the sound mind our Lord has given us, and taking these kill shots!?!?

    • Myn

      Going with the sound mind requires courage to go against the crowd does it not? People are not very courageous. In general. They want the easy way out, they don’t want to swim against the current. It’s hard! And requires great faith. Push comes to shove, they will cave and give you all sorts of reasons. I see this all around me sadly.

    • Stephen Romey

      The blood clots are actually Amyloid clots from mis-folding proteins – they will not resolve with conventional anti-coagulent therapy. They must be removed surgically – and yes, they will keep forming.

  47. Mary

    Karen is a hero. Great interview. Totally agree there is no Sars Cov 2 virus. Actually no covid. Covid is a group of nonspecific symptoms. Drs. Fleming, Malone, Kory, McCullough, Cole and the rest, while doing good in certain regards, believe in the virus existence. I no longer listen to them. Drs. Cowan, Kaufman, Bailey, Lanka and Yeadon state no virus exists. I am in their camp. This has all been a complete scam. I am still stunned at the stupidity of all those that took the shots. I did not realize there are so many dumb**ses.

  48. Patrick Alaggio

    We love you Karen! You radiate integrity, intelligence and honesty and THOSE magnificant traits are dwarfed by your COURAGE. I know God has blessed us with your presence among us.

    KEEP IT UP!!!

  49. Fred bannon

    Posted on Facebook Greg, Suspended for 30 days

    • Greg Hunter

      Face meta is pure evil.

      • Coal Burner

        So…. Why would they want power outages or energy shortages? If you need 5G to operate the Nano’s ? And how long does the power need to be down to make the stuff go away?
        I never plan to go 5G.It would be useless to me.

        Fakebook: I still think it was funded by CIA and uesd as PRopaganda machine. For some reason they stopped the funding.
        Maybe the little weasel was too afraid to lie to congress and so they shut down the money. LOL , Maybe he found out he was expendable!

        • sgt_doom

          Does not matter whether anyone personally adopts 5G, the antenna setups will be pervasive and surrounding us.

          Check out the little boxes on telephone poles in major urbsn areas!

  50. Matt

    OMG! Karen Rocked this one outta the ball park! She was spot on and passionate, I loved her spiritual aspect, she was very eloquent! I took so many note today, my family is so blinded and in this matrix of pure evil, lies, death and destruction. God bless Karen Kingston! She was so enthusiastic today and should be given the position of authority over these dam killer shots.

  51. TJZ

    Good morning Greg,

    I love this Gal! You and Ms Kingston are Inspirational Heroes in the true sense of the word. God bless you both!

  52. PersonaNonGrata

    Re KK, “Stay off the weed.” Really?!

  53. PersonaNonGrata

    Hi Karen,
    Many thanks for all you are doing.
    If I heard you correctly, you stated (I quote you loosely) that the ‘parasitic clots’ showing up in autopsies, have ‘a capacity to survive outside the human (host) body’. [Sounds like the Sci-Fi I read in my teens] Forgive me if I have overstated your commentary, but have any studies been done to verify this? What form does this ‘survival’ take, and are these post-parasitic synthetic life-forms difficult to eradicate?

  54. Marie Joy

    Collection of (Leftists Call For Putting “Trump Supporters” in Re-Education Camps) on the Information Warfare channel on Youtube.

    I would not be surprised if KK and GH and their peers were in that group just for their “wrong” thinking.

  55. Russell Holmes

    Could anybody help me on something I’m not sure is correct. Did or did not the CDC post a waring for pregnant woman not to be around vaccinated people? I want to call a local talk show host who, though he’s not vaxxed himself, tells everybody else to get it if they want. He thinks that can’t hurt him or others who are unvaxxed.

  56. Mike Mc

    You just engaged in Appeal to Authority fallacy.

  57. Jeffrobbins

    She may not understand that much and to be honest, neither do i. But, i have always enjoyed a good bird hunt with a working dog. Watching the dog is a big part of the fun. This gal is in the paper weeds and she is certainly ‘birdy’ with all this. A lot of the time game birds will congregate in a flock under some cover. I would guess that big pharma is doing the same. There should be someone looking for these folks and they’re wrong doings- like a hunter. Personally, the financial stuff is my swim lane, and at different points all these things intersect.

    • Agnes

      There’s nothing more profound than watching other species’ behavior to understand our own. There’s certainly weasel war dancing going on, or major distraction, as Karen alludes to.

  58. Andres

    Also, be very careful with the new wifi routers that emit in the 5 Ghz frequency. If you can disable the 5Ghz in your router, put the router in a Faraday enclosure and connect your devices through a cable.

  59. Jeffrobbins

    This is off topic; the markets over the last few trading days are being manipulated as one would expect near the election. But it looks obvious when you look at the DXY, the big take downs of the relative strength of the dollar like this can only be done by central banks. There is news of dollar swaps with the Swiss Bank and it’s a fair guess a few others in order to weaken the dollar and strengthen something else, like the Yen, maybe the Euro. How far do ‘they’ go??? I expect metals and Bitcoin to rise some in tandem. Can the Fed Res. Raise rates at the same time they pump dollars around the world? Or maybe the dollars are just for our allies. We might be at a point the political folks stop being concerned (or acting) so much about inflation. It used to be that just telling us the policy objectives the markets would do the work. What i find interesting is the lack of guidance and the quiet intervention.

  60. Pamela Hankins

    You cannot “stop this demonic plan” because God is using it to judge those who have known the Truth and rejected it. Jeremiah 27:6-11 is an example of Habakkuk 1…that is to say that God raises up evil men to judge nations. He tells us what is going to happen and you cannot stop that. He will use all of it to save those that will turn to Him in the midst of their suffering, but if they refuse He says, Jer 2:28-30, “But where are thy gods that thou hast made thee? let them arise, if they can save thee in the time of thy trouble: for according to the number of thy cities are thy gods, O Judah. Wherefore will ye plead with me? ye all have transgressed against me, saith the LORD. In vain have I smitten your children, they received no correction: your own sword hath devoured your prophets, like a destroying lion.” Don’t say, ‘that’s the Old Testament’, because the OT was recorded for our example and admonition. We have to simply understand the time and be ready for His coming. HE has promised to destroy them that destroy the earth with the brightness of His coming. HE will set up His own kingdom after that. Time is very short.

    • Anita

      well said by someone who actually reads the bible. Sadly most people do not understand the season we are in, His prophetic word & what is yet coming.

    • eckbach

      “Who will rise up for me against the evildoers,
      or who will stand up for me against the workers of iniquity? Psalm 94:16
      I guess not the naysayers.
      “Peter said many other things to warn them,
      he begged them,
      SAVE YOURSELVES from these evil people.”
      Acts 2:40 NIRV

  61. tim

    The blood of the children is the currency of the elite. Greg please look into this video. Everyone should watch.

    • Janice

      Out of Shadows is an excellent documentary.

  62. Shirl

    The genius of Karen is a gift to all of humanity. Unwinding the data and getting to the bottom of it with explanations is sooooo helpful – unreal!

    Thank you for having her on Greg!!!

    The shedding of the Bio-Weapon upon innocent others is such a concern…WOW!!!

    May the GALLOWS find the satanist sickos as soon as humanly possible and put a quick end to all of this..

  63. Agent P

    Always important to keep in mind:

    Rule #1 in a successful Psy-Op is to create Confusion, followed by fear – but not necessarily always in that order. Sometimes ‘fear’ comes first. Regardless, like a properly baked casserole or cake, both ingredients are necessary in order to achieve success in directing mass opinion – which, not coincidentally, is also necessary to further the direction in which the ‘Controllers’ wish for society-at-large to move in.

    With that firmly in mind, think of the various opinions, voices and directions of individuals interviewed o various platforms about this Covid hullaballoo since early 2020 and see for yourself how it circles back to the aforementioned key points above.

    Regardless of half-truths or No truth, keeping you confused and the
    Whole Truth obfuscated, along with plausible deniability, is the name of the game for evil doers. ‘Deceit’, in other words. And this by no means is intended to disparage Miss Kingston – rather, for you to always think.

    And question…

  64. Eric Thorp

    I throughly enjoy your show. Karen is amazing. It would be interesting to get Michael Yeadon on the show to explain his recent turnaround claiming that pathogenic viruses including SARS-CoV-2 don’t exist.

  65. Lada Aston Holden

    WOW! Hallelujah!
    Republican Tudor Dixon Forces Lockdown Gov. Whitmer to Agree to No Vaccine Mandates for Children / by Breitbart October 26th 2022

  66. tim

    Thank you for this interview. I may have figured out why I have been feeling really fatigued as of late. I live next to Tyndall AFB in the panhandle and the Mormons bought all the land around this area, 380,000 acres and there have been a number of 5G towers put up in the last year that are visible from the road. All of them on Mormon land along with massive solar farms. I’m non vaxxed and never been tested and feeling really tired and mentally lethargic. I work out 6 days a week and considered myself pretty healthy but lately its been hard for me to get through half of my usual work out.

    Another topic the Air Force Base has been conducting bombing runs. My house has been shaking all day. Maybe something maybe not.


    • tim mcgraw

      tim: I looked up Tyndall AFB. It was named after a WWI pilot. Hurricane Michael in 2018 caused $4.7 billion in damages. First base to get the F-22. Many of which were damaged in the hurricane. It’s a training base.
      What a money pit.
      There is lead contamination from the bombing range in the soil, and no doubt the water. You might want to get your water source checked for pollutants.
      Mormons and 5G towers sound like a bad combination. Our house in Sonoma County is on the northern edge of 5G coverage in the Bay Area. The tower is 1/4 mile away. My wife and I also have heath and vitality issues.
      So many poisons out there that it is tough to keep track of them all.

  67. Mike G

    DC is Satan

    • eckbach

      District of Cabbala

      • Sam

        DC = Death Cult– where the DC politicians (who should be watching out for our safety and Constitutional rights) are killing US and our children instead – with their intentionally manufactured deadly bio-plagues (and throwing in a Famine along with Inflation and Nuclear War for good measure)!!

  68. Dave Larson


    As an electronic circuit engineer, I have a hard time understanding when she says words to the effect of 5G over fiber optic. 5G is wireless communications whereas fiber optic is a physical transmission medium . To link 5G and fiber optics together is a stretch…. I would like to have her explain this to me. I’m not sure where she is getting her information on this……

    • sgt_doom

      You are confusing yourself on the details and Ms. Kingston is speaking in generalities (and she’s not a comm engineer): she is addressimg 5G regarding the radiogenetics and neural linkups aspect and mentioning fiber optics in regard to Qdots/optogenetics aspect —– plus my input would be widespread transmission requiring fiber optics (the way Amazon HQ in Seattle is physically situated on top of the Northwest IXP — network engineers will grasp the import of this)!

      Since only a few are equally well versed in advanced nanotechnology and molecular biology, few to none of the medical scientists and doctors who have spoken on this have any background in nanotech and therfore do not recognize Graphene Solution–gated Field Effect Transistor arrays (tinsel rod–appearing structues or crystalline–lookimg structures in some microphotographs online — the youtube vids were immediately taken down).

      To understand what she is speaking of one must grasp the activities and backgrounds of FOUR crucial players: Prof. Charles Lieber, Prof. Ralph Baric (Ms. Kingston includes crucial stuff from Baric in this video), Zhengli Shi (WIV) and NIH cutout, Peter Daszak —- all appearing to be working in conjunction.

      Her mentionmof Qdots: the earliest or one of the earliest qdot research firms was NANOSYS — one of the three founders being Harvard’s Charles Lieber who would later be at the Wuhan University of Technology from 2012 to 2017 working on his nanowires (neural links, plus). [One of the investors in NANOSYS was Venrock — the Rockefeller family venture capital firm, along with other top players.]

      During and after Lieber’s trial, never reported in the PuppetMedia, of course, 21 EVIDENCE EXHIBITS were classified from public view by the FBI/DoJ.

      Baric’s tutoring Zhengli Shi in his “no see” genetic sequencing/engineerimg process (see Dr. Stven Quay’s latest laler on this), Lieber’s work on nanotech neural links, Daszak’s connecting everything on the finamcial conduit end.

  69. Lora

    I have a question for Ms. Kingston. I have a mother who took 2 doses of the Covid shot about a year ago. She developed dysphasia (throat) after receiving the last shot. If my mother were to take ivermectin, then this treatment to reduce the harmful effects of these invaders is only accomplished for the time frame that she is on the drug (she’d have stay on the ivermectin long term?). Has Ms. Kingston seen any studies in the reduction/elimination of these invaders in the body by using N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine (NAC) and/or the amino acid itself:

    • Greg Hunter

      Basically, yes for the vaxed and unvaxed using Ivermectin. Dr. Kory told me he gives 5 days double dose to start helping a vax injury patient. He does other things as well:

  70. Prospector

    Some things in The Bible are hard to understand ( at least for me ) but this seems pretty clear.

    Revelation 18 : 23 Speaks about the destruction of the great city of Babylon and gives the reason why.
    ” for by thy SORCERIES were all nations deceived ”
    I was stunned to learn that the Greek translation for sorcery is ‘ pharmakeia ‘.
    A broad term that includes poisons and potions used for evil.

    Not sure yet if this fits , but I have wondered about it. Luke 21: 26
    ” Men’s hearts failing them for fear ….. ”
    We sure are seeing an increase of that. So think about why many people took the jab.
    Many probably took the vaxx ” out of the FEAR of Covid ” pushed by the media and its owner class for their agenda. ( Deception , again , as Revelation states above )

    • Anita

      My opinion, you got the Luke 21:26 application pretty good. But keep in mind it could be applicable elsewhere as well. As far as Rev 18 & the fall of Babylon, I see that coming about in God’s wrath— Rev. 8 onward, the trumpets & bowls. I view Babylon the great as the last world empire whose leader is Antichrist and his worldly beast system. Antichrist will be given so many years, the seals, before God cuts his days short and takes control to destroy those who destroy the earth, God’s wrath upon them. Matt 24:22 Unless those days had been cut short, no life would have been saved; but for the sake of the elect those days will be cut short. The cutting short is the rapture before ‘The Day of The Lord’ The rapture is stated in 2nd half of Rev 7

  71. Johnny Sic

    Cell phones give off 4000 times the safe level for exposure to MICROWAVE RADIATION. The safe level for exposure is .005, as set by the FCC. My Radio Frequency Meter,(used to measure Microwave Radiation), goes to 20,000.

    WiFi routers go to 20,000 on my meter
    Computer mouse gives off 258
    Computer keyboard gives off 303
    Computer Monitor gives off 586
    Computer printer (WiFi) gives off 2000
    Drones that require you to wear headgear gives off 4000 times the safe number and go completely through the head, as I measured from the back of the head of someone wearing goggles headgear. The safe number again is .005

    My smart washing machine gives off 4000 times the safe number at the groin level
    The high end TESLA, gives off 20,000 on my meter at several locations. Why do you think TESLA’S have the driverless feature, because MICROWAVE RADIATION put one to sleep…..

    Fact check….go buy a meter and start throwing things away giving off this killer 5G

  72. Self Exiled

    The CCP NWO at war with the Western Elite NWO. In the end no one will survive.

    Matthew 24:22 Unless those days had been cut short, no life would have been saved; but for the sake of the elect those days will be cut short.

    Mark 13:20
    Unless the Lord had shortened those days, no life would have been saved; but for the sake of the elect, whom He chose, He shortened the days.

    Is my view to simplistic?

    • Greg Hunter

      I used to think Matt 24:24 was about nuclear war and now not so much.

      • Anita

        Consider this : Ephesians 6:12
        For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places.
        Powers in the air.

      • Anita

        Also, we are electrical beings in an physical form. Just note how Christ Jesus is described in His glory at the transfiguration, in the throne room in Rev. 4:5 & Rev 1: 14 His head and His hair were white like white wool, like snow; and His eyes were like a flame of fire. 15 His feet were like burnished bronze, when it has been made to glow in a furnace, and His voice was like the sound of many waters. 16 In His right hand He held seven stars, and out of His mouth came a sharp two-edged sword; and His face was like the sun shining in its strength.
        Also God is light & in Him there is no darkness. He created the earth in perfect balance, all orderly. This is why what some call ‘earthing’ works ect. It is a magnetic creation even down to the cells in our blood which in there negative charges repel each other to flow. Our brains have electrical neurons ect which fire off and allow us to be able to think.

  73. alfy

    is easy to know a wise person. they are with high intelligence and yet at same time they are easy to understand. they don’t play clever gotcha games, manipulate, misdirect. the wise are both honest and humble, they are close to God. of your guest for this video, wish she was my neighbor.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Alfy!

  74. CC

    THETA Blockchain was developed for the purpose of being an alternative to 5G. It is all about shared broadband. They have patents with almost everyone in tech. I do think the plan is to use Theta after all of this comes to a head.

    However, the Bible says a third of men will be killed (we are there)-Revelations 9:15, 18 (KJV). This is the sixth angels plague Rev. 16:12-KJV-gentile perspective). Armageddon. Repent.

    We need the strong hand of the LORD to save us.

    “And he saw that there was no man, and wondered that there was no intercessor: therefore his arm brought salvation unto him; and his righteousness, it sustained him.” (Isa. 59:13-KJV). This whole chapter (and Psalm 37) describe a time just like this.

    Love this interview. 5G has got to go. I counted at least 100 towers on a recent trip from LA to San Diego.

    • stanley skrzypek

      CC……THETA Blockchain…….GOOD CALL!….I have been amassing Theta and Tfuel for a few years now….Thanks to Bix Weir and “the Road to Roota”……super easy to acquire….first get a online Theta Wallet……next buy a Trezor or Trezor model T….(ebay is a source)…….next go to COINBASE… some XLM… go to SIMPLE SWAP….swap you’re XLM for Theta and/or Tfuel and store it in the TREZOR……Hard to begin with….but EASY as you go ahead……

    • Johnny Sic

      You passed by THOUSANDS of cell towers….GO HERE to see how many you passed in each city you drove through.
      Find your city anywhere in the country on this map. Right now it is set on California.

      Scroll to the city, click on it and scroll down to a second map showing where all cell towers are located in that city. You passed through, roughly, 60 cities. And not all towers are shown.

  75. alan j.

    She mentioned at the 21 minute mark that there are 10 corona technology or 10 crowns…It was always nations as the beast of Revelations it looking as if this tech being put into many is that beast.

    • Anita

      I missed that, thanks. It is 10 kings who rule with Antichrist.

  76. Desiree D Effner

    20 minutes in, Karen says, “10 crowns” – think of the 10 crowned beast in Revelation.
    27 minutes in she talks about the light that uses this tech. Remember how Trump talked about the insertion of light? Was he referring to this? Don’t trust him anymore anyways. But they are all determined to make us the Borg.

    • Anita

      I missed that, thanks. It is 10 kings who rule with Antichrist & he will subdue 3 and be the 8th. In my opinion concerning these world leaders, the are battling for power to be 1 of the 10 kings.

  77. John M.

    Thank you Karen for having the courage to fight this uphill battle and making a difficult subject a little more understandable. I just don’t see people awakening to the truth with this A.I. bioweapon, as they are clueless about everything else — such as our fake economic and currency system, stolen elections, Ukraine bioweapon labs, Russia as our supreme enemy, the lies of climate change, etc. etc.
    Technology can be used for both good and evil, and it always seems to me that it’s mostly used for bad. We must always remember that our fight is not merely against flesh and blood ( like bought-off politicians, mad scientists, monolithic corporations, etc.) but against an unseen spiritual adversary who hates God and His creation of man. I must also add from Matthew: “And unless those days had been shortened, no flesh should be saved.” — because it is our own technology that may destroy us. And that does not necessarily mean nukes.
    I think it’s quite probable that a world war may be starting that just happens to save the skins of the Deep State and the evil Pharma giants that have been working in league with the diabolical, invisible enemy. There will probably be no justice in this world for those men and women that are spreading lies, death, and evil.
    May God always protect you Karen from those who hate the truth and their fellow man. May God protect us and save us!

  78. Susan R

    Powerful energy here. I am not surprised by what Karen says, I had no idea of the level of evil, but now that I do, still I am not surprised. I am grieving and have been for those who got this evil and for myself now knowing I cannot escape this passively. Is this born of human design solely, or in collusion, or not of human design at all? Human life on this planet is being vanquished and if one has a functioning soul, it is time to prepare when it is ordained, to retire from this space.

  79. Lee M.

    Sorry, if someone has already discussed…only read half the comments so far…

    Do all LEDs power this stuff? If so, what kind of lighting should we have in our houses? Incandescent? Anyone know of a good place to buy them?

    Thanks in advance!!!

    • Anita

      Yes all LED lighting is bad, even blue screens on computers, can get glasses for that to protect your eyes. Also new LED TV’s. Incandescents are still available despite they band them back around 2012. Look for them in the stores.

    • sgt_doom

      No —- she is speaking of the optogenetic aspect of the bio–nanotech responding to light —- potential for a variety of ways to induce this and LEDs are one of them.

      5G is the neural link, visual changes and modifications can be induced via light.

      Because this involves advanced nanotechnology, optogenetics, radiogenetics and molecular biology synthesized together —– in a one–size–fits–all insane assault weapon, it is difficult to understand.

      If one has been spikevaxed — and the nanotech has self–assembled correctly, not always an absolute —- then the potential for both light–activation/control exists from LEDs and perhaps other sources, as well as Wi–Fi (5G, etc.).

  80. 'a' simple horseman

    I am soooooo in love with Karen Kingston!!!!!!!!
    Dear woman, you are so Awesome… So BRAVE!!
    Get out of Californiastan!!
    Face to the Wind young lady.
    Thank you for your efforts.

  81. Prospector

    All the talk about the 5G radio waves reminds me of the movie ” The Kingsman ”
    A super rich bad guy played by Samuel L. Jackson gives everyone a ‘free’ cell phone.
    The phone has an evil feature that on command , it will send out a radio frequency that causes people to go insane with rage and turn on each other for no reason. Population control motive ?
    I am NOT saying this is what 5G does , just noting some parallels , since movies often contain bits of truth dressed like allegory. Directed energy weapons already exist such as the L-RAD , long range acoustic device. This emits a very unpleasant sound that can be directed at a crowd of protesters for example. Do a search for videos of how water reacts & vibrates in patterns when subject to different frequency ranges. Amazing.
    Imagine what we do not yet know about.

  82. Janice

    It sounds like – and Ms. Kingston SAID – that everything, including Ivermectin, is CONTAMINATED….??? Wow! What!? That is a horrible statement to dangle without further clarification.

    • Greg Hunter

      No, she did not, but it might be in the future according to the September Biden Executive order.

  83. Aileen


  84. Southern Girl

    Fabulous interview!!! I’ll have to listen to it again to glean what I might have missed the first time. Thanks for asking about people like me who are not jabbed and around some who are. I am the one who noticed how tired I became being in water aerobics with all the jabbed. By the third day I was so tired I took Ivermectin and within 2 hours back to normal.
    I have decided to volunteer back at my church’s cafeteria The main cook jabbed the other only one jab. Pre-k through 8th grade maybe 120 children. Only 8 teachers and I don’t interact with them much. But still not attending my church because they are all jabbed and I really hate that I cannot attend funerals at my church.
    I think if you want to go to the wedding just start taking Ivermectin early and continue through for 5 days. I think you will be okay. I wake up every morning thanking God that I am alive and thank the Blessed Trinity. I thank God for what He has given me which is the gift of discernment. Not everyone has the same gifts so that might explain almost all of my family being jabbed.
    My youngest sister is a nurse, yes! she and Hubby were jabbed. She always tells me she cannot think and is foggy headed. Gad Zooks! She cannot see the connection.
    God Bless you and Karen and all the Watchdoggers!

  85. Linda Majors


    I think Karen is amazing! Regardless of her critics, she is very intelligent and has a lot of experience in this field. I’m interested in the Big Picture, not whether she got RNA correct. Who cares? Her message was that the “vaccines” are dangerous and intended to kill. That is what is important!

    It isn’t easy standing up against some of the most powerful and ruthless people in the world. Karen is very brave, and I wish her the best!

    Note: I didn’t get the vaxx. I never will. Wild horses, nor Government goons could force me to get injected. But I have relatives who did, and I am concerned for their health. But we don’t discuss the vaccines. That subject in taboo.

    Health Care.
    In my opinion, America has the best acute care in the world. They save lives! However, the chronic and preventative care are woefully lacking. It’s all about $$. There are exceptions, but not where I reside. So I steer clear of doctors, and take care of myself wth vitamins, mineral supplements, organic meat, vegetables, fruit, quality water, prayer and meditation.

    My father had the best doctors money could buy, and they destroyed his health, and the quality of his life with medications that depleted his body of minerals. Ultimately they killed him with a botched knee joint replacement surgery. It was a nightmare!


  86. Lawrence

    I sent a FOIA to the CDC , in 2021, requesting all the information regarding their information on the evidence of how COVID was isolated. They sent me one study and I reviewed it. Samples taken from one subject (Yes only one), CPEs only found in Vero cells (monkey cells) NOT human, Koch’s postulates never used, and funded via NIH to name just a few issues. Long story short, it’s never been isolated. There is NO COVID virus!! In 2020 there was no influenza recorded, it was all COVID diagnosed with PCR tests that give 97% false positives. The pandemic is the injection. All my colleagues drank the Kool-Aid and stayed for their paycheck and 401K. I left my profession instead of being a part of the democide. Anyone who is still participating in this, MDs, pharmacists, nurses, politicians, etc., is guilty of crimes against humanity. Don’t think that Trump is going to save us. He’s all part of this and still promoting the bio weapon.

  87. Kelly

    Hi Greg,
    It is evident to me that the vaccines are a tool for the antichrist to perform fake miracles when he stands in the temple. The mRNA creates different spikes that alter tissue into crystalline or metallic devices using the minerals present in the body. These devices lodge into organs, like the brain, and create a network connection with 5G, 6G or Starlink, uploading your mind to the AI control system. Once uploaded you can be killed, disabled or left active while your body is slowly replaced with synthetic fibers, especially in the brain, creating a robot. When the antichrist raises his hands in the temple, the synthetic dead bodies will download their previous owners mind and “resurrect”, the disabled will “miraculously” repair themselves, and the “normal” robots will sing his praises. Even the elect will be fooled.

  88. Anita

    Thank you both. Excellent !

  89. Marie Joy

    CA and NY Red Flag laws NOW are allowed to confiscate your property without cause. You have no rights and may not even know they’re after you,

    I got this on YouTube on the Copper Jacket TV channel titled
    “New York Starts Mass Confiscation Via Executive Order”.

  90. Henry

    KillShot = Trump’s Legacy

  91. Greg

    Karen is a real trooper………I wish we had a million of her.

  92. Robert says no

    How do I find a lawyer with the background and knowledge to understand what Karen Kingston has exposed about this LNP technology being all the same,including what’s in my synthetic insulin product?

  93. Pam

    GOD…………….We need you NOW!

  94. TW

    One important point ignored is the fact that Karen Kingston does not have degrees is the field she opines in. Her college degree is in marketing and her job at Pfizer was in marketing/sales.

    Greg should interview eminent scientists in in the various scientific disciplines that cover the topic under discussion rather guests whose biases more or less support his own subjective opinions.

    Peer reviewed research published in top-rated scientific journals should serve as the basis of discussion.

    The internet is a dangerous place where stuff is published without regard to top rated scientific journals and widely respected scientific authorities.

    Don’t live your life in bunkers of ignorance where wild speculations and conspiratorial thinking prevail.

    • Steve Bice

      You can’t be serious. Credentials are vastly overrated. With the rise of the internet, information is no longer held hostage by the structures and credentialing regimens of the upper classes.

      Let’s see, maybe we should ask Ralph Baric. No, wait. Oh, oh, oh, I know let’s ask Anthony Fauci or Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus at the WHO. Or maybe get advice from the FDA. Maybe Rochelle Walenski at the CDC?

      Oh, I know, let’s try Deborah Birx, an admitted liar with regard to vaccine effectiveness.

      The “credentialed” are the one’s who have been consistently wrong on everything Covid…and more likely have been intentionally deceptive from the outset.

      There are plenty of credentialed experts who have been maligned by officialdom…like Robert Malone, Michael Yeadon, Harvey Risch, Ryan Cole, Paul Marik and Pierre Kory. Any one who trusts the pharmaceutical giants (and their government agency proxies and captive medical journals) is doomed to repeat the madness of the last two years…and worse.

      Truth is seldom found in official sources. (JFK anyone? 911?) It rises from the multitude of voices that see the published inconsistencies and refuse to be silenced.

      Perhaps it is time to come out of your bunker.

      Nice try…

      • Steve Bice

        P.S. Is that you, “Stan”?

      • Steve Bice

        USAWatchdog’s resident trans-idenity troll Stan/Paul/Russ/JC/Janet/TW, et al writes for effect only, but if “they” were serious…this would expose the darkness and all-encompassing deception that is officialdom.

      • PersonaNonGrata

        Hi Steve,
        Agreed. While not decrying people with academic credentials, many acquired these due to excellent memory. Good memory does not infer common sense, logic, or inventivenes. Einstein was (only) a patents office clerk . . .

    • James Kolb

      You trust scientific journals now days???? : > ))

      • sgt_doom

        ROFLMAO —- now that Lancet and Nature have been shown to be nothing more than shills for the CCP (who the both receive funding from) and NIH!

        GAVE up on Scientific American and Discover magazine years ago —- waaay too bogus.

        Wasn’t there a recent mention that Forbes magazine’s parent company is being purchased by a CCP—- connected Chicom firm??? (Was it Whale Media??)

    • Michael Janket

      Dear Daffy;
      Your comments regarding qualifications of Karen Kingston are sophomoric, at best. She has marketing smarts and as an intelligent and committed person, has the drive and gumption to LEARN the many aspects of science she needs in her daily work. If a person with a degree needs other knowledge, there are loads of places/books/Internet to learn the necessary tools. My college training was but a START in my lifelong learning process. If humans could not learn, where would civilization be today? Smug, hubristic comments are not the answer.

  95. Frank S.

    Karen Kingston: A True Christian Soldier. Thanks Greg for a great guest/interview.
    As for detoxing from this bioweapon (whether vaxxed or not) I came across videos from a Canadian who was years ahead of his time. These were filmed in 2016 – 17, and instruct you how to build and use simple electromagnetic devices which (apparently) deprogram the nanos while drawing, LNPs, graphene, quantum dots and certain harmful metals from your body (I’m building one now, so I’ll report later on effectiveness)
    Here’s a link to a website with written “How Tos” and info. Scroll halfway down to watch the instructional (and entertaining) videos of Tony Pantalleresco:

  96. Frank S.

    As for the quantum dots being activated/deactivated, appear/disappear in association with 5G, a guest on Stew Peters (a few months ago) demonstrated this phenomenon with microscopic video of a drop from one of the vials. The self-assembling “circuit board” looking stuff grew over time lapse to a rectangular shaped device. This was while the area was bathed in 5G. With the 5G off, this same device seemingly “melted” into liquid. With the 5G restored, it regrew, but into a slightly different shape, acc. to its old “footprint”.

    • sgt_doom

      Called “liquid computing” — below see a 2001 article on it, memtioning Harvard’s — and the Wuhan University of Technology’s — Charles Lieber:


      • Frank S.

        Wasn’t ol’ Chuckie just arrested for working on behalf of the CCP at Harvard? Small world!

  97. Linda

    Wow, Karen Kingston is the knockout punch to this NWO nightmare. Thanks Greg, for having her on. I would really like to know what she’s going to say about ivermectin. She said she was going to talk about it later. I’m praying for her wellbeing and for God to help us all. This needs to be exposed. I listened to Art Bell interview scientists about what they could do with nanotechnology back in the 90’s. It sounded advanced to me back then. Imagine how much more they can do now. We don’t have to imagine, Karen’s told us. Praying for us all. Fear not, peacefully stand.

  98. Registeered

    Daniel 2:31-33

    “You, O king, were watching; and behold, a great image! This great image, whose splendor was excellent, stood before you; and its form was awesome. This image’s head was of fine gold, its chest and arms of silver, its belly and thighs of bronze, its legs of iron, its feet partly of iron and partly of clay.

  99. Greg Hunter

    Did you not see the medical patents she was showing with more on the Kinston Substack? The Protein is not what you studied in High school according to the patents.

    • Greg Hunter

      We are all being murdered in a genocide. Is that confusing to you? Were all the patents for this crap confusing to you? You are some sort of expert, but you do not understand the patents shown and quoted? What exactly is “confusing” you? Please stop gaslighting us. This is far worse than posting JW material. If you get pissed off and leave, so be it. You are not helping, and I think that is the point. If you think I am a little pissed off. You are right I am.

      • eddiemd

        Delete all my posts.

        Then you can have it your way and run the false narrative. No one with question your authority.

        I will send you a Burger King crown that you can wear during your broadcasts.

        Hypocrite. Stop with the “Don’t fear” fake profession.

        Good riddance.

        • Greg Hunter

          Done. You never once talked about the patents and the documents which are the proof. Talk about creating a “false narrative,” that’s you man. Extremely childish last comment for an “expert,” but have it your way. “Good riddance”? You are the one leaving.

        • Steve Bice

          Thank you Greg, for all that you do. This post astounds me…and makes me sad. It is so unfair and misguided.

          I agreed with your gentle admonishments, PNG. But I decided I had nothing to add. There is so much room for agreement…and discussion for areas where we disagree.

          Two scriptures (below) come to mind: Proverbs 16:18 and Proverbs 26:17.

          The latter is ever present in my mind (and guides my behavior), but does not mean we should not stand in the gap when we see injustice. But it does tell us to be discerning. That said, your (PNG) comments suggesting that Eddie stand down were appropriate in my view.

          Pride is the enemy of us all, and anger is not a license to sin. When we feel the need to cite our credentials, it should be a warning sign to us that we are on the wrong track. So disappointing…

          Be well everyone. As my younger brother often says: “On we go…”
          1) “Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.”

          2) “He that passeth by, and meddleth with strife belonging not to him, is like one that taketh a dog by the ears.”

        • Ray

          Please don’t leave this community mate.
          You are cherished here by many.
          Recall what you and I recently remembered regarding “crossing swords”.
          I sincerely hope to be guided by your wise counsel here in times to come.
          There is much that I owe you, and look to pay you back.
          Your friend,
          Ray, Canberra, Australia.

    • Greg Hunter

      We are talking about the patents. This is the proof that you want to ignore. We are not talking about your interpretation of science or biology 101. It’s in the documents. This is what we are talking about. Oh!! they are “confusing” to you!!!! Got it. W T F is wrong with you? You think this genocide is some sort of legit experiment? Cut the bull crap or take a walk.

      • Warren B.

        I applaud you for knowing and speaking the truth…as hard as it may be sometimes….especially when the evidence is overwhelming.
        What I have discovered is that Science is indeed a DOGMA.
        Science as it is practiced ….must use the scientific method….or else it is not science. Those who are trained in this field (including Doctors) must follow the tried and true methods and beliefs without question or doubt. This would explain why you have so many MD’s who cannot wrap their heads around the FAKE Virus and the Genocidal Bioweapon and associated PATENTS . Thank God there are exceptions.
        Almost all of them believe in Germ theory and that Viruses exist. Vaccine is entirely doublespeak for Virus …not dissimilar to the Department of Defense being doublespeak for the Department of War. The narrative that they developed around the Virus/Vaccine has been indoctrinated into the masses….and they control both sides of the argument to stop you thinking for yourself. When we discover that they have engineered / modified / enhanced an LNP with a spike protein generator to act in such a designed manner that is contrary to the human innate system…then we know that this is not Medicine…this is Military ….this is War on Humanity. It speaks of everything that is Satanic. It is said that Satan (and his followers) abolutely abhors Humans (God’s Children).
        For those who may be reading this comment and are undecided about the intention of the so called “Vaccine” …I would encourage you to investigate the best example that disproves a virus contagion. Research the Rosenau Spanish Flu experiment – the most “contagious” flu that failed to infect the healthy volunteers participating in those experiments. There is no satisfactory explanation for use of a Vaccine.
        We DO know what this Covid19/Vaccine truly is. The evidence is clear. They are intentionally killing the population whilst attemtping to create a human hybrid species that perhaps even now, is being programed.

        • Ray

          That was one of THE best posts I have read here in a long time.
          Very well said Warren B.
          Ray, Canberra, Australia.

      • Valdez

        `Greg and eddiemd,
        Back in the day when militias weren’t mostly gangs of unlettered, testosterone-burdened social failures but actual patriots needed to fight the British, Ben Franklin was said to have said, “If we don’t hang together we shall all hang separately.”
        Either We Hang Together, Or We Hang Separately
        Ben Franklin’s genius applied to the 2016 presidential election.
        Helen Misiewicz Aug 09, 2016
        Colgate University
        Guy’s, Satan has been hurled to the Earth, he’s in our midst. Notice the anger. He’s angry knowing he has a short period of time before he’s locked up! He’s got everybody upset. As Christians at this time of the end we must hang together. When and if our head winds up on the choping block, as Hillary said, will it really matter?

        WOW, Truth! Rare. way back in April. Hope she still has a job?
        Kim Iversen: Former NATO Analyst & Top UN Official Says THIS Is The REAL Reason For War In Ukraine;
        489,696 views Apr 19, 2022

        Inside the World’s Largest Digital Camera
        Next year the LSST Camera will start a decade-long project to map the entire sky, and help answer some of the universe’s biggest questions.
        Andy Altman headshot
        Andy Altman Oct. 23, 2022, 2 min read

        Masks Now Found to Contain 2B Carcinogen
        Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola Fact Checked
        October 26, 2022

      • J.V.

        OOp’s forgot this little ditty!
        Hillary and Bill at Trumps wedding!

        • Greg Hunter

          That’s the people they were hanging with. It’s a small group at the top.

      • PersonaNonGrata

        Hi Greg,
        Reviewing the KK comments prior to listening to the WNW.
        eddiemd’s commentary was really infuriating, however, I just about managed to keep my responses under control. Thank you for ‘letting rip’. He was not helping the cause, was becoming unnecessarily abusive to your guest – he deserved it!

  100. tim mcgraw

    2:00 My ex-wives and ex-girlfriends never called me “emotionally mature.” Quite the contrary.
    I think I’m in love.

    • Mike G

      All Tim’s exs live in Texas, must be crowded.

  101. Robert F

    Localized Surface Plasmon Resonance as a Tool to Study Protein Corona Formation on Nanoparticles

    V.B.1. Studying protein corona formation on nanoRx Various studies have illustrated the importance of protein corona formation on the in vivo behavior and fate of NP [88–91]. In the future, SPR could be used to study interactions between nanoRx and protein components of biological fluids to better understand the formation of protein coronas. The results of such studies may provide insights to control/modify protein corona formation and therefore in vivo fate and effectiveness of designed nanoRx.

  102. Lisa Stahl

    Whoa! BIG LEAGUE COURAGE from Karen & Greg! Thank you both for a BIG dose of truth! Well done, Greg, for slowing Karen down to explain WTF!!!

    God Bless and God Speed. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Lisa. Kinston and those patent documents are a powerful one two punch.

  103. Robert F

    When nanocarriers are administered into the blood circulation, a complex biomolecular layer known as the “protein corona” associates with their surface. Although the drivers of corona formation are not known, it is widely accepted that this layer mediates biological interactions of the nanocarrier with its surroundings. Label-free optical methods can be used to study protein corona formation without interfering with its dynamics. We demonstrate the proof-of-concept for a multi-parametric surface plasmon resonance (MP-SPR) technique in monitoring the formation of a protein corona on surface-immobilized liposomes subjected to flowing 100 % human serum. We observed the formation of formulation-dependent “hard” and “soft” coronas with distinct refractive indices, layer thicknesses, and surface mass densities. MP-SPR was also employed to determine the affinity (K D ) of a complement system molecule (C3b) with cationic liposomes with and without polyethylene glycol. Tendency to create a thick corona correlated with a higher affinity of opsonin C3b for the surface. The label-free platform provides a fast and robust preclinical tool for tuning nanocarrier surface architecture and composition to control protein corona formation.

    Keywords: Complement system; Liposome; Multi-parametric surface plasmon resonance (MP-SPR); Opsonin; Protein corona; Soft corona

    This is the one. Share my friends

    • Greg Hunter

      So Robert, if this crap is so important why the secrecy? Why all the deaths? Why all the injuries? Don’t post any more of this.

      • Robert F


        Lol see when you talk like that you only prove you arent a thinking man,
        Yawn, I knew you were gonna be dumb about this

        You sure like to talk tough hiding behind your computer

        Inwould call you a bold faced loser to your face

        all you do is hype fear abd then try to silence peoppe who disagree

        yoh sir are hypocrite

        and go fuck yourself

      • robert f

        You do realize this is explainign to you how they plan on delievering drugs includng mrna in vitro

        The corona is formed at the surface layer of the cell.

        This is expaining to you what the corona virus is silly.

        There is no virus, its all a result of the LNP creating thr Protein corona.

        if you had any sense yo reead before you just start spouting off nonsense

        I am an electrical engineer

        you are a news reporter

        font act like you understand this kiddo

        tired of people like you

        you dont onow anythnping about what you speak of

        yet you are so protective and defensive of what other people say

        grow up dude

        you are. fugging pos I really am sick of your bs you hypocrite

        go ve friends with alex jon3s shills

  104. Nick Reynolds

    Great job both of you. The “vaccine” was not created for the Covid “virus.” The Covid “virus” was created for the “vaccine.” Let that sink in. The “vaccine” has been the goal from the beginning.

    • Sam


  105. ken e weberg

    Greg this reminds me of several episodes of the X FILES. Have to tell you before they do it. Been right there in front of our faces disguised as entertainment. Don’t know how pertinent this is but I had a heart stent put in back in sept. Felt like hell every since. Kept coming too during the procedure and saw the screen where they were working and it looked a whole lot like the pictures Karen showed. I’m a pure blood no vax but who’s to say what they put in you when your having a procedure. Loaded up on Ivermectin and hope and pray GOD has the rest I’m sure He does

    • James Kolb

      Ken, I’m worried as you are! I have an AFIB surgery in 3 weeks and am worried about the pcr test, contrast (dye) ct scan, and whatever they can do to me when out during the surgery. I have and still am praying to ask the Lord what I should do. I just don’t want to continue having 15 hour AFIB attacks every two weeks the rest of my life. It’s all in Jesus’ hands!!!!

  106. Carol Anne Tucker (Tucker Trucker Patriot)

    Wow Greg…Wow, Wow, Wow!
    She is ON FIRE! Thank you Karen Kingston and Greg Hunter for keeping it Real and Truthful. Nothin but the FACTS!!!

  107. tim mcgraw

    I’m 13 minutes into the video and I’m ready to throw out ALL of the vaccines and ALL of the microbiology labs. Throw out the whole damned branch of “science”.
    To Hell with it!
    And people will say, “Well, you are throwing out the baby with the bathwater.”
    My answer, “The baby is infected.”
    Let’s go back to the Terroir brand of fighting disease. Build up human health and its natural immune system. i.e. Eat right. Exercise. Take vitamins. Stop self-destructive behaviors.

    • Sam


    • Warren B.

      Agreed…and also STOP GETTING VACCINATED ….in order to avoid INFECTION BY INJECTION.
      One thing should be very clear to everyone by now….VACCINE=VIRUS.
      Foreign cells are introduced into humans only through Vaccines which are all saturated/contaminated with animal cells. Animal cells do not belong in the human system.

      • Sam

        And self-assembling nano-electronics should not be put into our human blood stream!!

  108. James

    If you want shield your house or just a room from RF (Radio Frequency) signals there are commercial paint to do that. Even on Amazon, do a search for EMR Shielding or RF paint.
    Once done on a room or house even your cell phone will NOT connect. Wired devices will still work.

  109. The Canuck

    The Trudeau Liberals, Canada’s Federal Mafia Government, has recently given the University of British Columbia in the Province of British Columbia 11.1 million dollars to fund the efficiency and effective delivery of the mRNA (vaccines) bio weapon injections. If you remember correctly Dr. David Martin was the person who traced the origin of the patents for the lipid enclosure to the University of British Columbia.

  110. J.P. Morgunstun

    Streamed on: Oct 26, 10:39 pm EDT
    The Dive with Jackson Hinkle Published October 26, 2022 9,914 Views
    You won’t find on youtube.

  111. Tony

    Please tell Karen to make paper copies of everything and give copies to multiple people she trust

  112. Nick de la Gaume


    May the Almighty Lord guide and protect you and yours.

    What a woman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you Greg and Karen.

  113. Astraea

    I want to know how Catherine Austin Fitts and Karen Kingston and other people go through airports and fly without worrying about being either electronically tagged or otherwise harmed – and how they protect themselves from any contact with those who have been vaxxed.

    I am scared to fly. I am even scared to go to the supermarket in case I breathe in the wrong things – or what if someone comes up to shake my hand! I cann0t NOT shake their hand! Am I being infected by something horrendous? No matter what I do???

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Astraea,
      Your innate immune system is very powerful. At birth, it is weak and new babies rely upon their mother’s antibodies for the first few months. Exposure to microorganisms makes an infant’s immune system stronger – not weaker. This process develops over a lifetime, until old age when the immune system loses its capacity to adapt to new challenges*. Therefore, while I may be accused of being naive, IMHO some exposure to the ‘vaccinated’ may induce natural immunity in the unvaccinated. Not against the (nonexistent) SARS-CoV-2 virus, but against the crap that they are shedding.

      *Since, in old age, immune systems are less able to respond to new challenges, it makes even less sense to ‘vaccinate’ the elderly first. Unless, that it, the aim is to reduce their number!

  114. Prospector

    Greg, Putin is set to give a major speech at any moment. The conference of the Valdai Discussion Club 19th annual meeting in Moscow.
    ” A post-hegemonic world – Justice and security for everyone ”

    Live feed – valdaiclub . com
    Additional info / translation ? at @faytuks news , twitter.

    ( This could foreshadow the next moves and counter moves )

  115. sgt_doom

    Outstanding and fantastic video.

    I fully agree with Ms. Kingston and applaud her sacrifices.

    At this level of advanced nanotech, molecular biology and genetics/genetic engineerimg, it is quite difficult to grasp — had I not been reading on Nanotechnology since that Japanese scientist coined the term (in the 1980s or thereabouts), and have a background in IT and Bioinformatics, I would be entirely lost.

    A thousand thanks for this, Mr. Greg and USAWATCHDOG —- USA Watchdog and Judicial Watch are the two crucial entities for the past several decades!!!

  116. Prospector

    ” Lets live together, lets have dialogs and build trust, which means peace. We were absolutely sincere. What did we get in return ? In all possible areas of cooperation ” NO “. – Putin

    He goes on to call out the ” Liberal world order ” as a tool of the elites. ( Note : the CFR – council on foreign relations , call itself a force for ” International Liberalism ” )

  117. colettem

    At 4:25 mark (roundabout) Karen mentions IBM Watson. If I heard correctly perhaps readers/viewers should read “IBM and the Holocaust” by Edwin Black; there is a pdf download here:
    Excellent interview with Karen as always. Thank you Greg and Karen. May God protect you both and all of His children. I am studying the book of Jeremiah with Fighting for the Faith C Rosebrough and we are there people.

  118. Anti-Atomist

    According to the theory of atomism, there is a photon. In reality, there is no photon! According to the real Tesla, who designed our modern electrical grid system with alternating current, there are only energy perturbations in a field of ether – the Hindu element of space. If you look up the definition of photon, it falls apart like a Trojan horse because it is based on the false Greek theory of atomism. Zosimos of Panopolis’ pseudoscientific misconceptions and mistranslations were piled onto this supposedly scientific theory to the point where Muslims taught the philosophy of Greece and the pseudoscience of alchemy to Europeans emerging from the Dark Ages. Quantum theory also makes some assumptions based on atomism that don’t hold water. Clifford High has well noted the fraudulent “Hamiltonian” influence of the Khazarian bankers on the Academy of Arts & Sciences, especially quantum field theory, in order to confuse the science of corruption with art and magic. In my opinion, Richard Feynman’s diagram looks more like an Egyptian ankh than a relevant mathematical equation. Is it a crime – if not “time” – to say that Jesus is the light?

    If the photon is a fraud, what about the electron? Microwave radio relay is a non-ionizing form of radiation used in communication technology that has been widely used since the 1950s, and it is generally regarded as safe unless you stick your head inside the running microwave!

    The oldest nuclear powered submarine in the U.S. Navy, USS Nimitz, recorded UFO footage in 2004 that may have presented our government officials with a legitimate military concern of a possible alien invasion with high technology. “The War of the Worlds” (1953) ends with a “great victory” over invading aliens… [CUT TO:] Could this be a floating, Chinese-made, wooden leg that the Red-bearded real estate pirate could stand on in his legal defense (sans bone spurs) if the real SARS-CoV-2 virus was weaponized by the “tariffied” Chinese from SARS-CoV-1 for military defense purposes?

    If we look that the W.H.O. COVID statistics, especially India, China, and USA, Americans have the worst medical system on the planet with over one million COVID-related deaths: by far, the most in any country. Nevertheless, the corrupt FDA can still claim to be under their traditional limit of an 1% overall death rate for approved drugs. I am not happy about a million deaths, including my unvaccinated 9-year-old spaniel this year, or losing muscle function & flexibility from the Moderna injection (greatly improved by applying true anointing oil – not the Greek mistranslation oil); but I am glad that I didn’t die from the SARS-CoV-2 virus or from Remdesivir trimethylsylil cyanide poisoning on a ventilator!

    It is true, Jesus had to shed a few spikes, too!!!

  119. Norman Byler

    MY wife took all 3 shots, I didn’t take any Dec 2021 right after that I knew something is wrong with me but I kept says I’m just imagining things till Jan 2022 month later I got deathly sick I have been on antibiotics twice since Jun 2022 I just kept coughing 24 hrs a day, they tested me for Covid negative, then I read the Johns Hopkins Study on Spike Protein then I knew what is was. I’m still coughing not as much, then she took the flu shot that didn’t effect me, I tried to explained to her why I’m sick to no avail she is in the prosses of get the Booster now, because she volunteers at he hospital they want her to have them. so I just give up! All members at my church took the vaccines, my daughter 43 yrs old works at the hospital she was told she had to take them or lose her job $100k yr so she took 3 shots now she has Myocarditis, my concern is she will never see her 50th Birthday, it is just sad. No one wants to talk about it, people believe what they want to believe the, Truth be Damd!

    • Greg Hunter

      So sorry my Brother. Stay strong your family will be needing you.
      You and everyone you love need regular treatments of Ivermectin.

  120. JaunV.

    ELECTION ALERT! 250,000 UNVERIFIED New Pennsylvania Voters Were Sent Ballots Days Before Midterms / by Jamie White October 26th 2022
    Data comes from PA’s own State Department. Per PA law, unverified ballots must be set aside until voter tied to ballot produces valid ID.

    5 things to know for Oct. 27: Weapons test, Trump, Iran, Lake Mead, Self-driving cars / Alexandra Meeks, CNN Thu October 27, 2022
    Russia and China are ahead of US in hypersonic missile technology. Here’s why:

    U.S. successfully conducts test launch of hypersonic missile
    Gen. Blaine Holt |Wake Up America 3 hours ago by Newsmax

    Is Putin going to wait for the west to catch up to Russia, in hypersonic tech?
    No! This is a dangerous situation for world peace and prosperity! Were already losing prosperity in Europe and the US. is only a few weeks behind, with the drawdown of our oil reserves and Diesel fuel for our truckers will run out in 25 day’s! Time is running out! PRAY FOR PEACE SHEEPLE!

    “The King of the North” in the Time of the End
    “In the time of the end the king of the south will engage with him [the king of the north] in a pushing.”​—DAN. 11:40.
    Seek God for Your Deliverance
    WHAT does the near future hold for the people? We do not have to guess. Bible prophecy gives us a window through which we can see major events that will affect all of us. One prophecy in particular allows us to see what some of the most powerful governments on earth will do. That account, recorded in Daniel chapter 11, traces the history of two opposing forces, the king of the north and the king of the south. A large portion of that prophecy has already been fulfilled, so we can be confident that the rest of it will also come true.
    To understand the prophecy recorded in Daniel chapter 11, we need to keep in mind that it identifies only rulers and governments that have had a direct influence on God’s people. And even though God’s servants make up only a small portion of the world’s population, they are often at the center of major world events. Why? Because Satan and his entire system have one prime objective​—conquering those who try to be obedient to they’re God . (Read Genesis 3:15 and Revelation 11:7; 12:17.) In addition, the prophecy recorded by Daniel must harmonize with other prophecies in God’s Word. In fact, we can come to the right understanding of Daniel’s prophecy only if we compare it with other portions of the Scriptures.
    With those points in mind, examine Daniel 11:25-39. See who the king of the north and the king of the south were from 1870 to 1991, and we will see why it is reasonable for us to clarify our understanding of a portion of this prophecy. Lets discuss Daniel 11:40–12:1, and we will clarify our understanding of what that part of the prophecy reveals about the period from the 1990’s to the war of Armageddon.
    The titles “king of the north” and “king of the south” were initially given to political powers located north and south of the literal land of Israel. Why do we say that? Notice what the angel who delivered the message to Daniel said: “I have come to make you understand what will befall your people in the final part of the days.” (Dan. 10:14) Until Pentecost 33 C.E., the literal nation of Israel was God’s people. From then on, however, the Hebrew God made it obvious that he viewed Jesus’ faithful disciples as his people. Therefore, much of the prophecy recorded in Daniel chapter 11 involves, not the literal nation of Israel, but Christ’s followers. (Acts 2:1-4; Rom. 9:6-8; Gal. 6:15, 16) And the identity of the king of the north and the king of the south changed over time. Even so, several factors remained constant. First, the kings interacted with God’s people in a significant way. Second, they showed by their treatment of God’s people that they hated the true God. And third, the two kings engaged in a power struggle with each other.
    At some time during the second century C.E., the true Christian congregation began to be overrun by false Christians, who had adopted pagan teachings and who were hiding the truths found in God’s Word. The weeds of false Christianity flourished and hid the identity of true Christians. (Matt. 13:36-43) Why is that fact significant? It indicates that what we read about the king of the north and the king of the south could not apply to rulers or kingdoms that held power from sometime in the 2nd century to the second half of the 19th century. There was no real organized group of God’s people for them to attack. However, we can expect that the king of the north and the king of the south would reappear in the late 19th century. Why is that the case?
    Were there any world powers on the scene that would have a significant impact on God’s servants? Consider the following facts.
    By 1870, Britain had become the largest empire on earth, and it had the most powerful military force. That empire was pictured as a small horn that vanquished three other horns​—France, Spain, and the Netherlands. (Dan. 7:7, 8) And it filled the role of the king of the south well into World War I. During this same time, the United States of America had become the dominant economic power and was forming a close partnership with Britain.
    During World War I, the United States and Britain were welded into a powerful military alliance. At that time, Britain and its former colony became the Anglo-American World Power. As Daniel foretold, this king had amassed “an exceedingly large and mighty army.” (Dan. 11:25) Throughout the last days, the Anglo-American alliance has been the king of the south.c Who, though, has filled the role of the king of the north?

  121. MCasey

    I miss Jerry. Does anyone know why we haven’t heard from him lately. I know he shared some health and personal issues….anyway none of my business, but I’m missing him. Concerning Covid, Jerry was the first to mention fluorescence, DNA changes, graphene, etc in his comments and he always seemed to be ahead of things. Anyway, I wish him the best whichever path he is on.

  122. dlc

    Asked for a prescription for ivermectin from my doctor. To my surprise, he gave me a scripp for 120 tablets (12 mg). My next surprise was not being able to have my prescription honored. The pharmacies don’t refuse filling; they just say its unavailable and impossible to be obtained. I would have an easier time getting fentanyl.

    I called Dr. Eads who gave me a half hour of her time. She gave me the name of Dave Mahoney to obtain ivermectin through Mexico. I looked for his discussion pertaining to ivermectin and tried the link he gave. It came up “error 404.”

    Dr. Eads did mention chlorine dioxide and a patch called X39, the X39 being for stem cell stimulation. I felt a lot better after talking to Dr. Eads but I’m still trying to obtain ivermectin. No, I don’t want the paste and have a legitimate prescription.

    Wish these pharmacies and hospitals were as cautious with drugs like Remdesivir.

    I then E-mailed Frontline doctors to hopefully get some help in obtaining these pills. I spent 2 days so far just trying to get a doctor-approved drug that no one wants to deal with or discuss with me.

    • The Seer

      Iver is available at your local
      Compounding lab. They also make
      The Iver using crystalline compound that
      Is much healthier. Iver is readily available.
      The price has risen to $3 a pill.
      Take 3x a week as half life is short.
      Remember to take NAC twice a day, too.
      Then there is Zeolite sublingual 4 sprays 1X daily and also chlorella 10 pills per day to remove the nano metallics. So much to share yet.

  123. Meera G.

    This was an interesting interview. It is quite likely that many “everyday” people – worldwide – would not comprehend the information shared. Her content should be evaluated thoroughly. She has done needed work and she should take care to not snipe at others “in the movement” and others who are gaining an interest in her work.

    Karen should return to not opining; she is beginning to came across a judgemental. Many people are against animal testing and, many humans are extremely willing to be human guinea pigs.
    Poormina Waugh …. we hope KK is the real deal.

    • Dave NY

      Yea, Consider that the Fake Credentials Wagh is in the same boat as Kingston. Add “Dr” false credentials Young and Kaufman to the boat and you sink to the bottom. IMO.

  124. Mike

    Hi Greg! I am a huge fan! Now regarding…I believe Dr. Michael Yeadon was one of the scientists on the team of bringing that info to light. Dr. Jane Ruby knows more about this if I am not mistaken. I want to say that that scientists Sasha something or other was also part of that group that brought the info to light. The same Sasha that Dr. Jane Ruby interviews on the Stew Peters Network. Don’t quote me on this stuff but maybe you could reach out to Dr. Jane Ruby to verify?

    • Dave NY

      Why focus on all of these inferior, lesser commentators ?? Get off the hypster (Stew & Ruby etc) train. Fully ready to “print most anything”.

  125. Jaun

    In the187o’s, the king of the north appeared to be Otto von Bismarck’s German Empire. Prussian King Wilhelm I became its first emperor, and he appointed Bismarck as the first chancellor. Over the next few decades, Germany became a colonial power, controlling countries in Africa and the Pacific Ocean, and began challenging the power of Britain. (Read Daniel 11:25.) The German Empire built a powerful army and the second-largest navy in the world. Germany unleashed them against its enemies in the first world war.
    Daniel then points forward to what would happen to the German Empire and the military force that it had built. The prophecy states that the king of the north “will not stand.” Why not? “Because they will plot schemes against him. And those eating his delicacies will bring his downfall.” (Dan. 11:25, 26) Back in Daniel’s day, those eating “the king’s delicacies” included royal officials in “the king’s service.” (Dan. 1:5) To whom does the prophecy here refer? It refers to high-ranking officials of the German Empire​—including the emperor’s generals and military advisers—​who eventually helped bring down the monarchy. The prophecy not only foretold the fall of the empire but also mentioned the outcome of the war with the king of the south. Speaking of the king of the north, it states: “As for his army, it will be swept away, and many will fall down slain.” (Dan. 11:26b) In the first world war, just as foretold, the German army was “swept away” and many did “fall down slain.” That war proved to be the deadliest in human history up until that time.
    Describing the time leading up to World War I, Daniel 11:27, 28 says that the king of the north and the king of the south would “sit at one table speaking lies.” It also says that the king of the north would accumulate “a great amount of goods.” Again, this is what happened. Germany and Britain told each other that they wanted peace, but those statements proved to be lies when the war broke out in 1914. And in the decades before 1914, Germany grew rich, becoming the second-largest economy in the world. Then, in fulfillment of Daniel 11:29 and the first part of verse 30, Germany fought with the king of the south but was defeated.
    From 1914 onward, the two kings have intensified their conflict with each other and with God’s people. For example, in the first world war, both the German government and the British government persecuted Christians [Like Sargent York US.] who refused to take up arms, yet relented in battle and saved his regiment almost singly handedly! Yet the U.S. government threw into prison some who refus3ed to fight.. This persecution fulfilled prophecy recorded at Revelation 11:7-10.
    Then, in the 1930’s and especially during the second world war, the king of the north attacked God’s people without mercy. When the Nazi party took control of Germany, Hitler and his followers banned the work of God’s people. The opposers killed hundreds of Christians and sent thousands more to concentration camps. Those events were foretold by Daniel. The king of the north was able to “profane the sanctuary” and “remove the constant feature” by severely restricting the freedom of God’s servants to praise him publicly. (Dan. 11:30b, 31a) Its leader, Hitler, even vowed that he would exterminate God’s people in Germany.
    After the second world war, the Communist government of the Soviet Union took control of the vast territories it had captured from Germany, and it became the king of the north. Like the totalitarian Nazi regime, the Soviet Union showed great hostility toward anyone who put the worship of the true God ahead of absolute obedience to the state.
    Soon after World War II ended, the new king of the north, the Soviet Union and its allies, launched his own assault on God’s people. In harmony with the prophecy recorded at Revelation 12:15-17, this king banned Christian preaching work and sent thousands of Christians into exile. In fact, throughout the last days, the king of the north has poured out “a river” of persecution in an unsuccessful attempt to stop the work of God’s people.
    Read Daniel 11:37-39. In fulfillment of that prophecy, the king of the north did not show any “regard for the God of his fathers.” How so? The Soviet Union, with the goal of eliminating religion, tried to break the power of the traditional religious organizations. To achieve that goal, the Soviet government had already back in 1918 issued an order that laid the foundation for atheism to be taught in schools. How did this king of the north “give glory to the god of fortresses”? The Soviet Union spent an enormous amount of money building its army and producing thousands of nuclear weapons to fortify its realm. Both the king of the north and the king of the south eventually gathered enough firepower to kill billions of people!
    The king of the north has supported the king of the south in one key endeavor; they “put in place the disgusting thing that causes desolation.” (Dan. 11:31) That “disgusting thing” is the United Nations!
    The United Nations organization is described as a “disgusting thing” because it claims to be able to do something that only God’s Kingdom can do​—bring world peace. And the prophecy says that the disgusting thing “causes desolation” because the United Nations will play a key role in the destruction of all false religion.​— “Rival Kings in the Time of the End.”

    We need to know this history because it proves that from the 1870’s to the early 1990’s, Daniel’s prophecy about the king of the north and the king of the south has been fulfilled. So we can have faith that the remaining portion of the prophecy will also come true.
    In 1991, the Soviet Union collapsed. So who fills the role of the king of the north today? Good question’ I’ll have to put on my aluminum thinking cap for this one and of course follow and all the great comments!
    Just remember, Bible prophecy is always better understood in hindsight. Yup, it was there and we didn’t see it.

  126. Don Wohlers

    Thank you Greg for this interview. I have also been in touch with others along this line as well as well read about things like this. This is told in the Bible that we will have about 1/5 of the population taken in the last days. With almost ALL of the things told about in His word, happening, I have not allowed my wife nor I to take the 2nd booster nor the one this place gave last week. I am done. I am 88 and my wife that is in memory care is almost 83. I will have NOT and will NOT take any more even if this place of over 400 residents, require us, I will NOT. I lost my one son to the second shot and 5 days later, he had a blood clot that took his life. So again, Blessing to you and your host.

  127. Rich Roz

    Great interview Greg. I had Covid and months later Feb 2022 when everyone came back to work i started getting headaches daily and this went on for 2 months. I noticed the headaches subsided on the weekends but cam right back . I started a protocol of NAC N-Acetyl Cysteine. Within 3 days my headaches were gone . Also Tumeric with bioperine protects against inflammation and high frequencies.
    BTW your cranium resonates at 900 Mhz, 5G is giving you a bang for the buck.

  128. Bob Manley

    Greg I am still not clear on the risk of “shedding” to the unvaxed. Will the nano/spike structures that are shed and absorbed by an unvaxed person multiply until they eventually takes over your body pretty much as if you had been vaxed? Will Ivermectin treatments prevent this? Just how seriously should we consider taking steps to avoid the vaxed?
    Thank you for what you do.

    • Michael

      Greg asked in this Kingston interview several times about it and the only thing Karen said is that isolation at this point wont do anything.

      Greg can you get Dr Kory back to specifically ask him about this shedding issue and how unvaxxed people can protect themselves?

      Most unvaxxed people live with vaxxed, which makes this the seminal question that isnt really being answered. The bottom line is – does the shedding issue mean we take ivermectin for the rest of our lives?

  129. Linda Walling

    So was the original covid pandemic caused by chemtrails sprayed on us? If not, how did the encapsulated mRNA get into people’s bodies and make them sick?

  130. Patrick G. McHenry

    It’s both interesting and important, I think, to take note of the evolution of people like Karen Kingston. I think I saw her on USA Watchdog when she first started coming out with her findings, and I remember her caution. I’m paraphrasing here (all quotes will be paraphrases) ‘I want to be careful not to go beyond the data I have.’ She would not answer direct questions with anything that could be considered an undocumented opinion.

    I’m still listening to this one, but it was her first answer that got me thinking about this. Greg asked, ‘What do you think of the CDC approving these shots for children?’ and she answered something like, ‘It’s a form of Satanic child sacrifice.’

    Now anyone encountering her for the first time here today might immediately write her off as some kind of crackpot for that – but that’s not where I’m going. For Karen Kingston to be talking like this… that means something really important.

    I’ve seen it over and over again – with Peter McCullough, with Robert Malone, with Michael Yeadon… In the early days, the strongest thing Yeadon said was, ‘I can’t think of a benign explanation for this.’ All of them started very cautiously, hoping to maintain respect and credibility by staying firmly based on hard data – and all of them have slowly, but surely transitioned to ‘radical’ conclusions that I believe STILL are based on hard data. This is just where the data inevitably leads anyone willing to actually follow it.

    The evolution of all these brilliant, highly qualified and credible people is, in itself, strong evidence that the conspiracy so many of us sense is behind all this (some conspiracy – I don’t know if we’ll ever be certain of all the details) is real.

  131. Bob

    There is a woman on YouTube, named Celestial, who has shared many “thus saith the Lord” prophecies and dreams she has been given. I used to think zombies were just the invention of Hollywood, but after watching this playlist, I’m now convinced of what she has said…. that 5g will, in the future, transmit a frequency that will turn the vax_xed into zombies. I know it sounds funny and weird, but watch her videos and you’ll likely be on board too. The Lord is allowing this, and other terrible things that are coming, as part of the punishment for the sins of the people living in the United States. We must all repent post haste!

  132. John St. James

    Ms Kingston implores Christians wage spiritual warfare against the satanic globalists who developed, promoted and distributed the toxic vax & 5G.

    However, Christians need to go about this in the correct way or else they themselves can become the target of demonic retribution.

    Fortunately, Fr. Ripperger gives instruction as to who, when and how one has authority to say binding-prayers against demons. In this case, it would be best that Christians supplicate, which is to say to beseech Jesus Christ & Mary to bind the satanic globalists; rather than speaking from their own baptismal authority (which instead is appropriate to relations where they have Natural-law & God given authority, e.g., parent/child and spouse/spouse relations).

  133. Linda

    Well, I have read many of the comments & listened to the interview. I will look into it further, but I wish Ms. Kingston could slow down a little. She was so overwrought that she was difficulty to understand. Ms. Kingston was preaching to the choir, but she’ll never win over the “marginal mind” in this way. I cannot share this one with my usual suspects. They will never get past the first 5 minutes.

  134. Phil Western Australia

    Wow! Great interview Greg. Brave lady! How was she attacked Greg, what with ?
    Phil, Australia

  135. Tim bitterman

    Thank God for Karen Kingston. Knowledge is power.
    Thank you Karen for finally convincing Greg there is no virus! It was truly insufferable to hear him ignore all of us telling him that! Every time he said covid 19 it made my blood boil.
    Better late than never!
    Benjamin Fulford at revealed the true definition of “covid 19” in early 2020…C-certificate…O-of…V-vaccination..ID 19 or AI (the first and ninth letters of the alphabet)
    We are dealing with a so called Chabad Death Cult (Impostors claiming they are Jewish…but they’re not! that want to murder 90% of humanity and enslave the remaining 10%. In their sick demonic minds they want to prepare mankind for the return of Satan).

    • Dave NY

      Gr8. Ben Fulfird…with decades of wild claims and secret (dis) info. Wake up. Just another??? Rabbot hole dead end, IMO.

  136. Neuron

    If I was Ms. Kingston, then I would “consider” use I am no longer an affiliate with it, but I am a user.

  137. Steve

    The gates of Hell shall not prevail. If you are a follower of Christ, fear not. Even if you took the vax.

  138. Steve

    So if there is no virus, where’d the original COVID-19 come from pre vax?

  139. Irena

    I was thinking the same thing. Cytokine storms have been proven way before the jab came. We’ve got a spread from about October 18 2019 to December 14, 2020 of viral contamination without vaccination.

    “The 2019 Military World Games, officially known as the 7th CISM Military World Games, and commonly known as Wuhan 2019, was held from October 18–27, 2019 in Wuhan, Hubei, China.”

    “The Food and Drug Administration first granted emergency use authorization to the Pfizer–BioNTech vaccine on December 10, 2020, and mass vaccinations began four days later.”

  140. Sunface Jack

    My advice to Karen Kingston would be to get off LinkedIn. Its a Microsoft portal and a Gates product.
    Its a Professional “facebook” in fact and tracks your every move. It is often used to discredit people who have changed views after discovering truth.
    Gates is evil.

  141. Michael Bellinger


    Here are some guests you should have on your show.
    Jim Rogers Billionaire, former partner of George Soros
    Harry Dent Billionaire who warned to invest only with a firm or broker that does NO banking, to avoid bail-ins and stolen ‘segregated’ accounts.
    Leuren Moret Listen to this amazing interview with her, it will boggle your mind. You will hear things never said anywhere else before.. UC Davis, Katehi, Illuminati
    Brother Nathaneal Kapner
    Dr Carrie Madej

  142. James Nichols

    Just wondering if y’all ain’t just suffering the effects of long covid….

  143. Jack Black

    Get ivermectin at

  144. Cherokee Rose

    Quantum dot technology can take the signal from wifi/bluetooth or any other EM spectrum and act as an antenna/transmitter, allowing ambient EM radiation to fluoresce into different wavelengths, and be used to either cause an electrical signal to propagate in the human body, or even be transmitted out of the body for various purposes such as location detection/communication, possibly with the goal to create a “hivemind”, which has been a goal of the CIA and other think tanks since at least the 70’s. A “singularity” of all human minds connected is something they have been striving to achieve for decades, and this may be their “final solution”. Anyone who has received a mRNA “vaccine” essentially has a built in radio transmitter and receiver, or rather thousands of tiny ones embedded in their body indefinitely via these quantum dots, with no way to remove them. Since the human body operates off of electricity, especially nerve impulses, this can be used to effect humans who have been injected and allow them to effect each other.

    I cannot verify all of the claims Karen Kingston makes, nor do I agree with some of her conclusions, but I do know that the vast majority of her data is accurate.

  145. Anti-Atomist

    Karen Kingston – People Now Connected to the Demonic Realm Through COVID-19 Injections, Nanotech

    Yikes! What killed so many people with high blood sugar and so many emergency room doctors at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 before the experimental “vaccines” were released if we lie about the existence of the invisible aerosol COVID-19 virus/bioweapon from the beginning? The infected patients died from both COVID-19 and cyanide-laced Remdesivir, but the “unvaccinated” E.R. doctors could have only died like flies from the airborne infectious disease, COVID-19. Why focus on fancy nano-particles in the deadly “vaccine” and not the solution?

    In my personal experience from wearing an N-95 face mask on airplanes during the SARS-CoV-1 pandemic and surviving this pandemic, the N-95 masks are the only effective prevention against inhaling the real and highly-infectious SARS-CoV-1 and SARS-CoV-2 viruses in public place. This man-made pandemic isn’t over yet – don’t listen to Dr. “Jaws” Fauci.

    “Smart hydrogels” and “Qdots operating in the quantum field” look and sound like forward-looking marketing materials from untested nanotechnologies. Sorry, regurgitating an unproven press release is not the same as educating your audience about science. The magic of scientism apparently combines social media fortune telling, a background in snake oil sales, and quantum fairy tales: Like telling a patient, “You will die without medical intervention.” [Cut, burn, poison now, and Satanically reprogram your DNA with quantum theory later!] You should never curse a patient! There is no good evidence of long-term effects from these new, toxic, experimental jabs – except a million dead Americans. Miracles do happen, and to deny them is to deny the power of God and Jesus.

    Is it a sin to heal the sick? Per James 5:14, the church elders are responsible for administering Biblical heath care to the sick. True cannabis anointing oil still fights cancer five ways since it was identified as the Tree of Life in the Garden of Eden. Twin snake-wielding, atomist “doctors” [who want technocratic control of humans] aren’t fortune-tellers, either; yet, not too many people questioned their deadly, illogical, mass murdering, Satanic, technocratic practices before COVID-19.

    Why doesn’t anyone in science study the Biblical medicine of Jesus and how it actually worked to heal the sick? What is it about myrrh, cinnamon, olive oil, and cannabis that symbolizes the holy spirit?

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