CV19 Vax Ongoing Global Criminal Experimentation – Karen Kingston

By Greg Hunter’s (Saturday Night Post) 

Karen Kingston is a biotech analyst and former Pfizer employee who was one of the first to warn of the dangers of the so-called CV19 “vaccines.”  Kingston showed the danger of the nanotechnology called mRNA, which Big Pharma patents say is, in fact, an electromagnetic device.  Kingston was also one of the first to warn the CV19 vax was the “Beginning of Transhumanism,” a bioweapon, and not a vaccine at all.  With all the negative facts about the vaccines and mRNA nanoparticle biotech, the shots are still being injected unabated.  676 million CV19 injections have been given in the USA alone with more than 13 billion CV19 injections worldwide.  This is a massive global crime, and it’s still going on. Kingston explains, “These (vaccines) were designed to cause harm, disease, and we are being experimented on.  A lot of people say, well, why don’t they just kill us?  That’s like a mouse saying to a scientist, ‘Why don’t you just kill us?’  Because scientists are experimenting on the mice to figure out a way to benefit themselves.  These psychopaths are experimenting on humans to figure out a way to benefit artificial intelligence.  That’s what’s going on.  It’s criminal human experimentation with weapons.  What I just said sounds like a conspiracy theory.  You can go through my letter, which is all Pfizer documents and government documents.  I have the military’s DMED (Defense Medical Epidemiology Database) documents in there. . . . All the hard evidence is there.”

Kingston also says people were not told they were being experimented on by Big Pharma.  Kingston points out, “The clinical trials were never designed to demonstrate they could prevent infection and protect against disease.  No one was given informed consent in the clinical trials and also under the EUA (Emergency Use Authorization).  People were not told about the risks that the FDA knew about in October 2020, which was a dozen neurological disorders and cardiovascular problems.  So, they were not told any of this.  So, that is not bona fide research.  That’s criminal research. . . . Pfizer, who was going to make $50 billion, was put in charge of safety, ethics and data interpretation.  So, this was not bona fide research.  It was criminal experimentation.”

Kingston says the mRNA/nanoparticles are still being injected, and they are also being used in other products without the public’s knowledge.  Kingston wants to start with getting local sheriffs to start pulling the CV19 vaccines off the market because they are killing and disabling an uninformed public.  Kingston says, “Once the shots are seized for the Covid 19 injections, I want people to wake up and say where else is this nanotechnology?  Big Pharma companies are putting this technology in a lot of injectables.  So, there are other people being injected and dying. . . . They are putting it into cosmetics like Botox and fillers.  We need to stop this now, but we need to start with the Covid 19 injections.  . . . . These are not vaccines.  These are nanoparticle injections.  These nanoparticles are known to be toxic agents.  In 2017, the nanoparticles are registered as duel-use weapons of biowarfare.  So, the nanoparticles are weapons, and the sheriffs need to seize those weapons.  That’s what needs to happen.”

Kingston says if the spread of nanoparticles is not stopped, it will eventually destroy all natural lifeforms on planet Earth.  Yes–it is that bad.

Kingston has a Bible verse to make a profound point, and she reads, “This is talking about ‘The End of Days.’  The prophecy reads, ‘But woe to those who are pregnant and those who are nursing babies in those days.  For those will be a time of tribulation such has not occurred since the beginning of creation, which God created until now and never will.  Unless the Lord shortened those days, no life would have been saved but for the sake of the elect who he chose.’  This is talking about how God created all life forms perfectly.  He created mankind perfectly in his image.  There is now this other entity that is creating life.  That’s synthetic biology and artificial intelligence.  That’s what it is. . . . We have an opportunity to stop this.”

There is much more in the 1-hour and 5-minute interview.

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with renowned biotech analyst Karen Kingston as she gives another update on the bioweapon mRNA/nanoparticle injections and why this “synthetic biology” needs to be stopped for 7.15.23.

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After the Interview: 

The word about the CV19 so-called “vaccine” being a bioweapon is now entering the public domain.  One Florida county just voted on this, and the headline reads “Florida County Passes Vote Deeming ‘COVID-19 Vaccine is a Bioweapon.’”

This is the one-page summary letter to introduce sheriffs all over America to the larger five-page demand letter to pull the dangerous CV19 bioweapon/vax from the shelves in every county in America.

To look at data, documents and analysis on the CV19 bioweapon/vax containing deadly mRNA nanoparticles, go to the [email protected].

To view Kingston’s analysis on the Trump/Pfizer CV19 vax contract, click here.

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  1. Jim Wade

    You do a great community service by having Karen on your show. She has expressed her concerns supported with solid facts. These toxic shots that have been put into people across the globe are far more terrifying that anything we could ever possibly have imagined. This is Satanic activity at it’s most heinous.
    It seems to me the only solution is Jesus. We must get on our knees and pray and ask Him to stop this and save mankind from these legalized industrial monsters and their complicit government supporters.
    Bravo to you and Karen for being courageous and exposing this horrendous criminal activity. Bring her back. Keep up your great work.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Jim!!


        Greg, Thank you for everything you do God bless you forever & your wife. Thank you for inviting Ms Karen Kingston on your news outlet to explain what and how evil has been working to kill, steal and destroy all of humanity & God’s wonderful creations world wide. Ms. Karen Kingston is such a gift from Almighty God, ‘Anointings’ and Anointed People are gifts from God & Lord Jesus Christ, He (Jesus) gives gifts to the Church. We all need to get busy stand up and do the work that Ms Karen laid out for us. We need to be DOER’S and not just HEARERS only deceiving ourselves the Lord Jesus Christ said. Father God I ask you to keep
        Ms Karen Kingston and her family safe, protected from all evil, for Karen & her family to always be at the right place at the right time. No weapon formed against Karen & her’s will prosper and every word spoken against Karen & her’s we condemn & has been condemned in Jesus name. I thank you Lord Jesus Christ that only Goodness & Mercy follow Karen & all her family all the days of her life and she & her’s will dwell in the House of the Lord forever. What a perfect name she has, KINGS👑 TON. Who’s she is, the King’s and Tons of love and blessings and protection be Karen’s forever.
        Amen Amen 🙏🙌 👑

      • Mike

        Sad to say, these killers are free to kill until the military has a coup of all in DC and we know that won’t happen. God help us all. Karen was great . Love your show. I saw they are approved to make meat now out of cells. Fake meat. Thus ( my thoughts) Gates bought farmland is for the Chinese to live when they all arrive. Trump is an accessory to the murders. Unless he owns up. Thank you for your show.

        • Rick

          I hear the only thing Bill Gates grows on his farmland is potatoes – probably knowing that “cancer cell meat” (grown in test tubes) mixed with “cricket meal” will soon be sold to McDonald’s and he probably figures on getting the “French fries” contract!!

        • Martin Coombs

          Lawlessness is abound, no one is doing anything about cocaine in the w/house, the son etc ( with evidence laptop) no one will do anything, Jan 6 innocent folk still in jail, nursing homes filled in uk & wiped out to raise the false narrative, that’s all behind them , like 911 tick tock – leaders allover breaking their own rules , nothing done , their wef plan & some peoples king? Endorsing & asking to speed it up, the list is endless, maranatha, come Lord Jesus .

      • Kathleen McKeon

        Hi Greg,

        Thank you so much for your guests and information, I am so frustrated that so much of this interview kept going wonky right on the information she was giving that was important to hear, do not know how this can be stopped but it’s done to many.

        Years ago before this nightmare of covid and the bio weapon someone online told people how to see the wiggly things in their bodies….Take dark wine or dark grape juice, gargle, spit in white bowl (you can see them then) then pour a little rubbing alcohol in and watch them go nuts….you tell me what they are. My brother and I did this again recently and again watched them wiggle join and wiggle then die or stop moving, creeped me out years ago and still does.
        Take care and Thank you for all you do,
        Kathleen McKeon

      • Patricia

        I am unable to get Karen Kingston off of my mind after I watched her speaking out in Mexico on Rumble that you shared. Such a wonderful brave woman. God Bless Her.
        Also I am missing your interviews with Catherine Austin Fitts. I recently saw her in an interview on YouTube, always enjoy the information that she shares.

      • Mark

        Hi Greg,
        What’s going on with Karen? Sounds really worrying, hope shes ok .
        All the best from the Highlands of Scotland

    • Anthony Australia

      Great interview as always Greg from one very brave human.
      Speaking of brave humans, here’s another one.

      Not for the faint hearted:
      The Rape Of Britain
      by Tommy Robinson

    • Dave Mingins

      The 21st century Nuremberg Trials should be interesting to watch on worldwide TV.
      With ALL the murdering bastards from Fauchi & on upwards being lined up like the Nazis after WW2.
      Can I help tie the knots or man the firing squads, PLEASE!!!!!

      • Rick

        And – let’s make sure there is no “Operation Paper-Clip” for these evil Globalist Pedophiles (like was done for the Nazi’s after WWII) – let these Pedophile Globalists think “they will be saved” by simply taking a Space X Rocket Ship (to an underground base being built especially for them on the Moon) – then – all we Patriots need to do is “re-set the navigation computer on the Space X Rocket Ship” and redirect their “Escape Ship” so it “lands on the Sun” (instead of the Moon)!!

    • Brad

      I hear mention be Greg and Karen of dangerous products put into dental anesthetics. Where can I learn more about it? I am having lots of dental work done. I spoke with my dentist about it an he is skeptical. I am trying to have him develop a plan B that will substitute some other product in before he drills. Any ideas?

  2. Led Skeletor

    What is it with Europe,
    every single day they host a gigantic circle jerk where their Dr. Evil’s talk about destroying human civilization and human freedom.

    Our enemy is not the people of other nations, our enemy is these jackasses that think they rule the world, and that is where we should bomb and flatten rolling over with our tanks, these European “stink tanks” including Greta and the IMF WEF NATO UN, nuke their bat caves!

    These monsters should be forcefully reduced to the point where they live in a 3’x3′ cell, live on 1,000 calories of insect gruel, and own nothing, and no pudding for Joe Biden.

    • Rick

      Led – Couldn’t agree with you more – we need to take down the UN (just like we took down the Georgia Guidestones and the Nazi Cheney/Bush gang took down Building 7) – the Globalist pedophile queers now in power are systematically destroying what it means to be a women (and men are now taking on the role of women in our Bud Light commercials, in women sports, etc., etc., etc.) “Because They Don’t Want Children To Be Born” – we even have a moronic Supreme Court Judge “who can’t even define what a women is” (this judge could have easily said “a women has two(2) X chromosomes and can have a baby”) – these queers in power want to “do away with all women” and create a New World Order where only boy babies are cloned in plastic pods “for their immoral sexual enjoyment”!!

      • "Enrico"

        Thank you for sending your team to destroy the Georgia Guidestones, and for the other subversive activities you are spearheading. Your infiltration agents have taken some time to establish their positions, and hopefully everything is going as you planned. Please let me know when “Operation Blueberry Pie” is ready for implementation, using Code 7 for scrambled communications, and of course following the usual protocols.

        Over and out.

        • Rick

          “Enrica” – Speaking of provocateurs to make millions of Patriots look bad – you and Ray Ebbs did a masterful job on “Jan 6” – however we have God on our side – lets see which team wins in the end!!

        • Enrico

          My name is also Enrico and I have posted in the past. Interestingly, some people call me Rick from the days of my youth.

      • Rick

        What the Globalists did to China with their “One Child Policy” (which resulted in the slaughter of most girl babies) is now being done right here in the US today (but much worse) – in the US the Globalists want a “No Child Policy” (so they are chemically and surgically turning our young boys and girls into breast-less and ball-less transgenders and crating perverted queers by putting “sterilization ingredients” into the vaccines they inject into us and also into our food and water supply!! – resulting in “Even Bigger Profits for the Globalists CHILD TRAFFICKING OPERATIONS” (as the supply of young babies and children has dropped dramatically) while the huge child demand by millions of evil immoral pedophiles both within our Government and within Globalist Organizations like the UN, etc., etc. has created “a Child Supply/Demand Crisis” (which now “requires” Open Borders)!!!

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Led,
      “Our enemy is not the people of other nations, our enemy is these jackasses that think they rule the world”
      Couldn’t agree more!

  3. Saved by Grace.

    Mr. Greg Hunter, thank you for all your efforts. Also, thanks to MS. Kingston.


    The Devious People Problem: 12 Alarming Ways AI Can Be Used Against Us
    by Thomas Frey | Jul 13, 2023 | Artificial Intelligence

    The true menace of AI is not solely about an uncertain future; it’s a present-day reality with far-reaching implications. It’s lurking in the shadows of our digital age, subtly influencing our decisions, shaping our perceptions, and altering the fabric of our societies. It’s not the prospect of rogue superintelligent AI that should keep us awake at night, but the current AI technologies, left unchecked and unregulated, quietly molding the contours of our world. The time is ripe for us to shift our focus from speculative future threats to the real, tangible issues of the present and act urgently and resolve to address them.

    I hope each person finds a Bible teaching church to hear God’s Word this and every Sunday.

    Greg once again I pray for God, the Father continues to place a hedge of protection around His people, and a hedge of thorns around our adversaries. Onward Christian soldiers.

    God’s time,
    contentment.- dje

    ” you can’t make this stuff up, and there ain’t no going around it.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi SBG,
      “I hope each person finds a Bible teaching church to hear God’s Word . . .”
      As I recall most vividly – at least here in Northern Ireland – every church CLOSED ITS DOORS (locked them shut!) to its congregation during a great time of spiritual need. Funerals were permitted but only a half dozen masked-up, social distancing, mourners were allowed to attend – sickening!!! To my mind, this showed organised religion to be an extension of the state. Put your faith in the Bible by all means, but do not forgive and forget that the churches inc., supported Fauci et al . . .

  4. Zin

    The Biden regime, Gates, Fauci, Soros, Schwab, and all members of the WEF need to be forced to choke to death on their own feces.

    • Deano Wexford

      I was thinking more like give everyone in the world the antidote, except for them, they get 5 billion of the shots.

      • Paul

        Doctors are men who prescribe medicines of which they know little, to cure diseases of which they know less, in human beings of whom they know nothing

        They are worse than lawyers who only rob you, doctors rob and kill you,

        We have to fight.
        Paul from arkansas

        • Marie Joy

          Strong Rope

        • Rick

          Doctors swore an oath “to do no harm” – Biden swore an oath (on the Bible no less) to abide by and protect our Constitution – it’s the “Oath Takers” who don’t abide by their pledge that need to be locked up!!!

    • Rose Desjarlais

      Love it….

  5. Suzie McCormick

    Thank both of you very much for your insightful and knowledgeable presentation – God Bless and protect you both!

  6. Rodster

    History will not be kind to the crazies who are running things around the world.

    • Rick

      If we the people don’t do something to stop the Globalists (quick) – our future looks pretty grim – the Globalists current plans for human extinction and the total collapse of civilization are proceeding very rapidly – we need to attack their Command and Control Centers like the UN, WHO, WEF, CDC, etc., etc. and also boycott the “exceedingly evil corporations” now supporting the queer pedophile agenda and the Globalists human extermination program – perhaps one way to get big corporations to re-join the human race again is by “Incentivizing Them To Protect Humanity” (by say removing burdensome rules, regulations and the red tape for them to do business, etc., etc. – but only if they promote the protection of women and children)!!!

      • "Enrico"

        ” – we need to attack their Command and Control Centers like the UN, WHO, WEF, CDC, etc.”


        I don’t think most folks know how to “decode” your comments, but the system of communicating you use with your international agents and mercenaries is brilliant. It’s clear that they are ready for action, and at a moments notice, just waiting for you to give the command.

        Makes me think about what you once told me about Mr. Waverly from the old TV show The Man From U. N. C. L. E…

        • Rick

          Waiting for my command?? – Have you seen what the French are doing in Paris??? – When Americans wake up they will “on their own volition” get us out of the Globalist UN, Who, NATO, etc., etc., etc. without me having to point out that the Queers walking down the streets of America “have no clothes on” and are blatantly showing their evil peckers to our children!!!

        • George Korby

          Hey Enrico,
          Mr. Waverly, alias, “Cosmo Topper,”

          is The Man From U. N. C. L. E…

  7. H Wissenschaft

    WEF attackinhg Lousiana chemical explosions

  8. Douglas

    The problem is Trump will never admit anything because if his ego. He seems to care less about humans if it interferes with his image. At what time do we admit that Trump needs to be charged also?. Thanks Karen and Greg, great info even with tech problems. Would be great if she can get a sheriff to step up

    • Lora

      In such a time as this where our Country is completely disintegrating, it is amazing to me to see how small minded folks (like you) still like to BASH Trump! In comparing Trump to the Biden Regime, it’s like a night and day, heaven/hell scenario. Biden and his cronies are a complete utter disaster, intentionally destroying America with every opportunity, and as a result America has become a laughing stock to the world due to all the criminality.
      What about this current regime’s extremely destructive, out of control “ego” driven mania, which includes perpetrators in the FBI, CIA, DOJ and most of our corrupt Congress?
      But during Trump’s administration, there was NO war, America was energy independent, gasoline was reasonably priced, livestock farms were not burning up with cattle and chickens dying by the millions, trains weren’t mysteriously derailing in phenomenal numbers, with so much more positive accomplishments due to Trump’s efforts to put America first in the MAGA movement.
      So what if Trump has an ego, and this ego of his has in so many ways benefited America. Why I’d take Trump anyday over this global NWO, destructive Biden Regime, supporting Trump 100 percent in his desire to fulfill a second term, which was obviously stolen from him in 2020.
      As conservatives, if we don’t unanimously stand behind the most popular conservative candidate (Trump with a great track record) and others like him, who truly love this Country, America is completely doomed, thanks to people like you because you’d rather hate Trump than save our Republic.


        LORA, perfect, thank you. 🙏. The complainers wandered right outside the Land of Milk🥛 & Honey🍯 for 40 years then died . The believers of God crossed the next river and took the promised land. Joshua had to tell the people to SHUT YOUR MOUTHS until God took the enemy down with a blast of the TRUMP’S. God will release the truth at the perfect time just like at Jericho. 🎺 🎺 🎺 🎺 🎺

      • Diana

        Agreed Lora 100 % and he hasn’t mentioned it in months. We are doomed without him as a country.

  9. Jeffrobbins

    Looks like Star Wars wasn’t so far far away. We’re going to have droids and cloned soldiers. Aliens and space ships aren’t far off. A mini light saber on a weed eater would be something. Is ‘Klaus’ the emperor?- hey- a little humor is a way to deal- or it’s pitch forks and torches like in Frankenstein? I think it takes a long time for our world view to change- you mentioned asbestos and if i remember it was known to be harmful 20 or 30 years before taken off the market. Really heavy news here- last time God cleaned the world up only 8 people were on the boat.
    On a another note-Greg- Would we ever know if big brother monitors this site and our comments?

  10. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Ms Kingston. The clash of science and money is utterly deadly.

  11. rv

    Shanghai & Moderna Sign Medical Research Agreement.
    Stock value increased over 2000%, from $19 per share to $450.
    Brand new research centre in Shanghai, w/investment along co-operation from local gov. and permission to run “human trials using Chinese citizens” according to China Daily:
    Strategic cooperation agreement with authorities in Shanghai on Wednesday
    Chinese mainland will involve setting up R&D base in Minhang conduct clinical trials on new medicines to put its products on the market and sell them in China.
    Moderna ” Medicine ” produced in China only sold domestically for Chinese Citizens.
    What could go wrong here?
    Hopefully, Chinese People get an Authorized decent injection Not the US version of a possibly bad batch from coast to coast.

    • Earth Angel

      Hmmm, Isn’t China already known for their illegal & immoral harvest of organs from unwilling live participants (i.e. political dissidents, Christians, prisoners, slaves, orphans, etc.) to be sold on the world market for PROFIT? The CC govt. will no doubt have another field day with “human trials using Chinese citizens” in partnership with Moderna.. Chhhaaaachhhing! Advice to Chinese citizens: HIDE.

  12. Phoenician Trading

    Thank God.
    Let freedom ring

  13. John holmes

    If it’s experimental it’s against the Nuremberg judgements and a crime. This is why nobody is allowed to talk about the vaccines, to hide the truth and prevent criminal trials.

  14. fred bannon

    Greg, There has to be a reason why Trump is not saying anything about the shot, surely you dont think hes that stupid.


      Greg, Amen Amen

  15. PersonaNonGrata

    Hi Greg,
    Many thanks for having Karen Kingston on again and providing her with a platform to disseminate the vital information she continues to uncover.
    Of all the despicable, amoral, events associated with the scamdemic agenda, there was one revelation in the interview that stunned me. It stunned me to reflect upon the wickedness of the ‘doctors’ and clinicians, and the utter stupidity of the parents, all of whom Karen implicates at 39:00+
    “I have so many bombshells on my sub stack . . . the research in babies and how, out of a subset of 304, you know, who are less than two years of age, only 3 of them made it through to the end of the study.”
    WTF!!! This out mengeles Dr Mengele!

    I wish Karen every success for her upcoming trip to persuade Florida sheriffs to act.

  16. NH Watcher

    If we believe that Trump’s victory in 2020 was stolen due to the fact he would no longer support the Elites’ mandate for endless wars and military campaigns financed through the U.S., it is impossible to believe that he has a chance for victory in 2024. However, it is interesting (and troubling) that he has not come out against the Elites’ (similar) depopulation mandate largely focused on the COVID vaccines (bioweapons). He continues to say at almost every rally, “The vaccines are a beautiful thing.” Either he is easily duped out of his own fear, downright stupid due to his narcissism and arrogance, or has purposely chosen to believe a narrative in order to keep him in the running as a viable candidate for 2024.

    As with many of the world’s Elite who simply received “saline” shots which confirms why so many “vaccinated” continued to get COVID, so too have I concluded that Trump received a series of “saline” shots for his own COVID vaccination. There is no other explanation as to why he has experienced no debilitating symptoms since being vaccinated, as I have and countless others. I also believe many medical personnel worldwide also randomly received “saline” shots in order so that the mainstream medical community would also continue the narrative that these vaccines were 100% safe and effective.

    Again, I point to the Web site where you may check the severity of any particular vaccine lot number is , developed by a British software engineer, Craig Paardekooper.

    Mr. Paardekooper also has an interesting PDF summary of the likelihood of receiving a “high toxicity” dose versus a “low toxicity-placebo” dose. As he explains, the depopulation agenda could only work if a certain percentage of doses were placebos (saline) and DID NOTHING. Why there remains disbelief among many vaccinated that nothing happened, i.e., quite literally for them, indeed, nothing happened … if they received a placebo dose of which we cannot be certain however many doses were placebos versus the higher toxicity doses. He tries to determine an approximate likelihood:

    1 in 3 chances that among the vaccinated, a LOW toxicity-placebo dose was administered (for those with those doses, this means little to no symptoms or problems are occurring)

    1 in 20 chances that among the vaccinated, a HIGH toxicity dose was administered (for those with those doses, this means a high likelihood of symptoms, disability, and death)

    He concludes:

    32% of doses administered to those vaccinated were low toxicity or placebos resulting in little to no symptoms at all

    64% of doses administered to those vaccinated were medium toxicity or would vary in symptoms leading to disability or death

    4% of doses administered to those vaccinated were high toxicity or would almost guarantee disability and/or death

    Yes, we truly are in the End Times prior to our Lord’s return.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi NHW,
      “Either he (Trump – sic) is easily duped out of his own fear, downright stupid due to his narcissism and arrogance, or has purposely chosen to believe a narrative in order to keep him in the running as a viable candidate for 2024.”
      IMHO, there is another credible possibility. Was Trump subjected to MK Ultra at Walter Reed hospital in late 2019? Sorry to sound like a 1960’s SiFi writer, but is it possible that Trump has been rendered mentally incapable of disparaging the ‘Covid vaccine/s’?

      Mind Kontrol Ultra was pioneered by the Nazis and introduced to the US by Nazi war criminals given a free pass to enter America during Operation Paperclip after WWII. Since then, the CIA has had almost seventy years to perfect it! ‘The Manchurian Candidate’ was written as early as 1959. If the plot was credible back then, think of the advances made in MK Ultra since then . . .

      • NH Watcher

        You make a good point, and that is entirely possible and plausible. I have long felt there is absolutely no way that the world’s Elite would allow Trump in the WH again without some sort of “guarantees” as to his doing their bidding. His continued inability to acknowledge vaccine injury, the use of the vaccines as a bioweapon, or anything that RFK Jr. freely discusses, makes it more plausible that Trump is under a hypnosis of some type.

        I believe wholeheartedly as many on this forum do that God is in control; however, we must affirm the agreement which took place between God and Satan after the Fall, and then was reconfirmed during the trials of Job. Satan has his limitations as imposed by God, and God voluntarily limits His own power until the End of Days.

        And the world’s Elite do control this world until Christ’s return; as conduits of Satan, they have the same limitations which Satan does, but their control of the world’s kingdoms was given to them after Christ refused Satan’s temptation in the desert to worship him. The Elite are not perfect; they are all fallible human beings destined to death by sin like anyone else. So, they do make mistakes. Trump’s victory in 2016 was likely one of them.

      • Rick

        There is no question in my mind that Biden has been subjected to MK Ultra (rendering him not only mentally incapable but has him shaking hands “with imaginary people” at every opportunity)!!

  17. Prospector

    Truth Comes Out. — YOU Are The Carbon They Want To Reduce

    Vice President Kamala Harris mistakenly (?) suggested that one of the goals of investing in clean energy is population reduction. – Zerohedge

    “When we invest in clean energy and electric vehicles and >> reduce population < <
    , more of our children can breathe clean air and drink clean water," she continued.

    The WH is doing damage control after Kamala spilled the beans about the climate agenda – @EndWokeness
    ( AP News went so far as to omit " reduce population " from the VP quote in its reporting. Fake News by omission .)

    • Rick

      The Queer Globalist Pedophiles put dumb asses before us “like Biden as their spokesman and Kamala as their spokeswomen” – which simply proves “they are Queer”!!

  18. Roger Stamper

    tks for post karen greg

  19. Da Yooper

    Great interview Greg & Karen despite all the drop outs ( someone does not want us to hear what Karen has to say )

    With all the proof – information Karen has, why haven’t attorneys like Tom Renz ( sp ) gotten a hold of Karen & sued the ass off – of big pharma? It’s been 3 years of Karen’s proof & no one uses her knowledge – her background ???? Somethings wrong here WTF. Where is the rule of law here ? Where are all the big shot attorneys ????

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi DY,
      “Where are all the big shot attorneys ????”
      Perhaps they are smart enough to know they will be ‘run out of town’ if they take the case – or maybe they know they will never get to spend the millions they will earn if they win. Per Gerald Celente, ‘we are being ruled by a criminal gang, a Mafiosa’. Departments of State, FBI, CIA, DOJ, take their orders from the capos. Lawyers understand they may end up ‘sleeping with the fishes’.
      More people need to WAKE UP in order to effect ‘trial by public opinion’. In this regard, USAW is an indispensable alarm clock.

      • Rick

        We need to get a few Globalists sleeping with the fishes in order to “throw a monkey wrench” into their psychopathic extermination plans for the human race!! – and lets make sure our next Vice- President “is not on board” with the Globalists’ human extermination plans!!!

        • "Enrico"


          Please clarify who the “We” are that you are talking about…

          “Sleeping with the fishes” is Mafia lingo, so I think you know nothing will happen unless somebody gives the order to “go the mattresses”.

          • Rick

            The “We” I’m talking about are God’s Angels – both those in Heaven and those here on Earth (i.e. like the ones who took care of Sodom and Gomorrah)!!

            • Rick

              Decode this Enrica – “Trample upon every demon before you – and you will overcome every power Satan possesses” – Luke 10:19

    • Jim1a

      Takes money.

  20. Freedom-4-All

    Wow, is Karen smart? Anymore, when I have that ‘know it all’ who is arguing about covid and the shot, I just send them to Karen for the science and David Martin for the law. After they have done that, I will argue if they wish. No one ever comes back.

    I doubt they ever study it for more than a couple of minutes, if at all.

  21. Ed Siceloff

    A very objectionable broadcast. Not to me though. I listen to a lot of podcasts that go into much of the same issues as you do Greg. But, it appears to me that yours is the most objectionable. I have more trouble getting the broadcast than anyone else’s. For instance in this one, pretty much constant fadeouts, electronic interruption, etc. A lot of times, I begin to listen, then I get a pause. It comes back on and jumps to the end. So, there are now a number of them that I have not listened to. But you number with the best with the information you present through your show.

  22. Frances Morris

    I pray that Karen Kingston is not “suicided” and has some protection!! Bless her for her courageous research and reporting.

    • Rick

      If enough of us Patriots stand with Karen – we will prevent her, ourselves and our children from being suicided by the Demonic Globalist Pedophiles who are now setting up “Suicide Assistance Centers” everywhere (to help reduce the population as Kamala said) so the few that do survive will have more fresh air and clean water for themselves!!

      • "Enrico"

        Be careful Rick…

        “Chinese chimpanzee not interfere with monkey business of big baboon.” Charlie Chan (The Chinese Ring)

  23. Kat

    Trump told everyone to use the safe and effective Ivermectin/Hydroxychloriqiun etc for Cov-19. He also said that big Pharma was coming after him. I for one listened to what he and the alternative Drs were saying. There was millions of us that followed what he and the alternative DRs were saying. He and They saved millions of peoples lives!!!

  24. Astraea Something you should look into

  25. Marie Joy

    CAF calls this era “The Great Poisoning”.
    I wonder why no one sues these companies for putting poison in everything.
    What a passive population we are.
    Democide/Genocide. We will never know the real mortality numbers.
    It’s weird, none of us do anything about it.
    CT does not have sheriffs.
    Everyone expects everyone, else, to do what’s necessary.
    My daughter says if I don’t get in line, she’s going “to do something”.
    Going to be an interesting summer.

  26. Billy Bob

    Greg, you mentioned double crossed and there are two crosses behind her!

  27. Jim

    HI Greg. I’m an army veteran that started digging after my military experience. I have dug into President Trumps statement that with warp speed he saved lives. The plan was 1 Hilery to win 2 release virus 3 lock everyone down until a vaccine was tested and produced in the normal time frame. Many years. President Trump winning and his warp speed program in my estimation destroyed their plan saved lives. If you look at population projection from screenshots of by 2025 us population was estimated to be about 99 million. The population projection has been removed from Deagles website whether because of to many people sharing the info or the depopulation plan was disrupted.


      Jim, thank you so much for your digging. I knew Pres Trump was helping us way more than he could possibly tell us and figured that they wanted to kill us and lock us down for years. Thank God for Pres Donald John Trump and his and his family’s bravery. If they could have they would have killed him in a second. President John Fitzgerald Kennedy Sr was killed on my 13th birthday Nov 22,1963 and things have never been the same.
      Evil lifted it’s evil head and has never put it down. It’s time to put it down. 🕳️

  28. J. Loughran

    Haven’t comic books and movies been preparing the consumer? Triple helix, see the film entitled, “Fifth element.” And, messenger RNA, see, “Spiderman.”
    The good news is that the genetic code is much more sophisticated than just a linear list of nucleotides. Apparently the folding of the sequence is also very important. With that, I am convinced the Dr. Moreau wanna bes will only succeed at destruction, albeit in new and creative ways. Sad to think that many will line up to buy this transmorgrification, while millions more will lobby for its inclusion in the, “Affordable Healthcare Tax.”
    Also, I am also optimistic about “AI.” “AI”, like us all, will too be sent to “camp” for an upgrade in the latest PC “unthink.”

  29. Russ 2

    Hey Greg, thanks for having Karen Kingston back on for an update.

    I don’t know what is running through Pres. Trump’s head, but in the overplayed chess analogy, timing is everything. His chess board has a dimension for Covid & bioweapons, but it also has dimensions for Russia/Ukraine, China/Taiwan, US national debt & death of the dollar versus BRICS and gold backed currencies. But regardless of those dimensions, it’s all just one big chess game, with issues intertwined in ways few can see; I’m not that smart, one dimensional chess strains my brain, but it can’t be a coincidence that all these major global issues are happening simultaneously.

    Looking at just the covid issue though, it was Trump who introduced me (us?) to Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin, knowledge of such treatments reinforced my decision to pass on the Pfizer & Moderna jabs. Back when the jabs were first introduced I told everyone who asked that I was not taking the jabs and later warned to not take the boosters. Most of those folks took the initials jabs, some passed on the boosters. I don’t normally discuss personal health decisions with family, friends or acquaintances, but for some reason on this topic I over-shared.

    Whatever. I won’t judge Trump’s actions until this all plays out. We’re in the middle of the game and we still can’t see all the moves ahead. We can only have faith that when it plays out, God wins. Mankind and carbon based life on this planet cannot be supplanted with something else.

    No Fear.

  30. J. Kimble Allen


    If … you haven’t already done so, I suggest you contact Lawyer … Dr. Frederick D. Graves, via the below Florida Bar link.

    I believe … he may be interested in helping you.

  31. mike

    Great stuff as usuall……..I wonder if Trump means he saved millions by bringing out the vax as opposed to no vax and the country locked down for many years . The hardship and death would have been even worse…….Thank you Greg……Cheers

    • Carol Anne Tucker (Tucker Trucker Patriot)

      I certainly hope that is not what Trump meant but I guess ya never know till it is spelled out. We all would have been better off without the so-called vaccines. My head is reeling with what all Karen has said. Atty Rentz or Renz from OH will probably be the ones to start the Class action against the Mfgs.

      Greg- Tell Karen to contact the OH atty with her paperwork.
      I went to her site and cannot seem to be able to find the paperwork to print out.
      Any tips?
      Carol Anne

      • Greg Hunter

        Look in the “After the Interview” section. I put links to two things you need.

  32. Russell Holmes

    After 2 Federal lawsuits Pfizer has finally been ordered to release their documents on the bioweapon shots–55,000 pages a month. And no surprise that they lied when they claimed there’s 450,000 pages but are now forced to admit there’s 750,000. By this December all the documents should be released and a group of doctors will put out a report once they’ve had time to study them. Just one thing to come out already is that, yes, the death shots do have graphene oxide in them and even the FDA had to admit it.

    There’s also another group of doctors who were able to get autopsies done on people who died shortly after getting injected with the bioweapon. Their conclusion was that it’s “highly likely” the vaccines caused their deaths.

    • Donegal

      Of course they would when the damage has been done. I was talking to someone who worked internationally for drug safety at an airport. She sold her house in USA because she says the “Caucasians are beyond help” and she is 100% Celtic DNA.
      When I talk to people, the ones who didn’t take the clot shots are the ones that despise the Chinese/Mongol horde and questioned why they should take something when the Chinese were not held accountable for starting it all.
      Those using politics are gaslighting themselves because its not a political issue. Its about what is wrong vs. right. The Republicans have allowed the communist to take over as much as the Democrats with their BLM and illegals.

  33. Desiree D Effner

    Everything globohomo is doing is the Abomination of Desolation.
    They’ve sought to counterfeit the Lord’s creation.
    They’re winning because we’re under judgment. This didn’t happen in a vacuum.
    We’ve been heading towards this for centuries. Normies have always been the problem, more than the truly evil ones.
    I applaud Karen’s work. I hope it can be effective and real repentence happens.
    That’s the only thing that will stay God’s hand.

  34. Carol Anne Tucker (Tucker Trucker Patriot)

    As smart a man as he is, Pres T has already had his lawyers all over this. It is my thought that Pres T is being advised to not take this scenario on yet with the fake vaccines & broken contract until after he is elected again. Then he will JUMP on it.
    also my thought…if RFK Jr would run with Trump- they would SURELY WIN!!! Trump will win anyway but with Bobby in the WH again…he’s a shoo-in in 28. Yeah, now that I have read what I have just written…it sounds ridiculous. Repubs are NOT gonna go for that. Unless, they make some kind of agreement that Trump will sbe his VP in 28. Hummm!
    This is one for the psychics. And that’s NOT me. I’m Tucker Trucker Patriot…rambling rambling rambling 😉

    • Rick

      We all know the Demon Rats will fix the 2024 elections somehow someway “to make the Demonratic Party win in 2024” – so – to get Trump in – why not have Trump join RFK Jr. on the Democratic Ticket (as his Vice President in 2024) – then have Trump run for President in 2028 (when the power of the Deep State to fix elections has been reduced somewhat) – and the good thing is – Trump will be in the White House “to screw the Globalists” just when they try to institute their 2030 Agenda!!

  35. Rodster

    “Reduce Population’: Kamala Harris Verbal Slip-Up Corrected By White House”

    Her quote: “When we invest in clean energy and electric vehicles and REDUCE POPULATION, more of our children can breathe clean air and drink clean water,”

    • Rick

      Hey Kamala – If we Reduce Population – “less children” will breathe our geo-engineered air and fluoridated water!!

      • "Enrico"


        Another one bites the dust.

        Heartbroken colleagues and friends are mourning the loss of “gifted and consummate professional” CBS-New York meteorologist Elise Finch, who died SUDDENLY over the weekend, just a day or two after appearing on air.

        She was 51.

        Her cause of death has not been determined.
        Her cause of death has not been determined..
        Her cause of death has not been determined…

        • Rick

          The Globalists are probably wildly celebrating (toasting each other with their glasses of champagne) over the fact that they won’t have to make any Social Security payments to Elise Finch (who more then likely trustingly took their “die suddenly clot shot jab”) and the money saved can now be sent to their queer buddy in the Ukraine!!

  36. CryptoPappy

    Trump DID save millions of people by ending the LOCKDOWNS with Operation Warp Speed which was the “vaccine” put out in 6 months which were saline shots delivered by the military. The shot he was telling folks to take was what he was given when he was at Walter Reed….when he walked out of the hospital he held a presser there and at the WH telling the American people he was given HCQ, Ivermectin, and Regeneron along with zinc, vitamin D….that’s what he was telling people to take. In fact, he called what he was given, vaccines. They wanted to lock us down for 5 years….think about what that would have done to the world population….look at what it did during the time we were locked down. Trump also reminded people that it was their choice

  37. Pamela Hankins

    I’m of the opinion that they are breaking the law because they know that they can. The door that led to a legal conclusion is bricked up and barred. They knew that before they started. So we can jiggle the door or try to break it down but we’re going to get nowhere. This is being clearly demonstrated in real time everywhere. The law, (like the truth) has no power, it’s become only another tool in the hands of lawless men who use it when its convenient for their own purposes. Just like language, they twist it to their own ends and call it wonderful. This is another sign of the endtimes: 2 Thes 2:7, “For the mystery of iniquity [lawlessness] doth already work: only He who now letteth will let, until He be taken out of the way.”

  38. Pamela Hankins

    I seriously doubt that anyone would EVER grant you the same vote of confidence you wish to give to Trump. Why do you continue to try and excuse him? The “brilliant contract” worked well to cover his rear end didn’t it? For me, it’s easy to see, because, as you say, he continues to vehemently defend the use of this bio-weapon, successfully confusing and harming how many of the same people he swears to lead. Lead where? There is no excuse for that. And if its ‘only’ pride and vanity, that’s also a big issue, because pride goes before a fall, and it blinds people to the truth.

    • Rob

      Matthew 24 4-5

      3 And as he sat upon the mount of Olives, the disciples came unto him privately, saying, Tell us, when shall these things be? and what shall be the sign of thy coming, and of the end of the world?

      4 And Jesus answered and said unto them, Take heed that NO MAN DECEIVE you.

  39. dlc

    My grandfather died of the Spanish flu, an actual epidemic, leaving my grandmother with 3 children to raise, and no grasp of English. Her solution: remarry and produce 8 more children. Life went on back in an age of adults.

    The Yugos in my family had no use for government. My mother had diphtheria at one point, brought back to health by a neighbor. Today, someone sneezes and the whole country shuts down, employees beating on unmasked customers, hysterical women confronting anyone who would dare to veer from their notion of safety.

    Americans are a wussified, wimpified, feminized lot. Give them a cell phone, some junk food, fast fo0d, and a heavy dose of BS and they prefer complacency. Celente used to talk about an age of elegance. I’d settle for an age of eloquence. Next trip to a store, take a good look around. The woman dress like slobs. Don’t get me started on the men.

    We are no different from the Germans who gave the salute and ratted out neighbors. Not too far back the Viet vet was many people’s undesirable. That served for a while, now it’s Catholics, concerned mothers, flag wavers, the unvaxxed, etc. Adolf would be right proud.

    So many people looking for an earth savior in the form of a self-serving politician. I remember the time when we seldom thought of gov’t in our daily doings. Now they dictate in every facet.

    I never begrudged anyone who avoided serving our country. I do harbor contempt for the rodents who made life a continuing struggle for the Viet vet and all vets thereafter. So many homeless are vets, but Jingo Joe citizen is up for involvement in Ukraine. Our priorities are so out of kilter it is no wonder we are a has been nation.

  40. Jaun Valdez

    Douglas Macgregor: The Russians Are Now Launching An Offensive Towards Kharkiv Michael Savage 4.3K views 1 hour ago
    Douglas Macgregor: The Russians Are Now Launching An Offensive Towards Kharkiv (Exclusive Interview)

    Tucker Carlson Tonight 7/15/23 FULL HD | BREAKING NEWS LIVE in West Palm Beach Florida July 15, 2023
    Breaking: TRUMP Palm Beach

    ‘DC Corruption RUINING AMERICA’ – This MUST To Be Stopped NOW! | Col. Macgregor Stephen Gardner 212,535 views 7/15/23
    Colonel Douglas Macgregor shares inside intel on the Russia-Ukraine war with Stephen Gardner. Ukraine is losing and NATO knows it. Zelenskyy is in a silent battle between selling out Ukraine to get money for Ukraine and losing his life or position. The Corruption in DC is unfathomable. The amount of money being siphoned off Americans is criminal. Ex-Cia Ray McGovern is right, the military-industrial complex is making profits off the lost lives of Ukrainian and Russian soldiers and no one cares because they aren’t American men and women.

    • Jane jones

      Juan, Youtube took West Palm down. Rumble Jul 15, 3:55 pm EDT
      PRESIDENT TRUMP, Tucker & others AT TPACTION’S ACTCON 2023

  41. Deano Wexford

    Greg, I just ordered 3 radios from ReadyMadeResources. I sent some prep money their way because of their advert on USAWatchdog.
    Now, ready to listen to Karen while I tackle more of my weekend ToDo list. She’s always a fascinating interview. By fascinating, I mean “eye-popping, jaw-dropping, brain-exploding and get-riled up-at-TPTB”.

    Have a great weekend and week, everyone.

  42. dlc

    I came home a few days back to witness a neighbor out on her driveway in her robe. I stopped to talk to her. She has had lung cancer for going on 5 years now. She told me she and her husband both recently got over the covid. They are both fully vaxxed and “up to date” to include the flu shot.

    I told her she did not experience covid, that she was sickened by the shots. She was so upset that she was not protected by the vax, but she kept blaming this unstoppable covid. I did not pursue further discussion. The damage was done. She clings to the notion that covid, not this bioweapon, is the culprit.

    I find it criminal that a woman already weakened through cancer treatment would be given a regimen of endless bioweapons. It amazes me that she is still alive. She does look like a walking corn husk.

    • gregory a

      Dlc , my wife’s friend had a kidney transplant and was encouraged by her doctor to get the covid vax …you know, the “safe and effective” line.
      How any “expert” could recommend an experimental vax to some one with a new kidney seems like either complete stupidity or deliberate aggravated assualt.

      Karen Kingston’s research is the best of the best and her determination and courage should inspire others in this fight for preserving humanity.

      It would be great if litigation against big pharma and having Sheriff’s remove bio-weapons from shelves would commence tomorrow, however many (most?) lawyers / Judges and law enforcement are Freemasons…you know , of the Luciferian persuasion …

      Hopefully Miss Kingston and others realize the extent of the evil , avoid the controlled opposition and continue to fight until the bastards are in the ground .
      An example of the mind set of the perpetraitors :
      ” … in the arcanum of magik , he controls the soul who controls the blood of another . ”
      Manly P Hall

  43. Jim

    I commend Karen for her bravery. Did Karen use to work with Dr. Ruby? How about an interview with Dr. Ruby? It would be an interesting interview. As far as the Pfizer lawsuit, good luck. Karen may laid out materials for the lawsuit, but there is no justice – It is JUST US. I do not want to sound like a debbie downer, but I am going through Catherine Austin Fitts’ Building Wealth and War Plan (there are lots of information to digest). I was not surprised and found there is a revolving door at the government agencies. It is hard to fight any corruption especially there were lots of cover ups. As Martin Armstrong says, we have to wait crash and burn to rebuild our entire institutions again. It is hard to get a critical mass when the people are under heavy mind control, heavy toxic and poison. I pray for Karen for her safety. As for Trump, he did not confess and I believe he is one of them. There were many times and chances he can always come clean, but he did not. There are too many divisions and disorganization that we are not effective fight Satanists. Hope that we can unite together as one to fight the evil forces on this planet and set ourselves free.

  44. J.Valdez

    Russian Airstrike Annihilates Ukraine’s Drone Control Centre, Starlink Station In Kherson |Hindustan Times 96,534 views 7/16
    Ukraine’s UAV control centre and a Starlink communication station have been destroyed in a fresh Russian airstrike. The Starlink Centre was located on the right bank of the Dnieper River in the Kherson Region. Russia also claimed to have destroyed 25 Ukrainian soldiers in an SU-35 airstrike on the command post of the 222nd separate battalion of the Ukrainian armed forces. Watch this video to know all the latest from Russia-Ukraine war.

    Putin Mocks Ukraine’s Counteroffensive as Russians Cripple Western Weapons; ‘Enemy Not Successful’
    Hindustan Times 22,027 views Jul 16, 2023
    Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Ukraine’s much-touted counteroffensive, backed by western weapons to push back Moscow’s forces, was failing. In an interview with Russia’s state television, Putin said, “All enemy attempts to break through our defences… have not succeeded since the offensive began. The enemy is not successful.” Ukraine’s fightback has failed to dent Russian forces so far.

    Breaking :::::: Donald Trump Exclusive Interview
    Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo 7/16/23 BREAKING FOX NEWS July 16,2023 198K views 3 hours ago

  45. Rob

    Matthew 24 4-5

    3 And as he sat upon the mount of Olives, the disciples came unto him privately, saying, Tell us, when shall these things be? and what shall be the sign of thy coming, and of the end of the world?

    4 And Jesus answered and said unto them, Take heed that NO MAN DECEIVE you.

    • Rick

      Worried about the survival of humanity? Just follow the word of “Our Savior”!!
      “Let no man deceive you (and the world will not end)”-
      Jesus Christ

      • Rob

        End of the world – does not mean end of humanity!

        Not worried at all Paul, Rick, Janet whatever name you are using this week.

      • Rick

        Here is another quote from Jesus Christ (that “Enrica” should take note of) : “The one who denies Me before the people will be denied before the Angels of God.” – Luke 12:8-9

        • "Enrico"


          “Most mysterious thing is what mankind does to itself for reasons difficult to understand.”

          Charlie Chan
          (1935 Pennsylvania Referendum Message)

        • Rob


  46. Robert Dziok

    RRN ( just posted an article entitled “19,000 Doctors Indicted for Covid Crimes”. There will be more to come.

  47. Gregory Hook

    Brevard County just passed …
    BREAKING: Republicans in Brevard County,
    Florida have declared Covid mRNA vaccines
    “biological and technological weapons.”
    The Brevard County Republican Executive
    Committee passed a resolution in a landslide
    vote to ban the vaccines.

  48. Jackie Pollock

    All this is being done to advance artificial intelligence! That’s why they are not just outright killing us!
    We are being used as a great big experiment – we are the mice – all of us!
    This is the most outrageous crime ever!! Until the next one is unleashed on us and that will likely be very soon. We have been hearing the facts on these “vaccines” from Karen Kingston and several others for a while now and it gets more awful each interview!
    How extremely terrible this all is! How can the people take on the lawlessness at this scale!? Thank you Greg and Karen for getting this information out to all who will listen.
    -Jackie from Texas

  49. Anti-atomist

    Elements are not polymers.

    I watched Dr. Marty poison m dog to death through a targeted YouTube ad campaign after the start of the plandemic. Air Farce vets fraudulently abducted the body to prevent an autopsy, like JFK’s brain in “Invasion of the Body Snatchers.” Corrupt alphabet and law enforcement agencies simply ignore criminal military mafia cartel murders and injuries. If victims hire a Catholic personal injury Beast like Tom Girardi, they may “win” a lawsuit and collect nothing, except a gag order. Like Nazi SS war criminals “legally” doing illegal experiments, they rationalize that they are just doing their jobs, and they ruthlessly cover up the truth for each other. For example, the censored many of the lowest-rated customer reviews that claimed Dr. Marty killed their dogs, too.

    Behold, I have given you authority to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing shall hurt you. Luke 10:19

    Outside are the dogs and sorcerers and the sexually immoral and murderers and idolaters, and everyone who loves and practices falsehood. Revelation 22:15

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi AA,
      Interesting if dogs are being targeted. Reminded me of a John Pilger documentary about the British government’s forced removal of native islanders to make way for the huge US military base on Diageo Garcia in the Indian Ocean. To demoralise the people, the British governor ordered the destruction of all dogs on the island! These so-called ‘elites’ have always been despicable. Here is an extract from Pilger’s report, followed by a link where you can view the video:
      “In a series of moving interviews, Pilger hears from islanders forced from their homes. One woman recalls how she and her husband took their baby to Mauritius for medical treatment and were told they could not return. The shock was so great that her husband suffered a stroke and died. Others describe how the British and Americans gassed their dogs – beloved pets – as an inducement to pack up and leave. In exile in Mauritius, Lizette Talate’s children ‘died of sadness’.”

      • Rick

        These creepy quotes are from serial killer Ted Bundy and summarizes the main traits of psychopaths who kill dogs and humans:
        “I don’t feel guilty for anything. I feel sorry for people who feel guilt.”
        “I’m as cold a motherf…ker as you’ve ever put your f…king eyes on. I don’t give a shit about people.”

        The Evil Globalist Psychopaths trying to kill us all with their plagues, famine and wars “are callous, exploitive individuals without emotions and an inability to feel guilt or remorse”!!

        • PersonaNonGrata

          Hi Rick,
          ‘Their’ actions are SO inhuman that normal humans – the vast majority – simply cannot believe ANYONE could perpetrate them. Waking people out of their cosy paradigms is vital, but also cruel. Like telling small children that Santa is not real. People are averse to the ugly truth.

  50. Samsun

    In his lattest substack essay, Clif High blasphemed Jesus Christ. Clif High is therefore doomed:

    “Now I say to you, everyone who confesses Me before people, the Son of Man will also confess him before the angels of God; but the one who denies Me before people will be denied before the angels of God.” – Luke 12:8-9


      Sam, Yes he is.

    • Tim K

      Hi Samsun,

      I was routinely listening to Cliff High until he started doing that. Do not listen to him anymore.


  51. Bruce J Kolinski

    Another great interview. Thank you! If DJT has set a trap for deep state actors like Big Pharma, Big Tech, etc., he can’t come out against The Bioweapon Jabs yet. He MUST allow the American people and the world to SEE THE EVIL FOR THEMSELVES. Talking about it is just useless “he said – she said” and is never effective against liars. The bad actors MUST believe they are in control so they keep tightening the trap. As Ms. Kingston and others have mentioned, we now have weaponized nanotechnology infecting our air, water, and soil through aerosol spraying; our meat and other food products; cosmetics; toothpaste; fabrics; medicines; and on and on and on. All these bad actors are being rolled into the trap, within which their pattern of behavior will be inescapable, even with pseudo-judges like Thompson in Arizona. If DJT speaks out too early, only Big Pharma will be caught in the trap. The other Satanically influenced bad actors will escape justice. The bad news is – we are at war – and in any war, there are casualties. I suspect in this case, casualties will be millions less than under a continuation of the slow genocide we have been living with. Hopefully, thanks to the DJT Administration this ongoing slow genocide will be stopped in the coming decade. Just a thought. Thanks you so much Mr. Hunter.


      Bruce, thank you. Lord Jesus Christ told us after doing all we can do STAND on His promises. One promise is”I will never leave you or forsake you” & “the steps of a good man are ordered of the Lord and HE delighteth in his ways, though he(us) fall, he will not be utterly cast down for the Lord Jesus Christ upholdeth him with HIS hand “,&
      “Be STILL and know that I am LORD” Jesus
      “Trust in the Lord with ALL your heart lean NOT on your own understanding BUT in all your ways acknowledge HIM
      (Lord Jesus Christ) and HE will direct your ways”💪 Our Dread Champion 🏆
      JESUS 👑

  52. Harvey Wisanstiener

    Watch “Challenging the West’s Superiority Complex & Erasure of History, w/ Prof. Joseph Massad” on YouTube

  53. Zebidiah Maycooters

    “Putin Slams US, Says Ukraine Is America’s “Battering” Ram Against Russia” on YouTube.

  54. Esperanza Creeger

    Yeah, the God Spark happens in the portal located in the womb of female homosapiens; any being created outside of that organic model is an abomination.

  55. Percy LinLim

    Stephen Gardner 123,951 views Jul 16, 2023
    Lior Gantz and Stephen Gardner discuss why life has become so expensive. Shifting priorities in spending, ability to save money, millions of jobs coming back to America or shifted out of China. The US dollar will go up against the BRICS currency and the Chinese Yuan. The world is changing and many will be caught off guard. Chase bank, Bank Of America, Wells Fargo, they all work against to you to keep your money but enrich their corporation. Retirement will become more difficult but spending will change over the next decade to keep up with a changing world.

    ‘We’re not Amazon’: UK snubs Zelensky over demands
    Sky News Australia 31,045 views Jul 13, 2023
    Ben Wallace has warned Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky he is “not Amazon” after the UK Defence Secretary was immediately handed a list of demands when he arrived in Kyiv, according to Sky News host James Macpherson.

    US supposed to ‘assume’ mobilisation of 3,000 troops for east Europe isn’t for Ukraine
    Sky News Australia 5,391 views Jul 16, 2023
    The Australian’s Washington Correspondent Adam Creighton says the Biden administration expects US citizens to “assume” the mobilisation of 3,000 troops for eastern Europe isn’t to support Ukraine in its war against Russia.
    “The US government says that they’re just going to eastern Europe and we assume not to Ukraine as the government has said that it won’t do not many times,” he told Sky News host Paul Murray.
    “But it’s worth keeping in mind that they’ve said similar things over the last 500 days of this tragic war about the Abrams tanks, the F16s, about the long-range missiles.
    “Each time they’ve gone back on that promise not to send them.”

  56. p.LL.

    The Only Jan 6 Protester Being Protected By The Media. WHY?
    The Jimmy Dore Show 133,676 views Jul 16, 2023
    The mainstream media, Democrats and liberals in general have deemed the January 6th rioters as enemies of democracy and a threat to everything the nation holds dear. Yet one rioter who can be seen on video repeatedly inciting people to enter the Capitol Building has gotten a pass, even after appearing on a list of FBI suspects (a list his name soon disappeared from).
    Jimmy wonders why this individual, whose name rhymes with “Bay Bepps,” has become such a darling of liberals despite being an insurrectionist Trump supporter.

    Putin’s Men Sting Ukraine Armour With Ka-52 Choppers; Watch HIMARS, S-200 Missiles Blown To Bits Hindustani Times 32,413 views Jul 16, 2023
    The Russian army dented Ukraine’s counteroffensive further by repelling 18 attacks on its position at the frontline in a single day. Over 730 Ukrainian soldiers were reportedly wiped out during this period. The Russian air defence systems also claim to have intercepted three HIMARS rockets, two S-200 missiles and 13 Ukrainian drones. The Russian defence ministry also released videos of Ka-52 attack helicopters swarming the frontline, and annihilating Ukrainian armour. Watch for more updates from the Russia-Ukraine conflict zone.

    Why Did NATO Bomb Yugoslavia? | Flashback with Palki Sharma
    Firstpost 1.43M subscribers 329,257 views Premiered Jul 15, 2023
    Western leaders have called the Ukraine war – the first major European conflict since World War II. ​But two decades before Russia’s invasion, another European country’s sovereignty was violated and its cities bombed. It was a ruthless war unleashed by the US-led NATO alliance. Catch the story of NATO’s dark chapter on Flashback with Palki Sharma.

  57. Marie Joy

    It is unlikely the Biden regime will stop the UPS strike because their intent is American destruction. I, strongly, urge you to get your deliveries before the strike is scheduled to start on August 1.

  58. Dawn

    Imho – we need the world population down by half at least.
    You can’t have pushing six billion people born in approximately 80 years and not have social issues and other stuff.
    World infrastructure cannot handle such a growth and all that comes with it.
    It’s the one thing I fully support but they are going the wrong way about it.
    Idk what the right way is except mass sterilization.
    But the planet cannot be sustained as thing are right now.
    Yet few people care bc it’s about the here and now.

  59. KravWarrior

    I think there has been some large scale sabotage with regard to this episode

    • Greg Hunter

      I agree but we still got the data and story out. It was not pretty but we are at war and war is not pretty. You just have to accomplish your goals and winning ugly is still winning. Thank you for your analysis and for supporting USAW!!

  60. Klaus Meyer

    Tucker Carlson Just Ended Multiple Campaigns at Blaze’s Media Summit | Direct Message | Rubin Report
    Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report” talks about the fallout from Blaze Media’s “The Summit, hosted by Tucker Carlson”; Carlson’s brutal handling of Mike Pence’s defense of military support for the Ukraine war while ignoring crime ridden cities and other domestic problems; Carlson’s grilling of Asa Hutchinson about his position on treatment for trans kids; his response to Tim Scott’s proposal for dealing with illegal immigration and Mexico’s allowing of fentanyl to come over our border; his reaction to Nikki Haley explaining how she plans to gut a lot of federal agencies; Vivek Ramaswamy’s theory about the deep state targeting his campaign; Carlson’s reaction Ron DeSantis’ plans for the first day of his presidency; Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo reminding Donald Trump that he failed to drain the swamp; David Sacks attacking Google for YouTube’s censorship of Jordan Peterson’s interview with Robert F. Kennedy Jr.; and much more.

  61. Justn Observer

    Greg, a side issue now that many are adding ZINC to their protocols is the ratio of zinc to copper …which if people increase their uptake of zinc out of balance it COULD cause deficiencies in copper which is essential to many other co=enzymes functions which this points to = Caution…to much zinc can lead to deficency in Copper uptake. proper ratio if taking zinc is between 7 or 10 zinc to 1 copper @ 30:00 = ESSENTIAL NEEDS OF COPPER MANY MIGHT NOT BE AWARE OF = For MS, COLLAGEN FORMANTION FOR VESSEL ELASTICITY AND SKIN, MEYLIN, LOSS OF MUSCLE TONE, HIGH BLOOD SUGAR AND MORE =

    • Rudi Ybarra

      A) copper (and iron) also necessary for production of neurotransmitters. Iron is required to make dopamine. Zinc competes with iron for absorption in the gut. In the short run this does not matter, but extended use beyond, say, 21 days it can begin to matter esp depending upon age.

      B) if you take Ivermectin over extended term, consider supplementing with probiotics as Ivermectin has some anti-bacterial effects (in addition to being anti-parasite).

      on both these counts, A & B, over time, and if over age 45, you can become clinically depressed and anxious due to diminished of dopamine, serotonin (95% is made in the gut) and GABA (the anti-anxiety neurotransmitter).

      The key to health is so often balance. At times doing excess or abstention, but returning again to balance.

      The problem with Clif High is that he is an “all or nothing” type of thinker. E.g., 1. he regularly attacks the Roman Catholic Church as all bad, but as he is doing this he is developing commercial projects by way of reading Roger Boscovich (d. 1787) a RCatholic priest. 2. when Clif talked about zinc, he never mentioned copper until much later. 3. when he recently talks about probiotics, he never mentions how for some, e.g., diabetics, the use of Reuteri must be done in a careful manner due to change in glucose/insulin sensitivity. ……… & many, many more examples too many to list here.

      This “all or nothing” mindset is typical of people who are not formally educated. Their ideas have not been challenged by others with the same or more knowledge or IQ.

      THEREFORE, when Clif discovers something about the Old Testament, do not let him sway you to reject Jesus of the New Testament. Keep in mind that Clif is often out of balance.

  62. Justn Observer

    Greg. Is this the potential Government’s Plan Revealed by Geroge Gammon’s view that we are repeating ‘their’ 1945 For INFLATION and PRICE CONTROLS =
    Would be interesting to get Martin Armstrong’s take on this?

    • JB

      Death by a trillion nano cuts.

  63. Keith B

    In Canada, patients are being refused organ transplants if they are unvaccinated. Sudbury, ON, resident Garnet Harper died from kidney disease after he could not receive a transplant because he was unvaccinated. Another lady in Alberta is being refused a transplant.

    • Rick

      In Canada, patients are being refused organ transplants “if they are unvaccinated for Covid 19” – but Pfizer has just admitted that half the vaccinations they gave out to people simply contained “saline solution” – so why don’t these idiot Canadian doctors give this dying patient some a potato chip or ” a saline solution injection” so they can give this poor guy the transplant he needs to live (instead of callously “doing harm to him” by allowing him to die)!!!

      • "Enrico"


        “When money talk, few are deaf.”
        (Charlie Chan in Honolulu)

      • PersonaNonGrata

        Hi Rick,
        Simple answer. Because the patient MUST COMPLY!

        In the novel ‘Nineteen Eughty-Four’ it was not sufficient for Winston Smith to say he believed that 2+2=5 as Big Brother demanded, he MUST BELIEVE that 2+2=5. Our would-be totalitarian rulers damand ABSOLUTE OBEDIENCE.

  64. Victor Showman Shokan

    What about Putin? Gotta get past him, too? LOL! YOU CAN’T MAKE THIS S**T UP!

    Emergency Broadcast: Dr. Rima Laibow Exposes Next Phase of the Global Depopulation Plan / July 16th 2023, 9:13 am
    Alex Jones returns for a special 2-hour live commercial-free transmission to cover the entire globalist anti-human agenda, from the targeting of children with gruesome surgeries and chemical sterilization to the globalist-controlled UN planning new viral releases.
    They’ll also cover the latest moves by the censorship industrial complex as well as coming Ukrainian false flags

    White House Transcript Edit Turns Kamala Harris’ Depopulation Statement Into Something Else Entirely /By Bryan Chai, Western Journal July 17, 2023
    For an administration that has been frequently criticized for its verbal gaffes, this latest incident will do President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris no favors during a time where the Democrat duo needs to curry as much favor with Americans as possible.

  65. Larry Hangman

    Kaiser Permanente (and probably other med orgs) is demanding participants provide a complete detailed list of all mediations and supplements (e.g., vitamins) that they are taking. People are saying the doctors/staff are quite frenetic, insistent upon it.

    Perhaps they are attempting to develop a narrative why so many people now have disabilities. They want to blame vitamin C instead of the Pfizer bioweapon that they injected into victims.

    These criminals see their fate coming at the end of a rope tied to a lamp post like Mussolini got.

    Maybe they read RRNews

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Larry,
      It appears the source of this story is ‘RealRawNews’. Not wishing to be rude, but IMHO the National Enquirer – including such actual headlines as, ‘ALIEN BIBLE FOUND – THEY WORSHIP OPRAH’ – has more credibility than many RRN stories. The problem with RRN is that their stories reflect what ‘we the people’ want desperately to be true . . .

  66. Swamp Fox

    Answers from Biden family whistleblowers will leave Americans ‘very satisfied’: Rep. Comer/ Fox Business 616K views 1 day ago
    Rep. James Comer, R-Ky., discusses the investigation into the alleged influence peddling scheme by the Biden family on ‘Maria Bartiromo’s Wall Street.’

    “We Will Bring You Down”: German MP Vows To Dismantle WHO’s Grip On Governments / by Tyler Durden Monday, Jul 17, 2023 – 11:44 AM [[[[WOWSER!]]]]
    German MP Christine Anderson last week shredded the World Health Organization, calling it a group of “globalitarian misanthropists” who she – and a group of seven other MPs, have vowed to dismantle in order to oppose the WHO supplanting democratically elected governments.

    SCOTT RITTER JOINS ON UKRAINE’S & RUSSIA’S FUTURE | CRIMEA /CHINA Reporterfy Media & Travel 33,017 views Streamed live 3 hours ago
    Join us for a riveting live stream live stream event hosted by Alex, a renowned personality from Reporterfy Media. In this captivating discussion, our attention will be firmly fixed on the ongoing war between Ukraine and Russia. Our esteemed guest, Scott Ritter, a distinguished geopolitical expert with extensive military background and experience as a weapons inspector, will take center stage as he shares his invaluable insights on the conflict and offers advice on how to bring about its resolution.

    NORTH AMERICANO’S ‘ WE FOUGHT the BLOODY BRITISH GLOBALISTS & WON! WE WILL WIN AGAIN Against the New World dis Orderest’s, We Will Not Eat ZEE Bug’s! Ugh!

  67. Swampy

    Ooop’s, Here they are. To excited I guess!
    “We Will Bring You Down”: German MP Vows To Dismantle WHO’s Grip On Governments /

    Answers from Biden family whistleblowers will leave Americans ‘very satisfied’: Rep. Comer/

  68. Danica Valeski

    Is the FBI protecting the Bidens?
    Com’on! They’re protecting they’re own ass’s. Bidens a pipette puppet, for these deep creepy, deep state department creeps! All the three letter agencies and their Mockingbird brained press, are just hired thugster’s for the elitetest rich, who hate people, especially the useless eating poor. They know were on the Titanic, they feel it’s everyman for himself and their raping the USA, Europe etc., getting all they can get, as they get on the lifeboats. Misanthrope’s, they are right now trying to lock us in steerage, as this ship of fools goes down the drain. mis·an·thrope [ˈmis(ə)nˌTHrōp] NOUN
    a person who dislikes humankind and avoids human society:
    “Scrooge wasn’t the mean-spirited misanthrope most of us believe him to be” But,
    Bill Gates is, Dr. Fraudci is, Hitlery Hillary is and her tore bro Torie Nuland, Obomber, Alex Soros? Maybe. Morell, Brennan, Clapper, Jake Trapper et ell.
    They no longer just want to rape what’s left of us, but the crown jewels of the vast resource rich land of the mother Russian gas station of the world and poor Ukraine the sacrificial lamb to get to the mother! What’s gonna come out of left field?

  69. DV

    Near Future? YES!________________Daniel 2:41-43_The fulfillment of Bible prophecy is not just a thing of the past; we are seeing prophecies being fulfilled today. Consider, for example, the remarkable fulfillment of Daniel’s prophecy regarding the Anglo-American World Power. (Read Daniel 2:41-43.) That prophecy accurately predicted that this dual world power would be “partly strong” like iron and “partly fragile” like clay. This has proved to be true. Britain and America have shown ironlike strength, playing a key role in winning both World Wars and continuing to wield great military might. Yet, their power has also been weakened by their citizens, who tend to rise up to claim their rights through labor unions, civil rights campaigns, and independence movements. One expert in world politics recently observed: “There is no advanced industrial democracy in the world more politically divided, or politically dysfunctional, than the United States today.” And Britain, the other part of this world power, has been especially divided in recent years by opposing opinions regarding what ties it should maintain with countries in the European Union. These divisions have made it almost impossible for the Anglo-American World Power to act decisively.
    Grab your hat, some popcorn, you got a front row seat!, stay tuned🗽

  70. Justn Observer

    Greg, it would appear this is really poor planning when pushing a war in Ukraine and the possibility of one with China over Taiwan? Who the heck is running the DOD policy? or is all but a school play…and there is NO real intent for war….just a narrative to push their agenda and excuses to tap the taxpayers for mo money for mo wealth transfer?

    • Marie Joy

      For decades, the intent has been to destroy America, Americans and the dollar and they’re doing a bang up job.

  71. LondonCenter

    Oh SH*T, Putin and China just watched the US dig its own grave | Redacted with Clayton Morris 23 hours ago
    New numbers just released show the United States is past the point of no return. While China and Russia make moves to expand the size and scope of BRICS, the U.S. interest payments on its $32 trillion dollar debt will exceed $1 trillion. Economists believe this is the beginning of the end for US dollar dominance.

    BREAKING! NATO launches terror attack in Crimea, Putin vows response LIVE from 4:00 am EDST USA

  72. Julian Assange

    Simpsons Predict a War? DOH!

    The Ron Paul Liberty Report _Streamed on: Jul 17, 12:01 pm
    WWIII Alert: Did Ukraine Use NATO Weapons To Blow Up Crimea Bridge?
    Last night, for the second time, Ukraine has attacked the bridge connecting Crimea with mainland Russia, killing the parents of a 14 year-old girl. Last October’s strike resulted in a massive barrage of Russian missiles onto Ukraine. If NATO weapons were used in the attack…what will the Russian response be this time? Also today: more on Biden’s reserve troop call-up and the continuing woes of Bud Light.

    BREAKING: Monday War Room Live: Biden Admin Clears F-35s & F-16s To CENTCOM In Warning To Iran Inching World to War 3 hours

    • Rick

      And the deal allowing the safe Black Sea export of Ukraine’s grain has been taken off the table by Putin (until Russia’s grain and fertilizer exports are also allowed to be sold) – Secretary of State Antony Blinken in a blistering public announcement accused Russia of the “Weaponization of Food” (the same way the US has “Weaponized the US Dollar”) – and Biden (along with sending F-35’s & F-16’s and blowing up the Crimea bridge for a second time) is now sending 3,000 US troops to Europe to further ensure that the “LGBTG+ queer” Zelensky (who recently legalized “same-sex” civil partnerships) “Stays In Power” – the American people better get their minds prepared for “a lot more” of their precious children being drafted to fight and “defend the borders” of a “non-NATO” Nazi Nation (while our US borders remain open) – countless innocent American children will be ground up “as cannon fodder” to oppose the 370,000 hardened Russian troops currently fighting and killing the Nazi’s in Ukraine (who the United States Government and the European Union illegally installed in February 2014 – overthrowing the democratically elected Ukraine government and installing their queer Zelensky as President)!!! –

  73. Ruby

    Be on the lookout. We have evidence that some monster transhuman creatures are developing now. You may find this hard to believe, but they’re soon coming to crush and destroy you.

  74. JeanieF

    Greg: I just returned from my pulmonology appointment…very depressing…my doctor said that neither Ivermectin nor HCQ were helpful to treat Covid, and could be harmful in certain cases…he ran the Covid ICU at our hospital for 2 years…young and former Navy man who was in Afghanistan…said it’s all conspiracies re: vaxes and Iver…it’s amazing that both sides of this story feel so deeply that they are right!!

  75. Scott Dawson Pettit

    I highly recommend reading the book Corrupting the IMAGE by Douglas Hamp! You will not regret it.

  76. Catherine Cronin

    The reason why people can’t understand things going on now is because most of us are relying on a world that still runs on reason and law where up is up and down is down. You all must understand that world is gone. It will be gone and will only go back to what we knew someday for those that survive this attack on humanity. Right now the world is nothing we can really grasp because it happened so quickly. Indeed the world now is about destruction of life in every form. It is a world of hate. It is a world of uncertainly It’s a world of fear of disease and suffering. We will be not be able to hide from evil.
    Besides that they are still in power and will be able to continue to kill us. It’s an horrific time and the intensity of evil is overwhelming.
    So now we are experiencing a world without God. It’s a world devoid of kindness. The nightmare is growing as we become more aware of the demonic darkness destroying our worlds. We still may have time to turn to God and call out for help. Because now as we can experience salvation in the face of unmitigated evil.
    Pray the world will be saved because God will not allow His world to be destroyed. The Messiah will come if we continue to do good things pray and trust only in God.

    • regaleagle

      The Harpazo is imminent either this Feast of Tabernacles are the one in 2024. God has laid it all out in the Holy Bible thru his prophets……2000 yrs. since the ministry of His Son Jesus Christ’s baptism to begin his ministry which was cut short at the cross. God is not a liar……this age will come to an end and a new age will begin with the Millennium after the Great Tribulation in which Satan and all his angels along with those that took the mark will be removed from this earth. The ministry of Jesus began in 27 AD and 3.5 years later he became the Lamb of God on the cross at Passover. The rest of Daniel’s 70th week or final 3.5 yrs begins at the Abomination of Desolation when the Beast sits in the Temple in Jerusalem and claims to be God. That time is coming quickly……Jesus will take the scroll in heaven and open up the first 5 seals quickly. The Harpazo will occur first, then 5 mos. later on Passover the 5th Seal will be opened to bring about the destruction of the Harlot in one day. These things must come to pass for the Redemption of Man in God’s Perfect Plan for Man to have dominion on this Earth…..which was stolen from him in the Garden of Eden. It won’t be long now…..Maranatha. There is much more to occur in a short span…..coming soon.

  77. JeanieF

    Greg: Bless you for your reply! I am very familiar with Dr. Kory…I guess I am just amazed that my own “renowned” pulmonologist does not see the fact, NONE of my doctors see the truth…they just keep on pushing tests and vaccines, and I keep refusing…God bless you, Greg…I love your site and all that you are doing to keep us apprised of the evil out there!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Jeanie. The fact are against your doctors. You see I think they pedaled these injections and people dies and got very sick. So, they are never going to give up the con. It ain’t going to work. Facts are a terrible thing if you are lying because they help you find the truth. Your docs are lying, and they know it because the lies are too stupid to be stupid.

  78. Anita

    Thank you both. Karen quoted scripture from Mark or Luke, Matthew 24 also says the same. All 3 say the same & let us know this is going forward. We are now in the Dan.7:7 phase v.7 After this I kept looking in the night visions, and behold, a fourth beast, dreadful and terrible, and extremely strong; and it had large iron teeth. It DEVOURED and CRUSHED, and TRAMPLED DOWN the REMAINER with its feet; and it was different from all the beasts that were before it, and it had ten horns. I added the caps to draw attention to what the prophet is saying. Back to the gospels, UNLESS THOSE DAYS BE SHORTENED…, He will shorten these days, not meaning the length of a day but the length of this age. Also Rev 11:18 … and to destroy those who destroy the earth.” Speaking of the days of His wrath yet coming & coming quickly I might add.

  79. lewis mohr

    I think that over the next few weeks, maybe even days, the few churches who are not 501c3 must collect data from all members between the ages of 15 to 28 and apply the latest personality profile tests and pair up the males with females and instruct them to create babies with the guarantee that the members of the church will take care of them and ensure that the mother can stay home and raise the children. If we do not do this, the lost 10 tribes of the Hebrew race will be eradicated from the earth.

  80. Yock

    Trump had an entire country completely scared to death to walk outside their houses due to the propaganda pushed by the lying media. If this disruption remained until a proper vaccine response was available, perhaps tens of millions of people would have died due to starvation and lack of medical care. Trump pushed for therapeutics like Hydroxychloraquin but made the shot available so that the hysterical left would come out of their houses and help rebuild the supply lines. If the shot was not implemented, the country would still be locked down. At least 40% of us didn’t take the shot and did our best to keep our sanity while we watched them line up. To think 5th generational warfare does not come with casualties is naive. A complete shutdown of the supply line was about to happen and toilet paper would have been the least of our worries. Proof of this can now be seen in that the entire country was opened up in quick order using a shot that didn’t even work. This was the genius of Trump. Clif High said most of the people who bought into this were democrats and unfortunately they were of most of the deaths including my father in law who died of a turbo cancer a month after getting his booster. He watched CNN until the very end never believing a word I said. The good thing is, only the truly insane are getting their boosters now and they couldn’t destroy the supply lines although they are still working on it.

  81. JJ

    We’ve got to find a Sheriff who’s family or friends have been harmed.

  82. jesus_loves_you!

    Godspeed Karen… they coming!!

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