CV19 Vax Causes ‘Turbo Cancer’ – Dr. Ryan Cole

By Greg Hunter’s

Dr. Ryan Cole is a Board-Certified pathologist.  Dr. Cole is an expert in postmortem examination and has treated more than 500,000 patients.  He has a prestigious resume, including a five-year stint at the Mayo Clinic.  Dr. Cole has been fighting the CV19 narrative from infection to injection from the very beginning and told people not to get the CV19 vax.  For this, Dr. Cole was attacked by the globalist Deep State until he was forced to sell his medical diagnostic business that staffed around 80 employees.  Cole has been put out of work for telling the awful truth about the deadly CV19 vax.  More than a year ago, Dr. Cole called the global CV19 vax “Absolute Insanity,” and the data today says he was correct. Dr. Cole says the world is now seeing skyrocketing increases in “Turbo Cancers,” disabilities, death and infertility.   There were nearly 700 million CV19 bioweapon injections in USA alone.  Dr. Cole explains, “This CV19 injection was not a vaccine.  The media and people’s place of work coerced them into thinking it was a vaccine.  This was a gene-based injection.  It was violated from the beginning, according to FDA rules.  The FDA knows we have to have long-term safety data.  We have to have reproduction safety data.  We have to have mutation/cancer safety data, and they did not do any of those studies with those injections.  Keep in mind, Moderna had never brought a product safely to market.  Pfizer never brought an mRNA product safely to market.  So, we had an experiment on the global population.”

Dr. Cole says one of the very big problems with the CV19 vax is it destroys the immune system and stops your ability to fight cancer.   The truth-telling medical community is calling these new aggressive fast-spreading cancers “Turbo Cancer.”  Dr. Cole explains, “As I travel the world and talk to doctors, they tell me they are seeing cancers in age groups they have never seen before, and it happened after the rollout of the CV19 shots. . . . Ed Dowd and his group went into the UK and looked at disability sets.  In 2020, there was about a 1% increase in cancer.  In 2021, there was about a 6% or 7% increase of cancer.  In 2022, there was a 35% increase above average in cancer.  That data is really concerning. . . . We are seeing young people appear in an emergency room with leukemia, and they are gone within a week.  We are seeing people who were cleared of their cancer, and it was in remission 2, 5, 10 and even 20 years . . .where after the shots, their cancer aggressively came back.”

In closing, Dr. Cole says, “In my medical opinion, the CV19 vax was all risk and no benefit. . . . The CV19 shots did not help a single person. . . . These shots have to be stopped.  We are living under a tyranny of lies.”

There is much more information in the 41-minute interview.

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes one-on-one with pathologist Dr. Ryan Cole as he exposes the covid lies that are disabling and murdering the planet for 10.11.23.

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  1. Rodster

    Dr. Cole, a true hero!

    • Greg Hunter

      Amen to that Rodster!!!

      • Stephen Chappell

        Hey Greg, off topic but I’m sure you heard the news about Sinclair. Could you have a couple guys on to share memories and stories from the legend. I spent 7 years in Tanzania and met him several times. Sad to hear the news and he obviously is worth some tribute. Thanks for all you do

        • Greg Hunter

          Hoping to book a guest that knew Jim Sinclair well, soon.

        • Hotrod

          I was always hoping for another JS interview with Greg. It’s been years. Jim was the voice and intellect of a real money movement and much more. I’m very sad he is gone.

        • Chris

          I just found out about Sinclair’s death : ( Very sad. He was a wealth of information. Loved his appearances on Watchdog too.

    • Tove Irene Strand

      Here are some remarks from the reference
      It looks as if the Russian vaccine is as dangerous as the other mRNA vaccines (caused by antibody-dependent enhancement, ADE, as warned by many specialists, also Geert Vanden Bossche). Or is this based on PCR tests? The PCR test is being used on the basis of false statements – the PCR tests do not give any indication of an infection with any virus since they are not any kind of diagnostic device (a positive PCR test result does not mean that an infection is present). Besides, the likelihood of an apparently positive case being a false positive is between 89-94%, or near certainty (Dr. Yeadon). This last statement is from Reiner Fuellmich.
      (It was the lipid nanoparticles?)

    • victorferrentino

      dont be fast to think hes a hero. hes connected to the same trash john kerry and those moromons from mexico that work with the cartel… !… and hes hiding the nanotech and claims its chlorestoral. and says the clots are amyloid. thats not amyloid.. its a intrabody neural network made from hydrogel or aerogel which were in the shots and pcr tests.. and masks.. and hand sanatizer.. and all the spray sanatizers they were saying they were using to rid the world of covid. relity is . this entire thing has been a scam to inject or infect us with a binary weapon system the female Sabrina Wallace of the PSINERGY channel claims and has prooof of all of us being genetically modified inside the body via our WBan. and c19. has its own digital backbone that was the sickness. CovBan. certificate of Identification Body Area Network.

  2. Ron

    Please ask your medical guests whether Fenbendazole is an adequate and safe alternative if Ivermectin is unavailable and what dosage to use?


    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Ron,
      You can obtain Ivermectin here:

    • The Seer

      Yes FenBen. Note quercetin is natural to help absorb zinc.
      Also, as preventative take NAC and nattokinase also EDTA chelation crème remove graphene.
      For the cancer case increases we are using the black salve capsules made without zinc chloride. Black salve can be used for skin/mole indications. Follow instructions from Best of Earth Products. Ancient N. American Indian protocol. Also, IV vitamin C
      20-30,000 mg per treatment and 500 mg of glutathione after.
      Too much to text here but useful and tested good regenerative options.


      Oregano oil works just fine, had the cv-19 bio-weapon for a day or two and it took it right out and did the same for two friends! HEARD ABOUT IT ON THE PASTOR ERNIE SHOW, ON AM RADIO.

  3. Skip ONeill

    Thanks Greg,
    God Bless

  4. RichZ


    Stay Alert on Friday the 13th because it is a “113” day!

    As I have previously mentioned, the Madrid Train Bombings were on 3/11/2004, and the three nuclear meltdowns at Fukushima, Japan happened on 3/11/2011. Number Rituals are important to The Pagan Sect. Here are the most important dates with combinations of 3-1-1.


  5. PersonaNonGrata

    TPTB routinely utilise the Hegelian Dialectic, Problem > Reaction > Solution, to manipulate ‘we the people’. This is an unscrupulous modus operandi, whereby the SOLUTION is the desired outcome (passing of the Patriot Act / support for wars in the Middle-East), the PROBLEM is deliberately created (911 / the murder of innocents) in order to create so strong an emotional REACTION by the public that they support the SOLUTION. According to Ole Dammegard (who has closely studied false flag operations) the ‘problem’ must be capable of eliciting a strong emotional response. Intellectual indignation is not enough. People need to become emotionally impacted in order to become pliable – to agree to a ‘solution’ that they would not rationally agree to, a ‘solution’ that negatively affects themselves. The Patriot Act is but one example.

    TPTB, understand that innocent victims elicit an emotional response and that women and children make the best victims. From this amoral perspective, a festival deliberately intended to attract young people, makes an ideal target. Soldiers guarding the border, not so much. Make sure the cameras are ready to roll – and ACTION! The emotional response is guaranteed. Even many of those who are ‘awake’ get taken for the ride, at least initially. The burning question should be, what is the ‘solution’ TPTB intend for us to support? In the Hegelian Dialectic, PROBLEM > REACTION > SOLUTION, it is the ‘solution’ we should most fear.

    • Anthony Australia

      Spot on PNG

    • Harry

      Exactly PNG – PROBLEMS are deliberately created by Globalists with the help of their Weapon Manufacturers to allow contrived incidents (i.e. Pearl Harbor, Gulf of Tonkin, 9-11 and now the Hamas attack on Israel) whereby many thousands of innocents are murdered “in order to create a very strong emotional REACTION by the public – so that the public will support the desired SOLUTION (the willing sacrifice of their own sons and daughters in fighting a War that will give the Globalists even more power over Humanity) – just like the Covid PROBLEM was created by the Globalists with the help of their Drug Manufacturers and immoral Doctors “to murder” many thousands of innocents “creating a very strong emotional REACTION by the public so that they will now support their other most desired SOLUTION (the Complete Destruction of the United States of America and the Enslavement of the American Population in 15 Minute City Reservations – that will give the Globalists even more power over Humanity) – hopefully this Truth is now Self Evident to most of us Americans to clearly see – So How Do We Counteract It? – we must stop acting emotionally (like children) and use logic (like adults) to control the emotions the Globalists intentionally create to manipulate us – Say NO!! (to Wars they want) – Say NO!! (to the Jabs they want) – Say NO!! (to the Open Borders the Globalists want – to bring in their Trojan Horse Terrorists who will “Set Fire to our Nation” while our guns are being taken away in almost all major Demon-rat cities!! – soon “on the Globalist’s Command” (when they feel the Migrant Numbers are of Sufficient Number “to overpower any counter-offensive” by now sickly American citizens who have been jabbed many times (like Gladiator Maximus before his final fight – ) – Perhaps like wounded Maximus we “jab victims” will still defeat our evil Globalist (WEF) Masters and finally get to realize our wish (for all yet unvaccinated American slave children “to be freed” from Globalist tyranny) – Before We Lay Down And DIE – of “TURBO CANCER”!!

      • Katy Bar

        In the scene from Gladiator above – Maximus says: “There was a dream that was Rome” – likewise – there is still a dream that was the “United States of America” – once founded upon principles of freedom, justice and equality “for all” (not just the Demon-ratic few) – so – before all us Vax Jabbed Americans die of Turbo Cancer – we must take down the WEF Emperor and free the world of the Globalist Demons who have enslaved everyone with their lock-downs, debt based monetary system, constant wars, etc., etc. – lets be a force for good (before we pass away at the hands of an exceedingly unconscionable psychopathic and evil enemy – who are currently castrating our young children, giving heart attacks to our teenagers and giving turbo cancer to young adults) – we must say NO to these Globalists and their Death Cult!!

        • Katy Bar

          In this scene Maximus “is jabbed” – just like America was “jabbed” with the Clot/Turbo Cancer Shot (because America was the Nation the WEF feared the most as a threat to its authority!!! – – and now “Death Smiles Upon Us All” – but even wounded as we are by the Clot/Turbo Cancer Jab – America can still mount a good fight against the Globalists at the WEF – and though we will die in the end – America will no longer be a prisoner of the Deep State – we will be “set free” if we give it our Maximus!!!

    • regaleagle

      The same issue in the medical community with health organizations and boards that represent the vast majority of the medical community do not have the backbone to stand up against Evil……just like those in the institutional churches in the USA did not stand up against this wrong-doing either. Sure…..there is evil in the world and always has been, but when the righteous do nothing, then that leaves the door wide open for Evil to flourish and take over. How much longer are good men(and women) in positions of authority and power going to stand by and allow these evil men and organizations to destroy all that is righteous and Holy in the eyes of God Almighty, huh?

  6. sam

    The Righteous Indignation Showed by Mr. Greg Hunter during his Interview with Dr. Cole was eye opening…..and jaw dropping….the war with Satan is REAL.

  7. Natasha

    In gratitude for all you do and all your great guests.
    Greg you are a hero. God bless you and your family. God bless this community and and all the guests that come to speak.
    I am forever ever thankful

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Natasha!

  8. Shirl

    My oh my…great interview that needs to be heard, unfortunately there are many who don’t want to hear this…”it is easier to be fooled than to admit that you have been fooled “

    Humanity is in for a WOKETARDED Clot-Shot awakening like a freight train about to derail at top speed…it can’t be stopped until it crashes and burns.

    Stand Up, Speak Out, Pray Up and Take Action.

  9. PersonaNonGrata

    Hi Greg,
    Just watched your interview with Dr Ryan Cole. What a great guest. Thank you so much for staying on the whole scamdemic debacle. As doctor Cole says, and I paraphrase, ‘this is a silent holocaust’. Seventeen million dead and our politicians, legacy media, and medical establishment remain silent! “Died Suddenly” has infiltrated the collective subconscious as an unquestionably valid reason to depart this realm. Nothing to see here folks – now move along. Wow, how incredibly stupid! This is Matrix world. The majority, cosy in their cocoons, dreaming their dreams. Totally unaware of the nightmare that is reality . . .

    • RichZ

      “This is Matrix world. The majority, cosy in their cocoons, dreaming their dreams. Totally unaware of the nightmare that is reality . . .”

      Yes, it’s a Fake Reality Bubble!

      G.A. Stewart: In 2014, NATO was very close to a Nuclear War with Russia over events in Ukraine. However, most people were oblivious, living in their Fake Reality Bubble. And so I have watched it tick down to this moment.

  10. James Hall

    I wonder how his daughters are able to enter collage without being vaccinated. Great interview.

    • Joshua

      They prolly said “Oh HELL NO” to the experimental horse hockey that was sold as “safe & effective” in the classic Stepford Wife style….repeatedly through a hollow smile…over and over again with TeeVee Presstitutes encouraging the same brainwashing propaganda echoing in the background at the college welcoming office 😱

  11. Roger

    Tks for post

  12. George MUBAREK

    Dear Greg, Thank you for this Fantastic information! How can I share this with others? I do not see anyway to email or copy? Thank you!🙏

  13. Andrew Cox

    Greg – Thank you for concentrating on the terrible effects of the injections.
    I know of two people who have died from these turbo cancers. Their families have been devastated.

    Keep up your great work.

  14. Bill

    I’ve noticed that the people who used to argue with and disparage those of us who shunned vaccines seem to have STFU.

    • Harry

      Just getting duped people to “knock it off” is not going to be enough – we need to get the evil people who are “knocking us and our children off” (and hang them)!!!

  15. Randy Avera

    I wonder if the doctor 0f the two 31 year-old women spoke out.
    Randy Avera
    Covered Bridge, AL

  16. William D Carson

    Just a corroborating comment. When I asked My son-in-law, an oncologist for over 20 years, if he is seeing more cancers said, “I’m seeing a lot of weird s….”

  17. Tom

    Thank you for making this information available to the public, Mr. Hunter.
    One thing that might be expressly mentioned that Dr. Cole implied but didn’t follow up on: The Federal Department of Agriculture appears to be a captured regulatory agency. That is to say it no longer works for the public good but rather works for the businesses it is supposed to be regulating. In other words it is a “captured” agency. For information see the late William Greider’s book, “Who Will Tell the People.”

  18. erick

    If anyone sends you anything from china or a conflict zone take that info make copies and hide one in a pvc container and bury it. A friend was raided by the dept of homeland sec over false allegations. His friend sent him GENOCIDE photos and videos on what the ccp was doing to eradicated muslims/christian families mainly adults in china and what really went on in hong kong work camps for life to murders bodies 40 ft tall being scooped up pushed in piles with front end loaders burned at night time.
    I have to say screw people for pushing this on each other my friend was raided during 2020 covid the federal agents told him it was all bullshit. Its about money we have a constitution why do these agencies in training not be educated in what so many americans died to defend? Why are documentaries and series i know and have on hand blocked by yt and microsoft even had a video on my computer on a terra where microsoft went into my drive and it was deleted. You cannot even trust having a computer connected to a network AI seeks and destroys anything connected. I have experienced this. Look into Cell site simulators on you tube how they track people no need to have an ankle monitor.

  19. Da Yooper

    Great interview Greg & Dr. Cole

    Our government & our courts are blind to the truth.

    Prove me wrong. IF their lips are moving they are lying.

    • Anonymous

      They are NOT blind. They’re complicit

      • Paul

        Good interview
        Tyranny of lies, masking a silent Holocaust.

        Paul from arkansas

        • Katy Bar

          Speaking of Holocausts – remember how the Nazi’s had a “Final Solution” for the Jews – seems the Jews will be using the same technique – Israel’s “Final Solution” against the Palestinian people will be to cut off “all the Palestinian peoples food, electricity and water” – which is simply “A Hitler Like Mass Extermination Campaign”!! – Why not just give the Palestinians their own country the way we gave the Jews their own country??? – Problem Solved!!!

          • Greg Hunter

            What do you think Gaza was???? It was a country. It is 25 miles of the most beautiful beach in the Eastern Mediterranean. It is hardly an “open air Prision.” The Palestinians overwhelmingly ELECTED Hamas!!! They elected terrorists and those ELECTED terrorists committed a gigantic act of terror at a peace festival. Did you forget what brought this all about? Do I need to show you pictures of beheaded babies and IDF soldiers and kidnap victims?????? Are you a moronm??/ Do not comment again.

          • Dave

            nice try. Give the Palestinians their own country and they will just simply do what they are doing NOW. A weak people who use Theocracy to govern and condemn all others who don’t do the same. The results would be the same. Indoctrinate their young to hate and seek to eliminate the Israelis from planet earth. NO outcome change. They were GRANTED that land for a reason as a compromise with the world “leaders” to make nice with the Pallies. See how well THAT worked. NOPE. Israel has had enough. Don’t blame them. Wipe the problem of unprovoked violence out by just eliminating the problem. YOU have got a very very young mind and don’t have memories that dictate actions acccording to previous experience….

  20. Freedom-4-All

    Hi everyone,
    I am hearing rumors of a possible new draft coming. With an army that is totally vaxxed and other issues, I can see where they will need strong men and women in the near future, I have a girl (20) and a boy (18) who are unxvaxxed and extremely healthy, so they are prime targets. I am also aware they would sneak this in on pag265 of some other doc, and suddenly we have a draft. I trust this community and wonder if anyone knows anything?If this is true, I will be fighting full force to wake the country.

    • Jerry

      Freedom, I have read many articles on this. This is very concerning to say the least. We can not let our sons and especially our daughters be drafted straight to the grinder. I have been warning family members of this for months. I believe in this interview he talks on the draft specifically an upper ranking military member speaking about it.

      • Coal Burner

        Jerry , please keep us up with the latest.

    • Coal Burner

      Freedom 4. please keep us posted.

    • Harry

      The Globalist puppets in control in Washington will have us sacrifice our son’s and daughters to quote :”Save the World”!! These Globalists “Are Not”Almighty Gods” and thus don’t have such authority to sacrifice our sons (and daughters)!!

  21. Scott

    James – Some schools do not require vaccination to attend…

    Pretty impressive Dr. Cole – 500,000 patient treated over the past 25 years…that’s almost 400 patient each week of the year. WOW – Keep it up!

    Would love to hear someone speak about the ACTIONS we need to take to stop this madness and put all these Demonic possessed sickos in jail or 6 feet under versus the continued discussion of the symptoms.. Anyone watching this understands the impacts of taking ANY medicine..

  22. Susan R

    I was so surprised Greg when you released that puff of hearts, you are so stern so often, you exposed your sentiments, very much to us. This was a heart filled conversation about an ongoing extermination of humanity. Dr. Cole will be in the shielded light of God forever. We are at a time where God is dividing his souls from Satan’s.

  23. Marie Joy

    Yet, no one who has lost someone they love, is angry enough.

  24. Felix

    Love dr. ryan cole now he is true doctor, not one that was bought by the satanic establishment.Satan has ramped up the war against humanity,unfortunately a lot of people are sheep led to slaughter.What scares me that people fell for the psyop right out of the gate.The medical mafia has lost all credibility after this mass genocide when they punish real doctors that speak truth.I never trusted the medical mafia and reading naturopathic medicine for twenty years,it is rockefeller medicine the system was bought in the early nineteen hundreds by evil rockefellers.May GOD bless and protect all the real doctors and truth tellers worldwide and I say these things in his name JESUS CHRIST amen.We love you greg hunter thanks

    • William Clouse

      Greg, I just found out about your program. This is a great interview. More people need to hear this message from Dr. Cole. Everyone needs to share this message and your program. Thank you.

      • Greg Hunter

        Thanks William.

  25. Old Rancher

    It’s incredible the people that will still sneer at this information on places like NewsMax, that’s supposed to be conservative, when they push the vaxxx.

  26. Richard Gould

    End Times — the danger of the nanotechnology called mRNA, which Big Pharma patents say is, in fact, an electromagnetic device, are just now becoming clear. This mRNA technology is the heart of the so-called covid vaccine (and is being planned into other vaccines coming soon with other ‘fake’ plandemics). BUT, it is now being admitted that the so-called vaccine is NOT a vaccine, BUT, it is still being used by doctors world-wide as a vaccine….. With, to date, more than 676 million CV19 injections having been given in the USA alone and with more than 13 billion CV19 injections worldwide.
    This so-called vaccine is now being called ‘the kill-shot.’ Why? Because it is killing more and more people. Yet people are still lining up to get injected with that kill-shot. And you can blame the media for that because they will not report on the true facts about the deaths being caused by the ‘kill-shot’; kill-shot deaths are being listed as covid deaths which is, of course, a lie. Why won’t the media report on it? Because of money being paid to them by the owners of the kill-shots.

  27. Sarah Smith

    p.s. I have a surgeon friend who assured me the jab was perfectly safe, but I ignored her, well now her high school daughter has leukemia . .. they also drive a Tesla so is it a combination of EMFs and jab? and I have an illegal Mexican friend (acquaintance) who worked for a wealthy lady who is super covid fearful and was getting every booster, demanding mask wearing .. I wager she demanded he get jabbed (heck the jabs are FREE!) in order to keep sucking at her $$$ teat . . suddenly he has stage 4 liver cancer , no insurance, can’t pay his rent . . . cringe!

    • Harold Bulging Bolger

      Sister Sarah,
      JESUS SAID IT would BE WORSE THAN ANYTHING SEEN OR ANYTHING IN THE ETERNAL FUTURE! In factoid, unless those days were cut short no flesh would survive!
      He also said the Devil has come down to you having great anger, knowing he has a short period of time!
      In Michigan the state motto on the flag say’s, if you seek a pleasant peninsula, look around you! Well, do you think were in the tribulation? Look around mate!

  28. Timothy

    Here’s Dr William Makis’ testimony on Del Bigtree’s show

  29. John Maskell

    What a caring professional man . I hope he wins his lawsuit !

  30. PersonaNonGrata

    Martin Armstrong warns: ‘Terror attack on Israel a joint intelligence operation to draw RUSSIA into World War III’

  31. MJ Quinn


    Very good interview with Dr Ryan Cole.

    U.K. says 180,000 new cancer cases in 2023 (0fficial statistics). Many “turbo” cancers (local knowledge). Information lockdown in parliament (gone WEF) apart from Andrew Bridgen MP who has tabled a debate on excess deaths.

    All these great and honourable doctors have been catapulted into a legal vortex BUT they have the skill set to survive this nonsense. Kory is registered as MD with native Indian tribe. Cole needs to start writing. Tenpenny has multi-layered defense. Much depends on local state rules. They need to coalesce e.g in Semmelweiss Society (see website), share intelligence and develop survival strategies. Consult Andrew Wakefield – he was also right – and survived rather successfully ? There is merit in numbers !!??

    Professor Angus Dalgleish is doing remarkable research into T-cell immunity, immunisation with M. Buense looks as though it is helpful in stimulating useful T cells. One of the benefits of C19 is that we are going to understand many cancers better.

  32. Rodster

    “My sources confirm that the weapons used by Hamas were mostly American, which came from what Biden left behind in Afghanistan.” 🧐

  33. Rodster

    Greg, perhaps bringing Martin Armstrong back for a geopolitical update? According to Martin, this whole thing was orchestrated like 9-11, in other words they let it happen to create WW3.

    “Hamas’s attack was deliberately orchestrated to create an open war. There is no doubt that this was planned. Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad visited China for the first time in nearly 20 years. Beijing seeks to deepen its influence in the Middle East. Interestingly, according to Chinese media, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and his wife left their three children in China when they returned to Syria after attending the Asian Games in Hangzhou, China. In addition, Egyptian intelligence officials said that Jerusalem had ignored repeated warnings that the Gaza-based terror group was planning “something big.” They claim to have directly warned the prime minister. Egypt has often served as a mediator between Israel and Hamas. This only further validates that this was allowed to occur just like 9/11.”

  34. Southern Girl

    Just went to my doctor’s wellness checkup. I took my CarryIon with me. I tried to explain my problem from shedding, and it was affecting me physically. He told me there was no scientific proof that people are shedding from the jab. Then he said you don’t live in the real world of REALITY!!! (what he was saying is I’m crazy) I said let me show you a list of top doctors who are telling people about what is in the jab. I gave him the list of all the Doctors on your site. He poo pooed the whole list. I said Dr. Pierre Kory is a famous pulmonary expert. He didn’t want to hear about any of them. THEN he said you know they have a new jab for RSP. If looks could have killed, he would be dead. It’s too stupid to be stupid. Jesus, Mary and Joseph my doctor is the one not living in REALITY!!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      He got paid by the government to give the CV19 bioweapon shots. What do you expect from a compromised killer? By the way, the CDC and Pfizer both say CV19 vax shedding is real.

      • Tim K

        Hi Greg,

        I am doing better after getting shed on (domestic flight). Did not take the jab, but had multiple (five) large clots in my lungs. Had no clots in the legs (deep vein thrombosis). Doctors perplexed that I got them at all and I survived. The nurse practitioner I went to saved my life by taking an EKG and noticing a problem. She had me immediately take a CT scan with contrast. First thing my doctor asked me was if I took the jab (they are against the jab). Many clots, and the doctors office immediately put me on blood thinners. Cannot take natokinase (not to be taken with blood thinners according to the natokinase label). However, I will take Ivermectin before I fly from now on. I am almost 60 but in good shape ( can do 80 push-ups, 14 pull-ups and can climb a steep mountain). I will see other doctors (hematologist and pulmonary). Will see if they find anything. Still think it is from shedding.

        Doing well now.

        Thanks for reading.


        • Southern Girl

          Tim K,
          I don’t fly nor will I because I am one that suffers a lot from shedding. Maybe take Ivermectin before flying. Too many crazy people on flights now. Too scary for me. You were lucky they found the clots. Am not sure why some of us are more susceptible to the shedding. I limit where I go and take my CarryIon with me if I’m out to eat.

          • Tim K

            Thanks for the comment Southern Girl. I will now be taking Ivermectin before flying. Quercetin is not strong enough.

            Take care


    • Rodster

      Find another doctor. It’s like those who say geoengineering doesn’t exist or drinking water with fluoride won’t cause you health problems or vaccines don’t cause autism.

      I personally don’t say anything when I visit a doctor. If they ask if I have been vaccinated I tell them NO and that I have herd immunity. A couple of months ago I caught CV19 again which for me always feels like a cold. They asked if I wanted Paxlovid and I said no, “I don’t trust Pfizer products”. Within 36 hrs all my symptoms began to go away.

      My advice is that it’s better NOT to say anything and just find someone like Dr. Eads or Dr Ana.

      Greg, maybe when you interview any of these doctors, perhaps you might make the suggestion to them to make a growing list of those doctors who are like them so we can bring them business?

      • Southern Girl

        I have horrible migraines and the doctor I go to is one if not the only one that just gives me a prescription for Percocet 365 (aka oxycodone). The others want to experiment give me other pills. I have already tried 43 and am tired of throwing them in the trash.

        • Rodster

          S.Girl, you might want to try a chain based clinic. I go to Village Medical, they can be phone usually in the same building as Walgreens. They don’t ask too many questions, their staff are physician assistants which work with a licensed doctor that oversees their work.

          They are quite capable and trained for most primary care needs. When I first went to them, they just filled my prescriptions once I told them what I was prescribed.

          They might be able to fill your Percocet 365 prescription. It might be worth a try.

    • Bob

      Ask him if he’s on shot 8, and if not, why not?

      Doesn’t he trust the science?

    • Neville

      Southern Girl,

      I found all that out in 1959 when an allopathic doctor wrongly diagnosed a condition which I got from a game reserve .In those days nothing FRESH was available and so I had to have crap with preservatives in them like the UHT milk at the time.
      This imbicile of a doctor that my mom called,said that I had Ringworm and gave me antibiotic pills and some vaseline petroleum jelly to rub into the flakey skin.
      A week later the condition became worse so the idiot reassessed the complaint and came up with the idea that I had typhoid…….see how infectious this rotten disease is.

      So to cut a long story short my mother told our neighbour about all this and she highly recommended that we go and see her HOMEOPATHIC doctor who had assessed the situation correctly after one one hour of intense questioning.
      He also took a pin prick of a blood sample and prepared 10 powders which I took one at night before sleeping and one in the morning on wakening BY Tuesday everything cleared up and so my mom phoned the wonderful physician with the news which he was expecting………..Lots more happy endings occurred with this doctor and so i highly reccomend anyone finding a good Homeopath give them a try!!!

  35. Southern Girl

    What a heck of a great interview. I would like to send a letter to my quack doctor and ask him to watch this interview. He probably wouldn’t believe any of it. Is this Normalcy Bias??? Or WHAT?? Stupidity??

    • Marie Joy

      The general wisdom is doctors are paid huge sum$ to look the other way. I don’t know if that’s true

      • Greg Hunter

        It is true. I know this for a fact.

  36. Andrew de Berry

    Absolutely incredible. Lord have mercy.

  37. jon

    Hi Greg, Kudos to Dr Cole for his ethics and tenacity. If the situation in the US is not going to be conducive to the public health benefit and essentially seek citizen health destruction. He may want to consider going to other countries that would support his research, in order to get official support for his work. I think not all countries wish to harm their citizens.

  38. pfwag

    Please try to get Dr. Hoffe from Canada in for an interview.

    He was one of the first in the world to discover that the spike proteins are making blood clots all over the body.

    He also predicted that half the people who got the jab will be dead within 5 years after getting the jab.

    • Bob

      It seems a lot of the vax doses were duds, so it might not be that bad.
      But what if it is? That’ll destroy the west.

      • Greg Hunter

        Not true. Ed Dowd said we lost 30% of the work force in 2022.

  39. Frank S.

    Karen Kingston, Dr. Ana Mihalcea and the Pfizer patents talk about self-assembling nano circuits. Dr. Cole says there is no such thing. Truth matters.

  40. stephen

    I’m a federal employee, despite being intimidated, bullied and threatened, I refused the vaccine. Glad for it. I believe the experts telling us it is a ticking time bomb. Notice the talk of pandemic X? I believe this to be a possible cover for what comes next. When the death toll from the vaccine aftermath hits the planet, the same people who have lied to us from the beginning will tell us the deaths are not from the Covid vaccine but yet another virus.

    • Bob

      Good for you. It was hard to resist all the propaganda. If I watched the propaganda I would feel myself start to question my anti-vax stance, and start thinking what if I’m wrong?
      So I’d turn it off, watch some hate, and relax.
      I know people who took the vax with zero pressure. Work didn’t make them do it. It was all peer pressure from their friends! People went vax crazy. Companies told all their employees to get it, for no reason. The government didn’t even tell them to! Just media-driven hysteria or something. The mass formation effect I guess.

  41. Catherine cronin

    One of the most chilling part of this conversation is the knowledge that nano tech is being used in many products. Can anyone tell me what these products are? Are they in cosmetics, food (which type), clothing, lotions, etc. its endless!!!! Is there a source of information on these products and the actual companies that are using the Nano technology.

  42. Mark Mayes

    Dear Greg,

    I can not wait to hear Paul Craig Roberts’s take on what is going on in the Middle East. Some say this is to bundle aid to Ukraine with Israel that none would dare oppose. Others say this was an inside job in order for Israel to completely take the Gaza Strip from the Palestinians.

    Next, we have a NATO partner, Finland, that had a gas line “sabotaged” and Russia is being blamed. Some are saying this is a black flag event to authorize NATO to directly engage in the war against Russia.

    With certain countries aligning themselves with Palestinian civilians (not Hamas), the thought of Armageddon in the Bible has crossed my mind a couple of times.

    As you say, Greg, Jesus is real and he loves you. If you haven’t asked Jesus to forgive you of your sins and to come into your life, right now is the time to do so.

    • Warren B.

      Piece by piece…its a controlled demolition of the world….economically and monetarily. They will destroy the fabric of society…..because they can… and you and I …and everyone else…..dont matter to them.

  43. Steve Bice

    I thought Clif High’s comment on twitter about the atrocity in Israel was ill-advised, uncaring, unnecessary, cruel and sad.

    Here it is for those who missed it:

    Oct 10
    You are not a ‘settler’ if the lands you take are occupied. You are an invader.
    Don’t bitch when you are treated as an invader.

    I wonder if he would say the same if a loved one was at the festival.
    Perhaps John Donne said it best:

    Any man’s death diminishes me, because I am involved in Mankind; And therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee.

  44. Warren B.

    Are you connected ? I dont mean through your PC/Laptop/Cell phone.
    Have you had your RED Pill today ?
    Have you heard of Bio-Senses or Bio-Fields ?
    You should know what they are because they exist….. everywhere.
    What they haven’t told you ….because they have distracted you….is mindnumbingly chilling. Technology that will blow your mind. Technology that you carry around…inside of you. Technology that traces you, changes you, reads your mind.

    This video presentation hits many targets. Its full on with lots of technical jargon. Watch to get clued into what most have missed.

    • Warren B.

      BioSensors…..(incorrect spelling above)…..
      ….and this may be useful and very instructive.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Warren,
      Tried the link. This is what came back – U.K. More censorship . . .

      The parent channel of this video is unavailable at your location due to the following restrictions:
      Contains Incitement to Hatred
      Please see the Community Guidelines for more details. If this is your content then please check the Visibility tab for more specific information on this restriction.”

      • Warren B.

        Im not surprised by that.
        Just do a search for “Hunting Games are coming – Sabrina Wallace”.
        There s/be videos available on Bitchute/Rumble and others. I found several other options just now with a quick search. All working too!!!

      • JM

        A trick:

        Right click the censored video > View Frame Info

        That’ll give you the video link

        Copy that link then use something like:

        Paste the link into the there and that’ll let you save the video.

  45. Helen Ann Rudinsky

    You have been saying for a long time, that when people figure out they and their loved ones are intentionally being killed, people will be very angry.
    I hope you are right.
    Where I am, people are still wearing masks and getting Covid shots.
    If someone dies or miscarries they excuse it, but they refuse to consider it might be from Covid shots.
    I think a lot of people will continue to be in denial until the day they die.
    Maybe some people will “wake up” but I think most people will not be able to admit to themselves they have been duped.
    That idea is too difficult for them to accept.

    • Greg Hunter

      A critical mass of people waking up is not necessarily a majority. Think if just 10% of Americans woke up. That’s 30 million. There is no stopping what is coming.

      • Tim K

        Hopefully this comes soon to stop this madness (continue with the death jab).

        Take care


    • WeWillFightForOvineFreedomOrDie

      Part of this woke claptrap is teaching that “we’re all the same and all equal”.

      “We’re all in this together”.

      Unfortunately, we’re not all in this together and we’re not all the same. There are groups of people out there; cults, religions, ethnicities, etc, who all hold differing varying agenda’s and beliefs and some of those beliefs and agenda’s include our destruction.

      But liberals and lefts want to say: “Judge everybody as individuals”. Yes, that’s very commendable in an ideal world. But this is not an ideal world and this is not a realistic way to deal with whole groups of people trying to kill you. Being “nice” just makes their goals easier to attain.

      Sheep who try and talk nicely to each wolf that comes along don’t live long. That’s a statistical fact. It’s not racism or speciesism or right or left. It’s reality and the way things are. That sheep is dead because he’s stupid if he wants to treat every wolf as an individual and so are we if we don’t stop being stupid as a people.

      Wolves are out there trying to kill sheep. Fact. Can not be disproven. But leftists and liberals want to give ALL the wolves a chance to demonstrate that they will only eat grass.

      There probably is the one in a million “good” wolf out there that will talk with the sheep and reach an agreement (There is documented evidence that such things happen bizarrely – I recall a donkey and a wolf, a tiger and a goat; a puma and a cow for example) but the other 999,999 wolves are still trying to kill that sheep.

      What are the sheep’s statistical chances of survival under these circumstances? Practically zero. His entire species will go extinct if they adopt commie doctrine. (Fortunately for their species even sheep-folk are clearly smarter than humans)

      If the sheep runs (Forcing his ENEMY to expend more energy than it’s worth to kill him) or attacks his ENEMY (To make the wolf risk his life – Ram’s are fairly scary when they get mad) then this is the only way the sheep survive and improve their odds of survival. Or they could implement a second ammendment of course but I don’t think Sheep with guns has been written yet.

    • RAFO

      Great interview and also great comment by Helen!

      I have to agree with her. I see NO ONE waking up in my circle as they have been lulled into a deep sleep by the Satanic main stream media. If they don’t see it on the news, then it doesn’t exist in their minds. They can’t go there… they can’t admit they’ve been severely duped and damaged as their pride precludes it. We’re treated as nut cases if you try to open their eyes.

      My opinion… if 1% wake up it’ll be a miracle, but not enough to do any good. The Globalists know human behavior and thinking as their master has been observing us for millennia. They get their marching orders from him.

  46. Slide

    Please interview Dr. William Makis from Edmonton Alberta Canada for the Canadian viewers and other interested viewers worldwide.
    Dr. Makis has managed to get the data on sudden deaths, excess deaths , doctor deaths and young children sudden deaths in Canada.
    “Health” Canada or what many of us now call “Death” Canada have accused Dr. Makis of misinformation and refuse to accept copies of all his data; much of which has been deleted from the tyrannical government of Canada websites.
    Young vaxxed doctors are dying during exercise or during early morning sleep hours at 53% more than the normal death rate.
    Young Canadian athletes are having 30% more than normal death rate mostly from cardiovascular issues like myocarditis.
    They can’t take his licence or ruin his reputation because he is already retired.
    Young and still practising doctors are silent on this issue under threat of censure and losing their licences by “Death” Canada.
    It is total and complete nazi tyranny in Canada at this point.
    Dr. Makis is brave and I am assuming a man of God for his efforts.
    He has substack and X accounts online.

  47. Justn Observer

    Greg, sometimes one just has to believe what ‘their’ wishes and beliefs are…apparently the DNC was not listening then, and not seeing what was welling up towards what they have become now….
    IT IS clear to those than can see and why some still stay in and vote democrat speaks for itself….as also those in the GOP that vote to fund AZROV NAZIS and helped break agreements and moved to help push NATIO into UKRAINE and put bi0-labs in Ukraine,,,
    There are good and bad Catholics and Muslims, those that believe and embrace the message of love, sanctity and preciousness of life, and then those who believe they have the ‘right’ to force and terrorize to impose ‘their’ beliefs, will and immorality using man-made law, to supersede God’s given rights of free will as once acknowledged and set forth in the Bill of Rights.
    Those are Rights not given to man by those crafting the Constitution, those were Rights they knew they had NO RIGHT to meddle in.. One’s right to their beliefs, their speech, their privacy, to defend themselves, and all the others. Those attempting imposing ‘their’ will now…is no less evil than those attempts in by-gone eras.
    It is not just that ‘they’ hate America…and the fact the U.S. was founded on Judeo-Christian beliefs…but hate the thought of God Himself being above ‘them’ who pretend to rule, albeit like lessor pagan gods of seems clear many hoped to push God out….to create a vacuum where ‘their’ lessor beliefs and practices could fill the public square and insert itself into the entrainment and mis-guiding social education and replace the biblical teaching with the various use of their babbling isms today. Many shouted loudly, and few really listened….
    Rome did not fall as quickly as those movies on the screen, but over hundreds of years, it rotted from the inside out, we all know the steps…and where it leads. in the end.
    For those that have the time…some interesting parallels and lessons to be considered in the history of Petra . as to the world today?

    • Self Exiled

      I watched the entirety on Petra. The poem at the end was deeply moving in its depth of insight. We seem to think we are enlightened in this modern age: but not.

  48. Marie Joy

    Charlie Kirk Show live “Make Sure You have a gun”…
    And the ammo to go with it. MO

  49. Marie Joy

    Assuming shedding is real, I suggest we all stay away from others, including doctors and nurses.

  50. Mohammad

    This is a very important piece of information Mr. Trump threw in one of his rallies that I did not see anyone picking on:

    Please go to the mark 4:14 in the video….

    Mr. trump in it says the unique major operation of killing Kassim Suleimani that broke the back of Iran was in preparation with Benjamin Netanyahu up until the day before the operation, THEN ISRAEL BACKED OFF….

    If the major terrorist that was threatening Israel and the core of the military operation of Iran in Iraq/Yemen/Lebanon/Syria was about to be neutralized why Benjamin Netanyahu backed off and wanted to cancel???????

    This is coming from Mr Trump blabbing as usual may be exposing classified information , but something to stop by and reflect on because it carries in it a lot of answers to what is going on today.


  51. michael burton

    Biden Regime Is Forcing Americans Trapped in Israel to Sign Promissory Notes to Repay All Travel Costs If They Decide to Be Rescued by US Government | The Gateway Pundit | by Jim Hoft
    In a time when Americans in Israel are relying on their government for support and protection, the U.S.

  52. Marie Joy

    Israel has gun control and when Hamas invaded them, they were helpless.
    Americans need to arm ourselves and train up. With the government we have, it’s just a matter of time before we have to protect ourselves.

  53. Led Skeletor

    Biden the Debt Doubler strikes again.
    10/11/23… 33,537,137,879,410.41
    09/11/23… 32,940,629,592,824.66

    ☆ $597 BILLION DOLLARS added to the National Debt in one month.
    DOUBLE the debt added the previous month ($282 BILLION).

    Now tell us what the working taxpayer slaves got for their $597 billion that we borrowed for. We had to reload the men’s tampon machines across the free world, and we had to pay the VIG to Ukrainian mob bosses, and another 100 billion for Medicare to those that can’t pay their own bills.

    Shutter Down!!

  54. Bif Shot Clot

    NEW: Matt Gaetz Gives His Take On Steve Scalise-Jim Jordan Matchup For New Speaker Of The House
    Forbes Breaking News 133,782 views Oct 11, 2023
    Speaking to reporters, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) spoke about the ongoing battle for a new Speaker.

    Trump: Obama is calling the shots, not Biden
    Fox News 23,352 views Oct 12, 2023 The Brian Kilmeade Show
    Former President Donald Trump says President Biden does not know ‘what’s happening’ and says former President Barack Obama is Biden’s ‘boss’ on ‘The Brian Kilmeade Show.’

  55. jane jones

    Israel says it won’t allow aid to flow until Hamas releases hostages
    WHAS11 34,181 views Oct 12, 2023
    Hamas’ assault on Saturday killed more than 1,300 people in Israel, and the ensuing Israeli bombardment has killed more than 1,400 people in Gaza.

  56. Bob

    Please can someone answer or provide link.
    I have a straightforward question I can’t find the answer to. How, exactly, does the factory-made ingredient in “vax” make your body uncontrollably make spike protein? Bob. Thanks

  57. Lora

    I Understand that the jab is bad news, but think that we have even bigger problems right now with an Obama/Biden Regime that is leading us to complete collapse/world war 3.

  58. Linda

    Greg, people will be upset when they REALIZE what’s been done to them. Realize is the key word. The medical industrial & military industrial comples will throw up a lot of distractions. Just think WW3. That’s a distraction that ought to work pretty well. The Israeli attack has been pretty distracting. This is truly apocalyptic!

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