CV19 Booster Shot Also a Bioweapon – Karen Kingston

By Greg Hunter’s (Saturday Night Post)

Karen Kingston is a biotech analyst and a former Pfizer employee who has researched and written about many cutting edge pharmaceutical issues.  Kingston thinks that Covid 19 and the so-called vaccines and boosters are here to stay for a long time.  Kingston explains, “The reason why it keeps going is because Covid 19 is now a multi-trillion dollar industry many times over that has been forecasted out for the next ten years and beyond.  I do have numerous business plans that have been put up on numerous biotech industry websites.  I am in the mecca of the biotech industry.  I am in San Diego, and most people do not know we are the biotech industry of the world.”

Kingston says there are untold billions of dollars being invested into CV19 injections.  Just one fund alone has already invested a half billion dollars into research, and Kingston points out, “There is a $500 million fund that has a partnership with Qualcomm that will map out all the genetic variations of Covid 19.  Covid 19 is really just code for human beings, and they want to map out our genetic makeup.  So, if Covid 19 goes away, where does the half billion dollar project go? . . . They just announced here in Carlsbad, California, that they are going to create a new manufacturing facility to produce 600 million rapid Covid 19 tests a year.  If Covid 19 goes away, where does that manufacturing facility and the billion dollar a year company go?  These are just two small examples of tens of thousands of examples.  So, that’s why it’s not going away. . . .That’s why there are such strong mandates for our schools and for our city and state employees. . . . 740 of the 1,850 police here in San Diego are not vaccinated and don’t want to be.  Mayor Todd Gloria gave them two choices:  You can surrender your body to be injected with this biological agent, or you can surrender your badge and gun.  I gave the police a third option which was arrest the Mayor.”

Kingston says the CV19 so-called vaccines are not vaccines but bioweapons and goes on to say, “The hot water that Pfizer is in is they never demonstrated anything even remotely being a vaccine, and their mechanism of action is defined by the FDA under viral gene-based therapy, which is what it is.  They met no criteria as a vaccine.  On top of that, the FDA has approved other products in this category for cancer treatments.  So, if there is a serious attorney out there that wants to engage me and my analysts, this is actually a big case.  Pfizer broke their (liability) shield, and the FDA was grossly negligent.  The data is right there to show you this goes beyond false and misleading labeling and off-label claims . . . . They told doctors that this was a vaccine–when it’s not.”

Dr. Fauci now claims that a booster is “essential” for protection against CV19.  Does Kingston recommend a CV19 booster shot?  Kingston warns, “I don’t think anyone should inject themselves with a bioweapon, so, no.  I also think nobody should have the right to inject their children with a bioweapon.  This is a firm No.  This has to stop. . . . If I did not have any bad reactions (from the CV19 injections), I would drop to my knees and thank God. . . . I would pray for forgiveness that I was deceived.”

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with biotech analyst Karen Kingston as she warns people NOT to get the bioweapon booster shot.

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Kingston is working on a new website called, so be on the lookout for it.



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  1. Frank Stiles

    The high court in India charged Bill Gates and Adar Poonawalla (CEO of SII) with the murder of a 23 year-old Covishield vaccine recipient. If the prosecutors can win their case, the court would impose the death penalty.

  2. Gregory John Morrissey

    Genesis 6:13
    New International Version
    13 So God said to Noah, “I am going to put an end to all people, for the earth is filled with violence because of them. I am surely going to destroy both them and the earth.

    He found Noah’s Ark

    “The Lord is my strength and my defense[a];
    he has become my salvation.
    He is my God, and I will praise him,
    my father’s God, and I will exalt him.
    3 The Lord is a warrior;
    the Lord is his name.
    4 Pharaoh’s chariots and his army
    he has hurled into the sea.
    The best of Pharaoh’s officers
    are drowned in the Red Sea.[b]
    5 The deep waters have covered them;
    they sank to the depths like a stone.
    6 Your right hand, Lord,
    was majestic in power.
    Your right hand, Lord,
    shattered the enemy.

    Please read the Bible versus above and watch the following YouTube videos
    Proof of Gods word
    KNOW the Lord God and his son Jesus Christ . THEY are our future

    • Zoe

      Chantix yes completely pulled for a cancer causing ingredient. Oh, the irony. Like chemists at Pfizer didn’t know this in 2007!? Right…..

      • Paul ...

        If Pfizer could be forced to pull Chantix (due to the presence of a nitrosamine) … Pfizer should be forced to pull their “jab” (for the presence of a Hydra)!! … difficult because the Hydra “worm” produces a lot of (spice) … and Earth is the only planet in the Universe that can produce spice (the US Dollar)!!

    • John Doran

      Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s new book: The Real Anthony Fauci
      is subtitled bill gates, big pharma, and the global war on
      democracy and public health.

      It,s great. buy it. read it. make it a bestseller. please.
      Many thanks to Greg Hunter & Karen Kingston.


  3. Ron

    Well done Greg!

    FYI, these guys could also be good for interviews:

    1. James Delingpole (UK): example where interviewing evolutionary biologists Heather Heying and Bret Weinstein who have often held discussions with Dr Robert Malone and others on CoVid:

    2. John Ward (ex-pat UK in France)

    • Rabbitnexus

      Very useful thanks Ron.

  4. Pam

    Contact Robert F Kennedy. I’m sure he’d love to hear about this and perhaps would be able to help Karen out. What Fauci has done here and continues to do is absolutely disgraceful and he takes such pleasure in it. Talk about sick. He’s gone way above psychopathy. He is the devil in this deed…He needs to be eliminated……….

    • Gandhi

      The Kennedy already knows all about the trump thrombosis shots. That would be like telling Hitler that people are being abused in the re-education camps. So Silly.

      • Pam


        • Pam

          Now that I’ve had a night to think about your response, I’m a bit confused. Who’s playing the part of Hitler………..RFK Jr.?
          I went ahead and contacted RFK, via email, and asked him to watch the interview with Greg and Karen…..Don’t know if that will happen, but at least I did something. I think what would be brilliant is……..if Greg could get RFK and Karen on his podcast together to have a conversation. Boy, I would listen to that one……….
          So here’s my take……….We are in WWIII. We don’t have to worry about the big guns and ballistic missiles. We need to worry about the tiny hypodermic shot (boom boom) that a lot of worldwide humans are lining up for. Why???………because they’re afraid. This chaos is being spread by fear.
          Why in past years was it our freedom of choice to get an influenza shot. Now we’re being told, if you don’t take the shot, gov’t will hunt you down one way or another and give it to you. I thought my gov’t was suppose to protect my rights as an individual. So who’s Hitler here? It’s a far cry from Bobby Kennedy Jr.
          Ya know I was 13 when JFK had his head blown off……….He made an absolutely brilliant speech, just before they took him out. You should listen to that speech. It definitely states where we are today. When he was killed, the world went silent. The only other time there was worldwide silence, in my book, was after 911……..Incidents so stunning, you couldn’t rap your head around it.
          Take off the God awful masks and start yelling. Whether you’re for or against, the truth will set us free.

          • Warren B.

            Silence in the World…..hmmmm ….let me see….
            Shock and Fear and a disillusioned Public. Seems whenever they want to foment/foster/engineer something even more sinister ….. they produce earth shattering events – to get people to succumb and then willingly accept the solution. The three scenarios outlined are identical in their manifestation.

    • Marie+Joy

      Pam, I have seen RFK Jr, in interviews. He is very aware, more so than we are, about all of this. RFK Jr is extremely well informed.

      • Warren B.

        There is a reason for that…..he was asked by Dr Judy Mikovits to produce a forward to her Book “Plague”. In order for him to be able to perform that task – he was given a rather in depth understanding of the machinations of Global Health/Pharma and the MIC/NIH schemes to cause illness and death across the globe…. over many decades.

  5. Anthony Australia

    Hi Greg,
    Birthday weekend here so I’m happy to have survived another year at least.
    Thanks so much for the interview as I thoroughly enjoyed it with a slice of cake on the hammock.
    I read the following in the UK MSM today and all I could think of was Fritz Springmeier…..

    Don’t panic

    IT is fair to be nervous over the new Covid variant, probably the worst yet.

    But there is no need to panic about Christmas curbs.

    So far cases are few and not widespread. For once the Government has closed our borders to infected countries with commendable speed.

    This strain may be here already. If so it is likely to spread faster than others.

    But scientists don’t know if it will cause more severe illness — and it is highly unlikely to defeat our jabs entirely.

    But it does make it all the more important to maximise your protection.

    Get your booster as soon as you are due.

    • Ray

      Happy Birthday Cobber…….and may you enjoy many more 🙂
      I am raising a chilled glass of Sav Blanc and drinking to your continued good health and fine cheer.
      All the best Brother.
      Ray, Canberra, LDN.

      • Anthony Australia

        You’ve made my day Ray,
        God speed my bother. 🙏

      • Paul ...

        Ray … To justify the complete lock-down(under) … Queensland Australia Hospital’s are now offering $9000 … “to change death certificates” (from a normal death … to a Covid death) … evil immoral corruption at the highest levels … is now filtering down to street level!!

        • Ray

          Yes Paul……..unbelievable.
          There is also talk from one of this countries’ “Pre-eminent Economics Commentators – Saul Eastlake from Comm-Sec (a very, very large asswipe banking institution over here) that…….
          “Unvaccinated people should be forced to pay an extra percentage into their medicare levy to repair the health budget caused by the COVID crisis”.
          Fair Dinkum!!!
          I already pay 1.5% of my income into Medicare (which I don’t mind, because the system over here tends to work reasonably well).
          However…….15 years ago, the government said that if people earning over $60,000 per year did not take out private health insurance, they would have to pay an extra 1% on their Medicare levy on top of the existing 1.5%. So to avoid paying 2.5%……your are forced to take out an insurance policy that costs just as much anyway, if not even more.
          This insistence that the so called “Unclean Unvaccinated” must foot some kind of a bill for the perils of the “pandemic” (which doesn’t even exist), is more proof that the whole shebang isn’t even about health……IT’S ABOUT SETTING UP A SOCIETY WHERE YOU WILL BE FORCED TO SURRENDER YOUR BODILY SOVEREIGNTY TO A CARTEL POSING AS A GOVERNMENT.
          It really is time for some 1789 style French Carpentry skills to be re-introduced back into society, installed and used daily upon these evil, evil bastards.
          One can only pray that God has them all lined up for some BIG TIME karmic lesson to be unfurled in the near, new future.
          Canberra, Lap Dog Nation.

          • Paul ...

            Ray … They are psychopathic madmen … who skin their victims alive (while the lambs remain silent) … and most people think “Silence of the Lambs” was just a fictional horror movie!!

          • Anthony Australia

            Complete RORT!

    • Paul ...

      AA … You say: “Get your booster as soon as you are due” … I hope you are joking Anthony as 1.1 million people have already died of the “jab” … do you know the Demons at Pfizer put a live animal (Hydra Vulgaris) into their “jab”? … the way they keep the Hydra from multiplying in their vaccine viles is by keeping the viles at minus 94 degrees Fahrenheit below zero until they are ready to inject the Hydra into human beings … the Hydra target the embryonic cells in the testes of men … the ovaries of women … and attack human nerve cells “with a toxin as poisonous as snake venom” creating uncontrollable shaking in some victims … while 82% of expectant mothers have had spontaneous abortions … and the blood clots removed from fallen athletes show hydra-like tentacles throughout … our natural immune system releases T-cells to kill off the Hydra (by releasing hydrogen peroxide on them to kill them) … that is why Pfizer also put HIV into their “vaccine” … to kill off our T-cells and protect the Hydra from being destroyed … you do understand Anthony that the inflammation created throughout our body by the Hydra’s poisonous venom … purposely put into the “jab” by Pfizer … “shortens our life span” … don’t you???

      • JC

        No Paul…

        He wrote… I read…

        I read the following in the UK MSM today and all I could think of was Fritz Springmeier…..

        • Paul ...

          Sorry … my mistake!!!

        • Brooklyn

          Thank you, JC….;)

      • Trinacria

        Thank you Paul as I was thinking that as well…I sincerely hope that Anthony is joking about the shot, let alone the “booster”…

        • Anthony Australia

          FOR THE RECORD.

          Absolutely I was quoting the UK MSM article.

    • Michael

      Omicron is the anagram of the year; Moronic, proving that they’ve been laughing at everyone for near 2 years now.

      • Ray

        Michael……ABSOLUTE GOLD MATE!!!!!
        Thank you!!!
        Canberra, Lap Dog Nation.

      • Stephen

        Astounding the number of lies we are being fed. Omicron will follow suit. They are desperate to put people in fear and get the covid vaccine. This is poison. It will kill many. One of the experts reported on the spike in Prion disease from those vaccinated. His article was taken down and he was blocked from social media. The level of evil can not be overstated. I agree with Steve Quayle. This is intentional. The climate change zealots, backed by the very rich, supported by a very corrupt media, are apparently willing to kill billions of people. This will not end well.

    • Tim Bo

      The true virus to be concerned about is called communism. But if you haven’t figured that out by now boost away.

      • Brooklyn


        Just a little different way of saying it: The latest fake-covid variant is Omicron, but know that the final variant will be called communism…!

        Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum


  6. Judy Lowery

    Love Your Reporting Truth!!!

  7. Craig Demaris

    Need to put the treatment she outlined for the vaxxed in the text somewhere.

  8. Guy Azbell

    Please explain in detail what to do if you were forced to take the experimental jab due to being denied listed for kidney/ liver transplant what can I take to help rid my body of this toxic jab Please I beg you.

    • Greg Hunter

      I don’t have the answer to that one. Here’s more on the long haul protocol: and this s the main page:

    • Paul ...

      Guy … What you do is seek alternative treatment and “pray” … for the Satanic Globalists have put “an alien life form” into their “jab” to kill you … and us all … and … “as required by Universal Law” … “the Satanic psychopaths have warned mankind” by producing movies showing exactly what they intended to do to us “before hand” … so … it is now “perfectly legal” for the Satanic evil ones to inject Hydra Vulgaris into our women and children “to attack nerve cells” (with snake like venom that produces “uncontrollable shaking”) as depicted in their required “pre-warning movie” to mankind!! …

    • Gandhi

      Well, as far as what to do if you took an injection made from aborted fetal tissue, blessed by Satan worshipers , containing graphene oxide that slices your tissue causing clots, and modifies your very genes to produce spike protein or something other than the image of God? Then may I please suggest you bequeath all your money to Greg and then pray that Jesus has a sense of humor.

  9. c

    We do not consent. Whatever were released will go back to you.

  10. Roger

    Thank you Greg for a great website just made even greater. Real news!

    I still wonder why so many run advertisements for Big Pharma’s by repeating the magic word “vaccine” when i reality 3 shots are more like a treatment. It was never a vaccine in the first place.

  11. Gabriele

    What about Tom Rence (sorry if my spelling is incorrect)?

    • Gabriele

      He is a lawyer in Ohio, I believe.

    • David Levin

      Perhaps you are thinking of Thomas Renz (

      • travis moss

        the problem with lawyers that want to do the right thing is that they’re members of the BAR and possibly and allegedly they’re probably a corrupt organisation also,these lawyers issue out these complaints that seem to get tied up in the system and go nowhere, it seems like a good idea to arrest the mayor of san diego( or any city or state) i ask, what good will that do; nothing.

        • eddiemd

          The state bars are corrupted. The Arizona bar is one of the most corrupted in the country.

          The AZ bar is tied in close with the Arizona Supreme Court. They are all dirty. From the local courts to the top.

          The day of judgment will reveal their wickedness. They are mockers. What is hidden in the darkness will be exposed.

          That day is approaching quickly.

          We will no longer hear the voice of joy and the voice of gladness. We will no longer hear the bridegroom and the bride. Be prepared.

          • Self Exiled

            We are so few. Also the families divided as was foretold.

          • Charles H.


            That is quite an insight into State level non-integrity. Greg thinks God is going to pull America out of it’s tailspin. I think it is too deep and wide to stop.

            • Greg Hunter

              They thought they were finished at the Red Sea too!

  12. Rich R

    Greg great interview, the new variant has an insertion of the mRNA sequence in it , this is scary . This is proof that the variants are created in the vaccinated and the vaccinated are getting it and passing it.
    The B1.1.529 variant has a “very unusual constellation of mutations,” with more than 30 mutations in the spike protein alone, said Mr. de Oliveira. On the ACE2 receptor — the protein that helps to create an entry point for the coronavirus to infect human cells — the new variant has 10 mutations. In comparison, the Beta variant has three, the Delta variant has two, said Mr. de Oliveira.

    For those interested this has an NTD insertion at the NTD insertion hotspot (at aa214) which shows high likelihood of being host-derived (from host TMEM245 mRNA)

    • Paul ...

      As the Hydra “worm” turns … politicians are just now beginning to look at the “censors” who have kept the truth of the plandemic from reaching the American people … … but simply “looking” is not enough … they need “to immediately take action”!!

      • Howard T. Lewis III

        I honest to God found 3 tiny black worms in my NEW CVS blue and white mask, and one tiny black worm in a CVS swab. I circled each worm and replaced them immediately in their envelope. one day later, the worm in the ear swab was GONE. two weeks later, one worm had crawled about 1/16″. the second had crawled for enough to get stuck in the ink of the 1/4″ circle, and the third crawled outside the circle and about another 1/8″. No bull. No exaggeration. I took this to the local Longs Drugs(Rockefeller) where I bought the mask and swabs. They could NOT have been less interested.

        • Paul ...

          That’s the way it is Howard … when you can make a lot of money (spice) off what the worms (Hydra) produce … the House of Pfizer has “plans within plans” (from Covid-19 to Omnicron) … and they will soon be using terror troops (Nazi goons) to control the “spice trade” … one problem though … some guy named Paul is trying to “out the worms” (the Hydra) that produce the spice (money) for the House of Pfizer!!! …

      • Self Exiled

        Will not happen. To little to late and they know it. Done to make them look good.

  13. Rex

    Thank you for speaking up, Greg and Karen. This is a massive uphill battle, but it has to be done, and these predators have to be put in prison – and sanity restored to our civilization.

  14. Jerry

    Well Friends,
    They said it couldn’t happen, but it did.

    Food as a weapon.

  15. TJZ

    “The devil is the father of all liars” I love this gal! Absolutely right!
    Ms Kingston is a refreshing straight speaking heroin!
    The whole COVID scam is a fraud perpetrated on the unsuspecting public to commit genocide against our fellow citizens.
    We are at WAR!
    God bless you both.

  16. Catherine

    What kind of a country is willfully killing its own citizens? Even the Chinese don’t kill Han Chinese the majority of national Chinese.
    Even the Nazis commitment genocide against Jews who were citizens of Germany but not Christian Germans. So American citizens are being targeted by its own government regardless of race religion or ethnic background as a kill target.
    So I think this culling is a first in human history, that a country is willfully killing its own people!
    Heaven help us.

    • Anthony Australia

      Globalist’s are killing the world, no bias shown.

      • Laura McDonough

        Here are the plain facts that bioweapon shots violate the Nuremberg code and UN human rights treaty and applies to entire world: I heard her on other videos incl the Stew Peters TV show (Rumble platform)

      • Self Exiled

        A genocide against humanity and they have been deceived into believing they will escape it.

        And if those days [of tribulation] had not been cut short, no human life would be saved; but for the sake of the elect (God’s chosen ones) those days will be shortened. Matthew 24:22

        And if the Lord had not shortened the days, no human life would have been saved; but for the sake of the elect, whom He chose [for Himself], He shortened the days. Mark 13:20

    • Paul ...

      Catherine … The corruption in high places must be exposed … the CDC Currently Allows Hospitals To Classify Dead Vaxxed People (As being “Unvaccinated”) … the people working at these organizations “are complicit in the genocide of humanity” … thus the process of bringing these guilty people to trial (at all these compromised organizations) must begin now at Nuremberg II … after their trial … they must be hung … leniency cannot be allowed for genocide and the killing of children!! …

    • Tom Grier

      The Russians have been pretty good at killing themselves off as well.

    • Andrew

      They are killing as many as possible.
      The system is broke, money are stolen,
      Not much left to pay pensions or SS benefits.
      So their plan is to kill
      So you wont collect.

      • Laura McDonough

        More info on planned genocide explained (transcript below video for faster reading) We have a 401k which is funded by ourselves, husband has military pension tho’ they want us all dead (all ages now) because of medicare and SS going broke, also, younger people get disability S.S. and medicaid not just old folks. They are also after kids because they are future breeders, shots also cause miscarriages and auto immune diseases. Parent’s don’t care about their kids shots, otherwise they’d homeschool or get a tudor. Gov. schools force shots.

    • Justn Observer

      Not really the first…

    • travis moss

      maybe the yiddin camps was just a dry run

  17. Neil Currie

    Thank you Greg and thank you Karen–so much. You are both in my prayers.

  18. Michael W

    I’ve read the documents Karen is referencing in these vids, I just dont understand what any of it means? Karen’s work is so important to our Country. We dont have anyone else like her. Thanks Greg for having her back on.

  19. peter Erikson

    I Feel Like I’m in Communist Russia. Having to go a small News channel on the internet to find out whats going on and how to Stay Safe. Karen Kingston is doing what she can at significant risk to herself and Greg is working to Get all the Info out of her. Its Outrageous that All our Major News Channels promote What the incompetent and Crooked Government says from one day to the next.
    We need to Get an International Class Action Against the Chinese Government even after they Disappeared Doctors and witnesses and Sanitized the crime sceen in Wuhan.

    Anyone reading this : Could we get the spelling of all the meds and treatments she mentioned? Anybody get all that?

    Thanks Greg – Hope you have a Peaceful weekend . Hang in there,

    Thanks Karen

  20. Daryl Hannon

    What gets me is there is nothing on the media ,media is bought out and owned by the government I live in communist Canada and our dictator gave the CBC news 600 million dollars to tell them what he wants and that money is tax payers money.As for the rich elites who care causing this plandemic they should all be put in jail.People are sheep I don’t listen to the news so many lies and the next thing is climate change more money for the rich.

    • Self Exiled

      ”People are sheep” Yes: we were created by HIM to follow and worship, find our identity and fulfillment in HIM. Man was never meant to lead other men. We are seeing the results of Gods allowing mankind doing his [mankind’s] will and not HIS.

      Warning concerning a King
      10So Samuel told all the words of the LORD to the people who were asking him for a king. 11He said, “These will be the ways of the king who will reign over you: he will take your sons and appoint them for himself to his chariots and among his horsemen and they will run before his chariots. 12He will appoint them for himself to be commanders over thousands and over fifties, and some to do his plowing and to reap his harvest and to make his implements of war and equipment for his chariots. 13He will take your daughters to be perfumers, cooks, and bakers. 14He will take the best of your fields, your vineyards, and your olive groves, and give them to his servants. 15He will take a tenth of your grain and of your vineyards and give it to his officers and to his servants. 16He will take your male servants and your female servants and your best young men and your donkeys and use them for his work. 17He will take a tenth of your flocks, and you yourselves shall be his servants. 18“Then you will cry out on that day because of your king whom you have chosen for yourselves, but the LORD will not answer you on that day [because you have rejected Him as King].” 1 Samuel 8 10:18

      • Charles H.

        Good radar, S E,

        Man was created to be governed by God; not by men. Israel was the template; and Christianity the enlightenment.

  21. OuchTime

    Wow didn’t know San Diego was the biotech mecca… So Hollywood, Silicon Valley and San Francisco on the wrong side of that fault line as well maybe you should move Karen before God’s judgement day!

  22. Thomas

    I love this Brave Christain Women I pray for her all the Time ,She’s Smart about the Vaccine , Iam so happy they are stepping forwards to Awaken the sleeping masses ,Thank you Greg ,God Bless

  23. Caroline

    I agree, arrest them all ! Exactly Mam! This is a discussion that every person in the USA should hear! Thank you both for the great information.

  24. Merry Piper

    Greg: Thank you for having Karen Kingston on again. Dear God we are fighting absolute evil. Prayers for you and Karen and everyone on this site.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Merry!

  25. Ray

    Again……Greg Hunter & Karen Kingston have hit it right out of the park.
    Thank you both.
    I am sending some money to Karens’ fight tomorrow to support her.
    After she wins this fight……and she will……I hope she might consider running for office.
    She has a keen intellect, the oratory skills of the finest debaters, and a demeanour that boasts courage & integrity.
    Might I also add, purely as a man, she has an uncommon depth of beauty, with a smile that could light up a football field.
    May God bless her.
    Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation

    • Rachel.M.

      Hi Ray,
      I agree with your intent to support Karen. The more good people doing various forms of research around Covid in general, the better.

      To Karen, good luck with your plans and God speed your progress.

    • JC


      The day will come when we will see Greg Hunter and Karen Kingston in action, as seen here, and they will win the fight!

      • Ray

        Love it JC!!!!
        That girl doth look a bit like Karen as well!!!
        Canberra, LDN

  26. Bobby Swain

    BREAKING NEWS “HUGE CROWDS of protesters march in Melbourne against mandatory vaccines”, Greg Hunter, Karen Kingston and all the many other’s. We thank you and our children thank you, with love from Oz!

  27. J in Europe

    Hi Greg,
    Karen is completely correct and thank you for interviewing a wonderful lady who gives in many ways.
    As an MD, I’m seeing a lot of awakening. The mist is clearing. Rabid pro “vaccine” colleagues are slowly asking why three “vaccines” are needed to treat one virus. Messages like the one below are provocative.

    If anyone thinks forcing millions of people to wear masks, banning travel, closing restaurants, limiting social gatherings, forcing millions of people to be injected, re-injecting them months later because it didn’t work and then forcing them to get a third injection because the first two didn’t work is an appropriate response to viral pneumonia, well then the world is even more crazy than anyone could possibly imagine!

    They are seeing the light and you are the beacon.
    God bless you and your viewers.
    J in Europe

  28. Jerry

    Do you see the implications with this variant?

    If this is true, the rules of game will change. But the objective will remain the same.

    • Robert

      There’s got to be a cure out there. Why else are the elite so sure they won’t be affected?

      • Brooklyn


        Hydroxichloraquine (HCQ) or Ivermectin (IVM)….

      • Charles H.

        Sure there is, Robert. It’s a club; and you ain’t in it.

      • Jerry

        The globalist are on a timeline. They must create another wave of death before the masses wake up. I’m watching the chess pieces being moved into place. 5G will play an intricate part January 6th.

    • Pete+only

      Jerry, this probably means that people will be told that they will need yet another injection to combat this new variant, or worse yet, because people’s imune systems have been comprimised by the first 2 or 3 shots of the vaccine, it could be the final death blow to them. There are really trully so many ways that the vaccine can kill you, (for example by strokes through blood clotting, by increasing cancer risks, or the hospitals might as well just the way they treat you and from economic rewards for doing so). I worked my last day the other day (last Friday), and I am now officially retired, and we are moving to our cottage for good on Monday. Me and my wife are proudly unvaccinated. I would like to hear more about the still birth numbers globally, as these numbers will be hard for the corrupt authorities to hide. Thanks Greg for all that you do. The truth is out there, and i am grateful for your part in giving it to us.

      • Warren B.

        New Variants = Continuation of the HOAX (until 2025) = Vaccine Passports for all = Digital ID = Mass Control = Reset of the Financial/Monetary System.
        Don’t worry…you will be taken care of = they will remove all your worldly possessions and you will still be happy…..!!!
        Only Luciferians can come up with that twisted logic. A New World Order = Neo Feudalism all wrapped up in a Dystopic bubble.

  29. Jerry

    Are you seeing the implications of this new virus?

    They are laying the groundwork for the next lockdown. Do you see the timing? Right on cue with the Thanksgiving holiday. They will blame the spread on social interaction. My wife says no way. I say people are already conditioned to it.

  30. Karen Halpenny

    Greg, good Show. Karen Kingston is excellent in letting us know exactly what these injections can do to harm our bodies. She is full of great information. Always glad to hear she is going to be on again.

  31. Farmer Jon Maine

    Super Brave Lady. She’s got all the proof, why does this continue on?

    Here at the Northern Most City of Caribou Maine, it is being reported that 75% of the Drs and Nurses, at Cary Medical Center are out sick from Covid..they’ve been vaxxed.

    In the hospital there are patients in the hallways, in surgical rooms, overflowing…all vaxxed.

    Up in Aroostock County theres like a 80% vaccination rate…personally been seeing alot more ambulances …night and day.

    This is it round 3! Going to tighten the noose!

  32. Cheri Rodriguez

    I get my Td shot (Tetanus-Diptheria) every 10 years and that’s it. I had a bad reaction to my first Flu shot about 20 years ago and never got one again. My fear: they tamper with all vaccines like the Td so they can eliminate the holdouts.

    • andyb

      Cheri: Been with the VA as a disabled vet for over 30 years. For the first 5 years I got the free flu shot in the Fall and then got deathly sick in the Winter. Learned my lesson and haven’t taken the flu shot since. And, strangest coincidence: Haven’t even had a cold in 25 years

      • Cheri Rodriguez

        Been with the VA 30+ years too. Every time I go in for my annual checkup, the doctor is pushing the Flu shot. How many times do I have to say “No”? I fired my last VA doctor (formal letter to The VA saying give me somebody new) and will probably fire my present doctor.

    • Brooklyn


      You answered your own question, Cheri.

      As Greg and many others have advised, DO NOT GET ANY VACCINATIONS. NONE!!!

    • DAWN

      I’m pretty sure it was the same blond woman that looked at the jab under a microscope who spoke about the Tetanus booster, and said that there has never been a case of someone stepping on a rusty nail and going into lockjaw on the same day, meaning you have time to go get the shot if you suspect trouble, and that she saw that only people with insurance were being told they needed to get it in the clinic she was working in. She wondered why that would be, and ended up down the rabbit hole on it. We apparently don’t need a booster every 5 years like clockwork. But if you step on a nail, or break your skin with a rusty object, go get one.

    • Marie+Joy

      Since Big Pharma is in the genocide business, it is stupid to get any “vaccine” from them, especially for our children. Who caused the autism epidemic? Your answer should keep you out of ALL vaccines forever.

  33. Sean B.

    They’re giving us a shot that protects us from nothing! We need a shot that protects us from big government and doctors that kiss up to it. Cowards all!
    They can take they’re Obama care protocals and shove em up Obama’s ass!
    “She was fit and healthy. There was nothing wrong with her.”
    ‘Healthy’ mum dies from blood clot ‘likely’ to have been caused by vaccine
    It took awhile, but it’s all coming out now Greg.

    • Paul ...

      Fauci, Bill Gates, Soros and Klaus Schwab need a shot … where the adjutant is not aluminum or graphine oxide but lead!!

      • Marie+Joy

        Paul. Let them have their own c19 shots, with boosters… More socially acceptable.

  34. Brooklyn

    Greg and Karen,

    Please know that I have much respect for you Karen and sent all three (3) of your interview with our Host, The Honorable Greg Hunter, to many….BUT, I am also trying to grasp what is, and/or will happen in our near-term-future here in the United States.

    On October 2nd…. Clif High told us, “The Deep State players such as government bureaucrats, drug company executives and doctors who pushed this will face an outraged grieving public…. This will turn very, very ugly. . . . I don’t even like to talk about it because there is nothing you can do about it. . . . They will come to understand that this was deliberate . . . the data says individuals will take revenge on the people who actually injected them.

    High goes into detail of what he is seeing in the data for years into the future, and it’s not pretty for the evil people who perpetrated this crime against humanity.

    Then on November 16th Clif High talks about the mass death coming as a result of the vax, which is failing badly. 

    And, on November 27th, Karen Kingston has an opposing point of view in that she is saying, “If Covid 19 goes away, where does that manufacturing facility and the billion dollar a year company go?  These are just two small examples of tens of thousands of examples.  So, that’s why it’s not going away.”

    Unfortunately, I was squarely in Clif’s court (actually praying) that the vax was failing badly, and that people who lost a loved one would take revenge on the people who actually injected them. But, now as Karen Kingston gives a peek behind the-massive-covid-money curtain while explaining why, “covid is not going away” – Logically, there is only room for one of them to be right. And, only time will tell. The good news is we won’t have to wait too long. Ah, and following the money is usually the safest bet…

    • Tim


      I agree with you. If over half the workforce is either incapacitated or dead, how are the satanist going to operate their plants and keep this going? If the die-off is more gradual, then they can keep the push to n the death jab going for awhile.


    • Brooklyn

      Thanks for the get-back. I was focusing on two key sentences where Clif said, “the vax was failing” … based on his massive data crawlers (network) and that more and more people are becoming part of the Great Awakening, where likely some will take their revenge… (which by the way I truly believe, will happen) And, then to hear Karen, who I have tremendous respect for, basically tell us the opposite theory, that, the vax is NOT GOING AWAY!

      Which, unfortunately makes an extremely complicated situation even more confusing, where it appears, with all good intentions, they are simply – guessing.

      • Warren B.

        The TRIALS (according to the Patents) continue through till 2025. So there is an expectation that the Vaccine Program will have some legs until then. That only accounts for the next 4 years. Once the Trials are completed – and they have their data (for the FDA) – then they can continue indefinitely (THE PLAN) perhaps with some tweaking/fine tuning. Outwardly it would appear they wish to terminate at least up to 3 Generations of future Human offspring. That brings us to the turn of the Century for a regeneration ?
        Can you see the Future is being mapped out for the human race via transhumanism.
        There is nothing beneficial in any of the COVID Toxic Shots. Period.
        Every living human soul needs to get their minds around this concept. This is the world that is being designed for us all.

  35. Big country

    Thanks for all your hard work . This is my main news channel and has been for a number of years.

    • Big country

      I’m sitting here with a big pot of beans on the boil. Makes me wonder if we’ll every get back to the good ol’ days? I’m drinking vodka cranberry and wonder what drives anyone to even wanna try to take over the world. I’m so lazy I don’t even want to wash my rear end in the morning. I do what I have to survive but life’s so short I prefer to play, I ain’t scared of covid either … I take my vitamin D and Zinc and have traveled 1000s of miles since this started and not even a head cold. Folks take your vitamins and pray to the good lord for protection and know your souls with Jesus and let the chips fall where they may. I got some South African neighbors trying to get back to South Africa now lol and they are in a panic over this new variant. I professed my testimony of the good word but they still got their shot while here. I’ll miss ‘em but like I said we ain’t here forever. Back to my beans and back to the show. God bless Greg for the good news . The nuts running this show will get theirs. Push come to shove I’ll be eating opossum and coon but I got a recipe that’ll make a man say yum. Let’s go Brandon my brother in laws name lol

  36. Sylvia in WA

    Thanks for another outstanding interview, Greg..
    I see where a Missouri judge recently made a ruling against bureaucrats making and enforcing law. It’s time this whole mess went to our criminal justice system.
    Covid Restrictions and Mandates Imposed by “the whims of NON ELECTED officials
    The Circuit Court of Cole County, Missouri, Judge Daniel R. Green presiding, has issued a sweeping judgement against Covid restrictions and mandates imposed by the Department of Health and Senior Services, November 22, 2021.

  37. Robert

    I see where a newscaster at Newsmax is quitting over that networks vaccine mandate policy. I wonder if big pharma has bought off Newsmax too? Wouldn’t surprise me.

  38. Donald Wood

    Boy I tell you… If these aren’t the end times, I will be very surprised. Worldwide Genocide is well under way. Thank you Ms. Kingston and Mr. Hunter for bringing these atrocities to light. Bless you both.

  39. Big country

    I took Chantix once gave me spycoshis back on cigarettes. Funny they say that beats covid any dang how. I trust the herbs for man and herbs for the beast over these man made chemicals anyhow

  40. George

    Good show my neighbor keep trying to get me to take jab he took two and booster so far doing fine but I refuse he is the same guy I told about the Fed reserve didn’t believe me I feel sorry for him only watch msm and he is a democrat 😢

    • Paul ...

      George … When all the Demon-rats begin dying in-mass by taking the shot (as their immune systems get weaker and weaker and weaker) … we who tried to save them … can finally sit back … relax and take a breather … and “let them do the heavy lifting” in their last moments on Earth … they will become the warriors who go after the “jabbers” for us (and jab them back) … but it will have to be with whatever weapons they can find … because they not only shot themselves in the arm … but shot themselves in the foot (by putting Remington into bankruptcy)!!

  41. Jay

    The Pope is pushing the new world order hard. If Mary were alive today, she would tell you that the Pope is a complete fraud. He is leading the world to hell and most are willingly going with him.

    • David

      The papal system is the harlot mentioned in Revelation. The false prophet or the religious beast. One and the same.

  42. Diana Brown

    Thank you Greg for once again hosting Ms. Kingston. Her information is mind blowing and necessary for all of us to digest. We have been attacked, in this there is no question. What I dont understand is why there has been no attempt to stop this given the known and documented adverse events associated with this bioweapon.

  43. eddiemd

    She was wrong on the details of what AIDS entails. HIV infection differs from AIDS in the staging.

    People can be HIV positive and not have AIDS. Depends on the HIV viral load and CD4 numbers.

    Low CD4 numbers usually correlate with the onset of opportunistic infections associated with AIDS. Infections that your cell mediated immune system would typically defend against. For example, PCP pneumonia, toxoplasmosis, candidiasis (oral/vaginal), CMV, zoster, cryptococcal CNS infections, histoplasmosis, Kaposi sarcoma (HHV 8)…

    Then there are neoplastic disease associated with cell medicated immune destruction.

    Kaposi sarcoma, cervical cancer, lymphomas of various types.

    There have been reports of associated cell mediated immune dysfunction with coronavirus. Same with B cell dysfunction manifesting on SPEP testing.

    Certainly there would be evidence of a monoclonal gammaglobulinopathy after taking the coronavirus transfection injection.

    This is not “gene therapy”. It is a process called transfection.

    • eddiemd

      That brings up another issue concerning the coronavirus bioweapon.

      Targeting the HLA system. (Human leukocyte antigen)

      This is the genetics of the immune system. HLA usually means a genotype which can express phenotypically in relation to autoimmune and infectious pathogens (HLA-B27 and Reiter’s syndrome for example).

      Over the past 20 years millions of americans willingly gave up their DNA to ancestry, dna 23 and me, etc. These CCP front companies analyzed the genetic make up of millions of ignorant people. The coronavirus could be targeting HLA genotypes across a spectrum in the western world.

  44. Big country

    I grew up and read the good book with a good home raising as a young man. That led me to abstinence until I was 26 years old and married. That kind of longevity gives you insight on a number of things. First I rather have a woman that smells like pine sol and home cooking over the perfume of the day and second is life is short. One thing I know is this woman threw her career away by coming on the USAwatchdog and speaking the truth and second I think she’s a little off in her cadence may be from being on screen or antidepressants but I trust her over fauci anydoggone day of the week. I hope she has savings in hand and knows that we the people stand behind her. I rather have her as our doctor in chief over the transvestite we have now…lol. We’re witnessing the collapse of an empire, hopefully I die before they try to make me work to make the new civilation. Good luck to the rest of you suckers.

  45. Arthur

    Greg, another excellent interview. My wife 58 and 3 kids, one is 21 years old,4 months pregnant, fully jabbed no side effects yet, one is 23 years old fully jabbed, oldest daughter is 40, fully jabbed, no side effects yet. Vaccinated mid summer, I hope it was salene
    God Bless us all.

    • Brooklyn


      Our prayers are for you and your family, but getting all those jabs is like playing Russian Roulette, with five out of the six chambers loaded with an experimental toxin. God alone knows the answer. Prayers…

  46. Garry

    In my opinon and this is sad view; for some it will take seeing or hearing of an individual close to them vaccine injured and some will never get off the vaccine treadmill..

    They want us dead and broke…

  47. Kent Lawson

    Karen Kingston is a cuteypie!

    • Rabbitnexus

      I bet you’re not the first creep she’s seen online,. Have you no dignity at all?

      • Tar Heel

        Now a man can’t say a woman is cute hence he’s a perv? Happily married for 29 years. Yes, she’s an attractive woman. Get over yourself.

    • leo

      lol I know sometimes I have to scroll down the page so I wont be distracted by her beauty. Arent we men sometimes pathetic . She does always come up with an angle I havent considered like this jab being around and not going away being in a blue state I may need to consider moving because they will just keep bribing those in position of authority. It seems to always be about the money.

  48. Jim Ledayrd

    Good get Greg. Thankx for your hard work

  49. Al

    This new variant they speak of has been released from a Lab, just like CV19. I have no proof of this except THE TIMING and THE INTENTION ! LOOK AT THE TIMING!
    CV19 loses its grip so they have to keep those jabs going for big pharma, which is the ultimate INTENTION.

    Timing is everything.

    Soon people will say “I’m a pure-blood” (no jab).

    • Brooklyn


      “I AM A PUREBLOOD – NO JAB…”…!!!

  50. John

    What are the 5 Pfizer lot numbers that cause health issues/death?

    • Mary sue anzivino

      What are the lot numbers with the bad side effects, and the lot numbers to the saline or you think k its saline, and the lot numbers to the weakened side effects. Just give us the lot numbers so that we will no if we need to worry or be on the look out for certain illnesses.. is there a website that shows these lotnumbers??????

  51. eddiemd

    Sorry to tell you that we don’t have years to watch this play out.

    Watch the hourglass sand as it passes through. As it gets towards the end the sand speeds up the passage through the constriction.

    The same with the latter days. The prophecy sands of time are accelerating quickly. The destruction will come when least expected.

    Always be prepared. God is not mocked.

    Galatians 6:7
    Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, that he will also reap.

    Isaiah 28:22-23
    Now therefore, do not be mockers,
    Lest your bonds be made strong;
    For I have heard from the Lord God of hosts,
    A destruction determined even upon the whole earth.

    Listen to the Teaching of God

    23 Give ear and hear my voice,
    Listen and hear my speech.

    Don’t let the bonds be made strong. Give ear to the voice of God.

    Proverbs 1:25-27
    25 Because you disdained all my counsel,
    And would have none of my rebuke,
    26 I also will laugh at your calamity;
    I will mock when your terror comes,
    27 When your terror comes like a storm,
    And your destruction comes like a whirlwind,
    When distress and anguish come upon you.

  52. steve

    ‘Arrest the Mayor’ brilliant karen, this is our ‘other ‘option that needs to become real.

    • Zoe

      The ones who get saline are the ones in upper echelon.

  53. Louis Gatto

    Hi Greg,

    Dell Bigtree of the the has a firm of lawyers who do exactly what Ms. Kingston needs to get done. They are always reaching out to folks like her. Have her contact ICAN.

    The Informed Consent Action Network.

    • Carlos G

      Hi Greg,

      Louis has the right suggestion, for Karen to get in touch with ICAN. I was going to suggest the same thing! I didn’t want this suggestion to get buried in so many comments. I hope she sees this.

      Here is an interview with the lead attorney Aaron Siri. They should work together.

  54. Jules

    do you think that Australia has been given a different lot of jabs?

    • Ray

      Hi Jules,
      I am not sure……interesting question though.
      At my workplace, 15 employees (including owner of the business)…….jus myself and one other are the only ones who have not taken the poison. I invited them to fire me if they felt they needed to…..they didn’t.
      One employee, an otherwise healthy 38 year old male had instant (within the hour, both jabs) heart issues, and has been struggling with his health ever since. I think, unfortunately, his heart has been quite damaged. His kids came home with the common cold last week, he caught it, and his immune response was terrible…..laid him out big time.
      The owner of the business, who used to run triathlons……is fit and turning 40 next month, also experienced heart issues, and has not been at work nearly as much as he used to a few months ago.
      Also……one of our customers……an elderly gent, told me he spent 3 weeks in Canberra’s main hospital after his jab. He lost his sight for a couple of days, then was put into the ICU for 3 weeks. Unbelievably, he told me that issues aside, he was glad he had now been fully vaccinated. Fair Dinkum!!!
      What was it that Forrest Gumps’ Mum told us?
      “Stupid is as Stupid does”.
      As Eddie MD has wisely said here today…….we do not have a lot of time up our sleeve to watch all this play out.
      We are about to see a very, very serious quickening of the entire farcical situation that has become modern human society.
      Canberra, Lap Dog Nation.

      • JC

        “We are about to see a very, very serious quickening of the entire farcical situation that has become modern human society.”

        Ray, are you watching the intro of Soylent Green again?

        Link below for those who may not be familiar with it.

        • Ray

          My fav movie mate 🙂
          …….and a 1973 glimpse into our near future…..thats’ for sure.
          Perhaps not eating Soylent Green……but the way the government has totally messed society up in the movie……todays’ governments are on the exact same path.
          Canberra, LDN

  55. Russ 2

    Thanks Greg, outstanding interview. Karen makes a good case; she should have no problem getting a lawyer/law firm to join with her in going after Pfizer.

  56. Cayle Reinders

    Thanks Greg for having Karen, an informed insider, on your show. Her determination to tell the truth at the expense of being cut off by the profession that earns her livelihood is a testament to the morals, decency and level that freedom fighters are willing to go to in order to do what is beneficial to a healthy society.

    Our politician puppets have declared war on COVID, which in reality means that there is too much money to be made by pharmaceutical and other industries, and the international institutions and banking cartels that fund the covid crime against humanity.

    The war on drugs, poverty, terrorism and now Covid are all still in existence years and decades after been declared by politicians and ultimately their institutional and corporate puppet masters. Wars make endless profits for the partners and stakeholders of the public-private conglomeration that is the Western societal political system.

    Here is a nice poem that is a warning to what these crooked politicians have in store in the near future:

  57. Justin Wolf

    Hi Greg

    I have be listening to your pod cast for many years.
    Recently I have begun to notice a quality issue on your brilliant interviews. it seems that when you and the guest are speaking there’s some kind of disturbances in the ability to hear you and your guess speaking. it’s weird it goes mute-and distorted and choppy for fractions of seconds through out the interview’s making it ever harder to hear. I have tried several devices thinking its on my end but its the same glitchy thing on my all my devices.

    Maybe its your end or my end or maybe deep state doesn’t like the truth and they are up to their cyber trickery..
    Please ask your audience if anyone else is having this audio disturbance issues (momentary choppiness)
    Please keep up the amazing work and you are a hero in many people eyes. You are a true patriot .

    Thank you for the work you do

    • Greg Hunter

      Unplug your modem and plug it back in to reset it or use a different browser. Let me know it that worked. So sorry you are having trouble.

      • Justin Wolf

        Thanks for the advice

        I will try that. but I’m an online junky that goes over 1000s of hours of interviews and never witnessed this kind of audio jittering on other streams….. I’m on two devices simultaneously from 10am till 3am 7 days a week

        please ask your audience if they are getting this distortion. Maybe they can leave a comment if its happening to them too

        keep up the great work

    • Justin Wolf

      My bad
      truly sorry Greg

      It was me and my placement of my 2nd device..

  58. Darren McPhilimy

    The corona injection is not a vaccine according to the long standing definition. The proper word is “transfection.” Let’s start using it.

    See: Britannica dot com

    “transfection, technique used to insert foreign nucleic acid (DNA or RNA) into a cell, typically with the intention of altering the properties of the cell.”

  59. Trevor Gruber

    I wonder if biotech is sprayed on food, does that include organic?

  60. Red

    Doing some great interviews Greg. It is hard to know who is the real deal. You have great instinct with this stuff all your guests rock. It just gets weirder and more ridiculous. Normalising all this “reset” stuff is going to be hard for the criminals but they are relentless . It is so sad to see so many people just accept this nightmare. Oh well just keep putting out these great interviews buddy. Love from Down under. Oh & may God Bless you and all watchdoggers.

  61. tim mcgraw

    Qualcomm has always been a s#!* company. I remember a friend of mine in Seattle who worked at the local phone company when Qualcomm took over. She lost her pension and quit. She called the Qualcomm executives a word a can’t use here.
    It’s always about the money. ” A fool and his money are soon parted.” A fool and a coward… the foxes are out there. Remember Pinocchio.

  62. jon

    The new “Omnicrumb” is creative economics. In Dec the PCR test kit is suppose to be discontinued. There are millions of these test kits in inventory around the world about to be thrown out. Well surprise surprise surprise…. At the last minute, the new Omnicrumb variant is miraculously able to be detected by the old PCR test. No need to lose millions in revenue now.

    • Brooklyn


      We have a relative who works the FDNY in New York City. He is un-vax’d and has filed a religious exemption. Meanwhile, they are still using the PCR test since he has to get one every week, knowing the ephen test is a fraud.

  63. Ira Lew

    What ever happened to Warren Pollack? He was such a good guest.

  64. Jeff robbins

    My video stopped, but i heard enough. She’s a great guest. I still wonder where the hippa laws are in all this. Strange times; novel virus, vax mandates, freedoms suspended, climate issues, inflation, shortages, surveillance of the internet/ communcations, hypersonic weapons, etc. Greg- an idea for a topic might be increasing crime. I remember years ago reading about stores in Russia having private security because of crime rings, and i don’t mean mall cops. Are we headed to that??

  65. Mark

    Karen Kingston is my hero. The interviews she has done with Greg Hunter all offer very credible evidence I can quickly present in my ongoing warnings to people I care about :
    “DO NOT TAKE THE VACCINE, this is why…” Thank God she appeared on the scene.
    Her high intelligence and raw courage inspire me to NEVER GIVE UP and keep going forward in this spiritual wrestling match. And yet again, thank you Greg Hunter !!!

  66. Robert Coleman

    Great Information which I share with people all over the World. Keep up the Great Work in disseminating the Truth. “It is better to live on one’s feet, than die on one’s knees”

    • Greg Hunter

      I agree Robert!

  67. Julie Sadler

    Cannot express how much I love you both for your fighting spirit!
    You’re totally awesome. Thank you again.

  68. Brooklyn


    Karen Kingston is a courageous and beautiful women. Hopefully she understands the risks of the exposure she is putting herself in, not only here at USAWATCHDOG, but with Stew Peters and others and has a surrounded herself in a 24/7 security detail.

    God Speed, Karen Kingston…

  69. Mike R

    This time period is going to be like March 2020, but way worse. Yes, the markets are in crash mode, but its gonna get super hairy, as gold is about to crash even worse, following the charts. Its about to break down out of a descending triangle that is wicked bad. So the bullion banksters are gonna clobber it, and the PTB is using this new stinking Mutant Covid variant as the ‘tool’ to make everyone in the markets run way scared. So gold is going to be dumped, as the PTB wants to make damn sure you do not see Gold as a safe haven. Because they are crashing the markets, but gold always gets smacked down first, bounces a little, and then wham, real big smack down. So you will probably get a chance to buy it again around $1400, or maybe even $1300 before the stock market crash is over. The stock market though is going down even more, so thats gonna be like a 50% crash. Its starting now, and going right through end of Q4 and into Q1, and wont bottom until end of Q2. The bottoming process will be wicked bad, and will run squarely into mid terms in Nov ’22, and then you might start to see a stock market recovery. Good luck everyone. This mutant virus is totally fake, but its being AMPED by the PTB, and the big players in the market already know it and have gotten a lot of their money out already. Just like Musk has.

    • Tom Grier

      That’s not what Bo Polny says.
      Precious metals investors will be very happy after the end of the year!

  70. IVAN

    Free Case Evaluation The Schmidt Firm

  71. Dennis Levy

    It was NU 11/26/2021
    Today it is Omicron, really it is close to correct.
    OMICON is what it really is!!! ALL CON of the people of the world!!!

    • Tim Bo

      And interestingly an anagram for….MORONIC.

  72. Dale Kosted, D.V.M.

    Hi Greg. McKesson is the distributor in the US of the coronavirus vaccines(I don’t consider them a vaccine). I wrote to them inquiring about getting some of the vaccine shipped to me. The email below is the reply I received from their public relations. I have a DEA license, can order controlled drugs and yet can’t get this product? I don’t know if you are aware but a bill called the Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act was passed which authorized veterinarians and dentists to administer these vaccines. When I inquired what was involved in operating under this act, the requirements were much to time consuming. Anyhow, I thought you and the USAW readers would find the fact that this so called vaccine is controlled more rigorously than drugs that require a DEA license. Email starts below. Dr. Kosted
    Thanks for reaching out. In order to get COVID vaccines to administer, you have to work through your state health department. Each state has slightly different approaches and criteria.

    COVID-19 vaccines are handled differently than other traditional vaccines for several reasons. First, no COVID vaccine has full FDA approval. They are being administered under Emergency Use Authorizations. Once there is full FDA approval, I would guess the COVID vaccines would shift to a commercial model like other established vaccines. The other major reason is that the U.S. government currently owns the COVID vaccines being distributed in the U.S. Again, that will changed down the road, but the timing is up to the U.S. government.

    Hope that helps.


  73. Keith Wilson

    Well Greg the globalist new world order who where behind the 9\11 attacks 20 years ago and dragged America into 20 years of the war on terror are bankrupting the western world with there war on covid-19. Trillions of dollars wasted on a sickness which kill less than 1% of the population of which the average age is 82 with 2 or more health problems. The media which they own and politicians which they have bought will be demanding more restrictions and lockdown before christmas.Why do the 99% of the population still go along with this B\S. Also have you noticed the war on terror has disappeared from the news and there is nothing on the Maxwell\Epstein sex scandals in which mossad and Epstein got most of the world’s most important leaders with there pants down ? Pfizer must be laughing all the way to the bank knowing they will be making billions more profit from there new booster jab in 2022. When will the people wake the fuck up ?

  74. Jim Stevens

    I never understood why all those people got in the Nazi cattle cars, as i stood in line looking at all the other human lab rats getting processed for the experimental vax injection. They gave me a cute vax button to put on my shirt just like a yellow star . Been sick as hell for months.

  75. Lisa

    Thank you Greg! Am I hearing correctly that only certain lots will possibly cause destruction of immune system? Is it certain lots for all shots (first, second, booster) and all brands, or just Pfizer? I was confused when she said if you are not sick by now be thankful because I have read we may see much more sickness when the vexed are confronted with other illnesses (their immune system will not be able to fight).


    IF KAREN,S information is true and correct knowing the legal system in the U.S.A.I find it incredible that not one lawyer in the country is not looking a this , and a big FAT pay day at the end. Never stand between a lawyer and a dollar.

    • Charles H.

      The saying goes… “Don’t Fight the FED.” Imagine fighting a couple of bigger brothers at the same time. A lawyer loves money; and sometimes – something else more.

  77. Johnnie

    Hard to wake anyone up. Maybe this can help.

  78. Chevy123

    Karen Kingston if fabulous. She is such a bright women.
    Thanks Greg for the excellent content.

  79. Paul ...

    Here is the “jab” Death Report:

  80. Marie+Joy

    Please, Dear God, help us find our backbones.

  81. Randy Best

    There will never be a cure for cancer. Because if there were, the money train will dry up.
    They obviously don’t want that to happen. These people are evil, sinister and are not of God.

  82. FreeMpg

    It’s encouraging to see Karen smile. God bless her, and you , too, Greg. You’re an American treasure. Keep on keepin’ on.

    • Charles H.

      Yeh, I noticed that too. Karen looked much better, and even smiled a couple times. Brains and beauty, with a big heart – ain’t that America!

  83. tim mcgraw

    Don’t comply. Don’t comply. Don’t wear a mask. Don’t get the jab. Don’t comply. Just say, “NO.”

  84. M.Barlow

    Watters’ World’ host describes the president as being completely out of touch in opening monologue /FoxNews
    He has definitely United the country. Everyone can’t stand him. We can all agree on that!
    Absolutely warms my heart to hear!
    Presidents known by their initials: FDR, JFK, LBJ and FJB.

  85. Vincent

    Hi Greg, great to have Karen Kingston back on your show, we are surely at the gates of hell now, this new alleged variant called Omicron which is an anagram for Moronic. They really are calling people stupid now. The definition of a moron is a stupid person, they are taking the piss now. They are bringing back restrictions here in the UK from Monday. God bless you, Vince in London.

  86. David Gordon Dunne

    Karen is super. Greg is super. All the quests are yes, super. I saw Victor Davis Hansen on Tucker. He said, even if good Republicans sweep the House and Senate, the EVIL will still get there way. Even if that had a Super Majority, and impeached scum Biden, look at what we then get. Kamela. If they were to give her the boot, maybe we get lucky. As Karen said, these Globalists now have made Covid in general a multi-trillion dollar business like the Green New Deal. I don’t see how we can win. I personally think it will take muskets now. I get very distraught now.

  87. wayne wilcox

    Bunch of thoughts here. First, those 18 lots of 2 million jabs each, which produced no side effects. If they are, in fact, a saline placebo, how many “vaccinated” military personnel got saline? Were there Patriots working on the inside who played these Commies at their own game, effectively rat-screwing the Commie plan to exterminate our military?

    Remember when Newsolini got his booster? He threw a screaming bitch fit when he found out it was actual vaccine. He demanded saline. He also disappeared for almost two weeks. It’s confirmed he had an adverse reaction. Also, a resident in the area surrounding Newsolini’s home confirmed that, at the very least, he had been interrogated by some high-speed guys while he was recovering from his adverse reaction.

    Second, the AIDS sequence in the vaccine ties back to Fauci and those videos of him from the 1980’s, where he said children could be infected with AIDS just by being in the same room with an AIDS-infected person. Put the two together, and you can make the connection that Fauci was one of the key people who worked on, and created the AIDS virus. Fauci’s entire career of mass murder is now exposed to anyone who cares to take the wool off their eyes and see the truth.

    Third, Commie traitors like Todd Gloria, along with their spouses/partners, and adult/minor children/grandchildren ALL NEED TO BE PLACED UNDER MILITARY ARREST, PUT BEFORE A MILITARY TRIBUNAL, AND PUT TO DEATH. Understand something about the spouses, partners, children and grandchildren of these Commie traitors: they are all direct financial beneficiaries of the crimes committed against this country, and they need to be punished like they’ve never been punished in their lives. The minor children and grandchildren are especially dangerous, because if you don’t put them to death, 40 years from now, you are fighting the same war all over again.

    Fourth, Israel, one of the most vaccinated countries on the planet. How do you finish the job started in the 1940’s, if you can’t put Jews in railroad cars to send them to death camps? You trick them into killing themselves. Now you have the answer as to why Deagel showed Israel’s population declining by something like 90% by 2025.

  88. william

    Ivermectin is plentiful in Ghana.

  89. James Hall

    Greg search this title on Oydsee, very credible and would be another great guest.
    Must watch, bombshell.

  90. Graham Crackerten

    Thousands of protesters rally against COVID jab mandates in Sydney | 7NEWS
    137,165 views Nov 27, 2021 7NEWS Australia
    Thousands of protesters have marched through Sydney, rallying against COVID vaccine mandates.
    It was one of several demonstrations across the country with police out in force, ready to act, but

    Watters’ World’ host describes the president as being completely out of touch in opening monologue /FoxNews
    He has definitely United the country. Everyone can’t stand him. We can all agree on that!
    Absolutely warms my heart to hear!
    Presidents known by their initials: FDR, JFK, LBJ and FJB.

    Thousands attend anti-vax protests across Australia
    25,958 views Nov 27, 2021

  91. Earl Thornburg

    Greg, While you have had many important interviews, this one may be pivotal in our history by providing facts for legal methods of destroying this evil bioweapon and it’s implementation. I pray the right lawyers team up with her.

  92. Bob


  93. Maria+das+Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Ms Kingston. Love the investigative work both of you are pursuing.
    These huge sums of money are a gateway into the tax base of every country which is being bilked.

  94. virginia clark

    Thanks Greg for having Karen on. I follow her on Stew Peters also. She has become a real maverick against this whole sham,
    The secondary reason behind keeping this going I heard suggested is that the democrats once again are going to use it again as a means to force a shut down and use it to cheat with the ballots again. Especially if they use Polio.

  95. Roger Stamper

    tks for post greg & karen

  96. Joe Boudreau

    I can’t believe Fauci hasn’t been arrested yet. Anyone else feel the same way?
    Thanks Greg for another great interview.

  97. Shane Martin

    You do realise if what she is saying is correct her life is in danger and could explain this Omicron “storm in a tea cut” shiet. When RFK Jr went after Monsanto they used a grounds keeper at a school, the reason is he had only handled one type of herbicide in his career. If Karen Kingston is correct there will only be one avenue for Pfizer and that is to get a Covid-21 shot out and push it so hard its going to need lube when it goes in. That way you can not prove in a court of law which product harmed you. It is defently interesting times we live in. God help us.

  98. Paula Davis

    “Roadmap for Prosecuting Covid Crimes”
    This is time-sensitive & will soon be removed + scroll down & read the comms assoc w/article.

  99. Dusty Dude

    Thanks once again Greg for all your efforts. Karen is an amazing guest. I could listen to her for hours. Her ability to read and comprehend legal medical documents is truly a gift. Thanks to her for sharing her ability. I hope everyone clicks the link to support her….

  100. Zoe

    Chantix yes completely pulled for a cancer causing ingredient. Oh, the irony. As if manufacturer Pfizer didn’t know this in 2007!! Pfft. Such bad players.

  101. Da Yooper

    Good interview Greg

    “Kingston says there are untold billions of dollars being invested into CV19 injections.”

    I have to wonder how many of our members of the House & Senate are invested in these company’s with their insider information?

  102. The Ogs

    There are links everywhere this morning, to Zero Hedge – leading to your story Greg!
    Not linking directly to you but whatever, it works. Zero Hedge is yer pal…
    They link to your stuff because it’s good. Outspoken yet classy, your site is referable (to many) with info judged important these days. So – good for you Greg, fine work.
    And don’t forget that USAWatchdog is international and you have many viewers (like me) outside the USA.

  103. Russ 2

    “The Omicron Variant” – Magic pills, or solving the Africa problem?
    “The “variants” are just tools to stretch the story out and keep people on their toes…”

    A while back there was a different article regarding variants getting more transmissible but less deadly, (which is the natural progression) until we finally get to something similar to the common cold. At that point everyone susceptible would get the virus, our natural immune would become exposed, develop antibodies and thus would end the dreaded Covid pandemic/endemic. Here comes the dreaded Omicron and… Doh! it’s not the killer they were hoping for.
    “Goldman Slams Omicron Panic: “This Mutation Is Unlikely To Be More Malicious;
    No Reason For Portfolio Changes” — move along, nothing to see here…

    When Covid first hit the streets in early 2020 it had a (doing nothing) survival rate of 99%-99.97% depending on age — round it off to 100% if you had no comorbidities. It sucked if you lived in a NY or Seattle nursing home, were in poor health and surrounded by others in a bad way, but that’s the way it was (or the way Cuomo forced it to be). Then the media hyped it up and fear took over. Just a smidge under 100% survival rate and we as a nation were scared into wearing masks and keeping friends at double arms length and praying for the almighty Bill Gates to come through with his promise of a vaccine.

    Many were hooked on fear and promises but some of us were doing the math on that survival rate thinking “those are pretty good odds”. If you guys haven’t figured it out, I’m not part of the ongoing human drug trial. No way will I willingly allow someone to jab me with an experimental mixture of ingredients you really don’t want in your body — God would not approve. But he gave us free will so people are getting in line and rolling up their sleeves. Adam had free will too — choose wisely.

    • Russ 2

      There is a good read regarding Dr Scott Atlas’ new book at:
      “A President Betrayed by Bureaucrats: Scott Atlas Exposes The Real COVID Disaster”

      After reading the review of Atlas’ book, I ordered it for my Kindle (available now, hardback later). This book may answer questions of why is Trump still pushing these vaxxines. Maybe not, but at least we’ll have an inside look at decision making in the early days of Covid.

    • Russ

      “Could Omicron be GOOD news? Variant ‘might speed up end of pandemic if it causes mild illness’ ”
      * Scientists have warned Covid is unlikely to ever be eradicated, but will transition into a milder cold-like virus
      * But WHO warned variant could change the ‘trajectory of the pandemic’ and the ‘consequences may be severe’…

      Severe consequences in this case means that the vaccine cash cow dies. Meantime, keep up the fear campaign and get those boosters available. I would expect Pfizer to have an Omicron booster available shortly …

  104. BobPhD

    People don’t understand what is the real problem. And neither do many mis educated doctors. So here it is ………. Anyone that can prove that CV-19 is contagious and has killed anyone on this planet. I will give you $100,000 for simply scientifically proving those two very simple conditions that everyone is taking for granted. CV-19 and SPECIFICALLY CV-19 hasn’t even been isolated. It has not been SEPARATED from all viruses. I’ll make it even easier. SITE a scientific study proving 100% that CV-19 is at least ALIVE. Is that too much to ask? Here is the point. That little turd fauci, could just have said, that there was an invisible unicorn from Jupiter hurting people, that would have been just as valid as his CV-19, and that would at least have been more creative.

  105. William Bissell

    So how Can the American People follow thru with a Class Action Lawsuit against these people. If we have all this evidence and all the Examples of Big Phama’s cover-ups, Damage, Deaths and funding for Crisper-Ebola-Sars-HiV and other Pathogens that have killed untold and will continue to kill millions. We should all go the Karan’s website to see what we should do to capture these people and bring them to Justice…

  106. Stephen Woenker

    Where can I find help , treatment to counter vaccination consequences????

  107. John Pick

    If they inject you with a company’s synyhetic mRNA or DNA by law and SCOTUS Decisions you become property of the Company that you allowed to inject you with their technology and Intellectual property.

    • Paul ...

      John … It is really unbelievable that so many people in the world would “happily” volunteer to hand over their family jewels to a Cabal of Satanistic Nazi “commie” Psychopaths … who promise them “nothing” in return???

  108. Donna

    So some lots have had no adverse events associated with them in VAERS. Others have had a large number. WHICH LOTS are in each of these categories, and in what time frames were they given? I gather that the lots were widely dispersed, that something like 13 states didn’t get any of the hottest lots–WHICH STATES??? If Karen (or any other researcher) knows this information, PLEASE SPILL! People could look up what lots they were given and it could help a =lot= with anxiety, future planning, other effects on health and peace of mind, and so forth. For example, I was deeply distressed that my only sister took the shot–if I (and she) could find out if she’s in a safer category, it’d save ulcers all around. Or if she’s in a more dangerous category, we could take it from there.

    WHICH LOTS HAD NO ADVERSE EVENTS IN VAERS? And WHEN/WHERE were they given? Does anyone know??? Sorry for shouting, just trying to get some attention here!

    • G.T. Hood

      Here is a link that shows some of the Phizer and Moderna lots, and gives an indication of the number of adverse events in the Vaers system. Hope this helps. The summary pages have lot numbers in alphabetical order. Find the lot number closest to the one you are searching for.

      Keep up the good work Greg!

      • G.T. Hood

        Pages 17-20 are the most helpful with specific lot numbers.

        • Donna

          Thank you, G.T.! Very helpful to find the hot lots. That’s one of my questions answered.

          Greg, next time you talk with Karen, could you ask her if she could possibly specify a) which lots have no adverse events in VAERS, b) which states they might have gone to, and c) which states the hot lots =didn’t= go to? She could impart this in any of her interviews, or either write it up or link to it on her website. We need information! Thanks for everything you’re doing to get the truth out!

    • Paul ...

      Donna … Thanks for your question … now we all know what lot number to ask for (thanks to brother Hood) if we or our children are ever forced to take the “jab” … if they force us to take the Pfizer “jab” (demand to be injected from a vial coming from Lot Number EN8727) … if forced to take the Moderna “jab” (demand it be from Lot Number 037A218)!!!

      • Gandhi

        Hahaha funny, like you would get to pick which lot number your jab comes from. They prolly already switched the vials. Thanks for the belly laugh! All you need to know about this plandemic is the churches were closed but the abortion clinics remained open.

  109. FreeBirdJohnny

    Thank the Good Lord that the truth is coming out and that many people are standing strong against the false propaganda.

    We need for prominent folks to boldly stand with us against this evil.

  110. Chaos

    So we have an administration that is implementing and enforcing a foreign enemy of USA agenda known as Build Back Better. We are at war with this administration; plain and simple.

  111. Da Yooper

    Hey Greg look what I found while crawling around the internet this morning.

    ” From 30 January 2020, the day the WHO declared a Public Health Emergency of International concern, until 25 November 2021, the day the Omicron variant was announced , 666 days have passed.”

    • JC


  112. Frank Arnold

    What a sad time in human history when the real truth is blocked at every turn and corner from getting out. I always want to listen to ALL sides of info to make an educated decision for me and my family…you know it is bad when “they” will allow only what “they” want you to hear and understand. The speed and overwhelming pressure at which this pile of CRAP is being thrown at all of us is dizzying/confusing and deceiving. I compliment YOU on bringing back this wonderful young lady and the information she is trying to relay to humanity. Somewhere I heard that in life’s trials…what does not kill you will make you stronger…I guess we will all be bad asses when this episode is finally over!! Well, those that did not get jabbed.
    I will definitely support her financially as much as I can…and again, I thank you for all you have done. Frank, the old dude from NC.

  113. John Pick

    Do you know that the Covid vaccine manufacturing murderers were given the Covid Vaccine “Bio Weapon “Cure recipe from The Chinse Government over the internet? I don’t think people get this ?

  114. REALIST


    • Paul ...

      Realist … Now the Globalists have launched the OMNI-CRON upon US … the Globalists believe in OMNI (one) CRON (god) that eats US … the Greek myth of Cron-us swallowing his children speaks to the idea of an evil “god” that eats children … just as the Globalists are doing with their “jab” … now swallowing our 5 to 11 year old children … what better name could they have chosen then “OMNICRON” (comply … and you will see your children die)!! …

  115. Richard harvey

    I want to thank you for all your quests
    For me at times I’m overwhelmed trying to get this information out, to loved ones and others it seems to go in one ear and out the other
    Planting seeds and praying the info will take hold
    I’m a caregiver for my wife who recently had a stroke and broke her leg, we are not getting it
    We both have had cancers and are survivors.
    I’m interested in what we can take as an alternative to what the mainstream media suggests 24/7
    Thanks again in Jesus Christ

  116. Fred

    This my comment is of very limited interest to anybody, frankly. I just do not have anybody to tell to that I – although a “prepper”, ready to physically go on for years (food and all the other “prepper-crap”) – have arrived, as expected/I knew that this is my weak point, almost at the end of my psychical powers. The moment the fascist regime makes the kill shot unconditionally mandatory, I will use my legally held firearm to propel a 9mm projectile through my head. The world is not worth living anymore anyway. Good luck to all decent people!

    • Greg Hunter

      Don’t give up Fred. Hang on to Jesus. Pray on it and you will get a NO. Satan wants you to do this and he’s laughing. Make him cry and LIVE!!!

      • helot

        Not to mention, if he hangs on, he might get the chance to be able to help someone else who wants to live.

    • APS

      Fred, you are not alone. There are 10’s of millions of us, maybe 100’s of millions.

      We will not go quietly into the night.

    • JuicyMoosey

      If there’s a mandate then that might be the final straw for the people to outright lynch these devils or at least enforce Nuremberg trials.

      Also, any one of these key devils could outright die of “natural” causes at any moment. That’d set plans back a bit. (Though they’ve probably got clone doubles or cyborgs waiting in their lairs to replace them)

      If not that then just one small military from anywhere on earth could get hold of some equipment and end all this within a few days. It could happen any time.

      They’re putting our backs up against the wall and leaving us few options. There’s millions of us who feel like it’s us or them. Any one of us could be the nail in the devils coffin. Just one person losing their temper in the right place at the right time. That’s all it might take to stop all this.

      Even if we win there might be unvaxxed kids out there who’ll need people like us to provide guidance. Some of these kids today have never planted a seed or picked a fruit in their lives. They’ve never lived without a phone or electricity. They’ve never read a real book. They’ll need every earthborn sane mind they can find if they’re going to survive.

      Don’t give up until the last breath. Those like you and me might play critical pivotal roles simply by being alive and sane in this next few years.

      • helot

        It better hurry up & happen, JuicyMoosey. Clueless bamboozled Moms & Dads are letting their children be jabbed left & right. Sad sheet.

    • Charles H.

      ‘There was a very despondent man who was also discouraged; but he knew the Lord. While he kept his eyes on the world: his attitude grew dimmer; and he finally gave in to suicide. When he got to Heaven he felt so bad about killing himself he went straight to Jesus, to ask forgiveness. Just as he got up to the Lord and began to speak – the Lord said to him: quiet, do not speak now – step aside: I have the Rapture coming up right now!’

      The moral of the story is to NOT give up! No one knows when things can turn around: and no one wants to give up just when they might have won just a few moments hence.

      If you can’t make yourself to see the glass as half-full: try seeing Life as 50/50. It will drive most people crazy!

    • Marie+Joy

      Fred, You would be shooting the wrong person.

      • Brooklyn


        Every now then, you post the most succinct yet powerful comments, this one to Fred is one of them. Thanks.

      • Clare Doll

        Good One!!

    • Matt Kaatz

      Fred, God determines when you go, not YOU. There may be a purpose for our suffering. Offer it up to Jesus along with the rest of us. You have more power than you realize.

    • Keith Wilson

      Fred don’t talk about putting a bullet to your head and committing suicide. Don’t let them do that. Find like minded people and prep and prepare for the whole group. Many peppers have not got all the skills that will be required to survive when the SHTF. Your knowledge and skills will be required by other preppers. Your a valuable commodity so don’t throw your life away Fred. Don’t let them win.

    • MC

      In your case we do not recommend stockpiling Kentucky bourbon, but instead dog chow. ASAP visit the SPCA or other animal shelter: either volunteer there, or get yourself a dog that has been mistreated and is forlorn. Your vocation is to love that creature back into well-being.

  117. Nick Reynolds

    Very good, Greg. Karen Kingston is refreshing and inspirational to hear. Unfortunately, the people who were tricked into taking the jab, mainly because they hated Trump and his supporters, have never heard of her. Apparently, it’s going to take enough children dying from the vaccine that their parents will begin to wake up. In the meantime, why don’t you contact Robert Kennedy Jr. He’s been speaking out against the vaccines and 5G (That’s part of their plan) for a long time. Recently, Tucker Carlson interviewed him. Kennedy’s got his speech down pat. I don’t care if he is a Democrat. He talks sense.

  118. Burger Chef 1973

    What if (Omicron) is a zero micron variant, it doesn’t exist at all in the wild, it only exists within the bodies of those that took the jab.

    If you had any jabs, then they are failing and have produced a new sickness, 0micron; which of course will mutate within your cells, requiring endless jabs at the taxpayer expense, until your organs turn to shit.

    If you never got any covert jab, you are safe, in over the past year you’d had hundreds of chances to contract proving your body is naturally immunized, you have the gold standard!

    • Mike R

      OMICRON is an anagram for MORONIC !

      How ironic.

  119. peter wilkie

    PLEASE PLEASE LOOK AT this it gives the back ground corporate personalities behind the C19

    THIS IS FOR KAREN plus all Grieg please spread it about

  120. A Yank and dam PROUD

    George Harrison – What Is Life?`
    Two young people, an American girl and her ethnic boyfriend…..
    Something that can only happen in America or Australia, because of the men and boy’s in the ground, who gave they’re lives for the freedom of choice and the freedom to live they’re lives, in the freedom to be able to believe, as the son’s and daughters of a God of LOVE and Not Bully’s who want to own them!

  121. Barb

    Thanks Greg.
    Seems like the transmission aspect of these shots should have shut them down by now. Specially since close proximity can, supposedly, cause miscarriage. With the uproar on legislating abortion, you would think people would be far more incensed.
    But there’s been very little talk of transmission… Very little focus on understanding and explaining it. Makes you wonder how real the problem is.
    I think it was New Zealand that threatened to use transmission to infect unvaxxed populations…??? Pfizer even admitted it, in a pretrial warning.
    It’s one thing to choose the shot for yourself, and totally another to infect or affect your coworkers, students or customers.
    I read an article about a year ago, describing how this mRNA tech can be used to control wild horse populations. By darting a few horses, sterilization would transmit. And I remember another article on herd over population. It showed dead horses by a mud hole, that was still muddy, meaning it still had some water. Yet several horses were dead. Makes you wonder what they died of.

  122. D.Yank

    Is it God’s purpose to destroy the earth and all living things on it? Some astronomers theorize that eventually our sun will experience an explosive enlargement in size and will engulf the earth. There are those who reason that, because of the very nature of the physical universe, the time must come when the sun will no longer shine and the earth will no longer sustain life. But are they correct? What does the Creator say​—the One who brought into existence energy and matter, the One who originated the laws on which our existence depends?​—Job 38:1-6, 21; Psalm 146:3-6.
    The God of Israel Jehovah, inspired wise King Solomon to write about man’s life span as compared with the duration of the earth itself. At Ecclesiastes 1:4 Solomon penned these words: “A generation is going, and a generation is coming; but the earth is standing even to time indefinite.” Human history testifies to the truthfulness of this. Although one generation of mankind has been replaced by another, the earth, the globe on which we live, remains standing. But for how long? According to the literal rendering of the Holy Scriptures, it will be “to time indefinite.” What the heck does that mean?
    The Hebrew word ‘oh·lamʹ, here rendered “time indefinite,” basically means a period of time that, from the standpoint of the present, is indefinite or hidden from sight but of long duration. That can mean forever. Does it in this instance? Or does this expression indicate that perhaps at some indefinite future time, now hidden from us, the earth will come to its end? Some things that the Bible says would continue “to time indefinite” did eventually end. (Compare Numbers 25:13; Hebrews 7:12.) But the Scriptures also associate ‘oh·lamʹ with that which is eternal​—for example, the Creator himself. (Compare Psalm 90:2 and; 1 Timothy 1:17.) As to what the expression means in connection with the earth, we are not left in doubt. At Psalm 104:5 we are told: “He has founded the earth upon its established places; it will not be made to totter to time indefinite, or forever.”
    See also Psalm 119:90.
    What will endure forever is not merely a barren, unproductive globe. At Jeremiah 10:10-12 we are informed: “Jehovah is in truth God. . . . He is the Maker of the earth by his power, the One firmly establishing the productive land by his wisdom, and the One who by his understanding stretched out the heavens.” Notice that he not only made “the earth” but also firmly established “the productive land.” In place of this latter expression, many translators render the Hebrew word te·velʹ simply “world.” However, according to Old Testament Word Studies by William Wilson, te·velʹ means “the earth, as fertile and inhabited, the habitable globe, world.” As to God’s purpose regarding this fertile, inhabited earth, Psalm 96:10 reassuringly declares:
    “Say among the nations, Jehovah reigneth: The world also is established that it cannot be moved [or made to totter]: He will judge the peoples with equity.”​—American Standard Version, See also Isaiah 45:18.
    ]Some lexicographers therefore understand ‘oh·lamʹ as used at Ecclesiastes 1:4 to mean “for ever.” The New English Bible, Revised Standard Version, The Jerusalem Bible, The Bible in Living English, King James Version and others render it in that way.]
    Thus it is regarding the planet Earth on which we live that Jesus Christ taught his followers to pray to God: “Let your kingdom come. Let your will take place, as in heaven, also upon earth.”​—Matthew 6:9, 10.
    God’s will is not for the earth to be inhabited by people who have no regard for its Owner and little love for one another. Long ago he promised: “Evildoers themselves will be cut off, but those hoping in Jehovah are the ones that will possess the earth. The righteous themselves will possess the earth, and they will reside forever upon it.” (Psalm 37:9, 29) “The inhabited earth to come,” of which the Bible speaks, will be populated by people who fear God and sincerely love their fellowmen. (Hebrews 2:5; compare Luke 10:25-28.) So great will be the changes that take place under God’s heavenly Kingdom that the Bible speaks of “a new earth”​—not a different globe, but a new human society that will live amid the paradisaic conditions that mankind’s Creator purposed from the time he began his earthly creation.​—Revelation 21:1-5; Genesis 2:7-9, 15.
    The establishing of that “new earth” will, of necessity, be preceded by great destruction​—one surpassing anything that mankind has yet experienced. For the good of the earth itself and all who are truly grateful to its Creator, he will “bring to ruin those ruining the earth.” (Revelation 11:17, 18) God’s time for doing this is very near! When it is completed, will you be found among the survivors?​—1 John 2:17; Proverbs 2:21, 22.

  123. Felix Lietner

    Speaking of CHINA
    Soldier Of Fortune (1955) – Full length movie
    607,224 views Jun 17, 2020 Peter Tong
    Soldier of Fortune is a 1955 DeLuxe Color adventure film in CinemaScope about the rescue of an American prisoner in the People’s Republic of China in the 1950s. It was directed by Edward Dmytryk, starred Clark Gable and Susan Hayward, and was written by Ernest K. Gann based on his 1954 novel.
    Don’t let the introducing credits fool you, this Sunday afternoon or Monday morning movie is in High Definition, enjoy!

  124. Jiang Jieshi,

    China Rising: Inside the Chinese cold war with The West (Part 2)
    124,761 views Premiered Nov 24, 2021 Sky News Australia
    Part two of Sky News Australia’s documentary – China Rising – investigates Chinese President Xi Jinping’s mission to topple the United States and become the world’s greatest superpower.

    • c

      Minister for Magic announced it is primary objective = ‘Tough on Muggles’.

  125. Marie+Joy

    Regarding that discussion of Deagle/Deagel… Our own politicians are setting us up to be murdered by poisonous jab, WWIII, or God knows what else… How wrong can Deagle/Deagel be?

    • Marie+Joy

      For clarification, that’s Deagel.

  126. Cheryl

    Thank you for a fantastic interview. Ms Karen Kingston delivers facts and credible documents sources. There is no doubt about where her data come from and that it is reliable, accurate and well interpreted.

    It’s likely that some vial contents will have no effect and that others will not all have the same effects according to lot number (and probably other factors).

    In clinical trials research there are typically control (saline) and intervention/treatment product testing. Obviously, you would expect control vials to have no effect. Intervention vials are probably not all the same — trials typically test different dosing, different delivery, different adjuvants, etc. Those producing distributing administering the product have the key to know which vials contain what according to lot number. Knowledge of the link between lot number and vial contents is what generates data to enhance understanding of product variations in effect, for example, time it takes to express symptoms, side effects, lethality, morbidities, supposedly efficacy and so on.

  127. Amanda Mankey

    My experience with covid so far we are all NOT vaccinated… First symptoms was Nov 17th. Went to my son’s wrestling meet the day before. When we got home I was eating some ice cream I couldn’t finish and my son ate it – so I gave him covid. He tested positive at school after that. He had no symptoms but happened to sit next to another student who had it so they tested him. He never felt sick thank goodness. Our school doesn’t make kids wear masks they just have vaccinated/unvaccinated quarantined differently. I got myself tested and was positive. My husband has tested negative 3 times. Back in January 2020 before this all started he and his buddy trailered there motorcycles to Iowa for CAMS. When they got back home they were both horribly sick for at least 2 weeks. Also the guy that did the cams called them when they got back and said they were all sick too. I think my husband had covid back then – almost 2 years ago and still has natural immunity from it. I am a computer programmer and we have been working from home thruout this pandemic. My husband is a truck driver. He drives a tanker delivering gas to gas stations. They have been really busy throughout this and he comes in contact with lots of people but never brought it home. I’m convinced he already had it January 2020. I’m recovering but feel like covid has zapped all the energy from my body. My son is fine and had no symptoms. It’s not dangerous to young people. I have 2 daughters living at home too and they are unaffected. At least I’ll have natural immunity when this is over

  128. paula davis

    Today is the first Sunday of Advent. The Gospel reading Luke 21:25-28, 34-36
    Today’s reading is not a coincidence…God’s Words of assurance that our redemption is at hand.
    Viva Christo Rey Ave Maria

  129. Jeffrey

    What if you work backwards and you assume that what the Liars say is true, i.e., that God does not exist, then what’s with the ostensibly deliberate effort by the Elites to make the Vaccines and the Vaccine Passport precisely fit the definition of the “Mark of the Beast” in the Book of Revelation?

    What gives?

    Are the IT Elite Weirdo’s just “Taking-the-Piss” at the Plebs, as the Brits say?

    • Paul ...

      Jeffrey … We know “Satan exists” (just from the skeleton bones of Giants found all around the world) which is “real physical absolute proof” that evil beings came down from the heavens to rape our women (Genesis 6:2) … now … if there are highly evil beings up there … it doesn’t take much thought to assume “less evil beings” can be found up there also … perhaps even a few “good ones” (like Jesus and God the Father) … QED!!

    • Paul ...

      Now to answer your question Jeffery … about “the ostensibly deliberate effort by the Elites to make the Vaccines and the Vaccine Passport precisely fit the definition of the Mark of the Beast in the Book of Revelation” … is because they know “god’s” (like Satan) are “so full of themselves and their immense power” that they want to be Worshiped like Kings … so humans oblige these “gods” and bow down to them … and will even throw their precious babies into a fire at the alter of such “gods” … to show their loyalty … but when men come of age … and realize these “god Kings” are pure evil … we stand up to them … and call them out (i.e. FJB … FJB … and F you too Satan!!) …

  130. iwitness02

    It’s all so bizarre, I don’t know what to say anymore.
    Only thing I can think of is: Thank you Greg.

  131. c
    Why are you so concerned?

    There is no agreement for your spreading it around and you need to take the consequences.

  132. Sean B.

    The Post says: It’s time for a Dr. Fauci-ectomy
    Yes, absolutely, rootly, tootly!

  133. John

    Does God’s Forgiveness mean that it’s ok to be irresponsible? For example: “ It’s ok for you to get the “Mark of the Beast” Jab, and, thereby, make it more difficult for everyone else including kids. Just ask for God’s forgiveness and take some Omega 3.”

  134. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    Great report. I agree with Karen, the third option is the police should arrest any politician, head, mayor, or other color of law actors for forcing and attempting to force a required Covid shot causing harm, injury, assault, disability and death. I see probable cause to issue the affidavit stating such and give rise to arrests, charges and criminal penalties.

  135. Justn Observer

    Greg, yes, great interview with Ms. Kingston… add the evidence presented by Glenn Beck along with a expose’ on the timeline and Que Bono = U.S. gov’t in bed with private pervars of the jabs just as Ms. Kingston suggests is going on…public – $$$$$private partnership$$$$$$ to the moon….

    Appears time to collect Ms. Kingston’s docs, along with Glenn Becks publish them in a legal format…and everyone obtain copies and AT least mail them ‘return receipt requested’ , BETTER would be have them served on all politicians, AG and DA’s, and Media talking heads and ””CON-tributors”” and their Med. doctors pushing the jabs…= put then on legal notice so none can claim ignorance and prove intent to perpetuate the fraud upon the people…for what has to come next… Make it a XMAS present to them all. IF there was a downloadable file with all the docs, data with the wide viewership of so many alt. media think of them being hand delivered in public, receiving the mail and being legally served at every turn AND then TRYING with a straight face to keep up their lies in the tv and radio presentations, or town hall or school board meetings etc.

  136. Cat


    • Paul ...

      Cat .. I tell people to grab the death shot needle out of the hands of the murdering doctors … throw it to the ground … and step on it … and people simply smile … like I’m some sort of conspiracy theorist!!

    • Self Exiled

      You go first.

  137. Don Conrad

    I think David Martin might be the type of lawyer she is looking for. Here is what I found for contact info: Hope this helps.

  138. Marie+Joy

    Americans have a choice… Either bend over or ammo up.

    • JC

      Marie Joy,

      Is that you?

      • Marie+Joy

        JCM, Funny as hell but, seriously, nitwits tried to relieve me of my ordinance but they cannot find it.

  139. Roger Foulmuth

    Crimes or Cover-Up? Exposing the World’s Most Dangerous Lie
    645,621 views Streamed live on Nov 17, 2021 BlazeTV
    COVID-19 changed everything. The way we live our lives, how we operate our businesses, how we see each other. And now, the federal government is sinking its tendrils even deeper, threatening the fabric not only of our bodily autonomy, but of the republic. Our American way of life may never be the same. To save it, we must understand the key fundamentals of the pandemic that transfigured our society into the nightmare it is today. What is the COVID-19 origin story? Who are its top players in government and science, pulling the strings? What was their REAL response in the first days of the pandemic? The answers to these questions are frightening. Emails, documents, and federal contracts tell a dark story that is still dominating our lives. It’s time to cast a light on the shocking truth. Because only with the truth can we emerge from the darkness of this “pandemic” and take back the liberty stolen from us. This is Glenn Beck’s most important chalkboard of his life and the most pivotal time, in yours and mine.

    Dr. John Campbell Omicron variant
    Dr Angelique Coetzee, South African Medical Association
    First to raise alarm about the new omicron
    Just a storm in a teacup?

  140. Stan

    Hey Paul: Thought you might enjoy this article:

    • Paul ...

      BOOOoooo ………..

  141. Robochimp

    HMOs new hit TV series: Nurenberg II, Crimes Against Humanity.
    Where the audience chooses the method of disposal.
    Episode one: Dr. Falsies, Joseph Biden, Antcy Feelosi, AOC, special guest tag-team match to the end: the Obamas vs. the Clintons.
    I’d buy that for a dollar!

    • Gandhi

      Hi Pam, you should give it another night of thought. JFK was the last real president and his decendents are not good by default. The silence after big atrocities were due to the fact that these terrible things were obviously inside jobs just like Hitler fun camps. Ofcourse, Hitler is blamed but really it was all of his minions that exalted him like trump is exalted. This bio-attack is no exception. The amount of world preparation, world plan execution, MSM coordinated lies, and payoff money is staggering and not possible that the people at the top don’t know. Everyone of the key players are driven by human population reduction. No one is coming to save you so listen to Greg’s whistle blowers so you can save yourself.

      • Greg Hunter

        Hitler was to blame–period.

      • Pam

        Well Gandhi……….I guess if you think Hitler wasn’t to blame, it was just everyone under him, then you probably think Joe Biden is running on all cylinders. I commend you for voicing your opinion, that’s what debate is all about. But I really don’t want to end up like this………….

  142. Poochiman

    I love Karen. I think she is on target for revealing the motives. The medical Industrial complex is the new Militarty Industrial Complex, but far worse.

  143. cheryl

    zeolite was originally created to treat hang overs. it is made from the bi products of volcanoes. chk out youtube for video’s on it. u can get the powder form as well. it is also used in industrial clean ups and filtration in fish tanks. I get the peastone size on amazon and use in my litter boxes.

  144. gregd

    What’s kind of funny about this whole virus is that we did have a really deadly virus almost exactly 100 years ago. There was no vaccine(s) and there were no antibiotics to treat the secondary bacterial infections that go along with the virus. The mortality rate was 2.5% back in 1918-1920. there were no incentives to overcount the numbers of deaths by this virus.
    The seasonal flu has a mortality rate of 0.1% to 0.2%.
    The mortality rate for covid 19 is unknown because it is clear there is an absence of integrity in government and the medical system as there is a huge monetary incentive to overstate covid 19 cases as well as deaths from covid 19 cases.
    Keep in mind there were 50 million deaths from the 1918-19 Spanish flu with the world population being approx. 1.8 billion.
    5.2 million deaths from covid 19 (2019-2021) with a world population of 7.8 billion people.
    People still voted by standing in lines during the Spanish flu.

  145. Da Yooper

    Greg & everyone a must Cljff High


  146. Marie+Joy

    Some traitor groups were told they will be exempt from the genocide Some of those are:
    show business people
    a certain religious group
    the very rich
    people in government alphabet agencies
    They will not be saved because the intent is to kill every, Every, EVERYONE.

  147. Malinda Midzenski

    Dark Winter is a mock scenario carried out to model the Smallpox bioterror attack on the United States.

  148. James Hall

    Greg, please mention raw milk from grass fed cows and goats, this is real medicine that has been used for centuries. There was a 1929 study showing raw milk cures all diseases.
    Raw milk from grass fed cows and goats will restore the body. Ron Paul had the raw milk freedom act, but never passed. Raw milk is available in many states and is growing. The Raw Milk Institute is near Karen’s area, fully legal in California. Please visit their site and study this, people need this. In Germany to this day there are a few hospitals that still use raw milk therapy. Raw milk protects the heart and organs, please research this and do an interview with the Raw Milk Institute.

  149. Marie+Joy

    This is about nationalizing banks to steal ALL your money, cancel 2022 elections to be in total control and to KILL YOU and me.

    • Self Exiled

      They’re pushing their agenda very hard now in many venues. Are they seeing the end of the race and now; sprinting to the end? Do they see themselves wining? I don’t know. I thank God that in some ways their mind set escapes me.

  150. Dr. John H

    Thanks Greg, for all your great interviews!

    Karen talked about millions being given a saline jab, but never explained it. Is there more info. on this?

  151. Mach Schnell Baby

    Biden Should Worry: 0-micron Coronavirus Variant Poses ‘Very High’ Global Risk only to those that were previously self-infected by previous COVERT immunizations.

    CDC should track new dataset: Murder by COVERT injection. Yet another set of bullshit governmental data pulled from Wizzard of Oz’s asshole, like all data from DC, based upon census data estimates, Brussels, and DER FUEHERS FEELINGS.

  152. Brian Cranston

    Present Day Vaccines Do Not Offer Protection To Incoming Cold Virus’s and They’re Irrelevant to the latest Omicron, out of South Africa!!
    Moderna boss says vaccines likely no match for Omicron: FT
    HONG KONG: Existing Covid-19 jabs will struggle against the latest Omicron cold virus variant of cv-19 and it will take months to develop a new shot that works, the head of US vaccine manufacturer Moderna has told the Financial Times.
    US President Joe Biden said Monday, the strain was “not a cause for panic”
    Tell that to Hugh Hewitt, slow mo. Hugh is in panic mode!
    Were in three positions. 1. The un vaxed, with they’re innate immune systems intact and 2., the vaxed with they’re own immune system compromised, with an immune system acquired from the vax to, protect from cv-19 and 3., the exposed, [to cv-19.] With a naturally acquired immunity, to a cold virus possibly weaponized, but still a cold virus.
    Which scenario are you in? Which is the better position to be in? Which one is a better position to protect from the incoming variant’s of the cold virus in future, natural and weaponized, gain of flunked tion?
    I’ll stick with the latter and it’s my choice, it’s called freedom of choice.
    Freedom, what made western civilization and a United States of America even greater. All because of freedom and in the US. even greater freedom’s!!
    The question today is, is the United States still united? That’s the 64.000 Dollar question!
    Yes, we are in a pickle. The whole darn system of things is in a pickle. Financially, physically, spiritually. It’s all failing, falling, crashing. Who’s in charge? Time is running out. MAYDAY!
    They’re gone, nobody’s in charge. But maybe an unseen force?
    So what Really Determines our Future now, in looking down the rabbit hole??
    Many people believe that some unseen force controls their future. Based on this belief, they follow practices that they feel will improve their personal prospects.
    MANY BELIEVE ASTROLOGY: FENG SHUI: ANCESTOR WORSHIP: REINCARNATION: Many view existence as an endless cycle of life, death, and rebirth. They believe that the good or bad they experience now is the result of events in a previous life.
    Many, though, consider such beliefs as superstition. Yet, they still dabble in palmistry, horoscopes, Ouija® boards, tarot cards, and the like. They feel that perhaps there is a chance that such practices can help them know their future.
    Have those who trust in such beliefs and practices found a good life and a secure future?
    Consider the experience of Hào, who lives in Vietnam. He turned to astrology, feng shui, and ancestor worship to guide him. Did he find success? Hào says, “I failed in my business, fell into debt, faced family conflicts, and was emotionally wrecked.”
    Qiuming, a guy from Taiwan, likewise believed in astrology, reincarnation, fate, feng shui, and ancestor worship. After examining these subjects carefully, he said: “I realized that such teachings and customs are in conflict with each other and are confusing. I found that the astrological predictions were often incorrect. As for reincarnation, if you have no memory of your previous life, how can you change and do better in the next life?”

    “I realized that such teachings and customs are in conflict with each other and are confusing.”​—QIUMING, TAIWAN

    As Hào, Qiuming, and many others have come to realize, our future is not determined by fate, the stars, deceased ancestors, or rebirth. Does this mean that we have no control over our future?
    Although many things that happen to us are beyond our control, experience tells us that our choices do affect our future. For example, why do we wash our hands or wear a face mask when an infectious disease, such as COVID-19, is spreading? Because choosing to do so can protect our life. Clearly, your choices matter. Why we choose to follow and are a step ahead of Hugh Hewitt, of Salem radio fame.
    Of course, we need to make wise choices if we want to get good results. Some 2,000 years ago, a wise teacher illustrated the point this way: “Whatever a person is sowing, this he will also reap.”
    Many feel that the way to guarantee a better future is for them to pursue higher education and wealth. What will have been the results for some who have made that choice, especially in the light of the soon Reset of the world economy?
    On 23 July 1983, Air Canada Flight 143 runs out of fuel at 41,000 feet (12,500m) altitude, about halfway through its flight from Montreal to Edmonton.
    Will we make it?

  153. Vickie Bass

    Jim Jordan: Americans must know this about Hunter Biden
    158,459 views Nov 30, 2021
    If we don’t stop the nonsense, we the sheeple. Hunter is our new vice, as in vice president’e! One day maybe, El president’e!
    Anything is better than butt head Buttigieg. WOO WOO!

  154. Freedom

    Thank you again for another great interview. Karen may want to connect with Dr. Francis Boyle, who advocates that we go at it on a state and local level. Get your local D.A. to convene a Grand Jury to charge the ferret with Murder and Conspiracy to Commit Murder. Have you seen this interview he did with Dr. Mercola? Please pass this info on to Karen, who said she would walk an attorney through it. This may be the attorney she is looking for. God bless you Greg and Karen.

  155. Justn Observer

    Greg, Truth meter took a decided turn down in the Ghislaine Maxwell trial today?
    Jack Posobiec ✝️
    The lead prosecutor in the Ghislaine Maxwell case is Maurene Comey

    She is the daughter of James Comey

    BUT bright side = As Ghislaine Maxwell Trial Opens – FAA Accidentally Reveals Over 700 Previous Unknown Jeffrey Epstein Flights

    more to the point of discussion here =
    TRAGIC. Texas Man Dies from Moderna Shot After Being Forced to Take COVID-19 Vaccine to Remain on Lung Transplant List

  156. Anita

    Excellent, thank you both

  157. Simple girl

    Corbett did an interview with Robert Kennedy Jr. About his book on Fauci. Just wow, I can’t believe what a piece of evil *%*#^ that he is. He should have been executed years ago. Not just animals either. Here is the link:

  158. Zack

    Wow! Another wonderful interview with Ms. Kingston. She is so well spoken and knowledgeable. I appreciate her outspoken moral strength and Christian faith as much as her well researched opinions on the pandemic. As I have watched each of her previous interviews, I have been impressed with her on many levels, including her drop dead gorgeous good looks, and had naturally assumed she had a husband who spent extra time with his daily prayers in thanks to God for his immense good fortune. Now I hear she is not spoken for! I hope the lovely Ms. Kingston has plans to move to eastern Iowa and wants to live on a farm. Thanks for the great interview and seriously move to Iowa!

  159. Winston smith

    Dr. David Martin exposes the founders of the plandemic and their companies,
    a must watch. This is someone else who is fighting the good fight and who you should seriously considering having as a guest Greg

  160. Wade This German doctor says these jabs contain microscopic razor blades.

  161. Larry D

    Hey Greg,
    Thanks for all you do. I was wondering. Why hasn’t anyone brought up Trump’s right to try executive order? I don’t hear it anywhere in the news especially people who have to sue to get ivermectin or hcq.

  162. Howard Taylor

    Tried to copy the photo here, but could not
    A huge sign outside a Mass General “vaccination” site for children, in big bold letters and highlighted:

    Maybe sometimes Big Pharma and Fauci DO tell the TRUTH!

  163. John Shipp

    You should read this report, it blows the lid off Pfizer Vaccines , with good data.

  164. ferahtia_FS

    Very informative Thanks Buddy

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    I need to to thank you for this wonderful

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