CV19 Bioweapon Vax is Not Genocide, It’s Extinction – Karen Kingston

By Greg Hunter’s (Saturday Night Post)

Karen Kingston is a biotech analyst and former Pfizer employee who understands complicated medical and biological contracts.  Kingston also understands what it takes to make or defend a legal case against Big Pharma.  She has years of experience on multiple levels.  Kingston contends you do not need new laws to stop the CV19 mRNA technology.  Everybody simply needs to understand the CV19 vax and the mRNA technology are proven bioweapons.  The data shows millions have been disabled or murdered by the CV19 bioweapon/vax so far.  Is it going to get worse?  Kingston says, “Unfortunately, it is going to get worse.  The worst is yet to come. . . . The FDA did have to prove that these were safe.  Based on the information that they had in October and November of 2020, they should have never moved forward . . . with the trials.  So, they broke the law.  They knew it would cause all these disabilities and deaths. . . . I predicted a 25% myocarditis rate in July of 2021.  I have heard experts say we may be looking at 100%  . . . if they got two or three shots.  So, it’s going to get bad.”

Big Pharma and government are allowing mRNA technology (the same deadly bioweapon in the CV19 injections) to be put into the entire food supply.  Kingston contends this is to turn humans into trans-humans in something called “Directed Evolution.”  Kingston explains, “Directed Evolution is forcing the evolution of humans to merge with DNA from reptiles, insects and artificial intelligence.  It’s the bio-digital merger.  This is what this is, and there are multi-trillion dollar industries around this. . . . There is a whole bio-data division in DARPA in the U.S. military.  It is about merging the bio-digital with humans.”

Many have been calling the CV19 bioweapon/vax that features technology poison such as graphene as a genocide.  Kingston contends it is far more than that.  Kingston says, “This is not for the benefit of humanity.  This is going to lead to our extinction.  I just do not know why people do not understand that.”

Kingston demonstrates the electromagnetic properties of mRNA on a beef steak.  The quarter she uses sticks to a part of the meat where the mRNA had assembled because the mRNA creates a magnetic field.  (All patents Kingston has reviewed prove, without a doubt, mRNA is an electromagnetic device.)  Kingston says there is no need to pass new laws to stop evil Big Pharma, government and food producers from putting this in our food.  mRNA is a bioweapon, and it is illegal to put this in anyone’s food.  Kingston says, “It’s not that you want informed consent about mRNA technology in your food,  every state has laws on the books where weapons of biowarfare cannot contaminate the food supply.  I think what is most important is that we seize these mRNA injections.  Once we seize the shots and we get legal custody of that to show American citizens and global citizens what the technology is in the shots, then we can start shutting it down around the globe.  Not just in the ‘vaccine’ market, but show this is what is being put into our food supply and why all of this needs to stop.”

Kingston contends the FDA and CDC knew early on mRNA CV19 bioweapon injections were going to cause a long list of serious debilitating and deadly diseases.  They continue to push the mRNA bioweapon on every aspect of our lives with no end in sight.

Kingston predicts by 2030, there will be 200 million disabled or murdered Americans by mRNA and CV19 bioweapon/vax injections.”

There is much more in the 1-hour and 4-minute interview.

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with renowned biotech analyst Karen Kingston as she gives an update on the bioweapon mRNA injections and why they need to be stopped for 4.28.23.

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After the Interview:

To look at some of the data and documents on the CV19 bioweapon/vax containing deadly mRNA  that proves it is a bioweapon and a psyop released on an unsuspecting public, go to the [email protected].

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  1. Anthony Australia

    Thanks for continuing to expose this madness Greg!

    Dr. Tess Lawrie – 500 New Injections, 5G, WHO, “Aliens” & The Next “Pandemic”

    • Anthony Australia

      A great speech from 2010 at the The Massachusetts School of Law’s Educational Forum by Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri. She makes great points about chemtrails, geoEngineering, and the harm it is doing to our health, including the harm it does to human reproduction.

      • Sheryl

        WOW! That says it all!

        • Ray

          Hi Sheryl,
          I don’t subscribe to Apple Podcasts……..for security reasons.
          You say that “it says it all”.
          Did it mention the American People rising up and slaughtering the TREASONOUS ASSHOLE BASTARD POLITICIANS that have approved of & overseen this GLOBAL SLAUGHTER?
          If not…….then respectfully, it is a long, long way from “saying it all”.

          Ray, Canberra, Disarmed Nation

          • PersonaNonGrata

            Hi Ray,
            I feel your passion!
            Something tells me the ‘solution’ you urge will be necessary. Everyone with even a modicum of power appears to have been bought off – so forget about the ‘cavalry’ coming to the rescue.

            Personal note. My earlier response regarding ‘nugets of wisdom’ meant to say writer’s block – not writer’s cramp. Be I ever so humble 🙂 🙂

            • George King

              Ray and Persona,
              You guys got to look at reality. Only about 25% fought against the crown.
              30% percent stayed royal and fought with the empire! The rest stayed basically royal by doing nothing.
              If not for the French, we’d still be speaking the kings english and we all would be less free throughout all the commonwealth and mother country. Most would still be colonies. Some i’m sure still think we would be better off. With Biden, it doesn’t help and vote stealing from we the sheeple!
              War, what is it good for?
              Man cannot even direct their own steps judicially. We walked away from our ultimate executive and king. Long ago back in paradise.

            • David Gordon Dunne

              Persona, That is right about so many being bought off but for what as all will be slaughtered so I am praying to God that he opens their hearts and brains and turn against the EVIL that I feel is SATAN behind it all. These bought off people have wives, kids, grandkids and can not be so brainwashed not to see all this EVIL

          • David Gordon Dunne

            Ray, WE got run out of the country in 2016 to Thailand but I am in agreement. It is way past time to stand up and fight SATAN and his minions. Some say what you are saying is will be a spontaneous event much faster than the French Revolution in 1789. Look at France now, the people
            are rising up again. Trump ain’t gonna save us, RFK Jr. ain’t gonna save us, We must get up and save our kids and grandkids now. Before this happens, we need to get in the streets and protest like in the movie Network. We must as a people save all the people This chit is 100 times of what Hitler did and who put him in power, the BANKSTERS like Preston Bush.

        • LINDA J CREAN

          Yes Sheryl I agree this says it probably not all. That’s why as a Free Country we can NEVER let these evil people bind us and force us in our homes and not see loved ones, friends normally people and NOT able to go to Church have a business but we can gamble/ drink/go to Walmart/Target. They cought us off guard shame on US and because we have be taught to obey we sobeyed everything they told us even taking death shots killing our friends and relatives they didn’t even have to get us into trains and strip us naked and put our shoes in a big pile and put us in furnaces we for the most part went willingly we have been chained so long like an elephant who has been changed so long won’t go past their area. After Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead Jesus HE said to his disciples LOOSE HIM and LET HIM GO they had to do that part. We can never do this again or our children and grandchildren will have nothing most likely be dead Jan 6 was also a trial run on purpose to put us in our place. They even gagged our mouths so we couldn’t talk about it to each other and shut off our communication. Fauci and that Dr with the scarf around her neck need to be arrested first they stood next to Pre Trump and lied to the President and all of the United States of America every day so did that horrible Governor in NY. This is worse than 1776 we at least fought back then now we have police,FBI,CIA who keep our chains real short .
          So USA you are LOOSED and LET GO from these bondages in Lord Jesus Christ mighty, beautiful name. NOW!
          Happy May Day.
          Didn’t that mean something to people at war calling for help your help has come His name is Jesus. You are Free and He who the Son Jesus has set free is free indeed.
          May Day, May Day. You are free! Thank you Greg for everything.God Bless you.

      • Jim

        Silver can’t stick to a magnet it’s not a magnetic material

        • I Dig Au

          There’s no silver in our coinage, but the magnetism might be attributed to the iron in the blood of the meat.

        • Allen

          U.S.A. quarters are no longer made with any % silver, and the cheap metal mix used is STILL NOT magnetic. Difficult to believe proof used that is not valid. I did not get the jab, and refuse blood bank transfusions because of mRNA contents. Now food sources are questionable. Let us have hard evidence we can use in the rebellion against the globalist government.

          • Greg Hunter

            You do not know what you are talking about. You have no idea what this technology is or what it can do. It is electromagnetic and it can magnetize nickel.,main%20reason%20for%20the%20ferromagnetic%20nature%20of%20Ni.

            So please do not give me your uninformed opinion.

            I did an hour on this, and you focus on this quarter? You are not going to make it.


            • PersonaNonGrata

              “I did an hour on this, and you focus on this quarter? You are not going to make it.”
              Well said!
              Despite the serious iuntent – still, made me smile 🙂

            • LINDA J CREAN

              Hi Greg, God says in Exodus 23:21 Do not provoke the Angel. I believe these evil people have provoked the babies, children, our Country’s Angels and Father God won’t stand for it any longer their blood is crying out to God and little voices. And the people harmed and killed. In Jesus name

            • Mike

              FDA and CDC cover their butts
              With their paper work.
              These killers are still walking free. Thank you Greg for speaking out. Drop people in the desert and then sell water for 1,000 a glass. I would EVER FIGHT FOR THIS
              Commie country. Young people. Do not give your lives for these commie politicians.. I am a USMC combat vet who now gives up on patriotism.

              • Jerry Rolins

                Mike, I am a combat Marine of the Vietnam Era who believed our political leaders. We now know how we were mislead resulting in over 58,000 military lives lost. Then again the politicians perform a “smoke and mirrors scheme and convinces the sheep and our allies to start a war with Iraq & Afghanistan and its Vietnam all over again. We have to stop believing the politicians, big Pharma, major news organizations, etc. Semper Fi. Jerry

              • Homer File

                Reply to Mike,
                Growing up I never heard combat Marine. Pat Robertson started that when running for the presidency. Then it came out he never was in combat but a combat area. Soldiers never used the term warrior either!
                A soldier is a soldier and a Girine is a Marine! anything else is bluster.

            • David Gordon Dunne

              AMEN Greg. I feel like you are the brother I have never met yet. My thinking mirrors yours to a tee. You have woken so many up. I forward all to everyone I know from you.

        • Steve Starr

          This does not negate the rest of the information that is given in this interview.

        • LINDA J CREAN

          Jim who cares about a stupid magnet we have bigger fise to fry.

      • Chris

        I see Anthony Albanese, Australia’s PM, groveling at the feet of Bill Gates last week, as he dutifully reported to “Lolita Island Bill” (at the equivalent of Australia’s White House”) that Australia’s politicians (both major parties) are dutifully carrying out WEF orders regarding “preparing for he next Pandemic” and “on climate”. What an embarrassment to have such a feeble minded, sycophantic nonentity as the supposed “leader” of any country. Yet, far worse, is the fact that he even felt he had to engage with Bill Gates. As if Gates is still credible. But I suppose Gates is a good customer to buy up as much farmland as saleable. No doubt, the Pfizer factory planned for Oz will be profitable for everyone, too. Including PM AA and his friends. Australia really is the US deep state’s colonial play thing. No much evidence of sovereignty there. With friends like Gates, the WEF and the US military industrial espionage complex, time to look elsewhere – ’cause luck in the “lucky country” is on target to run out pretty soon.

        • Anthony Australia

          Like Fritz Springmeier mentioned back in 1998.
          Europe, America, China, then Australia in that order for an economic and development strategy that would ultimately lead to the creation and failure of each other.
          With the amount of infrastructure projects underway here coupled with the 650,000 annual immigration target, Fritz was spot on and knew all too well the inner workings of the Illuminati.

        • PersonaNonGrata

          Hi Chris,
          “Yet, far worse, is the fact that he even felt he had to engage with Bill Gates. As if Gates is still credible.”
          I wish what you say were true, but I fear he/Microsoft are very much at the heart of the madness. Take a listen to Yuval Harari on the significance of the Microsoft cloud – click link.
          Self-serving, scumbag politicians worldwide are in awe of the trillionaires . . .

          • sk

            Loony tune wants to be God.

            • Rick

              Note that Bill Gates and his Cabal of Globalist buddies have chosen to live in the image of that Reptilian Snake known as Satan – and to be more like their Reptilian God they practice using their forked tongues (on us) – with few exceptions these Reptilians feed on insects (and they want the rest of us to follow their eating patterns) – witness all the chicken and cow farms “blowing up” all across the US – if you look closely at these Reptilian Lizard’s (like Bill Gates, Chuck Schumer, etc., etc.) as they speak – you can usually spot them oftentimes “flicking their tongue in and out” right in front of the news cameras – anyone who has ever had a pet lizard (or regularly views Reptiles in the Wild on the internet) know what an important function these Reptilian tongues play – and how the Demons move them in such a way to catch unsuspecting prey – or as the Globalists call them “Useless Eaters”!!

      • David Gordon Dunne

        Ray, I saw a video 10 years ago taken by a whistle blower who was on one of the planes that the SATANISTS have that is loaded with these huge drums of chemicals and then they release them all with plumes spewing down into the air. I saved it but the bastards went in and wiped it clean.
        It was taken down in an instant.

        • Anthony Australia

          Quote of the day!

          “Tucker and his fake confused look of disbelief makes me sick. Just another bad actor CIA clown. Smith Mundt Modernization act made it legal for the US to run psyops against the people.”

        • Dan Fournier

          Dear David, I’m an independent investigative journalist. Can you tell me any specific details about the whistleblower such as the outfit (airline company or military unit, country & state or province where this was occurring, anything useful)? They are spraying about 4-5 times per week here in my neck of the woods in Quebec province here in Canada. Absolutely criminal! The masses are totally asleep and oblivious to it all. How depressing!

          • David Gordon Dunne

            Dan, I can say I say it in 2014-16 was when we lived in KY and I kept seeing these planes in Louisville where we lived then got going over and over in the sky every afternoon spraying way up and it was not commencial. I emailed a friend and she told me about ChemTrails and sent me the video. i watched and it was exactly as I saw. It looked like 50 gallon metal drums all lined up in the plane with two guys turning one on and then changing out for a full one. I saved it but first the video got taken down and I guess the EVIL came in and email and erased it all. I started saving to my hard drive since this. I don’t know what happened to the guy who was filming it all. I never see these ChemTrails here in Thailand.

            • Dan

              Hi David, thanks for the info. Do you mean you saved the video from an email you received or downloaded from a platform? If the latter, which platform and account? BTW, I lived in China for many years and saw them frequently in big cities. Thanks again. P.S.: There is a treaty between our two countries. See View Treaty – E103819 – Agreement Between Canada and the United States of America Relating to the Exchange of Information on Weather Modification Activities, URL:

            • Dan Fournier

              David, not sure if you will see this late message. But if you do, please contact me by email me at [email protected]. Or please contact me by clicking on my name link above – my email is on my ‘about’ page. I have a few more questions and some promising idea to propose. Thanks

    • EdP

      That flag border is very distracting to the point of annoyance. Often, less is better. (-:

  2. Doug

    This stuff is too complicated for me. The only way to prove this to the public is through winning megalawsuits against big pharma coupled with some whistle-blowers from these companies. Otherwise, the media will never report on it, and may help hide it. A good lawyer with a good expert in a good county in a good state before a good jury is the way to expose all and win the argument.

    • Greg Hunter

      Lead the way. Hope the vaxed have time.


        So OUR government teamed up with big pharma and China to destroy our health our spouses childrens, our grandchildrens , parents and everyone in our country then kill us and give everything we worked for all our lives our families our homes our Country to China. Our Country USA must have the most evil government in the world since time began. You know they’ll all be going to Hell, right. I pray that everyone who has be hurt physically, mentally their eyes open NOW today.
        Ephesians 1:16

        • LINDA J CREAN

          Hi Greg, God says in Exodus 23:21 Do not provoke the Angel. I believe these evil people have provoked the babies, children, our Country’s Angels and Father God won’t stand for it any longer their blood is crying out to God and little voices. And the people harmed and killed. In Jesus name

        • Mike

          Linda. You hit the nail on the head.

        • David Gordon Dunne

          Linda, As Jonathon Caan said on here with Greg, Our nation turned it’s back on God starting with taking prayers out of the schools and has escalated now to the point of God is abandoning our country now. We are running out of time now. If we don’t have a back room rising up plan with our retired military like Gen. Flynn and others, we are doomed now. I never used the word doomed until recently either. Trump, RFK Jr. Tucker, all must become a movie Network, If they don’t they are all part of it.

          • LINDA J CREAN

            No David your wrong The Angle of the Lord said to Abraham “we will destroy Sodom and Gamora if there be 10, 10, 10 righteousness people in the land. So God Almighty will not destroy our Country I don’t care who said that he’s not God, Johnathan Chan or not. I listen to Lord Jesus Christ and obey him not man. I don’t get money for writing books and going on shows I only get $750. from SS but I know the truth. Listen to Gog not to John. Respect the Word of God and Lord Jesus Christ. Why don’t we get back to the first Book Bible and stop making all these people rich.

            • David Gordon Dunne

              God is unhappy with America now. That is a fact Linda. I did not see he has abandoned us all but we are twittering now I watch Pastor Murray of The Shepherd’s Chapel daily as it goes over the Bible verse by verse, chapter by chapter, He says we are the end generation and that we are in the Parable of the Fig Tree now set up in 1948 when Israel was made a Nation. I think we live in the End of Times, pray so very deeply to God and ask him to bless us all, I focus on the Book of Ezekiel and Revelations(unveiling) god Bless you Linda.

          • LINDA J CREAN

            Hi David Your last name is Doomed? Maybe change your name to something happy the Bible,Word, Jesus says it’s important to have a good name so you can become it because it will be spoken over you continually. My last name was Ma-Honey and now it’s Crean-m so I delight in the fact that I’m going to the land of Cream & Ma-Honey only Jesus could have thought so far in advance to put those two names together. Thank you Jesus 😂

      • Fred

        Wouldn’t it be so much easier for the Deep State to just kill us all in World War III, than to take all these convoluted steps with Big Pharma?

        • Greg Hunter

          That contaminates the land. They want the land.

    • Mike

      How could it be that there is such universal support for these murder weapons in our state and national governments? How could virtually all 194 world nations be behind such an extinction purge? Closer to home, my governor and his health commissioner are still pushing the mRNA kill shots as if nobody has been maimed or killed by them? Who convinced these high ranking people that extinction was the answer to all of our problems?

      • PersonaNonGrata

        Hi Mike,
        Here in the U.K., the latest ‘boosters’ are being given to ‘those at risk’, in other words, those already suffering infirmity / ill health and who are a financial burden on the Social Security System, and everyone over seventy-five years of age, in other words, those who are drawing their pensions from the State. Hmmm, interesting selection. Can anyone say ‘eugenics’?!

      • Ralph Zimbouski

        Makes you wonder if Biden is a shill of the Chinese setting up the US to be taken over. Basically they can destroy whoever they want. What to do?

    • Rick

      The media will never report it and “will hide it”!! –

    • Minerva

      I agree. Until it starts making some big headlines there are just too many people who have no clue about this. There might be some small breakthroughs though, they’re actually talking about the tinnitus side effects from the vaccine. I’ve seen some articles about it recently which you would have never seen even 6 months ago so maybe there’s enough people with the problem that they can’t ignore it anymore.

      • MRJ

        It’s more than just tinnitus, there’s hundreds of thousands that are suffering vaccine induced intracranial stenosis and intracranial hypertension, hence the tinnitus and whooshing. Even after stenting and shunting stenosis resurgence months later. Those that chose to deal with what they believe is overpopulation should he every citizens target in this when the time is right!

    • Better Chetter

      This extinction event is to front-run the ext. event coming via nature – that John Moore speaks of as the pole shift/planet Wormwood effect. World leaders are preparing for it, and will not be prosecuted as congress, scotus, potus, etc. are all in, on it – the world over. Perhaps this is all to front-run the financial collapse of US dollar as world reserve currency, that Ed Dowd notes with the social contract being broken. US hope is 2nd amendment still standing – unless coming UN ground force overcomes NRA advocates.

      Personally, I’ve come to see it as a grander scale – that we are not to find peace on earth, but within ourselves, and as we extend ourselves to help our brothers/sisters on the planet. To live in, but not of, the world … to do also as Jesus did, and greater, when the times call for it. So we need to continually forge ourselves in the alchemical fires and cool waters, to grow wiser, stronger & more compassionate through all the crises. I humbly ask Jesus to strengthen, wisen (?) and compassionately work through me to keep alive His kingdom on earth. Amen

      • Harvey Wisanstiener

        Amen Better. I agree, when? When Kingdom comes!
        Remember what Jesus said. ” When I come back, no more Mr. Nice guy!”

        • mark deacon

          UN ground forces would be considered an invasion of the homeland.
          At that point the USA is the invaded country and can now wage a guerilla war against the invading blue helmets.

          If it was anything it will be an attempt too use martial law of the US military on the ground now that I could see happening.

  3. Bruce McGott

    Except for a little glitch were he he has a Freudian slip and says Putin for Zelinski, the man is cooking with gas, not gas lighting!

    • Jerry

      Video is no longer available!

      • Greg Hunter

        Try this Jerry:
        (Tech Note: If you do not see the video, know it is there. Unplug your modem and plug it back in after 30 sec. This will clear codes that may be blocking you from seeing it. In addition, try different browsers. Also, turn off all ad blockers if you have them. All the above is a way Big Tech tries to censor people like

        • Olaf from Oz

          Greg, Jerry was meaning the video that Bruce Mac Got had put in his comment – ie.
          He wasn’t referring to YOUR Video with Karren Kingston.

  4. Robert Will

    MRNA Vaccination of Beef Pork Chicken is horrifying.

    • David Gordon Dunne

      If I was not a religious man, I would end my life now as this is way past sickening me. I almost wish they would just bring on the nuke war and hasten Jesus back. That is not how it is going to play out though as the AntiChrist comes first to deceive and lie getting so many to follow him as if he is Christ. He gets his ass taken down to the Lake of Fire after his short reign as Jesus comes and in an instant all get turned into their spiritual beings and taken to Paradise with the bad on one side and the good on the other awaiting Final Judgement by God. No telling how many will watch this and not be strongly in God’s corner and just end it all now. Karen is very smart, full of gloom and her voice is very monotonal. If I were her, I would be screaming at the top of my lungs as she has been close to contact with RFK Jr and Trump. The man, Dr. Robert Malone invented this crap and he should be held accountable and only God now will be all judging. God Bless and don’t fear this but rejoice in that Jesus is not long coming now. It does break my heart for my kids and grand kids and all the kind souls in the world that will have to go through the AntiChrist time soon. Remember, the Parable of the Fig Tree and we are the last generation. I am human as all of you all and I cry so much now praying to God to stop this but it is unfolding just as predicted in the Bible now. Still makes me so very sad, so very sad.

      • Rick

        If Pfizer’s m-RNA nano-particles in our meat “are electromagnetic devices” we can probably knock them out with an EMP pulse from our microwave oven (just like an EMP pulse from a nuclear weapon can destroy our desktop computers) – give all the meat you buy “a blast” in the microwave oven – guess eating meat “rare” is going to be dangerous from now on unless you know exactly who raised the animal!!

  5. Don Conrad

    Hi Greg,

    Even though I sometimes comment on this site, today I am sending this email to inform you I have linked you to my ‘Expand Your Mind’ page on my website. I put together a website to make shirts covering key issues that jeopardize our freedoms. Understand, this IS NOT a money-making venture, this is one man taking a personal stand against the insanity attacking our personal freedoms. For instance, there is an anti-CBDC shirt that I believe people should wear. I make $1 on it (before taxes and operational expenses). I even pay shipping. I just want people to use it.

    I ultimately have three goals in mind with this ‘store’:
    1) to first help bring awareness to the masses that have no clue of CBDCs, as I feel this is our most dangerous issue at this time,
    2) then to build a strong email list so when the next crisis comes along (lockdown, forced vax, loss of constitutional freedoms, agenda 2030, etc.) I can quickly help educate and bring unity to others, (Please sign up)
    3) and lastly, because there is strength in numbers but often times you don’t know where people stand on issues, every shirt has the Freedom-4-All logo on it so eventually, as people wear the shirts in support of their personal freedoms, we will see strength and unity among those who are total strangers.

    I encourage everyone to check this website out, then support and help pass the word.

    • Serenity

      Tucker Carlson is playing a role. He got paid $6 million a year to play by the rules. Now he has his very generous “severance” pay and is probably planning to take the money and buy a nice buyout mansion somewhere safe in the world. They know what is coming will destroy much of the earth and billions of people too. There is some very good information on the coming earth disasters if you listen to Mike From Around the World at COT or Steven BenDanoon at Israeli News. Both are Godly men trying to help the flock prepare for world changing disaster. Be careful who you listen to though as there is loads of disinformation out there to muddy the waters and create passivity and doubt. Please know that anyone in power is not going to do anything as the Plandemic and cure is all part of their plan to depopulate the planet. They know we we outnumber them and after the planetary disasters there won’t be any law and order. The people at the top want less of us to have to face when it can’t be hidden any longer. I am an educated woman with a Master Degree in psychology and many years studying this topic. I can confidently say that anything you see happening in the world today is tied in some way to this hidden knowledge. I’ve studied this subject since 2014, relocated my family to a safer location and have done what I can to prepare. Please share this information with your subscribers Greg. I know you’re a good man and you want to help as many as possible. Thank you for this interview though it made me sad too. God bless you all and our world too. Change is coming.

  6. Frank S.

    Demyelinating disease effects can be treated simply with a high-fat diet and exercise, as per a 2016 Mayo Clinic study.


    • Linda

      Assuming the fat is not mRNA infused from being vaxxed.

  7. Prospector

    A wealth of information from Dr. McCullough. @P_McCulloughMD

    EXC: Fauci, DOD, & CDC Funded Deadly Pathogen Research At Sudanese Biolab Seized By Militants.

    Reporter Michael Yon says they are bringing all kinds of disease with them as well.

    Breaking: huge numbers of military age men walking out of the leftist NGO “welcome center” in Brownsville, Texas! Coming to a city near you. They profit and you pay for it!

    “Law & Border” – Real America’s Voice News

    As Catherine Austin Fitts said here a few months ago , ‘ They are building a control grid an bolting the parts together , piece by piece . If the UN / WHO is ever given global control over pandemic response — THEY WILL TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR LOCAL GOVERNMENT !

    ” Operation Cable Splicer “

  8. Mark Alan

    My quarter won’t stick to a strong magnet.

      • tim mcgraw

        Hi Greg, I read the article and watched the video in the link, but a US quarter is only 9% nickel. The rest of the quarter is copper. If the magnetism is electromagnetic, where is the energy coming from?
        I’ve always found the magnetism argument against the injections a weak one and not necessary to prove the damage from the spike proteins. People use the magnetism theory to attack the “Anti-Vaxxers”. I’d rather not give them the ammo.

        • Greg Hunter

          You will have to read the patents. mRNA is an electromagnetic device according to the patents and other data Kingston has on her substack. Maybe do some research before you give your uneducated opinion? An hour and 4-minute interview packed with sourced cutting edge information, and this is what you focus on?

          Oh, by the way, nickel can be magnetized with an electromagnetic field:,main%20reason%20for%20the%20ferromagnetic%20nature%20of%20Ni.

          For the rest of you who bring this stupid point up, I will delete any and all comments on this.


          • Linda

            Greg, I understand Tim’s reluctance, I am horrified that this electromagnatism is actually accurate. I would like to see more agout it and intend to do research. I am very afraid that there are many people that cannot swallow this. I suppose they are to be written off as lost.Could there be a way to present this information is a way that would be convincing and , I don’t know, less emotional? TRUST me I understand the emotional reaction because I am experiencing such a reaction right now.

            • Greg Hunter

              It is in the patents and Kingston has gone over this on her substack and on USAW. If you cannot grasp this then I don’t know waht to tell you. I am a reporter not a college professor. My source and in formation is good.

              • Kathleen McKeon

                Hi Greg,
                Thank you for, again, giving great information. I remember when people first started getting the shots they got a kick out of spoons and forks sticking to their bodies, the videos are still out there I believe and I think proves Dr. Kingstons points

          • tim mcgraw

            Greg; A pure nickel coin is magnetic. The video you show proves this. My point is that the audience won’t “get” the magnetic angle of the vaccines. Most people don’t even know how a magnet works. Most people don’t understand where electricity comes from.
            People do understand that being around sick people makes them sick.
            Focus on that is my recommendation.

            • Greg Hunter

              You know nothing about mRNA tech. Nothing. More uninformed opinion.

            • LINDA J CREAN

              Hi Tim, Yes we do. We know where electric comes from it come out of a receptacle that is hooked up to a box in the basement that is hooked up to a box out side that is hooked up to a wire that goes to a pole that hooked up to an other pole. See we know.

        • Sam

          Oh,OH!…Greg at USAWATCHDOG.COM….gets it!…Looks like the “Jig is Up”, Tim, Ole-Boy

          • tim mcgraw

            Good-bye Sam.

            • Sam

              Bye,bye….you gonna get buried or cremated?…

            • Sam

              Timmy….before you “check out”…. do yourself a favor and go Apologize to that High School Kid you got fired from the Grocery Store for being a Ill-informed Brainwashed Youngster going to one of your state funded Indoctrination Camps you help establish with your tax dollars. might even “Feel Better”…Man I couldn’t live with myself if i did that to a Child…

        • Greg Sabourin

          I have a copper pipe 3 feet long that if you drop a magnet though it the magnet will float down very slowly. The copper pipe is not magnetic so a magnetic field is being generated by the magnet moving through the pipe. Copper (or other non-ferrous metals) can be magnetic under certain circumstances.


        Thank you Greg and Karen at least we know we’re going to Heaven. Just found out today that my grand daughter Hannah who has 3 shots is taking college classes in 10th grade and helping children with learning disabilities and this is who they want to kill? The pain and sorrow and anger will not be able to be stopped.

      • David Duclos

        Greg,is the mRNA in food a global situation, or mostly US?
        Basic question is, what are the elites and those in global control doing for their food? This is global extinction, so how are they avoiding this situation? Blessings on all that you do. Dave

  9. Mike S

    Why do companies put this in food?
    Unless they want extermination.

    Karen…you may indeed become Trump’s advisor!
    Or Bobby also.
    The gloves will come off before Trump gets back in IMHO.

    Imagine Karen standing next to Trump in the White House where Fauci used to as part of his task force to UNDO all this!

    Great interview as Karen is IMHO being used by God to help people “know the enemy” and find ways to overcome it.

    May God Bless and protect Greg and all his guests and their families!

    • Shirl

      Mike S, Indeed that would be excellent to have Karen Kingston in place of the Compromised Dr Death FRAUDCI and Compromised Generals like Milley and other Weasels who have folded like CHEAP SUITS all throughout the Agencies of WE THE PEOPLE when they given the opportunity to rise to the occasion. The EVIL is wide spread like Stage 4 Cancer. Karen Kingston is a BRILLIANT STAR and I pray more eyes and ears open up. So may are brainwashed by their own TeeVee Programming…
      By no coincidence, The Cheated in POTUS just mentioned how MAGA with the idea of Individual Liberty and Independence is a THREAT to America…the same policies and ideas President Trump always has stood for and put into practice…and that CHILDREN are NOT their parents alone to raise and to educate in the way they should go (contrary to Biblical principles and the US Constitution)…what is even more STRANGE to me though is that so many are apparently locking step with what are clearly COMMUNIST & MARXISTS IDEOLOGIES that are Ideologies Contrary to the Law OfThe Land under the US Constitution and is bottom line – – COMPLETE EVIL – – being pushed by those who are posing as Patriotic Americans from Our Public Employees Offices at the Highest Levels.

  10. Really Awake

    I think that the test on meat using a quarter needs to be explored and investigated further. I’d like to see corroboration. Are there other reasonable explanations? There are devises which measure magnetic fields. So it’s worth doing some serious scientific experimentation.

    Do I now have to buy a gauss meter and check my hamburger? Do I have to get out a powerful microscope and do an examination of my chicken salad?

    If the beef, chicken and pork are indeed being vaxxed with mRNA and/or given an rMNA pill there must be some farmer or veterinarian or butcher of somebody who knows whats going on. Why have the people who would know not stepped forward yet? There must be a list of the “medical treatment” given to pigs, chickens and cows. Somebody must know what new vaxx and pills have been added in the last decade.

    And what about the milk supply? Are the milk cows getting vaxxed or mRNA pills? If I run a magnet through my glass of milk will something stick?

    It looks like I’m going to have to go back to raising my own food – which is a lot of hard work – let me tell you: It’s a 7 day a week job to husband livestock, poultry and swine. And I actually dislike doing my own butchering and food processing. It’s a real pain in the ass. But it looks like I’m going to be forced into getting back into a subsistence lifestyle just to survive – including hunting and fishing.

    Well, I’ve known for a long time it would come to something like this which is why I’ve supported Alex Jones for almost two decades. Alex was right. Again. I sure hope that my fellow Americans wake up and demand action.

    • Greg Hunter

      Please report what you find. That said the electromagnetic device material is in the patents that Kingston has on her substack.

    • Rick

      We all know the evil immoral Globalists “have poisoned our water supply” with fluoride and other chemicals – are spraying all sorts of poisons into the air we breathe with their chem-trails – so why shouldn’t they poison the very food we eat and have already genetically modified to be seedless (like they are doing to our children by cutting off their sexual organs)!!!

  11. William

    Jesus said no flesh would survive if those days were not shortened, so yes they intend to kill us all.

    • Anita

      Agree. He also said lawlessness would increase. Both Greg and Karen do a great job exposing all this but they fail to know how it relates to God’s word & the season we are in. Also to factor in we are a banana republic in which it is very easy to just kill a Tucker Carlson or whoever gets in their way. Lawsutes sound nice but they tie you up in courts for yrs. while the agenda moves forward. Few, very few ever see any justice & the odds of such continue to get slimmer.

  12. watcher on the wall on bitchute , friend of the king on rumble

    magnetic meat should react to a compass better then a quarter

    • Linda

      I would like to see a more “controlled” demonstration and there may be one out there. I am looking into this.

  13. Kay

    DeSantis Voted for the Cures Act as a Congressman, so I think people supporting him need to rethink that.

    We will find out if the public can sue health care providers in Florida in June.

    DeSantis signs a bill that extends COVID protections for health care providers to June 2023

    • Linda

      I fear that DeSantis if a “Trojan Horse” for the Neo Con wing of the Republican Party.


        Hi Linda you can look up everything you need on Ron Desancttimonius on American Intelligence Media with Douglas, Tyla and Michael M.

  14. Michael O'Sullivan

    Great guest. I wish there were more people with her knowledge speaking out.

  15. Lynnie

    Does cooking kill the mRNA in foods? Cooking kills viruses but not prions. What foods so far have it? Thanks for any imput.

    • Greg Hunter

      We do not have all the answers, but they are putting this mRNC crap in the food.

    • Dylan C.

      I doubt they would inject MRNA into meat if cooking would destroy it. Nobody eats raw meat.

  16. Neil

    Mark Steele – 5G electronic weapons expert/scientist. 5G is a weapon system masquerading as telecommunication.
    This is a good follow on from what Karen Kingston is talking about re the tech in the bioweapon.

  17. James Quagraine

    Karen is fantastic..

  18. john white

    God bless you Greg.

  19. Poochiwoo

    Keep in mind the majority of Americans think life is back to normal because Fauci and his injections saved the world. Also, just as a reminder, when congress, the FDA, Judges, and other federal agencies gave themselves exemptions, … I knew.

    • Mike

      Virtually all government communications indicate that even our military, notably the vaccinations of our troops as babbled by our Secy of Defense, General Austin, indicate that our government wants to give our government and nation over to an oppressive quasi-feudal smothering agency called the UN. All interviews and Congressional interrogations of Milley and Austin indicate they are deliberately trying to gut our military and make us susceptible to overthrow. Don’t forget that Chinese troops are stationed in both Mexico and Canada and they are not waiting for some holiday parades, either. Jim Jordan, Matt Gaetz, and the rest of the cackling hens make it look like they are really socking it to the Democratic appointees to our federal judiciary but nothing could be farther than the truth. I’d guaran-damn-tee you that our senators to the Congress are 4-square behind the shots for us, but NOT for them. And we sit idly by and watch our nation weakened by the day. MSM needs to be tried and convicted, they are blocking dissemination of truthful news about our upcoming demise. The US is chock full of traitors who desperately need liquidation. Democracy is being replaced by tyranny. It’s a big club that is behind this takeover and we ain’t in it…….

      • Poochiwoo

        Thank you for commenting Mike, if you can, please read my second post below. I may be wrong of course on some issues such as Trump, but in general I believe my point to be on target. My grandparent fought the Nazis, and I can say without a doubt the parallels today are astounding. Lastly, during times of war, the most paranoid and sober minded have a better chance of survival.

        • Rick

          What we need is a “Night of the Long Knives” where the “very top leadership” of the EVIL Globalist Eugenicist Queer and Transgender Cabal (now bringing us famine, war, pestilence and sexually mutilated children) are methodically taken out – like the GOOD Angels did a few years back when they took out Sodom and Gomorrah!!

  20. Jerry

    Karen, does the shot emit a signal that Bluetooth is capable of picking up? I have read and watched many videos that suggested this very thing.

  21. Stephen Pechak

    We must call it what it is. Terrorism. And if we use their own terms to describe what they are doing we must be able to bring those types of charges against those people who are pushing this terrorist plot against the people. Ever since 9:11 all the power to prosecute ‘terrorism’ has been transferred to many agencies through the ‘National Joint Terrorism Task Force” with the ‘Patriot Act. It is time that we use this resource to stop the ‘drug trafficking’ of mRNA and other components in the vaccine. The power must be there to put a swift end to this catastrophic event.
    I am not near as smart as most of you guys, but we have to realize that using their own tools to go after these ‘bad actors’ is necessary and essential. This is the angle to approach, right? How do we do it? The time for wringing of hands and pointing the finger and stating the obvious must be over. This requires real action from very smart people who love the country and everything it has traditionally stood for: Truth, Justice, and the American Way; real caring for our fellows ‘all of them’. No more tolerance for lying, and incipient gender confusion. Stop their equivocation ( a word you should look in in an 1823 Danial Webster Dictionary ) You would be surprised by the old definition.
    At what point is enough – enough? Together We Stand / Divided WE Fall. Yes yes yes, there are many fronts of the truth coming out, and with great aplomb. I watch and listen to many sources doing their great work. But where is the genius that has the will and the insight and the fortitude to put it all together, to organize it into a compelling force that has a chance in hell of standing up against this secret group of ‘haters’ that is not really so secret? That is my real question

    • Rick

      The solution is really very simple – “hit men” have to be hired to take out the Top Globalist Eugenicist Murderers who are giving the orders to their morally perverted minions to kill us and our children!!

      • Ray


        Ray, Canberra, Disarmed Nation


        Amen Rick. Where the post office when we need them?



      • David Gordon Dunne

        Exactly Rick. It is being discussed and probably planed as we yack here.

        • Rick

          I hope so – we need to start Preying (to be saved)!!!

          • David Gordon Dunne

            Rick, I have been in deep prayer all day and night after we got run out of the country in 2016 back to Thailand. I wake up praying to God and for all i love and all I don’t know and go to bed doing the same praying. In the end, we know God and Jesus wins, Satan and all who follow him will also go up like a puff of smoke. All believers will in spiritual beings living in the Heaven on Earth with the Father and the Son. Amen.

    • Chet

      Perhaps all the food plants being destroyed for various reasons over the past few years. Is a result of non compliance or to concentrate distribution of the weapon in the food supply, just some food for thought.

    • The dude

      I buy my meat at a small locally owned Mexican grocery store. I found it one day while riding my bike. I went behind the store in the alley way and saw a man taking halves of a cow out of a frozen box truck. Like the old days, he was moving meat into the back of the store freezer. I asked him where the beef was from and he said it was from down the road and mentioned a man’s name I don’t know but I have seen the cows next to the freeway staring at me while riding my bike. I asked if the guy was using all that new crap in the cows. He said he doubted it because the guy has lots of hey bails all over the place, and the cows are always out in the field. I guess I lucked out, but will try the quarter test next time I go buy some meat.

  22. David Anthony

    Sharing This Far And Wide….Good Job You Two…..Bravo. Bravo.

  23. John Duffy





    • Concerned Legal Citizen

      John Duffy, would be great to have included a link with that.
      Still, if true, Whoa…Interesting math and logic…as they say numbers don’t lie, LIARS do.
      Concerned Legal Citizen

    • Shiloh1

      Perhaps some hapless liability insurance company payed some of the tab.

      Not unusual for a big media company (includes defamation, libel, slander)
      Big pharma company (includes products)
      Class I Railroad (includes pollution)

      To have $1,000,000,000 + in liability insurance limits.

  24. Dennis

    Greg, I’ve been watching your interviews for several years & continue to enjoy them, however I was always able to click on the link in the email you would send. That ceased to work for me months ago, but I was able to watch you on Rumble which seems to work fine. I would like to be able to click on the link you used to send & watch USA Watchdog from your site. Why has that been removed from the email?

    • Greg Hunter

      Try this:
      (Tech Note: If you do not see the video, know it is there. Unplug your modem and plug it back in after 30 sec. This will clear codes that may be blocking you from seeing it. In addition, try different browsers. Also, turn off all ad blockers if you have them. All the above is a way Big Tech tries to censor people like
      Tell le if it works for you.

      • TW


        I think the video problem is not just with Big Tech or with Rumble, but rather a result of digital surveillance and interference run by one of the many clandestine entities of the NWO/Deep State.

        They are using increasingly sophisticated techniques to drown out the Voices of Truth (VoT).

        They brought down Bill O’Reilly, Glenn Beck, Alex Jones and Tucker Carlson, to name only 4 of the many big and small names they have brought down over the years.

        These Satanic forces are now creating “Trans Human” Bio-Digital Entities to kill off “We the People”, as Dr Karan Armstrong has informed us.

        We should not fall for Trump in 24. The argument Big Parma broke the contract with Trump to develop a safe vaccine is a weak excuse. Trump should not have been so easily duped and now must be held accountable for his role in the unleashing of The Evil Pipeline of Bio-Weapons.

        God bless you and Karan, and the other Truth Tellers, for making us aware of what is ahead of us!!!

  25. Rick

    Think of this folks – there are 340 million American and by 2030 (just 7 years from now) Kingston predicts there will be 200 million Americans disabled or murdered by Big Pharma’s mRNA and CV19 bio-weapon/VAX injections (so the Globalists will have succeeded in killing and maiming 58.8% of the US population)!! Bill Gates is likely shaking back and forth in his chair and smiling ear to ear and will likely be telling Trump (when he is elected in 2024 ) to do Warp Speed II (hopefully Trump has learned his lesson and will resist when Gates releases the Marburg Virus upon us that will kill 80% of the 41.2% of Americans who survived the Warp Speed I bio-weapon)!!!

    • Rick

      Now – we should be asking ourselves – with such a population die off – what does this mean for the future price of gold and silver? – well “population deflation” will not result in a contraction in the supply of money!! – because all the money already printed “will still be in existence” (it will just be in fewer hands) – and with all that paper money in fewer survivors hands (it will be spend on things that are “now more rare” because all manufacturing will grind to a halt (as most of the workers will have died off) – and that should make the purchasing power of all those dollars still in existence “even less valuable” – and so gold and silver (that also won’t be mined anymore – as everyone becomes an invalid or dies) will be “even rarer” as new gold and silver production grinds to a halt!! – this is why the Fed needs a “digital dollar” – with CBDC”s the Fed will have the power “to subtract funds from peoples digital dollar accounts” (lowering the money supply) – and by lowering the money supply (using negative interest rates) they will be able to suppress the price of gold and silver (that will be skyrocketing with mine production at a standstill) once again – they will have to take all the dollars still in existence (and left to surviving relatives) out of circulation so they won’t be spent on things people can no longer get because the factories have shut down!! – so any gold and silver you buy to preserve wealth “should be accumulated before the Fed brings out their CBDC’s” and reduces your wealth with “negative interest rates” (which just another way of stealing money out of your bank account)!!!

      • Mat G


        “Something” might go down tomorrow, May Day, causing everything to grind to a halt.

        Grab yourself a slice of blueberry pie and check this out.

        • Rick

          Mat G – Guess what I find very strange (and it has nothing to do with Nostradamus) – the government posted my pension check to my bank account today (on a Sunday???) – Very Strange – they always wait until after a weekend to post to my bank account – so what do you think? – Bank Holiday tomorrow????

          • Richard Longacre

            Rick, Same thing here. Got paid on a Sunday. I don’t think that has ever happened before. If Monday is the normal payday but is a holiday I would get paid on Friday. Otherwise, not until after midnight on Sunday night/Monday morning. Something is up.

            • Rick

              Stan is in a world of hurt – after buying First Republic (FRC) Bank Shares at over $3 dollars it fell today 42% in pre-market trading to $1.86 – as it was seized by regulators in the second-largest bank failure in US history (after having reported a $100 billion deposit outflow in March) – JPMorgan Chase (JPM) agreed to buy the bank and split the losses with the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. – so the FDIC and Chase will both likely to take a $13 billion hit “each”!!

            • Rick

              The Fed’s “fine tuning” of the economy has lead to four(4) Banks failing so far – but “the Fed needs to continue to raise rates” (because as the American workforce dies off from the Covid 19 jabs) Companies must steady hire “whoever is available” at higher and higher wages (and such wage increases continues to elevate the inflation the Fed has determined it needs to fight)!!

            • Rick

              I see the Fed is successfully holding the price of Gold down under $2,000 dollars per ounce (as the run on their banks continues) – but it seems Silver (rising today) is getting away from them!!

    • Shiloh1

      Hopefully Bill Gates will tour Chicago some weekend evening this summer.

    • Rick

      Opening the borders (to replace the jab induced dying of a 200 million American workforce) is not going to be nearly enough – the Fauci/Gates/Globalist Cabal has effectively already condemned 58.8% of the American population to death with their jab – and they know they are not going to jail for it – because Soros Judges have been installed to protect all the Demons!!!

      • Dylan C.

        Opening the borders won’t work again. The illegals will leave America once it goes down the drain.

        • Rick

          What happens when the Globalists finally figure out that the people they are bringing across our borders (to disrupt and bring our country to revolution) will in actuality help to replace the American workforce they just tried so hard to kill off with their Covid jabs?? – Will the Globalists reverse their position (and close the borders??) so that when the 200 million American workers die off from their jab – “America will Collapse”!!!

  26. Dee Plorable

    It is no wonder why it is so hard to stop the madness, the government isn’t being run by elected officials, its being run by the lobbyists and donors to the elected officials. They pull the strings in all three branches of government. The Brook Jackson case is a prime example. All the evidence shows Pfizer did not deliver what they contracted for, yet the case gets dismissed. The CDC changes the meaning of vaccine to exclude the need to protect against disease, and now the FDA says a vaccine need not prove to be effective at stopping the disease to receive authorization. Even the military is being run into the ground by non-elected elite.

    I just wonder how the genocide is going to square with the bible that says men will seek death but won’t find it. (Rev 9:6).

    I was curious to find out if a low cost compass would be affected by the same field that causes the quarter to stick. Picking up a package to do the quarter test would look odd, but holding a compass nearby to see if it deflects would be easy to do, if that worked….

    • Rick

      Rev 9:6 – “Men will seek death but won’t find it” – we should inflict this punishment on the “really really bad evil immoral Globalists” now killing millions of us and our children (i.e. like Bill Gates) – by cloning 365 copies of Bill Gates before we execute him for mass murder – then – execute his clones – one every day for the next 364 days – then on the 365th day – make up another 365 copies of Gates (from the last clone) – and execute them over the next year – and so on – and so on – for the next 1000 years!!!

      • Linda

        Wow, that took some creative thinking…..


        Boy Rick your creative.

  27. Fieldhand

    So it sounds like Kingston is saying that these nanoparticles can be activated by electromagnetic energy. The most obvious (or perhaps common) source of electromagnetic energy is the sun.
    Is there any correlation between solar flares or CME’s with an uptick in vaccine caused problems?
    Just throwing that out there. I’m sure no one has been looking for that kind connection since they won’t even admit that the vaccines are a problem.

    • Rick

      Can putting our meat in a microwave oven (exposing it to “intense electromagnetic energy”) be enough to breakdown and disassemble the Covid 19 m-RNA, nano-particles and prions?? – possibly (independent researchers need to do some testing) – we know microwave photons have sufficient energy to break hydrogen bonds (and we know the microwave energy in a cellphone has enough energy to break the DNA molecules in peoples heads to give them brain cancer)!!

  28. rv

    Deagel report in 2014 claimed reducing US population to 99 million by the end of 2025 so global population dropped from 7.8 billion in Jan. 2020 to approximately 6.8 billion today 13% drop in 28-months. Original report 70% US drop in depopulation along with some western axis. Former Mahathir Mohamad fearlessly blew the whistle on the depopulation agenda in 2015. Poisoned and being weakened financially(WAR).
    Both Thanks!

  29. JOHN

    the deagel list show this since years , germany from 86 mio to 28 mio
    usa from 360 to 120 mio

  30. Poochiwoo

    My apologies for making a second post but I think it is pertinent. I believe Karen. It is important noting the same people who pushed the WEF agenda are still in power. No one went to prison. In fact, they have made great progress moving forward patching up all the legal holes.and removing the most vocal people. Most importantly, I am noticing people saying the military and Trump are going to move in and save the world. I am sorry to say I don’t believe it for a second. In fact, according to Karen, the DOD / DARPA are in on the WEF agenda. When the rumblings begin, you can be sure I am going to be hiding until I see Fauci, the FDA, much of congress at Nuremberg trials. Until then, I am under the impression those on the round up list are street level dissidents and the non-vaccinated,… and not those who committed crimes against humanity. . Good day.

  31. Marie Joy

    More plandemics and bioweapons are coming. STOCK UP.
    As cowpox is the lesser cousin of Smallpox, do Marburg and Ebola have lesser cousins to purposely self immunize?
    Wood stoves. Hide your wood in basements, attics, porches, etc.
    What does Karen Kingston think of the safety of milk products?
    My cousin, long dead, big shot in the FBI, wanted everyone dead.
    So beef, pork, chicken AND their byproducts. Does mRNA self multiply? In other words, if there are 100? molecules of mRNA in a chicken. Does one go out into an egg and then you have 99 or do they double/triple/self multiply so more mRNA is made? Is there any self limiting process?
    Are wildebeests or zebras edible? Not that there are many around here but…
    Are there chemtrails in every country/continent?
    Lifetime Ivermectin and more.
    Almost all food has been weaponized. Best to raise your food, yourself.
    Soy is poison.
    Fluoride is poison
    Chlorine is poison
    Go organic, if you can.
    Backyard deep holes. Stealth.
    We gave China power by buying from them but politicians made it happen.
    It will be interesting to see what Tucker becomes without censorship.
    It will be interesting to see if we ever act.
    We need to be in better shape, in every way.
    Taking pollination into account, plant fruit trees. Educate yourself first.
    Like minded people need to come together.
    IF hillary won in 2016, we would be much farther along the road to Perdition.
    RFK believes in democrats’ definition of climate change. He’s still a donkey.
    Act or die before your time.
    Love you all.

    • Sam

      Soy is poison.
      Fluoride is poison
      Chlorine is poison………
      You Left Out

      • Marie Joy

        Sam, Agreed.
        Food has been weaponized.

        • Marie Joy

          Corn, cottonseed, sunflower oils and vegetable oils, in general, are poison. Look at your ingredients. There are a lot of ingredients that should not be in food. Search every ingredient. Knowledge is power.

  32. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Ms Kingston just an appalling situation we have allowed ourselves to be led to by our noses andhere in the UK ,in polite society, we dare not raise this subject as to the imbecility of our choices and the unwillingness to stand up to tyranny.
    As Martin Armstrong so deliciously pointed out by the Russian writer Dostoievski ,”Tolerance will reach such a level that intelligent people will be banned from thinking so as not to offend the imbeciles”
    Imbeciles are thick on the ground here in the UK though the slyness of the elite is well mixed with their intelligence as well and corruption in our establishment of Neo-Cons is rife.
    We indeed need,” To save ourselves from this perverse generation”
    Shocking and utterly disturbing that a room full of intellectual journalists are silent whilst being questioned by their utter silence for leading the USA to World War III.
    Here in the UK we are preparing for King Charles III and Queen Camilla I ‘s corantions . Our political leaders meanwhile are preparing for nuclear war and seripously assume that they can survive whilst we plebs will go and die for them. Sadly WWIII is here and utter silence rules.

    • Rick

      Intelligent people will be banned from thinking so as not to offend the imbeciles running our Government (i.e. Tucker Carlson)!!

  33. Allen

    Surprised that Obama’s henchmen, Soros bullies, Bezos yes-men and Gates servants haven’t given Karen a “visit”…… she knows too much.. they all have too much invested in the clot jab and with no conscience will try kill off whoever they can.

    • Rick

      The evil Globalists need to be careful about who they kill (they don’t want to be too obvious by killing Karen) as it might engender “retaliatory action” against them and their personal families (by the people they are stealthily murdering simply going out and hiring hit men “to take them out”!!

  34. WeareLegionisnowtheythem

    Overheard my neighbor talking today about how he keeps getting sicker from each continued bout with covid, and that he recently thought he was going to die… even though he’s had 4 injections…
    While I may pray for their salvation, I struggle to have any sympathy for their situation.

    • Rick

      By voluntarily or involuntarily taking the jab (people have effectively agreed to committed suicide and kill their wives and children) “to simply keep their jobs for a few more months” before dropping over like flies on the football field or right on stage while making fun of the un-vaxxed!!


      People just don’t see. They can’t imagine how someone could be this evil to humanity. It’s past comprehension. But when some finally do all hell will break loose against the monsters. I can’t pray for the monsters they will get what they get. A big can is opening up.

  35. tim mcgraw

    Do the courts of the USA still enforce contracts? Do the courts of the USA still enforce the laws?
    I don’t think so. Why would anyone invest in the USA without the US having a court system that enforces contracts and enforces laws? The USA thrived because it had a fairly fair legal system. It no longer does.

    • Sam

      ABSOLUTELY AGREED Absolutely!……Finally…a spark if Clarity.

  36. tim mcgraw

    If Karen Kingston is right and 2/3 of Americans are dead or disabled by 2030, the country and society will disintegrate. So what’s the point of going on? Do we go live in small communities that can sustain themselves?

    • Rick

      What other choice do we have?? – of course those “who know they are going to die” can become Heroes and Heroines (by going after the Globalist murderers at the very top coordinating humanities demise) before they actually keel over and drop dead of the jab they took!!

      • Tony Beagels

        Reply to Rick,’
        Dead on Arrival | COLORIZED | Thriller | Film Noir | Classic Drama Movie ARTFLIX – Movie Classics 14,563 views Apr 25, 2023
        Colorized Movie: Dead on Arrival – Frank, a self-employed accountant, is in a relationship with his assistant Paula. For a week he goes to San Francisco, where he ends up in a bar after an evening of partying and having drinks with a mysterious stranger.
        This is where polite society finds itself today, DEAD ON ARRIVAL!
        We are now living in a Dr. Fraudci nightmare!

        • Rick

          Tony – There are 200 million “dead men walking” in America today (who didn’t deserve to die) – and all they did – was take the jab!!

          • Rick

            And like Frank in the movie you posted – those 200 million “dead men now walking about in America” will finally come to understand “what true love is” and will seek out the demonically evil people “who murdered them” with a luminous aluminum chemical sneakily put into their body with the Covid 19 Jab – at least in the movie the “dead man walking” shot and killed his murderer (but of course that was fiction – not sure that in reality the 200 million dead men now currently walking around in America will ever do the same!!!

    • Linda

      That would be a good idea, but most of us are islands in a big city sea.

    • Stephen Pechak

      Everyone dies Timmy boy. It is not how you die that counts, it is how you choose to live. It is what you do with your time here on this little speck of God’s grand Creation. There is always a bigger picture unseen by most. The real question is how much we understand the purpose of this Creation and our time in this physical body. If you’re any kind of deliberate and thoughtfully reflective individual , you at least understand that the SOUL is eternal and that this place and this life is a nano-moment in that eternity. Isn’t it obvious that there is a Spiritual career that follows this physical life. Ask anyone who has had a ‘near death experience’. Maybe it has to do with the management of the rest of the evolving cosmos. A spiritual career isn’t about playing a harp at the pearly gates. It is as real as this place and this life albeit a bit more etherical in nature. Just read some books by Emanuel Swedenborg, or the Urantia Book. And if this is too esoteric for you, then dig deep into the true nature and real history of the Bible, and all the players who had a hand in adding or subtracting the various writing that make it what it has become today.
      I for one prefer to read the 1560 Geneva Bible, because it was way less corrupt than the version ‘King James” created, or should I say deconstructed. He removed all the margin comments of the Geneva Bible because he did not want the serf classes to think for themselves. Look it up yourself. It’s out there. If we just do the right thing, no matter what, we have a chance, because ultimately the Creator is who we live for.


      I think the Chinese have already bought their airline tickets and picked out a state and a house.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Tim,
      “Do we go live in small communities that can sustain themselves?” According to Catherine Austin Fitts, I guess so . . .

  37. Jerry

    Tyson foods is a proud member of the WEF.

    Extermination is the goal .

    • Serenity

      Good list. Thanks

  38. PersonaNonGrata

    Hi Greg,
    About to listen to Karen Kingston.
    From your synopsis, “Kingston says, “This is not for the benefit of humanity. This is going to lead to our extinction. I just do not know why people do not understand that.””
    IMHO, people simply can not bring themselves to understand that humans – even evil humans – desire to eradicate everyone. To a rational person, the intent to kill everyone, or the majority, is totally irrational – ‘It does not compute, Master Robinson’. Perhaps, by ‘eradicate’ she means ‘change the nature of’?

    Logic leads me – ever so reluctantly – to ponder; if it is ‘their’ intention to extinguish humanity, perhaps ‘they’ are not human?

    On the other hand, Karen Kingston posits that ‘their’ intention is . . . “forcing the evolution of humans to merge with DNA of reptiles, insects and artificial intelligence”. This has a germ of (twisted) logic to it. ‘They’ already own everything and now ‘they’ seek immortality so that they can enjoy ‘everything’ for longer. Merging humans with AI is a form of immortality ‘they’ are experimenting with – just listen to Yuval Noah Harare! Naturally, ‘they’ have no desire to be the ‘guinea pigs’ in their transhumanist experiment. That invidious role appears to have fallen to ‘we the people’.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Correction: Harari

    • Rick

      The role that also appears to have fallen to “we the people” – is to hire “Hit Squads” to take out the evil psychopathic sexually perverted and pedophilia insane eugenicist Globalists who are openly mass murdering our wives and children right in front of our eyes – the same way a “Hit Squad” was sent by God the Father years ago to help his moral people (as clearly written in the Holy Biblical when Sodom and Gomorrah were taken out)!!


      I think the Chinese have already bought their airline tickets and picked out a state and a house..

      • Rick

        The Chinese are not going to be able to live here once Biden gets a thermo-nuclear war started with Russia – when all the nuclear weapons go off over America the entire US land mass will not only become radioactive – but the Russians intend to deliberately hit Yellowstone with their nuclear weapons also which will have it begin spewing 4 to 6 meters of hot volcanic ash and pumice upon every living thing in America (like what happened years ago when Mount Vesuvius spewed hot volcanic ash and lava over the entire city of Pompeii in Naples Italy (burying it and its people)!!

        • LINDA J CREAN

          Why would the Chinese and Gates buy up all the farmland and send so many Chinese people here and across the boarder and make all the restaurants if they have no intention of coming over here to live?

          • Rick

            They are “Dreamers” – who simply don’t believe a Nuclear War is Possible (and explicitly planned for us) by the Globalists who want to kill 99.999% of us!!

            • Rick

              Speaking of Yellowstone – Nikita Khrushchev once said: “We Will Bury You”!! – bet no one ever thought it would happen in “their” lifetime!!

    • Will's R.

      You are so right Persona,

  39. David

    If Karen is right I would expect another pandemic to be declared, and all the associated actions played out again very soon, as it would be the only way to disguise the overwhelming amount of illness we may be heading into.

    • Rick

      The Evil Globalists are already spreading the Marburg Virus (that has an 80% kill rate) into many countries in Africa – – so it is only a matter of time before both the WHO and UN issue “A World Wide Marburg Pandemic Alert” (with Draconian lock-downs likely even more extreem then they did for Covid) – hopefully – if Trump is elected he will have gotten over his mental block about the jabs being safe “and will not impose” Warp Speed II upon us!!

  40. Don

    Greg, Wow, What an interview with Karen Kingston! Are we living in Science Fiction? No! We are seeing the work of Satan and his followers! Keep praying! They will be defeated!

  41. DBM

    Where’s the patent holder for mRNA in all this? Dr. Robert Malone seems complicent doesn’t he Greg? Please have him on your show to rebut Karen’s findings (facts). Thanks Greg!

    • sk

      What about pepsin/HCL in the stomach, lipases in the small intestine? Would they not hydrolyze the lipid nanoparticle protective layer? I have read that ribonucleases “are ubiquitous”. Wouldn’t mRNA given orally be destroyed by the many enzymes in the gastrointestinal tract?

    • sk

      The patent holder on mRNA is our Creator. Also on DNA, proteins, carbohydrates, lipids, and other components of creatures. Now – artificially modified mRNA is another story. Maybe check with Fauci, DARPA, that Univ. of North Carolina guy, and the Wuhan crew.

  42. Mel

    Pray over your food, that it would do no harm from altered DNA or any other contaminants placed by the enemy to harm us.

    • Rick

      After you say your prayer – “microwave the food well” (until hopefully experimental tests by people like Mike Adams proves microwaving will sanitize our food deliberately poisoned by the Globalists with their m-RNA spike protein’s)!!

  43. bert trim

    Thank you Greg for having Karen on your show, what a great brain. And of course you’re looking wonderful Karen.

  44. Sam

    I would assume that Karen Kingston is in the UPPER Range of the IQ Spectrum…I wonder if she is a member of MENSA?….or….Is MENSA fit for having her as a Member?…I mean she May be TOO INTELLIGENT for that group. She should be the “Pin-up Girl” for All the Intellect world…a true BEAUTY!

  45. Mick Goldman

    This topic is so complex that it is unlikely that any there will be traction with anyone except those that are so spiritually advanced that we should not expect the report herein will go anywhere.

    • Greg Hunter


      • Annabel Australia

        Nuclear war is highly unlikely as TPTB would not risk contaminating the land for hundreds of years.
        The likely scenario is to force a ‘nuclear winter’ using targetted weapons or increased chemtrails. No sun, no plant life, no food thus mass starvation. Meanwhile TPTB are safe in their bunkers for however many years the earth will take to clear its atmosphere. Anything that TPTB require to be done on the surface during the waiting period will be done by AI.

        • Greg Hunter

          I agree. China already owns about 350,000 acres of U.S. farmland.

  46. Juan Sánchez-Villalobos Ramírez

    Stopped eating meat of any sorts back in January 2020….We try and buy/swap/trade foods from local growers here (Mallorca) I have tried explaining my reasons for stopping eating meats… but everyone just thinks we’re mad! Sure, we do take a few supplements, but the supplements we take, most people should also take, wether u eat meat or not! We produce our own colloidal silver and MMS/CDS. Have stopped trying to tell the Normies.. If they don’t get it now.. they never will!!

  47. Kenneth Noga

    Graphine Oxide is magnetic. If you run the food over strong electromagnets, like the ones used in car wreaking depots, would that pull all the metals out of the food. Would not help with nano lipids though.

  48. Juan Sánchez-Villalobos Ramírez

    I love Trump, I have thought that since the first he ran for President.. but after all this time now, You really need to question if he really is just one of them.. I’ve heard many arguments for and against.. same for this Bobby…I have read books on the 13 families that control the world… and The Kennedy’s are one! For me, I think ALL Politicians (no matter who you are… and what country your in!) are corrupt! and I think we would all be better without any of them! Alot of the world’s problems would disappear with the extinction of a Politician!!!! Why do we need them? For me, I do not need governed! and I do not need Policed!! I don’t need “their” medicines either!! I don’t know the answers.. but I totally believe that humans CANNOT live in peace and harmony!! IMPOSSIBLE!! Hence, we distance ourselves from most! For us, to live as far away from other humans as possible is our answer!!!!!

  49. Jay

    By bring this to the court right now. Would put a bullseye on your back. All the courts are compromised. To give your information to a Soro backed prosecutor is stupid. JFK is a good example of what happens when you come out in public with evidence against the government. Everything will come to light.

  50. jack

    They have been putting MRNA in pigs for a few years now. It is called Improvax. The pigs get a shot behind the ear at five weeks old and another shot about 4 weeks later. The pigs testicles shrink and testosterone is reduced by 90%. This is done to reduce the “taint” flavor of the meat. Also known as immunocastration.IT works by producing a foreign protein in the testicles that is attacked by the pigs immune system. Will work on female pigs too.

    • Rick

      And just like they did to the pigs – Covid 19 was developed by (eyeball maggot) Fauci and (pink sweater queer) Gates to deliberately attack the sexual organs of humans – to not only “effect immunocastration” upon all those who accepted the jab – but to also gave them heart attacks, strokes, neurological disorders (like uncontrollable shaking), etc., etc., etc.!!!

  51. anon

    “Directed Evolution is forcing the evolution of humans to merge with DNA from reptiles, insects and artificial intelligence. It’s the bio-digital merger”…

    “mRNA is an electromagnetic device”

    “DNA teleportation is a claim that DNA produces electromagnetic signals (EMS), measurable when highly diluted in water. This signal can allegedly be recorded, transmitted electronically, and re-emitted on another distant pure water sample” —

    Transduction of DNA information through water and electromagnetic waves —

    Then consider some examples of engraven woodcut arts from antiquity depicting chimera like beings : | | | | |

    I wonder if the “Plague of Demons” illuminati card is up soon? –

    • Rick

      The way I figure it – if I put my cell phone in a microwave oven (I can most likely stop it from working) – so – I’m just going to do the same with my Globalist tainted meats (until Mike Adams does some independent scientific tests that proves it actually works)!!!

  52. Roger Stamper

    oh my gosh mrna on beef steak that’s bad ok tks karen greg

  53. jack

    Improvac was first used in Germany after they passed a law that pigs had to have anesthesia during castration. There is still a video from many years ago on youtube where Bourla talks about improvac for pigs.

  54. Jennifer Updegraff

    Syn – Bio = synthetic biology = symbiosis(used to be defined as between ‘living organisms’) = merged humanity&tech/AI=the Borg=the internet of everything and most importantly ‘no longer human’.

  55. The other Ken

    Greg or anyone else:
    Is there anyway to determine the top 10 counties with the highest percent bioweapon uptake??? The reason is obvious and in case it is not in order to track hospital intakes, EMT responses and of course undertaker web site death announcements.

  56. E K

    I would like the specific patent numbers for the vaccines, and in particular, the ones that specify the lipid nanoparticles or oils that Karen spoke of. Also, I would like the patent numbers for any of the patents that specify graphene oxide.

    Thank you.

    • Greg Hunter

      Do some research and get back with us.
      Thank you.

  57. Pat McGee

    I think this is the definitive test for Bobby Kennedy. If he is for real, he will do what Karen suggests. Otherwise, he is just another lying Pol.

  58. Jack

    If you have already taken the covid vax and have lower testosterone don’t worry. Pfizer has a testosterone replacement drug called Depo-Testosterone. Also if you get aggressive prostate cancer from Testosterone Replacement Therapy I heard Moderna is working on MRNA vaccines for cancer.

  59. Chris

    Most people won’t even begin to entertain the thought that their elites, and all the institutions they have trusted all their life (at the level of senior management at any rate), could contemplate such a monstrous, psychopathic “final solution” type act as the Covid-19 vax op. To want humanity exterminated. Can you blame them? It is, for 95% of the human race simply unthinkable. Normal humanity cannot comprehend such unfathomable depravity. That level of evil is not even considered possible by the average person on planet Earth and they think you’re deranged, no matter how much evidence you present them with. The Holocaust was essentially one group (Germans and their allies) exterminating Jews (and other selected peoples) to the estimated level of several millions. People barely can get their heads around that atrocity and the planning that went into it. This is a global extermination, with diabolical levels of planning and execution by every government and practically every institution in the developed world. I can barely comprehend such evil, and I am one who’s taken a very deep dive into the belly of the beast to get the facts. Most people still just turn away in disbelief. Maybe, but I am not convinced yet, given that most people I know are still getting boosters (jabs four and five), and getting worse Covid after each jab, the penny will drop over the next few years as the casualty lists mount up. In the end, I think, people prefer self-delusion rather than face the implications of accepting their government (and elites generally) want them dead. That we are ruled by 21st century Nazis.

    • Rick

      Well said – Chris!! – we are like cattle in a slaughter house and most believe the people giving out the “jabs” are there to help them (help them pass away is the truth of the matter)!!

  60. Dan

    You remind us to “fear not”.
    Maybe an interview with someone who espouses this would be a good thing?
    Derek Johnson – Latest Interview

  61. Rick

    Space X will soon be ready to carry all the top evil Globalist eugenicist pedophiles (we arrest and sentence to death) into space on a one way mission to the Sun – the good news is Elon Musk has the $2 billion to use on his Starship rocket program this year (and will not need to raise additional outside funding from the Globalists)!! -the Space X rocket stands nearly 400 feet tall and should be able to hold “all the top Globalists” (who are currently intent on exterminating the Human Race) and soon send them on their final one way mission to the Sun!!

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Rick,
      The trajectory may be the Sun, but your scumbag passenger list will fry when they pass through the Van Allen Belt at only 15,000 km to 60,000 km from Earth.
      Take note of this NASSA video at 3:00 minute mark. They are still trying to figure out how to safely travel through the Van Allen Belt in 2023! Did they forget how they went through it twice with the return trip to the Moon in 1969?

      • Rick

        Interesting – so how did we get to the Moon? – was it all “another lie” from our Government??

  62. David Tiger

    Attack is correct!!! Don’t underestimate what is taking place and where we are headed!! This attack is likely driven by others and not likely homo sapiens…. That would explain why everybody is going along with the game. Please stop recycling Kabuki theater actors (Tucker and Bobby are the latest examples or recycled BS actors:)

    According to the computations of the author of Yellow Peril, more than half of the Chinese will die, and that figure would be more than 800 million people! Just after the liberation, our yellow land supported nearly 500 million people, while today the official figure of the population is more than 1.3 billion. This yellow land has reached the limit of its capacity. One day, who know how soon it will come, the great collapse will occur any time and more than half of the population will have to go.

    It is indeed brutal to kill one or two hundred million Americans. But that is the only path that will secure a Chinese century, a century in which the CCP leads the world. We, as revolutionary humanitarians, do not want deaths, But if history confronts us with a choice between deaths of Chinese and those of Americans, we’d have to pick the latter, as, for us, it is more important to safeguard the lives of the Chinese people and the life of our Party.

    The last problem I want to talk about is of firmly seizing the preparations for military battle. The central committee believes, as long as we resolve the United States problem at one blow, our domestic problems will all be readily solved.

  63. James macareo

    Karen will be targeted for assassination for the amount of information she is presenting
    Just like jfk
    I feel for her life and will pray for her safety
    This is a evil agenda run by the devil himself
    Jesus christ son of God please protect this woman and others like myself from the evil that is committing these horrible crimes against humanity and put a stop to this evil agenda

    • Paul

      No one is worthy of a good home here or in heaven that he or she is not willing to be at risk or danger for a good cause.

      Thanks Greg and Karen your actions are contagious.

      Paul from arkansas

  64. Joe

    At least we know Putin, is the real enemy. OK.

    • Rick

      Putin is the enemy of the Perverted Queer Nazi Globalists trying to take over his country the way they took over Ukraine!!

  65. Susan R

    Thank you both for this intensive warning. It seems humans throughout history are confronted by extinction level events. Every single natural phenomenon capable of this power is being harnessed, weather events: earthquakes, flooding, and erratic temperature swings, then the “seasoning” being dropped in the sky by planes to make sure the special ingredients are dispersed in our food and water, also the pharmaceuticals to “protect” us from all detrimental invaders, and the “human race” theories that state we are to “choose” which sexual form of human we prefer. The list goes on with the targeted assault on God which brings us to WHO is our enemy? If any would give the names of any Human, they would be a traitor, not the actual invader. I believe there is nothing left but to turn us against ourselves, we have been obedient in our worship of higher authority, all the mini kingdoms of learning, Oxford et al. Our race includes all the trap doors needed for what Karen states is our extermination.

  66. Terry

    I really think they, as all politicians are in on it . That includes the elite. As George said its a big club and your not in it . It’s up to us little people and God to stand against luckier and his evil agents


    People just don’t see. They can’t imagine how someone could be this evil to humanity. It’s past comprehension. But when some finally do all hell will break loose against the monsters. I can’t pray for the monsters they will get what they get. A big can is opening up.

  68. Zach

    I remember when the covid hit, it was the same time they were rolling out the 5g network. I always found that to be quite a coincidence. Do you think those two are related in any way?

    • Greg Hunter


  69. Jeffrobbins

    Thanks Greg. In the beginning of this, you reminded us “ It’s experimental” and then it was recommended that pregnant women get it and i knew and everyone with eyes should have known this is going to end badly. I have to conclude this ends either with Jesus, at the barrel of a gun, or some kind of societal collapse. Grieving fathers will not have mercy. It’s going to get ugly, plant a garden, can some food. We just planted some fruit trees and it takes time to learn things. Took 5 years to figure the pocket gophers we have here- can’t kill all of them,- they won’t dig through gravel.

  70. Owen

    Thanks for another great, info-packed interview, Greg!

    Several guest reco’s (if you haven’t already had them on that is):

    Dr. Shiva–inventor of e-mail, MIT grad, lots of knowledge regarding vaccines/health, election fraud (tried to help Trump in 2020), did ground-breaking work & lawsuit to expose how govt. & social media platforms colluded to censor dissident views, how TPTB control information, and how TPTB also create false heroes for the public to follow.

    Cal Washington–expert in how the legal system works, has uncovered the truth that we have been fooled/tricked into Commerce Law, our corporate straw-man identity, and has filed lawsuits against the vaccine & 5G (which he also sees as weapons systems). Even sued the Queen of England!

    Ron Gibson–mining/land lawyer, specializes in helping clients re-establishing original land title the Founders intended us to have, the “land patent”, which protects land-owners from nearly ALL regulations, property-taxes, foreclosure, and even eminent domain (according to him anyways).

    Take care, and keep up the good work!

  71. Russell Holmes

    It’s hard for people to truly grasp the depths of evil; the black, black, black hearts of people like Gates, Biden and hundreds of others in the political/corporate/judicial/banking cartels. But history clearly proves such; tyrants who murdered 10’s of millions of their own people through starvation and other unspeakable horrors so evil only Satan himself could even think of them. And not just tyrants but “average” people like the Israelites who burned their own babies alive on the altar of of their “god” Moloch. And which part of the cartel has erected statues of Moloch and other demons? The UN—the same Satanists who Biden is about to give all our freedoms and sovereignty to by allowing the W.H.O. to lock down and declare Martial law for any made up reason they can think of (and the first thing they’ll do is declare guns to be a “medical emergency”). [Many schools have Satanist clubs now, BTW. GET YOUR KIDS OUT!]

    The true agenda behind socialism, fascism and the World Economic Forum where “you’ll own nothing and be happy” is feudalism. They actually believe they’re going to save the planet from global warming by murdering billions. It’s the reason Gates is buying 1,000’s of acres of farmland. He thinks he’ll be a feudal lord with his slaves working the field—those that survive the bioweapon shots, the poisons in our food and the next death plague the CCP releases to kill us. These people, our “lords,” also actually believe things like they’ll be able to transplant their consciousness into computers, that they can live for hundreds or even thousands of years, that transplanting chips in their brain will make them super human (which many like Elon Musk have already done) and so on. It’s pure Satanism! 

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Russell,
      “you’ll own nothing and be happy” – that well worn utterance of Klaus Schwab, may have been misunderstood in its intent. We will not need to be sent to FEMA re-education camps to ‘learn’ to be happy with nothing. According to Yuval Harari, ‘we the people’ will be genetically engineered to be ‘happy’. So, it’s worse than neo-feudalism!
      I don’t wish to try Greg’s patience with posting a link multiple times, so please review my earlier posts and click on the link to the pronouncements of WEF ‘darling’, Yuval Harari.

  72. I Dig Au

    Every living thing has the right of self-defense. When a group or entity is working towards our extinction, we have the right to defend ourselves with any means necessary.

    • Rick

      “I see you” Dig Au – self preservation also extends to the financial realm – listen to Bob Moriarty as to why the banks that are now collapsing “is important” – (clue: “The Entire Financial System Is Bankrupt” and “The Collapse Has Just Started”)!!

  73. Shiloh1

    At this point, it’s all about “the why?’.

    More on Epstein out today, including involving William Burns – Director CIA.

    The pit to hell runs deep!

  74. Robert M. Stockmann

    So many documents and urls are inside this presentation, that will make
    your head spin. We are dealing here with a possible alien and
    extraterrestrial technology which has had humanity in their custody,
    since the heydays of Sumer and Egypt. Or has a new international
    criminal gang from outer space joined up with the cone-heads ? The
    input from humans into the discussion has been rendered moot, just like
    the 1st amendment of free speech is under siege. Now the Murdoch family
    has kicked Tucker Carlson from Fox. Something needs to happen. Here’s
    the urls i could capture so far :

  75. PersonaNonGrata

    I have now listened to the interview – Wow! Karen Kingston keeps on keeping on, flushing out the documentation that proves wicked intent.

    Greg, I took time to write a full transcript of Yuval Harari’s pronouncements – per the video link below. The ‘system’ will not allow me to post it to USAW comments. Keeps returning ‘fault 404 . . .’ I suggest everyone click the link . . . it’s chilling!!

    • PersonaNonGrata

      I’ll try a bit at a time –

      I posted a link, above, to recent pronouncements by Yuval Noah Harari – a ‘darling’ of the Davos Crowd. These pronouncements, presented directly to the WEF et al, support everything that Karen Kingston is revealing. The content is so troubling, I have taken the time to transcribe what YNH says in the linked-to video:
      “We are probably one of the last generations of Homo sapiens. Because, in the coming generations we will learn how to engineer bodies and brains and minds. Now, how exactly will the future masters of the planet look like? This will be determined by the people who own the data. Now, why is data so important? It’s important because we have reached the point when we can hack, not just computers, we can hack human beings and other organisms. Now, what do you need in order to hack a human being? You need two things. A lot of computing power and you need a lot of data, especially biometric data. But control of data might enable the human elite (note, that’s who comprise his audience, who are probably rubbing their hands together at the prospect – sic) to do something even more radical than just build digital dictatorships. By hacking organisms, elites may gain the power to re-engineer the future of life. Because, once you can hack something you can usually also re-engineer it. All of life for four billion years, dinosaurs, amoebas, tomatoes, humans – all of life was subject to the laws of natural selection and the laws of organic biochemistry. But, this is now about to change. Science is replacing evolution by natural selection with evolution by intelligent (OMG, the hubris! – sic) design. Not the intelligent design of some god above the clouds, but our intelligent design, and the intelligent design of our clouds – the IBM cloud, the Microsoft cloud, these are the new driving force of evolution. And, at the same time, science may enable life – after being confined for four billion years to the limited realm of organic compounds – science may enable life to breakout into the inorganic realm.” This guy has obviously never studied nature’s rule of ‘unintended consequences’!

      • PersonaNonGrata

        He continues: “Humans are hackable animals. You know, the whole idea that humans have a soul or spirit, and they have free will, and nobody knows what is happening inside me, so, whatever I choose, whether in the election or whether in the supermarket, that’s my free will – well, that’s over. Today we have the technology to hack human beings on a massive scale. Everything is being digitalised, everything is being monitored (we need Conservo – sic). In this time of crisis (scamdemic – sic) you (I think he means ‘we the people’ – sic) tend to follow science. It’s been said that you should never allow a good crisis to t go to waste, because a crisis is an opportunity to also do good reforms that in normal times people would never agree to, but in a crisis you see we have a chance – so, so let’s do it.”
        Interviewer: “So vaccines won’t help . . .”
        Interrupted by Yuval: “Vaccines will help us, of course, it will make things (I think he means ‘we the people’ – sic) more manageable.”
        Yuval’s thoughts on surveillance: “People could look back one hundred years and identify the coronavirus epidemic as the moment when the reign of surveillance took over, especially under the skin, which, I think, is maybe the most significant development of the twenty-first century, is the ability to hack human beings, to go under the skin – collect biometric data, analyse it, and understand people better than they understand themselves. This, I believe, is maybe the most (evil – sic) important event in the twenty-first century. By hacking organisms, elites may gain the power to re-engineer the future of life itself, because, once you can hack something you can usually also re-engineer it. In the coming decades, AI and biotics technology will give us God-like ability to re-engineer life, and even to create life forms. We are about to enter a new era of INORGANIC (my emphasis – sic) life shaped by intelligent design – our intelligent design.”
        Well, if the pronouncements of Yuval Noah Harari don’t give you the creeps, I don’t know what will. His visions exceed the wildest imaginings of Mary Shelly (author of ‘Frankenstein’). Everything he says underscores what Karen Kingston is trying to warn humanity about.
        Watchdoggers. It is vital for our survival as a species, that people understand the dangers we face from those who seek to control our every thought and deed – and worse, the very nature of our progeny. Please distribute far and wide.
        Thank you.

        • Rick

          We are back in the position Adam and Eve found themselves in the Garden – we have Reptilian Snakes telling us how we can become Gods – if we simply tamper with the Apple Computer and “take a bite out of it” – will we fall for the promises again?? – God the Father told us explicitly “Not To Eat Apple Of This Tree” – if we choose to tamper once again with the Genetic Tree of Life – we will find ourselves in a barren wasteland no longer in the image of God but as a Mind Controlled Cyborg Robot wishing we can get back “into an organic state of being” but alas – we will be “forever excluded” from the Tree of Life!!

          • Rick

            Noah Horrori would be a very good candidate for being the anti-Christ the world has been expecting to arrive!!

  76. Ben Golan

    So, I know some cattle ranchers and they are telling me they are not currently using MRNA vaccines, and would never knowingly use such a vaccine.
    Do we know when they started to use MRNA vaccines in cattle or livestock?

    • Greg Hunter

      Not all but some. The problem is which ones.

  77. Jerry

    I agree we need to get this stopped; however, we need tips for the here and now. How can we minimize our mrna intake in food shopping?

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Jerry,
      I think someone already made this suggestion – a small (boy scout type) compass would probably be more sentitive to a local electromagnetic field than a coin. Also, more discrete to use when shopping, eating out etc. Can anyone confirm / deny this should work?

      • Rick

        We all know from science class in High School that “heat” will destroy magnetism – so why not microwave our food before eating it (until we find out how to definitely make it safe to eat)!!

        • PersonaNonGrata

          Hi Rick,
          Yes, heat destroys magnetism BUT heat does not destroy graphene oxide / hydroxide. The whole point of testing for an electromagnetic effect, is to detect contamination with graphene. So, if you detect it – don’t eat it . . .

          • PersonaNonGrata

            Here’s an idea. If meat at the supermarket tests positive for electromagnetic content – use a small compass – then put it in your trolley, but dump it at checkout. Tell the cashier that the meat is contaminated. This is called ‘civil disobedience’ and it can be very disruptive . . .

          • Rick

            PersonaNonGrata – What I am suggesting is that the high energy microwave radiation will initiate an oxidation process in the Globalist tainted meat (containing graphene oxide/hydroxide) that decomposes the graphene oxide/hydroxide into harmless CO2 and water!! – to confirm what I suspect will happen – we need someone like Mike Adams to do a verifiable scientific analysis!!

            • PersonaNonGrata

              Hi Rick,
              Point taken – I am no expert.

  78. Christina Holman

    The Christians Who Think the Ukraine Invasion Means Jesus Is Returning to Earth
    Evangelicals like Pat Robertson are convinced Putin is “being compelled by God” to wage war and bring about the end times
    BY ALEX MORRIS Rolling Stone MARCH 6, 2022

    Joe Biden Bible prophecy: God will use US President to ‘usher in the Tribulation’ – claim
    JOE BIDEN has been inaugurated as the 46th President of the United States and that means his time in office will be spent enacting policies that will propel the world into the End Days, at least according to claims made by Christian conspiracy theorists.
    By Sebastian Kettley
    21:25, Thu, Jan 21, 2021 | UPDATED: 21:25, Thu, Jan 21, 2021

    The end of this article is all we need to know;
    [The Tribulation will then begin and it is sometimes known as the Time of Jacob’s Trouble.
    Jesus Himself said in Matthew 24: “For then there will be a great tribulation, such as has not occurred since the beginning of the world until now, nor ever will.”
    The Second Coming of Christ is then supposed to happen towards the end of the Tribulation.
    Christians believe Christ will return to Earth to wage war against the hosts of the Antichrist.
    The forces of good and evil will wage the war of Armageddon, after which Jesus will establish a 1,000-year-long kingdom on Earth.
    Signposts of the Time said: “There is still work to be done in this world as the fields are ripe unto harvest.
    “Believers in Jesus Christ need to get back to what we were called to do… spread the gospel of Jesus Christ and build his kingdom.
    “We also need to continue to look upwards, as the return of Jesus Christ is at hand.”
    However, not all Christians look to modern-day events to try and prophesy the return of Jesus Christ.
    According to Pastor Stephen Witmer of Pepperell Christian Fellowship in Pepperell, Massachusetts, attempts to date the Second Coming are futile and not in the spirit of Christ’s teachings.
    He said: “Waiting for an event when we don’t know it’s timing can be uncomfortable and demanding.
    “It seems that Jesus wants us to feel this discomfort because he wants us to be always prepared for his coming.”]
    Everything else is mere conjecture and speculation, the ant-Christ, seven years here there and everywhere, rapture post, pre and trip whatever, the Third Holy Temple ad nauseum.
    Bible prophecy is always better understood in hindsight! When we will see it was always there, but God gives the revaluation revelation, so stay tuned!

  79. Chris.H

    Oop’s, sorry forgot to include.
    Coronation merchandise
    Joe Biden Bible prophecy

  80. RM

    The quandary, “why hasn’t Trump come forward and said he was lied to” is reminiscent of doctors acting bewildered about what is causing all the died suddenly…the doctors just can’t figure it out, and Trump still doesn’t know the truth about the bio injections…Hate to break it to folks but I suspect Trump was in on it….he can’t be this stupid! People need to quit acting like Trump is the savior…he is just another corrupt power hungry rich person.

  81. TJZ

    Good afternoon Greg,

    Ms Kingston has stated that she cannot understand the general acceptance/acquiescence of the public regarding the bio weapon. Even though the populace sees the effects of the attack they are unprepared to understand its true and final purpose.

    This general population malaise is not a new phenomenon!. It occurred in Germany in the thirties/forties. A complete and overpowering EVIL has taken control of the populace. (A past close friend, who lived and suffered in that world, explained that which was unexplainable.

    We are now in THE FINAL SPIRITUAL WAR between God and satan! Asking/assuming that a godless world would understand or accept such a concept is senseless. I know, I have tried on various levels with family, friends etc.
    Expecting the likes of Mr Tucker to get the message out is ludicrous. Expecting evil to correct evil is insane!

    God is the only answer!

    But since this world is unwilling to turn to God we will be left to suffer under the evil of satan!

    “As in the days of Noah”! A complete destruction of humanity!

    God bless you and your family Greg!

    • Yock

      It’s hard to get a man to understand something when his job depends on him not understanding it.

      • Rick

        Same can be said of our politicians – it is hard for them to understand perversion, criminality, fatal jabs and illegal wars, etc. when their bribes depend on them “not understanding what is taking place”!!

        • Rick

          If the American people (instead of donating money to the Presidential Election fund on their income tax form) donated instead to “The American People’s Political Bribe Fund” we could raise more money for bribes to give to our politicians then the Globalist Corporations can – and thus – by “out bidding” the Industrialists – we can get Congress to for instance stop the Ukrainian War “before it goes nuclear” – stop the jabs before Gates brings in his Marburg Virus to finish us off completely, close the border, etc., etc., etc.!!!

          • Rick

            Wow – do you believe this – Biden is now sending US troops to our southern border to stop the invasion?? – could it be the Big Guy is now getting more then 10% from the “good guy” Bribe Fund” (who have “out bid the bad guys”) – so now Biden is closing the border for probably 20% (which is well worth it)!!

  82. TJZ

    Good afternoon Greg,

    Ms Kingston has stated that she cannot understand the general acceptance/acquiescence of the public regarding the bio weapon. Even though the populace sees the effects of the attack they are unprepared to understand its true and final purpose.

    This general population malaise is not a new phenomenon!. It occurred in Germany in the thirties/forties. A complete and overpowering EVIL has taken control of the populace. (A past close friend, who lived and suffered in that world, explained that which was unexplainable.

    We are now in THE FINAL SPIRITUAL WAR between God and satan! Asking/assuming that a godless world would understand or accept such a concept is senseless. I know, I have tried on various levels with family, friends etc.
    Expecting the likes of Mr Tucker to get the message out is ludicrous. Expecting evil to correct evil is insane!

    God is the only answer!

    But since this world is unwilling to turn to God we will be left to suffer under the evil of satan!

    “As in the days of Noah”! A complete destruction of humanity!

    God bless you and your family Greg!


    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Tim!!

  83. Donna Riggs

    Ms Kingston explains to each of us exactly what we need to do to take responsibility for our future!!
    How many will do it?


  84. Doug C.

    What else can you say but….WHOLLY F#CK!!!!!!!!!! The Awake have been trying to tell the “Normies” this for 3 years but…….THEY DON’T WANT TO KNOW. It is a very VERY sad chapter in Human history…………..How many other times in our collective history has something like this happened and has been suppressed in history books etc..?
    Thanks for having this guest on Greg. Keep up the great work.

  85. Steve

    Awesome interview. Thanks Greg for continuing to spread the truth.

  86. Michael

    Greg and Karen – thank you. This was a tremendous interview. In my workplace of about 25 full time employees, only about half took the shots and even then the carnage is stunning. One severe stoke of the wife of one employee (both took the jabs), a five month old who died of a blood clot in the brain (mom took the shot pregnant with him), and now a 26 year old former high school seasonal (summer) employee, dead of heart arrhythmia. Oh, and three full time employees who took the jab with quickly and severely deteriorating general health. The 26 year old died suddenly and unexpectedly in his sleep on April 15th. You helped me warn people; some of those folks were somewhat skeptical of my warnings at the time but still held off on the shots. Several have thanked me now. It’s ghastly what these shots are doing.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for the reporting, Michael!! So sorry this happened.

  87. Marie Joy

    People living near farms report farmers changing from corn and soy to wheat and saying “First time ever”. Got this from The Poplar Report 4/30/1022, North Texas Almost Out of Bread. People learning of the dangers of corn, soy and GMOs.

  88. Jackie Pollock

    “These nano particles are agents of biowarfare.” !!!!!!
    And they all know it who put this stuff together and patented it! They all knew what they were doing and there is the big list put out by the FDA of many of the adverse affects, diseases, and other health conditions that would result!!
    This is truly evil! How can this not be front page story material everywhere??
    Thanks to you Greg and Karen Kingston that this terrible information is getting out there every time in these interviews.
    -Jackie from Texas


    I used to watch Daniel Tiger on Mr Rogers Show after he put his slippers and sweater on and welcomed his neighbors. Why can’t we all just get along. Rodney King RIP.

  90. Catherine

    She certainly is a good scientist but not a cook because the beef she was using is not chopped meat. It was just steak meat. Not chopped.
    Yes it’s terrifying what they are doing to us. How can we survive poisoned food ?
    Could it also be in bottled water?

  91. Nicholas Convair 990-C

    Watch “NATO SPOOKED! As nations scramble fighters as Russia flies three aircraft over Baltic Sea | Watch

  92. Brent Wilbur

    Look at you, Greg, erasing my comment because it disproves your assumption. Not only are you unwilling to have your preexisting beliefs challenged, you are also the very censor you deride. . . . (This is Greg Hunter. I don’t like being “challenged” by someone who know nothing about what they are talking about. I deleted your comment because it is devoid of facts, You know nothing about the electromagnetic nature of mRNA tech. You want to babble your opinion about advanced medical tech you know nothing about. So YES, I deleted your stupid comment. I don’t need “luck,” I work hard to get it right. No go away and watch CNN or FOX or some other stupid content that will reinforce your stupidity.)


  93. JW

    I don’t think cattle are getting injected with this crap. I think the crap is coming from chem trail residue that falls to the ground and the cattle are ingesting it through the feed they eat, or from the plants they graze, and maybe through the air they breathe. Same for us I’m sorry to say. I make my living as a cattle dealer and unless the same old cattle vaccines are secretly including this graphene/hydrogel/nano/mRna crap in them, which could be possible, there’s been no new products I’ve seen suggesting this crap is in there.

    • Greg Hunter

      What you think is not a fact. it is a fact some cattle are being injected with mRNA tech. Go to Kingston’s substack and she has a new article about this mRNA in food. There is a 7 day free trial.

  94. Michael

    Pray for Karens safety 24/7 , cover her in the blood of Jesus as she is dealing with extreme Evil.

  95. Harry K

    this was a Clif High prediction, now true. It was a time marker for other big events such as the collapse of the financial system and societal breakdown.

  96. John Pick

    WoW!!!!! Karen is on Fire ! I have been watching her for about 3 years and I am amazed everytime I hear her. I am very happy that you and Karen click and give us information that we can get no where else Greg. Thank you Greg and Karen or being here with the truth

  97. DryFly

    remote-viewer Ed R says Monday May 01, 2023 warning: SHTF

    maybe it will be the banks

  98. Yock

    I have worked in pharma most of my adult professional life and what scares me is that Karen Kingston has a very firm understanding of the industry. Most of the metals that are turning up in these bioweapon materials such as Barium and Cesium are not monitored or tested for. Not that it matters since all cGMP regulations were waived at the manufacturing facilities by the FDA. As for me, I’m now starting to grow my own food. God only knows what they are putting into our food supply. The overlords now have complete control of the food supply so there is really no alternative but to develop parallel food supply systems. Perhaps we should start to focus on developing unadulterated food supplies so there might be enough of us left to continue civilization. If there is a kill switch built into these shots, there really is nowhere to run. Even some of the technicians who were working on the 5G towers were toppling them in protest saying that the emission power was at lethal levels.

    • Rick

      Some technicians working on 5G towers (are toppling them over in protest) saying that the emission power of 5G “was at lethal levels” – ever wonder why the people actually being harmed by these 5G towers are not actively trying to protect themselves and their families by protesting and demanding that their politicians take them down?? – but I guess it is a lot easier to just sit back and leave the entire burden for removing the hundreds of thousands of 5G towers being put up “on the few technicians willing to protect the many”!!

  99. Sister Mary Elephant

    The RIGHT must challenge every claim the the left makes,

    LEFT: “You know there are an entire spectrum of sexual genders, and anyone that can’t understand this is a homophobe.”

    RIGHT: “Cite your sources to the exact scientic data”

    LEFT: “Everyone says so…”

    RIGHT: “If you can’t cite any, then you must shut the fuck up and go stand in the corner wearing a DUNCE CAP.”

  100. Tracy Brown

    Hi Greg,

    Thanks again for another informative video with Karen.

    If she is correct, and I think she probably is, this would then clarify the series of “accidents”, including mysterious fires, explosions: shuttering numerous chicken farms, grain storage facilities exploding, the war on eliminating eating meat (because of cow farts), and claiming millions upon millions of poultry must be destroyed because of bird flu, etc., and pushing fake meat and bugs. If they were successful with the “fake meat” they could easily put anything in it and we would be none the wiser, but the fake meat didn’t go over. Neither did the bugs. This also would explain Gates buying up most of the farm land etc. They are eliminating all the independents and anyone who won’t comply so that they can totally destroy our food system that has been in place or just flat out starve us. The recent “accident” that took out 18,000 cows in Texas should alarm everyone who’s paying attention.

    I knew at the very beginning of COVID that “they” wanted to kill everyone and that was their true purpose. I felt it in my soul. I hoped I was wrong but I knew I wasn’t. I also knew the whole thing was a psy-op from day 1. I never panicked, I was never afraid and I never got sick. I took my supplements, started buying a lot of tangible items (you know what I mean) and went on with my life. I refused to mask up, I refused to listen to the spin and I dropped anyone and everyone who blindly drank the Kool-Aid. This included friends and family (I had already moved to a rural area in 2019). I have not looked back. I have a legal background. If anyone tried to debate the issues with me I just reminded them of our Bill of Rights, the Constitution and HIPPA and shamed them for letting the talking heads terrify them senseless. I would ask people: Where is your courage? Where is your patriotism? Have you forgotten you have a brain and how to use it? Don’t you understand you are being manipulated? The looks on their faces: priceless. Most people who went along with this were brain washed by the psy-op and were just too busy being fabulous/oblivious to spend anytime vetting/researching anything for themselves. These are the people who literally ran out to be jabbed 1x, 2x, 3x, etc. Traveling was their priority. They were warned by those of us who instinctively knew and who had researched, NOT to take the jab. They would not listen. Now they are dying or are very sick. A lot of them are still in denial. By the way, many, many doctors and nurses were part of this and convinced these people to be jabbed. These so-called “medical professionals” are stilling pushing it. We are truly in a dystopian reality.

    We are fighting a war in which we find ourselves out maneuvered and flanked. Our enemies have been planning this for decades. They have all the power and all the money and most of the brain trust. But they are on the side of evil. I still believe in good winning over evil. I still believe that God’s will is the prevailing force that will see us through this. However, our future looks very grim at this point. If they have made us all sick and unable to think clearly, how do we fight? Our enemies think the end of the story is already written. For all their power and money, there remains one thing they don’t have: God – the supreme being – who can not be happy right now seeing his creation being destroyed.
    May God Bless and Keep you.

    • Rick

      I’m hearing reports from government agencies that the cause of the explosion and fire that killed at least 17,000 cattle in Texas last week was due to “equipment failure” – and that there was no evidence of foul play – what equipment failed?? – are we to believe all the fart bags on these 17,000 cattle exploded simultaneously due to a random spark from a faulty milking machine and it killed every single one of them???

  101. Anti-Atomist

    “The sixth angel sounded, and here the power of the Turks seems the subject. Their time is limited. They not only slew in war, but brought a poisonous and ruinous religion.” -Matthew Henry

  102. Prospector

    Catherine Austin Fitts and RFK. Jr. dual interview.

    One minute in RFK says — ” Vaccines are a key part of biological warfare …. they allow what would otherwise be ILLEGAL bioweapons development by claiming it has dual use , a defensive use ”

    Robert F. Kennedy Jr on the Link Between the U.S. Biowarfare Program, Vaccines & the Creation of SARS-COV-2

    “After the anthrax attacks, the military wanted to get back in the game…Instead of doing it themselves at first, they shifted at that time $1.7B/year to Tony Fauci. It’s now $2.2B/year to essentially do weapons development.”
    @TheChiefNerd = April 30 short clip.

    Full one hour interview :

  103. Mark

    Karen studies deeply and exposes many lies and truths. I admire her incisive researches and watch for her interviews.
    She recognizes Immortality as one of the globalists’ principal objectives, although it is seldom discussed. Personal immortality is also the ultimate bribe, the bribe that can turn almost anyone: Trudeau especially comes to mind, and perhaps even Trump. Absolute Power, Eternal Wealth, Personal Immortality. The Satanists offer a lot more than money, and they have captured some formerly decent people who now regard us as sub-Immortal.
    Think about it: Immortality is coming, but it brings an immediate problem. How many immortals can the earth support? Immortality is not for everyone.
    But Karen undermines her own work by the scientifically puerile display of magnets on meat. Yes, Greg, as a physicist, I readily read your reference to how various non-ferromagnetic materials – coins – can be slightly magnetized. But the minuscule electromagnetic forces that may emanate from nanoparticles through blood and skin cannot possibly hold the weight of a coin.
    The force most likely in effect in this demonstration is surface adhesion, the attractive force between two dissimilar materials, such as metal and cellophane, or nickel and meat.
    I encourage Karen to omit the “magnetic” demonstrations from her future presentations. She has an incisive insight into globalists machinations that not ought not be sullied by juxtaposition to essentially junk science and sloppy experiments that are difficult to repeat and in which no measurements are made.

    Now an electromagnetic influence in the opposite direction – from outside the body onto nanoparticles within the body – this is certainly possible. For instance, high intensity 5G signals directed by phased array 5G antennas onto individuals carrying electrically responsive particles that have been injected into them – this is feasible and probably underway. But packaged meat here proves nothing. It is the receptive quality of the nanoparticles to outside signals that needs investigation.

    I agree we need some arrests. By sheriffs and attorneys general. Hard to believe they’re too stupid or too cowardly to act in time of unprecedented peril: not genocide, but extinction.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Mark,
      Great commentary – agreed.

  104. Honest Injun


    Who’s In Charge? Who’s Running Our War With Ukraine And Russia?
    Steve Hilton: Biden aides issued a ‘jaw dropping’ statement
    298K views 12 hours ago
    Fox News host Steve Hilton weighs in on the lack of Democratic accountability in Washington…..

    Tulsi Gabbard: This is insanity FoxNews 10.4M subscribers 351K views 1 day ago

    🔴 Banking Crisis: FDIC Will Run Out of Cash & What FDIC Does When It Takes Over Failed Banks Lena Petrova, CPA – Finance, Economics & Tax
    103K subscribers 8.1K views 4 hours ago

  105. Honor Blackman

    Slipped Up Sorry,
    Russia wipes out Ukrainian depots in Dnipro; Tonnes of ammo for counteroffensive blown to bits Hindustan Times 5.4M subscribers 153K views 11 hours ago

  106. Rod Shots


    Ukraine invites Putin’s fury; Admits attacking Russian oil tanker with drones in Crimea | Watch Hindustan Times 22K views 7 hours ago

    Wagner boss gives 24-hour ultimatum to Russian military over Bakhmut. Here’s why.
    Hindustan Times 68K views 6 hours ago

    Russia under attack? Train, power lines blown up in two RUSSIAN provinces amid Ukraine war Hindustan Times 5.4M subscribers 24K views 4 hours ago

  107. Edward Slovick

    Ukraine, Russia and the Intel community – Larry Johnson
    Judge Napolitano – Judging Freedom
    2,664 watching now Started streaming 17 minutes ago

  108. Cher Darlington

    How Joe Biden is Losing Ground in The Pacific | Vantage with Palki Sharma Firstpost 4,248 views May 1, 2023

    Yank Ex-Pat Ronald’s Uncanny Prediction Over a Year Ago!
    In Rostov-on-Don. Met Kostantin “Inside Russia” and Cheapskate Ronald. Baklykov. Live 9,206 views Streamed live on Feb 21, 2022
    Live stream exploring the city of Rostov-on-Don in Russia, where I’ve met Konstantin from Inside Russia channel and cheapskate Ronald, the future Russian citizen. JUMP TO 20:00 Mark

    • Greg Hunter

      Biden’s real approval rating is between 9% and 9.5% according to my accurate sources.

  109. Dan Fournier

    I just referred to this interview in my latest post. I’m an independent investigative journalist. My latest post explores the fact-checking units on C19 and who is funding them. Lots of shady shenanigans going on with the WHO described therein too. Here is the link: The Covid-19 – Holocaust Comparison, Part 5 – Who’s Funding the Fact-Checkers? URL:

    P.S.: Greg, you have an impersonator on Twitter, see

    Feel free to edit this P.S. out for this comment. I just thought you should know, for I think some shady people are trying to contact (trap?) people under your name. God bless.

  110. Greg

    Before I listen to this can anyone tell me if Trump’s shameful role in this was at least acknowledged?

    I refuse to listen to Conservatives who refuse to hold him accountable!

    • Greg Hunter

      I have many times. Are you not worried about Joe Biden who is wrecking the country???

  111. z

    A Gauss meter is used to measure the magnetic field strength (magnetic flux density).
    It would be interesting to see the reading for the steak behind the package. This meter can be bought online. I encourage everyone to test what you are eating.

  112. Wayne C. Scott

    Vaccine word partial decode ~ Vac cine ~ C in E, when you put the
    C (representing a Horseshoe Magnet) into the E (representing Electricity),
    you get electromagnetism. The degree of C in E determines the
    strength of the electromagnetic force.
    Now, when you have C to some degree in E, and a
    block is put on the C, making it a D, you get Mr. Ed,
    erectile dysfunction. Seen in Mr. Ed introductions.
    The word Vaccine decoded shown in pictures taken from the Watchers’
    activity, a video coming soon. Their influences have worked quite
    well, unfortunately.

  113. Marie Joy

    The contract, with Pfizer, demanded a “safe and effective vaccine” We did not get that. Fraud vitiates all legal protections and immunities Big Pharma has. ALL AMERICANS SHOULD SUE BIG PHARMA FOR INTENTIONAL HARM. Get a damn lawyer. My lawyer is Jim The Prick and you, all need to find your own Jim The Prick and take on Big Pharma. NOW. The sooner the better because it’s possible this will bankrupt Big Pharma.

    • Rick

      The only downside I see to your suggestion to sue Big Pharma – is that the Fed will likely bail out criminal Big Pharma (to help the economy) the same way they bail out their criminal banks (to help the economy) making any money we do get “even more worthless”!!

  114. RichMac

    She said…. (All patents Kingston has reviewed prove, without a doubt, mRNA is an electromagnetic device.)

    That makes me wonder what an EMP might do to these people then? Rather than just frying electronics, I wonder if an EMP could now fry people who’ve had the vax from the inside out….. on a cellular level? Scary to think about.

    • Greg Hunter

      Kingston also brought this up and called it a “kill switch”!

  115. Damien

    Extincton. Fine by me. Humanity is rotten and God knows it. That’s why he has foresaken the world. Trump hasn’t come out against the bioweapon because he’s in on it! Duh!
    I have about 2 months before I head to the wilderness, especially since the Bo Polny predictions aren’t going to happen and “God’s” money does nothing again! Now the food is poison too! Only forest animals and plants are potentially safe now…….What a world. I’d say “God Bless”, but he’s not going to, so I’ll just say; “Good Luck.”

  116. Justn Observer

    GREG, ‘FINAL DAYS’ Movie Trailer, Coming May 2023 –

  117. Robin

    Dr. Carrie Madej Human 2.0 on “”

    You can see the 💉💉💉💉 everywhere you go, if you change a couple of settings on an “And” type phone. They are chipped.

    It’s in
    Revelation 13:16-18
    Revelation 18:23 (she deceives the whole world with her sorcery). “Sorcery”, in the ancient Greek is pharma keia. She practices her witchcraft through pharmaceuticals. It is obvious now, “she” is the U.S. that forced the 💉💉 on the whole world.

    The Only way out is Romans 10:9-10.

  118. Rick

    Well – tomorrow the Fed will likely raise interest rates again (to fight inflation) – figuring raising interest rates will slowdown the US economy – but paradoxically the corporations producing less goods also find they need to raise salaries “just to keep the minimum number workers they need to stay in business” (as the US workforce continues to die off because of the Covid jabs) – so what we will have is “less goods and workers with more money” – strange way to fight inflation (even if the borders are kept open to bring in more foreign workers – who are most likely unskilled to the jobs the dying jabbed Americans were doing)!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      I have been saying rates were going to rise despite all the happy rate cutting talk. So, I totally agree with you by good man. I think the ECB will raise rates on Thursday.

  119. Rick

    Gold and Silver are up today – but technicians are still expecting a small $100 dollar correction in gold back down to about $1900 – – but keep your eye on $2060 – if gold breaks through that level – we could simply go right on to all time new highs!!

    • Rick

      This is just my opinion – take it for what you will – we have just seen four(4) Banks go down in just about a month – are you aware that there are “Another 200 Banks” out there – “That Are Currently Insolvent” – to me the writing is clearly on the wall folks – I believe “It Is Time” – – “Time To Shift Out Of Paper Dollar Assets” - – and get into “Real Money” (like Gold and Silver) – for me – I’ll be taking advantage of any pullbacks the Bankers graciously create (as they try to manipulate the gold price down to instill some confidence in their fiat paper dollar that is now effectively worthless)!!

  120. Prospector

    Not only is there no border, it is a human biological attack with the invasion !!

    Make Pandemic Great Again!

    Am in Darien Gap, Panama. Surrounded by malaria, dengue, tuberculosis — being imported to United States and Canada EVERY DAY. Americans who are not explicitly standing up against this are implicitly standing FOR it. Aliens are bringing this in by the thousands.

    Dengue is called Break Bone Fever — because when you get dengue, it feels like every bone in your body is broken. Including your eyes in your head. Tuberculosis is one of the deadliest diseases in human history. Malaria…is coming your way.

    (Pictures say it all , one minute driving in El Paso, look at the numbers of people on the street. INVASION-USA)

    KTSM 9 News – @KappKtsm
    Current situation outside of Sacred Heart Church in El Paso. We are 10 days away from when Title 42 is expected to be lifted. This is the most migrants I have ever seen in this area.

  121. dlc

    Offers gettin better. Bet-David could pull this off.

    No fan of Megyn though.

  122. WD


    You mentioned the number of DISABLED for 2022. Was the 26 million number for US alone or worldwide?


    • Greg Hunter

      That was 26.6 million chronically injured in USA alone according to Ed Dowd for 2021 and 2022.

      • WD

        That is incredible!!
        Thank you for your reply!!

  123. marieeiram

    Cancer of the blood explodes in our teens!

  124. Marie Joy

    When a large group of psychos want to kill you, no amount of protesting is going to change anything.
    Anyone who thinks protesting will work should come up with a Plan B.

  125. Dave

    Good Ranchers says they do not sell meat with mrna shots –

    Thanks for the show and pray for Jesus to come back soon.

  126. Greg Hunter

    This is from Karen Kingston about the electromagnetic field demo with the quarter and the package of meet it stuck to”

    Ok everyone! Here’s a 3rd grade refresher lesson on how electromagnetic fields (EMF)attract ALL kinds of metals and not just magnets. 🧲🧲🧲
    EMFs can attract all kinds of metals – including coins – like nickels, dimes, quarters and even pennies (that are made of copper and not magnets) Below is a video to refresh your memory that EMFs don’t just attract 🧲🧲🧲.
    You can do an at-home science experiment and go to your local grocery store and see if a magnet or a coin is magnetically attracted to the meat, chicken or even pork! 🐄🐓🐖

  127. william lesieur

    So one commenter suggest EMF’s attract metals. Actually, a ‘Farady Cage’ reflects EMF. A Faraday is metal. That’s an aside to my actual bone of contention which is that a quarter is 8.33% nickel, the rest copper. It is not magnetic. Hold one to an actual magnet. A nickel is 24% nickel the balance is copper. It also doesn’t stick. What am I missing that Miss Kingston is trying to get across?

    • Greg Hunter

      You are ignorant and know nothing about the high med tech in mRNA!

  128. I

    Hello Dear Karen,

    I believe every word you are saying. But not to many other people will. Why? Because you have the documents, the information, but you do not have the live proof.

    You have brilliantly pieced the puzzle from hell together. High accolades and applause. But the average person is not going to understand what you are saying and are going to question all the documents that you are talking about.

    What we need is a vial. We need scientific proof under a microscope. Who is willing to do that? Show that to your Sheriff and we may have a chance.

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