CV19 Vax Catastrophe is Murder – Dr. Pierre Kory

By Greg Hunter’s 

World renowned CV19 critical care and pulmonary expert Dr. Pierre Kory is now running a full-time CV19 vaccine injury practice.   With more than 675 million CV19 bioweapon/vax injections in America alone, he has a lifetime of work ahead of him.  Kory says, “We live in a country where there is a humanitarian crisis unfolding, and it’s being kept a secret. . . . Most of society is just humming along thinking vaccines are ‘safe and effective,’ and they don’t understand that these vaccines were a humanitarian catastrophe.  It really affected the health and the survival of us as a country. In a two-year period, the average life expectancy of Americans went from 79 years old to 76 years old.  Who has to die to produce that kind of reduction?  It’s not 80-year-olds who are dying.  It’s young people dying that drives such a change in our average life expectancy.”

Dr. Kory says this is no small medical mistake that produces this sort of “unfolding humanitarian catastrophe.”  Dr. Kory is out with a new book called “The War on Ivermectin.”   Dr. Kory contends it was not only a war on Ivermectin but a war on doctors who wanted to use it.  Dr. Kory says, “They have the tools to punish you locally, regionally and, in my case, on the national level.  It really was a war on good doctors.”

Ivermectin was one of the drugs Dr. Kory and others were promoting and using for early treatment of Covid, but the doctors who used it were punished and shouted down by Big Pharma and the bought-and-paid-for medical community.  Dr. Kory says, “We had the data by mid-2020 to late 2020.  There was enough data to tell you to use Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin in combination.  Had that been the national protocol, the hospitals would have emptied, and the market for Remdesivir would have disappeared.  You get what I am saying?  There would have been no global CV19 vaccine campaign.  There would have been massive ‘vaccine hesitancy.’  Who is going to line up for a shot when you know this is a small illness you can treat with a couple of safe drugs?”

According to Dr. Kory, Big Pharma and the medical community are still restricting the use of things like Ivermectin, and they are still punishing good doctors trying to help their patients.  The “war” is ongoing.

Kory says this is not just a humanitarian catastrophe but crimes against humanity.  Kory explains, “You can see it in the depraved actions of the regulatory agencies and the way they ignored the deaths, side effects and adverse events in the VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) data base.  You can see it in the way they promoted vaccine data that is completely fraudulent and faulty.  Yes, these are crimes.  These are crimes.  To tell lies that result in the death of someone, because of your lies and being in position of authority and you killed someone as a result of those lies, that sounds like a crime to me.  It sounds like some sort of homicide . . . or manslaughter or murder.  I am not a lawyer, but there are people who propagated lies that lead to the deaths of others.”

There is much more with Dr. Kory in the 51-minute interview.

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Dr. Pierre Kory, one of the top pulmonary and Covid Critical Care experts on the planet, who is co-founder of the Front Line Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance ( and author of the new book “The War on Ivermectin” for 5.30.23.

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After the Interview:

If you want to order Dr. Kory’s book “The War on Ivermectin,” click here.

To contact Dr. Pierre Kory, you can reach his CV19 vax injury practice at

All the information is free on the Front Line Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance website


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  1. C

    Congressional Racketeering / Corp Racketeering / Fed Agency Racketeering / Supreme Court Racketeering

    “Give a man a gun and he can rob a bank. Give a man a bank and he can rob the world.” Me

    • Anthony Australia

      Love you USAW!
      This has to be exposed, I am disgusted what they have done to your legacy Lord Jesus Christ.

      It All Makes Sense Now: Documentary Brings the Puzzle Together! The Jesuit Order, the Vatican, the Titanic, the Rockefeller Banking System & More.

      • Better Chetter

        I sorta get what you mean (as to betrayal of JC), but as Jesus died (& resurrected), it showed that His Kingdom was not of this world. Thus, we all will have crosses to carry, in the lives we lead, as any dark (or light) arises in us, as we cope with whatever is to come.

        In the Vedic philosophy, they talk of longer cycles of evolution, where all this comes and goes, like the breath moves, between bodies, as we exhale and inhale and it goes on and on. Let our spirits be pure & may what we give to each other be holy ~

        • Rick

          See how the Satanic Globalists target our Good Human Leaders and “take them out” – we must target the Satanic Globalist Leaders in the same way – and because there are more of us then them – “WE” Will Win This Battle – and Good will triumph over Evil!!
          And don’t be brainwashed into attacking the Power Grid as the Globalists want – – if humans simply focus on bringing to justice “the Globalist Command and Control Leadership” (of which there only about 300 in the world) we can easily win this battle!!

        • Joe

          Thank you Anthony!

        • Anne

          Thanks for posting this link Anthony. I still suspect that Dr. Buttar was murdered somehow. He did an interview with Sayer Ji back in March of this year. Dr. Buttar appeared to me to have bounced back from whatever he was hit with last year. He had lost some weight but appeared to me to be in good health when the Sayer Ji video was filmed in March of 2023. What a terrible loss to the healing community. Heading on over to watch your video link.

    • Linda

      I love that quote by you. That’s funny too.

    • Tove Irene Strand

      It has been exposed that the health system is not a health system but a medical system literally owned and operated by the pharmaceutical industry.
      What Ed Dowd, a former Wall Street analyst and BlackRock portfolio manager, shows, is that the workplace became a deadly environment in 2022 (due to the vaccine rollout).
      Dr. Pierre Kory has never seen a product that lethal (so he would agree with the statement of Dr. Michael Yeadon who worked for Pfizer that the vaccines’ lethality fits into genocide since the vaccines actually are bioweapons).

  2. Mike

    The criminals have already got away with it as everyone has moved on, just like 9/11.

    I just don’t know how we can win this war. I’m very tired.

    • Anthony Australia

      Know thy enemy Mike a small step towards salvation.

  3. Bill

    How does one find a real doctor instead of those who don’t care about their patients?

    • Da Yooper

      Yep I am in the same boat.

      I do not trust my big pharma pimp

    • CJ

      You might try finding a direct primary care physician. They are not part of one of the big hospital chains. Mine does not take insurance, but will give you the paperwork to file it yourself.

      • Pam

        Yes, that’s what I do. Mine is an hour from me, but it’s worth it. Have no insurance but Medicare A and pay pretty penny for care, but we’d much rather put our money there.

  4. The Seer
    Dr Martin before EU
    EDTA and glutathione help to remove graphene and heavy metals. Can also bathe in bentonite clay, epsom salt, baking soda and sea salt every 2 weeks. Take extra minerals.

    • Poochiwoo

      Great links Seer. Dr. Martin came on the scene at the beginning of the plandemic with amazing patent information. It is when I realized we have an imposter government doing all it can to destroy and exploit Americans. I suspect they can’t wait to start war and start rounding up people, legally. I caution those who believe they’ll be rounding up politicians, banksters, and big pharma CEOs. That is very unlikely.

    • Richard Longacre

      I have been using the EDTA therapy cream for 3 weeks now to DETOX from the heavy metals and really notice the difference. Even my Tinnitus has got better but not yet gone.

      I was having about 80% of the “Long COVID” symptoms (From Dr. Kory’s web site) and I am not VAXXED. I used Chlorine Dioxide/Miracle Mineral Solution for two weeks straight, 3 drops of A&B three times a day. Here are my symptoms that are completely gone now:
      1) Shortness of Breath
      2) Brain Fog
      3) Tiredness
      4) Inability to focus
      5) Altered Cognition
      6) Vertigo
      7) Fatigue
      8) Weakness
      9) Post-exertional malaise
      10) Palpitations and Arrhythmia
      11) Tachycardia on exertion
      12) Tinnitus got a little better with CD/MMS but getting much better with the EDTA cream

      I use Ivermectin once a month or when I am near VAXXED people or start feeling bad.
      I still take single doses of CD/MMS a couple of time a week. Worth a shot to get some. It is completely safe at these lower doses.

      An MD like Dr. Kory won’t ever recommend CD/MMS (any more than he will recommend “horse paste”) because it has been demonized as bleach and dangerous by the AMA, the FDA, the MSM, and the government. Did I mention that it cures Malaria and has helped children with vaccine induced autism?

      Add some CD/MMS to your stash. Even if you don’t use it like I did it is great for purifying water and cleaning/sterilizing surfaces.

      We all have this DNA altering biohybrid nanobot technology inside our blood stream even if you are not VAXXED. It has been aerosolized and sprayed on us, our food, our water, our air, and ground. Now these DNA altering Satanically inspired injections are being injected into our animals used for food. Everybody needs to DETOX. VAXXED or NOT.

  5. Mike

    Another very excellent interview. Thank you Greg. They are trying to kill us and are succeeding. It is past time for a military coup, but, since the military leaders are bought and paid for , it does not look promising. Every mind dead person supports Ukraine, and doesn’t know that Putin is against this transgender, globalist satanic society like ukraine. Very sad . Only God can stop this. Thank you Greg for all you do.

    • Susan

      Functional medicine doctors or naturopathic doctors. Expect to pay out of pocket though.

    • Rick

      But Russia may be incentivized to send out sniper squads to take out those in Globalist Command and Control positions of power (who are trying to kill them) and in doing do help humanity to get these neocon eugenicist queer loving monkeys off our back –

  6. Jason

    big pharma has been covering up cancer cures and drs that have utilised effective cancer cures, for decades. I find it hard to understand how dr kory could have been so blind for so long.

    • Better Chetter

      Dr Kory’s “blindness” as you call it, was his waking moment, from seeing what his colleagues were doing & he stopped it and spoke out. I sense that he honestly thought that traditional medicine was what was necessary, and he acted from his highest values & principles, until faced with the sheer stupidity of the last few years.

  7. C

    “First we overlook evil, Then we permit evil. Then we legalize evil. Then we promote evil. Then we celebrate evil. Then we persecute those who still call it evil.” Fr. Dwight Longenecker

    “The individual is handicapped because they cannot imagine that something ultimately evil is among them” J Edgar Hoover

    Try Not to Laugh: A Covid Outbreak Happened at a CDC Conference With 99.4% of Attendees ‘Vaccinated’
    4/27/23 FDA… Vaccines Don’t Have To Prevent Infection Or Transmission.

    WHATS IN YOUR SHOT ? myocarditis, pericarditis, pleural effusion, pulmonary embolism, blood clots, septic shock, PRION disease, S A D S, cancer, and infertility STERILITY, LOWER BIRTH RATE

  8. Sherrie

    RFK jr is pushing the BS of climate change/global warming. He makes sense when it comes to the vax however he is still promotes control via the climate which makes him NOT a ‘good statesman’ nor a trustworthy one.

    • Mark

      Sadly I have to agree with this. He very much believes in the man made CO2 climate BS. I don’t believe he is a bad actor, rather I think he has actually bought the lie. Either way, not good as the cabal is for sure going to play the fake climate catastrophe as the excuse to implement the one world government.

      • martin

        for me… He’s a POLITICIAN….. and for me… they ALL should be hung, drawn and quartered!! START AGAIN!

      • Rick

        The release of dirty coal emissions from China (who is building coal fired electrical power plants at the rate of 1 per week) is the only thing cooling the planet against the Globalists wishes (as the sulfur released puts a reflective shield around the Earth that reflects sunlight) – the globalists have ordered US and European coal fired plants to scrub out the sulfur, etc. “and simply release water vapor” – water vapor creates a greenhouse effect – – thus the Globalists are in reality trying to CREATING GLOBAL WARNING (probably so they can introduce a so called “Carbon Tax” on the world population to fund their Globalist World Order!!

  9. Don W.

    Yep, but how do we go about suing the government for the death of my oldest son? He was 63 and took his second boooooster and died from worms in the blood, as many other did. Brilliant young man that did all the design and work on building the GE PET scanner used in hospitals for a number of years. Some may still have them. Also many other things, but now he has suffered the death by the murders of the world.
    Blessings to you Greg and your guest.

    • Better Chetter

      So sorry for your loss.
      My bro-in-law chastised me in 2020, as being a vax conspiracy nut . . . and now he has a heart condition, as does my son. I can only hope that their immune systems are strong enough to be among the few who do not succumb to this, but are the exceptions.

      I can only understand this, as being what happens when folks live by their heads, egos, logical, linear thinking – and not by their hearts, feelings, sensations, awareness. My son doesn’t do church, and bro-in-law only goes thru the motions at a Catholic church. We are all souls, moving thru this lifetime, doing as much good as we know how, in whatever degree that we can.

      • Don W.

        When you mention that doing as much good as we know how, I fully agree and that is some of the good news today as so many things are happening today that the Bible tells us about that will happen in the end times, that I feel very certain that we are approaching the end times very fast and even at my age, I feel I will see at least the start of it. We see so much of Matt: 24 happening today as well as Rev. 6 and 7 happening all over the world, that we really need to be ready and try to get all of our family members to be on the same page. We will have to go through a lot before He comes for us with His Angeles, but if not us, our children will be around for that except those that have and will pass away before hand with the effects of the shots they have taken.
        Blessings to you, your son and bro-in-law.

    • Jerry

      Don, if you read this I am sadden to hear about your son. There are really no words to say! Such a tragedy!

  10. Valerie

    Thank you Greg and Dr. Kory! Fantastic interview with important information!
    Can’t wait to get the book!

  11. Don W.

    I believe you are saying that you think we are nearing the end times and that He is coming soon. So do I. That is the good news.

  12. Jay

    We live in a nation of people who can’t tell the difference between a man and a woman. Not likely they are going to be able to understand something as complex as a vaccine genocide plan.

    • Chris

      It is more than just one nation. This is virtually every nation in the EU, plus Canada, Australia, New Zealand. In other words, “the West”. They mandated jabs and now they’re covering up excess deaths (I would like to think they fear being lynched if the information became common knowledge, but I doubt that’s the case). And, no surprise, these same “leaders” don’t seem to know what a woman is. It’s a Western world mass psychosis that infests entire nations from top to bottom. Only those who are immunized against it (through spiritual, religious or ethical science) are able to see it for what it is (20-30%). The majority are either riddled with the disease (about 50-60%), bewildered, confused and going along under pressure (20-30%). It’s the end result of 150 years of liberalism as the guiding ethos of the West and it is the doctrine all parties hold to. They all (Western politicians) are wedded to liberalism, either of the right (free market globalists) or the left (progressives). Having destroyed traditions, cultures, families and communities they now want to destroy the people. And to do that they must first drive them insane and then watch as the people turn on each other – and not them. The West (including the US) is a dying old empire of social misfits, corrupt and amoral institutions lorded over by diabolical elites and and empty vessels banging on about “Western values” that no longer exist. 21st Century fascism is the end result.

  13. Chris

    I remember Trump saying he was taking hydroxychloroquine while Fauci was looking on in his presence.
    If it was good enough for a President why was it not given to the public?

  14. dlc

    What gets me is that I was able to ignore the whole covid drama by refusing all news and social media pushing this agenda, only to now have to take ivermectin and HCQ probably on a permanent basis because I have no way of knowing what I’m dealing with when I’m around the gullible chuckleheads who bought the BS.

    There is a couple I’ve known for 30 years, he with 2 bioweapons on board, her with 2 bioweapons, boosters and a flu shot. I was having coffee in their home when this was told to me. I have not been back since. Their entire family tree bought into this out of fear. My fear is of them. Right or wrong it is how I feel. I have my own autoimmune issues, doing just fine with same, and I’m not willing to roll the dice.

    The other thing that chews at me is how a nation, whole continent even, showed just how easily you can spook the herd. Sometimes I feel very much alone knowing that neighborhood, friends and family have fed themselves to these monsters. I guess fear and traumatization have been shown to be the key going forward.

    • Better Chetter

      Yes, it is a strange world we live in. Friends of mine all got the shot – blindly following traditional mainstream medicine . . . blindly hearing the news & not questioning it. My (other) in-laws had a sister studying massage & yoga, and yet the youngest sister, her husband, & two kids – all got vaxxed. Like they were never touched by what the elder sister knew . . . but it grew me into being an alternative healing student, and it is those health models that have gotten me thru to my 64th year.

      I can’t help but think that all these outer dilemmas are drawing us inward, to spend time in our isolation, to be still, and know the God within us. Either that, or we live in chaos, trying to fix all the things beyond our control, in the world around us.
      Peace be to you,

    • Paul from Indiana

      All you need to do is to get somebody or some institution nominally/supposedly trustworthy to state that the possibility of death is strong. From that point on, reason goes out the window. That’s exactly what happened with COVID. Best always. PM

  15. Mark

    I’ve been using the horse paste for almost a year now. It’s perfectly safe. I was exposed to the original bio-weapon back in early 2020 while overseas and suffered from the fatigue as described by Dr. Kory. I was already very health conscious, ate organic and used supplements, but it wasn’t until I added Ivermectin into the mix that I started to feel I was finally recovering. Highly recommended.

  16. dlc

    Be happy.

  17. Jane Hill

    Thank U Greg.
    We greatly respect Dr Kory,

  18. Michael McCammack

    Thanks Greg,
    Another great interview of another great guy!
    What I don’t understand is; my friend that I referred to too Dr. Kory, took the J&J jab with his wife at the same time. Consecutive doses. His nervous system went completely wacko, and she has, so far, had no complications.

  19. Mark

    Greg, you have a link on your page for which is recommended by Dr. Eads.

  20. Coal Burner

    Thanks Greg and DR Kory! You had a huge hand in saving my hide. One o f my Doctor Kids was totally fooled by these lying Institutions. (Not her because she retired just at the right time) but most all made big money on the Covid Plandemic. One of my kids also a Doc told us all not to take it too. When I showed resistance to my personal GP, she said “don’t take it” and that “she would not”. She told me very privately, I knew the multiple Doctor office was giving plenty of them and she was probably to fearful to outright stop me. I made that decision. Even knowing those things, many of my family trusting institutions took it anyway. I tried to prevent the grandkids from taking it and I think I was successful but cannot be completely certain. I still take Ivermectin on a monthly basis when no one else will.

    • Greg Hunter

      Happy to hear this CB!!

  21. Rodster

    You know something has gone awry when the US Postal Service is hiring/begging for workers and they NO longer require the applicant to take an exam. As others have said such as Ed Dowd, many businesses are still hiring on the spot because there are NOT enough workers and there are not enough workers because those of working age have either been injured or killed because of the CV19 vaccines.

    • Rick

      This is why the Globalists within our Government opened the US border – to bring in enough workers so the Fed can ease up on raising interest rates (designed to cut consumption and thus lower industry’s demand for new workers) – as the IMF said the other day: “Achieving a sustained disinflation will necessitate a loosening of labor market conditions that, so far, has not been evident in the data – so bringing inflation firmly back to target will require an extended period of tight monetary policy, with the federal funds rate remaining at 5¼–5½ percent until late in 2024” – if the Globalists didn’t open the borders after murdering and disabling a big portion of the US workforce with their clot shot bio-weapon – inflation (due to a lack of produced goods and necessities) would have been even higher then we have now (think hyper-inflation) which would have resulted in driving the gold price higher (against the globalists wishes – as their goal is to introduce a digital currency to enslave any people the Satanist haven’t killed off yet (and they don’t want any competition from God’s money)!!

  22. Mark

    Here is the link from the Dr. Eads interview.
    Dr. Betsy Eads Detox CV19 Bioweapon therapies:


  23. James Barrett

    My local compounding pharmacy would fill my scrip but would charge me $240 for 8 pills.

    • Greg Hunter

      1,87% ivermectin horse paste. Looks like this at Tractor Supply and other places:

      • Paul from Indiana

        Prominently displayed and sold at all 167 Orscheln Farm and Home Stores in the midwest. It’s in the animal/pet-care section. Best always. PM (now part of TSC subsidiary Bomgaars. There is massive consolidation underway in this market segment.)

    • Jeffrobbins

      I just bought three more tubes. Just under $9 each. I don’t have to deal with to many people and my immediate family are unvaxed, so the wife or myself take some once a month. – our big focus at the moment are food related security/ sources (the piping, fencing, other hardware/ materials, research). It’s really hard to think about/ guess were evil will attack next. And let’s be real- it’s evil through and through.
      Side note; Dr. Kory’s book will only be part of a record if there are real books- we need to keep our printed books. A set of encyclopedias may prove to be the best of things to leave as an inheritance.

      • Greg Hunter

        Dr. Kory says twice a week.

  24. Thomasthethomas

    OK, now that’s proven (according to you) why aren’t we clamoring for their arrest and indictments? I don’t see anyone calling for that.

    • Greg Hunter

      Maybe you should. There is lots of data on this and you sound uneducated on the subject by making this comment.

    • Trump Lied People Died



      Forget about accountability, Greg and his audience here at USAWD want to REWARD the man most responsible for the Plandemic and KillShot—Donald Trump!

      • Stewart

        Hellery, that you?

  25. Tracey Foede

    Dear Greg, Just wanted to let you know that Netflix is attempting to smear Catherine Austin Fitz. In the show Manifest, season 3, episodes 4 & 5, they referred to “Catherine Fitz” being NSA.

  26. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Dr Kory.

  27. Colin Maxwell

    An excellent interview Greg of a genuine hero.

    I wrote an essay (linked) on the subject of Ivermectin about 15 months ago on the incredible multifaceted powers of this drug, including its huge prophylactic and acute treatment potential in oncology. The article was of course nobbled by Big-tech and yet it still found its way around the world.

    The challenges of accessing IVM in NZ have been just as bad as in the US – an absolute travesty of justice.

    It is a tragedy that this drug along with a simple protocol of Vitamins C and D and Zinc supplementation could have solved the entire Covid challenge without a single death. This information was available very early in 2020 and yet it was largely covered up, just as it is to this day.

    • Wadsworth Binghamton Esq.

      Is this our Colin whom we haven’t heard from in a coons age? Welcome back mate. Enjoyed reading the Struth, you been holding back! Keep up the good work old son!

      • Colin Maxwell

        Thanks, WBE… I won’t mention my similar old non-deplume as once upon a time I was unceremoniously and permanently thrown off this site for warning about precisely what is coming to pass in the financial world right now.

        Criticism of the creature that crawled out of Jekyll Island wasn’t tolerated then. It is now – strange that!`

  28. Tag

    You can get ivermectin, not horse paste and HCQ if you look. Start on the FLCCC page. This BS that tht tell you differnet is just BS. And yes, Vet drugs are no different than the human ones. Got my supply of fish mox before it was removed,. Antibiotics are all antibiotics. Fish, cat, dog, horse or human. They just love to tell you there is a difference, There isn’t. Like the MSM is going to tell the truth? LOL!

  29. Justn Observer

    Greg, Nice report and many thanks to Dr. Kory and the other Dr.s that stood up to this criminality.

  30. Bill

    Greg the Hunter,

    Ivermectin is saving my life! I’ve been taking it almost daily for almost a year. I’m a late stage cancer patient. 18 months ago my oncologist gave me less than 5% chance of survival. I took information from Cliff High and the doctors you presented on your podcast.

    I’m thriving and surviving! I have documented everything from the hospital and my personal medical journals. PET scan June 24th. I expect to be cancer free! Stay tuned and I will report back! I’m doing this for humanity.

    God bless you Greg the Hunter! We will win over evil together!

    Captain Bill

    • Jeffrobbins

      It is so awesome to hear good news. Congratulations.

    • Emma

      What’s the dosage?

    • Emma

      What is the dosage that you took daily?

    • Tim

      Bill, I came across similar treatments online a few months back, which you may be familiar with. My cancer story by Joe Tippens. Even saw him explain in person on Youtube. Here is the website

      Joe used fenbendazole, which is the antiviral in the pet dewormers like Safe-guard. Great to hear your story and wish you the best. Tim

      Greg, any chance of getting Dr. Lee Merritt on? She is discussing Chlorine Dioxide much more now.

    • Richard Longacre

      Bill, Did you ever use Chlorine Dioxide during your cancer treatment? Many people have shown amazing results from CD/MMS as well as Ivermectin for cancer treatment. Just wondering.

    • Donna Wilson

      Bill, inspiring news! So glad for you. 😀 I’m a year from diagnosis of breast cancer (never jabbed). Could you please tell me the dose of Ivermectin you take? I haven’t been able to find this information anywhere. Dr. Eades advised Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine for cancer, but did not discuss dosages. I’d be super grateful for your opinion! I can get Ivermectin, but it’s expensive and I don’t want to waste it taking the wrong amount. Thank you so much, and congratulations on your own success!

  31. paul michael carlander

    Where are all these millions upon millions of people who are damaged and dead?

    • Rick

      The reason you can’t see them is they are buried six feet under – more than 3.35 million people died last year in the United States (FAR MORE than the Funeral Trade was easily able to handle) as over 70% of the “excess deaths” were attributable to COVID-19 –

    • Earth Angel

      Either creamated or buried. That’s a no brainer!

    • Wayne


      I do not know where these people are who died. Not one person of the hundreds that I know have died since receiving the vax except for my one aunt who died at age 87 due to kidney failure.

      • Greg Hunter


        I know several and many more sick.

        How many sick do you know?

        • Wayne

          Zero that I know of. And no one that I talk to has so far brought up anything up about people they know that are suddenly dying or coming down with illnesses. Sorry but I have not seen any evidence as of yet from my own personal experience that the vax is doing what some are claiming. What I stated above is the truth. I will however ask several dozens of people at my work specifically if they know of anyone suddenly dying or coming down with an illness. I will post my findings here later next week. May be some of them have. Or may be some areas of the country did not get the same “bioweapon” vaccine as in other areas.

  32. Bill

    FYI: I copy and paste your podcast all over Utube and it gives a google error 404 ( if I remember correctly ) if your link says bioweapon in it. All the other ones accept it. I’m not sure if they are deleted by the Utubers?

    God bless 🙏

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Bill,
      ‘Error code 404’
      You are not alone. Several times my posts to USAW have returned with this code – always when I have scribbled something controversial, tried to provide links to vaxx remedies, etc. It appears that TPTB can read my commentary as I write it! As the old joke goes, ‘Sorry to sound paranoid but they are trying to kill me!’ One way round this is to write your comment in a Word document, fill in name and e-mail sections and then paste your comment and click ‘submit’ as fast as you can. You will beat the human ‘observers’ but AI will most probably read, interpret and sensor your message in a nano second. Good luck.

  33. Roger Stamper

    tks dr kory greg

  34. Tommy

    It’s been going on forever…any product that already exists, is readily available and affordable will be pooh-poohed and made difficult to get if it’s found to be effective for a condition other than what it was intended for. The best defense is eating a healthy diet but that is quite difficult, especially for the majority of people who live in large metropolitan areas, because our foods are laced with ingredients that cause inflammation and obesity.

  35. D.T.

    Donald Trump saved millions of lives with “Fast & Furious” This man can’t
    be telling the truth. I like Donald Trump!

  36. Slvrwllwn

    It’s kind of ironic that the fake news network syndicate used horse worming medicine as an excuse for avoiding Ivermectin. Don’t they know that it’s common practice conducting trials using animals first in order to test most drugs before human consumption? This whole mess involving the vaccine and booster shots should be titled “Eye’s Wide Shut”.

  37. Steve Bice

    Jehovah’s witness doctrine. Follow at your peril. Jesus talked extensively of hell.

    “Hell, which does not exist, is a teaching that has driven more people away from Almighty Jehovah God than probably any other. — If you would like to receive all of the post on hell, please email me at rich5151:

    • Greg Hunter

      “Richard Gould” has been deleted off USAW and Spammed. I despise JW doctrine and the jack asses who post it. If you find this crap, PLEASE let me know.

  38. Neville

    If you are looking for a “good” doctor just go to the list of all those that have had their
    medical licenses revoked.aa
    Thanks Dr Kory for all the sterling work you have done to create what little trust there
    is left in the allopathic fraternity.As for the evil and satanic drug companies they have a date with destiny all of them will fry in hell. Sans dout!!

    Thank you Greg for your Watchdog approach to journalism.


  39. Linda

    Well, Greg et al, my compounding pharmacy will not fill a prescription for ivermectin anymore. They did in 2021 and we took it when we got COVID My husband died anyway, but I blame the hospital carelessness.

  40. Horse With NoName

    The Deep State Luciferian demon’s, have been working overtime.
    We have the swift system Currency Wars, the the Trade Wars with China. Now we’re in the midst of Bio/Tech Wars of migration replacement of the American sheeple and potentially headed towards a HOT War, directly with the Russian population, over the Russian population in Ukraine. The same reason were in Kosovo, but reversed with Albanians in Serbia. You can’t make this B. S. up! The only reason a civilian population war between Russia and a dis-United States world at war has been averted is obvious ….Mutually Assured Destruction. But with hypersonic weapons in the hands of the Russian leadership, how long can the dis-United States push the Russian population in Ukraine, indirectly pushing the Russians directly in Russia proper, before for the mutual destructing quota diminishes in the first strike capabilities the Russians have with they’re state of the art hypersonic weapons of mass destruction over a long in the tooth Anglo-American world super power in disarray? Like a chicken with it’s head cut off?

  41. Craig Michael

    Hi Greg,
    You did an excellent job interviewing an excellent guest.
    I read the other day about an Italian champion swimmer/personal trainer who committed suicide because of injuries from the vax.
    He took two doses of Pfizer and a booster from Moderna! Why didn’t his doctor stop this? I’m sorry to say this, but he should have known better by now. Another tragedy that did not have to happen.

  42. Horse of Course

    Fraudci and his Bill Gates, Soros ilk, are campaigning with a CIA psyop’s. That the Virus did not escape from a Lab. Is it any wonder that Fraudci is adopting that mantra… is after all his very creation.
    Chris Martenson had finally come around and supported what was contained in the Newsweek article…..Gain of Function embedded in the COVID-19 genome. This is only possible in a BSL3 or BSL4.
    Chris reflects on his disappointment and anger at our very own Virologists…..and how they were complicit…by avoiding the truth.
    Back in February of 2o2o, I posted a link to Dr Francis Boyle with his Bombshell and Smoking Gun thesis that the COVID-19 was a weaponized- genetically DNA modified- man-made Biological agent.
    Here is a follow up interview with the same professor.
    @ 14.45…….”they aren’t developing vaccines….they are developing weapons and should be shut down immediately”.
    The US Biowarfare Act contains remedies for violations and felonies.
    The issue around whether the Virus that has caused extreme chaos around the Globe with the sinister occurrence of the (De-population agenda, a Global Monetary re-set, increased surveillance, birth of Tyrannical One World Government, Digital Currency) is for each to decide on their own.
    One enlightening video has surfaced…featuring our very own Former PoTUS…Barak Hussy Obama, the Obomber.
    He is so eloquent with his humble demeanor and convincing manner …that on a December day in 2014 in Washington he delivered a speech ….about the need for more funding for Virus research. In that speech he refers to a time in the future being some “5 years ….or a decade from now” ….where we will be exposed to an air born virus…..and that we need to prepare for!!
    Watch it and determine for yourself if indeed these Deep Staters/ Satan Worshipers.. plan their agendas well ahead, in advance of time immemorial!.
    The facts are starting to pile up and all the pieces are fitting nicely into place. The dots are all connected now !!!

    DJT needs to level with the American people…..NOW !!
    Rally the American Public behind Trump with bumper stickers now.
    Vaccination is Assassination!!
    Most leave out the important fact that the Gate’s/Fauci developed “gain of function” bio-weapon (the CoV-19 Virus) … is “Racist” (as it predominantly kills Blacks and Mexicans) and Lack of D3…Racist, as is currently being done at abortion clinics “which is a Fascist racial cleansing program” (hidden under the guise of a woman’s right to choose to kill)!!
    Fascists believe that killing “is not murder” if it is done to those they consider inferior!! … God never place such an exemption in the Bible … he simply stated: “Thou Shall Not Kill” …it, the thing !!

  43. Martin & Katrin

    Hola Greg,
    Martin & Katrin here from Mallorca. I asked you a question about Ivermectin horse paste the other day and thank you for your reply. Trying to find info on this is like finding a needle in a haystack!! We managed to purchase this Equimax 18.7 mg/g + Praziquantel 140.3 mg/g , we are then going to fill it into caps and take it with lemon water too. Now, even this make of paste is quite expensive and on the same website I can see another brand of paste and it also 1.87% (Noromectin Equine Wormer Paste) and it is half the price of the Equimax!! So, I take it that this is fine to use also? the main thing is that it’s 1.87% ?? I am surmising the Equimax paste is double the price as it has Praziquantel in it too….I also did find a pharmacy in India who is going to ship to us Ivermectin 12mg & 6mg pills for not alot of money!! postage was $35 and we got 100 x 12mg and 100 6mg pills incl the postage for $69!!! Although, we are going to go with the horse paste to begin with… But I did my research on this Indian pharmacy.. and all good feedback from all over the world!! 1 thing we really cannot find is dosage etc? we used the 3mg pills at the weekend, I did 4 x 3mg pills in 1 go… and my wife did 3. My side effects were just feeling very tired and lethargic… (which I read is a symptom of the die off) and i was good next morning.. but my wife is still not feeling great.. I reckon her herx reaction is lasting longer.. and maybe she needs another dose??? we receive the horse past next Wednesday…. so will have to wait till then! Can anyone say how long we should take it for… etc? we are not vax’d (we are very intelligent people!) We have been producing our own MMS/CDS products for the last 3 years now..and we produce our own Colloidal Silver too…and we know all about herbs etc. I have been trying to convince my wife about Ivermectin for last 1.5 years… and finally now she’s on the case!! My wife did around the world trip that lasted a year a few years ago.. and I think her body is full of parasites… hence her herx reaction… so we are very keen to hear any Ivermectin stories….. Thank you again Greg… we never miss a show!! Peace & Love from Mallorca

    • Greg Hunter

      Do not use that!! Use only 1.87% ivermectin. Looks like this:

      1.87% Ivermectin is the only medical ingredient.

      • Martin & Katrin

        Thanks Greg,
        We were led to believe from a trusted source that this EQUIMAX is very good and safe to use.. even with the Praziquantel…This guy runs an Ivermectin (horse paste for humans) telegram site with huge following…He gives you a list of the pastes they recommend… and this one was on that list… But you have us thinking otherwise now.. This is the problem with this stuff… If we can’t use this, then we’ll wait for the Ivermectin 12mg pills from India Pharmacy to arrive…
        Martin & Katrin

  44. Don Ho Howe

    Drone attacks on Moscow will strengthen Russian support for the war, says former U.K. ambassador CNBC International TV 5,678 views May 31, 2023
    Sir Tony Brenton, former U.K. ambassador to Russia, says that drone attacks on Moscow could strengthen Russian President Vladimir Putin’s position.'s ally warns Zelensky as UK justifies Moscow drone attack; ‘Terrorists Trained By U.S…’ Hindustan Times 69,293 views May 31, 2023
    Vladimir Putin’s Chechen ally Ramzan Kadyrov has warned Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky that Russia and his forces will soon take revenge for the drone attack on Moscow during the ‘special military operation.’ He also threatened Western Europe, saying that Russia ‘will knock on the door of, for example, Germany or Poland.’

  45. Justn Observer

    Greg, thinking this is the article Dr. Kory referred to = disinformation playbook link?

    Not to question the numbers but am wondering it Dowd and Dr. Kory knows if there is a clear way that ‘unexplained deaths’ ARE being differentiated from FENTENYL deaths which might be helping drive down the life-expectancy numbers as so many youth are dying of that. It would seem strange the ‘autopsies’ ARE catching those numbers since so many ‘sudden deaths’ are NOT getting them, how would the system know for sure?

  46. Well Worth

    🤥 The Russia Hoax: 🤔 How We Were Duped by Our Own Governments – Douglas Macgregor London Real 1.5K views 2 hours ago keeping it real, LONDON REALY!

  47. Justn Observer

    Greg, LT. Scott Bennett speaks out =
    “We knew over a year about the Biolabs…we knew about the ‘Contractors’. It originally started in 2005 with the Defence Intelligence Agency…which created a 501 C3…called the Global Viral Forecasting Institute…with a Mossad Operative named Nathan Wolfe…which became Metabiota. This was funded by Rosemont , an investment firm, where Hunter Biden was the head of…along with Christopher Heinz (John Kerry’s son) and Paul Pelosi…Nancy Pelosi’s son. The West has been developing this under Obama and Biden for the last 10 years for the purposes of generating Biological and Chemical Warfare to use against the Russians, which is why they’ve been collecting DNA samples from Slavic People. Revelations of a Massive War Crime…Crimes Against Humanity …as it’s a violation of the Global Biological Weapons Agreement. This shows America with its 30 BIOLABS in Ukraine was involved in the experimentation on Human to Animal Transmission…which is precisely the origin of ‘Covid-19’. This is Pandora’s Box which was created and opened by the United States of America…” LT. Scott Bennett
    Came from this =

    • Cain Mutineers

      Some further context to the BioWarfare aspect associated with the COVID-19.
      Newsweek produced an unambiguous piece way back on 4/28/20, our very own Dr Evil (aka Anthony Fauci). What was discovered is his direct involvement in a number of initiatives…. which if each of those were taken separately…. would set your hair on fire.
      Through the NIH (commencing in 2014)…Fauci funded work at the Wuhan Institue of Virology – especially for GAIN OF FUNCTION research on Corona Viruses. That was phase 1. Phase 2 commenced thereafter. He literally bypassed US laws and supported the research of the CHICOMS to further enhance work already completed at home.
      A decade prior he was involved in Gain Of Function work on Bird Flu Virus.
      Fauci has committed a Felony. The research was forbidden.
      He has WEAPONISED a Virus (with GOF) for the sole purpose to infect and KILL humans. That is BioWarfare.
      A Life sentence is insufficient punishment for this creature who is destroying human life which is also playing into the Economic Destruction of the Globe via a Planned Pandemic. Eventually leading us all to the Dystopian world portrayed in many well known pieces of Literature / Movies.
      What a catastrophe in excess death…..Fauci was the White House Disease Expert….as the lead medical expert for America’s Covid-19 task force, mind you.
      A Criminal Death Cult Scientist giving advice to POTUS. WOW!!!
      Here is the article ….make up your own mind.
      mRNA Vaccination, is Big Pharma Bought off Government sanctioned Assassination!!

  48. John Maskell

    This was an excellent interview but extremely sad as well . Greg , you have the best and well informed people that care about humanity . These evil ones in charge of government and healthcare are not human ! How can they be normal when innocent people are dying on a daily basis . When do these murderers get their calling cards. We have had enough now, it’s ridiculous how the media hides the truth . Something has to give now. Enough is enough ! I feel for Dr Kory. What a good doctor he is. Isn’t it a pity that 90% of doctors are corrupt, spineless shills. I will never trust the healthcare system or a doctor again, unless he\she is unvaxed !

  49. Andrés

    I knew Wikipedia was not always the best source of information, but after reading the entry about Dr. Kory, I realize that these guys are also a bunch of corrupted weasels. And they have put a locker icon on the entry, so you cannnot edit or rectify all the lies they put about Dr. Kory.

  50. Christine

    Thank you GREG! Great interview! Connected right with this:
    wrote a post about many Dr. Buttar interviews at:
    and more about 5G/covid and Marburg can be found at:
    NIH ‘prepared’ already the next crime scene:
    and very old post about the CDC/FDA crimes:
    where I mentioned Marburg VP40 partly embedded into the SARS-CoV-2 Spike already. The talk here is ONLY about the officially available sequences of a;; the viruses stored for example at:
    The Marburg ‘vax’ is having the VP35 protein, but both VP35, VP40 and in particular the RDRP Marburg polymerase shares significant portion of the sequences with Spike, possibly implicating a similar ‘infection profile’..
    The only solution to all of it would be to find somebody who can TURN OFF ALL 5G towers everywhere a.s.a.p.

  51. PersonaNonGrata

    Hi Greg and many thanks for a brilliant interview with Dr Pierre Kory.

    Must listen, The Hagman Report interview with Doctor Rima Laibow. Discussing the ‘takeover’ of national sovereignty by the WHO – but more importantly, what ‘we the people’ can do about it. In this disturbing interview you will learn about the new UN approved curriculum to advance the “sexualisation” of young children and the normalisation (???) of pedophilia!! What staggers me is not so much that TPTB dream up this nonsense, but that ordinary husbands and wives, mothers and fathers, who happen to be teachers, will adhere to this demonic new curriculum. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised after witnessing ordinary husbands and wives, mothers and fathers, who happen to be doctors, administering (EXPERIMENTAL) bioweapon kill shots to all their unsuspecting and trusting patients!

    • PersonaNonGrata

      If you experience problems with this link, please go direct to The Hagman Report and scroll down the landing page to podcast #4451 – interview with Dr Rima Laibow.

  52. Liam Bartmess

    DISGUSTING: MSM SMEARS Biden Accuser Tara Reade For MOVING To Russia | Brie & Robby The Hill 9.9K views 3 hours ago
    Briahna Joy Gray and Robby Soave react to Tara Reade’s latest comments on Joe Biden.
    I remember when Russians would seek asylum here, now the opposite seems to be happening! Will there be more, since we been branded, terrorists!

  53. Jane jones

    This Is What They Are Planning To Do With Us Next – Ep 524 CTI
    Andy Frisella 20K views 7 hours ago Real AF Podcast
    524. Andy & DJ CTI: Moscow Drone Strikes, LGBTQ+ Book Pulled From Target & GOP Holds FBI Director In Contempt

    Away All Boats [1956]

  54. Anita

    what i find amazing is that even though i do not have much for a social life and am retired, there still is no one i know who got this jab having any problems

  55. Allen

    Dr Drew was suspended by Commietube or Youtube today, Wednesday May 31… Dr Kory was the guest.. I got a notification and saved it, came to watch it and it was gone… removed .. it’s available on Rumble, which I tuned in. —- The evil forces of censoring by Youtube are yet there… tomorrow Dr Drew is having his show on people who were damaged by the clot jab.. most likely that will be gone too. You can bet the evil forces attacking Dr Kory follow him everywhere. They don’t want to be caught….. I have so little faith left in Youtube even tho it’s my primary entertainment. I watch NO mainstream tv and haven’t for months. Maybe all the fired employees at Twitter jumped ship to Youtube. These lefties need to be where they can destroy and censor !!!!!!

  56. Thomas Wigand


    Dr. Kory represents the best of medical ethics, and you of journalist ethics.

    Re: the manufacturing (batch) variances, I suspect that it’s NOT sloppy manufacturing. Rather, that the batch variances are/ were intentional. It would “spread out” the occurrence of adverse consequences to the recipients over a varied time frame, making more plausible their desired “plausible deniability” of correlation to the vax.

    Also, at the same time (not mutually exclusive) the variances may be part of a study to gauge what combination(s) of ingredients have what effects over what time period. In other words, the vaxxed were simultaneously targets and guinea pigs.

    Finally, Dr. Kory placed great emphasis on an article about disinformation. Would love to read it, if you could post a link.

    Tom Wigand (“American Discerner” on Substack)

    • Greg Hunter

      I agree, Tom!

  57. 2SG

    PetMectin is pharmaceutical grade pure Ivermectin for pets.

  58. Damien

    My cousin worked as a nurse during the “plandemic” and she was pressured to get the shots. She got 2 & a booster! She immediately, got aggressive, metastatic, breast cancer. There’s a bunch of my relatives that are Dumbocrats, and of course, they all got jabbed to death too. I tried warning them!
    When it was Trump rolling out the bioweapon my Dumbocrat relatives would have nothing to do with it, but as soon as dementia riddled, Joe cheated himself in they were 100% on board! I said to an uncle, “It’s not political, it’s medical!” It was uselss….they broke people’s minds with Trump derangement. There’s no getting through to people! No amount of evidence seems to work! Oh well, it’s a war, and in war there is casualties, so I treat it the same as when I was in the military.
    We will get these evil monsters stopped like every other time, and the only question is; “How much damage they get done before we get them stopped this time.” God Bless, and good luck Greg!

  59. Damien

    Greg, Ivermectin is good stuff, but don’t forget there’s another miracle drug available. It’s MMS or Chlorine Dioxide. It cures everything, literally. It requires no prescription, and any layman can aquire the ingredients, for now, but the criminals that be are trying to get control of those. MMS cures any parasite disease like Malaria, works against all the COVID garbage, and much, much, more!
    Perhaps these guys are somebody you should look into partnering with in advertisement:

    I take it every day and I have not been sick in 8 years! Not so much as a cold!

    • Greg Hunter

      I agree 1,000% !!!

  60. Cliff Bondi

    U.K. police DETAIN Grayzone’s Kit Klarenberg at airport over his JOURNALISM | Redacted News 70,515 views May 31, 2023
    How free is free speech in the U.K.? Well it isn’t a good sign that the Grayzone reporter Kit Klarenberg was detained when landing in England due to his war coverage that is antagonistic to the government. Should we start fearing our government now when journalists are detained for telling the truth? We speak to Klarenberg about this chilling turn of events.

    Robby Soave: The MSM Would Destroy The Internet To Stop Elon Musk And Tucker Carlson The Hill 52,527 views Premiered May 30, 2023

    South Africa blocks Putin’s arrest; Snubs ICC, West by granting diplomatic immunity to Kremlin boss Hindustan Times 102,620 views May 30, 2023
    South African government has extended diplomatic immunity to Russian President Vladimir Putin despite International court of justices’ arrest warrant against Putin for his role in Ukraine-Russia war crime. According to the officials immunity is granted to all foreign attendees at BRICS summit which will be hosted by the South Africa this year.

  61. John Duffy

    St. Paul on sodomites and their enablers and tolerators in his opening paragraphs to his letter to the Romans.

    For professing themselves to be wise, they became fools. And they changed the glory of the incorruptible God into the likeness of the image of a corruptible man, and of birds, and of fourfooted beasts, and of creeping things. Wherefore God gave them up to the desires of their heart, unto uncleanness, to dishonor their own bodies among themselves. Who changed the truth of God into a lie; and worshipped and served the creature rather than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen.

    For this cause God delivered them up to shameful affections. For their women have changed the natural use into that use which is against nature. And, in like manner, the men also, leaving the natural use of the women, have burned in their lusts one towards another, men with men working that which is filthy, and receiving in themselves the recompense which was due to their error. And as they liked not to have God in their knowledge, God delivered them up to a reprobate sense, to do those things which are not convenient; Being filled with all iniquity, malice, fornication, avarice, wickedness, full of envy, murder, contention, deceit, malignity, whisperers, detractors, hateful to God, contumelious, proud, haughty, inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents, foolish, dissolute, without affection, without fidelity, without mercy.
    Who, having known the justice of God, did not understand that they who do such things, are worthy of death; and not only they that do them, but they also that consent to them that do them.

  62. felix

    May GOD bless dr.cory for standing on the side of truth and humanity.GOD bless all the doctors that did not sell their souls to the devil.He is correct the majority of the sick care system is captured by dirty money.Please say a prayer for the family of Dr. rashid buttar who was murdered by these luciferians,they will be persecuted when they stand before their judge and creator.I lost faith in the sick care system 20 to 25 years ago,they murder people for money ,its rockefeller medicine.Most doctors are indoctrinated with false teachings.Buckle up my friends.

  63. Matt

    Many of the ills of modern day American society, including the facilitation of a toxic MRNA cocktail with its backing by key government agencies, are symptoms of crony capitalism. Strike at the root of corruption — do your best not to be a crony capitalist no matter the scope of your influence.

    The tap root of said cronyism is our debt based Federal Reserve Note. A majority of societies ills are born and fueled by these evil notes that mask as money.

    It’s up to us, the people, to substitute mediums of exchange. If we don’t change our behavior, hellacious acts like the horrific, manufactured pandemic will continue and broaden.

  64. Trouble InThe Campus

    Odessa and Kharkiv fall under Russian control and authority | Douglas Macgregor
    GoTranscript Test 7,436 views Jun 1, 2023
    Special interview: The Russians are not going to make this mistake

    Biden, Scholz blocking Ukraine’s NATO membership? Zelensky issues ultimatum – Hindustan Times 25,638 views Jun 1, 2023
    Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is reportedly miffed with his western allies and could skip the upcoming NATO meet in Lithuania. According to a Financial Times report, Zelensky has given an ultimatum to NATO saying that he would skip the meet unless the alliance provides Kyiv with he security guarantees it wants. Ukraine has reportedly demanded a clear road map for accession into the alliance.

    🎖️ Pentagon Leadership Under Fire: 😒 The Pentagon’s Top Brass Are Not Up to the Job – Seymour Hersh London Real 672 views 1 hour ago

    This attack was launched from inside Russia
    Douglas Macgregor S.C. 11,920 views May 31st., 2023

    Biden’s sexual assault accuser calls on Putin for Russian citizenship after defecting | WION 11K views 1 day ago

    Wife of former US Marine accused of training Chinese military pilots by the US speaks out | ABC News In-depth 14K views 3 days ago
    Forget lawyers James Duggan, call Christopher Wray! Hunter Biden recommendation….

    ‘World’s most advanced’ robot asked about AI taking over gives eerie answer
    Humanoid robot Ameca was asked by CEO and founder of Engineered Arts, Will Jackson, who helped to build her, to imagine the nightmare AI scenario.

    China to go for war with U.S? Xi tells security heads to ‘prepare for worst, dangerous storms’ Hindustan Times 19K views 2 hours ago

  65. President?

    George Soros’ son has visited the White House at least 17 times since Biden took office, records show 31. May 2023 _ “He’s the youngster in the middle, of George and Joe!”
    BREAKING: Finally:: Revealed::: The Real President of These disUnited States!,a%20Fox%20News%20Digital%20review%20of%20visitor%20logs.

  66. Clifford B.

    Elon’s Bombshell Statement —THIS is Why He’s Right About George Soros
    Larry Alex Taunton 171,579 views Premiered May 26, 2023
    Elon Musk called George Soros evil. News outlets like CNN are calling Elon’s claims baseless …but are they?
    Whether you like Elon or you like George, he’s going to show you truth no one else is unpacking. Spoiler alert: the news outlets are wrong.

  67. Led Skelton

    Babies born between the Clinton and Obama “presidencies”:

    The Degeneration

    Millions of pretenders, not many with a IQ above their waist size, or worth their weight in shit.

    The school system taught these confused-sexuals all the wrong answers.

    I never imagined an entire generation that can’t answer basic questions.

    The US “government” counts shoplifters as employed. Soon to be our #3 GDP, trillion dollar “industry”.

  68. Stephen Weber

    Five stars!

  69. Richard Longacre

    Greg, Fantastic interview. I love how Dr. Kory is navigating around the AMA by using the Crowe Indian Nation and is only answerable to them. Genius.

    Not sure how it is working in the Crowe Nation but I live in Cherokee Nation and the Cherokee people have been told that if they do not take every “vaccine, including CV19 and boosters” they will not receive their benefits such as free medical care, housing, food, stipend, etc. I doubt Dr. Kory’s method would work in NE Oklahoma and the Cherokee Nation.

    The “All Cause Deaths” in our little town was up 400% in 2022 and now it is closer to 700% increase in 2023 from pre-COVID. Like Dr. Cory said, “What changed, other than the DNA altering injections?” For paul michael carlander, who wonders where the bodies are, just come to Jay Oklahoma (and Cherokee Nation) and walk through the cemeteries and look at the death dates and ages of the dead and you will have your answer. This is a genocide. If the VAXXED are not dead, they are all suffering debilitating injuries and illnesses making it so they can’t work or have trouble working.

  70. scott

    Covid is not real, Yes people got sick, from many many reasons, but not from an imaginary never found virus. It was all based on the PCR test that does not test for a virus. The “covid test,” or PCR, can only find what it already has. The primers define what molecule-fragment the “covid test” looks for in snot (or whatever body fluid) taken from a human on one of those long swabs.

    The primers used by the “covid” PCR are not based on anything natural; they are synthetic; they are 100% AI-generated. The “test” is looking for something that does not exist in nature. Its primers were made up by a computer program.
    Again that something was never found to match a virus, or come from a virus, or cause illness from a virus. because no virus was ever found….It was assumed, made up story to sell their toxic scam cure… a vaccine. a poison injection. Covid was a scam.
    Greg please investigate the missing virus story . It is the base bottom card in the house of cards covid is…

    • Greg Hunter

      I have Scott. I have had Biotech analyst Karen Kingston on to look at the patents. It was real but everything you were told was a lie. Look back at what she has said and the patent info she has delivered here on USAW.

  71. Harvey Ackermann

    I have purchased Ivermectin at the following site.
    Cost is around $2.00 per pill at 12mg each.

  72. Tired old Vet

    When I was active duty – I remember listening to this song when I was in from the field and feeling the truth of it in 1971 – it was written in 1969 by King Crimson and is called Epitaph. and it is freaky to me how on the mark it was 54 years ago.

    The wall on which the prophets wrote
    Is cracking at the seams
    Upon the instruments of death
    The sunlight brightly gleams
    When every man is torn apart
    With nightmares and with dreams
    Will no one lay the laurel wreath
    When silence drowns the screams

    Confusion will be my epitaph
    As I crawl a cracked and broken path
    If we make it, we can all sit back and laugh
    But I fear, tomorrow, I’ll be crying
    Yes, I fear, tomorrow, I’ll be crying
    Yes, I fear, tomorrow, I’ll be crying

    Between the iron gates of fate
    The seeds of time were sown
    And watered by the deeds of those
    Who know and who are known
    Knowledge is a deadly friend
    If no one sets the rules
    The fate of all mankind, I see
    Is in the hands of fools

    The wall on which the prophets wrote
    Is cracking at the seams
    Upon the instruments of death
    The sunlight brightly gleams
    When every man is torn apart
    With nightmares and with dreams
    Will no one lay the laurel wreath
    When silence drowns the screams

    Confusion will be my epitaph
    As I crawl, a cracked and broken path
    If we make it, we can all sit back and laugh
    But I fear, tomorrow, I’ll be crying
    Yes, I fear, tomorrow, I’ll be crying
    Yes, I fear, tomorrow, I’ll be crying
    Crying, crying
    Yes, I fear, tomorrow, I’ll be crying
    Yes, I fear, tomorrow, I’ll be crying
    Yes, I fear, tomorrow, I’ll be crying

  73. Judy

    I’m beginning to wonder how many other professions have been purposely misled in their training. Pastors, Teachers, Economists, Journalist, Dieticians, Dentists, Lawyers, Retirement Planners, Social Workers all come to mind. Find as many old, old textbooks you can and save them.

  74. Dave

    Some people believe that covid never existed. The CDC just said that “covid” should just be treated as the flu. So maybe the scam was even deeper than we thought. A jab for something that never existed, make billions, eliminate useless eaters. Perfect!

  75. Nick Ross

    Great interview Greg and the death toll continues to climb.

  76. DJ

    Interesting fact: Omicron Island, Delta Island, and Coronation Island are located around Antarctica. I’ve heard Steve Quayle detail Antarctica in the past. He spoke of the Nazi connection, and a few years ago many politicians, including the Pope, all took turns going down there. Very strange, indeed.

  77. Joseph Boudreau

    Excellent idea of the good Doctor Kory to join a tribal council. Down with the corporate pharmaceutical companies. Nothing more than Nazi Mengele fronts!
    Thanks Greg for bringing Dr. Kory back on. Not all of us are asleep at the wheel. We must prevail!!

  78. Anne

    Grateful on this end to have known of ethical doctors and people who told the truth before, during and after the covid mania days. There is definitely an ongoing war against the truth and reality. The lies about covid and everything health related is one more sound reason to stay away from the medical and the pharmaceutical complexes. There are safer and better ways to win the battle against diseases. Always has been.

  79. Slvrwllwn

    Hi Greg, I figured that this would be the best place to leave this message. It is far too late for many an eye to read it. However I thought that it was important to get it to you as I’m assuming that you will see it.. It so perfectly crystalizes this whole vaccination, drinking the Kool Aid situation. I’ve included the author as I did not come up with it. Best!

    by; @thomasclementz8149

    ” This was the biggest IQ test ever, and unfortunately BILLIONS FAILED IT! “

  80. Genesis

    Horse dewormer highly likely saved my life. Thank you Jesus for Horse Dewormer
    Thank you Mr.Hunter for shining light on the truth.

    • Greg Hunter

      I take Ivermectin every week!

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